Thursday, December 31, 2015

On the Fact that (According to Time Magazine Opinion Writer, Simon Robinson) Black Unemployment in South Africa Skyrocketed 63% (from 19% All the Way to 31%) from 1994 to 2003

More of Saint Nelson's Legacy?

On the Fact that (According to the Esteemed Historian and Anti-Apartheid Activist, Hermann Giliomee), Black Life-Expectancy Went Up 61% Under Apartheid (from 38 Years in the 1940s to 61 years in the 1990s) and (According to the Journal of the Association of Black Nursing Faculty, March-April 2002) Has Actually Gone DOWN 15% (9 Years) Since the Beginning of Black Rule in 1994

Long live the ANC and short live their subjects, I guess.

On New Jersey's CRDA (the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority)

Yeah, this is a government agency that was essentially set up to syphon off taxpayer dollars and fork them over to various Casino interests and which frequently uses eminent domain to strong-arm citizens/home-owners into selling off their property. It's an incredibly corrupt and abusive way to go about governing (though, yes, one would be hard-pressed to point to another way) and what is especially loathsome about it is that in most instances these land-grabs are either unnecessary (huge lots already being available for developers) or result in zero development (the land is acquired just because they can). Just peachy, huh?

On the Fact that (According to the Daily Telegraph, April 2008) the White Population of Zimbabwe Has Plummeted by 93% Since the Early 1980s

And this (the loss of many of the country's most educated and talented people) has aided Zimbabwe how exactly?..............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, this white population loss has been even more pronounced in the agriculture sector (Rhodesia, for all of its warts and issues, was quite literally the bread-basket of Africa and now look at it) where the white-owned farm population has gone down by 96% (a combination of government redistribution policies and flat-out theft and terrorism; axe and machete wielding gangs who've threatened and assaulted white farmers, forcing them to vacate, ransacking their personal possessions, slaughtering their cattle, torching their crops, polluting the water, etc.). Nice, huh?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On the Fact that Moderate Muslims Such as Irshad Manji and Maajid Nawaz Receive Much More Negative Blowback from Associating with the Likes of Sam Harris and Douglas Murray than They Ever Would from Hanging Out with Terrorists and Suicide Bombers

Mecca, Medina, we have a problem.

On the Fact that Barack Obama, Alicia Keyes, and Halle Berry All Seem to Identify More with the Black Fathers Who Abandoned Them than with the White Mothers, Grandparents, etc. Who Raised Them

More chic (not to mention, political), I guess.

On the Fact that (According to Many Historians; Black, Davis, Beachey, and Toledana, to Name a Few) the Arab Slave Trade Both Predated and Postdated the Atlantic Slave Trade (to Which the Vast Majority of Those Slaves Went to South America and the Caribbean) and Easily Surpassed it in Terms of Cruelty

And yet only white Europeans and white Americans have been forced to expiate, apologize, and grovel 24/7. Fucking A, huh?...................................................................................................P.S. It also must be pointed out that there was a brutal and vibrant slave trade that took place in the interior of West Africa and that this existed well into the 19th Century AND that there still exists in Haiti a form of child slavery (the Retavek system) that keeps young kids in perpetual poverty and works them into near oblivion ( for additional context.

On North Carolina Having Treated its Bowl Match-Up Verses Baylor as a "Business Trip"

Maybe, but being that they gave up an NCAA record 645 yards rushing and lost by 11, they probably should have treated it as an athletic competition instead.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

On the Fact that Fox News Now Employs a Small Army of Neoconservative Bobble-Heads (Pete Hegseth Shown Below) and Rarely if Ever Delivers Push-Back (as Opposed to Their Noninterventionist Guests Who Consistently Get Challenged, Cut Off, etc.)

I think that I've been very fair to Fox and have actually gone as far as to commend them for their hiring of late; folks like Ed Henry, John Roberts, Maria Bartiromo, Howie Kurtz, etc. and for their bouncing of the moronic and tedious Sean Hannity from the 9 PM slot for the much more palatable Megyn Kelly. But now - the fact that the Charles Krauthammer, Marc Thiessen, and Pete Hegseth wing of that network has seemingly taken charge over there - let's just say that my viewership is the latest casualty. 

The Biggest Impediments to an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Accord?

a) A media which is completely controlled by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas and which only allows propaganda and b) an "educational" system in Gaza and the West Bank (also co-opted by the state) which specifies to children as young as five that they have to destroy Israel (and, yes, themselves, too, if necessary) because Allah wants them to.......Yeah, those are my top two.

Reverend Majed El Shafie (Co-Bounder of One Free World International and a Fellow Who Was Tortured and Sentenced to Death in Egypt Simply for Converting to Christianity) on the Difference Between a Nightmare and Existing in Israel

"You can wake up from a nightmare but you cannot wake up from a sea of enemies who desire to finish you."............Kind of hard for us to identify with, huh? At least for now.

Monday, December 28, 2015

On the Concept of Enforcing Gun Bans Via State-Sanctioned Weaponry

If you can't see the potential for tyranny with this, you haven't studied history.

On if Your Views Are Not on the Table to be Modified by a New and Reliable Chain of Reasoning and Evidence (Climate-Related Deaths Being Down 95%, Extreme Weather Events Not Having Gotten Worse or More Frequent, 73 of 75 Climate Models Having Been Way Off, Wind Turbines and Bio-Fuels Having Easily the Most Pitiful Power Density Figures of Any Current Energy Source, Atmospheric Temperatures Having Essentially Flat-Lined for Close to Two Decades, etc., etc.)

Succinctly put, you've stymied your learning, assumed true-believing status, risked looking like a tool, surrendered to authority, enabled the tyrannical.

On the Fact that the Israelis Completely Vacated Gaza in Late 2009, Leaving Behind a Fully Functioning Infrastructure (Part of Which Was a $14 Million Greenhouse Business) and the "Palestinians" Responded by Immediately Lobbing Thousands of Rockets into Israeli Cities, Bulldozing that Infrastructure (Including Homes and Offices), and Digging a Tunnel into Israel so Suicide Bombers Could Get There

I try very hard to be even-handed when it comes to Israel and the Arabs (I've consistently said, for example, that Netanyahu is full of shit when it comes to a nuclear Iran) but I just can't see how anyone can try and blame Israel for the mess in Gaza and say that "land for peace" is anything but pure bullshit. I can't. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

On the Fact that (According to Constitutional/Free Speech Scholar, Floyd Abrams, and an Exhaustive Study by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) 58% of Public Colleges and Universities in America Have Speech Codes that Are Flagrantly Unconstitutional

So, still don't think that political correctness is bald-faced tyranny?...Just wait, your time will come.

On the Fact that Miami Shores, Florida Passed an Ordinance Two Years Ago Which Made it Illegal for Property Owners to Grow a Vegetable Garden in THEIR OWN FRONT YARD (Fruit and Flowers You Are Allowed to Grow -

This is what happens when fascistic politicians have too much time on their hands. They go after not the big boys but folks like us (in this instance, people simply growing their own damned food).

The Incomparable Steven Pinker on the Importance of Free Speech

Pinker makes more intelligent comments in these 20 minutes than Bush and Obama have over the past 15 years of their moronic governing. Please, listen and enjoy (maybe take some notes, too).

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Complete and Unabridged List of Things that ISIS and al Qaeda Have Done that Muhammad Wouldn't Have


On the Fact that (According to Numerous Energy Experts; Vaclav Smil, Robert Bryce, Jesse Ausubel, Roger Pielke, Steve Goreham, etc.) Corn Ethanol Has a Power Density of 1/20th of a Watt per Square Meter and Has Significantly Increased the Cost of Food Worldwide

This is the type of idea that only a stupid and oily politician or paranoiac extremist environmentalist could have ever come up with and yet bullshit like this continues to makes its way to U.S. energy policy. How fucking sad, wasteful, embarrassing, etc..

On a Prospective Lakers Versus Quakers Series

Yeah, I'd pick the Quakers in 6 (the fact that the Lakers are 5-24 this season and probably not even that good).

On the Fact that Hamas Murdered Scores of Fatah Opposition in 2007 After the Elections There (Such that They Were) and Followed that Up with Summary Executions of Suspected Traitors (

Yeah, nobody gives a flying fuck 'cause it was Muslims killing Muslims without an Israeli in sight....Haven't you figured this out yet?

On the Fact that There Are Actually Streets in Durbin, South Africa Which Have Recently Been Renamed Che Guevara Road, Yasser Arafat Highway, and Fidel Castro Drive

While I understand that these are just names, the fact that they so exemplify the mindset of those (i.e., the ANC) who have literally, shamelessly, and moronically destroyed the country (the high crime rate, the corruption, an extremist affirmative action program that has literally smashed the infrastructure, a tanked economy, etc.) makes them more than just symbolic to me. Sorry but, yes.

Muhammad's Stark Message to Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Polytheists

Convert or pay the tax (while assuming dhimmi status). Pay the tax or perish............................................................................................P.S. While it is generally agreed upon by scholars that the first ten yeas or so of Mohammad's ministry was one of tolerance, it is also a consensus that during subsequent decades his philosophy (via additional revelation, I guess) went from one of tolerance to one of conquest and that his followers were all too willing to oblige (just ask the inhabitants of Jerusalem).

On the Fact that There Are Actually Several 5-7 Teams in Bowls this Year

Not content to just jump the shark (which it did many moons ago), the NCAA now seems bound and determined to jump the entire "Jaws" franchise.

Friday, December 25, 2015

On the Fact that the South African Man Who Most Consistently Looked to Western Canon for His Inspiration (Mangosuthu Buthelezi) Also Happened to Be the Man that that Same West Most Inexplicably Marginalized

Leave it to the self-flagellating West to turn on Buthelezi (a leader and gentleman who would literally fill up soccer stadiums) and instead embrace a murderous and corrupt bunch of communist thugs like the ANC....Thank you, politicians, the media, academia, bobble-heads, etc. for ruining yet another country. I hope that you're happy.

Ilana Mercer on Nelson Mandela's Admirers

" ex-Presidents, vacuous and egomaniacal politicians, starlets, coke-addled fashion models, intellectually challenged and morally strained musicians, the hollow international jet-set...."............Yeah, she nails it.

On the Fact that Conspiracy Theorist, Jim Fetzer, Thinks that the Sandy Hook, Charleston, Oregon, and San Bernardino Mass Shootings Were ALL Staged Events by the Government and that Nobody Really Died There

 Yeah, I gave him a Straight-Jackets R Us gift certificate for Christmas this year and really hope that he takes advantage of it (the fact that the government can't keep anything secret and so how in the hell could they keep a lid on something like this?).......................................................................................................P.S. He also thinks that we didn't go to the moon and that the present-day Paul McCartney isn't the original one - just for some context here.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

On the Fact that Former Colonies Such as Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan Are Doing Phenomenally Well While Countries Such as Afghanistan, Liberia, Tibet, and Nepal Which Were Never Colonized Are Still Performing Poorly

The fact of the matter is that those areas of Asia and Africa that had the most European contact are doing the best and those that aren't are doing poorly because of corruption, repression, and socialism. Period, end of report.

On My Fear that a Chris Christie Presidency Would a Essentially Be a George W. Bush Redo; Big Government Conservatism, A John Wayneesque Interventionist Foreign Policy, Blunt Talk, etc.

More unenthused I could not be (though, yes, there are handful worse than him; Cruz, Clinton, Huckabee, Sanders, Trump, Santorum, etc.). 

On the Distinction Made by Psychiatrists Between Psychopathic Killers Such as Caligula and the Hussein Sons and Purpose-Driven Killers Such as Genghis Khan and Napoleon

It's a distinction without a difference to the masses being smoked would be my guess.

On the Claim Made by Marxist Academics and Others that Colonial Britain (and, Believe Me, I Am No Fan of the British) "Plundered" Africa and Refused to Reinvest There

Objectively bullshit. As Harrison, Huntington, Mercer, and others have pointed out, practically the entire infrastructure of Africa (as it pertains to agriculture, mining, commerce, finance, industry, etc.) was built by colonial powers (most of Sub-Saharan Africa didn't even possess the wheel prior to European contact) with the lion-share of that being built by THE BRITISH!! An, while, yes, the period of colonization itself was often less than ideal (horrible in the case of the Belgians), even that period has been characterized by no less than Moeletsi Mbeki (brother of former South African President, Thabo Mbeki) as better than what exists today. So, yeah, maybe we all need to stop beating ourselves up and realize that the troubles in Africa have a hell of a lot more to do with tribalism, racism, horrible economic models, and a variety of repressive regimes that would have made Joe Stalin proud and much less to do with colonialism. Just a thought, folks. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On the Fact that a College Professor at San Houston State Censored Anti-Obama Sentiments on a Free-Speech Wall -

More baldfaced tyranny and how fucking in the tank can these morons get, for Christ?

On the Fact that Ayaan Hirsi Ali Requires Constant Protective Services Simply for Being Critical of a Delusional Power-Mongering Religious Prophet

That alone proves her assertion (that Islam is FAR from a religion of peace), I think.

On the Fact that Auburn University Forced a Student to Take Down a Ron Paul Banner from His Dorm Window While Simultaneously Allowing Obama Banners in Other Windows

  The tyranny on college campuses, while it obviously hasn't reached the level of Stalin's Russia or that of the Palestinians, is rapidly becoming one of the most disturbing trends in American society in that it is free speech which remains the major bulwark against this more virulent form of tyranny. And how are these students ever supposed to learn if we take away this basic right to challenge and conjecture (the same with societies as a whole; the ability to adapt and innovate)? It makes no sense.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On the Fact that the City of Pagedale Missouri Has Increased its Dispensing of Non-Traffic Related Tickets by a Whopping 495% Over the Past Four Years

It's ludicrous, fascistic, and unconstitutional. And if you think that I'm being hyperbolic, get a load of these "offenses"; parking a bike in your front yard, not having curtains on your windows, having a barbecue in your front yard, drinking a beer in your front yard, having an "inappropriate" screen door, not fixing a crack in your sidewalk, and having too many people in your backyard (too many in one family's case being three). And the most outrageous thing of all is that a significant number of the people being targeted are poor, black, and elderly. Thankfully we have an organization like the Institute for Justice (a LIBERTARIAN pro-bono legal team out of D.C.) that is holding these statist bastards' asses to the fire and the end of this tyranny may in fact be near (the court in Pagedale said that the cameras couldn't enter the proceedings even though legally cameras are allowed in Missouri - more tyranny) - may, being the operant word -

On Donald Trump Arguing (Against Neocon Buffoons Like Christie and Rubio) that We Should "Let Syria and ISIS Fight"

Yeah, I'm definitely with the Donald on this one, folks (the fact that allowing our enemies to slaughter each other is always a decent option). And that's the aggravating thing in that while the dude can obviously be a shithead at times, he's also capable of common sense and wouldn't it be nice if he showed us this side a bit more often? I'm just askin'.

On Shrieking Girl (that Moronic Yale Bimbo Who Was Evidently "Triggered" by a Handful of Lame Halloween Costumes and Who Took it Out on the Head Master While Acting Like a Fucking Lunatic)

  We are doing these CHILDREN (sometimes you gotta call it like it is) not a bit of good by tolerating this (the fact that the real world operates much differently) and if it was up to me I'd have suspended her ass on the spot. I mean, just listen to this idiot (I'm guessing that she's not a STEM major or she would have been studying instead of engaging in profanity-laced tirades)................................................................................................P.S. It's also been determined that she comes from a privileged background (Fairfield CT, a gorgeous home worth $760,000, etc.) and was a member of the committee which hired the head master (this after she bellowed out, "Who the fuck hired you!!? Fucking A, huh?

Monday, December 21, 2015

On the Fact that Chris Christie Has Said that He'd Be Willing to Shoot Down Russian Planes if They Ever Invaded His Proposed Syrian No-Fly Zone

I used to think that Christie was half-way decent. But if he's gonna go around spouting horseshit (i.e., neoconservatism on steroids) that even Dick Cheney probably wouldn't say, yeah, no...................................................................................P.S. And, yes, kudos to Rand Paul for hitting him on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper during the debate for saying it (SHOOTING DOWN RUSSIAN PLANES!!!).

On the Fact that (According to the Pew Research Center) in 20 of the 23 Predominately Muslim Countries Polled, More than 50% of the Men Stated that a Wife MUST Obey Her Husband

If I had told my wife that she MUST obey me, she would have face-planted my ass and the vast majority of men in our circle of friends would have cheered her on. If you want an actual war on women, folks, you just might want to turn to the Mediterranean and, please, knock off the damned hyperbole (Taliban Dan, a rape culture, etc., etc.).

On the Fact that a) Most Muslim Countries Treat Women the Same Way that Delusional Feminists Say that the West Treats Them and b) this Is Rarely Acknowledged by the Left

So an actual war on women and rape culture isn't important but a bogus, trumped-up one is. Just great (and by, "great", I of course mean outrageous, idiotic, and hypocritical)...............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, South Africa is majorly fucked up in this regard as well (

Sunday, December 20, 2015

On the Fact that it Was the Congressional Black Caucus Which Most Strenuously Advocated for Stronger Prison Sentences for Crack Cocaine (as Opposed to Powder Cocaine, the Fact that They Saw Crack as a Destructive Force in Their Communities, etc.)

And, so, yeah, ixnay on the racism charges.

On the Fact that the Left Loves to Criticize and Ridicule All Sorts of People; Fundamentalist Christians, Mormons, Tea-Partiers, Bankers, Scientologists, Folks Who Home-School Their Kids, etc. but When it Comes to Criticizing and Making Sport of Muslims (Believers in Some of the Most Buffoonish Things Imaginable and a Culture Which Represses Women and Murders Gays, "Infidels", etc.) THEY JUST CAN'T DO IT!!

I think that it has a lot to do with the fact that they tend to see the world strictly through this almost cartoonish repressor versus repressed prism and that it just never dawns on them that there are major-league assholes, evil, and significant stupidity amongst those who they see as "the repressed" (with white Europeans, Americans, and Israelis being responsible for everything that's bad in the world). It's kind of a racist sentiment if you think about it in that it a) strongly implies that Muslims (in this instance) are just too stupid and helpless to know any better and b) is therefore strictly up to white Europeans to facilitate a change....Oh well, I guess that the this whole obsessive-compulsive white European tendency for self-reflection and self-criticism can only go SO far. 

On the Concept of an Illiterate and Knuckle-Dragging Merchant Warlord/Pervert Communicating with the Divine and Transcribing it Perfectly

I consider myself to have an active imagination but even I couldn't come up with something that absurd.......Embarrassed to be human yet? 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

On Robert Mugabe's Political Opposition in Zimbabwe

Let's just put it this way. The luckier ones simply get kneecapped. 

On the Claim Made by the Center for Immigration Studies (an Admittedly Anti-Immigration Organization) that it Would Cost $128.7 Million to Resettle 10,000 Syrian Refugees in America but Only $10.6 Million to Resettle Them in Other Middle-Eastern Countries (1/12th the Cost, in Other Words)

Assuming that the numbers are correct (which may or may not be a wise option), I think that we may have stumbled upon the perfect compromise. a) We're helping the refugees. b) We're saving taxpayer bucks. c) We wouldn't have to worry about terrorist infiltration of the refugee population. And d) being that these other countries are much closer to Syria, the assimilation process should be significantly easier. I mean, yeah, Obama and the Democrats would have to wave bye-bye to a bunch of potential Democratic voters but that shouldn't be an overriding concern (to anyone who's name isn't Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, at least), correct?

On the Fact that (According to the L.A. Times, Keith B. Richburg's "Out of America", and Numerous Other Sources) the First Action of Robert Mugabe (Post-Election, 1980) as the President of Zimbabwe was to "eliminate" Over 10,000 Ndebele Civilians in Matabeleland in What Can Only Be Deciphered as a Barbarous Act of Retribution

Despicable, and the fact that the West chose to ignore this horrid body-count (which actually could have been much higher in that as Richburg has pointed out the Zimbabwean government simply stopped keeping track) well into the 1990s (the blood-thirsty bastard was actually knighted by the obviously inbred Queen Elizabeth in 1994 - KNIGHTED!!!) is an even more monstrous indictment, I think. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

So, Does a Trump Presidency Scare Me?

Of course it does. But does it scare me any more than a Cruz Presidency (if impudence was an art-form this fellow would be Mussorgsky), a Clinton Presidency (one of the idiots who thought that getting rid of Gadaffi was a great idea), a Sanders Presidency (not just a socialist but a dumb one), a Huckabee Presidency (a miscreant and a bible-thumping buffoon), a Graham Presidency (yep, he's still running, that moron), etc.? Not really, folks. Nope, they all pretty much scare me and, so, yeah, I'll be voting for Johnson again.

On the Fact that I Criticize Republicans More in One Week than Leftist Buffoons Like Octopus and Shaw Have Ever Criticized Democrats in Their Entire Overrated, Boring, Obnoxious, True-Believing, and Intellectually Dishonest Lives and Yet I'm I'm the One Who Gets Tarred as "a Right-Winger" and a "Shill"

Fuck 'em.......Oh, and, yeah, they're race-baiters, too.

"Wait til ISIS Gets a Load of Me, Folks"

What's he gonna do, sit on 'em?

The Biggest Body-Attack Yet to the Blowback Theory

Boy, do I miss this guy (not that I agreed with him 100%, mind you; the Iraq War, for example).

Ilana Mercer on Leftist Canadian Douche-Bag, Naomi Klein

"An oddball socialist scribe who, if she had been more discerning (i.e., intelligent - me editorializing/interpreting), would have credited (Nelson) Mandela for brilliantly re-branding socialism instead of criticizing the dude for not being leftist ENOUGH (Klein apparently having wanted Mandela to implement the ANC's off-the-charts radicalism of the 1950s)!!"......Yeah, that sounds like the drooling Klein for sure.

On Nelson Mandela's Opposition to George W. Bush's Iraq War

 While I obviously agree with him, the fact that the Mandela-orchestrated South African army (along with the SADC) had invaded Lesotho in 1998 leads me to think that this asshole probably isn't the world's premier spokesperson for non-interventionism. Sorry but no.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

On the Bullshit Student Protests at Yale, Mizzou, etc.

Kids will be kids and they always will be. My problem is with the adults (and, no, I'm not referring here to the leftist professors who, because they're so isolated, are still pampered children themselves and whose radical ideology has often planted the seeds of this idiocy) who simply sit there and take it and who never say, no. Those folks are a disgrace.

On the Fact that the Left Responds to ANY Criticism of Islam with Moral Equivalency and Endless Mentions of the Crusades (Never Minding the Fact that the Muslims Invaded Europe First), the Spanish Inquisition, Colonial Abuses (Never Minding the Fact that the Turks Were One of the Most Brutal Colonial Powers of All), Slavery (Never Minding the Fact that the Arab Slave Trade Was as Virulent and Expansive as it Gets), etc.

Political correctness run amok (the fact that these Islamists are insane and that a failure to recognize this is potentially dangerous)............................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I have no trouble conceding (or even arguing) the fact that U.S. foreign policy has unquestionably exacerbated the situation and that we need a thorough reexamination of it and quickly. But that's a different issue (walking and chewing gum at the same time evidently difficult for the left).

Sam Harris on Liberals and Isalm

They (the liberals) grade it (Islam) on a curve.............In a racist manner, in other words (the softer bigotry of low expectations).

On the Fact that North Carolina State Football Coach, Dave Doeren, Has Been Courting High School Superstar Defensive Tackle, Dexter Lawrence (Rated by Rivals as the Number 3 Player in the Country), So Strenuously and for So Long that His Wife Was Getting Envious Only to Have the Youngster Commit to Clemson Instead

Can you say, suicide alert?

On the Fact that 27% of British Muslims Recently Polled by the BBC Said that They Had Sympathy for the Charlie Hebdo Attackers

Scary and what's scarier still is the likelihood that that number is no doubt higher amongst the new wave of entries into Europe (that and the fact that an additional 10% were "undecided"). Political correctness, anyone?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

On Why I Don't Like Jennifer Lawrence

'Cause when everybody says one thing (to the point of forcing it down my throat), I say, "Take a hike, Jackie boy."......That, and with a meh body she's not even a good butterface.

On the Possibility that Cruz and Rubio MIGHT Be Worse than Trump

a) Trump had the good sense to see that Bush's Iraq War was a turkey right from the get. b) He seems to think that Ukraine is none of our damned business. And c) he also seems more than willing to let Russia and Iran do the heavy lifting in Syria and that another international civil war is not in America's best interests. Yes, the dude has a lot of warts in addition but at least he seems a wee-bit more cautious than some of these other neocon ramrods and for that I will give him SOME respect.

On 3-Time Oscar Nominee, Laura Linney

Smoking hot and boy does she ever look like Virginia Mayo.

On the Fact that (According to Economist, Steven Farron) Black-Owned Banks in the U.S. Direct a Considerably Smaller Proportion of Their Investment to Black-Owned Businesses, Neighborhoods, and Individuals than Do White-Owned Banks

Speechless doesn't even begin to cover it (the fact that black bankers are able/allowed to adequately ascertain risk but white bankers are seemingly much more constrained, yada yada) . Damn, huh?

On the Fact that 65% of Republicans Recently Polled Stated that Donald Trump Has the Right Temperament to Be President

While there are a lot other head-scratching polls out there (Republicans and the President's birth-certificate, Democrats and 9/11 being an inside-job, etc.), this one I'm especially savoring; Trump having the right temperament to be President. YOUZA!!

On the Fact that Bowe Bergdahl Is Now Facing a Possible Court Martial and Life Sentence

Yeah, I strongly suspect that there won't be any Rose Garden ceremonies for this one.

Honor and Distinction?

Yeah, the U.S. military begs to differ, it seems (the fact that he's being put on trial for desertion and facing a possible court martial).

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On the Assertion that Abe Lincoln Was de Facto Less of a Racist than Jefferson Davis

I don't have an absolute answer here. But the fact that a) Lincoln's '61 inaugural was basically a slavery in perpetuity speech (even going as far as to make nullification of the Fugitive Slave Act illegal), b) he never once opposed the virulently racist black codes of his own state of Illinois, and c) he was trying up til his dying breaths to figure out a way get black people out of the country (through "colonization" and as a contingency plan in lieu of emancipation) leads me to think that at the very minimum it's close.

On the Fact that Libertarians Embrace the Non-Aggression Principle While Progressives and Neocons Shit, Piss, and Vomit All Over it

Yeah, that's why I'm a libertarian (or at least libertarian leaning) and not one of the other two.

On Marco Rubio Stating in One of His Commercials that Terrorists Hate Us Because We "Let Women Drive"

I've been following Presidential politics for over 40 years and that is probably one of the least nuanced statements from a candidate that I've ever heard. I mean, yes, I understand that these people are nuts and that the blowback theory has often been overstated but, come on, for a Presidential candidate to dumb it down to that degree is just way too embarrassing.  

On the Fact that Lindsay Graham Is Still Gnawing at the Children's Table

The dude either has no pride or metaphysical pride. Not quite sure which.

On the Fact that Science Has Gone from a Dispassionate Search for Truth in Which the Evidence Is Questioned and the Conclusions Challenged and Reexamined to a Highly Politicized Endeavor in Which Skepticism Is Vilified, Numbers Have Been Played with, the Peer-Review Process Has Been Made a Mockery of, Cronyism on Steroids Has Emerged (Green Energy, Cap and Trade Schemes, etc.) and Lives Have Been Ruined

  Cataclysmic anthropogenic climate change (what was once called, global warming), 15th Century low power-density boondoggles (windmills clocking in a watt per square meter), the vilifying of one of the major building-blocks of life (carbon), the smearing of exceptional scientists such as Richard Lindzen, Judith Curry, Willie Soon, and Roy Spencer (mainly by intellectual lightweights; Salon, Desmog, etc.), idiotic claims that the "science is settled" and heinous scientific fraud (the hockey stick in which Michael Mann merged two distinct data-sets, the numerous fudgings of the data by James Hanson, etc.), ANYBODY? 

On the "Social Contract"

I don't seem to recollect ever signing that sucker.

Monday, December 14, 2015

For Erections Lasting More than Four Hours?

Yeah, this ought to do it.................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, it even works on blind fellows in that simply after an utterance or two (the voice combined with what she says), boom, gone.

On the Fact that Donald Rumsfeld Once Referred to the Iraq War as a "Last Resort War"

He either believed that BS (which would have made him a psychotic imbecile in that anyone with an IQ of 80 could have told him that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, wouldn't have ever given his WMD to terrorist schmucks, was essentially neutered by NATO, etc.) or didn't and tried to pull a fast one. Either way he's a fink and what's with 77 U.S. Senators falling in line with the guy? That's even scarier, I think.

On the Fact that There Are Still Folks Out There (Nancy Pelosi, Paul Krugman - He, of the Fake Alien Invasion, etc.) Trying to Convince Us that War and Natural Disasters Are Beneficial to the Economy

These folks are either morons or delusional (the fact that Frederic Bastiat totally eviscerated this stupid-assed theory over 150 years ago - the "Broken Window Fallacy", the fact that the Keynesians still can't point to a single real-world example of this BS ever having worked, etc.) and the fact that they still have an audience is incredible to me (though not entirely in that the average voter is as smart as a wet rag).

Sunday, December 13, 2015

On the Fact that in Present-Day South Africa, the Victim of a Home-Invasion Can Actually Be Held Liable for Murder if They Shoot the Perpetrator (as Stated in the Criminal Procedure Act)

Yeah, that's right, folks, before an individual can act in self-defense, it has to be established that his or her life was being threatened either through an attack that had started or one that was imminent ("South African Crime Quarterly" June 8th, 2004). What these folks are supposed to do in the mean time (while they wait to be shot and/or lunged at), they don't exactly say. Pray and mind-read, would be my guess.

On the Fact that (According to Historian, Tom Woods) Not Only Did Alexander Hamilton Vigorously Support the Alien and Sedition Acts, He Didn't Think that John Adams Enforced Them Enough and Was Actually in Favor of Additional Legislation that Would Have Restricted Free Speech Even More

And to think that there are still some people out there who consider this man, "a champion of liberty".................................................................................................P.S. And, please, keep in mind here that the fascistic Hamilton also supported protective tariffs (which severely harmed poor people), a central bank (central banking/the Fed having prompted some of the country's most severe economic downturns), internal improvements and subsidies for favored industries (making him the founding father of crony capitalism), "implied powers" (a concept that pretty much allows for any governmental caprice), a president and senators for life (kings and princes, in other words), and a national debt (which he referred to as the "national blessing" in that it opened the door for more taxation) - none of which even remotely promulgate liberty, and, so, no, no big surprise here.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

On Lincoln Equating "Departing from" with "Destroying"

Delusional, illogical, and right up there with his contention that the Union preceded the states and his absolute ignoring of the 9th and 10th Amendments (where one could quite readily assert the right to self-determination) and replacing them with one of his own.

On a Recent Egyptian Poll Which Stated that 64% of the Citizens There Supported the Death Penalty for Atheism

I suppose that in pointing this fact out I'm being Islamophobic. How did I guess?

On the Fact that if You Don't Secure Your (High Density) Energy from Under the Ground, You're Going to Have to Use Copious Amounts of Land (Have You Ever Witnessed Some of Those Wind and Solar Farms?) Above the Ground and/or Chop Down Trees Like They're Going Out of Style

And this fosters exactly?...................................................................................................P.S. And if you think that I'm blowing smoke here, I invite you, take a look at the aerial shots of the island, Hispaniola, and compare the brown as Smokey the Bear Haitian side with the green as can be Dominican side (the Dominicans being smart enough to use butane for cooking and not wood, charcoal, palm oil, etc.). That just might convince you.

Sarah Haider (from Ex-Muslims of North America) at the American Humanist Association's 74th Annuel Conference

Every leftist boob needs to listen to this.

On Reza Aslan's Claim that Female Genital Mutilation Is Primarily a Central African Problem and Not a Muslim Problem

Yeah, tell that to the young girls of Yemen, Egypt, Malaysia, and Indonesia ( I'm sure that they'd love to hear it.

On the Fact that UCLA Created a Bunch of Useless Majors (Such as "Critical Race Theory" and "Black Studies") in the 1990s

Yeah, it seemed to conveniently occur at around the same time that black affirmative action students started shitting the bed. So instead of having good degrees from Cal State Northridge or Cal State Fullerton, these kids had BS degrees from UCLA.......Great job, central planners, great job.

Friday, December 11, 2015

On the Fact that East-Asian-Americans and Ashkenazi Jews Continue to Dominate White Gentiles in Professions and Academic Areas Involving Mathematics

A systematic bias against white Christians? Or a cultural difference? And if it's a cultural difference, couldn't the same be said regarding blacks and the way that they lag behind not just whites and Asians but African immigrants, too?......I'm just asking here, folks (as a part of the President's conversation on race, let's say).

On the Claim Made by "South Africa Today" (Along with Journalists, Dan Roodt and Ilana Mercer) that One-Third of All Black Municipal Councilors Controlling Budgets in the Billions Are Illiterate

While I can't say for sure that this is wholly accurate, the fact that the country's infrastructure and basic services (including the electrical grid, hospitals, and refuse collection) are in total free-fall, I gotta think that it's in the ballpark.

On the Fact that Not a Single Affirmative Action Program in All of Human History Has Ever Ended Because of Success (and, Please, if You Know of One, Inform Me)

So, either affirmative action programs don't work (as Thomas Sowell, Stuart Taylor, and Richard Sander have asserted) or the government is so incompetent that they can't administer them (well, that and the fact that government programs never seem to go away in that the bureaucrats and special interests which benefit from them will never in a million years willingly relinquish their power). How pitiful.

On the Fact that James Madison (in "The Federalist Papers") Referred to "an Equal Division of Property" as an "Improper Wicked Project"

Feel free to dismiss him because he was a slaveholder, if so inclined, but just beware and, please, PLEASE, look around, for Christ (the fact that governments have slaughtered hundreds of millions of folks and have often cloaked this mass-murder with the finest of intentions and the sweetest of linguistic garb; progressivism, socialism, liberalism - which they stole from classical liberals, egalitarianism, etc.)!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

On the Fact that White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, Today Referred to the San Bernardino Terror Attacks as "Gun Violence" and Lamented the Fact that Honest Law-Abiding Citizens Were Purchasing Guns to Protect Themselves

This is one of the most agenda-driven administrations in history (and, trust me, I was no big fan of the previous one, either) and using their twisted logic 9/11 was "airplane violence".

The Emancipation Proclamation

What would be my answer to the question, "So, what in your opinion is the most cynical, overrated, and meaningless document ever offered by a western leader (the fact that only "freed" slaves that were held in rebel territory, the fact that it allowed slavery to continue in the northern and border states and even in union-held rebel territory, the fact that it allowed a continuance of slavery in the southern states if the southern states stopped rebelling and returned to the union, the fact that it was essentially a military document in that its primary purpose was to foster a slave rebellion, etc.)?"

On the Fact that Jimbo Fisher Is 68-13 in His First Six Years at FSU

That's impressive but what the boosters really like is the fact that he's 15-3 against Florida, Miami, and Clemson (FSU's three major rivals). That's where the rubber really hits the road.

On Fox News's Greg Gutfeld (Fox Now Apparently Being THE Neocon Network) Saying that if We Wanted to We Could Crush ISIS in 48 Hours

They only way that we could do that would be to drop an H-bomb; the fact that if we tried to engage them from the ground they would just filter into the civilian population which would then necessitate house to house combat, the fact that even if we were to defeat them rapidly it would obviously call for another lengthy occupation (this one potentially without the blessings of the Iraqis), etc.. I think that we just have to face it here that there is no simple solution and that maybe, just maybe, sitting back and letting the Iranians and Russians take the incoming for a while isn't the dumbest strategy (that along with strengthening our defenses - port and border security, for example - and intelligence, of course).

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

On Ben Bernanke in 2008 Telling the Congress that Unless We Bailed Out the Big Banks Another Great Depression Would Quickly Transpire

  Complete and absolute bullshit. a) Most lending in this country takes place outside the realm of Wall Street banks and banks in general (discussed at length in Tom Woods's "Meltdown"). b) Japan and Germany were essentially reduced to rubble during WW2 and within a couple of years (thanks to free market capitalism and NOT the Marshall Plan) both of these economies were percolating (Bernanke apparently thinking that the failure of a Wall Street bank is far more lethal than nuclear devastation and fire-bombing). And c) Governments don't have resources and so the only thing that a bailout does is shift the money from point A (which is probably sound) to point B (which obviously isn't sound).......I think that we just have to face it here that the modern economics profession is insane (save for the Austrians and a handful from the Chicago School) and what's even more frightening is that mindless politicians (Pelosi, Boehner, Lott, etc.) continue to lap this elixir up (not the least bit surprising in that cronyism surges through their veins) and think that they're accomplishing something.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

On the Fact that There's Never Been a Mass-Shooting at a Gun Show, NRA Meeting, or Tea-Party Rally

 Mass-killers may be crazy and they may be evil but they certainly aren't stupid.

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Is Attempting to Blame ISIS on (Man-Made) Climate Change

This man is either a bald-faced liar or an ignoramus beyond belief. As Roger Pielke has pointed out on numerous occasions (in his masterful book, "The Climate Fix", and during his Senate Testimony -, extreme weather events have not gotten a) more frequent, b) more extreme, or c) more damaging (climate deaths in fact have gone down by 95%!!). And it isn't just Pielke who's been saying this in that even the IPCC alarmists have conceded the fact. Hopefully the American public can see through this bullshit as well and ultimately realize that if schmucks like Sanders, Boxer, Gore, etc. could put a meter on your forehead and charge you for your breaths (especially if you possessed some coin), they'd do it before you could blink. Assholes.

Monday, December 7, 2015

On Guilt by Association

It's only something that imbeciles engage in, from my experience.

On the Fact that it Now Appears that the Murder of 9 Year-Old Tyshawn Lee Was a Retribution Gang Killing Against the Kid's Father

So this doesn't make the Black Lives Matter movement's radar but some high out of his mind knife-wielding lunatic breaking into cars and refusing multiple requests to get on the ground getting gunned down by a cop does? Yeah, I don't know about that (the hypocrisy, lack of perspective, etc.), folks.

On the Fact that (According to Harvard's Steven Pinker) War-Related Deaths Have Gone Down From 300 per 100,000 During the Peak of World War 2 to Under 1 per 100,000 Today

This is an astonishing fact and the reason for it is that warfare between countries has become exceedingly rare (in large part due to democratization, economic liberalization, trade, etc.). Yes, the world is still filled to the brim with civil wars (and the occasional international civil war - thank you, George Bush and Barack Obama) but these tend to be less severe and, while the media loves to play up every single conflict, the facts are significantly less dire than the wall-to-wall coverage, thank God.............Recommended reading - "The Better Angels of Our Nature" by Steven Pinker

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saturday, December 5, 2015

On the Fact that (Again, According to FBI Crime Statistics and Steven Pinker) the Homicide Rate in this Country Has Gone Down by Over 50% in Just the Past Two Decades

Two points a) You'd never know this by listening to the politicians and media and b) this decline has occurred simultaneously to a huge increase in gun ownership and right-to-carry laws and so, no, more guns has NOT correlated with more violence. Interesting.

On the Fact that (According to Researcher, Frederick R. Lynch) Prudential Used to Require that its Applicants Pass a 9th Grade Reading Test but Because Too Many Black Applicants Were Failing it Was Forced by the Courts to Ditch this Requirement

So, is this a part of "checking" one's "white privilege", too?............Seriously, though, can you even begin to imagine what John F. Kennedy (who never envisioned affirmative action like this EVER), Frederick Douglass, and Booker T. Washington would be thinking if they were alive to witness this? They'd be aghast, I think.

On the Fact that (According to the FBI's National Crime Victimization Survey and Harvard's Steven Pinker) Rape and Domestic Violence (Especially Against Women) Are Down by 75% and 70% Respectively Since Their Peak in the Mid-1970s

This is only surprising to the extent that the left and radical feminists have been trying to push their agenda. I mean, it only makes sense that as societies become more modernized, civilized, and interconnected, violence of all kinds will more than likely be reduced and that this is just one permutation -

Friday, December 4, 2015

On the "Risk" of Using Fossil Fuels

You think that that's risky, try the risk of NOT using 'em; walking to the emergency room while you're bleeding out (instead of using a gas-powered ambulance), only going to hospitals that are powered by solar-panels and windmills, attempting to make steel out of windmills when we only know that the opposite is possible, etc.. That'll teach ya'.

On the Length to Which Our Government Will Go to Pacify the Undifferentiated Masses by Mulcting the Few/Placate the Envious by Pilfering from Those Who They Envy

I guess that it depends upon who's in charge of that government. If it's Sanders, Frank, or Warren, we're probably talking Ron Jeremy length here with the Road to Serfdom rapidly morphing into a super-highway.

On the Fact that Corporate, Political, and Academic Elites Rarely if Ever Resist the Implementation of Race-Based Quotas

Yeah, it's all about not getting sued by government agencies, various minority pressure-groups, etc.. Pure cowardice, in other words.

On the Fact that in the Aftermath of the San Bernardino Terror Killings the President Immediately Went Into Gun-Control Mode

The dude's basically on automatic pilot at this point and more checked out he could not be.

On the Leftist Environmentalist Concept of Nature as Some Sort of Ansel Adams Photograph or Garden of Eden and Man as a Rousseauian Noble Savage Operating Blissfully as a Part of it

The idiocy of these folks is off the charts. As anybody with any sort of knowledge and common sense can inform you, human life prior to industrial civilization (which obviously includes the discovery and utilization of fossil fuels) wasn't just short and brutish, it was also completely and fully AT THE MERCY OF THE CLIMATE!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, that's right, folks, at the very same time that man has (potentially) altered the atmospheric CO2 levels from .027% to .039%, not only has global life expectancy more than doubled and the standard of living for a significant slice of the planet gone up exponentially, CLIMATE-RELATED DEATHS HAVE PLUMMETED BY OVER 95%!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, what's probably the most nauseating aspect of all is the fact that these same hooligans aren't just benefiting from civilization, fossil fuel use, mining (they evidently think that those cell-phones and kindles fall out of the sky), etc., they're making out like lottery winners and leaving some of the largest "carbon footprints" in human history (Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Cameron, etc.). Man, do I ever hate these folks.

On the Fact that (According to Economist/Historian, Tom Woods) Asian-Americans Are Approved for Mortgages at a Higher Rate than Whites

So, does this prove that there's a pervasive anti-white bias in lending and that we need to impose draconian remediation measures to correct this bias (and, yes, this is quite obviously a rhetorical question)?

On the Fact that Jason Riley and Heather MacDonald Have Diametrically Opposing Views on Immigration and Yet They Both Belong to the Manhattan Institute

Interesting and, yes, something (AKA, a diversity of opinion) that their intellectual cross-town brethren over at Columbia University just might want to emulate from time to time. My two cents worth.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

On Red-Haired, Green-Eyed, 50-Something Television Actress, Melinda McGraw

This chick is so smolderingly hot that I was even willing sit through episodes of "The Commsih" to scope her out.

On the Seemingly Bipartisan Mainstreaming of Drone Warfare

So, of all the possible issues to NOT have a vigorous debate about, the Democrats and Republicans selected this one; the targeting and assassination of "suspected" terrorists in multiple countries via remote control replete with massive destruction, civilian casualties, etc.?...Yeah, we have two major war parties, folks.

On the Fact that Cornell Law School Now Has a Higher Percentage of Graduates that Pass the Bar Exam on Their First Try (Almost 97%, Making Them Number One in New York State) than Columbia and NYU Law Schools Do - (

Go Red!! 

On the Fact that One of the Amenities of Brown University's "Safe Rooms" Is a Video Which Shows Frolicking Puppies

Note to the parents of these kids. You do realize, don't you, that you're basically driving a new Mercedes off the cliff every year by paying for this horse-shit and that unless the kid is majoring in science, medicine, or engineering it's probably all for naught? HELLO!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

On Charles Krauthammer (on Fox, of Course) Lionizing President Bush Senior for the Way that He Conducted the First Gulf War in 1990

He made some good points (the way that Bush assembled the coalition, for example) but what he left out (either intentionally or out of sheer ignorance) was the fact that the Bush administration all but waved Saddam Hussein into Kuwait and made it patently clear that we would NOT intervene in the event of war. So, while, yeah, he fought the war well, the fact that it never should have happened in the first place kind of obviates that, I think (though, yes, if my choice was strictly between Bush and Bush the elder, elder would still prevail).

On the Fact that the Two Largest Spending Reductions in U.S. History (in 1921 and 1945) Just So Happened to Coincide with the Two Fastest Economic Recoveries in U.S. History

Just another coincidence, I'm assuming..............................................................................................................Seriously, though, Keynesian economics is either the most unlucky philosophy on the globe or the purest of bullshit. Probably the latter.

On the Fact that (According to Boston University Economist, Laurence Kitlikoff - No Right-Winger) America's Unfunded Liabilities (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Veteran's Benefits, etc.) Aren't 70 or 80 Billion but Closer to 220 Billion (

Let me guess here. Tax the rich more?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

On the Fact that (According to the CDC) 1,000,000,000,000 Germs Can Survive in Just One Gram of Fecal Matter

This needs to be pasted on the wall of every hospital, convalescent home, and rehab facility on the planet (the fact that tens of thousands of people die every year from mostly preventable hospital infections).

On the Falling Out Between William F. Buckley and Murray Rothbard in the Late 1960s

Yeah, it was about Vietnam (Rothbard having the good sense to see the utter futility of the operation and Buckley not so much). What else?

On Hannity Referring to Newt Gingrich as a "Great Historian"

There are sliding scales and then there are SLIDING SCALES. This was a SLIDING SCALE........................................................................................................P.S. The truly great historians in my mind are people such as Charles Adams, Ralph Raico, and Robert Higgs in that they are the ones with no sacred cows and who challenge the standard government narrative, as we all should.

On the Fact that the Left Has No Problem Accepting the Theory (Even Embracing it) that Sin Taxes Reduce the Sinful Behavior but Won't Even Entertain the Possibility that Income Taxes (Especially at a Certain Level) Reduce Income

Not surprising in that intellectual honesty and logic have never been their strong suits.

On the Fact that the Central Kalahari Bushmen Have Been Barred by the Botswana Bantu from Claiming Their Ancestral Homeland

And the self-righteous indignation, hand-wringing, and international uproar pertaining to this is where exactly?............Seriously, though, I haven't heard this much echoing silence from the left since King Hussein (and NOT the Israelis) mowed down thousands and thousands of Palestinians during Black September (circa, 1970 to 1971).