Sunday, March 29, 2020

On the Fact that Mueller, Weissmann, and Their Cronies Tried for Three Years to Tie Trump to Russia and Couldn't Find a Fucking Thing (All that They Could Muster Were a Bevy of Bullshit Process Crimes Directed at Tin-Cans Such as Corsi and Stone) and Yet In Spite of this We Still Have Parasitic Psychopaths Like Pelosi and Hillary Spitting Out Such Ridiculous Memes as, "All Roads Lead to Putin"

And yet again the media doesn't push back. Ever. I mean, you'd think that the lack of originality alone (my God, they even tried to tie Tulsi Gabbard, a veteran, to the Russians) would trigger a question or two. But no, not with this crowd. Not with these schmucks.

On the, "Yeah, but that Model of Socialism (i.e., that of North Korea, Cuba, the Soviet Union, East Germany, China, etc.) Wouldn't Happen Here", Bromide/Reassurance

Sounds good, until you find out that that was what the collectivist goons were telling the good folks of Venezuela just prior to their tragedy............and then it doesn't sound too good at all, does it?

On the Number Three House Democrat, James Clyburn, Recently Proclaiming that this (Corona-Virus Scare) "Is a Tremendous Opportunity to Restructure Things to Fit Our Vision"

Nah, these people aren't drunk with power, fully lacking in empathy (perceiving opportunities in the suffering of others), overtly cynical, shameless and opportunistic as shit, and psychotic beyond belief. Not even a little (and by, not even a little, I of course mean, THE EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE!).

Saturday, March 28, 2020

On the Fact that When Bill Binney Blew the Whistle (On George W. Bush) He Didn't Get an Ounce of "Protection" and Instead Got a Small Army of F.B.I. Agents Pointing Guns at His Head

So, yeah, whenever you hear some politician like Adam Schiff proclaiming that, "we need to protect the whistle-blower", remember Bill and derive your own conclusions............moving forward.

On a Former Biden Staffer Named Tara Reade Recently Coming Out and Accusing Mr. Biden of Sexually Assaulting Her 20-Something Years Ago

I'm going to do what literally no one on the left did for Justice Kavanaugh; i.e., presume him to be innocent until a sufficient amount of evidence comes forward to convince me otherwise. And even then, is the court of public opinion the proper barometer? Kind of a slippery-slope, no?

On the Fact that You Can Distribute as Many Trillions of Dollars of Fiat Currency as You Want, if There Isn't Any Production Taking Place, WHAT FUCKING GOOD IS IT??

So, yeah, we're gonna' have to start working again, and soon, 'cause if we don't, all of those bare shelves that you're been seeing, better get used to 'em.

On the Fact that They Now Have a Bare-Knuckles Boxing League (and, Yes, the Chicks Are Mixing it Up, too)

What's next (sword-fighting to the death, perhaps?)? And do I even want to know?......Maybe not, huh?

Friday, March 27, 2020

On Virginia's Blackface-Wearing, Infanticide-Condoning, and Gun-Grabbing Stooge Governor, Ralph Northam, Now Making it a Criminal Act for Church Services of Over Ten Attendees to Take Place -

Not to worry, though, folks. The abortion centers are still open. Priorities, you know.

On the Washington Post's Margaret Sullivan Recently Tweeting that There Should be a Media Boycott of Trump's White House Press Briefings and Within a Day the Chinese Propaganda Minister Retweeting the Foolishness

I don't have a Twitter Account but if I did and the repugnant communists from China retweeted one of my posts, yeah, I'd probably do a little soul-searching. Reprobates like Margaret Sullivan, not so, it seems. Frightening, isn't it?

On the Media Roasting President Trump for Suggesting that Chloroquine Might Be an Effective Drug for Combating COVID-19 While Simultaneously Praising Governor Cuomo for Ordering Over 700,000 Doses OF THE SAME FUCKING SHIT!!!

Yeah, what we have here is a toxic mixture of cognitive dissonance, hatred, bald-faced partisanship, and corruption......and lotsa' luck maintaining a civilized republic with that as your "free press", 'cause, trust me, you're gonna' need it.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

On the Fact that, "My Country Sucks and I'm Willing to Pass Through Numerous Other Countries to Get to the U.S. and Claim Asylum There Because They Have the Most Generous Benefits", is Not a Legitimate Claim for Asylum and the Fact that There Are People In Positions of Power In the Country Who Apparently Think Otherwise Is Far Beyond Troubling, I Think

   And here's the thing. The Democrats think that they're going to secure a permanent majority this way but what's I'm suspecting is that the party will eventually be overrun by hard-cores like those four drooling socialist bimbos, causing the party to fracture with all of these white liberals suddenly becoming the new "conservative" party in opposition to the socialists!! And if that happens, OH MY GOD.

On the Wisdom (or Lack Thereof) of Sending Every College Student IN THE COUNTRY, Most of Whom Have Yet to be Tested for the Corona-Virus, Back Home to Be with Their Much More Vulnerable Parents and Grandparents

Yeah, this is the caliber of centrally-planned decision-making that's going to keep us safe during a pandemic for sure. Can't wait to see what they come up with next......or not. Probably not.

On the U.S. Senate (Spearheaded by Mitch McConnell, a Red-Light from the Start) Just Passing a $2,000,000,000,000 Stimulus Bill that Will Triple an Already Massive Deficit and Push the Debt Past $25,000,000,000,000

And, no, I'm not suggesting that there shouldn't be some sort of response here but does it always have to be in the form of helicopter money and corporate bailouts (the harsh fact that we've essentially privatized all profits while socializing all debts)? I mean, don't we already have programs and mechanisms in place that could ameliorate at least some of this shit; food stamps, alternative employment options, unemployment insurance, working from home when possible, chapter-11 bankruptcy (for companies such as Boeing, the casinos, etc.), etc. AND SO WHY BANKRUPT THE ENTIRE COUNTRY? Granted, it would require some cogent leadership and we clearly don't have that now (Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell, etc.) but can't someone step up? Please, anyone.

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Now Wants Whichever Pharmaceutical Company that Comes Up with a Treatment and/or Vaccine for the Wuhan Virus to Give it Away for Nothing......

......'cause as we're all aware, having these companies spend up to a decade and a billion dollars getting ONE treatment to market and not having them benefit financially from it will have zero adverse effects on getting them to come up with future treatments. The World According to Pinko Sanders 101, no? 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

On Trusting the Government to Determine Essential and Nonessential Jobs

I kinda' don't. Do you?

On the Fact that the British Government Last Week Declared COVID-19 to No Longer Be Considered a High Consequence Infectious Disease In the U.K. -

This while the U.S. is destroying its economy over the thing. Way to be measured, guys. Great job!

On the Fact that if this Doesn't Motivate You (One Way or the Other), You Mustn't Have a Pulse

  Me, yeah, I'm still recovering (those blustery quotes from Sam Adams, especially lethal). Hopefully YouTube doesn't take it down though, yeah, they no doubt will.

On Stanford Medical School's John Ioannidis Recently Claiming that Our Policy-Makers Have Been "Severely Overreacting" to the Threat Posed by the Wuhan Virus -

Yeah, he's done a meta-analysis of the data and it appears much more probable that a) the overall death-rate of the corona-virus (and, yes, it's clearly more dangerous for the elderly but OVERALL is what he's looking at) is likely closer to 0.125% than it is to the 1 to 2% originally thought and b) this entire concept of shutting down the economy when less draconian measures would be equally effective (quarantining the elderly, social distancing, hand-washing, etc.) without costing trillions is some serious overkill (akin to dropping the speed-limit to 5 miles per hour to eliminate all road deaths). Please, check out the link provided and decide for yourself.......................................................................................................P.S. He also provides an anecdote which illustrates that even with some of those supposedly lesser virulent strains of corona, the death rates in infected nursing-homes have sometimes reached as high as 8%......and that nobody has ever suggested that we shut down the entire economy for it.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

On Trump Referring to the Corona-Virus as the "China Virus" Versus China Covering Up the Damned Disease FOR MONTHS, Allowing Travel Overseas When They Knew that this Could Spread the Virus World-Wide, Silencing Physicians and Journalists (Even Making Some of Them Disappear), Lying About the Disease Originating In the U.S., and Expelling the American Press Corp from Wuhan Province

Most sane folks would of course say that what the Chinese have done during this health crisis is a lot worse but being that our mainstream media buffoons a) register at level-100 Trump Derangement Syndrome and b) possess this inexplicable affinity for the Communist Chinese government (frequently regurgitating their talking-points), they apparently beg to differ, huh? The schmucks.

On the Fact that Sweden Has a 25% VAT Tax Which Disproportionately Harms Working-Class People and a 0% Estate Tax Which Disproportionately Benefits Rich People

So the exact opposite of what the hapless Sanders would want. Gee, I'm beginning to think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, this clown doesn't understand the Scandinavian model. What do you think?

On Former CNBC Host, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Running for Congress In New York's 14th Congressional District In an Effort to Unseat that Idiot Socialist Bimbo

As a libertarian on social issues and a fiscal conservative on government spending, Ms. Cabrera hearkens back to an time in which conservative Democrats not just existed but thrived and being that her opponent this year is an inept socialist who seemingly knows JACK-SHIT, how 'bout we throw her a little support? I sure as shit know that I will...........................................................................................P.S And, yes, the fact that she's attractive clearly doesn't hurt. THERE, I SAID IT!! Happy?  

Monday, March 23, 2020

On the Fact that if a Medical Breakthrough Regarding the Wuhan Virus Does Take Place, it Likely Won't Be Coming from Cuba, China, Venezuela, or Even Those Scandinavian Countries that Sanders Incessantly (and Inaccurately) Drones On About but Rather from the Good Old Capitalist U.S.A.

And so when we become "more like Finland", then what? I really wish that someone would ask Sanders that (specifically where the innovation would come from). A journalist, if there are still any out there.

On Trump Making a Number of Brilliant Comments Pertaining to the FED Back In 2012 and 2013 but Now that He's the President and Needs Those Bubbles to Keep On Roaring, He's Sounding More and More Like an Economic Illiterate Right On Par with His Two Predecessors

My suspicion is that a) the fellow understands that this whole fucking thing is a house-of-cards, b) he's simply trying to buy some time until the election, and c) if he does win re-election he'll probably institute some significant reforms, possibly even doing away with the FED, instituting a currency reset, and finally tackling entitlement reform. Yeah, it could be wishful-thinking but the odds are certainly better with him at the helm than they'd be with Biden, a fellow who more than likely would try and inflate our way out of this.......and make the bubble even more massive!

The Difference Between Citizens and Subjects?

One group has guns (along with other civil-liberties), the other one doesn't. Chew on that for a while.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

On the Fact that if the Federal Reserve Bank Didn't Exist, Interest Rates Would Have Ultimately Risen According to Market Forces, Folks Would Have Been Incentivized to Save, and There Probably Wouldn't Have Been this Need to Send Out Checks to EVERY DAMNED PERSON IN THE COUNTRY!!

Yeah, the FED has essentially kept us in a perpetual bubble over four Presidencies now and I have to ask you, if just two years of artificially low rates with modest increases in the money supply was sufficient enough to bring about the great recession of 2008, what do you think that a decade of artificially low rates buttressed by a massive increase in the money supply and the fact that we aren't just working on one bubble but multiple bubbles might bring about? Does the word, apocalyptic, sound about right? It does to me.

On the Fact that if it Can Definitively Be Proven that Mueller, Weissmann, and the Rest of that Star-Chamber Knew Relatively Early that Trump Did Not Collude with Russia (and that Seems to Be the Case at this Point - )......and that They Used These Proceedings Strictly as a Means to a) Damage Trump, c) Weasel Out Some Sort of Ludicrous Obstruction Charge, and c) Lean On Poor Chowder-Heads Like Stone, Corsi, and Manafort to Try and Pressure Them to Flip On Trump (to Get Them to Lie, In Essence), Then, Yeah, These Buffoons Need to Face Some Legal Consequences of Their Own and, Me, I'd Throw the Book at 'Em

I had a very low regard for government to begin with but, yeah, these past three years have made me even more contemptuous. Hopefully we've bottomed-out with this lawlessness and can avoid becoming a banana-republic (allowing in millions of third-worlders with socialist affectations certainly hasn't helped). We'll see, I guess.

On the Fact that While There Exist Numerous Examples of Private Enterprises Falling from the Top to Second Tier or Even Worse (Motorola, Sears, Polaroid, Toys R Us, IBM, Compaq, etc.), it Never Seems to Happen to Prestigious Colleges Such as Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Duke, Vanderbilt, NYU, Georgetown, etc. as They've Continued to Reign Supreme for Over 100 Years

It seems a mite suspicious, doesn't it? I mean, you'd think that at least a couple of 'em would take a tumble but, no, hasn't happened. Must have some friends in high places, I guess.

On Celebrity Morons Now Calling for Open-Borders In the Midst of a Global Pandemic -

These people are obviously insane and, yes, I would love to know just how many of them live in communities that are less than 97% white.  I'd wager that it's in the low single digits and feel pretty damned confident (knowing fully well that they're a bunch of hypocritical schmucks) and I don't even like to bet! What does that say?

Saturday, March 21, 2020

On the Fact that Much Like the Wuhan Virus from China Is Named After ITS Point of Origin, the Zika Virus Name Was Gleaned from the Fact that it Originated In the Ziika Forest of Uganda, and I Don't Seem to Recall Partisan Hacks Like Richard Engle (Who at One Point I Respected) Complaining that it Was Disrespectful to African People

Perhaps Mr. Engle has come down with yet another virus. Maybe you've heard of it. It's called, orangemanbaditis and, man, is it ever a nasty one. Hopefully the guy recovers but being that very few people ever do, optimistic, I'm not.

On the Washington Post's Reprobate Media Critic, Margaret Sullivan (Think Brian Stelter In a Dress), Writing a Column In Which She Bemoans the "Insidious Feedback Loop" Between Fox News and Trump

Yes, as opposed to the non-insidious feedback loop between the leftist media and the Democratic establishment, entrenched D.C. bureaucracy, etc.. Got it (the absolute lack of self-awareness of these statist apologists, aside)!!......................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, this is coming from an individual who has criticized Fox News a great amount over the years but who also understands that a) asshats like Margaret Sullivan are in no position to judge anyone and b) Fox news overall has been much tougher on Trump (over 50% of the stories having been negative according to the Media Research Center) than CNN and MSNBC (for example) ever were on President Obama. For the record.

On the Fact that (per the American Taxpayer Has Had to Dish Out $193,000 for Secret Service Protection Pertaining to Hunter Biden (Almost 5 Times the Amount of the Closest White House Family Member, Malia Obama) -

Yeah, I guess that when you're trotting all over the planet while lining your God damned pockets, it all tends to add up.............RATHER QUICKLY........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, we all know that if this was one of Trump's offspring piling up bills like this the coverage would have been wall-to-wall. I mean, come on, be honest here.

Friday, March 20, 2020

On North Carolina's Dirtbag Senator, Richard Burr, Cashing In Nearly His Entire Stock Portfolio Just One Day Prior to the Market Crashing and On the Very Same Day that He Attended a Closed Door Meeting On the Coronavirus

Sure sounds like insider-trading to me (which is finally illegal regarding Senators and Congressmen, I've been informed). What do you think?............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, for all of you bean-counter types out there, he's a Republican. Happy?

On the Fact that Every Republican with a Brain (so Half, Roughly) Understands that if Third-World Immigration to America Continues at its Present Rate, They Will Ultimately Go the Way of the Whigs and No Longer Exist but Because They're so Petrified of Being Called Racists and Don't Really Care About the Future of the Party After THEY Shit the Bed, Talk About Demographics Just Isn't Worth it, I Guess

And I'll repeat, this has nothing to do with racism, supremacy, or any of those other idiot terms that the left throws at folks who simply bring this stuff up. Nope, it's simply an understanding that multicultural societies have never had good results (especially not in democracies where elections are essentially religious, ethnic, and/or racial headcounts) and that third-world immigrants are very prone to socialism (not to mention, "hate speech" and gun control measures), another thing that's never worked!! I mean, I get it that the Democrats are desperate to expand America's underclass so that they can start mining some much needed votes, through pandering, divisiveness, etc., but, come on, the other side should be able to push back and make their case as well, if, that is, they possess the courage to.

On the Fact that the Mainstream Media, Big Tech, the Political Establishment, the Entrenched Bureaucracy, and Academia Will Seemingly Stop at Nothing to Make Sure that Trump Is a One-Term President and I Have to Ask You, Whether You Like Trump or You Don't, Is this the Caliber of Country that You Wish to Reside In Moving Forward?

Didn't think so (and, yes, I'm talking to saner folks out there, not the mentally deranged partisan buffoons).

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

On Low-IQ Sanders Slamming America's "Dysfunctional Healthcare System"

The dude does realize, doesn't he, that a massive part of the healthcare system ALREADY IS GOVERNMENT RUN (Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, the VA Hospitals, etc.) and that for him to shit all over that system while simultaneously arguing for MORE government involvement might not necessarily resonate with the more cogent voters? I'm just asking. 

On the Fact that ( the Prevalence of Modern-Day Slavery Is Lowest In the Predominantly White Countries; Chile, the U.S.A., Scandinavia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. and In Non-Communist Asian Countries Such as Japan, South Korea, and Singapore - Africa, Mmm, Yeah, Not so Much

Yet another thing that Colin Kaepernick needs to know............and more than likely never will (as he continues to shit on America). 

On the Fact that (According to the Global Slavery Index) There Are Currently 9.2 Million Slaves Still Residing In Africa......and so, Yeah, for that Low-IQ Chowderhead, Colin Kaepernick, to Go to Africa for Independence Day as a Retort to America Having Had Slavery 150 YEARS AGO Seems Rather Retarded, Wouldn't You Say? -

And another thing that ole Kaepernick probably needs to know is that the U.S. ranks number 2 in the world (trailing only the Netherlands) in regards to government response to modern-day slavery (this while every African country ranks in the bottom tier). If only someone in the media had the balls to confront him with this stuff but being that most of them are just as ignorant as he is, yeah, not gonna' happen.

On the Fact that Even Though they Themselves Have Called the Corona-Virus the Wuhan Virus About a Gazillion Times, the Media Is Now Instructing Us Not to Call it that Anymore Because it's, Drum Roll, Please, RACIST!!!

You know who else doesn't want us to call it that any longer? Try the Communist Party in China (this while they're also waxing paranoiac that the U.S. military planted the thing in China). Oh, the ties that bind, huh?  

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

On Amy Klobuchar Arguing that Solar and Wind Are Better Sources of Energy than Natural Gas

And she's basing this upon what? That natural gas is cheaper? That it doesn't require strip-mining in developing nations? That it has a much higher power-density? That it doesn't require back-up? That it's significantly more reliable? That it doesn't take up huge areas of land, ocean, etc.? That it's not as resource-intense? Seriously, I'd like to understand her reasoning............or lack thereof.

On the Fact that the United States Led the Industrialized World In CO2 Reductions Last Year (Supposedly a Desirable Goal) and the Thing that Has Most Made that Conceivable, Hydraulic Fracturing (a Technique Which Has Made it Much Easier to Tap Into Natural Gas Deposits), Is Also Something that the Idiot Democrats Wish to Ban In What Is Clearly a Blatant Effort to Placate the Environmental Loony-Tunes

These schmucks know absolutely nothing about energy in that they literally seem to believe that a modern industrialized economy can sustain itself simply on wind and solar. It's ludicrous. a) These are diffuse, unreliable, expensive, resource intense, and low power density energy options and b) since they end up needing a fossil fuel back-up anyway, what's the entire point here?.....................................................................................As for this notion that fracking is bad for the environment, most of those charges have been hugely exaggerated and represent such a hard-core adherence to the precautionary principle that if our ancestors had acted similarly we'd still be residing in caves.............which is maybe what they want anyway. Who the fuck knows?.......................................................................................P.S. And they also seem to think that these windmills and solar panels just grow out of the ground or descend from the sky. They clearly don't and in fact require tremendous amounts of energy (none of which could possibly be provided by solar and wind) and mined resources which would not only create their own massive "carbon footprint" but also environmental degradation, mostly in third-world areas far, FAR, FAR removed from where Amy Klobuchar resides. THAT I can assure you.

On the Fact that (per the Australian Strategic Policy Institute) as Many as 1,000,000 Chinese Muslims Have Been Sent to Re-Education Camps Where Torture and Indoctrination Are Reportedly Being Utilized as "Tools"

And not a peep from these chowderheaded socialist freshman congresswomen whose singular goal appears to be shitting on their own country 24/7 (for not having open-borders, high enough taxation, socialized medicine - the usual idiocy). Such priorities, huh?........................................................................................................P.S. And I thought that Muslims were one of the oppressed populations. What, they only deserve protection when white Europeans are doing the oppressing? How fair is that? 

On the Fact that the Corporate Income Tax Rates In Denmark, Norway, and Sweden Are Currently 22%, 24%, and 22% Respectively, All Significantly Below the 35% Rate that Sanders and His Fellow Democratic Henchmen Are Asking for

So either Sanders is showing his ignorance AGAIN or he's picking and choosing what aspects of the Scandinavian model that best fit his brain-diseased, parasitic, and collectivist tyranny. Either way the guy's a fucking train-wreck and can we finally put an end to this buffoonery? Enough is enough already.

Monday, March 16, 2020

On the Fact the the Top Income Tax Rate (60%) In Denmark Kicks-In at Just 1.2 Times the National Average (In U.S.A. Terms that Would Be $60,000) -

I don't know about you but I'd like to know if douche-bag Sanders agrees with this aspect of the Danish System. Please, some reporter out there, ask the guy!!.......................................................................................................P.S. And, no, Sweden and Norway aren't much better, their top tax rates kicking in at 1.5 and 1.6 times the average income respectively (so just $75,000 and $80,000 if applied to the American system). Again, does ole Bernie agree with this. I'd like to know.

On the Fact that Even Though There Hasn't Been a Significant Increase In the Number and Severity of Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Droughts Over the Past Half Century, We Still Have Mouth-Breathing Buffoons a la that Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Attempting to Convince Us Otherwise

And I ask you again, WHERE'S THE DAMNED MEDIA? I mean, it isn't as if this material is hard to find. You just have to be a mite curious, that's all.

On Some Deranged Black Asshole from Fresno (Kori A. Muhammad) Murdering Four White People Out of Sheer Hatred, the Crap Publication, "The Root", Uploading a Story About it On Twitter, and the Mildly Retarded Followers of this Propagandist Operation Essentially Condoning the Killings

But only white people can be racist, didn't you know (this as the mainstream media continues to breed resentment, divide people along racial and ethnic lines, and blame Trump for the aftermath)?

Sunday, March 15, 2020

On the Fact that the Buffoonish Sanders Has Been Chastised so Often by the Danes and Swedes About Their Countries Not Being Socialist that He's Now Naming Finland (Another Small and Homogeneous Scandinavian Country) as a Model Instead

And he's of course full of shit on this one as well in that Finland a) isn't any more of a socialist country than the other two (it's a market economy with a large welfare state, just like Denmark, just like Sweden, AND JUST LIKE THE UNITED STATES!) and b) has such a huge welfare state that the whole government recently collapsed under the weight of it (the high costs of government-run healthcare, municipal pensions, the proposed universal basic income plan, etc.). Unfortunately, being that the media perpetually lets him slide on this full-bore idiocy, continue with it he probably will (until, that is, the Fins start admonishing him).............Link -

On Adam Schiff Going On Multiple Cable News Shows and Claiming that He Had Hard Evidence of Trump Colluding with Russia, the Entire Planet Ultimately Discovering that He Was Full of Bluster, and the Corporate Media Giving this Stooge a Total Pass

Yeah, it's literally gotten to the point where you can't tell the difference between Adam Schiff and Don Lemon, with the only saving grace being the shitty ratings of both. Thank God for that.

On the Fact that When the Right Cedes Power, Yeah, They'll Bitch and Moan for a Spell but They'll Eventually Accept it, the Left, Yeah, Not so Much (with the Last Three Years Being a Prime Example of it; One Failed Coup Attempt After Another)

The difference of course is that leftism can't exist without power and, so, yeah, they'll do damn near anything to maintain it. Just open a history book.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

On the Fact that There Still Exist Some Neocon (and Neo-Liberal) Shills Who Think that Regime-Change In Iran Is a Wonderful Idea

Yes, 'cause as we all know, it worked so well in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc., it only stands to reason, no?............Yeah, right.

A Plea to My Readers

Please, go to and demand that President Trump veto the FISA re-authorization bill. Yes, there were a few modifications made that make it less draconian than the original bill but it still permits illegal warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens, the targeting of activities normally protected under the First Amendment (speaking to journalists and attending protests, for example), and an unfettered collection of business records. Mr. Trump was elected precisely BECAUSE of shit like this and if he doesn't act decisively and do the right thing here, it will hurt him greatly moving forward. My prediction.

On the Fact that Civil Societies Have Always Had Their Oddities and Varying Degrees of Self-Loathing and For the Most Part They've Been Treated Compassionately but Lately We've Been Taking These Forms of Mental Illness and Putting Them at the Top of Society's Concerns and Even Glorifying Them to a Degree

And I think that people are finally getting sick of this degeneracy (with "trans-kids" and "drag-queen story-hour" probably being the tipping-points) being rammed down their throats (and, no, I'm not just talking about bigots here but also regular people and people who understand the tendency of history to repeat itself, of disorder to ultimately yield order, etc.). Hopefully we don't travel down the Canadian road and start compelling speech, 'cause if that shit happens, oh boy. OH......BOY. 

On the Fact that Women Have the Right to Use a Bathroom or Changing-Room Without Having to Witness Some Deranged and/or Perverted Man's Penis and if You Don't Agree with that Then You Are Waging War On Women (No, Not Really, Just Having Some Fun at the Mouth-Breathing Woke Crowd's Expense)

Yeah, it's like, get out of here with that junk, LITERALLY!! All joking aside, though, shouldn't women have their own private space? I mean, come on, we have to take a stand somewhere.

Friday, March 13, 2020

On the Fact that the Bush and Obama Regimes Both Stopped Publishing the Names of DOJ Lawyers Who Had Behaved Unethically and Perpetrated Misconduct -

I know that Trump has a lot on his plate these days but he really needs to overturn this; this whole bullshit of the state protecting its own while the citizens remain in the dark. Hopefully somebody gets in his ear on this and soon....................................................................................................P.S. And people still wonder how an outsider like Trump could get elected. Amazing, huh?

Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck, and a Young Kay Lenz

Dig it!!

On the Fact that Both of These Fellows Have Views that Are Outside the Mainstream, the Lone Difference of Course Being that One of Them Is Mature Enough to Know Better......or He Should Be

And I'm sorry but it is inconceivable to me that somebody could make it to the age of Sanders and STILL believe in these socialist fairy-tales. In fact, the only explanation that works for me is a realization that most of these assholes (Chomsky, Sanders, Ayers, West, etc.) have never really worked in the private sector and so they've been completely insulated from what works in the real world and what doesn't. Plus a lot of them are just plain morons. Let us not forget that, ever. EVER.

On the Fact that the Educational Gap Between Black and White Kids In the South Was Reduced from Three Years In the 1920s to Just Six Months by the 1940s -

And all of this took place before integration, before the civil rights movement, and before the Department of Education. Hmm, could it possibly be that the government isn't as necessary as some people think when it comes to educating children? Just throwing that out there..........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, it's also instructive to point out that these black schools in the South (many of which were started by the glorious alliance of Booker T. Washington and Sears Founder, Julius Rosenwald) had but a small fraction of the financial backing that the white schools had AND THEY STILL CLOSED THE GAP!! Pretty impressive, no?

Thursday, March 12, 2020

On the Battle of Largs 1263

This is battle that very few people have heard of and, while no, it isn't as important as Stalingrad, Gettysburg, Hastings, Waterloo, Thermopylae, Tours, Somme, or Normandy, it's certainly of great importance to the people of Scotland in that it was this battle that finally helped end the nearly 500 years of Viking rule in the Scottish highlands and its surrounding island chains. And, while, yes, a lot of the Norwegians stayed in Scotland after the treaty was complete, the fact that most of them seamlessly assimilated into Scottish society while contributing to it immensely actually made Scotland a much richer place............until that is the British came, which we'll save for another time.  

On the Fact that the 2002 Conviction of Accounting Firm, Arthur Anderson, Was Such a Miscarriage of Justice that the Supreme Court Overturned it Three Years Later, 9 to 0 (so Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Clarence Thomas Agreeing, In Other Words)

Oh, and did I mention, one of the main litigators in this venal prosecution was a fellow by the name of Andrew Weissmann, the same frigging guy who tried to railroad President Trump, maliciously went after Carter Page and Michael Flynn, and whose tactics directed at Paul Manafort and Jerome Corsi seemed straight out of the Spanish Inquisition? I musta' forgot, huh? 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

On AG Barr Now Supporting the F.I.S.A. Re-Authorization Bill and Asking Us to Trust Him to Make the Necessary Adjustments Afterwards

Yeah, I had a bad feeling about this fella from the get-go (the ties to the Bush family were a giant red-flag) and now with him apparently siding with the deep-state, it's gotten even worse. Cross your fingers, people.

On These Four Psychopaths

Yeah, as aggravating as Trump can be at times, at least he isn't a cold-blooded murderer and for that I'm giving him the slight edge. For now at least (the fact that circumstances change and change rather quickly).

On the Fact that if Biden's Wife Truly Loves Him (and I'm Sure that She Does) She Should Probably Pull the Dude Aside and Gently Say, "Honey, Come On, We Don't Need to Do this, Let's Just Pull Back and Enjoy the Rest of Our Live In Peace, Without the Scrutiny, Without the Foolishness, and Simply Be a Normal Family Again, What Do You Say?"

I'm really hoping that Mrs. Biden does this because no one, NO ONE, is enjoying this spectacle (a human being disintegrating before our very eyes). Not anybody with a speck of decency at least.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

On the Fact that Two Chinese Journalists (Fong Bin and Chen Qiushi) Have Essentially Dropped Off the Face of the Earth (Almost Certainly at the Hands of the Communist Government) and the U.S. Corporate Media Doesn't Appear to Have One Iota of Interest In it

Yeah, unless they can tie it to President Trump and/or Russia, it's simply not worth it to them. Pathetic, huh (this level of Trump Derangement Syndrome, etc.)?

On the Fact that (According to the Most Recent Data) the Top 1% In America Pays More than 37% of All Federal Income Taxes (the Bottom Ninety Pays Only 30%) and Has an Effective Tax Rate of Just Under 27% (that of the Bottom 50% Is Just 4%) -

 Wouldn't it be nice if even one mainstream journalist a) showed these numbers to Sanders and b) asked him if the stats weren't sufficient, what they should be (real journalism stuff, in other words)? I sure as shit know that I'd appreciate it.

On the Fact that Senate Republicans Have Seemingly Abandoned Fiscal Responsibility Completely (Yeah, I'm Talking to You, Mitch McConnell!!!)

And, while, yeah, one could argue that they abandoned it years ago (the deficits of Reagan and Bush 2, especially), this I believe is a wholly different animal in that these idiots apparently now believe that they can get into some sort of bidding war with the left and, come on, does anybody with even half a brain think that that's going to end well (for them and for the country as a whole)? Maybe not, huh?

On Turkey Being Granted Membership Into N.A.T.O. In 1952, Just 29 Short Years After They Had Perpetrated a Decade-Long Policy of Brutality In Which Approximately 2.5 Million Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks Were Either Summarily Killed or Starved to Death and Millions More Were Ethnically-Cleansed

And the last time that some SJW schmuck brought this up wassssss............when exactly? Oh, that's right, only white Christians of European stock commit atrocities. I plum forgot. Sorry.....................................................................................................P.S. And, no, the brutality didn't stop in 1952. In 1964, for example, there was a pogrom that resulted in thousands of additional Greek citizens being ethnically-cleaned to the point where Turkey is now 99.9999% Muslim. Nice fellas', huh?  

On Hollywood Actors

Or as I prefer to call them; dullards, whack-jobs, douche-bags, and fascistic pricks who despise me simply because I don't believe in socialism, trans-kids, cataclysmic man-made global-warming, gender as a social construct, full-bore egalitarianism, open-borders, post-partum abortions, radical gun-control measures, hate-speech, and identity-politics.............Not a huge fan, in other words.

Monday, March 9, 2020

On the Fact that All Debts Are Ultimately Paid, Either by the Lender or the Lendee, and, so, Yeah, to All of Those Idiot Republicans and Democrats In D.C. Who Apparently Think that We Can Continue to Have Trillion Dollar Deficits In Perpetuity, Time to Get Real, I Say

And we only have a tiny number of tools in our tool-chest; radical spending cuts, major tax increases (and not just on the rich because as anybody with half a brain knows, there simply ain't enough of 'em), defaulting on the debt (in which no one will ever lend to us again), and inflating our way out of the mess a la Argentina, Venezuela, Russia, the Wiemar Republic, etc..............Of course we could also be sane and prudent about it and try to get everyone to take a modest haircut now (which, yeah, may not be enough at this point but try we must) but being that that would require a semblance of political courage, it's probably a pipe-dream, huh (the fact that idiots like Pelosi, Schumer, and McConnell wouldn't know political courage if it bit 'em in the ass)?

Question for Nancy Pelosi

You've implied that President Trump has also threatened Supreme Court Judges (a la Schumer). Could you please provide us with a tangible example of this? Also, if you're unable to do so, will you a) apologize for the smear and b) ask your media sycophants (boot-lickers such as Maggie Haberman and Chris Cuomo) to cease and desist with the obvious falsehood? I'll be waiting.

On Reprobate Senator, Chuck Schumer, Standing On the Steps of the U.S. Supreme Court Building and Threatening BY NAME Judges Gorsuch and Kavanaugh if They Didn't Vote Chuckie's Way On a Pending Abortion Case

Seems like a rather clear violation of 18 U.S. Code Section 875 B - an action that if virtually any other attorney in the country did it would likely end in disbarment and maybe even criminal prosecution. Not ole Chuck, though. He probably won't even get censured. Nice, huh?
(a) Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, endeavors to influence, intimidate, or impede any grand or petit juror, or officer in or of any court of the United States, or officer who may be serving at any examination or other proceeding before any United States magistrate judge or other committing magistrate, in the discharge of his duty, or injures any such grand or petit juror in his person or property on account of any verdict or indictment assented to by him, or on account of his being or having been such juror, or injures any such officer, magistrate judge, or other committing magistrate in his person or property on account of the performance of his official duties, or corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice, shall be punished as provided in subsection.  

Sunday, March 8, 2020

On People Who Get Triggered Over the Thought of Jesus and Mary Magdalene Being Married

I don't understand why this is such a big deal. He was a man (for a while anyway) and why is it such a massive leap that he lived his life like one (Jesus was also a rabbi and rabbis generally got married back then)? I mean, I get it that the thought of Jesus having sex takes a little getting used to and that him being a virgin is a much easier concept, but to get all bent about it, come on.

On the Fact that Even Though Mary (Stuart) Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth the First Never Once Laid Eyes Upon Each Other (They Corresponded by Writing for Years but Never Met, Even When Mary Was Locked Up for Two Decades), Every Fucking Hollywood Depiction of the Two Has 'Em Waxing Eloquent Nose to Nose

Imagine that, Hollywood shits making stuff up. Whodahthunk it?

On the Fact that Trump, "the Bigot", Has Given Us the First Black Female General In the Marines (Lorna Mahlock), the First Black Military Service Chief (Charles Brown Jr.), the Fourth Black Surgeon General (Jerome Adams), and the First Openly Gay Cabinet Member (Richard Grenell)

Hmm, must be one of those "subconscious racism" sort of fellows. Either that or he's not a very competent racist (this, a dude who once got an award from Jesse Jackson). You choose...............................................................................................P.S. He's also given us the first female C.I.A. director (Gina Haspel) but being that I considered it an abysmal hire (the fact that she played a strong hand in developing our enhanced interrogation policy - i.e., torture), I withheld credit for that one. Simply calling balls and strikes here.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

On the Fact that if Jesus Never Existed He Didn't Die............and if He Did Exist He Was Apparently Executed by the Romans for Sedition

Kind of an oversimplification but who says that it has to be complicated? Not me.

On the Fact that We Should Probably Start Calling Identity Politics What it Truly Is; Brutal and Disgusting Anti-White Politics (Straight While Males Being the Sole Demographic that You're Permitted to Slander with Impunity and In Some Instances Even Encouraged to Do so)

And it's probably best to speak out against this foolishness now, because when whites becomes the permanent minority, it just might be too late by then, I'm just sayin'.

On the Comic Genius of Chris Farley

Granted, his over-the-top style isn't for everybody but, yeah, in terms of raw physical comedy, man was this guy ever lethal. Please, enjoy this classic skit from the mid-1990s (a young and candy Christina Applegate simply a bonus).

On Two Idiots On MSNBC Claiming that Michael Bloomberg Could Have Given Every Person In the U.S. $1,000,000 with the $500,000,000 that He Spent On His Brief Run for President

Yeah, the actual amount would be in the neighborhood of $1.50 (off by nearly 7,000,000%......if my math is correct) and so I have to ask you, how in the hell did this get past the producers (they had to have examined it because they put up some graphics)? I mean, do they all have fucking shit-for brains over there? Sure seems so, huh?

Friday, March 6, 2020

On New York Times Columnist and Resident Conspiracy Ramrod, Maggie Haberman (I Was Told that She Now Sees Images of Putin In Her Pizza Pies), Recently Claiming that All of President Trump's Problems Are of His Own Making

Really? So the Hillary campaign doling out serious bucks to a foreign national who traipses off to Russia (of all places!) and concocts some moronic Trump's doing? Ditto, the underhanded deep-state strategy to fuck-over General Flynn and Carter Page (neither of whom got the kid-gloves treatment of Colonel Vindman), Joe Biden engaging in one of the most blatant acts of extortion in recent memory (the dude's on fucking tape, for Christ!), Obama's underlings, Powers and Rice, unmasking dozens and dozens of U.S. citizens, the whistle-blower rule being altered to now include hearsay information - all of that is Trump's doing, too, I guess. Man, is he ever one talented dude.

On the Fact that this Mouth-Breathing Buffoon Is Actually Defending Subway Turnstile-Jumpers In New York City Now (She Apparently Believes that the Lion's-Share of These Degenerates Don't Have a Few Dollars On 'Em and/or that Subway Travel Is Yet One More Basic Human Right Plucked from Mid-Air)

Yeah, this chick has no respect for the law whatsoever (she certainly doesn't respect our immigration laws).......and while I get it that not all laws are equally just and that, yes, those laws probably should be questioned, stealing, really? She's questioning stealing? Unbelievable, huh?

Thursday, March 5, 2020

On the Fact that In 1910 the U.S. Geological Survey Warned that America's Reserves of Petroleum Would Run Out by 1935

Yeah, they were a bit off and I'm pretty sure that the same could be said about the present-day doom-sayers (the fact that we have enough oil and gas to last for centuries and enough thorium and uranium to last for eternity - the only problem being our idiot government), such being their pitiful track-record and all.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

On the U.S. Government Breaking Up Standard Oil as They Deemed it a Monopoly and Only Several Years Later Creating Their Own Gigantic Oil Cartel Replete with Price Controls, Tariffs, and an Overall Desire to Eliminate "Wasteful Competition"

This was of course a key part of Wilson's preparation for WW1 (an idiotic conflict that America should have avoided like the plague but, yeah, we're talkin' Wilson here) and just like with pretty-much any government intervention, externalities abounded; huge inefficiencies, cronyism, etc.. But the biggest rub of course here is the hypocrisy, the fact that feds would smash Standard Oil for being a monopoly (and it actually wasn't) and then go forward and create one of their own......and all to fight one of the most immoral wars in human history. I mean, does it get any more venal than that?

On this Warped Notion that a Country Can Import Unlimited Numbers of Individuals from Some of the Most Alien Cultures On the Planet and Not Have it Significantly Impact the Host Country's Social Cohesion and Trust Level

And especially when the folks coming in are anti-European, anti-science, anti-free-speech, and anti-civilization. 'Cause then you've got no chance (as in London, Malmo, Paris, Berlin, etc.). Zero.

On Some Twitter Numbskull by the Name of Andrea Junker Claiming that the Eight Largest Dow Jones Drops In History Have Come Under Trump

She's right but only is an exceedingly low-IQ manner. Yes, the eight largest drops in fact have come during Trump's reign but that's only because the numbers are so much larger today than they were 50, 60 years ago. If you do the fair thing (and being that this gal probably has Trump Derangement Syndrome, a highly unlikely event) and gauge the matter strictly on a percentage basis, these drops are actually rather minuscule.......which is nice to know, right? I hope.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

On the Fact that (According to Murray Rothbard's Seminal Work, "America's Great Depression") the Federal Reserve Inflated the Country's Money Supply by 62% from 1921 to 1929 and Then Compounded that Mistake by Extending Cheap Credit to America's Industries

You don't get a lot of smoking-guns in economics but this is definitely one (the Fed overstimulating U.S. markets and thereby causing the stock-market bubble that finally burst in 1929). If only we could learn from such foolishness, huh?

On the Doobie Brothers Finally Making the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Years After Bullshit Groups Like ABBA Did)

These guys have been eligible since 1995 and the fact that they had to wait 'til now is total bullshit. Oh well, better late than never, I guess (though, yes, having to share a space with Madonna has to suck a little).

Monday, March 2, 2020

On the Fact that the Democratic Party's Pronounced Movement Towards Identity Politics, Socialism, "Wokeness" and Political Correctness Is Seemingly Prompting a Fair Number of Elected Officials to Ditch the Party

    I can't say that I'll never vote for Democrats again but, yeah, this current conglomeration of collectivist shits, surveillance-state apologists, power-lusting buffoons, conspiracy nut-jobs (some I've been told actually see Russian interference in their Cheerios, no shit), language police, and anti-white bigots, no fucking way. No way. 

One Between Porky Pig and Jimmy from South Park

What would be my answer to the question, "So, what's the only conversation between two stuttering buffoons that could conceivably rival the premium content that these two fucking imbeciles could undoubtedly produce on an everyday basis?"

Sunday, March 1, 2020

On the Fact that if These Latin-American Migrants Voted 70% for Republicans, Not Only Would the Race-Baiting Elizabeth Warren Be Stridently In Favor of a Border-Wall (Along with an Alligator-Infested Trench, too, I'd Wager), She Would Personally Volunteer to Man One of the Numerous Guard Towers Willing and Primed to Inflict Lethal Force

 Yeah, I guess that when you and your party move so cartoonishly to the dark side (and, yes, socialism is about as dark as it gets), altering the electorate is an option............I guess. 

On the Fact that (According to Thomas Sowell's Classic Volume, "Intellectuals and Society") 60% of the People In Eisenhower's Administration Possessed Private Sector Experience While Only 20% of Those In Mr. Obama's Did

So as time has gone by more and more individuals have decided to make government a life-long career (and the fact that this growth has coincided almost perfectly with the growth of government debt is purely coincidental, I guess). Gee, I wonder what the Founding Fathers would be thinking right now. Quite unfavorably, would be my guess.

On the Fact that We've Seemingly Gotten to a Point In Our Society Where Reliance On Facts and Data, Rational Thought, Science and Math, and Even Punctuality Are Seen as Examples of White Supremacy

It's of course ludicrous and, yes, even more-so when you realize that this would make India, China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore the most white supremacist places on the fucking globe. But, hey, as long as we make black people feel good, it's all that matters, right (our competitive-edge be damned)?

On the Fact that Hitler Was a Bad Guy but I Really Like the Fact that He Was a Vegetarian

No, not really. I just wanted to exemplify just how idiotic that Sanders sounded after praising Castro's literacy program (and, really, what good is reading when you can only digest certain things and not others?), that's all.......Pretty effective, huh? 

Saturday, February 29, 2020

On the Fact that the Left Has Been Breeding Hatred, Anti-Americanism, and Extreme Collectivism On America's College Campuses for Decades Now and so They Probably Shouldn't Be Flabbergasted that an Avowed Socialist Is On the Cusp of Possibly Securing the Democratic Nomination for President......but alas Some of Them Seemingly Are (Can You Say, Chris Matthews?)

Thank you, "higher education". Well done!!

On N.I.S.T. (the Government Agency that Was Tasked with Investigating 9/11) Proclaiming that There Was No Corroborating Evidence that Explosives Were Used to Bring Down Those Three World Trade Center Buildings............Only to Admit One Year Later that They Never Tested for the Presence of Explosive Residue

Doesn't exactly instill confidence in our institutions does it (the fact that the most obvious hypothesis - controlled demolition - was totally ignored)?

On MSNBC's Embarrassingly Dumb and Partisan Reporter, Katy Tur, Recently Coming Out and Saying that the F.B.I. Should Not Just Be Monitoring Young White Conservative Men On the Internet but Entrapping Them, too (Believing Them to Be Extremely Dangerous - Never Mentioning the Fact that Black On White Violence Is 40 Times More Likely than the Opposite, Controlling for Population)

Yeah, the left used to be quite strong on civil liberties. Not anymore apparently (hitching their wagons to surveillance-state tyranny being more to their liking these days, sadly). Not anymore.  

Note to Elizabeth Warren

Perhaps you don't remember this but as recently as a decade ago the Democratic party was almost unanimously in favor of a border-fence with Mexico and I don't seem to recall you or anyone else on the left referring to it as, "a racist border-fence". I mean, I get it that you're running for President now and so consistency is probably too much to ask but do have have to read racial idiocy into EVERYTHING? A reasonable question, no?

Friday, February 28, 2020

On the Fact that There Have Been Dozens and Dozens of Temperature Adjustments by NASA and Other Government Agencies, Every Fucking One of Which Has Been to the Advantage of Those Who Advocate Cataclysmic Anthropogenic Global Warming......and, I'm Sorry, but You Would Literally Have to Be a Full-Throated Retard to Observe this and Not Regard it with Skepticism at Best and Suspicion at Worst

And unfortunately D.C. is presently chock to the gills with 'em. Exhibit A, right here.

On the Fact that the Shows On CNN and MSNBC Are Now Literally Indistinguishable from Long-Form Democratic Political Ads

And this isn't a clear-cut case of election interference and/or exactly? I mean, it certainly seems a lot more blatant than a handful of Facebook ads from a small cadre of Russian stooges and, no, I didn't even include here the unsavory shenanigans from Google and other high tech behemoths. And all because Hillary lost. Fucking A, huh?

Thursday, February 27, 2020

On the Fact that Since Lady Jane Grey Was Seemingly Willing to Relinquish the Throne Anyway, Did They (Bloody Mary and Her Catholic Goons) Really Have to, You Know, CHOP HER FUCKING HEAD OFF, for Christ?

Yeah, I guess that the sticking-point here was Jane's unwillingness to disavow her Protestant faith but, still, live and let live maybe? I'M JUST ASKIN".

On the Fact that Young Tarwater (the Protagonist from Flannery O'Connor's Gothic Novel, "The Violent Bear it Away") Had Just Two Simple Jobs; Give the Old Man a Proper Burial and Baptize the Idiot Child, Bishop............and so What Did He Do?

Yep, you got it, burnt the old geezer to a crisp and drowned the kid. So much for young Tarwater's dogma, huh?

On Low-IQ Sanders Continuously Praising Cuba for Having Increased the Country's Literacy Rate

Of course they wanted folks to read............PROPAGANDA!!! And what Sanders is neglecting to inform us is that while, yes, the literacy rate did increase in Cuba, it increased even faster in other Latin-American Countries (you know, the ones that weren't socialist; Paraguay, for instance - ). Yeah, he really needs to cut his losses on this Cuba nonsense. For his own sake..................................................................................Oh and, yeah, while the literacy rate was going up, food consumption was going down (another Sanders omission). Not exactly a stellar trade-off, huh?

On the Fact that (According to a Recent Survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation) 67% of the Folks Who Support "Medicare for All" Also Believe that They'll Be Able to Keep Their Current Plans -

So even at a time when information is readily available to almost everyone, the American populace remains as stupid as a box of rocks (they're also like Pavlov dogs whenever they hear the words, "free stuff" but that's a different matter). Oh yeah, "President Sanders" is entirely possible.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

On Low-IQ Sanders Doubling-Down On His Buffoonish Praise for Castro and Other Such Tyrannical Scumbags

Yeah, this clown is either getting the worst campaign advice in recent memory or he simply can't help himself being the hard-core collectivist that he is. Whatever the reason he probably needs to knock the shit off as the American public simply isn't ready for socialist nonsense. Not yet, at least (and, yes, here is where the influx of third-worlders comes in as these people are much more open to socialism......but I digress).

On the Fact that (According to Numbers from the O.E.C.D.) the Top 10% of Earners In the U.S. Pay 45% of All Income, Social Security, and Medicare Taxes, a Significantly Higher Amount than the Top 10% In Numerous European Countries Such as Sweden and France

So the rich in America are actually paying a "fairer share" than their counterparts in a lot of those countries that the low-IQ Sanders is saying that we should copying. Interesting..................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, wouldn't it be nice if even a few of those legacy reporters confronted Sanders with these facts (to do their job, in other words)? I mean, that's not too much to ask, is it?

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Nothing to See Here, Either, I Suppose

   Unfortunately, being that the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the legacy media all have a vested interest in keeping this Russian interference conspiracy percolating, following up on this is exceedingly unlikely. Obviously.  

On the Correlation Between Beto O'Dork Desiring to Bring Down the Border-Wall Separating Texas from Mexico and His Realization that a) Hispanics Vote 70% Democratic and b) Flooding the Country with These Hispanics Would Quite Likely Ensure Democratic Hegemony In Perpetuity

.97 would be my guess (give or take .03 - a little statistical humor for those so inclined) that while he seems dumb, he's not THAT dumb.

On the Fact that Whenever Some Black Dude Gets Killed by a White Cop In a Questionable Shooting, Every Fucking Pointy-Headed Schmuck In the Country Crawls Out of the Woodwork and Proclaims that it's Hard Evidence of a Racist Criminal Justice System............but Whenever Some Black Career Gang-Banger Who's Been Let Out of Prison Early or Granted Bail as a Function of Criminal Justice Reform Goes Out and Murders a Person, Yeah, They Tend to Be Consistently MIA (with the Media Apparently Being Fine with it, No Less) - HAVE YOU NOTICED?

It must be nice, never having to answer for yourself or your idiot policies. Oh well, the perks of being a leftist, I guess.

On Fred Astaire Once Claiming that Rita Hayworth Was His All-Time Favorite Dance-Partner

No offense to Rita (a solid performer, no doubt) but I think that Ole Freddy might have been thinking more with his gonads on this one (the fact that he also danced with Ann Miller, Eleanor Powell, Cyd Charisse, Vera-Ellen, and, of course, Ginger Rogers). Just a wild guess.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Having All of My Teeth Yanked Out with Zero Novocain by an Affirmative-Action First Year Dental Student While Madonna's Greatest Hits Is Blaring In the Background and Naked Photos of Phyllis Diller Are Also Bearing-Down On Me

I'll take, "Things that I Would Rather Endure than Having to Sit Through Even 15 Minutes of Rachel Maddow's Conspiratorial Foolishness", for a thousand, Alex. 

"The Fact that it Wasn't $50 TRILLION as Opposed to that Minuscule 50 Million"

What would be my answer to the question, "So, what's your biggest misgiving about Tulsi Gabbard's recent lawsuit directed at Mrs. Clinton?"

In the Fact that Even Carnegie Mellon Now Has Courses In Gender and African-American Studies - YES, CARNEGIE MELLON!!!

Thankfully they only offer a minor in these bullshit disciplines (where the intellectual rigor is slight to nonexistent) but, still, might we have at least one or two respites from this buffoonery? Apparently not, huh? 


  Call, NOW!!

Friday, February 21, 2020

On Idiot Sanders FOR THE ONE BILLIONTH TIME Calling Denmark as a Socialist Country and the Leaders of that Country YET AGAIN Taking Him to Task For it -

And, still, nobody in the legacy media calls him out on it. Unreal.

On the Fact that a Significant Portion of the Russo-Japanese War of the Early 20th Century Was Fought In Manchuria and On the Korean Peninsula

So two imperial powers duking it out on other people's land. O key-dokey, I guess (and by, o key-dokey, I of course mean, cataclysmic, total insanity, etc.).

On Bloomberg Dishing out $100,000,000 to Help Get Democrats Elected in 2018 and Now Suddenly Becoming a Major Player for the Whole Enchilada

Yeah, I'm really struggling with this. On the one hand Bloomberg is literally the only sane person in the Democratic field right now (Gabbard and Delaney having held that mantel earlier in the race) and so part of me wants to see him have success......but on the other hand he's also an oligarch who's seemingly trying to buy the nomination, something that's more than a little creepy, I'd say. Of course we may not have to fret about any of this in that Bloomberg's first debate performance was such an absolute crash-and-burn that events themselves may dictate the matter. Stay tuned, I guess.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

On Politicians Like Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and Several Others Using Campaign Contributions to Purchase Massive Quantities OF THEIR OWN FUCKING BOOKS!!! -

And it's apparently legal. Let that sink in (the fact that they pass all sorts of legislation to monitor our lives but very little of it to address their own damned corruption).

On Plymouth Rock Being Vandalized Earlier this Week (as an Emblem of White Supremacy, I Guess)

Yeah, this is personal for me in that Plymouth is one of my favorite places to visit; the history, the architecture, the scenic coast-line, etc. and to have it be desecrated by a squadron of retarded jackasses really makes my blood boil. Hopefully they catch these shitheads and really throw the book at 'em. Time to take a stand, folks. Are you with me or not?..........................................................................................P.S. “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” George Orwell, "1984"

On Jimmy Carter Nearing the End of His Life - Quick Addendum

God speed, Jimmy, God speed.

On Jimmy Carter Nearing the End of His Life

My Republican readers aren't going to like this but I really respect Carter. The guy was a moderate to conservative Democrat who a) cut the capital gains tax, b) deregulated more than most Presidents (Bush Jr., for instance), c) kept spending at a modest level, d) helped to broker one of the most amazing peace agreements in modern history (between Egypt and Israel), and e) had a great relationship with the Republican leadership of that era (Howard Baker and Bob Michael). Of course when you compare him to the current crop of looney-tunes he come across even better and so, yeah, more Jimmy Carters, for Christ.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

On Amy Klobuchar Being the Only Democratic Candidate to Proclaim that She Would Have a Problem with a Socialist as the Nominee

Bully for her (though, yeah, she had to couch it with a barb directed at Trump, too, but whatever) and, yeah, I might have to give this gal a second listen, especially now that Tulsi's kaput.

On Some Fat Black Idiot Chick Blaming President Trump for Her Morbid Obesity -

Well, being that one of the main differences between children and adults is an expectation that the latter is responsible for their actions, yeah, I'm gonna' go with, arrested development, on this one.......I mean, how can you not? The big wubba.

On the Fact that Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, Three Years After Pushing Authorities to Prosecute General Flynn Under the Logan Act, Has Apparently Violated that Law Himself by Secretly Meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif -

And this of course is worse in that General Flynn was the incoming National Security Adviser who would have been expected to meet with his counterparts in the months leading up to Trump's inauguration. Murphy on the other hand was probably just meddling and don't you just love the double-standard?

On Biden Slamming Mayor Pete In Some Moronic Campaign Ad Simply Because He Fired Two Black Fellas'

Yeah, it was like zero context. Maybe they deserved to be fired.............And small, man is ole Biden ever acting small these days. Youza.

On What to Say if Some Drooling and Bromide-Infused SJW Labels You a Racist

Several things. a) "You call everyone that." b) "I'm not going to let that overused bullshit term paralyze me any longer so, please, go fuck yourself." And c) "there's a mirror over there, please go stand in front of it (the fact that the left constantly treats minorities like feeble-minded children, removes from them their agency, etc.)." Granted, it might not work but, hey, it's worth a shot.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

On the West Unraveling All of its Standards In the Guise of Racial Justice

Yeah, we now have shit like "inclusive grading", "assessing writing without judging its quality", and a concern for "white language supremacy", none of which will help us compete with the Asian countries and none of which will help black people in the end. But hey, as long as the SJWs are happy, I guess.

On Liberal California Congressman, T.J. Cox, Seemingly` Owing the I.R.S. $145,000 -

So, yet another example of, "more taxes for thee but not for me", in other words (his "the dog ate my homework" excuse, not too convincing). Got it!

One Simple Request of My Readership

Go to the Democratic Socialist web-site and ask yourself, does that sound anything like Scandinavia (as is the frequent refrain from Sanders)......or does it sound a lot more like Venezuela, Cuba, and a whole host of other failed experiments? And be honest, that's all.

On Bloomberg Going from Democrat to Republican to Independent Back to Democrat

Again, I don't hate on the guy (especially in lieu of the alternatives) but I gotta' ask you, does this not appear like the track-record of an opportunist? It kinda' does to me.

Monday, February 17, 2020

On the Fact that Not a Single Democrat in D.C. Seemingly Finds it Even a Trifle Suspicious that Wherever Papa Biden Went as Obama's "Point-Man" (Ukraine, China, Iraq, etc.) His Family Just Happened to Fall Into a Shitload of Cash

And, yes, you can say the exact same thing about the media (not surprising in that most of them are Democrats, too). Fully incurious, every one of 'em.

On AG Barr (Who I Still Have Some Misgivings About, His Tie to the Bushes, etc.) Trying to Hold the F.B.I. Accountable for Lying to the FISA Court 17 Times and the Democrats Giving Zero Assistance While Plotting for His Removal Instead

And they're panicking, too, which is not a good look for anyone (especially if you're hiding something, which most of them probably are). No sir.

On the Left Consistently Preaching to Us that We Need to Reduce Carbon Emissions (a Stupid Idea Actually In that Increased CO2 Levels Are Good for Plant-Growth, Crop-Yields, etc.) While Simultaneously Orchestrating a Mass-Exodus of Folks from Low Carbon-Footprint Countries Into Much Higher Ones

Who knows, maybe some of these morons do care about the climate, but what they care about even more are voters and being that nonwhite folks consistently vote 70, 80, 90% for the Democrats, improving the environment can wait has to be their calculation. I mean, you gotta' secure that power first, right?

On that Tom Steyer Lunatic Recently Coming Out with a $22 an Hour Minimum-Wage Proposal

Not good enough. $25 an hour or nothing.......Stingy bastard.....................................................................................Kidding aside, I sincerely hope that Mr. Bloomberg can steer this Democratic ship back into the sane-lane 'cause the rest of these economic illiterate fools (seriously, increasing the cost of labor two-fold, freezing unskilled labor out of the labor force, etc.) are killing the party (of JFK and Daniel Patrick Moynihan) big time.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

On the Fact that if Mr. Bloomberg Is to Secure the Democratic Nomination, the DNC Will Probably Have to Cheat Bernie Sanders YET AGAIN............and if You Think that the Bernie Bros Went Ape-Shit Last Time, Watch Out, 'Cause this Time it Could Get Ugly, Really Ugly

Yeah, this is the type of corruption that you'd expect to see in Ukraine or Zimbabwe......and yet it's happening here, too. Not exactly comforting, huh?

On the Fact that On Many College Campuses These Days, a Self-Professed Victim of Sexual Assault Is Entitled to Unquestioned Belief Before Any Evidence Is Put Forth and Sifted by a Neutral Tribunal

Social norms are exceedingly fragile and to see them being bludgeoned like this by people who should know better is both disheartening and frightening. If it was up to me, I wouldn't give these institutions another penny until they clean this bullshit up and bring back some standards (one of which is, yes, innocent until proven guilty)......'cause we're getting pretty close to anarchy here. My take at least.

On Schiff and Company Proclaiming that They Don't Know the Identity of the Whistle-Blower (Who's Actually Little More than a Partisan Deep-State Schmoe Peddling Hearsay......but I Digress) While Simultaneously Not Wanting Anyone to Utter the Name of Some Fellow Who's............Seemingly the Whistle-Blower

It's lunacy, and yet it apparently makes total sense to the tools over at CNN and MSNBC. Unbelievable, huh?

On the Concept of Weaponizing History as a Means to Ameliorate Whatever Pathetic Situation that Fate, Foolishness, etc. Has Placed You In (Most Typically In the Guise of More Free Shit)

A few problems with it. a) It's divisive in that it pits one group of citizens against another (fostering resentment, conflict, etc.). b) It's exceedingly arbitrary in that where do you draw the line (the fact that if you go back far enough every group has been oppressed; the Irish by the Brits, the Armenians by the Turks, pretty much everybody by the Romans, etc.)? And c) there's also a soft form of bigotry to it in that it clearly implies a certain level of infantilism (possibly not a word) when it comes to these groups. Unfortunately the politicians love to pander and so we can probably expect even more of this bullshit in the future - this as the cities burn, I fear.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

On the Authorities In Rotherham, England Not Arresting Pakistani Rapists and Pedophiles (Over 1,000 Young Girls Had Been Victimized) Because They Didn't Want to Be Viewed as Racist

And please keep in mind that these are the same geniuses who, if you say something nasty on Twitter, will come to your front door AND ARREST YOU (the derangement of the West actually reaching that level)!!!......For the record.

On the Fact that Editorial Boards Used to Be Manned (Please, Forgive My Male Supremacy Just this Once) by Seasoned Veterans and Now They're Being Flooded with 29 Year-Old Angry Minority Chicks

More hard evidence of diversity being a strength, I guess, 'cause what the hell else could it be (he said, while bursting his stitches)?

On the Fact that if the West Continues to Beat-Down Meritocratic Standards While the Rest of the Advanced World Embraces Them, the Consequence of this Will Be............What Exactly?

And no, it's not a trick question (rhetorical, maybe)? Not even a little.

On the Fact that Bloomberg, While He May Be an Extremist On Gun-Control......and a Champion of the Nanny-State, Is at Least Someone Who I Can Envision as the President Without Crapping Myself and/or Doubling-Over In Uncontrolled Laughter (a la, Sanders, Warren, etc.)

And how entertaining would it be to see him and Trump trading New Yorker style insults for 5, 6 months? Pretty damn, huh?

Friday, February 14, 2020

On the Fact that Not Only Does that Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Want to Abolish I.C.E., She Also Wants to Completely Do Away with Customs and Border Protection

Yeah, so open borders, in other words, something that the left has constantly proclaimed that they aren't for. Oh well, at least this nonsense is out in the open now and the people can vote accordingly (as in, not for this slant).

On the Fact that a Large Chunk of Those Who Scream the Loudest About Their Oppression Also Tend to Be Amongst the Luckiest of Our Day

It's the damnedest thing, isn't it?

Thursday, February 13, 2020

On the Fact that Most of History Has Been Full-Bore Hell......FOR EVERYBODY (Even the So-Called Privileged) and for All of These Brain-Dead SJWs to Try and Convince Themselves that Oppression Is Literally Everywhere Is Both Embarrassing and Disgusting Full Stop (to Steal a Phrase from the Youngsters)

Yeah, this is what inevitably happens when people become pampered and bored. They start looking for bullshit to complain about (inventing such idiocy as "microaggressions" and "intersectionality") and as a consequence the society starts to decay from within (in our case, turning on itself). Hopefully we still have some time to turn this ship around but with the current drift towards brain-dead socialism and nonstop anti-white hatred, yeah, I'm really beginning to get black-billed here, sadly. 

On the Present-Day Bigotry Directed at Asian-Americans at Pretty-Much Every Prestigious College and University In this Country............and the Abject Silence from the Institutional Left Regarding it

Asian immigrants to this country have been treated horribly at times (as indentured laborers in the old West, American citizens during WW2, etc.) and to still have them being screwd-over like this for doing little more than playing by the rules is unconscionable. Please, somebody from the left speak out against this. My God.

On the Fact that Even When the Media Does Acknowledge that the People Attacking These Jewish Folks In New York Aren't Bigoted Trump Supporters, They Still Cuck Out and Vaguely Tag Them as "People of Color" (this Despite the Fact that Not a Single One This Far Has Been Hispanic, East Asian, South Asian, Native-American, Arab, etc.)

The African-American "privilege" in America's newsrooms these days is staggering and you are quite unlike to see a better example of it than this. So disgusting.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

On the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Recently Referring to the Esteemed Economist, Milton Keynes - I Shit You Not

And she even pronounced it, Keens, no less. Man, do I ever miss those smart and sane Democrats from the past (Moynihan, Glenn, Mayors Koch and Daley, Proxmire, etc.). Oh yeah.

On the Distinct Likelihood that if that Carthaginian Vessel Hadn't Strayed Into Roman Waters (Circa the Late 3rd Century BC) and Gotten Seized, Rome's Own Naval Fleet Would Have Never Progressed to the Degree that it Did (Eventually Supplanting Carthage as the Number One Naval Force on the Mediterranean)

Yeah, I guess that the Romans used the Carthaginian vessel as a blueprint (literally copying it nail for nail) and started building ships of this caliber 24/7 until they had what was probably the largest fleet in the world. Pretty damned sneaky, huh?

On the Fact that the $1.8 Billion that the U.S. Sent to Ukraine to Help Stabilize its Banking System Eventually Found its Way to an Offshore Bank of Ukrainian Oligarch and Burisma Controlling-Partner, Ihor Kolomoyski, a Fellow Who Was so Venal and Toxic that He Was Finally Placed On a Visa Restriction List -

Until, that is, Hunter Biden nailed-down that cushy job on the Burisma board. A pure coincidence, I'm sure.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

On the Fact that it Strongly Seems as if the DNC Is Square On the Precipice of Butt-Fucking Bernie Sanders YET AGAIN (the Fact that He Likely Won Iowa and Just Like that, the Waters Suddenly Muddied)!!!

Look, I get it. They don't want a geriatric and low-IQ parasitic pinko to be their new standard-bearer. But the proper response to that isn't to screw the poor bastard but rather to run some better candidates who can beat the guy. I mean, come on, this isn't rocket-science here.

On a Jewish Cemetery In St. Louis Being Ransacked, Everybody and His Sister Blaming Trump and White Supremacy, and, What Do You Know, Surprise Surprise, it Was a Black Fella' Who Did it -

And no apologies or retractions, per usual. Jim Dandy, huh?

On Persian King, Cambyses the Second, Killing His Brother, Bardiya, Simply Because He Had a Premonition that Bardya Would Someday Be Sitting On His Throne, and Then Killing One of His Sisters Who Had the Audacity to Show Her Slain Brother Some Sympathy -

Yeah, the guy was clearly insane (it's also rumored that he buried folks alive for the most minuscule of slights) and what's really bizarre is that his father, Cyrus the Great, was actually a fairly benevolent fellow (his treatment of civilians in the conquered lands of Lydia and Babylon were extremely lenient, given the time). Oh well, regression to the mean, perhaps.

Monday, February 10, 2020

On My Plans for this Year

a) Rob a bank. b) Run for President. c) Claim that people are "digging up dirt" on me when they say that an investigation should be started. I mean, it seems to be working for other folks so, why not, right?

On the Inca King, Atahualpa, Being Forced by Pizarro to Either Accept a Christian Baptism or Die by Fire, Atahualpa Accepting These Terms, and Pizarro Killing Him Anyway (After the Baptism - the Baptism Supposedly Ensuring the Poor Schmuck's Entry Into Heaven) via Strangulation

Yeah, the Inca chief probably should have asked for more specificity, read the fine print, etc. (though, yes, the treachery of Pizarro would have probably made it a moot point - this guy being even worse than Cortes). Oh well, coulda', woulda', shoulda', I guess.  

On the Fact that Many Lifelong Democrats Apparently Felt Sickened by the Antics of Low-Rent Pelosi and the Rest of Those Hard-Core Leftist Tools During Last Week's State of the Union Speech by Trump

   And I ask you, can you blame them (ripping the speech, looking like they just had an enema, sitting on their hands all damned night, etc.)? I surely can't.

On the Recent Archaeological Evidence Which Seems to Indicate that the Israelites Didn't Secure the Land of Canaan by Force and that They Just Migrated There and Peacefully Merged with Whatever Indigenous Population that Still Resided There at the Time

This clearly goes against what the Bible tells us......but isn't that more positive than negative? I mean, I would rather know that the forefathers of my religious faith didn't go on a wholesale killing spree just to lock down some small sliver of land but, hey, to each his own, I guess.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

On Joe Rogan Being Called Trans-Phobic Simply Because He Doesn't Believe that Male to Female Trannies Should Be Able to Get Into an Mixed Martial Arts Octagon and, You Know, BEAT THE FUCKING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ACTUAL WOMEN!!!!!

Hard to believe and, yet, this is where we are now. Frightening, isn't it?

On the Fact that Charlemagne's Message to the 8th Century Saxons Was a Simple One, Convert to Christianity or Die (and Die Thousands and Thousands of Them Did During this Brutal 30-Year Conflict)

So, kind of like 20th Century Islam, in other words. Interesting (the harsh fact that not all religions have evolved equally, etc.). 

On Christopher Columbus Being Given an Arabic Translator On His First Voyage to What He, Isabella, and Ferdinand Were All Hoping Would Be the Orient

Yeah, I guess that the rationale for it was that the Arabic language, while unlikely to be the language used in the far east, would probably be much closer than Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian would be and so why not give it a chance. Needless to say, not a single person involved was expecting Taino and so hopefully that translator had some alternative skills. Fishing, maybe? 

On the Fact that (per the Bureau of Justice Statistics and as Articulated by the Brilliant Heather MacDonald) There Were 593,598 Instances of Interracial Violence Between Blacks and Whites In 2018 and 537,204 of Them (90%) Were Black On White -

That's a ratio of 9 to 1. But it's of course much worse than that in that when you norm for population that ratio balloons all the way up to 40 to 1. Hmm, I wonder if ole Pete Buttigieg (fresh off yet another one of his race-baiting and pandering idiot tweets) knows about this. Probably not, would be my guess (not that he would care anyway OBVIOUSLY - it's all about the votes).

Saturday, February 8, 2020

On this Fellow

I'll take, "Individuals Who if They Kick the Bucket Today I Wouldn't Shed a Tear Over" (the harsh fact that the dude's a serial war-criminal; Cambodia, East Timor, Vietnam, etc.), for a thousand, Alex.

On the Fact that Those Race-Bating and Low-IQ Nut-Jobs On CNN and MSNBC Couldn't Even Power Through the Iowa Caucuses Without Inserting Their Bullshit and Destructive Identity-Politics Garbage Into it; "Iowa Is Such a White State", etc.

Yeah, it's pretty-much self-parody at this point and cringe, man is it ever cringe. Big time!

On the Fact that In the Deranged Minds of Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, Trump Looking Into OBVIOUS Corruption Is an Abuse of Power but Obama and Hillary Destroying Libya, Arming Terrorist Pigs, and Contributing to an Illegal Coup In Ukraine Isn't

Now this isn't to assert that Trump hasn't done any bad shit (assassinating that Iranian honcho, continuing to assist Saudi Arabia in its immoral war in Yemen, etc.) and, yeah, if the Democrats were interested in impeaching him over it, I'd be more than willing to hear 'em out. But a fucking phone call the likes of which pretty much every President since William McKinley has probably made (I cite McKinley because he was the "founding father" of the American Imperium), no, that's bullshit and I will continue to call it out.

On the Fact that NSA Whistle-Blower, Bill Binney, Had 12 Federal Agents Come to His House with Weapons Drawn (Confiscating All of the Guy's Electronics) and Another Whistle-Blower, Dennis Montgomery, Was Handcuffed to a Tree While Agents Ransacked His Dwelling

Yeah, and I don't seem to recall Adam Schiff saying that we had to "protect" THESE whistle-blowers. Must have missed it................................................................................................P.S. And yes, the obvious difference here is that these fellows were exposing the deep-state (as were Snowden, Kiriakou, etc.) while the guy who ole Schiff was protecting (and working with) was trying to keep it running - the former being a monstrous no-no.

Friday, February 7, 2020

On the Possibility of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Hooking-Up Again

Well, being that I've always been a strident member of "Team Jen", absolutely, I say.

On Some 29 Year-Old Race-Baiting Idiot from the New York Times Going On One of MSNBC's Train-Wreck Programs the Other Night and Comparing the Impeachment Fiasco to "1960s Jim Crow Detroit" - I Shit You Not, Jim Crow Detroit!!

And what did Brian Williams do? Did he push back and tell her that a) it was an incoherent and ludicrous analogy and b) Detroit wasn't a part of the the Jim Crow system because it's, you know, IN MICHIGAN, you moron? No, of course not. He complimented her and stated that a lot of his viewers probably felt similarly (which is conceivable of course in that a lot of MSNBC viewers do wax conspiratorial at times). Crazy shit, huh?

On Imbeciles from Yahoo News (I Still Crack-Up When I Type that), the Daily Kos, Salon, etc. Making a Monstrous Deal Over Trump Associate, Erik Prince, Meeting with Folks from the Russian Direct Investment Fund While Simultaneously Pushing Aside the Fact that Two of Mrs. Clinton's Most Bodacious Bundlers (Rich Sullivan and David Jones) Have Had a Much More Intimate Relationship with this Same Company -

It gets worse, too, in that this same Russian Direct Investment Fund also has some ties to a shady firm called Skolkovo, an outfit that the Clintons have enmeshed themselves in for years now and whose subsidiary firms have donated mightily to the Clinton Foundation. And yes, the Clintons were also tight as hell to an investment firm called Renaissance Capital, another crony-assed bunch that has ties not just to Skolkovo but to Putin's Kremlin as well............and which had talked-up Uranium One for years while simultaneously dishing out $145 million to the Clinton Foundation AND $500,000 to Bill Clinton for a 45 minute speech. Oh, and, yeah, Uranium One, it was approved. Big surprise, huh?

On the Fact if You're a Parent Who Attempts to Justify the Violent and Criminal Acts of Your Child, the Odds Are Overwhelming that that Kid Will Continue to Perpetrate These Acts Well Into the Future

Accountability is internalized at an early age............and if you as a parent fail to instill it, that's fully on you, me-bucko, fully on you. Sorry but, yeah.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

On the Fact that Vladimir's Central Tower and Through Pass Along with its Assumption Cathedral Were Amongst the Small Handful of Structures In Russia that Remained Standing After the Mongol Onslaughts Beginning In 1237

Yeah, I guess that white limestone is harder to burn than wood. Go figure, huh?...............................................................................................P.S. Among the many towns and hamlets that didn't make it include, Ryazan, Kolomna, Moscow, Suzdal, Dmitrov, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl, and Tver. And by, "didn't make it", I of course mean, burnt to the ground and its inhabitants slaughtered. For the record.

On the Fact that Trump Is Smart Enough to Know that These Interest Rates Set by the FED Are Artificially Low......and Doing Little More than Continuing the Bubble but Being that He Doesn't Want the Economic Crash to Happen On His Watch (Especially Not During His First Term) He's Somehow Been Able to Force the FED Chairman to Not Just Keep Them Low but to Lower Them Even More!!

Maybe if the guy gets reelected he'll smarten up and guide us through some sort of currency reset (possibly even a default) with one of its prime features being an elimination of the FED. I mean, he does like Andrew Jackson, right?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

On My Fear that this War-Mongering Pile of Shit Will Ultimately Take a Lot of Vital Information to the Grave with Him............and, so, Yeah, We Probably Need to Water-Board Now

If only, huh?

On the Fact that Israel Ran Five Consecutive Budget Surpluses During the Last Decade -

They're running budget surpluses and the U.S. (a country facing TRILLION dollar deficits for as long as the eye can see) is still giving them $3.6 billion a year? Yeah, somebody's getting played here............and it ain't the broheims from Tel Aviv, that's for certain. 

On Patricia Clarkson, Circa 2004

Let's just say that I had it bad, real bad, and leave it there. Oh yeah.

On the Likelihood that We'll Never Know for Sure Whether Those 9th Century Danish Forays Into Saxony Were Retaliatory In Nature (Against Charlemagne and the Franks), a Preemptive Assault (Fearing a Frankish Invasion), or Just Good Old-Fashioned Norse Aggression (Though, Yes, the Hardcore Stuff Was Yet to Come; Both In England and On the Continent)

My suspicion is that it was mostly a preemptive tactic, in that if look at the fortifications being built in Southern Denmark, the fact that they made Hedeby a garrisoned city, etc., you kind of get the notion that Gudfred and company were probably expecting trouble from the Franks......and so why not take the fight to them first? I mean, that kind of makes sense, no?  

On the Fact that the Dems Have Gone so Far to the Left that Even the Ragin' Cajun', James Carville, Is Speaking Out Against the Foolishness

Say what you want about the guy, Mr. Carville is one of the most sober strategists out there and if this new crop of insane Democrats don't listen to him, yeah, 2020 just might be a rough outing for them (even with this recent influx of Hispanic voters). We'll see, I guess.

On President Trump Not Shaking Speaker Pelosi's Hand Prior to His State of the Union Speech

Well, being that she's continuously calling him a traitor and a Russian asset, losing sleep over it I'm quite unlikely to.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

On the Fact that a Lot of Those Chowderheads Who Royally Fucked-Up Last Night at the Iowa Caucus Are Pretty-Much the Same Ones Who Also Want to Run Our Healthcare System from the Inner-Bowels of Washington, D.C. - LET THAT SINK IN!

I can't. Not even a little.

On the Fact that These SJWs Need to Realize that it Isn't Simply the Perpetrators and Victims of Crime Who Are Involved In the Criminal Justice System, it Is Also "the Field" (i.e., the Rest of Us), and I Truly Fail to See Just How that Field Is Benefited by Allowing a Shit-Load of Violent Criminals Back Onto the Street Where the Odds Are Pretty Solid that They Themselves Could Be Victims Down the Road

Just another example of ideology squashing good old common sense, and an exceedingly dangerous one at that (save of course for the wealthy white liberals who won't have to deal with it in their neck of the woods). Such genius, huh?

On Cindy McCain Saying that Everyone In D.C. Knew About Epstein

And so no one lifted a fucking finger to stop him......why exactly? That's what I want to know (though, yeah, I probably already do; the harsh fact that pretty-much every politician down there is compromised to one degree or another, yada yada).

On the Jews In 1937 (In Response to the Peel Commission's Proposal) Agreeing to an Offer that Would Have Afforded Them Just 6% of British Mandate Palestine and the Arabs Still Responding, "Go Fuck Yourself"

 As irritated as I get with Israel these days, it is really hard to fault them for some of this earlier stuff. I mean, yeah, they may have ultimately tried to push those borders back a little but being that we don't know that for sure, let's just say, advantage to the Jews on this one..........................................................................................................P.S. I arrived at the 6% figure by removing the approximately 70% of British Mandate Palestine that was given to the Hashemite Kingdom and then the 80% of the remaining land that was offered to the rest of the Arabs. So .3 times .2, in other wards. Capisce? 

Sunday, February 2, 2020

On the Fact that Mrs. Clinton Has Twice Had Her Flunkies Block Tulsi Gabbard's Process-Server from Doing His Job -

Wow, so I gather that some people ARE in fact "above the law".......Well I'll be damned.

On Adam Schiff Back In 2005 Proclaiming that John Bolton Was a Person Who Lacked Credibility

It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, I guess (though, yes, she was probably right in the first place).

On the Fact that We've Literally Come to a Point In Our Rapidly Devolving Culture Where the Simple Words, "it's OK to Be White" Are Considered "Hate-Speech"

And what did these pseudo-intellectual miscreants from the academy and the political establishment believe was going to happen when you a) allowed every other demographic group in society to think collectively and b) claimed that all of the problems in the West (as if the West In the 21st Century Is Some Sort of Torture-Chamber) are wholly due to white people (white heterosexual males, to add even more precision)? That, what, there wouldn't be any push-back at all? Apparently so, huh? 

Saturday, February 1, 2020

On the Fact that the Common-Denominator (as to Why Certain Groups Do Much Worse than Others) Isn't Minority Status, Systemic Disadvantage, a Victim Mentality, Entitlement Programs, Discrimination Practices, Government Policies, Poverty, a Lack of Political Power, etc., etc., it's the People......and it Always Has Been

Take the Chinese, for example (and to keep this thread positive). Wherever they emigrate to, they invariably not just succeed but frequently do better than the host population. Whether this results from genes or culture (and as Nicholas Wade underscores in his controversial book, "A Troublesome Inheritance", it's often difficult to separate the two) is of course quite debatable but either way my point remains; it's the people.

On Elizabeth Warren Now Proclaiming that She Wants to Make "Political Disinformation" On the Internet a Crime, Punishable by Fines and/or Jail Time

And who gets to determine what constitutes disinformation? Elizabeth Warren and a small band of her fellow parasitic government psychopaths? How did I guess!!

On the Fact that if Rush Limbaugh or Some Other Conservative Pundit Had Made Fun of Obama's Supporters by Imitating Some Low-Rent Black Fella' from the Hood, His Career Would Probably Be Over by Now (Justifiably so) but When it Was Low-IQ Don Lemon and His Buddies Doing Precisely the Same Thing to Middle-America White Trump Supporters, Not One Person In the Legacy Media Batted an Eye

Working-class white people, the only demographic that you can denigrate with impunity. Comforting huh (especially when you realize that whites will be in the minority in just several decades)?  

Thursday, January 30, 2020

On When Morons Like Michael Moore, Bernie Sanders, and Valerie Jarrett Wax Glowingly About Cuba's Education System

Yeah, I guess that it never dawns on these clowns that a country which crushes all aspects of free speech, political dissent, etc. might not be so much interested in education as it is in indoctrinating folks. Oh well, consider the source, as they say.

On the Fact In August, 2016, Peter Strzok Sent a (Now Heavily Redacted) Email to His Paramour, Lisa Page, with the Heading, "Seth Rich" In Which He Told Her that He Had "Squashed" a Press-Inquiry On the Young Man - ttps://

I'm not entirely certain what this means but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, NOT NOTHING.......And please keep in mind that Attorney, Ty Clevenger, had also tried to get documents from the F.B.I. pertaining to Rich and Wikileaks and was told that there were over a dozen of these documents, all of which were labeled classified and hence unavailable for release. I mean, I get it that no one really wants to go here but at some point don't you think that we'll probably have to?...........................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, kudos to Consortium News for uncovering this, 'cause if it was up to the mainstream media it would have been ignored. Full stop. 

On the Fact that Burisma Would Not Have Offered Hunter Biden, a Drug-Addled and Tax-Avoiding Degenerate Who Had No Skills In the Energy Sector and Who Couldn't Speak a Lick of Ukrainian, a Lucrative Position On Their Board of Directors if They Weren't Expecting Some Consideration In Return, the Only Question Here Is What that Was

Son of a bitch, what could it be?

On Holocaust Remembrance Day

I have a simple suggestion. Instead of "Holocaust Remembrance Day" we alter it to "HolocaustS Remembrance Day". You see, that we could honor all of the Kurds, Armenians, Cambodians, Guatemalans, Rwandans, Ukrainians, Chinese, Sudanese, etc., etc. who also died at the hands of virulent governments. I mean, that sounds fair, no?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

On the Fact that CNN's Don Lemon Is Fast Becoming One of the Biggest Jerk-Offs and Idiots In Broadcasting Annals and for this Clown to Stand In Judgement of, as Well as Ridicule, 60,000,000 People Simply Because They Didn't Vote for Hillary Clinton, a Person Who if Her Name Wasn't Hillary Clinton Would Probably Be In Prison Right Now, Is Truly About as Reprehensible as it Gets, from My Viewpoint

Yeah, back when news provided us with actual journalism and acted with integrity, this Lemon slant-head would have been bounced years ago but being that it's all about pushing a partisan narrative now, they'll probably give him a monstrous raise instead. Fuckin' A, huh?

On the Fact that this Country Is Swimming In Debt and Nobody, Not the Current Fellow In the White House and Certainly Not that Conga-Line of Lunatic Democratic Aspirants, Seems to Give a Shit About it

What's that old expression, if it can't go on forever, it won't? Well that's kinda' what we've got here; over $200,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities, no plans to address it, and politicians from both parties proposing that we spend even more. The whole thing is going to collapse at some point and unless we start electing some serious leaders, sooner rather than later, I'm thinking.

On the Fact that if President Trump's Biggest Enemies Right Now Are These Two Fucking Imbeciles, He Can Probably Live with that, I'm Sure

I sure know that I could. An Israel-first neocon and a California leftist, come on.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Then What?

I'll take, "Inquiries that Brain-Dead Politicians Ranging from Neocons to Democratic Socialists Never Put Forth Prior to Instituting One of Their Bound-to-Fail Policies with its Commensurate Lack of Foresight", for a thousand, Alex.

On the Fact that No Country Could Continue Very Long if it Allowed Every New Migrant Into its Midst the Immediate Opportunity to Be a Public Charge

And yet, virtually every one of those buffoonish Democratic Presidential candidates is proposing exactly that. Pretty frightening, huh?

On Yet Another Study Conclusively Showing that Diversity Is NOT a Strength - - but Rather an Idiotic Bromide Spewed from the Mouths of Buffoonish Politicians Such as Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, and Barack Obama

Politicians tell lots of lies but this one is particularly dangerous in that it invariably leads to a fracturing of your society in which the best result is balkanization and the worst one civil conflict and genocide. But, hey, at least the Democrats can get their votes. That's the main thing, I guess.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Onthe Fact that Legal Firearm Owners Have a Lower Crime-Rate than Police Officers -

And we all know where the lion's-share of weapons-related crimes take place. We're just not allowed to talk about it (the penalty of course being banned from the public-square), that's all.............Yet another crime against"noticing", I guess.

On Trump Constantly Getting Criticized for Only Disavowing David Duke 100 Times, 'Cause as We're All Aware by Now, the Requisite Number Has Always Been a Much More Robust 101

Of course being that the dude did sign that criminal justice reform bill, maybe some slack? A little slack? No, huh?

On the Fact that Whenever a Bunch of These Red, Black, and Green Back-to-Africa Buffoons Make One of Their Pilgrimages to Africa as Some Sort of Somber Tribute to American Slaves, They Never Seem to Want to Find Out How All of Those Slaves Got to the African Coast-Line to Be Sold Into Slavery In the First Place - Never

Yeah, they must either believe that a) they magically appeared (possibly by voodoo, keeping with the African theme) or b) the redcoats traipsed though the jungle rounding them up (something that would have been life-threatening to the point of suicidal) - both of which are pure fantasy. But, hey, as long as it soothes their inferiority complex, I suppose that it's fine. Whatever, right?

Saturday, January 25, 2020

On the Fact that While We'll Probably Never Know for Sure Just How Many German Soldiers Died In Those Horrid Rhine Meadows Death Camps Overseen by Eisenhower In 1946, Just the Fact that the General a) Didn't Let the Red Cross In to Oversee These Camps, b) Changed the Status of These Men from Prisoners of War to "Disarmed Enemy Forces" (an Act that Made the Geneva Convention Inapplicable In Their Cases), and c) Withheld Water and Food for Long Stretches of Time, Leads Me to Conclude that Eisenhower at the Bare Minimum Should Have Been Investigated

So, ya' still liking Ike? Me, I've kind of soured a little.......A lot, actually.

On the Fact that the Second Amendment Rally In Virginia this Week Went Off Without a Hitch

There are clearly times when it's better to be wrong (as I was in this case, predicting violence). Thank God.

On What "Q" Will Have to Say About Trump Hiring an Alleged Pedophile, Alan Dershowitz, to Be On His Legal Team (Along with Kenneth Starr, Another Absolute Sleazebag)

Absolutely nothing, would be my guess. What do you think?

On the Fact that if You're a Journalist (a Decent One) and Your Mother Says, "I Love You", YOU CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

Of course we don't really have journalists any longer (just leftist activists masquerading as journalists) so, NEVER MIND, I guess.

On Elizabeth Warren Claiming that Her Wealth Tax Will Only Effect the Wealthiest Americans (Those with a Net Worth of $30 Million and Up)

They said exactly the same shit about the income tax (Woodrow Wilson and company) and how did that work out? Yeah, huh?..........................................................................................................And does this Warren imbecile simply not fathom that much of a person's net-worth is often tied up in property and capital assets......and that if you hit them every year with a $300,000 tax burden (1% of $30 Million) on top of every other tax that they pay, they might have to start selling some of those assets and maybe even lay some workers off? I personally don't think that she has, if you ask me.

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Currently Has Folks on His Payroll Who Are Proud and Self-Admitted Stalinists and the Corporate Media Thus Far Doesn't Seem to Have a Dime's-Worth of Interest In it

Yes, I understand that these are lower-level operatives but, still, Sanders and the media-shits both need to address this, come on. I mean, we're talking Joseph fucking Stalin here, for Christ; one of the top two mass-murderers in world history. My God.

On the Fact that if a McDonald's Manager Constantly Went Around Bad-Mouthing the Owner, He'd Probably Be Fired and Nobody Would Think Twice About it......and, so, No, Trump Dusting that Lady Ambassador In Ukraine (Yovanovitch - a Holdover from the Obama Administration and Entrenched Bureaucrat for Sure) Is No Big-Deal and Certainly Not Something to Be Impeached Over

Yeah, this would have been a 0.0 on the political Richter Scale if Clinton or Obama had done it but because it was Trump bullshit outlets like MSNBC and Vox are going ballistic. Fuckin' A, huh?

Friday, January 24, 2020

On Gandhi Once Having Referred to Hitler as, "Dear Friend"

Yeah, I'll bet that he would have loved a big juicy "Mulligan" on that one. Yikes, huh?

On My Sneaking Suspicion that Trump Smoked that Solemani Chap Simply to Appease the War-Hawks In the Senate (Asshats Like Ole Lindsey) and to Ensure Their Votes On Impeachment

Yeah, but did he have the kill somebody? That's the part that bugs me (the fact that he could have blown up some shit instead and served the same purpose).

Thursday, January 23, 2020

On the Fact that Not Only Did President Polk Send Thousands of Soldiers Into the Disputed Territory Between the Rio Nueces and Rio Grande Rivers (and to Label it Disputed Territory Is Being Generous In that Most Fair-Minded People Considered it Mexican Land), He Had a Fucking Fort Constructed There!!

Needless to say, the Mexicans responded militarily to these two bald provocations and so was set in motion a long line of American Presidents tricking a perceived antagonist into firing the first shot (Lincoln, McKinley, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, the Bushes, etc.). You might even say that we've made a cottage-industry of it. Sadly.

On Alan Dershowitz and Kenneth Starr Recently Being Added to Trump's Legal Team

So two alleged pedos, in other words. Just great (and more 4D chess, I suppose).

On the Likelihood of Bernie Sanders Being Asked to Disavow Those Two Foaming-at-the-Mouth Lunatics In His Campaign Who Apparently Wish to Bring Back Reeducation Camps, Gulags, the Guillotine, etc. Specifically for Trump Supporters

Yeah, the only way that these media asshats would do something like that would be if Mrs. Clinton got into the race and they had to torpedo ole Bernie AGAIN. Otherwise, no, a Democrat can do whatever he or she wants to with zero scrutiny (the only exception being Tulsi Gabbard because of her anti-war agenda - the media loves war). It's how the media rolls these days.

On My Robust Suspicion that Mr. Laughton Probably Got Some Wood On this One, too

Oh yeah!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

On the Fact that While Sue Is Mostly Renowned for Her Blues, the Gal Can Certainly Rock-Out as Well

   Like this, for example.

On the Fact that Marc LaMont Hill, While Clearly Not a Rocket Scientist, Is Brainy Enough to Know that You Could Probably Count On One Hand the Number of Brothers Who Are Afraid of White Folks and Yet He Still Tries to Gaslight His Buffoonish Audience Into Thinking that White Citizens Are Roaming the Streets Out to Do Violence Upon Them

I was watching that video again and, I swear, the dude was almost laughing while he was spewing this bullshit. Leroy, Mookie, and Slim, afraid of white people - come on!!

On Tulsi Gabbard Filing a $50 Million Law Suit Against Mrs. Clinton (this In Response to Clinton Having Slandered Her as a Russian Puppet WITH ZERO EVIDENCE!!!)

Needless to say, I'm delighted (with my only beef being that the amount is too low). I just hope that my girl (and, yes, I do have quite the thing for her) doesn't get the Epstein treatment, that's all. Keep a good thought, I guess.

On the Fact that One of Those Sanders Staffers Who Wants to Imprison Trump Voters Is so Damned Stupid that He Actually Believes that There Were Riots Outside the 1978 Democratic Convention, Back When McGovern Was Running (the Riots Were In '68 and McGovern Ran In '72 - HELLO!!)

So Bernie's supporters are even more doltish than him. Fuckin' A, huh?

On Two Sanders Staffers (Both of Whom Appear to Have an IQ Under 90) Being Caught On Video Saying that Trump Supporters Should Be Carried Off to Reeducation Camps and/or Gulags -

So these two morons who espouse communism, are ardently anti-free-speech, and who apparently have no qualms about using violence against people who they disagree with, plan to go textbook fascism on individuals just because they voted for Trump over Mrs. Clinton (an individual about as corrupt as they come). Please, if there's anything even remotely sane about this shit, go ahead and shout it from the rooftops.............Just don't be surprised if somebody carries YOU away. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

On Who's Worse, David Duke or John McCain?

Consider this a thought-experiment. On the one hand you have this Duke fellow who's clearly bigoted but who hasn't physically harmed anyone (that I know of) while on the other hand you have this other fellow who seemingly isn't bigoted but whose policies have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands and suffering beyond belief. Yeah, to me, Senator McCain was worse......but maybe that's just me. Who knows.

Monday, January 20, 2020

On MSNBC's Insane Host, Lawrence O'Donnell, Hammering CNN for Occasionally Having Pro-Trump Guests On and Further Stating that He Would Never Have Such Liars On His Program

This coming from an asshat who's had heavyweight champion liar, John Brennan, on scores of times. Again, the lack of self-awarenes from these clowns is staggering. My God.

On Charles Laughton All but Creaming His Jeans (They Had Levis Back In the 1st Century, Right?) While Watching Rita Hayworth Dance as Salome In the 1953 Movie, "Salome"

And I doubt that he was alone (i.e., Stewart Granger, Cedric Hardwicke, etc.). Oh yeah.

On the Upcoming Second Amendment Rally In Richmond, Virginia

Yeah, it's a stupid that, you know, YOU KNOW, that the fascistic and parasitic political hacks down there are probably going to pull the same bullshit stunts that they did in Charlottesville a couple years ago, i.e., block out all of the exits to the place and funnel the protesters into the unwelcoming arms of counter-protesters such as Antifa, and then blame the Second Amendment folks for whatever violence that ensues. Unfortunately the protesters probably haven't thought that far ahead going into this......and being that they feel so strongly about the issue, it's throw-down time, I guess.

On Brian Stelter's Intials Being B.S.

Sounds about right (sad, though, in that the dude hosts a show called, "Reliable Sources", in which he does nothing but criticize the President and slam a certain competing network).

Sunday, January 19, 2020

On the Fact that Charles the 12th, Napoleon, and Hitler All Experienced Initial Success In Their Respective Wars Against Russia but Instead of Declaring Victory and Holding-Fort, They Went for the Entire Enchilada and Ended Up Getting Routed

Yes, I get it, when you have your enemy on the run the natural inclination is to go in for the finish............but we're talking Russia here, amigos. It's cold, it's big, and it has an unlimited number of bodies that it can throw into the grinder. Couple this with the harsh fact that Russia has an affinity for scorched-earth policies and you're looking at disaster, flat out. Just don't do it, I say (not that anyone would these days, mind you, them having a nuclear arsenal and all).

On the Fact that the Artillery Fire Coming from the U.S. Forces During the Battle of Palo Alto Was so Destructive that the Mexican Soldiers (Who Were Primarily Peasants and Indians at that Juncture) Literally Begged Their Commanders to Let Them Charge with Their Bayonets Drawn so that at Least They Could Die with Honor

Yeah, and I'll wager that those Iraqi irregulars probably had the exact same feeling when papa Bush and company were carpet-bombing them from 20,000 feet during that bullshit war.......Wouldn't you think?

Saturday, January 18, 2020

On Watching All of These Cowardly Reporters Slipping, Sliding, and Tying Themselves Into Knots Trying NOT to Inform Us that 95% of These Attacks On Jews In New York City Are at the Hands of Black People

And here's the thing. It would be bad enough if they were just bad reporters but they're much, much, MUCH worse than that. They're also dangerous people and isn't it about time that we called them out on that? My God.

On President Trump Questioning (Quite Correctly In My Estimation) the Deep State Parasites and Surveillance-State/Police-State Tyrants When it Came to Russian Hacking (Ray McGovern and Bill Binney Obliterating this Narrative Months Ago) but Buying Hook, Like, and Sinker Their Bullshit Regarding Soleimani (I Refer You to for more on this topic)

Yeah, this Trump fellow drives me nuts at times. On the one hand he talks a very reassuring non-interventionist game and then he does bullshit like this. And, please, enough already with the 4D chess nonsense......'cause I'm just not buying it anymore.

On the Wisdom (or Lack Thereof) of Not Just Importing Massive Amounts of Poverty, Hostility, Educational Failure, Socialist Leanings, etc., etc. Into a Modern Industrialized Country but Subsidizing the Process via Free Shit Through Taxpayer Largess and Debt

Does any cogent person actually believe that this fracturing and ensured insolvency of America is going to end well? I certainly hope not 'cause I'm tellin' ya' straight, it won't. It can't.

Friday, January 17, 2020

On the Fact that the Scumbags Over at YouTube Are Now Handing Strikes to Video-Clips that Have Already Been Deleted and When the Creator of These Clips Attempts to Challenge the Strike, YouTube Says, "No Can Do", Because the Material No Longer Exists I SHIT YOU NOT!!!

Yeah, these social-media companies are absolutely repugnant and I don't know about you folks but I've been scoping out some of the alternative sites; BitChute, D-Live, Minds, and others, 'cause this is just flat-out fucked-up and I don't want to be a part of it. Fuck 'em, I say.

On the Overwhelming Likelihood that James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas Were Not the Brothers of Jesus but Rather His Cousins

  Yeah, this fellow lays it out brilliantly by underscoring that a) the term, brother, was frequently used in a much more general sense during Jesus's time and b) it would have been extremely unlikely for Jesus to ever refer to his mother as, "the other Mary (Mary Magdalene being the other other)", as he often did to describe the parentage of James, etc.. I mean, I suppose that there's still an opening for the other scenario to be the case but after listening to this scholar, I'm thinking, no, at this juncture. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

On the Fact that (According to the Pharmaceutical Journal of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society) 8 of the 12 Members of that N.I.C.E. Expert Panel Which Lowered the Threshold for Acceptable Cholesterol Levels Had Financial Ties to the Statin Manufacturers

One humongous conflict of interest, wouldn't you say? I surely would..........................................................................................P.S. The article cited appears in the March, 2015 issue, in case you wanted to read more.

On the Fact that ( at the Time of Jesus's Death, it Was a Longstanding Jewish Tradition that Only Family Members Could Anoint a Dead Person's Body......and Being that Mary Magdalene Wasn't Jesus's Sister or Mother, You Make the Call

Yes, I understand that there are some scholars out there who question the historicity of Jesus Christ, but putting that aside for a moment, the fact that Magdalene claimed the body and the fact that most rabbis of that period had wives, it's at least a possibility that Jesus and Mary were husband and wife. That's how I see it anyway.  

On Nancy Pelosi Back In 2011 Arguing that President Obama Didn't Need Any Congressional Authorization to Destroy Libya but Now Arguing that President Trump Needed to Secure Authorization to Smoke Soleimani

And no one in the media is pressing her on this clear-cut double-standard. Pathetic, isn't it?

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

On Prince Harry and Hot Wife, Meghan Markle, Vacating Buckingham Palace and Moving to America and All of the SJW Miscreants In the Media Blaming it On, Yep, You Got it, RACISM (the Chick Is 3/8ths Black, at Most, but They Still Have to Go There Anyway)!!!

Yeah, my suspicion here is that the gal simply a) got homesick for the U.S., b) didn't care for the duties of being a royal (would you?), and c) missed the limelight of being an American celebrity......and nothing more than that.............And as for this whole racism bullshit, I seem to recall the British tabloids going pretty strong to the basket with Duchess Fergie as well (calling her the "Duchess of Pork") and she's about as white as rice as I recall. But, hey, what's a day without another racism charge, I guess.

On Chelsea Clinton Guesting On "The View" and I'm Quite Certain that She Got Grilled Just as Brutally as Donald Trump's Son Did When He Went On

What, did I say something funny?......I probably did, huh?

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Saturday, January 11, 2020

On the Fact that While, Yes, Mr. Trump Has Clearly Changed the Metrics of Who Can Become President, I'm Sorry, Electing a Guy Whose Only Political Achievement Is Becoming the Mayor of a City the Size of Waterbury, Connecticut, Seems a Trifle Absurd to Me

He's also sort of a jerk-off like Trump and, so, yeah, anything is possible, I guess.

On When Bismarck Suckered France Into War In 1870 (the Franco-Prussian War)

Yeah, I guess that he took the cordial and conciliatory transcript between King William the Second and French Ambassador, Benedetti, in which William assured Count Benedetti that Prussia had no interest in the Spanish Crown, and changed it to make the meeting seem much more bellicose. Bismarck then of course published it and before the matter could be cleared up, what do you know, tens of thousands of coffins were being manufactured in both countries. Terrific job, Otto.......................................................................................................P.S. If you're looking for a really superb documentary on the Franco-Prussian War, I strongly recommend this one. It's short but includes pretty much everything -

On Jewish Folks Buying Homes from Black Folks, Often Giving Them Much More than the Homes Are Worth, and Other Black Folks Taking Huge Umbrage with it to the Point of Major Violence Being Directed at the Jewish Community

One of the complaints that you often hear from black agitators is that the Jews never share their success with blacks. Well how 'bout this; the black folks take those generous payments from the Jews and, I don't know, maybe create some of their own success? It's just a thought.  

On Kathie Lee Gifford Once Having Done a Cover of Van Morrison's "Moondance"

Part of me wants to check it out............but part of me doesn't, and being that I don't drink anymore, I'll probably keep it a marvelous night a wee-bit longer and go with option B. For now.

Friday, January 10, 2020

On Trump Having Essentially the Same Views On Illegal Immigration as Walter Mondale, Cesar Chavez, and Ralph Abernathy Had In the Early 1970s

Granted, he isn't always as polite, eloquent, etc. about it............but neither has the guy sent his goons down to the border to beat the living shit out of Mexican nationals as Chavez did on countless occasions. I'm just sayin'. Out of fairness.

On Charles the Fat's Deal with Viking Warlord, Siegfried, In Which In Exchange for Concluding the Siege of Paris, the Frankish King a) Handed Over Massive Amounts of Silver and b) Allowed the Viking Contingent Free-Reign Into Burgundy Where They Could Continue Their Plundering with Scant Resistance

Yes, it sounds a trifle sleazy and cowardly BUT being that it saved Paris from being sacked again (the Vikings had had their way there several times previously) and bought some time for further negotiations (Rollo ultimately acquiring Burgundy in exchange for his allegiance to the King of West Francia; Charles the Simple by then), it actually worked out pretty good, I'd say. See, you can negotiate with barbarians (some of 'em, anyway).   

Thursday, January 9, 2020

On the Fact that if Albinus Had Simply Opted for British Independence from Rome In 197, There Is Little Doubt that the Fellow Would Have Succeeded (Rome's Control of Britain Being Rather Shaky by the Late Second Century) but Being that His Lust for Power Was Immense (and Prototypical for that Era) He Went for the Entire Enchilada and Ultimately Offed Himself at the Battle of Lugdunum In Gaul

Yeah, I guess that his motivation was noble (he apparently wanted Rome to be a Republic again) but you have to know your limitations and he clearly didn't.......Taking over the whole Roman Empire, come on.

On Caligula Amassing Hundreds of Thousands of Roman Soldiers In the Region of Normandy (it Wasn't Called Normandy at the Time but for Geographical Clarity) and Instead of Having Them Traverse the English Channel to Attack Great Britain He Put Them to Work Collecting Seashells

Yeah, he must have concluded that if Julius Caesar and Augustus couldn't quell that untamed and mysterious land, what chance did a schmuck like he have (possible a miscue in that Claudius ultimately closed the deal with a significantly smaller force)?............Either that or the fellow was insane. Who knows.

On the Fact that While You Can Sometimes Rid a People of Their Religion, the Capacity for Fundamentalism and Fanaticism, In General, Has a Vexing Tendency to it Simply Travels Elsewhere

Regime-change wars, socialism, radical environmentalism, egalitarianism, the cult of personality, etc., etc., etc..

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

On the Fact that (According to Recently Discovered Archaeological Remains) One of the Primary Complaints Made by the Roman Sentries at Hadrian's Wall (an Edifice Constructed to Prevent Those Pesky Scottish Picts from Raiding the North of England) Was Quite a Legitimate One; NOT ENOUGH BEER!!! -

Yeah, I don't know about you folks but if somebody plopped my ass down in the middle of nowhere and my only task was to occasionally shoot an arrow through the chest of some foaming-at-the-mouth Scotsman, I would probably need a brewski from time to time, too.......Too much to ask?

On a Recent Study from Texas A&M and Arizona State Which Displays that Only 4.4% of FINANCIAL JOURNALISTS Are Politically Right-of-Center -

Wow, so even business reporters, who should know how central-planning has smashed one economy after another, have a leftist bent nowadays. Un-fucking-real.

On the Fact that Even Though We've Now Determined via Satellite that Over 85% of Those Fires In Australia Are Human-Caused (Arson and Recklessness), We Still Have Indoctrinated Hollywood Morons Like Reece Witherspoon Trying to Tell Us that it's Because of Man-Made Global Warming -

Yeah, these schmucks live in such a bubble that even if you gave them the hard data on this, they'd probably still fucking believe their nonsense. It's simply how they're wired, I fear.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

On the Fact that Ole Mayor Pete Now Apparently Wants to Dole Out Taxpayer Money (or Simply Put it On the Credit Card) to the Families that Were Separated by Border Authorities After Illegally Entering the Country

Yeah, 'cause as we all know, rewarding illegality has no effect on promulgating even more of it. That's just a racist, right-wing myth.......Or so we're told.

On Me Being On the Same Side as Those Four Idiot Socialist Freshman Congresswomen from Hard-Core Ethnic Enclaves (Regarding Mr. Trump's Targeted Assassination of that Iranian Honcho - All Five of Us Opposing the Action)

Yeah, it makes me a bit nervous......and may even prompt me to reassess my position, but the hard fact remains; American involvement in the Middle East has been poison and for Mr. Trump to think that this time it's magically gonna' work......leads me to wonder who he's listening to now......and I can only imagine.  

On Hunter Biden Apparently Owing the I.R.S. $112,000 and the City of Washington D.C. $48,000 More -

So even with all of that Burisma cash rolling in (at least $50,000 a month), he still couldn't pay his taxes. How pitiful is that?......Oh, and, yeah, if this was one of Trump's kids, we all know how that would play out (to the point where we could recite it in our sleep). For sure.

Monday, January 6, 2020

On a Blind Homeless White Fellow Getting Beaten to Death by a Black Sociopath In Nashville and Being that it's Just Another Dog-Bites-Man Story, Mainly Crickets from the SJW Media -

And, yes, if the roles were revered, every fucking stooge on MSNBC and CNN would be going full-bore on just how racist of a country America is (this despite the fact that interracial violence is predominantly black on white, black on Asian, and black on Hispanic). I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. It's simply how they roll.

On My Fervent Hope that this Young Fellow (Intrepid Reporter, Ronan Farrow) Has a Major Contingent of Armed Security Personnel 'Cause, Man, oh Man, Has He Ever Pissed Off a Lot of Rich and Powerful Folks Who Would Just as Soon See Him Cold and Clammy Right About Now

Doing God's work comes with a price, they say. Thankfully there are still some who are willing do do it. God speed, young man, God speed.

On the Fact that the Democrats Are so Desperate to Railroad Trump that They're Now Willing to Accept Testimony from this Psychopathic Pile of Filth (Neocon Schmuck, John Bolton)

Try wrapping your head around that, 'cause I'm informing you right now, I can't.

On Ricky Gervais Tearing Hollywood a Couple of New Ones

  Man, did I ever enjoy this (as I'm watching it for the umpteenth time). Bravo, Ricky, bravo.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

On Tucker Doing What Tucker Does Best; BLASTING THE NEOCONS!!

   Hopefully this is just more of Trump's 4-D chest, 'cause if it's not, we could be in major trouble.

On President Trump Proclaiming January, 2020 to Be "National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention" Month -

And the Rachel Maddows and Don Lemons of the planet will criticize the fellow on this exactly? That what, we shouldn't be fighting these things? Cannot wait to find out.

Friday, January 3, 2020

On Andrew Yang Concocting Some Dystopian Scenario 20 Years Into the Future In Which Roaming Bands of White Folks Will Be Going Around Beating the Shit Out of Asian-Americans Simply Because Their Mere Existence Will Somehow Remind These White Fiends of Just How Badly China Will Be Kicking Our Butts by Then

Of course in the mean time (i.e., today) we have black criminals beating the shit out of Asian-Americans in cities such as Rochester, Oakland, and Philadelphia and Mr. Yang never seems to address that shit, does he? Didn't think so.

On the Fact that Biden Apparently Wants to Get Rid of Natural Gas Now

So the technology (fracking - one of the most monumental advancements of the past half-century) that has a) permitted us to be energy independent and b) actually reduced our country's carbon emissions (the only advanced nation that can make this claim) this clown wants to deep-six and replace it with shit that doesn't work (solar and wind - both of which are low power density, costly inefficient, and high resource intensity). Wow, and he supposed to be the "moderate" of the bunch. Scary shit, huh?

On the Fact that Lief Ericson Apparently Wasn't the First European to Land In the Americas In that On His First Voyage to Vinland (What Is Currently Newfoundland and Labrador) He Allegedly Found the Remains of a Few European Men Who Had Arrived There Some Years Earlier -

Wow, so the discoverers of the new world were a couple of chaps who we'll never know the identities of. How cool is that?

Thursday, January 2, 2020

On 45 Year-Old Julie Andrews Going Topless In the 1981 Movie, "S.O.B."

Not too shabby and, yeah, can you imagine what they looked like in 1961? Oh yeah.

On the Fact that Trump Is Probably the Most Serious Threat to the Entrenched Bureaucracy that the U.S. Has Seen In Decades and so of Course the Establishment's Shills and Hatchet-Men Wish to Destroy the Guy

And here's the thing. I'm not entirely certain that the fellow IS an "outsider"......and that he WILL drain the damned swamp BUT being that he's probably our last chance to do so, if he does end up securing a second term, I'll be OK with it.......Especially considering the alternatives.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

On Biden Recently Threatening to Jail Oil Executives if They Didn't Adhere to His Heavy-Handed and Fascistic Edicts and the Audience Listening to this Madness Actually Applauding it

The fellow is insane (to the point of making Trump seem well-adjusted) and does he simply not realize that if it wasn't for fossil-fuel energy MODERNITY WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE? I mean, I get it that as a liberal Democrat you have to pander to a certain extent to the environmental nut-jobs but rolling out a bunch of Gestapo-like proposals when the damned film is still running, kinda' dumb, no?

On What Mitt Romney and a Clock Have In Common

They give you a different answer on every occasion (a hat-tip to Henny Youngman).

On the Fact that One of Mitt Romney's Former Advisers Currently Sits On the Board of Directors of that Same Ukrainian Oil and Gas Company, Burisma, that Biden's Crazy-Assed Son, Hunter, Sat On -

Well, that might explain some of Mitt's animosity towards Trump (that and POTUS telling him to go pound sand for Secretary of State). I'm just sayin'.

On the Fact that Black On Jewish Hostility and Violence Has Been a Major Problem In New York City for Decades Now and, so, Yeah, for These Degenerate Leftist Politicians Like Cuomo, de Blasio, etc. to Try and Lay this Current Wave of Episodes On Trump's Doorstep Is Just Plain Sickening, My God

Yeah, I can't even wrap my mind around it at this point. I mean, they're fucking blaming this guy for everything these days (save for the legitimate stuff of course; the deficit, aiding the Saudis in Yemen, extending civil-asset forfeiture, etc.) and it doesn't seem to be calming down, either (not surprising with an election coming up next year). Sanity, ANYONE?