Sunday, January 31, 2016

On Voting for Somebody Because They Promised to Confiscate Property from One Person and Give it to You

Has it really come down to that? I mean, are we that desperate and pitiful now?

On Mount Rushmore

Not only is this a dumb idea (glorifying politicians), it's a dangerous one (the fact that history is replete with charismatic leaders who the people have succumbed to and ended up six feet under or wishing that they were). And look at the four dudes who we've chosen to put up there; two slaveholders and two war-mongering crazies (though, yes, Washington and Jefferson are preferable overall to Roosevelt and Lincoln)! I'm telling ya', if it was up to me, I'd have sandblasted that sucker (Mount Flushmore is what I call it) decades ago.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

On the Slanderous Attempts by the New York Times to Discredit Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Tar Him as a Puppet of Pretoria

The New York Times has a done a lot of bad and unfair reporting over the years but this was especially hideous. Buthelezi was a lifelong opponent of Apartheid and as the head of the Zulu nation (an entity that has been dealing with the Afrikaners for close to two centuries and way, WAY before the slantheaded ANC) the dude used to routinely fill up soccer stadiums, for Christ. Of course, we all know the real reason why the New York Times (Pravda on the Hudson) didn't care for Buthelezi. It was because the fellow believes in capitalism, private property, free trade, and a limited, republican form of government, all of which are antithetical to the left, and damn it all we can't have that.......................................................................................................P.S. They also couldn't control him (a la the rest of those "buffer Negroes"). That must have really pissed them off.

On the Fact that (According to Journalists, Ilana Mercer and Philip du Toit) the Ratio of Voters to Taxpayers in South Africa Is a Mind-Altering 11 to 1

Please, explain to me how this is (to use the modern-day lingo) "sustainable"? It certainly doesn't sound sustainable to my mind (the fact that when the bifurcation between those who pay taxes and those who consume them gets too obscene, civilizations tend to erode and ultimately crumble).

On Lawrence O'Donnell's Claim that Megyn Kelly "Leans to the Right on Every Single Issue"

That may be true (though I suspect that she does have SOME left-or-center views) but for Christ sakes, if there was ever an example of "physician heal thyself first, please", this would have to be it (the fact that this moron leans to the LEFT on every issue). I mean, have you seen this douche-bag? He's nuts!!!.....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, Fox News is significantly fairer than MSNBC and for proof I would point to not just these debates but to numerous interviews over the past several years; Megyn Kelly's interview with Dick Cheney, Chris Wallace's interview with Michele Bachmann, Brett Baier's interview with Mitt Romney, etc.. Is it perfect? Hell no. But at least they're trying to be somewhat professional while MSNBC has degenerated into a guttersnipe-ladened cesspool which is largely unwatchable. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

On the Fact that the U.S. Government (Under the Auspices of the Clownish, Though Well-Meaning, George Bush Senior) Actually Entrusted the African National Congress, the South African Communist Party, and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Yet Another Communist Entity) to Bring Ordinary Democracy (a System that Barely Functions Even in Western Countries) to a Multi-Racial South Africa

Somehow the West has come up with this cockamamie notion that voting equates to freedom, economic growth, respect for individual rights, etc. - this, despite the humongous amounts of evidence to the contrary; Gaza, Iraq, Iran, India after WW2, and now South Africa. I really think that the Founding Fathers (not to mention political scientists worth their salt; Robert Dahl, Benjamin Barber, Donald Horowitz, Hans Hermann Hoppe, Samuel Huntington, etc.) had it right, folks; that freedom DOES work better when a) power is decentralized, b) authority limited, and c) minority rights protected, and how pathetic is it that an African (Mangosuthu Buthelezi) whose lineage goes back to Shaka Zulu comprehended this better than a Yale-educated  U.S. President?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

On the Fact that an Eyewitness of the Shooting of Lavoy Finicum (a Participant in the Oregon Rancher Standoff) Has Stated that Mr. Finicum Was Shot in the Face with His Hands in the Air and Several More Times While He Was Lying on the Ground

Something tells me that the left isn't going to champion this "hands up, don't shoot" narrative like they did the prior one (the fact that the victim was white, conservative, a militia member, a gun-rights activist, etc., the fact that the killers were the federal government during a Democratic administration, etc.). Just a guess here.....................................................................................................P.S. Me, I'll be waiting for the evidence (cop-cam videos, pictures of the autos, autopsy results, etc.), thank you (the fact that I will not do to this law enforcement officer what the knuckle-dragging and race-baiting left did to Officer Wilson - NO WAY).

On the Fact that Jada Pinkett Smith Is All Fucking Ballistic that Her Husband, Will Smith, Wasn't Nominated For an Oscar this Year

He's been nominated two times (2001 and 2007). That's the same number as Jean Simmons, John Garfield, and Anne Baxter, one more than Gene Tierney, Lana Turner, and Bob Mitchum, and two more than Joseph Cotten, Edward G. Robinson, and Myrna Loy. I'm sorry but I just can't get all that exorcised over this one, folks.

On the Fact that the Only Republican Candidate Who Doesn't Appear Hell-Bent on a Second Cold War (the War on Islamic Terrorism Isn't Sufficiently Satisfying, I Guess) Is Rand Paul

And he's polling at 3%.

On the Fact that Each and Every One of that 22 Person Anti-Trump Conservative Composium Over at the "National Review" Supported the Iraq War While Donald Trump Didn't

I'm not a Trump supporter and it's doubtful that I'd vote for him (Johnson's my man) but I really want people to think about this and ask themselves, "so, who are the real morons here?"

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

So, Just How Desperate ARE These Warmaholics?

They are so desperate (not to mention, sneaky and deceitful) that they've (in a pathetic attempt to do away with the two decades long warming hiatus) actually deep-sixed the satellite, radiosonde balloon, ARGO buoy, and USCFN data and replaced it with contaminated engine-intake data; an act that no sane or honest scientist would have ever in a million years even contemplated and yet these people have done it proudly (dumbing it down of course for the low-information liberal voter). Un-fucking, real. 

On "Rape by Fraud" (When a Person Lies About Him or Her Self in Order to Get Somebody to Sleep with Them)

Yeah, we're gonna need more prisons, A LOT MORE PRISONS.

On the Fact that Virtually Any Criticism of President Obama Is Always Met with, "Yeah but Bush, Yeah but Bush"

It is well beyond stale in that a) no one is defending Bush, b) the dude hasn't been President for seven fucking years now, and c) I personally never voted for or supported him and so I especially dust it off as a ruse.......You need a new talking-point/comeback, folks.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On the Fact that (According to Duke Law Professor, Donald Horowitz) Numerous Surveys from the Late 1980s Indicated that Close to 70% of White South Africans Were in Favor of Some Form of Power-Sharing Accommodation with the Country's Black Population (this Despite the Fact that the Majority of These Whites Believed that Such an Arrangement Would Threaten Their Physical Safety)

Yet another story that the media missed and, gee, could it have possibly been because it didn't fit the template?

On the United Nations Human Rights Council of 2001 and 2009

Yeah, it was essentially an Israel bashing enterprise with countries of far greater human rights violations than Israel (Libya, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, etc.) being amongst the most vocal critics. Your typical U.N. clown show, in other words.............................................................................................P.S. And, no, I am not an unconditional supporter of Israel, just a person who a) appreciates perspective and b) despises hypocrisy, that's all.

On the Fact that Mangosuthu Buthelezi Actually Had the Unmitigated Audacity to Quote Adam Smith, Favor Secure Property Rights, Look to America's Founding Fathers for His Inspiration, and Seek a Unity Decentralized Government Which Shared its Power with Whites

Yeah, why would we ever support a guy like this when we had a mediocre terrorist pinko like Mandela (whose ANC was NEVER an indigenous movement and who was essentially a puppet of Joe Slovo) who we could support instead? What in the hell was I thinking?

On the Fact that (According to Ryan Maue of Florida State) the Accumulated Cyclone Energy Index Has Shown Essentially No Trend for the Past 45 Years and is Actually the Lowest that it's Been During that Period

And yet the President of the United States continues to go around cluelessly, shamelessly, and persistently claiming the exact opposite. Unbelievable.

On the Fact that Mrs. Clinton Told HER Family One Thing About Benghazi (i.e., that it Was a Planned Terrorist Attack) While Telling the Families of the Four Victims a Totally Different Thing (i.e., that it Was the Result of Some Youtube Video and that the Government Was Going to Go After the Fellow Who Made it) and Has Since Implied that the Families Are ALL Lying (this Despite the Fact that the Father of Ty Woods Has an In-Time Journal Entry Which Substantiates His Version of the Story)

This woman is so venal and, while I agree with those on the left that Trump is a pecker-head, I really have to ask you here, has the man ever done anything as underhanded as this? I'm suspecting that he hasn't.

Monday, January 25, 2016

On Temperature Reconstructions Over the Past 450,000 Years

As anybody can plainly see, what is happening now is neither unusual nor unexpected. In fact, if there's anything to worry about it's the fact that we're probably looking at another ice age within the next millennium in which everything from Memphis on up is going to be under several miles of ice (an eventuality that is going to force us to either adapt or migrate en masse)....Not that I'm trying to alarm anybody of course.

On the Left's Non-Stop Vilification of Fossil Fuels

There folks really need to take a course on the history of energy. 'Cause if they did, they would soon realize (assuming of course that they could put aside their preconceived ideas) that if it wasn't for the discovery and widespread usage of fossil fuels, we would all probably still be living hand to mouth toiling on a farm, killing off the whole world's population of whales for our lanterns, chopping down every damned tree that we could find, not traveling more than a few miles from where we were born, and kicking the bucket by age 40 - a short and brutish existence, in other words.........................................................................................Of course, what I love more than anything is the fact that they do all of this bitching and moaning while enjoying the fruits of this very technology; automobiles, airplanes, computers and the internet, cell phones, air conditioning, advanced medical technology, etc. (none of which could be sustained today with green energy). I mean, just look at the "carbon footprint" of some of these damned hypocrites (James Cameron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore, etc.) - it's off the fucking charts....Do as I say, apparently.

"You're Not Making Very Much Progress, Danny"

Beautifully evil - Gene Tierney crushing it in "Leave Her to Heaven".

Sunday, January 24, 2016

On the Claim Made by Michael Mann (No, Not THAT Michael Mann) in His Eye-Opening Volume, "The Dark Side of Democracy", that Pure Democracies Have a Strong Tendency to Carry Out Ethnic-Cleansing and Even Genocide

Well, there certainly is a history of it; in the former Yugoslavia, in Rwanda, in Turkey, in Iraq, in Gaza, in Indonesia, in Germany, in India, in South Africa, in Cambodia, etc., etc.. Thankfully, the Founding-Fathers of this country (and, yes, they were flawed already) were wise enough to recognize the potential for brutality and repression in a pure democracy and opted instead for a Constitutional Republic with a sufficient number of checks and balances which protect minority rights (as opposed to Nelson Mandela and the treacherous F. W. DeKlerk who created in South Africa a new multi-racial order that gave jack-shit in terms of protection for the whites and which is falling apart as we speak).

On the Claim that Donald Trump's Promise to Restrict the Flow of Muslim Immigrants for a Set Period of Time Is Illegal

  Apparently not, folks (and, no, I'm not necessarily saying that it's a good idea, just that it isn't illegal).............8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens  Page 138 - (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President - Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.  

Saturday, January 23, 2016

On the Claim that Fossil Fuels Are Subsidized More Heavily than Green Energy Options

Yes, that is true but what the greenie radicals fail to tell you is that a) fossil fuels provide more than 45 times as much energy as wind and solar ( and that if you figure the subsidies on a per megawatt or a per one million Btu basis you'll see that the subsidies to wind, solar, and ethanol have been far greater, b) the subsidies that have been going to coal are for "refined coal" and so they more properly goes into the alternative category, and c) hydroelectric power (you know, the one renewable that actually works but which the left hates because it inconveniences some beavers) is being subsidized at a small pittance of what wind, solar, and biomass are.......Not that I'm in favor of subsidizing any of this stuff, mind you, but just for some perspective here.

On the Fact that Samantha Power and Henry Kissinger Showed Up at a Red Sox Game Late Last Summer and Gave the Appearance that They Were Some Sort of a Foreign Policy Tracy-Hepburn Combo

Yeah, that creeps me out in a multitude of ways. Yuck, YUCK, and YUCK.

On Scientific Doubt

Honest scientists are filled to the brim with it and are actually very humble epistemologically. They especially DO NOT go around proclaiming that the "debate is over" (the fact that they know that the debate is never over, that science isn't settled by a show of hands, and that scientific knowledge changes markedly from year to year, decade to decade, etc.) or ridicule those who's theories are different.......Oh, and, yeah, they steer clear of politics. Don't forget about that.

On the Fact that On Many College Campuses, a Male Student Accused of Rape is Often "Guilty Until Proven Innocent"

So not only have these slope-headed monsters squashed free-speech on many occasions, they're also trashing one of the key bedrocks of not just our legal system but of numerous legal systems dating all the way back to Hammurabi's Code. Hm, I wonder what's next. Stoning people who are opposed to abortion? Dropping Austrian economists out of 7th floor windows? One can only surmise.

Friday, January 22, 2016

On the Neocon Mindset Which Assumes that Every Population on the Planet Is an Interchangeable One and the Only Thing that Needs to Happen for Liberal Democracy to Emerge Is for the U.S. and Europe to Mold, Socialize, and Human-Rights Jabber Them Into it

And to think otherwise you're a racist apparently (this, despite the fact that the Woodrow Wilson - Bush 2 doctrine of spreading democracy through the barrel of a howitzer has repeatedly failed and, if anything, has made the planet far MORE dangerous).

On the Fact that Just 5% of Full-Time Community College Students Earn an Associate's Degree in Two Years (

And Bernie wants to open the doors to accommodate even more of these lunkheads it appears. Our government at work, people.

On the Fact that Approximately 40% of Current College Freshman Need to Take Remedial Classes in Math and Reading (

So their high school diploma is a used piece of toilet paper and a fraudulent document, in other words. Just peachy, huh?

On Hillary Clinton Saying that She Never Sent or Received Anything Marked as "Classified" Via Her Personal Email Server

The woman is playing word games in that NOTHING is ever marked as Classified ( Information is either marked as "Confidential", "Secret", or "Top Secret" and at least according Business Insider and Andrew Napolitano, there were approximately two dozen of Hillary's emails that weren't just marked "Top Secret" but also had the sub-marking of "Select Access Privilege" - THE MOST SECRET MARKING OF ALL!!!......Yeah, I would get a good lawyer if I was her.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

On the Fact that California's Cerro Grande Fire of 2000, a Controlled Blaze Started by Government Workers Who Apparently Acted Without the Proper Training and Oversight, Destroyed 47,000 Acres and 400 Dwellings for a Total of $1 Billion in Damages and Not One Single Individual Was Either Charged or Disciplined

So the Hammonds go to jail for five years for a fire (an approved one, no less) that affected a minuscule fraction of this fire and which even according to a BLM Range Conservation Specialist (Dave Ward) caused the value of the land to increase but these slantheaded government buffoons who cost the taxpayers a billion bucks don't even get a slap on the damned wrist. Is this a great country or what?

On Steve Hayes Recently Referring to the Trump Candidacy as a "Clown Show"

Maybe, but do I need to remind you that Mr. Hayes currently scrimmages with the "Weekly Standard", a neocon rag that gives both cover and credence to some of the most buffoonish and despicable war-mongers inside the beltway (William Kristol, Fred Barnes, Charles Krauthammer, etc.)?......Yes, Trump has his flaws - NO QUESTION but at least he doesn't have blood rupturing from his typewriter, for Christ.

On the Fact that (According to Many Historians; Robert Hillebrand, Jack Weatherford, and John Woods - Just to Name Three) in 1218, Sultan Muhammad the Second (Leader of the Eastern Muslim Empire) Put to Death Genghis Khan's Entire Trade Envoy and Humiliated His Main Diplomat by Shaving the Fellow's Beard Off

Bad move. Bad, BAD, BAD move (the fact that Khan proceeded to lay waste to every Khwarezm city, destroyed countless records and artifacts, murdered every human being taller than a wagon wheel, etc.). 

On the Fact that (According to EdLabs) There Doesn't Exist a Single Large City in the United States in Which More than 25% of Blacks and Hispanics Perform at or Above Grade Level in Math or Reading

This, despite the fact that a) teachers are compensated more than ever, b) spending per pupil has gone up 133%, and c) class size has been reduced by 32%.......And you still wonder why inner-city black families get so amped up when they win the charter school lottery?

Everyone Needs to Watch this

Leftist buffoons, especially.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On the Fact that (According to Economist, Roland Fryer) When You Control for Skill Levels, the Wage Differential Between Blacks and Whites Decreases by Almost 98%

And it isn't just the wage gap. The unemployment differential decreases by 53% while the welfare, teen pregnancy, and incarceration differentials decrease by 84%, 84%, and 79% respectively...................................................................................................This of course isn't to assert that there isn't some discrimination. They're clearly is. But based upon these statistics, it's also safe to say that we may have been barking up the wrong tree by focusing so much on ineffective (and in some cases, counterproductive) measures such as affirmative action and not enough on getting kids 14 and under a better educational start. 

On Being Comforted by Deception While Simultaneously Eschewing All Alternative Avenues

Thus spake the true-believer, partisan, systematizer, escapist, etc.. 

On How We Got Into this Entire Mess (i.e., Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change - Previously Known as Global Warming)

  The obvious answer of course is that government got involved but let's dive a little bit deeper here. Specifically, I would say that there are three major reasons and here they are.  a) The fact that the government bureaucrats, politicians and governments, radical environmentalists, and activist scientists started with a hypothesis that they were totally wedded to and instead of conducting experiments to reject the null hypothesis they looked just for phenomena that made them look correct (as Murry Salby pointed out, if it's your job to find anthropogenic climate change, you had better find it or you'll be cast out of that job). b) The fact that the government only funded one side (which is completely unacceptable). c) The fact that politicians seem almost innately drawn to issues which call for them to act and solidify state power. And d) the fact that none of the "research" was done using the double-blind procedure which remains the gold standard for scientific inquiry (having instead activist buffoons like James Hanson, Michael Mann, and Keith Briffa controlling and manipulating the data)...............................................................................................Yes, there are of course other factors involved here such as entrenchment of bureaucracy, noble cause corruption, mass psychosis, cronyism (the fact that banks and various corporations stood to benefit greatly from the proposed policies; green energy, carbon trading, etc.), etc. but in my opinion it's always been this incestuous relationship between science and government that jet-propelled the thing.

Monday, January 18, 2016

On the Fact that Obama Couldn't Manage So Much as ONE Walmart Store and Yet the American People Have Elected Him Twice to Run a $16,000,000,000,000 Economy and the World's Most Potent Military

There are two variables here, I think. a) The fact that he had two extremely buffoonish Republican opponents (McCain, especially) to run against and b) the fellow pandered more (and more effectively) than any Presidential candidate in U.S. history.......That, and I really think that the country wanted to elect a black person President (the piety part of the West's power-piety Puritanical duality - for a deeper analysis I recommend Samuel Huntington's "The Clash of Civilizations"). Hell, I even voted for him (2008) in part because of that.

For the Last Time, Sean Hannity

We left Iraq "prematurely" BECAUSE THE IRAQIS DIDN'T WANT US TO STAY and you do realize, don't you, that occupying a country without its permission is a clear violation of international law? Look, I get it (for the one millionth time), you despise Obama and while I can certainly sympathize to a degree, you cannot blame the dude for Iraq imploding. You simply can't....Boom, done, nothing to see, now move along.

On America's Almost Messianic Calling to Crusade for Global Democracy and Intervene Overseas (a la Woodrow Wilson, Bush 2, etc.)

It's hard to envision how such a practice (a society banging its heads against the wall toward the achievement of impossible goals and the end-result invariably being one of bankruptcy, corruption, demise, etc.) ensures our national survival. In the words of President John Quincy Adams, America "should not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy......and while we should always be the well-wishers of the freedom and independence of all, we should only be the champion and vindicator of our own." Smart fellow this Adams.

On Removing the Bottom Rungs of a Ladder

No person with his head screwed on properly would ever suggest such a boneheaded thing and, yet, we have these supposedly intelligent politicians suggesting that we do the exact same thing with the minimum wage. I mean, how dumb is that? Of course, the fact that we already have hundreds of thousands of young black males frozen out of the labor market NOW makes this even more idiotic (not to mention, tragic) and I really want to ask these buffoons how a person with a marginal-revenue-product of $6 an hour benefits from a $10 minimum wage WHEN THEY CAN'T EVEN GET A FUCKING JOB to begin with? 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

On Bernie Sanders Claiming that America Can Pay for His $18,000,000,000,000 in New Spending Partly Through the Savings Made Possible by His Proposed Single-Payer Healthcare System

What the ignorant Mr. Sanders fails to realize is that there has NEVER been a government entitlement program that has ever come in even close to the projected cost (the projections on Medicare for instance were off by more than 700%!!) and that if anything his hair-brained proposal will probably mushroom the deficit even more so. I mean, I understand that the average primary voter is about as dumb as a box of rocks and essentially salivates whenever he or she hears the two words, "free stuff", but you gotta be honest at some juncture and at the very least try to be logical (as opposed to living in a fantasy world; politicians and the voters), no?

The Best Thing About Trump (and, Yes, He's a Dick Overall, I Grant)?

For me, it's the fact that he doesn't seem hellbent on a second cold war and apparently wants the U.S. to steer clear of that whole Russia Versus Ukraine Bugger-Fest. I give him a lot of credit for that.

On the Fact that (According to a Newsweek Story, February 27th, 1989) in Great Britain, the Union of Islamic Students' Association Issued a Statement Offering its Services to Iran's Khomeini and Despite Incitement to Murder Being Illegal in the United Kingdom Offered to Kill Salmon Rushdie FOR WRITING A DAMNED BOOK!!!

So, these fucking barbarians don't get arrested but a fellow simply quoting Churchill (who as you know I'm not a big fan of but that's a separate issue) does? Yeah, I would say that England is definitely on the downside.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

On the Fact that (According to the Pew Research Center), 86% of Egyptians, 82% of Jordanians (Jordanians!!!!!) 79% of Afghans, 76% of Pakistanis, 66% of Palestinians, and 46% of Lebanese Believe that the Death Penalty Is the Appropriate Penalty for Apostasy

Please, explain to me one more time how radicalism represents a small minority of Muslims (without moving the goalposts, constructing a straw-man, calling me names, etc., I'm saying).

On the Fact that Leftist Journalist, Glenn Greenwald, an Openly Gay Man Who Would Be Summarily Executed in Many Muslim Countries, Consistently and Unabashedly Defends Islam

The dude's probably confused as to what they mean by "stoned"....Talk about a blind-spot.

On the Fact that Turkey Didn't Just Shoot Down a Russian Plane for Being in it's Air-Space FOR 9 FUCKING SECONDS, They Also Machine-Gunned the Pilot and Bomber as They Were Parachuting to Safety

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Ms. Ann Sothern - Sexier than Garbo?

Me - I say, YES!!!!!

On the Fact that 1,400 Young Mostly White Girls Have Been Serially Raped by Pakistani Gangs in Rotherham, England ( and the Silence from Radical Feminists Has Been Deafening

Yeah, they were just way too busy trying to get Beach Body advertisements taken down.......and can you even begin to imagine if the rapists were white and the victims were minority? All fucking hell would have broken loose and so much for white privilege, heh?

Salmon Rushdie on the Dangers of Political Correctness (and Can We Please Start Labeling it What it Truly Is; Bald Tyranny?)

"The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible." He, more than anybody, ought to know.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

On the Engaging in Behavior (Unsolicited and Unwanted Blog "Commentary") that if it Were Any Other Sphere of Life (Phone Calls, Letters, Showing Up at a Person's House, etc.) Would Probably Get You Arrested, Convicted, and Put in Jail but Because this Shit Can Be Done in Secret it Shamelessly and Moronically Continues Unabated

What's that old adage, folks, that you can only judge a person's morals by how they behave when no one is watching?......Hey fellas, NO ONE IS WATCHING.

On the Fact that the Radical Group, Hope Not Hate, Recently Came Out with a List of Anti-Muslim Bigots and Amongst Those on the List Is a Devout Muslim Woman (Raquel Saraswati) Whose Only Sin Is Trying to Reform a Faith that Currently Treats Women Like Garbage (Honor Killings, Stonings, Marital Rape, etc.)

The regressive left for certain.......And please keep in mind here that this is a group that supposedly fights against bigotry and fascism and here they are a) defending one of the most repressive ideologies on the planet and b) denigrating a woman who is doing precisely what they themselves portend to be doing. What a double-standard and, yes, the hypocrisy cup runneth over.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

On Mrs. Obama's Target Story

Let's just say that it's been evolving (the fact that when she initially relayed it to Letterman it was a joke to underscore her height and that when she told it subsequent times it had morphed into some bigoted morality tale of the old white gal thinking that as a black chick Mrs. Obama HAD to be an employee - kind of a slap at Target employees but I digress).

On Obama Saying that Those Who Oppose His Gun Proposals Are Conspiracy Theorists for Thinking that He Wants to Take Away Their Guns

Maybe, but I do believe that he's also spoken positively of Australia's mandatory gun buyback policy which essentially IS a ban, so maybe not (that, and he's also stated that this is a common-sense FIRST STEP).

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On the Sad Reality that America's Colleges and Universities Are Currently Churning Out a Veritable Army of Young Folks Who Feel Entitled to Reside in a World that Doesn't Hurt Their Feelings

And this doesn't damage our competitive standing in the exactly (and as all of East and South Asia are laughing their asses off at us)?

On the Fact that the Label of My Shop Rite Peanut Butter Proffers a Warning Which States, Contains Peanuts

I'm not sure if this is because we've gotten more moronic or more litigious.......Or both. Probably both.

On the Fact that (According to a CNN Fact-Check) Over 30% of Senator Rubio's Missed Votes Happened Before He Started Running for President

Yeah, it looks bad but honestly, I'd be happy if a lot more of them didn't show up - very happy (the fact that they wouldn't be around to fuck things up any more than they already have; neocons, regressives, etc.).

On the Fact that the 1997 Treaty Between Russia and Ukraine Allowed the Presence of Not Just 25,000 Russian Soldiers but a Significant Part of Their Navy as Well and so, Yes, this Whole Neocon Narrative (Spouted Most Recently by Former Assistant Secretary of State, Vickie Nuland) of a Russian Invasion Is Pure and Absolute Bullshit

It has also been uncovered (by everybody from Info Wars to Democracy Now; for example - that the 2013 regime change in Ukraine was a) a coup, b) the violent overthrow of a Democratically-elected President (neo-Nazis playing a huge part in the putsch), and c) perpetrated with the blessing of both the U.S. and NATO....Yeah, I would say that we're definitely being lied to......BY BOTH PARTIES!!!  

Monday, January 11, 2016

Note to Bernie Sanders (in the Form of Some Free Advice)

Climb out of some primordial morass learning how to stand upright while simultaneously keeping the spittle intact and THEN run for President, not the opposite, dude. Politics 101.

On the Fact that Russia's "Anti-Gay Law" Doesn't Even Mention Gays and Is Actually Regarding Something Completely Different; i.e., Sexual Propaganda Aimed at Minors Regardless of Orientation ( - Quick Addendum

And while I'll admit that the status of gay folks in Russia still has a long ways to go (especially at the local level), a couple of additional points here. a) Russian sodomy laws were struck down in 1993 (there are still over a dozen states in the U.S. where it remains illegal), b) the Russians agreed to protect LGBT rights at the 29th U.N. Human Rights Summit, and c) they actually got rid of their ban on gays in the military prior to us (though, yes, a lot of gays remain in the closet during their time in the service due to social pressures).......Just for a wider lens on the picture. 

On the Fact that Russia's "Anti-Gay Law" Doesn't Even Mention Gays and Is Actually Regarding Something Completely Different; i.e., Sexual Propaganda Aimed at Minors Regardless of Orientation (

So either the media and the political-class haven't read the law or they have and are lying. Either way it certainly looks like somebody out there wants another cold-war and, gee, who might that be?

On Chris Matthews Taking Exception to Governor Christie Referring to Terrorists as "Animals"

I agree with Matthews on this one, folks. A statement like Governor Christie's is way, WAY too insulting to animals (this, as I watch my cat clean her anus).

On the Fact that Salon Gives Pedophiles a Platform to "Explain" Themselves but Doesn't Give Such an Opportunity to Global Warming (err, I Mean, Climate Change) Skeptics, Free-Market Libertarians, Pro-Life Republicans, etc.

They must perceive the pedophile as a victim (more so than even the children, I guess).

Saturday, January 9, 2016

On the Fact that John McCain Actually Went on Fox News and Advocated that We Arm Syrian Rebels (You Know, Those Nonexistent "Moderates") and Coax Them Into Shooting Down Russian Aircraft (

This is insane in several regards. a) Russia has destroyed more ISIS command and control centers in a month than NATO and the U.S did in an entire year of bombing and so why in the hell would we want to put an end to that (we have been told that ISIS is the enemy, correct?). And b) every time that we DO put weapons into that shithole of a region they almost always end up in the wrong hands with many of 'em aimed point-blank at us. Look, I get it, Russia is a problematic actor and we need to monitor them but what McCain is suggesting here is something that could cause a huge destabilization and I don't know about you but I don't want a WW3 in my lifetime. No siree Bob.

On President Obama Asserting that Mass Shootings Only Happen in the U.S.

Per usual, he's wrong. As one can plainly see from the data, the U.S. ranks in the middle of the pack when it comes to per capita deaths from mass shootings as well as the number of mass shootings. Yes, our overall gun murder rate is higher than most other countries but that is mainly due to gang activity and largely confined to the black community (the white murder rate in America is approximately that of Belgium) - two facts that the President tends to skim over. 

On the Fact that in 2007, BBC Slantheads Predicted that the Arctic Would Have Ice-Free Summers by 2013 -

These people must be immune to embarrassment by now. Me, I'da packed it in decades ago.

On the Fact that (According to the Pew Research Center) 89% of Pakistanis, 85% of Afghans, 84% of Palestinians, 81% of Egyptians, and 67% of Jordanians Favor Stoning (Presumably to Death) as a Punishment for Adultery - TODAY, IN THE 21ST CENTURY

And "radical Islam" is a small minority you continue to posit. Unreal.

Richard Dawkins on the Left's Blind-Eye to Islam

"We are the Regressive Left. We hate misogyny, homophobia, and bigotry. Unless you're non-white of course. Yes, we're that patronizing."......Yep, he nailed it, just like Chris Hitchens used to do. Well done, Mr. Dawkins.

Friday, January 8, 2016

On the Fact that ESPN Gave Their Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Caitlyn Jenner (Currently Being Sued for Killing Someone in a Traffic Accident) Instead of a 19 Year-Old Terminally-Ill Female Basketball Player Who Helped Raise Over a Million Dollars for Charity

This country has completely taken leave of its senses and this is yet another example of it (that and there appears to have been some monkey business involved as well; ESPN giving the award to Jenner in exchange for ABC News - a network cousin to ESPN - getting the first interview of Jenner as a female).

On the Fact that the British Media Consistently Refers to Muslim Rapists as "Asian" (so as to Not Offend Islam-

Yeah, I'm sure that all of those East Asian and Indian non-rapists are pleased to the gills about this, NOT! Unreal.

On the Fact that Governor Christie Has Dropped to 6th Place in New Hampshire

I guess that the voters of America aren't ready for WW3 after all. Thank God (and, yes, this is coming from someone who until recently kinda liked the guy).

On the Three "King and I" Movies

At least the third version, while, yes it was undoubtedly the shittiest of the features, you know, HAD AN ACTUAL ORIENTAL (Rex Harrison and Yul Brynner being about as Asiatic as I am) IN THE LEAD!!! HELLO!!!

On the "People Against Gangsterism and Drugs"; an Islamic Vigilante and Paramilitary Goon-Squad in South Africa that Was Organized Supposedly to Fight Crime but Which Has Since Morphed Into Abject Thuggery

Yeah, and they especially (and as is almost always the case with Islam) detest gays and lesbians in that a lot of their "targets" have been gay bars in Green Point's "Pink Triangle". Wow, I guess that, in addition to all of their other drawbacks, they don't like girl on girl, either. Fucking Douche-bags.

On the Fact that (According to Security Expert, William Hartung, and Democracy Now) the Obama Administration Has Green-Lighted More Weapons Sales than Any Other President (Including the Bushes) in the Last 70 Years, with the Largest Purchaser Being Serial Human-Rights Abuser/Murderer of Civilians in Yemen, Saudi Arabia

So much for him not wanting weapons to fall into the "wrong hands" (and, yes, we already know that a lot of the U.S.-supplied Syrian weapons have ended up in al Qaeda's hands - THE FUCKING ASSHOLES WHO ATTACKED US ON 9/11!!!)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

On the Fact that the Legislature of Iowa Is Now Forcing African Hair-Braiders (Who've Been Doing the Task for Years and Who Could Quite Literally Teach Us) to a) Get a Beautician's License and b) Enter an Expensive Cosmetology Program that Doesn't Even Have African Hair-Braiding in its Curriculum

I guess that the state only loves black people who require handouts and is downright hostile to those who are trying to make a living on their own.......And what kind of a moron would require a person to spend thousands of dollars to learn a truckload of shit that they'll never need and which doesn't even cover the prescribed task? HELLO!!.....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the lawyers who are defending these people are from the Institute for Justice, a pro bono LIBERTARIAN organization, with the regressives being AWOL yet again.  

On the Fact that the German Media Didn't Even Report on the Numerous Sexual Assaults in Cologne, Germany Until Three Days Afterwards and Probably Only Then Because of Social Media

Yeah, it probably had to do with the fact that the vast majority of the perpetrators were Middle-Eastern and North African and were afraid that this would embarrass the leftist politicians of Germany who've allowed over a million migrants into the country over the past 12 months (granted, there isn't any evidence that the perpetrators were recent migrants but what's worse; recently arriving Muslim rapists or Muslim rapists that have been there for a while and haven't assimilated?). And did you hear that oafish Mayor of Cologne trying to lecture the victims of the attack with a "code of conduct" FOR THEM? How fucking insulting is that?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

On the Fact that Out of Work Talk-Show Host, Montel Williams, Recently Advocated that the Government Show a "Massive Use of Force" and Institute "Shoot to Kill" Orders as a Means to Settle the BLM Versus Rancher Showdown in Oregon

Yeah, I don't seem to recall him advocating shit like this when black people were destroying a large section of Ferguson, Missouri (including a senior center and a CVS pharmacy) over what ultimately proved to be one of the most virulent lies of recent memory (the hands up, don't shoot narrative). It must have been an oversight (you know, as opposed to him being a fucking racist and hypocrite whose only goal is to denigrate white people and glorify the state).

On the Fact that There Has NEVER Been a Society in All of Human History in Which the Composite Ethnic and Racial Groups Have Achieved at Exactly the Same Rate and Yet the Social Engineers of America and Other Countries Continue to Tirelessly Strive for it and Do Major Damage in the Process (i.e., Affirmative Action)

They just can't help themselves, these social engineers. Noble cause corruption, I would call it.

On the Fact that (According to the APA; American Psychological Association) the Heritability of Intelligence Rises from .45 in Childhood to .75 in Adulthood

It probably goes a long way toward explaining why the gains from such early intervention programs as Head Start (a topic that I did numerous papers on in college and which could never find compelling evidence for) are so damned transitory and why they eventually disappear by the latter teens.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Main Problem with the Just War Theory (a Theory that Was First Put Forth by the Theologians, Saints Aquinas and Augustine, Which Stated that for a War to Be "Just" it Had to Meet Certain Criteria; that it Must Be Waged by a Legitimate Authority/State, that All Other Means to Resolve the Crisis Have Been Exhausted, that There Must Be a Strong Likelihood for Success, that the Chance for Unintended Consequences Be Small, etc.)

The fact that it all too frequently results in just (as in only) war (the fact that you can drive a Mack Truck through the daggum thing and pretty much justify any war).

On the Fact that a Recent Rubio Campaign Ad Refers to the Senator as a "Recognized Foreign Policy Expert"

To which I of course would ask, recognized by whom; "The Weekly Standard", "The Wall Street Journal", a tawdry regiment of neocon bobbleheads on Fox News?...Yeah, he's a real expert alright.

More Liberal than Obama?

Mr. Obama caused quite a commotion when he tried to pitch this line to Bill O'Reilly several years back. Well, guess what, folks, on this particular point the President just may have been on to something. a) The fact that not only did Nixon not dismantle the Great Society, he enlarged it. b) The fact that he went on to sign TWO executive orders which greatly expanded the scope of affirmative action well beyond the parameters envisioned by President Kennedy. c) The fact that he actually went as far as to institute wage and price controls along the lines of Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt. And d) the fact that he was allegedly in favor of national health insurance via an employer mandate.......Yep, that's pretty darned liberal, I'd say.

Monday, January 4, 2016

On the Hysterical Claims of Islamophobia Emanating from the Hard Left

As you can easily see from this 2014 data, there are still far, far more hate crimes in this country directed at Jews than Arabs and so if there's any phobia at all it's still directed at Jews. Sorry, MSNBC schmucks.

On the Fact that in the Immediate Aftermath of the San Bernardino Terror Killings You Had Some Leftist on CNN Try and Pin the Dastardly Deed on Some Right-Wing Militia Movement

A case of wishful-thinking and walking on charcoal is what it appears to be (the fact that the left so desperately wants terrorism to not be strictly a Muslim thing while simultaneously thinking the worst of the right).

On the Fact that the Chinese Minority in Malaysia Started off as Indentured Laborers (One Step Up from Being a Slave) and Were the Victims of Both Numerous Pogroms and Systematic Bias and Yet Today They're Achieving at a Rate that Is Significantly Higher than that of the Indigenous Malay Population to the Point Where the Latter Now Needs Affirmative Action Policies Just to Keep Pace

Culture matters and anyone who tries to tell you different, please, feel free to point this example out (along with the cases of Jews in Germany, Germans in Russia, Armenians in Turkey, Italians in Argentina, Ibos in Nigeria, Tamils in Sri Lanka, Japanese in Canada, etc., etc.).

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Time Magazine (Prior to the Days of PC in 1966) on Former South African President, Hendrik Verwoerd

" of the ablest leaders Africa has ever produced (the fact that the South African economy was growing at an annual rate of 6% with blacks reaping a significant amount of the increase)."......Wow, huh? Talk about a micro-aggression and the need for a safe-space and can you even begin to imagine somebody saying something like that today? They'd be pilloried 24/7!!

H.L. Mencken on Political Elections

“Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods."......He's right in that the government cannot give you a single dollar that it first hasn't taken from someone else.

Best Line of the Presidential Food-Fight So Far?

Yeah, I'm giving it to Rand Paul (who thankfully seems to have reclaimed his libertarian chops); "If you want World War 3, you've found your candidate (pointing at Chris Christie after the big guy said that he wouldn't hesitate to shoot down a Russian plane)."

On the Sad and Frustrating Likelihood that Sam Harris ("Islam is Insane and Looking for a World Caliphate and it Doesn't Matter What We Do They're Still Gonna Be Insane) and Michael Scheuer (American Foreign Policy Has Created Some Significant Problems and We Really Need to Reassess it) Are Both Kinda Right

Ready to throw your arms up yet? I am (though, yes, and as I've said before, my instincts tell me that we need to stay the hell out of it and spend our resources more on border, airport, and port security and on improving our intelligence capabilities and less on drones, aid to Middle-Eastern countries, etc.).

Saturday, January 2, 2016

On the Impression that Environmentalists (the Term Used Here in the Genetic Sense) Apparently Assume that Populations Which Diverged 150,000 Years Ago Have Evolved Indistinguishably

To me, this is every bit as anti-Darwinian as creationism and maybe even more so (the fact that a lot of creationists now believe in micro-evolution). Yes, it's politically incorrect and uncomfortable to talk about but when you see that East Asians have a cranial capacity of 1,416 cc and an average IQ of 105 while Australian Aborigines have a cranial capacity of 1,225 cc and an average IQ in the low 60s AND that the heritability of intelligence is approximately .75, it's extremely hard to say these differences are ALL environmental....There, I said it...................................................................................................P.S. And I sake you, why is this so combustible? a) It tells you nothing about the individual (the fact that they're simply averages). b) It doesn't preclude the importance of environmental factors or that the environmental impact could in fact be more than .25 in certain circumstances. c) It doesn't advocate that lower IQ groups be treated harshly (history actually shows us that it is the higher achieving groups that tend to get targeted; the Jews in Europe, the Armenians in Turkey, the professionals in Cambodia, the Chinese in Malaysia, the Ibos in Nigeria, etc.). And d) recognizing the fact these differences have existed between the various groups for centuries is surely something which makes it possible at the very least to address them.

On the Fact that the Median Family Income for Asians in America is $75,027 While that of White Families is Only $62,545 (

And the dreaded white privilege is allowing this to happen......why exactly?

Friday, January 1, 2016

On the Fact that the U.S. Constitution is Largely an Anti-Majoritarian Document (the Separation of Powers, Two Senators per State Regardless of Population, Presidential Veto Power, Our Use of the Electoral College, Limited Enumerated Powers for the Federal Government, etc.) Which Never Once Mentions the Term, Democracy (Ditto, the Declaration of Independence)

America's founders, while surely flawed, were also apparently smart enough to know that unchecked democratic rule invariably leads to tyranny, mob-rule, etc. and that a republican form of government is much superior in terms of protecting the rights of the minority (as well as the rights of the individual). Unfortunately (and as Jefferson predicted), the power of the central government (state government as well) has grown so exponentially and rapidly (the Constitution now being little more than window dressing) over the past two centuries that these same founders would probably slit their wrists at this point and how could you blame 'em? Really.

My All-Time Favorite Pretenders Song?

This one.

On the Fact that Pat Robertson (at 85) Is Still Spouting that Thoroughly Discredited Notion that Gayness Can Be Prayed Away

Do not go gently into that good night?................................................................................................P.S. To his credit, Mr. Robertson has at least come around on marijuana and so partial credit, I guess.

On the Carson Campaign Now Proclaiming that Their Candidate Is the Only "Authentic" Evangelical in the Race

Ah, if only that was the case (the fact that the Republican party and field; Cruz, Huckabee, and Santorum, is filled to the brim with bible-thumping lunatics).