Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Racing the Race Backwards

When Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams were young boys growing up in Harlem and Philadelphia respectively, there were no police officers patrolling the hallways of the schools there, and they both got a really good education (good enough for Sowell to get into Harvard and the University of Chicago and Williams UCLA). Compare that to today; murders, drug trafficking, etc. (they could also go out after dark and not have to worry about catching a bullet) and you really have to ask yourself if the last 50 years or so of pouring trillions and trillions of dollars into these inner city bureaucracies and into the coffers of a totally bankrupt and corrupt public school system has at the very minimum prompted this disintegration (oh, and if you're gonna hit me with the "lack of economic opportunity" argument, a) it hasn't stopped the Asians from progressing and b) most of those businesses that left the inner city left AFTER the riots and not before them). If you're intellectually honest, that is.

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