Sunday, October 31, 2021

On Going Out with a Raincoat 'Cause it's Drizzling and Once You Get Outside Denigrating Everybody Who's Only Wearing a Windbreaker Because the Person Wearing that Windbreaker Is Likely to Get You Wet Even if You're Wearing that Magical Raincoat

Make sense? No? Good, 'CAUSE IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO! And yet this is the caliber of logic that our brain-disordered government and their media stooges are pushing on us with this vaccine tyranny shit (the government and media both reaping huge rewards from this cronyism, I'll bet). That and aren't the clowns essentially conceding that their new raincoat, err, I mean, vaccine doesn't work? It kinda' seems so, no?  

On the Fact that Washington D.C. Has the Park Police, the Capitol Police, the Metropolitan Police, the F.B.I., Tons of Secret Service Agents, and the National Guard a Short Distance Away......and yet They Couldn't Protect the Capitol Building from a Rag Tag Cadre of Retarded Chaps

 Yeah, to me, this is what they should be focusing on in Nancy Pelosi's January 6 panel, not looking for some grand conspiracy (a moronic view that even mainstream publications like The Hill have shot down) amongst the rioters via a witch-hunt of every fucking person with six degrees of separation from Trump. Of course since Madam Speaker herself was at least partially responsible for security that day, they'd have to investigate said Speaker and the odds of that happening - zero!

On the Fact that Even Though Pfizer Has a Lengthy History of Fraud, Price-Fixing, Bribery, Racketeering, and Lying Through Their Teeth ( We're Now Supposed to Trust this Renegade Outfit with a Brand New Technology the Long Term Effects of Which We Haven't a Clue AND Which Is Also Blowing Up the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System with Cumulative Data that Far Exceeds that of All Prior Vaccines Combined

And let it be noted, not only is the left a proponent of crony capitalism (we already knew that with guys like Al Gore raking-in hundreds of millions from green energy bottomless-pits and boondoggles......but I digress), they're now helping to enrich beyond comprehension one of their all-time biggest boogiemen, BIG BAD PHARMA!! Boy has the landscape ever changed.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

My New Favorite Meme?

"Guns don't kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people" - Only wish that I had thought of it first.

Note to Kirsten Powers (In Regard to Your Disgusting and Idiotic Tweets About Senator Sinema and that Small Band of Noxious Illegal Aliens Who Trailed Her Into the Bathroom While Harassing Her and Recording it for Measure)

What's happened to you, girl? Back when you were on Fox you always came across as a reasonable center-left pundit who was pleasant and never inflammatory but ever since CNN started cutting your paychecks you've suddenly become this hard-left partisan ramrod and mud-slinger. I mean, it's almost as if you're being a grifter here......but that couldn't be, right? NOT YOU! 

Friday, October 29, 2021

On the Biden Regime Reportedly Wanting to Pay Illegal Immigrants Reparations In the Form of $450,000 a Pop (for Trump Being so Mean to Them, I Guess) -

Yeah, I guess that the threat of runaway inflation simply wasn't ominous enough and so the Biden bunch decided to throw tens of billions of dollars more into an economy already flush with money chasing too few goods and services. When in doubt, right?.......................................................................................................P.S. And how is the black population going to feel about this; their ancestors having having been here for centuries and now having to see a bunch of Johnny-Come-Latelies cutting in front of them for the massive payout? Hard to see how it's gonna sit well with those folks.

On One of the Entrenched Bureaucrats on the FDA Advisory Committee that Recently OKed the COVID Vaccines for Kids as Young as Five Flat-Out Admitting that, "We're Never Going to Learn How Safe the Vaccine Is Until We Start Giving it" -

I don't have any kids but to those of you who do have a few, I gotta' ask, how do you feel when you hear venal shit like that coming from sociopaths who are so cavalierly willing to serve-up YOUR children as experimental subjects? It certainly can't be a good feeling.

America's First Four Star Female Admiral?

If self-parody was a currency the national debt would be paid off in a matter of minutes. Here, take a down payment.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Note to Something Called Sam Seder (In Reference to the Recent Interaction Between CNN Coffee-Boy, Brian Stelter, and Independent Journalist, Bari Weiss)

Dude, when Ms. Weiss claimed that "you aren't 'allowed' to say certain things", she didn't mean literally in that OF COURSE people can speak freely on street-corners, in neighborhood taverns, on small unassuming web-sites, at the top of the Grand Canyon, etc.. Her point was more along the lines of speech being suppressed at the BIGGER institutions; the university system, big media conglomerates, the entertainment industry, big tech and Silicon Valley, and even professional sports......and that people's lives are being crushed simply for wrong-speak on such "controversial" topics as sex differences and meritocracies (prompting other people to self-censor out of fear of being cancelled). I mean, I get it that you advocacy ramrods are good at spinning......but you aren't that good and here's the proof.

On the Fact that the Politicians In D.C. Have Added $5.87 Trillion to the National Debt (Fast Approaching $30 Trillion) Over the Past Two Years ($3.1 Trillion Plus $2.77 Trillion)............and with a $3.5 Trillion Boondoggle In the Batter's-Box for 2022, Sky's the Limit, I Guess

And the only two ways out of this fiasco remain, a) hyper inflation and b) some form of structured bankruptcy/default, THAT's IT! I mean, I get it that the left thinks that it can be achieved by soaking the rich but being that collective wealth of the country's billionaires is around $4 trillion (barely sufficient to pay for the above-mentioned boondoggle and once it's gone it's gone), do the words, pipe dream, ring a bell?.........................................................................................................................P.S. And, no, jacking up the top marginal tax rate (starting at $400,000 in Biden's plan) isn't exactly a silver-bullet, either, as the statistics over the past 90 years or so actually show an inverse correlation between the top marginal rate and tax payments per capita (a little thing called incentives -

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

On the Fact that if the Government Succeeds In its Fascistic Attempt to Sever Your Binds to Freedom and Liberty and Force You Acknowledge that Your Body Isn't Yours to Control Anymore, IT IS OVER

And that's why we mustn't comply, 'cause if we capitulate here, wait 'til you see the next mandate. Oh yeah.

On the Fact that While Rita Doesn't Rank Among My Favorite Female Dancers (Ann Miller, Cyd Charisse, Eleanor Powell, Gwen Verdon, Vera-Ellen, Marge Champion - Those Being My Top 6), She Did Have Her Moments and this Little Ditty from 1952's "Affair In Trinidad" Is Definitely One of Them - Enjoy

  Just double-up on your heart-meds, that's all.

On Recently Seeing a List of the Top 30 Female Artists of All Time and Finding that the Author Had Janet Jackson, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Amy Winehouse, and Rihanna Ranked Ahead of Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Dusty Springfield, Carole King, Rosanne Cash, Linda Ronstadt, and Chrissy Hynde (the Last Three Not Even Making the List) -

I get it that these lists are highly subjective and I'm clearly showing my age with this but, come on, to put such lightweight artists ahead of actual legends and women of substance, that's a bit too much, no? It certainly was for this guy. 

On "Insurrections" Where Nobody Gets Charged with Insurrection but Where a Whole Bunch of Retarded Fellas' Get Held Indefinitely (and In Some Cases Solitary Confinement for Long Stretches) Forrrrrrrrrrrrrr Trespassing and Busting Some Windows (this While Virtually No One Was Charged for the Wholesale Carnage and Slaughter from Last Year's Slantheaded Antifa and BLM Riots)

And we still haven't seen any of the 14,000 hours of video from that day. Hmm, wonder why (he pondered rhetorically).

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

On the FDA Last Fall Putting Together a "Plan for Monitoring COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness" and Here Are Just a Few of the Potential Adverse Events that They Included -

1) Myocarditis/pericarditis, 2) acute myocardial infarction, 3) stroke, 4) convulsions/seizures, 5) meningitis/encephalitis/encepholopathy, and 6) death - NONE of which have been included in the package insert. So much for that "informed consent". 

On the Fact that Biden's Vivid Tale About Him and Some Amtrak Conductor Is so Ludicrous and Plagued with Falsehoods that Even CNN Had to Take an L On this Bad-Boy -

I'm not familiar with the author of this piece but if he turns out to be a sign that CNN is at least contemplating a return to semi-fairness, maybe there's some hope after-all. 

Monday, October 25, 2021

On the Number of Times In World History Where the Act of Instilling Fear and Loathing of a Minority Group Into the General Population Has Ended Positively

I'll save you some time here. The answer is zero............and yet this is exactly what our current political establishment (buttressed by the corporate press, the entertainment industry, insular academics, the now woke military, sports figures, the surveillance state, etc.) is fostering with its withering attacks on people who simply don't wish to have an experimental medication with no long-term safety data rammed into their bodies EVEN IF THEY HAVE NATURAL IMMUNITY!! Total insanity............and we haven't even gotten to the 86th booster yet.

On the Fact that the Government of El Salvador Is Handing Out Packets to it's Sick COVID Citizens that Contain Acetaminophen, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Ivermectin, and Aspirin


Wow, so a country that was once off-the-charts for its corruption and civil-strife is now both less corrupt and more attentive to the needs of its citizens than we are. Not exactly reassuring, is it?  

On the Fact that the Only Thing Worse than Putting People Into Boxes Is to Put Them Their While Simultaneously Pitting Those Boxes Against Each Other

The bullshit that we're currently doing, in other words. Yay, huh?

Sunday, October 24, 2021

On the Total Net Worth of America's Billionaires Rising by More than a Third In 2020 (from $2.95 Trillion to $4.05 Trillion)

Yeah, I guess that when you crush tens of thousands of small businesses while simultaneously dispersing helicopter money up the ying-yang that people start throwing at huge conglomerates like Walmart and Amazon, a sharp increase in wealth disparity is inevitable. Thanks, blue-state governors, you really hit this one out of the park (quite ironic in that it's the left who bitches the loudest about stuff like this).

On Recently Witnessing a Black Female Drill Sergeant Leading of Bunch of White Privates with Their Crew-Cuts and Masks (I'm Wondering, Will They Be Permitted to Take the Fuckers Off if We Ever Have to Storm the Beaches at Normandy Again - Hopefully, huh?) and In the Typical Army Sing-Song Fashion Having Them Spit-Back a Bunch of SJW Foolishness

 As much as China likes to steal our ideas, this one they'll probably take a pass on.

Friday, October 22, 2021

On the Death of Colin Powell

I waited a few days for this because unlike the feral left I prefer to wait 'til the body cools. YES, the general was an honorable man for most of his career and his service is to be respected but, I'm sorry, when he went in from of the United Nations and spat out one bald-face lie after another (an action that helped usher in one of the most idiotic and disgusting conflicts in American history), my opinion of him changed and for the worse. May his soul rest in peace.

The Future of the U.S.A.?


She must have gotten that memo to not ingratiate herself. Well done, future American, well done.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

On Going from Sticking it to the Man to Being the Fellow Yourself

A happy medium just wasn't an option, I guess. Pathetic, huh?

On the Fact that the Democrats Desperately Need Votes (the White Working-Class Leaving Them In Droves) and they Apparently Don't Care How They Get Them

For example............

On Ruth Bader Ginsburg Telling Katie Couric In One of Her Final Interviews that She Didn't Agree with Athletes Taking a Knee as it Was Disrespectful to the U.S.A. and Afterwards the Perky Little Piece of Trash, Couric, Editing the Entire Answer Out of the Interview

 While Judge Ginsburg was certainly to the left of me on a great many issues, at least she didn't despise the country and for that she gets my respect. Ms. Couric on the other hand, take a wild guess.

Bill Maher, the New Voice of Reason?


Well, being that he's been dropping one truth-bomb after another (admitting that the wealthy do pay a lot of taxes and that the leftist media is misinforming the public on certain aspects of COVID - two examples), maybe.

On China Launching a Hypersonic Missile Well Before the United States

 Yeah, well we have 5,286 genders, so there.......China, hypersonic missiles, give me a break.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

On the Fact that 76% of Vermont's September COVID Deaths Took Place Amongst the Fully Vaccinated, a Number Roughly Proportionate to that of Their Vaccination-Rate -

Something to stew on, no?....................................................................................................P.S. The government of course tried to spin its way out of it by claiming that most of the deaths were people over 70, a seemingly sound point but also a point which fails to grasp that the very same thing could have been said of the unvaccinated individuals who succumbed (hell, in Italy the average COVID death age was actually higher than the average life expectancy). Oh well, I suppose that they had to say something. 

On the Fact that Major Media Outlets Are Getting Billions In Ad Revenue from Pfizer and We're Supposed to Believe that this Has Nothing to Do with These Same Media Companies Pimping 24/7 for Pfizer's Experimental Vaccine

   Why isn't the public more suspicious and enraged by this obvious corruption? Granted, a lot of them are likely disengaged and/or just too busy putting food on their shelves but, come on, the folks who watch this network nonsense and who see the God damned commercials for themselves, gotta' connect the dots and follow the money, people. Got to.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

On the Fact that We're Being Asked to Throw Out Hundreds of Years of Evolutionary Biology Just to Placate a Small Subset of Mentally Ill People Who've Somehow Deluded Themselves Into Thinking that Gender Is a "Social Construct"

And, no, I'm not a transphobic person nor do I believe that these folks should be disrespected or denied rights (I am much the libertine on issues like this). I'm only saying that it probably isn't the most prudent course of action to be normalizing every speck of aberrant behavior that comes down the pike in that a) feeding in to a delusion only serves to strengthen it (and remember, this is the singular example where we act this way), b) it creates an environment where peer pressure can readily steer confused and unhappy children into creating a persona that almost certainly wouldn't have existed on its own, and c) we've traveled down this road before (ancient Greece, ancient Rome, Oscar Wilde's decadent England, Germany's Wiemar Republic) and the result hasn't always been positive. To say the least.................................................................................................P.S. And please remember that while the West is engaging in this 24/7 gender-bending, China and Russia are taking a different approach; a bit more masculine, let's say.  

On the Fact that (According to a Recent Rasmussen Survey - 32% of Democrats Now Think that There Was SOME Cheating In the 2020 Election

Not certain why this is. Maybe it's the thousand plus sworn affidavits (lying on one of these is perjury and to think that 1,000 folks would be willing to do that for Orange Man Bad doesn't seem plausible), the contrarian overkill on CNN and MSLSD, who knows. My suspicion is that there likely was a certain element of fraud with the counting, mail-in ballots up the ying-yang, etc. but that it wasn't enough to change the results (still haven't seen any hardcore evidence on the Dominion machines - sorry, enthusiastic Trump people). If I was advising Team Trump, I would have them focus more on the bullshit that happened BEFORE election day (especially the collusion between the Democrats, big tech, and the legacy media, the unconstitutional changing of voter laws on the state level, the mass dissemination of mail-in ballots, etc.). That way if the dude does run again next time out he'll have much less to bitch about - an eventuality that all of us would prefer to see. Hell, yeah.

Monday, October 18, 2021

On a Pfizer Employee Named Chris Croce Stating On a Recent Project Veritas Video that He's Working at an "Evil Company" and that the Company Is Presently Being "Run On COVID Money"

Veritas has put out a fair number of devastating videos over the years but this one is an absolute kill-shot in that it exposes the corruption and cronyism of the pharmaceutical sector in about as cold-blooded a manner as it could have. Unfortunately we still have a legacy media that isn't just ignoring this corruption but actually playing an active role in furthering it (can you say, gazillions and gazillions in easy ad money?)......and, so, yeah, it's all up to us to share this important message. Everywhere, preferably.   

On a Reporter from Politico Confirming Last Month that the Emails from Hunter Biden's Laptop Are Genuine (Rather than "Russian Disinformation", a Viewpoint that this Same News Outlet Was Spewing Last Fall) -

Gee, what a big surprise (as in, anybody with a functioning brainstem already knew this but whatever). And did you notice the timing; well after last fall's election but far enough removed from the mid-terms so as to not cause damage on that front? Quite crafty, huh (though, yeah, going to well too many times will eventually catch up to them, one would think)? 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

And the Real Peppermint Pattie Isssssssssssss?


Yeah, I still can't decide. Too tough.

On City News of Edmonton Putting Out a Story with the Heading, "Young Teen Among New COVID Deaths" and a Summary Farther Down Which Read, "The 14 Year-Old Who Died from COVID-19 Is the Youngest Albertan to Die from the Virus to Date" -

Sounds scary, huh? The only problem here is that by the end of the article the author admits that the kid also had "complex pre-existing medical conditions" that played a role in his death (this according to the attending physicians). That and we also learn from the boy's sister that he had stage 4 cancer and that that was likely the real cause of his death (COVID being incidental as it frequently is). Clearly the paper was banking on the readers just skimming the headline and summary with the motivation obviously being to push their fear-porn narrative. Thankfully Mr. Frei here caught and exposed the bastards - an important task that we should all be doing.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

On the Fact that this Is Not, NOT, a Battle Between the "Unvaxxed" and the Vaccinated but Rather a Battle Between the Citizens and the Authoritarians, JUST LOOK AT AUSTRALIA ( - !!

Take a guess who I'm rooting for.

On Living In a Country Where "Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve" Inexorably Morphed Into Double-Speak for Firing Unvaccinated Workers While Ushering In a Kafkaesque "Show Us Your Papers" Society

I have a pretty decent imagination but if you had asked me 18 months ago to conjure up a nightmarish scenario that could rear its ugly head as rapidly as this, I honestly don't believe that I would have succeeded. Not even close.

Most Memorable Movie Scene Ever?

Yeah, it's a no-brainer for me. This one (Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr on the beach in "From Here to Eternity"), hands down.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

On the Fact that the New Superman Is Apparently Bisexual

My first reaction was, "man, 82 years is a long time to be a latent bisexual" but then I found out that this was Superman's son, Jonathan Kent (Jon to his friends), and it all made metaphysical sense to me, as in, "of course he isn't straight, no one is anymore".

On the Fact that Countries Accrue Their Wealth Not by the Consumption of Goods and Services but Through the Production of Them

Wow, so printing gobs of money, racking up massive debt, inducing people to stay home by doling out huge unemployment checks, and kicking hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers to the curb because they've see the damage that these COVID jabs can inflict on people and want no part of it, won't make us wealthy after-all. Whodahthunkit.

On Dr. Pierre Kory Claiming that Between 100 and 200 Congresspersons Have Taken Ivermectin and that Not a Damned One of Them Has Ever Had to Be Hospitalized

If this is true and these parasitic, psychopathic, and elitist idiots have been ingesting a safe, inexpensive, and effective drug while simultaneously moving heaven and earth to keep it from the rest of us, and doing so out of possible connections to the pharmaceutical industry, that's a game-changer, folks. Nuremberg 2.0? You had best believe it.

Guity Pleasures?

   Yeah, I've got a couple. Here's one.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

On the Fact that Whenever There's a Clash Between Two Civilizations the More Advanced and Powerful One Will Invariably Win (Just Ask the Ojibwa, Victimized by the Sioux, a Half Dozen African Tribes Decimated by the Zulu, the People of Modern-Day Ukraine Crushed by the Mongols, etc., etc.)

In fact if you go back far enough you'll see that the borders of virtually every country had as its currency the blood of others. It's just how it was done back then.......Sorry but, yeah.

On President Biden Commemorating Columbus Day by, Yep, You Got it, Shitting All Over the Founders of this Country and On White Europeans as a Collective (for Our Bad Treatment of Indigenous People Supposedly)

The man is obviously pandering to "persons of color" but because in this instance he's pitting groups of Americans against one another, it's even more venal. Please, whoever it may be who's feeding this obviously demented old man such combustible crap, pull it back a little 'cause this isn't going to end even remotely well (balkanization likely being the least destructive outcome), trust me.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Good Guys and Bad Guys, Huh?

 I witness the barbarities inflicted on the aged widow, and young and delicate females. Officers, high in command, were engaged in tearing from the ladies their watches, their ear and wedding rings, the daguerreotypes of those they loved and cherished. A lady of delicacy and refinement, a personal friend, was compelled to strip before them, that they might find concealed watches and other valuables under her dress. A system of torture was practiced towards the unarmed and defenseless, which, as far as I know and believe was universal throughout the whole course of that invading army. Before they arrived at a plantation, they inquired the names of the most faithful and trustworthy family servants; these were immediately seized, pistols were presented at their heads; with most terrific curses, they were threaten to be shot if they did not assist them in finding buried treasures. If this did not succeed they were tied up and cruelly beaten. Several poor creatures died under the infliction. The last resort is of that of hanging, and the officers and men of the triumphant army of General Sherman were enraged in erecting gallows and hanging up these faithful and devoted servants. They were strung up until life was nearly extinct, when they were let down, suffered to rest awhile, then threaten and hung again. It is not surprising that some should have left hanging so long that they were taken down dead. Cooly and deliberately these harden men proceeded their on their way, as if they had perpetrated no crime, and as if the God of heaven would not pursue them with vengeance. But it was not alone the poor blacks (to whom they professed to come as liberators) that were thus subject to torture and death. Gentlemen of high character, pure and honorable and gray-headed unconnected with the military, were dragged from their fields or their beds, and subjected to this process of threats and beating, and hanging. Along the whole track of Sherman’s army, traces remains of the cruelty and inhumanity practiced on the aged and the defenseless. Some of those were hung up died under the rope, while their cruel murderers have not only left unreproached and unhung, but hailed as heroes and patriots. The list of those martys, whom the culpidity of the officers and men of Sherman’s army sacrificed for their gold and silver, is large and most revolting. If the editors of this paper will give their consent to publish it, I will give it in full attested by their names of the purest and best women and children of our Southland................Reverend Dr. John Bachman Charleston, South Carolina 1865 

On CNN (Not Exactly a Right-Wing Avatar) Recently Reporting On Studies Which Show the Pfizer COVID Vaccines Plummeting to a Measly 20% Efficacy-Rate After Only Four Months -


Wow, so at that rate we'll all be lining up for our tenth booster by January, 2024. That's gotta' be a record, no?

Saturday, October 9, 2021

On Today's Football Match-Up Between 0-6 UConn and 0-5 UMass- Quick Addendum

 Yeah, I was wrong. UMass won, 27-13 (the contest was played in Amherst but that shouldn't have been a huge factor as they usually play in front of 15 people).

On the Fact that if the U.S. Institutes a Digital Currency it Will Be the Death-Knell of Liberty as We've Come to Know it

For two reasons. a) It will allow the surveillance-state to track all of our financial interactions and make a social-credit system much, much easier (John bought some pot, Clyde bought a gun, Steve bought some porn, Jeff bought a gas guzzler and drove it cross-country - all items that could ding your score and cause you to forfeit privileges). And b) it will allow the government to ram through negative interest rates, not permit people to take their money out of the bank to counteract the policy (as the Japanese did when their government tried to pull this stunt, purchasing safes to keep their currency in), and make it as easy as a key-stroke to impoverish you. Please, if you Senator or Representative even hints at such a fascistic policy, speak out and organize to defeat that person as this is unacceptable. 

On Today's Football Match-Up Between 0-6 UConn and 0-5 UMass

UConn has actually shown some fight in their last two contests (coinciding with Randy Edsall's retirement - what does that say?) and so I'm probably going to have to go with them, 31-20. Of course the safest prediction of all is that one of them HAS TO win. Thank God.

Friday, October 8, 2021

On the Fact that In December of 1864 Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, Sent Louisiana Congressman, Duncan F. Kenner, On a Secret Mission to England with a Proposal; Specifically that the South Would Immediately Emancipate Her Slaves In Exchange for England's Recognition (Not Assistance, Mind you, Simply Recognition) -

Sadly the Brits declined (not so much as a dis to the Confederates but rather out of concern for Lincoln's bellicose military threats) and the conflict ended months later anyway (too late not just for this approach but for their other strategy as well; the granting of freedom in exchange for military service) but, man, can you imagine how different that our respective histories would have turned out had the South's plan hit pay-dirt? Mind-blowing, isn't it?....................................................................................................P.S. It's also important to point out that the validity of this event has been verified numerous times, the most important of course being the Library of Congress's verification circa 1916. 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

"Dan Tanna" from Robert Urich's Awful 1970s Show, "Vegas"

 I'll Take, "Television Names so Ludicrous that Even a Seven Year-Old Could Ascertain Had Come About with Literally Jack In Terms of Effort and Imagination", for a thousand, Alex. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

On Faye Dunaway In the 1970s


The almond eyes and high cheekbones, I give her a 10 just for those two things. Fucking gorgeous.

On a New Study Finding a Predominance of Antibody-Resistant SARS-CoV-2 Variants In Vaccine Breakthrough Cases In the San Francisco Bay Area -

Wow, so when Geert Vanden Bossche warned us that vaccine antibodies would suppress our natural antibody responses and would only defend against a targeted virus and that widespread vaccination-rates were creating pressure on the virus to mutate, maybe he shouldn't have been dismissed so quickly (though it was hardly shocking that he was). Simply a thought.

On Playboy Recently Putting a Gay Cross-Dressing Man On Their Cover

They're evidently trying to expand their market-share. How their original target demographic reacts, that verdict is still outstanding. We'll see.

On How Much Poverty, Educational Failure, etc. that the U.S. Needs to Absorb from Third-World Countries Before the Democrats In D.C. Say, "Yeah, that's Enough"

Probably when they secure enough votes to keep themselves in power indefinitely, would be my guess (the hard fact that first generation Hispanics vote two to one for Democrats and even into the third generation it's still plus 20% in their favor).

On Not One, Not Two, but Three Pfizer Scientists Being Caught On Hidden Camera Stating that Natural Immunity Is Just as Good as, if Not Better, than the Highly Specific Immunity Delivered by the COVID Vaccines AND that it Is Unnecessary to Get the Vaccine if You Already Have These Natural Antibodies

  I've been saying this for quite a while now, not because I'm some esteemed scientist, but because I possess SOME common sense and can interpret elementary research (that and I'm not getting kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry). Hopefully this explosive little video (which will undoubtedly be buried by the New York Times, CNN, MSLSD, etc.) will prompt others to dig a bit deeper and ask themselves, does it really make sense to have every man, woman, and child undergo the identical medical procedure? Seriously, they might be shocked by the answer. 

Monday, October 4, 2021

On Biden Claiming that We Need to Get 97% of the Country Vaccinated

The lone way that that can happen is through brute force and/or the threat of it. So unless ole Biden and his puppeteers want to go down in history with the likes Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, and Klaus Barbie, THEY JUST MIGHT WANT TO LOWER THAT THRESHOLD A TAD, I'm just sayin'. 

On Being Warned as a Child to Stay Away from Weirdos......and to Especially Not Get Into a Vehicle with Them if They're Offering You Candy

It was good advice then............and even better advice now.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

On Independent Content Creators (Steven Crowder, The Daily Wire, Tim Pool, etc.) Routinely Bitch-Slapping the Corporate Press On YouTube and from What I've Been Told that's a Massive Problem (Bleeding Ad Revenue, Ratings Down the Toilet, Fewer Folks to Gaslight, Quickly Becoming a Punchline, etc.)

 And their solution issssssssssss, yep, you got, EVEN MORE CENSORSHIP (big tech apparently having a stake in keeping these shitty enterprises afloat - something to do with crony capitalism and collusion, I'm sure)!!!......Almost makes you yearn for more cowbell, doesn't it?

On an Alliance of Medical Scientists and Physicians Meeting In Rome Last Month and Declaring the COVID Policies In Western Nations to Be Crimes Against Humanity (the Withholding of Effective Treatments for God Only Knows What Reason) -

Yeah, I guess that over 7,000 people have signed the document so far and I'd be willing to lay down good money that not a single one will ever get an invite from cable news (including Fox News which is getting as bad as the other two). Any takers?

On this Slopeheaded Australian Functionary Going On State TV and Informing the Viewers that 78% of the Hospitalized COVID Patients There Were Fully Vaccinated, this Despite the Fact that as Recently as August 24th Less than 40% of the Population Had Received Both of Their Doses -

Maybe I'm wrong but in a sane universe this would seemingly necessitate at bare minimum a course correction. Unfortunately sane and this former penal colony are rarely showing up in the same sentence any more with pretty much every civil liberty imaginable being violated. That and they have to listen to assholes like this. 

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Friday, October 1, 2021

On Mask Usage Versus Daily Positive Tests

You want to know what a 0 correlation looks like? Something like this would be my guess.

On the Fact that (According to a New Poll Published In the New York Times) 41% of Democrats Believe that 50% of the Folks Who Contract COVID End Up Hospitalized (Another 22% Thought that the Number Was Between 20 and 49%)

Well, being that actual figure is between 1 and 5%, someone is clearly MISINFORMING them. I wonder who (wink wink).

On the Fact that Nurses and Physicians Aren't Wired to Refuse Vaccines and so to See Such a Large Percentage of Them Not Want to Take this New Experimental One (Which Really Isn't a Vaccine In the Usual Sense In that it Doesn't Induce an Immune Response but I Digress) Is Rather Telling, No?

Perhaps they've seen what this vaccine can do to folks and of how the reporting to VAERS is frequently avoided (for political reasons, I suspect). Simply a hunch.

On Governor Hochul Asserting that Vaccinated People Are the "Smart Ones"

Youza, so I guess that 72% of black folks in New York City between the ages of 18 and 44 don't make the smart person's club then. What a pity (and, yes, a failure to achieve "equity", too).

On the Prospect of Being Forced to Watch and Listen to this Idiot Spit Out Partisan Political Tripe In His Typical Frenetic Manner and Have it Be Presented to His Audience as Some Weird Type of Comedy In Which Applause Is More Important than Laughter

To be frank here, I would rather have bleach poured directly into my eyes while Michael Bolton's greatest hits blare continuously into my tight-fitting headphones.......and based upon his shit ratings, I ain't alone.