Wednesday, June 30, 2021

On the Fact that We Really Shouldn't Have to Say this BUT

Apparently we do (and, yes, President Trump dropped the ball on this one, BIGLY).

On the Fact that it's Almost Been a Week Now Since the Icelandic Paper, Stundin, Reported that a Key Witness In the Julian Assange Case Apparently Fabricated Allegations In the U.S. Government's Continuing Persecution of the Man and so Far I Haven't Heard a Fucking Thing About it from Our Corrupt and Disgusting Legacy Media

The assholes apparently don't give a shit that Assange has been suffering in isolation (first in the Ecuadorian embassy and then in various prisons) for close to a decade just for being a fucking publisher and that the charges against him could be total bullshit. I mean, it's almost as if they wish to keep the fellow muzzled. Hmm, wonder why.  

On Bernie Sanders Proclaiming, "Nobody I Know Who's Running for Office Talks About Defunding the Police"

Yeah, he stopped short. The rest of the sentence should have stated, "except for those slantheaded socialist bimbo congresswomen and the Democratic mayors of Portland, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and a dozen or so other crime-ridden big cities, all of which have either advocated this idiotic policy or implemented it." Just to complete the thought, that's all.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

On Why Intersectionality Is Civilization-Destroying Poison, Idiocy Beyond Belief, and PURE...FUCKING...BULLSHIT

a) It totally ignores variability within groups (in statistical terms when the variability within groups rivals or exceeds the variability between groups the end result tends to be a lot of white noise). b) It automatically postulates that the people on top of their moronic little hierarchy are de facto bad for the people below them (ignoring how Europe's enlightenment and modern medicine have benefited people all throughout the world). c) It completely removes agency from these so-called marginal groups and in many cases infantilizes them. d) It fails to acknowledge that the lower groups can often inflict harm upon the groups ranked above them (the disproportionate amount of black on white violence in America, for example). e) It totally disregards the Herculian effort that the U.S. has made in trying to help these disadvantaged groups (civil rights laws, the Great Society, affirmative action, massive amounts of aid to big cities, etc.). f) It fails to recognize the Western countries' generous immigration policies (none of which have focused on assimilation). g) It foolishly presumes that every achievement made by the "top" group was brought about strictly by subjugating others (the old zero-sum game, in other words) and had nothing to do with industriousness, inventiveness, etc..  And h) it never compares the U.S. and other Western countries to other countries in the world (many of whom are still practicing genocide, forced labor, slavery, and all sorts of other happy bullshit - none of which is even acknowledged by these maniacs) but instead to some low-IQ utopian fantasy that you'd have to be a toddler to even ponder. Those are my bullet-points at least.

On the Fact that Andy Ngo Is One of the Most Independent, Honest, and Courageous Journalists In America Right Now and for a Hardcore Leftist Lunatic Like Joy Behar to Smear the Man as a "Far Right Pundit" When He Is Neither of Those Things (Far Right or a Pundit) Is Disgusting and Something that His Colleagues Should Condemn............but Being that Those Same Colleagues Are Mostly In the Same Neighborhood as Behar In Regards to Buffoonery, Don't Hold Your Breath

Mr. Ngo has also been beaten savagely by Antifa lowlifes (simply for covering their slantheaded antics) and where exactly was Behar when that happened? Nowhere and/or just to busy lambasting another centrist, would be my guess.

Monday, June 28, 2021

On a New Harvard Study Which Shows that These Unscientific, Arbitrary, and Fascistic Lockdowns Crushed the Working Class While Leaving the Rich Virtually Untouched (Their Wages Actually Went Up During the Insanity) -

Wait, this can't be. I was told that the government would never do anything to hurt poor people.............Unless of course they were lying. That's possible, I guess.

On Blaming White Supremacy for the Huge Uptick In Black On Asian and Black On Jewish Violence

The logic is obviously tortured and while some of the more delusional individuals out there might actually buy this warped reasoning, I cannot help but believe that a lot of the others are just fucking lying. And how does taking away the agency of an entire segment of the populace help black people? That I've never quite understood.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

To All of the Media Buffoons Who've Been Peddling this Toxic Identitarianism

Playin' with fire, assholes (the harsh fact that there haven't been a huge number of multi-ethnic societies that have succeeded - survived even - once the disparate populations became obsessed with their grievances, formed solidarity, and used tribal venom to advance their respective agendas). And all for what, to ensure that the minority population continues to vote 85% for the Democrats? Seems like a rather steep price, no?

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Friday, June 25, 2021

On Young Parochial Shits Who've Been Educated In an Appalling Manner, Think that They Know so Much When In Fact They've Never Gazed Beyond Their Big Toe and Don't Know a Fucking Thing About History, Other Cultures, etc., and Constantly Compare an Imperfect Reality to Some Slopeheaded Utopia that In the End Would Be a God Damned Nightmare

Let's just put it this way, the odds of maintaining a functioning society with these assholes is probably zero and, so, yeah, the placating crap needs to end, NOW. 

On Biden Having Used the N-Word 13 Times During a Judicial Hearing In 1985 -

Biden was of course quoting other individuals and not expressing his own views but being that that young girl who was coaxed on stage to sing with some low-rent rapper (belting-out the words that the rapper himself had apparently written) got excoriated for innocently singing the n-word, I'll be waiting for the outrage, thank you.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

On the Fact that a Man Can't Become a Woman (and Vice Versa), He Can Only Present Himself as Such

And that's OK, I don't have a problem with it. Just don't force me to accept your delusion as reality, that's all (though, yes, if Felix changes his name to Henrietta, out of courtesy, I'll comply and use that name). Pretty straight forward, no?

On the Fact that There Haven't Been a Huge Number of Multi-Ethnic Societies that Have Succeeded Once the Disparate Populations Became Obsessed with Their Grievances, Formed Solidarity, and Used Tribal Venom to Advance Their Respective Agendas

And once these societies ultimately do crater, four possibilities; a) the development of cohesion (the best outcome), b) a peaceful separation of the various groups (the second best outcome), c) a violent separation of these groups, and d) the emergence of some dictator who keeps the society together by brute force and intimidation (a la Saddam Hussein, Tito, etc.).......So, any predictions as to our course? Please, make it a or b.

On the Logic Behind Not Approving Ivermectin, Budesonide, and HCQ, Three Medications that Have Been Around for Decades with Minimal Negative Effects, for Emergency Use While Simultaneously Approving a Fast-Tracked Vaccine that Has Caused Numerous Adverse Reactions Including Death for that Same Emergency Use

I get it that with HCQ they were trying to destroy Trump but with the other two all that I can think of is that Ivermectin and Budesonide are inexpensive medications............and being that these bureaucrats and politicians are likely in bed with big pharma, new and expensive vaccines, yeah, that's the ticket.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

On the Fact that In 2014 CNN's Don Lemon Said THIS About Racial Issues

"Sometimes I get so sick of talking about it I want to go 'this is over, can we move on?'" Yeah, I've heard of people changing their minds before (especially politicians like John McCain and Mitt Romney) but, man, this isn't just a one-eighty, it's a five-forty on steroids. And all because of what, Trump being President? Seemingly, huh?

On the World Health Organization Now Proclaiming that Children (Ages Unspecified) Should NOT Get the COVID Vaccine -

Most people kind of knew this already but because the big tech giants felt that this was against what the expert class were saying to voice it would at least get you fact-checked and in some instances banished. Hmm, I guess that we CAN mention it now. Funny how that works, huh?  

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

On Robert Mitchum's Harrowing Performance In "The Night of the Hunter"

If it was supposed to scare the shit out of me, uh, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! I mean, just look at the fella'!

On the Number of Rockets that Israel Is Supposed to Accept Before They Do What Pretty Much Every Other Country On the Planet Would Do (i.e., Retaliate)

Look, I have no problem criticizing the Israelis (and have, everything from the U.S.S. Liberty to Netanyahu lying for a quarter century about Iran's nuclear program) but for Christ sake you can't allow your population to be terrorized for weeks without addressing it. And please don't give me this bullshit argument about "proportion" in that a) there has never been a conflict in human history where the casualties were identical and b) the only reason why there haven't been as many deaths on the Israeli side isn't benevolence and measure from the Palestinians (anybody with half a brain knows that they would gladly slaughter a million Jews had they the wherewithal) but rather the latter's incompetence. Of course if it's your penchant to blame Israel whenever someone slips on a banana peel......

On the Fact that (According to a New Study from Monmouth University) 84% of Minorities (Including 81% of Blacks) and 78% of Women Appear to Support Some Form of Voter ID

Of course instead of listening to these constituents the Democrats have opted to play the bigotry card and infantilize them. What they perpetually do, in other words (prompting one to think that their goal isn't so much to help people but to gain permanent power).

Monday, June 21, 2021

On the Fact that (per Wikipedia) Cambodian-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Filipino-Americans, Taiwanese-Americans, Indian-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Korean-Americans, Vietnamese-Americans, Pakistani-Americans, and at Least a Dozen Other Non-White Immigrant Groups ALL Have a Higher per Capita Income than the Average White Family In the U.S.

And the odds of this happening in a truly white supremacist country would be what I'm wondering. Zero mayhaps?

On Tony Dorsett Rushing for 303 Yards Against a Stout Notre Dame Defense In 1975

Tony had a wonderful pro career (over 12,000 yards rushing) but it was his four college years at Pittsburgh where his talents shined the best (Tony was small and so the NFL was sometimes a tough slog for him). For example, this Notre Dame contest. Here check it out -

Uh, No

 What would be my answer to the question, "So, is there anything in the universe that MSLSD's resident race-hustling chowderhead, Joy Reid, won't racialize?'

On Young White SJW Students at Prestigious Colleges Like Amherst and Cornell Who When You Ask Them if They Would Ever Give Up Their Place at These Colleges Invariably Utter, No, or Simply Revert to Silence

 Yet another version of "not in my backyard", it seems. Starting to add up, huh?..................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I get it that these are mostly just youngsters who've been indoctrinated into this foolishness and that I should probably go a little easier on them but, sorry, I just can't, not anymore.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

On What Actual Sanity Looks Like

This has already gone viral but, please, make it go even more so by sharing.

Inside of Netanyahu's Rectal Cavity

What would be my answer to the question, "So, if Mark Levin ever went missing, where would you start the search for him?"

On the Fact that the CDC Has Known for Fourteen Months Now that Universal Mask-Wearing Was an Ineffectual Way to Slow the Spread of Influenza-Like Pathogens and Yet They Never Once Chastised Those Tyrannical Mayors and Governors for Putting Us All Though this Purposeless and Belittling Charade -

Disappointed, yes, surprised, no, not even a little.

On the Fact that Certain Scientists Were Fearful of Showing Support for the Lab-Leak Theory Because to Do so Could Potentially Help Mr. Trump -

I don't care if fucking Hitler was President, YOU DON'T SIT ON SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION!! And you especially don't set out to crush people whose instincts on the matter ultimately proved to be right (apparently). I mean, I get it that we're dealing with an utterly deranged segment of society here but Jesus H. Christ, enough already.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Seven or Eight, Possibly Less


What would be my answer to the question, "So, how many pictures of Duane Allman have you seen over the years where the fellow didn't look as royally fucked-up as a human being can get?"

On the Buffoonish Mayor of Chicago Claiming that Racism Is a Public Health Crisis and that "it's Literally Killing Us"

You know what else is killing them? Try gang-bangers and other cretins who've brutally murdered 335 Chicago citizens so far this year (a 37% uptick from last year's 244). She might want to focus on that as well (an unlikely scenario in that last summer she likely jailed more COVID violators than murderers). Simply a suggestion.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

On the Fact that In Unison and Almost Overnight the Media, Various Pressure Groups, and the Rank Political Class Have All Decided that the Tulsa Race-Riots of 1921 Weren't Actually Riots but Rather a Massacre of Whites Killing Blacks with the Blacks Having Zero Culpability (the Term, Riot, Apparently Conveying too Much Ambiguity and so the Narrative-Driven Asshats Dropped it)

They also assert that a) there were 300 black people killed (a number that they just pulled out of their asses) and b) the blacks did nothing to provoke the whites (neglecting to tell people that dozens of armed-to-the-teeth black men descended on the court house to free Diamond Dick and that the blacks fired the first shots ultimately killing 13 white men). Of course this is what we always see from the hard-left when it comes to history; taking an event from our past and throwing context into the trash-can, and so we shouldn't be surprised AT ALL.

To All of the Progressives Out There Who Want to Coerce Every Man, Woman, and Child In the Entire Fucking Country to Accept an Experimental Vaccine that Will Make Four Pharmaceutical Conglomerates Even More Stinking Rich than They Already Are, You Are Never, EVER, Allowed to Complain About Big Pharma Again - Do You Understand Me?

I suspect that the cognitive dissonance alone will stymie them for spell.......Let us hope, anyway. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

On the Fact that These Are the People Who Our Government Is Maintaining In Solitary Confinement On Some Trumped-Up Charges Regarding an "Insurrection"

  Contrast this to kid-glove treatment that those slantheaded rioters of last summer got after they perpetrated $2,000,000,000 worth of damage and killed a couple dozen innocent people. Stark, isn't it? 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

On the Dude Who Wrote that Book About the Shady Tarmac Meeting Between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton (Christopher Sign) Reportedly Committing Suicide

Not many details yet and while I'm certainly not suggesting anything nefarious at this point, another suicide involving the Clintons? Kinda' odd, no?

On MSLSD's Race-Baiting Host, Joy Reid, Recently Stating that, "Antifa Are Just Anti-Fascist, They Don't Really Show Up Anywhere"

The idiot misspoke. What she obviously meant to say was, "Antifa are just anti-fascist, they don't really show up anywhere............except for Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, St. Louis......" Likely just an oversight, huh (either that or they don't teach basic geography at good old Hahvahd any longer)?

Monday, June 14, 2021

On Fauci Saying that When You Attack Him You Attack Science

The dude misspoke. What he meant to say was, "when you attack me you're likely bringing up the fact that I'm wrong 95% of the time, consistently flip-flop, say different things depending on who I'm talking to, lie profusely, and probably committed perjury." Probably had a long day, huh?

On the Fact that 17 Year-Old Sarah Page, the Tulsa Elevator Operator Who In 1921 Claimed that Diamond Dick Tried to Assault Her While On that Elevator, Is Yet Another Exception to Their Once Crystal-Clear Assertion that We Need to Believe All Women (this Despite the Fact that the Girl Had Scratches On Her Hands and Face and Torn Clothing)

She was also heard screaming profusely but since none of this shit fits the narrative of Diamond Dick getting railroaded by a bunch of racist whites, poor ole Sarah gets tossed in the garbage. Collateral damage, I guess.

On an RN from Houston Methodist Hospital Named Jennifer Bridges Claiming that the Officials at Her Facility Instructed the Workers to Not Use the Term, "Adverse Reaction" and Say, "Intolerance", Instead (as it Relates to the COVID Vaccine)

 The narrative (that vaccines are the one and only way to fight COVID and don't you dare throw any shade at them) runs deep apparently, right to the fucking core.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

On the Fact that 21st Century Western Countries Are the Least Bigoted, Most Generous, and Most Open Societies In the History of the World and to Have These Chowderheaded and Miseducated Basement-Dwelling Buffoons Trying to Tear Them Down for a Failure to Meet Some Unattainable Utopian Ideal (Which Is Actually DYSTOPIAN When You Try to Decipher the Nonsense) Is Unacceptable and We Need to Let Them Know it, Every Day

Of course the best way to handle these schmucks would be to ship 'em off them to Zimbabwe, North Korea, Venezuela, or any of these other egalitarian paradises for a couple months and scare them straight that way. Unfortunately that ain't an option.......Not yet, at least

On the Corporate Press Somehow Rationalizing that it Was AOK to Lie Through Their Teeth About Hydroxychloroquine (Proclaiming that it Was Both Ineffectual and Dangerous) While at the Same Time Doing No Investigating Whatsoever On a Brand New Vaccine that a) Only Came to Market via an Emergency Use Authorization, b) Differs Biologically from Every Other Vaccine Which Preceded it, and c) Has Resulted Hundreds of Thousands of Adverse Reactions (and Please Keep In Mind that Just a Small Percentage of Adverse Reactions Ever Get Reported to VAERS)

 This is a level of corruption that is almost impossible to fathom. And the fact that they do it with such bald impunity and out in the open (apparently assuming that there wouldn't be a price to pay). Insane. Hopefully there'll be some class-action law-suits down the road and these companies get destroyed once and for all (yes, sending them to Gitmo would be way, WAY, more satisfying but you can't have everything, can you?) but until the, just keep hammering away, folks, death by a thousand cuts, etc..

Saturday, June 12, 2021

On Rand Paul Questioning One of Biden's HHS Nominees About the Appropriateness, Wisdom and Morality of Giving Puberty Blockers to CHIDREN (Most of Whom Will Grow Out of Their Gender Dysphoria) and Lowbrow Sites Such as the Daily Beast and Vox Characterizing it as Senator Paul Being Transphobic

I believe that Senator Paul also had some issues with parents sometimes being overruled regarding this insanity and, gee, what a surprise, the leftist media seemed to have an issue with that as well.

On the Fact that that New York Slimes Journalist Who Got Triggered by Seeing Some American Flags Is the Same Fucking Buffoon Who Claimed that Michael Bloomberg's $500,000,000 Campaign Budget Would Have Been Sufficient to Hand Over $1,000,000 to Each of America's 330,000,000 Citizens

So hypersensitive AND a moron. What's not to love? 

On the Fact that Stalin Had Millions of Kulaks (the Ukrainian Peasants Who Had a Wee-Bit More than the Other Peasants and Being that Stalin Was Desperate for a Class Enemy to Demonize They Essentially Fit the Bill, I Guess) Shipped Off to Siberia Where a Significant Portion of Them Starved to Death (this Was After the Guy Had 100,000 of Them Executed - the "Greedier" Kulaks Perhaps)............and While I'm Not Necessarily Suggesting that White People In Western Countries Are the Kulaks of this Era, Neither Am I Discounting it, Not Anymore (the Harsh Fact that White People Are Being Scapegoated and Demonized On a Daily Basis......and if History Is Any Barometer, You Make the Call)

A cautionary tale, if ever there was one, playing with fire, etc..

Friday, June 11, 2021

On the Fact that Border Control Agents Have Arrested 95 Convicted Sex Offenders this Year In Just the Del Rio Sector Alone (the Previous Year it Was Only 3) -

Soooooooooooo maybe they aren't sending their finest after all. I'm just sayin'.............And can we at least admit that Trump did a much better job at managing the border? I mean, come on.

On Nancy Pelosi During the Low-IQ Riots of Last Summer Informing America that She Personally, "Doesn't Care About Statues"

I swear to God. I've seen less egocentrism during nursery school outings and the fact that we actually have the Speaker of the House of Representatives refusing to condemn not just this shit but the nonstop riots of last summer in which hundreds of businesses were destroyed, millions of dollars of merchandise was stolen, and dozens of citizens were slaughtered is something that not even a cynic like me could have foreseen and yet here we are, folks. Amazing, huh?

Thursday, June 10, 2021

On the Fact that In France They Call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese a, "Royale with Cheese" and a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese a, "Megan McCain with Extra Mozzarella"

They also call a Big Mac a, "Big Mac". It's just not as funny, that's all.

On the Inspector General Finding Zero Evidence that Bill Barr Ordered Lafayette Park to Be Cleared Out so that Trump Could Do His Controversial Photo-Op at the Church

Instead the evidence shows that the Park Police cleared the area simply to allow the contractor a safer space to install the anti-scale fencing which they hoped would prevent those idiotic and feral "protesters" from perpetrating even more property destruction. Yeah, we probably didn't need an inspector general to give us this dope but here it is anyway, for those who do require it.

On a Ten Year-Old Black Youngster In Queens Getting Slaughtered this Week by a Gang-Banging Sociopath Who Sprayed a Dozen or so Rounds Into the Kid's Apartment and the Media Shits and BLM Displaying Not an Ounce of Interest In it, per Usual

BLM's approval rating seem to be plummeting and maybe it's because of shit like this. Logical, no?

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

On a New Survey from Jackson and Coker Which Showed that of the 1,271 Doctors Polled Only 11% Stated that They Would Never Use Hydroxychloroquine for Treating COVID Patients -

And 65% of these same physicians said that they would prescribe it to one of their own family members if they were infected. Granted, these stats probably don't carry as much weight as what that young idiot girl on CNN says (i.e., that hydroxychloroquine kills people and so it never should be used) but, still, quite interesting, no?

On the Fact that (According to Some New Findings from the Cleveland Clinic - Individuals with Natural Immunity from a Prior COVID Infection Apparently Don't Need to Take the Vaccine After-All

This is a shock only to people who get the totality of their COVID information from cable news. The rest of us, yeah, we kinda' knew it from the get-go (via logic and simple common sense).

On Recently Released Text Messages In Which Hunter Biden Constantly Uses the N-Word and the Corporate Media's Resolute Refusal to Cover it

Of course if it was Don Jr.............well, you know the routine.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

On Alameda County In California Reducing it COVID Death Toll by 25% -

Yeah, I guess that they performed an audit and discerned that a lot of the deaths were attributed to people who had tested positive for the virus (probably at a 35 cycle threshold but I digress) but who had obviously died from something else (in at least one case from an auto accident). Hopefully a lot of the other parts of the country do similar audits (Illinois, for instance) 'cause we really need to get the truth, a) to hold public officials accountable and b) to avoid another government power-grab.      

On Fauci Return-Emailing Zeke Emanuel to Inform Him that There Would Likely Be Substantial Immunity Post-COVID Infection

And he didn't share this belief with the American public why exactly? To keep the hysteria going strong? To hold out hope for a vaccine solution that would make a lot of his pals even wealthier? I mean, it certainly wasn't to tamp down the fear, that's fucking obvious.

Monday, June 7, 2021

On Raytheon Attempting to Make Their Company More Diverse and They Continue to Make Weapons of War that Are Slaughtering Brown People All Over the Middle East

 Some forms of irony are amusing, funny even, others, yeah, not so much. Probably need to put this in the latter category, huh?

On the Fact that I Was Just Going to to Say that the Zulus Should Probably Pay Reparations to All of the Tribes East of the Drakensberg Mountains that They Laid Waste to but After Remembering that Shaka, Dingane, and Company Genocided Them All and that There Ain't No One Alive to Give that Money to, Yeah, I Shelved it

This is why we have to think this shit through I guess. Hmm, crazy, huh?

On the Fact that (According to the F.B.I. - 60.2% of the Anti-Religious Hate Crimes In 2020 Were Directed at Jews (this Despite the Fact that Jews Make Up Less than 2% of the Population) and I'll Bet You 20 Bucks that Less Than 1% of Those Attacks Were Perpetrated by White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, etc. (Most of the Recent Attacks Coming at the Hands of Palestinian Henchmen)

And gee what a surprise, the corporate press doesn't seem all that interested in it. Yeah, you get a wee-bit of coverage on the web-sites but next to nothing on the air AND when they do reference it online nothing ever on the race, ethnicity, or religion of the perpetrator.............unless of course he's white, then you get a deluge of coverage. It's how they roll (race-bait, get groups to despise each other, etc.).

On the Fact that Even Though the Buying and Selling of Human Beings Had Been a Central Part of African Cultures for Centuries Before the First Contact with White Europeans, We Still Have to Suffer Through Incessant Bullshit Such as the 1619 Project, Talk of Reparations, Critical Race Theory, etc., etc.

And with reparations, they're not talking billions, tens of billions, or even hundreds of billions. The asshats are talking trillions, a staggering level of spending that when you combine it with all of these other boondoggles (the Green New Deal, student loan forgiveness, massive infrastructure spending, endless stimulus checks, single-payer healthcare, etc.), runaway inflation, yeah, it's just around the corner (and, no, I'm not talking 1970s inflation, either, I'm talkin' the good stuff; the Wiemar Republic, Venezuela, post WW1 Russia, Mugabe's Zimbabwe, etc.).    

Saturday, June 5, 2021

On the Huffington Post's Chief White House Correspondent, S.V. Date, Recently Tweeting that the Capitol Riot of January 6th, an Event In Which Several Hundred Sub-85 IQ and Unarmed Buffoons Damaged the Capitol Building While Killing Nobody, Was 1,000% Worse than 9/11, an Act of War In Which 3,000 People Were Murdered and Tens of Thousands More Injured

This just might be the most insane take on a public event that I've ever heard. And the asshole's apparently sticking with it (and the HuffPo sticking with him). I mean, I've heard of imbeciles planting flags in bizarre places but, yeah, this is fuckin' straitjacket shit....................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not attempting to downplay the January 6th riot. The assholes who perpetrated the property damage and assaulted the cops need to go to prison (10 years at least) but to say that it was some serious insurrection and an assault on our democracy (we're a constitutional republic but whatever) when the idiots weren't even armed and possessed no identifiable game-plan is hyperbole ON STEROIDS (even by CNN standards).

On Biden Recently Suggesting that Black Entrepreneurs Don't Have Attorneys and Accountants

So black entrepreneurs are either extremely unsuccessful or too stupid to know about these business necessities. Hmm, wonder which. Of course the bigger question is, how many more of these bigoted statements does Biden have to make before a significant number of black people say, "yeah, Trump is a deeply flawed man but the fellow signed criminal justice reform, increased funding to black colleges, pardoned Jack Johnson, constantly had black folks to the White House, and brought black unemployment down to rates not seen since the 1930s, and compared to a guy who hung around with segregationists and eulogized a former Klan member, maybe he wasn't so bad after all." Hopefully not many. 

On Fauci Making Idiotic Pronouncements and Coercing (Along with Fascistic Mayors and Governors) the Whole Country to Wear Utterly Useless Masks for Over a Year While He Was Telling His Fellow Bureaucratic Cronies that, "the Typical Mask You Buy In a Store Is Not Really Effective In Keeping Out Viruses"

Of course we already knew that from reading the fucking boxes and from Fauci being an absolute phony right from the start. It's why we're not surprised.

Friday, June 4, 2021

On the Strong Correlation Between People Who Award Tom McDonald's Videos a Thumbs-Down and the Likelihood of Those Same Songs Being About Them -

Yeah, I'm thinking about .75, somewhere in that vicinity. Strong, like I said.


On Numerous Media Organizations Describing the London Anti-Lockdown/Anti-Vaccine Rally as Consisting of Hundreds of People


They seem to be a little off, don't they (and no doubt intentionally as they clearly wish to downplay the public's stout opposition to their government's unscientific, draconian, arbitrary, bullshit, and imbecilic policies)?.......................................................................................................................And just for the record, that above picture I snagged from Reuters, not some "conspiratorial" right-wing outlet.

On My 30-Year Obsession with Ann Miller

Not to worry. I could quit any time, and have, TEN THOUSAND TIMES!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

On Physicist and CEO of Bio-Signal Technologies, Erik Nielsen, Sending an Email to Dr. Fauci Claiming that Two Medications Could Be Helpful In Treating COVID, One of Which Was Hydroxychloroquine, and Fauci Deciding Not to Read the Email Complaining that it Was "too Long"

Fauci's apologists are of course diminishing Mr. Nielsen's resume (he isn't a real medical person they say) and have decided that he isn't worth listening to. But being that they've also refused to listen to DOCTOR Risch, DOCTOR Zelenko, DOCTOR Gold, DOCTOR Raoult, and many other people accordingly credentialed, just consider the source, that's all...........................................................................................And what's the fucking downside to giving hydroxychloroquine (along with azithromycin and zinc) to patients early on in the disease? a) It's an extremely safe drug (regardless of what that young idiot girl on CNN says - forgot her name) and b) there haven't exactly been a shitload of promising alternatives (Remdesivir, the snake-oil that Fauci had been pimping has apparently shit the bed - surprise, surprise). Granted, it might have helped Trump a wee-bit but, come on, do you really want that to be the benchmark of how a society does its business moving forward? Hopefully not.

On the Fact that Marie Metoyer Possessed Nearly 300 Slaves by 1830 and Nat Butler Was One of the Cruelest Slave-Owners In the Entire South

What else, oh yeah, they were both black. In case you were interested...................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I understand, most of the slave-owners in the U.S. were white (both in the South and in the North). But that was because the country was founded by white folks. If you went to regions in sub-Saharan Africa, pretty much all of the slave-owners there would have been black (similarly, all of the slave-owners in northern Africa would have been overwhelmingly Arabs, ditto the same trend among Native-American tribes). I mean, I get it that the race-hustlers want to pin this one-time universal institution solely at the feet of white folks but that's a lie and a dangerous one at that. Just open your damned eyes.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

On Former Major League Second Baseman, Jeff Kent, Suggesting that He Was a Better Fielder than Nine Time Gold Glove Winner, Ten Time All Star, and Hall of Famer, Ryne Sandberg

Jeff Kent was an offensive powerhouse and clearly deserves some Hall of Fame consideration but a better fielder than Ryne Sandberg, yeah, I'm not thinking so. In fact, he was actually kind of so-so in the field while Sandberg was one of the finest to ever play the position. I mean, I hate to rain on the fellow's parade and all but this most assuredly needed addressing......and so I did.

On the Fact that Quarry and Bonavena Never Fought

Hard to believe in that their careers ran concurrently with both of them rated in the top ten for over a decade. And it would have been a terrific fight with Quarry being the better boxer but ole Oscar having a real knack for turning fights into brawls. Who would have won?  Likely Quarry but it depends a) on how well he could have kept the contest clean and b) on whether he could have avoided getting busted up (Quarry got stopped on cuts several times). If I had to lay odds on it, 60-40 Quarry.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

On the Fact that Not Only Did Rome Fail to Conquer Those Pesky Picts of Scotland, They Actually Constructed a Wall (Hadrian's Wall) In the North of England to Keep the Picts from Invading the Roman-Held Territory

I reckon that we can ascertain from this that the Picts were somewhere in the vicinity of badass. Just a wild guess.

On the Fact that England Was Always Ahead of Scotland In Terms of Government, Technology, the Arts, etc.

Thomas Sowell (per usual) makes a solid case that it was because England had been colonized by the Romans while the Picts remained untamed (at least until the near two dozen invasions by the British themselves, the Norse occupation of the periphery, etc.), the hypothesis being that while colonialism certainly had its bad side, the conquered people frequently benefited from it (Singapore being a more recent example), especially if they adopted the political and economic institutions left by the colonizers and didn't let the infrastructure shit the bed (two things that Mugabe in Zimbabwe most assuredly didn't do).

On Public Health Officials Who Deceptively Try and Convince People that Simply by Putting a Cloth Bandana Over Their Face They Are Somehow Protected Against Airborne Pathogens

It's repugnant and just how stupid has our society become that we accept such foolishness? An idiocracy? Uh, yeah, we're getting there.