Monday, April 30, 2018

On the Tendency of Low-Brow Leftists Like Ezra Klein, Sam Seder, Reza Aslan, David Pakman, Cenk Uyger, and Glenn Greenwald to Do Hit-Pieces On People Who Are Infinitely Superior to Them In Both Intellect and Morality (Folks Like Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, and Charles Murray)

Is there not somebody who'd be willing to take these clowns aside and say, "Dude, don't you think that maybe we're taking this purity thing a little too far, that fellows like Harris, while you may not agree with them on all issues, aren't even remotely fascistic, and that if we continue to denigrate folks who are eminently mainstream, no one will listen to us when we have a legitimate beef?"......Apparently not, huh?

On NASA Astronaut and Chemical Engineer, Don Pettit, Proclaiming that, "We Don't Have the Technology to Go to the Moon Anymore" BECAUSE "We Destroyed that Technology"

I can only see possibilities here. Either the dude's lying and we never went to the fucking moon (a 480,000 mile round-trip - contrast that with the fact that today we can only go about 400 miles above the earth's surface, mainly because of the Van Allen Radiation Belts) or he's telling the truth and this is one of the biggest scandals, crimes, and/or fuckups in world history. Either way you'd think that the media would display a little more interest. Damn, huh?

On Benjamin Netanyahu Proclaiming that the Iran Nuclear Deal Is Full of Lies

Oh how damned rich is that; one of the globe's most virulent serial prevaricators (he's been arguing that Iran is two years away from a bomb for a quarter century now) is now doubting the veracity of others.......And the dude gets away with it!! Unreal.

On MSNBC Slanthead, Joy Reid, Making an Avalanche of Homophobic Posts On Her Blog In 2006 and Now that They've Been Discovered Concocting All Sorts of Childish Lies to Avert Responsibility for Them (Even Going as Far as to Accuse Russian Hackers of Planting Them - a Preposterous Claim In that There Are Records of These Comments Going Back to Their Origins When Joy Reid Was Still a Relative Nobody)

And the big-wigs at NBC have decided to stand behind this idiot (a strategy that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she's black, I'm sure). Welcome to 21st Century journalistic standards, folks.

On the Likelihood that Shit-Stained and Unstable Leftists Like Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Spittin' Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell Will Give President Trump Even One Small Speck of Credit for Helping to Facilitate Those Negotiations Between North and South Korea

They won't, 'cause it's never been about peace with them (the fact that they remained silent as Obama dropped 100,000 bombs on the Middle-East, sold advanced weapons and aircraft to the Saudis, armed the terrorists in Iraq and Syria, etc.) but rather rank partisanship, political one-upsmanship and winning at all costs. Hopefully these bozos will prove me wrong but I doubt it. 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

On the Fact that While Didn't Vote for President Trump, I Must Admit that I'm Being Driven More and More Towards his Corner by All of These Gratuitous Attacks on Him (My Fairly Routine Criticisms of the Guy Notwithstanding)

And the this is, there are in fact some reasonable arguments that one could make against the guy that might be worth listening to (and yes, I've tried to make a few of them myself; the selling of weapons to Saudi Arabia, the two missile strikes on Syria, the appointment of neocons, etc.) but instead of being measured most of the Pablum that I've been hearing bounces back and forth from the paranoiac to the malicious to the patently unreasonable.......and to steal a phrase from the radical environmentalists, THAT'S NOT SUSTAINABLE!!

On the Fact that Even Though the Evidence Is Staggering that the White Helmets Are a Terrorist-Affiliated and Propagandist Piece of Shit Outfit that the West Should Surely Steer Clear of, Low-Brow Western Reporters Like George Monbiot Continue to Serve Up One Boiler-Plate Special After Another Singing Their Praises

  Thankfully we don't have to rely on this dinosaur media exclusively anymore............and if they don't want to go extinct, too, might I suggest that they stop the lying and, please, do a little research, for Christ?......Too much to ask?

Saturday, April 28, 2018

On People with Mental Illness Losing Their Constitutional Right to Own a Firearm and Hence Defend Themselves

 On a superficial level it does appear reasonable (the fact that a lot of these mass-murderers seem bonkers and you'd have to be a little crazy to kill somebody anyway) but when you examine the stats there doesn't seem to be all that strong of a causal connection between violence and mental illness......but even if there was, does that mean that we dole out constitutional rights based on probabilities? I mean, men engage in much more gun violence than women do (with black fellows engaging in the most). Does that mean that we should only sell firearms to women? I'm just askin'.

On David Hogg Referring to Laura Ingraham as a Bully

This from a guy who within minutes of Ingraham having made that admittedly ill-advised tweet started contacting her sponsors in an effort to gin up some boycott to get her off the air. Not a lot of mirrors in the Hogg domicile apparently.

On Ezra Klein Blaming Slavery for the Fact that African-Americans Score 15 Points Lower than Whites On IQ Tests

Well then African slavery must have even worse (and it totally was by any stretch) in that the average IQ of sub-Saharan Blacks is 30 points lower than whites.......If you buy the slavery argument, that is.

On the Corporate Media's Seven Year-Long Slandering of Independent Journalists Like Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley Whose Lone Apparent Sin Has Been to Report On the Ground In Syria and Counter the Propaganda Coming Out of D.C. and Tel Aviv

It makes me want to puke.......and I don't know about you folks but when I hear Fox and MSNBC reading script out of the same bullshit playbook (i.e., that Assad would gas his own citizens when he didn't have to and risk becoming the world's biggest pariah, yada yada), not only do I smell a rat, I smell a whole frigging sewer of 'em. Seriously.

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 10

Friday, April 27, 2018

On the Fact that There's a Genocide Currently Taking Place In Yemen (and One In Which the U.S. Has Played No Small Role - Starting with Obama and Now with Trump) and the Only Things that the Media Want to Talk About Are Stormy Daniels and Those Two Black Clowns Who Got Kicked Out of Starbucks

There has to be an angle to exploit and I guess that women and children getting blown to smithereens by weapons marketed by Clinton and Obama simply isn't a satisfactory one. The shameless pricks.

On the Fact that Even Though Kanye West Has Been Tweeting Silly and Bizarre Nonsequiturs for Well Over a Decade, it Is Only Now that the Media Has Started Roasting the Guy Over 'Em

There are a lot of things that the elitists will forgive you for. Liking President Trump just doesn't happen to be amongst them (particularly if you're black), that's all.

On the Movie, "Breaking In", In Which Three White Degenerates Torment and Brutalize a Black Woman and Her Two Kids - Quick Addendum

And yes, I was of course displaying sarcasm in that as Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute and others have consistently shown us, when you control for population size, a black person is 27 times more likely to violently attack a white individual than the other way around - ( JUST TO BE CLEAR.

On the Movie, "Breaking In", In Which Three White Degenerates Torment and Brutalize a Black Woman and Her Two Kids

Yeah, 'cause as we all know, it could never in a million years be the other way around (i.e., a black hoodlum targeting a white family).

Thursday, April 26, 2018

On Robert DeNiro Using Absurdity and Idiocy In the Same Sentence During Yet Another Anti-Trump Diatribe

Yeah, he probably had to take a nap after that little display of fiery brilliance (the fact that the fellow's essentially a dolt himself and had to have been exhausted).

On the Fact that Muslim Moderate/Reformer, Maajid Nawaz, Is Suing the Southern Poverty Law Center for Their Disgusting Decision to Place Mr. Nawaz On Their Anti-Muslim Extremist List

And yes, I hope that he takes every penny from these venom-laced cock-suckers to the point where even douche-bag Soros can't rescue their asses. I mean, talk about propelling the envelope too far (trying to slander a decent and sober man whose only "crime" has been to try and deliver his faith towards some semblance of modernity, THEY FINALLY DID IT!!.....................................................................................................................And how 'bout the irony, folks? These morons bend over backwards trying not to offend Islam and BOOM, they get sued by a man who is probably one of the sanest Muslims on the planet. So rich!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

On the Fact that Flight Records Distinctly Show that Bill Clinton Took Over 20 Junkets On Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express -

Pretty disgusting, huh? But before you Trump supporters get all excited about this, please take notice that the same piece of shit lawyer who Epstein enlisted to help him get off with just a slap on the wrist (some dude named Alex Acosta) is now President Trump's Labor Secretary, and when you pair that with Mr. Trump once proclaiming that Epstein was a "terrific guy", yeah, the creepiness is seemingly bipartisan as hell these days..................................................................................................P.S. And yes, I'm heading straight to the shower after this post for sure.

On the Fact that Seven Years of Indentured Servitude In the Caribbean Proved Tantamount to a Death Sentence for the Hundreds of Jacobite Prisoners that the Brits Rounded Up at the End of the Stuart Uprising of 1715

Gee, I wonder if Mr. Stampp in any way found THIS "peculiar".......I guess that we'll never know, huh (the dude having kicked a while back)?

On the Fact that Blacks Are Between Three and Four Times More Likely to be Anti-Semitic than Whites -

Gee, I wonder if Starbucks is going to include this as part of their implicit bias sensitivity training next month. Probably ixnay, huh?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Last Time that Nikki Haley Opened Her Damned Pie-Hole Without Propaganda Billowing Out?

Yeah, I think you're going to have to go back to the South Carolina days on this one, folks, 'cause ever since she landed in the big apple, it's been NONSTOP propaganda (this entire Assad and chemical weapons fantasy just being the latest).......Oh well, I guess that it just comes with the territory.

On the Fact that Starbucks Has a Policy Which States that a) Only Paying Customers Can Frequent Their Restrooms, b) No Loitering Is Allowed, and c) People Who Refuse to Adhere to These Requirements Will be Asked to Leave the Premises

And guess what happens when you refuse to vacate. That's right, the cops are called and you are arrested for trespassing NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.......and so, no, what happened to those two black fellows in Philadelphia who wanted to make that particular Starbucks their own personal bath and living room wasn't racism but rather a by-product of them being obstinate and noncompliant and nothing more. Sorry but, yeah.

On Why a Person with a Bachelor's Degree In Biology, a Master's Degree In Pharmacy, and a Doctorate In Kinesiology and Exercise Science Can't Function as a Physician In Our Society

It's obviously a complicated question but I'd be willing to wager that the AMA (one of the most powerful pressure-groups in the country) is at the very least a part of the answer to it. Wouldn't you think (the fact that they would certainly desire to keep their cartel as powerful as they can)?

On B-Actress Allison Mack Getting Arrested In New York for Child Sex Trafficking

And I hear that the chick's singing like a canary, too. Stay tuned, people. Stay tuned.

Monday, April 23, 2018

On the Fact that the Single Most Critical Price In Any Economy Are Interest Rates and In the U.S.A.'s Economy They're Rigged (Set by the Brain-Dead Morons at the Fed)

So we essentially don't know the true price of anything then (saving and borrowing being at least an indirect component of every transaction). Just awesome, huh?

On My Fervent Hope that President Trump's Little Fiery Display In Syria Last Week Was Just Another Example of the Dude's Propensity to Dick-Wag and Not Any Sort of Significant Alteration In Middle-Eastern Policy......'Cause if its the Latter, We're Fucked

As doltish as the guy can be at times, at the very least he seemed a lot more sober than the Bushes and the Clintons when it came to foreign interventionism......and here's to hoping that it stays that way, dear Lord.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

On the Fact that In One of the WikiLeaks Email Releases, Some Dude Writes to John Podesta that He's Looking Forward to Ole John's Hot Dog Stand In Hawaii

OK, being that Podesta doesn't possess a hot dog stand in Hawaii, they're obviously talking about something else. WHAT MIGHT IT BE?............Yeah, if only we had some real journalists, huh? 

On the Fact that You Should Never, Ever, EVER, EVER, Apologize to a Pitchfork-Toting Posse In that They Will Interpret it as Sheer Weakness, Make You Grovel, Pile On Additional Demands, etc.

Ms. Ingraham should have learned from the Don Imus debacle. Remember that? The fucking guy apologized to every damned person but Adam and it still wasn't good enough for a-wipes like Sharpton and he ended up getting canned. Thankfully that didn't happen this time (and no, I'm not a big fan of Ingraham, I just don't like people losing their livelihood over insignificant shit and the mob capturing anymore scalps) and so, yeah, maybe we can move on to something more, I don't know, those disgusting wars in Syria and Yemen, maybe. HELLO!

On the Fact that Ted Kennedy Once Asked (as a Part of His Response to Nixon Being Pardoned), "Do We Operate Under a System of Equal Justice Under the Law or Is There One System for the Average Person and Another One for the High and Mighty?"

Well we certainly know how the family of Mary Jo Kopechne would answer the question, don't we?

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 9

 P.S. Maybe my all-time favorite.

Friday, April 20, 2018

On the Fact that 200 Years Ago, a Person with an IQ of 145 Probably Wasn't Going to Make All that Much More Money than a Person with an IQ of 90 (They'd Both Be Pushing Plows Would Be My Guess) but Now, In an Era Where Brainpower Is Critical to Success, the Disparity In Earnings Is Huge

And when a person's IQ is as low as 83 (the bottom 10%), we're talking damn near unemployable. My suggestion is that we fully eliminate the minimum wage (this whole concept of giving teenagers and retirees more money never made much sense to begin with) so that low IQ people aren't completely priced out of the market and stress as much as possible the trades, because shipping everyone off to college (like Sanders and Obama apparently want to do) is a humongous misallocation of capital and literally does nothing to address the afore-mentioned problem.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mr. Trump's Albatross?

I can't prove it but I think that Netanyahu had a great deal to do with those appointments of Bolton and Pompeo and even more to do with those missile strikes directed at Syria. If I was Trump (and no, he isn't returning my calls), I would distance myself from this untrustworthy fellow ASAP, 'cause the last thing that this country needs is another stupid war. Hell no.

On the Fact that (According to the Hilary Beckles Book, "White Servitude and Black Slavery In Barbados, 1627 to 1715") of the 836 White Servants (and Please Keep In Mind that These Servants Were Servants In Name Only In that They Were Largely Treated as Chattels and Mostly Brought There Involuntarily; Convicts, Vagrants, etc.) that Britain Sent to Barbados In 1634, 246 of Them Were Children (Street Urchins and Kidnapped Victims Mainly)

And it's also important for the readers to know that (at least in the 17th Century) the white servants were frequently treated more harshly in that as Richard Ligon contemporaneously noted, "the slaves and their posterity being subject to their masters for ever, are kept and preserved with greater care than the servants, who are theirs but for five that for the time the servants have the worst lives, for they are put to very had labor, ill-lodging, and their diet very slight." And don't let those fives years fool you, either, in that a) a significant number of them didn't survive that long and b) five years all-too often turned into ten. Again I cite Ligon - "......if they complain, they are beaten by the overseer; if they resist, their time is doubled.............I have seen an overseer beat a servant with a cane about the head until the blood has followed, for a fault that was not worth the speaking of, and yet he must have patience or worse will follow. Truly, I have seen such cruelties there done to servants as I did not think one Christian would have done to another." So much for white privilege existing in the 17th Century at least.

On the New Leftist Meme that Harshness Shows Weakness

They're right but you want to know what else shows weakness? Weakness, this whole notion that if we were only nicer to those Pakistani rape gangs in Sweden and England, those Antifa degenerates who violently attack people simply for wearing the wrong attire, those Black Lives Matter a-holes who call for violence against the police, etc., etc., everything would be just fine. It's lunacy and if these words of mine "trigger' your ass, I suggest that you venture to Canada or Europe in that you're far less prone to hear them there (just be carful in that they just might come for your words next).  

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

On the Type of Lunatic Bunghole Who Would Think that it's a Boffo Idea to Defeat Both Sides of a Civil War that Doesn't Have a God Damned Thing to Do with Us

It's right on the tip of my tongue.......Ah, I'll think of it eventually.

On the Fact that the Mainstream Media Would Drop Whatever it Was Doing to Get an Interview with Kaitlin Jenner but Would Never In a Million Years Even Entertain the Possibility of Interviewing an Individual Who Was De-Transitioning......In that that Wouldn't Fit Their LGBT Narrative

Have you noticed? I have.

On the Claim that 18,000 Syrian Kids Have Had Their Organs Harvested During the Last Four Years of the Civil War There

   And something tells me that John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Lindsey Graham (or as I prefer to call them, the Four Horsemen of Nation Destruction) won't be posing for any photo-ops this go-around (the fact that at least some of that blood is courtesy of American intervention through bombs, weapons, etc.). Just a raw hunch.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

On the "Yeah, but that Wasn't Real Communism" Leftist Bromide

To a degree they're of course right (the fact that in true Marxism the state would eventually fade out) but do these imbeciles actually believe that in their utopian call to arms (just a figure of speech - relax) there wouldn't be a Stalin, a Mao, a Pol Pot, a Che, etc. lurking in the bushes and all too willing to put a bullet in the back of their skulls and give us the type of "inauthentic" communism that we've all grown accustomed to over the past, you know, 100 YEARS or so?......Sadly, they apparently do.

Monday, April 16, 2018

On the Fact that In this Lunatic World of Ours, Thoughts and Feelings Determine One's Gender......and Nothing Else (i.e., Race, Height, Age, Skin Color, Species, etc.)

This despite the fact that there exists thousands of actual BIOLOGICAL differences between the two identifiable genders (the only other one being hermaphrodite). And how is this mindset of only allowing gender to be determined by feelings not itself bigoted? I mean, if I want to identify as a 6'8" power forward......Come on!

On Hardcore Pro-Israel Writer, David Brog, Recently Proclaiming In an Interview that Israel Is "Fighting Our Enemies for Us"

I'm sorry but that just might be the most ass-backwards statement of the 21st Century so far (the fact that we've already taken out Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya and are apparently chomping at the bits to do the same to Syria, Yemen, and the biggest fish of all, Iran). And the dude did it with a straight face, too (meaning that he's either a pathological liar or totally delusional) - scary.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

On the Fact that Christopher Fogarty's Disturbing Book, "Ireland 1845 to 1850: The Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it Perfect" In Which He Claims that the Irish Potato Famine Wasn't a Famine at All but Rather a Systematic Policy of Extermination by the British Crown (His Claim that Over 60 Regiments of British Soldiers Stole the Food at Gunpoint and Exported it) CANNOT BE PURCHASED ANYWHERE

Yeah, I guess that certain facts truly are "inconvenient" (i.e., those that exaggerate the Jewish holocaust while not even acknowledging the Irish one). 

On the Fact that While, Yes, Industrial Areas Are a Legitimate Target for Bombing, the Factory Workers' Dwellings Replete with Women, Children, and the Elderly ARE NOT (I Reference Here the Brussels Project for an International Declaration On the Laws and Customs of War, the Institute of International Law's "The Laws of War On Land", Hague IV, the Principles of the Geneva Convention, etc.)

Unfortunately Sir Winston and Mad-Bomber Harris either didn't get this memo or they got it and discarded it with impunity in that hundreds of thousands of civilians got incinerated via their barbarism.......Lucky for them, the allies won the war, 'cause if they didn't, man.

On the Fact that if the U.S. Actually Goes Through with this War On Syria Foolishness, Our Flotilla In the Mediterranean Will Be a Sitting-Duck for Russian Missile Strikes and Our Only Alternatives at that Juncture Will Be to Accept the Humiliation or Launch a Nuclear Counterattack (the End of the Planet, In Other Words)

Count to 10, Mr. Trump. Slowly. Very, very, slowly.

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 8

Friday, April 13, 2018

On the Horrifying Image of John Bolton Sitting Right Next to the President of the United States at a Recent Cabinet Meeting

When I use the work, psychotic, I generally use it in an off-the-cuff manner but with Bolton, I genuinely believe it and I still can't believe that Trump, a man with all the proper instincts as a candidate pertaining to the Middle-East, has decided to cast his lot with this sheer lunatic. Hopefully this really IS 4D chess.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

On the Fact that Victory In Warfare Has a Tendency to Grant Those Victors a Blanket Absolution for Any and All Transgressions, Crimes, Acts of Barbarism, etc.

So don't lose a damned war, I guess. Better yet, don't get into one.

On the Fact that Mark McGwire Is Now Trying to Tell Us that He Could Have Hit 70 Dingers Without Steroids

So he's gone from steroids to wacky tobacky it seems. Well played, big guy.

On the Fact that Lindsey "I Never Saw a Speck of Combat 'Cause I Was a JAG" Graham Apparently Thinks that the U.S. Hasn't Obliterated Enough Middle-Eastern Countries in that the Dandy Now Wants to Topple Assad In Syria (and Replace Him with al Nusra, I Guess)

I've been around for quite a while and so, yeah, I've witnessed more than my fair-share of dirt-bag politicians but I don't think that I've ever come across one who was this far removed from his senses (the only other ones that I can think of are his deranged step-dad, John McCain, and maybe that nitwit, Maxine Waters). I mean, this guy would wage war on Mars and Jupiter if he could, the schmuck.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

On the 19th and 20th Century British Strategy of Starving Enemies and Subjects Into Submission (the Irish, the Boers, the Germans, and the Indians Being the Most Obvious Examples)

Yeah, that's a special kind of cruelty and you'd think that it would get more condemnation from historians but alas it doesn't (that profession - mush like our government - possessing more than its fair-share of Anglophiles).

Note to U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley (this In Response to Her Recent Saber-Rattling Speech Directed at President Assad of Syria)

Cut the bullshit, lady. There is no way in hell that Assad gassed those folks. a) He was already winning the fucking war and so there was zero necessity for it and b) he isn't moronic enough to do something like that with the whole damned world watching his every move. This was either another false flag by the terrorists (I refuse to label them, "moderate rebels", a la McCain) or something that American Intelligence concocted to get us involved in yet another Middle-East quagmire. And even if what you're proclaiming here is accurate (I seriously doubt that it is but I'll humor you for a minute), it's none of our damned business and we need to stay out of it. Enough already with these stupid wars.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

On David Hogg Backtracking a Little and Now Saying that He Doesn't Oppose the Second Amendment

Of course a good journalist would have followed up and asked the dude, "So, does this mean that you disagree with your classmate who claimed that if we gave you people an inch (in this case the bump-stock), you'd take a mile?", but being that the interview was done on CNN (where journalism is the very last thing on their to-do list) there wasn't a follow-up anywhere near that sucker. In the words of Gomer, surprise, surprise!!

On the Film, "Move Over, Darling"

Totally a chick-flick but, yeah, that scene where Doris Day gives Polly Bergen a massage, WORTH IT FOR THAT ALONE!! Reoww! 

Monday, April 9, 2018

On the Fact that While, Yes, Earnie Shavers Was Clearly One of the Hardest Punchers In Boxing History (Just Ask Kenny Norton and Jimmy Young), Let's Just that the Opposition Wasn't Always the Cream of the Crop -

 Here are just some of the records of the tin cans that he incapacitated; 14-20, 18-35, 2-12, 7-24, 1-10, 11-25, 19-30, 15-25, 2-17, 3-19, 2-12, 3-18, 5-16, and (drum-roll please) 0-15. Pretty sad, huh? Thankfully the Truman Capote and Moms Mabley fights fell through or the shit would have gotten even more ugly.

On the Fact that (According to Researchers, Charles Murray and Anthony Daniels) In England In 1900, There Were 6.5 Indictable Crimes per One Prison Inmate and Now There Are 115 Indictable Crimes per Inmate

So either the police aren't catching these criminals, they are and the cases are week, or the cases are strong and the judges are slapping these crooks on the wrist. Whatever the reason, it certainly doesn't seem optimal for public safety in England these days.

On How the Anti-War Trump Voters Feel Right About Now After this Recent Cadre of Neocon Appointments

Yeah, it's gotten so busy at the Suicide Hotline that they're actually putting people on hold......with the only possible positive spin being that Trump wants to keep his enemies closer. We'll see, I guess.

On Chelsea Handler Claiming that Her Bodyguards Don't Use Semi-Automatic Weapons

Just two possibilities here; either her bodyguards are part of the 1% of the 1% of bodyguards who don't employ semi-automatic pistols......or the woman is a moron who doesn't know the first thing about guns and was simply showing her ignorance. My suspicion is that it's the latter.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

On the Fact that a Good Parent Will Generally Counsel His or Her Children to Not Make Decisions When They're Angry Because They May Someday Regret Them Down the Road

The problem here is that a lot of these parents themselves are impetuous and low-information jerks and so they probably see nothing wrong with their kids making a spectacle of themselves like these youngsters in Florida have been doing. Hopefully they can right the ship and, yeah, learn to use a little more nuance in the years ahead.

On Intelligence Whistle-Blower John Kiriakou's Claim that C.I.A. Officers Were Routinely Asked to Procure Child Prostitutes for Informants -

So there are more missing children in Northern Virginia than anywhere else in the U.S.A. (by many multiples)......and now this shit.......HOW IS THIS NOT A HUGE STORY? I mean, I know that the fixation is always on Trump and all but, please, can they at least look into THIS?

Saturday, April 7, 2018

On the Fact that There Was Never One Piece of Communication Between Concentration Camp Commanders and the Military Brass In Berlin Pertaining to the Gassing of Jewish Inmates (a Fact First Reported by the Much Respected British Historian, Sir Frank Hinsley, and Based Upon the Allies' Cracking of the German Code)

So either no gassings were taking place or there were and the military brass was being kept in the dark about it (a situation that would have totally cleared Hitler). Pick your poison (an admittedly awkward word to use, I grant), Mrs. Lipstadt (high-queen of the Holocaust industrialists), pick your poison................................................................................................P.S. And yes, if I had written this post in Canada or Europe, I could potentially be arrested. Wrap your mind around that and still tell me that free speech isn't important.

On the Fact that Only a Psychopathic Imbecile Would Be Reckless, Delusional, Petulant, and Stupid Enough to Suggest that the U.S.A. Institute a No-Fly-Zone Over Syria and Risk a Third World War

Sounds about right.

On the Fact that In a Recent Episode of the "Santa Clarita Diet", They Described a Nearby Pedophile as a "Beefy Italian"

What, you didn't think that they were going to describe him as a Muslim, did you (the fact that it's much easier/safer to throw an Italian under the bus than a Muslim, an African-American, a Jew, an Hispanic, etc.)?

On the Fact that Even Though Negative Interest Rates Are a Monumentally Stupid Concept that Has Never Worked In that it Penalizes Thrift and Rewards Impetuousness, a Bevy of American Politicians Are Actually Thinking of Resurrecting this Tired Old Gem

Only if we combine it with Paul Krugman's trillion dollar platinum coin and his fake alien invasion.......To make it comprehensive, I'm saying.

On the Fact that Owen Benjamin Just Got Shit-Canned from Twitter the Other Day for, Gee What a Huge Shock, Insulting David Hogg

We should make it the 11th Commandment (Thou shalt not insult David Hogg) and be done with the thing.......Cut to the chase, in other words.

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 7

Friday, April 6, 2018

On the Fact that I Am Much More Concerned About Attempts to Limit and Censor Offensive Speech than I Am About the Offensive Speech Itself

So, yeah, on this topic, I am much more in sync with those slave-holding Founding-Fathers than I am with the present-day SJWs. Gotta' admit.

On the Fact that (According to A.C. Grayling's Classic Volume, "Among the Dead Cities") it Wasn't Until 1977 that the Geneva Convention Summarily Condemned the Carpet-Bombing of Civilian Areas

Yeah, this was because the two countries that suffered the greatest from these atrocities, Japan and Germany, were on the losing end of the conflict and hence had precious little impact on the crafting of the document. To the victors go not just the spoils seemingly.

On the Fact that Young Mr. Hogg Now Wants Laura Ingraham to Apologize to LeBron James, too (the Fact that She Told Him to, "Shut Up and Dribble")

So in addition to being the newly minted conscience of America, he's becoming the apology police, too?......Man, how did we ever manage before this kid?

Thursday, April 5, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Esteemed Researcher, Heather MacDonald) 12% of the White and Hispanic Homicide Victims In the U.S.A. Are Killed by Police While Just 4% of the Black Homicide Victims Are

Yes, some of that is a function of the higher murder rate in the black precincts BUT STILL that is a very telling statistic in that when you also norm it to the fact that blacks perpetrate a significantly higher amount of crime per capita and so they would therefore have far more cop interactions it all begins to make a lot of sense (contingent upon whether you can vacate the SJW narrative, of course).  

On When it Fully Crystalized to Me that CNN Had Devolved Into Little More than a Low-Brow Propagandist Hangout for the Democratic Party and the Deep State

Yeah, I think that the tipping-point for me was when that miscreant, Chris Cuomo, went on the air and tried to tell his audience that it was illegal for them to read the Wikileaks emails (you know, the ones that showed just how extensive that the DNC corruption was; the cheating of Bernie Sanders, Clinton's collusion with the media, etc.) and that they had to rely on him to tell them what was in them.......If I was forced to choose, that is (the other solid contender of course being when they had that former Obama official and C.I.A. employee on to downplay the horrifying implications of Vault 7).

On the Fact that the Media Dove Head-First Into that YouTube Shooting but Once They Found Out that the Shooter Wasn't a White Male but Rather Some Iranian Woman Who Belonged to PETA, Yeah, Not so Much

How much more transparently biased and narrative foisting can these dullards get? SURELY there must be an end-point.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

On the Fact that While I Don't Agree with Crowder On All Issues, On this One He Nails it

 And yes, if I was Hogg, I'd take the advice and move on.

On the Fact that (According to Thomas Sowell's New Book, "Discrimination and Disparities") the I.R.S. Tracked the Top 400 Income Earners In the U.S.A. for 23 Years and it Turned Out that 4,584 Different People Comprised Those Slots During that Period

Yeah, this one of the things that the left does that drives me crazy. They see these income categories as these immutable things where rich folks are ALWAYS getting richer when in fact the categories change from year to year, decade to decade, etc.. And the strong likelihood is that this turnover would be even more huge if the government stopped fucking things up with minimum wage laws, stupid regulations, civil asset forfeiture, eminent domain, dumb occupational licensing requirements, government monopolies in education, etc., etc..............If only, huh?

On Hardcore CNN Leftist, Joan Walsh, Slamming Parkland Shooting Survivor, Kyle Kahuv, In a Tweet the Other Day and so Far There Hasn't Been a Call from the Usual Suspect Bleeding-Hearts for a Boycott of CNN

And the fact that Kyle is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment is purely coincidental I guess.......Damned hypocrites.

On the Fact that the Atlanta Police Department Will No Longer Be Responding to Shoplifting Calls In Certain Parts of the City

Here's your criminal justice reform at work, folks; simply not arresting black youngsters for minor crimes anymore (with a reduction in crime stats being the icing on the cake). Brilliant, huh?

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

On David Hogg's Recent Plea for Increased Civility

Is there not someone in this kid's life who can pull him off to the side and say, "Dude, you've been the most divisive person in this debate BY FAR and so maybe you either need to tone it down or not say shit like this that so flagrantly underscores your obvious hypocrisy"? Apparently not, huh (the fact that everyone's just too damned busy stroking his already massive ego to even fathom the option of constructive criticism)?

Monday, April 2, 2018

On Lindsey Graham Complaining that President Trump Hasn't Been Tough Enough On Russia

I don't know about you people but I am sick and tired of war-mongering buffoons like Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, John Bolton, Joe Lieberman, the Bushes, etc. telling me who my enemies should be, ESPECIALLY when they are half-way around the planet and haven't done a fucking thing to me. And doesn't this Graham dimwit know that Russia is a nuclear power and that a war with them would literally be Armageddon? ENOUGH. Enough. 

On Laura Ingraham Insulting David Hogg In a Tweet, Hogg Responding by Trying to Get Sponsors to Boycott Her Show, Ingraham Issuing an Apology, Hogg Not Accepting the Apology, and Ingraham Ultimately Getting Canned by Fox

So that's how things are going to work now, somebody says something that somebody else doesn't like and they end up losing their livelihood because of it? Yeah, seems a little harsh to me (especially in this instance when you have a little shithead like Hogg saying things that are far more insulting than what Ingraham tweeted; essentially saying that anyone who disagrees with him wants to see kids murdered) but whatever.

On the Fact that When Vera Brittain's Powerful Article, "Massacre by Bombing" (a Piece that Both Chronicled and Condemned the Churchill Policy of Carpet-Bombing Civilian Targets), Was First Released In the U.S. (it First Appeared In the British Magazine, "Fellowship"), it Was Met with Almost Universal Condemnation, Even Among Priests and Pastors (Mainly that it Was Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy) - Quick Addendum

And, yes, even leftist publications like "The Nation" and "The New Republic" bashed Ms. Brittain, first by doubting the accuracy of her facts (this despite the fact that most of her sources were British newspapers, British correspondents, and repatriated prisoners of war) and then by proclaiming that the bombings were militarily necessary (not that any of this is surprising, mind you, the progressive movement having been launched from the twin pillars of racism and war-mongering).......And all because she didn't want civilians killed!! Unreal. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

On the Fact that Nearly 400 TSA Officers Were Fired for Stealing from Passengers from 2003 to 2012 -

Well at least they get fired (something that's generally hard to do when it comes to municipal workers).

On John Bolton's Hair-Brained Idea that a First-Strike On North Korea Could Effectively Take Out Their Whole Nuclear Arsenal

It's a total pipedream in that most of the important aspects of their program are underground. And what does this asshole think that the North Koreans are going to do if we bomb them, just sit on their asses and do nothing? I mean, it doesn't take a genius to realize that they're going to incinerate not only Seoul but every U.S. installation in the region and you can essentially say, bye bye, to those 30,000 soldiers as well. Man, am I ever scared that this fiend is now advising the President.

On the Fact that, GEE, WHAT A HUGE SURPRISE, Neocon Fuckface, John Bolton, Was a Draft-Dodger During Vietnam -

So not only is this guy an imbecile who was wrong about literally EVERYTHING, he's also a coward (the prototypical neocon schmuck, in other words). Great choice (to be the next National Security Adviser), President Trump, great choice.