Friday, March 31, 2023

On the Fact that (According to a Recent Quinnipiac Poll) 70% of Independent Voters Think that the Indictment of Mr. Trump Was Politically Driven (Just 26% of Democrats Thought so, More Evidence of Them Being Bat-Shit Crazy These Days)

And so what do the Dems do now; start sliming independent voters, too? Refer to them as Republican-adjacent (to coin their verbiage)? If the past is any indicator, yes and yes, I'm guessing.

On the Teachers from TikTok Who Post Those Bizarre Videos Where They Actually Brag About Teaching Their Young Students Age-Inappropriate Sexual Shit

So just how representative of the teaching profession ARE these lunatics? 'Cause I'm tellin' you here, if we're looking at anything over a low two digit percentile the country will probably separate and that ain't necessarily bad, come to think of it.

On the Fact that if that Radical Jerk-Off D.A. In Manhattan Can Indict President Trump Over a 7 Year-Old Disclosure Agreement to Get Some Gold-Digging Porno Chick Out of His Life, You Gotta' Believe that a Few Brave Red State A.G.s Can Use the Marco Polo Forensic Analysis of Ole Hunter's Laptop to Indict His Pops for Some Actual Felonies

Yeah, this is gonna' get ugly. Real, real ugly. Hopefully the Trump backers will be cagey enough this time to steer clear of scenarios where they can get lured into trouble. Better yet, just stay home.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

On the Latest Insane Radical Left Battle-Cry, "Stop Trans Genocide"

 Not only is that one of the most idiotic and paranoid statements ever, it's also an insult to the memory of those who perished in legitimate genocides (over the past century plus); i.e., those in Cambodia, Guatemala, Ukraine, Armenia, Rwanda, Germany, Iraq, etc.. I mean, I get it that these trans activists truly believe that they're being persecuted by individuals who probably could give a rat's ass either way about them but the dudes/dudettes have to get over themselves at some juncture, wouldn't you say?

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

On "Power Slap" (A New "Sport" Where Two Grown Up Adults Take Turns Slapping Each Other)

I had to watch it once, just to see if it was as ludicrous as it sounded. It is. Let's just put it this way, the person who wins the coin-flip to see who goes first has a wee-bit better chance to get the W.

On Living In a Country Where Legitimately Pissed Off Parents Speaking Out at School Board Meetings Are Labeled Domestic Terrorists but Somehow, Some Way, Deranged Psychopathic Mouth-Breathers Like this Slip Through the Cracks - Quick Addendum


  And I ask one more time, what rights do these people not have? They have the right to speak. They have the right to vote. They have the right of PEACEFUL assembly. They have the right to worship as they please. Granted, they don't have the right to be a Hooters waitress but you know what, NEITHER DO I!!
  And as for drag-queen story hour, family suitable drag shows, and the various other tactics that they're using to push this stuff on children, one would be hard pressed to find any era in human history where madness like this was considered a "right", not even in the Wiemar Republic or Oscar Wilde's England. 


On Living In a Country Where Legitimately Pissed Off Parents Speaking Out at School Board Meetings Are Labeled Domestic Terrorists but Somehow, Some Way, Deranged Psychopathic Mouth-Breathers Like this Slip Through the Cracks


I'm not sure what these assholes have in mind but the word, vengeance, doesn't sound all that benign, does it?

Monday, March 27, 2023

On the Fed Contributing to Inflation Through a Huge Uptick In the Money Supply, the Inflation Causing Some Bank Runs as Families Need More Money to Buy Shit, and the Fed Responding to this Mess by, Yep, You Got it, Firing Up that Printing Press Yet Again

It's probably just a coincidence but I've heard that the vast majority of Fed Chairmen over the years (1913 to 2023) used to play kick the can down the road as a kid.......Then again, it does make sense, doesn't it?

On Lindsey Graham Now Wanting to Send F-16s Over to Ukraine Because as We All Know, America's Current Level of Escalation Has Simply Been Way, WAY, too Timid

He also apparently wants Americans on the ground over there teaching the Ukrainians how to fly these attack planes.......So kinda' like when we sent those advisers over to South Vietnam, in other words. Leave it to Lindsey, huh?

On the Odds of Alvin Bragg Indicting Donald Trump if the Latter Hadn't Been Running for President

0.001%......and everyone with even a scintilla of honesty knows it. Of course they're also aware that its a primo example of election interference as the Dems aren't exactly subtle about it, are they?

Sunday, March 26, 2023

On YouTube's Valley Girl Caliber CEO Packing it In and to No One's Surprise Her Replacement Being an Even Bigger Totalitarian POS

 Please, if there's a content creator that you enjoy who also uploads on Rumble, watch the person over there. We have some other options now and we really need to use them, 'cause I don't know about you folks but for my taste, enriching big tech cronies simply isn't in my wheelhouse anymore.

On Mayor Pete's (Department of Transportation) Press Secretary Refusing to Answer Questions with the Camera Running

Buttigieg has a press secretary (a thought almost as absurd as me having one)?

Saturday, March 25, 2023

On Graduating from College with a Women's Studies Degree and Still Not Having the Capacity to Even Define What a Woman Is

I've been told that gender is a social construct but if that's true wouldn't it be rather difficult to study a multitudinous number of subjective realities under just one rubric? It certainly seems so based upon the above-mentioned non-sequitur.

On Many In the Corporate Press Recognizing that the Public Has Lost Faith In Them but Instead of Self-Reflecting, a) Attacking These Citizens, b) Coordinating with Government Ramrods to Silence Them and c) Justifying These Tyrannical Measures Through Dumb-Fuck Orwellian Bromides Like Disinformation, Misinformation, Hate Speech, etc.

Yeah, this is what happens when people's self righteousness takes over. They feel beyond reproach. And when you combine that with ignorance, a susceptibility to propaganda, and full-throated stupidity, it's a pretty potent cocktail, as we've witnessed.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Note to the MSLSD Ramrods

Some free advice, the next time that you clowns want to accuse Mr. Trump of inciting violence, maybe bring on a guest "expert" whose name isn't, you know, MAXINE WATERS (the harsh fact that ole Waters herself has been caught on tape at least several times easily outdoing Trump in the incitement sweepstakes)!!!!!! 

On the Fact that Every Graduating Student at Harvard, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, Amherst, and Cornell Could Be East Asian and it Wouldn't Bother Me In the Least

 Unfortunately we now live in a country bursting at the seems with social engineering dolts who a) worship at the altar of amorphous stock buzzwords like diversity, equity, and inclusion and b) literally think that concepts like industriousness, critical thinking, punctuality, and merit represent archaic vestiges of white supremacy (white supremacy in a country where its Asian minority dominate - relax, it isn't supposed to make sense). 
 And it wouldn't be as if white, black, and Hispanic kids couldn't go to college at all. It would just have to be at UMass Lowell instead of Harvard, Quinnipiac instead of Yale, Stony Brook instead of Cornell, and San Jose State instead of Stanford (institutions ironically where they'd have a better chance of excelling and not have to switch majors to something with the word, studies, attached to it), that's all.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

On One of the Key Functions of the Present-Day U.S. Security State Being to Prevent Russia and China from Forming an Alliance and, gee, What a Shock, They're Failing at it Miserably

So, yeah, maybe pouring $100,000,000,000 into a land dispute between two corrosive countries halfway around the world (one of which has nuclear weapons) where we have jack-shit strategic interests wasn't the grandest of policies after all. When you peel away at it, I'm saying.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

On the Inflection Point, Percentage Wise, In Which an LGBT Population Can Derail a Functioning Society

One can only speculate here but being that there's likely a strong negative correlation between the number of LGBT and both military preparedness and the birth rate, upwards of 10 to 15% would probably get the job done, I'm thinkin'. 

On the Fact that When Morons Like April Ryan and Jim Acosta Acted Rudely at Trump's Press Conferences (Making No Attempt Whatsoever to Hide Their Mouth-Breathing Hatred of the Guy) They Were Celebrated as Brave Heroes Standing Up to Power but When this Poor Bastard, Simon Ateba, Acts Similarly He Gets Smeared by the Usual Suspect Celebrity Jackboots (the Joyless Behars of the World)

And did you notice how the rest of press corp treated him with absolute derision? Thought that they were supposed to support each other and I don't seem to recall there being a carve-out for intelligent Africans who apparently understand the Constitution better than any of this current crop of corporate lackeys. And what about "diversity"? Another carve-out for that, too?

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

On Senator Murphy Justifying the U.S.'s Role In Toppling the Ukrainian Government In 2014 by Pointing to President Yanukovich's Admittedly Harsh Treatment of the Opposition Protesters

So I guess that the treatment of people by the governments in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, etc. simply haven't been "harsh" enough yet (not that I want to topple them, either, obviously). Oh well, maybe next go-'round as there's always room for one more regime change.

On Michigan's Insane Governor Chiming In On the Ukraine Conflict and Like a Good Little 21st Century Democrat Advocating for Additional Carnage

 And this from an individual whose singular trauma has apparently come from needles (of various lengths and thickness).

On MSLSD's College Try to Beautify Peppermint Patty

Uh, I'll give it a C, I guess (though, yes, feel free to circle back).

Monday, March 20, 2023

On Revolutionizing Societies When Their Inhabitants Are Pretty Fucking Happy

It's hard and so this is probably why the fascists are constantly sowing division, manufacturing grievances, etc.. A page out of their playbook, if you will. Of course if you driving too strong to the rim in this endeavor, yes, you'll get a revolution, just not the one you're expecting.  

On the Fact that 99.999% of the "Apolitical Disinformation Experts" Do Seem a Wee-Bit Political at Times

Not surprising in that it's a fully made-up term by a bunch of partisan stumps who can't seem to get past a box of Cheerios without seeing a political angle to it, a slanted one, no less.

On Harvard's Social Justice Goal Being to Increase Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (Just What We Need, Another Malleable and Opaque Bromide)

They seem to have forgotten equity. Don't they realize that the mob only accepts 100% compliance......and that these radical and insane movements have a strong tendency to cannibalize themselves? Apparently not, huh?  

Sunday, March 19, 2023

On HHS Whistleblowers, Tara Rodas and Aaron Stevenson, Alleging that the Federal Government Has Been Handing Children Over to Traffickers Who Are Pimping Them Out to Fellow Unsavories for Sex and Slaver Labor -

 Yep, and not only is the corporate press ignoring this the plague, their fellow fascists over at social media are punishing anybody who's even looking at it. So protecting scumbags, in other words.

On the Silicon Valley Bank Not Having a Risk Officer and Instead Having an Entire Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Department

Well, I guess that when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the government will bail you out no matter the level of your stupidity or indoctrination, risk apparently doesn't make the cut.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

On Google's "Misleading Content" Guidelines Being Just as Vague as Those On Facebook, Twitter, etc. and Probably Just as Biased Against Opponents of the Regime, too

Yeah, it was the usual foolishness; questioning elections (well, unless of course you're Stacey Abrams or Hillary Clinton, then its OK), dangerous conspiracy theories (many of which turn out to be true in the end......but whatever), harmful and inaccurate health information (anything that contradicts the entrenched bureaucracy; Dr.s Fauci and Wolensky, the WHO and CDC, for example), hate speech (as defined by leftist hooligans, I'm certain), etc., etc.. And while I'm not a betting man, usually, a little something tells me that a buck or two on conservatives getting most of the punishment seems like pretty sure thing.

On the Idiotic, Race-Mongering, and Soros-Sponsored Manhattan D.A. Taking a Misdemeanor that Isn't Even a Damned Misdemeanor (Sorry but a Private Legal Arrangement Isn't a Campaign Contribution and To Call it One Is Absurd), Sprinkling Some Tyrannical Leftist Pixie Dust On it and Transforming it Into a Felony Just so that They Can Get a Mug-Shot of Trump and Prevent the Dude from Running In 2024

 Please, if you're a sane person who lives in one of these fascistic, corrupt, and dystopian blue sections of the country, get the fuck out. Granted, it isn't an option for everybody (and to those folks my heart goes out) but for those who can make it work do yourself a favor and leave. These sociopaths are indoctrinating your children, letting criminals roam, disarming you, taxing you into the poor house, investigating individuals instead of crimes, trying to repress speech, constantly sliming the police, racializing everything humanly imaginable, infantilizing minority groups, etc., all while looking down on you 24/7. Of course, if you're a glutton for such punishment (as a large chunk of California apparently is)............                                                                                                                                                                                 

Friday, March 17, 2023

On the Covid Pandemic Representing the First Time In Modern Medical History Where the Fallback Position Was to NOT Treat and Wait Instead Until a Person Turns Blue with the Intervention at that Point Being a Poisonous Drug Called Remdesivir and Getting Hooked Up to a Ventilator Where the Death Rate Hovers at 90%

 Murder by omission. Murder by commission. Covering their bases, I guess (all the way to Nuremberg 2.0, say a prayer).

On My Humongous 1.5% Cost of Living Adjustment from the Connecticut Teacher Retirement System

I probably misunderstood. I thought that a cost of living adjustment was supposed to reflect, you know, THE COST OF LIVING!! So unless that 8.7% inflation rate from 2022 was a hallucination of mine, color me, not too pleased.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

On Eva Marie Saint (and that Amazing Dress) In the Hitchcock Classic, "North by Northwest"


She was soooooooooooo fucking smoking that Cary Grant damn near turned straight during the filming of it.......Or so I've heard.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

On the Red Cross Handy Out Maps and Other Goodies to Migrants In an Effort to Make the U.S.A. Absorb Even More Poverty and Educational Failure

Not certain how much money that we hand over to the Red Cross every year but may I suggest that we shave off a bit, like, I don't know, most of it maybe? Just throwin' it out there.  

On the Resolution Introduced by Congressman Matt Gaetz Which Directs President Biden to Remove the Remaining 900 Troops from Syria Going Down by a 321 to 103 Landslide

As a individual who never thought that the U.S. should have ever gotten involved over there in the first place and who never bought John McCain's bullshit about us funding "moderates" in that shithole, I'm quite disappointed of course. However I did notice one thing that gave me solace. I looked at the tally and it didn't divide along partisan lines; 56 Democrats and 47 Republicans voted, yes, and 150 and 171 Republicans voted, no. Granted, I would have preferred that the numbers were reversed but seeing the two parties working together on SOMETHING was encouraging. Hopefully it happens again soon as the divisions outside of D.C could certainly use a role model or two.

Monday, March 13, 2023

On Mitch McConnell Siding with His Fellow Crony, Chuckie Boy, In Condemning the Release of the 9/11 Videos (Because it Significantly Contradicts Law Enforcement's Official Report - Kind of the Point but Whatever)

McConnell right now is just as corrupt, inept, parasitic, and psychopathic as Biden and Pelosi and I would cherish nothing more than to run all three of 'em out of Washington ASAP. Yes, imprisonment would obviously be more satisfying but I'll happily take banishment at this point. And so would a lot of you, I'll wager.

On Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, Appearing On the Floor of that Chamber and Pushing for a Journalist to Be Not Just Silenced but Taken Off the Air

And all for the unforgivable offense of sticking a fork in the Democratic Party's already preposterous narrative that a couple hundred unarmed retarded chaps tried to take over the government. Oh well, might as well go down like a champ, I guess (coming clean seemingly not in his DNA). 

On Some Unconvincing Tranny Receiving an Award at "The International Women of Courage Award Ceremony"

And cucked biological chicks generally say (in response to this shit), "Thank you good sir, may I have another?" Thank God for J.K. Rowling, huh?

On this Forgotten Little Gem from the '80s

     Great stuff and with Garth Hudson on keyboard to boot. Oh, and that head thing at 3:26, totally cool.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

On the Democrats Now Being the Anti Civil Liberties, Pro War, Pro Security State, Pro Crony Capitalism, Pro Sexualization of Children, and Pro Open Borders Party

I've long considered them bullshit on war but some of these other things, while I probably shouldn't be surprised, I kinda' am (their new-found feelings of love for the F.B.I. and C.I.A., especially). Silly me, huh? 

On the Most Recent Tax Data Displaying that the Top 1% Dished-Out 42.3% of All Income Taxes (Nearly Double the Percentage of Their Income Share; 22.2%) -

And, still, not a single mainstream journalist has ever asked President Biden or any of the other Democrats what that number should be. 50%? 60? 90? Could it possibly be because they don't want to embarrass their kings as the likelihood of them having a decent answer is probably nil? That would be guess, for certain.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

On "Disinformation Experts"

Yeah, it's just another made-up concept (like "whataboutism", "nonbinary", "preferred pronouns", "gender-affirming care", etc.), and a sinister one, no less. I mean, what do we got here with this shit; partisan hacks and bureaucratic stooges being the arbiters of truth with 99.99% of their fact-checks existing solely for the furtherance of government bullshit? It's certainly my take.

On the Fact that if the Political Shits In D.C. and Their Stenographers and Shills In the Mainstream Press Truly Believed that Tucker Carlson and House Speaker McCarthy Were Selectively Showing Only the Footage that Was Problematic to the Mainstream Narrative They Would Be Chomping at the Bit to Prove it by a) Petitioning that They Also Get the 40,000 Hours of Video and b) Showing the Dastardly Deeds that Would Buttress Their Case About Tucker Unfairly Editing the Content

And the fact that these tyrants haven't done any of this stuff tells you what? It tells me that they're full of crap and desperately trying to hold on to their preposterous fairy tale that some retarded chap in a viking costume was trying to overthrow the most powerful leviathan in world history.............'Course we knew that already, huh?

On Congressional Democrats Reaching a New Low In Their Horrid Treatment of Independent, Not Bought-and-Paid-for Journalists, Matt Taibbi and Mike Shellenberger

Let's be honest, if anyone on the right (or red pilled left) had treated any of the lackeys at CNN, MSLSD, etc. in such a contemptible manner the outrage would have been off the charts but because these two fellows (both of whom are centrists, at best) have outed their precious security state and its disgusting collusion with private companies they get shat upon by this small army of jack-booted lowlifes. Absolutely despicable. 

Friday, March 10, 2023

On My Latest Discovery/Jackpot; 1950s Actress/Bombshell, Lori Nelson


I consider myself a classic film enthusiast (particularly when it comes to the ladies) and so it's rare for me to miss out on someone so hot. But then I looked at her filmography and it made Dorothy Hart's look like "On the Waterfront", "Casablanca", and "The Bridge On the River Kwai", B movies, all of 'em. Of course if there are more bambinos like this gal on 'em, an occasion turkey likely won't kill me.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

On 1940s and '50s Actress, Dorothy Hart


Her career was short-lived and she only appeared in one good film (1948's "The Naked City"). Just too ugly, I guess.

On the New York Giants In 1965 Having a Placekicker Named Bob Timberlake Who Went 1 for 15 In Field Goals (Successful On His Second Try and Then Going Zilch for 14)

They finally benched him in game 14 and he unsurprisingly never put on an NFL uniform again.................................................................................................P.S. I should probably also mention that his two replacements didn't do that great, either, going a combined 3 for 10 (kicking likely being one of the reasons why the Giants only finished 7-7 that year).

On Living In a Society Where Journalists Are Calling for Censorship and Then Bullshitting as to Why

I had already lost faith in this and pretty much every other institution (law enforcement, the courts, the medical community, higher education, etc.) but, yeah, having the scumbags rub salt into that wound is never a pleasant thing. To say the least.

On Every Corporate News Entity Shitting Out the Same Damned Talking Point Pertaining to the Recently Released January 6th Videos; Specifically, that the Release of this Previously Tucked Away Evidence Represented Some Sort of Grave Security Risk

 It's almost as if the entrenched bureaucracy, political establishment, and security/surveillance state have been writing a script for these dullards with the instructions being to read it verbatim. Then again, being that these edicts have been happening for decades, perhaps it's simply second nature at this point, who knows. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

On Every Corporate News Entity Shitting Out the Same Damned Talking Point Pertaining to the Recently Released January 6th Videos; Specifically, that the Release of this Previously Tucked Away Evidence Represented Some Sort of Grave Security Risk

On Congresswoman, Elaine Luria, Slandering Senator Josh Hawley by Accusing Him of Cowardly Running Out of the Capitol On January 6th After Having Riled Up the Mob Beforehand Through His Challenging of the Vote In Several States, the Exact Same Act that Congressional Stooges, Jamie Raskin and Maxine Waters Had Perpetrated Just Four Years Earlier

 And we know that the buffoon was lying because we now possess the unedited film-clip showing that scores of other lawmakers had been running out of the Capitol just prior to Hawley doing so and that the quick exodus was taking place simply because security had prompted them to do so. Hell, if anything, Hawley was showing courage by being the final one out the door. Now, does Hawley have a libel case here? Probably not (as they're a bitch to prove)............and yet I wouldn't begrudge the guy one iota for at least fantasizing on it.

On the Democratic Establishment and Their Hack Goons In the Media Accusing Tucker Carlson and Kevin McCarthy of Selectively Editing the Recently Released January 6th Videos........................26 Months After They Did the Exact Same Thing In Pursuit of Buttressing Their Laughable "Deadly Insurrection" Template

 These assholes could readily prove their bold assertion simply by demanding that they get the videos as well............but they haven't done that, have they? Apparently standing around taking pictures didn't quite make the cut.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

On What President Trump Should Have Said to Lebron James When the Superstar Called Him a Bum and Other Such Slurs that I Don't Recall (You Know, Instead of Questioning the Guy's Intelligence)

" (To a reporter attempting to create division) Lebron called me a bum? I'm sorry to hear that. I'm a huge fan of the guy's game. (Rotating his face to the camera) Lebron, if you're out there and listening, please, have one your people contact the White House. We'll try and set up a visit and see if we can reach some common ground, criminal justice reform, for instance. In the mean time, have a great game against the Knicks tonight. (Turning back to the lowbrow reporter) So anymore questions, my friend? No, have a good day then."

On the Fact that There Are Still Corrosive Politicians and Media Shits Who Shamelessly Spew the Colossal Lie that Five Capitol Police Officers Were Slain by "Dangerous Insurrectionists"

The correct number of course is squat with the only people dying that day being Trump's people. A "deadly insurrection"? Yeah, I don't think so.

Monday, March 6, 2023

On Bill Maher Asking Bernie Sanders to Explain the Difference Between Equality and Equity and Ole Bernie Literally Replying, "I Can't Answer that Question" - Quick Addendum

 In all fairness the dynamic duo of Maher and Sanders ultimately did more or less differentiate the two concepts and, check this out, Sanders actually concluded that equality was much the fairer of the two; a response that would put the dude to the right of Harris and Buttigieg. Sanders, a centrist now. Go figure, huh?

On Bill Maher Asking Bernie Sanders to Explain the Difference Between Equality and Equity and Ole Bernie Literally Replying, "I Can't Answer that Question"

Actually, I would prefer having a politician do that instead of stonewalling, bullshitting, etc. (like Ibram Kendi did when asked to define racism and defined it, "racism this and racial that", circularly, in other words). Plus it gave me a laugh and there ain't nothin' wring with that.

On Russell Brand Going On Bill Maher's Show and Totally Eviscerating MSLSD Hack Shill, John Heilemann (Hammering Home the Obvious Fact that MSLSD Is Just as Biased as Fox and that They Should Probably Clean Their Own House Instead of Continuously Trying to Target a Competitor that Always Seems to Top Them In the Ratings), and the Usual Suspect Shit-Posting Sites Like the Daily Least Referring to the Annihilation as Mr. Brand "Ranting"

 Yes, I get it, conservative venues engage in "framing", too, but I'm sorry, nobody can alter reality better than the hard left and THIS was clearly one of their masterpieces. 

Sunday, March 5, 2023

On the Fact that In 2015 There Were Over 385,000,000 Police-Citizen Contacts, Over 11,000,000 People Arrested, Over 48,000 Officers Attacked (Over 13,000 of Which Needed Medical Attention), and 990 Citizens Killed by Police (a Quarter of Which Were Black Men) -

 Yes, I would prefer to live in a society where police didn't have to kill anyone but being that we reside in a country with 330,000,000 people and where there's still a fair amount of crime, 990 cop-killings among 11,000,000 arrests doesn't seem all that disproportionate. To me, at least...................................................................................................................................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not suggesting that all of the 990 killings were righteous. Clearly some of them were bad decisions and the cops who made them need to be held accountable. My only point here is that we need to have some level of perspective and not burn cities down, riot, murder, pilfer, etc. whenever a shitty cop fucks up 'cause trust me here, that ain't sustainable, short or long term.

On Carrie Newcomer Displaying Grace and Brilliance On Her Very First Album

For example.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

On Our Unwillingness and/or Inability to Call the Pressure Group, Black Lives Matter, What it Truly Is; a Marxist Revolutionary Outfit Populated by Morons and Charlatans, Supported by Globalist Psychopaths, and Hell-Bent On Destroying the Entire Social and Political Fabric of American Society

 They did get rid of the part about destroying the nuclear family (yes, they apparently believed at one point that black kids, more than anything else, needed additional fatherlessness), not out of any moral compunction but because of the horrible press that it brought about. Not to worry, though, as there's still plenty of low-IQ red meat adorning their "mission statement (nothing about acquiring mansions in Southern California, probably just an oversight)". I suggest that you check it out sometime.

Note to Katy Perry (In Response to Her Meltdown Over Guns at One of Those TV Talent Contests)

I totally agree with you, Katy. There are just way too many guns being used to protect Hollywood shits, corrupt politicians, mainstream media cable hosts, etc.. What do you see if we can work to together to disarm some of these security people as they clearly don't need these types of weapons? What do you think? I'm game. 

Friday, March 3, 2023

On the Fact that Our Wise Overlords Have Granted Us Permission to Now Say that -

 a) masks don't work, b) natural immunity is effective, c) the lab-leak theory is probably true, d) the vaccine doesn't stop infection or transmission, and e) a certain percentage of the covid deaths were deaths with covid, not from covid. Thank God in that I was really starting to worry that the critical thinkers may have been wrong for the past few years on this shit - NOT!   

On Neocon Sociopath, Mike Pompeo, Referring to Biden's $100,000,000,000 In Aid to Ukraine as, "Piecemeal Assistance"

Yeah, this reminds me of President Obama dropping more bombs than Bush and it still not being sufficient for McCain and Graham who constantly egged him on to perpetrate even more destruction. Just substitute Pompeo for McCain, that's all.

On the Latest Leftist Trope that Red States Couldn't Possibly Survive Without the Beneficence ($$) of the Blue States............and that Because of this Secession Wouldn't Be the Greatest Idea for These Red States


 It's a huge oversimplification to say the least. First off they cite the poorest of the red states to make their point (West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, etc.) while completely ignoring every blue state that also meets their criteria (New Mexico, Maine, Hawaii, Vermont, etc.). They also fail to point out that when taken as an aggregate the Red States receive only about $1.03 back for every dollar sent to Washington and that the "Red States of America" could easily reject Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama, etc. as members. Granted, it would destroy their argument, just sayin' that they could.







Thursday, March 2, 2023

On the Fact it Now Appears as if Fauci and Collins Both Knew Very Early that the Wet Market Conspiracy Template Regarding Covid Was Problematic at Best

From a recently uncovered email - "He (?) is bothered by the furin (an enzyme to break down certain proteins) site and has had a hard time explaining that as an event outside the lab." A smoking gun? Kinda' looks like it, no?

On Natural Immunity Being a) an Accepted Tenet of Science and Medicine Since the 5th Century B.C. (the Ancient Greeks), b) Tossed Aside (Out of Cronyism, Idiocy, Pure Evil, Take Your Pick) During Covid-19, and c) Rediscovered Post Pandemic by All the "Authoritative" People (the CDC., Lancet, etc.)

If I had to select one reason why we should no longer listen to these jerk-off fools, this might be it (apologies to social distancing, school closures, travel restrictions, universal masking, lockdowns, etc.). Seriously.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

On New Video Showing that it May Have Been the Police Who Initiated the Violence On January 6th by Using Tear Gas and Smoke Projectiles On What Seemed to Be a Peaceful Crowd -

We're obviously going to need a lot more evidence to ferret the issue out fully but at least at this stage it isn't looking all that good for the mainstream narrative, now is it?

Anne Baxter, Classic Hollywood's Most Underapprciated Leading Lady?

Not to me as I already appreciate her to the nth but to the casual film buff, yeah, for certain.

On the Government of El Salvador Rounding Up MS-13 Gang Members and Tossing Them en Masse Into Their New 40,000 Inmate Capacity Prison

Nobody wants to see these cork-soakers taken out of circulation more than I do but as a believer in due-process I'd be a poser if I made an exception even for these scum bags and, so, no, what I see in this photograph does not impress me and leads me to think that a fair and speedy trial likely isn't on the agenda, either.

On the Republicans Consenting to Release Tens of Thousands of Hours of Video from January 6th and the Democrats Responding by Immediately Crapping Themselves (Claims that Tucker Carlson - the Man Given the Videos - Will Either Edit the Content or Inadvertently Expose Top Secret Evidence; You Know, Like Where Nancy Pelosi's Private Ice Cream Freezer Is, for Example)

Maybe I'm wrong but if January 6th was as bad as Pearl Harbor, 9/11, the Civil War, etc., wouldn't this evidence prove to strengthen their assertion? Of course, if they're lying............