Monday, February 28, 2022

On the Claim by British Doctor and Philosopher, Calum Miller, that His Country Has Close to 9,000 Dismemberment Abortions Every Year (Many of Them Late Term)

I get it that the pro-choice side (I consider myself nominally pro-choice, willing to allow it in the first trimester) feels that if they cede ground anywhere in the abortion debate their entire argument will unravel but choosing this hill to die on, yeah, I don't know.....................................................................................P.S. I did attempt to substantiate Dr. Miller's statistic but wasn't able to. But even if the guy is off, it doesn't alter the ethical dynamic and so I proceeded with the post anyway.

On Putin Claiming that He Wishes to "Denazify" Ukraine

So, kinda' like what antifa wants to do in America, in other words. Interesting (the sole difference of course being that Ukraine actually has some real Nazis while the U.S. mostly has individuals who disagree with its government's dystopian and, dare I say it, fascist policies). 

Sunday, February 27, 2022

On the Fact that Crime Has Sharply Spiked In 71 of New York City's 77 Police Precincts (by Over 100% In Some of Them)


Wow, so not arresting people for minor crimes (some of whom have probably committed unsolved serious crimes), eliminating bail, and letting violent thugs out of prison prematurely hasn't made the city safer after all. Consider me gobsmacked.

On the Authorities In New South Wales Coming Forward and Stating Flat-Out that Their Covid Numbers Are Bullshit -

And they spout their crap so casually (fearing no reprisals apparently from their helpless and thoroughly defeated populace), have you noticed? Kinda' hard not to, huh?

On the Fact that Florence Griffith Joyner's 1988 Time of 10.49 Seconds In the 100 Meter Dash Continues to Be the World Record

Incredible. And to provide even more context here, there aren't very many running backs and receivers in all of college football that can even approach Joyner's time (today, never mind three decades ago). What about pro football, you ask? Well, as of 2016, there were only 7 players in the NFL who were faster than FloJo was in 1988. If she could only handle kickoffs, huh?

Saturday, February 26, 2022

On the Fact that if it Wasn't for the Truckers, Loggers, Miners, Farmers, Oil-Rig Workers, and Fishermen of Canada, this Fascistic Moron and His Fellow Plutocrats Would Be Dead (from Starvation or Hypothermia) In Very Short Order but Instead of Showing Even a Modicum of Appreciation He Turns Around and Calls Them Homophobes, Racists, Misogynists, and Various Other Stock Smears

Yeah, this asshole's behavior has been so reprehensible that even the socialists up in Canada are now distancing themselves from him (even socialists aren't stupid enough to shit on the working-class).............and while, yes, I would much prefer to see him brought before a tribunal Nuremberg-style, showing him the exit to Parliament I'll probably take at this point. Go get him, socialists!

Friday, February 25, 2022

On the Fact that Even the CDC as Recently as June of 2020 Has Concluded that Wearing an n95 Mask for More than an Hour Straight Can Induce Significant Health Problems -

And the manufacturers apparently know this as I recently saw a used one in a Dunkin Donuts bathroom with the words, "Misuse May Result In Sickness or Death", printed right on it. So, yeah, if you're forced to wear one of these suckers, take it off for a few minutes every hour and, you know, BREATHE!!

On the Senate's 1934 Nye Committee Which Investigated the Role of Big Banks and the Weapons Industry In Securing America's Involvement In WW1

One can only hope that we have a Paul and/or Massie Committee in the not-too-distant future which investigates how the corporate press, big tech, entrenched D.C. bureaucracies, corrupt politicians, and big bad pharma have lead us into these past two years of covid tyranny in which untold scores of people have had their lives ruined, health compromised, and personal liberties obliterated. Yep, that would be real nice. 

On the Fact that When You Fall for Patty Loveless, Trust Me, it's Hard

Real hard.

On the 1960s Actress, Susan Strasberg (Daughter of the Iconic Lee Strasberg)

Thought at one point to be the next Audrey Hepburn. Didn't work out that way but, still, very pretty and very talented.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

On the Fact that Vladimir Putin Was Smart Enough to Know that the Alternative to Assad In Syria Wasn't a Legion of Jeffersonian Democrats (and, Yes, I Include JFK and Al Smith In that August Group) but Rather a Ragtag Bunch of Terrorist Shitstains Whose Lone Ties to "Moderation" Seem Centered Around How Much to Spice Their Falafels

I don't know much about Putin other than what I hear from our two corrosive political parties (jack-shit, in other words). If forced to guess I'd probably say that he falls somewhere between a Bush and a Clinton on the thuggery scale (he said, only halfway joking) but that he's much smarter than all of the above (and, yes, please feel free to throw in Lindsey Graham and John McCain as well). Just look at Syria. 

Note to Neil Young

Question authority, ole boy. You know, like you used to............back in the day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

On the Concern of Some Researchers that the mRNA Covid Vaccines Could Potentially Harm the Immune System and Make People Much More Vulnerable to Serious Diseases Down the Road -

 Yeah, this is what can happen when you introduce a brand new technology without adequate long term safety data and carpet-bomb the entire globe with it. Granted, a lot more research needs to take place before we can make a definitive pronouncement here but being that a) the VAERS system is showing more side effects from these vaccines than all of the previous ones combined (and, yes, up until about 10 minutes ago VAERS was seen as the gold-standard - not anymore apparently) and b) there now exist a significant number of treatment (hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide, monoclonal antibodies, etc.) and preventative measures which could easily allow us to pause this program until more safety data emerges. Not that the cronies in D.C., big pharma, and the legacy media would be sign on to it but I ask you, hasn't that become a nonfactor at this point?

On My Dental Hygienist Still Believing that Cloth Masks Are Effective

Yeah, I just smiled and went silent (I'm finally learning when to debate and when to take a pass). I mean, we are talking about somebody who puts tiny little pick-axes in my mouth, right?

On Blackfaced Imbecile Trudeau Now Stressing that He Plans to Give the Cops "More Tools" to Deal with Protesters

And I'm guessing here that the douche isn't referring to circular saws and Phillips screwdrivers, either. For the record.   

Monday, February 21, 2022

On the Perceptions of Trump as a Dastardly Knuckle-Dragging Ogre and Obama Some Majestic Noble Visionary

It's of course ludicrous and anybody who tries to throw such dichotomous shit at you should be summarily rejected. The fact of the matter is that both men have done repugnant things (both of them have bankrolled the carnage in Yemen, for example) and made stupid comments (Trump more perhaps but Obama could certainly bring home the bacon, too; Hawaii being in Asia, 10,000 people dying in a tornado when it was only 12, etc.) and to be so blind as to not recognize this shows how such a bald-faced partisan ethos could easily be seen as mental illness. 

On the Trucker Convoy Going from Being Labeled, "Fringe", by Blackface Boy to Him Now Perceiving it as Something Worthy of Cracking Open the Emergencies Act Which Was Initially Meant for Things Such as Natural Disasters and Wars (AKA, Actual Emergencies), Not for Peaceful Protesting that Apparently Makes Some Metrosexual Dictator Butt-Hurt

 The man's a psychopath and just the mere thought of having someone this unstable leading a first-world country should scare the shit out of you. Thankfully we don't have anyone that deranged leading our government.......Oh wait.

On a Recent Poll Showing that 66% of Democrats Who've Been Following the Durham Probe Now Believe that Hillary Should Be Investigated for Her Role In the Concocted Trump-Russia Investigation -

I'm unfamiliar with the outfit that conducted the research (TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics) so I'll probably have to investigate more. But, I'm telling you, if these results are even in the ballpark of accurate, ole Hillary just might be screwed-over (not in the sense of her ever going to jail but in other regards; her legacy, reputation, political prospects, etc.). We'll just have to wait for more evidence, I guess.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

My Mount Rushmore of Minds

1) H.L. Mencken - says more in a sentence than most "intellectuals" do in an entire volume. He's also a cynic and so am I. 2) Thomas Sowell - not simply an economist but a philosopher and sociologist as well. Just keep the guy away from foreign policy, that's all. 3) Richard Feynman - a much lauded Nobel prize winner in physics but it's his insightful social commentary and irreverent view of "experts" that does it for me. 4) Frederic Bastiat - the man's clarity of thought is only rivaled by his originality and wit. My personal favorite is "The Candlemaker's Petition" but randomly picking a page here and there would likely work, too. 

On a New Lancet Article with the Heading, "Healthcare Workers Recovered from Natural SARS-CoV-2 Infection Should Be Exempt from Mandatory Vaccine Edicts"

So yet one more thing that a lot of us have been saying for months now while simultaneously being blasted for spouting misinformation because we didn't pass go at the corner of Fauci and Birx, in other words............Been a lot of this lately, huh?

Saturday, February 19, 2022

On the Fact that Even Though the Declaration of London of 1909 (an Agreement Asserting that Food Could Only Be Viewed as Contraband if it Was Being Directed Towards the Enemy's Military and Not its Civilians) Had Never Been Approved by Britain's Parliament, it Was Still Recognized by its Admiralty Due its Consistency with International Law

It was of course thrown out the window completely for the entirety of World War 1 as the British navy blockaded every inch of the North Sea resulting in at least 500,000 noncombatants being starved to death. And who was behind this? Yep, you got it, a young Winston Churchill, man of the century............or so we're told. 

Greatest Song of All Time?

  I'm a strong lean (just the way that the gal bends the word, when, in the first verse alone).

On the Fact that Vaccines Have Always Been for the Benefit of the Individual Receiving it and NOT for Society as a Whole Because One Should Never Put the Onus On Another Person for Something that's Their Own Responsibility

Individuals are also responsible for mapping out their own risk assessments and they do so every day. For example, a healthy 19 year-old person who is at literally zero risk of dying from covid may refrain from taking the vaccine as the jab itself is not without its own risks (especially with no long term safety data to back it). Granted we're in a different era now where the government feels the need to insert itself into every facet of our lives and where the citizenry has been frightened into accepting the tyranny but, still, it's a point that needs to be made and I am more than willing to do so.

On the Snot-Nosed Trudeau Now Wanting to "Compel" Certain Tow-Truck Drivers to Tow Away the Trucks In the Convoy Protest (I'm Still Trying to Figure Out the Logistics of it but Whatever)

I have a better idea. How 'bout we compel this asshole to stop wearing shoe-polish on his face every other Saturday and getting ridiculously moist every time that someone utters the words, Fidel Castro and Communist China? That work for you? Awesome.

Friday, February 18, 2022

On the Fact that "the Science" Apparently Changes with Covid (Seemingly In Concert with the Politicians and Media Shills as They Scramble to Cover Their Butts as the Truth Emerges) ........................but Not with Climate Change, that Seems to Stay Static

Is there anything that isn't situational with these fascist pricks? Apparently not, huh?

On the Fact that Any Government Which Uses the Words, "the Proliferation of False or Misleading Narratives Which Sow Discord or Undermine Public Trust In U.S. Government Institutions", Represents a Government that Should Scare the Daylights Out of You and Which You Should Resist (Through Civil Disobedience Preferably) While You Still Can

The Biden regime is the most tyrannical administration since Woodrow Wilson's and it may in fact be more virulent in that at least Wilson seemed to focus predominantly on anti-war voices while Biden and his crew are going after half the fucking population and appears to have a much more sinister agenda (experimenting on his citizens, denigrating and scapegoating tens of millions of individuals, working in tandem with big tech to silence his opposition, etc.). Or maybe he's just competing with Trudeau to see who can be the biggest snot. That's a possibility, too, I guess.  

On the Washington Post Finally Following the Science and Admitting that "Mask Mandates Didn't Make Much of a Difference Anyway"

Good on The Post, I guess. I just wish that they had never, you know, shit all over individuals who had come to the same conclusion 18 months ago by using basic common sense and a simple internet search (also by listening to Fauci early on when he was still being relatively honest), that's all.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

On the Fact that Fear, Guilt, Isolation, Propaganda, Division, Scapegoating, Enmity, and Discord Are Just Some of the Tactics that Governments Use to Control People and so When You Hear These Rancid Politicians and Their Stooges In the Media Pushing Lunacy Like Mask Mandates, Lockdowns, the Quarantining of Healthy People, Vaccine Mandates, Critical Race Theory, Some Riots Being Just but Others Not so Much, Censorship, the Demonization of Certain Groups, Calling Half the Population Racist, Allowing Fauci to Call Himself "The Science" and Turning Him Into Some Sort of Oracle, etc., Trust Me, it Sure Ain't for Your Benefit

 Oh well, at least those truck drivers and the 40,000 folks who took to the mall seem to get it.......Them and few million others, let's hope.   

On Watching Some Video with Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton Singing Together and Coming Away Thinking that They Looked Pretty-Much the Same Age

And who says that going for the cheap laugh can't be a blast? Not me, that's for certain.

On Carolyn Jones, the Pre-Morticia Era

Yeah, I'm thinkin' that the eyes have it........................and the cheekbones.

My Favorite Piece of Dialogue from the Neo-Classic Film, Slingblade?

Probably this - "Carl, you seem like a thinker. What are thinking about right now?" "I was thinking about taking some of these french fried potaters home with me." "No, no, before that what were you thinking?" "I was thinking about getting 7 or 8 more cans of that potted meat." "Oh."

On Court Historian and Quasi Celebrity, Niall Ferguson (In His Excruciatingly Biased Book, "The Pity of War"), Droning On for Pages About the German Atrocities In Belgium During World War 1 While Fully Ignoring the British Hunger Blockade In the North Sea and the Russian Brutalizing/Forced Expulsions of Ethnic of Latvians, Poles, Jews, and Lithuanians Throughout the Eastern Front

Not exactly unexpected from a guy who's been on such powerhouse programs as "Morning Joe" but still, hard to take nonetheless.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

On the Fact that Trump Doesn't Seem to Give a Rat's-Ass About Some of His Most Ardent Supporters Being Held Indefinitely and Possibly Beaten by Rogue Guards In One of D.C.'s Shittiest Jails

Yeah, it would be awkward but he could easily do it in a way where he doesn't condone their actions and instead focuses on the lack of speedy trials, the seedy conditions and possible brutality of their situation, and the fucked-up double-standard regarding the way that Black Lives Matter and antifa shits were treated compared to his people.......Of course if it interferes with his 25-D chess......

On the Fact that Steroids Have Always Been One of the Go-to Medication for Respiratory Illnesses After the First Five Days or so and yet the Only Steroid Currently Being Used In Many Hospitals for Covid Is Dexamethosone and Even Then at an Inadequate Dosage

They're also dishing out midazolam and Precedex, both of which have a tendency to slow breathing, and Remdesivir which is as lethal as the press's mischaracterization of ivermection and HCQ. So, yeah, lots of luck recovering with that protocol.

On H.G. Wells Morphing from Free Thinker and Early Standard-Bearer for Evolution to Progressive Christian Warmonger Whose Penultimate Goal at the Tail-End of World War 2 Was to Bomb Rome Back to the Stone-Age and if a Few of Those Errant Daisy Cutters (Called Something Different Back Then but the "Results", Yeah, Pretty-Much the Same) Happened to Strike the Vatican, Oh Well!

 And, yes, somewhere in between the dude joined the Fabian Society. Let's not leave any stoned unturned, his reasoning apparently.

Monday, February 14, 2022

On MSLSD Ramrods (Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, the Usual Suspects) Constantly Shitting Out the Deceptive and Loaded Term, Anti-Vaxxer

Just turn it back on them. Call 'em "immune-system deniers", "natural immunity deniers", "regulatory capture deniers", "crony capitalism deniers", "speech-suppression and big tech tyranny deniers", "comic book level mainstream media bias deniers", "leftist violence gets a free pass deniers", "ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine having a better safety record than acetaminophen and ibuprofen deniers", "the covid vaccine fails to stop infection and transmission deniers", "cloth and surgical masks are ineffective at stopping viruses deniers", "lockdowns are a destructive policy that likely caused more lost years of life than they saved deniers", "having too many dollars chasing too few goods and services in the very definition of inflation deniers", "having groups of people in a society pitted against each other almost always yielding violence and/or balkanization deniers", "yesterday's misinformation and conspiracy theories frequently becoming today's realities deniers", "vaccine side-effects deniers" "calling Hunter Biden's laptop 'Russian disinformation' being one of the most egregious lies in modern history deniers".............You get the drift.    

Sunday, February 13, 2022

On Tennis Champion, Margaret Court, Compiling a Career Singles Record of 1,177-106, a 91.7% Winning Percentage (Her Career Mark of 297-73 Versus Top Ten Opponents Is Equally Impressive; 80.2% for the Numbers People)

And like any great star she saved her best performances for the Grand Slam events; winning 24 of those tournaments (she was also a great doubles player, winning 19 women's doubles Grand Slams and 21 more in the mixed doubles category - so 64 all together). Granted, there weren't as many great performers back then (1960 to 1977) but as somebody who's watched a lot of tennis over the years, I can tell you, Billie Jean King, Maria Bueno, Nancy Richey, Rosemary Casals, Darlene Hard, Virginia Wade, Francoise Durr, and Chris Evert (obviously a youngster at that point), those women were hardly slouches and if what Mrs. Court accomplished wasn't impressive, then why did no one come even remotely close to her? Trust me, the gal was great.

On the Fact that Howard Stern Has Used the N-Word Numerous Times Over the Years and Has Even Pranced Around with Blackface but Because He's Currently Shilling for Pfizer, an Entrenched Bureaucratic State, and an Administration that Wants to Remove Our Bodily Autonomy (Amongst Other Freedoms), the Asshole Gets a Pass (Failing to Perceive that Being Just a Stock Useful Idiot, He Himself Will Someday Show Up In the Cross-Hairs)

 A long, strange trip from featuring hot lesbian sisters (still his greatest segment, I would argue) to promoting universal vaccination (even for healthy kids and those with natural immunity) and giving Pfizer free ad-time. Hell, some might even call it a sellout. Me included. 

Saturday, February 12, 2022

On the Biden Regime Spying On Our Social Media Posts to Track "the Proliferation of False or Misleading Narratives Which Sow Discord or Undermine Public Trust In U.S. Government Institutions" - Quick Addendum

 And please keep in mind that one of these "trustworthy" institutions is the C.I.A., a repugnant organization that gave us Operation Mockingbird, the Shah of Iran, Operation Chaos, the murder of Lumumba, the Gulf of Tonkin, the murder of Diem, the secret war in Cambodia, multiple coups in Laos, MK-Ultra, the surveillance of Martin Luther King, WMD, the murder of Gadhafi, the overthrow of countless other governments (Guatemala, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Brazil, Indonesia, Chile, etc.), the arming of terrorists in Syria, the coverup of the U.S.S. Liberty, Vault 7, waterboarding and other forms of torture, rendition, secret drone wars, etc.. and, so, yeah, sowing a wee-bit of discord might actually be a citizen's obligation, no?

On the Biden Regime Spying On Our Social Media Posts to Track "the Proliferation of False or Misleading Narratives Which Sow Discord or Undermine Public Trust In U.S. Government Institutions"

Several obvious points here. a) Most of the misleading information has been coming from politicians, their media lackeys, entrenched bureaucrats like Fauci, and government agencies like the CDC (cloth face-masks stopping viruses, quarantining healthy people, people with natural immunity still needing the experimental biological agent, lockdowns not having negative consequences, the vaccines stopping infection and transmission, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine being dangerous medications, etc., etc.), not the American public! And b) government itself has so undermined public trust in these institutions that maybe priority number one should be to get its own damned house in order before they start persecuting citizens whose only sin was to call out their mountainous pile of horse-pucky. It's a fair request, no?

On the Corporate Media Shits Smearing Governor Youngkin After He Lifted the Mask Requirements In Schools (a Moronic Policy that Should Have Never Been Initiated In the First Place as Children Are at Very Near Zero Risk from Covid, Rarely Spread the Virus, and Need to See People's Faces to Learn) Only to Do a One-Eighty Several Weeks Later as Blue State Governors Started Following Suit (Justifying the Dipsydo Fliperewski by Saying that These Wonderful Democratic Governors Were Following the Science......and that the Science Had Evolved - Exactly How, They Do Not Say)

These media asshats know exactly why these liberal governors have changed their minds and it has nothing to do with science but rather with political science. They're sensing that the public has had more than their fill of government foolishness......and that with the elections coming due this fall, falling on their swords was the only feasible option for the tyrants. Of course since the vast majority of CNN's 357 viewers are low-information, more moot of a point I cannot think of.

Friday, February 11, 2022

On Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Michigan, Rhode Island, Virginia, Wisconsin, and New Mexico All Having Some Sort of Voter ID Law

And let's see here, what else do these nine states have in common? Oh yeah, THEY'RE ALL BLUE STATES and no one on the left seems to give a shit about it. They only care about states like Georgia, Texas, and Florida. Hmm, wonder why?

On Fauci Being Asked if the New Testing Requirements Included the Hundreds of Thousands of Illegals Flooding Across the Southern Border Every Month and Him Responding with, "That's a Different Issue"

So I guess that the country NOT having a sufficient number of destitute and poorly educated people who don't speak English and who will probably be on the dole for an unspecified period of time is a much more existential problem than the coronavirus. Well, at least according to "The Science".

On Neocon Crybaby, Adam Kinzinger, Having a Massive Conniption Over Tulsi Gabbard Meeting with President Assad (Along with Many Other Individuals In Syria) but Not Seeming to Give a Rat's-Ass that His Mentor, John McCain, Met with Terrorists In Iraq and Neo-Nazis In Ukraine

The leftists of course are willing to ignore shit like this because Kinzinger is a never-Trumper who's muttering the state-approved talking-points. Plus they despise Tulsi (probably because she isn't a war-mongering bitch like Hillary) and so we're likely looking at a twofer here, always a big win in their books.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

On the Fact that this Is One of the Most Blatant Acts of Hypocrisy of the Past Several Months (this Abrams Psychopath Pimping Face-Masks Non-Stop and Then Having the Balls to Sit There Maskless While Those Poor Kids Have Been Ramrodded Into Sucking In Their Own CO2 for Months) and yet All that the Disgusting Corporate Press Can Do Is Focus On the Republicans' Response to this Tone-Deaf Move - REPUBLICANS POUNCE!!


And of course the clowns at CNN were more than happy to get her on to try and bullshit her way out of the jam while offering their usual no push-back whatsoever (she was reading and wanted the kids to understand her but damned if she didn't appear to be mask-less for the entire visit). The good news is that the public appears to be catching on to a much greater level these days and so, yeah, maybe, just maybe, these shameless buffoons will ultimately feel a bit of shame after all.

On a New Study from Israel Showing that Covid Patients with a Vitamin D Deficiency (Pre-Infection) Had an Eleven Fold Greater Risk of Mortality than the Patients with Sufficient Vitamin D Levels -

Sooooooooo maybe instead of taking three or shots of an experimental biological agent we throw down 2,000 to 4,000 International Units of this nutrient (along of course with Quercetin, Vitamin C, and Zinc)? Kinda' what I'm gleaning from this.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

On Trotsky Once Asserting that Laws Against Compulsory Labor, Including Chattel Slavery, Were Nothing but "Wretched and Miserable Liberal Prejudice"

Here he expounds - ......"coercion, regimentation, and militarization of labor were no mere emergency measures and that the workers' State NORMALLY had the right to coerce ANY citizen to perform any work at any place of its choosing (emphasis his)."............So, to all of the useful idiots parading around out there who think that the excesses of socialism won't have an effect on them, the key word of course is, any. ANY. ANY.

On Trotsky's Promise that the Kronstadt Rebels Would Be Shot "Like Partridges" (One of the Few Promises that He Actually Kept)

And just to let you know, the Kronstadt rebels had socialist leanings as well. They just didn't want the Bolsheviks to be the lone recipients of this new Marxist "freedom" (the wonderful by-product of every component of human life being planned by "society" - AKA, him), that's all.

On the Fact that You Cannot Have a Constitutional Republic When Only One Faction Is Allowed to Engage In Commerce (the Hard Fact that We Now Have Banks and Payment Processors Cancelling Individuals) and Political Dialogue

 This is just so fucking basic and yet I still seemingly have to remediate massive swaths of the country on the subject.............And then they wonder why I'm so black-pilled

On Where In the Constitution it Asserts that You Have the Right to Not Be Offended

Yeah, still looking.............You havin' any better luck?

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

On General Pershing During WW1 Forbidding His Soldiers from the American Expeditionary Force from "Fraternizing" with French Women While Simultaneously Poontanging His French-Romanian Mistress, Micheline Resco

Rules for thee but not for me, early 20th Century Style. Interesting.

On Coffee-Boy Stelter Asserting that Not All Opinions Are Equal (CNN's "Scientists" Having Superior Views to Those of Doctors Malone, Kory, and McCullough He Seems to be Saying)

This coming from an asshole whose network, a) lied profusely about Trump, Russia collusion for four years (the transcripts from Adam Schiff's underground star-chamber hearings bears this out as not a single witness when under oath claimed to posses evidence on the matter), b) smeared the Covington Catholic youngsters when just a tiny bit of actual journalism would have proven that the kids were the victims and not the opposite, c) tried to convince their audience that Hunter Biden's laptop was "Russian disinformation" (this despite not having a scintilla of evidence to back the claim), d) refused to even entertain the evidence that government lockdowns were producing far more death and destruction than they were preventing, e) made no attempt to explain the massive risk disparity between old sick people and young healthy ones when it came to covid infections and instead implied that everyone was equally vulnerable (one of their trickier strategies was to focus on the outlier cases and/or conceal the co-morbidity factors), f) completely and totally ignored the VAERS data and instead simply continued with their mantra of "safe and effective", f) never once revealed their long-standing ties to Pfizer, g) pushed the idiotic notion that covering one's nostrils and mouth with cloth will protect you from viruses, h) got literally every fact wrong in the Kyle Rittenhouse case and then of course proceeded to slander the kid, i) tried to convince their audience that the protests throughout 2020 were "mostly peaceful" and then when they could no longer ignore the obvious essentially condoned the violence, j) labeled the January 6th riots a "deadly insurrection" even though no one was charged with insurrection and the only person who died that day was an unarmed female shot by some trigger-happy cop, k) made no attempt to distinguish between people who died because of Covid and people who simply succumbed with it (probably because it would have damaged their fear-porn strategy), l) has shown zero interest in the Biden Family's questionable business dealings in foreign countries like China, Ukraine, etc., m) hasn't asked Fauci a single tough question all throughout this calamity, n) refuses to examine any of the antecedents involving the Russia, Ukraine conflict (the 2014 N.A.T.O.- instigated coup in Ukraine, the pushing of N.A.T.O right to the border of Russia breaking our promise that it would never happen), n) produced EASILY the most biased election coverage in television history, all because of their blind hatred for Trump, o) believed that Antifa was this noble anti-fascist group and based it solely on their name and not their criminal actions, and p) race-baited continuously for 5 fucking years while pushing this ludicrous narrative that cops are disproportionately gunning down young black men.......Yeah, I could probably go on but because thinking too long about CNN makes me queasy, I'm gonna' stop for now. 

Monday, February 7, 2022

On the Lynch-Mob (Possibly Sensing that Their Low-IQ Misinformation Angle Won't Deliver the Kill-Shot) Now Excoriating Mr. Rogan After Some Low-Life Put Together a Montage of the Fellow Reciting the N-Word, Not In Any Sort of Derogatory Way but Simply as He Was Quoting Others (Rap Songs, etc.)

They apparently don't realize that there are videos of people at CNN uttering the "n-word" and so if it was truly about that (as opposed to it being just another bullshit ploy to crush Rogan) they'd be trying cancel CNN as well AND THEY AREN'T.......So fucking transparent.

On Neil Young Going from "Rocking In a Free World" to Fully Endorsing Speech Suppression, a Weaponized Surveillance State, and Hundreds of Millions In Windfall Profits for Criminal Enterprises Like Pfizer

 He's probably determined that it's much too late to "fade away" and that "burning out" is his only viable option. Poor bastard, huh?

On Spotify Curating a Song by Some Slantheaded Rapper Named Kool G Rap In Which the Aspiring Young Man Graphically Depicts a Young Woman Getting Savagely Beaten by a Fella' Who I Assume Is Mr. Kool G Himself and, gee, What a Surprise, No Calls for De-Platforming the Asshole so Far

And let me be clear here, I am NOT advocating for this clown or any of the other misogynist miscreants to be cancelled or de-platformed because I unlike the feral left have few actual principles one of which free speech. I am only attempting to point out double-standard #6,824, that's it. 

Sunday, February 6, 2022

On Harvard Epidemiologist, Martin Kuldorf, Getting Suspended by Twtter a While Back for Disputing the Protective Powers of Commonly Worn Face-Masks, a Viewpoint that Is Now Perceived as Accurate (Hell, Even Crazy Leanna Wen Has Finally Come Clean and Admitted that the Policy Was Dumb)

You see what happens when we only listen to those entrenched bureaucrats, stupid politicians, and media shits while simultaneously censoring legitimate scientists and doctors with zero conflicts of interest. Yeah, huh?

On the Fact that Had Wilt Chamberlain Been Able to Make 75% of His Free Throws (a Modest Percentage), His Career Scoring Total Would Have Increased by 2,840 Points and so Instead of 7th On the All-Time List He Would Be 4th with a Grand Total of 34,259 (Trailing Only Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Karl "the Mailman" Malone, and Lebron James)


It's also instructive to point out that Chamberlain only played 14 years in the NBA, as opposed to the 20, 19, and 19 of the other three guys. So, yeah, if you added a couple more seasons his total would have been even more unbelievable......and maybe even have gotten him to number one on the list. Who knows (as you can clearly go over these "what ifs" forever).

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Friday, February 4, 2022

On the Persistent Rumor that Jeff Zucker Only Hired Erstwhile Coffee-Fetcher, Brian Stelter, Because He Just Got Sick and Tired of Being the Pretty-Boy On Campus and Needed a Breather

My source says, yes. What does yours say?

On the Biden Regime Sending Peppermint Patty Out to The Press Podium to Literally Deputize Big Tech Giants and Convince Them to Censor EVEN MORE Anyone Who Dares to Challenge the Bureaucratic State's Bullshit, Dystopian and Tyrannical Policies

Yeah, it's probably time for us to stick a fork in that, "yes, but they're private companies", bromide. Just doesn't seem apropos anymore (the harsh fact that these crony-assed and corrupt conglomerates are now working hand in had with government to suffocate any sort of dissenting ideas and, so, yeah, it is a freedom of speech issue).

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

On the Fact that Trump Could Never Quite Mesh His Incessant Romanticizing of the Military with His Reasonably Decent Instincts Regarding the Utilization of it, for Example His Frequent Inability to Confront Military Brass

Trump gets a lot of well-deserved credit (from sane and reasonable people, I'm saying) for not starting any new wars but if that constitutes the new criteria for non-interventionism we're probably in some trouble. The brutal fact is that Trump dragged his heels on both Afghanistan and Syria (apparently believing the preposterous claim that Assad had gassed his own people) and continued the Obama-era policy of selling weapons to Saudi Arabia where they were being used to perpetrate genocide in Yemen. So, yeah, while I did have some high hopes for Trump's foreign policy, now that the rubble has settled, it's very hard to give the dude more than a C.

Mikhail Bakunin On the Perils of Communism, 50 Years before the Russian Revolution

 .....,.,there will be a government and, note this well, an extremely complex government, which will not content itself with governing and administering the masses politically, as all governments do to-day, but which will also administer them economically, concentrating in its own hands the production and the just division of wealth, the cultivation of land, the establishment and development of factories, the organization and direction of commerce, finally the application of capital to production by the only banker, the State. All that will demand an immense knowledge and many “heads overflowing with brains” in this government. It will be the reign of scientific intelligence, the most aristocratic, despotic, arrogant and contemptuous of all regimes. There will be a new class, a new hierarchy of real and pretended scientists and scholars, and the world will be divided into a minority ruling in the name of knowledge and an immense ignorant majority. And then, woe betide the mass of ignorant ones!................................................................................................Wow, short of having a crystal ball at your disposal, it doesn't get any more prescient than that. Thankfully there aren't any politicians in America who would herd us down such a dystopian, nightmarish path. Unless............

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

On the Fact that We're Commanded (and, no, that Isn't too Strident of a Term When One's Livelihood and Autonomy Are at Stake) to Believe Everything that the Institutional Left Says WHEN THEY SAY IT and Are Only Permitted to Change Our Minds When They Do (as They Did with the Lab-Leak Theory, Cloth Masks Being Boffo, the Vaccines Stopping Infection and Transmission, Lockdowns Having No Deleterious Consequences, etc.)

 Another obvious example is hospitalizations and deaths WITH Covid versus hospitalizations and deaths BECAUSE OF Covid. We all knew about this distinction 18 months ago and tried repeatedly to get our point across. But because our name wasn't Anthony Fauci and we didn't have any political or economic purpose to keep the entire country in a state of fear we either weren't listened to or denigrated as conspiracy ramrods and purveyors of disinformation. Of course, now that Fauci is saying the exact same thing it isn't any longer disinformation but rather ole Fauci following the science (probably a difficult task in that he's the science himself, we're told). It's disgusting and hopefully there's an orange jumpsuit for him real soon. 

On the Fact that Steven Seagal's Films Are so Crappy that He Brings Them to Big City Walmarts Where Pilfering Is Essentially Legal, Puts Them On Shelves, and Then Literally Begs the Shoplifters to Add These Train-Wrecks to Their Bounty

Something I read.