Friday, September 30, 2022

To the F.B.I. Agents Who Raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago Home and Then Tracked-Down the Mr. Pillow Guy and the Anti-Abortion Advocate

So, are there any orders that you WOULDN'T carry out? What if the brass asked you to assassinate Trump? Would you draw the line there or is Trump such an existential threat to humanity that you could talk yourselves into it? I'm just askin' 'cause I want to know what I'm up against with you assholes. That's all. 

On the F.B.I.'s Top Priorities Now Apparently Being White Supremacists and Violence at Abortion Clinics (the Violence Taking Place at Crisis Pregnancy Centers that Offer Everything but Abortions Aren't a Big Problem, I Guess) -

 Not saying that these things shouldn't be monitored but to place them ahead of fantanyl smuggling, gang violence, sex trafficking, etc. seems like more of a political maneuver to me. I mean, we are talking the F.B.I. here, right?

Thursday, September 29, 2022

On Thinking that Our Federal Government Would Never In a Million Light-Years Round Up its Citizens and Put Them Into Camps

 So I guess that those 120,000 Japanese-American CITIZENS who were rounded up and put into camps weren't actually rounded up or actually placed in camps. It was something entirely different (they apparently fucked with the language back then as well).............And if you believe that......

On Freedom Being the New Fascism

An obvious non-sequitur and yet this is what the leftists seem to be pushing these days while simultaneously constructing a larger and more tyrannical leviathan with every passing year. And the media, oh yeah, they're down with it, too. CLEARLY (this while failing to discern that they'll eventually be on the chopping block as well - useful idiots that they are).

On the Number of Cases Where Fascism Succeeds When the Government Remains Smaller and Weaker than its Citizens

 There aren't that many, are there?

On the Claim by One of the Media Shits that Some of Giogia Meloni's Supporters Were Also Supporters of Mussolini

Never knew that Benito was such a major hit with the two and three year-olds of Italy but seemingly he was, at least according to this reporter.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

On Italy Electing a Conservative Woman, Giorgia Meloni, to Be Their Next Prime Minister and the Media In Their Usual Shameless and Buffoonish Manner Linking Her to Mussolini

Oh well, at least they didn't link her to Hitler, their standard hyperbolic smear. Probably wanted to keep it an Italian analogy. For now.............................................................................................And, please, keep in mind, if the gal was an American she's probably be a cross between a George Will and a Rick Santorum. Still not to the left's taste but just for perspective. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

On the Thought of Residing In a Society Where 20% of its Citizens Look and Act Like this (Pat, the Androgynous Individual from SNL Who No One Can Quite Figure of What Gender He or She Is)


Hard to see how it would function (the birthrate flat-lining, the military becoming dysfunctional, a mental health epidemic probably emerging, etc.) and, yet, that's what we're apparently becoming. Did you ever......

Monday, September 26, 2022

On Election Denialist, Stacey Abrams, Now Claiming that the Ultrasound Machines Used to Detect a Fetal Heartbeat Were Designed (by General Electric and Sieman's) to "Convince People that Men Have the Right to Take Control of a Woman's Body" and that the Heartbeat Sound Detected Is Bogus

 The left loves to toss around the term, conspiracy theory, failing to discern that some of the biggest tinfoil shit has been coming from their side. This foolishness (believing that major companies would spend millions of dollars to push a pro-life agenda by deceiving pregnant women), for example.

"I Heard it First On CNN so it's Gotta' Be True"

Said no self-respecting, reasonable, and sane person ever (or at least since the mid-1980s).

On the Bond Movie, "The Man with the Golden Gun", with Maude Adams and Britt Ekland

Not enough Swedish firepower. 

Saturday, September 24, 2022

On Hunter Biden Lying On His Gun Application and Once Possessing the Weapon His Deceased Brother's Widow Who Ole Hunter Had Been Poontanging (as Part of the Grieving Process, I Guess) Throwing it Into a Dumpster Close to a School Building

I try to have compassion for troubled people but with this guy I'm having a really hard time in that I can't seem to find a single redeeming quality. Oh well, keep on lookin', I guess.

On the Fact that Even the F.B.I (or as I Prefer to Call Them, the Enforcement Brigade of the Democratic Establishment) Now Concedes that There Was Jack Planning that Went Into the January 6th "Insurrection" at the Capitol

So we experienced an insurrection with a) no weapons, b) zero prosecutions FOR insurrection, and c) no premeditation. Yeah, sounds like a festivus miracle to me. Quite honestly.

On Wells Fargo Doing an Ad Recently that Featured a Gay Couple (an Obvious Attempt at Virtue Signaling but I Digress)

I actually don't have an issue with it other than to counsel the bank to next time try and get a few guys who don't make Richard Simmons seem like Jean-Claude Van Damme. You know, the whole stereotyping thing.

Friday, September 23, 2022

On the Democrats Knowing Fully that Mr. Trump Has a Constitutional Right to Representation Which Cannot Be Denied Him Have Apparently Decided to Go Full Steam Ahead Into Plan B; i.e., Attempting to Destroy and Intimidate Every Attorney Who's Ever Worked with Trump to the Point Where He's Now Employing Young Women In Their Early 30s with Law Degrees from Schools Outside the Top 100 (Probably Competent People but, Still)

Yeah, it's bad enough that we're having regular people self-censor so as to not get cancelled on social media, fired from their jobs, etc. but the fact that even the powerful, if their views are wrong, are now being carted off in leg-irons, pretty damned surreal, isn't it?

On the Fact that Only 0.01% of the Cases In Which Individuals Lie On Their Gun Applications Are Ever Prosecuted (Hunter Biden Being In the 99.9% Group, of Course) -

Not necessarily suggesting that we shouldn't have additional gun laws (depending of course on what the law does) but how 'bout we first start enforcing the ones that we presently have on the books and go from there? Sounds reasonable, no?

On Some Mouth-Breathing Jackboot from North Dakota Murdering a Teenager with His Vehicle and at Least Partially Justifying the Deed by Claiming that the Youngster Was a "Republican Extremist" (AKA, a Trump Supporter) -

The disgusting media is of course ignoring it all as it doesn't fit their hilarious template that conservative groups are the main source of violence in America (Black Lives Matter being as pure as freshly fallen snow and Antifa merely an idea). Fortunately there are a fair number of alternatives now and so unless the Biden regime surpasses Hitler on the fascism scale............

Thursday, September 22, 2022

On a New Study Published in The New England Journal of Medicine Strongly Suggesting that the Effectiveness of Previous Infection Against Reinfection Among Unvaccinated Children Was Superior to the Effectiveness of Previous Infection Against Reinfection Among Vaccinated Children -

Wow, so not only is natural immunity much more robust than vaccine immunity, if you take the vaccine after having previously been infected, the vaccine seemingly fucks up the natural immunity and your odds of getting sick again go up significantly. Kind of important information, no, CNN, MSLSD, etc.?

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

On the Copious Amounts of Footage Showing Antifa Shits Burning the American Flag

Yeah, I guess that that isn't sufficiently "anti-authority" enough for this asshole whose job it is to pursue "anti-authority ideologues".......Probably swayed by the name, huh?

On the Open Collusion Between Democrats and Credit Card Companies to Restrict Gun Rights In this Country

So we're talking fascism times three here; restricting the gun rights of citizens, demolishing their rights to privacy, and the mingling of government with huge corporations. Oh well, at least the peeps aren't questioning any elections, thank God for that.............Oh wait.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

On Georgia's Dim Congressman, Hank Johnson (You Know, the Buffoon Who Thought that the Island of Guam Might Capsize if You Housed too Much Shit On it), Comparing Parents Who Vociferously Voiced Their Legitimate Concerns About a Public Educational System Teaching Divisive and Moronic Bullshit to the Low-IQ January 6th Rabble (Both Groups Being Domestic Terrorists, I Guess)

He's a moron, obviously. He's also a liar in that he falsely proclaimed that five people were killed during the "insurrection" (you know, the same one where no one was armed and no one has yet been charged with insurrection), the true statistic of course being one; a young unarmed woman shot by a trigger-happy cop (the other four deaths resulting from natural causes after the event was over). Man, if only the fact-checkers weren't such partisan stooges, this would be a fun one.  

On Jen Majura, Bassist for the Band, Evanescence

 Not a big fan of the current rock scene (the Who and Pretenders being too old to potty, never mind perform and Uncle Tupelo having long ago disbanded) but, yeah, this chick I'd watch and maybe even listen to.

On the Fact that Border Towns Such as McAllen, Texas, and Yuma, Arizona, Have to Deal with Hundreds of Illegal Aliens Every Fucking Day and, so, Yeah, Sympathy for Obama and the Crew On Martha's Vineyard, Pretty Hard to Envision at this Point, Sorry

And might I suggest, Sag Harbor, for the next big dump-off? You know, 'cause it's sure as shit that those folks need more diversity.

On the Rich Leftists of Martha's Vineyard Being Able to Get Rid of Those Illegal Aliens In Less than 24 Hours

Wow, so their own little "Operation Wetback", in other words. How cool is that (and by, cool, I of course mean, hypocritical on a level rarely witnessed in human endeavors)?

Monday, September 19, 2022

On Biden's Records Being Kept Under Lock and Key at the University of Delaware

Gee, I wonder if there are any juicy tidbits THERE. Hey F.B.I., you guys up for another raid?............No, huh? Thought so.

On Trump Endorsing J.D. Vance In Ohio (for the Republican Nomination for the Senate) and Then Later On Attending a Rally for Mr. Vance Where He Actually Insults the Guy In Public (Claims that He Was "Kissing His Ass")

 One of the legitimate criticisms of Trump was his lack of discipline and here's a perfect example of it. Yes, J.D. had earlier thrown some shade at him but it was mild and for Trump to act like a petulant child in such an important Senate race, not cool. Guy needs to get over himself.

On the Fact that When the Left Sees a Dapper Young Black Man They See One More Victim but When I See a Dapper Young Black Man I See Another Possible Thomas Sowell, Robert Woodson, or Glenn Loury

 We're wired a bit differently, it seems. Thank God.

On How the F.B.I. Brass Will Act if it's Ultimately Proven that the Entire Nuclear Code Leak Was Total Bullshit (as it Probably Was)

My suspicion is that they'll probably throw media asshats like Ken Dilanian under the bus by denying everything and accusing the bozos of lying. I mean, what else can they do save for that?

On Young People Singing Creedence

  Maybe the apocalypse isn't just around the corner after all.

On "Minor-Attracted Persons"

 I prefer to call them, scumbags, but whatever.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

On the Scary Part of Covid (to Me, at Least) Not so Much Being the Virus but the Way that Citizens Were so Easily Convinced to Do Bizarre and Groveling Things to Avoid it

Of course the most frightening part of all is that these were likely just the prelims. Climate lockdowns, anybody?

On Convincing Your Kids to Not Do Drugs


Before and after pictures of Evan Dando (the Lemonheads front-man) maybe. Just might have convinced me.

From Harold Godwinson (the Last Anglo Saxon King of England) to this Asshole

Maybe this will be the straw that ruptures the camel's back (having an idiot as their royal highness) and England will finally stick a fork into this royalty nonsense. Doubt that it'll happen but if there ever was an excuse to do so, you're lookin' at him.

On the Fact that it Was Apparently AOK for Biden to Fly Dozens and Dozens of Planes Chock Full of Illegals Into Florida but Not AOK for Governor DeSantis to Fly 50 Illegals Into Lily White Martha's Vineyard (Shocking In that Liberals Are Supposedly Huge Backers of "Diversity")

Likely for the same reason that Mrs. Clinton and Stacey Abrams can bitch and moan til the cows come home about their elections but Trump isn't permitted to (i.e., hypocrisy fused with hierarchy). My guess.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

On a Recent Article from the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research Showing How a Dark-Field Microscopic Analysis On the Blood of People Post Anti-Covid mRNA Injections Uncovered Several Abnormalities Including the Presence of Possible Metallic Substances -

The legion of bedwetters are of course trashing the authors with their tired old slur, anti-vaxxers, but the microscopic images do appear legit.............and if they're not it really shouldn't be all that hard to make that case, now should it? 

On the Fact that Nobody Does, Bored and Unimpressed, Better than Susan Hayward


See what I mean? Ouch, huh?

On German Movie Star (Now Retired, I Believe), Romy Schneider

Critically acclaimed and a big star on both sides of the Atlantic. If she had only been better looking. Oh well, can't have everything, I guess.

Friday, September 16, 2022

On the F.B.I. Confiscating Mike Lindell's Cell Phone

Really, you're going after the pillow guy now (for the usual wrong think BS, I'm guessing)? I mean, who's next, the FedEx driver who Facebook messaged his friend (the assholes are monitoring our personal messages now, I've heard), "Yeah, I'm not so certain about those drop boxes"? 'Cause it sure appears like you're heading in that direction.

On a Small Contingent of LGBTQ Snowflakes at Some Podcast Convention Freaking Out and Claiming to Feel "Unsafe" After Ben Shapiro Walked Into Auditorium

Yeah, those 5'7" fast-talking Jewish fellas' are right up there with Count Dracula, Freddie Kruger, and the Wolfman, no debate there..................................................................................................P.S. For the record, I'm not a huge fan of Ben Shapiro, either (his neoconservatism, worshipping of Netanyahu, etc.), but because I'm not a spoiled child, his simple presence would not send me tailspinning. I HOPE.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

On the Fact that I Once Knew a "Semi-Fascist"

Lazy bastard, could only do Monday, Thursday, and Saturday and even then it was just 10 to 4. Hopefully this new crop of semis has a little more staying power.

On the Fact that (According to the Pew Research Center - Just 23% of the Black People Polled Wanted Less Spending On Police (In Their Cities)

And so why are these leftist buffoons going around claiming that they're doing black people a favor with this whole "defund the police" foolishness? At the bare minimum they're out of touch (favoring the black criminals over the black victims), would you say?

On the Possibility of Having a Threesome with the Patricia Clarkson Character from "High Art" and the Faye Dunaway Character from "Barfly"


A trifle on the seedy side FOR SURE but in this case I'm willing to take one for the Gipper. Thank me later.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

On the Fact that Michigan Is a 47 1/2 Point Favorite Over UConn this Saturday

Yeah, I'm taking Michigan with the points (I'm from Connecticut, trust me).

Best of the Best?



On My Current Pronouns Being, "Robert Mitchum Only Way More Macho" and "Frederic Bastiat Reincarnated"

Yeah, they're a little long but it's my truth (insert laugh-track) and who knows my truth better than I do? Nobody, God damn it.

On Recently Coming Across Some Deranged Jerkoff Who Actually Spit Out the Term, "Non-Trans Woman"

Let's just say that it was an extremely brief encounter (and a one-off, I pray) and leave it there.......For now, at least.

Monday, September 12, 2022

On the Fact that You Could Probably Put Half of Hillary Clinton's Supporters Into What I Call the Basket of Undeserving Elitest Statist Imbeciles;

the 8 1/2 month abortion activists, the gun grabbing schmucks who want the state to have the monopoly on force, the "defund the police" nutters, the "six year-olds can select their gender" nutters, the reparations crowd, the ultra-radical environmentalists, the playing with matches identitarians, the open-borders schmucks, the speech-suppression advocates, the creepy people who go around informing disinterested strangers what their "preferred pronouns" are, etc......................................................................................Now do I actually believe this? No, not really (though, for sure, the trajectory is concerning). I just wanted to show the average Democrat what it seemed like when their 2016 torch-bearer smeared 30,000,000 people simply for supporting her opponent (you know, the fellow who DIDN'T advocate a no-fly-zone over Syria).......and hopefully get through to them.

The Least Attractive (Famous) Pretty Girl?

Anne Hathaway would likely get my vote. Plus she's a total dipwad. Can't forget that.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

On the Once Well-Respected Sam Harris Arguing that Biden the Younger Could Have Had Corpses of Dead Kids In His Basement (a Lesser Evil Apparently than Trump's Long Defunct, Trump University) and the Liberal Conspiracy that the Dude Now Acknowledges Is True Would Have Been Worth it to Prevent Trump from Securing a Second Term (this Despite the Fact that Trump's First Term Wasn't Any Worse than Those of His Four Antecedents - Better One Might Even Proclaim In that He Didn't Start Any New Dumbfuck Wars)

 He does have some wiggle room here in that he could have argued that Hunter wasn't running for President, his father was. Of course the obvious followup to that would have been, "fair enough, Sam, but did papa Biden know about those corpses......and would we even trust him anyway in that he's already lied about not knowing anything about Hunter's business dealings?" I mean, if we're going to throw around hypotheticals here, you know? 

On the Passing of Queen Elizabeth

The palace must have run out of adrenochrome. There is a big shortage, I hear.

On an Unhinged Biden Going On Stage and Screaming Out, "We Beat Pharma this Year!!"

Well, considering that Pfizer's on track to make record profits this year and Moderna profits for the first time ever, if this constitutes victory most assuredly it's a Pyrrhic one.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Battle of Hemmingstedt, Circa 1500 (Between the Danes and the Peasant Republic of Dithmarschen), the Germanic Thermopylae?


In several respects it was; a) the overwhelming numerical advantage of the Danes over the peasants was akin to that of the Persians over the Greeks (courage, anybody?) and b) it put on full display the distinct advantage of defending terrain over conquering it (the peasants actually forcing the Danes into a marsh where several thousand of them drowned). Of course the one massive difference is that the peasants chalked up victory where the Greeks lost (though, yes, getting revenge shortly after at the battle of Salamis must have been satisfying) but, yes, other than that, quite similar.

On What I DIDN'T Witness at Hobo Falls (Northfield, MA) Yesterday.

 Yeah, it was dry, bone dry (I should have known because of low rainfall this summer but I thought that there'd at least be a drop or two). Good workout, though. Two big thumbs up for that (though, yes, my aching body might beg to differ).

Friday, September 9, 2022

On Trump Versus Biden On the Fascism Scale

a) Attempts to silence critics, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes. b) Threats to disarm the citizenry, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes. c) Colluding with big corporations to achieve political goals, Donald Trump - Likely no, President Biden - absolutely yes (pressure on social media companies to censor dissenting views, admitted to by Peppermint Patty herself). d) Collective attribution, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes (MAGA Republicans, unvaxxed people, etc.). e) Weaponizing federal law enforcement to go after political adversaries, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes (virtually everybody who's ever worked with Trump has been targeted along with Trump himself. f) A huge ramping-up of the surveillance state, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes (his Justice Department spooks are monitoring our social media accounts for "misinformation"). g) Sending tens of billions of dollars in weaponry halfway across the world to a corrupt country for use in a dumb-fuck war that is of no strategic importance to the U.S.A., Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes-siree Bob. And h) mandating that citizens submit to an experimental biological drug, Donald Trump - no, President Biden - yes.............Not a big math wizard but it appears as if Mr. Biden might have a slight lead at this point. Still early, though.

On a Recent Study a) Showing the Existence of Titanium Dioxide Particles In Most of the Everyday Face Masks Currently Being Worn and b) Concluding that These Particles Could Indeed Present a Health Risk (Likely Cancer Causing) -

I'll take, "Reasons in Excess of a 1,000 as to Why You Shouldn't Be Wearing Face-Diapers, Especially for Lengthy Periods of Time", for a thousand, Alex.  

On the Fact that if the Globe Was to Experience Another Laki, Krakatoa, or Tambora (i.e., Major Volcanic Eruptions) it Would Likely Put the Earth Into Another Little Ice Age (from the Sun Being Blocked by Volcanic Debris), the Likes of Which the Planet Had Endured from the 14th to 19th Century

 And so then what, political and environmental nut-jobs? You seem to have the answer for everything and so you must have foreseen this and have some sort of contingency plan. I mean, you are the smartest blankety-blanks on the planet, right?

Thursday, September 8, 2022

On Neko Case and Patty Griffin Performing Together In Vienna, Virginia, Tomorrow Evening

Can't be there in person but in spirit, oh yes (they're just my two favorite female singer/songwriters, that's all) -

On the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Recently Lamenting that She'll Never Become President (No Shit, Sherlock) Because Way too Many Americans (Gals Included?) Despise Women and Particularly Hate Brown Women (the Moron Likely Being Somewhere Between 1/4 and 3/8 Native American)

Of course, because as we all know, it couldn't possibly be because she's a narcissistic sociopathic serial liar who hates the U.S. and embarrasses herself and the country whenever she slithers out from underneath that rock and spews her demented poison. Duh, huh? 

On "Woke" Comedians

 Or as I prefer to call them, straight men (and, no, I'm not talking about sexual orientation with that).

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Red Pilled or Just Grifting?

Don't know, don't care. As long as the dude keeps on saying halfway reasonable shit, in this era, I'm good. No miracles needed.

On the Fact that I Reside In Connecticut but "Identify" as Living In New Hampshire

One way of getting out of paying that ridiculously high sales tax.......Likely won't stick, though, huh? Damn it.

On Fossils Found In South America and Africa from the Mesozoic and Paleozoic Ages Remarkably Resembling Each Other

 This is one of the major pieces of evidence used by early 20th Century geologists, Eduard Suess and Alfred Wegener, in forming their theory that the two large southern hemisphere land masses were at one point connected (the mechanism being the earth's relatively fluid interior allowing for land to slide across the mantle due to ice ages, earthquakes, etc.). And it must have been convincing in that what they submitted is now considered common knowledge and certainly a step up from previous theories, one of which actually included the lost continent of Atlantis (as a land-bridge), I shit you not.

Monday, September 5, 2022

On What Happened to the Ludicrous F.B.I. Leak About Trump Having the Nuclear Codes (an Accusation that Even if Legit Could Have Been Rectified Easily by Changing the Damned Codes)

I'd like to believe that it died due to embarrassment and shame but just like with the jackboots who spew this style of bullshit, it simply wasn't capable and vanished instead into the fascist ether.

On the Number of Folks In the 19th Century Who Walked Around Thinking to Themselves, "Gee, I Really Think that I Was 'Assigned' the Wrong Gender at Birth or at the Bare Minimum I Could Be Nonbinary (or Whatever the World Labeled Such Foolishness Back Then)"

Well, being that families back then were way too busy trying to feed themselves, not freeze to death, etc., a very small number would be my guess (only in the modern era of plenty would individuals have the time and inclination to conjure up such ludicrous conundrums).

Sunday, September 4, 2022

On the Fact that In Most European Countries Abortion Isn't Permitted Past 12 to 14 Weeks (England and the Netherlands at 24 Weeks and Sweden at 18 Being the Exceptions)

The leftists are always pointing to Europe as a bastion of enlightenment and, you know what, in this particular example I agree. Women get the first trimester to determine if they wish to maintain the pregnancy but after that some restrictions kick in (medical exemptions I believe are granted) out of a recognition that slaughtering viable fetuses probably doesn't mesh with a civilized society. No, it isn't a perfect solution but the fact that it doesn't crater to either extreme makes it a pretty darn good one in my estimation.

On the Fact that if Questioning the Results of an Election Made One a Terrorist, Hillary Clinton Would Be al Qaeda and Stacey Abrams Would Be the Irish Republican Army (Damn Near Literally In the Second Instance, the Girth, etc.)

Oh wait, they're Democrats, almost forgot.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

On Biden's Recent Chilling Speech In Which He Describes the "MAGA Republicans" as Essentially Indistinguishable from the KKK, Mussolini's Fascists, Nazi Concentration Camp Commanders, etc.

The guy's out of control (or maybe he's just reading whatever his deranged handlers put in front of him, who knows). And how exactly is he demarcating, MAGA Republicans? Are they just Trump's most vociferous supporters or are they also the folks who voted for Trump simply because they didn't want to vote for a compromised collectivist identitarian who hates the country, loves pushing covid tyranny, and appears to not possess the majority of his brain cells? 'Cause if its the latter, consider me MAGA, I guess.

On the Fact that the U.S. Has Faced Many Dangerous Pathogens Over the Decades (HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis, Whooping Cough, Typhoid Fever, etc.) and the Government Has Never, Ever, Even Contemplated a) Taking Away the Population's Right to Commerce, Worship, and Assembly or b) Working with Private Corporations to Limit the Speech of People Who Simply Oppose the Tyranny

The question of course is, why now? Stupidity? A power grab? A means to destroy Trump? Or something more nefarious? My suspicion early on was that this was simply a way to get Biden elected, covid being such an existential threat that they had to change election laws (with drop boxes, mail-in ballots, etc.), and shut down the economy (one of Trump's major selling-points) and as an excuse to keep ole Biden in his basement. But then the election was toast and we were still engaged in this Orwellian bullshit. So I don't know. Maybe I'll never know.

On Attorney General Garland Recently Instructing F.B.I. and Justice Department Officials to Refrain from Talking to Congress

So to all of you prospective whistleblowers in Justice who wish to step out of the shadows and expose the disgusting corruption in federal law enforcement, you had best think again as thus spake the fascist douche-bag, Merrick Garland (the very same dude who seemed to have no problem at all with all of the leaking on Trump's supposedly classified documents, all of which turned out to be pure bullshit).

On the Fact that When Judicial Watch Tried to Get Clinton to Turn Over Sensitive Videos After Leaving Office, the Judge's Ruling Was that if the President Possessed the Material it Is Presumed to Be Personal and so Mr. Clinton Got to Keep Everything In His Possession, No Questions Asked

How many more fucking examples do you need before you'll admit that there's this huge disparity in the district's treatment of Republicans and Democrats when it comes to the law (especially when they're as bald-faced obvious as this sucker; i.e., Trump's documents versus Clinton's)? We certainly have to be in the ballpark, no?

Friday, September 2, 2022

On a Spate of Recently Declassified Emails Showing that the Biden Administration Put Pressure On Instagram to Take Down a Fauci Parody Account and Instagram In a Display of Sheer Fucking Cowardice Complying with the "Request"

  One of central tenets of fascism is the intertwining of big government and big corporations and, so, for sure, on this measure at least, you gotta' give Biden (and whoever's pulling his strings) a strong A+.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

On Biden Saying that an Armed Populace Is No Match for the Government Because the Government Has McDonnell Douglas F-15s and the Citizens Just Have Guns (Well, Until Biden Pilfers Them, that is)

The Afghans apparently haven't gotten Mr. Biden's memo yet as they've been fighting with "just guns" for many decades now. And I don't know 'bout you but I took Mr. Biden's disgusting comment as a not so veiled threat (not as bad as douche-bag Swalwell threatening some Twitter user with nukes but close). Couple that with his already deranged psyche and, yeah, we had best keep our head on a swivel for the next couple years. I absolutely am.

On the Fact that Biden's Rhetoric Has Gotten so Venal Lately that Even a Recent CNN Panel Pleaded with the Buffoon, "Yeah, Dude, Maybe Dial it Back a Little In that You're Alienating Millions of Citizens by Calling Them, Semi-Fascists and Other Such Vulgarities" (Yes, I'm Paraphrasing, Sue Me)

And, no, CNN hasn't suddenly grown a conscience. They simply see the polls and how they invariably get worse with every dumb-fuck utterance out of Biden's mouth. Unfortunately for the left this Biden regime seems to have have neither an emergency break nor a reverse on their standard and so the tenor ain't likely to get better any time soon.