Saturday, December 31, 2022

On Arlene Dahl's Sex-Kittenish Performance In the Largely Forgettable 1956 Movie, "Slightly Scarlet"

Probably not of Oscar winning caliber and, yet, it worked just fine for me (especially in this scene where she literally slithers across the back yard and starts sizing up her victim).

On the $91,000,000,000 In Aid that the U.S. Has Thus Far Sent to Ukraine Being More than the Entire Russian Military Budget Was In 2021 -

Needless to say the Russians haven't rolled over and have now proposed a massive increase in their military budget (I've seen reports ranging from $77 billion to $84 billion).......So another fucking arms race, in other words. Just what the world needed.

Friday, December 30, 2022

 On Why the Government, Big Tech, and the Corporate Press Continuously Shat Upon Ivermectin and HCQ

Here are a few reasons. a) They wanted to keep the population in a state of panic as fear makes people easier to control (available treatments being a variable that would reduce fear and hence a big no-no). b) All of these institutions get a ton of money from the pharmaceutical industry and so they're clearly not going to push for repurposed drugs that make them pennies on the dollar. c) Trump suggested HCQ and so on that drug at least they did it to prevent the guy from getting a win. And d) they all realized that if a covid shot did come out and needed an emergency use authorization it wouldn't be granted if there were effective treatments available (and the evidence supporting both of these medications is getting stronger).............Yeah, there are probably other reasons but since those are currently "top of mind", I went with 'em.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

 On the Fact that My Next Attempt at Trolling Will Be to Go Into a Coffee Shop Without a Mask On, Take My Coffee to a Table, Sit Down, Put a Mask On, and Act Like I'm Drinking the Coffee Through the Mask

 And if anybody says anything, I'll just inform them that I identify as a person who isn't wearing a mask and then politely ask them not to marginalize me. I mean, it works for the other nonbinary fantasy, right?

On the Fact that it's Pretty Damned Easy to Get All the Scientists to Agree On Something When You Systematically Silence the Dissenters

Of course if Mensa members like Neil Young, Keith Olbermann, and Howard Stern contribute their two cents, it's gotta be true, right? My thoughts, at least.

 On Former Tiger First Baseman, Norm Cash, Winning the Battle Title In 1961 with a Gaudy .361 Average but Never Hitting Over .300 Again for the Rest of His MLB Career (Played Another 13 Seasons)

He did hit a lot of dingers (377) and drive in a shitload of runs (1104) but, yeah, that .300 average proved very elusive for ole Norm.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

On Gale Robbins Being so Fucking Beautiful In "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" that I Almost Keeled Over, I Swear

It was a smallish role but, trust me, I know exactly where to find her (minute 50 being the killer scene).

 On the Fact that Even Though Biden Is Waging a Proxy War Against a Nuclear Armed Imaginary Monster In Eastern Europe, the Assholes In the Corporate Press Can't Seem to Get Beyond Their Buffoonish Belief that Our Former Leader Is Literally Hitler

I don't know, do they simply not understand the danger here? I mean, I get it that they're imbeciles and all but, still.

On a Woman In Norway Being Threatened with Hate Speech Charges Simply for Stating the Obvious Reality that Trans Women Can't Be Lesbians -

Some frightening idiocy taking place in the Nordic region over there......and, please, do not think for a minute that the idiot socialist bimbo from New York and the rest of those leftist slants wouldn't love to institute the same Orwellian jack-booted stupidity over here. You know, to keep folks "safe".

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

On the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Claiming that Elon Musk Is "Erratically" Suspending Liberal Journalists - Quick Addendum

 And I'm not necessarily suggesting that I agree with Musk's actions here (though, yes, at least Elon wasn't acting on behest of the government - making the private company argument a lot more solid). I mean, I get it that doxxing folks is a repugnant and bullshit maneuver but I also seem to remember Elon saying that he was damn close to being a free-speech absolutist......and being that this information was publicly known, supposedly, it's a really tough call for me.

On the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Claiming that Elon Musk Is "Erratically" Suspending Liberal Journalists

Well, being that Mr. Musk suspended these assholes because they were doxxing his location in real time and harassing his son, it appears as if the idiot socialist bimbo from New York has decided to change the definition of yet another word; erratically, in this case. And don't you just love how all of these sanctimonious leftist jerks are concerned with tech censorship all of a sudden? Precious, ain't it?

 On Red Skelton Making a Movie In 1950 In Which His Two Leading Ladies Were Ann Miller and Arlene Dahl ("Watch the Birdie") and Will Hart Leading a Life In 2005 In Which HIS Two Leading Ladies Were Melinda and Val

Slight edge to Red, wouldn't you say?

Monday, December 26, 2022

To All of the Jerk-Off Global Warming Fanatics Out There Who Still Believe that Their "Green Energy" Wet-Dream Is an Actual Thing While Simultaneous Believing that All of Their Blackberries and Other High-Tech Toys Simply Fall Out of the Sky with Zero Impact On the Environment, I Give You this -

        P.S. And, yes, this is what actual journalism looks like. Enjoy it when you can get it.

On Recently Witnessing a Six Year Old Utter the Terms, "Bullshit" and "Fuck it"

Got some mixed feelings here. On the one hand having young kids coarsen so early is kinda' troubling to me but on the other hand I did laugh my brains out (out of earshot, of course). Oh well, still time to figure it out, I guess. 

Sunday, December 25, 2022

 On President Biden Turning 80 Last Month

I've been told that a lot of people stop counting after a certain number of birthdays and from what I've been witnessing with ole Biden, THAT won't be a problem.

 On Having a Dream Last Night that the Country Didn't Have an Election Week, an Election Month, or Even an Election Year but Rather an Election Century

Needless to say, there were quite a few logistical challenges. Thankfully it all worked out in the end (as in, Democrats forever).

 On the Fact that Trans-Circles Are Real Circles and Not Just a Bunch of Confused Rectangles, Triangles, Octagons, and Squares......and if Don't Bow Down to this Assertion IMMEDIATELY You Are a Trans-Circles Phobe, Period

Got it?

My All-Time Favorite Moody Blues Song?

                                                                          If forced to pick, this one. 

Saturday, December 24, 2022

On Montgomery Clift Having the Pleasure of Making Out with Anne Baxter In 1951's "I Confess" but Probably Not Enjoying it All that Much Because the Dude Was Gay

Pretty good acting, though, wouldn't you say (method-acting as they call it in some precincts)? 

On Putting the Security State In Charge of Determining the Veracity of Something

 Mr. Biden, the East German Stasi and Soviet KGB called and want their Orwellian propogandist tactics back.......You want me to take a message?

Friday, December 23, 2022

On the Washington Post Falsely Labeling the Twitter Files Journalists (Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, and Bari Weiss), Conservative, and Later Stealth-Editing it to Avoid Further Humiliation

And they obviously did it to discredit the reporters by framing them as probably biased. Fortunately there are still enough of us who read/listen to actual journalists like Taibbi, Shellenberger, and Weiss and eschew those corporate shit-posting hangouts like the Compost, MSLSD, CNN, etc. and so we saw through the shameless lie immediately. But, yeah, they'll keep trying. They always do.

 On Conservatives Like Howard Phillips and Richard Viguerie Blasting Reagan In 1987 for Pursuing an Arms Treaty with the Soviets, Phillips Going as Far as to Call the Gipper, "a Useful Idiot for Soviet Propaganda"

This came before the neocons, and based upon lingo like this, they weren't really needed it appears.......................................................................................P.S. They also tarred Reagan with the Neville Chamberlain smear, a dandy that has long been a favorite from the war-whore's arsenal.  

Thursday, December 22, 2022


Why not? Why the fuck not? Might as well go totally crazy, right?

Monday, December 19, 2022

 On Rabbit Emojis Now Being a Symbol of Hate -

Only if you're a carrot stick or psychotic leftist. Other than that, yeah, no.

On this Warped Notion that Trump Is an Extremist (a Claim Made by Jerk-Off Tools Like Biden)

The fellow isn't even a conservative. He's a big government Republican, just like Eisenhower, just like Nixon, just like the two Bushes, and just like Ford. Yeah, he cut the tax rates but, I'm sorry, dropping the top rate from 39% to 37% doesn't exactly conjure up images Mussolini and Pinochet. And the fact that he didn't start any new wars, accepted gay marriage, signed criminal justice reform, and had an immigration policy similar to that of Walter Mondale, none of this sounds particularly radical, either, does it? President Biden, on the other had............(for a trip down Memory Lane -

Sunday, December 18, 2022

 To All of the Low Rent "Reporters" Out There Who've Been Sliming Matt Taibbi for a) His Work On the Twitter Files, Suggesting that it Was Shoddy Journalism (the Guy Used Primary Sources so What the Fuck), and b) for Collaborating with Public Enemy Number One, Elon Musk

 Mr. Musk selected Taibbi because he isn't a partisan stooge who was knee-deep in creating this fucking scandal of big tech oligarchs, deeply entrenched state-sponsored goons, and the legacy media colluding to censor conservatives on the eve of a Presidential election. And based upon your infantile good guy/bad guy caliber reaction to it, an excellent choice, I would say (ditto, Michael Shellenberger and Bari Weiss). 

Saturday, December 17, 2022

High Plains Grifter?

Now THAT'S a sequel worth watching.

 On Rachel Maddow Refusing to Apologize for Being Monumentally Wrong About the Vaccine Stopping Transmission

Not surprising in that the over/under coming out of Vegas was 0.003% (so similar to the covid case fatality-rate for teenagers, in other words). And, besides, wasn't that at least 5 or 6 lies ago? Time to move on, I say (and by, time to move on, I of course mean, hammer away).

 On the Loser Brigade Excoriating "Libs of TikTok" While Simultaneously Showing Zero Disgust for the Miscreants In the Videos Themselves (Videos that the Libs Simply Uploaded with Very Little Commentary or Editing)

I've never been a big fan of shooting the messenger and in this case, please, make it a double.

Friday, December 16, 2022

On People Who Scream the Loudest

Almost as if they have something to hide. As the old saying goes.

On the Fact that Twitter Never Once Engaged In "Shadow-Banning" (According to Dorsey and He Would Never Lead Us Astray, Right?)

Perhaps, but that's only because they were way too busy "visibility filtering" instead. You know how hard multi-tasking can be.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

On the Fact that Psychopaths In the Public School Systems of America Are Literally Separating Children from Base Reality, Telling Them that Not Only Can They Alter Their Gender from Boy to Girl and Vice Versa, They Can Also Assume One of the Other 71 Genders that Apparently Fall In-Between and Worst of All They're Pulling this Dystopian Anti-Science, Anti-Logic Idiocy Without Parental Approval

As we've seen over the past couple years, people will put up with a lot but I'm tellin' ya' here, once you start fucking around with their kids all bets are off. My advice to the lunatics, if you're even thinking about mutilating or poisoning a child behind the parents' back, oh boy, just don't do it. OK? Leave it at that.

 On One of the Key Elements of Gaslighting Being Concealing the Truth from People

Well if that's true then Twitter's been doing some seriously yeoman work these days. Hopefully the government appreciates it.

On How to Get More Folks to Watch Soccer (Courtesy of Legendary Comic, Nick Di Paolo)

 One simple solution. a) Make the field smaller. b) Flood the whole thing with water. c) Freeze it overnight. And d) give all the players skates and hockey sticks. Who knows, it just might work.

On the Fact Come January There Will Be 4 Black Republican Congresspersons Serving In Washington; Incumbents Burgess Owens and Byron Donalds and Newcomers John James and Wesley Hunt - Quick Addendum

 And there were another 25 who ran for Congress but lost (these coming in overwhelmingly blue districts). So, yeah, maybe the logjam is exploding after all............and it's about damn time................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not professing that the Republicans are anything to write home about, either, just that it probably isn't the best thing in the world for one party to have a monopoly on any particular demographic, that's all.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

On the Hard-Left's Latest Bromide Arguing that Harsh Criticism of Anyboy On Their "Team" Constitutes an Incitement to Violence

 The latest douche-bag who they're concerned about Is Twitter's Trust and Safety ramrod, Yoel Roth. Apparently he's getting death threats since his role in colluding with government slugs to destroy Trump has been uncovered and he's freaking out quite a bit (he's also made some questionable sexual tweets in the past relating to children but since I've already taken one shower earlier I'm gonna' take a pass for now). Now, is he bullshitting for sympathy or to stifle criticism, who knows. If the dude is telling the truth then, yes, a forceful denunciation of anybody who's pulling this crap needs to be made and if apprehended fully prosecuted.
 HOWEVER, if the left thinks that they can silence us over this, fuck that. a) They've engaged in every bit as much incitement to violence as the right has (possibly more) and b) these poor bastards are public figures who've messed up mightily in many cases and to say that we can't tee-off on them like they teed-off on Trump for 6 plus years, it simply doesn't work that way. Sorry but, no.

On a Recent Study from the Pentagon Showing that 77% of Young Americans, age 17 to 24, Are Currently Unfit for Military Service (Due to Obesity, Substance Abuse, Mental Illnesses, etc.) -

And the Biden Administration's solution to this manpower crisis is to bounce tens of thousands of active service people who ARE fit to serve simply because they refused an experimental medical procedure that they probably don't need (already having natural immunity, the low risk of covid for young people, etc.). Oh well, as long as we can keep the trans people happy, that's what really counts, huh?

Monday, December 12, 2022

On Congressman Benny Thompson Suggesting that the January 6th Show-Trial Committee Will Be Dishing Out Criminal Referrals While Admittedly Not Knowing Who the Individuals and/or Charges Will Be

Yes, because as we're all aware, this is exactly how a Constitutional Republic operates in the realm of law and order; cast a wide net, identify a bunch of people who the shits in power have a strong disliking of, go through their personal lives until you find something, anything, that you can prosecute them on (and do it in Washington D.C. where 95% of the people share your dystopian views), and celebrate by smelling your own farts as if they were a vintage Chenin Blanc. Just the basics, in other words.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

On the Overwhelming Likelihood that a Population Willing to Give Up its Civil Liberties During a Crisis Will Only Prompt the Statist Psychopaths to Create Additional Crises

What, you thought that they were gonna' stop at covid? You silly boy.

On the Concept of Having Proven Liars In the Government Being the Arbiters of "Disinformation"

Yeah, even if you believed that it was somehow a desirable situation to have the state determine what is and isn't truth, to now have that function in the hands of the present-day psychopaths should certainly give everybody pause. Or one would hope. 

Saturday, December 10, 2022

 On News Outlets Now Being Little More than Therapy Sites for Their Targeted Demo

And, surprise, surprise, reality therapy appears not to be on the agenda.

 On Going from "I Will Never Take Donald Trump's Vaccine" to "You Have to Take Donald Trump's Vaccine and if You Don't......"

It does make sense if you think about it. The first statement was when Trump was still in office and so giving the guy even a sniff of a win was untenable while the second one was post Trump and therefore a golden opportunity to consolidate power and institute cronyism. Politics 101, in other words.

On the Fact that Universal Vaccination Equals No Control Group

Can't necessarily say that this was the government's major motivation but it was certainly compatible with the others (greed, corruption, and ignorance being the three biggies), that's for certain.

Friday, December 9, 2022

On this Brilliant 1953 Tony Vaccaro Photo of the Incomparable Gwen Verdon

    Still waiting for a price quote from the Monroe Gallery. Likely can't afford it but you never know 'til you try.

 On Weak Men Creating Hard Times and Hard Times Creating Strong Men

Yeah, I guess that they have to be exponentially hard, as we clearly aren't there yet (I had some illustrative photos for this one but self-censored - sad, huh?).

On Leftist Media Shits Recently Referring to the Twitter Files as a "Nothing-Burger"

I totally agree but only if by "nothing burger" the shits mean, "twitter (and other social media companies) and the government clearly colluding to deny the basic civil right of free speech", otherwise, I dissent.

 On Kanye West Saying Tons of Dumb Shit

Yep, he certainly does. But you know what, it's the dude's Constitutional right to do so. Of course if you've got something better to say I'll defend THAT, too. 100% guaranteed.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

 On Adam "the Crybaby" Kinzinger, Mitch McConnell, Adam Schiff, Anthony Fauci, Jeb Bush, Liz Cheney, Hillary Clinton, the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, Gavin Newsom, Beto O'Dork, Stacey Abrams, Lindsey Graham, Eric Swalwell, Kamala Harris, Chris "I Try to Get the Liberal Press to Like Me 'Cause I'm an Idiot" Christie, and John Bolton

I'll take, Individuals Who I Would Have Preferred Sending to Russia In Exchange for Brittney Griner Instead the Psychopath Who No Less than "60 Minutes" Had Claimed Was One of the Most Dangerous Men On Earth", for a thousand, Alex.

 On Hydroxychloroquine Being Totally Safe for Treating Lupus, Malaria, and Parasites but Then Magically Morphing Into a Genocidal Madman When it Comes to Treating the Covid Virus

It's totally absurd and yet this was what the media assholes were shoving down our throat in 2020. As to why they were doing it, who knows. My inclination is always to look at what's smack-dab in front of me and right now that's greed, corruption, and raw stupidity.......but I gotta' tell ya', the disgusting and underhanded way in which the powerful have wielded that power of late, yeah, they just might be up to something a bit more psychopathic than that. Sure wouldn't rule it out.

On the Exact Point Where Clift and Peterson Merge and Later Separate

  Does it really matter? I suppose that to some it does......but I'm not one of them. Great performance.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

 On the Fact that DeSantis Stood Up to the Covid Tyranny, Trump, Not so Much

Yeah, Trump tried to have it both ways. On the one hand he gave at least some lip-service regarding the dangers of the lockdowns but then on the other hand he tweeted some smack about Sweden not shutting down. And, please, don't give me any of that 3D chess nonsense. Well, unless making it up as you go along constitutes 3D chess then, yes, maybe.

On the Fact that (According to a Recent CNN - Who Else? - Story) Even Daylight Savings Time Is Bigoted Now

Please, black people, reject these leftist white morons. They see you as little more than children, a reliable voting block, and people who are apparently too feeble-minded to succeed without their beneficence. It's insulting and now's as good a time as any to let 'em know about it.

Monday, December 5, 2022

 On the Fact that if Comedians Become Frightened to Say Shit, Fascism Has Arrived

And based upon late-night "comedy" shows these days, fascism has at least somewhat arrived.

On Elon Musk Banning Kanye West for His Antisemitic Comments

 I don't like it. Yes, Kanye made some ill-advised statements but they were hardly illegal and either you believe in free speech or you don't. Please, Mr. Musk, reconsider.

 On Hillary Clinton Shitting Out that Venal Old Joke About Black Men Looking Alike, the Liberals In the Audience Laughing In Response, and Not a Single Media Shit Hammering the Old Battleax for Her Hardcore Racism

Now just imagine a Republican telling that joke. A get out of jail free card for that individual? What do you think?

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Now Here's a Journalist

This is one of the most epic journalistic soliloquies of recent memory and, gee, what a shock, he (Mr. Greenwald) doesn't work for corporate news. Please watch this and see how its supposed to be done -

On the Fact that Trump Was so Owned by Putin that He Flooded Ukraine with Weapons and Put Up One Stumbling Block After Another Toward the Completion of Nord Stream 2

And the truly tragic part of this is that Trump probably did these things to neuter the left's conspiratorial idiocy on Trump/Russia collusion ("look at me, I'm being tough on Russia"). If the Clintonistas hadn't pushed this bullshit after Hillary's embarrassing loss we might have been able to normalize relations with Russia and even work with them to target some terrorist groups. Of course that would have required a semblance of decency and we can't have that, now can we?

 On the Fact that 99.73% of Twitter Employees' Campaign Contributions Went to Democrats

That's a bit surprising as I thought that 99.9999% went to the Dems. Oh well, I'll have to do a better job guessing next time...............................................................................................P.S. Chart courtesy of the great reporter, Matt Taibbi.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

On the Fact that the Leftists Have Gotten so Desperate to Control the Narrative that They're Now Unwilling to Permit Even ONE of the Big Social Media Companies the Right to Allow People with Dissenting Views a Place to Express Them (I'm of Course Referencing Here the New Left, Not High-Integrity Liberals Like Glenn Greenwald, Tulsi Gabbard, Jimmy Dore, Matt Taibbi, Aaron Mate, etc.)

 I'm of course talking about Twitter here, a shit-posting depository where leftists from government, academia, Hollywood, and the legacy press routinely engage in character assassination, actual misinformation such as (a - Trump colluding with Russia (the declassified docs from Adam Schiff's star-chamber hearing are illustrative on this), b - Hunter Biden's laptop being Russian disinformation, c - Biden not knowing anything about his son's business dealings, d - Biden not knowing anything about the Michael Flynn case (VP; Logan Act - from Peter Stzrok's notes), e - hydroxychloroquine being a dangerous drug (it actually has a better safety profile than ibuprofen), f - the lockdowns only lasting 15 days to "flattern the curve", g - ivermectin being a "horse de-wormer", h - the covid jabs being safe and effective (some studies actually suggesting negative efficacy after two boosters), i - the January 6th rioters killing five individuals, j - Trump asserting that there were fine people among the neo-Nazis, k - Kyle Rittenhouse being a racist and white supremacist, l - modern industrial societies being able to function on wind, solar, and battery power, and m - border agents whipping illegal aliens), and actual election interference when they banned the fucking President of the United States on the eve of the election and deep-sixed the Hunter Biden Laptop story.......So, yeah, more hardcore projection, in other words.

Friday, December 2, 2022

 On Unemployed Actress, Alyssa Milano, Claiming that Elon Musk Wants to Turn Twitter Into a Haven for, Drum Roll, Please, White Supremacists

Here it is one more time; the actual definition of white supremacist, a definition that if these leftist dullards like Milano adhered to would wipe out 99.9% of the people who they've tarred with this rancid label.   a person who believes that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate society, typically to the exclusion or detriment of other racial and ethnic groups, in particular black or Jewish people 

On Bryce Dallas Howard Outrunning a Dinosaur In "Jurassic World" (In Heels, No Less)

That's what she gets for not being as hot as Megan Fox and some of her other competition. Hopefully by the next sequel. 

Thursday, December 1, 2022

 On the Fact that Off-Patent Repurpose Drugs Make the Pharmaceutical Companies Pennies While the New Covid Shots Make Them Billions of Dollars and No One Seems to Find Any of this Stuff Suspicious In Terms of the Government Setting Healthcare Policy

This is one of the biggest red-flags of my life and yet very few people (in the mainstream, at least) seem to be connecting any of the dots. Of course, it doesn't help one's understanding when the mainstream media (themselves benefiting greatly from big pharma's windfall) ignores any and all government corruption but, come on, some elementary deduction, for Christ.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

On the Jerk Who Runs Apple Apparently Finding Elon Musk Owning Twitter (and Allowing People of All Stripes to State Their Case) a Greater Threat to the World than the Chinese Communist Thugs Who Continue to Subjugate Their People (the Falun Gong, Citizens of Hong Kong, Uyghurs, etc.) and Manufacture Poisonous Fentanyl that Miraculously Keeps Finding its Way to the U.S. Southern Border

Katie Couric once raised an uproar by asserting that the Trump supporters needed to be "reprogrammed". I wonder if she feels the same way about these big tech and Hollywood anti-free-speech cucks who make oodles of money by kissing the ass of the Chinese Communist party. Probably not, would be my guess.

On the Firewall Between the CDC, NIH, FDA, etc. and the Big Pharmaceutical Conglomerates

If there is one it's small enough for a toddler to walk over. Obviously (regulatory capture being utterly apparent with these covid vaccines; the royalty payments, the FDA director going from Pfizer to the entrenched bureaucracy back to Pfizer, the hesitancy to release data, etc.).

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

 My Message to the Biden Administration Regarding the Russia, Ukraine Conflict

Russia is a nuclear power, assholes, and so maybe instead of pouring lighter fluid on that shit-show over there we send some of our finest diplomats to try and bring about a peaceful end to it. I mean, you do want peace, don't you? Assholes.

 On What Citizens Should Do if They Don't Wish to Be Subordinate to the Biden Regime's Burning Desire to Reorganize Society

   The options are quite limited for sure. One is to work with like-minded people and practice agorism in some sort of parallel economy. Another is to drop out completely (again, with like-minded people) and build something as far away from the Leviathan as possible while living off the land (going into town occasionally for some supplies). Of course the problem with both of these is that the government will eventually track you down and charge you with rebellion and/or insurrection (a ridiculous charge in that the only people using violence in this scenario would be the federal goons) and you'll end up in some D.C. gulag with the January 6th trespassers.
   Of course, the most popular option these days is state secession (i.e., peaceful separation), with states like New Hampshire and Texas just leaving and creating their own independent countries. Unfortunately there exist some problems here as well. For one thing blue states are only 65% blue and red states are only 65% red, and so without a firm commitment to minority rights there would have to be significant population transfers (peaceful ones, one would hope). There would also have to be some arrangements regarding the armed forces, the currency, nuclear weapons, and the national debt and being that the two sides don't agree on much, good luck with that.
   My prediction, nothing changes and the country continues its precipitous decline with the end-result being Bolivia 2.0. I give it 20 years, 25 tops. 


 On the Claim that Biden's Press Secretary Gets the Questions In Advance and Has the Answers Written Out for Her

Multiple sources have reported that this was what the Biden administration initially requested. As to whether the press corps cucked or not, don't know. Would love to find out, though.

On Individuals Like this Mandating that We Validate Their Delusions

I'll validate it to the extent of not giving a shit as to how they live their lives but, no, me lying to 'em about something as fundamental as this, that ain't gonna' happen, sorry. And why in the hell do they need my validation anyway? If they're happy with what they've done, that should be sufficient. For adults, I'm saying.

Monday, November 28, 2022

 On the Trans Movement Going from Being an Anti-Bullying Movement to an Insane One that Wants to Take Your Kids Away if You Refuse to Butcher and Poison Them

Yeah, we need to dial back on some of this. Getting people to stop bullying transsexuals is one thing and an important one (so, too, the backing of their rights) but this whole agenda of targeting children, mandating that all of society, "affirm" their delusions as fact, and creating these bullshit words out of whole cloth and making us use them as their "preferred pronouns" has to go. It really does, full stop.

On the Tyrannical Trudeau Proclaiming that, "Protests to Demand Changes to Public Policy Have Become 'Worrisome'"

 That's strange because just two years ago the asshole asserted that, "Canada will always stand up for the right of peaceful protests and human rights around the world". Yeah, I guess that Canada apparently isn't on the globe any longer.......Well, either that or he's a hypocrite. That's a possibility, too.

 On the Heavenly Command Which Said that the United States Could Grow Exponentially but Never Get Smaller

 There isn't one, obviously (nothing in the Constitution, either), and yet this is what we've all been trained to accept.............Should be interesting, huh, the future?

Saturday, November 26, 2022

On Gloria Grahame Trying to Get Jimmy Stewart's Attention In, "It's a Wonderful Life", and Succeeding Pretty Darn Well, I'd Say


I never saw her as a blonde before. Am I complaining? Nope.

 On Elon Musk Pissing Off Some of His Twitter Employees for the Dastardly Requirement that They, You Know, Actually Show Up to Work

 Not to worry, you pampered little extensions of infancy. Help is on the way in the form of Biden's tyrannical regime as they have threatened to "look at him". And we all know what that means, right?

Thursday, November 24, 2022

On a New Rumor Claiming that the Average John Fetterman Voter Looks Exactly Like Him, Even the Chicks

I haven't verified it yet. Maybe after the holidays.

 On Joe Biden Standing In Front of the American Citizens During that Presidential Debate with Trump and Lying His Ass Off About His Son's Laptop, Proclaiming that it Was "Russian Disinformation" When He Knew In His Heart that it Was Obviously Legit (Him of Course Being, the "Big Guy" and Mr. 10%)

Lying to the public (even something as egregious as this) isn't an impeachable transgression or we would have had a dozen or so instead of a couple.......and being that the asshole apparently has no shame, resigning probably isn't a possibility, either. Oh well, at least we can still make jokes about it. For now.

To the Illegal Aliens

 I got two words for you - Sag Harbor. Trust me, you'll love it there. Lots of nice folks (like Don Lemon, for example) and the scenery, you just can't top it. Please, if you need any help with transportation, I got just the right guy for you. Can't remember his name at the moment. He's from Florida, I believe. I'll get back to you, I promise.

On Election Denier, Hillary Clinton, Recently Referring to the Electoral College as, Anachronistic

   Yes, because as we're all aware, Hillary is a far more impressive political philosopher than rubes such as James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton.
   That, and isn't it just common sense to have metropolitan New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles elect the President every four years. I mean, who else but these geniuses could possibly determine mining, agriculture, park management, lumber, transportation, etc. for the 99.9% of the rest of the country's land-mass? Nobody, right? 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

On Bill Clinton Receiving $4 Million a Year for Being "Honorary Chancellor" at Some Sketchy University While Mrs. Clinton's State Department Had Been Increasing Grants to the School's Founder's Sister Enterprise, the International Youth Foundation (Mushrooming from $9 Million In 2009 to $25.5 Million In 2013) -

 Wow, that's almost as bad as the Sam Harris hypothetical of Hunter Biden stockpiling corpses of dead babies in his basement.............Almost, I said

 On the Fact Come January There Will Be 4 Black Republican Congresspersons Serving In Washington; Incumbents Burgess Owens and Byron Donalds and Newcomers John James and Wesley Hunt

Just what the country needs, more black faces of white supremacy (sarcasm alert, for the newbies).

On a New Study from the Journal of Clinical Medicine Suggesting that Post-Covid-19 Patients Have a No Greater Propensity of Developing Myocarditis and Pericarditis than People Who've Never Contracted the Virus (the Risk of Pericarditis Actually Appears Greater In the Never-Infected Group; .0088% Versus .0056%) -

Yeah, so this whole idea that covid infections make you more susceptible to these heart ailments than the new experimental vaccine seems problematic at best. Granted, the study didn't include post-jab myocarditis and pericarditis but being that the VAERS site has been blowing up on these ailments, one might conclude the obvious.

On the Fact that There Were 71,238 Fentanyl-Related Deaths In the U.S. In 2021 (Almost 70% of the Total Drug Overdoses), a Number Ten Times Higher than the Total Number of Murders by All Rifles Combined (447 as Stated by the F.B.I. Plus 308 as Extrapolated from the 4,740 Firearm Not Stated Column Using the 6.5% Share of the Murders Where the Firearm Is Stated - that's a Mouthful) - -

Not saying that murder by rifles isn't important or that we shouldn't be looking for solutions regarding them but right now we have an administration that is doing virtually nothing to stop the flow of this poisonous Chinese fentanyl out of Mexico.......and being that the casualties are significantly higher from the poisonous shit, a little more focus on that border maybe? Triage, in other words.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

On Traveling to Rochester, NY

I'll take "Things that Will Never End Up On this Fellow's Bucket-List", for a Thousand, Alex.

 On Bug Burgers

Only if the bugs are free range (also medium-rare so that I can roll them up into balls and throw them at Al Gore).

 On the Fact that Biden Can't Even Pardon the Thanksgiving Turkey Without Making Some Dumb-Fuck Political Comment

Granted, the guy didn't write it and, granted, he doesn't know where he is most the time but, still, it's a holiday so give it a rest (whoever it is who's pulling his strings), for Christ.

Monday, November 21, 2022

On Tom Brady at Age 44 Completing 67.5% of His Passes for 5,316 Yards and 43 Touchdowns

It's almost unbelievable (and apparently legit as they test for steroid abuse in the NFL). I mean, we're not talking croquet here, kids, or even golf. We're talking about hard-core violence, and for a baller to not only play that long but to excel as well, fucking speechless. Seriously.

Some Asshole Sitting at Pelosi's Desk = Worse than 9/11, this Is What We've Been Told

Sorry but anybody who believes that is a psychotic partisan stooge with zero capacity for measure, reason, and perspective............and you know who you are, don't you? Deep down. 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

On the Fact that Disgraced British Spy, Christopher Steele, Was Apparently Offered $1,000,000 if He Could Prove that the Laughable Allegations In the Steele Dossier Were True............and Being that He's Still Eating Campbell's Soup for Dinner, My Guess Is that He Couldn't Prove a Fucking Thing -

Wow, that's a lot of cash (a lot more than the $168,000 that the Clintonistas were able to cobble together to have the asshole fabricate absurdities; the pee pee tape, for example). If only he wasn't such a lying sack of shit, huh?

On the Fact that (According to the New York Times - There May Have Been as Many as 8 F.B.I. Informants Collaborating with the Proud Boys Leading Up to and During January 6th

Would love to get those spooks under oath, wouldn't you?

 On Obama (During His Latest Pimping for the Jab) Recently Saying this -

"We've now essentially (pausing for effect in his usual haughty manner) clinically tested the vaccine on billions of people."......So, bragging on how the federal government used American citizens as guinea pigs, in other words. Oh well, at least he told the truth this time (however accidentally it may have been).

To All of the Mal-Educated Diaper-Wearing SJWs Who Seem to Think that There's Some Sort of Logic to What the "Squad" Has Been Shitting Out for the Past Four Years, Please, Take a Few Minutes to Listen to this Gal, You Just Might Develop a Different Viewpoint


   Or not. Who knows.

 On the Fact that (According to Data Analyst, Steven McIntyre) Computerized Gerrymandering Has Gotten so Sophisticated and Precise that the Vast Majority of Congressional Districts In this Country Are Now Either Dark, Dark Blue or Crimson Red (and, Yes, Both Parties Pull this Shit so Don't Even Attempt to Make it Partisan)

 This could account for why the Republicans didn't perform as well as expected on election day (in addition to some other factors, of course). Just not enough swing districts anymore.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Trump's Take On TikTok Lesbians? - Quick Addendum

 And, besides, don't we already know that Trump only likes the lipstick lesbians? It's common knowledge, no?

  On the Recent Teaming-Up of the ADL and Princeton University In Which They Ultimately Came Up with a Flowery but Evil On the Inside Concept Called "the Bridging Divides Initiative"

The evil part? Try, one of its main tenets being to "track threats and CRITICISMS of elected officials". Criticisms. So like 90% of what I dish out on this site, in other words. Yeah, I'm gonna' have to give this one a thumbs down.

Trump's Take On TikTok Lesbians?

"They're not sending their finest......though some of them might be good people."............What can I say, he dusts it off every so often.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

On Pelosi and Biden Himself Once Having Claimed that a) the President Doesn't Have the Power for Debt Forgiveness and b) an Act of Congress Is Required

  Must have found that power. Probably under the sofa, would be my guess.
  But there is a bright side in that all of those carpenters, truckers, painters, and electricians will now enjoy the privilege of helping to pay for that upper middle-class kid's gender studies degree. Hell, I can almost hear 'em celebrating now.

 On Dr. Oz Losing the Senate Race to this, a Fellow Who Led Off the Final Debate with, "Good Night Everyone" (Granted, He Might Have Meant, Good Evening, but with that Glazed Look On His Face Moving Forward, 50-50 Tops with that One)

I get it that Oz wasn't exactly a world-beater himself but getting beat by an obviously impaired, soft on crime socialist, let's just put it this way, it isn't something that would have muscled its way on to my resume.

On Elizabeth Montgomery 1966 Versus Courteney Cox 1997

To use a popular term nowadays, that is way beyond my pay-grade. Oh yeah.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

On the Fact that (According to a Recent Rasmussen Survey - Virtually Every Demographic Group Supports Showing a Photo I.D. for Voting

It sounds more than reasonable (especially if you also accepted utility bills or the last four digits of your Social Security number). And you know who else thinks that way? Try the blue states of Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, Michigan, New Mexico, etc.. Certainly if voter I.D. suppresses the black vote, it wouldn't just do it in the red states, would it? Fair question, no?

On the Fact that In March 2002, Secretary of State, Colin Powell, Boldly Asserted that There Were No Links Between the Revolting Murder of Daniel Pearl (the Brave Wall Street Journal Reporter Who Had Been In Pakistan Investigating the Role of Pakistani Extremists In the Richard Reid/Shoe-Bomber Incident) and Pakistani I.S.I (Their Version of the C.I.A.) Agents

Well, being that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the likely kidnapper, and Saeed Sheikh, the probable killer, both had major ties to the I.S.I., the good General was either lying (his U.N. speech, part two) or stupendously ill-informed. Hopefully it's the latter as cozying up to terrorist shits is bald-faced treason......and since the poor bastard isn't with us any longer, you understand.

On Radical Senator Ed Markey Colluding with a Washington Post Reporter to Set Up a Fake Account Impersonating Markey, the "Plan" Working, and Markey Then Using the Deception as an Avenue to Attack Mr. Musk (the Dumb-Fuck Smear of "Promoting Misinformation" Unsurprisingly Sitting at the Pole Position) and Throw a Bunch of Naziesque and Low-IQ Threats at the Guy ("Fix Your Companies or the Congress Will")

  And he also introduced a new Orwellian term, "safeguards", to pretty up his venal call for censorship.   
  Thankfully a fair number of liberals have gotten red-pilled (Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Greenwald, Jimmy Dore, Matt Taibbi, Aaron Mate - you know, the principled liberals who stand against war and respect the 1st Amendment) and despise what this asshole is saying but we need more. Please, the Dems who haven't gotten totally gaslit yet, put party affiliation aside, at least for a while and before YOU say something "unacceptable" (hat-tip to another asshole, Trudeau).

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

On the Best Way to Preserve Democracy Obviously Being to -

a) let half of Central and South America pour over the border totally unvetted and then bribe them with lots of free goodies to vote Democratic, b) censor anybody who's either right of center or skeptical of the regime's dystopian platform, c) allow malcontents to torch American cities whenever things don't go their way, and d) force a bunch of sexual bullshit onto grammar school kids while ignoring, you know, traditional education (reading, writing, mathematics, non-Marxist history, etc.). And this is just Part 1. The sequel, yeah, it gets even better.

On it Taking 7 Days for the Incompetent Boobs (and, Trust Me, I'm Giving Them the Benefit of the Doubt with that Label) In Arizona to Call the Governor's Race and gee, What a Shock, the Democrat Won

And it didn't hurt, either, that the Democratic candidate also happened to be Arizona's Secretary of State, a person who's supposed to be running these three-ring circuses, err, I mean, elections. Yeah, this entire thing smells.

Monday, November 14, 2022

On Mrs. Clinton Wanting the Politicians (i.e., Republicans) to "Bring the Rhetoric Way Down"

This from the same miscreant who claimed that the Republicans were going to steal not just the 2022 midterms but the 2024 Presidential race as well, "literally", and who had previously stated that approximately 37,000,000 people in this country are "deplorable" (racists, misogynists, trans-phobes, you know, the usual substitutions for thought). Delightful, isn't she?

On My Retort to the Rotting Remains In the White House (i.e., the Fascistic Mr. Biden) Suggesting that He and the Rest of the Parasitic Psychopaths In the Regime Are Going to "Look at Him" (Twitter's New Owner, Elon Musk)

I've got a better idea, asshole. How 'bout we look at YOU, a person with far more skeletons in the closet than Mr. Musk has, hands down (extortion in Ukraine, questionable business dealings in China, Tara Reid's claim of rape, etc.)? And that doesn't even include your patently unconstitutional edicts (i.e., executive orders). I mean, if were gonna' "look at people" (a measure that I've never been in favor but if this is how it's played now, oh well), there's gotta' be at least a couple mirrors in that White House, no?

White Privilege?

Best evidence for it so far, for sure.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

On "Losing Democracy" Currently Meaning, "My Party Lost and Because I'm a Democrat I Can Accuse the Other Fellas' of Cheating"

And do they really want us to buy that the 2016 election was severely compromised, the 2018 and 2020 elections were the safest, most secure in human history, and then the 2022 election regressed back to being severely compromised (with douche-bag Hillary setting the table for "the steal" two weeks before election night)? It really seems so, doesn't it?

On Trump Versus Biden On the Fascism Scale - Recently Updated

 a) Attempts to silence critics, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes. b) Threats to disarm the citizenry, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes. c) Colluding with big corporations to achieve political goals, Donald Trump - likely no, President Biden - absolutely yes (pressure on social media companies to censor dissenting views, admitted to by Peppermint Patty herself). d) Collective attribution, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes (MAGA Republicans, unvaxxed people, etc.). e) Weaponizing federal law enforcement to go after political adversaries, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes (virtually everybody who's ever worked with Trump has been targeted along with Trump himself. f) A huge ramping-up of the surveillance state, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes (his Justice Department spooks are monitoring our social media accounts for "misinformation"). g) Sending tens of billions of dollars in weaponry halfway across the world to a corrupt country for use in a dumb-fuck war that is of no strategic importance to the U.S.A., Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes-siree Bob. And h) mandating that citizens submit to an experimental biological drug, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes.............Not a big math wizard but it appears as if Mr. Biden might have a slight lead at this point. Still early, though.

On Recently Witnessing a 5 Year old Piano Prodigy Play Chopin and Liszt

It was quite impressive. Granted he ended up crapping in his britches a few minutes after the show and had to be lead to the can for maintenance but, still, an overall great performance.

On the Last Five New York City Mayors and Their Murder Records

 1) Koch (1978 to '89) - 20,056 murders, an average of 1,671 per year, 2) Dinkins (1990 to '93) - 8,340 murders, an average of 2,085 per year, 3) Giuliani (1994 to 2001) - 7,117 murders, an average of 890 per year, 4) Bloomberg (2002 to '13) - 6,184 murders, an average of 515 per year, 5) de Blasio (2014 to '21) - 2,882 murders, an average of 360 per year.
 Clearly the numbers came down under Giuliani and Bloomberg. But they also continued to come down under de Blasio. So either the commie continued the Bloomberg policies, the bangers got tired of slaughtering each other, or he devised a new policy that functioned even better (and if he did, God speed to him). Whatever it was, hopefully it continues (with the recent surge under Adams simply an aberration)..

Saturday, November 12, 2022

On Miscreant Comic, Kathy Griffin, Recently Impersonating Elon Musk On Twitter, Getting Suspended by Mr. Musk for Not Labeling Her Idiotic Shit-Postings as Parody, and Her Responding to the "Timeout" by Using Her Dead Mother's Account to Continue the Immaturity

I don't like dishing out the term, "too much time on one's hands" (an overused retort) but when you come across the holy grail of said cliche, please, allow me - this pile of feces has way, Way, WAY, WAY, too much time on her hands.

Fortunately for her, she's good looking.

On Calling Something a "Conspiracy Theory" Now Being Perceived by Numerous Corporate Media Shits as a Sufficient Rejoinder to Discomforting Realities

Say what you want about reporters from the past (that they too had a liberal bias, etc.) but at least they a) did some actual journalism from time to time and b) weren't a bunch of lazy assholes who utilized substitutions for thought in place of the real McCoy. Plus there were some really good ones like Tim Russert and Mike Wallace, both of whom could wipe the floor with the dumb as fuck, useless and dishonest buffoons of today.

Friday, November 11, 2022

On Ray Epps Being On the F.B.I.'s Most Wanted List One Day and Gone the Next

There are just three ways to get off that list; a) by dying, b) by being apprehended, or c) by being an informant for the feds............and being that the first two are off the table, you make the deduction. If you're willing.

On Trump Attacking DeSantis the Other Day Simply Because He Refused to Answer if He'd Still Make a Presidential Run In 2024 if Mr. Trump Was Also In the Race

Some of Mr. Trump's more ardent supporters are asserting that this is just more 4-D chess from the guy but I don't know. To me it looks a lot more like Trump being concerned that another person is getting a couple more minutes of attention than him. You may not have noticed but the guy is a wee-bit egotistical (I give him a 7 - with the scale only going up to 6).

Thursday, November 10, 2022

On Having a Dream Last Night Where Seven Extras from Cool Hand Luke (Haven't Aged a Bit, BTW) Came to Visit and We All Listened to Gato Barbieri's Bolivia 'til Daylight While Pitching-Down Sangria and Several Bottles of Liebfraumilch

Doesn't sound like a lot but when you compare it to what I did the next day in real life (not a lot, let's just say), trust me, it was.

On President Biden Being Asked About Elon Musk and Him Responding with, "We'll Look at Him"

The pattern continues; Democratic ramrods led by a demented and out of control President wishing to investigate people in search of a crime instead of vice versa, making it their life-blood in fact......There, now if we could only get these Clydes to tweet out some nasty shit-posts we'd have all the bases covered. Job done.

On the Fact that if a Conservative Analyst On Fox Had Smeared One of the Idiot Squad Members In the Same Manner that that Low Rent Democrat On MSLSD Did to Lauren Boebert (Insinuating that Her Next Job Would Probably Be In the Porn Industry) They Would Have Been Shit-Canned Instantaneously In that at Least They Possess SOME Integrity, MSLSD, Not so Much

Somebody really needs to step in over there and put a screeching halt to this idiocy. Yeah, they showed that racist scumbag, Tiffany "More Black Truckers Will Make the Roads Safer" Cross, the door (how bad do you have to be to get deep-sixed by the scummiest network in human history - this bad, I guess) but a lot more needs to happen in that she's just the tip of the iceberg. Doubt me? Just watch it for 15 minutes. You'll see (if you yourself have any decency).

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

My Favorite Hillary Clinton Quote?

 Probably this little ruby - "Everything within the State. Nothing against the State. Nothing outside the State."......Oh wait, that was Benito Mussolini, never mind. I'll try and find another one.

On Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams Failing to Get Re-Elected

Not to worry. There's always 2028 and her unparalleled capacity for make-believe. Two big options right there.

On How Bad Does the Entree Have to Taste Before You Send it Back to the Kitchen and Have Your Dinner Someplace Else

'Cause we're apparently we're not there yet, huh?

Candy (Christina Applegate, for Those of You Living On Jupiter)?

Let's just put it this way. I'll take it over a Kit Kat bar any day (even in 2022).

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

On Being so Enmeshed with the Team of the Machine that You Couldn't See Through the Obvious Covid Bullshit from Slants Like Fauci, Crazy Leana Wen, etc.

I get it that it's a hard thing to grasp, the institutions that you've trusted since childhood fucking with you in such a monumental way, but when the emperor stands in front of you fully naked while a huge contingent of people smarter than the royal attempt to persuade you and you won't even hear 'em out, that's a tough road to hoe, my friend. That I know......for certain. 

On the Recently Released F.B.I. Crime Statistics Failing to Include the Data from Major Metropolitan Regions Such as New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia -

Yeah, it seems as if the new system is voluntary and so the failure to comply here is either institutional laziness or corruption (the data without these areas participating shows a 1% decrease in violent crime in the U.S. and you gotta' think that the pols would love to retain that number) and neither one sounds good, does it?

On the Fact that the Democrats May Have Miscalculated In Their Mad Dash to Bring In More Illegals In that a Lot of Hispanics (Not to Mention, Muslims) Seemingly Aren't On Board with the Radical LGBTQ Agenda and May In the End Vote Republican Because of this (and, Yes, if it Ever Goes Down Like this, the Laughter that You Hear Will Be Coming from Me)

It was also a stretch to believe that Hispanics weren't in favor of border security as a lot of them reside near the border and see the violence and maybe even a drug overdose or two.

On Biden Claiming that We May Not Know the Real Winners of the 2022 Mid-Terms for Several Days After the Election (Because as We All Know, the Most Advanced Society On the Planet Couldn't Possibly Count All the Votes In One Day Like it Had for the Previous Two Centuries, HELLO!)

Count 'til you win (a good gig if you can get it), I guess. 

On the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Dredging Up the Imaginary White Nationalists YET AGAIN (Her Only Strategy of Course Being to Dumb Down the Definition Reductively to "Folks Who Disagree with Me) and this Time Upping the Ante by Saying How These Goblins Will Bring About Fascism

And all this coming from an asshole whose own party has amongst ITS goals a) the suppression of free speech, b) the disarming of citizens while giving state actors the monopoly on force, c) collusion with major corporations to achieve its political ends, d) the implementation collective attribution/scapegoating ("antivaxxers", "the MAGA crowd", etc.), e) the mandating of experimental biological agents, and f) a shameless attempt to change the very definition of words (everything from court-packing to white supremacy to racism to recession to woman - yes, woman). Go figure, huh?  

Monday, November 7, 2022

Election Deniers, Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton - Threats to Democracy?

I don't think so (of course I'm not one of those woke leftist idiots who gets triggered whenever somebody voices an opinion different from mine, even if it's a stupid one) but, yeah, according to what the Dims are saying, most assuredly so.

On Psychopath, Bill Gates, Owning 242,000 Acres of U.S. Farmland

So the same asshole who wants to cull several billion people from the face of the earth now wants to be a major player in what people eat.......Yeah, I don't know if I like that.

On a 2012 New York Slimes Article Entitled, "Error and Fraud at Issue as Absentee Voting Rises"

Yeah, the Slimes didn't like mail-in voting back then because a large percentage of absentee ballots were being forwarded to military personnel who, low and behold, tend to vote for Republicans. Fast forward to today.......  

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Connecticut Congresswoman, Johana Hayes, Squad Adjacent?

Well, being that she's never met a multi trillion dollar shitshow that she could walk away from and seems to have an affinity for the afore-mentioned imbeciles, squad adjacent, at the bare minimum, I would surmise.

On Declassified Hillary Clinton Emails Strongly Suggesting that N.A.T.O.'s Overthrow of Gaddafi In Libya Wasn't so Much Based On the Man's Human Rights Violations but Rather His Desire for a Gold-Backed African Currency (to Replace the Dollar), More European Control Over Libyan Oil Production, and to Increase France's Influence In North Africa -

And how embarrassing it would have been to have a schmuck like Gaddafi exhibiting a better appreciation for sound money than those in charge of the world's number one superpower. Pretty damned, I'm guessing.

On Pfizer Executive, Janine Small, Being Asked by E.U. Parliament Member, Rob Roos, if the Covid Vaccine Had Ever Been Tested for Preventing Transmission and Sheepishly Having to Confess that, No, it Hadn't Because They Were Working at the "Speed of Science" (Yes, Because as We're All Aware, Science Remains the Indianapolis 500 of Disciplines) and Didn't Have the Time, I Guess

And I'm sure that those media shits like Rachel Maddow, and Chuck Todd who not only argued that the vaccine did stop transmission but who also denigrated anyone who proceeded more cautiously on the matter will step up and apologize for their ballseyness and for being such imbeciles (and by, I'm sure, I of course mean, no way in hell). It's just the right thing to do, no?

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Thursday, November 3, 2022

On the Fact that (According to Data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics - 76.5% of Prison Inmates Released After the Age of 40 Commit Another Crime Within 9 Years

Interesting data. I just wish that the study had broken down the over 40 population into groups of over 40, over 50, over 60, and over 70 because I strongly suspect that a huge percentage of the 76.5% was comprised of guys in their 40s and so, yeah, the early release of inmates over 50 may not be a major problem after all (depending of course on the crime that put them in prison). Just trying to be fair here, folks.   

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

On the Fact that Even Though Tampering with Forensic Evidence Is Generally Considered to Be a Serious Offense, this Is Exactly What Happened After the 9/11 Attacks When the Debris from the Collapse Was Quickly Removed, Sold to Area Scrap Dealers, and Shipped Off to China, South Korea, and Other Far-Off Locations

 A lot of people are mad at Giuliani for representing Trump (heaven forbid). Me, I'm a little more jazzed about this. I mean, we're only talking about the most important crime scene in U.S. history (3,000 dead versus 1 dead Trump supporter killed by a trigger-happy cop on January 6th) and for the evidence to be carted away prior to any crime scene investigation, that's bad. Criminal, one might even say.

On Robert Reich (an Activist Posing as an Economist) Having an Issue with "Oligarch", Elon Musk, Owning Twitter but Not Having an Issue with Jeff Bezos Owning the Washington Post, Mark Zuckerberg Owning Facebook, or the Rich Shits Over at Google Calling the Shots There

Again, no principles with these douche-bags, and even when you point out the hypocrisy they simply brush it off because when they do X it's justified and when the other guy does it it ain't (a hierarchy thing, in other words). Simple as that.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

On the Fact that Hillary Clinton Is Already Denying the Results of the 2022 Mid-Terms (Asserting Some Paranoiac Idea that the Republicans Are Going to Cheat Their Way to Victory In that the Results Couldn't Conceivably Be the By-Product of Democrats Sucking) and so Far I Haven't Heard a Peep from the Corrupt Media Pertaining to this Bizarre Seeing-Into-the-Future Soliloquy from the Annoying One

Must be nice, huh, being able to spit out such full-bore idiocy and not be called on it? Can only imagine.

On the Fact that if the Power Elite In Government, Big Tech, Higher Education, the Mainstream Press, and Entertainment Can Get the Public to Self-Censor On Such Idiotic Ideas as People LITERALLY Changing Their Sex, Then These Same Shitheads Can Perpetrate Just About Anything Else, Can't They?

And, no, I'm not suggesting that trans-people should be treated unfairly or that their personal rights (legitimate rights like voting, not being discriminated against, etc.) should be shat upon. That should be obvious. My issue has to do with a) the pushing of this agenda onto young children and b) the in-your-face way that these people want the entirety of human civilization to accept their delusions to the point of mandating the use of ridiculous made-up words. That's what pisses me off. Got it?  

Monday, October 31, 2022

On Martha's Vineyard Recently Failing/Refusing to Absorb 50 Illegal Aliens from Venezuela Even Though a) They Claim to Be a Sanctuary City, b) it Was Off-Season and so There Were Plenty of Rooms to Accommodate Them, and c) 50 Represented Only .0025% of the 2,000,000 Illegals Who've Arrived Over the Past 12 Months

This is a perfect example of what they call a "luxury belief"; holding a view in which a) the negative consequences rarely effect you and b) a man-sized dose of self-righteousness generally accompanies it. Textbook, one might even conclude.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

On Dick Cheney (During a "Meet the Press" Interview Five Days After the 9/11 Attacks) Asserting that the Intercepting of Dangerous Aircraft Was a "Presidential-Level Decision" (an Attempt, I Gather, to Explain Away the Government's Slow Response to the Calamity)

Well, being that the intercepting of suspicious aircraft had long occurred routinely in the past, the Vice President was either immensely ill-informed or lying his ass off (his motivation for doing so a subject for future posts, perhaps)............and being that the fellow was a former Defense Secretary under Bush Sr., you probably know how I'm leaning here.

On the Fact that Biden's Lies Have Gotten so Over-the-Top that Even Leftist Outlets Like Snopes and the BBC Are Calling Him Out (Snopes On His Gas Price Claims and the BBC On His Claims of Economic Growth)

The timing of these fact checks is also telling (and why I'm not giving the fact-checkers too much credit) in that President Biden isn't up for reelection for two years, a factor that gives these faux journalists an opening to ding Biden once in a while and make themselves look impartial. Now, if they're still doing stuff like this during the summer of '24, that'll be different and I'll praise them, wholeheartedly. Until then, though, I'll remain a skeptic.

On the Heritage Foundation Securing Emails Through a FOIA Request Showing that the Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, Knew that the "Border Agents Whipping Migrants" Story Was Bullshit and yet Continued to Peddle it Anyway -

Yeah, it seems that crushing people's lives and livelihoods is a pretty popular strategy with these parasitic psychopaths. Big surprise, huh?

On the Congressional Progressive Caucus Sending a Letter to President Biden Urging Him to Pursue a Peaceful End to the War In Ukraine, Receiving Significant Blow-Back from the More Militaristic Mainstream Democrats, and Ultimately Rescinding the Letter Like a Bunch of Sniveling Cowards -

So the one issue that those folks and I share some common ground on (a major reduction in U.S. militarism), they're ditched me there as well (and all because of President Biden's love affair with corrupt Ukrainian fascists). I should have known. Thanks, guys.

On President Biden, with Everything that's Going On In the World, Still Finding the Time to Sit Down with this Person and Seemingly Agreeing with "Her" that Children Should Be Mutilated, Poisoned, etc., In Order to Push a Condition that a) Generally Self-Corrects if Left Alone and b) Is Likely Being Brought About by Social Contagion -

And it appears as if a lot of women aren't too happy with the situation, either (the gender appropriation, the stereotypical manner in which this particular tranny presents "herself", etc.). Can't say that I blame 'em. Can you?

Friday, October 28, 2022

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

On the Democrats Trying to Gain Traction On the Crime Issue by Saying that Many of the Top 10 States for Crime Are Red States with Republican Governors

Of course what they leave out (intentionally, I'm guessing) is that it's the dark blue parts of the red states where the vast majority of the violent crime is taking place and that these places are exclusively run by liberal Democrats (mayors, D.A.s, chiefs of police, city council members, etc.). Kind of an important point, no?

On Florida State University Securing 51 New Defibrillators and Asking that Their Students Get Regular Heart Screenings

 "Long covid" again, I suppose, as what in the hell else could it possibly be (just playing along here)?

On the Fact that There Were 448 Homicides In Chicago During the First Eight Months of 2022 -

And the media shits completely ignore it because the killers are black folks and so are the victims (it doesn't fit the template of white villainy and incessant black victimhood, in other words). It's as simple as that, it seems.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

On a Nonprofit Research Group Called Marco Polo Analyzing the Contents of the Hunter Biden Laptop and Discovering that There Are 459 Legal Violations to Be Found On it Including the Distribution of Narcotics, Tax Fraud, Serving as an Agent for Foreign Entities Without Disclosing it, Falsifying Business Documents, Prostitution, and Non-Consensual Pornography

I'm not familiar with this group, Marco Polo. It sounds as if they might be partisan. But that really doesn't matter, does it, as long as the information provided is legitimate? And the fact that they've put it all out there in a 600 page report, kinda' sounds like it might be, huh?

On the Left's Wacky New Claim that Florida Is Banning Books

  The truth of course is that they're simply removing the sexually explicit material so that 5,6,7, and 8 year-olds don't see the stuff. I mean, we don't let second graders into X-rated movies, do we?
  And while we're talking about book banning, wasn't it the rabid left that wanted to ban "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Adventures Huckleberry Finn" (from much older students, no less), two of the most lauded books by an American author in our history? I do seem to remember that and, so, yeah, a pot calling the kettle black moment, most assuredly. 

On Conservative Podcaster, Michael Knowles, Saying that He Enjoys Jazz Because it's Easy to Play Along with (Due to its Freeform Elements)

 Not certain what kind of jazz that Mr. Knowles has been "playing along to" lately but I'll bet you a week's pay that it isn't John Coltrane, Don Cherry, Charles Mingus, Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Max Roach, Ornette Coleman, or Bill Evans in that those fellows most definitely ain't easy to play with.

Monday, October 24, 2022

On Sacheen Littlefeather, the Chick Who Accepted Marlon Brando's Godfather Oscar as a Protest to Hollywood's Portrayal of Native-Americans Apparently Not Being Native-American After All (at Least Not White Mountain Apache or Yaqui as She Had Claimed) -

This according to her sisters. I tend to believe them.

On a Recent Poll from CBS Showing that Only 17% of Respondents Believe that Abortion Should Be Permitted at Any Point During the Pregnancy


To be fair, only 12% of the respondents favored a total ban on abortion which clearly shows that there are extremists on both sides of this debate. Unfortunately from my perspective.....................................................................................P.S. The only reason that I led with the 17% was because Mr. Biden a) is now saying that he wants to codify Roe v Wade nationwide and b) so far hasn't said a friggin' thing about any restrictions.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

On a Recent Poll Showing that 80% of People Believe that Abortion Should Be Illegal In the Third Trimester -

Does Stacey Abrams know this stat? I'm asking because she's been grilled repeatedly as to whether she would accept SOME restrictions on abortion and pretty much always says, no. I mean, if it's a strongly felt principle that she's working from, fine, I suppose (though, yes, killing 7 month-old fetuses seems like a rather odd one), but being that she probably wants to win, too, knowing that stat might indeed be valuable.

On Going from Civil Unions (Which a Large Percentage of American Voters Could Readily Get Behind) to "Family Friendly" Drag Shows

Wow, so the bible-thumpers who warned us about a slippery-slope with some of these alternative lifestyles may in fact have been prescient after all. Wild, huh?

On Tulsi Gabbard Leaving the Democratic Party

Yeah, I guess that being in the party of nuclear brinksmanship gets pretty stale after a while.......If only there were more Tulsies.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

On the Miami Hurricanes Turning the Ball Over 8 Times Today and Getting Smoked by a Feisty but Much Less Ballyhooed Duke Squad, 45 to 21 (Duke Was Actually On the Verge of Adding Another Touchdown at the End but Mercifully Took a Knee so as to Not Run Up the Score - Duke Running Up the Score On Miami, Did You Ever?)

 Needless to say the 'Canes fans are going apeshit and asking that first year coach, Mario Cristobal, be summarily dismissed. Unfortunately the school went all in on Cristobal by giving him a long-term contract at $8,000,000 a season (with a hefty buyout, I'm assuming) and so unless the faithful can load up a convoy of armored trucks at Fort Knox and head it on down to South Beach, hoping and praying might be the only plausible option at this point, sadly.

On a Homeless Woman In New York Recently Pick-Pocketing a Dead Fella's Wallet (the Dude Having Just Been Run Over by a Truck) -

The chick claims that he had stolen the moolah from her first and that she was just getting the cash back (quite fortuitous for her that he lay lifeless and ripe for the pickin' like that) but being that she had made a bunch of other nonsensical and contradictory statements (she had dated the guy but didn't know him personally, for example), she's probably lyin'. My guess.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Thursday, October 20, 2022

On the Fact that (According to Famed Economist, Gene Smiley) FDR Apparently Believed that Direct Relief (i.e., Welfare) to the Poor Had a Psychologically Debilitating and Weakening Effect and Even Crushed Their Will to Provide for Themselves

Yeah, I guess that the old fella' wanted a) the recipients to work (even if it was just make-work) for the money and b) in cases where direct relief was unavoidable, to have it administered by local and state governments who ostensibly at least had a greater familiarity with their unemployed citizens. Some good old common sense, in other words. And from a progressive, no less. Gotta love it.

On Biden Telling Fake Tapper During Yet Another Cream-Puff Interview that We Weren't In a Recession and that if We Did Experience One it Would Be Mild and Fake Responding to the Bald-Faced Fabrication with His Usual Zero Push-Back

"But Mr. President, the definition of recession has always been two straight quarters of negative economic growth and since that is what we're experiencing now, the basis for your denial of basic economics is what exactly?" A rather obvious question, wouldn't you say? And yet for Fake, he couldn't quite push it over the finish-line. Sad, huh? 

On the Fact that (According to the 1970 Census) the Grand Total of First and Second Generation Puerto Ricans In Delaware at the Start of Mr. Biden's Political Odyssey Rested at a Whopping 2,154

And, so, yeah, the likelihood of Mr. Biden having been raised in a Puerto Rican community, majorly unlikely, I'd say.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

On the Saudis Asserting that President Biden Had Asked Them to Withhold Their Oil Production Cuts for One Month - Quick Addendum

 And, no, I don't trust everything that the Saudis have to say these days. HOWEVER, being that ole Biden has lied about virtually everything since coming into office (and before, too) and probably knows that a Republican Congress will likely uncover all sorts of damaging shit, desperate measures, as they say.

On the Saudis Asserting that President Biden Had Asked Them to Withhold Their Oil Production Cuts for One Month

Let's see, what's happening next month? Oh yeah, the elections. Must be a coincidence, huh (the Dems simply not capable of doing something as draconian as using energy as a weapon against not just the opposing party but the American public as well - at least according to the New York Times and MSLSD)?

Monday, October 17, 2022

On the Fact that I Never Really Considered Adopting Kids

Well, save of course for that 18 year-old Ecuadoran hottie back in '87. That I did consider until the wife put a kibosh on it. But other than that.

On a Muslim Prisoner In Wisconsin Refusing to Have a Trans Guard Strip-Search Him Because it Doesn't Comport with His Religion

I just love these scenarios; the wokesters morphing into pretzels while feverishly and comically trying to figure out which oppressed group to side with. As for this particular case, it's close but they'll probably go with the Muzzies in that these people still seem to score the highest in terms of victim points. Subject to change, of course.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

On the Fact that Every President Is Briefed as to What They Should Do After a Speech and so for Biden to Walk Around so Aimlessly After One of His Talks Is Troubling, Very

Yeah, I can't see this going on for another two years............but then I see who's waiting in the wings and bizarrely start hoping that it does. If that makes sense.

On Idiot Newsom Deciding to Decriminalize Jay-Walking

Well, being that defecating in the street is already permitted in the state's fourth largest and most dystopian city, no reason to not allow this one, too, I guess.

On the Fact that this Scene Still Cracks Me Up

   Steve Landseberg, lost this fella' way too early.

On the Likelihood of a Military Chock to the Brim with Wokesters, Trannies, Lesbian Moms, and Double-Vaxxed Zombies Being Able to Handle the Russian Army

Maybe if Ukraine beats the snot out of 'em first but being that the odds of that happening are pretty fucking small, too, .3 to .7%, would be my guess.

Friday, October 14, 2022

On the Fact that We Still Have January 6th "Insurrectionists" Being Held Indefinitely, Sometimes In Solitary Confinement, with No Trial Dates Scheduled and No Opportunities for Discovery (Way too Risky for the Government Narrative, I Guess, Just Like Those Videos) and Those Very Same Leftists Who Gnashed Their Teeth Over Guantanamo Bay (Justifiably so, In My Estimation) Haven't Said a Fucking Word About Their Fellow Americans Being Treated this Way

Yeah, this how you can tell if a person has actual principles or not, by how they treat adversaries (especially their fellow citizens) and if they use the same moral yardstick across the board. And based upon what I've shared with you here, what do YOU think?

On the State of the Country When Osama bin Laden's Niece, Noor bin Laden, Has a Greater Degree of Respect for it than the Two Fucking Imbeciles Living In the White House

Sickly and pathetic with a dubious future, would be my answer. I mean, it's patently obvious, isn't it?

On Ashuelot River Park In Keene NH


It's on West Street right next to a Starbucks (a bit strange as this is a busy part of town). You can't miss it, and you shouldn't as it's one of the prettier parks in the area. It's even got several hiking trails thanks to the hugely wooded areas between West Street and rt. 9 East heading to Hillsborough (birthplace of Franklin Pierce for the trivia nuts). I say, give it a shot. It's conveniently located and as you can see from these photos, quite lovely.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

On Two of the "Definitive" Books On WW2 Written In its Immediate Aftermath, "The Challenge to Isolation" and "The Undeclared War" Having Been Written by William Langer and Everett Gleason" - Their Resumes (During the War) Written Below

  Langer - Served in the Office of Strategic Services (precursor to the C.I.A.) as a deputy chief and later as its chief of the research and analysis branch.
  Gleason - Intelligence Chief of the Office of Strategic Services.
  So two fellows with no incentive to sanitize America's role in this bloody affair. Got it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

On Former French Presidential Candidate, Jean Lassalle, Proclaiming that a) He Almost Died from the Johnson and Johnson Covid Vaccine and b) the Momma's Boy Macron and Other Political Schmucks Never Took the Vaccine Themselves

If these things turn out to be true (especially the second one), this could easily become one of the greatest geopolitical scandals in modern history.......And we'd be here to witness it. How cool is that?

The Greatest One Hit Wonder of All Time?

 I'm kinda' partial to this one.

On the People of Texas Being Labeled Racist for Complaining About Illegal Immigration but the People of Martha's Vineyard Who Bitched Even More Vociferously When the Illegals Showed Up In Their Neighborhood Apparently Not so Much

 I'm not a political adviser (don't even play one on TV - I know, I know, old joke) but if I was advising the Republicans for the upcoming election I would have them hammer away at this obvious hypocrisy right up til election day and let the chips fall where they may. Yes, it'll galvanize the base but you also might pick up a few disaffected Democrats (the Tulsi Gabbard's of the world) and how delicious would that be?..........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I'm rooting for the Republicans this go 'round (the entire Democratic party having lost it's mind; green energy insanity, kids picking their gender, abortion up til birth, defunding the police, the list goes on and on), just like I rooted for the Democrats 20 years ago during the neocon period and 40 years ago during the moral majority period. You looking for partisanship? Go look elsewhere as it isn't happenin' here.  

On Biden Now Proclaiming that He Was "Raised In a Puerto Rican Community" After Having Previously Stated that He Was "Raised In a Black Church"

So what was it; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the Puerto Rican community and Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday in the black church (Saturday was strictly football)? I mean, it's gotta' be something close to that, right (as opposed to Biden lying his ass off as he would never do that)?

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

On the Claim that the 2020 Election Was the "Safest and Most Secure In History"

Well, being that there were millions of mail-in ballots with no chain of custody, an untold number of drop-boxes that weren't being observed, hundreds of affidavits from poll workers who claimed that they weren't able to observe the count, geo-tracking and video showing a bunch of "mules" stuffing ballots into multiple drop-boxes, and at least SOME statistical anomalies, at the bare minimum we're talking hyperbole here.................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not asserting that Trump won the election. I simply want a sane, nonpartisan, and reasoned discussion on the issue so that it won't happen again.

Monday, October 10, 2022

On Newly Released Emails Showing that the Biden Regime Was Actively Colluding with Big Tech to Censor Anything that Didn't Rubber-Stamp the Entrenched Bureaucracy's Crazy-Assed Covid Policies On Masks, Vaccines, etc., etc. -

In a less tyrannical time I would have called this a bombshell revelation but being that Peppermint Patty took to the press podium and didn't just admit to this Naziesque policy but damn near boasted about it, overwhelmed I wasn't. Sadly. 

On the Fact that Elliot Page Now Identifies as a Person with a Forehead that Isn't Nearly the Square Footage of Historic Bobby Dodd Stadium In Atlanta, Georgia

What can I say, it's her "truth", right?.............................................................................................P.S. I'm not quite as down with the pronouns, though. Just something weird about, "I'll Believe Pretty Much Anything that Jussie Smollet Tells Me, Even Though He's a Frigging Idiot" and "Sorry, Guys, but Those Single-Occupancy Unisex Bathrooms Are so Yesteryear, Please, Go Back to the Drawing-Room". That and they simply aren't specific enough. Obviously.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

A Politician Without Principles?

Yeah, I'm starting to get the grift, err, I mean, drift.............On second thought, I do mean, grift. Let's stick with that.

On Karine Jean-Pierre, Stacey Abrams, Joy Reid, and Hillary Clinton All Claiming that Brian Kemp Pilfered the 2018 Election for Georgia Governor

And all because Mr. Kemp as Georgia Secretary of State carried out a 1997 law that had been pushed through by a Democratic legislature and signed into law by a Democratic Governor (ole Zell Miller); the law simply mandating that names which hadn't voted in a long time (a lot of them likely either deceased or living in another state by then) be removed from the voter rolls. That's it. And, besides, if this "tactic" had made it hard for people to vote there would have been a huge uproar............and since none of us have ever heard so much as a peep, you get it now (the hard left's treachery, bullshit, etc.)? Hope so. 

On Georgia Tech's High Academic Ranking Supposedly Being a Barrier To Playing Good Football

It's a cop-out in that a) five other ACC programs are ranked higher than Tech in the most recent US News rankings (six if you include part-time member, Notre Dame) and b) Georgie Tech has been at the bare minimum solid many times in the past (under John Heisman, Bobby Dodd, Pepper Rodgers, Bobby Ross, George O'Leary, and, yes, even Paul Johnson) and so clearly it can be done. You just gotta' do it.

Friday, October 7, 2022

On Some Back-Bencher at the Washington Post Writing that the Supreme Court Is Being Dogged by "Questions of Illegitimacy" (for Ruling In a Manner that the Libs Don't Like, I'm Assuming)............with the Washington Post Being One of the Primary Rags Doing the Dogging

And what are we to glean from this, that it's OK for the Democrats to question not only the Supreme Court's legitimacy but that of the 2016 election (that they lost) but that the Republicans aren't permitted to question the legitimacy of the 2020 election? 'Cause that's what I'm picking up here (this being yet another example of the double-standard in Washington, yada yada). 

On the Fact that (According to Tom Knutson from the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and Chris Landsea from the National Hurricane Center) While 2020 Had a Busy Hurricane Season it Was Just the 13th Busiest On Record and a Lot Less Busy than 1893 and 1933 (When Much Less CO2 Was Being Emitted Into the Atmosphere) -

Yeah, it appears as if there's something called the Atlantic Mutidecadal Variability that creates an ebb and flow to both the frequency and intensity of tropical storms (as measured by the Accumulated Cyclone Index - a concept that will never leave the lips of anyone from CNN or MSLSD - I assure you) and for the political stooges to not even consider this factor is telling and yet one more reason to put them in the corner with a dunce cap on.......Journalists, too.

On Living In a World In Which the Young People of Today Have to Tell Their Future Grand-Kids What Freedom Was Like

............and how they failed to appreciate it.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

On Beaver Brook Falls In Keene, New Hampshire


Beautiful, isn't it. And it isn't only the falls. The entire trail tracks Beaver Brook and since you're going uphill the whole way it looks like a slow-moving waterfall for about a half mile. Please, if you're ever in Keene check it out. It's only about a mile out of town off of Washington Street.

On Pelosi Arguing that One of the Downsides of Sending Illegals Up North Is that There Won't Be Anyone to Pick the Crops Then

She proclaims that a farmer told her this but I'll bet you a sirloin that the chick's lying (the more logical explanation being that she's a bigot showing her true colors, assigning the most menial of tasks to brown people) and I'm a vegetarian.

On the Fact that Mike Lindell's My Pillow Is the Most Comfortable Pillow Out There............for People Who've Been Up for Seven Consecutive Days Snorting Cocaine and Then On Day Eight Switching Gears and Dousing a Half-Gallon of Cutty

I've got nothing personal against you ole Mike but, dear Lord, if you're gonna' charge an arm and a leg for a damned pillow you're gonna' have to up your game a bit. Sorry but, yeah.

On Governor DeSantis Giving a Stern Warning to Potential Looters that They Had Best Not Engage In Such Mayhem and Right On Cue MSLSD's Buffoonish Grievance-Monger, Joy Reid, Shitting Out a Tweet Characterizing the Governor's Warning as, "a Racial Threat from a Segregationist"

The woman's disgusting. As for this tweet, two points. a) These cable shits really need to stop playing politics with these horrible events in that it doesn't help and actually makes things worse by dividing people and b) is the imbecile implying here that only back folks riot and loot because if she is that's fucking racist (they don't think this shit through, do they?).

On the Fact that the Government and Media Shits Have Lied Through Their Teeth About

a) Trump colluding with Russia (the declassified docs from Adam Schiff's star-chamber hearing are illustrative on this), b) Hunter Biden's laptop being Russian disinformation, c) Biden not knowing anything about his son's business dealings, d) Biden not knowing anything about the Michael Flynn case (VP; Logan Act - from Peter Stzrok's notes), e) hydroxychloroquine being a dangerous drug (it actually has a better safety profile than ibuprofen), f) the lockdowns only lasting 15 days to "flattern the curve", g) ivermectin being a "horse de-wormer", h) the covid jabs being safe and effective (some studies actually suggesting negative efficacy after two boosters), i) the January 6th rioters killing five individuals, j) Trump asserting that there were fine people among the neo-Nazis, j) Kyle Rittenhouse being a racist and white supremacist, k) modern industrial societies being able to function on wind, solar, and battery power, l) there being bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, and m) border agents whipping illegal aliens - and, so, yeah, they're probably lying about Trump cheating on his taxes and Russia being 100% to blame for the war in Ukraine as well. Simple deduction, no?

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Monday, October 3, 2022

On June Havoc, Circa the Late 1940s


One of my favorite screen beauties from that period............and you can easily see why.

On John Effing Brennan, Without so Much as a Morsel of Evidence, Going On CNN and Claiming that it Had to Have Been Russia that Exploded the Nordstream Pipeline

It must have the "classic earmarks", I guess.......What an asshole.  

On the Italians Electing a New Prime Minister and the Entrenched Bureaucrats from Brussels to Washington D.C. Showing Maximum Displeasure Simply Because the Gal Believes In God, the Family, and Her Nation's Sovereignty

Yeah, this narrative of her being Mussolini-adjacent will inevitably fail. There are just too many opportunities in various venues for people to see through the bullshit and if it ends up being one more nail in the coffin, oh well, sucks to be them, I guess.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

On Jeff Beck Doing Charlie (Mingus) Proud

  Never gets old. Never.

On TK News (Spearheaded by the Based Matt Taibbi) Running this Montage of Democrats Questioning the 2016 Election (Making Idiotic and Conspiratorial Claims Along the Way), YouTube Demonitizing it, and Later Doing an About-Face When Pressured

   So, can we finally put to bed this ridiculous assertion that questioning elections makes you a terrorist, threat to Democracy, etc.? Or are "we" simply going to slide over to the "Trump was an existential threat" who "we" needed to derail by any means necessary? Kinda' need an answer to this.

On Georgia Tech, In its First Game Since the Firing of Beleaguered Coach, Geoff Collins, Beating Pitt Today, 26 to 21

This was easily one of their best performances of the past several years or so and it really makes you wonder, were they actually a decent team and the only thing that they needed to do was fire coach Collins? We'll have to see how they perform next week. They're playing a much improved Duke team with a young lights-out quarterback in Riley Leonard. If Tech plays well and maybe even wins, the answer to the question might be, yeah, for sure.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

On the New York Times Publishing a Puff-Piece On Ray Epps In Which They Try to Make the Idiot Out to Be Some Sort of Sympathetic Victim

So the jerk who engaged in the most rabble-rousing during the insurrection is the singular one that the corporate press has chosen not to excoriate and it isn't suspicious in the least (he proffered while choking on his own sarcasm, cynicism, etc.).

Friday, September 30, 2022

To the F.B.I. Agents Who Raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago Home and Then Tracked-Down the Mr. Pillow Guy and the Anti-Abortion Advocate

So, are there any orders that you WOULDN'T carry out? What if the brass asked you to assassinate Trump? Would you draw the line there or is Trump such an existential threat to humanity that you could talk yourselves into it? I'm just askin' 'cause I want to know what I'm up against with you assholes. That's all. 

On the F.B.I.'s Top Priorities Now Apparently Being White Supremacists and Violence at Abortion Clinics (the Violence Taking Place at Crisis Pregnancy Centers that Offer Everything but Abortions Aren't a Big Problem, I Guess) -

 Not saying that these things shouldn't be monitored but to place them ahead of fantanyl smuggling, gang violence, sex trafficking, etc. seems like more of a political maneuver to me. I mean, we are talking the F.B.I. here, right?

Thursday, September 29, 2022

On Thinking that Our Federal Government Would Never In a Million Light-Years Round Up its Citizens and Put Them Into Camps

 So I guess that those 120,000 Japanese-American CITIZENS who were rounded up and put into camps weren't actually rounded up or actually placed in camps. It was something entirely different (they apparently fucked with the language back then as well).............And if you believe that......

On Freedom Being the New Fascism

An obvious non-sequitur and yet this is what the leftists seem to be pushing these days while simultaneously constructing a larger and more tyrannical leviathan with every passing year. And the media, oh yeah, they're down with it, too. CLEARLY (this while failing to discern that they'll eventually be on the chopping block as well - useful idiots that they are).

On the Number of Cases Where Fascism Succeeds When the Government Remains Smaller and Weaker than its Citizens

 There aren't that many, are there?

On the Claim by One of the Media Shits that Some of Giogia Meloni's Supporters Were Also Supporters of Mussolini

Never knew that Benito was such a major hit with the two and three year-olds of Italy but seemingly he was, at least according to this reporter.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

On Italy Electing a Conservative Woman, Giorgia Meloni, to Be Their Next Prime Minister and the Media In Their Usual Shameless and Buffoonish Manner Linking Her to Mussolini

Oh well, at least they didn't link her to Hitler, their standard hyperbolic smear. Probably wanted to keep it an Italian analogy. For now.............................................................................................And, please, keep in mind, if the gal was an American she's probably be a cross between a George Will and a Rick Santorum. Still not to the left's taste but just for perspective. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

On the Thought of Residing In a Society Where 20% of its Citizens Look and Act Like this (Pat, the Androgynous Individual from SNL Who No One Can Quite Figure of What Gender He or She Is)


Hard to see how it would function (the birthrate flat-lining, the military becoming dysfunctional, a mental health epidemic probably emerging, etc.) and, yet, that's what we're apparently becoming. Did you ever......