Thursday, June 30, 2016

On the Fact that (According to Economists, Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams) in 1961 (Nearly 100 Years After the End of Slavery) Only 22% of Black Kids Were Being Raised in Single-Parent Homes (with a Significant Chunk of that Probably Due to the High Male Death Rates from WW2 and the Korean Conflict) but by 1990 (25 Years After the Introduction of the Welfare State) that Same Rate Had More than Tripled

So much for the enduring effects of slavery argument (as espoused by New York Times and surface-thinkers such as Charles Blow, Nicholas Kristof, Gary Weiss, etc.).

On the Fact that Politicians Rarely if Ever Admit that We Went Too Far but Always Seem to Say that We Didn't Go Far Enough (Whether it Be the Keynesians on Fiscal Stimulus or the Neocons on Burnt Carcasses)

 Hayek referred to this mindset as the Fatal Conceit and, yes, I'm beginning to take the man literally. Very literally.

On the Fact that Huey Long Once Reportedly Stated that He Wanted to Be Buried in Louisiana so that He Could Remain Politically Active There

Alright, that's a good one and, yeah, I guess that even crooked politicians can have a sense of humor at times. 

On the Fact that in Less than a Week Since Jesse Williams's Stupid and Divisive Speech at the BET Awards in Which He Slammed the Country as Still Being Incredibly Racist (Putting Forth the Anecdote of Tamir Rice as His Smoking Gun), Two White People (Rebekah Strasbaugh and Philip Niles, Jr.) Have Been Murdered by Blacks and Two Others (Thomas Trent and Lonnie Ludvigson) Previously Murdered by Blacks Have Had Their Perpetrators Stand Before a Judge

Yeah, I'm beginning to think that its white lives that don't amount to a pile of beans and that the crickets coming from racialists like Williams, Bryant, NOI shines, and Sharpton are extremely deafening indeed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

On the Fact that I Actually Watched Chris Hayes for Several Minutes Interview Some Equally Partisan and Obnoxious Buffoon from Media Matters the Other Night but Promptly Had to Turn the Channel When These Two Pseudo-Intellectual Douche-Bags Started Spinning Faster than Ann Miller and Janet Leigh in "Two Tickets to Broadway" in What Was Obviously a Pitiful Attempt to Defend the Repugnant Mrs. Clinton

Do these people (and, yes, I would put Hannity in this class, too) simply not realize how idiotic and transparent that they look? I mean, I understand that they're aiming at a specific audience and all but I would tell 'em straight up that if their goal is to persuade the undecided, this 1970s pro wrestling good versus evil silliness ain't gonna do it. It's not.

On Slant-Headed British Millennials Who Are Trying to Equate Britain's Leaving the European Union with Fascism

So, giving more and more power to some distant and corrupt central authority ISN'T fascism but self determination is. Man oh man is this current generation ever dumb.

On Those Who Think that the U.S. Constitution Is Simply Too Quaint, Obsolete, and Bothersome to Continue to Be of Use

And they desire to replace it with what; the tyranny of the masses (butt-hurt millennials, etc.), a plethora of dunderheaded bureaucrats the caliber of Elizabeth Warren and Paul Wolfowitz, dumb luck? Seriously, I'd like to know. 

On Parents Who Send Their White, Asian, or Biracial Kids to Predominantly Black Schools

It is a form of child-abuse in that as the numbers bear out, a black person is 25 times more likely to violently attack a white person than the other way around and while I don't have the numbers for the school-aged population, I can't believe that it is appreciably different. I understand that this is politically incorrect and that a great many folks will be butt-hurt by it but we must never fear the truth and always, ALWAYS, put our children first.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On the Claim by FBI Whistle-Blower Turned Blogger, Sibel Edmonds, that the Ayatollah Khomeini in the Late 1970s Was Quite Likely a CIA Stooge

Well, being that it was during the peak of the Cold War and that one of the other possibilities was a Communist takeover, yeah, they probably thought that getting behind some religious nut was the better alternative.......Oh well, live and learn as they say.  

On the Fact that (According to a Wikileaks Release) 40% of British Muslim Students Want Sharia Law and 32% More Think that Killing in the Name of Islam Is Appropriate -

And pointing this out makes me Islamophobic, I guess.....................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I don't support Donald Trump's Muslim ban in that that would be both an overreaction and counterproductive. A much more reasonable approach would be to tighten up on the screening process and make our immigration decisions based on common-sense (people who think that gays should be murdered, for example, I would NOT allow in) - you know, as opposed to emotionalism (per the Republicans) or pure political calculation (can you say, Democrats?). 

On the Number of Vacant Chinese Cities that its Going to Require Before Guys Like Krugman and the Rest of Those Brain-Dead Keynesians Realize that Those 7 to 8% Chinese GDP Growth-Rates Are Little More than a Shell-Game/Fabrication on Paper and Concrete

Infinity would be my guess.......and when in fact the bubble does explode, YOU KNOW that they're not going to blame the government planners and central bankers but the private sector and a lack of regulation. JUST LIKE CLOCKWORK.

Monday, June 27, 2016

On the Fact that the U.S.A. Has Continuously Interjected Itself Into the Middle of Foreign Conflicts in Which Both Sides Are Vile; Vietnam, Guatemala, Iraq, Syria, etc., etc.

So, the country has gone from being led by sane (albeit, flawed) men such as Washington and Jefferson (who both warned the country about foreign entanglements) to piece of shit war-mongering fools like Wilson, LBJ, Nixon, the Bushes, and Obama.......You gotta love it, huh?

On the Fact that the Next Century Will Probably Belong to Asia

They just take education far more seriously than we do and damned if their work ethic isn't better, too.

On the Fact that Margaret Thatcher Once Said that, "If You Want Something Spoken About, Ask a Man, if You Want Something Done, Ask a Woman"

If a man had said this, but in reverse, he would have been pilloried in public and ultimately destroyed - male privilege or no male privilege. 

On the Fact that Big Government's Closest Friend Is and Always Will Be War ("War Is the Health of the State" Randolph Bourne)

Yeah, too many folks benefit from it and I seriously doubt that any of them (both in and out of government) will willingly lay down their arms (pun intended) any time soon.

On the Fact that (According to the Higher Education Research Center) the Disparity Between Left and Right Is Significantly Less Amongst College Students than it Is Amongst the Faculty

Probably because the students aren't as isolated and brainwashed would be my guess....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, that 5 to 1 ratio from the previous post is probably a low-ball estimate in that as George Mason's Daniel Klein has speculated, the discrepancy between those professors who vote Democrat and those who vote Republican is probably closer to 9 or 10 to 1.......Not exactly diverse, in other words. 

On the Fact that (According to the Higher Education Research Institute) Liberal Professors Now Outnumber Conservative Professors in Academia 5 to 1

So, the most vital aspect of diversity; thoughts, ideas, etc., isn't considered important by these SJWs but bean-counting is.......Yeah, we are definitely up shit's-creek.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

On the Fact that We Didn't Need a Government Agency or Program to Ensure that Everyone Could Afford and Purchase a Cell-Phone or a Microwave Oven but Somehow, Someway, a Bunch of Moronic Democratic and Republican Politicians Thought that America Needed One for Housing

Perplexing, isn't it?......And can you even begin to imagine how much cell-phones and microwave ovens would cost if in fact the government DID have an agency for them (the fact that whatever the government subsidizes and regulates has a strong tendency to skyrocket in cost)? Yeah, huh? 

On When One's Defects Are on the Surface

Sometimes you're better off that way. Just ask Slade Leeds, Bradley Hadley, and all of the rest of those schmucks in their thin-skinned, pampered, and micro-aggression-fearing splendor. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

On Congressman James Clyburn Saying that the Orlando Nightclub Shooting Had "Nothing to Do with ISIS" - this Despite the Fact that the Killer Himself Had Stated the Exact Opposite - and that it Had Everything to Do with Gun Control - this Despite the Fact that None of the Proposed Pieces of Legislation Would Have Stopped this Latest Atrocity

This ass-hat is a perfect example (and, yes, there are examples on the Republican side as well; Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Mitch "the Bitch" McConnell, etc.) of why we really need to go back to citizen legislators and ditch these career politicians who aren't just too detached from their constituents but from reality, too. "Had nothing to do with ISIS." Come on!!

On the Fact that When the U.S Confederation Government (Circa 1786) Sent Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to Tripoli to Negotiate an End to the Barbary Pirates' Illegal Raiding of U.S. Vessels, Tripoli Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahamas Told the Two U.S. Diplomats THIS

"It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and the duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise."............Yep, and it's good to see that they've made such progress in the last 230 years. Douche-bags. 

On the Fact the Quran (Surah 3, Verse 151) Actually Proclaims that, "We Will Cast Terror into the Hearts of Those Who Disbelieve for What They Have Associated with Allah of Which He Had Not Sent Down [Any] Authority. And Their Refuge Will Be the Fire, and Wretched is the Residence of the Wrongdoers."

Mission accomplished, I would say.

On Anderson Cooper Showing Pleasure Upon Learning that His Slave-Owning Ancestor Was Murdered by One of His Slaves

I'll take, "Virtue Signally on National TV in a Crass and Obvious Effort to Be Accepted by Fellow Elites", for a thousand, Alex.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

On the Curious Case of Rational Nation (and His Alter-Ego, Jersey McJones)

This is a fellow who went from being an anarcho-capitalist classical-liberal worshiper of Ayn Rand who despised progressives and who got into endless wars with them on various blog-sites to a person who now essentially checks off all of the brain-diseased leftist boxes.  It is one of the most bizarre political 180s that I have ever witnessed and it really makes me wonder if perhaps that lunatic leftist sock-puppet of his (Jersey McJones; somebody that he created for debating purposes, I guess) was the true RN all along and that the anarcho-capitalist chap was the alter-ego.......Of course, the most infuriating thing for me is this insistence of his that I'VE CHANGED (which, yes, I have but only from a small l libertarian to a somewhat larger L libertarian - closer to what he used to be, in other words) and the fact that he continues to send me unsolicited messages while acting like a total wack-job. I mean, I understand that the blogosphere is primarily comprised of said rabble (hard-core conservatives and liberals, angry bozos, true-believers, partisan schmucks, etc.) but this episode stands out majorly from my viewpoint. 

On When Upper Middle-Class Women Get All Bent Out of Shape When Working-Class Stiffs Whistle at Them, Make Cat-Calls, etc.

So, stuff like this shows up on the SJW's tyranny radar but the off-the-charts and barbaric treatment of women and gays in the Islamic world doesn't. Wow, huh?......And they wonder why we ridicule them. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

On the Fact that Successful People Tend to Have a Low Time Preference (the Capacity to Plan for the Future, Delay Gratification, etc.)

The obvious exception of course being politics where in order to be successful there (as in getting elected and reelected) you have to promise the masses everything under the sun and leave it up to future generations to pay for such profligate spending.

On the Fact that Donald Trump Actually Said the Words, "Look at My African-American" (as if the Fellow Was Some Sort of Mascot or Something)

There are only two possibilities here, folks. The guy is either one of the top ten biggest buffoons in a country that is loaded with 'em OR he's trying to throw the election (something that even Rachel Maddow speculated on during the primaries). Either way I find it utterly bizarre and fucked up.

On the Fact that Abby Martin (Some Bimbo Journalist with a BA, an IQ Somewhere in the Mid-90s, and a Job on Some Marginal Cable Channel in Which She Spews Forth Nothing but Paranoiac and Condescending SJW Bullshit) Refuses to Debate Sam Harris on Islam and American Foreign Policy on the Grounds that Harris Is "Just" a Neuroscientist

The lack of self-awareness here is staggering. I mean, does this slant-headed bitch actually think that she would stand a chance in a debate with Harris.......ON ANYTHING? My lord.

On the Fact that While the Enrollment Figures for Minority Students at UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC San Diego Went Down After Prop 209 (the Measure Which Did Away with Racial Preferences but NOT Affirmative Action) Passed in California, the Enrollment Numbers for the Irvine, Santa Cruz, and Riverside Campuses SKYROCKETED!!!

Gee, how shocking, people making better decisions for themselves (the fact that they ended up at colleges which were far more appropriate for their level of preparation) than the government did. Who'da thunk it?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On the Fact that No Matter How Many Times that Paul Krugman Is Shown to Be Wrong (His Warnings About Deflation, His Call for a Housing Bubble Ten Years Ago, His Claim that Fannie and Freddie Had Nothing to Do with the Financial Collapse, etc.) He Always Seems to Come Up with Some Sort of Counter-Factual (Albeit Usually a Ludicrous One)

I've known a lot of people like this in my life.......They just usually tend to be 6 year-olds, that's all.

On Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and Bernie Sanders Claiming that it Is Easy to Purchase Automatic Weapons in America

They are either lying or stupid beyond all human comprehension in that as anybody who's even studied this issue casually knows, it is almost impossible to purchase an automatic weapon. AND it is also pure bullshit to say that there exists this big gun-show loophole in which gang-bangers, drug-dealers, and other criminals can purchase weapons and ammo en masse without a background check in that ALL licensed dealers must demand one prior to a sale - EVEN AT A GUN-SHOW!! Look, I'm not saying that there shouldn't be any new gun-control measures (the Collins-Nelson compromise proposal which would keep people on the no-fly list from purchasing guns while at the same time giving innocent people on the list the right to challenge their denial in court seems like the reasonable thing to do) but enough already with these idiot politicians and their hyperbole, demagoguery, etc..

On the Fact that Critical Reflection Has Seemingly Exited the Academy, the Media, and Most Especially the Political Class and that Because of this, Even the Patently Obvious (i.e., that Keynesianism Has NEVER Worked, that Lincoln Wasn't Motivated by Humanitarianism but by Greed and Cronyism, that the Relationship Between CO2 and Atmospheric Warming is Small AT BEST, that Affirmative Action Policies Hurt Minorities More than They Help Them, that WW2 Was Just as Unnecessary as Every Other Stupid-Assed Piece of Shit Conflict, etc.) Has Now Become Ignored, Denied, and Stifled and the Dissenters Ostracized

Yeah, it's not gonna take an invasion to ruin this country in that the progressive indoctrinated matrix delusion has pretty much sunk the place already. I mean, just take a look around. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

On the Elegant and Original Photography of Vermont's Jeffrey M. Lewis

While his subject matter is extremely varied and excellent across the board, I ask you to draw special attention to these circus and ballet images in that they are utterly amazing. Please, check out his web-site (the prices are reasonable and the editions limited) - (the archive with all of his images) 

On the Fact that a Contingent of Supposedly Liberty-Minded and Patriotic Men (John Adams, Theodore Sedgwick, Jonathan Dayton, Alexander Hamilton, Samuel Chase, George Washington, Roger Griswold, John Jay, etc.) Ultimately Got Behind Something as Repugnant as the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 (a Fascistic Series of Legislative Acts Which Gave the President the Power to Imprison and/or Deport People Without a Trial and Which All but Outlawed Speech that Was Unsupportive of the Government)

Power corrupts and it apparently corrupts everyone. A perfect example right here.

On the Fact that (According to a Recent Wikileaks Release) Hillary Clinton Apparently Played a Key Roll in Radically Expanding the Syrian Civil War and that She Did so Not Because of Civilian Deaths but to Help Out Israel (the End-Result of Some Nixonian/Machiavellian Calculation)

  So, you still don't think that this chick's a hawk?....................................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, we now know why she hangs around with Kissinger (or at least what's become of it).

Sunday, June 19, 2016

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Hasn't Conceded Yet - this, Despite the Fact that the Schmuck is Mathematically Eliminated

So not only does this guy know nothing about economics, he apparently can't compute, either.......What an embarrassment.

On Nathaniel Macon's Opposition in 1799 to a Statue of George Washington

a) He thought that it was too expensive ($200,000, which was a lot at the time). b) He feared that the final cost could potentially be several multiples of that (talk about being prescient; the fact that government programs almost always cost more than the initial estimates). And c) he thought that it was a dangerous practice to glorify our leaders.............A pretty smart fellow, I'd say.

On the Fact that (According to Canadian Academic and Moderate Muslim, Irshad Manji) the Koran Doesn't Offer 72 Virgins for Martyrdom but 72 Raisins

So, they're blowing themselves to smithereens for some dried fruit, in other words....Boy are they ever gonna be disappointed.

On the Fact that in 2007 (in an Interview with George Stephanopoulos), Then Senator Obama Sounded as if He Was Willing to Move Higher Education Preferences from a Race-Based Approach to a Class-Based One

Yeah, he changed his mind after the election and doubled-down on racial preferences (in higher education, federal hiring, new government programs, etc.). Big surprise, huh?..................................................................................................P.S. Not that we should be surprised by any of this, mind you; the fact that candidates always say shit on the election trail (FDR promising to reduce federal spending, LBJ promising to stay out of Vietnam, Bush 1 promising "no new taxes", Bush 2 promising a "more humble foreign policy", etc.) and almost always renege afterwards. It's just that this was such a golden opportunity and Obama, instead of being smart and courageous, simply tried to placate his base. Such a disappointment.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

On the Fact that Even Though Gaddafi Had Deep-Sixed His WMD Ambitions, Was Providing the U.S. with Vital Intelligence, and Was Even Spearheading a Society that Was Relatively Open (by Middle-East Standards) the War Party in the U.S. (the Obama, Clinton, McCain, Graham Axis of Evil/Pure Stupidity) Still Thought that it Was a Jim-Dandy Idea to Topple the Fellow

Disheartening, wouldn't you say (the fact that our leaders continue to make the same idiotic decisions and somehow consider it our moral - or immoral, depending on your perspective - duty to play referee, kingmaker, etc.)?

On the Fact that Everyone Was a Genius (or so They Thought) When Their Houses Were Doubling in Value but When the Bubble Burst (as Anybody with Even a Scintilla of Economic Knowledge Had to Have Known Was an Inevitability) it Was All Wall Street's Fault

So much for personal responsibility and don't even get me going on government ineptitude (the Fed flooding the market with cheap money and artificially low interest rates, Fannie and Freddie reducing lending standards and Hoovering up hundreds of billions in sub-prime loans, the government-sponsored and monopolistic ratings agencies laying one egg after another, Greenspan, Paulsen, and others establishing what can only be called a bailout culture, etc.).

Cable News's Newest Number One Babe?

Yeah, I'm gonna go with Russia Today business correspondent and "Boom Bust" host, Ameera David (think Nelly Furtado with brains); a bangin' hottie and how in the hell did Rupert Murdock miss out on this one? Must be getting senile. 

On Charles Krauthammer's Consistent Refrain that the U.S. Should Have More Forcefully Supported the "Moderate" Syrian Rebels During the Early Stages of the Syrian Conflict

 So like the Farouq Brigades and other knuckle-dragging  factions that went around shouting genocidal BS, displacing Christians, and who probably played a role in the Houla Massacre, in other words ( does anyone really believe that these groups DIDN'T end up with American weaponry (out of Libya, out of Turkey, out of Israel, out of the Kurdish regions of Northern Iraq, etc.)?...Other than Charles Krauthammer, I'm saying.

Friday, June 17, 2016

On the Fact that Bill Clinton Has Received Over $16 Million in Compensation for Being the Honorary Chancellor of a Diploma Mill that Has Repeatedly Been Sued for Fraud (Something Called Laureate Education) - This While at the Same Time Said Enterprise's Parent Company Has Received $55 Million Dollars in Grants from a Hillary Clinton Led State Department -

And this isn't just as bad (and maybe worse) as Trump exactly? I mean, I understand that the Clintons are Democrats and favored by the media and all but, damn, this one really looks bad.  $16 MILLION!

On the Fact that if a Student Who Is Half Black and Half Asian Applies to a University as a Black Person he or She Has a Significantly Greater Chance of Being Accepted than if They Applied as an Asian Person

How fucking ridiculous and arbitrary is that? I mean, talk about gaming the system............................................................................................P.S And, no, none of this shit is surprising in that as Thomas Sowell and others have pointed out repeatedly, these programs are replete with examples worldwide (in India, Malaysia, the U.S., etc.) of people attempting to wedge themselves into these special categories in an effort to gain favoritism. It's a part of our human nature, I'm guessing.

On if a Criminal Entered Your Home and You Had the Choice Between a Gun and a Telephone

Pose that question to yourself and then honestly respond to it. I already have and it wasn't a difficult choice.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On the Fact that Karl Rove Recently Came Out with a Laudatory Book on William McKinley

Makes total sense in that of course a guy who gave us one fellow (Bush 2) who needlessly, moronically, ham-handedly, and deceptively got us into a war would have the same warm and fuzzies about another fellow who did the exactly same thing (the Spanish-American War with the bogus Maine narrative). It's in his fucking DNA, for Christ

The Best Solution to Racist (Homophobic, etc.) Businesses Who Refuse to Serve Certain Groups?

How 'bout we make it easier for folks to start a business so that they can take advantage of what would be an obvious money-making opportunity (blacks and gays use the same money as the rest of us, no?) and NOT leave it up to the cronies in government, the pre-existing businesses that don't want the competition and who lobby for something referred to as "certificates of necessity", etc.? I mean, I know that the left would much prefer to hold a gun to somebody's head and make them serve these folks (you know, that whole, "make the lesbian couple a cake or go to prison", mentality) but if we can achieve the same end without coercion, why pray tell wouldn't we?........................................................................................................P.S. And, besides, what are the odds that every single business would refuse to service an entire group, essentially flushing money down the toilet? It makes no sense.

On the Fact that (According to the Cato Institute, the BBC, and Wikipedia) the Annual Inflation Rate in Zimbabwe by December 2008 Was Quindecillian Novemdecillian; 65 Followed by 107 Zeros

So the country went from being the breadbasket of the African continent to one of the top five shit-holes on the planet (and a bloody mess, too - LITERALLY). Thank you, socialism.

On the Fact that Smart Folks Like Thomas Sowell, Heather MacDonald, and Jeff Greenfield Never Run for Office and We Always Seem to Get Stuck Instead with Dolts Like Bush, Obama, Trump, and Hillary

Yeah, I think that Hayek pretty much summed it up best when he stated that people of higher intelligence and integrity have a proclivity to want to engage the private sector and that only folks with low self-esteem would ever want a job that quite literally forces you to grovel for the support of both the docile and the gullible and to do so for your entire tenure. That would be my theory at least.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

On Why Black Street Toughs Are Attacking and Robbing Undocumented Workers in Texas These Days

For two reasons mainly (both related to the fact that they're undocumented and need to keep a low profile); a) the fact they're far less likely to report the crime and b) the fact they tend to carry around a lot of cash. Flush and vulnerable, in other words. 

On the Fact that 52% of British Muslims Think that Homosexuality Should Be Illegal -

So how's that "diversity" workin' out for ya'?

On What You Get When You Merge the Worst of Donald Trump with the Worst of George W. Bush

Yeah, you get this; an obnoxious, insulting, and reckless buffoon who thinks that shooting down Russian aircraft is AOK and that big government conservatism isn't an oxymoron. Thankfully the dude lost (and, yes, being worse than Trump, Clinton, Sanders, and Cruz is saying something).

On the Fact that Pure Democracy Is Little More than Coercion by Proxy

Think seven wolves and a moose voting on what to have for breakfast and you kinda get the picture............................................................................................P.S. Socialism via the carpool lane is another option that works. Every time.

Monday, June 13, 2016

On the Fact that Virtually Every Muslim Country Voted Against the U.N. General Assembly's 2011 Declaration of LGBT Rights

And as the Pew Research survey points out, it was with the overwhelming support of the people from these countries.......So, ya' still shocked at what happened in Orlando, blaming Trump profusely for it, stumping to ban scary looking rifles, etc.?

On the Claim by Some that the Orlando Terror Attack in Which Dozens of Gay People Were Blown to Smithereens Had Nothing to Do with Religious Faith

So, Islam, the Quran, Islamic scholars, and Islamic governments have NOTHING to say about homosexuality? You're seriously gonna go with that? Un-fucking-real - - page 81.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

On the Fact that Sean Hannity Is Providing for Trump Exactly What Keith Olbermann Provided for Obama in 2008; Namely, a Satellite Campaign Headquarters, Copious Amounts of Spin, and More Softballs than a High School Girls Softball Game

It was wrong when Olbermann was doing it and so of course it's still wrong now that Hannity's doing it. That and it's horrible television; two fucking idiots (pompous idiots in the case of Olbermann and Obama) agreeing on everything. You might as well just watch two Wendy's Employees, for Christ.

On the Fact that in 2013, Dr. Sheikh Sekaleshfar (an Expert on Islamic Law) Said THIS in Reference to Gay Folks

“Death is the sentence. We know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about this, death is the sentence….We have to have that compassion for people, with homosexuals, it’s the same, out of compassion, let’s get rid of them now.”............Scary. Scarier still, he said it in Orlando Florida.

On the Sentiment by Some Folks that White People Deserve to be the Victims of Black Violence Because of Our Long History with Slavery, Jim Crow, etc.

And this explains the wildly disproportionate rate of black on Asian violence in many U.S. exactly? I mean, these hard-working and law-abiding Asians get to be a part of the "conversation on race" as well, don't they? DON'T THEY?

Saturday, June 11, 2016

On the Fact that Donald Trump's Economic Illiteracy Is so Profound that He's Seemingly Unaware of the Fact that Immigration Doesn't Just Move the Supply Curve (Pertaining to Labor) but the Demand Curve, too (and Hence Wages Are NOT Pushed Down for the Most Part)

I guess that they didn't offer Econ 101 at the Wharton School during his tenure there (that or he skipped a shitload of classes).

On Why Leftists and Other Unsavory Social Engineers Prefer the Term, "Affirmative Action", to the Much More Valid One, "Preferential Treatment"

My suspicion is that it probably has to do with the fact that they don't want the public to know exactly what they're doing (i.e., giving what are in some instances massive advantages to people simply because of their race or gender) and that a much more ambiguous and amorphous boilerplate allows for them to continue these policies MOST OF WHICH ARE HARMING BLACK FOLKS AS WELL AS WHITES unimpeded....They're being sneaks, in other words. 

H.L. Mencken on Pure Democracy

"Democracy makes it possible for the demagogue to inflame the childish imagination of the masses by virtue of his talent for nonsense."......And, yes, as usual, Mencken nails it; the fact that a behavior (i.e., stealing) which under any other circumstances would be seen as a vice and immoral suddenly becomes a virtue when a sufficient number of folks vote on it.

On the Fact that the Council for American Islamic Relations Is Trying to Pin the Blame for the Near-Death Beating of Mohamed Rasheed Kahn Outside a Mosque in Queens, New York on Donald Trump and His Rhetoric

Yeah, the three assailants were black. They didn't mention that for some reason.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

On the Fact that a Lot of Yale Students Are Bent Out of Shape that the School's 16th Century Literature Class Doesn't Feature Enough Minorities

I don't mean to be crass (actually I do) but the harsh reality here is that there weren't a lot of Apaches, Zulus, Eskimos, Micronesians, Pataxos, Bushmen, Mongolians, and Australian Aborigines churning out Shakespeare/Milton/Chaucer caliber prose and poetry at the time. I mean, I understand that this might be too much logic and reality for the contemporary social justice warrior to absorb in one sitting and all but we've got to take a stand against this foolish nonsense eventually, no?    

On the Warning from Our Government that "Ignorance of the Law Is No Excuse"

Yeah, that probably made more sense when we had just a handful of laws as opposed to a gazillion bazillion like we currently have and to the point where everybody is a potential criminal - - I'm just sayin'.

On the Fact that When Like-Minded People Only Talk to Each Other They Tend to Get More Extreme

 Yeah, I refer to it as the Keith Olbermann/Columbia University/New York Times Syndrome; intellectually stultifying and dangerous.

On the Fact that Court Historians and Politicians Constantly Attempt to Show America's Wars as Not Just Aggressive Struggles for Power, Money, Land, and Resources (as They Almost Invariably Are) but as Moral Crusades Against Purely Evil Powers

And the citizens generally accept these interpretations (especially in the cases of Lincoln, Wilson, and the Roosevelts). That gullible we are. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

On the "Reasoning" that Since Donald Trump Has Said a Litany of Idiotic Things (and, Yes, He Has) that Gives Anti-Trump People the Right to Physically Attack His Supporters

 What kind of moral comportment is that (stage 2 of Kohlberg's moral development scale at best would be my suspicion)? I mean, anybody with even half a brain who didn't sleep through Civics in grade school knows that you can't physically attack a person simply for having an opinion and exercising his or her free speech. Of course, the fact that the media (folks who should know better) is still trying to blame Trump every time that somebody so much as slips on a banana peel certainly hasn't helped and so, yeah, I strongly feel that the violence will continue. 

On the "Black Africans Were Actually the Real Ancient Egyptians" Afrocentric Theory

I want you to think good and hard as to what these folks (Al Sharpton amongst them) are suggesting here. They are asserting that sub-Saharan Black Africans migrated north, created one of the greatest civilizations known to man, and then ended up back in Central Africa where they ditched all of this culture and knowledge and replaced it with primitivism (they didn't have the wheel, for Christ), tribalism, cannibalism, voodoo, and barely eking out an existence. It's an absurdity and it needs to be ridiculed. YES, ridiculed.   

On the Fact that Amongst the Tens of Thousands of New Obamacare Codes Are These - a) Being Struck by a Turtle, b) Walking into a Lamppost - Second Encounter, and c) Having Your Water-Skis Catch on Fire

And then we wonder why doctors are spending more time doing paperwork than treating actual patients. HELLO!!!!!.....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, we now know exactly what Nancy Pelosi meant when she said that we had to pass the bill first.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Is Championing Socialism at Precisely the Same Time that Venezuela Is Crumbling as the Result of this Discredited Philosophy (this Despite the Fact that the Country Is Currently Sitting Atop the World's Number One Proven Reserve of Oil)

And crickets from Sanders (not to mention other leftist imbeciles such as David Sirota of the incomparably low-brow and Mark Weisbrot from The Guardian who for multiple years have been touting the "Chavez Miracle"), of course.................................................................................................P.S. Not that any of this is surprising, mind you, in that Sanders is a lightweight who's undoubtedly waiting for some insular academic egghead to feed him some incoherent talking-points prior to opening his yapper.

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Is 74 Years-Old and Still Believes in Socialism

So much for putting childish things aside. 

On the Tendency of the Left to Remove Any and All Moral Agency from Black People

 To me, that is quite possibly the most insidious form of racism that exists and I cannot for the life of me understand why 80 to 90% of black people (those who's names aren't Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, John McWhorter, Robert Woodson, Shelby Steele, etc.) continue to put up with it.......Seriously.

Monday, June 6, 2016

On the Fact that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Once Referred to Islam as "a Refuge for the So-Called Negro in America"

Yeah, he obviously never heard of the Arab slave trade in which millions of both black and white people were enslaved, brutalized, etc........A gap in his knowledge perhaps.

On the Fact that (According to Larry Koger's Meticulously Researched Book, "Black Slaveowners" - the Man Examined Census Figures, Wills, Newspapers, Tax Returns, etc.) There Existed Approximately 4,000 Black Slaveholders in the South Just Prior to the Civil War Erupting

So, are the descendants of these folks going to have to pay reparations, too (not to mention those of the Black Africans who hunted those future slaves down and sold 'em)? Just wondering.

On the Fact that Martin Luther King Denigrated Cassius Clay for Changing His Name and Joining the Nation of Islam While Segregationist Senator, Richard Russell, Praised Clay for These Two Things

Politics making for strange bedfellows indeed (the fact that Southern white racists and the Nation of Islam had both been pushing for a separation of the races while King was looking to desegregate).

Sunday, June 5, 2016

On 1950s Actress Gloria Grahame

Gorgeous and talented (an Oscar winner in 1952 for her stellar performance in "The Bad and the Beautiful"), but never a big star. Yep, Hollywood sure is hard to figure.

On Mrs. Clinton's Constant Pandering to Black Audiences

It's disgusting AND she's full of bullshit. There is no strong evidence that black people are treated disproportionately harsher by the criminal justice system (here I do an exhaustive presentation of the available facts - ) and if anything they might even catch a break at times (the fact that in 15 of the 22 major crime categories, blacks are incarcerated at a rate that is LOWER than their reported rate of offending - per the victims). And the reason that the cops end up in black neighborhoods is because they're responding to calls and complaints MOSTLY FROM OTHER BLACK PEOPLE and because that's where the fucking crime is. I'm sorry but Mrs. Clinton is pulling a Huey Long here (lying, in other words). 

On the Fact that Rappers Such as Dr. Dre and Ice Cube Would Routinely "Sing" About Murdering White Folks in the Early 1990s and in the Case of Dre Was Actually Given a Grammy for it

Can you even begin to imagine if a white artist had written a cadre of songs about killing blacks, Jews, or Asians? You can't can you? But because we have this patronizing mindset about black folks, the only criticism of rap comes from dolts like Bill O'Reilly and Michael Medved and how embarrassing is that? Pretty fucking, I'd say.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

On Trying to Find a Picture of Glenn Beck In Which the Fellow Isn't Weeping

It's not easy. Trust me.............Found one!!

At the Intersection of Witness Intimidation and Cold-Blooded Murder

And not a word from Mr. Obama of course (doesn't resemble enough his imaginary son).

On the Fact that Gary Johnson Is Currently Polling at 0% Over at Fox News

Yeah, proposing that we shave the bloated military budget isn't going to get you much love over at Neocon U (not to mention its satellite campus, the War Street, err, I mean, Wall Street Journal).

Trump - a Hillary Plant?

I normally don't believe in conspiracy theories ("Michelle Obama is a man", "Paul McCartney died in 1967 and the guy portraying him now is an imposter", "we faked the moon-landing", "LBJ was behind the plot to assassinate JFK", "we're secretly concealing alien life in Roswell, New Mexico", etc.") but this sucker almost seems plausible. BUT EVEN IF IT ISN'T, it might as well be. I mean, think about it. The guy is an absolute buffoon and totally unelectable, and in a political climate in which Mrs. Clinton herself is largely reviled, what better elixir could there possibly be? Seriously, I can almost see the two of them cracking jokes and having a cold one come December. 

On the Number of Healthy Societies that Have Emphasized Consumption Over Savings, Investment, and Production

Well there's the Soviet Union, East Germany.............Yeah, you get the message.

On the Fact that There's Harmony and Then There's Harmony

Oh, yeah.

On the Fact that Even Though White Folks Didn't Invent Slavery and Were Actually the First Culture to Eradicate it, it Is Only We Who Seemingly Have to Pay Perpetual Amends for this Institution

Guilt plus piety equals self-flagellation. Every time.......................................................................................................P.S. And, no, it isn't just slavery here. The West also advanced science and gave to the world such important concepts as liberal democracy, free speech, freedom of the press, free-market capitalism, the rule of law, secure property rights, equality before the law, and the separation of church and state. Yes, we've also done some bad things but so, too, have other races/ethnicities; the Zulus under Shaka Zulu, the Mongols under Genghis Khan, the Muslims when they invaded Spain and tried to subjugate the French (they were ultimately halted at Poitier in 732 by Charles Martel), the Turks when they tried to capture Vienna and centuries later when they slaughtered the Armenians, etc., etc.. Enough already with this guilt, I say.     

Thursday, June 2, 2016

On the Fact that, While Muslims Only Make up About 4% of the Population in Spain and France, They Comprise 70% of the Prison Population -

It has to be the result of all those bigoted Spaniards and Francs, no (my tongue firmly planted in cheek)?

On the Gorgeous Beyond All Human Comprehension and Former Mrs. Cliff Robertson, Dina Merrill

I've always thought that Eva Marie Saint was the most beautiful actress ever in Hollywood.......Yeah, I'm not so sure now.

On the Fact that Karl Marx Frequently Referred to Profits as Theft but Never Referred to Taxes as Theft

So that which is taken through the barrel of a gun and coercion ISN'T theft but entrepreneurship, ingenuity, vision, and risk-taking through a series of voluntary associations IS. Man, was that dude ever fucked in the head.

On the Fact that (According to a Study by the Abell Foundation) the Probability of Convicting an Offender of the Most Heinous Offenses in Baltimore City Is 2%

  The harsh fact is that black juries rarely convict black defendants (Bronx Juries they're sometimes referred to as) and when you combine that with witness intimidation (AKA stitches for snitches) and a reluctance to report black crimes (black women being raped by black men is a common example - per Melissa Harris-Perry), it's really hard to say that black criminals have a rougher go of it in America's criminal justice system (not that the facts ever dissuade people like Hillary, Sharpton, etc., mind you).