Sunday, May 31, 2020

On the Fact that Even Fauci Has Now Concluded that These Unending Economic Lockdowns Could Produce "Irreparable Damage" to Our Society -

Yeah, I guess that when something is staring you in the face like this, what choice does one have, really (save, of course, for turning into a CNN or MSNBC zombie)?

On the Fact that the Neocon Claim of an al Qaeda, Iranian Axis Has Always Been Implausible at Best (Hell, Iran Was Even Considering an Attack On Afghanistan In Retribution for the Terrorist Group's Treatment of Shiites In that Country) but, Please, for the Ultimate Coup de Grace, You Just Might Want to Listen to this Dismantling by the Legendary Gareth Porter

  I'd invite Bill Kristol and John Bolton to listen, too, but they're apparently hiding under their desks AGAIN. Those guys!

On the Fact that Black Lives Matter

Ditto, flat-screen TVs, apparently.

On Yahoo News Sewing Even More Seeds of Racial Division by Running a "Story" with the Heading, "Black and Brown People Are Being Killed for No Reason" (it Was Evidently a Quite from Some Agitator) -

As opposed to that elderly white couple who got assassinated in a Delaware cemetery by some deranged black asshole. That was for a "reason", I guess. Got it!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

On the Fact that if Joe Biden and Tara Reade Had Been College Students and the Incident Had Taken Place During the Obama Administration (Yes, I Understand that this Involves a Wee-Bit of Time-Travel but, Please, Humor Me Here), Ole Biden Would Have Been Assumed Guilty and Probably Expelled from the College (with Criminal Charges Possibly On His Horizon)

Ironic, huh (the fact that those very Title 9 reforms that he and Barack had championed would be cooking his goose right now, BIGLY - to steal a line from his adversary) ?

On Michael Smerconish Asking Amy Klobuchar if Her Husband Had Taken Hydroxychloroquine as a Part of His Therapy Regimen for COVID-19 and Her After a Noticeable Pregnant Pause Admitting that, "Yeah, He Was On it for a While" -

Yeah, that had to have been painful for her (the fact that Trump had recommended it and we must never, ever give the dude credit for anything) but here's the thing, she didn't lie when she clearly could have and for that, I'm impressed (yes, my bar has gotten extremely low of late). Well done, Amy.

On the Counter-Protesters In L.A. Accusing the Citizens Who Were Protesting Against the Strict Lockdown Measures of Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti of Fascism (Even Though a Large Chunk of Them Were Libertarians)

So the folks who were protesting against quite possibly the greatest abuse of power in American history (worse than Adams, Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR), they're the bad guys. Man, has our education system ever shit the bed.

On Minneapolis's Bonkers Mayor, Jacob Frey, Asking the Rioters and Looters of His Increasingly Third-World City to Continue Wearing Masks and Practice Social-Distancing

Yeah, the world is either going insane or this is the longest Saturday Night Live skit in human history. Just can't decide.

Friday, May 29, 2020

On Calling People Out, Ratting On Them, etc.

What, are we a country of 7 year-olds now? Kinda' seems like it, huh (the much more mature approach of course being to get your own house in order first but I digress)?

On the Fact that These Chowder-Headed Reporters from CNN and MSLSD Are Seemingly More Pissed Off at Some Poor Bastard Kicking-Back On the Beach Without a Mask than They Are at Those Disgusting Governors Who Forced Nursing Homes to Accept Corona-Virus Patients, an Order that Likely Killed Thousands of Elderly Residents

Yeah, these folks are so deranged with ideology that they literally have no perspective and, boy, does it ever show here. And they don't even wear the masks themselves (save when the camera's running), that's what really gets me (the ballsiness, hypocrisy, etc.). Fucking nimrods. 

On the Fact that These SJWs Up Their Insanity Ante On an Almost Daily Basis (Fucking with the Language, Creating "Rights" Out of Thin Air, Throwing Basic Science Out the Window, etc.) and Unless You Agree with Them Fully and On the Spot, You Will Be Tarred as a Racist, a Homophobe, a White Supremacist, a Xenophobe, a Transphobe, a Neo-Confederate, and Various Other Substitutions for Thought

It's almost self-parody at the point but I must admit that I do enjoy it when they devour each other (certain feminists not being fully on board with the trans thing and being tossed aside because of it, for example). Very entertaining!      

Thursday, May 28, 2020

On the Fact that 1,268 White People Have Been Killed by Cops Since January, 2017 (Source, Statista) and I'll Bet that Can't Name a Plug One

You can't, can you?...........................................................................................................P.S. And I'll also bet that not every one of these 1,268 kills was a righteous one. Just the law of averages.

On CNN's Insufferable Reporter, Gary Tuchman, Brow-Beating One Person After Another On the Beach for Not Wearing a Mask, Only to Be Photographed Afterwards Himself (Along with His Trusty Cameraman) Not Wearing One, Either

So just like those lunatics at the Presidential press conferences; wearing the masks while the camera's on and immediately taking them off once the event is done. Gee, I'm beginning to think that these folks don't wish to live according to the same rules as the rest of us. What do you think?

On Bill Gates's Plan to Vaccinate the Planet's 7,000,000,000 People

I have a better idea. How 'bout we vaccinate Bill Gates and his lovely wife 3.5 billion times each and let the rest of the world decide for itself? That seems fair, no?

On the Latest Chris Hayes (MSNBC's Number One Male Feminist and SJW) Powder-Puff Interview of Nancy Pelosi

Yeah, I haven't seen this many softballs since I umpired a slow-pitch game at my neighborhood convalescent home and how is this fellow a journalist again? Please, explain it to me................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I get it that Fox does interviews like this, too, but at least it isn't around the clock (fellows like Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto, and Bret Baier are at least somewhat balanced) and, hell, even Fox and Friends will sometimes ask a pointed question or two. MSNBC, NOT SO MUCH! 

On the Fact that We Could Probably Reduce the Number of Highway Deaths On this Planet (Currently About 1.3 Million) by Over 1,000,000 per Year if We Simply Reduced the Speed Limit Around the World to 20 MPH

And yet no serious individual has ever suggested this. Hmm, could it possibly be that we DO put a "value on life" and that we do so every damn day (risking our lives whenever we travel by car; to work, on vacation, etc.)? Just some food for thought here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

On the Fact that There Are Presently Seven Corona-Viruses that Effect Humans and so Far No Vaccine Has Ever Been Developed FOR ANY OF THEM!!!!!

So, yeah, to all of those disgusting politicians who are crashing their economies and shredding the Constitution while waiting for some magical vaccine, three words, go fuck yourselves.

On the Fact that that Idiot Chick In Central Park Who Called the Cops On Some Poor Black Fellow After He Politely Asked Her to Put Her Dog On a Leash......and Who the Brain-Diseased Corporate Press Has Tried to Convince Us Is Some Racist Trump Supporter Is Actually a Liberal Who Voted for Obama Both Times and Who's Donated to Kerry and Buttigieg -

And of course as soon as the shits at CNN and MSLSD caught wind of this the entire story disappeared and they moseyed on to their next hit-piece per business as usual.......Nothing ever changes, does it?

On a 2012 New York Times Article Which Stated, "Error and Fraud at Issue as Absentee Voting Rises"

Needless to say, Twitter didn't use this particular story......or Congressman Nadler's 2004 testimony......or the recent incident in West Virginia in which a mailman was busted for tampering with absentee ballots ( when they recently "fact-checked" Mr. Trump on the issue of Mail-In voter fraud. Nope, they used CNN and NBC (two outlets that clearly hate Trump) instead.......Yeah, they're definitely a publisher. Sue away, folks!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

On Michigan's Dictatorial Governor Mandating that Nursing Homes Accept COVID-19 Positive Patients Onto Their Premises -

So exactly what Cuomo did............but worse, because at least with Governor Cuomo the dude changed course once he saw the damage, this Michigan psycho, yeah, not so much. And to think that Biden is actually considering this schmuck as his running-mate (just one heartbeat away). Frightening, huh?

On the Fact that Back In 2004, Jerry Nadler Claimed that Paper Voting Ballots "Were Extremely Susceptible to Fraud" - - @ 56:11

He's evidently changed his mind and that's OK (I've changed my mind on numerous issues; immigration, the first Gulf War, etc.) but wouldn't you think that at least one journalist would press him as to why? Apparently not, huh? 

BREAK CURFEW by Adam Lawson

Not generally a big fan of rap but, yeah, I really this one. Guess why.

Monday, May 25, 2020

On the Fact that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the Rest of These Bastions of Full-Throated Fascism Are Literally Banning Videos of Physicians and Epidemiologists Simply Because They Disagree with this Preposterous Policy of Quarantining Healthy People, Destroying the Economy, and Constantly Scaring the Shit Out of Folks Over a Virus No More Lethal than the Season Flu (a Fact that Even Dr. Fauci Agreed with In a Recent New England Journal of Medicine Article)

So we're living in a world now where soulless freaks like Muckerberg (look in his eyes, empty only begins to describe it), Dorsey, and Wojcicki control the flow of information to society. Are you OK with that? Hope not.

On the Fact that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Has Only Two Options at this Point; Induct Johnny Rivers OR CHANGE THEIR FUCKING NAME!!

Option one, please.

On the Fact that if the U.S. Had an Honest Press-Corps, the Under-Oath Admission by Crowdstrike's Shawn Henry that They Had Unearthed No Hard Evidence that the Russians Were Behind the DNC Computer Breach Would Have Been Front-Page News FOR WEEKS but Being that Our Media These Days Is Absolute Bullshit, Pretty-Much Zero Coverage

But, no, let's keep poking that nuclear-equipped Russian bear 'cause as we all know that'll be great for world-peace. Fucking morons. 

On the Fact that YouTube Has Gone from Censoring Profane Material to Engaging In Bald-Faced Viewpoint Discrimination While Simultaneously Turning a Blind-Eye to that Profanity

It's clear now that YouTube and the rest of these big-tech fascistic operations have officially made the move from platform-sites to publishers......and, while, yeah, it's entirely their decision to do so, it does come with a cost in that as a publishing-site they are no longer protected from law-suits by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. So, yeah, if you see something even remotely actionable get yourself a lawyer and sue the cork-soakers. Hell, we might even be able to bankrupt 'em and wouldn't that be great. OH, YEAH.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

On the Fact that if I Had a Dollar for Every Heather MacDonald IQ Point, I Could Retire for Life and Still Have Enough Leftover Money for that Vacation Home In Puerto Vallarta

And, yes, I have a thing........................................................................................................Oh, and her resume; BA from Yale, MA from Cambridge, and JD from Stanford. Not too shabby.

A Few Quotes that Describe Our Current Situation Better than I Ever Could

1) "To act without clear understanding, to form habits without investigation, to travel a path without knowing where it really leads - such is the behavior of the multitude." Mencius  2) "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." Voltaire  3) Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's own ignorance." Confucius  4) "To most people, nothing is more troublesome than the effort of thinking." James Bryce 

On the Fact that 66% of New York's Most Recent Corona-Virus Patients Are People Who Were at Home, Sheltering In-Place -

So the lockdown isn't even working, and the reason for it is that folks are still grocery shopping, going to gas stations, talking with their neighbors and family, going to the mailbox, handling plastics bought at the store (germs can live on plastic for days), etc., etc........and so unless you want to hermetically seal every person's house and have people in hazmat-suits delivering their food and medicine every day, a more common-sense approach is probably the answer (i.e., focusing on the elderly and sick, educating the general public, etc.). 

On the Fact that this Smart and Courageous Woman Is Now Arguing that if the Economic Lockdowns Ultimately End Up Causing More Deaths than the Wuham-Virus, the Politicians Who Instituted Them Should Be Charged with Crimes Against Humanity

   Only in a sane world, I fear. Only in a sane world. 

On the Fact that Medications Have Been Used for Off-Label Purposes In this Country Every Fucking Day For Years and Until Now No One Ever Made a Stink About it but with this Hydroxychloroquine Stuff We Have People Coming Out of the Woodwork Protesting its Use and All Because President Trump Had Touted it

The politicization of this stuff by the leftist media has been disgraceful. I mean, you have a drug here that's been around for decades, has an exceptional safety profile, was found to be effective with SARS corona-virus, and has been used successfully by physicians all over the planet to treat this corona-virus......and all that the shit media can do is dump on it. It's revolting and the sooner that these psychotic people are off the air the better.  

Saturday, May 23, 2020

On the Fact that the Democratic Party Has Quickly Become the Party of Socialism, Anti-Americanism, Speech Suppression and Political Correctness, Tech Tyranny, Illegal Surveillance, Cultural Marxism, Identity Politics, Race-Baiting, "the Ends Justify the Means", Intersectional Feminism, Radical Environmentalism, Executive Caprice (the Present-Day Tyranny of Blue-State Mayors and Governors), Transgenerational Debt-Slavery (the Republicans Unfortunately Joining Them On this One), Open Borders, Anti-White Bigotry, Postpartum Abortion, Trans-Kids, and Rabid Gun-Control

And they have the balls to call Trump an "extremist". Unbelievable, huh? 

On the Fact that the Netherlands Has Done a Fair Amount of Antibody Testing for COVID-19 and Here Are Some of the Death-Rates for Various Age-Groups

Ages 20 to 29 = 4 per 100,000, Ages 30 to 39 = 7 per 100,000, Ages 40 to 49 = 14 per 100,000, Ages 50 to 59 = 103 per 100,000, Ages 60 to 69 = 492 per 100,000 - So essentially those of the seasonal flu, just like we've been saying. And, while, yeah, I'm quite certain that those odds go much higher in one's 70s and 80s, did we really have to crash the entire economy to protect these people? I would argue, probably not. 

On the Fact that We Now Have Audio of Former Ukrainian President Poroshenko Telling Joe Biden that They Couldn't Find Any Corruption with Prosecutor Shokin but that They Dismissed the Guy Anyway and Biden Responding with, "Good" -

So not only do we have that Council of Foreign Relations tape in which Biden essentially confesses to extortion, we now have this recording which puts on full display Biden's overt willingness to destroy another human being for personal reasons. Yeah, I'd say that it's time for the Dems to go to the bullpen here......while there's still time.

Friday, May 22, 2020

On the Claim by California Trauma Doctor, Michael deBoisblanc, that He's Witnessed a Year's Worth of Suicide Attempts In Just the Last Four Weeks (as the Lockdowns Drag On......and On) -

And in the brain-diseased minds of those who broadcast on CNN and MSNBC, these people apparently don't even exist. Yeah, time to end the craziness for sure................................................................................................"I have never seen so much intentional injury." R.N. Kacey Hansen, from that same hospital. For some additional graphics, in case you needed some.

In the Fact that (According Research Examined by and Dr. Joseph Damore from Cornell Medical School) the Stress and Anxiety Being Brought About by These Draconian Economic Shutdowns Will Probably Destroy Seven Times as Many "Life Years" as the Wuhan-Virus Would Have Without Such Tyranny -

And even if accept the argument that the lockdowns were a necessary measure to "flatten the curve" (I personally don't and believe that we should have focused strictly on the sick and elderly but whatever), that has long since been accomplished and so either these politicians are sadistic fucks or they're pushing an agenda (like, I don't know, beating Trump in the fall, perhaps). Either way, kinda' scary, huh?

Thursday, May 21, 2020

On the Fact that as Bad as Saddam Hussein Was (Just Ask the Kurds), the Disparate Elements Within Iraqi Society (Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, Secular Journalists, Hindu Guest Workers from Nepal, Unveiled Women, etc.) for the Most Part Coexisted In Peace During His Reign - After His Deposing, Yeah, Not so Much

Of course it wasn't fortuitous that the void was immediately filled by an al-Qaeda backed career criminal named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who pretty-much murdered everybody from school teachers to journalists to Christian ministers to liquor-store owners to any Shiite who wasn't nailed down. But hey, as long as we destroyed those nonexistent WMD, it was all worth it I guess NOT.Thank you, Cheney and Bush.

On the Fact that Claire McCaskill and Countless Other U.S. Senators Had Also Met with Ambassador Kislyak (General Flynn's Supposed Sin) and I Don't Believe that Any of Them Were Ever Spied Upon (by the Obama Administration) Because of it -

And let's be honest here. The Democrats didn't give a rat's-ass about Russia (Obama making sport of Romney when the latter called Russia a threat, Hillary with the whole Uranium-One deal, Obama with his "more flexibility" discussion, etc.) and it was only when Hillary lost to a certain reality TV star that they suddenly got ballsy with Russia. It could not be more transparent......and yet with the corporate press backing them 100% and the general public largely remaining clueless, they get away with it. Frustrating, isn't it?

Probably the Day After Biden Gets Elected President

What would be my answer to the question, "So, when do you think that these blue-state Governors will finally open up their economies?"

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

On the Fact that Not a Single One of Those 53 Witnesses Who Appeared at Adam Schiff's Underground Show-Trial Provided Any Semblance of Actionable Evidence that Trump Colluded with the Russians and Yet We Still Have Chuck Schumer Going On the Floor of the Senate Attempting to Resurrect this Conspiracy Tripe

Yeah, I guess that as long as the corporate media hacks continue to run interference for him, why change, he probably figures............and so he won't (ditto, Brennan and Schiff).

On Why Anyone Would Give a Rat's-Ass About What Seth Myers, Steven Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Jimmy Fallon, Samantha Bee, and the Rest of These Low-IQ Late-Night Buffoons Think About Anything, Let Alone Politics?

I'll answer that question but, please, allow me first to find a cure for heart-disease and establish world peace (both of which would be easier).......and then we'll talk. Promise.

On the Fact that I Recently Saw a Guy Who......

......a) stepped out of a store with a bandana covering his face, b) pulled that same bandana down and parked it on his scruffy beard, c) lit a cigarette and puffed away at it, d) used the same hand that handled the cigarette to pull the bandana back up over his face, and e) went back into the store (he was apparently an employee).............So, ya' still believe that those cloth face-coverings are a good idea? Maybe not, huh?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

On the Fact that Crazy-Assed John Brennan Is Still Going On MSLSD, Punishing Us with that Diabolical Countenance, and Continuously Accusing Trump of Having Committed Treason (Projection Much?)

Which is hilarious, because when under oath Mr. Brennan said no such thing......and even had to admit that there was no evidence WHATSOEVER of Trump EVER having colluded with Russia. But, hey, keep appearing MSLSD, ole boy, for it is after-all, comic-relief.

On that Fact that OnlyTwo Months Ago, Dr. Fauci Was Correctly Telling Us that the General Public SHOULD NOT Be Wearing These Face-Masks (the Fact that They Don't Stop All Aerosols, Often Trap Germs, Prompt Face-Touching, Reduce Oxygen Flow, and Create Shortages) and Now for Whatever Fucking Reason, the Dude Is All About the Things; Wearing Them a Pressers, etc.

  Yeah, this is what drives me crazy about Fauci and Birx, they say some very sensible and modest stuff but then they ruin it with bullshit like quarantining healthy people, shutting down the economy, endless mitigation, etc., etc.. Time for some fresher perspectives, I say (people like Katz, Ioannides, Atlas, Wittkowski, Bhattacharya, Brosseau, etc.).

On Dr. Birx Now Saying that She Doesn't Trust Numbers Coming Out of the C.D.C. and that the COVID-19 Infection and Mortality Rates Could Be Inflated by as Much as 25% -

Wow, so even Dr. Birx is a conspiracy ramrod now. Interesting (and by, interesting, I of course mean, explain that, Jack!).

On Obama's Claim that General Flynn Had Committed an Act of Perjury

The guy was a constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago (one of the top 10 law programs in the country) and he doesn't know the difference between perjury and providing false statements to the F.B.I. (and Flynn didn't even do that according to the agents who interviewed him)? Kinda' seems like it, huh (the only other explanation being that he's trying to play us)?

On the Fact that Numerous Governors (Those from New York, Pennsylvania, California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, to Name a Few) Mandated that State Nursing Homes Accept COVID-19 Patients Onto Their Premises, an Edict that Resulted In the Needless Deaths of Thousands of Their Residents

This is a scandal of humongous proportions and, yet, neither the media nor the U.S. Congress seems particularly interested in it. If you can't cripple Trump with it, I guess. Sad, huh?

Monday, May 18, 2020

On the Fact that 88% of the COVID Patients Who Were Put On Ventilators In New York's Northwell Health Hospitals Died While On Them

Yes, I understand that folks who end up on ventilators tend to be the sickest ones but, man, a 12% success rate seems pretty poor, no? At the bare minimum these things don't seem to be working......and being that a decent number of the professionals who are currently using them may not have had the proper training, you have to wonder if they're making matters worse....................................................................................Of course there's also the financial incentive (up to $40,000 in some cases) but that I'll save for another session.

On the Fact that According to Georgia Statutes, for a Citizen's Arrest to Be Legally Binding, the Person Making the Arrest MUST BE A WITNESS TO THE CRIME, the Crime Must Be a Felony, and Excessive Force Cannot Be Implemented......and, so, Yeah, Those Two Throwbacks Who Considered it a Noble Act to Detain Arbery Are Likely In a World of Hurt

The only problem here of course is that the authorities are seemingly going after a murder conviction which as we all know is very difficult to get in a trial setting (proving intentionality, etc.). If it was up to me I'd hammer them with one count of reckless endangerment and one more of negligent homicide because that way a conviction is all but guaranteed......and being that each of those charges can get you up to 7 years in prison (so 14 in total), it's not a bad outcome (certainly better than having them walk), all things being equal.

On the Fact that Journalists Are Seemingly More Interested In Wearing Their Face-Masks When the Camera Is Running............than When it's Not

So they've figured out that it's been way overblown and, gee, what a big shock, they're now acting accordingly. Unbelievable, huh, these schmucks?

Sunday, May 17, 2020

On the Fact that the Total Number of Deaths In the U.S. for the First Four Months of 2020 Was 944,251, Only 2.4% More than the Average of the Previous Four Years (921,603) and Actually Less than the 2018 Stat of 946,067 -

So we've essentially crashed the economy over what is tantamount to a bad influenza season.......Yeah, this isn't going to look good in the rear-view mirror, I suspect (much like the Iraq War and the Wall Street bailouts). We'll see.

On My Overwhelming Suspicion that the Vast Majority of People Who Wear These Cloth Masks and Bandanas Do Not, DO NOT, Wash Them Every Day......and that Because of this They've Probably Morphed Into Petri Dishes of Bacteria and Other Nastiness

Yeah, this whole mask bullshit needs to come to a screeching-halt (and, yes, I'm talking about the general public here and not healthcare workers where it's a little more complicated) that not only are these cloth masks largely ineffectual, they might actually be making us sicker. Time to speak up, I say.

On CNN's Gonzo and Frighteningly Dumb Host, Chris Cuomo, Accusing His Counterparts Over at Fox News of Race-Baiting

So some knucklehead who works for the biggest race-baiting operation in all of human history is accusing others (with a straight face, no less) of what they've been doing around the clock FOR YEARS. Wow, WOW, talk about projection - we've hit pay-dirt!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

On the Fact that (According the Christopher Hitchens Classic, "God Is Not Great") the Government of Croatian General, Ante Pavelic, Was so Ruthless and Bloodthirsty During WW2 that Even a Fair-Share of German Officers Were Like, "Yeah, I'm Outa' Here, Man"

Yeah, I guess that Pavelic's approach to the Serbs was sort of like Charlemagne's was with the Saxons, convert (in the case of General Pavelic, from Christian Orthodox to Roman Catholic) or die - and die unfortunately tens of thousands of them did.................................................................................Of course 50 years after this the shoe was on the other foot and it was the Serbs dishing out the punishment. Long memories, those Serbs. 

On the Fact that President Obama's Attacks On the Media Included the Wiretapping of 30 Associated Press Office Phones, the Decision to Make Fox News's James Rosen an Unindicted Co-Conspirator, the Seven Year Long Pressuring of New York Times Reporter James Risen to Give Up His Sources, the Outright Banning of News Photographers from Certain Events, the Refusal to Comply with Numerous Freedom of Information Requests, and the Prosecution of Nine Whistle-Blowers -

And, yet, in the minds of this same press corps, Trump is the bigger threat............because he calls them names. Go figure, huh?

On the Fact that Trump Seems Saner to Me with Every Passing Moment

And, no, it isn't so much that he's changed (the fellow is still a train-wreck at times) but rather that the Democrats have gone full-bore bonkers. I mean, you have these socialist morons in Congress now and on top of that a bunch of Governors who are literally using our founding documents as toilet-paper. It's truly amazing. And when you throw in the fact that they're gone to such raw measures to regain power (unleashing the full weight of the surveillance-state on their adversaries, conducting proceedings in the Congressional basement, attempting to impeach the President over bullshit, persecuting Judge Kavanaugh, and even going as far as to float such fascistic ideas as deep-sixing the Electoral College, packing the courts, and letting 16 year-olds vote), yeah, it's really difficult to envision me voting for 'em again. Sorry but, no (and, yes, this is coming from someone who admires fellows like Daniel Patrick Moynihan, JFK, RFK, Mayors Daley and Koch, Jimmy Carter, John Glenn, William Proxmire, and numerous other cogent Democrats from the past). 

Friday, May 15, 2020

On the Fact that Every Doctor Who Claims to Have Had Success Using Hydroxychloroquine as a Treatment for the Wuhan-Virus Has Been Viciously Attacked by the Same-Old Conga-Line of Low-Brow Bullshit Leftist Sites (The Daily Beast, Vox, Slate, Salon, etc.) and Portrayed as Some Right-Winger

And only because Trump had touted this medication. If he hadn't the coverage would be 180 degrees the opposite and how fucking petty and infantile is that? Pathetic, huh (the fact that these schmoes apparently have no shame and even less of a moral compass)?

On the Fact that When These Deranged Politicians Throw Around Terms Such as, "COVID-19 Associated Deaths" and "Deaths Linked to COVID-19", You Would Think that that Would Trigger Something In the Psyches of American Journalists but Sadly it Hasn't as They Continue to Buy, Hook, Line, and Sinker the Entrenched Bureaucracy's Doomsday Narrative

Clearly there have been deaths from this virus but isn't it also important that we get an accurate number? One would believe so, no (he queries in the midst of an increasingly post-factual society) ?

On the Fact that In the "Mind" of this Parasitic Psychopath, Anyone Who Disagrees with Her Fascistic Idiocy (Quarantining Healthy People, Making Face-Masks Mandatory, Outlawing the Sale of Gardening Equipment, Disallowing Travel to One's Own Property, etc.) Is a, Yep, You Got it, Racist

Can't they come up with something new? Apparently not, huh?

Thursday, May 14, 2020

On the Fact that I Don't Recall a) Asking Bill Gates a Damn Thing or b) Ever Casting a Vote for the Asshole

And yet the cork-soaker seems to have inserted himself into my life somehow. Funny how that happens.

On the Fact that Bimbo Politicians Like Nancy Pelosi and Kirsten Gillibrand Have Shifted from "All Women Need to be Believed" to "All Women Need to Be Heard"

Allow me to translate. What they're actually saying is that, "all women who accuse Republicans deserve to be believed but those who accuse Democrats only need to be heard." Got it? Awesome.

On the Fact that as Recently as March, the W.H.O. Was Instructing People to Only Wear Face-Masks if They Were Sick or Caring for the Sick and Now for Some Idiotic and/or Perverse Reason We Have These Buffoonish Mayors and Governors All Over the Country Mandating that Everyone Wear the Damned Things, EVEN TO BUY A LOAF OF BREAD!! -

And not only are these things ineffectual in many instances (those made of cloth especially), they might even be bad for you in that they can give you headaches, suppress your natural immune system, cause you to breathe in germs (you can have the Wuhan-Virus but still be asymptomatic - hello!), etc.. I mean, I get it that these political stooges want to come across as decisive and all but wouldn't it be nice if they at least occasionally borrowed the Hippocratic Oath from doctors............and did no harm? I'm just askin'.

On the Repugnance of Passionately Hating the Country Which Saved You, Marrying Your Brother to Evade Immigration Laws, Reducing Literally Every Issue to the Most Brutish Form of Race-Baiting, and When Called Out for Said Ingratitude, Dishonesty, Cynicism, and Sheer Stupidity, Embracing that Victim-Role Yet Again

Way off the charts, I'd say, and, yeah, send her back, PLEASE!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

On the Claim by Researchers at University College London that the Corona-Virus Lock-Down In Great Britain Could Cause an Extra 18,000 Cancer Deaths Just In 2020 (Folks Putting-Off Treatments, Diagnoses, etc.) -

And, so, no, it's not about lives versus the stock market. It's about coming up with a policy that results in the least amount of damage and suffering IN GENERAL............and, I'm sorry, but if the political buffoons on the left are incapable of grasping such a fine point, I'm done with 'em. Just too tiring.

On Illinois Releasing 146 Sex Offenders from Their Prisons for Fear that They Might Get COVID, this While Dallas, Texas Is Putting a Female Small Business Owner In Jail for Seven Days for the Horrible Crime of Trying to Put Food In Her Children's Bellies (by Going Back to Work)

There have been a lot of insane things that have happened over the past several months that I just can't wrap my head around......but this one has to be the worst, a literal Bizarro World......AND WE NOW LIVE IN IT. Lord have mercy.

On the Fact that You Can't Reach Herd-Immunity............BY QUARANTINING THE DAMNED HERD!!!!!

This whole thing would probably be over if we had simply done what the Swedes did; protect the sick and elderly and institute some modest measures for the rest of the population but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we had to go scorched-earth full-bore insane by crashing our economy (which will probably result in more deaths than the virus) and all but guaranteeing that this thing will come back in the fall for a second go-round. It's pure insanity and yet there is still a large segment of the population that is willing to follow these fascist idiots. Disturbing, huh?

On that Valley-Girl Caliber C.E.O. of YouTube Proclaiming that They Will Remove All Corona-Virus Videos Which Contradict Statements from the World Health Organization

The little tyrant can't even get on board with her own program in that even the W.H.O. is now admitting that the Swedish approach for battling infectious diseases (in which an economic lock-down is NOT put in place) may in fact be the more effective one (any positive discussion of the Swedish model up til now being seen as "misinformation"). Granted, she'll probably do an about-face on Sweden and "allow" such material but wouldn't a better policy be to just let everyone have their say and stop underestimating the viewership? That would be my advice......................................................................................................And, besides, it isn't as if the mainstream has been hitting it out of the park, either (their models having been ridiculously off, for example), so, yeah, there's that as well.......For the record.

On the Fact that Two Elderly White Folks Were Recently Gunned-Down In a Delaware Cemetery by Some Deranged Black Asshole and so Far I Haven't Seen Any Bullshit Memes from Virtue-Signalling Low-IQ White Buffoons About How They're "Standing" with Them (as Has Consistently Been the Case with that Arbery Fellow) -

White live don't matter anymore, I guess. A pity, huh? 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

On Obama's Claim that No One Has Ever Been Pardoned for Lying to the F.B.I. Before

Except of course when he pardoned General Cartwright on his way out the door in 2017 ( Must have forgot......................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, it also has to be reiterated that Flynn didn't lie. Even the agents who interviewed him said so and so Obama is lying about that, too. Nice fella', huh?

On the Fact that Virtually Every Act of Violence Directed at Asian-Americans Since the COVID-19 Outbreak Has Been Perpetrated by a Black Individual

  So not by people who hang on Trump's every sentence, in other words (though, yes, they'll still try and blame Trump somehow). Interesting (he said, with a strong sense of irony, contempt, etc.).

Monday, May 11, 2020

To All of the Cops Who Are Enforcing These Unconstitutional Edicts Coming from Lunatic Governors

Just because you possess a shiny badge, dress up in a costume, carry a gun, and have the blessing of the state doesn't mean that you can act like some Gestapoesque thug and steal our rights. I mean, I never thought that I would ever have to say this but apparently I do. Enough, for Christ...............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, this is why we will never surrender our guns, for shit like this.

On the Fact that if John Brennan Had Compelling Evidence that President Trump Had Committed Treason He Would Have Taken it Straight Over to Robert Mueller............but Being that He Had Jack-Shit He Did the Next Best Thing; Appear On MSNBC with His Compatriot Crazies, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell, and Spew Abject Buffoonery

And of course it doesn't help that the dude looks like a Bond villain.......Not even a little. Ew, huh?

On Crowdstrike's Shawn Henry Under Oath Stating that, "We Did Not Have Concrete Evidence" of Russia Hacking the DNC

So that whole thing about the 17 agencies being certain was horse-pucky after all (what I've been proclaiming for three years now but whatever). Well I'll be damned.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

On the Fact that America Is Eventually Going to Achieve Herd-Immunity with the Wuhan-Virus, the Only Question Is Do We Do it Quickly with Minimal Impact On the Economy (and, Yes, that Horse May Have Already Left the Barn) or Do We Stretch it Out with Social-Distancing (Waiting for a Magical Vaccine that May Never Come) and Cause Extraordinary Economic Damage (Something that Would Cause Additional Health Problems)?

Seems like an easy choice and yet damned if our politicians proceeded to make the crappy one AGAIN. Hopefully at least a couple of 'em get voted out.

On the Fact that We've Known for Over a Century that the Best Way to Prevent the Spread of Infectious Diseases Is Through Thorough Handwashing but Being that that's Something Which the Government Can't Oversee and Institute via its Iron-Fist (at Least Not Yet) What They've Decided On Instead Is to Morph Us Into a Country Full of Unquestioning Mask-Wearing Social-Distancing Stepford Wives -

And how's that working out for you? I'm just askin'.

On the Fact that the Unemployment-Rate Has Now Reached 14.7% and I Have Yet to Hear a Single Corporate Media Shit Ask Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates (Yeah, Let's Throw that Asshole Into the Mix, Why Not?), or Any of These Tinpot Power-Hungry Governors About the Possible Negative Health Consequences of Such a Horrific Economic Event

Yeah, they eventually might............but only if they can tie it around Trump's neck. Otherwise they'll keep on ignoring it. It's how they roll.    

More Compelling Evidence that the Donning of Face-Masks en Masse Doesn't Stop the Spread of Infectious Diseases -'t_Work_A_review_of_science_relevant_to_COVID-19_social_policy

And it's total waste of resources in that unless you're coughing profusely or are in the vicinity of others who are coughing profusely you really don't need to wear one (per Dr. Atlas from Stanford) and in fact are taking them away from those who do require them (i.e., healthcare workers). Of course once the government goes down this road of mandating shit the odds of a course-correction are pretty small, so, yeah, we might be wearing these cork-soakers for a spell. Nice, huh?

Saturday, May 9, 2020

On My Sneaking Suspicion that if These Blue State Governors Had to Pay for the Full Cost of Their Decision-Making (Instead of Going to the Feds for a Bailout), the End-Result Probably Would Have Been More Long the Lines of What They Did In Sweden and Not a Total Destruction of Their Economies, a Stamping Out of Civil Liberties, etc.

It only stands to reason, no (if you're a political hack and you can pass the buck, you more than likely will)?

On the Fact that Those 53 Witness Transcripts Pertaining to the Russia Inquiry Are Now Available to the Public and, Gee, What a Surprise, We Now Know with Absolute Assuredness that Adam Schiff Was Lying Through His Teeth When He Went On One Cable Show After Another Proclaiming that He Had Hard Evidence of Trump Colluding with Russia -

Hard to see how anyone could survive such an embarrassment but being that the media will probably keep running interference for the clown, yep, he just might. Sadly. 

On New York's Pinko Mayor, Bill de Blasio, Singling Out the Jewish Community for Having the Audacity to Meet Collectively at the Funeral of a Recently Fallen Rabbi

Can you imagine this asshole throwing shade like this at the black or Hispanic communities? Of course you can't because he's a coward and wouldn't even think out it. Frigging moron. Time to shame HIM, I say.

Friday, May 8, 2020

On the Bike-Rider Who Caught CNN's Narcissistic and Gonzo Anchor, Chris Cuomo, Breaking His Quarantine On Long Island......Recently Referring to Cuomo as "Crazy Stupid"

Sounds about right (the fact that the fellow isn't too bright and constantly goes ballistic whenever anybody calls out his partisan foolishness) and, yes, A+ for conciseness.

On the Fact that if the F.B.I. Can Target and Attempt to Destroy Mike Flynn, a Three-Star General and War Hero (Setting Up a Perjury Trap via an Ambush Interview, Telling Him that He Didn't Need an Attorney Present, Prosecuting Him for Lying When Even the Agents Conducting the Interview Stated that He Didn't Lie, Continuing the Investigation Even After the Guy Was Cleared, Threatening to Target His Son, etc.), Can You Even Begin to Imagine What These Parasitic Sociopaths Can Do to a Bunch of No-Names Like Us?

It's not very pretty, is it?............If only we could change things, huh?

On the Fact that During the Asian Flu Pandemic of 1957 the New York Times Cautioned Their Readers to "Keep a Cool Head" and Now During the Wuhan-Virus Pandemic They're Spewing Fear-Porn Like, "Restarting America Means People Will Die"

While it's true that the Times has a questionable record at best (backing Stalin, propagandizing for Castro, failing to report on the Holocaust, spewing crap about WMD, etc.), they were never this bad. And why, because of Trump? I mean, is the dude really that much of an existential threat to these people, these establishment types? Kinda' seems that way, huh?

On the Fact that for Three Years Now Adam Schiff Has Be Claiming that He Had Rock-Hard Evidence that Trump Colluded with the Russians but Now that it Appears as if the Transcripts of Those 53 Witnesses Are About to Be De-Classified and Made Available to the Public, Instead of Being Happy About it, Feeling Vindicated, etc., Ole Schiff Seems to Be Shitting Bricks

What's that classic Claude Rains line from Casablanca, "I am shocked, shocked that gambling is going on here"? Well, that's kind of how I feel about Schiff and lying, shocked but only in a sarcastic sense, the guy being a cold-blooded liar for sure.

On Governor Cuomo's Claim that Blue States Bail Out Red States Every Year

It's true in the sense that blue states pay more per-capita in federal taxes but that's because blue states tend to be wealthier......and being that the left is all about progressivity in taxes, maybe they shouldn't be making too much hay over this. And then there's the amount of funds given back to the states. On this part, yes, the red states get a larger percentage of their state budgets paid for by federal funds but here, too, you need to unpack the stats. The reason for the higher percentage is that red states tend to have smaller state budgets. A better way to look at it is from a per-capita perspective and here you'll see that blue states actually get a fair amount MORE from the feds than do red states; $2,124 versus $1,879 ( My conclusion - I'll give Cuomo a "half true" on this one and that's probably being generous.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

On the Fact that Only In the Perverse and Troubled Mind of Adam Schiff Would the Incoming National Security Advisor Meeting with a Russian Diplomat (One that Numerous Democratic Senators Had Also Conversed with) Be Considered "an Illicit Russian Contact"

And please keep in mind that HIS candidate, Mrs. Clinton, handed over a fair amount of cash to a British national who then used that money to dig up dirt on candidate Trump, and his sources for this "oppo research", yep, you got it, RUSSIAN OPERATIVES!!!!! You can't make this stuff up. 

On the Fact that the Asian Flu of 1957 Killed 116,000 Americans and Nobody Even Contemplated Putting Tens of Millions of People Out of Work as a Strategy to Stop it

So what's the difference today? Are we dumber? Not as compassionate? Or are we looking at something a little more sinister here? Who knows but that's where I'm leaning (the left seemingly wanting to crash the economy in an effort to defeat Trump).

On the Fact that One of the Easiest Ways for a Government to Control its Population Is to Scare Them and Right Now Ours Is Very Scared

Unfortunately they're also becoming pissed and that has never been a good combination. Just consult history.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

On this "New Normal" Concept that Government Functionaries Like Dr. Fauci and Self-Deified Corporate Mamby-Pambs Like Bill Gates (a Grown-Up Who Apparently Had a Few too Many Wedgies as a Youngster) Are Trying to Jam Down Our Throats In Which We Can No Longer Shake Hands with People and Have to Constantly Wipe Down Surfaces with Disinfectant - to Become Bubble-Boys and Bubble-Girls, In Other Words

It's pure insanity. Like I've stated before, our immune systems need a certain amount of exposure to fomites in that that is how we develop the antibodies necessary to fight off infections (Immunology 101) and for these influential individuals (who may also be conflicted but I digress) to try and encourage this brave new aseptic society is very disturbing.

On the Fact that Tens of Thousands of Folks Die Every Year from Influenza, and that's WITH a Vaccine and so Even if We Can Get a Corona-Virus Vaccine Before the Country Becomes a Total Wasteland from this Idiotic Economic Shutdown, it May Not Be the Panacea that Bill Gates (and How In the Hell Was this Clown Able to Wiggle His Way Into the Situation?) and the Rest of These Fascistic Actors Apparently Perceive it as

And what about the people who refuse the thing? Are you going to hold a pistol to their head and force them to take it and/or imprison them? I mean, I get it that the tyranny is already bubbling and so what's a bit more but this shit would be taking it to an entirely new level and if you think that there's resistance now, you ain't seen nothing yet.

On the British Schmuck Who Came Up with Those Preposterous COVID Death Projections and Who Talked His Prime Minister Into Locking Down the Entire Country Has Been Forced to Step Down In Disgrace for Violating Those Protocols Himself In the Form of FUCKING A MARRIED CHICK!! -

And of course what makes this even more obnoxious (hypocrisy aside) is the fact that the dude himself had tested positive just a few weeks before and so he was literally and knowingly putting this gal (and the rest of her family) at risk. Nice fella, huh?

On Michelle Obama Lecturing America's Black Community On the Importance of Staying Inside During the Corona-Virus Crisis............While Her Own Husband Was Out Playing Golf with His Wealthy Asshole Cronies -

Wouldn't it be nice if these elitist leftist buffoons at least occasionally lived up to their own standards? I mean, is that too much to ask? 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

On the Fact that Even Though There Exists No Compelling Evidence that Mask-Wearing by the General Public Halts the Spread of Infectious Diseases, We Still Have These Power-Hungry Politicians, Bureaucratic Functionaries, and Weak-Kneed Corporate Buffoons Forcing Us to Wear the Damned Things Almost Everywhere - -

And 95% of us (unofficial, of course) don't even question it. A compliant citizenry, indeed...........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the cloth masks are especially problematic in that they don't block all the aerosols, need to be adjusted often (more hands to face), and unless you wash them every day can become contaminated. For the record.

On Nancy Pelosi Going from Sponsoring the "No Ban Act" In Late January as a Measure to Stop President Trump's Travel Ban with China to Going On Fake Tapper's CNN Show In Late April Claiming that She Actually Supported the Travel Ban but that it Wasn't Restrictive ENOUGH (Tapper of Course Just Sitting There with that Constipated Look on His Face Allowing Her to Spew this Red-Conning)

CNN, what did I expect (the fact that they never hold Democrats accountable for anything, EVER)?

Monday, May 4, 2020

On the Fact that We Now Know that the F.B.I Had Thoroughly Investigated General Flynn AND FOUND NOTHING and that it Was Only Because of Deep-State Parasite, Peter Strzok, that the Investigation Plodded Along (Resulting of Course with that Ambush Interview, Perjury-Trap, Threats to His Family, etc.) -

Comey, Mccabe, Strzok, Page, they all need to face a jury (and, no, I wouldn't object to a military tribunal instead), 'cause if this shit is allowed to go unpunished, it'll happen again and next time you might be in their cross-hairs......and not a three-star general. You never know.

On the Fact that Tucker Carlson Is the Only Cable News Person Who I Can Stomach These Days and Here's a Perfect Example of Why

   The guy's anti-war (he was the only person at Fox who criticized Trump for murdering Soleimani) and he'll fight for your civil-liberties - two items that in prior years would have made him a hero to the left. NOT ANYMORE!!

On the Fact that this Deranged Psychopath (or as I Prefer to Call Her, Teri Hatcher After 8,000 Burritos) Has Essentially Made it a Crime to Grow Your Own Food by Outlawing the Sale of Seeds and Other Gardening Necessities

This is a level of mouth-breathing depravity that is borderline incomprehensible and yet vast swaths of the public seem to not just accept these unconstitutional and fascistic acts but support them; exchanging freedom for safety............and deserving neither. Man, have we ever shit the bed.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

On the Fact that In the Tyrannical (and Increasingly Autistic) Mind of Zark Muckerberg, Anything that Doesn't Come from the Lips of Some Entrenched Bureaucratic Functionary, Bought-and-Paid-for Politician, or Corporate Media Boot-Licker Is "Misinformation" and Needs to be Censored

So the asshole essentially wants to emulate Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany, in other words. Good lord.

On Governor Cuomo Requiring Convalescent Homes to Admit "Medically Stable" Coronavirus Patients and Then When the Shit Hit the Fan Doing What Any Responsible Politician Would Have Done - Yeah, that's Right, BLAME THE CONVALESCENT HOMES!!! -

And this is the guy who they're thinking of replacing Biden with? Surely there must be another option.............What, there isn't? Oh, never mind.

On the Fact that In the Malleable Mind of Senator Gillibrand, Joe Biden Vehemently Denying the Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him Must Mean that He's Innocent and that Tara Reade Is Lying (Even Though There Exists Far More Contemporaneous Corroboration for Her Claim than Blassie Ford's)

Wow, so Kavanaugh wasn't "vehement" enough? That was the guy's downfall? Interesting (my memory of course being one of the media hammering him for acting TOO angry but whatever).

On the Fact that Even Though the Sexual Assault Allegations Made Against Biden Seem Far More Credible than the Ones Which Were Heaved at Kavanaugh, None of Those Hard-Left Feminist Senators Who Wanted Kavanaugh Strung Up by His Balls Are Showing Any Semblance of Support to Biden's Accuser, Ms. Reade

So "believe all women" is a lie then. Well all be damned (and by, well I'll be damned, I of course mean, OBVIOUSLY!!).

Saturday, May 2, 2020

On Adam Schiff Only Releasing 17 of the 18 Witness Transcripts from the House's Impeachment Proceedings -

Might it be because that 18th transcript contains evidence of Mr. Schiff having colluded with the whistle-blower (this after he had told the entire country that he didn't even know the whistle-blower's name)? That would be my guess, folks. 

On the Fact that (According to Scholar, Lewis Binford) Archaeologists Have Rarely Found Salmon Bones In Close Proximity to Neanderthal Encampments

Many have cited this as an example of the Neanderthals' inability to plan ahead and to take advantage of predictable seasonal events, a weakness that no doubt contributed to their ultimate extinction (along of course with other factors such as their poor use of fire, a lack of cooperation between women and men, the encroachment by Homo Sapiens, etc,). Wow, and we worry about shit like microaggressions. Go figure, huh?

On Chris Cuomo's "Stay Inside Saves Lives" Battle-Cry (a Proclamation that He Himself Hasn't Adhered to with His COVID but Whatever)

He's of course full of shit in that a) the sole thing being accomplished here is a flattening of the curve and so the total number of fatalities won't be reduced but rather extended over a longer period of time (which could present some benefits to the healthcare system but that's not we're debating here), b) the effects on the economy of this lockdown approach could potentially bring about even more deaths than the virus itself (deaths of despair, from a lack of preventative healthcare, etc.), and c) when you keep healthy folks quarantined for long periods of time you weaken their immune systems and make them MORE susceptible to not just the Wuhan-virus but to other infectious diseases as well AND you slow down the acquisition of population immunity, making it all but certain that the sucker will return, either this fall or in the spring.......Yeah, I'm gonna go with, "Pants On Fire" for this one.

On the Fact that In the Buffoonish Mind of Low-Brow Celebrities Like Patton Oswalt, the Economic Lockdown Is Little More than a Mild Inconvenience Because After-All We Still Have Netflix (Yes, He Actually Said that)

Hard to imagine being that detached from reality (in this instance, 26 million jobless claims, thousands of small businesses facing possible bankruptcy, record lines at food banks, people getting arrested simply for being outside, a three and a half trillion dollar deficit, the economy being flooded with soon-to-be worthless fiat currency, etc.) and yet the two coasts are flooded with idiots like this. Fortunately this shit has a way of evening-out and, so, yeah, if Mr. Oswalt's own career shits the bed in the not-too-distant future (and that seems to be the trajectory), OH WELL, he'll still have HIS Netflix.

Friday, May 1, 2020

On the Fact that if this Country Falls Into a Second Great Depression Because of the Policies of These Deranged Blue-State Governors, it Will Be a Catastrophe Beyond All Imagination (Only a Tiny Percentage of the Current Population Being Old Enough to Have Lived Through the First One to Appreciate its Devastation), MAKE NO MISTAKE

Of course if hurts Trump, that's all that matters, right?......Trying to get inside their heads.

On Biden's Life-Expectancy if He Decides to Pick Hillary as His Running-Mate

I would love to know the over-under on that, 'cause if it's more that 7 months, yeah, we know where the smart money's going.

On the Ease with Which Some Folks Are Willing to Surrender Their Liberties

Astounding, isn't it (though it probably shouldn't be; Eric Fromm having pointed out decades ago how a free people can sometimes get complacent and seek out a little safety in exchange for some of that liberty)?

On the Fact that if Somebody Went Into a Police Station and Asked the Officers to Investigate a Person Without Also Providing a Predicate Crime, They Would Be Laughed Out of the Place (Either that or Given a Stern Lecture) and Yet that Is Exactly What Happened to War-Hero General Flynn When a Small Group of Repugnant F.B.I. Officials (with Clear Political Motivation) Decided to Go After Him

And they didn't just look for dirt, they manufactured it (the recent release of those classified memos making that abundantly clear); charging him with lying when he didn't, threatening to go after his son with additional bullshit charges, etc.. Hopefully there will eventually be some charges levied against these fascist shits (Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, etc) but, yeah, I'll believe it when I see it (my faith in Barr not all that great, sorry).