Monday, December 31, 2018

On the Eccentric Alt-Light YouTuber, Vox Day, Recently Informing His Audience that He Has an IQ of 152

For the folks who are unfamiliar with IQ testing, a score of 152 is approximately three and a half standard deviations above the mean of 100, meaning that that individual would rank at the 99.97th percentile (so only three out of every 10,000 people selected at random would have a score that high). Pretty damned high, in other words, and I'm sorry but I just don't see that level of intellectual prowess coming from Mr. Day. I mean, maybe it's there and it's nuanced but being that I'm not picking up much in the way of nuance, either, kinda' doubt it. Kinda' doubt it.

On the Fact that the Left Is Currently Attempting to Reduce Global CO2 Emissions While Simultaneously Waving Millions of Third-World Migrants Into the West Where Their Collective Carbon Footprint Will Rise Exponentially

It must be hard going through life in a constant state of cognitive dissonance; rejecting the obvious, reconciling it and/or explaining it out of existence, etc.. Of course, being that a large chunk of these sheeple are also low IQ and exceedingly ill-informed...……...there's that as well and so possibly not, I guess.

On the Fact that What the Barack Obamas, Van Joneses, and Jared Kushners of the World Have to Get Through Their Thick Noggins Is that a) the Vast Majority of People In Prison for Drug Possession Have Been Pleaded Down from Much More Serious Offenses and b) if We Were to Let These Folks Out Early it Could Potentially Put the Public In Grave Danger (with a Lot of Those Individuals at Risk Being Minorities)

The lack of critical thinking amongst those in power is quite astonishing at times and, yes, it appears that even Trump has now bought into this fairly tale (i.e., that the criminal justice system is biased against black folks and that we need to majorly overhaul it). Hopefully the politicians behind all of this social engineering ultimately pay a steep price for it down the road (as innocent people are bound to be gunned down as a result of these dumb policies) but being that they've skated this far, holding my breath, I'm not.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 12

On the Fact that Independent Media Has Recently Discovered that Anthony Weiner Was Not Just a Possessor of Child Pornography but a Producer of it as Well -

And the vile piece of shit got just 21 months for it. Nice, huh? Hopefully the dude got this light sentence in exchange for some juicy testimony pertaining to the Clinton crime syndicate because if this wasn't the case and he got this literal slap on the wrist due to political connections, then, yeah, the criminal justice system does suck and would need an enormous overhaul. Stay tuned, I guess.

On the Fact that (According to the Texas Department of Public Safety) from the Summer of 2011 to the Fall of 2018, Illegal Aliens Committed Over 288,000 Criminal Offenses; Including 538 Murders, 1,634 Robberies, 5,622 Burglaries, and Over 32,000 Assaults -

And, yes, all of these crimes are being perpetrated at a rate that is HIGHER than those of the legal citizens of Texas (four times higher when you compare the rates strictly to those of the white population of the state) and so we can probably lay that little talking-point to rest, at least for now.

On the Fact that You Can Get the New York Times Online for a Dollar a Week Now

I would rather burn a dollar a week rather than give so much as a penny to those low-brow and deep-state apologist shits whose singular focus these days appears to be the destruction of a duly-elected President via some of the most ludicrous and conspiracy-ladened bullshit in U.S. history...……….and based upon their shitty bottom-line, I'm not alone, it seems. Thank God. 

Friday, December 28, 2018

On the Fact that Whenever a White Person Is Murdered or Attacked by a Black Person, the Media Will Inevitably Characterize it as "Random", Whereas if it's the Other Way Around (the Far More Frequent Scenario When You Control for Population), They'll Label it as Racism, a Hate Crime, etc.

The narrative of course is that black people are perpetual victims and so even when they are the perpetrators of violence it's somehow not their fault. It's kind of a racist mindset when you think about it (the removal of agency being one of the most venal things that you can do to an individual) and yet the white liberal continues to espouse it while the overwhelming percentage of blacks seem to accept it...……….and as long as identity politics reigns supreme...….

Thursday, December 27, 2018

On Transgendered MMA Fighter, Fallon Fox

Yeah, this is a tough one in that you really don't want to discriminate against trans folks but you also don't necessarily want biological men "grounding and pounding" on biological women, either (though, yes, "she" did get her ass handed to her by Ashlee Evans-Smith in a 2013 slugfest). If pressed on this, I'd probably have to say, no, at least for now (pending potential evidence which can prove to me that male-to-female trannies don't have a significant advantage in strength, etc.).

On the Fact that 44% of Millennials Think that Barack Obama Had a Bigger Impact On the U.S. than George Washington

While I understand that Washington was far from a perfect individual, to say that Obama (who's essentially a dolt, let's be honest here) has been more impactful than the man who commanded the Continental Army that beat back the British and who later became the first President of the nation is full-bore lunacy and a total indictment of our increasingly postmodernist educational system. Hopefully sanity returns 'cause if this trajectory continues, it's not gonna end well, trust me.

On Some Piece-of-Shit SJW Loser Contacting Patreon to Tell Them that Sargon of Akkad Had Voiced the N-Word 10 MONTHS AGO AND ON SOMEONE ELSE'S PLATFORM and Patreon Caving In to this Vile Form of Terrorism by Cancelling Sargon's Account and Thereby Impacting His Livelihood

We're rapidly becoming a nation of tattle-tales and church-ladies and, yes, it's almost entirely coming from the regressive-left as they continue to buffoonishly smother the country with these moronic purity tests of theirs (with Sargon by any sane standard being a centrist at most). Thankfully there does seem to be a huge pushback this time with independent voices like Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Tim Pool, Matt Christiansen, and Dave Rubin saying that they'll will be closing their Patreon accounts, too (while making other arrangements), an act that will impact Patreon's bottom-line and how nice will that be for a change, huh (the shoe most definitely being on the other foot this time)?

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

On the Fact that Asians Commit Murder at a Rate Significantly Below Their Percentage In the Population Would Indicate While Blacks Commit this Same Crime at a Rate Astronomically Higher than Theirs (23% Versus 400%)

Hate facts? Yeah, I kinda' thought so...…………………………………………………………………………..P.S. And, no, poverty does not appear to be the primary driver here in that this researcher controlled for that variable and the results were insignificant -

On the Fact that (According to Countless Historians; Charles Adams, Lochlainn Seabrook, Robert Henry, Eric Sheppard, J. Harvey Mathes, etc.) the Reconstruction Ku Klux Klan Did Not Begin as an Anti-Black Organization but Rather as an Anti-Carpetbagger and Anti-Scallywag One (Yes, They Eventually Did Target Some Blacks but Only the Ones that Teamed Up with the Carpetbaggers and Scallywags to Wreak Havoc Upon the Defenseless and Disenfranchised Southern Families; Amongst the Atrocities Included Extortion, Intimidation, Rape, Murder, Plunder, and Arson)

No one likes being occupied (just ask the Spaniards of the 8th to the 15th Century, the Irish of the 16th to the 19th Century, the Filipinos of the 19th and early 20th Century, The Hindus Right up to 1948, the Vietnamese of the 1940s, '50s and '60s, the Iraqis of the early 21st Century, etc., etc.), and they especially detest it when it involves violence, dispossession, and humiliation...….And where exactly do these Yankee court historians think that the racist KKK (which was established in 1915 and which bore no resemblance to the Reconstruction KKK) came from, if not from this toxic cauldron of pitting one group against another (kind of sounds like today with the SJWs, huh?)? Of course there are unintended consequences (in this instance, Reconstruction being to the KKK what the Treaty of Versailles was to Hitler), for Christ!!

On Rachel Maddow Once Having Written a Book that Criticizes America's "Endless Wars" Now Blasting Trump for Pulling Troops Out of What Could Have Easily Become, Yep, You Got it, ANOTHER ENDLESS WAR!!!

    I've known for quite a while that this woman was shooting blanks when it came to self awareness, but wouldn't you have thought that somebody associated with that show would have taken the chick aside and told her that this was such a ginormous example of hypocrisy that maybe she shouldn't be planting her flag on it? I mean, I get it that the mission of that network is to crush Trump at all cost but when he does something that you would normally not just applaud but advocate maybe you need to pivot a little and hammer him for something else...….'cause what Maddow's doing right now - she just looks like a drooling fucking idiot. Big time.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 11

On the Fact that (According to a Department of Defense Document Recently Obtained by Judicial Watch - Among the Weapons that Obama and Hillary Were Funneling Into Syria from Our Installation In Benghazi Included 500 Sniper Rifles, 100 RPG Launchers with 300 Total Rounds, and 400 Howitzer Missiles

So they destroyed the most stable country in Africa as a conduit to destroy one of the more secular countries in the Middle East and they did it all to please Israel (per the Wikileaks releases). Yeah, sounds like a great plan to me (save of course for the numerous humanitarian disasters that it caused; the slave markets in Tripoli, the hordes of refugees flooding into Europe, a collapsing healthcare system, etc.).

On Why Those Hard-Core Blue-State Leftist Democrats On the Senate Judiciary Committee Didn't Focus On the Legitimate Concerns About Judge Kavanaugh (Torture, the Patriot Act, Executive Privilege, etc.) and Instead Powered Head-First Into the Gutter with a Long Litany of Bogus Sexual Allegations

Well being that a) pretty much every Democrat voted for the Patriot Act, b) Mr. Obama had extended executive power even beyond that of Bush 2 (Google Jonathan Turley for the facts), and c) Pelosi and company had been briefed on enhanced interrogation and didn't issue a singular protest in real time, I suspect that they probably viewed this slimeball option as their only viable one (and I'm obviously talking pure politics and NOT morally here). Simply my guess.

Monday, December 24, 2018

On the Fact that Senator McConnell Should Be Embarrassed Beyond All Human Comprehension for Sending President Trump a Budget with a $1.2 Trillion Deficit Affixed to it but Being that the Man Is Seemingly Incapable of Shame He Simply Continues Along with His Typical Retarded Antics

And the sad thing is that the Republicans have actually had some good leaders in the past; Hugh Scott, Bill Knowland, Everett Dirksen (his pomposity and support of the Vietnam War, aside), Howard Baker, Bob Dole, and, hell, even Trent Lott wasn't too bad (he and Tom Daschle actually functioned well together at times). If you're asking me here, the Republicans really need to get rid of this McConnell bozo and get somebody in there who can address this deficit problem in a substantive manner 'cause, trust me, it's only gonna get worse with him holding the reins. Much worse.

The Worst Christmas Song of All Time?

  It's hard to believe that the same fellow who co-wrote "Revolution", "Eleanor Rigby", and "Let it Be" also had a hand in creating this turkey but, alas, he seemingly did. Sad, huh?

On the Fact that (According to a 2006 Study from the Journal of Biosocial Science; Cochran, Hardy, and Harpending) Ashkenazi Jews Score Consistently Higher On the Math and Verbal Parts of Standardized IQ Tests than They Do On the Visual-Spatial Sections

This of course goes a long way in determining why this particular population ended up in the more cognitively demanding professions such as moneylending and tax-farming (from the 10th to the 18th Century) and, while, no it certainly doesn't definitively answer the chicken versus the egg dilemma of what came first (i.e., Jews being forced into certain numbers-oriented careers and having to evolve as such versus Jews being innately intelligent and choosing these occupations because of the high financial return), a stimulation for further discussion you can probably bank on. 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

On that Five Minute Q and A Between Senator Graham and Judge Kavanaugh Regarding Military Tribunals

A great many people are reading a lot into that and while, yes, there ultimately may be SOME truth to what's been asserted, I'm not going to jump to any conclusion until I see some concrete evidence......AND, NO, Q POSTINGS ARE NOT EVIDENCE!! Sorry but, no. 

On the Fact that These Younger NASA Employees Apparently Never Got the Memo that We've Already Travelled to the Moon......SIX TIMES, FOR CHRIST!!

  A nice little vignette with the only thing that's missing of course being that blurb by the older nimrod who claims that they'd love to go to the moon again but can't because the technology's been destroyed. You remember him, right, that completely believable fellow? 

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 10

On McCain Not Wanting Trump at His Funeral

So he'll pal around and do photo-ops with terrorists but Trump at his funeral is a bridge too far...….Yeah, that sounds like McCain. For sure.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Esteemed Southern Historian, Lochlainn Seabrook, and Excerpted from the Report of the Joint Select Committee to Inquire Into the Conditions of Affairs In the Late Insurrectionary States, Circa 1872) Nathan Bedford Forrest Ended Up Employing 400 Blacks (Many as Laborers but Quite a Few Others as Architects, Engineers, Conductors, etc.) During the Course of His Selma to Memphis Railroad Days

And the most telling part of all is the fact that of those 400 employees, 385 of them opted to stay on and continue to work for Forrest after their initial one year contract was over. That's over 96%. Granted, there weren't a lot of other options but there were surely some and if Forrest was truly this hideous monster that the North has portrayed him to be, I sincerely doubt that those stats would be the same. What do you think?

On Low IQ Republican Congressman, Adam Kinzinger, Hammering President Trump's Decision to Pull U.S. Troops Out of Syria, Even Going as Far as to Call it a Libertarian Foreign Policy Move (as if the U.S. Minding its Own Fucking Business Is a Bad Thing)

Yeah, this bozo is cut from the same cloth as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman, etc.; advocating for moronic interventions and labeling anyone who disagrees with him as a Putin or Assad apologist (as if it's us who need to do the explaining!). A neocon, in other words, and do we really want to go down that buffoonish road again?......Didn't think so...…………………………………………………………………………..P.S. Though, yes, I would like to ask this dude to name me one time over the past 100 or so years that an American military intervention made things better (and, no, WW2 did not make things better in that it created 60,000,000 deaths and the rise of a Soviet slave-state) and see how he responds to THAT. My suspicion is that he'd struggle mightily.

On Trump Attempting to Broker a Peace-Deal with North Korea (Taking a Page Out of the Noam Chomsky Playbook, No Less) and CNN Framing it as the Dude Simply Cozying Up to Yet Another Dictator

I swear, this guy could rescue hundreds of wheelchair-bound kids out a blazing inferno and CNN would still blast him because one of the youngsters accidentally fell out of his wheelchair and scraped a knee. THAT MUCH THEY DESPISE HIM. That and everybody with even an ounce of common sense and honesty knows that if it was Obama who had brokered this deal, CNN and the rest of these bullshit outlets would have prepped him for Rushmore already and the praise would have never ceased. It was only because it was President Trump, pure and simple.

Friday, December 21, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Historians, Lochlainn Seabrook and Robert Selph Henry) In 1868, Former Union General, Frank P. Blair, Once Characterized Former Confederate General, Nathan Bedford Forrest, as an Individual Who He Regarded "More Highly than Any Man I Have Ever Met"

Yeah, try garnering this fact from any mainstream history book (most of which have tried to tarnish Forrest as a scoundrel and a racist of which he was neither as even a quick perusal of the record displays; the fact that the man freed his servants well before the war, the fact that most of his servants followed him to Tennessee to work for him there, the fact that a South-hating U.S. committee cleared him of any wrong-doing in regards to the Reconstruction KKK, etc.). I seriously doubt that you'll find it.

On Former Flower-Child and Antiwar Agitator, Mia Farrow, Blasting Trump On Twitter for His Decision to Remove U.S. Soldiers from Syria, Even Going as Far as to Quote the Warmongering Lindsey Graham

Is it just me, or is the country going a little bit crazier every day? I mean, I get it that the left hates Trump and all......and that Obama indeed may have sensitized and/or gaslit them to the point where even they now accept the concept of a U.S.- branded empire but this is so far beyond sanity at this point that I'm actually kinda' scared...….What, you aren't?

Thursday, December 20, 2018

On CNN Castigating President Trump for Not Listening to His Advisers On Syria When They Know with Certainty that One of Those Advisers Is Neocon Shill, John Bolton

So these clowns hate Trump so much that they would actually side with a war-mongering piece of garbage like Bolton if it could assist them in their jihad against the guy. Amazing, isn't it, this level of spite?

On the Fact that CNN Hates Trump so Much that After the Man Decided to Pull Our Troops Out of Syria (a Sane Move by Any Reasonable Person's Standards, and There's the Rub, I Guess) They Trotted Out a Bunch of Drooling Neocons to Tell the Audience (All Twelve of Them) What a Dangerous Move it Was

Do you understand now why I despise the media? These assholes will literally take anything that Trump decides to do (even if it's prudent and something that the left should approve of) and try to make it look evil. Thankfully their audience is shrinking by the minute and even though the power of propaganda has this osmotic tendency, I still believe that we can nip it in the bud. Here's to hoping, at least.

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 9

On a Potential Government Shutdown

What people have to realize (and they certainly won't get this information from CNN) is that 75% of the government has already been funded ( and so those parts won't be shutdown, and even of the parts that haven't been funded a large chunk of those are deemed "essential"  and wouldn't be shut down, either. So, yeah, we're looking at somewhere between 15 to 20% of the government being shut down and if CNN wants to paint that as some sort of Trump-induced apocalypse......I guess. They just look like morons, that's all.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

On the Hush Money Charge that's Been Leveled at Mr. Trump by a Litany of Slantheaded and Biased Buffoons at CNN and MSNBCPMSLSDLGBT

Yeah, it's referred to as a nondisclosure agreement and I'd be willing to bet that these shitty news networks have forced a great number of their former employees to sign one as well. Of course there probably is a great deal of hush money being thrown around in D.C. and if these networks were truly interested in exposing this misfeasance they might want to take a gander at that $17,000,000 slush fund that Congress has been using to put a lid on ITS sexual misconduct......but being that that might include a Democrat or three, they choose to focus entirely on Trump instead. Way to go, guys!

On the Fact that the Safest Societies On the Globe Are Homogenous Ones In Which the Population Is Predominantly Composed of White Europeans and/or East Asians

I would love for this to NOT be the case......but unfortunately it is, and until we can come up with a strategy to make groups less tribal (this push to identity politics and intersectionality has fully failed and probably made matters worse), maybe we need to slow this immigration experiment down a bit. I mean, we don't want to turn into Iraq or Nigeria, do we?

On a Recent Study Out of Yale Which Shows that White Liberal Politicians Have a Tendency to Dumb Down Their Speeches When They Deliver Them to Minority Audiences -

 This is about as surprising as snow in Scandinavia on Christmas eve. OF COURSE THE LEFT IS PATRONIZING TO MINORITIES (the fact that they find them too feeble-minded to do even the simplest of tasks; acquiring a photo-ID to vote, for example)!!!!! I mean, just listen to the way that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden talk to black crowds, for Christ (though, yes, it's nice to know that these aren't just anecdotes and so thank you to the authors of the study for that). Talk about insulting.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

On "Good Morning America" Doing a Segment On an 11 Year-Old Drag-Queen (Who also Appears to Be On the Autistic Spectrum) and Actually Glorifying it -

So sexualizing children and feeding into their mental illness is something to celebrate now. Heaven help us (with the only solace coming from the fact that the dislikes to likes ratio was approaching 25:1)…………………………………………………………………………..P.S. And how 'bout those parents, telling the kid that he can't have caffeinated root beer while simultaneously encouraging this bizarre childhood decadence. Way to have their priorities straight, huh?

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 8

  Probably been waiting on this one, huh?

On the Fact that the Washington Post and Yahoo News Have Been Trying for TWO FUCKING YEARS to Prove that Former Trump Counsel, Michael Cohen, Travelled to Prague In an Effort to Jump-Start the Steele Dossier (or the Piss Dossier, if You Prefer) and it Seems as if They've Finally Thrown In the Towel -

And make no mistake here, if the people who are trying to destroy Trump are unable to place Mr. Cohen in Prague, THE WHOLE THING FALLS APART (most folks with an IQ over 80 already knew that the entire thing was fantastical but I digress). Granted, idiots like Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon will no doubt continue to try and spin this thing but more and more I do believe that the walls are crumbling and it cannot come soon enough for me.

Monday, December 17, 2018

On Kevin Hart Getting Bounced from His Oscar-Hosting Gig Simply for Saying that He Didn't Want His Son to Turn Out Gay

So the dude can't have an opinion about this, ABOUT HIS OWN DAMNED SON? I mean, it's not like he said that he'd disown him if he was gay (which would be bad), just that he didn't wish it upon him. And besides, there are in fact some legitimate concerns in having a gay son; the increased risk of AIDS and other STDs, the increased risk of suicide, the tendency of gays to be bullied, etc.. If you're asking me here, this is just one more example of the left devouring its own and, man, oh man, are those carouses ever starting to pile up.

On Young Turks Bim, Ana Kasparian, Proclaiming that Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Now Her Favorite Astrophysicist

Wow, now that's impressive because as we all know the chick can name hundreds of them (granted it was after she had done a quick Google search and wrote a shitload of names down but, still).

On Famed Astronaut, Alan Bean, Once Proclaiming In an Interview that They Didn't Go Through the Van Allen Radiation Belts and When He Was Corrected About it Simply Saying, "Well We Must Have Travelled Right Through it Then"

So the guy was fucking clueless, in other words (the upshot being that either NASA sent a guy though one of the most dangerous parts of the Solar System without his full knowledge or Bean himself was part of the charade). Wonderful, huh, these chaps with the "right stuff"?

On the Fact that if Trump Truly Had Cajones He Would Have Thrown that Debt-Riddled Budget Back Into McConnell's Kisser and Instructed the Dude to Shave Off at Least $200,000,000,000 (Offering to Give Up a Little of that Defense Increase Would Be a Nice Touch but I Digress) but Being that the Guy Is Largely Bravado He Just Sat His Ass Down and Signed the Fucking Thing

Yeah, so it really doesn't matter who we put in there, as long as these politicians can spend money by borrowing, printing the shit, etc. and seemingly not worry AT ALL about the future generations, they're just gonna keep doin' it. Unfortunately there will be a day of reckoning sometime in the future (2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 40 years - who knows)…...and if any of these bastards are still alive when it happens, yeah, it could get very ugly FOR THEM.

On Yet Another Black South African Politician Calling for the Murder of Whites

   And I'm sure that Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Chris Cuomo, Chris Hayes, and the rest of those scumbags in the legacy media will cover it thoroughly (and by, cover it thoroughly, I of course mean, ignore it like the plague because it doesn't fit their retarded template which specifies that whites can never be victims and blacks can never be perpetrators). 

Sunday, December 16, 2018

On the Richard Widmark, Lena Horne 1969 Western, "Death of a Gunfighter"

It was a pretty solid film but did the creators have to give away the ending, you know, IN THE FUCKING TITLE?!! I mean, you have to have a little suspense, no?

On that Idiot Socialist Chick from New York Recently Putting Down the Concept of a Meritocracy (the Implication of Course Being that People - Minorities, Especially - Can Only Succeed with Government Help - or as I Prefer to Call it, Interference)

Her ignorance is breathtaking in that she is obviously unaware of how meritocracies (even those with restraints!!) have permitted the Chinese to succeed in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, the Japanese to succeed in Canada and the U.S., the Germans to succeed in Russia and Czechoslovakia, the Italians to succeed in Argentina, the Jews to succeed pretty much everywhere (including Nazi Germany), etc., etc.. and AND when you throw in the progress that blacks had made in this country prior to the welfare state (from 1865 to the early 1960s) she's even more full of bullshit. Hopefully the Democratic party can go back to its saner roots (JFK, Moynihan, Al Smith, Mayors Koch and Daley, etc.) 'cause if it keeps going down this socialist path...……...I don't even want to think about it.

On the Fact that (According to the Michael Cox and Richard Alm Book, "Myths of Rich and Poor") the Average American Workweek Declined from 61 Hours In 1870 to 48 Hours In 1929

So the trend towards a shorter workweek started BEFORE the push to unionize and the unions simply jumped to the front of the parade and took all the credit for starting it. Typical, huh (the collectivist mind at work)?...…………………………………………………………………………..P.S. The real reason of course for the reduced workweek was the increase in productivity brought about by capital investment and the advances in technology and hopefully the more astute reader understands that.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

On Those Espresso Coffees that Come In a Brick (Café Bustelo, Pilon, Café Caribe, and Café La Llave, the Four that I'm Familiar with)

They're very perplexing in that when you open up the package you don't really get a strong coffee aroma like you do with Starbucks, Gevalia, or Seattle's Best but, yes, when you brew it up and actually drink it, the stuff is extremely tasty. And best of all, they're cheap (even when they're not on special), so if you're a little short on bucks, a terrific option. Thumbs up!

On the Fact that Around the Same Time that this Slantheaded Buffoon Was Investigating Mrs. Clinton for a Possible Violation of the Espionage Act He Was Also Texting His Paramour Messages About How Tremendous Clinton Was and of How She Was Going to Beat Trump 100,000,000 to 0

Nah, no politics in the Obama Justice Department, none at all (at least not any that CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, NPR, etc. can see)…….Yeah, right.

On the Fact that Even Though Satellite Phones Are a Recent Invention and Regular Cell Phones Don't Even Work Above a Certain Altitude In Planes, the Government Still Wants Us to Buy this Narrative that They Were Somehow Able to Transmit a Live Television Feed from the Lunar Surface IN 1969!!

It's ludicrous and if you still don't believe me just take a look at the news coverage of the rover landing on Mars in which there was NO LIVE FOOTAGE (what, they could provide live footage in 1969 but not in the 21st Century?) and only a bunch of NASA schmucks jumping up and down after it had supposedly landed (and it may have in that my only point is that the moon-landings were faked)…………………………………………………………………...Look, I understand that this is a hard pill to swallow but the real truth is that nobody outside of America buys this fairy-tale anymore and so it's probably about time that we woke up from it, too, and, please, don't shoot the messenger.

Friday, December 14, 2018

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 7

 "Let me pierce the realm of glamor so I know just who I am" - brilliant!

On Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Yes, the man was a liberal (or at least center-left). BUT HE WAS SANE and I cannot conceive of him being happy that his Democratic party is now populated with the likes of Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Dick Blumenthal, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, that crazy chick from Hawaii, that dumb-as-a-fucking tadpole socialist bimbo from New York, etc...…..and more sympathetic I could not be (the fact that I was a Democrat myself once and simply had to walk away).

On the Fact that Even Though the Evolutionary Conditions that the Indians of Guatemala, the Blacks of Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Aborigines of Australia Faced Were Markedly Different from Those that the White Europeans and East Asians Had to Encounter and so of Course There Exists a Huge Biodiversity Between the Various Groups, You Still Have These Brain-Disordered SJWs Who Think that the Populations of the World Are Essentially Interchangeable and Who Try to Force-Feed Multiculturalism On People

Yeah, I think that our immigration policy has to go back to focusing on what a potential immigrant can do for the country and not the other way around, a) because of the high cost to the treasury and b) because of the division brought about by identity politics. Hopefully our politicians can come together, show a semblance of maturity, and fix this thing in that I don't even think that these schmucks want to live in a Venezuela or Zimbabwe 2.0.  

On the Federal Government (Circa the Second Half of the 20th Century) Persecuting Efficient Companies Through Antitrust Legislation (Microsoft, IBM, Schwinn, RCA, Pan-American World, etc.) While Simultaneously Promoting Monopolies via Protectionist Tariffs, Regulations Which Disproportionately Hamper Smaller Firms, Franchise Monopolies, Occupational Licensing (Which Severely Restricts the Entry of New Firms), etc.

I know that the government frequently works at cross-purposes (subsidizing tobacco farmers while simultaneously dishing out money for anti-smoking programs, for example) but this is so far beyond ludicrous to the point where I'm amazed that our economy works at all. Seriously, mercantilism and crony capitalism at its worst.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

On the Tendency of Some Folks On Medicaid to Overuse Emergency Room and Ambulance Services

   The leftists aren't going to like this but I really think that we need to start charging some modest co-pays for Medicaid services, because right now there is NO incentive for these people to use these benefits prudently and judiciously in that it is the taxpayer who pays for them, NOT THEM. And they don't have to be exorbitant co-pays (maybe $5 for an ER visit or ambulance ride, $3 for an office or clinic visit, $2 for a prescription). Just enough to get them to think before they act, that's all. 

On the Fact that a Majority of Democrats In Congress Voted for the 2006 Border Fence Bill

Soooooo…...if Mr. Trump called it a fence instead of a wall the Democrats would vote for it? Hey, worth a try (though, yes, the one-eighty probably has more to do with Mrs. Clinton getting only 37% of the white vote and a realization that Hispanics overwhelmingly support Democrats).

On President Eisenhower Disappearing for a Few Days In 1955 and Conspiracy-Inspired People Claiming that it Was Because He Was Meeting with Aliens at Holloman Air Force Base In New Mexico (the Official Explanation Was that He Receiving Dental Work)

Not a bad theory but the much more plausible one is that the fellow was probably tapping some young stuff (like he did during WW2) and simply didn't want Mamie to find out about it...….Talk about a temper.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Burton Folsom's Classic Volume, "The Myth of the Robber Barons") In 1807, the New York State Legislature Granted Steamboat Tycoon, Robert Fulton, a 30-Year Monopoly On Steam Transportation for the Hudson River and Other Waterways

It was one of the most maddening acts of crony capitalism in U.S. history and yet when the majority of present-day historians talk about the "robber barons", they tend to leave out fellows like Fulton, Collins, Dodge, Stanford, Cooke, etc. who got ahead through parasitic and political methods and instead go after the true entrepreneurs (men like Hill, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, etc. who built their businesses by honestly competing in the market and not by pilfering the taxpayer). Talk about a bias against free enterprise.

On the Fact that (According to Economic Historians, Burton Folsom, Thomas DiLorenzo, and Dominick Armentano) Even Though the Textbook Definition of a Monopoly Specifies that a Particular Business Restrict its Production In an Effort to Jack Up its Prices, the Industries that the Sherman Antitrust Law Targeted for Prosecution In the Late 19th Century Actually GREW at a Rate Six Times that of the Economy as a Whole and AND Their Prices Fell at a Rate Greater than that of the Overall Consumer Price Index

So, no, they weren't true monopolies and the only reason for their prosecution was the disgusting collusion between the companies that couldn't compete due to inefficiency and their political cronies whose palms they greased creating such a policy. A resurgence of mercantilism, in other words.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

On Hillary Clinton Getting Only 37% of the White Vote In 2016 -

You want to know why the Democrats have done a total three-sixty on immigration? Look no further, people. Look no further.

On When Campus Lunatics Claim to Fell "Unsafe" Whenever They Hear Something that Challenges Their World-View

If by unsafe they mean the same way that 14th Century inquisitors felt when they scoured the countryside looking for heretics to torture and persecute, then, yeah, I'm buying it. Otherwise, no.

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 6

On the Fact that the Mainstream Media Outlets (Along of Course with Those Low-Brow Wannabe Sites Like Salon and the Daily Beast) Are Now Characterizing Literally Every Left of Center Person (Save for Maybe the Never-Trump Republicans Who They've Seemingly Brokered a Temporary Peace-Treaty with Out of Their Shared Hatred for Trump) as Either "Right-Wing" or "Far-Right"

Yeah, I strongly suspect that these morons have focus-grouped all of these terms and have ultimately concluded that right-wing and far-right elicit a much more negative response from the public and so they've decided to go with those. Simple as that (and, yes, that craven they've become).

On the Fact that There Are Actually Some SJWs Out There Who Are Trying to Rebrand Pedophiles as "Minor Attracted Persons" (the Obvious Attempt Here Being to Glom Onto the LGBT Movement)

While this whole "don't be judgmental" thing may have started out from a good place (and, yes, even conceding THAT might be too generous), would you not agree with me that these clowns have taken it a bit too far and that this is a perfect example of that? Please, tell me, yes.  

On 1970s French Intellectuals (Foucault, Sartre, de Beauvoir, Glucksmann, etc.) Attempting to a) Do Away with Age of Consent Laws and b) Decriminalize Sex Acts with Minors

While I understand that childhood has been extended somewhat in the modern times (the fact that 14 and 15 year-olds used to get married in the old days of both Europe and America), I can't help but think that these individuals weren't so much operating out of an extensive sociological analysis but rather from their own idiopathic perversions (Foucault, especially). I could be wrong but I doubt it.

Monday, December 10, 2018

On the Fact that Trump's Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, Just Happens to Be that Same South Florida Prosecutor Who Struck a Deal with Notorious Sex-Offender, Jeffrey Epstein, Allowing the Fellow to Get Off with Just a Slap On the Wrist (Only 13 Months In Prison and He Was Able to Get Out During the Day) -

Mr. Trump likes saying the words, "you're fired." Well here's a golden opportunity, right here. I say, go for it, Mr. President.

On the Fact that When Postmodernist Intellectual, Laurie Calhoun, Was Asked if a Giraffe Being Larger than an Ant Was a Fact, She Responded by Saying, "No, it's an Article of Religious Faith In Our Culture"

Wow, and I thought that politicians used tortured language (to conceal their idiocy, fool the public, etc.). They ain't got nothing on this chick (can you even begin to imagine how she describes it when she takes shit? Lordy!!).

On Oklahoma Quarterback, Kyler Murray, Accepting the Heisman Trophy Last Week......and Within Hours Some Douche-Bag "Reporter" from USA Today Digging Up Some Dirt On the Guy -

Murray's massive sin here? Would you believe, homophobic tweets from six years ago.....WHEN THE GUY WAS 14? What is wrong with these SJWs? I mean, do they have to ruin everything? Seemingly, huh?

On the Fact that as Buffoonish as Trump Can Be at Times, at Least the Fellow Made His Money BEFORE Getting In to Politics and Not After (a la the Clintons, the Obamas, Newt Gingrich, etc.)

Now this isn't to conclude that Trump is acting purely out of magnanimity that I have no idea what motivates this guy (the fact that he appears to enjoy the spotlight, maybe?). I just don't think that it's to become wealthier, that's all.

On the Fact that President Bush's Mixed Signals Both Before and After the First Gulf War (Before When April Glaspie Told Hussein and Aziz that the U.S. Would Stay Out of Iraq's Border Dispute with Kuwait and After When He Strongly Implied that He Would Help the Shia Depose Hussein and Then Didn't Lift a Finger) Ended Up In the Needless Deaths of Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqis and, so, No, Honoring the Man as Some Great Foreign Policy Hero/Genius, I'm Not

I try not to make it a habit to slam people immediately after they die but that funeral really rubbed me the wrong way and so I'm merely adding a wee-bit of perspective here, that's all. Boom done.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

On the Fact that While Human Migrations and Colonization Are as Ancient as Man Himself, it Also Must Be Stated that Not All Such Patterns Have Been Welcomed by and/or Beneficial to the Indigenous People (the Muslims Moving Into Spain and India, the Europeans Moving Into the Americas and Australia, etc.)

So, yeah, maybe all of these Western nations need to slow down a little to see if the folks who are currently bum-rushing into their countries a) can be assimilated and b) don't mean them any harm...….and to do so before they reach a tipping point because by then a reversal of policy may not be feasible (absent a war, that is).

On the Fact that 63% of Noncitizen Households In this Country Are Currently Receiving at Least One Form of Welfare -

No country can survive such a ludicrous policy for long (especially one that's already $21,000,000,000,000 in debt with another $200,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities) and unless the two parties can come together and address this, the end-result will be calamitous, I fear.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

On the Preposterous Notion Held by American Interventionists that Our Foreign Policy Tenets of Regime-Change and Nation-Building Can Magically Lobotomize Middle-Easterners and North Africans to the Point Where We Can Turn Them Into Jeffersonian Democrats and Their Countries Into Little Americas

You'd think that by now these crazy bozos would have learned the sheer folly of such an approach but apparently they haven't, have they? Not even a little, sadly.

On Trump Tweeting Every Day

Yeah, I'd like to see him scale back a bit but I also think that it's important to stand back and look at the bigger picture here and to recognize that while, yes, the tweeting can be petty and awkward at times, it is far preferable that a President do something like this as opposed to what certain of his predecessors did (Adams, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, Nixon, and, yes, even Obama) in the form of using the full power of government to go after people. A no-brainer in fact...…...............................................................…..................….........P.S. And, yes, I fully get it that even a request as simple as this is probably far beyond the pay-grade of many of the fellow's most ardent haters but, still, I had to at least try.

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 5

Friday, December 7, 2018

On the Fact that the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads Took Boatloads of Money from the Federal Government and Still Ended Up Filing Bankruptcy While James J. Hill Didn't Take a Dime from the Feds and His Great Northern Railroad Succeeded Wildly

I know that I've written on this topic before but I truly believe that there's a lesson here and that of course is to not be reliant on the government (and, yes, that goes for the individual AND the big corporation). a) It destroys incentive and efficiency and b) it tends to come with a lot of red-tape. My advice is that you're far better off sinking or swimming on your own.

Fully Woke Citizens (the Fact that a Fully Enlightened Populace Is Far More Apt to See Through Their Bullshit, etc.)

What would be my answer to the question, "So, what is it that our government fears the most?"

On the Government's Moronic Claim that the Antitrust Case Against Standard Oil Was to Protect the Consumers

Yeah, the truth here is that through Rockefeller's amazing efficiency the price of refined oil actually DROPPED by 73% (from 30 cents per gallon in 1869 to 8 cents in 1885). Couple this with the major improvements in quality, the plethora of oil by-products that emerged (wax, varnish, lubricants, etc.), the great leaps in innovation that allowed wages to go up, and the fact that there were still scores of smaller competitors in the industry and it's clear that the only victims in this whole saga were Rockefeller's competitors who had started this crusade along with their crony-assed political pals. Monopoly, my ass...…………………………………………………………………….P.S. For more on this subject I heartily recommend these three books; "The Myth of the Robber Barons" by Burton Folsom, "How Capitalism Saved America" by Thomas DiLorenzo, and "Antitrust and Monopoly" by Dominick Armentano. Trust me, they'll more than prepare you for any debate with a socialist, anticapitalist, statist, etc..

On the French Working-Class Taking it to the Streets to Protest President Macron's Fascistic Policies, Macron Ordering the Police to Rein Them In, and the Police Taking Their Helmets Off and Proclaiming, "No, We're with Them"

Yeah, you can only tax, squeeze, shame, and demonize your citizens so much and it seems as if the long-suffering French have finally found their inner Charles Martel and are bellowing out, "ENOUGH!" Hopefully it isn't too late.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

On Sinead O'Connor Converting to Islam and Vowing to Never Interact with White Folks Again - Quick Addendum

A few minor points here. a) Most anthropologists and geneticists still consider Arabs, Persians, and South Asians as Caucasian (Nicholas Wade in "A Troublesome Inheritance" holds out that these groups could constitute separate races but it's still a minority view) and so she might want to operationalize her terms a bit better and b) does she really think that Arabs, Turks, North Africans, and sub-Saharan Black Africans will treat her better than the white people of England did? 'Cause if this obviously disturbed gal truly thinks that...….I just hope that she knows what she's doing, that's all.

On the Fact that the Overwhelming Majority of Supreme Court Justices Over the Past Century or so Have Come from Three Schools; Yale, Harvard, and Columbia (with Northwestern and Stanford Sneaking In a Few Apiece)

The left always brings up the need for diversity. How 'bout we start right here and bludgeon this little power elite? I'm game. Are you?...………………………………………………………………….P.S. And, yes, just to underscore the exclusivity here, Cornell, Penn, NYU, Georgetown, and Duke are clearly five of the premier law schools in the country and all told between them they've only sent one graduate to the Supreme Court (Owen Josephus Roberts from Penn who served from 1930 to 1945). Yeah, something's a wee-bit suspicious here.

On Sinead O'Connor Converting to Islam and Vowing to Never Interact with White Folks Again

Damn it! I was soooooooo looking forward to our next conversation. Oh well, those are the breaks, I guess.

On the Tendency of this Country to Lionize Dead War-Hawks (from Lincoln and the Roosevelts to McCain and Bush the Elder)

Yeah, I guess that in order to be a great leader in America you first need a large body-count. Sad, huh?

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

On the Fact that the Leftists Are so Concerned About Hurting People's Feelings that They've Literally Deemed Any Criticism of Any Demographic Group (Save for White Heterosexual Males) as Unacceptable Even When the Evidence Warrants it

You want to lose civil society? Step one (this pathological altruism dressed as sincerity), right here.

On Leftist Boobs Like Joy Behar Using Bush Senior's Death Simply as Yet Another Vehicle to Bash President Trump (Saying that Bush - a Fellow that They Never Liked Until Trump Came Along - Was Such a Decent Man Compared to Trump, yada yada)

If these folks got any more transparent they'd be invisible. Dear Lord...……………………………………………………………………..P.S. And, no, Bush wasn't a decent fellow unless you consider starting bullshit wars that lead to mass-murder decency WHICH I DO NOT.

On the Fact that I Heard Segments of Barack Obama's Recent Speech at Rice University and, Gee, What a Shocker, the Dude's Still Clinging to His Identity Politics and Racial Grievance Mongering

I wasn't a big fan of the Bushes but at least they had the decency to step aside and let the next fellow do his thing. Obama, he just can't do it.

Chuck Schumer On Immigration, Circa 2009

   And it wasn't just Schumer spouting such Trumpian lines in that you also had Harry Reid, both Clintons, and even Obama delivering the goods ALL WITHOUT A PEEP FROM THE MEDIA...….Politics, anyone?

On the Fact that (According to the Michael Cox and Richard Alm Book, "Myths of Rich and Poor") In the Early 20th Century, it Took the Average American Worker 107 Hours to Purchase 100 kw of Electricity......and by 1999 it Only Required 14 Minutes

And so to all of the people out there who claim to be oppressed, that bad you really don't have it (at least not from a historical perspective; the fact that when you go back to the early 19th Century, NO ONE had electricity - not even kings!!).

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

On the Fact that While the U.S. and Other Western Countries Are Fucking Around with Such Things as Affirmative Action, Diversity Training, Altering the Curriculum (They're Even Trying to Make the Hard Sciences Less "White"), Countries Like China, Japan, and South Korea Are Instituting a Strict Meritocracy Within Their Educational System

A lot of people are saying that the 21st Century will belong to Asia and based upon this one factor alone it's very hard to argue against that. Hopefully our country will eventually wake up, end this fuzzy thinking, and institute some merit-based policies of our own, 'cause if we don't we're probably looking at a third-world scenario at some juncture. Seriously.

On the Fact that the Mueller Strategy Is Obviously to Indict as Many Trump Associates as Possible On Bullshit Process Crimes (Mattress-Tag Removal, the Running of Stop-Lights, Long-Ago Tax Issues, etc. - None of Which Have a Fucking Thing to Do with Trump) and Hope that this Sullies President Trump to the Point Where He Cannot Be Re-Elected (Impeachment Is Obviously Plan A but with a Six Seat Republican Advantage In the Senate a Conviction Would Be Next to Impossible......and so Plan B)

And the tactics that these pricks are using; squeezing and threatening 70-something pinheads like Corsi and Manafort to try and get them to throw Trump under the bus with charges that they undoubtedly know are pure bullshit (the fact that they're derived from the discredited piss dossier, the idiotic former British spy, Christopher Steele, etc.). It's disgusting and I'm tellin' ya' here, if I didn't know where I was, I'd think that it was communist China. Seriously.

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 4

"Yeah, and Stalin Was a Globalist Which Makes You Just Like Stalin, I Guess"

What would be my answer to the question, "So, how should Trump respond when some miscreant in the media compares him to Hitler over this whole nationalism thing?"......Kind of throwing it back in their face, so to speak.

On Some NASA Official Several Years Ago Claiming that We Won't Be Able to Get Back to the Moon for Another 15 Years

So it only took us 7 years to get there in the 1960s with 1960s technology and know-how but it's going to take us twice that long in the 21st Century (modern-day smart-watches, for example, have thousands of times more computing power than the whole City of Houston had when Neil Armstrong supposedly walked on the moon). THIS we're led to believe. Okey dokey, I guess.

On the Overwhelming Likelihood that if this Country Continues Down the Road of Third-World Mass-Migration, Identity Politics, Radical Egalitarianism, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness On Steroids, Intersectional Feminism, Anti-White Hatred, Radical Environmentalism, etc., it Will Either Result In an Actual Civil War or a Capitulation so Extreme that the Constitution Gets Destroyed Completely

Yeah, and so the hard-left either doesn't see this (an inability to see beyond the added votes, political power, etc.) or they do and want the shit to go down (a calculation that in order to remake society sometimes you have to crush it first). Hopefully some saner minds will emerge left of center (along the lines of a Daniel Patrick Moynihan or a JFK perhaps) but the way that it appears now, holding my breath I'm not.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

On that Socialist Bimbo from New York Railing Against Uber While Her Campaign Was Simultaneously Dishing Out Over $6,000 to Uber and Other Ride-Share Companies -

So these are the type of folks that we're sending to Congress these days; champagne-socialists, idiots, and hypocrites. Frightening, isn't it?

On the Fact that the U.S. Is One of the Few Countries In History In Which a Person Is Only Investigated When a Specific Crime Can Be Articulated and Yet that Hasn't Precluded Mr. Mueller and Merry Band of Stalinists and Robespierre Types from Feverishly Going After a Duly-Elected President While Desperately Searching for a Crime

This is a situation that should concern everybody because whether you support President Trump or you don't (personally, I'm 50-50 on the guy but whatever), if he can be treated in this manner, just imagine what they can do to us. Trust me (that or open up a history book), Orwellian doesn't even begin to cover it.

On Dirty Cop, James Comey, Saying that He Doesn't Want to Testify Behind Closed Doors Because He Fears Selective Leaks by the Republicans

Hypocrisy aside (the fact that Comey takes a backseat to no one in the leaks department), I'm just not buying it in that the Republicans have offered to tape the proceedings and release the whole thing to the public (with the classified material blotted out) and Comey refused the offer. I mean, how else do you interpret that?

The Legacy of Bush Senior?

Let's see, for me, it was probably when his flunkies all but waved Saddam Hussein into Kuwait, only to murder hundreds of thousands of ill-equipped and rag-tag Iraqi soldiers after Hussein was stupid enough to trust him...….Killing people, in other words.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 3

On Lear Jet Creator, John Lear, Claiming that There Are Millions of People (Not Aliens, People) Living On Mars, Venus, and Jupiter (Invisibly, I Guess)

Mr. Lear is unquestionably a genius but at this point in time it appears that he may have breathed in a few too many of those jet fumes. Sad, huh?

Note to Sheryl Sandberg, Susan Wojicki, Jack Dorsey, Steven Huffman, and the Rest of These Social Media Honchos

We're not children, assholes. And we certainly don't need a bunch of crony-assed, biased, and fascistic SJWs telling us what we can and cannot read or watch. If you really and truly want to be useful to us, just get the fuck out of our way. WE DON'T NEED YOU. Seriously, we don't.

On CNN Firing Marc LaMont Hill for His Buffoonish U.N. Speech In Which the Moron Justified Palestinian Violence and Rallied for "a Free Palestine from the River to the Sea" (the Same Words that Hamas Consistently Uses and Which OBVIOUSLY Means an End to the Jewish State) -

First off, how fucking low-brow do you have to be to get shit-canned from such a rump outfit as CNN (the fact that there are seemingly no standards over there at least in terms of pushing to the left and so for Mr. Hill to get bounced from that shithole is quite an accomplishment)? But even beyond that, to essentially call for the destruction of Jewish state - of course you're gonna get hammered from all angles, for Christ (and, yes, this is coming from an individual who's criticized Israel a fair amount over the past several years)………………………………………………………………….Needless to say, all of the usual suspects came out to defend this douche-bag (the HuffPos of the world) via their spin-machine; saying that he was simply pushing for "Palestinian rights" when anybody with a pulse knows exactly what those Hamas-sponsored words mean. Thankfully CNN did put forth a rare display of courage by deep-sixing this ass but just like Madame Spivey stated in "Requiem for a Heavyweight", they still have a whole regiment of 'em… don't worry.