Wednesday, September 30, 2020

On the Fact that the West Has Created a Magnificent Cultural and Artistic Inheritance (Descartes, Voltaire, Diderot, Renoir, Monet, Debussy, Ravel, Satie, Pascal, Gide, Proust, Camus, Rousseau, Berlioz, Gauguin, Degas, Monet, Manet, Hugo, Matisse, Flaubert, Gounod, Piaf, Rimbaud, Bizet, Flaubert, Rodin, etc., etc. - and that's Just France!!) but Because of this Incessant Onslaught of Identity Politics, Virtue-Signaling, White-Guilt, Intersectionality, and Political Correctness We're Seemingly On the Precipice of Flushing it All Down the Toilet and Replacing it with a Likely Balkanized and Socialist Hellscape

Bizarre and unprecedented (a society turning on itself like this, worse than even the Bolshevik and French Revolutions in its totality) and yet here we reside. Sad, huh?

On the Fact that Carter-Finley Stadium In Raleigh Holds Close to 60,000 Fans but Because of COVID-19 Hysteria the Political Hacks In North Carolina Only Allowed 350 People In the Stands for the NC State Versus Wake Forest Game of Several Weeks Back

And, no, I'm not suggesting that they necessarily had to stuff the place to capacity but, come on, you're telling me that they couldn't have socially distanced 15 to 20,000 people OUTSIDE and in a place that big? I don't know, it just seemed like overkill to me.

On the Fact that the Mainstream Media Has Already Labeled Amy Coney Barrett (a Lovely Woman with Credentials Off the Charts), "Ultra-Conservative", More Often than They Labeled, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, "Ultra-Liberal", During Her Entire Two Decades-Long Tenure (Even Though Ms. Ginsburg Was Probably More Extreme than Barret - Constitutionally at Least)

Of course the saddest part of all is that these corporate media shills are just getting warmed-up in that they want Ms. Barrett reckt as much as their Democratic overlords do. Hopefully she survives......but being what she's up against, who knows.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

On the Fact that Even Though Thomas Sowell Is One of the Greatest Thinkers of the Past Half Century (Right Up There with Richard Feynman), I'd Be Willing to Wager that His Funeral (the Guy Just Turned 90 so it's Gotta Be Close) Won't Get Anywhere Near the Attention that George Floyd's Did............ and that's a Big Problem Not Just for African-Americans but for Our Whole Fucking Society

Yeah, we just have to get smarter......'cause if you believe that things are bad now, wait until the cops completely back off and our priorities become even more skewed, by then you just might have a different notion. 

On the Fact that Black Lives Matter (or as Sportswriter, Jason Whitlock, Calls Them, "Bigots Love Communism") Has Seemingly Scrubbed the "What We Believe" Section of Their Web-Site (You Know, the Section Where They Talk About Eliminating Capitalism, the Nuclear Family, etc.) -

I suppose that I could be generous and call it a "come to Jesus" moment......but being that that's about as likely as me winning the Power Ball and banging Winona Ryder on the same day, I'm probably going to stick with the alternative hypothesis (i.e., that it was hurting them horribly in the court of public opinion and so they decided to keep the lower IQ buffoonery under wraps for now), thank you.

Monday, September 28, 2020

On Some Bleeding-Heart Non-Profit (Far Removed from the Ramifications of Their Beneficence) Bailing Out a Wife-Batterer and Within Hours that Same Piece of Shit Beating His Wife Yet Again, this Time to Death -

The assholes tried to rationalize it by saying that if the violent scumbag had been rich he still would have gotten released and probably murdered her which I would have responded, then he should have landed a better paying job, you know, BEFORE HE BEAT HER THE FIRST TIME!! Or words to that effect..........................................................................................................Oh, and, yeah, the gal that he murdered happened to be black (her life "mattering", too, I'm presuming), for the bean-counters of the world.

On Eva Marie Saint's "Good Girl" Versus Susan Hayward's "Bad Girl"


Not enough coin-flips in the world. Not even close (though, yes, Hayward's alcoholism might have been problematic long term).

On the Psychopathic Director of the CDC Now Stating that We May Not Be Able to Get Back to Normal Until the Middle of Next Year


Yeah, I don't know, it seems as if Sweden has gotten back to normal already (actually they never gave up normalcy but I digress), and all without obliterating civil liberties. Hmm, could it possibly be that the CDC is full of shit......and that they likely have a political agenda? Sure seems that way to me.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

On Lebron James Being Questioned About the Two California Deputies Who Got Shot In the Head by Some Deranged SOB and Him Responding, "No Comment"

So this fool who has an opinion about pretty-much everything......and who gets served up one of the easiest softballs that a person can ever receive......all of a sudden gets tongue-tied. Yeah, I'm not buyin' it.

On Being Childishly Policed by Young Imbeciles Who Seemingly Haven't Thought Much of Anything Through

And the most aggravating part of all of course is that taxpayer dollars have been used to reinforce this slantheaded and overly simplistic paradigm (this bullshit that whites are the sole cause of everything bad in this world and that the protected groups are always noble and virtuous). Hopefully if Trump gets a second bite at the apple he will squeeze every red cent from this racket......'cause as we all know, Biden won't.

In the Fact that if the Government Can Make You Put Something Over Your Face Which Separates You from the Air that You Breathe, WHAT CAN'T IT DO??

An interesting thought exercise, huh (just don't freak-out too much, that's all)? 

On Yves Montand Once Claiming that Eva Marie Saint Was His Favorite Leading Lady

Mine, too, Frenchy, mine, too.

On One of the Lunacy-Driven Responses by Podesta and Company to a Possible Trump Victory Being to Have Washington, California, and Oregon Secede from the Union and Only Return if Trump Agrees to Deep-Sixing the Electoral College (Which Requires a Constitutional Amendment but Who's Keeping Tack at this Point) and Granting Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico Permanent Statehood (so Four More Democratic Senators for the Rest of Eternity, In Other Words)

 During the Iraq War I had pegged the Republicans as the evil party.......Let's just say that I've changed my mind (the fact that these leftists are doing shit now that would have made Machiavelli's face turn crimson). 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

On the Fact that Cuomo Has Been Championed for 1,693 COVID Deaths per Million While Sweden Has Gotten Vilified for 574 COVID Deaths per Million

Yeah, there are some intervening variables for sure (population density, for instance) but, I'm sorry, if these stats were reversed the media shits would be hammering away at it AND YOU KNOW IT................................................................................................And this whole notion that the Swedes did something radical is pure bullshit in that this is how virtually every country in the past has handled epidemics. It's these damn lockdown that are radical. Just look it up, for Christ.

On the Fact that Postal Workers Aren't Election Officials......and Being that the Postal Workers Union Has Endorsed Biden, a Conflict of Interest, Yeah, Maybe

Ans what's with this changing of the rules right in the middle of an election year? I mean, I get it that the Democrats want to win at all cost but, seriously, if you can go to the liquor store, you can go to the polling-station, too (and we still have absentee ballots for those who are incapable of going). In a sane world, at least.

Friday, September 25, 2020

On the Fact that Hunter Biden's Firm, Rosemont Seneca, Purportedly Received a $3.5 Million Wire Transfer from the Wife of a Former Moscow Mayor (that's In Russia, Correct?) and so Far Not a Shitload of Curiosity About it from the Corporate Press -

Yep, the same assholes who made a big deal about Don Jr. meeting with some Russian gal for several minutes (and to zero effect) have decided to take a hard-pass on this one. Quite a shock, huh (he said, with heaping sarcasm)?.................................................................................................P.S. There was also some stuff about Hunter having some possible connections to prostitution and human trafficking......being being that I desire to stay at least partially PG, I'll allow you to peruse that on your own time, thank you.

On the Fact that Journalist, Andy Ngo, Thinks of Himself as, "Center-Right", Not so Much for His Specific Political Stances but Simply Because He Doesn't Hate His Country

Yeah, I guess that Mr. Ngo's parents were Vietnamese refugees who ended up in America with little more than the clothes on their backs......and that because of this the fellow has a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude for the country than the spoiled morons currently running roughshod because they've been triggered BY OPINIONS!!!......And good for him, I say.  

On the Fact that Some Countries Have Social-Distancing of Six Feet, Others Three Feet, and Others Still Splitting the Difference at Four Point Five

So what does that tell you? It tells me that they're probably pulling these numbers out of their wazoos and that the entire thing is probably bullshit. But who knows, right?......Certainly not these clowns.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

On Biden Claiming that this Year's Election Boils Down to "Scranton Versus Park Avenue"

Sounds persuasive......until you look at the campaign contributions and notice that Biden has actually received eight times as money from Park Avenue residents as Trump has ( then of course it shits the bed. Nice try, though, huh?

On Trump Versus His Enemies (the Media, "Intellectuals", Hollywood, Big Tech, the Political Class, the MIC, etc., etc.)

The former I don't like (though, yes, he can be amusing at times). The latter I despise.............You do the math.

On the Mueller Team "Accidentally" Wiping Twenty-Something Cell-Phones (an Action that Had a Trump Team-Member Done it Would Have Resulted In Hand-Cuffs) - - Quick Addendum

I need to clarify one point. When I said that the authorities would still be able to bust Weissmann and company because their surveillance apparatus gathers and store all texts, I did not mean to imply that I approve of such an approach (its just the opposite, in fact), just that it could potentially bring about some extremely ironic results, that's all (though, yes, a good lawyer could probably get this type of evidence thrown out on Constitutional grounds).

On Anderson Cooper and Joe Biden (During Their Recent Powder-Puff Town-Hall) Practicing Social-Distancing............Until They Believe that the Camera Is Off and Then Proceed to Get Within Inches of Each Other (Whispering In Each Other's Ears, No Less)

How much more evidence do we need that this is largely bullshit at this juncture? Me, this is just more icing on the cake, frankly. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

On the Fact that Long After Slavery Was Abolished In North America it Continued for Decades In the Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa......and Can Even Be Found In Those Places Today

But sure, let's continue to dwell exclusively on the relatively benign servitude in the Antebellum South ('cause it makes us feel virtuous, I guess). That's the ticket.

On the Fact that the New York Times Back In 2012 Wrote a Story with THIS as its Heading - "Error and Fraud at Issue as Absentee Voting Rises"

This from the text - "Voting by mail is now common enough and problematic enough that election experts say there have been multiple elections in which no one can say with confidence which candidate was the deserved winner............while fraud in voting by mail is far less common than innocent errors, it is vastly more prevalent than in-person voting fraud."............And now the Times is saying that 80,000,000 mail-in ballots (absent a reliable chain of custody) is no big deal. Hmm, I wonder why the big one-eighty. Could it possibly be............?

On the Media's Characterization of Trump's Mt. Rushmore Speech as One Given In Front of "Statues of Slave-Owners On Stolen Land"

Way to push the nuance, assholes. Great job (and by, great job, I of course mean, an absolute and unmitigated failure to utilize historical context, comparative analysis, fairness, balance, etc., etc.).

On the Fact that Trump Is Now Seemingly Leaning Towards Barbara Lagoa as His Supreme Court Nominee

On one level, I could give a rat's ass (my big issue is civil liberties and they're all pretty shitty on that unfortunately)......but I do have one beef. Justice Lagoa is a Columbia Law School graduate and if you look back at the last half Century or so virtually every nominee put forth (Republican OR Democrat) has either graduated from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, or Columbia......and being that there are folks on Trump's short list who break from that mold (Rushing from Duke, Larsen from Northwestern, Coney-Barrett from Notre Dame, and Bade from Arizona State) maybe it's time for some diversity on the legal front, too. Simply a suggestion.

On the Fact that if the Democrats Go After Amy Coney Barrett (if She's Trump's Nominee), a Mother of Seven (Two of Them Adopted) and a Person of Unquestioned Integrity, Like they Did Kavanaugh, Yeah, that's Probably Not Gonna Go Over Very Well with the Average Suburban Housewife

It likely won't stop 'em, though, huh (reversing course, not a strong point, CLEARLY)?

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

On the Fact that if the Democrats Had Both the Senate and the Presidency In an Election Year Does Anyone with an IQ Over 90 and Even a Semblance of Honesty Truly Think that They Wouldn't Try and Ram Through a Supreme Court Nominee?

Of course they would and they'd be lying if they stated otherwise.

On the Fact that In March the World Health Organization (You Know, that August Institution Which Jorsey and Muckerberg Continue to Hold Up as the Oracle of All Things Profound) Tweeted -

"If you do not have any respiratory symptoms, such as fever, cough, or runny nose, you do not need to wear a medical mask. When used alone, masks can give you a false feeling of protection and can even be a source of infection when not used properly (which I would argue is 95% of the time - me editorializing)."............Fast forward to today, they're now the most wondrous innovation in human history. One-eighty much, fellas'?.......................................................................................................P.S. And the corporate press is where on this? AWOL, YET AGAIN!!

On the Fact that (According to the Great Economist, Thomas Sowell) the Black Math Students at Dartmouth, Cornell, and M.I.T. Are In the Top 10% of Math Students In America............but They're In the Bottom 10% of Math Students at Those Universities............and so What Frequently Happens Is that These Kids Either Drop Out or Switch Majors (Mainly Because They Can't Keep Up) to Something Infinitely Less Marketable (Gender Studies, for Example) and End Up as Cannon-Fodder for Bullshit Movements Like Black Lives Matter, Sadly

And here's the thing, if those same students had gone to Keene State, Marist, or Northeastern, they probably would have done well enough to graduate with that math diploma. If only the social engineers had left them alone.

On the Fact that There Have Been 29 Supreme Court Openings In an Election Year During Our Country's History and In All 29 Cases the President In Office Nominated Somebody -

And of the 19 cases when the President and the Senate were of the same party, only 1 of those 19 was sidelined (the ethical basket-case, Abe Fortas), yeah, to Nancy Pelosi, that idiot socialist bimbo from New York, Chuckie Schumer, and the rest of the recalcitrant bed-wetters, YOU HAVEN'T GOT A CONSTITUTIONAL LEG TO STAND ON. Sorry but, no.....................................................................................................P.S. Of course in the past the minority could have filibustered but being that the DEMOCRATS got rid of that procedure for judicial appointments, OH WELL, what goes around............

Monday, September 21, 2020

On the Mueller Team "Accidentally" Wiping Twenty-Something Cell-Phones (an Action that Had a Trump Team-Member Done it Would Have Resulted In Hand-Cuffs) -

So destruction of evidence, in other words. Awesome............................................................................................................P.S. No need to worry, though. As former NSA technical-director, William Binney, has pointed out, all deleted texts are sent to the Stellarwind data-base where they are captured, stored forever, and retrievable at any moment. So, yeah, if I was one of those fellas' (Weissmann, especially), lawyering-up I'd most certainly be.

On Shaka Zulu Getting a Pass for His Intentional Genocide While White Europeans Continue to Get Vilified for an Unintentional One (90% of the Indians Who Died from the Mass European Migration to the New World Died from Diseases and Not Wanton Slaughter)

The double-standards are extreme and other than pointing them out we're kinda' stymied, aren't we (the fact that literally every institution in the country is peddling this simple-minded bullshit and so it seems as if we're constantly swimming upstream)?......Or so it seems.

On the Fact that In May the CDC Claimed that, "Evidence from 14 Randomized Controlled Trials of Those Measures (i.e., Face Masks) Did Not Support a Substantial Effect On Transmission of Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza"

And then three months later they stated that, "those who come into close contact with a COVID patient for more than 15 minutes could spread the virus regardless of whether either individual wears a mask" - - and so my question I guess is - why then is the CDC director going in front of Congress now arguing that face-masks are the greatest thing since the wheel? Politics? That would be my guess. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

On the Fact that In the 1970s You Hardly Ever Heard the Term, White Supremacist, and Now You Hear it All the Time

So one of two things has happened. The country has either gotten much more racist over the past half century OR we've developed a shitload of asshatted race-baiters whose singular purpose has been to divide the country for rank political purposes. Hmm, I'm thinking more the latter.................................................................................................P.S. And as I've said before, these morons aren't even using the term properly in that a true white supremacist doesn't merely believe that his race is best, he also wants to rule over the other races......and so even guys like Richard Spencer and Christopher Cantwell (never mind, Donald Trump), as repugnant as they may be, do not fit the definition.     

On the Fact that (According to John C. Perry's Great Book, "Myths and Realities of American Slavery") the Average Native-American Slaveholder Owned Six Slaves and There Was One Particular Choctaw Slaveholder Who Possessed 227 (Most of Them Black)

I enjoy little gems like this in that they literally tie the SJW (along with his intersectionality foolishness) into pretzels (cognitive dissonance, if you prefer a more technical term). I mean, what does he do; defend the Indian and his culture (which we're told not to criticize) or come to the aid of the downtrodden black man (a common fallback position)? Of course he could also go full-bore loony-tunes and blame it all on white supremacy and that would be entertaining, too. Big time.  

On the Fact that Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Great Britain Have All Experienced Second Waves of COVID and so Far NONE of Them Have Experienced a Commensurate Spike In Fatalities


Yeah, it's called, herd immunity (you know, the concept that the media tried to dismiss because they wanted to keep the fear at its maximum red-light apex). Amazing, huh?...........................................................................................P.S. It also should be noted that the lockdowns not only impeded this immunity but probably resulted in MORE COVID deaths because it stretched the window of opportunity for this virus to get into nursing homes, homes of older people, etc.. Clearly we should have focused on protecting these more vulnerable populations from the start.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

On the Fact that ( There Are Tens of Millions of Police/Civilian Interactions Every Year and In 2015 Only a Few Thousand Excessive-Force Complaints Could be Substantiated (0.004%)

Yes, we would all like there to be zero excessive-force complaints and, yeah, there's probably some bullshit that doesn't show up in the "box-score" but, still, for folks to try and assert that there's this epidemic of police brutality raging through the black community is patently unfair and clearly unproven by the numbers.......Now if we could only get the media to cut THEIR bullshit.

On the Fact that (According to a Recent Justice Department Study - a Black Police Officer Is 67% More Likely to Mistakenly Shoot an Unarmed Black Suspect than a White Officer Is

Are you starting to see the complexity here and that maybe, just maybe, the cartoonish narrative of BLM is at the very least inadequate? I sure hope so.

On the Fact that Sometime In the Next Several Decades as Solar Panels Shit the Bed, Millions of Metric Tons of Solar Contaminants Will Accumulate Every Year and the Geniuses Who Have Been Touting this Unreliable and Low Energy-Dense Form of Power Seemingly Don't Have a Solution Yet for this Potential Environmental Calamity -

And all of this was of course easy to predict. You just had to take your damned blinders off and think ahead a bit. Unfortunately our politicians (of both parties) tend to be absolute idiots who fail to grasp the very idea of unintended consequences and, so, yeah, another fine mess they've gotten us into. 

On the Fact that if a Democratic President Had Challenged Both the Surveillance-State and the Military Industrial Complex, the Left Would Be Celebrating Him or Her as One of America's Bravest Presidents Ever but Because it's a Fellow Who Isn't Just a Republican but Also an Individual Who Offends Our Sensibilities, Huge Swaths of the Country Fail to Appreciate the Uniqueness of What He's Done

No one says that you have to like the guy but for Christ sakes try and be a grownup (Lemon, Cuomo, Maddow, Cooper, etc.) and not some deranged partisan idiot for once in your life. Dear Lord.   

Friday, September 18, 2020

On the Fact that In 1846, Congress, Knowing Fully Well that President Polk Had Baited the Mexicans Into Firing the First Shot (Placing Troops In the Disputed Territory North of the Rio Nueces) and Had Initially Lied About it, Still Gave the Fellow Authorization to Start a Full-Scale War

Of course what makes the whole thing even slimier is that after the war in 1848, then and only then did they censure Mr. Polk. Talk about having it both ways.....................................................................................................P.S. This of course isn't to say that every Congressman had cast contradictory votes, only that a certain number of them must have, that's all.

On the Corporate Press Trying to Portray the Anti-Lockdown Protesters In Germany as, Nazis

 Well, being that a) the Nazis were against civil-liberties and these folks are for them and b) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was part of the protests and I'm pretty sure that he isn't a big Hitler fan, my suspicion is that this is just another idiot smear by a bunch of genuine a-holes who are pretty-much on auto-pilot at this point. In a nut-shell.

On Two Deputies In California Getting Shot In the Face (Miraculously Surviving, Thank God) by a Sociopathic Piece of Shit and Afterwards a Cadre of Troglodytic Losers Showing Up at the Hospital Wishing Death Upon Them

Four years ago Trump was asked every ten seconds to disavow David Duke. How 'bout we ask Biden, madame speaker, and the rest of these crazy-assed leftists to start disavowing this shit (as much of an asshole as ole Duke is, he's never shot anybody)? It only seems fair, no?

Thursday, September 17, 2020

On Biden Now Proclaiming that He Isn't Opposed to Fracking (with the Media of Course Running Cover for the Guy)

Yeah, he's probably allotted himself some wiggle-room but if you go to the dude's web-page it says that the goal is for the U.S. to be emissions-free by 2050............which would make him at least a little anti-fracking, no?

On the Fact that the Progressive-Left Is Opposed to Child-Labor........................Except When it Come to Youngsters Hauling Out Toxic Rare-Earth Minerals In the Congo and Other Poor Countries (to Make Solar-Panels and Other Green-Energy Junk) When They Either Turn a Bold-Eye or Simply Don't Give a Rat's-Ass

Yeah, there's always a "but", it seems.

On When the Various Authorities Cancelled Fourth of July Fireworks Displays

So one of the easiest activities in the galaxy to socially distance......and outside where the viral-load is damn close to zero, they can't even let us have that. Man have they ever overplayed their hand.

On the Fact that if You Hate Trump More than You Love World Peace (Israel and Monaco Being the Latest Advance), You Probably Need to Take a Good Long Look at Your Reflection (CNN Jumping the Shark Yet Again by Focusing Not so Much On the Peace Ceremony but Rather On the Lack of Social-Distancing at the White House - I Shit You Not), I'm Just Sayin'

Of course if it was President Obama who had helped to broker these peace-deals, an entirely different narrative that would have been for sure (CNN pushing him for yet another Nobel Prize, etc.).

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

On Franz Dvorak's, "The Reader"

A wonderful composition; the pillows, the vases, the books, the pose. Absolutely love it.


On the Fact that Black Africans Had Been Enslaving Each Other FOR CENTURIES Before the First White European Ever Set Foot On the Continent and so to All of Those Idiotic SJWs Out There Who've Tried to Lay this UNIVERSAL Institution Strictly at the Door-Step of White People, Please, Educate Yourselves, for Christ

Yeah, the scholarship on today's college campuses has gotten so piss-poor and pathetic that even knowledge as elementary as this has gotten sacrificed at the alter of political correctness. Of course if it was simply shitty teaching that would be one thing but in case you hadn't noticed it's the same recipients of this poisonous crap who are also burning down major American cities so, yeah, a screaming halt it must seriously come to.

On the Difference Between Wikipedia Entries, New York Times Editorials, and Buffoonish Shit-Posts by Random Imbeciles On Social-Media

 Hmm, how 'bout the fact that the latter are at least entertaining? That would be my answer.

On the Fact that if the Democrats' Plan for Public-Safety Is a) Fewer Cops, b) Stricter Gun-Control, and c) the Premature Release of Violent Criminals from Prison, an Extremely Tough-Sell it Is Likely to Be

And I'm old enough to remember when the Democrats (Mayors Daley and Koch rapidly come to mind) were actually tough on crime. Not anymore, I guess (shit, they're even starting bail-funds for rioters and looter now).

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

On the Claim by Some that Constantine the Great Only Converted to Christianity (Circa 312?) for Political Purposes

Well, being that Christianity was still a distinctly minority faith......and while its practitioners weren't being persecuted as they'd been in prior Centuries, they weren't exactly at the top of the social hierarchy, either, I'm going to say that the dude was probably sincere.......or at the bare minimum, conflicted (hedging my bets as usual). 

On the Fact that While I've Never Been an Anti-Vaxer I Do Have to Admit, the Way that These Oligarchical Autistic Asshats Like Muckerberg and Bates Seemingly Get a Boner at the Mere Mention of Them......and Are In Such a Damned Hurry to Get Them to Market Does Give Me Pause and a Reassessment Just Might Be In Order

 Seems prudent, no?

On the Fact that as of September 10th, Sweden (a Country that Didn't Lock-Down) Had 13 COVID-19 Patients In Intensive Care While Great Britain (a Country that Instituted Draconian Lockdowns) Had 843

Yes, England's population is larger BUT NOT 65 TIMES LARGER......and, I'm sorry, but the only logical explanation for this huge discrepancy is that Sweden's measured, scientific, and sane approach has been much more effective than England's tyrannical measures when it comes to reaching population immunity.......and being that we're looking at the long game here, yeah, the Swedes probably nailed it. Sorry haters.   

Monday, September 14, 2020

On the Fact that There Have Been Thousands and Thousands of New Corona-Virus "Cases" Showing Up On College Campuses and so Far There Hasn't Been One Single Hospitalization

This of course is only surprising to CNN viewers who've been fed a bunch of bullshit propaganda that the virus is dangerous to pretty-much everybody. The rest of us (having examined the data and tuned out ldiots like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon), yeah, not surprised!!

On My Overwhelming Suspicion that Eva Marie Saint's Leading Men (Marlon Brando, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, Yves Montand, Don Murray, Montgomery Clift, Warren Beatty, Paul Newman, James Garner, etc.) Probably Didn't Have to Do All that Much Acting In Their Scenes with Her (if You're Catching My Drift)

And, yes, that even includes the gay ones (Grant, Clift), charm especially mattering to them (or so I'm told).

On CNN's Chyron Labeling the Wisconsin Riots as, "Mostly Peaceful", as One of its Correspondents Spews His Bullshit In Front of a Burning Building

And this wasn't even the first example of such entertaining irony (Ali Velshi, remember that?). Just the latest, that's all.

On the Fact that 57% of the Students In the Cal State University System Are Female (with Only 3 of the 24 Locations - Maritime Academy, Pomona, San Luis Obispo - Having a Male Majority)

Yeah, it seems as if that patriarchy thingy might be losing some steam (at least when it comes to higher education). Well done, ladies.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

On the Fact that if These Protests Are a Response to a Dozen or so Questionable Police Shootings Every Year Then They're Gonna be Around For-Fucking-Ever Because a) Cops Aren't Perfect (All that We Can Do Is Weed-Out the Shitty Ones and Keep Our Fingers Crossed) and b) We Live In a Country with Over 300,000,000 People and Hundreds of Millions of Police/Citizen Interactions and so, Yeah, Lotsa' Luck Batting a Thousand Under Those Circumstances

And I blame the media for a lot of this because if it wasn't for them hyping up every fucking white cop-black man shooting in the country and, worse yet, doing so before all of the facts can be laid out, maybe, just maybe, our cities wouldn't be burning down, I'm simply suggesting.  

On the Fact that We Even Have Fauci Now Saying that Asymptomatic Transmission Has Never Been the Primary Mode of Transmission for Respiratory Viruses............and that the Main Driver Has Almost Always Been the Symptomatic Individual - Quick Addendum

 A new study from the National Institute of Health has also called into question this whole theory of asymptomatic transmission ( and it, too, has been pushed aside by the corporate press. Surprise, surprise. 

On the Fact that We Even Have Fauci Now Saying that Asymptomatic Transmission Has Never Been the Primary Mode of Transmission for Respiratory Viruses............and that the Main Driver Has Almost Always Been the Symptomatic Individual

  So essentially what that gal from the World Health Organization said before she got her knuckles rapped by some associates. Got it..............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, it would have of course been nice if the media had pressed Fauci on this statement but being that these chowder-heads love the lockdowns because they damage Trump, yeah, they completely ignored it. Per usual.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

On the Fact that the French and Indian War Ultimately Spread to the Caribbean, South America, South Asia, the Philippines, Europe, and Even Africa and Involved Not Just the British, French, and Native Americans but Additionally Prussia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, and Austria

So arguably this could have been the real first world war. Hmm, interesting, huh?

On the Stupidity of Judging 17th, 18th, and Early 19th Century Historical Figures According to 21st Century Ethical Sensibilities

It's something that we've all probably done (I've done it with guys like Cromwell, Lincoln, Shaka Zulu, TR, and others who've brought about unnecessary bloodshed) but never to the degree that these SJW genuine shits with their bullshit majors are currently doing. I mean, my God, they're attacking the Founding Fathers now, not in any sort of nuanced or balanced way but with pure vitriol - this while claiming allegiance to communism............and all this ends where exactly? I shudder to think.

Friday, September 11, 2020

On Low-Rent Rapper, Cardi B, Blasting Conservative Commentator, Candace Owens, for Having Married a White Man

First off, this is the same imbecile who bitched about paying too much in taxes while simultaneously supporting Bernie Sanders for President so clearly consider the source but, still, what exactly is the chick saying here, that what, blacks and whites shouldn't mix? 'Cause if she is, man, is that ever shitting on Martin Luther King's grave, sending race-relations back to a darker period, and all but ensuring a continued balkanization of America.............As if she cares, I know.

On the Overwhelming Likelihood that this Whole Identitarian Movement (Replete of Course with its Anti-White Bigotry, Intersectionality, Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism, etc., etc.) Will Ultimately Result In a Huge Blowback Because, Yeah, When Push Comes to Shove, Folks Will Opt for White Nationalism Over Anti-White Nationalism Damn Near Every Time (Hell, Even Don Lemon and Lebron James Probably Would)

One of the best books on the destructive aspects of identity politics is Thomas Sowell's masterpiece, "Affirmative Action Around the World". Yes, it focuses specifically on preferential policies (and of how these policies ultimately result in conflict and sometimes even civil war) but you also get enough of the big picture to conclude that what we're doing now likely won't end well. Please, do yourself (and the country) a favor and read it. It just might scare you straight.  

Thursday, September 10, 2020

On the Fact that We Now Reside In a Country In Which Domino's Pizza Employees Are Seen as Essential but School-Teachers Aren't

Come to think of it, that sounds about right (public schools being little more than indoctrination gulags while we all need pizza from time to time). Forget that I said anything.

On the Fact that if You Had Asked the Average Voter (Regardless of Party) Five Years Ago if Improved Relations with Russia Was a Worthwhile Goal, Pretty Much Everybody (Save for the Neocons) Would Have Responded Affirmatively but Because the Democrats Couldn't Accept the Results of the 2016 Election and Saw the Russians as a Potential Wedge to De-Legitimize Trump, the Well Became Poisoned Beyond Belief and an Entire Four-Year Term Was Wasted

I had always scoffed when folks would call the Democrats the evil party.......I'm not scoffing any longer (the fact that they were willing to push us to the brink of war with a nuclear-armed power - how else to describe it?).

On the Fact that Trump Is the First President Since Jimmy Carter to Not Have Started a New War

 Granted, he hasn't been in any great hurry to end any, either (our continued involvement in Yemen I find particularly repugnant), but, still, he genuinely appears less bellicose than his four predecessors and in this current environment I'll take it.

On the Fact that it Allegedly Took Two Years for Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette to Finally Consummate Their Marriage

Hit it or quit it, Louis, hit it or quit it (he actually had a medical condition that made ejaculation painful but whenever I have a chance to bust some royal butt I simply can't refuse).

On the Fact that Beginning In 2024, the Academy Awards Will Only Nominate "Diverse" Movies In the Best Picture Category

Wow, so films like Psycho, "From Here to Eternity", "Goodfellas", "The Grapes of Wrath", "A Streetcar Named Desire", "The Best Years of Our Lives", "North by Northwest", "2001: A Space Odyssey", "The Maltese Falcon", "Midnight Cowboy", "Bonnie and Clyde", "Taxi Driver", "On the Waterfront", "Chinatown", "All About Eve", "The Silence of the Lambs", "The Bridge On the River Kwai", "Dr. Zhivago", "Wuthering Heights", "The Graduate", "It's a Wonderful Life", "Network", and a whole host of other classic films wouldn't be eligible under this criteria. Can you say, yet one more reason to boycott these Hollywood imbeciles? I can.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

On Labeling the Victim of a Murder that You and Your Fellow Mouth-Breathers Incited, a Fascist ('Cause as Everybody Knows, it's OK to Shoot a Fascist, Even When You Redefine it to Include the Majority)

Little do they know that they themselves will ultimately have their own Robespierre moment............and that by then it will be way too late. 

On the Fact that (According to a New Study from Franklin Templeton - Democrats Are Far More Likely than Republicans to Overestimate the Risk of Death from COVID for Younger Folks

Hmm, might that be because Democrats tend to watch low-IQ bullshit outlets like CNN that are constantly spewing propaganda 'cause they hate Trump and are desperate for viewers? That would be my guess, peeps.

On the Legendary Robert Woodson Once Saying that He Would Rather Contend with a Bigot than a Condescending White Liberal Because at Least with the Former You Have a Shot at Breaking Through

He might be right.......He might be right.

On One of the Outcomes of the 2020 Election that the Democrats Have "Gamed-Out" Being an Easy Trump Victory

And their response? a) Force Biden NOT to concede, b) pressure various states that Trump won to send only Democrats to the formal Electoral College vote, c) coax the military to remove Trump from office, and d) continue to ballot-harvest to a point where you can proclaim a legitimate victory. Yeah, this is all pretty Machiavellian and yet there are folks out there who despise Trump so much that they'll probably go along with this coup. Man, has this country ever shit the bed.  

On Trump Being Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (for His Help In Brokering Several Recent Peace Deals) and the Media Shits Either Ignoring it, Dismissing it ("ah, He Won't Win"), or Shitting All Over the Poor Bastard Who Nominated Him (the Usual Idiot Smears - Labeling Him, "Far-Right", etc.)

They can't even give the guy one good day. Pathetic, huh?

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

On the Fact that Maximum Red-Line Stress Hurts the Incumbent More In an Election Year and, Let's See, Who's the Incumbent this Time, OH YEAH, ORANGE MAN BAD!!

Just a coincidence, I'm sure................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not implying that there a shitload of cigar-chomping conspirators sitting around a card-table hatching this shit, just that they're all on the same page (knowing what damages the President - panic, a horrible economy, etc. - and what doesn't), that's all.

On the Shear Brilliance of British Figurative Artist, Mark Spain

Stunning, absolutely stunning. A modern-day Degas.

Monday, September 7, 2020

On the Fact that the New York Times Back In 2012 Wrote a Story with this as its Heading - "Error and Fraud at Issue as Absentee-Voting Rises" (and as Far as I Know, They Haven't Scrubbed it Yet)

So a relatively small percentage of absentee ballots was a big problem just eight years ago but 80,000,000 mail-in ballots with questionable chain-of-command today isn't. Seems like a hard sell, no? 

On the Fact that the Biden of 30 Years Ago Wouldn't Be a Horrible Option (Center-Left Boiler-Plate, Nothing too Radical) but, Now, Between the Dementia and the Fact that He's Pretty Much Capitulated to the Socialist Faction of His Party (Never Thought that I'd Ever Have to Type Those Last Five Words but Seemingly I Do) On Virtually Every Issue, He's Not Getting My Vote, that's for Certain

Of course it will be very interesting to see what the rank-and-file Democrats do; go along with their party's radical extremism or swallow hard and vote for Trump (a dick but someone whose policies align with Mitt Romney's milk-toast conservatism). Me, I'm either going to vote for Trump or third-party again. Haven't quite decided. 

Sunday, September 6, 2020

On the Fact that Eva Marie Saint at Age 62 (In 1986) Was Better Looking than 99.9999% of the 20 Year-Olds Out There and if You Disagree with Me We Might Have a Problem......or Two

  From the archives.

On Sweden's Higher COVID-19 Death-Rate Among Scandinavian Countries Being Used as Evidence that Their Non Draconian (as In, Non Economic Suicide) Strategy to the Pandemic Was the Wrong One (Even Though the World Health Organization Itself Has Recently Stated, Maybe Not)

Sweden actually did make one big mistake and, no, it wasn't their decision to NOT impoverish its people and rack up mountains of trans-generational debt-slavery. It was instead their decision to not lock down the nursing homes early enough (they apparently allowed visitors entry early on in the pandemic and it was this that proved the vehicle of transmission in many instances) and focus on these much more vulnerable citizens (an admission from Dr. Giesecke himself)............................................................................................But even putting this mistake aside, counting the deaths at this stage is probably not the right barometer. A much more accurate reading will be to look at the mortality figures one to two years from that if Sweden has achieved population immunity by allowing this virus to go through country more quickly you will possibly see the deaths even out as Norway, Denmark, etc. have slowed the process with the lockdowns...........................................................................................And you also have to look at the deaths caused by the probable economic devastation resulting from these lockdown decisions. As I've shown in a previous entry, for every one point increase in the unemployment-rate you're likely to get an additional 4,000 deaths a year (and that's a conservative estimate) from things such as overdoses, suicides, delayed medical treatments, etc..............and until we're able to factor in all of these deaths as well, the jury is still out, I would argue.

On Mayor Daley Ordering His Cops During the 1968 Chicago Riots to "Shoot to Kill" Arsonists and "Shoot to Maim" Looters

Not saying that I endorse such a strategy............but I'll also lay down a wager that you wouldn't have to shoot all that many to get the point across. Simply a thought.

On the Overwhelming Likelihood that, "Yeah, but I'm On Your Side", Won't Be Any More Persuasive In this Country (Once the Shit Hits the Fan) than it Was In the French Revolution or After the Mullahs Took Over In Iran

So, yeah, if you're even considering capitulating to the mob (to signal your virtue or because you truly believe Trump to be Satan), probably best to keep your head on a swivel, I'm just sayin'.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

On the Fact that I Recently Saw a Video-Clip of Some Basement-Dwelling Antifa Jerk-Off Walking Into Court............WITH HIS PARENTS!!!!!

Yeah, I think that we all kind of knew that most of these miscreants didn't have a pot to piss in, had virtually zero human capital, and were still mooching off of somebody but, still, to witness this absolute poverty (and, yes, I'm using the term it a very broad sense here) in such a stark manner and with such unbelievable hilarity, let's just say that I enjoyed it and leave it there. 

On the Fact that if I Ever Was to Drift Into Alcoholism (and Trust Me, it's Not On My to-Do List), this Would Be the Cause - SANGRIA!!


On the Fact that Maximum Red-Line Stress During an Election Year Hurts the Incumbent......and, Let's See, Who's the Incumbent this Year, oh Yeah, ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!!

One big jumbo coincidence, I'm sure. I mean, it's not as if the Democrats are desperate or anything.......Right?

On the Fact that In the Deranged Psyche of Don Lemon, Riots Aren't Bad Because They Cause Death and Destruction and Ruin People's Lives but Rather Because They're Presently Causing Polling Problems for a Politician that He's Obviously Rooting for

These media people are truly sick. Yes, Trump can be a dumpster-fire at times but, I'm sorry, this constant portrayal of him as this racist monster (this, despite the fact that Biden and Hillary have both made far more questionable comments than Trump has AND they both supported that now infamous crime package) while simultaneously working their rears off to defeat him is simply not sane behavior. In fact, I can only conclude one of two things at this juncture; they truly are insane............or they're frightened (of what I'm not certain, Epstein maybe, corruption possibly, who knows), 'cause nothing else makes sense.

Friday, September 4, 2020

On the Fact that In the Span of Less than Two Weeks the Political Hacks and Their Sycophantic Butt-Kissers In the Media Went from Instructing Us to Stay Indoors and Hide Under Our Beds to Hit the Streets and Protest the Death of a Career Criminal with a Lethal Amount of Fentanyl In His System to Go Back Indoors and Hide Under Our Beds YET AGAIN

 Yeah, as imaginative as Orwell, Mencken, Huxley, and Kafka were, I don't think that even they could have predicted 2020 (never mind, me). I mean, this is just nuts.

On the Fact that it Was African Chieftains Who a) Ransacked Villages, b) Kidnapped the Inhabitants, c) Marched the Poor Bastards Hundreds of Miles to the African Shore, and d) Sold Them Into Bondage

I've never considered myself a bean-counter but based upon these facts, yeah, I'd have to say that Africa herself needs to be held at least partly accountable for the Atlantic slave trade. I mean, come on.

On the Fact that There Has Never Been a Society In the Entire History of Humanity In Which the Disparate Groups Within that Society Have Achieved at Exactly the Same Rate - IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED - and Yet We Still Have These Pointy-Headed Pseudo-Professorial Social-Engineering Buffoons Out There Who Think that They Have the Magic-Bullet to Achieve this Fantasy

And what's worse yet is that they tend to make things worse (the war on poverty, the war on drugs, etc.). I mean, just look at African-Americans. Prior to all of this government involvement, the literacy-rate was going up, families were largely intact, black teens were gainfully employed, and the poverty-rate was going down......and now look at the black community. Thanks a lot, do-gooders.   

On Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo (or as I Prefer to Call Them, the Einstein Twins) Suggesting that Biden Really Needed to Address the Riots (the Riots that They Had Called Peaceful Protests Up til Then)......and a Few Days Later JUST LIKE MAGIC the Dude Addresses the Riots (Blaming Trump Completely, of Course)

There's the real collusion, the Dems and the corporate press............and the fact that they're doing it out in the open now, damn, huh?

Thursday, September 3, 2020

On the Fact that the Slant-Headed Author of that Disturbing New Missive, "In Defense of Looting" Included this Little Ditty On One of Her Intro Pages


Yeah, I guess that not all looting is created equal. WHAT A SURPRISE!!

On Pelosi Receiving an Indoor Blow-Dry (You're Laughing Already, I'll Bet) While Not Wearing a Mask (so Three Violations), Getting Busted for it, and Instead of Apologizing for Being Such a Hypocritical Shit Blaming the Salon Owner for "Setting Her Up"

And who does the corporate press side with; the small business woman whose livelihood has been crushed by these draconian and fascistic lockdowns (which were only supposed to last a couple weeks, mind you) or the piggly-wiggly clown who's been feeding off the public trough for multiple decades and who apparently doesn't think that the rules apply to her? Uh, yeah, it's the latter....................................................................................P.S. And even if she was "set-up", she's still a fucking adult who should have known the various rules TO HER OWN DAMNED CITY and not tried to throw a person considerably beneath her in the social pecking-order under the bus. Of course that would also necessitate her being a decent person so never mind, I guess.

On the Fact that Since Birx and Fauci Have Both Vouched for the Safety of In-Person Voting (the Fact that We Already Go to the Grocery Store, Starbucks, Carvel, the Post Office, etc. and so Why Not the Polling Place?), this Entire Strategy of Sending Out Tens of Millions of Mail-In Ballots Where the Chain-of-Command Is Questionable at Best Is Likely Something that We Can Put Aside for Now, No?

Of course, since the Democrats could care less about COVID and are likely doing this to either pilfer the election or de-legitimize a victorious Trump to the point where governing is impossible, neither rain, nor sleet, nor............You know the rest.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

What Would Taylor Swift Say?

I'll take, "Things that No Sane and Self-Respecting Individual with IQ Over Romaine Lettuce Would Ever Say Save for Maybe Having a Heritage Rough Rider .22 Caliber Rimfire Revolver Pointed at Their Noggin for Added Inducement", for a thousand, Alex.  

On Lebron James Referring to Folks Who Criticize Communist China as, "Miseducated"

Thus spake Lebron............and the Communist Chinese as they march their critics off to the gulags for Oh yeah, the ties that bind.

On Adam Schiff

I'll take, "Present-Day Bat-Shit Crazy Californians Who Make the State's Lunatics from 50 Years Ago Appear Sane by Comparison", for a thousand, Alex. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

On the Fact that Even Though this Whole Mask-Wearing Thing Is One of the Most Colossal One-Eighties of Recent Memory, the Corporate Press Just Continues to Brush it Aside as if the Original Contradictory Comments Never Happened

It's perplexing but what's even more perplexing (and frightening) is the fact that no one's questioning it. I mean, what if they start telling us to eat our feces to stop COVID? Will we do that as well? Seriously.

On the Fact that (According to the CDC's Guidelines - it Now Appears as if Those Who Come Into Close Contact with a COVID Patient for More than 15 Minutes Could Spread the Virus Regardless of Whether Either Individual Wears a Mask

Surprised? I'm not (the fact that the masks become contaminated, people wear them incorrectly, they don't provide full coverage, the aerosols are too tiny, etc.).

On the Fact that Since the COVID Infection Mortality-Rate for Folks Under 35 Is 0.01% and No Evidence Exists that Kids Are "Super-Spreaders", the Rationale for Keeping Schools Closed Is............What Exactly, that it Harms Trump?

It's what it seems like, no?

On the CDC Now Reporting that 94% of the People Who Died with or Because of COVID-19 Had Significant Co-Morbidities (and Average of 2.6 per Individual) -

Yes, COVID likely contributed to some of those deaths but being that the death-certificate process has been so corrupted by politics (that gal from the Illinois Deaprtment of Health being THEE smoking-gun) and medical malfeasance (the fact that hospitals were getting extra reimbursements for COVID patients, respirator usage, etc.), the likelihood of this ever getting sorted out is probably zilch. Of course this hasn't stopped the corporate press from going into full-fledged damage-control, building additional straw-men (implying that the skeptics haven't cited COVID as a contributing factor to any of those 94% deaths), etc. but if I was them I would tread a little more lightly because what this CDC admission also does is destroy their bullshit narrative about COVID being a dangerous disease FOR EVERYBODY......If only they would listen, huh?