Thursday, May 30, 2024

On the Fact that Trump's Only True Crime Was Beating Hillary Clinton In 2016 (Largely Because the Hill Was Just too Effing Lazy and Cocky to Spend Sufficient Time In Pennsylvania and other Key Battleground States)

 And the timing of this foolishness makes it utterly obvious that the motivation of these deep-state tyrants has nothing to do with law and order (the indisputable fact that authorities could have issued these charges in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023) and everything to do with their paralyzing consternation that if Trump gets elected their psychotic and fascistic game will have run its course.............And you know what, it's probably the major reason why I'm pinching my nostrils and voting for the guy. Plus he's entertaining, can't deny that.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

On the 1950s Finnish Actress and Dancer, Taina Elg

She was not bad, not bad......AT ALL. What do ya' think?

On the Deep State's January 6th Template Having a Problem or Two with it - - 54 minute mark

Watch the footage (particularly at the 54 minute mark where it strongly suggests that it was the police who initiated the violence on that day) and then try to come to any conclusion other than the Democrats and their media lackeys have lied their asses off during the past three and half years. You'd be very hard pressed, I think.

On the Fact that if I Had Told My Liberal Buddies 40 Years Ago that the Left Would One Day Be in Favor of Proxy Wars with Nuclear Powers, Political Prosecutions, Rampant Censorship, Policies that Make Big Pharma Wealthier than They Already Are, Collusion with Major Conglomerates, an Overarching Security State, Open Borders, Forced Injections (Experimental Biological Agents, No Less) and Biological Males Beating the Snot Out School Girls In Sporting Events, They Would Have Asked Me What I Was Smoking (Which We Did a Lot of Back Then)

I was going to say something about the looking glass but being that we've already smashed it into a gazillion pieces and left it in the dust, gotta' go to plan B, I guess (if only I had one).

Monday, May 27, 2024

On Nancy Pelosi Tweeting Out that (Saint) George Floyd "Mobilized Millions Around the World to Call for an End to Police Brutality"

And unfortunately a beginning to loot, murder, start fires, etc.. Oh well, gotta' take the bad with the good, I guess.............What was the good again?

Sunday, May 26, 2024

On the Washington Post's Surface-Thinking Columnist, Gene Robinson, Claiming that the Term, Woke, Is Being Thrown Around Indiscriminately by Anti-Vaxers, Right-Wingers, MAGA Supporters and Various Other Conservative Groups that Apparently Find the Asshole's Statist Dystopian Views to Be a Wee Bit Crazed, Abhorrent, Idiotic, etc.

You see what happened here? The schmuck starts off making a fairly defensible point (i.e., that the right can overuse terms as well) but then ruins it by throwing out a bunch of the left's own poorly-defined stock insults. And while I'm not exactly sure what's going on with this a-hole, too stupid to recognize irony and/or possessing a sense of superiority and so it isn't a problem if his side does it, seems about right to me. 

On 1950s and '60s Swedish Actress, Inger Stevens

Had Grace Kelly written all over her but after a string of so-so movies and ultimately suicide, this is what we're left with and it ain't half bad, now is it?

Saturday, May 25, 2024

On Helping Minority Populations Get Ahead Having Been One of the West's Dominant Cultural Priorities for Over Half a Century Now (Civil Rights Legislation, The Great Society, Affirmative Action, Billions Pumped Into the Inner City, etc.)

Of course if you listen to those Ivy League dullards at Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, and Penn you'd think that we haven't moved a centimeter from 1619 when we plainly have.......We just haven't reached utopia yet, that's all. 

On the Fact that There Are Actually Some Pseudo-Professorial Shits Out There Who Think that the Middle-East and Africa Would Have Fared Infinitely Better Under the Auspices of Islamist Radicals and African Voodoo Fools than They Did During Western Colonialism

Unsurprising in that these insular schmucks have nothing but contempt for the West (this despite the fact that they themselves have benefited immensely from residing there) and so therefore can't in any way, shape, or form give it credit for anything, never mind for colonialism (the gold-standard for their hatred). 

On Democracy as Defined by Leftist Swill Like Nancy Pelosi Now Being Little More than an Armament of Fool-Proof Strategies for the Democratic Party to Maintain its Stranglehold On Power

And amongst those strategies are fast-tracking illegal aliens to citizenship, counting illegal aliens to determine the electoral vote apportionment, censoring your political opposition and justifying such a practice with Orwellian lingo like misinformation, having your Justice Department fabricate a bunch of preposterous charges against the Republican Presidential nominee, mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting, etc., etc.. The usual predictable idiocy, in other words.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

To the Surface-Thinking Malcontents Who Penned "The 1619 Project"

 Yes, those 20-something sub-Saharan Africans who came to North America as slaves in 1619 unquestionably lived a short and brutal life but you know who else did, try 99.99% of human life on the planet back then; Scottish indentured servants in Nova Scotia, serfs from China and India, railroaded prisoners in European jails, white Europeans enslaved by the Barbary Pirates, black slaves taken elsewhere (the Middle-East, Caribbean, and Other Parts of Africa), victims of the bubonic plague, young English street urchins, etc.. I mean, I get it that your primary goal here is to corner the market on historical injustices and all but, please, show a little humility and act like a damned grownup as it's well......past......time.   

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

On the Fact that Every Damned Rocket and Missile that Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, etc. Lob Into Israel Is Meant to Detonate Civilians and it Is Only Through Their Impotence and Israel's Superior Firepower, Technology, and Expertise that These Barbarous Assholes Haven't Been Able to Rack Up Pinball Number Casualties

We still measure morality (at least in part) on intent, right? Surely hope so. 

On (Former Comedian) Jon Stewart Asserting that Liz Cheney Was Kicked Out of the Republican Party

Yeah, it's called losing a primary election. And how pathetic in your shear hatred of Trump do you have to be to form an alliance with such a war-mongering torture apologist like Liz Cheney (her daddy's little girl, for sure)? Far beyond embarrassing, isn't it?

Monday, May 20, 2024

On the Fact that if it Starts with a Pronoun, Rest Assured, it Will Not End with One

A word to the wise, hopefully.

On a Recent Harris Poll Showing that 42% of Democrats Now Support the Mass Deportation of Illegals

I can't wait to see what that number is a couple months from now. You might even be able to predict the election from it, all things being equal 👆👇👈👉.

On this POS Recently Referring to Israel as an "Ethno-State" (as Opposed to the 20-Something Predominantly Arab Countries Surrounding it, I Guess)


 Several points. a) Judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity and b) Israel is easily the most ethnically diverse country in the entire region (with Arabs being the largest minority and with Jews coming from places as disparate as Hungary and Ethiopia). Of course if you get the entirety of your history and geography training from primitive Marxist comic books the odds of getting even a modicum of nuance from this clown are............Let's just say that I should have known better and leave it there.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

On Rosie Flores Circa 1992


A bit smitten I was. To say the least.

On Our Corrupt and Fascistic Attorney General Already Laying the Groundwork for Another Round of Ludicrous Russian Collusion and Knuckle-Dragging Censorship

And of course the corporate whore media will rubber-stamp it completely as they are part and parcel to it themselves. Just don't fall for it, OK, not this time.

On the Bims on The View Getting a Collective Woody (Chicks Can Get Woodies Now, Didn't You Know) at the Thought of Trump Going to Jail Over These Bullshit Charges

 Yeah, these are some seriously sick fucks, and the fact that they don't even try to hide their glee over this bullshit, that's even more problematic. The price for not having an emergency brake, I guess.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

On Trump Agreeing to Debate Biden On CNN with Dana Bash and Fake Tapper as the Moderators

 A huge mistake in that Bash and Fake have both made it patently clear that they hate Trump's guts and that they'd be more than willing to do anything humanly possible to embarrass him. And how does Trump even know that Joe's gonna' be the dude? Obviously he doesn't know and so why tip your cap to whoever the Dems have in mind as a replacement? It makes no sense (3D chess or no 3D chess).

On the Biden Administration Wanting to Institute Background Checks for All Private Gun Sales (and this Would Include a Father Giving His Son a Gun)

I suspect that ole Biden doesn't give a rat's-ass about background checks and that he's only introducing this policy to usher in a gun registry. You see, that way he'll know where to go to seize the weapons and finally bring about that entrenched bureaucratic wet-dream of having the monopoly on force. It's pretty transparent actually.

Friday, May 17, 2024

On Whether the People from Syria and Egypt Who Bum-Rushed In to Palestine During the Turkish and British Empires Should Ultimately Be Seen as "Settler Colonialists"

Depends. If you're making your assessment based on moral consistency, then of course they should be (and please don't give me any bullshit about these people coming from the region and so therefore they couldn't have been colonial types in that half of Israel's original Jewish population also came from North Africa and the Middle East). However if you're looking at it strictly through the prism of perpetual Jewish hatred then, no, they shouldn't be. Simple as that.

On the Fact that I Would Listen to Rosie Even if She Was Singing the CNN Chyron

   Though, yes, I prefer this.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Palestinian Refugees to the U.S.?

 Well, being that a) over 70% of those cork-soakers approved of what Hamas did on October 7th (with some of them actually taking part in the violence) and b) nobody else in the region wants anything to do with them (this after having been jettisoned from numerous countries for trouble-making), the prudent course would probably be to take a hard pass.

On Di Nero and Pacino Still Pumping Out Kids In Their Late Hundreds

Those high school graduations ought to be epic. Hopefully they'll share some footage with us.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

To All of the Folks Out There with a Fetish that They're Presently Employing to Bludgeon Normality, Society, Logic, Science, and Good Old Common Sense

 I think that the author and researcher, Timothy Ives, sizes it up nicely....... "Life is too precious to spend as a projection of someone else's imagination."......Bullseye.

Question for the "From the River to the Sea, Palestine Must Be Free" Crowd

 There are over 7,000,000 Jews residing in Israel. What are your plans for them? Are you going to murder them? Ethnically cleanse them? Allow them to remain but force them to accept Islam as their new faith? Allow them to remain and still be Jews but treat them like garbage? You've probably thought none of this through, I'm guessing, but you had best begin now as your derangement seems to be catching steam.

On a Decently Sized Regiment of Mouth-Breathing Antifa Types Storming a Tesla Plant In Germany with Only a Couple of Them Getting Their Bell Rung

These assholes are eventually going to take it too far and the likelihood of it ending on a high note for them are probably not that great. I generally don't enjoy it when people get hurt (even when it comes to these schmucks) but when they bring it on themselves and in such a flagrant manner, let's just say that the word, indifferent, sizes it up for me.

On My Latest Pastime, Channeling the Idiots Who Gifted Us "The 1619 Project"

  Here's just one example - "Hey guys, I've got this awesome idea. Let's pick out a handful of 17th, 18th, and early 19th century white folks, judge their deeds according to 21st century sensibilities, provide zero context, show a total disregard for basic economics, and then completely ignore the barbarism perpetrated by the groups who we've inaccurately and condescendingly pigeonholed as victims. Of course we won't reach total nirvana until we get our fantasy published somewhere like, I don't know, The New York Times, maybe. Anybody got connections? What's that, Nikole does, great!!"............I've actually got a couple more but being that you've probably gotten the idea, peace out for now.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2024


There are a lot of great quarterbacks who aren't in the Pro Football Hall of Fame but one player has always stood out, Roman Gabriel, and we lost him today. And so if he ever does get inducted it will be as they always say, "a great honor for his family."

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Saturday, May 11, 2024

On New York's Chowder-Headed Governor, Kathy Hochul, Suggesting that Black Children from the Bronx Don't Know What a Computer Is

Putting the blatant racism aside (for now), it is a trifle humorous in that a large chunk of those kids likely know more about tech than she does (the bar being set as low as it is). Shit, I might even be willing to put a bet on it.

On Beyonce Pushing Out a Country Album

Nothing against Ms. Beyonce but what's she's doing now isn't country, it's pop country (which sadly constitutes much of the genre nowadays and so her framework is quite understandable). If you want to know what the real stuff sounds like, here, Ro Ro Rosie. 

Friday, May 10, 2024

On Biden Yet Again Blaming "Corporate Greed" for Inflation

And so why no significant inflation during the Trump years? Did Trump know the secret handshake or something that prompted these evil corporate tools to forgo their greed until a Democrat got elected?Hopefully not in that that would be some serious 3D chess.

On the Fact that Every Society On the Face of the Earth (Sub-Saharan Africans, South Asians, North Africans and Middle-Easterners, Native-Americans, etc.) Has Been Granted the Right to Move On from it's Slavery Past............Except for White Europeans (Especially Those Now Residing In the U.S.A.)

The era of racial etiquette is over. It has to be, because if we continue with this incendiary ideology of identitarianism and intersectionality our country will eventually become another Sudan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Czechoslovakia, Iraq, Nigeria, etc., etc.. And that's not something that the snowflakes will readily adjust to, I guarantee.  

On the International Criminal Court Issuing a Warrant Against Israel In a Fraction of the Time that it Took for Them to Dish Out One for the Sudan (this Despite the Fact that the Latter Is Perpetrating an True-Blue Genocide and the Latter Isn't)

To call this shit a double-standard is an insult to every double-standard shat-out before it, and it just keeps coming. Can't wait to see what these corruptocrats come up with next. I'm quite sure that it'll be a doozie. 

Thursday, May 9, 2024

On Slavery In North America Being an Exceedingly More Complex and Intractable Problem than the Average 21st Century Virtue-Signaling Collegiate Simpleton Could Possibly Understand, with the Independence of Haiti In 1804 Being a Prototypical Example of What a Rapid Emancipation Would Have Looked Like (Of Course if You've Read Jim Downs's Great Book, "Sick from Freedom", You'll Likely Come Away with the Opinion that it Isn't Necessary to Travel that Far)

  One of the factors frequently overlooked is the paternalism that emanated from the white population. As unsavory as it sounds today it was believed by many back then that blacks simply would not be capable of surviving on their own and so they had to be provided for. Granted, this may have been a rationalization on the part of certain whites but being what happened in South Carolina (older freed blacks often having to be wards of the state - this from Larry Koger's book,"Black Slaveowners: Free Black Slave Masters In South Carolina, 1790 to 1860)) it wasn't always wrong............................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm arguing against emancipation. I'm simply saying that it has to be done intelligently or you're going to end up with hundreds of thousands of corpses and civilizational destruction as what happened after the Civil War.

On the Fact that Every Bombing Mission that the Israelis Undertake Requires a Lengthy Approval Process Beforehand and so the Accusation by Both My Libertarian Friends and Progressive Enemies that Israel Is Bombing the Gazans Indiscriminately Is Fully Preposterous

Now, does Israel make mistakes? Of course they do but do they make as many as Bush and Obama did? My suspicion, probably not.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

On Biden Blaming Trump for the Violence of 2020

Well, being that the rioters and mayors of these cities were mostly psychotic leftists with Trump offering up the National Guard multiple times, kinda' sounds like yet one more dose of Biden logic, doesn't it?

On the United States Having Been Established at a Time In History When Slavery Was Still Largely Accepted (Worldwide) and it Was the Founders of America Who Were Far Ahead of the Curve In Discerning that Said Institution Was Incompatible with Equality and Liberty

And you could probably count on one hand the number of humanities professors astute enough to analyze this or any other complex issue through a contextual lens......and hence the millions of ignorant young jackboots stinking up the streets of America these days. My solution? I don't have one (actually I do but being that it wouldn't likely fly......).

Too Much Eva?



Monday, May 6, 2024

On the Fact that Prior to European Colonization Many African Areas Already Were Under Alien Rule, it Just Happened to Under the Auspices of Their Fellow Black Africans

Yeah, this is where the woke morons really fall on their face, this whole idea that black Africans, Native-Americans, Middle-Easterners, South Asians, etc. were all living in perfect harmony until those big, bad white Europeans obliterated their Nirvana. It's ludicrous and if anything the lives of these colonized groups improved dramatically by ending slavery, improving health outcomes, providing protection from rival clans, establishing the institutions necessary for democracy, etc.......and, while, yes, there were certainly atrocities, too, they a) happened in both directions and b) have been greatly exaggerated for decades (the shit about Cortes and Columbus, especially). I get it that a lot of people are hugely invested (financially AND emotionally) in this victim culture shit but we're playing with fire and it's well past time to put out those flames.

Sunday, May 5, 2024

On Constructing an Islamic State On the Rubble of Europe, Russia, Israel, India, the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and Allah Only Knows Where Else

And the fact that some of these places are actually facilitating it constitutes even more salt in the wound, causing it to fester. Of course when the bullshit ultimately does hit the fan and our western civilization is no more, buyers remorse with these assholes? Yeah, I think so.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

On the Folks Who Support Open Borders Being the Same Ones Who Oppose Voter ID

 And let me guess, they deny that there's any connection between the two.......Thought so.

On the Supreme Court Possibly Sticking a Fork Into Presidential Immunity

  Yeah, it'll suck for Trump potentially but you know who else it might suck for, Obama. I mean, he did drone-strike a few American citizens (probably bad actors but as American citizens entitled to due process), right?
   And then of course there's the Clintons and W. Gotta' think that maybe they're sweating some bullets over this immunity thing as well. It certainly explains the raw urgency to decimate Trump now doesn't it?

On Jane Greer, My Most Recent Entry Into the, "The Most Beautiful Woman Who's Ever Walked the Planet"......Sweepstakes

And the crazy part is that she suffered from partial facial paralysis which impacted her expressions as an actress, and yet she made it work for her. Gee, wonder why.

Friday, May 3, 2024

On a Recent Pew Research Study Showing that the Consistently Maligned Fox News is Less Extreme to the Right than NPR, The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Colbert Report Were to the Left - (Chart Displays at 1:01:26)

Liberals of course would nauseatingly respond with, "Well, being that Democrats are always correct and never lie, doesn't it just stand to reason here that this would be born-out in the press coverage that they get.......Seriously."

On the Fact that Trump Never Once Tried to Silence, Sensor, or Deplatform ANYBODY and yet He's the One that the Brain-Diseased Left Claims Will Take Your Rights Away

And make no mistake about it, if POS Biden (or whoever else that they can scrape from the bottom of their loafers as a replacement; Gruesome, the insufferable bed wench, etc.) gets another four year bite at the McIntosh, what's happening down in Brazil (censorship wise) just might come to your neighborhood.  

Thursday, May 2, 2024

On Donald Trump Becoming the First President Since Jimmy Carter to Not Initiate a New War and Not Receiving One Scintilla of Credit from the Antiwar Advocates for it

The naked truth of course is that these assholes don't really care about war at all. They're only interested in political power and if one of the ways to secure that political power is to persecute your opposition over their foreign policy they're down with that. Of course if their guy gets elected and pulls a lot of the same crap, fully expect either a one-eighty or absolute silence. It's how they roll, these miscreants.

On Ann Miller (Already Shrunken from 40 Years of Hardcore Dancing) Towering Over Mickey Rooney During Various Numbers from Their Long-Running Sugar Babies Broadway Musical

And those three inch heels that she was donning nightly, a little uncalled for, I'd say (particularly when you're performing with a midget).

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

On the Fact that a) Debts Can Never Be Cancelled, Just Transferred to Others and b) We Currently Have a President Who Is so Frigging Moronic that He's Seemingly Unaware of this Elemental Economic Fact

The Dude's also unaware (or simply ignoring) that a) we're stockpiling a $34 TRILLION debt and b) this whole loan "forgiveness" policy is fully and flagrantly unconstitutional (even he admitted this earlier but now that he desperately needs the youth vote, it's Katie bar the door, I guess). Of course if you're an upper middle class liberal parent whose snot-nosed kid majored in anti-colonial basket-weaving and who currently has no marketable skills whatsoever, you're likely willing to look the other way, I'll wager.