Thursday, March 31, 2016

JFK on Man Versus the Leviathan

"As the responsibilities of government become enlarged, there has been a corresponding assumption of authority by the state. It is obvious from the history of the past twenty years that whether we like it or not, whether we be Republicans or Democrats, the government will continue to play an increasingly large part in our lives. The theme of today - the scarlet thread that runs throughout all of the thoughts and actions of people all over the world - is one of resignation of great problems to the all-absorbing hands of the great Leviathan - the state. The trend is not divisible. We in the United States suffer from it, if less intensely." October 18, 1949 (from a speech before the Miami Junior Chamber of Commerce). And two months later at the University of Notre Dame, this conclusion: "It is therefore vital that we become concerned with maintaining the authority of the people, of the individual, over the state." Inspiring words and, yes, light-years different from the statist bull-crap currently emanating from Sanders and even Hillary now.......So, you still think that only the Republicans have changed?

On the Fact that the War in Syria (Bankrolled to a Large Degree by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the U.S., and Turkey - with Israel Clapping from the Bleachers) Escalated at Precisely the Same Time that Bashar al Assad Inked a Deal with the Iranians for a Natural Gas Pipeline to Run Through Syria and Iraq All the Way to the Mediterranean

Wars are almost always fought over money, land, and resources, and being that the chemical weapons story has largely been debunked (I refer you to Seymour Hersh's articles), you might as well add this one to the list with the mainstream media missing in action as usual.    

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On the Fact that JFK Was the Only Senate Democrat to Vote in Favor of the Eisenhower Proposal Which Argued that State and Local Governments Should Pay Over 70% of the Cost of the Interstate Highway System (the Rest of the Democrats and Many of the Northern Liberal Republicans Wanted the Feds to Pay the Majority of it)

Kennedy YET AGAIN showing a) fiscal conservatism, b) fierce independence, and c) a strong respect for federalism. A lot of historians and economists refer to Grover Cleveland as the last of the Jeffersonian Democrats but, I don't know, the more that I read about Kennedy the more that I think that maybe he was (apart from his international perspective).

On the Never-Ending Insult-Ladened Pissing Contest Between the Doltish and Insufferable Radical Redneck and the Equally Doltish and Insufferable Rational Nation Over at Lisa's Blog

I was going to compare it to Romper Room but that would have been an insult to pre-schoolers everywhere. Immaturity on Barry Bonds dosage steroids is probably a more apt analogy.

On the Fact that on Many College Campuses, the Alleged Victim of Sexual Assault Is Never Rigorously Questioned/Cross-Examined, Exculpatory Evidence Is Frequently Disregarded, and the Accused Is Never Allowed to Confront His Accuser, Her Witnesses, etc.

Kafkaesque and Orwellian Had a Kid and Named it the Canadian and U.S. Higher Education System..........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, my advice to young boys in college would be to never, EVER, hook up, and that if they really and truly want to get laid that they should just go to a hooker 'cause as far as I know they never have "regrets" once the liquor wears off.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On a Recent Yahoo Hit-Piece Which Compares Donald Trump to George Wallace

As I patiently wait to see a comparable piece comparing Hillary to Nixon or Sanders to Ho Chi Minh...........................................................................................P.S. And what exactly has Trump done to or said about black people that is comparable to George Wallace? I mean, yeah, he said that dumb thing about illegal immigrants and wants a pause on Muslim immigration but a) he never denigrated Mexicans as a whole and b) based on that Pew research study (which showed that a majority of citizens of Muslim countries hold views which are 180 degrees diametrical to ours) and the fact that even many of Obama's own security people have warned us of a possible terrorist infiltration of the migrant population, his Muslim pause may not be anywhere near as insane as its being made out to be (and it's certainly a boatload less draconian than what FDR, that progressive darling, did to the Japanese). 

Another View on Mr. Trump's Rallies

Yeah, this clip will never be shown on MSPMS, or even CNN.

On Lindsey Graham Bellowing Out 24/7 that We Need to "Destroy ISIS"

When I was a youngster I used to have this Casper the Friendly Ghost doll that when you pulled the chord from its neck it would utter the same three or four things over and over again. That's what this guy (who also wants to destroy Assad's government and insert the U.S. into the Russia versus Ukraine fiasco) reminds me of.............And the fact that he never tells us what he means by destroying. I mean, does it entail killing every single member of that group? "Cause if it does, that's gonna mean not just a lot of dead ISIS members but a lot of dead civilians as well (the fact that ISIS will melt into the general populace). And does he genuinely believe that that this would be the end of terrorism, that there wouldn't be yet another cadre of assholes (maybe even worse than ISIS) burgeoning forth from this, yet another neocon toxic stew? The law of unintended consequences, folks - this time the neocon version.  

The Sanders Plan?

Yeah, I'm gonna go with, attempting to create a permanent under-class of reliable big-government voters while at the same time demonizing those who've done well without the government's assistance....The Obama plan on steroids, in other words.

On the Fact that I Dished Out $17.50 in Tolls on My Most Recent Trip to Portland Maine and Back

I'm telling ya', if I hear one more stinking statist politician crying about a lack of infrastructure funding, I will go ballistic. Seriously.

Monday, March 28, 2016

On the Fact that the University of Vermont's Basketball Teams (Men and Women) Are Comprised Mostly of White Players

What's the matter, Bernie? You don't like black people up there?

On Women's Studies Departments

They have become little more than the institutional wing of a radical special interest advocacy movement/pressure-group in which a) their political views are the cynosure, b) claiming victimhood constantly trumps fact and debate, and c) their scholarly work is pitiful to nonexistent. And I have never seen more intolerant academic milieu EVER; the fact that even moderate and reasonable voices such as Warren Farrell, Janice Fiamengo, and Christina Hoff Sommers get shouted down by these fascistic bastards, the fact that no debate, doubt, or criticism is ever, ever, EVER allowed (never mind encouraged), etc.. Please, please, if your daughter is even thinking about majoring in this bull-crap, try to steer her in a different direction and, yes, use a few "micro-aggressions" if you have to.     

On Angry, Irrational, and Unhinged Trump Protesters Consistently Referring to Trump Supporters as Angry, Irrational, and Unhinged

Yeah, I saw some footage of these people, going bonkers at a Trump rally and the Trump supporters were essentially ignoring them (and, no, the anti-Trump folks certainly didn't seem scared). That and don't even get me going on the irony.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

On Breitbart's Michelle Fields Claiming that She Was Roughed Up by a Trump Lackey When the Video Clearly Shows that She Wasn't

How many more of these ludicrous incidents do we have to endure before we can finally conclude that women are just as capable of lying as men are and that we should probably be a tad more skeptical when these accusations (and worse; the Duke lacrosse case, for example) are thrown around? Me, I'm already there.

On Virtue Signalling

It's disgusting and pathetic and people who engage in this type wet-fingering of the politically correct wind to the point where they are quite literally shouting out, "Look at me, look at me", ought to ridiculed and then marginalized. Enough already with this cringe-worthy sanctimony.

On John D. Rockefeller's Method of Philanthropy

Rockefeller gave away over $500,000,000 in his lifetime (billions and billions in today's dollars) but he was also very careful how he doled it out. According to great many sources (Allan Nevins's "Study in Power", Burton Folsom's "The Myth of the Robber Barons", B.F. Winkelman's biography of Rockefeller - just to name several), Rockefeller would actually interview people to make sure that they weren't going to piss away the money and that they were going to use it toward a positive end (a lot of private charities actually worked this way before the welfare state; lodges, friendly societies, etc.). Compare this to how the government operates today and it's very easy to see how Rockefeller became the wealthiest, most successful man in the country while the Feds have racked up $19,000,000,000 in debt. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

On Women's Studies Programs at Islamic Universities

Right next to the unicorns, folks. You can't miss 'em.

On the Fact that Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Condemnation of Female Genital Mutilation in Islamic Countries Is Seen by a Great Many Regressive Leftists (Maajid Nawaz's Term and I Like it) as an Example of Imperialistic Condescension

Do these idiots just not understand how condescending that THAT sounds? Apparently they don't...................................................................................................P.S. They also apparently don't seem all that exorcised about the rigid separation of the sexes in Muslim societies, honor-killings, the paranoiac and ridiculous emphasis on sexual purity, the forced covering of women, the murder of Christians, forced conversions, the destruction of numerous churches, the death penalty for apostasy and homosexuality, the viscous dehumanizing of Jews, etc.. Nope, it's all about the relatively mild imperfections of the West. That's their bread and butter. 

On the Fact that Radical Feminists Seemingly Find it Disrespectful Whenever Someone Demands that Their Logic and Arguments Be Rigorous, that Their Claims Have Accuracy, and that They Show at Least a Semblance of Integrity and Intellectual Honesty

They live in a fantasy land and have done more to dumb down not just academia but public discourse in general than just about any other group that I can conjure up (the fact that they throw around such thoroughly discredited concepts as a Western rape culture, the wage disparity, gender as a social construct, a 21st century repressive patriarchy, etc., the fact that they've invented such infantile on-campus constructs as "safe-spaces", "trigger warnings", etc., the fact that they've contributed to the disgraceful loss of free-speech on many college campuses, etc.).............And, yes, I'm still thinking.

Friday, March 25, 2016

On the Fact that ( 75% of the Female Passengers on the Titanic Survived While Only 19% of the Fellows Did

Yeah, that horrible, horrible patriarchy, with men so selflessly and stoically serving themselves up as shark hors doeuvres like that. It had to have been a nightmare, I'm sure.

On the Fact that (According to Thomas Whalen's Great Book, "Kennedy Versus Lodge") JFK as a Congressman Voted to Cut Federal Funding for the TVA

Yeah, he didn't think that the taxpayers of one region of the country should be forking over hard-earned money to subsidize cheap energy for another region and I of course agree.......If only he had been the President in 1932 (you know, instead of douche-bag Roosevelt).

Thursday, March 24, 2016

On the Notion that Whenever Two Consenting Albeit Impaired Adults Have Drunken Sex Only the Fellow Is Considered a Rapist

How is THAT not sexist; a) to the man in terms of unfairness and b) to the woman for treating her like an infant, or at the bare minimum a double-standard? It sure as hell seems like those things to me.

Channeling Senator Sanders

"You're too stupid to handle that. Let me do it for you." In a nutshell. 

On the Fact that Radical Feminists Never Seem to Stump for Numerical Representation for Jobs Such as Roofers, Commercial Fishermen, High-Rise Window Washers, Coal Miners, Sewage Workers, etc. (Nasty, Dangerous Jobs, in Other Words) and Only for Jobs that They Find Desirable (Chemists, Architects, Mathematicians - Positions of that Sort)

Yeah, they definitely want the big bucks but not the higher death rates that frequently come with it (the fact that men die at the workplace at a rate 13 times higher than women). 


On Chomsky Endorsing Sanders

Dog bites man 24/7 on this one, folks (the fact that of course one economically illiterate radical will ultimately endorse another one - HELLO!!!).

On President Hoover's Wage-Controls of 1930

Hoover did a lot of dumb things in his four years (the Smoot-Hawley tariff, a massive tax increase, an increase in federal spending of close to 50%, the Federal Farm Board, the Reconstruction Finance Department, etc.) but this was BY FAR the dumbest. The fact of the matter is that the U.S. economy was in a tailspin with significant deflation and so the last thing that anybody would ever want to do would be to increase the cost of labor and make it harder to hire folks (yes, the wage-controls were voluntary but most businesses adhered to them 'cause the President asked).......Of course, being that Mr. Hoover (he of the "beneficent hand") was a progressive.......   

On the Fact that the White Leftist Never Changes the Play, the Formation, or Even the Snap-Count ("My Opponent Is a Rich, Mean-Spirited, Misogynistic, Oligarchical Racist Who Wants to Kill off the Elderly While, I, One of the Most Benevolent Creatures on Earth, Will Screw These Rich Sons of Bitches and Provide to You Quite Literally Everything")

Maybe because it works (the fact that low information voters apparently believe that all of these goodies can somehow be provided simply by taxing the 1%, that no unintended consequences will ever manifest, that government knows how to spend money more effectively than the private-sector does, that societies can tax and spend their way to prosperity, etc., etc.).

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On Folks Who Take Out Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Life Insurance On Their Spouses Only to Murder Them Several Months Later

And they still think that they can get away with it. Unreal.

Alt-Country on Steroids

With the incomparable Maria McKee.

On the Fact that (According to a University of Michigan Study) the Income of the Actual Families in the Bottom Quintile in 1975 Had Risen by a Whopping 2,200% (from $1,263 to $29,008) by 1991 and Only About 5% of Those Families Had Not Risen Out of that Quintle

  The income inequality "issue" is nothing more than a numbers game that's being played by brain-dead, cynical, and economically illiterate politicians who's solitary goal is to buy votes and stoke up resentment. The fact of the matter is that one of the main determinants of income inequality is age and unless Bernie Sanders can make that go away he isn't going to accomplish jack-shit - - P.S. And as I've pointed our before, the Sanders "strategy" of taxing the rich and increasing entitlements wouldn't technically move the needle in that most income inequality stats do NOT include transfer payments and are based on pre-tax earnings.......Now, if the left would be willing to admit that taxes on income retard incentive and that the earners at the upper end will simply alter their behavior and earn less (or maybe even more away), yes, they might be on to something (and by something I mean something that would seriously harm the economy).

Monday, March 21, 2016

On the Fact that One of Ted Cruz's Main Foreign Policy Advisors Is Frank Gaffney, One of the Vilest, Most Contemptuous, and Most Unhinged Chicken-Hawk Neocons of the Past 20 Years

Just in case that you needed another reason to not support this lunatic....Gaffney, of all people!!!

On the Fact that Cruz and Rubio Have Both Repeatedly Blasted Trump for Not Releasing His Tax Forms

Two points; a) Trump is being audited and no reputable tax attorney would ever recommend that a person being audited release his or her records to the public and b) while, yes, Cruz and Rubio have both released their 1040 forms, neither has released their Schedule C form and that is clearly what has the juicier info ( I mean, you do want the total picture here, right (and, yes, preferably from someone who doesn't have a dog in the fight)?  

On Dullard Comedian and Leftist Lapdog, John Oliver, Making Fun of Donald Trump for Starting His Real Estate Seminars in 2006, Right Before the Housing Collapse

Hindsight is always 20-20 and, just for the record here, the only two folks that I know who accurately predicted the calamity were Peter Schiff and Ron Paul, neither of whom is a leftist buffoon or Keynesian moron (not that a comedian necessarily always needs facts, mind you) and, so, yeah, I gotta call, foul, on this one, too.  

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Thus Spake the War-Mongers

"Completely embargo all U.S. trade with Japan, in collaboration with a similar embargo imposed by the British empire.......If by these means Japan could be led to commit an overt act of war, so much the better." Lt. Commander Arthur McCollum of Naval Intelligence............."There will never be so good a time to stop the shipment of oil to Japan as we have now.......There might develop from an embargoing of oil such a situation as would make it, not only possible but easy, to get into this war in an effective way. And if we should thus indirectly be brought in, we would avoid criticism that we had gone in as an ally of communistic Russia." Harold Ickes, Secretary of the Interior............."We face the delicate question of the diplomatic fencing to be done so as to be sure that Japan is put into the wrong and makes the first bad move - overt move. The question was how should we MANEUVER THEM (emphasis mine) into the position of firing the first shot." Harry Stimson, Secretary of War............."I came away with the impression that, despite his spoken word, the President was fully determined to put the U.S. into the war if Great Britain could hold out until he was re-elected." Admiral J.O. Richardson.............How much more obvious could it possibly be that FDR a) wanted a war with Japan (as early as 1933 according to the diaries if some of his aids) and b) was pretty much willing to do anything to instigate one? I mean, do you need a tape of his confessional or something? My God.............................................................................................................P.S. And, no, FDR is hardly the only President who has "maneuvered " us into a war (Polk, Lincoln, McKinley, TR, Truman, LBJ, Bush 1, Bush 2 being some of the others). That I will readily admit. 

On the Fact that (According to a Recent Study by the Minnesota Fed) 44% of the Families in the Bottom Quintile in 2001 Were Out of that Grouping and Into a Higher One by 2007

So, in slightly more than a half decade, nearly 50% of the poorest families in the country moved forward economically. That's impressive, but I doubt that you'll ever hear Sanders or even Clinton bring it up in that it doesn't fit their narrative (we're an oligarchy and the system is rigged, yada yada). Yep, you really do have to unpack the data sometimes.....................................................................................................P.S. It's also important to point out that this same study showed that 34% of the families in the top quintile had also moved......DOWN and, so, no, the rich aren't getting richer anymore than the poor are getting poorer.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

On the Fact that (According to a Pew Research Survey) 94% of Afghans, 93% of Tunisians, 92% of Moroccans, 92% of Iraqis, 87% of Palestinians, and 85% of Egyptians Think that a Wife Must ALWAYS Obey Her Husband

Yes, as a libertarian, my tendency is to favor immigration. But I gotta tell you, when I see stats like this and when I observe the chaos that's currently taking place in England, Sweden, and Germany, I must confess that I do have some doubts and at the very minimum we need to screen better. I mean, don't you agree?......................................................................................................P.S. And it isn't a racial thing with me. I have personally worked with a lot of West Indian blacks over the years and almost without exception they have been good, decent, hard-working people who I wouldn't mind seeing more of frankly. The problem is much more ideology and I do have to ask here, WHY would a country be so damned willing to bring in people who do not share their ideals; free speech, respect for women, freedom of the press, freedom of religion (a lot of the same people in this survey also think that death is the appropriate penalty for apostasy), gay rights, etc. and who apparently (in Europe anyway) want to change their society? Yes, Trump has stated things poorly but maybe he isn't entirely wrong (his idea of a safe-zone, for example). I mean, can we at least discuss these things without being called names?

On the Fact that Mrs. Clinton Signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement Which Acknowledged that Classified Markings Are Irrelevant to State Secrets; "Classified Information Is Marked or Unmarked Including Oral Communication"

So, even if she's telling the truth about nothing being marked (and even that may be pure BS in that some of the emails were apparently marked as "Select Access Privilege"), it doesn't get her off the hook. AND HOW COULD SHE HAVE BEEN SO DUMB? That's what I want to know; the fact that she a) kept sensitive national security information on what now appears to have been a poorly encrypted system (Sha-1 with RSA), and b) failed to realize that as the Secretary of State (with the highest security clearance), one of her prime responsibilities (not just hers but YES) WAS to do the markings!!! Look, I'm not saying that Trump is the answer here, either (we're probably screwed either way) but this is bad, real bad and maybe, just maybe, the Democrats need to look elsewhere for a candidate (you know, before the bitch gets indicted).

On the Notion that World Government Would Eliminate the Need for War

Total horse-shit. a) There would still be the possibility of a civil war (and, boy, would it ever be a dandy) and b) even if there wasn't a war, we all know for a fact that governments worldwide have slaughtered far more of their own people (democide - Google it) than they've ever killed through warfare, and that if we ever decided to give these fiends ultimate power they would more than happy to up the ante. Please, wake up, folks.

On the Fact that the Basketball Coaches at Yale and Harvard are Both African-Americans (James Jones at Yale, Tommy Amaker at Harvard)

You looking for black role-models? Go ahead, try and do better.

Friday, March 18, 2016

JFK to Bernie Sanders (Kind of)

"The institutions and principles for which we fought will be under a growing fire in the years ahead. We, in this country, must be willing to do battle for old ideas that have proved their value with the same enthusiasm that people do for new ideas and creeds. The tremendous vote in England last year for socialistic collectivism was largely the result of the tremendous enthusiasm that the socialists whipped up with their vigorous propaganda. If you wish to combat a similar move here - because, mark you, you may be sure that there will be such a movement - you must be willing to match your enthusiasm and interest and belief in the old with their interest and enthusiasm and belief in the new and novel." John F. Kennedy from a 1946 Congressional campaign speech delivered to veterans....Yeah, I would say that the Democratic party has shifted a wee-bit (from Al Smith, JFK, and the first Mayor Daley to creeps such as Sanders, Warren, Frank, Wassermann-Schultz, etc.) and probably just as much as the Republicans have.

On the Fact that (According to Kennedy Biographer, Michael O'Brien) Eleanor Roosevelt Once Said in December of 1958 that She Would Do All that She Possibly Could to Make Sure that the Democrats Didn't Nominate a Candidate (for President) Like John F. Kennedy (this in Response to a Question as to Whether She Would Prefer a Liberal Republican Like Rockefeller or a Conservative Democrat Like Kennedy)

So even Mrs. Roosevelt (along with "Look", "The Chicago Tribune", "Newsweek", "The Saturday Evening Post", etc.) perceived that JFK wasn't a progressive. Interesting (though, yes, the myth of JFK as some leftist gladiator will undoubtedly continue unabated WELL into the future).

On the Fact that (According to Documents Uncovered by JFK at a 1947 Congressional Hearing) the UAW Local in Milwaukee Had Initially Opposed U.S. Aid to England During WW2 but Rapidly Did a One-Eighty When the Germans Invaded Russia

Nah, there was no pinko-commie influence in the U.S. labor movement during the 1930s and '40s. Where would anyone get an idea like that?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

"We're All Neocons Now"

Apparently, in that even seemingly sensible fellows like Kasich and Christie are spouting all sorts of crazy buffoonery about arming this group and shooting down planes from that group. I mean, it's almost as if the Republican party as a whole is under this spell and with the biggest case of amnesia ever (the fact that Iraq was one of the top two or three foreign policy blunders in U.S. history with these bozos seemingly not leaning a thing). Libertarian, anyone?

On the Fact that the Neocon and Progressive War Machines Are Always Trying to Turn Bad Men Into Satan

It's the only way that they can get the country to support their moronic adventurism, and being that the citizens themselves are moronic.......

The Truest Words Ever Spoken

"Sir (in response to a blood-thirsty Federal thug proclaiming that 'niggers' were the cause of the Civil War), folks that are wanting war can always find a cause (a swift kick in the pants rapidly ensuing)." Blount Baker, a small North Carolina slave boy, "Slave Narratives", volume 11, part 1, page 65.....................................................................................................P.S. And, while, yes, the one positive thing from Lincoln's war was the end of slavery, let's not kid ourselves here. The fact of the matter is that this was the most bloody (unnecessarily so in my view - the casualty stats prorated to today's population being 7,000,000) and divisive emancipations in all of world history (making Haiti look like a vacation in the Adirondacks), and to say that this was a good war when the rest of planet got rid of this horrible institution with little to no bloodshed and that Lincoln was some sort of hero, sorry, cannot go there.    

Carlene Carter with Big Al Anderson from 1994

It seems like yesterday.

On When the Aggressor Wraps Himself in the Cloak of Victimhood

Yeah, you tend to get violence (real violence and not just words), mayhem, intimidation, intolerance (often worse than the intolerance that you're protesting) a squelching of free-speech, a dumbing-down of the dialogue, etc. (look at that idiot up there). And can you even begin to imagine if a bunch of Trump supporters had shut down a Sanders or Clinton (yeah, the candidate that barks like a dog) rally? MSPMS alone would have gone full-bore ape-shit and, so, yeah, a double-standard for sure.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

On the Fact that (According to Amnesty International) the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Have Inked Over $90,000,000,000 in Arm Sales Over the Past Half Decade and a Large Chuck of that Largess Has Been Used to Kill Thousands of Innocent Civilians (Senator McCain Shamelessly Denying this)

Let's just call it the Obama gun-show loophole and mosey on.

On the Fact that the Republicans Apparently Aren't Even Willing to Give Obama's Supreme Court Nominee, Merrick Garland, a Fair Hearing

It is full-bore stupidity. a) It smells like an overreach and b) this Garland dude is easily the best candidate that the Republicans could have hoped for from a Democratic President and light-years better than what Hillary will most certainly nominate. I mean, yeah, you can gamble that Trump wins I guess but with his leftist past, yeah, I'd go with Garland.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On the Fact that a Sanders Supporter Was Spotted Carrying a Communist Flag at a Trump Protest Rally

Alright, let's see if I've gotten this straight. Trump uttering a cadre of impolitic statements is bad but a philosophy and system of government that murdered in excess of 100,000,000 people during the 20th Century isn't? Man, are you folks ever fucked up. 

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Supporters, Black Lives Matter Extremists, and Other Leftist Agitators Crashed a Donald Trump Rally in Chicago and Proceeded to Attack People, Assault the Police, Rip Signs, Block an Ambulance with an Injured Dude in it, Fire Guns, etc. and Everybody from Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz to Rachel Maddow and Bernie Sanders Attempted to Blame Trump Entirely for the Anarchy

I'm not a big Trump fan and wouldn't even consider voting for him (Johnson's my guy) but, I'm sorry, the coverage on Trump has been awful. Yes, the man can be divisive at times but to try and blame him entirely for the negative political climate when the leftists have been every bit as divisive (the rhetoric from Democratic politicians like Grayson and Reid, the vulgar leftist postings on Twitter - some of which have called for Trump's assassination, the racial demagoguery from slant-heads like Sharpton, the vitriol from piece of garbage enterprises like The Young Turks and The Daily Kos, etc.) is patently unfair, I think, and if you don't believe me just think what would have happened if a bunch of unruly Trump supporters had successfully shut down a Clinton or Sanders rally. Yeah, huh? - -

Monday, March 14, 2016

On the Fact that America's Two Most Important Allies During WW2 Were the World's Foremost Imperial Power (England) and the World's Most Cruel and Sadistic Tyranny (Russia)

In a sane world, this would be a major embarrassment but amongst the war-mongers, political class and court historians, yeah, not so much.......For more on this and other examples, I refer you to John V. Denson's masterpiece, "The Costs of War, America's Pyrrhic Victories" and pretty much anything by Ralph Raico.

On the Fact that (According to Christian Hartmann's Fine Book, "Operation Barbarossa"), in Addition to the German Army, Operation Barbarossa Included 800,000 Hungarian Troops, 500,000 Finnish Troops, 500,000 Romanian Troops, 145,000 Croatian Troops, 47,000 Spanish Volunteers, 40,000 Dutch Volunteers, 38,000 Belgian Volunteers, and Even 10,000 French Volunteers

a) We tend not to learn about this in history books and b) don't you find it kind of embarrassing that all of these countries understood the threats and evils of Bolshevism but Roosevelt and Churchill, two of the supposedly greatest men of the 20th Century, didn't? I do, big time.

On the Fact that the U.S. Condemned the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria to the Tune of Harsh Economic Sanctions While at the Same Time Totally Ignoring the Soviet Occupation of Mongolia Which Included Joseph Stalin Completely Liquidating that Country's Buddhist Institutions

Yeah, it seems that only fascist aggression bothered FDR as he was apparently willing to let Joe Stalin get away with just about anything (including invading Poland - the country that we were supposed to be liberating!!!!!). 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

On Carl Bernstein Recently Referring to Donald Trump as a "Neo Fascist"

Yeah, I guess that that works. I just wish that these partisan media hacks would show at least a semblance of consistency. Like, I don't know, maybe also pointing out that Senator Sheldon Whitehouse apparently wants to prosecute global warming skeptics, that a large percentage of public colleges and universities are essentially outlawing freedom of speech, that conservative speakers are routinely shouted down at numerous campuses throughout the country, that Senator Sanders has literally zero regard for the non-aggression principle and wants to hold a gun to our head and confiscate private property, that President Obama has used executive orders to make and change laws and to do so in a blatantly political way (and, YES, it was wrong when Bush did it, too), etc.. Just to be fair, that's all. Is that too much to ask?    

On the Fact that FDR Received Zero Condemnation for a) His Idiotic Decision to Station a Large Chunk of Our Fleet at Pearl Harbor and b) Dismissing Admiral Joe Richardson (Who Had Repeatedly Warned Roosevelt that this Was a Boneheaded Move) Simply Because Richardson Had "Hurt His Feelings" (this According to Navy Secretary Knox)

It's an outrage, and the fact that the government tried to throw Admiral Kimmel (Richardson's successor in Hawaii) and General Short to the wolves (both men were ultimately exonerated) makes it even more disgusting (though I'm sure that the FDR apologists and lackeys will try and spin it somehow).

On the Incapacity of Dunkin Donuts Employees to Process the Phrase, "Lightly Toasted"

I suppose that Bernie wants to pay these folks $15 an hour, too.

On Bill Bennett's "Book of Virtues"

Smugness, Condescension, Self-Righteousness, Importunity, Pomposity, Pretense, and Terseness are likely amongst them.

On if Japan (in 1945) Had Dropped Atom Bombs on Los Angeles and Anaheim and Justified it Later by Proclaiming that an Invasion of the U.S. Mainland Would Have Resulted in the Deaths of a Hundred Gazillion Japanese (a Lie, in Other Words)

That would not fly, I'm just guessing.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

On Questioning Gary Johnson's Intelligence

I'll bet that he knew the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite.

On the Fact that Lincoln's Heralded (Sarcasm, Yes) Emancipation Proclamation Didn't Even Apply to Union-Held New Orleans

Because there wasn't a military upside to it, that's why.......And, yes, please keep in mind here that Lincoln was even willing to let the rebel states resume slavery if they would only return to the Union by a certain time....Yeah he was some emancipator that Lincoln. 

On the Fact that the Income Tax Started Off in 1913 at 1% (with Only the Rich Paying it)

Folks have compared it to boiling a frog; the fact that when you put a frog in boiling water it jumps out but when you put it in cool water and warm it gradually it croaks (sorry). Same with taxes and the economy.............................................................................................................P.S. It also must be stated that the income tax was supposed to be a trade-off for eliminating the tariff and, so, yep, they fucking lied about that, too.

On the U.S. Seemingly Playing Both Sides of the Syrian Bloodbath; Arming the Sunni Resistance While Simultaneously Supporting the Shiite-Based Iraqi Block Which Has Continued to Support Assad

The federal government working at cross-purposes? Impossible (and by impossible I of course mean, par for the course)!!

Friday, March 11, 2016

On the Fact that One of the Stated Rationales for Moving a Large Chunk of America's Naval Fleet to Hawaii Was to Deter Japanese Aggression

One of the most boneheaded decisions and epic fails in Presidential history (the fact being that this was NOT a naval decision but an executive branch one), and one that was fool-hearty on numerous grounds; the fact that it left our vessels vulnerable from every conceivable angle, the fact that Hawaii was chock to the gills with Japanese nationals who could have easily infiltrated the base, the fact that Hawaii was 2,000 miles from the U.S. mainland and thus difficult to resupply, etc.. I mean, it was almost as if Roosevelt wanted the Japanese to he didn't have to attack them first.    

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rex Tugwell on Herbert Hoover

"When it was all over, I once made a list of New Deal ventures begun during Hoover's years as Secretary of Commerce and then as President.......The New Deal owed much to what he had begun." 1940.......So even Roosevelt's right-hand-man ultimately concluded that Hoover wasn't a laissez-faire capitalist (as asserted by Paul Krugman, Chris Matthews, and other leftist buffoons). Can we PLEASE put this myth to bed once and for all?

On "Sacred Cows"

I think that economist, Art Carden, probably said it best. "Sacred cows make the best tasting burgers."

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

On the Odds of John Oliver Ever Doing a 22 Minute Diatribe on the Dangerous and Dimwitted Bernie Sanders (as He Did Against Trump)

Zero is probably low-balling it in that this ass is a total partisan hack who only denigrates Republicans (not that the clapping seals are complaining, mind you). I could be wrong but I doubt it.

On the Fact that the Black Lives Matter Movement Strong-Armed Bernie Sanders at His Own Fucking Rally, Pilfered His Microphone, and Insulted His Audience and Sanders Just Rolled Over Like a Diabetic Old Hound-Dog

This dim bastard wouldn't know a Sister Souljah moment if it started performing fellatio on him. And even if he did he's too much of a sniveling coward to employ the damned thing. What an embarrassment.

On the Fact that Two Elderly Black People Got Shot (Luckily They Survived) in Baltimore Recently (a Stray Bullet Apparently from Mookie, Dre, Ray Ray, or Slice) and There Hasn't Been One Peep from the Black Lives Matter Movement About it -

How many more horrible examples like this (and, trust me, I could type all day) do I need to post before the progressives finally realize that these folks are full of shit? Please, inform me.

On the Warped Logic that, Since the South Fired the First Shot in the Civil War (the Truth Being that Lincoln Maneuvered Them Into this a la Polk with the Mexicans), this Gave Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Butler, etc. the Right to Ethnically-Cleanse and Dispossess Hundreds of Thousands of Innocent Civilians and Starve to Death Three Year-Olds and the Elderly

If any other nation or leader on earth had perpetrated these atrocities, it would have gone down in history as pure, unmitigated horror. But because it was us (and especially because it was Abe Lincoln), yeah, not so much. I really think that we need to start reexamining our history and, yes, especially those "good wars".

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

On the Fact that Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and the Rest of Those Comedy Central Buffoons Are Never Booed by Their Audience (Like George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Johnny Carson Were from Time to Time)

'CAUSE THEY'RE COWARDS, that's why; trained seals living in a bubble and heaven forbid that they EVER offend their dim, like-minded brethren. Edgy? Yeah, not so much.

On the Roosevelts and Bushes

I'll take, "Dynastic Piece of Shit Simpleton Political Families Who Repeatedly Threw the Nation Into Needless War While Simultaneously Ratcheting up the Power of the Federal Government Most Specifically the Executive Branch", for a Thousand, Alex.

On "Their Fair Share"

Folks like Obama and Sanders are always saying that the rich need to pay "their fair share". But they never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, articulate what that amount should be. Here are the current stats (2012 returns being the most recent) - According to the IRS (data compiled by the Tax Foundation), the top 1 percent (1.37 million taxpayers earning $434,682 and more) paid 38 percent of all federal income taxes, the top 5 percent (those earning $175,817 and more) paid 59 percent, the top 10 percent (those earning $125,195 and up) paid 70 percent, and the top 25 percent (those earning $73,354 and up) paid 86 percent. WHAT SHOULD THESE NUMBERS BE? Operationalize your talking-point, for Christ!..............................................................................................................P.S. Just to be complete here, the bottom 50 percent (people earning $36,055 and less) paid a little less than 3 percent of federal income taxes with slightly over 90 percent of those households having no federal income tax liability at all (many actually GETTING money from the government in the form of earned income tax credit).

On John Oliver's "Epic" HBO Take-Down of Trump

Not a huge fan of Trump but does America really need some bespectacled, effeminate, cockneyed British douche-bag (whose corporate overlord, Time Warner Cable, has consistently supported Mrs. Clinton with mucho dinero) to act as an attack-puppy and tell us what to think? I personally don't think so and it wasn't even all that funny (Trump being such an easy mark, the fact that it was mostly insult shit, the rank double-standards applied, etc.)!

Monday, March 7, 2016

On the Alarming Story from ScienceNordic that Greenland Has Lost 9,000 Billion Tons of Ice Over the Past 110 Years

Sure sounds like a lot, huh? Of course, what these alarmists are omitting here is that this amount is actually a minuscule portion when compared to the total amount of ice in Greenland and that the loss only represents a .3% amount. I mean, I know that this would make a significantly less sexy heading for an article and all but facts are facts, for Christ! Come on, people, wake up! -

On the Fact that the Pakistani Government Has Recently Disseminated a Lengthy Report Which Attempts to Prepare its Citizenry for What Is Likely to Be an Extended Period of Global Cooling (the Fact that Solar Cycle 24 Is Approaching a Weaker Phase) -

How embarrassing is this, folks? The leaders of a borderline third-world country (albeit one with nuclear weaponry) are basing their climate policy on real life variables while those from the U.S. and other Western countries are basing theirs on a fantasy (i.e., the notion that CO2 - one of the fundamental building blocks of life and that which we pump into greenhouses - is a pollutant) and utterly preposterous climate models (all of which downplay natural factors), the vast majority of which (97%, seriously) have been way off. It's unbelievable, and we really need to start shaming these political schmucks before they fucking bankrupt us.

On the Fact that Beyonce Can Do One Fucking Minstrel Show After Another (Buck-Dancing and Jiving with Some Idiotic Blond Weave) and Not Be Called a Coon (Her Fist in the Air Stunt Evidently Giving Her Some Street-Cred) but Ben Carson, a Noteworthy Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Gets Called One Simply for Having an Opinion

Yep, this unfortunately passes for logic among groups such as the New Black Panther Party, Black Lives Matter, etc.. And the thing is, they don't even understand what cooning is, for Christ sakes (the fact that it involves behavior and NOT opinions)! How embarrassing and quite a drop-off from Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Ed Brooke, Thomas Sowell, etc., wouldn't you say?  

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Two Old Boys Peein' off the Bridge

One old boy from Florida, the other one from New York. The old boy from Florida says, "Oh boy that water's cold." The old boy from New York says, "Yeah, and it's deep, too."..................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, you need to have seen "Sling Blade" first.

Note to the Recently Canned Melissa Harris-Perry

You weren't fired because of racism (what, you think that MSNBC is part of the conspiracy now?). You were let go because a) you were virtually unwatchable in that only pseudo-intellectual, insular, pretentious, and virulently leftist buffoons (much like yourself) could tolerate you and your cartoonish crappola/rants (i.e., your ratings sucked) and b) the network decided (wisely, in my estimation) to spend more time covering not just the campaigns but news in general and to get away from your brand of obnoxious opinion programming (and, yes, I've been just as critical of right-wing buffoons such as Hannity and Levin). I mean, I know that hard-cores like you tend to see everything though a racial prism and all but on this one I'm gonna have to call you and your partisan shit out one last time. Sorry, no choice.

On Black Princeton Professor, Imani Perry, Claiming that the Police Unfairly Arrested Her and Mistreated Her During a Routine Traffic Stop

She's a fucking liar. a) The chick was driving 22 miles an hour over the speed limit (I've been pulled over for way less than that). b) She was driving on a suspended license. c) There was a warrant for her arrest because of an unpaid parking ticket. And d) the dash-cam video shows that the police were extraordinarily patient and polite all throughout. Yes, there are some racist cops for certain, but there are also race-baiters, racial demagogues, and grievance mongers - with this bitch being a pitch-perfect example. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

On the Fact that If Leftist Media Buffoons Like John Oliver and Stephen Colbert Truly Had the Power of Their Supposed Convictions They Would Voluntarily Give Up Their High Profile Gigs and Let a Deserving African-American or Woman Have Them Instead

Holding your breath? I'm not (the fact that idiots like this always talk a good game but when it come to making sacrifices themselves they never seem to).

On John Kasich Now Saying that We Should Arm the Ukrainians

 I was just going to praise the guy for his reasonableness and so of course he's gonna say something moronic. The fact of the matter is that whole Russian, Ukrainian situation is a) a complicated one in which it is not entirely clear who's more to blame and b) a crisis that has absolutely nothing to do with America's interests and security and so even if Russia WAS fully to blame it's none of our damned business. Yep, Kasich's just another neocon. 

On the Fact that During Sherman's Long March Through South Carolina ENTIRE FUCKING TOWNS DISAPPEARED (Hardeeville, Robertville, Purysburg, Lawtonville, McPhersonville, Barnwell, etc.)

I think that Major Ward Nichols probably said it best when he stated the obvious; "General Sherman (a war-criminal by any standard - my two cents worth) is kind of careless with fires."

On the Fact that "Young Turk", Anna Kasparian (a Woman with an IQ that Barely Scratches 90), Recently Said that it "Wasn't Clear" that Those Muslim Rapists in Cologne Had Done "Anything Wrong" and that it Was "Nuanced"

She evidently didn't see that footage of Middle-Eastern and North African men dragging that poor lady down into the subway or, you know, ALL OF THE REST OF THE DAMNED FOOTAGE.......That and the Young Turks wouldn't know nuance if it rained and sleeted the fucking shit. Morons.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Sexiest Woman Ever?

Yeah, I'm leaning strongly toward Susan Hayward. VERY STRONGLY. 

On the Fact that Donald Trump Is Now Saying that He WON'T Target the Families of Terrorists

Yeah, I'm gonna go with, way too little and much too late, on this one, folks..................................................................................................P.S. But let's not kid ourselves. FDR and Churchill (two of the left's primo darlings) ROUTINELY targeted not just families of soldiers BUT ENTIRE FUCKING TOWNS, CITIES, DISTRICTS, AND NEIGHBORHOODS (murdering hundreds of thousands in the process). Yeah, what Trump said was wrong but at least he.......

On Something Called "Trump University"

Yeah, it's right up there with Henny Youngman A&M and the Abbot and Costello Poly-Technic Institute.......A little more expensive, though.  

Thursday, March 3, 2016

On the Fact that (According to Mobile Loaves and Fishes Executive, Alan Graham) the City of Austin Texas Shut Down Several Street Vendors Because the Entrepreneurs Didn't Have a Driver's License for Their Tricycles and Quadcycles

Here is another perfect example of the government butt-fucking the little guy and making income inequality worse, not better. And where are the progressives on this, folks? Where in the hell are they?

On the Typical Comment Thread on Lisa's Blog (No Offense to Lisa Herself)

If a space alien came down and was only privy to that, he, she, or it would probably conclude that the human species was exclusively made up of racists and racial demagogues, and how fucking sad would that be, huh, folks?

On the Fact that Mrs. Clinton Is Now Referring to the FBI Probe Into Her Private Email Server as a "Security Review"

It depends on what your definition of security review is (to steal a Billism), I guess (nah, no focus-group shit going on here).

On the Fact that Senator Rubio's Recent Speeches Have Been Filled with Just as Much Vitriol and Invective as Anything that Trump Has Uttered of Late and if Anything He's Starting to Make Donald Look Quasi Presidential

Uncomfortable yet? I am.

On Donald Trump Versus Megyn Kelly, Round Two

Yeah, I'll be hiding under the covers, thank you (either that or watching Turner Classic Movies).

On the Fact that Harry Jaffa and Other Members of the Lincoln Cult Actually Believe that Clement Vallandigham Was Not Only Responsible for the New York City Race Riots (and, Please, Keep in Mind Here that the Man Was Living in Exile in Canada at the Time) but Was Also Advising Robert E. Lee on War Strategy

These people need to go on meds. They really do.............And I ask you again, can you imagine if Barack Obama or George Bush had deported Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich simply for criticizing American military policy? They would have been impeached and all of us know it.

On the Prospect of a Trump Versus Clinton Race this Fall

I'm taking a mental shower just thinking about it (an erratic ego-maniacal snake-oil salesman versus yet another lying piece of shit lawyer who may in fact be wearing a jump-suit by election time).

On the Harsh Fact that Whenever a Central Government Becomes the Sole Arbiter on the Limits of its Own Power it Inevitably Decides that There Aren't Any

Oh, how we consistently forget about this (while in walk the Roosevelts, the Bushes, Nixon, Wilson, etc.; taking our property, catapulting us into war, etc.).

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

On Donald Trump's Reticence to Release His Tax Returns

Everyone seems to have a theory. Mine (and I've thought this for a long time) is that the dude isn't anywhere as near as rich as he wants us to believe ( a billionaire, yes, but closer to 2 or 3 than 8 or 10) and that if he had to release his tax forms the charade would be over. I could be wrong of course but that's my hunch (the fact that a truly rich guy wouldn't have bragged about the paltry millions that NBC was paying him for "The Apprentice" being my most persuasive evidence).

On Philip Sheridan's Advice to the Prussians During the Franco-Prussian War Being that He "Would Leave Them Nothing but Their Eyes So They May Weep"

Anybody who claims to be surprised by this has probably only read court historians (the fact that Sheridan perpetrated countless war-crimes against Southern civilians and Native-Americans and was so tyrannical during Reconstruction that even an SOB like Andrew Johnson had to let him go). Gotta dig deeper, folks.   

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On the August 25th, 1863 Forced Expulsion of Over 20,000 People from Jackson, Cass, and Bates Counties Missouri, the Theft of All Their Possessions by Union Militia Members, and the Burning of Their Homes to the Ground - Quick Addendum

"Bare-footed and bare-headed women and children, stripped of every article of clothing except a scant covering for their bodies, were exposed to the heat of an August sun and compelled to struggle through the dust on foot. All their means of transportation had been seized by their spoilers, except an occasional dilapidated cart, or an old and superannuated horse, which were necessarily appropriated to the use of the aged and infirm.............IT IS WELL-KNOWN THAT MEN WERE SHOT DOWN IN THE VERY ACT OF OBEYING THE ORDER, and their wagons and effects seized by their murderers. Large trains of wagons, extending over the prairies for miles in length, and moving Kansas ward, were frightened with every description of household furniture and wearing apparel belonging to the exiled inhabitants. Dense clouds of smoke arising in every direction marked the conflagration of dwellings.......The banished inhabitants crowded by hundreds upon the banks of the Missouri River, and were indebted to the charity of benevolent steamboat conductors for transportation to places of safety." George C. Bingham, Unionist and Esteemed American Painter........................."Order No. 11 was the most drastic and repressive military measure directed against civilians by the Union Army during the Civil War. In fact, with the exception of the hysteria-motivated herding of Japanese-Americans into concentration camps during WW2, it stands as the harshest treatment ever imposed on United States citizens under the plea of military necessity in our nation's history." Albert Castel, American historian.............History is written by the victors and if you still need proof of it, damned if I can help you. 

On Donald Trump Saying the Other Day that He "Didn't Know About David Duke" - this, Despite the Fact that He Had Criticized Him in 1991 and 2000 and Had Just Disavowed Him One Day Earlier

So he was either lying or confused or both (and, yes, it is always difficult to tell with this guy). Me - I'm rolling with both.

On the Fact that the Ivy League Looks Back with Embarrassment at its Jewish Quotas of the 1930s (Which Limited the Number of Jews Accepted) but Are Apparently Doing the Same Thing Now with Asians -

How is this shit NOT racism? I mean, is it only racism when it involves black people? I certainly hope not.

On the Fact that (According to Conservative Writer, Ron Unz, and Echoed by Liberal Firebrand, Ralph Nader) Harvard Makes 25 Times More Money from its Endowment and Donations than it Does from Tuition and if They Really Wanted to Could Probably Make Tuition Free for Everyone (

So they're basically a hedge-fund company that dabbles in education, in other words?.......................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I understand that Harvard already IS free to a great many families (those making less than $65,000 a year) but there are others examples (a family in an expensive location such as Manhattan making $180,000, for example) in which the high cost of a Harvard education can virtually wipe a family out. Why not let them go for free, too? It's just a thought.