Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On Patricia Arquette's Oscar-Winning Speech in Which She Dusted Off that Thoroughly Discredited Meme About Gender Pay Inequality (and of How Meryl Streep Jumped Up Like a Trained Seal with Silly and Embarrassing Affirmation)

How many times do we have to deal with this shit? As nearly every study has shown, when you control for age, occupation, education, experience, years of continuous service, number of hours worked per week, etc., THERE IS NO WAGE DISPARITY. Yes, men overall make more money is the U.S.A. but as author, Warren Farrell, has pointed out, this is largely because men are far more prone to a) major in technology and the hard sciences, b) work in a career that is hazardous to your health, c) work in a field in which you are exposed to the elements, d) work in a field in which you cannot "check out" at the end of the day, e) work in a field that is far less fulfilling, f) work in a field that requires a financial and emotional risk, g) work the absolute worst hours and shifts, h) work in a field that requires constant "updating" of one's skills, i) work more than 40 hours a week, j) work more than 60 hours a week, k) have more than 20 years experience in their present field, l) have more than 10 years continuous experience with the same employer, m) take fewer vacation days, n) take fewer sick days, o) be willing to commute longer distances, p) live in a city that they'd prefer not to live in, q) travel on the job, r) be willing to work on commission, s) be willing to accept a bottom-line position which contributes to a companies profits and losses, and t) accept a position with nation-wide responsibilities.......and NOT because of anti-female discrimination.......Please, I'm begging you, can we finally put this sucker to bed?


Rational Nation USA said...

The issues is... like (equal) pay for men and women performing like jobs (similar jobs requiring comparable skill sets); and yes, we still have a ways to go. Having said this things have improved and continue to improve.

Note: Top performers, based on measurable performance criteria and documented evidence of performance exceeding expectations, should receive higher wages/salaries irrespective of gender.

dmarks said...

It's blatant sexism by the left: the demand that female employees deserve even more unearned handouts from employees than makes do.

Add this to so called "living wage" laws and minimum wage laws, and you get a vision of employers as welfare agencies, where the pay had less and less connection to the value of the work done.

BB-Idaho said...

The argument continues. The cited
article compared apples to apples, focusing on MBA gender pay. IMO, though, they
are all overpaid, considering the MBA is 'mediocre but arrogant'.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Every single study that I've seen shows that when you compare never married women with never married men who are the same age, have the same experience, work the same number of hours, and who have the same level of education, the pay disparity goes away and in some instances the women make more. Did this study take into account the fact that the men were willing to travel, work extra hours, relocate, etc.?......And think about it, BB. If women were willing to work for 23% less than men, what possible incentive would any company have for EVER hiring a man? It makes no sense.

dmarks said...

Will: Sounds like a bunch more "oinkers" who want a lot of free stuff without having to earn it.