Sunday, May 3, 2015

On the Radical Islamic Concept of Bringing Justice, Peace, and Happiness to All of Humanity Through Conquest, Subjugation, Etc.

While I understand that Christianity has had a sordid, violent, and contradictory history as well, we're kind of in the 21st Century now and wouldn't it be awesome if some of these assholes eventually got the message?


dmarks said...

Islam, like Christianity, is a personal choice and has no place in government.

While I have some problems with the law (it needs to be complete), I have no problem in general wit the law in Oklahoma which prevents the government from forcing "Shariah" law on everyone. It has no place in government.

Rational Nation USA said...

Neither does Christianity, or any other religion as you say. That us why Oklahoma should spell it out for all if it spells it out for one.

Fear doth create sinister plots.

dmarks said...

True, that would make the law better, Les. Honestly.