Sunday, December 31, 2017

On the Fact that the Environmentalist Nut-Job, Paul Ehrlich, Stated In 1970 that from 1980 to 1989, 4,000,000,000 Folks (Including 65,000,000 Americans) Would Starve to Death Because Food Production Wouldn't Keep Up with Population Growth (He Referred to it as the "Great Die-Off")

Every fucking doomsday scenario that these imbeciles (Ehrlich, Holdren, Hanson, McKibben, Gore, etc.) have tried to force-feed the American public has been spectacularly wrong and the fact that we still have brain disordered politicians like Barbara Boxer and Sheldon Whitehouse continuing to give them the time of day and providing them with a forum is outrageous. I'm sorry but it is.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

On the SJW Concept of a Black Santa

Well, being that Santa is a by-product of European folk-lore, yeah, maybe not.............And have you noticed that these schmucks never want a black Grinch or a black Ebeneezer Scrooge? ONLY FUCKING SANTA!!

On the Claim by "Mother Jones" and "Newsweek" that White Men Perpetrate Most of the Mass Shootings In the U.S. ("Most" Meaning 54%)

Yeah, they were able to arrive at this piece of data (a conclusion that they obviously wanted) by conveniently excluding murders brought about through armed robberies and gang-oriented slayings (in that that would have skewed the data more towards black men) BUT EVEN OF YOU ACCEPT THEIR DATA, being that whites are the largest segment of the population, you would probably expect them to do the most of a whole lot of shit (drink more beer, watch more football, whatever!!), and AND if you look at the number of white mass shooters and compare them to the overall percentage of whites in the population (again, using THEIR statistics), whites commit disproportionately FEWER mass murders (a stat that's made even prominent by the fact that "Mother Jones" and "Newsweek" took their analysis all the way back to 1982 when whites were an even bigger percentage of the population than they are today).......Oh well, give 'em points for trying, I guess.

On the French and British "Logic" (Post WW1) Which Stated that it Was OK for the Czech Population of Austria-Hungary to Secede from Austria-Hungary but Not OK for the German Population of the Sudetenland to Secede from Czechoslovakia

There wasn't anything logical about a damn thing that France or England did before, during, or after WW1. Whether it be their secret alliance leading up to the war, the way that they served up their troops as disposable dish-rags in battle after batter, or their punitive treatment of Germany through the Treaty of Versailles, it was ALL lunacy and, so, no, there wasn't anything even remotely logical about this action as well. Nada.  

Friday, December 29, 2017

On the Fact that it's Perfectly Acceptable for Me to Criticize Henry James's "The Wings of the Dove", Andre Malraux's "Man's Fate", and Graham Greene's "The Power and the Glory" but Not the Damned Koran

It almost makes me want to publish a cartoon.......Almost (self-preservation still being of the utmost matter). 

On the Distinct Likelihood that the U.S.A Will Be Majority Hispanic by 2050

So, we'll become Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Belize, Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru, in other words.......Okey dokey (the one positive being that "we" probably won't be so politically correct when it comes to Islam).

Thursday, December 28, 2017

In the Fact that the Deposing of Relatively Secular Muslim Leaders and the Destroying of Relatively Stable Muslim Countries Has Essentially Become a Cottage Industry for the U.S. Government and it Doesn't Seem to Matter Whether There's a Democrat or Republican In Charge

And next (per the usual marching-orders from Israel and Saudi Arabia) in the crosshairs is Syria (who thankfully has been able to withstand our bullshit policy of arming yet another blood-thirsty, knuckle-dragging rebel group), with Iran clearly in the batter's-box. Yikes, huh?

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

On Michelle Obama's Tendency to Whisper In Her Husband's Ear While They're Slow Dancing

Probably mansplaining something important to the bitch, would be my guess (and, yes, it's a damned joke; the fact that there are some yahoos out there who seem to believe that Michelle is a tranny and that Barack is gay).

On the Fact that David Seaman (a YouTuber with Over 150,000 Subscriptions) Has Made Numerous Videos In Which He Has Pointedly Accused John Podesta of Raping Little Children and as of Yet Podesta Hasn't Sued the Dude

Perhaps Mr. Podesta simply doesn't want to deal with it (and trust me here, Mr. Seaman is far from the only person who's making these charges), sees it as "punching down", etc., but my suspicion is that he's more than likely attempting to avoid discovery and that he doesn't have any credible explanations for "playing dominoes on cheese or pizza", "a handkerchief with a pizza-related map on it", or why the White House would order $65,000 worth of pizza and hot dogs from Chicago when everybody with a pulse knows that all food eaten at the White House is prepared at the White House, etc........And, come on, would that be a entertaining trial to watch? 

On Rick Santorum Proclaiming that Trump "Is Not a Complex Man"

It takes one to know one is the upshot that I'm perceiving here (the fact that Santorum is a seamless mixture of Bible-thumping buffoon and fallback neoconservative a-hole who you can tell what he's going to say about any subject way before he opens his damned pie-hole).

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

On the Fact that Female Genital Mutilation Is Rarely if Ever Prosecuted In England -

That's not multiculturalism but rather multilegalism, and I cannot for the life of me see how any society can function under such a corrupt and moronic system. Stay tuned, I guess.

On the Massive Likelihood that Europe Will Descend Into Civil War Within a Few Generations

Yeah, I think that once the rubber hits the road and these leftists have to live under Sharia law (the delusion of these Muslim immigrants magically becoming Westerners and embracing our values predictably shitting the bed by then) they'll finally get red-pilled and fight back. Hopefully it won't be too late (the fact that the birth rate of Muslims in Europe is more than double that of the native population and when you couple that with the right rates of polygamy and immigration, youza!) .

Monday, December 25, 2017

On the Fact that Those Mouth-Breathers at Rolling Stone Gave Joni Mitchell's Revolutionary 1975 Album, "The Hissing of Summer Lawns", Two Measly Stars

Me, I would have given it three stars just for that picture of Joni swimming in a bikini (that along with a slew of tasty songs), possibly four.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

On the Fact that the Austrian Public (Post WW1) Voted Almost Unanimously to Join Germany but Were Forbidden from Doing so by the Victorious Allies On the Flimsy Grounds that it Would Strengthen Germany

So kinda' like Czechoslovakia was strengthened by the addition of the Sudetenland............or like Italy was strengthened by the addition of the Brenner Pass............or like Poland was strengthened by the creation of the Polish Corridor leading to Danzig............or like Lithuania was strengthened by the addition of Memel............or like England and France were strengthened by the addition of Germany's African and Pacific colonies?......O.K., I get it now.......and so much for "self-determination. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

On the Fact that the Only Time that Trump Got Any Sort of Decent Coverage from the Legacy Media Was When the Dude Dropped Those Daisy Cutters On Syria

Yeah, I'm beginning to think that the media enjoys war almost as much as the neocons and the Clinton Democrats do. Frightening, huh? 

On the Fact that Harvey Weinstein's Soon to Be Ex-Wife, Georgina Chapman, Is Sickeningly Hot

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ would be my guess (that or he's hung like Shaq).

On the Bizarre Claim by Lincoln High-Priestess, Doris Kearns Goodwin, that Mr. Lincoln's Support of the Corwin Amendment (an Act that Had it Passed Would Have Legalized Slavery In Perpetuity) Was Actually a Noble Thing In that it Unified the Republican Party

I don't know about you but I can't digest but a paragraph or two of this court historian shit without later having to take a long shower. THAT BAD it has gotten. 

On the Fact that In 1992, Benjamin Netanyahu Claimed that Iran Was 2 to 5 Years Away from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons............and In 1995 He Said the SAME EXACT THING!!!

The guy's a piece of shit and heaven forbid that an individual like this ever change his world views even an inch in the face of such bogus that that would completely destroy his pretext for war. To hell with him.

Friday, December 22, 2017

On the Fact that the U.S. Government Sentenced Eugene V. Debs to a Decade In a Federal Penitentiary (Circa 1918) Simply for Condemning Wilson's Moronic and Unnecessary War at One of His Rallies (In Which There Was No Call to Violence and None Materializing)

I'm just gonna say it straight up. America under Woodrow Wilson was essentially a country under lock-down (with Debs hardly being the only person locked up for "wrong think") and we must never, ever, return to such a fascistic period again. NEVER!...............................................................................................P.S. It also must be pointed out that when Debs's case reached the Supreme Court (spearheaded by the much heralded liberal justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.), HE LOST! Yeah, that's right, the Supreme Court seemingly couldn't find anything in the Constitution which prohibited the government from rounding people up simply for voicing their opinions, having them rot in prison as a punishment, etc.. Unbelievable, huh?

On President Trump's Love Affair with "Fox and Friends"

I don't like it any more than I do the insanely critical coverage that the other networks consistently churn out AGAINST the guy. It's all bullshit and the American citizens deserve much better (or maybe not - the average U.S. voter being less astute than a shitake mushroom and so maybe we deserve what we get; the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, and Trumps of the planet).

Thursday, December 21, 2017

On Meryl Streep's Claim that She Didn't Know Anything About Harvey Weinstein's Disgusting (and Potentially Criminal) Behavior with Women

Well the bitch certainly knew about Roman Polanski and that didn't stop her from giving that vile pig a standing ovation.......Sorry but, yeah, color me skeptical.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Professor Edward Smith from American University) "Blacks Could Have Escaped to Nearby Union Lines (During the Civil War) but Few Chose to Do so and Instead Remained at Home and Became the Most Essential Element to the Southern Infrastructure to Resisting Northern Invasion"

When will politicians ever learn that people simply don't like being invaded, occupied, aggressed upon, etc.? I  mean, the Civil War should have been the ultimate wake-up call on this and yet it was just the fucking warm-up. How sad.............Oh, and Professor Smith, he's black.......For the record.

On the Fact that (According to UMass Historian, Barbara Krauthamer) a) the Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Cherokee Indian Tribes Held Thousands of Black Slaves and b) this Practice Continued Even After the Civil War

Yer another fact that the court historians have glossed over in that it doesn't fit their narrative (namely, that only white Europeans engaged in such disturbing practices and that only they were the oppressors)............................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, if there ever was a situation that challenged the left's insane intersectionality pretzel, this would probably be the one. Big time. 

On the Fact that Cops Killed 500 White People In 2015 and I'll Wager that You Can't Name a Single One

You can't, can you?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

On What the SJW Dolts In the German Government Will Do if Thousands of These Muslim Immigrants to Their Country Start Tweeting and Facebooking that the Holocaust Never Happened

I have no idea and strongly suspect that neither do they (wisdom and foresight clearly not being amongst their strengths - though, yes, they had better come up with a plan in that something plainly will have to give here).

Monday, December 18, 2017

On the Fact that the Terrorists In Many of Today's Hollywood Films Tend to Be Serbs, Russians, Redneck Americans, etc. and Rarely if Ever Muslims

So much for realism in modern-day cinema.........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, this totally reminds me of what they do in England in terms of reporting on crime; saying that the perpetrator was an "Asian" when anyone with half a brain knows that the dude wasn't Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, or even Indian but rather Pakistani, Afghani, Iranian, etc., again, so as to not offend Islam.

On the Fact that Numerous Authorities In England Knew About the Pakistani Rape Gangs In Rotherham and Did Nothing to Address it Because They Thought that to Do so Would Damage "Social Cohesion" -

As opposed to 1,400 young girls (some as young as 7) getting groomed and sexually violated by a cadre of disgusting barbarians which was soooooooooooooooooo good for cohesion, I guess.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

On the Fact that Even Churchill Admitted that Britain's Hunger-Blockade of Germany During and Even After WW1 Was to, "Starve the Whole Population - Men, Women, and Children, Old and Young, Wounded and Sound - Into Submission"

Yeah, this was a part of England's preposterous and unilateral amendment to the Declaration of London which cited food (yes, food!!!) as a subset of contraband (the fact that it might end up in the bellies of German soldiers being the perverse and barbarous rationale).......So, ya' still think that the British were the good guys?

On the Claim by Politicians Like Abe Lincoln and Dick Cheney that God Instructed Them to Go to War

Well being that God himself is probably the biggest mass murderer in history, it's almost plausible, now isn't it?

Saturday, December 16, 2017

On the Fact that the Democratic Party Has Gone from the Party of Grover Cleveland, Al Smith, William Jennings Bryan, Jack and Bobby Kennedy, Martin Dies, Ed Koch, Richard Daley, William Proxmire, etc. to a Party that Just Came Within a Particle of Nominating a Crackpot Socialist to Be its Presidential Candidate

People sometimes ask me why I've been so much harder on the Democrats of late (I'm not entirely certain that that's been the case in that I hammer the neocons on a fairly regular basis as well, but for the sake of argument......) and I suspect that it comes down to two issues; a) the fact that the left has gone fully off the deep-end (their opposition to free speech, propensity to violence, insanity regarding gender, etc.) and b) the fact that I once was a Democrat myself (for 30 years!!) and have taken it quite personally, this rapid and embarrassing descent. Hopefully the trajectory changes but at this point, who the fuck knows.

On the Fact that Even Though the Mexican Government Immediately Released the Detained Sailors and Provided a Full-Throated Apology, the Wilson Administration Refused to Let a Sleeping-Dog Lie and Demanded a 21 Gun Salute, and When the Mexicans Refused, Ordered a Military Invasion of Tampico and Vera Cruz, the Final Tally Being 126 Dead Mexicans and 19 Dead Americans

And this from a dude who signed the the Pan-American Act; a bill that guaranteed "territorial integrity and political independence" to all of the signatories, Mexico included. Nice, huh?....................................................................................................P.S. And let us not forget either that Wilson also interfered in the affairs of Haiti, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, a record that puts him right up there with McKinley, the two Roosevelts, LBJ, Nixon, and the two Bushes when it comes to idiotic interventions. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Philosopher of Scientist, David Berlinski) for a Cow to Evolve Into a Whale (for Example), There Would Literally Have to Be Tens of Thousands of Various Mutations, All of Them Positive and All of Them Working In Coordination with Each Other

Yeah, that's a tall order and, while, yes, I still tend to believe in evolution (it's one selling-point being time, 4,000,000,000 years of it), it is far from the slam-dunk that it used to be, at least for me.

On Colonel House's Ludicrous Claim that England's Hunger Blockade of Germany During and Even After WW1 Was Not an Objectionable War Policy In that it Was "Controlled by a Democracy

Again, this whole preposterous notion that if people vote on something (even if it is unconscionable) it magically becomes a moral action is so far beyond the pale that you'd either have to be a psychopath or an dullard (i.e., a Dick Cheney or an Ed House) to embrace it.......and yet it remains an axiom with some people (let's just call them the extremists in both parties). Pretty damn scary, huh?   

Thursday, December 14, 2017

On the Fact that (According to the Encyclopedia of Stateless Nations) There Are Approximately 350 Stateless Peoples In the World, Many of Whom Have a Longer Identity and a Larger Population than the Modern-Day Palestinians

And when was the last time that any of these groups got any sympathy from the media, academia, etc.?......A long, long time ago, would be my guess.

On the Fact that Theo van Gogh's Last Words Prior to Some Neanderthalish Islamic Terrorist Decapitating Him Were, "Can We Talk About this?"

And just take a guess what the answer was.......Yeah, no (and all over a fucking cartoon, too).

On the Fact that One of the Lines that Gabrielle Union Was Forced to Say In Her Embarrassingly Stupid BET Show, "Being Mary Jane", Was this Shakespearean Caliber Line; "I Need Black Love" (She Said it to Her White Boyfriend Just Prior to Dumping the Bloke)

Can you imagine if the roles had been reversed and the white guy had said to the black chick, "I need white love"? I can, and it would have been all fucking hell breaking loose. I mean, just look at what happened to Hulk Hogan......and his was a fucking private conversation!! Black love? Sure, go knock yourself out, lady.

On the Never-Ending Leftist Quest for Equality

Yeah, maybe they should look to Stalin's Ukrainian peasants for inspiration in that they were very equal. Granted the Commies had to murder all of the Kulaks (the more productive, slightly better off peasants) in an effort to achieve this equality, a policy that resulted in the famine deaths of millions......but, hey, at least they were equal.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

On the Fact that In 2016, a Young Man Was Gunned Down by Some Asshole Cop In Arizona Because a Few People Saw Him Holding a BB Gun and Thought that it Was a "Real" Gun

    Sounds a lot like Tamir Rice, huh?......Only one difference and, please, allow Mr. Shapiro to explain.

On the Fact that England Is Actually Arresting Folks for "Misgendering"

    And please keep in mind that these are the same assholes who allowed Pakistani rape gangs to molest 1,400 young girls in Rotherham because they didn't want to be perceived as bigoted. Priorities, yeah, not so much.

On the Fact that the Odious One, Mark Levin (a Neocon Knucklehead Who Turned the Slandering of Ron Paul Into a Cottage Industry), Is Apparently Joining the Fox News Lineup Next Year

And then they wonder why people are cancelling cable. The idiots.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

On the Fact that Those "Moderate Rebels" that John McCain Had His Photo-Op with In Syria Were In Reality the Northern Storm Brigade, a Piece-of-Shit Terrorist Group that Had Already Assisted al Qaeda Kingpin, Zarqawi, During His Murderous Stint In Iraq

The only defense that McCain has here to ward off a charge of treason is sheer stupidity (kind of like Hillary and her unencrypted emails), 'cause nothing else cuts it, people. NOTHING!!    

On the Fact that Trump Has Apparently Decided to Pull a Bush/Obama and Surge YET AGAIN in Afghanistan

Haven't blown up enough sheep yet (never mind, sheepherders), I guess.......So much for Trump distancing himself from the neocons.

On a Recent News Article Which Claims that President Trump Watches 4 to 8 Hours of TV Every Day

Well he did say (when asked where he receives his foreign policy information) that he enjoyed watching "the shows" ("Fox and Friends", "Morning Joe", "Quickdraw McGraw"), correct?

Monday, December 11, 2017

On the Notion that it's Imperative to Criticize White Nationalists but Somehow Not Antifa Schmucks (a Slantheaded Group that Perpetrates Violence On Anyone Who Disagrees with Them, Consistently Attacks Free Speech, and Actually Carries Hammer and Sickle Flags with Them Half the Time)

Like I said in another post, the KKK (who I do not defend and never will) lynched about 4,400 people (27% of whom were white) over a 70 year period, which was awful, but when you compare it to the over 100,000,000 that the Communists butchered in approximately the same time-frame, yeah, I really think that we need to vilify both groups, thank you.

On the Fact that if the Federal Reserve Had Simply Allowed Interest Rates to Gravitate to Their Natural Levels In the 2000s (In the 3 to 5% Range), THERE WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN A HOUSING BUBBLE OR A SUBPRIME MORTGAGE CRISIS

So logical, unimpeachable, and easy to grasp......and yet you can count the number of politicians who think in this manner on one hand (the fact that they're making the same idiotic, demand-push arguments that paved the way for that downfall). Something in the water, I guess.

On the Fact that French Soldiers Had Two Options During WW1; Obey Orders and Commit Suicide by Charging Headfirst Into German Fire or Disobey Orders and Hang by the Neck at a Later Date

And all over some stupid-assed war that either should have never been fought or confined to a regional conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. Way to go, guys (and, yes, I blame everyone; Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, and the Serbs for starting it and France, Italy, Turkey, Britain, and the U.S. for joining in the madness).

Sunday, December 10, 2017

On the Fact that the Allies Learned a Great Deal About Nazi Germany When the Brits Finally Broke the Enigma Code

And you know what they didn't learn? They didn't learn that Jews were being gassed by the millions in those concentration camps, or even that there were gassings at all (and they clearly would have because amongst the communications that were being intercepted were the daily death reports from the camps to the military brass in Berlin; the causes being disease, hangings, and shootings). So, yeah, in addition to there being no paper-trail pertaining to the Holocaust, there isn't an oral record, either.......Hmm, it must have been ESP.

On the Fact that There Were Over 9,000 Cases of Female Genital Mutilation In England In 2016 -

Damn those Episcopalians (and possibly a few Muslims).

Saturday, December 9, 2017

On the Fact that the New Audi S7s Are Currently Clocking In at About $84,000

It's a nice car but me, I'd probably purchase a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry and pocket the balance. Ca-ching, ca-ching.

On the Distinct Likelihood that British Prime Minister, Theresa May, Has Never Read so Much as a Sentence of the Koran and Has Instead Simply Decided to Go with the Flow and Parrot the SJW Bullshit Line About Islam Being a Religion of Peace (Instead of What it Truly Is; a Supremacist Faith that Wishes to Impose Sharia on the World)

While I've never been a big Churchill admirer (the dude's hunger blockade of Germany during and even after WW1 and his terror bombing of civilian neighborhoods during WW2 are two of the most horrific war crimes in modern history), at least the guy recognized that Islam isn't just a ludicrous ideology but a dangerous one as well.......Theresa May, yeah, not so much. 

On the Fact that There Is Nothing More Dangerous to a Free Society than a Weak Man (Lee Harvey Oswald and David Koresh Rapidly Come to Mind) and Unfortunately the U.S. Is Churning Them Out at Breakneck Speed These Days

Thank you America's higher-learning institutions (AKA indoctrination gulags), turning out one spineless, self-hating jellyfish after another who now think that men are exactly like women except for a few minor considerations (you know, like our entire fucking anatomy!!), that terrorists are actually the "oppressed", that all cultures are equal, that masculinity is "toxic", etc., etc. Great job!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

On the Serbian Military Coup of June, 1903

It was one of the most savage in modern European history but the most tragic element was that it replaced a relatively pro-Austrian regime with a virulently hostile and pro-Russian cabal that heightened tensions in the Balkans to a level where Austria-Hungary and Germany literally felt surrounded (by England in the North Sea, by France to the West, by Russia to the East,and by Serbia to the South).......And we all know how that turned out...............................................................................................P.S. And, no, this is not in any way meant to exonerate Austria-Hungary and Germany from the cataclysm that followed in that they certainly played a huge role......but, I'm sorry, when you examine the fact that a) Josef and Ferdinand had prior to the war made serious proposals to the Bosnians, Herzegovinians, etc. and b) the Serbs themselves had been harboring imperialist notions of their own, let's just say that there was sufficient blame to go around.

On the Fact that While the South African Government Can't Have the Killing of Whites as Their Official Policy, What They Can Do Very Easily Is a) Turn a Blind-Eye to the Slaughter-Fest, b) Neuter and Outlaw the Commando System, c) Reduce the Number of Police In White Neighborhoods, d) Limit Gun Ownership Among Whites, and e) Jettison the Castle Doctrine (Now a White Person Literally Has to Be Attacked Before He or She Has the Option to Engage In Self-Defense)

That's why folks are referring to it as a "slow-burn genocide" (people such as Dan Roodt and Ilana Mercer).......For now.......For now.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

On the Fact that the Political Class and Media Seems Much Concerned About the Disgusting Behavior of Slantheads Like Roy Moore and Al Franken than They Are by the Genocidal Policy Directed at Yemen (Which Has Included a Food Blockade and the Total Destruction of the Country's Infrastructure) of the U.S. and Saudi Axis of Evil

My suspicion is that it has a lot to do with the fact that the latter has Hillary's and Obama's fingerprints all over it and that if they did cover it it would show the country that these leftists are just as war-mongering as the neocons (assholes like McCain and Graham).......And we cannot have that apparently.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

On the Fact that 99% of the Adults In America Are Unfamiliar with the Mayan Genocide that Took Place In Guatemala (In Which Tens of Thousands of Indigenous People Were Brutally Slaughtered by the Government and Local Militias) In the Early 1980s

Probably because there aren't a plethora of Mayan film moguls in Hollywood churning out movie after another about it like a certain other/more famous genocide.......If you're catching my drift.

On the Fact that When You Consider the Current Rate of Immigration and Combine it with the Birth Rates of These Migrants, Europe Will Undoubtedly Become a Majority Muslim Continent Within Two to Three Generations

And this was the whole point in my estimation. Flood these countries and take them over like they did in Constantinople, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Bethlehem, etc. and like they tried to do in Spain, France, Austria, etc........Of course if you don't believe me, just listen to their firebrand leaders in that they spell it right out for you (

Monday, December 4, 2017

On the Claim by Some that In the Middle of a National Crisis, Necessity Sometimes Overrides Law and the Executive Branch Can Do as it Pleases to Maintain Social Order, etc. (Including but Not Limited to Interference with the Other Two Branches and the Assuming of Powers Nowhere Mentioned In the Constitution)

Total bullshit in that as the esteemed historian, Clinton Rossiter, first pointed out decades ago, "The Constitution looks to the maintenance of the pattern of regular government in even the most strident of crisis." Of course being that we've had Republicans such as Lincoln, TR, Nixon, and the two Bushes and Democrats such as Wilson, FDR, LBJ, and Obama who have so repeatedly decided to eschew the Constitution, it only looks good on paper, I guess.

On the Fact that Eastern European Countries Like Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic Seem Very Hesitant to Bring In a Boatload of Muslim Immigrants

Maybe it's because they have a fresher recollection of what it's like to live under totalitarianism and being that Islam is a wicked and totalitarian ideology (as opposed to simply a religion), they are more than willing to take a pass on this "experiment". That would be my guess anyway.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

On Susan Sarandon Having the Audacity to Proffer the Obvious (i.e., that Hillary Clinton Is a Worthless, Corrupt, and War-Mongering Corporatist Swine) Only to Get Shamed Mercilessly by Her Fellow Hollywood Leftists

I don't agree with Sarandon on much (the woman voted for Jill Stein, a woman whose policies if we adapted them would result in the deaths of millions worldwide) but the fact that she had the balls to stare Satan in the eye and not blink, major props to the gal.

On the Fact that Even Though the Only True and Legitimate Reason for Waging War Is to Defend One's Homes, Churches, Graveyards, etc., from an Invading Force, the U.S. Hasn't Fought a War of this Sort In Over 200 Years (Concocting Instead Such Idiotic Rationales as "Preserving the Union", "Spreading Democracy", "Preventing the Spread of Communism", "Restoring the 'Legitimate' Government" to Places Such as Kuwait, South Vietnam, El Salvador, etc.)

It's sad and the fact that the leaders of these two corrupt and corrosive political parties of ours want to continue on this path makes me even more despondent.......From Thomas Jefferson to Dick Cheney.......Yeah, let that one sink in.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

On the Fact that (According to G.J.A. O'Toole's Masterpiece, "The Spanish War") None of the Rebel Cuban Generals Were Invited to Participate In the Surrender Proceedings of July 17th, 1898 (When the Spaniards Ceded Santiago to the U.S. and Cuban Contingents)

Yeah, what does that tell you? It tells me that the Spanish-American War had a shitload less to do with Cuban independence than it did with the spreading of American power and influence in the Caribbean (and ultimately in the Pacific)......and boy did it ever set the table, eh, folks?

On the late 19th Century Notion (and as Espoused by Such Imperialist Vermin as Teddy Roosevelt, Brooks Adams, Alfred Thayer Mahan, and Henry Cabot Lodge Sr.) that Absent a Robust and Expansionist Foreign Policy, America's Republican Institutions Would Shit the Bed and Our Prosperity Would Rapidly Vanish

So, is 120 years of abject failure (and, yes, I would consider WW2 a failure in that not only did we NOT liberate Poland, we essentially conceded all of Western Europe to 40 Years of slavery) sufficient evidence that this is pure bullshit............or do we need to keep killing people in order to "liberate" them?......Please, an answer.

On the Fact that One of President McKinley's Rationales for Occupying the Philippines Was to "Educate, Uplift, and Christianize" the Island's Inhabitants

Yeah, I'm gonna go with a) the Philippines was already largely Roman Catholic, b) it isn't our damned job to do any of these things, and c) how in the hell is slaughtering a quarter million Filipinos in any way "uplifting?......and simply leave it there.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

On the Fact that if the Leader of a Predominantly White Country Constantly Went Around Singing, "Shoot the Nigger, Kill the Nigger", that Person Would be Vilified (Justifiably so) and the Country Rapidly Transformed Into a Pariah State but When South African Leaders (Mandela and Zuma) Take to the Streets and Sing, "Shoot the Boer, Kill the Boer", Nobody On the World Stage Even Bats an Eye

Now that is some severe lowering of expectations (with a smidge of black privilege thrown in for good measure), wouldn't you say? I surely would.

On Prince Harry's New Fiance (Meghan Markle)

Yeah, I'm gonna go with, could do much worse/youza, on this one, folks.......Damn, huh?

On President Trump and His Incessant Bluster Directed at North Korea

He really needs to knock it off in that the only thing that that little shit, Un, has done so far is tinker with his toys. I mean, yeah, if he actually attacks American interests, absolutely obliterate that vile regime but any action short of that you amp down the damned rhetoric and work behind the scenes to define the parameters.......Be sane, in other words.

Monday, November 27, 2017

On the Fact that the Media Is All Bent Out of Shape that President Trump Continuously Refers to Elizabeth Warren as, "Pocahontas"

I agree with the media. The dude shouldn't call her Pocahontas and instead should call her what the bitch truly is; "that Surface-Thinking and Fascistic Little Shit Whose Hubris Knows No Bounds and Whose Solutions Are as Hackneyed as They Are Total Bullshit", 'cause as we're all aware, this miscreant politician has about as much of a Native-American bloodline as General Custer.

On the Number of Times that Bill and Hillary Clinton Have Been Grilled by the Mainstream Media About the $10,000,000,000 that Remains Missing from the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund

I haven't seen a single one and I doubt that you have, either (contrast this with the amount of press coverage that the Trump clan would have garnered if it was them who had fucked up so royally).............If you're honest, that is.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

On the Fact that the Death Tally from the Official Auschwitz Camp Records (Released In the 1990s by Gorbachev) Matches Perfectly with What the International Red Cross Said that the Death Tally Was; Approximately 70,000 (Only About Half of Whom Were Jewish)

So the outlier here is the preposterous 1.5 million number that the Russians and later the Zionists have tried to force-feed us a) to make the Germans look diabolical and b) to strong-arm a Jewish homeland (not to mention tens of millions of dollars from the German taxpayers). Of course being that you can literally go to prison in many European countries for questioning ANY aspect of the Holocaust narrative, guess what number people continue to employ.......Yeah, huh?   

Saturday, November 25, 2017

On the Fact that Israel Would Apparently Rather Have Syria Controlled by a Bunch of Slant-Headed Terrorists than by a Secular and Mostly Sober Leader Like Assad

The only thing that I can think of is that if Syria is controlled by ISIS and/or al Nusra, the result will be massive internal chaos the likes of which Israel could take full advantage of (a permanent annexation of the Golan Heights being one option). It's not a strategy that I would institute but then I'm not a hard-core Zionist, am I?

On the Fact that During the Civil War, President Lincoln Proceeded to Suppress Some 300 Newspapers (Their Great Sin Being too Many Editorials Critical of Mr. Lincoln's War and the Fellow's Assault On Civil Liberties and the Constitution)

Can you imagine if Bush had done something like this post 9/11? The fella' would have been impeached and convicted and rightly so......but because it was the venerable and untouchable Abe Lincoln, the public either looks away or chooses to stay ignorant on the matter (a tip of the hat to government schools for this). Unreal...............................................................................................P.S. And, no, this is not an exoneration of Bush 2 at all in that this fellow, too, did great harm to the Republic with his draconian actions pertaining to foreign policy, civil liberties, etc.. I'm only making a comparison, THAT'S ALL.

On President Trump's Proposed Border-Fence with Mexico

The Donald is seemingly unfamiliar with the concept of tunnel-digging (you know, those pesky little things that drug-dealers like El Choppo tend to construct when you put an obstacle in their path).......Must have been absent on that occasion........................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not opposed to much stricter border-control. I just think that we need to be more intelligent about it (guest-worker programs, penalties to those who knowingly hire illegals, the deportation of felons, etc.), that's all.

Friday, November 24, 2017

On the Fact that In Numerous U.S. Cities (New York Being the Biggest Example) Taxi-Cab Companies Essentially Have Their Right to Do Business Enshrined In Law, a Policy that Makes it Next to Impossible for Competitive Firms to Emerge

People on the hard-left like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren love to talk about income inequality but they never seem to bring this (an observable factor that promotes this inequality) up in any of their ramblings. Hmm, could it be that they'd then have to admit that government regulation and cronyism is one of the paramount factors when it comes to this problem (to the point that such a problem exists)? That would be my guess, folks. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

On the Fact that if You Listen to the Neocon Schmucks, Iranian History Essentially Begins In 1979 (When Those Iranian Students Took Over the American Embassy In Tehran and Held 52 U.S. Citizens Hostage)

Yeah, it's almost as if the British pilfering of Iranian oil for decades and the U.S. and British backed deposing of the Democratically elected leader of that country (Mohammad Mosaddegh) in 1953 never took place.......Talk about magic, huh?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

On the Fact that Kim Kardashian Has Apparently Shit-Canned Her Long-Time Assistant

Can you imagine the masochism and self-loathing that a person would have to have to even take a job like that; getting bossed around by some shallow, obnoxious, self-entitled, self-indulgent, mouth-breathing debutante ass-wipe whose only claim to fame is birth? I certainly cannot.

On the Fact that When the American Forces Killed 50% of the al Qaeda Terrorists at Tora Bora (with the Other 50% Escaping Into Pakistan), THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE WAR - BOOM, DONE - but Because Presidents Bush 2, Obama, and Now Trump Have to One Degree or Another Been Coopted by the War Party In Washington, the Sucker Is Still Going On and it Is Now the Longest War In U.S. History

And the hubris of these neocon schmucks, thinking that America could tame a "country" that Alexander the Great, the British Empire, and the Soviet Union at its height couldn't. I guess that when you've never served a day of your life in the armed forces, this is the brain-diseased policy that you end up with. Sadly.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

On the Fact that Socialism Was Such a Boffo Success In East Germany that They Actually Had to Build a Wall to Keep Out the Hordes of Foreigners Who Wanted to Partake In it

What's that?......Oops, never mind.

On the Fact that There Now Exists a Law In Canada Where a Six Year-Old Boy Can Be Taken Away from His Parents if the Parents Attempt to Discourage Him from Dressing Up Like Girl -

Is this an upside-down world that we're currently residing in or what (the fact that the overwhelming majority of kids who engage in this behavior grow out of it and who in the hell is the state to interfere in the first place?)?

On the Fact that Even Though No Sane, Fair-Minded, and Knowledgeable Individual Would Ever Try to Claim that Any of the Original 13 Colonies Would Have Ratified the Constitution Had They Known that it Was an Irrevocable Loss of Sovereignty, this Is Exactly What Lincoln, Seward, and Numerous Other Northern Republicans Were Trying to Assert In 1861 (Just Prior to Their War of Aggression Against the South)

Couple this with that fact that Lincoln never once stated that his actions were meant to free the slaves and, yes, this whole comic-book treatment of the Civil War (AKA, the War for Southern Independence) by court historians, the media, politicians, academics, etc. seems even more untenable (which, yes, is saying loads)

Monday, November 20, 2017

On the Fact that There Are Some YouTubers Out There Hypothesizing that Those Orthopedic Boots Currently Being Donned by Hillary Clinton and John McCain Are Actually Camouflage for Ankle Alarms so that The Authorities Can Track Their Comings and Goings

Well I hope that it's true in that nobody in the country would love to see those two corrupt war-mongers behind bars more than me. NO ONE.

On the Fact that Not a Single Journalist Has Asked Those Slantheaded Podesta Brothers What Any of Those Cryptic and Bizarre WikiLeaks Emails Actually Means

And why is that? I mean, if there goal is to clear the Podestas and make this Pizzagate thing go away, what better way is there?......Unless of course there IS something to hide and then, yeah, you don't grill the schmucks.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

On Joe Biden Proclaiming that the Trump Era Is the Most Dangerous In Modern History

Oh, and a Hillary "Hey, Let's Do a No-Fly-Zone Over Syria" Clinton administration would have been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much less dangerous.......Yeah, this Biden idiot is definitely running for President (in 2020).

Saturday, November 18, 2017

On the Fact that Brazil (a Country In Which the Practice of Slavery Was Far More Rampant and Brutal than that Which Was Ever Seen In the American South) Was Able to get Rid of Slavery Without Firing a South (Never Mind Perpetrating a War In Which an Entire Civilization Was Destroyed, a Million Freed Blacks Died, etc.)

I think that Murray Rothbard had the best explanation when he pointed out that Brazil (along with pretty much every other country in the hemisphere) never had a populace of insane and piety driven Puritans whose entire goal was to eradicate sin or a President whose entire goal was to keep his tax spigot running. 

On the Fact that You Will Rarely if Ever See a Solar Panel On the Outside of a Solar Panel Factory

An energy source that cannot replicate itself will never be a major player. Case closed.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

On the Fact that the NSA Was Only "Moderately Confident" that it Was Russia Who Hacked the DNC Computers and Handed the Information Over to Wikileaks

Well, being that these folks never took the time to examine the fucking hard-drive and instead took the word of some hand-picked and bush-league Podesta outfit to make this determination, even "moderately" seems a trifle optimistic to me. But, hey, what do I know?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

On the Fact that Even Though it Was Mrs. Clinton Who Saber-Rattled Towards Russia, Voted In Favor of the Iraq War, Threatened Syria with a No-Fly-Zone, Dumped Gadaffi, Funneled Weapons to Terrorist Groups In Iraq and Syria, Approved a Huge Weapons Sale to Saudi Arabia, and Threatened Iran with a Nuclear Strike, it Is Trump Who the Morons In the Media and the Even Bigger Morons In Hollywood Have Described as a War-Monger

Just a tiny bit of bias I'd say.........................................................................................................P.S. And, no, this isn't to say that Trump won't ultimately become a war-monger (his blustery rhetoric aimed at that dwarf over in North Korea I find both disturbing and unnecessary), just that right now, he's a whole hell of a lot less of a one than Clinton, that's all.

On the Fact that Some Mickey Mouse and Bush-League News Site on YouTube (FYI NEWS) Recently Came Out and Hammered Trump for His Missile Strikes On Syria this Year

I obviously don't have an issue with it in that I, too, blasted the President for what was clearly a political act to placate the neocons and more hawkish Hillaryites. My only problem is where in the hell were these partisan hacks when Obama was dropping 100,000 bombs on the Middle East, sextupling the drone attacks from the already high Bush benchmarks, mushrooming the surveillance state, etc.? 'Cause I don't seem to recall them making a peep.   

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

On the Fact that Even Democrats Like Elizabeth "Please Don't Call Me Pocahontas" Warren and Donna "I'm Covering My Own Ass" Brazile Are Now Admitting that Bernie Sanders Was Royally Fucked Up the Ass In Last Year's Democratic Primaries

While I do give these ladies credit for being candid, I can't help but think that they're simply attempting to distance themselves from what is clearly a sinking Clinton ship. My only question is when do CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, MSNBC, Salon, the HuffPo, etc. do so as well? 'Cause it seems like they're gonna have to eventually.  

On the Fact that President Trump May Ultimately Prove to Be a Warmonger and if He Is Nobody Will Go After Him Harder and More Relentlessly than Me

Yeah, unlike a lot of my leftist colleagues who claim to be anti-war but who somehow can't find it in them to criticize conflicts that their own folks initiate (Lincoln, Wilson, LBJ, the Roosevelts, Obama, etc.), I'm truly anti-war (the lone exception of course being a direct attack on the country or our people; the actions of the Barbary Pirates, for example) and could give a rat's ass if it's a Bush or a Roosevelt who starts it.......I mean, death and destruction is death and destruction, no? 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

On the Likelihood that Any Palestinian State Wouldn't Be an Absolute and Brutal Dictatorship

Somewhere in the lower single-digits would be my guess (though, yes, as long as they don't attack the neighboring countries, I could really give a shit at this point).

On the Fact that Kevin Spacey Recently Admitted that He Was Gay

I'm sorry but anybody who didn't already know that really needs to get their "gaydar" checked out.......I mean, come on.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

On the Fact that There Were About 20,000,000 People On the Earth at the Time of Noah's Flood and if We Are to Believe the Bible Literally, God Offed Them All

So God was the biggest mass murderer of all time then. Wow, huh?

On the Fact that Neocons like Lindsay Graham Are Always Saying that They Want to Defeat Islamic Extremism but Then They Also Say Idiotic Shit Like, "Assad Must Go" (Assad of Course Being Relatively Sane, Cogent and Secular When Compared to the Alternatives)

Yeah, they seem to have some crazed delusion that a Thomas Jefferson or a James Madison is going to spring forward and transform these Middle Eastern hell-holes into a bunch of representative democracies (this despite the fact that none of these countries have ever possessed the requisite institutions for this type of government to happen and have always been ruled by force).......If only it was that simple, huh?

On the Fact that a Lot of the Same Countries that Have These Idiotic and Fascistic Holocaust Denial Statutes Are Simultaneously Waving In a Bunch of People from the Middle East and North Africa Who, Yep, You Guessed it, DENY THE FUCKING HOLOCAUST!!!!!

I cannot wait to see how the SJW schmucks navigate these waters. It should be interesting, huh?.......................................................................................P.S. All that I can think of is that classic Steely Dan disc, "Pretzel Logic". "Member that one?

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Complete and Unabridged List of Things that Donald Trump Has Thought Deeply About

New York real estate, New Jersey real estate, Donald Trump, booty.

On the Fact that Even Though the America First Committee Had Among its Membership Numerous Liberals and Even Some Progressives (Chester Bowles, Burton Wheeler, Phillip Lafollette) Who Feared (Justifiably so) that a War Would Significantly Erode Civil Liberties, Slime Merchants Like John Ray Carlson Constantly Tried to Portray the Group as a Bunch of Nazi Sympathizers and Anti-Semites

And, yes, so, too, the court historians of the past 70-plus years; a consistent demonization of anybody who even questions the actions of the sainted FDR and Churchill.......I mean, it was only a war that killed 60,000,000 folks, right? 

On the Fact that Fox News Has Reportedly Hired Pompous Ass and Former Trump Ramrod, Sebastian Gorka

Well, being that Gorka is a neocon nut and Fox News has increasingly become Neocon U, not a huge shock (the real shock being if they DIDN'T hire the douche).

Thursday, November 9, 2017

On Mr. Obama Recently Proclaiming that this "Is What happens When People Vote" (Several Democrats Winning Races that They Should Have Won Anyway)

Loose translation, this is what happens when people who don't normally vote realize that they can elect people who will take the property from other folks and give it to them. Granted, it sounds so much nicer coming from Obama but being that he's a politician, come on.

On the Fact that People Are Lambasting Trump These Days Simply for Saying the Words, "Thoughts and Prayers" (the "Correct" Response of Course Being "Gun Control and Only Gun Control")

Yes, I get it, the guy can be an absolute douche-bag (and lest I remind you again, a dude who I DID NOT vote for), but to criticize him continuously over these pithily little things is really staring to get stale and the people who do it should probably look in the mirror for a wee-bit (this, to get a load of their own pettiness, foolishness, etc.). Seriously.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

On the Fact that President Trump Recently Came Out and Encouraged North Korea to Step Forward and Negotiate a Deal

Now THAT is the sane Trump.......If only we could get him to emerge more frequently (you know, as opposed to that moron who fires out random tweets in the middle of the night when everybody else is sleeping or at the bare minimum counting sheep).

On the Fact that There Were 43 People with Toy Guns Killed In America In 2016; 29 White, 6 Black -

So the tragic killing of Tamir Rice doesn't represent some virulent racist pattern after all. Gee, what a shock.

On the Fact that (per President Lincoln's Fraudulent Emancipation Proclamation) Had the Southern States Agreed to Return to the Union According to Mr. Lincoln's Time-Frame, They Would Have Been Able to Retain Slavery and How Pray Tell Would the Lincoln Lovers Have Handled that?

An interesting question, huh? I suspect that they'd probably still love the dude 'cause he saved the Union and consolidated power......and since slavery was withering away anyway.......

On the Fact that Bush 2 and Obama (or as I Like to Call the Guy, Bush 3) Between the Two of Them Dropped 170,000 Bombs On the Middle East and the Result of this Massive Carnage Has Been...........

............what exactly (other than a complete destabilization of the region, a strengthening of the Shia crescent, a loss of civil liberties at home, etc.)?......'Cause I'm still scratching my head, folk.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

On the Fact Just When it Looked Like Congressman Keith Ellison (a Practicing Muslim) Was Going to Be Named the New Head of the DNC, the Powers that Be Decided to Go In Another Direction and Elect Mr. Perez (Who Isn't a Muslim)

Yeah, my suspicion is that the Israeli lobby had something to do with this and that Mr. Ellison was simply collateral damage.......I mean, why in the hell else would the Dems do such a 180? Strictly for health?

Probably When He Flooded the Country with Some of the Most Virulent Propaganda Since WW1 and Then Proceeded to Make Yugoslavia Look Like the Movie Set for a Future Flintstones Movie (Heavy On the Rubble)

What would be my answer to the question, "So what's the biggest factor preventing Bill Clinton from being a top 10 President (the fact that other than that he did pretty well; reduced spending, reduced regulation, welfare reform, capital gains tax cuts, tireless effort on the Israeli/Palestinian issue, etc.)?"

On the Number of Times that Madison, Hamilton, and Jay Reference Bible Scripture In the Federalist Papers

I'd have to go back and make a tally but I'll bet you that it's a hell of a lot less than the number of times that they reference Locke and Montesquieu.......THANK GOD!!

On the Fact that Even Though Teddy Roosevelt Had Run Against Wilson for the Presidency In 1912 (the Bull Moose Candidate), by the Early 1920s He Was Trying to Canonize Wilson and Had Even Suggested that a Monument Be Built to Honor the Fellow

Not surprising in that as anybody whose even studied TR a little knows, the way to the man's heart was always through the barrel of a gun (in this instance Wilson's brain-diseased decision to get America involved in WW1). 

Monday, November 6, 2017

On the Fact that this Guy Claims to Have Hacked Into the Comet Ping Pong Computer and Found Copious Amounts of Child Porn On it

  I can't vouch for the dude but it surely goes a long way in explaining why the one bullet that Edgar Madison Welch fired at Comet Ping Pong that day just happened to disable the hard-drive of that very same computer.......A long, long way. 

On the Fact that it Would Never Dawn on the Japanese, the Egyptians, the Chileans, the Ugandans, etc. to Willingly Engage In Demographic Suicide and Yet this Is Exactly What the White Western Nations Are Doing Now and Doing with Impunity

Pathological altruism, white guilt, perverse social justice, and religious piety are a lethal mixture (just look at what's happening in South Africa as well as numerous European countries) and unless there develops a countervailing paradigm which at the very least slows it down, Western civilization could be history.............Oh, and if you thinks that that's a righteous thing, please, stick around, you may not enjoy what you see.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

On the Neocon Battle-Cry, "Real Men Go to Tehran"

These assholes make me violently ill, a bunch of damned cowards who never served so much as a day in their lives chomping at the bit to send thousands of other people's sons off to fight some venal and idiotic war with Iran (this after having already gotten us involved in two previous bullshit conflicts, no less). If only we could send them off somewhere equally unpleasant, I say.

Friday, November 3, 2017

On the Fact that a 74 Year-Old Mick Jagger Is Reportedly Dating a 22 Year-Old Chick

Now THAT'S......some serious satisfaction (let's just hope that he doesn't knock her up).

On the Fact that Special Prosecutor, Mueller, Appears to Be Investigating the Slimy Podesta Brothers Now -

Yeah, I guess that the Podestas were working in concert with Manafort......WHICH MEANS that the major advisor to one Presidential candidate was engaged in skullduggery with one of the leading advisors to the other Presidential candidate.......Is this a great (and by, great, I of course mean dirty and corrupt on an Olympian level) country or what? 

On the Wave of Anti-British Feelings that Swept Across America In the 1920s

Well, being that these bastards used propaganda to get us into a conflict that we literally had no business being in and then after the war tried to renege on their war debts, I can kind of understand it, can't you (though yes, the real villain here is of course Wilson, whose major goal wasn't to spread democracy but to prop up a vile and decaying British empire and ensure foreign markets for America's big business community)?

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

On the Fact that God Supposedly Told Abraham to Kill His Own Son and Abraham Was Willing to Do so Until an Angel Interceded and Stopped Him

So I guess that blind obedience is one of those Judeo-Christian values that Bible-thumpers like Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham are always talking about and claiming that the country was built on. Interesting (and obviously pure bullshit in that if they ever took the time to read the Federalist Papers they'd see that the Bible is rarely alluded to while references to Locke and Montesquieu are plentiful).

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

On the Fact that Anybody with Even a Semblance of Common Sense and Intellect Knew that Third-Wave Feminism When it Began In the '60s Was Little More than Hackneyed and Warmed-Over Marxism, Horrible Scholarship, and Bald Propaganda but Because a Lot of These Advocates Ultimately Got Tenure at a Lot of America's Supposedly Premier Universities, this Idiocy and Pablum Quickly Took On a Life of its Own and Look at the Fucking Country Now

My hope is that a lot of the receivers of this slipshod scholarship will eventually come to their senses and lobby for some change (and maybe sue for fraud as well), 'cause it surely isn't gonna change on its own, no fucking way.

On the Fact that Muhammad Ali Once Articulated Gratitude that His Great Granddaddy "Got On that Boat"

The champ was of course right in that the slaves who came to North America for all intents and purposes won the grand prize. I mean, it was either come to North America and be treated relatively well by the English (and, yes, there were in fact some bad English slave-holders but there are bad folks in every walk of life and the mistreatment of slaves was a felony in pretty much every Southern state) or a) stay in sub-Saharan Africa and be brutalized by their fellow blacks, b) go to North Africa or the Middle-East and be brutalized by the Islamists, or c) go to the Caribbean or South America and be brutalized by the Spanish and Portuguese. That was it, folks...................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the fact that we're still judging our 17th, 18th, and 19th Century ancestors by 21st Century sensibilities is also unfair and that needs to stop as well.......Sanity, anyone?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Probably When George H. W. Bush and His Peeps All but Waved Saddam Hussein In to Kuwait, Got All Indignant About it, and Ultimately Perpetrated a Military Strike that Was Tantamount to Mass Murder (the Carpet-Bombing of Tens of Thousands of Soldiers Fleeing for Their Lives)

What would be my answer to the question, "So, when did the Republican party show its first sign of becoming the absolute shit-show that we still see today?"....................................................................................................P.S. April Glaspie - Google the bitch.

Probably When it Abandoned the Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy of Sane Men Like Thomas Jefferson, Grover Cleveland, and William Jennings Bryan and Replaced it with the Woodrow Wilson and FDR Policies of Bullshit World Policing, Nation-Building, etc.

What would be my answer to the question, "So, when did the Democratic party show its first sign of becoming the absolute shit-show that we still see today?"....................................................................................................P.S. And let us not forget either that Mr. Wilson also gave us the Federal Reserve System and the income tax (still the two biggest enablers of the permanent warfare state) and that those are two more huge demerits.......For the record.

On the Fact that the Media Is Attempting to Uncover a Pay for Play Scenario Between President Trump and Some Contractor In Puerto Rico

I have zero issues with it. I just wish that they had shown the same vigilance when Hillary Clinton's brother's mining company was awarded the gold mining contract in Haiti when the Clinton Foundation was spearheading the recovery efforts down there, that's all.......Too much to ask?

Saturday, October 28, 2017

On the Fact that President Wilson Tried to Peddle His Huge Military Build-Up as Some Ridiculous Peace Through Strength Initiative

Well, being that just a few years later he plunged the country into one of the stupidest wars in all of human history (not to mention a war that the U.S. had ZERO national interest in), I'm pretty sure (as were William Jennings Bryan, Martin Dies, James Slayden, and numerous other prominent Democrats), that the dude was lying.......Worst President in history? MAY-BE.

On the Fact that I Can't Help but Think that the Modern-Day Huns and Vandals of the Planet Are Eyeing the U.S. with All of its Gender-Bending Insanity, Hostility to Men, Self-Loathing, Pathological Altruism, Multicultural Experimentation, Eagerness to Commit Demographic Suicide, etc., etc. and Saying to Themselves, "One of These Days, One of These Days"

 Yeah, the young folks of today simply don't know their history in that they think that this can go on indefinitely. Hopefully ten years or so down the road they come to their senses and realize that their education cheated them horribly (the classics being ignored and replaced with a shitload of third-rate scholarship) and the ship gets steered in a saner direction, best case scenario.  

Thursday, October 26, 2017

On the Likelihood that Jack or Bobby Kennedy Would Have Ever Tried to Run to the Left of Some Socialist Buffoon a la Bernie Sanders the Way that the Shameless, Cynical, and Dumb-Ass Hillary Clinton Did

The answer is of course is zero in that Jack and Bobby were moderate to conservative Democrats with principles who would have never sold these principles down the river to defeat a statist lunatic like Sanders. NEVER!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

On the Fact that the Little Shit Who Started and Organized the Ben Shapiro Protest at the University of Utah Literally Stated that Mr. Shapiro Should Not Be Permitted to Speak and When He Was Informed that that Goes Against the First Amendment He Responded by Saying that He Didn't Care and that the Constitution Is an Irrelevant Document

I'm sorry, but if this if the type of mindset that American Universities are going to be bellowing out from now on, we're fucked, majorly fucked..................................................................................................P.S. And please keep in mind here that Mr. Shapiro is a person who a) didn't vote for Trump, b) has consistently criticized Trump, c) has consistently vilified the alt-right, and d) has been a frequent target of anti-Semitic internet ramrods.......So, no, not exactly Adolf Hitler, in other words. 

On the Fact that a Lot of the Same Fascistic Dullards and Miscreants Who Wish to Rob Us of Our Free Speech Rights Also Want Us to Pay for Their Healthcare and Fit the Bill for Their Worthless Gender Studies Degrees

Yeah, on a chutzpah scale from 1 to 10, that's probably somewhere in the high 70s. Unreal.

On the Concept of Being Ridiculed and Talked Down to by a Bunch of Shallow, Surface-Thinking, and Low IQ Irritants Who Pretend for a Living

It's disgusting and based on the plummeting box-office receipts there seems to be a price for it - - oh well!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

On the Fact that (According to a 1992 Article by Social Scientist, Norman J. Sauer) Physical Anthropologists Can Identify the Race of a Skull's Former Owner with a Better than 80% Accuracy Rate

While facts like these don't completely destroy the social construction argument pertaining to race, they certainly don't prop it up, either (especially when you also take into consideration subtle differences in DNA, other phenotypical characteristics, etc.).

On if I Could Get Every Stinking Democrat and Republican In Washington to Read Just One Book, Which One Would it Be?

I would probably go with this volume, an anthology of essays by some of the most influential pro-liberty and anti-war advocates of the past 50 years; Ralph Raico, John V. Denson, Robert Higgs, Murray Rothbard, David Gordon, Hans Hermann Hoppe, Clyde Wilson, etc..............Not that these career politicians would necessarily get anything out of this message (the fact that this country hasn't fought a necessary war in over two centuries and even in the wars that we did "win", we lost a hell of a lot more in the process), mind you, but, hey, it's worth a shot. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

On the Fact that America Recently Established its First Permanent Military Base In Israel -

Of yeah, that'll amp down tensions in the Middle-East - NOT (the fact that it'll isolate the Iranians even more, radicalize people all throughout the region, piss off Syria and Russia, etc., etc.)!!!   

On La Raza

It means, the race. THE RACE; a proclamation that if a white group had made it would have been excoriated 24/7.......And Hispanic isn't even a fucking race, for Christ (Mexicans for example are 20% European, 20% Native-American, and 60% Mestizo)!! I mean, hello!!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

On the Likelihood that Any Nation Could Rule Another Through Brute Force Without Also Perpetrating Violence On Itself and Fundamentally Altering its Own Principles (Stipulating of Course that They Possess Any)

Let's just say that history does not seem to be replete with a bevy of positive examples and leave it at that (though, yes, it does sometimes take a wee-bit for the downfall; Rome, Spain, England, etc.).

On Antifa's Propensity for Thirteen On One Ambushes

There's strength in numbers but there's also cowardice, it seems.

Friday, October 20, 2017

On the Fact that the West Only Seems to Champion/Trumpet its Own Demographic Suicide

That's mighty white of us, wouldn't you say (this pathological altruism, religious piety, incessant white guilt, withering of WASP societies, etc.)?

On the Fact that Meryl Streep Despises President Trump but Seemingly Doesn't Have a Problem with Roman Polanski, an Individual Who Drugged a 13 Year-Old Girl and Butt-Fucked Her Repeatedly

Just the type of hypocrisy that you'd expect from an elitist, idiotic, and vile piece of shit celebrity these days. Nope, not surprised at all.

On the Fact that There Are Actually Slant-Headed Neocons Out There (Jeffrey Lord Quickly Pops to Mind) Who've Attempted to Deconstruct George Washington's Farewell Address as an Argument FOR Empire, Intervention, etc.

I challenge any fair-minded person to look at the text of that speech in which he warned against "the permanent, inveterate antipathies against particular nations and passionate attachment for others" and also proclaimed that any nation so entangled "is in some degree a slave......a slave to its animosity or its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interests" and try and say that this somehow translates into an argument to invade the Philippines, Vietnam, Iraq, etc.. 'cause I've always enjoyed a good gymnast. Always.  

Thursday, October 19, 2017

On the Fact that We Used to Fight Wars at the Behest of England and Now We Fight 'Em for the Israelis

I've got a crazy idea. How 'bout we fight 'em strictly for us for a while, FOR OUR NATIONAL INTERESTS (much like the Founding fathers argued for)? It's certainly worth a shot, no?

On the Fact that Even Though the Commanders of Both the U.S.S. Maddox and the U.S.S. C. Turner Joy Admitted the Very Next Day that There Was No Attempted Strike On the Maddox by the North Koreans and that it Was Nothing but an Erroneous Reading On the Maddox's Radar Screen, Mr. Johnson Continued to Plead Legitimacy On the Matter

So the man was either incompetent beyond comprehension or a dirty, stinking, and pathological liar (just another typical U.S. President, in other words). You be the judge.

On the Fact that Even Though the Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution Only Gave President Johnson the Authority to Retaliate to the Phantom Attack, the Blood Dripping from the Mouth Fascistic Bastard Took it Upon Himself to Launch One of the Stupidest and Most Vile Wars In All of U.S. History

And, no, Mr. Johnson's constant attempts to call his naked and imperial aggression a "police action" isn't even remotely persuasive (when was the last time that you saw hundreds of thousands of cops showing up for any crime, never mind an imaginary one?).

On the Fact that the City of Phoenix, Arizona Is Apparently Going Out of its Way to Hire Black Lifeguards......and Are Even Willing to Teach These People How to Swim -

Yeah, I would think that lifeguard is one of those jobs where you want to hire the best people regardless of race, creed, or color, you know,  BECAUSE PEOPLE'S LIVES ARE ON THE LINE FOR CHRIST SAKES!!! But, hey, what do I know.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

On the Fact that the Two-Bit, Dimwitted, and Utterly Obnoxious Comedian, Russell Brand, Recently Claimed that He Feels Much More Comfortable Being Around Drug Addicts than Normal Folks

Not surprising in that this is the same idiot who apparently doesn't like the presence of articulate black folks who "talk white".......A real winner, in other words. 

On the Fact that In 2000, Israel Proclaimed that There Were 1,000,000 Holocaust Survivors Still Alive

Sound like a lot? It certainly did to Germar Rudolf and so the dude did a little statistical extrapolation and determined that (taking into account life expectancy at the time) therefore there had to have been approximately five million alive back in 1945, A NUMBER THAT IS GREATER THAN THE NUMBER OF JEWS WHO WERE RESIDING IN NAZI OCCUPIED TERRITORY AT THE START OF THE WAR.......................................................................................................Look, I get it, the Holocaust is akin to a holy grail with some people but at some point rationality needs to enter this conversation and isn't it about damn time?

On the Marilyn Manson Versus Justin Bieber Fued

Not opposite ends of any spectrum humanly imaginable enough.

On the Fact that the Famed Astronaut, Alan Bean, Once Claimed that They (He and His Fellow Astronauts) Never Went Through the Van Allen Radiation Belts Because They Hadn't Been Discovered by Then

I'm sorry but that's ludicrous. I mean, that's like saying that Amerigo Vespucci never discovered the South American continent for Europe because no European navigator had been there before.......And why has such a revealing confession like this been totally ignored by the media? That's big question, too.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

On the Fact that Some Lowlife Entertainment Reporter Actually Did a Story On What Taylor Swift Likes On Her Kebabs -

I haven't heard anything this trivial since the last CNN bogus Trump-Russia story hit the airwaves (to be watched by all 600 of its viewers......but I digress). And that's sayin' something. 

On the Likelihood that Ed Koch or Richard Daley Sr. Would Have Ever Surrendered Their Microphone to Some Idiotic Black Lives Matter Ramrod the Way that that Douche-Bag Sanders Did Last Summer

Only over their dead bodies would be my guess.......IF THEN!

On the Fact that 325 Years Ago, Numerous Citizens from the Towns of Salem, Danvers (it Was Called Salem Village at the Time), and Topsfield, Massachusetts Swore On a Bible that They Witnessed Some of Their Fellow Citizens Having Sex with the Devil and Other Such Diabolical Indiscretions......and, so, no, it Wasn't Even Remotely Shocking that Jews 60 Years Ago Came Up with Equally Preposterous Accusations (Gas Chambers Disguised as Showers, Human Lampshades, Open-Air Cremations, the Throwing of Babies Into Fire Pits, etc.)

I really don't mean to be callous here but I have seen some of these testimonials and many of them are plainly preposterous (this one lady said that she swallowed a diamond ring and shat it out day after day for years just to hide it from the Germans). And, besides, eyewitness testimony we've known for decades is unreliable and so why in the hell would that not be the case here? Seriously (extraordinary claims always needing extraordinary evidence).

Monday, October 16, 2017

On the Fact that President Trump Has Apparently Decided to Nix the Iran Nuclear Deal

This is the third really stupid that he's done (the first two being the bombing of the Syrian Air-Fields and the signing of the Russia sanctions bill). The fact of the matter is that there is no hard evidence that Iran has ever possessed a nuclear weapons program (this whole idea that going from 5% enrichment to 80% enrichment is as easy as flipping a light-switch is sheer stupidly) and for Trump to go absolute Netanyahu on us over a pretty decent bill shows that a) the neocons and corporate war machine (can you folks say, Wall Street Journal, DynCorp, Pratt and Whitney, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Northrup Grumann, etc.?) have clearly gotten to the guy and b) he probably hasn't read so much as a sentence of the thing.......Of well, carry on, Mr. President.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

On that Saturday Night Life Skit In Which the Ivanka Trump Character Is Pimping Some Perfume Called, Complicit (the Joke of Course Being that Ivanka Was Complicit In Her Dad's Run for the Presidency)

It was reasonably funny but what would be even more hysterical would be a sequel in which they did a men's cologne version of Complicit with John Podesta as the spokesperson for THAT. That to me would not only be funnier and more original but a hell of a lot more courageous, too.

On the Fact that Kylie Jenner Has Apparently Enlisted the Services of a "Pregnancy Coach"

Yeah, the bitch probably should have hired a "Don't Get Pregnant Because You're an Idiot" coach  prior to getting knocked up by that real winner......but whatever.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Can Dee

    What would be my answer to the question, "So, if you had to describe Natalie Portman in just two words, what would they be?"

Friday, October 13, 2017

On the Fact that (According to British Historian, J.R. Western) it Was Only After the Monarchs of England (Circa the Late 17th Century) a) Outlawed Militias, b) Confiscated the Citizens' Guns, c) Developed the Bureaucratic Machinery to Tax its People, and d) Created a Standing Army that the Country Began Waging What Ultimately Became Global Wars

You'd think that this would be a cautionary tale but when you have statist and dumb as a fucking stump Presidents like Teddy Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and George W. Bush, it apparently isn't, huh?....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, it probably should be pointed out that this trend in England actually started with the dictator and genocidal madman, Oliver Cromwell (please check out the fine book, "To Hell or Barbados" by Sean O'Callaghan to learn more about this asshole) but that it didn't reach a fever-pitch until William the Third, Charles the Second, and James the Second took over. For the record. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

On Being a White Inner-City Cop and Forced to Patrol the Father Panik Village Area of Bridgeport, Night

I would love to see some of these sanctimonious leftists like Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Cuomo, David Corn, and Chris Hayes attempt to do that job......just for one night even...................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, by doing that job I obviously DON'T mean hiding in the back seat of the patrol car for eight hours. For the record.

On the Fact that Britain's Increasingly Fascistic Interior Secretary, Amber Rudd, Recently Came Out and Advocated a Law Which Would Prosecute People Simply for VIEWING Extremist Material On the Internet (Including Stuff that She Would Call, "Right-Wing Propaganda") -

  Yeah, I would say that that's a wee-bit Orwellian, Kafkaesque, etc........And who in the hell gets to determine what is extreme and what isn't, assholes like Rudd? Yeah, I'm gonna have to pass on this one.....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, if some lunatic is continuously going on line leaning how to build a bomb, sure, keep an eye on him, but that's just a tiny part of what this bitch is talking about.......Wake up, people!!

On the Fact that Eminem Recently Dissed Trump On B.E.T.

Wow, that took a lot of courage (and by, a lot of courage, I of course mean not a fucking ounce of it and that the knuckle-dragger is probably jealous of Trump being a bigger badass than him, yada yada).

On the Fact that a Lot of the Same People Who Despise and Mistrust Trump Also Want to Hand Over Their Weapons to Him (Through Gun Control)

Yet another example of the hard left simply not thinking things through, sadly.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

On the Fact that the Knuckle-Dragging Meryl Streep (Yep, that Very Same Piece of Shit Who Gave Child Rapist, Roman Polansky, a Standing Ovation) Once Referred to Harvey Weinstein as God

Wow, I never know that God was such a hound-dog (though, yes, I realize that God spelled backwards is......).

On the Fact if Political Influence Brought About Economic Advancement Blacks Would Be Burying Asians and They Obviously Aren't

They're barking up the wrong tree and it's as simple as that.......SKILLS AND A STABLE FAMILY STRUCTURE ARE WHAT FOLKS NEED - NOT POLITICAL WHORES!!!!! Capish?    

On the Claim by Former Georgia Tech Climatologist, Judith Curry, that Many More Academics Would Like to Come Forward and Express Skepticism About the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory but Are Afraid to Because of the Possible Repercussions (i.e., Losing Their Jobs, Being Slimed by Idiots In the Media, etc.)

I'm not surprised at all in that you'd have to be a moron to think that by adding CO2 (AKA, one of the essential building-blocks of life) to a natural/organic system (where the feedbacks are almost always negative) you're going to cause some sort of apocalypse (of course, being that a large chunk of college professors today ARE idiots, I must by necessity couch my arguments). Hopefully as the years go by and the correlation between CO2 and warming continues to be chaotic at best this will eventually change.......It has to change.

On the Fact that Some Retarded Entertainment Reporter Recently Referred to Kylie Jenner as "a Young Entrepreneur"

So we've dumbed down the term, entrepreneur, to now include reality bozos who only through an accident of birth have been given money and who are then able to take advantage of an even more intellectually bereft general populace.......Youza.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

On the Fact that Radical Feminists Were Apparently More Offended by Trump's Boorish Language To Billy Bush During that Retarded Interview than They Were by Hillary's Saber-Rattling Towards Russia and Her Threats of a No-Fly-Zone Over Syria, Either of Which Could Have Edged Us Closer to WW3

I didn't vote for Trump or Hillary in that neither one met my minimum standards for the the office (that and Connecticut wasn't in play) but, yeah, if you had held a pistol to my head and made me choose, I'd have voted for him (the fact that I'd take a possible war-monger over a certified one any day) and done so without caveat. Sorry but, yeah.

On the Fact that (According to's Scott Horton - a Person Whose Word I Would Easily Take Over Those of the War Pigs at the American Enterprise Institute, the Brookings Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Weekly Standard, etc., etc.) the Main Officers at Tora Bora Repeatedly Asked the Bush Administration for Reinforcements In Their Quest to Capture and/or Kill Osama bin Laden and Each Time W Replied, "Fuck No"

I used to poo poo the notion that Bush allowed bin Laden to escape............but now, I don't know what to think. I really don't....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I realize that Bush ultimately did drop a 15,000 pound Daisy-Cutter on or about Tora Bora (killing a bunch of al Qaeda) but, I'm sorry, that was little more than pissing on an ant mound after the biggest and baddest ant got away (that and it offered Bush some plausible deniability). 

Monday, October 9, 2017

On the Fact that Only 45.5% of the Students at Cornell Are White -

Yet another example of "white privilege" getting taken out behind the tool shed, it seems (not that the racial grievance mongers will ever acknowledge it of course).

On the Number of Those Nearly 100 College Professors at Duke Who Came Out and Prematurely Condemned Those Lacrosse Players Falsely Accused of Raping a Black Woman Who've Since Apologized

Yeah, I believe that we're still holding at zero.............and how in the hell are these assholes still employed? That's what I want to know.  

Sunday, October 8, 2017

On the Fact that that Environmentalist Lunatic Bill McKibben, Once Came Out and Proclaimed that the Fossil Fuel Industry Was "Public Enemy Number One"

So the technology and industry that has made modernity possible, brought billions of folks out of poverty, and more than doubled life-expectancy worldwide is the worst thing that this idiot can think of? Wow, talk about a person with fucked up priorities and zero perspective.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

On the Fact that Recently Came Out with Top 100 List of Great American Novels and Left Out "The Violent Bear it Away" by Flannery O'Connor (Including Instead Such Idiocy as "Little House On the Prairie", "Fried Green Tomatoes", "The Hours", "Uncle Tom's Cabin", and "The Jungle") -

Yes, they did include "Wise Blood" by Ms. O'Connor (which was also worthy) but the fact that they to left out her other major work was an unforgiveable snub, I think.

On the Concept of Limousine Liberals Like Chelsea Handler and Russell Brand Going Around Revoking the "Black Cards" of Conservatives Such as Candace Owens and Jason Riley

This is something that should make EVERYBODY angry; this whole notion that black people (or any other group for that matter) have to think and act a certain way or they aren't truly black. I mean, how in the hell is that shit not racist?

On the Fact that President Taft Once Said About Teddy Roosevelt that the Dude Was "Obsessed with His Love of War and the Glory of it"

And Mr. Taft was of course right in that every component of Teddy Roosevelt's being was intertwined with war, empire, colonialism, jingoism, etc. (the fact that he championed U.S. wars with Spain and the Philippines, advocated the annexation of Hawaii with or without the consent of the governed, was one of the principal impetuses for the creation of the Anti-Imperialist League, etc.). Spot on, in fact.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

On the Fact that if You Pushed All of the Japanese Out of Japan and Replaced Them with Saudi Arabians, You Wouldn't Have Japan Any Longer, You'd Have Saudi Arabia

It seems like a fully simple concept......and yet the leftists in Europe apparently cannot grasp it.......Oh well, nothing lasts forever, I guess.

On the Fact that In 1917, a Gal by the Name of Rose Pastor Stokes Was Sentenced to 10 Years In a Federal Penitentiary Simply for Composing a Letter to the Kansas City Star In Which She Was Critical of America's Involvement In WW1 and its Impact on Civil Liberties Here

So the Progressive movement was born out of warfare, racism (Wilson segregated the federal workforce and was heavily in favor of eugenics), and censorship, in other words. Way to go, guys!

On the Fact that as Bad as Trump Can Be, at Least Up Until Now He's Killed a Lot Fewer Folks than His Four Predecessors and for that the Dude Probably Deserves Some Credit, No?

And, yes, I understand that this could change at any time and the guy could end up as the biggest and most vile war-monger in U.S. history.......But just up 'til now, I'm saying. Just up 'til now.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Monday, October 2, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Countless Sources; Walter Trohan, Henry Adams, Harry Elmer Barnes, MacArthur Himself) the Japanese Had Offered a Conditional Surrender In January of 1945 and President Truman Proceeded to Drop Two Atom Bombs On 'Em Anyway

And the saddest part of this whole thing is that the ultimate surrender comprised nearly the identical terms that the Japanese had laid out (allowing the emperor to remain in power being the main one) to begin with. Nice huh? 100,000 murdered for nothin'. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

On the Fact that (and as Brilliantly Chronicled by John V. Denson In His Seminal Essay, "War and American Freedom") We Now Know with Absolute Certitude that the British Liner, the Lusitania, Had Been Carrying Illegal Contraband and Was Therefore a Legitimate Target for German Submarines

And President Wilson knew this as well in that just prior to the incident, the German embassy had handed over official notice on the matter.............So the man knew......and did NOTHING to warn American Citizens that they were risking their lives by going on that ship. Wow, huh? Yeah, I would say that this asshole was one of the worst Presidents ever (with major competition of course coming from Polk, Lincoln, McKinley, TR, FDR, LBJ, the two Bushes, Nixon, etc.). 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

On All of Those Irritating Feminists Who Supported Hillary and Who Balled Their Eyes Out When the Nasty Bitch Lost

Yeah, I guess that you can saber-rattle 24/7 at Russia and Syria, screw the dirt-poor Haitians, threaten the Iranians with a nuclear strike, destabilize the Middle-East by deposing Gaddafi, transferring arms to terrorists, and selling weapons to the Saudis, contribute to an illegal coup in Ukraine, use an unencrypted server 100% of the time during your tenure as Secretary of State, approve the sale of 20% of the nation's Uranium to Russia (her husband getting $500,000 for a speech being part of the deal), hang out with human traffickers, etc. and as long as you're a Democratic woman who believes in abortion on demand and that thoroughly discredited 77 cents on the dollar malarkey, you will be supported by these people, the bottom-line.

Friday, September 29, 2017

On the Fact that President Truman's Executive Order to Commit Troops to Korea In 1950 Actually PRECEDED the U.N. Resolution Which Had Condemned North Korea's Actions and, so, Yeah, Mr. Truman's Utilization of the Latter as a Pretext for HIS Actions Was Yet Another Bald-Faced Presidential Lie

I had always considered Truman to be one of the more admirable Presidents but after this maybe Ralph Raico's Assessment that the dude was "a little louse" is a tad more germane (that and the fact that his dropping of two atom bombs on Japan were arguably the two worst war crimes in human history).

On the Fact that After Columbus's Voyages the Floodgates Opened and Dozens of Explorers Followed Suit; Vespucci, Cabot, Balboa, Ponce de Leon, Verrazano, De Soto, Pizarro, Cartier, Coronado, etc., etc.

Contrast this with the moon-landing of 1969, in which nobody has ever gone back.......I mean, I hate to be a big moon hoax conspiracy fellow but after the government has lied us into literally every damned conflict since 1846, I ain't discounting anything these days. Sorry.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

On the Muslim Treatment of Previous Majorities In the Places that They Conquer (Either Via Force or Demography)

Well, if history is the judge, it doesn't seem too promising (Islamic rule in places such as India and Spain) and certainly not something that I'd be willing to risk.......I mean, would you?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

On the Fact that Admiral Bobby Ray Inman and N.S.A. Official, Oliver Kirby, Both Testified In 2003 that the Israelis Unquestionably Knew that the U.S.S. Liberty (Circa 1967) Was an American Ship and Decided to Attack it Anyway (the Ultimate Goal Apparently Being to Kill Every Sailor On the Vessel) -

 The feeling by some is that the Israelis had wanted to make it look like the Egyptians had perpetrated the deed (that's why they tried to murder everybody) in an effort to get the U.S. to attack Egypt (thereby doing their dirty work for them, much like we're doing it now in Iraq and Syria).......Some awesome ally, huh?  

Sunday, September 24, 2017

On the Fact that Hall of Fame Second Baseman, Nellie Fox, Struck Out Just 216 Times During His Phenomenal 19 Year Career -

That has to be one of the most mind-boggling statistics in the annals of American sports. UNREAL (the fact that guys like Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson would whiff that much in a year and a half).

On the Fact that (According to Many Historians; Carl Dengler, Ludwell Johnson, Kenneth Stammp, etc.) Lincoln's Secretary of State, William Seward, Strongly Advised President Lincoln Against Reinforcing Fort Sumter In that Such an Action Could Potentially Lead to an Unnecessary War

I was initially going to give Mr. Seward some prompts but when I found out that what the dude truly desired was yet another war with the British (France was his second choice) and that his penultimate goal was the annexation of Canada, I decided not to and concluded that he was just another war-monger.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

On When People Tell You Not to "Go There"

Go there. Trust me, you'll sleep better.

On the Fact that the Inner Contents of the Twin Towers Were Essentially Vaporized from the 9/11 Attacks

And this odds of this happening from aluminum airplane strikes and oxygen-starved kerosene fires is what exactly? My common sense tells me that it's zero. What does yours say? 

On the Fact that (According to Historian, Arthur M. Schlesinger) In 1846, a Young Congressman Named Abraham Lincoln Condemned President Polk for Getting the Country Into a War that Was Both Unnecessary and Unconstitutional

I'll take, "Slices of Irony that Will Leave You Gobsmacked and Thinking that You've Heard it All", for a thousand, Alex.

On When President McKinley Broke with America's Long-Standing Policy of Noninterventionism and Supplanted the Spaniards as the Colonial Overlords of Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Guam, and Cuba

One of the darkest times in U.S. history in that it set in motion America's Imperium, this whole idiotic notion that we must be the planet's policeman, etc. and was one of the earliest examples of an American President lying us into an unnecessary war.

On the Fact that the Average Cornell Graduate Ends Up Making Approximately 6% More than the Average Dartmouth Graduate -

So does that mean that Ann Coulter makes more than Laura Ingraham? Hmm, I wonder.

Friday, September 22, 2017

On Lawrence O'Donnell's Recent O'Reillyesque Meltdown

    I think that we always kind of knew that this fellow was bonkers and now we have the evidence. I mean, did you see that teeth-clench moment? Youza.

Proof that Nixon Was Wrong (His Idiotic Claim that the President Could Literally Do Anything Militarily Without Approval)

How 'bout we go back and look at what the principal architect of the Constitution had to say about this?......"Constant apprehension of war has the tendency to render the head (i.e., a President the caliber of Nixon) too large for the body. A standing military force and an overgrown executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defense against foreign danger have always been the instruments of tyranny at home."......You see, the founding fathers were not just opposed to an overarching executive (Hamilton being the one exception). They were also opposed to militarism, empire, and moronic alliances/foreign entanglements......and who are you going to listen to, Nixon or Madison? To me it's a absolute no-brainer.

On the Fact that President Lincoln's Letter to Horace Greeley In 1862, In Which He Made it Patently Obvious that if He Could Preserve the Union Without Freeing a Single Slave, He Would Do so, Is About as Close to a Smoking Gun as You Could Get that the Civil War Was NOT About Abolishing Slavery and Instead Was a Brazen and Lawless Action to Preserve the Union

And yet the Lincoln Cult continues to portray this dude as some great emancipator (and please keep in mind here that in lieu of such emancipation his ultimate goal was to either ship the freed blacks back to Africa or pen them up exclusively in the Southeast). How pathetic.   

Thursday, September 21, 2017

On the Fact that this Year's Emmy Awards Were Little More than One Never-Ending Trump-Bashing Circle-Jerk And the Ratings Were Horrible

Yeah, I guess that the public just doesn't want to watch a bunch of self-absorbed, low IQ assholes lecturing them and endlessly vilifying a President who they may or may not have voted for.............And I'm old enough to remember when being a rebel meant going against the crowd. Not anymore, I guess...............................................................................................P.S. And, no, this is not put forth as an endorsement of Trump in that I don't particularly care for the fellow, either. I'm simply pointing out the nauseating and ridiculous level of overkill and the fact that nobody seems to give a rat's ass what Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Lily Tomlin, and Steven Colbert think about politics. That's it.

On the Fact that Paul Wolfowitz Apparently Voted for Hillary Clinton -

Speaks volumes, doesn't it (the fact that Mrs. Clinton is essentially John McCain with a vagina and so of course a neocon piece of fecal matter like Wolfowitz will side with her over a nominal Republican like Trump who blasted and pilloried George W. Bush)?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

On the Fact that In 1969, President Nixon Stated that the President "Has the Constitutional Power to Send U.S. Military Forces Abroad Without Specific Congressional Approval"

I know that some folks think that the Constitution is a "living and breathing document" but this has to be one of the most perverse interpretations in U.S. history (though, yes, it also continues to be the prevailing one, unfortunately).......Leave it to Dick Nixon.

On the Increasingly Strident Tone Directed at North Korea by President Trump and General Mattis

My feeling is that if this mouth-breathing slant, Un, wants to waste a bunch of his weapons blowing them up in the middle of nowhere, let him. Just make it clear that if he airmails one of them over to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hawaii, Guam, etc., he will be toast. That should pretty much cover it.................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I am extremely concerned that our government will try and pull some shenanigans and create another Maine, Zimmerman note, Gulf of Tonkin, babies from incubators, WMD, etc.......Just hoping that Trump can see through the craziness. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

On the Fact that Within Hours of 9/11, Ehud Barak Went on the BBC and Started Fingering Osama bin Laden Even Before the Bushies Did

Funny how the Neocons and the Israelis always seem to be reading from the same program (and by funny I of course mean, suspicious, disturbing, etc.). I mean, it's almost if they're working in concert or something (not surprising in that at least some of these bozos apparently possess dual U.S. - Israeli citizenship; Chertoff, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Zelikow, etc.).

On the Fact that We Now Know with Absolute Certainty that Susan Rice Lied Through Her Molars On PBS Earlier this Year Regarding the Unmasking of Trump Officials

        And how is the media responding to this? Let's just say that they don't seem too concerned (the fact that they haven't mentioned the lie, the fact that they've have been spinning like a top to make it seem like her actions were justified, the fact that they've been doubling-down on the thoroughly discredited Russian narrative, etc.).                                    

Sunday, September 17, 2017

On the Fact that the E.U. Apparently Wants to Punish Poland, The Czech Republic, and Hungary For Not Taking In Enough Migrants from the Middle East and Northern Africa

   Yeah, why should France, Germany, Belgium, and Sweden have all the fun (and by fun I'm of course referring to gang rapes, terrorism, economic descent, etc.)?      

Saturday, September 16, 2017

On the Concept of Tearing Down Confederate Statues Just Because Some of the Subjects Depicted Had Owned Slaves (the Real Truth of Course Being that a Lot of Them Either Never Owned Slaves or Had Gotten Rid of Them Years Before the War; Joseph Johnston, A.P. Hill, Fitzhugh Lee, Stonewall Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart, etc.)

And how 'bout the fact that slavery still exists in many parts of the Islamic world (in Libya, for example - thank you, Obama and Clinton)? Based upon this perverted SJW logic, we should be tearing down Mosques and other Muslim edifices......and the off of that happening......

Friday, September 15, 2017

On the Fact that Southern Appointees to Cabinet and Other High Ranking Positions Are ALWAYS Queried About Slavery but Northern Appointees Are NEVER Grilled On the Slave Trade Which Was Almost Uniformly a Northern Endeavor

And wouldn't it be great if it just happened once? JUST ONCE.  

On the Fact that if the Current Anti-White Hostility Continues and it Coincides with Whites Ultimately Becoming a Minority In Their Own Homeland, I Fail to See How that Ends Well (Even for the Leftists)......with History Being Our Guide (Haiti, South Africa, etc.)

I do. I really, really do.

On the Fact that My First Question for Holocaust Industrialist, Deborah Lipstadt, Would Be......

My dear Mrs. Lipstadt, you claim that 700,000 Jews were murdered via diesel gas at Treblinka (an absurdity in and of itself in that diesel is the least efficient way to suffocate even ONE person, never mind hundreds of thousands), buried, dug up, and then cremated outside via huge wood fires (an act that would have probably required more wood than any other in recorded history). Where did the Nazis get the wood? I ask because there currently exists no record of the Germans ordering massive amounts of wood and neither is there any record of mass deforestation. Please, I ask you, solve this riddle for me.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

On the Fact that Revisionist Historian, Mark Weber, Recently Came Out and Stated that Some Jews May Indeed Have Been Gassed at Sobibor, Belzec, and Treblinka

Yeah, I strongly suspect that Mr. Weber was paid a visit by ramrods from the Jewish Defense League and that that more than anything prompted him to "reconsider" (the fact that the Treblinka narrative is even more ludicrous than the Auschwitz one, the fact that when he was questioned on the issue he fumbled and stammered like I've never seen him before, etc.).......I mean, it's not as if they haven't pulled this stunt before, the thugs.

On the Fact that In the Twisted Statist Minds of FDR and Churchill, Hitler's Invasion of Poland to Assist the Ethnic Germans of that Country Who Were Being Persecuted Was an Atrocity but the Russian Invasion of Poland Which Was Motivated Entirely by Empire Was Not

So what does that tell you? It tells me that these assholes wanted war (Churchill had been jawing at Germany since 1936) and would come up with any moronic pretense that they could to make it happen.......And who in his proper mind would have given Poland a war guarantee? Poland (a country with territorial and warlike aims of its own)!!!...Not anybody with a brain, apparently.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Esteemed Science Writer, Nicholas Wade) There Were No Religious Leaders Among Hunter-Gatherer Groups and Every Member of the Group Was Left to "Communicate" Directly with His or Her God

So, yeah, I guess that at least in this one respect, Man has devolved (the fact that early man had no popes, no David Koreshes, no Muhammeds, no pharaohs, no Jim Joneses, no L. Ron Hubbards, no Bible-thumping buffoons, etc.).

On the Fact that Famed Abolitionist, Ralph Waldo Emerson, One Stated that "the Dark Man, the Black Man Declines" and that "by and by the Black Man Will Be Fit Only for Museums Like the Dodo Bird"

So fellows like Emerson, Seward, Sheppard Pike, Joseph Henry Allen, etc. continued to argue for emancipation (along of course with colonization, segregation, etc.) even though they thought that it would lead to the extinction of the black race.......And these are the good guys supposedly. Youza.

Monday, September 11, 2017

On the Fact that Historians Love to Point Out that William Seward Frequently Referred to Slavery as Intolerable, Unjust, and Inhumane but NEVER the Fact that the Dude Didn't Want to Live with Black Folks, Stated that He "Looked Forward to the Natural Elimination of Blacks In America", and Actually Described "Negroes" as "a Foreign and Feeble Element, a Pitiful Exotic, Unnecessarily Transplanted Into Our Field, and Which it Is Unprofitable to Cultivate"

Yeah, he and Lincoln were "rivals" alright; rivals in terms of who hated blacks more............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the folks who "unnecessarily transplanted" these blacks "into our field" (post the British of course) were slavers from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York; his fellow Yanks, in other words. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

On the Number of Black Gang Murders In Chicago and Detroit that the Removal of a Robert E. Lee Statue 1,500 Miles Away Could Possibly Prevent

The lack of intelligent prioritizing in this country is astounding and what a perfect example of it. Statues. STATUES!!

On the Fact that There Are Actually Chicks In this World Who've Fallen In Love with Dirt-Bag Killers Like Scott Peterson and the Menendez Brothers

I mean, yeah, they're good looking young fellas' and while I kinda' understand the need of some chicks to tame the bad boy, the fact that some folks are fully delusional, etc., THIS I find to be a wee-bit too much.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

On the Fact that (According to a March 2012 Article from "Genome Research") 22% of the DNA from African Americans Derives from European Ancestors

So does this mandate that Black Lives Matter and other anti-white African American pressure groups despise more than one-fifth of their own fucking selves? Logic (as much as logic can be ascribed to these hate-mongers) would seem to suggest it.

On the Fact that Hordes of Young, Lost, Stupid, Illiberal, and Fully Indoctrinated College Students Apparently Think that by Shouting People Down, Tearing Down Statues, and Calling Anyone Who Disagrees with Them a Nazi or a Racist, They Are Somehow Putting On Display Virtue and Moral Superiority

Not a legacy that I'd be proud of and I seriously doubt that down the road they'll be proud of it, either (those that ultimately develop critical thinking skills, I'm saying).

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

On the Fact that Chance the Rapper Recently Donated $1,000,000 to Chicago's Public School System

While I admire the generosity, giving $1,000,000 to a corrosive, heavily bureaucratic, and bereft of innovation entity like the Chicago public school system is tantamount to flushing it down the toilet. He probably should have created a scholarship or something instead. That's what I would have done. 

On the Fact that if Susan Hayward Was Alive Today, She'd Be Exactly 100

And still a fucking babe, I bet.......Sort of.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On Black Men Who Take Up Islam (Even Going as Far as to Change Their Damned Names)

They obviously aren't aware that the Muslim slave trade of black Africans wasn't just more expansive than the Atlantic slave trade but one in which a significant percentage of the male slaves were castrated - - Ouch, ouch, and ouch.

On the Fact that the Closest Planet to Earth's Solar System Is Located In the Alpha Centauri System and Hence 25,000,000,000,000 Miles Away

So at the very minimum a UFO would have to travel 4.3 light years to get to earth and unless we're looking at some sort of time travel and/or an intelligence capable of obviating the essential laws of physics, it's probably not feasible. Sorry.

Monday, September 4, 2017

On Modern Day Climate Science

Please allow me to break it down for you. a) Formulate a conclusion (preferably one draped in politics and which majorly enhances the power of politicians). b) Find researchers who are willing to manipulate the data to fit this conclusion. c) Claim that the world will end if we refuse to listen to the experts. d) Smear any and all critics (even people like Roger Pielke and Judith Curry who most sane folks would see as moderates). And e) rinse and repeat.......Sorrowful, huh?  

On the Fact that it Looks as if CNN Has Staged Yet Another News Story

    ......and with them being the heroes of course.......Fake news indeed.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

On the Claim by Some Folks that Donald Trump Is a Dangerous Man Who Will Initiate Multiple Wars

That may be true (the fact that the dude oft-times comes across as impulsive) but do I need to remind you people that it was Mrs. Clinton who a) threatened a no-fly zone over Syria, b) threatened Iran with a nuclear strike, c) voted for the Iraq War, d) supported her husband's full-scale destruction of Yugoslavia, e) rubber-stamped the sale of advanced weaponry and aircraft to Saudi Arabia (weapons that are currently being used to commit a genocide in Yemen), f) facilitated the flow of weapons into Iraq and Syria that ended up in the hands of terrorists, and g) was instrumental in the offing of the freely elected government in Ukraine......and that we wouldn't necessarily have been in a peaceful way with that bitch, either?......I probably do, huh?     

On the Fact that In 2015, Obama Claimed that the Rising Sea Levels from Global Warming Would Cost the U.S. $200 Billion by 2100

So essentially the same amount that we've already spent on global warming science (research, technology, tax breaks, etc.) since the '90s, in other words....Gotta love it.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

On the Fact that Some Athletic Commission In Japan Actually Allowed a 12 Year-Old to Fight In a Professional MMA Match

    How royally fucked up is that (and, no, I don't care that she won the fight)?......A child, for Christ!

Friday, September 1, 2017

On the Fact that the Band's Classic, "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", Probably Couldn't Be Released Today Because Antifa and Black Lives Matter Would Tear it Down

     And I'm half expecting that record companies will ultimately cave in to these terrorist groups and stop publishing the song (which has the temerity to chronicle and substantiate the hard evidence that the invasion of the South by the North was THE American enormity) altogether - so strong the push for censorship these days.

On the Fact that (According to Science Writer, Nicholas Wade) Prior to European Colonization, the Island of New Guinea Was Still Characterized by Stone Age Technology and the Type of Endemic Warfare In Which the Inhabitants of One Society (There Were Approximately 1,200 of Them) Could Not Travel Safely Beyond Their Small Territory

So here's another example of white Europeans doing something admirable (in this instance, suppressing mass slaughter) and, while, no, their motives may not have been totally pure (spreading their religion, exploiting resources, etc.), might we at least look at these historical events with a modicum of balance and ixnay the demonization just of whites? Maybe?

On the Fact that These Antifa Assholes Claim to be Anarchists While They Simultaneously Go Around Carrying Communist Flags

Just the type of moral reasoning and logic that one would expect from a bunch of masked unemployed dolts who still live in their parents' basement masturbating to the Backstreet Boys. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

On the Use of the Four-Winged Fruit-Fly as Evidence for Evolution

Yeah, it's just another deleterious mutation (the organism can't survive outside of controlled conditions) and, so, no, it doesn't help the theory of evolution one iota....Keep trying, though, fellas'...............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, this is coming from a person who tends to believe in evolution (just not one who buys the thing hook, line, and sinker). So there.

On the Fact that a Black Man Was Brutally Attacked by a White Man and CNN Hasn't Covered it

      Yeah, because the black dude was a Trump supporter and his attacker one of those "peaceful" Antifa folks.......Because it didn't fit the narrative, in other words.

On the Fact that In 1961, the New York Times Claimed that There Was a Unanimous Consensus that the Earth Was Getting Colder -

Now will the leftists finally agree with folks like Michael Crichton, Richard Feynman, and Freeman Dyson (all of whom are or were infinitely smarter than dolts like Al Gore and Sheldon Whitehouse), and numerous others who've stated that consensus in science is a meaningless concept and that maybe, just maybe, we need to be a little more humble and skeptical when politicians and government bureaucrats start force-feeding us these doomsday scenarios? I sincerely hope that they will.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

On the Fact that In True Science You Never Try to Prove Your Hypothesis but Rather to Disprove it

So the IPCC couldn't even grasp this fundamental (the fact they started off with some brain-diseased notion and attempted to move heaven and earth and lie through their molars to substantiate it). How fucking sad.

On the Fact that "Islam Is Bullshit and it Offends Me" Is Considered "Hate Speech" These Days but "Mormonism, the Jehovah's Witnesses, and Scientology Are Bullshit and They Offend Me" Is Not

How damned patronizing is that? Regressive left much, folks?

On the Fact that In 2000, Gavin Schmidt of NASA Had Claimed that the Planet Had Warmed by .5 Degrees Celsius Since 1880 and by 2016 He Had Upped that Number to 1.4 Degrees Celsius - this Despite the Fact that the Satellite and Radiosonde Balloon Data Has Shown Bubkas Warming Over the past 20 Years -

Schmidt, Hansen, and the rest of those cock-suckers over at NASA are perpetrating fraud on the American public and at the very minimum they should be terminated immediately.......Trump has said that he wants to drain the swamp - how 'bout he starts right here? RIGHT HERE.  

Monday, August 28, 2017

On the Claim Recently Made In "Scientific American" that the Global Cooling Scare of the 1970s Consisted Solely of Nine Paragraphs Written In "Newsweek" In 1975

    It is a bald-faced lie in that a) there were literally hundreds of articles pertaining to it and b) virtually every scientific organization in the country was totally on board with the notion. I mean, I understand that these schmucks know that media won't fact-check 'em and that they can probably say anything but, I'm sorry, "Scientific American" should really be ashamed of themselves on this one - THAT BAD IT WAS.

On the Fact that that Doltish and Vulgar Leftist Comedienne, Chelsea Handler, Who Routinely Refers to People Who She Disagrees with as Nazis, Recently Discovered that One of Her Grandfathers Was an Actual Nazi

Hopefully this will be a cautionary tale but I strongly doubt that it will (the fact that these Hollywood progressives seem genetically predetermined to demonize and so it'll probably continue no matter what) -

On the Fact that the Recently Passed Away Wall Street Journal Columnist, Joseph Rago, Apparently "Triggered" John Podesta Several Weeks Before He Died

And can we at least get a cause of death regarding this poor guy (who was just 34 and in good health)? I mean, is that too much to ask?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

On the Fact that Oprah Winfrey and Other Racial Grievance Miscreants Apparently Believe that the Black Slaves Who Came to the Americas Would Have Been Free and Prosperous Had They Not Met this Horrid Fate

It's pure unadulterated bullshit. The fact of the matter is that every slave who was brought to this hemisphere ALREADY WAS A SLAVE and if they didn't come to the Americas they would have remained a slave in Africa or marched across the continent to the West coast of Africa and sold into the Arab slave trade. Yes, I understand that this hard for some of you to stomach but IT needs to be said and YOU need to grow up. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

On the Fact that Even Though the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the National Academy of Sciences, National Geographic Magazine, The U.S. National Science Board, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Had All Concluded by 1979 that the Earth Had Been Cooling Since the End of WW2, NASA (In a Shameless and Moronic Attempt to Further Their Anthropogenic Global Warming Narrative) Has Since Decided that There Was Zero Cooling During that Three and Half Decade Span

And yet there are still idiots out there who take as gospel everything that these scoundrels say, no matter how absurd. Unbelievable, huh?

On James Hansen's Prediction that Lower Manhattan Would Be Under Water by 2008

He obviously meant 3008. Just an honest mistake I'm sure.......Yeah, right.

On Applying Newton's Third Law of Motion (for Every Action There Is an Equal and Opposite Reaction) to Societies

It certainly does seem to be applicable (Reconstruction bringing about the KKK, the Russian Czars bringing about Bolshevism, the Versailles Treaty bringing about Hitler, terrorism in Israel bringing about the election of Netanyahu, black identity politics bringing about white nationalism, etc.), eh folks?

On the Feminist Complaint that There Haven't Been a Lot of Movies About Female War Heroes

Yeah, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that that's probably because there............HAVEN'T BEEN A SHITLOAD OF FEMALE WAR HEROES!!!!!! Ya' catch my drift?  

On the Fact that of the 19,632 Muslim Migrants that Flooded Into Finland During the First Nine Months of 2015, Over 15,000 of Them Were Adult Males and Only 2% Were Actually Syrian -

Yeah, I guess that "women and children first" is only something that the oppressive white Christian West observes these days. Oh well.

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Return of P.T. Barnum?

Apparently (the fact that only a "sucker" would dish out $100 to see a contest between an aging defensive boxer and some lunatic MMA guy who's never had so much as an amateur bout before).

On the Left's Notion that Populations Are Essentially Interchangeable

It sounds good and while I wish that it was the case, being that there is zero evidence from world history to support such a premise (groups just don't get along, sadly - and, no, it isn't always the fault of white folks), yeah, it's probably best to proceed with caution on this whole third-world immigration thing.

On Denzel Washington Being Asked Who He Voted for and Him Responding that it Was None of the Fellow's Business

I always liked Denzel and now I love the guy (the fact that he didn't take the bait from a fellow who was obviously fishing for a specific answer). You go, Denzel!

On the Fact that When Sheriff Clarke Asked Don Lemon to Condemn Black Lives Matter After One of Their Ramrods Murdered Those Five Cops In Dallas, Lemon Replied by Proclaiming that it Wasn't His Job to Judge (the Fact that He Was Just a Reporter, yada yada)

The schmucks at CNN apparently changed his job description (the fact that the dude tees-off on Trump on a nightly basis now). Big time.

On the Fact that ESPN Has Actually Pulled an Asian-American Reporter Named Robert Lee from it's Upcoming University of Virginia Football Broadcast

I actually thought that I was watching some ancient Saturday Night Live skit circa Joe Piscopo but nope, IT'S REAL!!............Political correctness much, ESPN?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

On the Fact Don Lemon Is Seemingly More Pissed Off (as In, Triggered) About Trump's Speech than He Is About the Clintons Losing (and, Yes, I Am Being Quite Generous In My Use of Terms Here) $10,000,000,000 of the Haitian Relief Fund

I'll take, "Shameless and Dumb as a Fucking Stump Media Douche-Bags with Zero Moral Compunction and an Embarrassing Incapacity to Recognize Irony", for a thousand, Alex.

On Why I Left the Left

Too much a) virtue-signaling, b) political correctness, c) hostility to free speech, d) genuflecting to Islam, e) partisan bullshit, f) violence, g) fuzzy thought (the notion that there are 70 genders, the claim that we can power a modern industrial economy with wind and solar energy, a strict adherence to Keynesian economics, something called micro-aggressions, etc.), h) anti-white hostility, i) anti-male hostility and radical feminism, j) environmental extremism (bordering on anti-humanism), k) moral inconsistency (Bush wars bad, Obama wars good, Bush spying bad, Obama spying good, etc.), l) historical revisionism (the claim that Lincoln fought the Civil War to free the slaves, the notion that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was surprising and fully unprovoked, the assertion that the New Deal got us out of the Depression, etc.), m) race-baiting and identity politics, and n) smugness, hypocrisy, and rank condescension.......Well, those are some of the reasons.

On Jamie Foxx Saying that He Enjoyed Working On the Movie, "Django Unchained", Because He "Got to Kill a Lot of White People"

And the white liberals laughed......and they laughed (something that they never would have done if the object if the slur had been any other ethnicity - but I digress)......and they............laughed more maybe?

On the Fact that I Would Never Went the Responsibility (Never Mind, the Burden) of Determining What Is and Isn't "Hate Speech"

Of course the prospect of having somebody else (a Jerry Falwell or a Jesse Jackson, say) determine it is even more terrifying.......Wow, huh?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

On the Fact that the Multicultural Orthodoxy Simultaneously Proclaims that There Aren't Any Races (this Despite the Fact that Even a Down Syndrome Youngster With an I.Q. of 55 Could Probably and With Pinpoint Accuracy Separate 100 Germans and 100 Australian Aborigines) AND that Identity Politics Is the Best Strategy Moving Forward for Disadvantaged Populations

So races don't exist but let's emphasize these obvious phenotypical distinctions anyway (for political gain).......Yep, sounds like a plan, Stan.  

On the Hypocrisy of Open-Borders Ramrod, George Clooney, Moving His Family Out of England and Back to America for (a Drum-Roll Please) SECURITY REASONS!!!!

So this idiot advocates for mass Muslim immigration into Europe and when the going gets a little tough he hightails it out of the place and lets the poor working stiffs deal with. What a miserable piece of shit, huh?

On the Fact that the Mainstream Media Tried to Portray the Free Speech Rally In Boston as Some Sort Neo-Nazi and KKK Event When In Reality it Was Comprised Largely of Liberals and Moderates

    How do folks like Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon even live with themselves? I certainly couldn't.................................................................................................P.S. Though, yes, it also should be proffered that these assholes could be so insane that they actually believe their own bullshit and for that we should show them some sympathy, I guess.

On "White People Suck" Signs (Often Displayed at Antifa and Black Lives Matter Gatherings)

How is this even remotely acceptable (and, no, I'm not proclaiming that it should be illegal, just that it should be called out by anybody and everybody with half a brain)? I mean, can you imagine if the group being slandered was African Americans?......Or Latinos?......Or Jews? Unreal.

On Blocking Traffic as a Method of Protest

More moronic it could not be in that a) it could conceivably end up in the loss of life (ambulances - HELLO!!!) and b) it just makes people hate your guts even more (the fact that nobody likes to be inconvenienced by a bunch of unemployable and slimy parasites).......But hey, do what you gotta do, I guess.

On the Percentage of These Brain-Diseased Antifa Buffoons Who a) Work, b) Don't Still Live with Their Parents, c) Focus On Self-Improvement, d) Could Win a One On One Fight with a Toddler, and f) Entertain Alternative Theories

Something less than zero would be my guess.......I mean, have you seen these masked idiots?

My Sources for the Claim that 1,000,000 Freed Slaves Died from Disease and Starvation After the Civil War - Quick Addendum

And, yes/again, this is exactly why gradual emancipation is the only sane and humane way to engage in the process and why every other country in the hemisphere (save for Haiti) was able to get rid of the damned thing without bloodshed. HELLO!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

On the Fact that MSNBC's Resident Hatchet-Woman, Joy Reid, Actually Referred to James Clapper (Mr. Unwittingly) Recently as "a Straight Shooter"

How fucking deranged does a person have to be to think like this (James Clapper, the reigning world heavyweight champion of liars, a straight shooter)? Pretty damned so, would be my guess. 

On the Fact that We Don't Know How Many Neo-Nazis, KKK Members, White Supremacists, White Nationalists, etc. Were at Charlottesville Last Week............BECAUSE NOBODY WAS ALLOWED TO SPEAK, FOR CHRIST!!

And that's the strategy in a nutshell (keep 'em quiet so that they can continue to lump not just all of these groups together but to also throw in the alt-right, the alt-light, etc. - anybody who disagrees with them, in other words). Brilliant, huh?   

On the Number of J.K. Rowling's 18 Bedrooms that She'd be Willing to Lend Out to Syrian Refugees

The answer is of course zero in that the stupid bitch doesn't give a shit about these people and is more than happy enough to leave it to the poor working stiffs of Luten and Rotherham to deal with the fallout. She's virtue-signaling, that's it.  

Sunday, August 20, 2017

My Sources for the Claim that 1,000,000 Freed Slaves Died from Disease and Starvation After the Civil War

 "Black and White" by Henry Latham, "Sick from Freedom" by James Downs, and "Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery Is Wrong, Ask a Southerner" by Lochlainn Seabrook.......And it's just common sense in that the marauding Yankee Soldiers either stole or destroyed the entire food supply and so of course many people are going to perish.  

On the Fact that We Actually Have Young Adults in College Who Still Get "Triggered" by the Mere Presence of People Like Milo and Ann Coulter and Even by Much More Serious Individuals Such as Christina Hoff Sommers, Warren Farrell, Camille Paglia, Janice Fiamengo, Heather MacDonald, etc.

How utterly embarrassing and to say that these snowflake schmucks are going to struggle in the real world is putting it mildly....Triggered, yeah, I'll give 'em triggered.

Friday, August 18, 2017

On Merkel's Open-Borders Policy In Germany Supposedly Being a By-Product of Guilt Over the Holocaust

So they're trying to address their anti-Semitic past by bringing in hundreds of thousands of the planet's most virulent present-day anti-Semites?......Yeah, I just don't see that working.

On the Fact that the Original KKK Was an Anti-Carpetbagging Outfit that Actually Had Several Black Chapters and for the Yankee Court Historians to Try and Tar Nathan Bedford Forest as a Racist for His Having Started this Organization Is Nothing but Pure, Unadulterated, and Abject Slander

Sanitize THAT.

On that World Renowned Meteorologist, Climatologist, Paleo Climatologist, Geologist, Astronomer, Oceanographer, Ecologist, Electrical Engineer, and Astro-Physicist, Nicole Richie, Telling Some Dumb as a Fucking Stump Entertainment Reporter that the Earth Is "Hotter Now than it's Ever Been"

She's obviously full of shit in that just in the past 10,000 years our planet has had the Holocene Warming Optimum, the Minoan Warm  Period, and the Roman Warm Period - all of which were hotter than the present - and the Medieval Warm Period which was at the very least comparable. I mean, I know that she's probably working off of some dumb script and has never looked at the actual data herself (all of which shows nothing even remotely alarming) but can we at least have a semblance of blowback, for Christ?......Hotter now than it's ever been - LOL!! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

On the Fact that the Left Despises Trump so Much that the Fellow Could Discover a Cure for Alzheimer's and They'd Probably Say that it Was Because He Hated Young Folks

Again, I don't have a problem with criticizing the fellow (I've personally hammered him for the Syrian air-strike and for his signing of that moronic Russia sanctions bill) but what I've been witnessing over the past six months is like nothing that I've ever seen before (and, trust me, I've been around for a while)...... and it's creepy and disturbing (the fact that the media and deep-state are trying to take him down over bullshit and that is not a precedent that any of us should enter into lightly).

On the Fact that (According to the Pew Survey) a) 82% of Egyptians Believe that the Appropriate Penalty for Adultery Should Be Stoning, b) 88% of Pakistanis Believe that the Appropriate Penalty for Theft and Robbery Should Be the Cutting Off of Hands, and c) 82% of Jordanians Believe that the Appropriate Penalty for Leaving Islam Should Be a Death Sentence

And these beliefs are magically going to disappear once these folks hit the shores of Europe and North America? Seriously? WHO BELIEVES THIS???

On the Fact that the Violent Leftist Pressure-Group, Antifa, Routinely Carries Around Communist Banners and There Is Never, EVER, EVER any Blow-Back from Media Ramrods Like Van Jones, Don Lemon, and Rachel Maddow

Yeah, I guess that the several thousand blacks that the KKK lynched in the first half of the 20th Century are more important than the 80,000,000 whites and Asians that the Communists slaughtered during their 70 year plus reign of terror.......Black lives matter.

On the Fact that the Majority Populations In Places Such as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia, and Japan Faithfully Strive to Retain Their Predominance In These Countries AND ARE NEVER, EVER, EVER CASTIGATED FOR IT

'Cause only whites can be racist. Haven't you folks been paying attention?

On the Fact that if that Retarded Jerk Who Ran People Over In Charlottesville Had Been a Islamist the Leftists Would Have Been Falling All Over Each Other Admonishing Us to Not Judge All Muslims Based On the Action of this One Dude but Being that the Fellow Is Seemingly a Member of the "Alt-Right", No Such Similar Considerations Are Being Made

Partisans and a consistent moral yardstick tend not to co-exist and this is yet another perfect example of it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On Young White Liberals Winsomely Looking Forward to the Day When Whites Become the Minority In America

I hope that it works out for 'em (I'll be long gone by then) but based on history, I have some doubts (what happened in Haiti, South Africa, pretty much every big city in America, etc.).

On Margaret Sanger Statues

Yeah, something tells me that those won't be coming down any time soon (this despite the fact that she was a wretched racist who championed eugenics - abortion trumping all).

On the Fact that Chris Brown's Latest Girlfriend Has Apparently Taken a Restraining Order Out On Him

Any woman who takes up with this asshole has to be insane.......Talk about a war on women (the guy's record, propensity to violence, etc.).

On the "Noble Savage"

Yeah, I guess that the Comanches and the Zulus never got that particular memo (the fact that these primitive people engaged in some of the most virulent conquests and genocides in human history but because they aren't white Europeans nobody seems to give a rat's ass).......Lost in the mail perhaps.

On the Fact that the Pizzagate Story Didn't Start On Conservative Web-Sites (as Has Been Alleged by Leftists) but Was Rather a Response to Bill Clinton Trucking On Down to Haiti and Getting a Convicted Child Trafficker and Slimeball, Laura Silsby, Off With Nothing but a Slap On the Wrist

For the record.

On the Georgia Versus Georgie Tech Rivalry

Yeah, I'd say that this sums it up pretty darn well.

On the Fact that Trump Is Taking a Lot of Heat (Huge Surprise, Huh?) for Saying that Both Sides Were Responsible for the Violence In Charlottesville

Well, being that these Antifa dimwits didn't have a permit and were throwing feces, bottles of piss, and bricks at the group that DID possess one, I certainly wouldn't include this amongst Trump's bigger miscues (I'm far more pissed off at the guy for signing that dangerous Russia sanctions bill).......Would you (and yes, I'm talking to sane, nonpartisan folks)?

On the Fact that Even Though There Were Hundreds of Cops Assigned to that Unite the Right Rally In Charlottesville, They Refused to Execute Even the Most Rudimentary Tenets of Police Work and Keep the Two Groups Separate - the End-Result of Course Being Mass Violence

What the corporate media should be doing of course is trying to find out if there was a stand-down order given to the police by that brain-dead, Berkeley-educated mayor (yeah, the indoctrination worked like a charm on this drooling schmuck) and holding his feet to the fire (you know, as opposed to taking sides and furthering their deep-state DNC narrative).......Not that that'll ever happen, mind you.

On the Fact that You Must Believe Every Fucking Thing that Bullshit Outlets Like "Buzzfeed", "Mother Jones", Salon", "The Daily Banter", etc. Tell You or You Will Forever Be Deemed a Nazi by Snowflake SJWs and Their Enablers In the Media EVEN IF YOU'RE A PROGRESSIVE

   Get a load of this bullshit, folks.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

On the Fact that the Left Seems More Gun-Ho About Tearing Down Statues of Robert E. Lee (a Man of Unbridled Integrity Who Has Been Continuously Slandered by Yankee Apologists, Court Historians, etc.) than They Are About Fixing the Staggering Level of Corruption in the DNC

And where does this shit end? I mean, are we going to start tearing down statues of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington because they had slaves, too?......'Cause that would be insane, correct? CORRECT?

On the Fact that All of Those Snide Insults that Mrs. Clinton Levied at Trump Supporters Last Fall (that They Were Homophobes, Racists, Misogynists, etc.) Are Significantly More Apropos to Middle Eastern and North African Muslims (I Refer You Here to the Pew Research Survey) than They Are to the People Who Voted for Trump Out of Fear that Hillary Would Have Started WW3 (Her Call for an Idiotic No-Fly Zone Over Syria, Her Threat to Use a Nuke Against Iran, Her Complicity In the Illegal Coups In Ukraine, etc.) but as Usual the Irony Seems Totally Lost on the Leftists

Of course the fact that Mrs. Clinton and the rest of her brethren want to flood the country with thousands more of these racist, homophobic, and misogynist Islamists undoubtedly goes a long way towards explaining it, wouldn't you say (the fact that she sees them as potential Democratic voters and so who gives a shit if a few gays get killed and chicks mutilated?)?

On the Fact that We've Actually Gotten to a Juncture In Our History Where U.S. Foreign Policy Is Being Determined by a Bullshit Narrative that Was Concocted by Miscreants and Parasites Such as John Podesta and Robbie Mook

But what's the big deal, right? Russia is only a nuclear power.

Monday, August 14, 2017

On the Fact that When You Defend the Right of Nazis to Speak, Assemble, etc., You Aren't Defending Nazis, YOU'RE DEFENDING YOURSELF!!

And yet the shortsighted idiots on the left continue with their virulent anti-free-speech bullshit, not even contemplating that it might at some point come back to bite them (you know, when the Islamists take over and start persecuting leftists, unbelievers, gays, feminists, etc.). How pathetic.

On the Claim by Jonathan Allen In His Disturbing New Book, "Shattered", that the Whole Russian Narrative Was Concocted Within 24 Hours of the Clinton Defeat by the Bitch's Ramrods, John Podesta and Robby Mook

Seriously, is there any sentient being out there who's surprised by this? ANYBODY?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

On the Emergence of the Alt-Right and White Nationalism

Yeah, it's a potential problem but after a steady diet of "white men are the root of all evil", "white people need to go extinct", "only white folks can be racist", etc., WHAT IN THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT??? Mary Poppins?

On Faye Dunaway In "Bonnie and Clyde" (Circa 1967)

Yeah, that had to have been a glorious gig for Mr. Beatty in that holy moly was she ever smokin' back then.

On the Fact that the BBC Reported On the Collapse of Building 7 WHILE IT WAS STILL FUCKING STANDING!!!

They even had the reporter in a screen-shot with building 7 in plain sight RIGHT BEHIND HER. Suspicious much?

On Trump Capitulating to the Deep-State YET AGAIN and Signing that Moronic Russia Sanctions Bill

Yes, he's been put in a no-win situation with this bogus Russian hacking story (the fact that if he doesn't sign the fucking thing the media and their deep-state masters will accuse him of being beholding to Russia and Putin) but this is a very dangerous game and unless Trump stops being a bitch to these folks.......I mean, I don't even want to think about it. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

On the Fact that Even the Nation Magazine Has Now Concluded that the Russian Hacking Story Is More than Likely Bullshit

   This while Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell continue to act like Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie at the Alamo - - Kudos to the Nation.

On the Fact that the Left Has Been Trying to Jam Their Twisted View of Reality Down Our Throats for Decades Now and Now that the Country Has Peacefully Elected a Man Who Looks Like He Might Want to Turn the Tide a Little Their True Fascistic Colors Are Coming to Light and Boy Is it Ever an Ugly Sight

And the saddest thing of all is that a lot of these sniveling douche-bags can't even articulate why they're mad (apart from mouthing a few brain-diseased bromides, that is), just that they are (or have been told to be).......Try including that on a resume.

On the Claim by Senator Tydings that the Republican-Controlled 80th Congress of 1948 Had Already Examined the Lee List (One of the Main Sources that McCarthy Had Leaned Upon for His Senate Testimony) and Concluded that it Was No Big Deal

This is one of the biggest lies in American political history. The fact of the matter is that Congressmen Stefan, Taber, Chenoweth, Busbey, Judd, and others had all voiced significant concern and outrage at the seeming lack of security in the State Department...and for the court historians to constantly sweep this fact under the carpet is an outrage....................................................................................................From the Congressional Record of 1948 - "The investigation of the Appropriations Committee indicated a very large number of Communists on the rolls of the State Department......they have employed people whose record according to their own files is not such that any loyal American could trust them." Congressman John Taber.    In addition - "It becomes necessary due to the gravity of the situation to call your attention to a condition that has developed and still flourishes in the State Department under the direction of Dean Acheson. It is evident that there is a deliberate, calculated program being carried on not only to protect Communist personnel in high places, but to reduce security and intelligence protection to a nullity......." Senator Homer Ferguson.......Yeah, no big deal indeed.

On the Fact that Google Actually Fired Some Poor Bastard for "Wrong Think", Fact-Based Analysis, Taking His Company to Task (Namely, that it's Become an Anti-Intellectual and SJW Echo-Chamber), and Plain Old Common Sense

And what did the guy do? Point out that men and women are different in certain regards and that this could possibly have a biological basis (the truth, in other words)? Really, that's what gets you shit-canned these days? How unbelievable.....................................................................................................P.S. Here's an amazing presentation by the great Steven Pinker which examines gender differences in cognition - - and I strongly suggest that the regressive left watch it (knowing fully well that they won't).