Wednesday, March 30, 2022

On Biden Claiming that Middle Class Individuals Pay Double the Effective Income Tax Rate that the Wealthy Do

According to 2018 stats (the latest that I could find for the uber-rich) the top .01% of earners pays an effective income tax rate of 24.8% (, so unless these truckers, cops, carpenters, teachers, plumbers, and firemen are dishing out close to 50% of their pay to the feds in income taxes alone, the fellow is either lying or ignorant. What else is new?.....................................................................................................P.S. I was able to find 2019 stats for the top 1% (taxpayers earning roughly between $500,000 and $10,000,000 a year). Their effective tax rate for that year was 25.6%. So again, unless these people......

On the Ben Affleck Movie, "Deep Water"


Not a big Affleck fan but with leading ladies like this (Ana de Armas), hard to ignore the fellow completely.

On Comedian, Russell Brand, Getting Red-Pilled, Dropping One Truth Bomb After Another, and Right On Cue Getting Slandered by the Idiot Woke Brigade

It's been an incredible transformation to witness. And the dude isn't alone as other comedians like Jimmy Dore, Bill Maher, and Ricky Gervais are killing it left and right as well. Yeah, we still have a long ways to go in shoring-up late-night comedy but, still, I'll take what I can get, thank you.

Monday, March 28, 2022

On the U.S. Deep-State Stooges Petrified that Putin Could Unleash a Bio-Weapon from One of the Labs that They Had Previously Stated Didn't Even Exist (this While of Course Labeling Anybody Who Called Out Their Bullshit, Conspiracy Theorists)

Of course the biggest asshat of all is Mitt Romney who shamelessly matched Hillary Clinton by labeling Tulsi Gabbard a traitor simply for reiterating what one woman wrecking-crew, Victoria Nuland, had confessed to several days earlier. Yep, the chameleon strikes again.

On Biden Saying, "Sanctions Don't Deter" and Kamala Saying, "the Purpose of Sanctions Is to Deter"

They either need to get on the same page or one of them needs to shut the fuck up. I mean, we do want a coherent message from our leaders, right?................................................................................................P.S. I get it that a certain amount of ambiguity is necessary at times (to keep guys like Kim off balance) but when you're explaining your policies to the public you need to be cogent or simply fall silent (both of which Biden seems incapable of at this point, sadly).

Sunday, March 27, 2022

On Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's Inability to Precisely Define the Term, Woman

I'm actually going to cut the gal some slack on this one in that there are likely some cases coming forward on trans-rights and so tipping her hand so early could be problematic later on....................................................................................................Her record pertaining to child-porn sentencing, however, is problematic right now (issuing sentences significantly below the guidelines repeatedly). If I was advising the judge, I would have her do a heartfelt mea culpa and try and put this behind her, 'cause if she doesn't this could derail her very quickly.

On the Passing of Three-Time All American and NFL Hall of Fame Legend, Floyd Little

Floyd was one of my top 5 favorite athletes as a youngster and, so, yeah, this is a slug in the gut for sure. Fortunately they always need good halfbacks to tote the rock in heaven and, trust me, Floyd'll be more than happy to do his share.

On the Fact that Former New York Congressman, Joe Addabbo, Was a Military Dove by Most Standards (Not a Knock as I Consider Myself One, too) and Yet When it Came to Bringing the Pork Back to His Own District He Had No Problem Pushing for the A-10 Subsonic Attack Plane to Be Made at the Grumman Plant a Stone's Throw from Queens

Of course I wouldn't mind that much if he was just fighting for his district to get a piece of the action but here's the rub. This was an aircraft that the military didn't even want anymore as they had turned their attention to the F-16s, an airplane that WASN'T being manufactured near Queens. You want to know how the sausage is made? Kinda' like this, I guess. 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

On Pelosi, Biden, and Harris All Attempting to Convince Us that Profligate Deficit Spending, a Huge Increase In the Money Supply, and Self-Inflicted Energy Shortages Are Things that Will Actually Reduce Inflation, Not Create it

 Wow, so the President of the United States and the next two people in line for the position don't understand junior-high economics. Doesn't exactly instill confidence, does it?

Friday, March 25, 2022

On the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Informing Her Half-Soused Constituents that Only Billionaires Can Be True Capitalists

More binary idiocy from a clown who's never had to make a payroll or do a balance sheet. And what about drug dealers, I'd love to ask her, they're not capitalists? Granted, her head wouldn't probably explode in response to such a query but, come on, we need have at least a little fun at the expense of these rodeo-clowns, no?

On the Fact that the Life Insurance Industry Doesn't Fudge Actuarial Data and so How They Factor the Covid Vaccines Into Their Tabulations Will Be Very Telling In the Years to Come

Yeah, these companies are either going to charge the people who've taken the jab more, less, or the same as those who didn't take it, and how the people with a stake in the matter (emotionally, politically, medically, etc.) react to these decisions will be theater of the highest drama. Just wait and see.

On Instituting Martial Law Because of Horns Honking, a la Trudeau

And this is with the rest of the planet watching. Can you even begin to imagine if it wasn't?

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

On Race-Baiting Dullard, Joy Reid, Suggesting that the War In Ukraine Is Only Getting a Lot of Attention Because the People Suffering There Have White Skin and Then Comparing it to the Conflict In Yemen Which Has Had Scant Coverage and Where the Individuals Suffering Have Dark Skin

The woman sees race in her raisin bran (those dark raisins, you know) but let's put that aside for now. Two points. a) The gal works at a major cable news company and so if she's truly bent about the lack of coverage in Yemen (highly doubtful but whatever) she should probably file a complaint with her employer, an outlet that seemingly hasn't covered the war in Yemen at all. And b) it was her President, Mr. Obama, who initially OKed the sale of those high-powered weapons to Saudi Arabia and so the starvation and cholera ravaging Yemen are at least partly his fault (not that she actually gives a rat's-ass about any of these suffering people, mind you, but just for the record). I mean, I get it that the woman has a one-track mind, been miseducated, etc. but, please, stick to the breakfast cereal, Ms. Reid!

On Rapper Lil' Boosie's Epic Rant Directed at Tranny Swimmer, Lia Thomas, Where He Hilariously Bellows Out, "Get Yo' Ass Outa' da' Pool!"

Definitely got a handle on it (and proving also how we overthink this shit), wouldn't you say?

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

On the Fact that Even Though the Pentagon Brass as Early as 1975 Considered the A-7 Subsonic Attack Plane Obsolete, Congressional Pork-Whores (the Texas Delegation In Particular as that's Where the Vought Corporation Which Manufactured the Craft Was Located) Continued to Fund the Program for Another Half-Dozen Years - Quick Addendum

 And, yes, this is one area in which President Trump could have shown far more leadership, 'cause even if you buy the man's assertion that the military needed an upgrade, more money isn't necessarily the solution.......I mean, it certainly hasn't been the case with education, right neocons?  

On the Fact that Even Though the Pentagon Brass as Early as 1975 Considered the A-7 Subsonic Attack Plane Obsolete, Congressional Pork-Whores (the Texas Delegation In Particular as that's Where the Vought Corporation Which Manufactured the Craft Was Located) Continued to Fund the Program for Another Half-Dozen Years

The waste in the defense department is legion with this being a perfect example (the problem got much worse in the early '70s when Congressmen and Senators finally figured out that they could micromanage the procurement process and thereby bring home the bacon). Time for reform? Fucking-A, yeah.

Monday, March 21, 2022

On Mother Jones Pimping Their Weekly Newsletter as a Means to Fight "Disinformation"

And the first sentence of every issue reads, "Don't read the rest as it's peppered with absolute bullshit". Finally, some honesty in modern journalism. Thank you, MJ.

On Lindsey Graham Calling Putin a War Criminal

Well, being that ole Lindsey's "interventions" have murdered many multiples more innocent civilians than Putin's war in Ukraine has, it takes one to know one doesn't even begin to cover it, I would argue.

On the Fact that Prior to the Russia, Ukraine Conflict Outlets Such as Reuters, Vox, New Europe, The Guardian, Intellinews, and Others Had Been Running Stories On the Influence of Neo-Nazis In Ukrainian Affairs but Since the War Began, Yeah, Not so Much

You see how these assholes turn on a dime? Whatever's convenient for the deep state, they'll go with that and pray to heaven that nobody notices and in most instances............nobody does.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

On the Fact that if Biological Men Identifying as Women Can Compete In Women's Sports Then Why Can't Individuals of Normal Intelligence Identify as Developmentally Delayed and Compete In the Special Olympics (as Cartman Hilariously Did In that Classic South Park Episode)?

And if men can alter their bodies in order to compete with women then why can't men alter their bodies with performance-enhancing drugs in order to compete more successfully with other men? I mean, where do you draw the line with these absurdities?

On Biden In 1997 Arguing that by Bringing The Baltic Countries Into N.A.T.O. We Could Potentially Be Triggering a Response from Russia

I'm not among the people who think that Biden was always a dullard. No, the dude was never a Daniel Patrick Moynihan or William F. Buckley but he was certainly smart enough to make points like this and to see him now gloming onto these bullshit neo-con bromides is extremely sad. For him and for the country, too.

On the Trans-Woman Who Just Won the 500 Meter Freestyle Swimming Finals at the NCAA Championships Having Been Ranked 775th Among the Collegiate Men In this Event As Recently as a Few Years Ago

Yep, this is a hill to die on, not because I'm "afraid" of trans-people but because I don't hate young girls or share the delusions of the mentally ill. I also understand the ramifications of a society taking this shit too far and of how it never EVER ends well (especially when our competitors in the world are going in the exact opposite direction). So, please, cut the bullshit, OK?

Saturday, March 19, 2022

On the Fact that Women's Sports Categories Were Created Because Females Simply Couldn't Compete Against Athletes with Male Physiology, They Did it to Make Competitions Fair and Now Due to a Society Gone Stark Raving Mad the Gals Have to Go Through it All Over Again (Having to Compete with Male to Female Trannies)

Oh and if you bitch about it, you're a transphobe (a moronic ad hoc smear that was conjured up for the same reasons that the others were, to shut folks up and keep 'em all in line), don't forget about that............................................................................................P.S. The obvious solution is to have a separate category for trans but because that a) doesn't rubber-stamp the left's little fantasy world and b) calls for an actual competition between trans-women, it's pretty-much a non-starter

On Team "Whatever You Tell Us" Versus Team "No Thanks, I'll Use My Critical Thinking Skills and Do My Own Research"


Something to keep an eye out for. For obvious reasons.

Friday, March 18, 2022

On Some Deranged Ukrainian TV Host Recently Saying this On the Air -

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot kill Russian children because the rules of war forbid it, and it is prohibited by various conventions, including the Geneva Convention. But I am not from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And when I get the chance to take down Russians, I will definitely do it. Since you call me a Nazi, I adhere to the doctrine of Adolf Eichmann, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that you and your children never live on this earth so that you can feel what it is like when innocent civilians die and bear all the pain and suffering............We need victory. And if we have to slaughter at your families to do it – I’ll be one of the first to do it. Glory to the nation! And hope that there will never be such a nation as Russia and the Russians on this earth again because they are just scum who are destroying this land. If the Ukrainians have the opportunity, which they are basically doing right now, to destroy, slaughter, kill, and strangle the Muscovites. And I hope that everyone contributes and whacks at least one Moskal” Wow, huh? And I thought that Keith Olberman was nuts. He can't hold a candle to this fella'.

On the White House Blaming Putin's Invasion of Ukraine for Our Current Inflation Mess

You know for certain that it's a kickass invasion when it causes a serious economic disturbance halfway across the globe eight months before they launch the fucking thing. Quite impressive, Mr. Putin, quite impressive.

On Rebecca de Mornay When She Was Still Smokin' Hot


Lies that the Government Told Me (a Partial List)

 a) That the hydrogen bombs dropped on Japan were necessary because a land invasion would have cost 1,000,000 American lives (the actual stat was probably closer to 40,000 and virtually none of Truman's military people supported the mass murder). b) That Iran's elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh, was a communist (the exact opposite was true, he hated the pinkos) and so he needed to be replaced by the Shah. c) That the North Vietnamese attacked us during the second Gulf of Tonken event. d) That the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty was an accident and not a deliberate attack by the Israelis. e) That Iraqi soldiers were pulling Kuwaiti babies out of their incubators and bayoneting them. f) WMD. g) That Assad had gassed his own people. h) Two weeks to flatten the curve  And currently i) that Vladimir Putin is literally Hitler 2.0 while the Ukrainians are as pure as snow in northern New Hampshire.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Famed Historian, Clinton Rossiter (Both a Cornellian AND a Princetonian), On the Granting of Emergency Powers to the Government

"No constitutional government ever passed through a period in which emergency powers were used without undergoing some degree of permanent alteration, always in the direction of an aggrandizement of the power of the state." So, yeah, if you somehow think that what the parasitic psychopaths have done to us over the past two years is temporary, maybe reconsider. Yes, they may pull back a little but a precedent has been set and it'll never be as it was before the onslaught, I promise you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

On the Crazy CDC Director Finally Coming Out and Sheepishly Admitting that the Vaccines Weren't as Boffo as Advertised and that There's Always a Certain Amount of "Gray" Area In Science (You Know, as Opposed to the Constant Flood of Black and White Certitude that Said Director, the Rest of the D.C. Functionaries, and the Mainstream Media Have Been Shitting Out for the Past Two Years Now)

Of course the ballsiest part of this strange admittance was how she essentially blamed the American public for expecting too much, as if this expectation simply dropped from the heavens and had nothing to do with D.C. Inc., big media, and big pharma hyping the damned vaccine. Now whether she believes her own horseshit or is simply lying like a good bureaucrat, who knows. At the bare minimum she certainly doesn't think much of us and on that count............she might be right.

On Bulbous Ana Navarro Referring to Tulsi Gabbard as a Failed Presidential Candidate

Two points. a) 99% of the people who run for President ultimately fail (only 45 have made it, 46 if you count Cleveland winning two times) and so tarring somebody for coming up short in this regard seems moronic. And b) since Ana has worked for some crash and burn candidates herself in prior cycles (McCain, Huntsman, and Jeb - with only Huntsman being a quality individual), perhaps this wasn't the most effective insult available. Simply stated.

On Mitt Romney Accusing Tulsi Gabbard of Treason Simply for Uttering the Same Fucking Things About Biolabs In Ukraine that Biden Stooge, Victoria Nuland, Had Confessed to a Few Days Earlier On Capitol Hill and Tulsi Responding to Romney's Knee-Jerk Slander with One of the Most Blistering Twitter Threads In Years

Tulsi seems like a very nice person but as Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and now Mittens can attest to, there are lines that you had better not cross and accusations of treason and being a Russian stooge are seemingly one of them........................................................................................................P.S. And don't you like it when draft-dodgers like Romney accuse active service members like Tulsi of treason? The chutzpah, huh?

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

On the Fact that Fox News Currently Has More Democratic Viewers In Prime Time than CNN and Nearly as Many During the Day (MSLSD Has the Most Throughout the Day) -

 Yeah, nobody likes CNN, probably because they claim to be a legitimate news network while simultaneously acting as the propaganda wing of the modern-day Democratic party. As least with MSLSD they're pretty up front with their liberal bias and so they don't have any authenticity problems to contend with..........................................................................................................As for Fox News garnering more Democratic viewers, yes, it's surprising but only in the sense that they get more during prime time where most of their conservative anchors can be found and not during the daytime when they showcase much more balanced hosts (Martha MacCallum, Sandra Smith, John Roberts, Harris Faulkner, Neil Cavuto, Bret Baier). 

On the Fact that Decades of Insight Went Into the Creation of Those Pandemic Preparedness Plans and for No Stated Rationale Whatsoever They Were Discarded by a Worldwide Assortment of Entrenched Bureaucrats, Parasitic Sociopaths (i.e., Politicians), Crony Capitalists, and Just Plain Old Evil Bastards

Fortunately the truth is starting to come out (the fraud and corruption and maybe even something beyond that, who knows) and when it fully does, justice need follow it as bullshit like this can never happen again. It simply can't.

Monday, March 14, 2022

On the Piece of Shit Who Spliced that Out-of-Context Footage of Joe Rogan Uttering the N-Word (Quoting Others, No Less) a Dozen Times or

Yeah, I'm gonna' go out on a limb here and suggest that it was probably a deranged left-winger who can't stomach the fact that Rogan has the intellectual honesty and decency to allow multiple viewpoints on his program and who also fears that the fellow has gotten so powerful as to be a threat to the jack-booted and bush-league powers that are literally hanging by a thread. An educated guess let's just call it.

On the Gorgeous 1950s and '60s Movie Star, Maggie McNamara


She burst on to the scene in 1953 (the same year that Audrey Hepburn emerged) with an Oscar nomination for Otto Preminger's "The Moon Is Blue", proceeded to make a handful of other films (including the classic, "Three Coins In the Fountain") and television guest appearances, and then suddenly in 1964 jilted the industry entirely. Unfortunately what happened after this is still a little sketchy.  From what I can gather she spiraled out of control struggling to make ends meet as typist in New York City, suffered through some hard-core episodes of mental illness, and ultimately committed suicide in 1978 (a lethal mixture of tranquilizers and secobarbital) a couple months shy of her 50th birthday. An all-too familiar story among celebrities, in other words.

On the Fact that You Can't Get Twenty-Something Countries to Agree On Anything and yet for Some Fucked-Up Reason We Had Approximately this Many Cast Aside Their Pandemic Preparedness Protocols at the Exact Same Time and Replace Them with a Truckload of Cockamamie Policies Such as Universal Masking, Economic Lockdowns, and the Quarantining of Healthy Individuals

 So this was either a coincidence, an instance of monkey-see monkey-do, or a coordinated effort by first-world countries to do God only knows. Which one, I'm not exactly sure.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

On Biden Attempting to Blame Global Warming for the Recent Tornado In Kentucky While Also Inferring that These Types of Extreme Weather Events Have Increased In Both Power and Frequency

He's full of shit. If anything the U.S annual count of strong to violent tornadoes has actually gone down over the past 50 years. Didn't know that, did you? Oh, and the data-points, they're from NOAA, so if you're having a meltdown take it up with those folks, not me.

On a New Study from Queen Mary University of London Showing that 50% of the Vaccine-Related Deaths of Individual Over 65 Occurred In the First 48 Hours, 80% Occurred In the First 7 Days, and 90% Occurred In the First 2 Weeks -

One of the key elements of the Bradford Hill Criteria for Causality is temporal relatedness (does the presumed cause coincide closely with the observed outcome?) and I don't know 'bout you but 48 hours seems pretty damned close to me (the stats also satisfy other elements; there existing a large signal, a dangerous mechanism, etc.). Convincing one might even say..........................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not suggesting that every vaccine-related death is necessarily due to the vaccine (I unlike the left which calls every death WITH Covid a Covid death, even when there exists a clear alternate cause, still possess a smidgen of rationality), just that many of them probably are and that the people who shout out, "nothing to see here, people, time to move on" are first-rate morons, that's all.

On the Fact that There IS a Precedent for Rich Countries Crashing the Value of Their Currency and Thereby Bringing About an Economic Calamity (Argentina and Germany, for Example) - Quick Addendum

Yes, I understand that the U.S. is a unique case in that we're still the head honcho (the dollar continuing to be the world's currency) but there's no guaranteeing that that will always be true and if you watch the dominoes tipping over the last one invariably falls, too. Always.

On the Fact that There IS a Precedent for Rich Countries Crashing the Value of Their Currency and Thereby Bringing About an Economic Calamity (Argentina and Germany, for Example)

Yeah, so if think that Venezuela and Zimbabwe can't happen here, you had best think again.

Friday, March 11, 2022

On a New Study Showing that Ivermectin Reduces Covid Mortality by 70% When Compared to the Much More Costly Remdesevir -

This is far from the only study which supports the effectiveness of Ivermectin. It is however the largest and, gee, I wonder how long that it will take the scumbags at CNN and MSLSD to apologize for calling the stuff, "horse dewormer". Johnny Mathis says, the 12th of never, and I kinda' agree with him.

On Recently Witnessing a Down Syndrome Boy Beat the Crap Out of Another Youngster

I was impressed.......Well, except for it being the wrong kid. He kinda' messed up on that part. Maybe next time.

On the Fact that I Like this Fellow In the Video, I Just Wish that He Didn't Feel the Need to Live His Life Behind Such a Facade

  Hopefully this serves a a red-pill moment for the guy and he seeks out employment at a less corrosive enterprise. Yeah, it might have to be at an alternative news site but the way that these corporate shit-posting outfits are bleeding readers and/or viewers, it might be a good career move monetarily, too. Who knows. 

Thursday, March 10, 2022

On the Fact that Newsmax and Fox News Have Been Spewing Just as Much Anti-Russian Propaganda as CNN and the Rest of the Left-Leaning Corporate Press Stooges

  I get it why CNN is engaged in such a simplistic approach to this exceedingly complicated issue. a) They need to keep the template of Russian villainy alive to bludgeon Trump with it should he decide to run again. b) They're likely suspecting that there's a ton of dirt on the Bidens inside of Ukraine and that if the Russians dig too deeply it might not look good for their chosen-one. And c) the covid regime is starting to show some cracks and so it's probably a good idea to divert the public's attention and what could be a bigger diversion than WW3?............As for Fox News, Newsmax, and the rest of the conservative media, they've all gotten mileage from supporting the Military Industrial Complex while blustering in the past and so why not this time as well? That and they don't want to look weak when it comes to big, bad Putin. Heaven forbid.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

On the Fact that if a Person or Small Business Had Something this Egregious In Their Background They'd Probably Have a Hard Time Securing a Job at Dunkin Donuts - - but Because We're Currently Living In an Era of Absolute Corruption a Rogue Corporation Like Pfizer Can Continue to Pillage and Rape the Public with Impunity

One of the admirable things about the old left was its stout opposition to crony capitalism (an issue that actually united them with libertarians) and so, yeah, to now see these woke tyrannical buffoons (masquerading as liberals) advocating policies that have made Walmart, Pfizer, and Amazon even more stinking wealthy than they were before, just a wee-bit disappointing to say the least.

On the Latest Woke Bullshit Which Claims that Freedom Falls Under the Rubric of White Supremacy -

An interesting theory (and by, interesting, I of course mean, idiotic and only something that a deranged sociopath would ever utter) but probably one that the 9.2 million slaves still toiling in Africa ( might have an issue with. I'm just guessin'.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

On Peppermint Patty Suggesting that Closing the Keystone Pipeline Was No Big Deal Because the Oil Would Still Arrive Here by Other Means

She of course didn't mention that the other means of transport were railroads, trucks, planes, and cargo ships because if she did she'd then have to address the fact that all of these modes of transportation are a) creating a much larger carbon footprint and b) far more prone to oil spills. Of course if we had an honest and competent press corp a follow-up question would have followed automatically............but that ain't us any longer apparently.

On the Fact that Hillary Clinton Came Out Forcefully for a No-Fly-Zone Over Syria In 2016 and so, Yes, Voting for Trump Was a Clearly Defensible Act (You Don't Have to Love Trump to Not Want a Damned Nuclear War, for Christ) and if You Struggle to Grasp that I Suggest that You Steer Clear of Shiny Objects In the Future, They Ain't Your Thing

I personally didn't vote for Trump in 2016 because I where in Connecticut where Hillary could have gone on a puppy and kitten killing spree and still carried the state (I voted for Johnson instead). 2020? Let's just say that I was a wee bit less pragmatic for that go around and leave it there.

On Lunatic Congressman Adam Kinzinger Recently Calling for a No-Fly-Zone Over Ukraine, an Action that if Instituted Could Potentially Bring About Nuclear War

In a normal country buffoons like this would be impeached and/or run out of town. Unfortunately normalcy in the U.S.A. has left the building and you could probably run into miscreants like this (from both parties) all over Washington......and so just pray, I guess.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

On the Fact that Patty Ramey's Daddy Worked In the Federal Coal Mine of Eastern Kentucky (Four Miles Into the Earth), Sometimes Mined On His Hands and Knees, and Ultimately Died from Black Lung Disease While Still a Relatively Young Man

Quite the "privilege", huh?..................................................................................................P.S. You might know Patty Ramey better by her current name, Patty Loveless, one of the lucky people who did get out of Harlan alive.

On My Suspicion that the Life Insurance Sector Will Tell Us a Lot About These Vaccines In the Years to Come

Yeah, they're either going to charge individuals who've taken the covid vaccine less for policies............or more......and short of the government co-opting the entire industry, follow the money, I'm thinkin'.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

On the Fact that this Guy (an Expert Data Cruncher Who Can Sniff Out Fraud for Miles and Who Currently Has Pfizer In His Cross-Hairs) Won't Stop Until He Wins, Dies, or Gets Sent to the Gulag


Option one, please..................................................................................................He also welcomes being sued by the scumbags as this will provide him discovery and, trust me, no judge will give Pfizer 75 years this time.

On the Emergence of a Novel Virus Which Effects Predominantly Pension-Aged Individuals Who've Had Effective Treatment Options Withheld from Them

No one wants to go there but at this point can you blame the folks that wish to?

Friday, March 4, 2022

On the Fact that Surgical Face-Masks Are Essentially Splash-Guards and Were Never Designed to Protect ANYONE from Microscopic Viral Aerosols

And we've known this for decades now making our collective descent into lunacy even more troubling. Thankfully we have brilliant minds like Fauci and the crazy CDC lady who can help us right this ship 'cause without them where would we be?.............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I wrote this tome while on significant hallucinogenics. Sue me.

On Kentucky Sweethearts, Patty Loveless and Loretta Lynn, Being First Cousins

     I'll just let the music do the talkin'.

On George Soros and Ben Shapiro Shitting Out the Same Damned Talking-Points Regarding the Ukraine, Russia Conflict

If you ever needed additional proof that this Eastern European shitshow was a lot more complicated than the D.C. warmongers and media shills have been letting on, there, I just served it up for you on a football field sized silver platter. Enjoy.

On Lindsey Graham Calling On the Russian People to Assassinate Putin and Then When Challenged On it Doubling-Down On the Insanity (and Please Keep In Mind that this Is the Same Frigging Fool Who Told Tucker Carlson that He Wanted U.S. Troops On the Chinese Border)

I have a better idea. How 'bout someone assassinate Graham's political career? A lot less blood-letting involved and every bit as satisfying.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

On Living In a Society Where Somebody Like Jeffrey Toobin (a Jerk-Off Who Was Recently Caught On Camera Actually Jerking-Off) Continues to be Given a Seat at the Table When Discussing the Covid Vaccine but Not Somebody Like Dr. Robert Malone, an Early Pioneer In the Area of mRNA Technology and a Recipient of Nine Patents

 I suspect that the dust will eventually settle on this Covid nightmare and when it does, where do the people at CNN go? Coding, maybe? Starbucks? I mean, there's gotta' be an occupation where disgraced journalists can end up and not be on the public charge.

On Gas Going Up 37 Cents Overnight In My Town

Can we just get Trump back? I mean, yeah, he's a fucking clown at times, punches down way too much, etc. but at least he had a modicum of competency and wasn't, you know, well, you know.

On the Distinct Likelihood that When a Government Engages In "Othering" and the Silencing of Dissent Comparisons Will Be Offered and Flattering They're Very Unlikely to Be

Not saying that it's fair, mind you. Just expect it, for Christ.

On Every Bagpipe Solo (if that's What You Call 'Em) Sounding the Same to Me

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful sound. Just seems a little familiar, that's all.

On Bill Clinton

Very good President (welfare reform, capital gains tax cut, reduced regulations, nearly balanced budgets). Despicable human being (believe all women, right?). In a nutshell.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

On the Fact that There Were Over 20 Countries In 2019 with Pandemic Preparedness Blueprints that Had Two Main Elements; a) Have Sick Individuals Stay Home and b) Encourage Handwashing and Not a Single Mention of Closing Businesses, Closing Schools, Universal Mask-Wearing, Quarantining Healthy People, Vaccinating the Entire Population, Social Distancing, Prohibiting Travel, etc., etc.

And yet all of these countries simultaneously decided to scrap what had been working for decades and put in its place all of the above-mentioned theater of the absurd level protocols.......Nah, nothing suspicious happening there.

On the Type of Parasitic Psychopath Who'd Have the Cajones to Inform the Rest of Humanity that He Wishes to "Reflect, Re-Imagine, and Reset Our World"

He bears a striking resemblance to this asshole (a person who thinks that central planning, even though it's failed miserably on much smaller scales, can somehow work world-wide with shits like him pulling the strings), I'm told.

On William F. Buckley's Transformation from Albert J. Nock Level Anti-Statism to Big Government Conservatism because "Neither an Offensive nor Defensive War Can Be Waged......Except Through the Instrument of Totalitarian Bureaucracy Within Our Shores"

Granted, Buckley wasn't alone among Republicans in the party's move from principled non-interventionism to slantheaded red-baiting 24/7 but he was certainly amongst the most influential and by purging such thinkers as Murray Rothbard and Joseph Flynn from his baby (i.e., The National Review), quite likely amongst the sleaziest, too.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

On the Crazy Reasoning Which Claims that it's Perfectly Logical for the U.S.A. to Be Concerned About Cuba Having Missiles Less than a Hundred Miles from Florida but Seemingly Not Logical for Russia to Have Similar Concerns About Missiles Being Pointed at Her from an Even Shorter Distance (N.A.T.O.'s Claim that the Missiles Are Only for Defense Is Disingenuous as They Can Be Altered Rapidly)

And as far as I know there hasn't been a single person in the corporate press who's underscored this double-standard. Nope, you have to go to outlets like Zero Hedge, the Intercept, Consortium News, CounterPunch,, etc. (and, no, I'm not asserting that these websites are perfect, just that they aren't military industrial complex 24/7, that's all). Granted you don't get to look at Brian Stelter's beautiful face but, still, come on.

On the Incessant Binary Idiocy Coming from the Corporate Press Regarding the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

There's nothing that brings Fox and CNN together better than a good, old-fashioned war in which we can a) demonize one side and b) use as an excuse to line the pockets of the armament makers who prop up those two nauseating cable enterprises.......And here we go again.