Tuesday, November 30, 2021

On a New USA Today, Suffolk University Poll Showing Kamala Harris Hovering at a 28% Approval Rating

They're of course blaming the media's microscopic conservative element and its incessant criticism of the gal for the shitty numbers (funny, 'cause they never once blamed the much larger leftist press when Trump's numbers dipped) because as we all know, it couldn't conceivably have anything to do with that winning personality of hers. Perish the thought. 

On Biden Claiming that the Unemployment Rate Was 14% When He Assumed the Job When In Fact it Was Less than 7% (Even the New York Times Prior to this Whopper Admitted that the Rate Was 6.3%)

Trump got his facts wrong quite a bit admittedly but did the dude ever overestimate something in excess of 100%? I don't seem to remember any instances. 

On the Fact that There Have Been More COVID Fatalities In 2021 than In 2020, this Despite the Fact that There Weren't Any Vaccines Available In 2020 - https://headlinehealth.com/bidens-covid-death-milestone-wsj/

And so far I haven't heard a single Republican politician or conservative media personality blaming these deaths on Mr. Biden (as the other side did repeatedly to Trump when he was in office). Says a lot, doesn't it (as to which side is truly playing politics with the virus and which side thus far has refrained)?

Monday, November 29, 2021

On the Fact that the Overall Death Rates In England this Year for Citizens Under 60 Are Approximately Twice as High for the Vaccinated Population (Data from England's Office for National Statistics and Reported On by Independent Journalist, Alex Berenson) - https://granitegrok.com/blog/2021/11/new-study-the-higher-the-vaccination-rate-the-higher-the-excess-mortality

Yeah, there could be a logical explanation for these numbers (for example maybe the people who get the jab are sicker to begin with and hence more prone to seek out possible preventative measures for the virus), no doubt. But to not even consider the notion that these vaccines may be causing harm to its recipients seems absurd on its face, untenable, etc.......and yet, boom, here we are again. Groundhog day, anyone?

Sunday, November 28, 2021

On the Fact that if I Had an 8 Year-Old Son and that Piece of Shit Rosenbaum Had Anally Raped Him, I Would Kill Him and it Wouldn't Be the Quick Killing that He Got from Kyle, Either, but Rather a Lengthy and Painful One

And I'll bet that a lot of you out there would do the same, because hurting a child, that's a special type of evil.

On Our Society Becoming Duller, Tyrannical, Stifling, and Far More Tedious as the Yoke of Wokeness Continues to Narrow

The primo eventuality of course is having this hodgepodge of assholes take aim and start to cannibalize each other (a metaphorical firing-squad if you will), because if this doesn't happen the pendulum swing is bound to be hard and in directions that many of us (the wokesters included) probably won't be comfortable with......and that is putting it lightly.

Friday, November 26, 2021

On Modern Leftists Becoming Foot-Soldiers for Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, and Moderna

There've been a shitload of head-scratching things over the past year and a half (lockdowns, quarantining healthy people, forcing previously infected individuals to get vaccinated, endless masking, the list goes on and on, much of it laced with tyranny) but to me this is the one that makes me most feel like I'm living in a simulation, video game, or hologram.............which at this point, to be honest, might be the better option anyway.

On the Democrats Putting Up a Tranny to Run for Lieutenant Governor In Nevada


Can they at least dig up one that looks more feminine than Chris Hayes and Don Lemon? I mean, come on, it can't be that hard as there are plenty of 'em out there (and by, plenty, I of course mean, dozens).

Thursday, November 25, 2021

On Black Panthers (of the Jaguar Variety Predominantly Found in Mexico, Central America, and Paraguay)

Is that a gorgeous beast or what? I might even have to place it above the Canadian lynx as my new favorite wildcat. Yeah, I'm gonna' have to deliberate hard on this one.

On Civil Rights Leader Turned Black Panther, Stokely Carmichael, Once Asserting that the Woman's Position In the Movement Is Prone (Nice Pun, I Give it a B+)

Let's see, how would the intersectional nut-cases parse this one? I suspect that a lot would likely depend on whether the women in question are black, 'cause if they are ole Stokely would be the obvious "oppressor" as women are ranked below men in the oppression Olympics. Now if the chicks are white, that's a much more complicated scenario and one in which I am quite content to let them sort out (my mind not the type that thinks in such a silly and categorical manner, thank God).

On the Fact that Authorities Went Through Mr. Rittenhouse's Phone with a Fine-Toothed Comb and Couldn't Find One Molecule of Bigotry On it, Not Even a Damned Meme

Contrast that with the social media shit-posts of the black asshole who intentionally mowed-down dozens of people with his auto, murdering five and critically injuring close to twenty others, a large chunk of which spew pure bile and an an absolute hatred of white folks. Of course the media wants to hide this crap from their beleaguered viewers and justify it by asserting that we can't deduce motivation from it......but being that they did precisely that with Rittenhouse and his support for the police, lots of luck with that strategy.

On the Fact that Glenn LouryIs One of the Most Brilliant and Accomplished People to Have Ever Graced the Soil of this Once Self-Respecting Nation and Yet Only a Small Fraction of Us (Regardless of Ethnicity) Have Heard of the Fellow - Speaks Volumes, Doesn't it?

  Here, just a small sample....................................................................................................As for his credentials; a BA in mathematics from Northwestern, a PhD in economics from M.I.T., professorships at Harvard, Boston University, and Brown, fellowships at the Hoover Institution and the Manhattan Institute, and memberships in the Econometric Society, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society. And this doesn't even get into what the guy's written, also quite impressive. Of course when you already have brilliant minds like Joe Scarborough, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, and Brianna Keilar dishing out their wisdom, I understand, it's a numbers game.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

On Some Disturbed Professor from Old Dominion (He or She Identifies as Nonbinary, 'Nuff Said?) Recently Referring to Pedophiles as "Minor Attracted People"

Thankfully the university put this asshole on administrative leave and now it appears as if he, she, they, zee, zay, kelemenopee, WHATEVER, has finally resigned. Please, the rest of you college administrators out there, take this as a sign that you, too, can stand up to this decadent bullshit so that our society doesn't end up like 5th Century Rome, the Weimar Republic, etc. (a heavy load granted but you can do it, I've got faith). I mean, you do know that history repeats itself, right?

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

On the FDA's Reaction to a Recent FOIA Request (Pertaining to Vaccine Data On Safety and Efficacy) Being to Petition a Federal Judge to Grant Them 55 Years to Review the Data Before Fully Releasing it to the Public - https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/317161

I've been told that they initially wanted to ask for an entire Century but were scared that it might resemble a stalling tactic so they opted instead for just a half.......Glad that someone's thinking down there.

On the Fact that 9 of the Past 10 FDA Commissioners (Including the Last One, Dr. Gottlieb) Went On to Work for Pharmaceutical Companies After Their Tenure

 And no politicians (even Rand Paul) or media people find this to be a huge conflict of interest (probably because they're knee-deep in the cronyism as well). Beyond their pay-grade, too, I guess.

Monday, November 22, 2021

On Music that Defies Category

   It's always been my favorite and here is one of my favorite favorites, courtesy of Julie Miller....................................................................................................P.S. Emmylou Harris has also recorded this number, a studio version on "Wrecking Ball" and a live version on "Spyboy", and, while she did her usual amazing job, this version by Julie (aided by her husband Buddy's great guitar work), the writer of the song, is just flat-out spooky.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

On the Overwhelming Likelihood that if Kyle Rittenhouse Hadn't Defended Himself Against Those Feral Mobsters He Would Have Ended Up Just Like David Dorn (a Black Man Whose Life Seemingly Didn't Matter as CNN and MSLSD with Their Small Army of Racial Grievance-Mongers Never Once Mentioned the Fella') and the Corporate Lackeys Would Have Had to Glom On to a Different Dumpster-Fire In Their Never-Ending Quest to Divide Us

And what outcome would have more palatable to these media whores? For Kyle to have become this poor bastard's second-coming? Please, somebody ask these assholes. I'd really like to know.

On Peppermint Patty Asserting that "No Economist Out There Is Projecting that this (the Biden Boondoggle) Will Have a Negative Impact On Inflation"

The woman is either a pathological liar or she's too fucking stupid to do an internet search. And you don't even need to be a professional economist to know that flooding the market with helicopter cash while simultaneously discouraging production by over-regulating the energy market and hampering workforce participation by paying people not to work is likely to move prices upward. Nope, you just need to be honest. 

Saturday, November 20, 2021

On a Recently Uncovered CDC Email Which Communicates the Following to a Valerie Morelli -

 "The definition of vaccine we have posted is problematic and people are using it to claim the COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine based on our own definition. Does the updated version look OK to you?"............This is how the government's Orwellian sausage is being cooked nowadays (the incessant changing of terms, moving of the goal-posts, etc.). And the American public, yeah, they don't give a shit. Just keep sending 'em checks.

On the "the Kid Shouldn't Have Been There" Argument (In the Rittenhouse Case)

Were he my son I would have tried to keep him home but, let's be honest here, he wasn't the only individual who probably should have made alternate plans that night, like, I don't know, the POS child-rapist who chased Kyle (the HD video is clear on this) and tried to take his gun, the asshole who has "strangulation" on his rap-sheet who tried to "cranium" Kyle, and the lying sack of shit who pointed his gun at Kyle (he also had a prior arrest for carrying a weapon while intoxicated), all of whom showed up to cause destruction, OBVIOUSLY. And since when is simply being someplace a damned crime anyway?

Friday, November 19, 2021

On the Dumb-as-Shit Administrators of Yahoo News Actually Believing that Random Leftist Entertainers Mindlessly "Calling Out" Individuals Whose Singular Faux-Pas Is Not Lapping-Up the Corrosive Bullshit Currently Emanating from the Entrenched Cabal In D.C.

Wow, I just called them out. How cool is that?

On Some Mouth-Breathing CRT Proponent Showing Up at a Schoolboard Meeting, Talking Some Embarrassingly Dumb Shit, and While Being Escorted Out of the Room by Law Enforcement Turning to the Parents and Threatening Them with His "1,000 Soldiers" Who Are "Locked and Loaded" - https://nypost.com/2021/11/15/texas-crt-supporter-warns-parents-hell-bring-1000-soldiers/

The schoolboard association, without a speck of evidence, wrote a letter to the Justice Department complaining about threats being levied against them and of how they wanted the F.B.I. and Homeland Security to investigate these claims (they even made a reference to the Patriot Act, a piece of legislation that the left used to despise, justifiably so, but not so much any longer). Hmm, I wonder if what this literal piece-of-shit just did qualifies. Likely not, huh?

On the Corporate Press, Liz Cheney Axis of Evil

Politics make strange bedfellows (they say) and this is about as strange as it gets (a partisan and corrupt institution that dabbles in war propaganda and the torture apologist daughter of the world's most infamous chicken-hawk). Of course as soon as the media realizes that Liz is no longer a requisite useful idiot the love affair will be over and short of the torture lady switching parties it'll be permanent. A pity, huh?

Thursday, November 18, 2021

On the Fact that When Your Two Founders Are a Couple of sub-90 IQ "Trained Marxists" and One of Their Priorities Right Out of the Gate Is to Extirpate the Nuclear Family the Luster Is Bound to Shit the Bed Eventually (as Evidenced by Their Cratering Poll Numbers)

 And the only reasons why their numbers are as high as they are (44%) are 'cause a) the media is keeping from the public all of that organization's radical foolishness and b) the rest of the citizens could give a rat's-ass to the point where they're simply conflating the sentiment, black lives matter (which everyone save for a few sociopaths agrees with), with the rump organization of the same name. Hopefully as more people get the real dope on these imbeciles we can get that stat-line all the way down to a rounding error. I'll certainly do my damnedest.  

On the Likelihood that Individuals Who've Gotten the Bulk of Their Rittenhouse Trial News from CNN and MSLSD Probably Believe that Rittenhouse Had Murdered Two Dozen Black Men In Cold Blood and Not the Two Sleazebag White Rioters with Criminal Rap-Sheets

So now they're bringing racial grievance-mongering into news events where not a single individual involved is darker than vanilla yogurt, the moon on a clear fucking night, etc.. Really gotta' hand it to 'em (the virtuosity of their deceit, especially).

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

On Best Buy Coming Out with a Commercial Where the Two Main Characters Are Interracial Lesbians (One of Which Could Easily Pass as Trans......but Probably Isn't)

Checking off two boxes at once. Just surprised that it took so long.

On the Distinct Likelihood that if Big Pharma and the Washington D.C. Cronies Ever Roll Out a Traditional Vaccine In Which You Insert a Small Amount of the Virus Into a Person and They Build Up Antibodies the "Vaccine Hesitancy" Would Plummet from the Current 40% All the Way Down to 10%

But they don't appear to have any intention of doing that and instead are putting all of their emphasis on this experimental biological drug that even one of the pioneers of the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, is now suggesting that we take a break from these vaccines (a piece of info that very few people know because the corporate media suppresses anything that goes against the mainstream template and because they're fucking in bed with big pharma - "Brought to You by Pfizer"). If only the shits would listen.

On the "it Was Only a Skateboard" Argument (In the Rittenhouse Case)

Yeah, this guy might have raised an objection to it but being that his brain is scrambled he couldn't. A pity, huh?

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

On What to Do Next Time (In the Event of an Another Epidemic)

Oh, I don't know, how 'bout the same thing that we've done with every other virus in the annals of modern history; protect the vulnerable individuals and allow the virus to pass through the healthy population (securing herd immunity). Granted it wouldn't allow the parasitic psychopaths in D.C. to hover like madmen and get us to surrender our freedoms for some bogus promises of safety but I truly think that we can survive such an eventuality. Somethin' tells me. 

On the Fact that Recently Released HD Video Footage Clearly Shows that Rosenbaum Was Pursuing Rittenhouse, NOT VICE VERSA, and yet In Spite of this the Sleazy Wisconsin Prosecutor Lies Through His Mustache While Attempting to Convince Us Otherwise - https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/new-footage-kyle-rittenhouse-incident-presented-trial-overhead-drone-cam-shows-never-seen-angle-first-shooting-video/

This one piece of evidence alone should be enough to acquit the kid but in this increasingly upside-down landscape of ours, who knows, they might give him 275 life sentences. Wouldn't put it past 'em......................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I used the Gateway Pundit as a source but that's only because the corrupt mainstream press refuses to provide the public with any exculpatory evidence for Rittenhouse and have actually taken it upon themselves to slander this kid in the most incendiary way possible (labeling him a white supremacist, a vigilante looking for trouble, yada yada). The usual, in other words. 

Monday, November 15, 2021

On BLM Miscreants Now Suggesting that They Will Riot (gee, How Original) if Kyle Rittenhouse Doesn't Receive a Guilty Verdict

So they're gonna' riot because a white child rapist got gunned down after he chased and tried to wrestle a gun from a 17 year-old. Don't need much of an excuse to riot, do they?

On the Fact that I Had a Dream Last Night About the Prophet Muhammad and He Looked Just Like 1960s Actor, Nick Adams, Only Taller

And to all of the Islamic terrorists in the world, chill, it was just a dream, and, besides, everybody knows that the old Prophet much more resembled Efrem Zimbalist Jr.. I mean, come on.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

On the Fact that if an 80 Year-Old Unvaxxed (No There Wasn't a Vaccine at the Time but if the Virus Was as Dangerous as Advertised, an Abundance of Caution, No?) Nancy Pelosi Could Get a Haircut Inside (with Minimal Ventilation) Without a Mask and with No Social-Distancing then I'm Pretty Sure that First-Graders Who Are at Zero Risk from COVID and NOT "Super-Spreaders" Can Probably Get Their Lives Back

And haven't they been traumatized enough, for Christ? Dear God.

On the Accumulated Cyclone Energy Index; Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Global, U.S.


Here's what you do. The next time that some fool like Gore or that idiot socialist bimbo from New York tries to tell you that hurricanes are becoming more common and more extreme, please, show them the data (courtesy of FSU's Ryan Maue, the country's number one expert on cyclonic activity). Not that it'll change their minds necessarily but if someone else is in the room whose cortex isn't titanium-coated, maybe it'll change theirs. 

On the Amount of Unearned Moral Superiority that Your Average Shit-for-Brains Straight-Out-of-Central Casting Politician Strives for

Go out on a clear night with a powerful telescope, turn your gaze to the sky and start counting the stars. Probably in the vicinity of that amount, I'm guessing.

On the Political Establishment and Their Media Acolytes Incessantly Gaslighting the American Public Into Believing that Any Questioning of the Government's Bullshit Templates Necessitates You Being Characterized as a Conspiracy Theorist (yet Another One of Those Terms Misused and Overused to the Point of Meaninglessness)

How to respond? Let's see, how 'bout a) with a high-powered double-barrel middle-finger and b) by uttering the unambiguous message, "We're on to you assholes so cut the shit." And just be ruthlessly consistent about it. No quarter for any of 'em. Zero.   

Saturday, November 13, 2021

On Comparing Counties In Georgia with and Without Mask Mandates

Not a big difference, is there?....................................................................................................P.S. And, no, this isn't a controlled experiment and there may be some intervening variables at work here but, come on, when you have a correlation fast approaching an absolute 1.0 and a bunch of lunatics on the other side more than willing to cheer on any correlation which backs up their agenda, it's at the bare minimum interesting, no?............And if you want to have some fun with this, here, take the quiz (bet that you'll fail) - https://www.covidchartsquiz.com/

On President Biden Back In June Saying that it Was, "Simply Wrong to Seize Journalists' Records" and that He Would Not Permit the Justice Department to Continue this Practice (a Prior Tactic of Both Democrat and Republican Presidents) - https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/justice-department-says-it-ll-no-longer-seize-reporters-records-n1269736

It sure sounds good but if you take the time to read the fine print you'll discover that it doesn't apply to journalists such as James O'Keefe or when it involves delicate (the most diplomatic term that I could come up with) information pertaining to Biden's own dysfunctional family. Always gotta' read that fine print, people, ALWAYS (in this case with a magnifying-glass).

Friday, November 12, 2021

On Princeton Meteorologist, Suki Manabe, Winning the Nobel Prize In Physics for (I Shit You Not) "Reliably Predicting Global Warming"

Well, being that the fellow wasn't even close to predicting the earth's temperature (the one modeler who did come pretty close was the Russian scientist and you know, YOU KNOW, that he wasn't gonna' get the prize, no way), not the best call, I would argue.

On the CDC Being Served a Freedom of Information Request Pertaining to the Following -

"Documents reflecting any documented case of an individual who a) never received a COVID vaccine, b) was infected with COVID once, recovered, and then became infected again, and c) transmitted COVID to another person when reinfected."............with the CDC's rejoinder being - "A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request."............ So the CDC is either concealing this information as part of their one-size-fits-all vaccination-or-bust program or they're too fucking incompetent to be getting billions in tax dollars while simultaneously sticking it to the taxPAYER. Either way there needs to be a major-league house-cleaning.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

On Some Deranged Chowderheaded Sociopathic Shit-Poster On Twitter Named Tara Dublin Posting a Picture of Kyle Rittenhouse's Crying Face and Spitting Out this Bile - "And that's the Same Face Kyle Rittenhouse Will Make During His First Time In the Prison Shower"

Unlike the left, I'm not in favor of anybody getting banned from these sites (the response that this piece of garbage received from other Twitter jocks is a perfect example of how these sites can self-police) but if you're going to have a policy of banning people for reprehensible comments (anal rape jokes, no less) you would think that this little dandy would cut to the front of the nastiness line.......and in a saner world (i.e., one where Rittenhouse's gender, gun ownership, and racial identity are perceived as superfluous when bedrock principles are concerned) it more than likely would.

On the Fact that the First Rittenhouse Victim, Don Rosenbaum, Was Indicted On 11 Counts of Child Molestation and Inappropriate Sexual Activity (Circa 2002) with 5 Young Boys Under 11 (Including Anal Rape), Convicted On 2 Counts (Courtesy of a Plea), Placed On a Sex Offender Registry, and Proceeded to Commit 40 Infractions Under Supervision - https://www.wisconsinrightnow.com/2021/03/11/joseph-rosenbaum-sex-offender/

Let's put the shooting aside for a minute here (and, yes, this is the most problematic shooting for Mr. Rittenhouse). My major question is, why in the fuck was this Rosenbaum degenerate not given a life sentence? I mean, the creep did anally rape a 4th-grader, did he not? Believe all victims, no?

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

On the Democrats Sneaking a Provision Into Their Boondoggle Which Would Raise the Cap On State and Local Tax Deductions from the Current $10,000 to Over $70,000, an Alteration Which Would Disproportionately Benefit the Affluent (a Large Number of Whom Live In Blue States and Donated Massive Amounts to Democratic Candidates) - https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2020/09/04/the-salt-tax-deduction-is-a-handout-to-the-rich-it-should-be-eliminated-not-expanded/

Wow, so all of this tough talk about the rich not paying their fair-share is just more bullshit. Surprised? I'm not (especially these days as they continue to line the pockets of big pharma)............................................................................................................P.S. And let us not forget. It was ole Biden who got the lion's share of campaign contributions from the rich assholes on Park Avenue, not Trump. So, yes, there is in fact precedent here.

On the Fact that None of These Illegal Aliens Are Ever Relocated to Malibu, Greenwich, Martha's Vineyard, Hyannisport, Marblehead Neck, Beverly Hills, or Sag Harbor

Funny about that, huh (and by, funny, I of course mean, utterly expected in that none of these parasitic sociopaths want anything to do with "diversity" themselves" and reserve it exclusively for the middle and working classes of America)?

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

On Some Black Racist Professor from Rutgers Named Brittney Cooper (and, gee, What a Surprise, the Bitch Teaches Gender and Black Studies and Not Mechanical Engineering) Recently Referring to White People as "Villains" Who Need to Be "Taken Out" (hmm, Wonder What that Means - NOT!) - Quick Addendum


And she's full of shit, too. a) Slavery was a universally accepted institution right up until the early 19th Century and it hasn't been practiced in the U.S. for 156 years (as opposed to Africa where it's still being practiced) - time to get over it. b) If white people are such an impediment to black progress then why are there literally no places on earth where blacks do better with white folks not around? c) Helping black people get ahead has been one of the central tenets of American domestic policy for 55 fucking years (civil rights legislation, massive amounts of aid to inner cities, increased spending for inner-city schools, the Great Society, affirmative action, government set-asides for black contractors, aid to black colleges, and most recently, criminal justice reform), not exactly the stuff of white supremacist nations. d) White people all over the country (from the board room to public schools) are currently being force-fed this palpably moronic notion that people with their skin pigmentation are uniquely villainous and that every issue between blacks and whites over the decades has been 100% the fault of the latter, a bald absurdity on every level. e) The U.S.A. has one of the more generous immigration policies on the world with 90% of the people coming in these days being people of color - again, not something that a truly white supremacist nation would be tolerating. f) The woman loves to talk about how poorly the indigenous people of America have been treated (a fair enough point on its face but wait, there's more) but I have never heard the gal or any of these other SJW America-haters bring up the indigenous people east of the Drakensberg Mountains who got genocided by Shaka Zulu and company............or the indigenous Hindu folks of India who got annihilated in the millions by Muslim invaders............or the indigenous inhabitants of Kievan Rus who were absolutely eviscerated by marauding Mongols............or the indigenous Moriori from islands off the coast of New Zealand who were viciously murdered and enslaved by the invading Maori tribes - I could go on but you've likely gotten the drift. g) In order for reparations to be justified you'd first have to prove that the descendants of slaves (itself a dicey task in that many blacks either weren't slaves or arrived here later as immigrants, and what about mixed-race people with a lineage to both slaves AND slaveholders?) would be better off had their descendants remained in Africa, a near impossibility in that these individuals either would have remained as slaves in Africa (and likely worked to death), shipped-off elsewhere (the Middle-East, the Caribbean, South America, etc.), or murdered in one of the continent's continuous internecine conflicts. And even if their ancestors did survive these travails, the descendants would likely be dirt-poor today as the only functional sub-Saharan African country is Botswana and even there the per-capita GDP remains far less than that of blacks in the U.S.. h) Dozens of big cities in this country have elected bleeding-heart progressive DAs who are refusing to prosecute young black men for numerous crimes and even when they do prosecute them the penalty is generally weak (San Francisco and St. Louis quickly come to mind here). i) The individual's views on Apartheid and colonialism are of course boiler-plate quality and largely incorrect (demonizing them in the typical ideological and binary manner) in that along pretty much every indicator of well-being (per capita income, life expectancy, the abolition of slavery, infant mortality, infrastructure, better education, etc.) black Africans have largely benefited from these policies. Clearly, a much more plausible explanation for the haplessness of these countries has been their inability and/or unwillingness to harness the necessary prerequisites for a modern economy to thrive; secure property rights, enforceable contracts, the rule of law, a pronounced work ethic, modern technology, modern science and medicine, safeguards against government corruption, etc...…….....Of course since these are predominantly values and institutions of the West, African leaders like Mugabe have proceeded to cleanse every speck of European presence from their society, and the results of this infantile purge, what do you think? And j) there still exists no compelling evidence that blacks are killed by cops at a disproportionately higher rate than whites (Roland Fryer, Harvard economist, check out the dude's research) and in fact when you norm for the proper benchmarks (crime rates and cop interactions) you'll notice that cops are actually slightly more likely to gun down a white suspect than they are a black one.........................I'll probably come up with more points later on but start with these. They should keep you busy.    

On CBS and ABC

Or as I prefer to call them, "Brought to You by Pfizer".


 Or as I prefer to call them, "Brought to You by Pfizer".


Or as I prefer to call them, "Brought to You by Pfizer".

On the New Fauci Documentary Having a 2% Audience Approval Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

With the SOB's family and media shits from outlets like CNN and MSLSD probably comprising the bulk of it, my guess.

Monday, November 8, 2021

On My Struggles with Henri de Toulouse Latrec

Maybe it's me (and my lack of artistic sophistication) but I find the guy to be extremely inconsistent in that he's either picking unattractive subjects that he does a good job on or attractive ones where he whiffs. Anyway, here are some of his more stellar paintings where he actually does thread the needle (and which I would gladly procure had I the discretionary millions).............................................................................................P.S. The best piece that I could find was actually a partial nude but being that the subject was a stud-muffin, happy hunting if you're interested 'cause I was not.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

On the Fact that Hall of Famer and 12 Time All Star, Rick Barry, Had the Following Free Throw Percentages for His Last Six Season In the NBA; 90.4%, 92.3%, 91.6%, 92.4%, 94.7%, and 93.5% (Missing a Grand-Total of 19 Shots During Those Final Two Seasons - COMBINED!)

DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak is considered the greatest sports accomplishment of all time and it probably is but, dear God, 94.7% from the free throw line for an entire season, missing only 10 shots, that's gotta' be in the top 10.............And the guy did it underhand, for Christ. How fucking cool is that?...................................................................................................P.S. I'm also aware that he's offered to teach this unorthodox technique to contemporary players (big fellas' who hover around 50, 60%) but most aren't interested 'cause it makes them look "too girly" and so they keep on truckin' at 50%. Men, huh?  

On the Fact that Some Lightweight Bimbo from the L.A. Times (Some Cypher Named Jean Guerrero) Used the Term, Latinx, In One of Her Low-IQ Tweets, Faced a Humongous Backlash On Twitter for Using the Concocted Word, Blamed the Amorphous Right Wing for the Withering (and Well-Deserved) Abuse, and Got Massacred yet Again for Having Stereotyped Her Critics with this Lamebrained Straw-Man Retort of Hers

 And will the moron learn from this? Of course she won't. She's a leftist, they never learn.  

On the Fact that Only 3% of Hispanics Refer to Themselves as Latinx (with 76% Never Having Heard the Silly Made-Up Word Before) - Numbers from Pew Research

Not certain about the word's origin but if I had to guess I'd likely wager that it came from a small group of insular, lightweight, and white-as-eggshell "academics" whose genius idea was hatched about as far from the barrio as Venus is from Jupiter. Just like a lot of other shit (restorative justice, psycho-educational learning, anti-racism, gender non-binary, etc., etc.).     

Saturday, November 6, 2021


What would be my answer to the question, "So, how many times has hook-nose Kasparian muttered the words (in relation to the Rittenhouse case), 'crossing state lines' (failing in a crash-and-burn manner to grasp that Rittenhouse worked in Kenosha and so he had to cross the state line every damned day from his Illinois border-town)?"

On Some Irrational Bimbo On NBC Trying to Make Hay Over the Fact that There's Only One Black Person On the Rittenhouse Jury

Well, being that a) Rittenhouse and the three fellas' that he blasted are all white and b) the black population of Kenosha is only about 10%, another swing and a miss is what it looks like to me. Quite shocking, huh?

On the Fact that I Had a Weird Dream Last Night Where FSU Football Coach, Mike Norvell, Went for it On 4th and 10 from the FSU 1 Early In the Second Quarter Down by Only 7

Private joke/you had to be there.

Friday, November 5, 2021

On New York City Deciding to Take Down Their Statue of Jefferson (the Fun's Contagious, it Appears) Becauauauauauauauauause, Yep, You Got it, the Dude Owned Slaves In the 18th and 19th Century

Yeah, he owned slaves, but do you know who else owned 'em during that time? Try the whole continent of Africa, the entire Middle-East, many Caribbean islands, almost the whole east coast of South America (soon to become Brazil), and countless Native-American tribes, THAT'S WHO! So if we're gonna' start tearing down shit, best get busy, assholes, best get busy.

On Bill Maher Blasting Big Pharma (Something that All Liberals Used to Do - NOT ANYMORE!) On His Program Last Week and, Gee, What a Surprise, it Was Ignored In that What Could the Leftists Say at that Juncture, "Yay, Big Pharma"?

Now THAT was 3D chess. And Bill Maher isn't the only liberal who's had enough of the left's insanity. You also have folks like Naomi Wolf, Tulsi Gabbard, the Weinstein dudes, and Russell Brand pushing back against the insanity. Hell, even the Ragin' Cajun, James Carville, is saying, cut the shit, on stuff like defunding the police, tearing down statues of Lincoln and Jefferson, etc.. Granted, a lot of these people probably won't be showing up on MSLSD or CNN any time soon but being that fewer and fewer folks are tuning in to that poison, it's kind of a wash, no? 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

On Recently Seeing a List of the Top 50 Point Guards of All Time with Walt Frazier Ranked Number 9 (Below Bob Cousy and Jason Kidd) - https://www.lineups.com/articles/top-50-point-guards-of-all-time/

Yes, yes, I know, these lists are subjective and I shouldn't get all exorcised about them......but we're talkin', Clyde, here people, one of the most complete ballers who ever lived; great defender, stellar passer (back when he played assists were much more stringently defined), high-percentage shooter, and most important of all, a winner. If I was making the list he'd probably be number 7 - only because the 6 players ahead of him are pure point guards while Clyde could play 2-guard and small forward. For the record.

On New Jersey Reelecting Some Cretin Who Claimed that Constitutional Rights Were "Beyond His Pay-Grade" and Who Allegedly Placed COVID-Infected Individuals Into Nursing Homes

To quote the great H.L. Mencken again, "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." Just ask the good people of New Jersey (i.e., those who didn't vote for this clown). 

On the Fact that if There Was Ever a Time for a Journalist to Grill an Overpaid, Incompetent, Entrenched, and Unsavory Government Functionary it's Obviously Now but Instead of Displaying Such Professionalism (Not to Mention, Courage) What Does Mr. Stephanopoulos Do, Yep, You Got it, Everything In His Power to Drag Ole Fauci Across that Finish-Line yet Again

Think that I'm exaggerating? Right here, judge for yourself - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBMTutQlCvc

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

On Virginia Electing its First Black Female Lieutenant Governor and I'll Be Damned, She's a Republican (Named Winsome Sears)

Needless to say the racist bile coming from the feral left started almost immediately and, yeah, it was the usual bullshit; "always trying to please whitey", "turning against her own", etc.. Most unoriginal. Of course when you engage in such knee-jerk and rote idiocy you also fail to notice that the woman has an impressive resume which far exceeds that of 99.999% of those vile, unemployable, and low-IQ Antifa white-trash shitheads who just can't stomach it when a black person thinks for herself. That and they're just fucking jealous. OBVIOUSLY..................................................................................................P.S. The impressive resume that I referenced includes a BA from Old Dominion, an MA from Regent (not in gender studies bur rather organizational leadership), and a three year stint in the U.S. Marine Corps (the toughest branch of all with nary an Antifa shit for miles). Not too shabby.

On Ben Affleck Going from Boinking Jennifer Lopez to Boinking Jennifer Garner Back to Boinking Jennifer Lopez

 And the odds of him never thinking, threesome, are what exactly? Zero, would be my guess (dear Lord, he's probably thinking it now, working out the details, etc.).

One Way to Halt a Person that You Know from Participating In Collective Destruction (AKA, Rioting)

 I heard this from a colleague once. What you do is go up to that person (providing that it's safe), look them straight in the eye and simply say their name, Rodney, Jason, whatever it may be, because when you do that it sometimes jolts them back into believing that they're a unique human being and not merely an idiotic appendage to some undifferentiated mass. No, you may not succeed every time but, hey, it's better than standing around, recording it on your cellphone, etc..

Monday, November 1, 2021

On an Aussie Gal Named Alyssa Kent Getting the Astra Zenica Vaccine, Quickly Exhibiting Headaches and Seizures Which Led to Three Brain Operations, Finally Recovering After Numerous Complications and Now Wanting a Second Jab - https://thecovidblog.com/2021/07/26/alyssa-kent-40-year-old-australian-woman-three-brain-surgeries-five-seizures-stroke-after-first-astrazeneca-shot-so-will-take-pfizer-moderna-for-second-shot/

You've heard of the Stockholm Syndrome, well this is the Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Muhammad Ali, Serena Williams, and Pele of Stockholm Syndromes (tried to include every major sport, probably forgot some). And what's next, I wonder, a person dropping dead from the vaccine and their spirit coming back for the second dose (he said while only slightly exaggerating)?

On Princeton's Suki Manabe Winning the Nobel Prize for Physics for His "Reliably Predicting Global Warming"

The Nobel committee apparently doesn't think that us commoners do much research and that they could sneak this one past the goalie but alas this isn't to be. Here's just some of the evidence; the bold lines being the modelers' predictions and guess which one represents Manabe's. That's right, the orange one, the farthest one to the right that literally goes off the page. As for the black line that actually does predict the warming trajectory, that comes courtesy of a Russian scientist and as we all know the odds of a Russian getting a Nobel any time soon, what do you think?