Monday, October 31, 2022

On Martha's Vineyard Recently Failing/Refusing to Absorb 50 Illegal Aliens from Venezuela Even Though a) They Claim to Be a Sanctuary City, b) it Was Off-Season and so There Were Plenty of Rooms to Accommodate Them, and c) 50 Represented Only .0025% of the 2,000,000 Illegals Who've Arrived Over the Past 12 Months

This is a perfect example of what they call a "luxury belief"; holding a view in which a) the negative consequences rarely effect you and b) a man-sized dose of self-righteousness generally accompanies it. Textbook, one might even conclude.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

On Dick Cheney (During a "Meet the Press" Interview Five Days After the 9/11 Attacks) Asserting that the Intercepting of Dangerous Aircraft Was a "Presidential-Level Decision" (an Attempt, I Gather, to Explain Away the Government's Slow Response to the Calamity)

Well, being that the intercepting of suspicious aircraft had long occurred routinely in the past, the Vice President was either immensely ill-informed or lying his ass off (his motivation for doing so a subject for future posts, perhaps)............and being that the fellow was a former Defense Secretary under Bush Sr., you probably know how I'm leaning here.

On the Fact that Biden's Lies Have Gotten so Over-the-Top that Even Leftist Outlets Like Snopes and the BBC Are Calling Him Out (Snopes On His Gas Price Claims and the BBC On His Claims of Economic Growth)

The timing of these fact checks is also telling (and why I'm not giving the fact-checkers too much credit) in that President Biden isn't up for reelection for two years, a factor that gives these faux journalists an opening to ding Biden once in a while and make themselves look impartial. Now, if they're still doing stuff like this during the summer of '24, that'll be different and I'll praise them, wholeheartedly. Until then, though, I'll remain a skeptic.

On the Heritage Foundation Securing Emails Through a FOIA Request Showing that the Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, Knew that the "Border Agents Whipping Migrants" Story Was Bullshit and yet Continued to Peddle it Anyway -

Yeah, it seems that crushing people's lives and livelihoods is a pretty popular strategy with these parasitic psychopaths. Big surprise, huh?

On the Congressional Progressive Caucus Sending a Letter to President Biden Urging Him to Pursue a Peaceful End to the War In Ukraine, Receiving Significant Blow-Back from the More Militaristic Mainstream Democrats, and Ultimately Rescinding the Letter Like a Bunch of Sniveling Cowards -

So the one issue that those folks and I share some common ground on (a major reduction in U.S. militarism), they're ditched me there as well (and all because of President Biden's love affair with corrupt Ukrainian fascists). I should have known. Thanks, guys.

On President Biden, with Everything that's Going On In the World, Still Finding the Time to Sit Down with this Person and Seemingly Agreeing with "Her" that Children Should Be Mutilated, Poisoned, etc., In Order to Push a Condition that a) Generally Self-Corrects if Left Alone and b) Is Likely Being Brought About by Social Contagion -

And it appears as if a lot of women aren't too happy with the situation, either (the gender appropriation, the stereotypical manner in which this particular tranny presents "herself", etc.). Can't say that I blame 'em. Can you?

Friday, October 28, 2022

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

On the Democrats Trying to Gain Traction On the Crime Issue by Saying that Many of the Top 10 States for Crime Are Red States with Republican Governors

Of course what they leave out (intentionally, I'm guessing) is that it's the dark blue parts of the red states where the vast majority of the violent crime is taking place and that these places are exclusively run by liberal Democrats (mayors, D.A.s, chiefs of police, city council members, etc.). Kind of an important point, no?

On Florida State University Securing 51 New Defibrillators and Asking that Their Students Get Regular Heart Screenings

 "Long covid" again, I suppose, as what in the hell else could it possibly be (just playing along here)?

On the Fact that There Were 448 Homicides In Chicago During the First Eight Months of 2022 -

And the media shits completely ignore it because the killers are black folks and so are the victims (it doesn't fit the template of white villainy and incessant black victimhood, in other words). It's as simple as that, it seems.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

On a Nonprofit Research Group Called Marco Polo Analyzing the Contents of the Hunter Biden Laptop and Discovering that There Are 459 Legal Violations to Be Found On it Including the Distribution of Narcotics, Tax Fraud, Serving as an Agent for Foreign Entities Without Disclosing it, Falsifying Business Documents, Prostitution, and Non-Consensual Pornography

I'm not familiar with this group, Marco Polo. It sounds as if they might be partisan. But that really doesn't matter, does it, as long as the information provided is legitimate? And the fact that they've put it all out there in a 600 page report, kinda' sounds like it might be, huh?

On the Left's Wacky New Claim that Florida Is Banning Books

  The truth of course is that they're simply removing the sexually explicit material so that 5,6,7, and 8 year-olds don't see the stuff. I mean, we don't let second graders into X-rated movies, do we?
  And while we're talking about book banning, wasn't it the rabid left that wanted to ban "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Adventures Huckleberry Finn" (from much older students, no less), two of the most lauded books by an American author in our history? I do seem to remember that and, so, yeah, a pot calling the kettle black moment, most assuredly. 

On Conservative Podcaster, Michael Knowles, Saying that He Enjoys Jazz Because it's Easy to Play Along with (Due to its Freeform Elements)

 Not certain what kind of jazz that Mr. Knowles has been "playing along to" lately but I'll bet you a week's pay that it isn't John Coltrane, Don Cherry, Charles Mingus, Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Max Roach, Ornette Coleman, or Bill Evans in that those fellows most definitely ain't easy to play with.

Monday, October 24, 2022

On Sacheen Littlefeather, the Chick Who Accepted Marlon Brando's Godfather Oscar as a Protest to Hollywood's Portrayal of Native-Americans Apparently Not Being Native-American After All (at Least Not White Mountain Apache or Yaqui as She Had Claimed) -

This according to her sisters. I tend to believe them.

On a Recent Poll from CBS Showing that Only 17% of Respondents Believe that Abortion Should Be Permitted at Any Point During the Pregnancy


To be fair, only 12% of the respondents favored a total ban on abortion which clearly shows that there are extremists on both sides of this debate. Unfortunately from my perspective.....................................................................................P.S. The only reason that I led with the 17% was because Mr. Biden a) is now saying that he wants to codify Roe v Wade nationwide and b) so far hasn't said a friggin' thing about any restrictions.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

On a Recent Poll Showing that 80% of People Believe that Abortion Should Be Illegal In the Third Trimester -

Does Stacey Abrams know this stat? I'm asking because she's been grilled repeatedly as to whether she would accept SOME restrictions on abortion and pretty much always says, no. I mean, if it's a strongly felt principle that she's working from, fine, I suppose (though, yes, killing 7 month-old fetuses seems like a rather odd one), but being that she probably wants to win, too, knowing that stat might indeed be valuable.

On Going from Civil Unions (Which a Large Percentage of American Voters Could Readily Get Behind) to "Family Friendly" Drag Shows

Wow, so the bible-thumpers who warned us about a slippery-slope with some of these alternative lifestyles may in fact have been prescient after all. Wild, huh?

On Tulsi Gabbard Leaving the Democratic Party

Yeah, I guess that being in the party of nuclear brinksmanship gets pretty stale after a while.......If only there were more Tulsies.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

On the Miami Hurricanes Turning the Ball Over 8 Times Today and Getting Smoked by a Feisty but Much Less Ballyhooed Duke Squad, 45 to 21 (Duke Was Actually On the Verge of Adding Another Touchdown at the End but Mercifully Took a Knee so as to Not Run Up the Score - Duke Running Up the Score On Miami, Did You Ever?)

 Needless to say the 'Canes fans are going apeshit and asking that first year coach, Mario Cristobal, be summarily dismissed. Unfortunately the school went all in on Cristobal by giving him a long-term contract at $8,000,000 a season (with a hefty buyout, I'm assuming) and so unless the faithful can load up a convoy of armored trucks at Fort Knox and head it on down to South Beach, hoping and praying might be the only plausible option at this point, sadly.

On a Homeless Woman In New York Recently Pick-Pocketing a Dead Fella's Wallet (the Dude Having Just Been Run Over by a Truck) -

The chick claims that he had stolen the moolah from her first and that she was just getting the cash back (quite fortuitous for her that he lay lifeless and ripe for the pickin' like that) but being that she had made a bunch of other nonsensical and contradictory statements (she had dated the guy but didn't know him personally, for example), she's probably lyin'. My guess.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Thursday, October 20, 2022

On the Fact that (According to Famed Economist, Gene Smiley) FDR Apparently Believed that Direct Relief (i.e., Welfare) to the Poor Had a Psychologically Debilitating and Weakening Effect and Even Crushed Their Will to Provide for Themselves

Yeah, I guess that the old fella' wanted a) the recipients to work (even if it was just make-work) for the money and b) in cases where direct relief was unavoidable, to have it administered by local and state governments who ostensibly at least had a greater familiarity with their unemployed citizens. Some good old common sense, in other words. And from a progressive, no less. Gotta love it.

On Biden Telling Fake Tapper During Yet Another Cream-Puff Interview that We Weren't In a Recession and that if We Did Experience One it Would Be Mild and Fake Responding to the Bald-Faced Fabrication with His Usual Zero Push-Back

"But Mr. President, the definition of recession has always been two straight quarters of negative economic growth and since that is what we're experiencing now, the basis for your denial of basic economics is what exactly?" A rather obvious question, wouldn't you say? And yet for Fake, he couldn't quite push it over the finish-line. Sad, huh? 

On the Fact that (According to the 1970 Census) the Grand Total of First and Second Generation Puerto Ricans In Delaware at the Start of Mr. Biden's Political Odyssey Rested at a Whopping 2,154

And, so, yeah, the likelihood of Mr. Biden having been raised in a Puerto Rican community, majorly unlikely, I'd say.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

On the Saudis Asserting that President Biden Had Asked Them to Withhold Their Oil Production Cuts for One Month - Quick Addendum

 And, no, I don't trust everything that the Saudis have to say these days. HOWEVER, being that ole Biden has lied about virtually everything since coming into office (and before, too) and probably knows that a Republican Congress will likely uncover all sorts of damaging shit, desperate measures, as they say.

On the Saudis Asserting that President Biden Had Asked Them to Withhold Their Oil Production Cuts for One Month

Let's see, what's happening next month? Oh yeah, the elections. Must be a coincidence, huh (the Dems simply not capable of doing something as draconian as using energy as a weapon against not just the opposing party but the American public as well - at least according to the New York Times and MSLSD)?

Monday, October 17, 2022

On the Fact that I Never Really Considered Adopting Kids

Well, save of course for that 18 year-old Ecuadoran hottie back in '87. That I did consider until the wife put a kibosh on it. But other than that.

On a Muslim Prisoner In Wisconsin Refusing to Have a Trans Guard Strip-Search Him Because it Doesn't Comport with His Religion

I just love these scenarios; the wokesters morphing into pretzels while feverishly and comically trying to figure out which oppressed group to side with. As for this particular case, it's close but they'll probably go with the Muzzies in that these people still seem to score the highest in terms of victim points. Subject to change, of course.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

On the Fact that Every President Is Briefed as to What They Should Do After a Speech and so for Biden to Walk Around so Aimlessly After One of His Talks Is Troubling, Very

Yeah, I can't see this going on for another two years............but then I see who's waiting in the wings and bizarrely start hoping that it does. If that makes sense.

On Idiot Newsom Deciding to Decriminalize Jay-Walking

Well, being that defecating in the street is already permitted in the state's fourth largest and most dystopian city, no reason to not allow this one, too, I guess.

On the Fact that this Scene Still Cracks Me Up

   Steve Landseberg, lost this fella' way too early.

On the Likelihood of a Military Chock to the Brim with Wokesters, Trannies, Lesbian Moms, and Double-Vaxxed Zombies Being Able to Handle the Russian Army

Maybe if Ukraine beats the snot out of 'em first but being that the odds of that happening are pretty fucking small, too, .3 to .7%, would be my guess.

Friday, October 14, 2022

On the Fact that We Still Have January 6th "Insurrectionists" Being Held Indefinitely, Sometimes In Solitary Confinement, with No Trial Dates Scheduled and No Opportunities for Discovery (Way too Risky for the Government Narrative, I Guess, Just Like Those Videos) and Those Very Same Leftists Who Gnashed Their Teeth Over Guantanamo Bay (Justifiably so, In My Estimation) Haven't Said a Fucking Word About Their Fellow Americans Being Treated this Way

Yeah, this how you can tell if a person has actual principles or not, by how they treat adversaries (especially their fellow citizens) and if they use the same moral yardstick across the board. And based upon what I've shared with you here, what do YOU think?

On the State of the Country When Osama bin Laden's Niece, Noor bin Laden, Has a Greater Degree of Respect for it than the Two Fucking Imbeciles Living In the White House

Sickly and pathetic with a dubious future, would be my answer. I mean, it's patently obvious, isn't it?

On Ashuelot River Park In Keene NH


It's on West Street right next to a Starbucks (a bit strange as this is a busy part of town). You can't miss it, and you shouldn't as it's one of the prettier parks in the area. It's even got several hiking trails thanks to the hugely wooded areas between West Street and rt. 9 East heading to Hillsborough (birthplace of Franklin Pierce for the trivia nuts). I say, give it a shot. It's conveniently located and as you can see from these photos, quite lovely.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

On Two of the "Definitive" Books On WW2 Written In its Immediate Aftermath, "The Challenge to Isolation" and "The Undeclared War" Having Been Written by William Langer and Everett Gleason" - Their Resumes (During the War) Written Below

  Langer - Served in the Office of Strategic Services (precursor to the C.I.A.) as a deputy chief and later as its chief of the research and analysis branch.
  Gleason - Intelligence Chief of the Office of Strategic Services.
  So two fellows with no incentive to sanitize America's role in this bloody affair. Got it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

On Former French Presidential Candidate, Jean Lassalle, Proclaiming that a) He Almost Died from the Johnson and Johnson Covid Vaccine and b) the Momma's Boy Macron and Other Political Schmucks Never Took the Vaccine Themselves

If these things turn out to be true (especially the second one), this could easily become one of the greatest geopolitical scandals in modern history.......And we'd be here to witness it. How cool is that?

The Greatest One Hit Wonder of All Time?

 I'm kinda' partial to this one.

On the People of Texas Being Labeled Racist for Complaining About Illegal Immigration but the People of Martha's Vineyard Who Bitched Even More Vociferously When the Illegals Showed Up In Their Neighborhood Apparently Not so Much

 I'm not a political adviser (don't even play one on TV - I know, I know, old joke) but if I was advising the Republicans for the upcoming election I would have them hammer away at this obvious hypocrisy right up til election day and let the chips fall where they may. Yes, it'll galvanize the base but you also might pick up a few disaffected Democrats (the Tulsi Gabbard's of the world) and how delicious would that be?..........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I'm rooting for the Republicans this go 'round (the entire Democratic party having lost it's mind; green energy insanity, kids picking their gender, abortion up til birth, defunding the police, the list goes on and on), just like I rooted for the Democrats 20 years ago during the neocon period and 40 years ago during the moral majority period. You looking for partisanship? Go look elsewhere as it isn't happenin' here.  

On Biden Now Proclaiming that He Was "Raised In a Puerto Rican Community" After Having Previously Stated that He Was "Raised In a Black Church"

So what was it; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the Puerto Rican community and Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday in the black church (Saturday was strictly football)? I mean, it's gotta' be something close to that, right (as opposed to Biden lying his ass off as he would never do that)?

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

On the Claim that the 2020 Election Was the "Safest and Most Secure In History"

Well, being that there were millions of mail-in ballots with no chain of custody, an untold number of drop-boxes that weren't being observed, hundreds of affidavits from poll workers who claimed that they weren't able to observe the count, geo-tracking and video showing a bunch of "mules" stuffing ballots into multiple drop-boxes, and at least SOME statistical anomalies, at the bare minimum we're talking hyperbole here.................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not asserting that Trump won the election. I simply want a sane, nonpartisan, and reasoned discussion on the issue so that it won't happen again.

Monday, October 10, 2022

On Newly Released Emails Showing that the Biden Regime Was Actively Colluding with Big Tech to Censor Anything that Didn't Rubber-Stamp the Entrenched Bureaucracy's Crazy-Assed Covid Policies On Masks, Vaccines, etc., etc. -

In a less tyrannical time I would have called this a bombshell revelation but being that Peppermint Patty took to the press podium and didn't just admit to this Naziesque policy but damn near boasted about it, overwhelmed I wasn't. Sadly. 

On the Fact that Elliot Page Now Identifies as a Person with a Forehead that Isn't Nearly the Square Footage of Historic Bobby Dodd Stadium In Atlanta, Georgia

What can I say, it's her "truth", right?.............................................................................................P.S. I'm not quite as down with the pronouns, though. Just something weird about, "I'll Believe Pretty Much Anything that Jussie Smollet Tells Me, Even Though He's a Frigging Idiot" and "Sorry, Guys, but Those Single-Occupancy Unisex Bathrooms Are so Yesteryear, Please, Go Back to the Drawing-Room". That and they simply aren't specific enough. Obviously.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

A Politician Without Principles?

Yeah, I'm starting to get the grift, err, I mean, drift.............On second thought, I do mean, grift. Let's stick with that.

On Karine Jean-Pierre, Stacey Abrams, Joy Reid, and Hillary Clinton All Claiming that Brian Kemp Pilfered the 2018 Election for Georgia Governor

And all because Mr. Kemp as Georgia Secretary of State carried out a 1997 law that had been pushed through by a Democratic legislature and signed into law by a Democratic Governor (ole Zell Miller); the law simply mandating that names which hadn't voted in a long time (a lot of them likely either deceased or living in another state by then) be removed from the voter rolls. That's it. And, besides, if this "tactic" had made it hard for people to vote there would have been a huge uproar............and since none of us have ever heard so much as a peep, you get it now (the hard left's treachery, bullshit, etc.)? Hope so. 

On Georgia Tech's High Academic Ranking Supposedly Being a Barrier To Playing Good Football

It's a cop-out in that a) five other ACC programs are ranked higher than Tech in the most recent US News rankings (six if you include part-time member, Notre Dame) and b) Georgie Tech has been at the bare minimum solid many times in the past (under John Heisman, Bobby Dodd, Pepper Rodgers, Bobby Ross, George O'Leary, and, yes, even Paul Johnson) and so clearly it can be done. You just gotta' do it.

Friday, October 7, 2022

On Some Back-Bencher at the Washington Post Writing that the Supreme Court Is Being Dogged by "Questions of Illegitimacy" (for Ruling In a Manner that the Libs Don't Like, I'm Assuming)............with the Washington Post Being One of the Primary Rags Doing the Dogging

And what are we to glean from this, that it's OK for the Democrats to question not only the Supreme Court's legitimacy but that of the 2016 election (that they lost) but that the Republicans aren't permitted to question the legitimacy of the 2020 election? 'Cause that's what I'm picking up here (this being yet another example of the double-standard in Washington, yada yada). 

On the Fact that (According to Tom Knutson from the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and Chris Landsea from the National Hurricane Center) While 2020 Had a Busy Hurricane Season it Was Just the 13th Busiest On Record and a Lot Less Busy than 1893 and 1933 (When Much Less CO2 Was Being Emitted Into the Atmosphere) -

Yeah, it appears as if there's something called the Atlantic Mutidecadal Variability that creates an ebb and flow to both the frequency and intensity of tropical storms (as measured by the Accumulated Cyclone Index - a concept that will never leave the lips of anyone from CNN or MSLSD - I assure you) and for the political stooges to not even consider this factor is telling and yet one more reason to put them in the corner with a dunce cap on.......Journalists, too.

On Living In a World In Which the Young People of Today Have to Tell Their Future Grand-Kids What Freedom Was Like

............and how they failed to appreciate it.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

On Beaver Brook Falls In Keene, New Hampshire


Beautiful, isn't it. And it isn't only the falls. The entire trail tracks Beaver Brook and since you're going uphill the whole way it looks like a slow-moving waterfall for about a half mile. Please, if you're ever in Keene check it out. It's only about a mile out of town off of Washington Street.

On Pelosi Arguing that One of the Downsides of Sending Illegals Up North Is that There Won't Be Anyone to Pick the Crops Then

She proclaims that a farmer told her this but I'll bet you a sirloin that the chick's lying (the more logical explanation being that she's a bigot showing her true colors, assigning the most menial of tasks to brown people) and I'm a vegetarian.

On the Fact that Mike Lindell's My Pillow Is the Most Comfortable Pillow Out There............for People Who've Been Up for Seven Consecutive Days Snorting Cocaine and Then On Day Eight Switching Gears and Dousing a Half-Gallon of Cutty

I've got nothing personal against you ole Mike but, dear Lord, if you're gonna' charge an arm and a leg for a damned pillow you're gonna' have to up your game a bit. Sorry but, yeah.

On Governor DeSantis Giving a Stern Warning to Potential Looters that They Had Best Not Engage In Such Mayhem and Right On Cue MSLSD's Buffoonish Grievance-Monger, Joy Reid, Shitting Out a Tweet Characterizing the Governor's Warning as, "a Racial Threat from a Segregationist"

The woman's disgusting. As for this tweet, two points. a) These cable shits really need to stop playing politics with these horrible events in that it doesn't help and actually makes things worse by dividing people and b) is the imbecile implying here that only back folks riot and loot because if she is that's fucking racist (they don't think this shit through, do they?).

On the Fact that the Government and Media Shits Have Lied Through Their Teeth About

a) Trump colluding with Russia (the declassified docs from Adam Schiff's star-chamber hearing are illustrative on this), b) Hunter Biden's laptop being Russian disinformation, c) Biden not knowing anything about his son's business dealings, d) Biden not knowing anything about the Michael Flynn case (VP; Logan Act - from Peter Stzrok's notes), e) hydroxychloroquine being a dangerous drug (it actually has a better safety profile than ibuprofen), f) the lockdowns only lasting 15 days to "flattern the curve", g) ivermectin being a "horse de-wormer", h) the covid jabs being safe and effective (some studies actually suggesting negative efficacy after two boosters), i) the January 6th rioters killing five individuals, j) Trump asserting that there were fine people among the neo-Nazis, j) Kyle Rittenhouse being a racist and white supremacist, k) modern industrial societies being able to function on wind, solar, and battery power, l) there being bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, and m) border agents whipping illegal aliens - and, so, yeah, they're probably lying about Trump cheating on his taxes and Russia being 100% to blame for the war in Ukraine as well. Simple deduction, no?

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Monday, October 3, 2022

On June Havoc, Circa the Late 1940s


One of my favorite screen beauties from that period............and you can easily see why.

On John Effing Brennan, Without so Much as a Morsel of Evidence, Going On CNN and Claiming that it Had to Have Been Russia that Exploded the Nordstream Pipeline

It must have the "classic earmarks", I guess.......What an asshole.  

On the Italians Electing a New Prime Minister and the Entrenched Bureaucrats from Brussels to Washington D.C. Showing Maximum Displeasure Simply Because the Gal Believes In God, the Family, and Her Nation's Sovereignty

Yeah, this narrative of her being Mussolini-adjacent will inevitably fail. There are just too many opportunities in various venues for people to see through the bullshit and if it ends up being one more nail in the coffin, oh well, sucks to be them, I guess.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

On Jeff Beck Doing Charlie (Mingus) Proud

  Never gets old. Never.

On TK News (Spearheaded by the Based Matt Taibbi) Running this Montage of Democrats Questioning the 2016 Election (Making Idiotic and Conspiratorial Claims Along the Way), YouTube Demonitizing it, and Later Doing an About-Face When Pressured

   So, can we finally put to bed this ridiculous assertion that questioning elections makes you a terrorist, threat to Democracy, etc.? Or are "we" simply going to slide over to the "Trump was an existential threat" who "we" needed to derail by any means necessary? Kinda' need an answer to this.

On Georgia Tech, In its First Game Since the Firing of Beleaguered Coach, Geoff Collins, Beating Pitt Today, 26 to 21

This was easily one of their best performances of the past several years or so and it really makes you wonder, were they actually a decent team and the only thing that they needed to do was fire coach Collins? We'll have to see how they perform next week. They're playing a much improved Duke team with a young lights-out quarterback in Riley Leonard. If Tech plays well and maybe even wins, the answer to the question might be, yeah, for sure.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

On the New York Times Publishing a Puff-Piece On Ray Epps In Which They Try to Make the Idiot Out to Be Some Sort of Sympathetic Victim

So the jerk who engaged in the most rabble-rousing during the insurrection is the singular one that the corporate press has chosen not to excoriate and it isn't suspicious in the least (he proffered while choking on his own sarcasm, cynicism, etc.).