Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On the Fact that African Chieftains Traded Black Slaves for Trinkets

Yeah, this part of the narrative tends to get glossed over (along with the part of Northern bankers and textile manufacturers being complicit, too - New York City even threatening to secede).


Rational Nation USA said...

Yeah, wherever and for whatever there is s market, regardless of ethics or lack thereof, there will be those to fill the demand for goods or services.

dmarks said...

Slavery has existed in the modern era in Africa as well. Particularly in the Sudan.

Minister Farrakhan has spoken out actually in favor of slavery in Sudan. You can't deny it, Will. Barack Obama made a serious error in judgement when he chose to go to a rally in Washington in 1995 organized to glorify Farrakhan and his "preaching". Not as a protester, but to enjoy the atmosphere of hate and supremacy.