Monday, July 31, 2023

Note to My Boy, Hunter


A carveout for Lucy Liu, possibly. Please, consider.

On Hunter Biden Apparently Not Interested In Poontanging Asian Chicks as He Told His Cousin Who Was Going to Set Him Up, "No Yellow"

  I can't hammer him too hard on this one. a) The text wasn't meant for public consumption and b) the fella' has a preference, so what. Granted, Hunter should have made this point without inserting such an ancient racial epithet into it but being that this is a level of scrutiny that very few of us could withstand, give him a break, I say.
  As for his use of the n-word, that I can't help him with. Sorry ole boy. 

Sunday, July 30, 2023

On the Fact that Devon Archer Didn't Kill Himself

 As of yet.

On the Biden Self-Serving Corruption Narrative Going from Lamebrain Never TALKING TO His Son About Business to Him Never BEING IN Business with the Lad

And all this while the idiot press secretary continues to insist that the administration's messaging hasn't changed (apparently believing that if she acts indignant enough it'll convince people - happily it hasn't). Unbelievable, huh? 

My Favorite Version of this Classic?

 Probably this one by Lucinda Williams from 1978. So, so slays it.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

On Why Africa Became the Western Hemisphere's Primary Source for Slaves Starting In the 16th Century (Prior to that the Slavic People of East Central Europe Were the Major Target for Europeans, Iranians, and Turks)

 According to Thomas Sowell, it had little to do with bigotry and much more to do with the emergence of nation-states and empires in Eastern Europe which made it much more difficult for raiders and marauders to capture their Slavic (and sometimes non-Slavic) victims. Africa, being a far more primitive region replete with people all-too willing to sell off their brethren, quickly become one of the few remaining viable options for slavers of all stripes (white Europeans, Africans, and Muslims predominately) and so they took full advantage of it. And how.

On My Only Beef Being that it Wasn't Longer Because Funny, it Most Certainly Was

     "What are pronouns?" I just love it.

On Yesterday's Congressional Hearing on UFOs (They're Calling Them Something Else Now but I Forgot the Acronym and Don't Give Enough of a Shit to Look it Up) Being Either the Biggest Story Since the Battle of Hastings Circa 1066............or a Psy-Op

I'm kinda' leaning toward number 2 myself (the plausibility factor, the surreal nature of what I witnessed, etc.). What about you?

Friday, July 28, 2023

On the Fact that In the Warped Psyche of Your Average CNN Partisan Lackey, 170 Suspicious Activity Reports, Sworn Testimony from Numerous Credible Whistleblowers, Unencrypted Texts from Hunter Biden Implicating His Father In an Obvious Extortion Scheme, a 1023 Form Suggesting that the Bidens Had Received Millions of Dollars from a Russian Oligarch, the Creation of 20 Shell Companies to Launder Money, an Audio Tape of President Poroshenko Telling Old Man Biden that He Had Shit-Canned Prosecutor Viktor Shokin Even Though They Could Find Zero Corruption with Biden Simply Responding, "Great", and a Video of Biden Not Only Admitting to Pay-for-Play but Boasting About it, Constitutes "No Strong Evidence" but the Idiotic Steele Dossier and Ludicrous Claim that the Hunter Biden Laptop Was Russian Disinformation Does

 And isn't it glorious to see how the shits bristle whenever you confront them with their tortured reasoning and cartoonishly biased reporting? Apparently don't like it, do they?

On One of the Conditions for Hunter Biden's Glorious Plea Deal Being to Not Do Any More Drugs

  And the Secret Service quickly shutting down the "coke found in the White House" investigation is purely coincidental, I presume. Of course.   

On this Song Still Giving Me a Lump In the Throat 36 Years Later

"You can take my machines but you ain't takin' my land. And the rains came down."

Thursday, July 27, 2023

On the Fact that Early On In the Colonial Period, the Europeans and Native-Americans Both Broke Treaties (a Reality that Also Included Europeans Breaking Treaties with Other European Countries and Native-Americans Breaking Treaties with Other Native-Americans) and that it Was Only When the Balance of Power Significantly Shifted to the Europeans' Advantage that it Altered to What Is Now the Prevailing Narrative

 I'm writing this not to castigate either side but rather to put the founding of America into its proper historical perspective (you know, as opposed to the constant lambasting of historical figures like Cortez, Jefferson, Lee, etc. simply because they fail to measure up to our 21st Century sensibilities - George Bush Jr. and Joe Biden, those two assholes obviously being much fairer game). The fact of the matter is that might made right for millennia and to try to pin these dastardly deeds entirely on white Europeans is moronic as atrocities have been perpetrated by virtually every ethnic group on the planet (Xhosa against Khoikhoi and San, Zulus against multiple tribes, Comanches against Apaches, Muslims against Hindus in India, Mongols against Kievan Rus', Ottoman Turks against Armenians, and Maori against Moriori, just to name several). If anything............Oh, never mind. I made my point.

On Artwork Purportedly Being a Common Way to Launder Money

And who's been selling crappy artwork for exorbitant amounts of cash these days? None other than............ 

On the "Yeah, but it Was Only Alex Jones" Argument for Censorship

Hasn't exactly panned out, now has it (the harsh fact that it's snowballed to gobble up legions of people far less nutty than Mr. Jones)? 

On Peppermint Patty Attempting to Gaslight Her Audience (Such that it Is) Into Believing that Mr. Biden "Values an Independent DOJ"

The woman has shown herself to be a very skillful liar but, dear Lord, does she actually believe that she can pull this one off? Granted, she's shoveling this shit to people delusional enough to watch MSLSD but even some of those folks are probably astute enough to think that maybe, just maybe, she overshot the mark on this one.  

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

On Hubert Humphrey Once Asserting that, "I Will Eat My Hat if this (the Civil Rights Act of 1964) Leads to Racial Quotas"

This is one of those historical realities that many folks on the left don't know (and those who do know want to keep it a secret). The hard reality is that virtually none of the supporters of this legislation (more of whom were Republican, another inconvenient fact) wanted quotas and instead saw affirmative action as an outreach policy in which schools and businesses were encouraged to reach out and find QUALIFIED CANDIDATES (with preferential treatment not being a component ). Something clearly got lost in translation. 

Monday, July 24, 2023

On the Fact that There's Never Been a Moment In Human History Where the Sensors Turned Out to Be the Good Guys and I'm Pretty Damned Certain that the Trend Won't Be Changing Much with These Parasitic Psychopaths

And, besides, beauty can only take you so far. This the schmucks need to learn as well.

On RFK Jr. Giving One of the Most Moving Speeches of Recent Memory and the House Dems In Typical Fashion Reacting as They Always Do, with Bile, Bogus Accusations, and a Doubling-Down On Their Fanatical Calls for Censorship

 Let's see, they've shit on the independent journalists who gave us the Twitter Files, the brave I.R.S. whistleblowers who've risked everything to expose virulent corruption at the highest levels of government, and now the lone Democrat these days who's showing any sort of independence, courage, and common sense. Not exactly a resume for the ages, is it?  

On the War-Mongering Jackboots at the New Republic Referring to People Like Glenn Greenwald and Jimmy Dore as, "Fringe Yet Popular Media and Political Figures"

 Wow, so you can be fringe (in this instance simply for not believing hook, line, and sinker every aspect of the government and media narrative on Ukraine) and popular at the same time. Never knew that (probably for a good reason but whatever).

Sunday, July 23, 2023

On Biden Recently Admitting to the Entire Solar System that Our Military Is Running Low On Ammunition

But in our topsy-turvy world this is considered no big problem while Trump shaking some papers in front of some douchebag with no evidence that the person saw so much as a single syllable is. It's almost as if they're trying to get Trump, huh (a dry humor alert for the newbies)?

On a 101 Year-Old Former Nazi Concentration Camp Guard Getting Sentenced to 5 Years for Supposed Atrocities 80 YEARS AGO!! - Former Nazi camp guard sentenced to 5 years for Holocaust atrocities | CNN

 I'm going out on a limb here and predict that he'll probably get out a coffin.......Look, I get it, the guy probably did some nasty shit but to prosecute someone with just a few months to live anyway seems a little absurd, no?
 And, besides, it isn't as if our hands in that war were totally clean, either (the area bombing by the Brits which smoked hundreds of thousands of civilians, the gang-raping of German women by Russian irregulars, the U.S. dropping not one atomic bomb on Japanese civilians but two, and Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows open-air death camps which resulted in thousands and thousands of regular German soldiers dying from disease, hunger, and exposure, for example), so give it a rest, I'm asking, OK? 

Saturday, July 22, 2023

On Pelosi's Daughter Just Happening to Be at the Capitol On January 6th with a Camera Filming Some Amateur Documentary that Makes the Old Battleax Out to Be Some Sort of Hero Instead of Her True Persona, that of a Mouth-Breathing Parasitic Sociopath - Quick Addendum

And there were some other irregular things that took place that day, such as - a) testimony that there were paid agitators (among the protestors) who broke down the barricades and waved people forward, b) reports of law enforcement personnel being dressed up as Trump supporters, some of whom were already in the building well before the protestors arrived (from a recent interview with Congressman Clay Higgins), c) police officers not just allowing people into the capitol but waving them in, and d) antifa looking characters smashing windows on the side of the building with Trump supporters yelling, "antifa! antifa!" Again, not any sort of smoking gun but certainly enough for a more in-depth investigation. 

On Pelosi's Daughter Just Happening to Be at the Capitol On January 6th with a Camera Filming Some Amateur Documentary that Makes the Old Battleax Out to Be Some Sort of Hero Instead of Her True Persona, that of a Mouth-Breathing Parasitic Sociopath

Not saying that this is some smoking gun or anything but the fact that Madame Speaker asserted in this documentary, "I've been waiting for this, trespassers on Capitol grounds", failed to have adequate security that day (the former chief of the Capitol police now says that he requested more manpower on January 3rd but was shot down), and allowed ZERO cross examination during her buffoonish show-trial on the event, are you not at the bare minimum curious? I am.

Friday, July 21, 2023

On Paula Prentiss from the Mid-1960s


A natural and disarming beauty, I'd probably call her. And being that she's been married to the same fella' for 62 years (actor/director, Richard Benjamin), I'm thinking easy to get along with as well.

On the Fact that N.A.T.O. Was Formed After WW2 as a Deterrent to Possible Soviet Aggression and soooooooooooooooo Why Did We Start Expanding it (and Thereby Isolating the Russians) Right After that Particular Empire Dissolved?

I'm gonna' go out on a limb and suggest that it likely has to do with the Military Industrial Congressional Complex (economic historian, Robert Higgs, inserted the congressional part a few years back and I've been running with it ever since) needing an enemy to keep the gravy train running......and being that Russia checks off a lot of the boxes (a remote, mysterious country with a checkered past), why not them, they must have figured.

On the Fact that if Biden Was to Ever to Get On Stage and Debate Bobby Kennedy, the Mentally Challenged One Would be Annihilated and the Democratic Apparatchiks In D.C. Are All Quite Aware of it and so What Will They Do, Probably What They Always Do, Try to Destroy the Man (with the Fact that He's a Kennedy Meaning Jack Squat at this Point)

These thugs aren't even trying to hide it anymore. At least with Sanders they didn't try to humiliate the poor guy in public and sensor him. Bobby, not so lucky

Thursday, July 20, 2023

On French President Macron Claiming that the Riots In His Increasingly Calamitous Country Are the Result of Video Games and Social Media (You Know, as Opposed to the Clash of Civilizations Being the Likely Cause)

Oh well, at least he didn't blame it on white supremacism......and for that at least I'm thankful.  

On the Cognitive Prerequisites for Socialism Being Envy, Greed, Resentment, Blood Lust, and a Smoldering Desire for Retribution

And, unfortunately, based upon what I've witnessed over the past seven years, the leftist goon squads have made a fair amount of progress across the board with this fascist bullshit.......and being that they don't have one damned emergency brake (and never have), yeah, it's gonna' get worse.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

On the Increasingly Unserious Nikki Haley Seeming to Be a Lot More Concerned About Who Stashed the Coke at the White House than She Is About Who Blew Up Nord Stream 2

 Not saying that the blow thing isn't a big deal (who knows, the next bag of white powder could be something a lot more lethal) but when you stack it up against a clear-cut crime against humanity it doesn't exactly move the dial very far, now does it?

On the Powerful U.S. Security State Apparently Being Unable to Find the January 6th Pipe-Bomber, the Supreme Court Leaker On Abortion, the People or Entities Who Blew Up the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline, and Whoever it Was Who Stashed the Blow at the White House

 This while they've easily been able to track down every Trump supporter who got within a million miles of the Capitol Building on January 6th. You really gotta' wonder, huh?

On the Roman Emperor, Caracalla (Circa 212), Bestowing Roman Citizenship On Virtually Every One of His Subjects (Sources - "The Decline of Rome and the Rise of Mediaeval Europe" by Solomon Katz and "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbon)

 It sounds magnanimous......until you find out that the gesture had jack to do with any sort of disinterested generosity and much more to do with him securing more taxpayers (many of whom were peasants who couldn't pay much but you can always squeeze, I guess).......Of course what's even less surprising is that the ploy didn't work in that between the bribery, subsidies, corruption, tribute, and bridges to nowhere (yep, had 'em back then, too), turns out, it was just one more example of the government cat chasing the government tail with the debt continuing to exponentially spiral.......Kind of like today, huh? 

Monday, July 17, 2023

On Tim Scott Suggesting In Last Night's Presidential Debate that it's In America's Interest to Degrade Russia's Military, Destabilize the Government, and Bleed (Literally and Figuratively) the Country Dry

 I've long had a certain level of respect for this guy but, I'm sorry, to believe that we can make the world more secure by ruining a country that shouldn't even be our enemy to start with (Hillary certainly didn't think that they were all that bad when she OKed the Uranium One deal), and especially after this same moronic strategy has failed monumentally already (Iraq and Libya most recently), is pretty much a red-flag and deal-breaker for me.......So sorry, Tim, you coulda' been a contendah. 

Sunday, July 16, 2023

On 1960s Flower Child, Bernie Sanders, Going Around Today Singing the Praises of the F.B.I.

Quite doubtful that it's any sort of actual transformation and much more to do with that particular agency's Captain Ahab level desire to annihilate Trump. You know, Occam's Razor. 

On a Film About Human Trafficking Coming Out Recently ("Sound of Freedom" it's Called) and the Usual Suspect Shit-Posting Sites Like "The Guardian" and 'Rolling Stone", Instead of Treating the Subject In a Serious Way and/or Reviewing the Movie Based On its Artistic Merits, Using it as a Springboard to Manufacture Yet Another Bizarre and Disgusting Political Statement (the Schmucks Even Threw "Q" Into Their Ridiculous Diatribe)

 And to highlight the absurdity even more, CBS News back in 2014 did a story on this Ballard dude and actually portrayed him as a hero. So why the one-eighty, you ask. I suspect that it has to do with the border being out of control under Biden to the point where anything which draws attention to this harsh reality (even if the message is positive) has to be attacked. Of course, it could also have something to do with the moral character of the pervs who penned these creepy pieces......and, yeah, I'll just let you fill in the blanks.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

On the Corporate Press, Now that Mr. Epps Is Finally Under the Government's Microscope, Beginning to Call January 6th Not an Insurrection or Even a Riot but Rather a Rally, Protest, Demonstration, and Other Such Benign Lingo

 And do they really believe that we're not noticing this shell game? My suspicion is that they don't (believe) and simply don't give a shit anymore.......If forced to guess.

On the Morons at Wikipedia Referring to Finnish Journalist, Iida Tikka, as a, "He"

And she's not even a trans dude, for Christ.......Man, do they ever need a new editor over there.

Friday, July 14, 2023

On Time Magazine Recently Shitting Out a Ditty Entitled, "The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise" -

 Truly thought that I was being punked on this one but, nope, it's real. I shit you not. 

On the World Economic Forum

Or as I prefer to call it, the world's largest conglomeration of unimpressive, untrustworthy, undignified, and unintelligible rodeo-clowns that a) only communicates in platitudes with no engaging or interesting ideas, b) prevaricates over and over again, and c) whenever the shit hits the fan blames the innocent bystanders. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan.   

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

On the Fact that My Presidential Support In 2024 Is Likely to Go to the Individual Who I've Deemed to Be the Most Willing and Capable of Ending the Carnage and Nuclear Footsy In Ukraine

'Cause let's face it, everything else is just noise.

On Asians Being Punished by Colleges and Universities (Losing Spots to Far Less Qualified Blacks and Hispanics) for the Unpardonable Offence of Having Their Shit Together

 It's indefensible. And have you noticed how slants like Joy Reid and Sunny Hostin are using their pathetic sleight of hand to make us think that it's strictly white folks who they're trying to marginalize? Apparently that "white adjacent" anti-Asian insult no longer focus groups well and so back to the tried and true, I guess.

Monday, July 10, 2023

On the Fact that Surface-Thinking Jackboots Like Michelle Obama, Joy Reid, Sunny Hostin, etc. Never, EVER, Ask the Fundamental Question, Is Affirmative Action In Education Beneficial to Black Students?

 They're all assuming of course that it is but if you read the books, "Mismatch" by Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor (neither one a hardcore conservative if that matters to you) and "Affirmative Action Around the World" by Thomas Sowell, you'll soon discover that it probably isn't in that it places students into situations that they're ill-equipped to handle to such a point where they'll either drop out completely or change their major to something ludicrous like women's studies. Of course the saddest part of all is that these youngsters would probably succeed if they simply went to a school commensurate with their capabilities; i.e., Stony Brook instead of Cornell, UMass Lowell instead of Harvard, Keene State instead of Dartmouth, George Mason instead of Georgetown, Furman instead of Duke, etc.. And, besides, it's much, much easier to pay off a student loan with a STEM degree from a less expensive college than a "studies"degree from one of these supposedly elite schools.

On Why Hunter Left His Computer at the Repair Shop and Never Retrieved it Despite Numerous Attempts by the Owner to Have Him Do so

Some people believe that he did it on purpose in order to get back at the "Big Guy" (resentment for having been used as a bag-man).......and while I wouldn't rule that out, being fucked-up 24/7 probably makes a little more sense. To me, at least.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

On the Fact that We Don't Have Big Boys Play Sports Against Little Boys and so Why Are We Allowing 6'4" Trans-Women to Dominate Actual Females?

 Other than to satiate an increasingly deranged (not to mention, civilization-destroying) ideology, I'm saying.............Narrows it down quite a bit, doesn't it?

Friday, July 7, 2023

On Racial Grievance-Monger, Michelle Obama, Asserting that Rich People Can Afford Tutors and that that's Why Their Kids Score Lights-Out On College Entrance Exams and Black Kids Not so Much (and Keep In Mind Here that a Major Chunk of Affirmative Action Beneficiaries Are Black Students from Middle-Class and Upper Middle-Class Families, Not Those from the Ghetto)

 Yep, all those rich Asian kids whose parents disavow diligence and instead seek out short-cut strategies so that they can screw over those upper middle-class black students.............She clearly didn't think it through, did she (logic-wise, I'm saying)?

On Hunter Biden Once Having Filmed Himself Smoking a Crack-Pipe While Driving His Porsche

Fella' also filmed himself driving that same vehicle 172 miles an hour barreling to Vegas a few years ago. Quite the reckless idiot, huh?

Monday, July 3, 2023

On the Persistent Belief that Black Slaveowners In the Antebellum South Were Acting In a Mostly Benevolent Manner In that the Lion's Share of Their Slaves Were Friends and Family Members Who Were Either Immediately Manumitted (Not Always Feasible In South Carolina After 1820 Due to Laws that Made the State Sole Decider On Manumissions) or Allowed to Live as Nominal Slaves Among the Free Black Populace

Yeah, it's not true. As Larry Koger pointed out in his seminal work, "Black Slaveowners: Free Black Slave Masters In South Carolina, 1790 - 1860" - "The survey of the local documents could not demonstrate the dominance of the benevolent or kinship aspect of black slaveowning. Indeed, the census of 1850 demonstrated  that 83.1 perecnt of the negro masters were mulattoes, while nearly 90 percent of their slaves were of dark skin. Where was the kinship? Since mulattoes primarily married mulattoes, the black folk owned by light-skinned Afro-Americans were seldom kin and were overwhelmingly held as laborers. By and large, Negro slaveowners were darker copies of their white counterparts." To Be Continued

On the Fact that if You're a Self-Identifying Liberal and You Deviate Ever so Slightly from the Leftist Creeds On Abortion, Climate Change, Transgenderism, Affirmative Action, the Covid Narrative, etc., Trust Me, These Radical Shits Will Make You Their Enemy and, if Necessary, Attempt to Destroy You

And we don't even have to go into history to give examples (AKA, France, Russia, Iran, Gaza, etc.). J.K. Rowling, Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Greenwald, Bari Weiss, Michael Shellenberger, Jimmy Dore, Matt Taibbi, and even ole Michael Moore have all faced the wrath. Thankfully for them they aren't "cancellable" but for you poor bastards it may not end so well. Simply a cautionary tale.

On Gender Dysphoria Being the Only Form of Mental Illness In Which the Prescribed Treatment for it Is Mutilation, a Capitulation to Fantasy, and Poisoning

And you don't identify as something. You either are that thing or you aren't. I mean, sure, if you're an adult and wish to engage in make-believe games AND you aren't harming anybody (like, I don't know, children, maybe), knock yourself out, NOBODY GIVES A CRAP, but to force other people into a literal acceptance of your fantasy world, I'm sorry, there isn't a "right" to that in any sane society.