Thursday, April 30, 2020

On Dr. Ezike, Director of Illinois's Department of Health, Saying this Recently

"Even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it's still listed as a COVID death."............Those are her words, people, NOT MINE, and if you can still refer to any questioning of the COVID death-count as a "conspiracy theory" (a term that's even more played than, racist) after perusing those bad boys, man, do they ever have YOU by the balls. Big time.

On the Fact that Hillary Clinton Has Gone from Believing All Women to Not Believing All Women to Believing All Women to Not Believing All Women

And, yes, as soon as another prominent Republican gets accused, it'll change YET AGAIN! Just wait.

Note to Facebook

Keeping healthy people indoors for lengthy periods of time (and in a constant state of fear) and making them wear masks on the rare occasions when they are allowed out SUPPRESSES THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS AND MAKES THEM MUCH MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO INFECTIOUS DISEASES. This is a fact and while you may be tempted to brush it aside (in your typical Soviet manner) as "misinformation" (your latest idiot buzzword), just keep in mind here that every introductory microbiology and immunology textbook also has this information, so unless you statist-apologists are also into book-burning (and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if you were), grow up, maybe?

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

On the Fact that the Michigan Governor's Draconian Measures Have......

......a) crashed her state's economy (which will probably result in a lot more death and suffering than the corona-virus could have delivered), b) bludgeoned civil liberties to a pinnacle that we haven't seen since the days of Woodrow Wilson, c) compromised her citizens' immune systems through stress, a lack of fresh air and sunshine, and an incapacity to interact with one's surroundings (a healthy immune system needs interaction - HELLO!!) and thereby made them far more vulnerable to other infectious diseases, and d) all but guaranteed that the virus will return for a second go-round due to a lack of herd immunity (so, no, she's not even reducing deaths in this regard, the idiot).............Please, the people of Michigan, get rid of this moron; impeach, recall, whatever's at your disposal (just don't shoot her), 'cause this just can't go on (this toxic blend of recklessness, idiocy, and tyranny). Not in America.

On the Fact that We Now Know with Virtual Certainty - if Given the Choice Between Listening to Government Functionaries and Corporate Media Shits On the One Hand and Brilliant Doctors from Stanford and Yale (Fellows Like Katz, Ioannides, Atlas, etc.) and Front-Line Physicians Like Dr. Erickson On the Other, Our Ole Buddy, Zark Muckerberg, Will Team with the Former EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!

And not only has Zark decided to throw-in with the former, he's apparently considering censoring those who disagree with their views. Nice fella', huh? 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

On the Fact that if the Government Can Remove Your Rights In a Time of "Crisis", a) They Probably Aren't Rights at All but Rather Permissions and b) oh My Lord What a Powerful Incentive for that Same Government to Create Additional Crises

For more on this I recommend the seminal Robert Higgs volume, "Crisis and Leviathan", in which he shows how government uses various "emergencies" as an excuse to ratchet-up its power............and that while they sometimes relinquish some of the power once the crisis passes, they never EVER relinquish it all. A big problem.

On the Fact if President Trump Had Fellows Like this and Dr. Katz On His Team Maybe We Wouldn't Have Traveled Down the Insane Path that We Did......or at Least Not as Far

   Yeah, it's probably time to start getting some alternative opinions on this corona-virus thing (you know, before we end up with a second great depression that results in far more deaths than this virus is likely to) and stop relying entirely on government functionaries. Some fresh blood, if you will. Can't hurt!

On the Fact that None of Those Race-Baiting Buffoons On the Communist News Network, MSLSD, etc. Who Constantly Talk About the Disparate Impact of the Corona-Virus On the Black Community Ever Mention the Disparate Impact of the Economic Devastation Brought About by These Low-Brow Blue-State Governors ON THAT SAME BLACK COMMUNITY!!

Have you noticed? Disgusting, isn't it?

Monday, April 27, 2020

On the Fact that Even Though We Have Dr. Ezike Freely Admitting that They're Now Counting Both Hospice Deaths and Deaths from Alternate Causes In the COVID-19 Tally, Shameless and Government-Functionary-Worshiping Media Outlets Like Yahoo News Are Still Calling ANY Questioning of the Government Numbers a Conspiracy Theory

Yes, 'cause as we all know, the government would never lie to us.......well, except of course for the Maine, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Operation Northwoods, the Gulf of Tonkin, the U.S.S. Liberty, the secret bombing in Cambodia, the Watergate affair, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky", WMD, "If you like your plan you can keep it", etc., etc........but I digress.

On the Claim by Dr. Daniel Erickson that There Have Been About 4.6 Million (a Stat Derived from Representative Sampling and Extrapolation - Behavioral Statistics 101) COVID Infections In California (Approximately 12% of the Population) and that of this Number Only 1,227 Have Perished so Far, Making the Mortality-Rate of COVID In that State 0.027% (27 per 100,000, In Other Words)

The stats are starting to pour in and it seems rather clear now that our response to this virus has been utterly extreme............and unless you want the suffering from this self-imposed economic calamity to continue, time to open things up, wouldn't you say?..................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, one of the likely reasons why California has done so well is the fact that it may have inadvertently developed a herd immunity due to the thousands of East-Asians having entered the state in November and December; individuals that may have been carrying the corona-virus and passing it on to Californians - Yes, it's still just a theory but an exceedingly plausible one.   

On the Fact that Left's New Definition of Federalism Is Seemingly One of Allowing (Encouraging Even) Irresponsible Governors to Mismanage Their States Into Insolvency and Then Giving Them the Option of Shamelessly Crawling to the Federal Government to Bail Their Sorry Asses Out (Even if that Federal Government Is Itself Insolvent)

Yeah, I don't know. I'm thinking that I might like the older version better (you know, the Madison/Hamilton/Jay version). What about you?

Sunday, April 26, 2020

On Zark Muckerberg Now Suggesting that Facebook Is Going to Take Down Posts Which He Claims Are Spreading Misinformation About COVID-19

So like that British asshole who predicted that as many as 2.5 million U.S. citizens could die from the virus (and that's with mitigation factored in)............or that other schmuck who claimed that the fatality-rate was going to be 3.4% (only off by 34-fold) - bullshit like that? No, probably not, huh (statist idiocy never being held to account by crony-assed buffoons like Zark)?

On the Fact that the Spanish, Asian, and Hong Kong Flu Viruses Never Became Seasonal Illnesses

Let's see, do you think that it might have had something to do with the population ultimately developing a herd immunity to it (something that could also happen with the Wuhan-virus if only we would stop this bullshit quarantining of healthy young folks)? That would be my guess, folks.

On the Fact that this Is the First Time In Human History Where We've Quarantined Not Just the Sick but the Healthy as Well......and the Consequences of it Could Be Devastating

Yeah, that's right, one of the most deleterious things that you can do to a healthy individual's immune system is to cloister them away from the rest of life in that it is only through exposure to germs that we develop an immunity to them. I mean, this is Immunology 101......and yet for some bizarre reason we've decided to ignore these essential facts. Not good. 

Note to that Deranged Governor of Michigan

It isn't just a loss of civil liberties, lady. It's a also the brutal realization that the economic devastation being brought about by you statist buffoons is probably going to cause MORE DEATHS (deaths of despair, the putting off of preventative care, etc.) than a pathogen that even Dr. Fauci (in a recent New England Journal of Medicine article) has concluded is no more deadly than the yearly flu. I mean, I get it that as a bureaucratic functionary you're probably not the swiftest individual to be dealing with things of this sort to (issues that involve both economics AND health) but certainly you must understand that this isn't an either/or dilemma. The fact of the matter is that society can both protect the elderly (and other vulnerable folks) AND have the rest of us more or less carry on (with people acting in their own self-interest, using mitigation, etc.). IT'S NOT ROCKET-SCIENCE......and we aren't children. Dear lord.......................................................................................................P.S. And, no, your draconian measures don't even make sense from a medical perspective. Yes, you're possibly "flattening the curve" but all that that does is stretch out the same number of deaths over a longer period of time, this while a much smaller group of people build up sufficient antibodies to hopefully prevent this sucker from becoming a seasonal problem (this per Dr.s Ioannides, Atlas, and Bhattacharya out of Stanford, Dr. Wittkowski from the Rockefeller University, and Dr. Katz from Yale)......................................................................................................For more on the virulent effects of economic hardship on health - -

Saturday, April 25, 2020

On the Fact that (According to Whistle-Blower, Fred Fleitz) it Now Appears as if Our Buddy, John Brennan, May Have Hid Some Critical Intelligence Which Seemed to Indicate that Putin and Company Actually Favored Hillary Over Trump -

So the Russians may not have even wanted Trump to win (the opposite of course being foundational to their template). Holy shit, huh?

On the Fact that if You're Under 60 and with No Severe Underlying Health Issues, the Odds of You Dying from the Corona-Virus Are Pretty Close to Zero (0.02% Perhaps) and Yet if You Strictly Went by the Mainstream Media You Would Think that 20-Somethings Were Croaking All Over the Place

They're trying to scare folks and while I can't say for sure what their motivation is, I'd be willing to wager that if we had a sitting Democrat President in the midst of a tough election year, not only would the fear-mongering be much less we probably wouldn't have had these brain-diseased leftist governors tanking their economies. Again, I can't prove it. Simply a hunch.

One More Piece of Evidence that the Corona-Virus Deaths Might Be Inflated

More clear she could not be and, damn, they're even counting hospice patients in the tally now (together with deaths from clear alternate causes). HOSPICE PATIENTS!!! I mean, what else do you need at this point, media shits?

On New York's Douche-Bag Communist Mayor (de Blasio) Setting up Some Internet Tip Site Where Folks Can Rat-Out Their Fellow New Yorkers for Such Egregious Offenses as Not Donning a Mask or Getting Within Six Feet of Someone and that Same Site Currently Being Spammed Nonstop with Porn and Hilarious Hitler Memes

The people have spoken, I guess. And how.

Friday, April 24, 2020

This from the World Health Organization

 "Emergency 1CD-10 code of UO7.2 COVID-19, virus NOT IDENTIFIED is assigned to a clinical or epidemiological diagnosis of COVID-19 where lab confirmation is INCONCLUSIVE OR NOT AVAILABLE."......and that "Both UO7.1 and UO7.2 may be used for mortality coding as cause of death" - - This is the third piece of evidence that I've given to you which calls into question the validity of the COVID-19 death-count (the other two being Dr. Birx's statement and that recent release from the National Center for Health Statistics) - all of which were easy to find......and yet we STILL have these statist boot-lickers like Jim Acosta calling ANY skepticism of the government narrative a conspiracy theory. So infuriating.

On These Blue-State Governors Now Proclaiming that They Won't Reopen the Economy Until a) Everyone Is Tested and b) the People Who Do Test Positive Can Be Contact Traced (and, Yes, that's Just as Orwellian as it Sounds)

It's pure idiocy. a) Just because an individual tests negative at 8 AM doesn't mean that they'll still be negative at 8 PM (unless of course they live in a plastic bubble)............and so unless you plan on testing folks EVERY FUCKING DAY it probably isn't the wisest, most efficient strategy and b) if you think that people are on edge now, wait until you inform them that big-brother is "tracing" them 24/7 just because they have a virus with a mortality-rate of 0.1% - yikes, huh?

Thursday, April 23, 2020

On the Fact that New York State Was Already Looking at a $6.1 Billion Shortfall BEFORE THE CORONA-VIRUS and so of Course Mr. Cuomo Is Looking for "Unrestricted" Aid from the Feds -

The fellow is obviously looking for a bailout and what better way to get it than trying to camouflage it into a Corona-Virus relief package? Man, are these political hacks ever sneaky.  

On How the Lock-Down Ends

Yeah, these geniuses have really backed themselves into a corner in that there are still just two ways to eliminate this virus; a) with a new vaccine (which may take years and even forever) or b) have a sufficient percentage of the population get the virus to develop a herd immunity (which cannot happen if we continue with these draconian measures). That's it. Hopefully enough of these Governors recover their senses and the madness ceases but being that that would necessitate at least a tacit admission of being wrong you can probably expect more madness. Sadly.

On President Obama Telling Us to Not "Look Back" (Spoken Like a True Progressive)

No offense to our former President but that's kind of a dumb statement. The fact of the matter is that you can learn a lot of both good (the Enlightenment, the U.S. Constitution, Adam Smith's "The Wealth of Nations", etc.) and bad (the Gulf of Tonkin, WMD, the Treaty of Versailles, etc.) lessons from looking back and you'd think that a Harvard Educated lawyer would know that. Seemingly not, I guess.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

On the Fact that if We Could Make this Corona-Virus Vanish by All of Us Staying Inside for a Couple of Weeks (as One of My Facebook Buddies Has Insinuated), Yeah, that Would Probably Be Doable but that's Not What These Politicians Are Trying to Institute and I Think that that Should Be Abundantly Clear by Now (the Fact that They're Mostly Suggesting Months and In the Case of Crazy-Assed Zeke Emanuel 18 MONTHS!!!)

And in the mean-time suffering beyond belief from bankruptcy, unemployment, preventative healthcare being delayed, isolation, domestic violence, substance abuse, and suicide. Way to think beyond stage one, guys. Great job.

On the Fact that the Tenth Amendment Was Crafted to Prevent Federal Tyranny from Overrunning the States, Not as a Rationale for Those Same States to Create Their Own Tyranny

You'd have thought that guys like Cuomo, Newsom, Dewine (yeah, let's throw a Republican in there for good measure, why not), etc. would have already possessed this knowledge. Apparently not, huh (the fact that they're literally destroying lives with their iron-fisted tyranny)?  

On Governor Cuomo Accusing Trump of Acting Like a King

This coming from a guy who reveres FDR; a dictatorial President who a) interned Japanese-American CITIZENS during WW2, b) used the IRS as a political weapon, c) surveilled his political adversaries in a way that made even J. Edgar Hoover a wee-bit uncomfortable (, d) threatened to pack the Supreme Court with a bevy of hardcores, and e) literally created federal departments OUT OF THIN AIR.......Consider the damned source, in other words...............................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I don't agree with Mr. Trump's claim that the President's power is absolute (or however he awkwardly phrased it). I don't agree with it at all. But being that these governors aren't just shredding civil liberties and creating mounds of additional trans-generational debt-slavery but possibly causing even more deaths through their draconian bullshit, he is in somewhat of a predicament, no? 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

On the Fact that if Julian Assange Gets Prosecuted for Exposing Crimes While Hillary Clinton Continues to Walk Free After Having Committed Them (Clear Violations of the Espionage Act, Destroying Evidence, Committing Perjury, etc.), We Might as Well Just Pack it In 'Cause a Constitutional Republic Cannot Function that Way

Hopefully the President ends up pardoning Assange because if this guy gets prosecuted no journalist will ever feel secure and, yeah, a constitutional republic can't function that way, either.

On the Fact that if the Russians Wanted Trump to Win the 2016 Election, Then Why Did They Have Two of Their Intelligence Assets Shit Out a Bevy of Disinformation that Made Trump Look Extremely Unsavory?

Seems like a fair question and yet the corporate press is either ignoring it or doing the "aw shucks" routine (as in, "damn those Russians fooled us and so don't blame us"). It's pathetic and hopefully when the dust finally settles they'll all have a different line of work. Learning to code, perhaps.

On Kim Kardashian Asserting that Convicted Killer, Dawn Jackson (Yet One More Felon Who She's Trying to Spring from Prison), Stabbed Her Step-Grandfather "Several Times" When In Reality it Was Actually 56 Times

Yes, I understand that these Kardashians can be a tad slow on the uptake at times but confusing 56 with "several" is a bit too much even for them......and so, yeah, it was probably intentional (making them dishonest as well as dumb). Nice, huh?

Monday, April 20, 2020

On the Fact that as Recently as Early March, Dr. Fauci Was Claiming that it Was OK to Go On a Cruise as Long as You Were Healthy

......and, so, Yeah, He Was Just as Incapable of Predicting the Future as President Trump Was. For the record.......We do have one, you know?

On "Cocaine" Mitch McConnell Smiling Like a Cheshire Cat as REPUBLICAN President Trump Signs a $2.2 Trillion Relief Package

I'm old enough to remember when the Republican Party cared about deficits and runaway spending......and now they're just as profligate as Nancy Pelosi. Boy is this country ever fucked.

Democrats Who I Find More Objectionable than Trump (In No Particular Order)

1) Nancy Pelosi, 2) Eric Swalwell, 3) Beto O'Dork, 4) Elizabeth Warren, 5) Stacey Abrams, 6) Maxine Waters, 7) that idiot socialist bimbo from New York, 8) Gavin Newsom, 9) Adam Schiff, 10) Jerry Nadler, 11) that idiot socialist Muslim bimbo from Minnesota, 12) that idiot socialist Muslim bimbo from Michigan, 13) Spartacus (AKA, Cory Booker), 14) Kamala Harris, 15) Hillary Clinton, 16) Kirsten Gillibrand, 17) Sheldon Whitehouse, 18) Dick Blumenthal, 19) Diane Feinstein, 20) Mazie Horono, 21) Barbara Boxer, 22) Bill de Blasio, 23) Bernie Sanders (if you consider him a Democrat), 24) Sheila Jackson Lee, 25) Gregory Meeks............Yeah, there are probably some more but, it's a start......................................................................................................P.S. And, no, this isn't meant as any sort of major endorsement of Trump (trust me, I have issues with him as well; the deficit spending, the arms-sales to Saudi Arabia, the continued bombing of Syria, etc.). I'm simply trying to underscore just how batshit-crazy that these Democrats have become nowadays. That's all.

On the Fact that I Have Yet to Hear Anybody In the Press Ask Any of These Power-Wielding Governors or Government Functionaries About the Negative Health Effects of Unemployment, Bankruptcy, Preventative Healthcare Being Put On Hold, Isolation, etc.

Granted, the average journalist isn't all that sharp but being that we're talking 101 stuff here, it really shouldn't be too much to ask, I wouldn't think.

On the Fact that In the Deranged and Authoritarian Mind of Michigan's Dimwitted Governor, it Is Seemingly OK to Go Into a Grocery Store and Handle the Produce but Not OK to Purchase Seeds and Grow Your Own Frigging Produce

This is pure lunacy and everybody with an IQ over 80 knows it......and yet because the media continues to prop this imbecile up as if she was some sort serious person the nightmare continues. So frustrating.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

On the Fact that We've Known for Quite a While Now that Hydroxychloroquine Is a Reliable Medicine for SARS Coronavirus and so it Really Shouldn't Be a Monstrous Leap to Conclude that it Also Might Be Effective In Combating this Recent Wuhan Strain -

No, we don't have any conclusive studies yet but being that a) a lot of physicians are currently using it and reporting solid results and b) the side effects seem minimal, maybe this isn't the best place for Trump-haters to plant their flag, I'm just sayin'.

On the Fact that if Trump Had Slammed Hydroxychloroquine as a Form of Snake-Oil and Later Cautioned People to Stay Away from it, the Democrats and Their Boot-Lickers In the Media Would Excoriated the Dude Over it (Proclaiming that He Was Taking Away Hope from People) but Because Ole Trump Did the Exact Opposite, so, too, Did They

These individuals have the emotional makeup of a kindergartner but because they've been able to backstab their way into positions of power and influence, we have no choice but to take them seriously (to a degree). A bummer, huh?

Note to the Protestors In Michigan

While I certainly understand and sympathize with your situation (being forced out of work and put on house-arrest by some mouth-breathing buffoon who thinks that she can control your lives via edict and men with guns), you're going about it all wrong. Instead of petitioning this parasitic sociopath, just ignore her and go about your daily lives (the rationale here being that she can't arrest everyone)............because the stone-cold reality here is that free people don't protest or petition tyrants (the fact that it concedes too much by legitimizing their authority over you) but rather live their lives as they deem fit. Yeah, it's a little more risky but as Ben Franklin said, "it is much better to have dangerous freedom than peaceful slavery"......and I of course agree. 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

On the Fact that the U.S. Economy Is Right On the Precipice of Losing 20,000,000 Jobs and In the Insular and Bureaucratic World of Dr. Fauci that Is Merely an "Inconvenience"

I'm not one of those people who thinks that Fauci needs to be fired. HOWEVER, I do believe that the President needs to reach out and assemble a much more diverse panel of experts (Dr. Katz from Yale, Dr.s Ioannides and Bhattacharya from Stanford, Dr. Wittkowski from the Rockefeller University, etc.) in that this tunnel-vision and detachment from reality coming from Fauci and Birx really needs to be balanced at this point. Inconvenient, yeah, right. 

On the Fact that Fox News, Whatever You May Think of Them (and I Personally Give Them About a B-Minus), Actually Does Real News Occasionally (the Protesters In Hong Kong, Adverse Weather Events, the Bullshit Between Turkey and Russia, etc.), CNN, Not so Much

Yeah, it's essentially one Trump-bashing panel after another with those guys......and unless you have TDS level-15, it's pretty-much unwatchable (as evidenced by their ratings). I can't watch it.

On the Thoroughly Deranged Governor of Michigan Apparently Making it a Crime Now to Hop Into Your Vehicle ALONE and Drive from One Piece of Property that You Own to Another Piece of Property that You Own

She's also made it illegal to buy gardening equipment and even seeds 'cause heaven forbid that the citizens of her increasingly beleaguered state (i.e., fiefdom) retain any semblance of self-sufficiency. Can't have that, now can we? 

Stanford Medical School's John Ioannidis On the Corona-Virus

  This is the best and most balanced presentation on the subject ever. If only we could get Trump and company to listen.

Friday, April 17, 2020

A Rational Strategy to Combat the Corona-Virus?

Hmm, how 'bout we a) focus on the more vulnerable populations (try to keep them from getting infected), b) allow the rest of the country to rationally pursue its own self-interest, c) not destroy the whole fucking economy, and d) not treat the Constitution as if it was some of that suddenly hard-to-find toilet paper? Granted, it's a strategy that wouldn't completely annihilate Trump but being that we're supposedly in this extraordinary crisis, can we maybe think about that later? Come on.

On the Fact that if a Person with Brain Cancer Enters the Hospital, Is Subsequently Diagnosed with a Cerebral Hemorrhage (Related to the Brain Cancer), and Ultimately Dies Because of Respiratory Distress, the Attending Physician Would Generally Have a Great Deal of Latitude When Filling Out the Death-Certificate............and I Ask You to Please Keep this In Mind with All of These Corona-Virus Patients Who Succumb with Serious (and Often Multiple) Preexisting Issues

And, no, I'm not trying to diminish the severity of this thing (especially in regards to the elderly and the infirmed). I'm simply trying to put forth some perspective, critical thought and tap the brakes on this constant fear porn, 'cause that isn't helpin' anybody, THAT'S IT! 

On a New Jersey Corrections Officer by the Name of Stephan Salamak Getting Arrested In 2017 for Possession of Child Pornography and One of the Pieces of Evidence Used by Authorities Was an Entry of His On Craigslist Which Said that He Was, "Looking for Women and Moms Into Cheese Pizza" -

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. We we told that "cheese pizza" being a pedophilic code-word was just a conspiracy theory. Surely the Post (along with countless other local media outlets) must have made a mistake with this............OR MAYBE NOT.......Time to wake up, people.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

On the Fact that the Media Is More Pissed-Off at Trump for Calling Haiti a Shithole than They Are at Clinton Inc for Making Damn Certain that it Remain so

If it's words versus deeds, you gotta' go with the deeds, no?......You'd think.

On the Relationship Between Unemployment and Early Death -

It appears to be quite pronounced and while a lot clearly depends on the level and length of the unemployment, a conservative estimate seems to be around several thousand premature deaths per year for ever one percent increase in the unemployment rate. And, so, yeah, if you're looking at a 20% unemployment rate which continues for two to three years, holy shit, huh?

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

On the Legal Ramifications of Suspending the Constitution During a Modestly Shittier than Average Flu-Season

Yeah, you'd think that there might be a couple (like, I don't know, forcing governors to go to court to shut down businesses) but apparently not. Not anymore, I guess.

On the Models Pertaining to the Corona-Virus Being Extraordinarily Inaccurate (All Predicting Many More Deaths than What Occurred) and the Statist Apologists In Government and the Corporate Press Asserting that this Was Because of Social Distancing and the other Draconian Measures

Sounds plausible until you find out that the models had already factored-in these policies prior to coming up with the death estimates............and then it becomes patently clear that it's all about them covering their butts. I mean, we're staring-down at a possible 20% unemployment-rate and if the death rate to this thing is similar to the seasonal flu, yeah, we're looking at a significant backlash......Poor bastards, huh?

On the Fact that (According to Robert Bryce's Great Book, "Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper") Global Energy Consumption Has Been Growing by Approximately 450 Terawatt Hours per Year and for Wind Power Just to Keep Pace with this Growth (Never Mind Replace Our Existing Energy Sources), it Would Require 240,000 Square Kilometers of Land for New Wind Turbines EVERY YEAR

Of course one might say that we could conceivably reduce this growth through efficiency, etc. but being that most of the expansion is coming from countries like Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam (countries that are trying to escape poverty, in other words), that might not be at the top of their agenda quite yet. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

On the Fact that Preventative Medicine Has Essentially Been Put On Hold Because of this Wuhan-Virus as Countless Elective Procedures and Surgeries (and, No, I'm Not Talking About Face-Lifts and Tummy-Tucks) Have Had to Be Put On Hold Indefinitely -

Gee, I wonder if Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci have a model that predicts the number of fatalities from this. I'm guessing, no.

On the Fact that Sometimes You Just Need to Share Something Amazing

  Like this.

On the Fact that if Walmart Can Mitigate Against the Wuhan-Virus, Why Can't Marshall's, J.C. Penney, and T.J. Maxx............or Better Yet the Thousands of Small Independent Businesses that Are Getting Crushed to the Point of Probable Bankruptcy by the Heavy-Hand of the State?

The left is always complaining about Walmart and its effects on the small business community (unaware that government regulation is a much bigger burden) and here they are unwittingly (I guess) pushing forward a scenario which solidifies this company's vice-grip on the retail sector to an even greater degree. It's pure insanity and yet nobody in the media or political-class appears to recognize this disconnect. Frightening, isn't it?

On the Fact that Even Though Dr. Birx Herself ON NATIONAL TELEVISION Has Stated that a Significant Number of Those Who Have Perished with the Corona-Virus Had Serious Co-Morbidities Which May In Fact Have Been the True Cause of Death, You Still Have These Disgusting Reporters Like Jim Acosta Claiming that it's All Just One Huge Conspiracy Theory -

A good reporter of course would push back on some of these doctors but being that Acosta and company's singular mission these days is to annihilate President Trump, all that they serve-up are softballs. Pathetic, huh? 

On the Fact that (According to a 2014 Article from the British Journal of Psychiatry) the Recession of 2008 to 2010 Resulted In at Least 10,000 Additional Suicides In the U.S., Europe, and Canada -

Yeah, when a person's livelihood gets crushed it can often lead to despair and sometimes even suicide. It's friggin' common sense and yet these bureaucrats, Fauci and Birx, seem not to have a clue. Oh well, as long as their jobs remain "essential", I guess.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Question for Oliver Cromwell (or as I Prefer to Call Him, Unsung Monster of the 17th Century)

"Sir, it has come to my attention that a large segment of the Christian slaves that Admiral Blake freed from the Muslim strongholds in Algiers and Tunis were Irish. My question is, were these newly freed men permitted to maintain their emancipation............or were they ultimately a part of 50,000 Irish slave contingent that you ferried off to Barbados some time later? Just curious."......Fair question, no? 

On Questioning Everything and Being Called a Conspiracy Theorist Versus Believing Everything that the Government Tells You and Surviving to Regret it

While I understand that there's a continuum with this and that we're all somewhere in the middle, I cannot help but feel us drifting more toward the side of tyranny......and now with all of these stimulus checks coming our way (a tactic of Bismarck, no less) God only knows where the shit ends and he isn't talking. Not yet, at least.

On the Fact that Libya Used to Have the Highest Per-Capita GDP and Longest Life-Expectancy of Any Country On the African Continent......and Now it's a Way-Station for Terrorist Thugs and a Place so Dangerous that the U.S. Ambassador Now Has to Camp In Neighboring Tunisia

And of course there's been zero coverage of this hot-mess by the corporate press because a) it's an Obama/Hillary fiasco and b) they're just too busy destroying Trump 24/7. Now if this had been a Trump dumpster-fire............

Sunday, April 12, 2020

From the National Center for Health Statistics, Steven Schwartz PhD

"COVID-19 should be reported on the death-certificate for ALL decedents where the disease caused OR IS ASSUMED TO HAVE CAUSED OR CONTRIBUTED TO DEATH."............And so I ask you one more time; how in the hell is it a conspiracy theory when the only thing that you're doing is using "the experts'" own damned words? Seems like a huge stretch, no (as I'm eyeing Jim Acosta)?

On Dr. Fauci Saying that We May Never Be Able to Shake Hands Again (to Stop the Spread of Pathogens, I Guess)

Yes, the guy's a doctor but he's also a government functionary and a technocrat who's been operating inside a bubble for quite some time............and while his expertise is important, he shouldn't be in charge of setting policy and he certainly shouldn't be spouting foolishness of this sort. I mean, fine, don't shake hands but how in the hell does that help you if you're also touching telephones, elevator buttons, door-knobs, shelves, chairs, tables, boxes, railings, etc., etc.? Just use some common-sense (hand-washing, not touching your face, steering clear of sick folks, etc.), for Christ.

On the Claim by Security Analyst, Peter Pry, that The U.S. Remains Exceedingly Vulnerable to an EMP (Both a Natural One Such as a Solar Storm or an Attack from a Foreign Adversary) but that the Threat Could be Hugely Reduced with an Investment as Low as Ten to Twenty Billion Dollars

So this country spends almost $5 trillion a year and just kicked in another $2.2 trillion in the form of a "stimulus" package......and it's never yet dawned on these genius Republicans and Democrats to pony-up a paltry $20 billion to, you know, SAVE CIVILIZATION!!!! Unbelievable, huh?

On the Left In Certain States Saying that it's OK for Women to Choose Abortion Over Adoption (Even with Late-Term Pregnancies) but Not OK for Those Same Women to Choose Chloroquine (Prescribed by a Doctor) to Treat Their Corona-Virus Symptoms

Put aside politics for a moment. Does that seem even remotely moral (never mind, logical)? I mean, I'm not even that big of an anti-abortion guy (I generally support it in the first trimester but not post viability) and it sure as hell troubles me (both the late-term abortion part and the tyranny of withholding certain drugs)......................................................................................................And I think that we all know what's going on here. These leftist governors are only opposed to the drug because Trump touted it. If Trump had never brought it up, they'd be for it and how fucking childish is that? Pretty damned so, I'd say.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

On Louis the 14th (In 1684) Freeing Hundreds of Christian Slaves from Moorish Strongholds In Tunis, Algiers, and Tripoli and Upon Learning that a Significant Minority of Them Were English, Summoned Their Former Barbary Masters and Returned Them to Servitude

France's hatred of England aside here, this was not unusual for the time in that inconsistencies of that nature abounded (Cromwell freeing slaves held by the Arabs only to enslave the Irish later, the French and Dutch doing their part to battle the Arab slave trade only to purchase slaves from Africa and ship them off to the new world, etc.).......and that it was only when the British Empire got serious about emancipation that a semblance of moral consistency emerged. Still an interesting story, though, huh? 

On the Fact that (per Oxford's Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease Lab) Half of the U.K. Population MAY Have Already Been Infected with the Wuhan-Virus, a Number that if it's Valid Means that the Hospitalization-Rate for this Disease May Be as Little as 0.01% (with the Mortality-Rate Being a Fraction of that) -

So, yes, while the disease is exceedingly contagious, the odds of it fucking you up badly are very small......and yet we've decimated the economy because of it. Hmm, I wonder, do you think that maybe we need to think a tad-more before we respond to these emergencies? That's kinda' what I'm pickin' up.

On the Fact that (According to a 2016 Study from "The Lancet") the Recession of 2008 to 2010 Resulted In 260,000 Excess Deaths from Cancer Alone -

And, so, yeah, tanking the economy will not only have devastating financial consequences, it'll likely kill a bunch of folks, too. Happy? I'm not.

Friday, April 10, 2020

On the Fact that Trump Had the Unbridled Audacity to Challenge the Corporate Press, to Call Out Their Bias, Obfuscation, and Deranged Bullshit Narratives and Ever Since Then They've Been Foaming at the Mouth with Their Unhinged Hatred and Contempt Completely Exposed

And you'd think that at least one or two of them would have concluded, "yeah, maybe we need to dial it back a little 'cause we're starting to look like idiots", but, no, that simply wasn't an option, I guess. A pity, huh?

On Doctor Birx (Who's Really Starting to Get On My Nerves with Her Condescension, etc. but I Digress) Recently Admitting In One of Her Press-Briefings that, "if Someone Dies with Corona-Virus, We're Counting that as a Corona-Virus Death"

So if someone dies from a heart-attack and they had tested positive for the virus, EVEN IF THEIR SYMPTOMS WERE MILD, that gets counted in the Corona-Virus death-tally? Yeah, I don't know, that kinda' sounds like fraud to me (political BS, at a bare minimum).

On the Fact that One of the Biggest Threats to Our Immune System Is Stress and so to All of You Low-Brow Buffoons In the Media Who Are Attempting to Generate Panic Because You've Discerned that it Might Ultimately Finish-Off Trump, Grow the Fuck Up You Worthless Piles of Shit -

So not only is journalism dead, it's killing us along with it. Comforting, huh?

On Some Asshole Going On MSNBC and Informing Morning Schmoe that We Just Might Have to Close Down the Economy for Another Year and a Half

Yeah, I guess that in this idiot's mind, it's much better to die of starvation, disease, social unrest, heat in the summer, cold in the winter, etc., etc. (all of which would happen if we were to decimate the economy) than to NOT DIE from the Wuhan Virus (the mortality-rate likely being on par with the seasonal flu). Such logic, huh?

Thursday, April 9, 2020

On the Fact that as Late as February 26th, Nancy Pelosi Was Walking Around San Francisco (Practicing Zero Social-Distancing, No Less) Pleading with Her Constituents to Come to Chinatown as the Wuhan-Virus Was No Big Deal......and Now She Has the Balls to Try and Make Us Believe that it Was Trump Who Didn't Fully Appreciate the Threat (this Despite the Fact that the Dude Had Instituted a Travel-Ban with China......FOR WHICH HE WAS CALLED A RACIST!)

Of course what makes this even more sinister is the fact that media shits like Fake Tapper never provide any push-back and so, yeah, the history is at least partially re-written. Thankfully the video still exists ( and, boy, do we ever need to share it 'cause this is just fucking bullshit. Oh yeah.

On the Deranged Chairman of the St. Louis Federal Reserve (a Red-Flag In and of Itself) Arguing that All Americans Should Be Tested Every Day for COVID-19............and that They Should Be Compelled to Wear a Badge Displaying the Results of that Test

Let's see, when did something like that happen before?......Oh yeah! Nah, I think that we'll pass. Ya' stupid shit.

On the Fact that Even with Vulnerable Groups Such as the Elderly, You Still Have to Balance the Positive Medical Effects of Isolation with the Harmful Social Effects of Such a Policy (Folks Being Separated from Loved Ones at a Stage In Their Lives When that Could Be Devastating)............and I Simply Don't See that Happening These Days

Again, we're talking trade-offs here......and being that a) any analysis of such things requires a refined mind and b) the vast majority of our politicians and bureaucrats are drooling idiots, off the table they're likely to remain. Most unfortunately.

Additional Evidence that the Democrats and their Media Boot-Lickers Were Just as Much In theDark On the Wuhan Virus as Trump Was............and Possibly Even More-so

    Devastating......and yet they shamelessly persist. Please, if you're watching CNN or MSNBC, at the bare minimum seek out some balancing sources in that those folks are just flat-out lyin' to ya'. Big time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

On the Fact that the Media Is Seemingly Rooting for the Corona-Virus to Get Worse, for the Business Shutdown to Continue Indefinitely, for Socialism to Fully Take Hold, for Something as Idiotic as the Green New Deal to Kick In, and for the U.S. to Bow-Down to Every Fascistic U.N. Agenda Under the Sun

And Trump is wrong about these parasitic psychopaths being "the enemy of the people" exactly? It seems to me as if he nailed it, no?

On the Fact that the Hong Kong Flu (Again, Named by its Origin) of 1968 Claimed Approximately 100,000 American Lives and No One Even Thought About Closing Down the Economy Back Then (Never Mind, Destroying Our Civil Liberties) -

So there's more tyranny today than there was under LBJ 52 years ago. That reassuring - NOT!

On the Fact that if Even One-Tenth of One Percent of the 10,000,000 Folks Who've Lost Their Jobs Over the Past Week Have Their Lives Ruined Over it (Through Alcoholism, Drug-Addiction, Domestic Violence, Depression, Suicide, etc.) that's 10,000 People and I Really Have to Wonder How All of Those Simpletons Who Regularly Spout Off Such Inane Bullshit as, "If We Could Even Save One Life" Would Counsel Them

Not well, would be my guess. Not well at all.

On President Trump Apparently Flip-Flopping and Deciding to Send Weapons and Cash to the Rebels (AKA, Terrorists) In Syria -

This is yet one more legitimate criticism that the media could level against Trump............but being that these idiots a) lust for war themselves (the fact that it's good for ratings apparently) and b) would then have to admit that Obama and Hillary also engaged in this war-mongering buffoonery, you probably should hold your breath. I'm not.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

On "Q" Constantly Telling Us to "Trust the Plan"

Yeah, I'm trying to contemplate a "trustworthy" plan that has as some of its components, $2.2 trillion in additional trans-generational debt-slavery, a deterioration of our civil-liberties, and a huge influx of fiat currency that will ultimately make Monopoly money seem valuable by comparison, AND I JUST CAN'T DO IT!! Sorry, Q folks, but, no. 

On Some Psychopath Emailing John Podesta Telling Him that He Was Looking Forward to Being at Mr. Podesta's Hotdog-Stand In Hawaii

Clearly Mr. Podesta doesn't have a hotdog-stand in Hawaii or anywhere else in the world......and so what are they talking about here? It seems like a fair question, no (and certainly one that a competent journalist might put forth, you'd think)?

On the Fact that Hundreds of Thousands of Kids Go Missing In the U.S. Every Year and to Think that the Rich and Powerful Have Completely Clean Hands In this Seems Rather Ridiculous, No?

Of course when you also throw in the harsh fact that a ridiculously disproportionate percentage of these children were residing in Northern Virginia prior to their disappearance and that less than half of them have pictures on the NCMEC web-site (, it starts to look even more suspicious but, hey, I'm just a conspiracy theorist so, whatever, I guess. 

On Prince Andrew Testing Negative for Covid-19 but Positive for Jennifer-14......and Amanda-13......and Stephanie-15......and Heather-12......

Not certain that chloroquine would work for any of those "syndromes" but, hey, it's worth a shot, I guess.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Make America Insolvent Again?

While I don't blame President Trump as much as I do McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, McCarthy, etc. (the fact that the dude's back was more or less against the wall), he's still the President and could have been a lot more assertive in streamlining this monstrosity of a bill. I mean, yeah, we needed to help out small businesses and extend unemployment benefits but a lot of this other stuff was crap (bailing out the airlines, come on), and in an era of trillion dollar deficits ALREADY, we don't have time for crap, people. Sorry but, no.

On Silver Dropping to $13 an Ounce but Investors Not Being Able to Locate Any (the Dealers Have Either Sold Out or Are Sitting On Their Inventory so as to Not Take a Beating) and Even When They Do Find Some, the Dealers Are Asking 8 to 9 Dollars Over Spot

Yeah, when I first saw that silver was clocking-in at 12-something an ounce I almost keeled-over......and then I tried to find the shit and, boom, the euphoria was over. Hopefully some specimens start to resurface before the price rises again (and rest assured, it will) but until that happens, gold is still a safe and reasonably priced option ($5 gold eagles can still be had for a bout $200 a pop). It's what I'm buying anyway. 

On Houston Alexander's Destruction of the "Dean Of Mean" Keith Jardine

    Yeah, I counted about 20 unanswered fists and knees......and the fact that Jardine was ultimately able to walk out of that ring on his own two feet is equally astonishing. Man, was that ever a beat-down.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

On Yet Another New Sexual-Orientation, Hetero-Flexible (Somewhere Between Bisexual and Straight, I Guess)

In societies that are truly oppressive, you tend not to find shit like this in that the oppressed usually have much bigger fish to fry. Only in an open and relatively free society do you witness its citizens manufacturing constituencies/victimized groups out of whole cloth and agitating around them. If only we could convince the average SJW of this perhaps we could tamp down on some of this boredom and resentment but being that the academy itself has done such a bang-up job at fomenting this abject foolishness in the form of indoctrinating them, an uphill battle it will be. For sure.

On the Media Claiming that Trump Downplayed the Wuhan Virus When In Reality it Was Those Buffoons Who Did so

Some of them even tried to argue that Trump OVERREACTED, citing specifically his travel-ban from China (it was racist, they contended - what else?). Thankfully they left a paper and video trail behind them and, boy, do they ever look like hypocrites, huh? And small, extremely small.

On the Fact that Diarrhea, Car Accidents, Malaria, and Tuberculosis Collectively Kill About 3.8 Million People a Year (Every Year) Worldwide, the Corona-Virus so Far, 67,000 (with 99.2% of These Cases Having a Significant Co-Morbidity)

So if our main objective here is to save lives (a proclamation that I'm becoming more and more suspicious about), wouldn't we prefer to focus on some of these bigger problems instead? It stands to reason, no?

Saturday, April 4, 2020

On the Fact that 83% of the People Who Died from the Corona-Virus In Italy Were Over 70 (the Median Age Overall Being 80.5) and 99.2% Had at Least One Serious Preexisting Condition (50% Possessing Three) -

So clearly this is a contagion that impacts predominantly on the the elderly and on individuals already infirmed.......and yet instead of concentrating on these more vulnerable populations, we did what any chowder-headed bureaucrat would do and took out a gigantic sledgehammer, the damage of which we probably won't know for decades. Nice job, fellas'. Nice job.

On this Ludicrous Notion that You Can Shut Down Major Segments of the U.S. Economy FOR MONTHS and Follow it Up with a $2.2 TRILLION Pork-Filled Relief-Package (Not to Mention, $4 Trillion More In Additional Fiat Currency) and Not Have it Produce Severe Economic Damage In the Long Run (and Please Keep In Mind that We Already Have a $23 Trillion Debt and $200 Trillion More In Unfunded Liabilities)

You would literally have to be a retard to believe this and RIGHT ON CUE, in walk Mitch McConnell, Chuckie Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi seemingly thinking that this form inter-generational debt-slavery is no big deal. It's frightening and the fact that Trump has apparently jumped onto this runaway-train makes it even more-so. Heaven help us is all that I can say.  

Friday, April 3, 2020

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 29

Best Definition of "Politician" Ever

From Brian of "High Impact Vlogs" - "Individuals who feel that they have a higher claim to your life and property than you do."......Love it. Short, sweet, and packs a punch. Nice job, Brian.

On California's Deranged Governor, Gavin Newsom, Deciding to Release 19 Felons During this Corona-Virus Outbreak, 14 of Which Had Been Convicted of Murder or Accessory to Murder -

As the media continues to heap praise upon him (ignoring not just this but his over-the-top crushing of civil-liberties as well). Unbelievable, huh?

On a Recent Article from The New England Journal of Medicine (Penned In Part by Dr. Fauci Himself) Which Concludes that "the Overall Consequences of Covid-19 May Ultimately Be More Akin to Those of a Severe Seasonal Influenza Which Has a Case Fatality-Rate of 0.1%"

And, no, I'm not implying that this thing is inconsequential. It's not. I'm only saying that life is lived on the margins all the time and that risks are taken every day.......and being that this particular risk appears not as nasty as initially thought, maybe we ought not to close down the entire economy over it or surrender even more of our civil that that, yes, probably would be worse than the God-damned virus.

Bill Withers - R.I.P.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

William Pitt, the Younger On Liberty

"Necessity will always be the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."............Something to think about as the Governor of Rhode Island is having her troopers randomly pull over cars with New York license-plates and going door-to-door hunting folks down; the distinction, etc.. 

On Low-IQ Asshat, Chuck Todd, Asking Joe Biden if Mr. Trump Has "Blood On His Hands" (Relative to His Handling of the Corona-Virus) and Joe, to His Credit, Responding with, "Yeah, I Don't Know, Chuck, that Seems a Bit Harsh"

Let that sink in for a minute. The moderator of Meet the Press who's supposed to be this unbiased person says something so repugnant that even Mr. Trump's likely opponent this fall seems uncomfortable by it. THAT FAR WE HAVE FALLEN! Unreal.

On the Partisan Media Jumping All Over Trump After He Suggested that Masks Were Possibly Being Stolen (a Legitimate Concern In that the Numbers Weren't Marrying-Up) Only to Shut Up Like a Clam After Their New Golden Calf, Governor Cuomo, SUGGESTED THE SAME FUCKING THING!! -

How in the hell did we get here? I mean, yeah, the media has always leaned to the left but fellows like Cronkite, Brinkley, etc. would have never pulled bullshit stunts like this, trying to score partisan points over a tragedy. It's disgusting and, yeah, it really needs to cease.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

On the Wuhan Virus Hitting Hollywood Especially Hard -

So there is a God after all. Awesome.

On the Fact that the Democrats and Their Lackeys In the Corporate Press Have Essentially Boxed Mr. Trump Into a Corner with this Virus Hysteria; if He Opens Businesses Up Too Early and People Die He'll Get the Blame for it and if he Keeps Things Under Wraps too Long and We Go Into a Deep Recession He'll Get the Blame for that as Well

And why in the hell did we close down the economy to begin with? We've never done it with other infectious diseases and countries ranging from Sweden to Nicaragua haven't done so this go-round (with no cataclysmic results). I mean, I hate to be conspiratorial (a la Roswell Maddow and the Washington Post) but, yeah, I'm having a really hard time envisioning this foolishness under a President Clinton. Real hard.

On the Fact that One of the Major Reasons Why Certain States Are Currently Experiencing a Shortage of Hospital Beds and Equipment Is Because They Also Operate Under a Crony-Assed Bullshit System of Certificate of Need Laws that Stifles Competition by Limiting the Availability of this Very Equipment -

Hey, maybe we could get Fredo Cuomo to ask his brother about this? He does have the inside-track, no?

Thomas Sowell On Solutions

THERE ARE NO SOLUTIONS, only trade-offs. Like with this Wuhan virus thing. Yes, we could probably minimize the number of deaths from this disease if we completely shut down the economy and forced citizens to stay in their homes for four, five months but being that that would throw millions of people out of a job, bankrupt the government, and ultimately lead to either hyper-inflation or a 1930s-style depression, no sane person would ever suggest that............and yet there seems to be a drumbeat from that general vicinity. Oh well, as long as it gets rid of Trump (the wet-dream of many leftists), I guess.