Sunday, June 30, 2019

On Drudge's Polling Showing that 45% of the Viewers Had Tulsi Gabbard Winning the First Democratic Debate (a Distant Second Was Elizabeth Warren at 12%)

It's surprising, but when you consider just how war-weary that this country is......and couple that with Ms. Gabbard's message, maybe it shouldn't be THAT surprising, I'm just sayin' -

On the Truman Administration Referring to the Korean War as a "Police Action" (this In an Obvious Effort to Get Around the Need for a Congressional Declaration of War)

And in so doing establishing a new world record with 36,000 dead "cops". Way to give 'em hell, ole Harry.

On Being "Proud" of One's Sexual Orientation

I guess. I mean, I'm not entirely sure why anyone would be proud of something like that (it's not like you've found the cure for cancer or anything). And besides, when did pride itself suddenly become a virtue? That alone is kinda' strange, no?

On Trump Saying Retarded Shit Versus Mrs. Clinton Destroying Libya, Arming ISIS, Screwing Over Haiti ($10,000,000,000 Still Missing), Lying to the Families of the Benghazi Victims (Telling Them that it Was Over Some Bullshit Video While Simultaneously Telling Her Own Family the Truth), Perpetrating Numerous Felonies (Clear Violations of the Espionage Act, Destroying Evidence, Charity Fraud, etc.), Rubber-Stamping the Sale of 20% of America's Uranium to the Russians (Those Big, Bad Russians, We're Now Told), Helping to Foster a Coup In Ukraine, Threatening a No-Fly-Zone Over Syria (the Same Idiotic Idea that Christie Put Forth), etc., etc.

Yeah, it seems like an easy to choice to me (and, no, I'm not a big Trump supporter, simply pointing out the evils of the alternative) but whether it be out of sheer partisan foolishness and hypersensitivity, the ill-effects of media bias, or Trump just being too much of too shiny of an object to ignore, you'd think that Trump was the big villain here. Strange, huh?

Saturday, June 29, 2019

On the Fact that No One Has a "Right to Healthcare" and Anyone Who Believes Such a Thing a) Doesn't Understand the Nature of a Right and b) Probably Shouldn't Be In the White House

Just for review, a right is generally perceived as a freedom FROM something and NOT something that creates an obligation from someone else (in the case of healthcare, the taxpayer and the doctor). To say that you have the right to someone else's money and/or service is to radically redefine the concept (something that the leftists are doing a lot of lately) and we simply cannot have that caliber of foolishness in a sane society. We can't.

On Kamala Harris Proclaiming that She Would Prosecute Trump if Elected (On What Charge Exactly Remains Unclear)

So this lunatic is going to do the exact same thing that she was trying to coax AG Barr into admitting that Trump had done (i.e., instructing an attorney general to go after certain people). Wow, talk about some chutzpah, huh?...……………………………………………………………………….P.S. Just for the record, Adams, Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR also went after people over frivolous bullshit and so, no, none of this garbage would set a precedent. I was just hoping that we had progressed and was saddened that we hadn't, that's all.

On Every One of Those Democratic Presidential Candidates Proclaiming that They Would a) Decriminalize Illegal Entry Into the Country (Give Them a Fine, I Guess - Who the Fuck Knows) and b) Provide Every Illegal Immigrant with Totally Free Healthcare (so Much for These Folks Not Being a Drain On the Welfare System)

Wow, you think that there's chaos on the border now (and the left has seemingly come around to that conclusion, FINALLY), wait 'til you institute these brain-disordered policies. Can you say, Europe on steroids? I can (the fact that folks respond to incentives and, yeah, free healthcare is a pretty potent incentive).      

Friday, June 28, 2019

On the Fact that Even Though Roman Reports Uniformly Characterize 1st Century Celtic Warrior Queen, Boudicca, as this Uglier-than-Dirt and Uncouth Female, When the Film of Her Came Out In 2003, the Producers Picked the Then Young and Beautiful British Actress, Alex Kingston, to Play the Role

Yeah, I guess that Joy Behar was simply too old. Oh well.

My Ideal Democratic Candidate?

Yeah, it would probably a combination of these two gals (Tulsi Gabbard for her noninterventionist foreign policy stance and Alison Lundergan Grimes for her pro second amendment and pro fossil fuel stances). Other than that, wow, I'd probably have to dig up JFK, RFK, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Grover Cleveland, Al Smith, John Glenn, William Proxmire, etc.. Democrats who no longer walk the earth, in other words.

On the Fact that if You Can't Convince One Electorate, Bring In Another One

Thus spake Chucky Schumer, the Nance, etc...……….or so it appears anyway (the fact the Dems have gone from at least being rhetorically strident against illegal immigration to seemingly being open-borders these days - even Bernie Sanders who had previously called open-borders a Koch brothers idea). 

On Madonna Trying to Convince Her Australian Interviewer that Jesus Would Have Been AOK with Abortion

First off, that isn't the barometer (having the edicts of an ancient religious figure dictating modern social policies) but even if it was, being that the Bible was pretty clear about things such as homosexuality and adultery being wrong, do you really think that Jesus would have been down with offing infants in the womb? Me, I kinda' doubt it.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

On Black College Students Celebrating Diversity by Participating In Blacks-Only Graduating Ceremonies

This is total insanity. I mean, what were the '60s all about; integrating people just so that they could segregate again? Of course it does make sense in that these colleges are demonizing white folks 24/7 to the point where an indoctrinated young black-studies major probably wouldn't want to be around whites anymore but, still, a rather nasty pill to swallow, no?

On Mayor Pete Getting Hammered by an Angry Bunch of Black Lives Matter Agitators

 And he thought that being gay would insulate him from this identity-politics firing-squad. Uh, WRONG!!!   

John McCain 2.0?

The tendencies are there; big government conservative, a boner for bombing Iran, Israel first, a love for cameras. Only time will tell, as they say.

On Samantha Power Proclaiming that it Wasn't Her Who Unmasked Those Hundreds of Individuals and that it Must Have Been a Cadre of Bureaucrats Using Her Name Who Did it Instead

The dog ate her homework, in other words. Lots 'a luck with that one in a court of law, huh (pleading the fifth being a much more likely ploy, one would surmise)?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

On the Fact that Mr. Trump Has Apparently Decided that the Loss of One Unarmed Craft Isn't Worth Going to War Over......and so What Will Rachel Maddow's Rejoinder to this Be; that He Didn't Conjugate His Verbs Properly?

Who knows, the dullard despises Trump so much that it wouldn't surprise me one iota if she went full-blown neocon and claim that the President SHOULD have bombed Iran. That insane America has become.

On the Fact that (According to Columbia's Journalism Revue) 86% of Google's Top Stories Come from Just 20 News Organizations, the Most Prominent Being CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times

So the bottom of the barrel, in other words. Awesome!......Of course if you're looking to prevent the next Trump situation......

On the Likelihood that if You Can Convince Some Poor Bastard that its All In the Name of Fighting Terrorism and Securing Freedom, You Can Probably Get Him to Blow Someone's Brains Out Rather Readily, the Only Problem of Course Coming When He Ultimately Realizes that You're a Lying Sack of Horseshit

And hence the need for constant and never-ending propaganda......just in case you hadn't noticed (and fewer and fewer of us ARE noticing, sadly).

On the Fact that Every One of the People In Those Detention Facilities On the Mexican Border Is There Because They Willingly Broke U.S. Immigration Laws......and Being that They Also Free to Vacate and Return Home Whenever They Wish to, it Is a Very Big Stretch Indeed to Claim that These Folks Are Being Housed In "Concentration Camps"

And that's the big key here; the harsh fact that the folks who ended up in Hitler's concentration camps and Uncle Joe's Siberian work camps were taken there against their will and forced to remain under much, MUCH, MUCH worse conditions (many of them not surviving). Nothing remotely similar is happening on our Southern border in that, while, no, the circumstances are hardly ideal, nobody is forcing these folks to violate our immigration laws and nobody is forcing them to stay in these facilities. My suggestion is that the two parties come together and try to fix this chaos by a) beefing up border security (the word has gotten around that the border is porous and that's why they're coming - that along with the promise of welfare), and b) expanding these facilities and making them much more humane...….To be much less political, in other words.

On he Fact that (According to a New Study Called, "The Perception Gap") High School Educated Democrats Have a Much Clearer Perception of Conservatives than College Educated Democrats and it Only Gets Progressively Worse with Every Advanced Degree -

Yeah, I guess that as leftists become more and more educated they also become more and more insular to the point where they never interact with conservatives and hence the indoctrination process really starts to kick-in. And, yeah, you can really see it with these academic bozos, the political class, etc.. Interesting shit, huh?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

On Some Idiot Soap Actress Cropping-Out the Time Stamp from an Obama-Era Photograph of Those Detention Facilities On the Mexican Border In a Sleazy Effort to Make it Seem as if it Was Trump's Fault -

Can you imagine if some D-list celebrity had tried to pull this stunt on Obama? I'm kinda' thinking that they would have been shown the pavement and fast. And how stupid do you have to be to think that nobody would notice? That's another interesting path to explore but enough for now, damn.

On Project Veritas Catching Some POS Google Employee Saying that One of the Company's Primo Goals Is to Prevent Another "Trump Situation" In 2020

   And how did the folks at YouTube respond? Yep, you got it, they deleted the video. Way to go, guys!...……...Seriously, though, how can anybody defend this? I mean, even if you hate Trump, do you really want to reside in a society like this in which a handful of elitist miscreants engineer the flow of information? I certainly hope not. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

On Slantheaded and Low-Brow Sites Such as Vox and The Daily Beast Pointing to the Low Homicide Rates In Muslim-Dominated Countries as Some Sort of Proof that Islam Is this Wonderfully Peaceful Religion that We Needn't Fear Migration from

First off, these are homogeneous countries and as anybody with even a small slice of knowledge pertaining to demographics knows, these countries tend to be the safest ones. And secondly, these countries are also extremely repressive to the point where even a modest infraction can lead to an immediate arrest, a rapid conviction, torture, and ultimately death. If these publications wanted a fairer assessment of the topic they would look to countries like France, Germany, and Sweden and compare the violent crime rates of the Islamic population with those of the longtime residents of these three countries......but being that this clearly ISN'T their priority we get bullshit like this. Pathetic, isn't it?

On the Fact that There Are No Protected Classes (Save for the Ruling-Class) In Truly Oppressive Societies

Yeah, so minority set-asides, affirmative action, political correctness and hate speech, unending hostility towards the majority - none of that shit would you expect to encounter in a truly fascist country......and yet this is what we're expected to believe from these elites. Unbelievable, huh?

On Ben Shapiro's Recent Interview of Mark Levin

I haven't seen the thing but being that I'm pretty certain that the main points were a) Netanyahu is the greatest of all time and b) the U.S. really needs to bomb Iran, yeah, I'm probably gonna take a pass. Sorry.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

On Elizabeth Warrens Newest Rube Goldberg Scheme Being a Wealth Tax (Stealing, In Other Words) of 2% On All Net Worth Over $50,000,000

My prediction, thousands and thousands of people with a reported net-worth of $49,999,999.99 (the fact that rich people tend to be smarter than politicians and will more than likely be able to restructure things in a manner where the impact will be modest - just like they do with the income tax code, etc.). And even if the government was able to secure the maximum amount, what these idiot politicians have to realize is that a lot of a wealthy person's net worth is often tied up in property, capital, and business ventures......and that in order to pay for this tax they may ultimately have to sell off items that are beneficial to the economy (enter the law of unintended consequences YET AGAIN)…...and who in his right mind would want that to happen?

On What if a White Person Said THIS On YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

"White people are the absolute scum of the earth. THE WORST. In fact, I would go as far as to proclaim that the black and brown people of the planet should try and steer as clear from them as possible......if for no other reason than for their own damned safety."...……...So, what do you think that they would do with something like that? Somebody should give it a shot......just to fuck with the slugs. Seriously.

On Schiff and Nadler Now Proclaiming that They Want Mueller to Testify

Oh it's an absolute head-fake. They know that Mueller would be absolutely destroyed by young-guns like Jim Jordan and they're just saying this because they want to be perceived as getting to the truth, that's all. I mean, come on, let's get real here.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

On the Fact that Anything Short of Open-Borders and Unfettered Amnesty Is Now Considered Fascism

But Trump is the true extremist (his form of extremism mostly being a respect for our nation's sovereignty). Go figure, huh?

On the Fact that the Nick Lowe Song, "Cruel to Be Kind", Reached #12 On the Charts In the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

That is so odd. I mean, it's not unusual for a huge seller to make #1 in multiple countries...…….but #12? That's gotta be a first.

On the Fact that Chicken-Hawks Like Ben Shapiro and Brett Stephens Apparently Think that it Is OK to Murder Hundreds of People (Possibly Starting a World War In the Process) Simply Because the Iranians Shot Down an Unmanned Craft that May or May Not Have Been In Their Air-Space

These are madmen who clearly care more about Israel (and, no, I'm not an anti-Zionist - I just don't think that our interests are necessarily theirs 100% of the time, that's all) than they do the U.S. and we really need to begin marginalizing 'em for this (I for one haven't listened to a Shapiro podcast for months and you couldn't get me to read a Brett Stephens column for anything). ASAP...…in that one more stupid war just might do us in.

On the Fact that When Spain Controlled Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam, and the Philippines, Our Government Referred to Them as Colonies but When We Took Control of Them They Became "Possessions"

The Spanish-American War was one of America's shortest and least costly wars but being that it set the stage for the American Imperium (not to mention that it was brought about by propaganda, bald-faced lies, and a false-flag, the sinking of the Maine, similar to more recent wars) it shouldn't be ignored (and by, it shouldn't be ignored, I of course mean not in a manner that glorifies it like Karl Rove did in a recent biography on McKinley) though, yes, sadly it is.

On the Fact that Marylin Monroe Only Made $18,000 (Approximately $150,000 In Today's Money) for Staring In "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

Contrast that with today where the top stars routinely make between 20 and $30,000,000 per film (Keanu Reeves currently holding the record at $262,000,000 for "the Matrix" - he got a percentage of the box-office sales, I guess) and, yeah, the studio got a hell of a deal, I'd say...…………………………………………………………..P.S. Just to be fair, this was one of Monroe's first starring roles (just two years earlier she was getting coffee for Anne Baxter and Bette Davis in "All About Eve") and so maybe that played a role in the tiny payday but, STILL, it remains mind-blowing to me at least.

Friday, June 21, 2019

On the Fact that (According to Peter Wallison's Important Book, "Hidden In Plain Sight") One of the Better Requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act Was to Get Various Governmental Agencies (HUD, FDIC, the Comptroller of the Currency, etc.) to Work-Up a Qualified Residential Mortgage Criteria that Would Greatly Reduce the Risk of Default...……...but Because of Intense Pressure from Special Interests (the Usual Suspects; the Mortgage Industry, Crony Capitalists, Racial Grievance-Mongers, etc.) Democratic and Republican Lawmakers Caved-In and Proceeded with the Same Old Bullshit Policies that Got Us Into Trouble In the First Place (Low Down-Payments, Shitty Credit Records, etc.)

No, this housing bubble isn't as bad as the one in 2008 but that's largely because the easy money is going into the stock-market......but it's still there and when you have multiple bubbles like we currently possess (the stock market, student loans, housing, the debt bomb, unfunded liabilities etc.), yeah, I don't even want to think about the next downturn.  

On Sean Hannity Foaming at the Mouth the Other Night In Response to Iran Supposedly Shooting Down a U.S. Drone Over International Waters

Alright, let's calm down here. a) It was just a drone and b) how do we know that it wasn't over Iranian air-space and therefore a legitimate target? I mean, it's not like our government hasn't lied us into war before. My suggestion is that we all just slow down a little and make sure that we have the facts before we go off half-cocked YET AGAIN!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

On that Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Complaining About Illegal Aliens Being "Held Without a Trial" (She Said a Lot of Other Idiotic Things as Well but Let's Just Focus On this Now)

Yeah, I guess that she's unaware that there are hundreds of thousands of American citizens also being held without a trial......and that it's called getting arrested, failing to make bail, and waiting for trial. And what exactly is she suggesting with this virtue-signaling malarkey of hers; that we do what, grant all of these people immediate citizenship (registering them as Democrats, too, of course), open the border completely and let people pour in, etc.? Seriously, I would love to know this chick's plan.

On the Fact that the Subway Sandwiches In Commercials Always Look So Much Better than the Slop that They Serve at Their Restaurants

False advertising, no?

On Why the Iranians Would Attack a Japanese Tanker While One of Their Diplomats Was In Tehran Negotiating

The patently clear answer of course is that they wouldn't and that it was more than likely some sort of C.I.A. psy-op and/or a Mossad or Saudi operation. Not that you're going to hear any of that from the mainstream media, mind you, in that they would love for a war to start to boost their pathetic ratings. Hopefully Trump still has his reasonably decent foreign policy instincts and sees through the bullshit as a war with Iran would be cataclysmic - a point that we could all probably agree with.

On that Fact the Average SJW Miscreant Was Seemingly More "Triggered" by that 16 Year-Old Catholic Youngster Who Was Smiling While Some Lunatic Activist Was Banging a Drum In His Face than They Were When Hillary Laughed Like a Damned Hyena In the Wake of Gaddafi Being Sodomized to Death

  Says it all, doesn't it (their lack of moral compunction, their sheer idiocy, their ballsiness, etc., etc.)?

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

On the Fact that Being a White Guy On the Duke University Lacrosse Team Is About as "Privileged" as a Dude Can Get and Yet Literally Nobody Believed These Fellows When that Lowlife Black Stripper Accused Them of Rape

The obvious and mature lesson from this fiasco is that we need to get away from this retarded and self-parodying intersectional bullshit and start looking at each situation individually. Unfortunately a lot of the folks in power (politicians, academic assholes, celebrities, cable-news shits, etc.) are so far gone at this point that even something this basic may be an impossibility but, please, speak up when you're able.

On the Fact that the Dullard Who Wrote that Salon Piece Entitled, "Hugo Chavez's Economic Miracle" (Some Buffoon by the Name of David Sirota), Is Apparently Working On the Bernie Sanders Campaign Now

Yeah, I guess that destroying nation-states has become his hobby and, boy, did he ever select the right candidate for the job. Lord have mercy.

On the Fact that Mitch McConnell Was Seemingly Way too Busy Signing Pork-Barrell Grants to His Home-State of Kentucky to Notice that the Federal Budget Deficit Was a Whopping $1.2 Trillion

This bozo is by far the worst Senate Republican leader of my lifetime (Dirksen and Baker probably being the two finest) and while, no, he isn't quite as verbally noxious as his former Democratic counterpart, ole Harry Reid, he's every bit as useless and if the Republicans had any common sense and backbone (and they probably don't), they'd march is sorry ass off to Siberia. Tout suite.

On O.J. Simpson Starting a Twitter Account

Probably not the wisest move (the fact that the dude seemingly doesn't have a filter and may ultimately implicate himself in all sorts of things) but being that it should be completely entertaining, I'm game.

On the Fact that Not Only Did the F.B.I. Not Analyze the DNC Server, the Clowns Didn't Even Look at the Crowdstrike Summary

    And so we're supposed to accept the Russian-hacking narrative...……...why exactly? Because Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Mark Warner, and the rest of those Democrat criminals tell us to? Sorry, not good enough.

Monday, June 17, 2019

On the Fact that Amazon Was Recently Selling Michelle Obama's New Book at a 57% Discount

Well that's one way to put your finger on the scale, I guess (the goal of course being to have this chick's book zoom up the best-seller-list).

On Gaddafi a) Allowing U.N. Weapons Inspectors Into His Country, b) Destroying His WMD Stockpile, and c) Helping the West In its Battle with Islamic Extremism...……...AND STILL GETTING MURDERED BY THE U.S.!!!

Why any country would trust us at this juncture is beyond me. It really is. 

On Two Black Kids from Oberlin College Pilfering from a Local Bakery, Getting Caught and Prosecuted, and the Moronic SJW Student-Body and Faculty at Oberlin Proceeding to Slander the Owners of the Bakery as Racist Swine - I Shit You Not -

Thankfully there was a just ending to this nightmarish situation to the tune of Oberlin having to fork over $33,000,000. "Get woke, go broke" is how they're phrasing it and damned if it isn't a beautiful sound to my ears as well. Finally, some justice!

On Joe Biden Trying to Portray Trump as the Most Racist President In History, "We've Never Seen Anything Like the Guy, Yada Yada" - Quick Addendum

And plus, do we really need to be lectured to by some dolt who was seemingly impressed that Obama was a "clean" African-American......and who continues to lie about Trump and Charlottesville? I don't think so.

On Joe Biden Trying to Portray Trump as the Most Racist President In History, "We've Never Seen Anything Like the Guy, Yada Yada"

Well being that Andrew Jackson orchestrated the Trail of Tears, Woodrow Wilson re-segregated the military, and FDR interned Japanese citizens while fully dispossessing them, I'm probably going to have to rule, false, on this one. Sorry, idiot Joe.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

On the Old Legend that One Norse Soldier On Stamford Bridge Fought Off Two to Three Dozen Anglo-Saxons Before Succumbing at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, Circa 1066

Yeah, it's probably just a myth (though, yes, with the Vikings you never know) but, still, what a great potential blockbuster, huh (though knowing Hollywood, they'd probably make the Norseman an Australian aborigine or something)?

On Former F.B.I. Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe (Dumb as a Fucking Stump), Going On CNN the Other Night and Saying that it Is Never Appropriate for a Political Candidate to Accept Information from the Russians In that They Are Our Enemy (I Don't Recall the Obama Administration Ever Citing Russia as an Enemy but that Was Before Mrs. Clinton Lost, I Guess)

Does not this imbecile realize that he essentially threw Mrs. Clinton under the bus in that it was her, and only her, who accepted dirt from the Russians in the form of that moronic piss dossier? He obviously didn't think it through (and how is his lawyer allowing him to talk like this?) and it wouldn't surprise me one iota if the dude ends up getting Arkancided. I mean, others have for much, much less, right?

Saturday, June 15, 2019

On the Fact that We Now Know that Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian Lawyer Who Donald Trump Jr. Had Briefly Met with at Trump Tower Was Actually Associated with Fusion GPS and, so, Yeah, the Entire Thing Looks Like a Setup -

And it is also critical to point out that zero information pertaining to Hillary was ever exchanged and that the majority of the conversation centered around the Magnitsky Act and Russian adoption. There's no there there, in other words.

On the Claim that Iran Has Been Targeting Japanese Tankers In the Gulf of Oman

Yeah, this has the Gulf of Tonkin, Remember the Maine, the Zimmerman Note, and WMD written all over it and, besides, if CNN (who wants a war for the ratings) and John Bolton (who wants a war because he's a sociopath) are parroting the same talking-points, what are the odds of it being legit? Seriously. Come on.

On the Fact that Even Though Traditional Mortgage-Lending Practices (Sizeable Down-Payments, Solid Borrower Credit Histories, Accurate Income Documentation, Sufficient Income to Make Regular Payments, etc.) Had Proven to Be a Tried and True Policy for Decades and Decades, Morons Ranging from George W. Bush to Bernie Frank Couldn't Leave Well-Enough Alone and Took to Tinkering with Those Established Practices (HUD Ultimately Lowering Fannie and Freddie's Goal for Low and Moderate Income Loans from 30% In the 90s to 56% by 2007) and the End-Result Was Millions of Shitty-Quality Sub-Prime Loans that Couldn't Be Paid and a Damned Recession

Of course the scariest aspect of all is that no one has seemingly learned the proper lesson from this, instead of seeing the financial collapse as a function of government fucking-up (and, yes, the Fed artificially leaving interest rates close to zero for a year was also a factor - no doubt), the politicians saw it as a problem of NOT ENOUGH GOVERNMNT (regulation being the term that they prefer and it led to bullshit laws like Dodd-Frank, etc.)!!! Not enough power in their hands, in other words.

On What Might Have Taken Place In 1066 at the Battle of Hastings Had the Norsemen Under Harald the Third Not Invaded Britain First, Depleted the Anglo-Saxons at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, etc.

Well it certainly would have made William's task much more difficult and had the Norman been repelled the whole history of Europe would have been different. My suspicion is that William would have returned to Normandy, consolidated his control over Brittany and Flanders, and possibly looked eastward for conquest, all the while while fearing a possible invasion from Godwinson and England......but we'll never know, right?

Friday, June 14, 2019

On George Stephanopoulos Asking President Trump if He Would Accept Information (Negative About His Upcoming Opponent) from a Foreign Actor or Take it to the F.B.I.

It was a fair enough question but instead of the rambling answer that Trump gave, he simply should have said, "Oh, you mean the way that Hillary and her ramrods took information - paying for it, no less - from a BRITISH spy who in turn got it from two RUSSIAN disinformation specialists, that kind of shit? OK, I get it now"......and then just sat back and watch ole George's head detonate. That's what I would have done at least.

On the Fact that Joe Biden's Son, Hunter, Is an Total Dumpster-Fire Who Got Booted from the Navy for Drug-Use, Financially Screwed-Over His ex-Wife, Boinked His Recently-Deceased Brother's Wife, and Is Currently Locked In Several Financial Scandals Overseas

Can you imagine if this is one of Trump's kids? The media would go insane and everybody knows it. Everybody who's honest, that is.

On the Fact that We Presently Have a Massive Segment of the Population Devolving Into a Fanatical Ideology that Attempts to Smear and Silence Anyone Who Deviates Even Slightly from Their Idiotic Hard-Left Orthodoxy (Open Borders, 72 Genders, Post-Partum Abortion, Single-Payer Healthcare, 90% Tax Rates, etc., etc.) and Who Seemingly Cannot Interface with Reality Anymore, NOT EVEN A LITTLE!!

Thankfully we now have a couple of Democratic candidates who are finally pushing back a little on this bullshit (Delaney and Hickenlooper) but being that they're getting booed by a huge percentage of the more drooling and rabid buffoons out there, significant relief, yeah, I don't expect it.

On Yahoo News Proclaiming that Cory Booker Is Currently Dealing with a Perception that He Is "Falling Behind"

Maybe but I tend to think that the "perception" of him being a total idiot, narcissistic buffoon, and demagogue is a little more troubling at this point. We'll see, I guess.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

On the Fact that We Still Live On a Planet Where Words Have Meanings, and so When Some Lowbrow Partisan Fool Like this Carlos Maza Cutout Tries to Inform Us that Fox News's Tucker Carlson Is a "White Supremacist", We Can Point Out to the Dude that a Supremacist Longs to Rule Over People and that Mr. Carlson Has Displayed Zero Evidence of Ever Wishing to Do that

Kinda' basic, huh? And yet nobody in the mainstream media appears to have the honesty and intellect to point this rudimentary fact out. 

On the Fact that CNN's Ratings Have Cratered so Badly that They're Actually Getting Hammered Two to One by the Home and Gardens Network (HGTV) -

Yeah, they've completely lost the trust of the public to the point where a lot of people who didn't even vote for Trump are getting creeped-out. Hopefully they ride off into the sunset soon 'cause this is just flat-out embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for 'em! What does that say?

On the Fact that One of the Images from that Retarded New York Times Hit-Piece About YouTube Extremism Was a Old Picture of Milton Friedman, a Nobel Prize Winning Economist and One of the Most Influential Thinkers of the Past Half Century

Imagine how deranged and idiotic that a person would have to be to lump someone like Milton Friedman (who isn't even a radical libertarian, for Christ!) with a hodgepodge of clowns like Richard Spencer and Milo. And, what, they don't have any editors over there to catch these OBVIOUS mistakes? Come on, let's get serious here.. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

On the Wisdom of Having a Monetary System In Which Your Five Cent Piece Is Worth Approximately Two and Half Times More than Your Ten Cent Piece (the Melt Value of a Nickel Being 3.8 Cents While that of a Dime Is 1.5 Cents)

Yeah, it's one of those things that works......until it doesn't and then, BOOM; runaway inflation, people eating out of trash-cans, etc.. Hopefully we can get back to a tighter monetary policy in the not-too-distant future to avoid this but with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell running this shits-how......with even crazier folks in the batter's box, confident I am not.

On the Greek Mercenaries Fighting for the Persian Army at the Battle of the Granicus Begging Alexander for Mercy After Being Completely Routed and Him Responding with, "Yeah, I Don't Think so, Guys" and Eventually Killing Them All

Yeah, there are certain people from history that you didn't want to monkey-around with (Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Vlad the Third, etc.) and apparently this Macedonian dude was one of them (in this instance his ire being brought about by a belief that these Thracian and Athenian mercenaries were traitors and thus needed to be executed). 

On the Fact that Being Born In the U.S.A. Is Akin to Winning a Lottery Ticket......and We Know this Because Every Fucking Poor Person On the Planet Wants to Come Here so Desperately that They're Willing to Risk Their Lives to Do so

And yet if you listen to ingrates like Cory "I'm Spartacus" Booker, Kamala "I'm from Jamaica and so of Course I've Smoked Weed" Harris, Elizabeth "I'm .02% Native American" Warren, those two idiot Muslim bimbos from the Mid-West, etc. you'd think that this is the most racist place in human history and a place where no minority should want to be anywhere close to  (they of course DO want them here for their votes but that's a different issue). If we could only get them to move, huh? The imbeciles.

On the Fact that College Is an Excellent Idea for Today's Youth......

…...but only if you wish them to end up with huge amounts of debt and copious amounts of self-hatred. Otherwise, no, not particularly (learning a trade instead is probably the better route and if you wish to enrich yourself beyond that, my God, there are so many superior ways online; Thaddeus Russell's Renegade University being only one of them).

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

On Two Lesbians Getting the Shit Kicked Out of Them On a London Bus and the Only Description of the Perpetrators that the Legacy Media Is Giving Us Is "Five Teens" -

Yeah, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that they probably weren't white neo-Nazis, 'cause if in fact they were, it would have been plastered all over kingdom-come......and it wasn't. Hopefully we'll get some additional details later this week but being that we're talking Europe here, who the fuck knows.

President Trump's Most Disturbing Comment?

Yeah, to me it wasn't the Charlottesville or MS-13 animals comments in that the media clearly lied though their teeth about both of those two events. To me, it was when Shannon Bream pressed him about U.S. weapons-sales to Saudi Arabia and the human suffering that's been brought by these weapons and he responded with, "yeah, but we're creating a lot of jobs." That and the fact that he said it so matter-of-factly, it just didn't sit well.

Monday, June 10, 2019

On Lowbrow Comics Like Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer Largely Becoming Successful Through the Use of Non-PC Comedy, Suddenly Becoming Very PC to the Point Where They're Actually Attempting to Block Younger Comedians from Taking the Very Path that They Did

It's always much easier to change the rules when you're sitting on a pile of money, isn't it? Damn, huh?

On the Constitutional Right of a Woman to Hire Someone to Bludgeon Their 20 Week-Old Fetus's Skull and Yank the Rest of the Body Out Piece by Piece

Seems absurd when you state it like that, doesn't it? And yet...……...

On the Fact that They Are Doing Rapid DNA Testing On the Border Now and Have Determined that Close to a Third of the Children that Migrants Are Bringing with Them ARE NOT THEIR KIDS!! -

Do you understand now, idiot Kamala Harris, moron Bernie Sanders, the slants at MSNBC, etc., etc., why we separate the children from the adults at the border? It's for their protection (the fact that a large percentage of these adults are obviously traffickers and it would be irresponsible to keep them with the children until we know who's who) and for you shits to try and make political hay over it is disgusting. It really is. Ugh. 

On New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, Trying to Blame Right-Wing Extremism for the Sharp Uptick In Jewish Murders In His City, Totally Ignoring the Fact that Most of the Perpetrators Are Black

Yeah, these leftists will pretty much say anything because they know that the mainstream media probably won't fact-check 'em. Thankfully we still have some alternative sites that haven't been banned yet who can call-out this foolishness but, honestly, is there anybody out there with a pulse that didn't see though this one right from the start? I mean, come on.

On the Fact that We Now Know with Certitude that In 1991, Then Secretary of State, James Baker, Promised Mikhail Gorbachev that N.A.T.O Would Not Be Budging One Inch Eastward Towards the Russian Border - WE LIED (Initially Bringing In Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic In 1999 and Then Everyone and His Sister In the Years to Follow)!!!!! -

Oh, it gets worse in that early on Mr. Putin tried to get Russia not just into N.A.T.O. but also into the European Union and both times he was told to go pound sand. You want to know why relations with Russia are so bad today? Maybe start at the beginning, I'm just sayin'.

On Me Considering Voting for a Liberal Democrat (Tulsi Gabbard) Simply Because She's Anti-War and Good-Looking

Well, being that I voted for Ralph Nader in 2004 just because his name wasn't Al Gore or George Bush, it shouldn't be all THAT surprising, now should it?

Sunday, June 9, 2019

On the Fact that Millions of Americans Saw Two 100-Plus Story Skyscrapers Reduced to Dust and Molten Steel In the Matter of Several Seconds and Didn't Think Twice About Questioning the Government's Story

They don't call us "sheeple" for nothing, I guess.

A Question for Meghan McCain

Being that we now know with a fair degree of certainty that your father was at least tangentially involved in the dissemination of that ludicrous piss dossier, do you understand how maybe President Trump would be upset with him (not to say that Trump has handled it perfectly, mind you, but just in general, I'm addressing)? Just curious.

On the Fact that the Mainstream Media Is Clearly Putting Pressure On These Huge Tech Companies to Punish and/or Completely Destroy the Smaller, More Independent News Sites Because a) They Don't Want Any Competition and b) They Want to Make as Certain as Possible that Trump Doesn't Get Reelected (the Likelihood that a Second Trump Term Could Mean Prison-Time for a Shitload of Their Friends and Possibly Even for Them)

And they're being fully indiscriminate about it in that they're targeting everyone from the nonpolitical Philip DeFranco to the center-right Dave Rubin to the neocon Ben Shapiro to the alt-light Paul Joseph Watson to the alt-right Jean Francois Garipy. Essentially anyone who doesn't follow the increasingly retarded and unhinged far-left narrative, in other words. Hopefully a solution something short of government regulation can be arrived at here but being that the stakes are so high on both sides, yeah, I'm skeptical at this point. Sadly.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

On the Fact that a Truly Confident Person Doesn't Feel the Need to Silence Others

Seems obvious and yet you have bleeding-hearts all over the place caving in to the terrorist demands of easily triggered and fascistic imbeciles like this Maza clown. It's gotta' stop 'cause if it doesn't it's gonna devour everyone (this as the definition of "extreme" shifts more and more to the center......and even to the center-left). Seriously.  

On the Fact that One of Mueller's Principal Informants During this Entire Russia Probe Was Some Miscreant by the Name of George Nader and, Guess What, Folks, the POS Just Got Arrested for Transporting Child Pornography -

That's bad enough but I've also learned that the indictment was sealed for over a year so that the Mueller team could use this pervert in their witch-hunt. Great to have priorities, huh?...…………………………………………………………………...P.S. And, yes, the media is of course emphasizing Nader's association with Trump (I guess that he was part of the campaign in some capacity) but they had better be careful with that in there are plenty of pictures of Nader with Bill Clinton......and being that the Clintons already have ties to Jeffrey Epstein and Laura Silsby, yeah, they just might want to take a pass on this one.

On the Fact that You Don't Have to Go to Venezuela to See the Effects of Socialism

Nope, you just have to travel to Southern California. It's allllllllllllll RIGHT THERE!!

On the Strange Legend that Harald the Third, King of Norway, Would Write Poetry as He Was Killing People

A cultured thug, in other words. Awesome!...…......Gee, I wonder how long that he'd last on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.. Not long at all, would be my guess.

Friday, June 7, 2019

On the Fact that the New York Times Is Reportedly Barring its Reporters from Going On the Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, and Lawrence O'Donnell Smug and Cunty Dumpster-Fires, err, I Mean, Shows, Because it Might Make Them Appear too Partisan

Imagine how corrupt and knuckle-draggingly partisan that a cable-program has to be to be too untouchable for the New York Times. My God, is this embarrassing or what?

On that Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Claiming that an Individual's "Privilege to Earn a Profit Is Subordinate to Somebody Else's Right to Own a Home"

So regardless of a person's initiative, effort, industriousness, aptitude, time horizon, thrift or moral underpinnings, they are entitled to not just a place to live but to a place that they can own and AND this is provided to them via the initiative, effort, industriousness, aptitude, time horizon, thrift, and moral underpinnings of their fellow taxpaying Americans and the threat of government violence. Sounds like a plan to me!!

On the Fact that One of the People Who Mueller and Weissman Tried to Tie to Manafort as a Part of Their Russian Collusion Narrative Was a Dude by the Name of Konstantin Kilimnik, the Same Konstantin Kulimnik Who the Obama State Department Had Routinely Used as a Key Russian/Ukrainian Informant......and, gee, What a Huge Shock, Mueller and Weissman Omitted that Second Part from Their Report

Mueller is probably caput anyway but Weissman, how in the hell does he not get disbarred from this? Whatever you may think about Trump, this prosecutorial misconduct straight-up, no? Come on.

On YouTube Cracking-Down On People Who Question "Well-Established Historical Events"

Gee, I wonder what they're referring to. Probably the French Revolution, huh (wink, wink)?

Note to Vox's Carlos Maza

Steven Crowder (who I can take or leave, frankly) makes fun of you (using a lot of the same damned words that you yourself describe yourself as) and your response is to try and destroy his livelihood? Seriously, you are an adult, right?

On the Media Lying About Trump AGAIN, Proclaiming that He Had Referred to Duchess Meghan as, "Nasty", When In Fact He Was Only Responding to a Question About Her Having Been Brutal to Him During the 2016 Campaign, that He, "Didn't Know that She Was Nasty"

Of course, the most blatant comment of all was when douche-bag AP reporter, Jonathan Lemire, tied to tie this nonevent to the fact that Ms. Markle is biracial and claimed that Mr. Trump was somehow speaking in code to his huge cadre of racist supporters...….Seriously, did you ever think that it would get this "nasty" (ironic, huh?)?

On Mrs. Clinton Saying that, "Nobody Is Above the Law"

Please, allow me to translate this. What she actually meant to say WAS, "Nobody is above the law unless your name is Hillary Clinton and you transmitted top-secret information over a personal, unencrypted server, deleted thousands of emails, and used bleach-bit and hammers to destroy key evidence."......In case you didn't speak Clintonian.

On President Trump Hammering CNN In a Recent Tweet and the Network's Low IQ Buffoon, Chris Cuomo, Responding by Proclaiming that We've Never Had a President this Despotic Before (Apparently Unaware that Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Nixon, and Even Obama Have Executed Far More Egregious Acts than Trump; Shutting Down Newspapers, Jailing Journalists, Interning and Racially Profiling Citizens, Imprisoning and Deporting Protesters, Using the I.R.S. and F.B.I. as Weapons, etc.)

I know that I should be used to this type of hyperbole and propaganda coming from the likes of morons such as Cuomo but, honestly, unless we counter this bullshit and counter it consistently, a bad place is just around the corner and it will make Trump look like Mother Theresa, trust me (I, unlike Cuomo, have actually cracked a history book or two).

Thursday, June 6, 2019

On YouTube's Plan to Ban or Restrict "Borderline Content"

Don't you just love the way that these fascistic bastards keep the terms as vague as possible so that they can swoop right in whenever the mood suits them? It's pathetic and yet they hold the cards. Sad, huh?

On Some Buzzfeed Lowlife Named Joe Bernstein Complaining that Twitter Has Become a Platform for Spewing Bigotry

This from a piece of trash who once tweeted that we should all "murder a straight white male on our way home from work"...….No mirrors in the Bernstein domicile apparently.

On Disney Planning to Boycott Georgia Over its Harsh Anti-Abortion Law While Continuing to Have Operations In China, a Country with a Horrid Human Rights Record and One Which Is Presently Interning Thousands of Muslims Just Because They Can

Yeah, it's probably a bottom-line thing (with China being a huge potential market) and, besides, how can you resist such a golden opportunity to virtue-signal (abortion right up 'til delivery being the PC position these days)? They certainly couldn't.

On the Fact that Not Only Did Mr. Mueller Hire Weissman Right Out of the Gate, He Put the Fascistic Bastard In Charge of Hiring The Remaining Team Members and, gee, What A Huge Shock, They All Turned Out to Be Partisan Democrats

Can you imagine if the roles were reversed here; Hillary or Obama being investigated by several dozen Republican ramrods? My God, CNN and MSNBC would have gone apoplectic AND IT WOULD HAVE BEEN JUSTIFIED!!  But because it was Trump, crickets. Unbelievable, huh?

On the Fact that the Mueller Report Selectively Edited a Transcript Between Trump's Lawyer, John Dowd, and the Lawyer of Michael Flynn In an Effort to Make the Conversation Seem Much More Sinister than it Was -

Perhaps they're auditioning for a job at CNN...……….Kidding aside, this definitely has Weissman's fingerprints all over the thing (the fact that the fellow has engaged in some of the most egregious examples of prosecutorial misconduct in recent memory and, so, yeah, doctoring a transcript is fully in his wheelhouse). Hopefully it's enough to finally get the sociopath disbarred but being that it's Washington, who the fuck knows.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

On Paul Manafort Being Shipped Off to Riker's Island, a Place Where New York Warehouses Some of its Most Violent Criminals

Yeah, I guess that it simply wasn't enough to bankrupt the dude and keep him in solitary confinement for a year...….That and you have to also remember here that the F.B.I. had already looked into this case years ago and decided not to press charges at the time MEANING that Mr. Mueller and Mr. Weissman were clearly engaging in a political prosecution (with Manafort working for Trump being the actual offense). And why in the hell didn't they go after the Podesta boys (yes, a rhetorical question)? They were doing a lot of the same shit as Manafort and nobody has laid so much as a glove on these cork-soakers. Politically connected, anybody?

On the Neocons and Neolibs Gaslighting Americans Into Believing that Russia, Iran, and Syria Are Somehow Our Mortal Adversaries and that We Have to Oppose Them to the Point of Risking a Thermo-Nuclear War

The good thing here of course is that more and more people are seeing through the bullshit (Russian hacking, Syrian chemical attacks, the Iranian nuclear threat, etc., etc.). Whether it's enough to make a significant difference in our representation, that I'm afraid to say is another story. Here's to hoping.

On Tulsi Gabbard's Numerous Recent Appearances On Tucker Carlson's Show

Maybe it's because whenever she goes on CNN or MSNBC she gets ganged-up on by a hive of disgusting neolibs who try and paint her as an "Assad apologist", whereas Carlson treats her respectfully. The simplest explanation, no?

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

On the Fact that While I Probably Disagree with Tulsi Gabbard On a Fair Number of Domestic Issues, I Would Much Rather Have Her as President than a Scumbag Like Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush In that at Least Tulsi Would Probably Keep Us Out of a Bullshit War...……...and Wouldn't that Be Pleasant for Change?

And, yes, yes, yes, she's good looking. Sue me!!

On Comey and Brennan, The Early Years

Yeah, I guess that even back then these clowns were blaming "other kids". Some things just never change, apparently.

On the Fact that I Recently Saw Dan Rather On a Young Turks Podcast

I'll take, "People Whose Credibility Has Taken a Severe Nosedive During the Recent Past and Who Seemingly Feel Hellbent On Driving the Final Stake Into it by Comparing Notes with the Biggest Conflagration of Imbeciles this Side of The View", for a thousand, Alex...……….Seriously, though, the Young Turks? Surely there had to have been a better option......or maybe not. Who knows? 

On One of Mark Levin's Listeners Advising Him that Maybe We Shouldn't Be Constantly Poking at the Bear (i.e., Russia) and Levin Doing What He Always Does, Shouting Out In a Bellicose Manner and Demonizing the Russians (Standard MIC Talking-Points, In Other Words)

This is what drives me crazy about these establishment conservatives. Yes, they do a solid job when it comes to dismantling the whole Russian collusion narrative but they always, ALWAYS, have to couch it with these C.I.A.- approved anti Russian bromides that aren't just moronic but dangerous as well. I mean, they do understand that these fellas' have nukes, right?

On the Fact that the Poor Schmuck Who the Daily Beast Outed the Other Day (Simply for Posting that Hilarious Pelosi Meme) Is a Black Day-Laborer from the Bronx Who's Currently On Probation

And they complain about Trump "punching-down". Unbelievable, huh (the fact that these stantheaded buffoons at the Daily Beast would side with a woman who's third in line for the Presidency over some poor working bastard and then try and justify it by claiming that they were fighting "fake news" when everyone with a pulse knows that THEY'RE THE FUCKING FAKES NEWS!!)    

Monday, June 3, 2019

On the Fact that if We Ever Become a Country In Which Defending Oneself Against an Unlawful Prosecution Is an "Obstruction of Justice", We Might as Well Just Pack it In

Yeah, I guess that the left feels that if we're going to have a Venezuelan-style economy, we might as well have a Venezuelan-style justice system, too. Consistency!!

On Mr. Mueller Claiming that He Wishes Not to Testify and Not a Peep from the Same Hard-Core Leftists In Congress and the Media Who Wanted to Drag Bill Barr to the House In Handcuffs and Jail the Poor Bastard In the Basement Because He Didn't Want to Participate In Their Dog-and-Pony-Show

I suspect that there was probably some sort of deal here; Mueller agreeing to give the Dems some red-meat above and beyond his report in exchange for him not having to testify. The only problem of course is that the Republicans still control the Senate and they can subpoena him if they choose. We'll just have to see if Lindsey Graham has the balls to do so (the fact that he's been deferential to Mueller at times and may not have the stomach for a confrontation with the guy).

On the Fact that (According to the Acclaimed Economic Historian, Robert Higgs) from 1995 to 2000, the Japanese (In an Effort to Get Out of an Already Lengthy Economic Downturn) Went On a Public-Works Spending Binge that Ultimately Consumed Nearly 8% of Their GDP (the OECD Average Was Only About 3.4%)…...and, gee, What a Surprise, it Was an Absolute Failure (Private per-Capita GDP Actually Receding)

And yet in spite of this modern evidence that Keynesianism is a completely discredited concept, Misters Bush and Obama proceeded to pursue this sucker religiously and the end-result was the most pathetic economic recovery in our country's history. Amazing, huh (the level of abject idiocy of our elected officials)?

On the Fact that the Modern-Day Democratic Party Seemingly Believes that No Line Whatsoever Should be Drawn When it Comes to Abortion (Any Abortion, Any Time, Any Reason)

Or maybe they do have a line and we just don't know it because those miscreant interviewers over at CNN and MSNBC don't have the balls to flush it out. I mean, seriously, nobody could be in favor of aborting a baby because its the "wrong" gender, for example, right, RIGHT?

Sunday, June 2, 2019

On the Fact that While I Always Knew that the Daily Beast Was Lowbrow, Cartoonishly Partisan, etc., I Never Thought that Their Individual "Contributors" Would Ever Be so Vile, Vulgar, and Revolting that They Would Actually Dox a Private Citizen Simply for Making a Funny Meme (the Stammering Pelosi One) -

I guess that I was wrong...……………………………………………………………………………….P.S. The douche-bag who doxed the kid is a fellow named Kevin Poulsen, in case you ever wanted to contact the dreg. I did.

On Nancy Pelosi Taking to the Podium Yesterday and Reiterating the Robert Muller Orwellian Statement that We Haven't Yet Established President Trump's Innocence

There are only two possibilities with this. Either Mrs. Pelosi is a complete and total moron who doesn't understand even the rudiments of our justice system or she does fathom the system and aims to discard it because she's a fucking fascistic statist pig. I'll let you folks decide.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

On the Media's Newest Anti-Trump Talking-Point Being that He Plays Footsie with Dictators; Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, etc.

Pure partisan insanity. a) They never gave a flying fuck about fellows like Un and Putin until they had a political angle to do so and b) they never criticized Obama for any of his interactions with dictators; Castro, the Mullahs in Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. (none of which personally bothered me but just as a point of reference here). I mean, I get it that they're probably running out of ammo at this juncture but, please, driving in the neocon lane is not a good look for anybody and especially looks forced with these clowns, I'm just sayin'. 

On the Fact that Even After Two Years of Intense Investigation, I Still Cannot Assert with Any Degree of Certitude that Robert Mueller Never Got Butt-Fucked by a Small Battalion of Midgets In a Hudson Valley Corn-Field Sometime During the Mid-1980s

Sorry, couldn't resist (the fact that Mr. Mueller uttered an equally Kafkaesque statement during his mercifully short press conference early this week and so why not?).

On the Fact that (According to the World Almanac and Book of Facts 1999) by the Turn of the Prior Century, the South Korean Economy Was Approximately 30 Times Larger than that of Communist North Korea ($647 Billion Compared $21 Billion)

…...and while it doesn't appear as if Bernie Sanders wants to take as far as North Korea, the fact that the clown went to the Soviet Union on his honeymoon (if I had ever suggested that to my wife, she would have pistol-whipped me), went on the Phil Donahue Show (during his tenure as mayor of Burlington) and made old Phil sound like William Graham Sumner, and was an admirer of Venezuela prior to their implosion, leads me to believe that we ought not to risk it. Simply my opinion.

On Some Conspiracy-Alloyed Slant from Corporate-Funded Vox by the Name of Carlos Maza Trying to Tell His Low IQ Audience that There Isn't Anything On the Left that's Similar to Fox News (CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, NPR, the Washington Post, etc. He Actually Perceives as "Straight News" and Not at All Biased - I Shit You Not)

Imagine the amount of self-deception and mental-gymnastics that a person needs to summon up to think like this. It has to be exhausting, I would think...….I certainly couldn't do it.

On Ignorance, Buffoonery, and Sheer Stupidity Spoken with Certitude and a Quasi Valley-Girl Twang

Welcome to 21st century American politics. Frightening, isn't it (that and the fact that it'll probably get worse in the decades to come as America continues to balkanize)?