Wednesday, August 31, 2022

On the Fact that the Government (In Our Country at Least) Cannot, CANNOT, Deputize Private Corporations to Do the Dirty Work that They Themselves Cannot Constitutionally Do

And, so, yeah, when those increasingly gestapo-like F.B.I. hooligans walked tnto Facebook (and probably Twitter as well) and "Suggested" to Ole Zuckerberg that He Be On the Lookout for Russian Disinformation (a laughable concept concocted due to Mrs. Clinton's inability to defeat a reality-show jock and as a diversion from the ramrod's own malfeasance) and to Treat it Accordingly, a) Facebook forfeited its claim to be a private company and b) our disgusting government lurched one step closer to becoming a banana republic tyranny. Happy days, eh? 

On New York Now Requiring Gun Applicants to Provide Their Social Media Posts for the Prior Three Years to Prove that They Have -

"the essential character, temperament, and judgement necessary to be entrusted with a weapon and to use it only in a manner that does not endanger oneself and others."............And the fact that these clowns haven't operationalized a single one of those monumentally subjective terms is supposed to buoy our trust, I suppose. Thankfully New York has a fair-minded, nonpartisan, measured, and rock-solid Governor who will make sure that every citizen gets treated equally.......And if you believe that............

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

On Ten Career New York Criminals Having Racked-Up a Total of 485 Arrests Since the City Introduced its Soft-On-Crime Bail Reform Two Years Ago -

So much for this lunacy-addled policy not having an effect on recidivism.

On the Fact that Just Three Short Years Ago You Wouldn't Have Been Able to Find a Single Sane Physician In the World Who Would Have Advocated the Quarantining of Healthy People, Universal Masking, the Shutting Down of Major Swaths of the Economy (the Health Issues Involved with that Likely Being Far More Destructive than a Virus that Even Fauci Had Said Early On Was Probably On a Par with the Seasonal Flu), Vaccine Mandates, Not Allowing Other Doctors to Prescribe Safe and Effective Off-Label Medications for Treatment, and Having People Comically Stand Six Feet Apart from Each Other

And then the political hacks (the worst of whom need to be tried for crimes against humanity) became involved. 'Nuff said?   

On the Fact that (per the Brookings Institution - Only 6% of College Graduates Owe More than $100,000 with a Sizable Chunk of Those Being Grad Students

 And I frankly don't give a damn what these kids majored in because it's either going to be something bankable like accounting, nursing, or engineering where they shouldn't have an issue paying off the loan or something moronic like postmodernism, critical theory, or gender studies where they clearly need to learn a life lesson about decisions having consequences. And, besides, a lot of these kids come from wealthy families that rake-in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and have robust portfolios. How 'bout having them pay for the BS degrees and not the hard working plumbers, landscapers, carpenters, and truck drivers? Seems a bit more fair, no?

Monday, August 29, 2022

On the Corporate Press, No Longer Able to Hide the Dangers and Inadequacies of the Covid Vaccine, Seemingly Ready to Pivot and Start Blaming Trump for it All (a Recent Story In Politico, for Example)

At some point Trump needs to get out in front of this and stress to the general public that a) he was repeatedly lied to by the CDC, the NIH, the WHO, the FDA, and big pharma and b) he opposed the vaccine mandates, preferring instead to make it an individual medical decision. Because if he waits much longer and the vaccine injuries start to mount up with the corporate press blaming him for it, might be too late.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

On the Top Brass Over at Starbucks Trying to Suspend Mail-In Voting for Their Union Elections Due to Alleged Misconduct, this After Having Pushed the Policy for the 2022 Presidential Election -

Got red-pilled on the whole chain of custody conundrum. If only they could see the irony.

On F.B.I. Ramrods, Knowing Fully Well that the Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Legit, Paying a Visit to Facebook Owner, Mark Zuckerberg, and Informing Him that the Russians Were Preparing to Shit Out a Bunch of Disinformation, and Then as the Hunter Biden Laptop Fiasco Was Breaking, Zuckerberg, Thinking that this Was Part of that Disinformation, Deciding to Shadow-Ban the Story and Throw the New York Post Under the Bus

 If there's ever been a more obvious and venal example of election interference (especially on the Presidential level), I certainly can't think of one (the dirty dealings between Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams in 1824, maybe). Hopefully the Garland justice department looks into this crap and why are you laughing so hard? Oh yeah, forgot.

On Helena Bonham Carter In Her 30s


I get it that her looks weren't for everybody (sort of a Faye Dunaway type beauty) but for my taste, two huge thumbs up (especially in that top pic).

On this Little Aphorism from Mr. Twain

 Dude had a point (and a prescient one at that), wouldn't you say?

Saturday, August 27, 2022

CDC Director or Vaccine Salesperson?


A difference without a distinction now, I'm afraid.

On Recent Data Coming Out of San Diego County Showing that 67% of the Covid Deaths Over the Past Three Months Were Among People Fully Vaxxed and Boosted (this Despite the Fact that this Group Comprised Just 58.5% of the Population) -

Granted, some of this could be due to the fact that the vaccinated population tends to be older (I, unlike the politicians and media buffoons, try to analyze the data fairly) but since the covid regime never spoke of age (regarding the vaccine) and simply proclaimed that if you took the friggin' vaccine, you WOULDN'T die, just seems like another big failure to me (right up there with the jab not stopping transmission or infection).

Friday, August 26, 2022

On a New Icelandic Study Suggesting that the Covid Reinfection Rate Rises with the Number of Vaccine Doses

Needless to say, once the story got out the opinion checkers over at AP had to do their usual damage control, obfuscation, BS, and straw-manning (arguing that the study didn't prove a causal link as it was correlational - no shit and very few individuals who shared the study ever made such a definitive claim) as there still can be no criticism laid out at this wonderful medical breakthrough­čść. Of course when the authors themselves (who in their own way tried to play down the findings by doing such things as lumping the unvaxxed with those who received one dose, referring to 42% as "slightly higher", etc.) stated, "Surprisingly, two or more doses of vaccine were associated with a slightly higher probability of reinfection compared with one dose or less", the spinning can only get you so far.

On the Fact that if Trump's Justice Department Had Raided the Martha's Vineyard Home of His Predecessor Looking for Incriminating Papers (for Agitprop and Worse) On Fast and Furious, the I.R.S. Scandal, and Benghazi, Those Very Same Leftist Shills Who Are Currently Praising the F.B.I. Would Have Lost Their Marbles While Characterizing Trump as Some Fascistic Troglodyte for Allowing it to Happen

 And you know what, I would have been very pissed off, too, and that's because I posses actual principles that don't give a shit about one's political allegiance (whether it's Bush smashing Iraq or Obama destroying Libya - both bad, mebucks, both very bad). Seriously, you should try it some time.

On One of the Prime Characteristics of an Open Society Being the Existence of a Sharp Distinction Between a Individual's Public and Private Life

So, how we doin' on that count with the current regime (the clowns apparently now want a digital currency which will completely obliterate ALL privacy)? I'm just askin'.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

On Maria McKee at Her Finest

    Unparalleled. I just wish that she could have maintained it longer (having petered out by the mid-'90s), God damn.

On the Fact that New York's Racist and Bulldog Attorney General, Letitia James, Has Been Trying for Five Years Now to Find Something, Anything, with Which to Dangle Mr. Trump by the Gonads and so Far at Least the Ramrod's Come Up with Nada

And all this while the murder rate in New York has been shooting through the roof. Oh well, at least she's got her priorities straightened out, such that they are.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

On Christina Applegate Recently Turning 50

Do the words, still boinkable, ring a bell? They're certainly echoing in my ears.

On the Fact that Even Though Nummies at Facebook Have Admitted In Court that Their Fact-Checkers Are Actually Opinion-Checkers, They Continue to Refer to this Little Little Dog-and-Pony Show of Theirs as Fact-Checking

Some habits are harder to shatter than others apparently (especially when no one in the media holds one's feet to the fire).

On the Fact that if the Covid Vaccines Fail to Halt Transmission of the Virus, Does that Not Put to Bed for Good the Already Shameless Castigation About Killing Grandma?

Logic would dictate, no?

On the Fact that if "No Reasonable Prosecutor" Would Have Indicted Hillary Clinton for Keeping Top Secret Information On a Non-Government Unencrypted Server and Afterwards Destroying Evidence, Then that Same Reasonable Prosecutor Would Proceed to Indict a Fully Cooperative Trump for Keeping Declassified Material In a Safe with 24 Hour Secret Service Protection............Why Exactly?

 Well, other than rank political motivation, I'm saying (trying to recover documents that make the F.B.I. look like dog-shit in the Russia probe, for example).............Fair question, no?

On the Minneapolis School District's Proposal to Lay Off White Teachers First (if Layoffs Become Unavoidable)

I've got a better idea. How 'bout we lay off the crap teachers first? You know, for the benefit of the kids, the people who we're supposed to be helping here. Ostensibly.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

On Muhammad Ali Versus Brian London - August 6, 1966

It was an awesome fight............for about 12 seconds (the amount of time that it took Ali to land his first four punch combination and for ole boy Brian to ask himself, "Hmm, I wonder if those fish 'n chowder jobs are still available in Oxford and Coventry")...............................................................................................P.S. To be fair here, London did make it into the third round and so I should probably be giving the fellow props instead of making sport of him. I just couldn't resist (in large part due to that picture, I'm assuming).

On F.B.I. Director, Christopher Ray, Stating that White Supremacists Were the Gravest Terror Threat In the United States

Yeah, I don't know, I'm thinking that the drug cartels currently flooding the country with Chinese manufactured fentanyl, a substance that's causing the overdose deaths of tens of thousands of young American kids every year, might be a little bit more of a threat these days than a bunch of paranoid assholes holed up in Montana and Wyoming.......Just speculating here.

Monday, August 22, 2022

On a Doctor (Lucy McBride) Appearing On MSLSD Recently and Saying What I've Been Saying for Over Two Years Now; i.e., that Masks Provide You Negligible Protection, that They're Especially Useless for Kids, and that There Do Exist Potential Negative Health Considerations

And don't give me any BS about the science having changed. It hasn't changed in that it we've long known that the mode of transmission with these viruses was via microscopic aerosols that float around on the inside of poorly ventilated buildings AND that these surgical and cloth masks were both hugely ineffectual in stopping these particles. Of course just the fact that this measure had never even been considered for prior outbreaks should have been signal enough.

On 14 Young Doctors In Canada Unexpectedly Dying During the First 9 Months of this Year (this After Zero Had Died Similarly Over the Past 30 Years) -

They had another thing in common, too. Any guesses?

On F.B.I. Ramrods Purportedly Going Through Melania Trump's Closet

The Hoover tradition lives on apparently. Interesting.

On New York Passing a Law Which Changes the Word, Inmate (In Government Affairs), to, "Incarcerated Person"

Hmm, I guess that my suggestion of , "LeRoy's Bitch", just didn't impress 'em. Oh well, I'll keep trying.

The Third In Line for the Presidency?

Sure, why not, the chick's only in her late hundreds and exudes a serenity right up there with the Dalai Lama in his prime. I'm game­čść.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

On the Excuse Given for Keeping Mr. Trump's Lawyer Outside as the F.B.I. Conducted Their Gestapo-Like Raid at Mar-a-Lago Being that They Didn't Want Anyone to Interfere with the Search

Yes, because as we're all aware, scores of gun-toting agents are simply no match for an unarmed and well-mannered 110 pound female. So elementary.

On Brian Stelter Seemingly Back On the Job Market

He shouldn't have a hard time finding work.......'Long as he isn't TOO picky (can you say, Starbucks barista, Walmart greeter, etc.?).

On the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Purportedly Wishing to Assassinate John Bolton

I really wanted to make a joke about this. I just couldn't pull the trigger ­čśü.

On the Fact that Twitter Is Now Suspending Accounts that Tweet Out the Term, "Groomer"

So you can baselessly and stupidly go around calling people, "white supremacists" (the Kyle Rittenhouse treatment, let's call it) simply for finding fault with your dystopian worldview but you can't call creepy individuals who expose young children to drag queen events and who are bound and determined to tell five year-olds who they boink at night, "groomers". Yeah, that seems a bit off. 

On Scumbag Romney Accusing Tulsi Gabbard of Treason On the Ukraine Matter with the Only Person On Cable Coming to Her Defense Being Tucker Carlson

 To the folks who've formed their opinions about Tucker based solely on what CNN's Brianna Keilar and MSLSD's Lawrence O'Donnell have opined on him, all that I'm requesting is that you watch him for yourself, then judge, and if you still don't like the guy, at least it'll be your own opinion and not the viewpoint of his competitors who he routinely annihilates in the ratings.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Friday, August 19, 2022

On the January 6th Asshole Who Sat at Pelosi's Desk, Put His Feet Up, and Acted Like a Total Fool

The guy's a national embarrassment, no doubt, but, I'm sorry, an unarmed douche-bag with an IQ somewhere in the middle 80s isn't a threat to the Republic, try as one will to make him out to be.

On the Joint Committee On Taxation Recently Stating that for the Democrats to Reach Their Goal of Netting $200 Million In Unpaid Taxes, 78 to 90% of it Would Likely Have to Come from Those Making Less than $200,000 a Year (the Middle Class to Upper Middle Class, In Other Words)

So the Dims either hugely miscalculated or they're lying again (having said that the booty will only come from wealthy people). One, the other, or both. I'm thinkin' both.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

On Why Pelosi Doesn't Want Us to Witness the Thousands of Hours of Videotape from January 6th - Quick Addendum

 I've also seen video where some Trump supporters are pulling down the two masked troglodytes who were attempting to bust windows on the side of the capitol. An inconvenient snippet of footage, to say the least..................................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not suggesting that there weren't a fair number of Trump supporters bashing shit, too. Obviously, there were (none of whom deserve solitary confinement or indefinite detention but I digress). I'm only saying that a) there's clearly more than meets the eye with this crap and b) a corrupt scumbag like Pelosi shouldn't be the arbiter of what we can and cannot see, that's all.

On Why Pelosi Doesn't Want Us to Witness the Thousands of Hours of Videotape from January 6th

Maybe because there's a shitload more stuff like this on 'em - - My guess.

On a Small Contingent of Knuckle-Dragging Neo-Nazis Showing Up at a Turning Points U.S.A. Rally (Probably Imposters, the Same Schmucks Who Showed Up at the Youngkin Event), the Sponsors of the Event Vociferously Telling the Miscreants to Go Pound Sand, and the Next Day Leftists Jerkoffs Like Whoopi Goldberg Lying Through Their Teeth and Telling Their Brain-Dead Followers that the Neo-Nazis Had Actually Been Welcomed In by the Turning Points Folks

The Whoopster of course had to apologize for the lie (forced to no doubt by the View's legal department) and then apologize for the BS apology (a self-serving one that only made matters worse). Hopefully for the gal it was sufficient enough to avoid another slander suit (Kyle Rittenhouse apparently driving strong to the hoop as well) in that even a rich train-wreck like Whoopi has a cash register that eventually cries, uncle.

On the Dyson Airblade V Hand Dryer

Finally, a hand dryer that actually, you know, DRIES YOUR DAMNED HANDS! ......Better late than never, I guess.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Willie Nelson On Emmylou Harris

   "There are only two types of men on the planet. Those who love Emmylou and those who haven't met her yet."......Yep, that sounds about right.

On Liz Cheney's Net Worth Skyrocketing by 600% During Her Five Short Years as a Congresswoman -

So either the lizard suddenly became a brilliant investor in 2017 or she's cashing in on her access via insider trading, mutual back-rubbing, etc........And being that her last name is Cheney.............

On the F.B.I. "Just Doing Their Job"

 Has a familiar ring to it.............Oh yeah.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

On the Delicate Stare of Oscar Winner, Gloria Grahame


Yeah, it could definitely disarm me. I mean, just look at her (as she looks in your direction).

On Chuck Schumer Standing at the Steps of the Supreme Court Several Years Ago and Shitting Out this Little Gem

"I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions." Generally I don't care what what this buffoon has to say (I know where he stands already so no need for embellishment) but being that the hard left has turned the country into one large word-parsing enterprise, I gotta' say, that little statement of his sounds a lot like incitement to me (more so, certainly, than, "peacefully and patriotically"). 

On President Trump's Lawyer Not Being Allowed to Observe the F.B.I.'s Recent Fishing-Expedition at Mar-a-Lago

Not certain as to the legality of this (the fact-checkers of course arguing that it was peachy) but being that this same F.B.I screwed General Flynn, screwed Carter Page, and had as one of its main missions the destruction of Trump from day one, the lady's request was not unreasonable.

Monday, August 15, 2022

On Biden Receiving 16 Million More Votes than Barack Obama Did In 2012; 81 Million Versus 65 Million, a Near 25% Advantage

Yes, part of it could be attributed to population growth but being that that only rose by 5.4% (increasing from 314 million to 331 million), there's probably a different explanation. Here are a couple possibilities. a) The country fell madly in love with a demented gaffe machine who hid in his basement for the lion's-share of the campaign. b) The country hated Trump so much that they sprinted to the polls, pinched their nostrils, and voted like wildfire for the demented gaffe machine. And c) there could have been some nefarious activities that upped Mr. Biden's score somewhat. My suspicion is that it's likely a combination of b and c, the precise percentage of each, don't have a clue. Not yet at least.

On the Democrats Engaging In One of the Most Egregious Abuses of Power In Recent Memory and the Legacy Media, Instead of Focusing On the Bald Tyranny, Focusing On the Republican Reaction to it (i.e., Their Trusty, "Republicans Pounce!" Tactic)

 They're also laying the groundwork for "far-right violence".......They apparently possess a crystal ball, too, I guess.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

On this Psychotic Notion that Children "Consent" to Puberty

Part of the "Your Truth" movement, I'm guessing. Seriously, we need to cut this foolishness. a) Most kids grow out of this "confusion" if you simply leave them alone (as I did when I ultimately came to grips with the fact that I could never be a choo-choo) and so maybe we should do that. b) A lot of this craze is probably due to social contagion and peer pressure and so having adults feeding into the delusion is simply making it worse. And c) it isn't the job of teachers to be involved with this shit anyway and so maybe reining those folks in is a good idea, too.....................................................................................................P.S. Yes, I get it, this all sounds harsh but when you combine what's happened to decadent cultures in the past with how the Russians, Chinese, and ISIS are toughening up their people NOW, a noxious message is probably what's needed.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

On the Democrats Losing the 2016 Presidential Race to a Boorish Reality Show Jock but Instead of Turing Inward and Asking Themselves, "How Pray-Tell Did We Fuck this One Up and What Do We Do to Fix Things?", Proceeding with a Four Year Long Temper Tantrum and Making Shit Up Out of Whole Cloth In an Effort to Destroy the Above-Mentioned Jock

Well, at least they've gotten much more mature since then.......There, can you now remove the gun from my temple?

On President Biden Claiming to Have Known Nothing About the Flynn Investigation

Might be telling the truth (for once) but being that Peter Strzok's own notes include, "VP: 'Logan Act'", I'm personally leaning towards, he's lying......again.

On the Fact that Black Americans Are Simply Way too Incompetent to Secure an ID, Remember the Last Four Digits of Their Social Security Number, Access a Computer, and/or Submit a Utility Bill (Well, Except In Reliably Blue States Such as Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, and New Jersey - They're Apparently Astute Enough There)

And I know this because a shitload of prominent hard-left Democrats continuously tell me so. They wouldn't lie.

A Quick Note to Trump Supporters

Don't do anything dumb. They're trying to get you pissed off with this Trump raid and then set up some ludicrous narrative about how violent Trump supporters are. DON'T TAKE THE BAIT. OK? Lay low.

On What Happens to Black Folks Who Aren't Obedient (to the Leftist Orthodoxy)

Let's just put it this way, you want to know what hardcore racism looks like? Yeah, I'd start here.

Friday, August 12, 2022

On the Number of Favorable Stories that the Legacy Media Has Written About Trump Which In the End Were Debunked

 Well, being that they've never really put out a positive article in the first place, gotta' be zero, no (as opposed to attack pieces, most of those ending up being total nonsense)?

On Recent Reports that F.B.I. Agents Are Currently Conducting a Full-Scale Investigation Into Barron Trump for Alleged Insider Comic Book Trading

The Trump crime family at work yet again, folks. And this time, we're really gonna' nail 'em. Promise. 

Thursday, August 11, 2022

On Kevin Clinesmith's Lawyer (Forgot the Guy's Name Already, Fuck Him) Pleading with the Judge to Reduce the Man's Sentence Because as We All Know Six Months In the Hoosegow for Falsifying Documents In an Effort to Destroy Another Person's Life Is Just Way too Punitive (Carter Page of Course Being the Victim In this)

It also appears as if Mr. Clinesmith got to keep his law license and only had to serve one year of probation. Yes his reputation's in the shitter, and while I do get some solace from that, short of him being sued into oblivion (by ole Carter), fully content I'm unlikely to be.   

On the Fact that Eisenhower's 1943 Postscript to General Marshall, "It Is a Pity that We Could Not Have Killed More", Was Removed from Both "Dear General" and the Supposedly Definitive, "Papers of Dwight Eisenhower"

The sausage-making of the court historians at work. A perfect example, in fact.

On the Fact that if Norway Hadn't Invaded England In 1066 Just Before the Normans Did, There's a Distinct Possibility that the Anglo Saxons Might Have Been Able to Repel William the Conqueror with the Course of England's History Likely Being Quite Different

For the better or worse, can't say. What I can say is that it would have rubbed from the history books one perfect example of naked aggression and that ain't nothin' in my book.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

On the Fact that I Would Like Every Latino Immigrant to Be a Rothbardian Libertarian but Even if They Were I Would Still Want the Process to Be an Orderly One by Having Everyone Come Through the Proper Port of Entry, Mandating that They Show Up at Their Asylum Hearing, and Having the Penalty for Not Showing Up Be Exceedingly Punitive

And the reasons for this are obvious; a) the huge quantities of deadly Chinese-manufactured fentanyl flooding into the country with thousands of people overdosing on the shit, b) human trafficking continuing to be a very dangerous problem (48 migrants recently suffocating in the back of a truck - thanks, Joe), c) the lack of assimilating taking place over the past couple decades and our needing to assess that issue, d) a fear that terrorists could be accompanying some of these "caravans", and e) a concern that individuals could be bringing in communicable diseases.............Of course if they happen to be carrying Hayek's "The Road to Serfdom", Henry Hazlitt's "The Failure of the New Economics", or Rothbard's "Man, Economy, and State" with them, I'm flexible.

On the EU Government Now Mandating that Novavax Include a Heart Side-Effect Warning On the Boxes of Their Covid-19 Vaccine

Yes, I get it, the risk is likely small but the risk of a healthy 21 year-old croaking from covid is pretty fucking small, too. My solution, leave it up to the individual, you know, like we've always done up 'til now.

On the Preposterous Claim that Hunter Biden's Computer Was a Steaming Pile of, Yep, You Got it, "Russian Disinformation"

How in the fuck would that have even worked? Some Russian spy impersonates Hunter Biden and drops off a laptop with fake emails and deep-fake photographs? And what about the repairman? Was he in on it, too? To quote my old buddy, Frank Costanza (when asked if he was supposed to yell, "serenity now"), "they didn't specify" (they, in this case of course being those 50-something parasitic asshats who wrote the shoddy New York Times piece on the subject).

On the Likelihood of Mrs. Clinton's Deleted Emails Being All About Yoga and the Spoiled Brat's Wedding

Yeah, I'm gonna' go with, the same exact odds of the tarmac meeting between Billy Boy and Loretta Lynch being strictly about golf and grandchildren. Zero, in other words.........................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I'm dredging this crap up because of the F.B.I.'s recent Stasi raid on Trump's Florida Home and to show people yet again the differential treatment of Beltway Republicans and Democrats (now if Trump actually did do something wrong, get back to me and we'll talk then, 'til then......).

On Ivana Trump Recently Passing and Some Venal, Low-IQ Outfit Called Occupy Democrats Using it as an Excuse to Bash the Entire Trump Family

I'm so glad to be out of that party (I'm now officially a Libertarian, praise be to God). Just the nastiness alone was a sufficient motivation. As to why I'm not a Republican, substituting one corrupt group for another simply didn't appeal to me. Had to make a clean break and so I did.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

On Eric Holder Ignoring a Congressional Subpoena Ten Years Ago and Not Even Getting Charged by the Justice Department and Today Steve Bannon (a Person Who Had Naught to Do with January 6 but Whose Political Views the Establishment Finds Repugnant) Not Only Getting Charged for that Offense but Getting Convicted In a Corrupt and 90 Plus Percent Democratic Jurisdiction

The Dims realize don't they that when and if the Republicans Assume Power next year (and short of the Democrats using some bullshit excuse like monkeypox  to resurrect mail-in ballots, drop boxes, ballot harvesting, trolling for votes at nursing homes, etc., as well as getting illegals to vote, it seems like a rock-solid bet) they're going to be dishing out subpoenas like candy at Halloween and if Garland refuses to charge people who fail to cooperate, can you say impeachment? That's my prediction anyway.

Monday, August 8, 2022

On this Warped Notion that Trump Was Some Radical Deviation from a Noble, Magisterial Lineage of the American Presidency

Yeah, I guess that if you're talking in terms of politeness, maybe. But is that really more important than, say, I don't know, not destroying countries (the Bush, Obama policy)? I'm just askin'.

On Hillary Clinton (Just Prior to the 2020 Election) Telling Her Reliable Flunky, Jennifer Palmieri, that Mr. Biden Must Not Concede Under Any Circumstances and Ms. Palmieri Responding Like a 17 Year-old Girl at a 1965 Dave Clark Five Concert (Glad All Over, In Other Words) -

So they were questioning the election results before the election even happened.......Not a problem, I guess (well, unless your a Republican candidate and then it's a massive problem). 

On Dave Chappelle Getting His Comedy Show Cancelled at a Minneapolis Venue Because the Staff "Didn't Feel Safe"

 Yeah, maybe ole Dave should have dressed up like a bitch and danced for 'em like they were 1st graders. You know, from a "keeping everyone safe" perspective. 

On this (to My Utter Amazement) Still Being Up on YouTube

  These half dozen or so Congresspersons know that this evidence exists and yet they're still brazen enough to continue with their bullshit indignation. Incredible.

On the Fact that if Challenging the Validity of Elections Was a Crime, Stacey Abrams and Mrs. Clinton Would Have Been Churning Out License Plates by Now

And, no, I'm not suggesting that it should be treated as a crime. I simply want a consistent moral yardstick AGAIN!

On Deceased German Actor, Horst Buchholz

Was once considered the Euro James Dean (a bit of a likeness but I'm perceiving more of his countryman, Maximilian Schell). Obviously didn't work out but man was he ever awesome in "The Magnificent Seven". That bar scene with Brynner, classic! Just couldn't follow up on it, a shame.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

On the Fact that Even Though 96% of its Adult Citizens Are Double-Vaccinated and 70% Boosted, Australia Recently Set a Record for Daily Covid Deaths


If only the blokes had continued wearing those snot-rags turned into face-masks while remaining exactly six feet apart it all could have been avoided.......I know, hindsight 20-20.

On the Fact that if Ivanka Trump Had Written In Her Diary a Post About Showering with Her Father and in Brackets Added, "Probably Not Appropriate", I'm Kinda' Thinking that the Corporate Press Would Have Gone Fully Apoplectic and the Orange Man Would Have Shit the Bed Permanently

 And you know what, I wouldn't have shed one damn tear. The guy could have had a million Rs before his name (not a problem as I now consider the Rs to be just as corrosive as the Ds - let's just call it the McConnell, Biden Axis of Pure Fucking Evil) and it wouldn't have mattered because a pervert is a pervert. As for Biden, he has some 'splainin' to do, too. Clearly.

Court Scientist, Niel deGrasse Tyson, On European Colonialism (a Recent Tweet)

"European colonial history in six words - 'Is that Yours? It's mine now.'"............This is quite a touchy subject for me (my long time readers know this already but for the newer ones......). a) The fool implies that white Europeans are the only "tribe" in history to engage in this type of behavior (ignoring completely Xhosa against Khoikhoi and San, Zulus against multiple tribes, Comanches against Apaches, Muslims against Hindus in India, Mongols against Kievan Rus', Ottoman Turks against Armenians, Sioux against Crow and Ojibwa, and Maori against Moriori, to name a few) and b) he's also operating under this low-information notion that European colonialism was uniformly negative (ignoring the fact that white Europeans brought infrastructure, medicine, economic growth, education, trade, reliable energy, agriculture, an end to slavery, the provision of material requisites to establish self-government and in many cases to prevent extinction, etc.). I mean, I get it that the guy's more of a celebrity than a scientist these days but to leave himself so wide open to refutation, quite surprising, I thought. 

Saturday, August 6, 2022

On the Fact that (According to Amnesty International - Both Sides In the Russia, Ukraine War Have Perpetrated Atrocities and, Yes, this Includes the Ukrainian Army Using its Civilians as Human Shields (Including Locating Military Bases In Hospitals and Schools)

So we have two corrupt countries (two of the most corrupt on the planet in fact) halfway around the world from us perpetrating war crimes on each other. Please, explain to me again, why are we involved?

On Classic Film Star, Joan Leslie


Initially peddled as a wholesome young gal and then, boom, this happened. Consider me grateful.

On Witnessing a Recent Democratic Campaign Ad In Which They Blame Republicans for the Burgeoning Clash Between Parents and School Board Committees

The level of spin that these modern-day Democrats are shitting out is beyond comprehension. Yes, parents are angry but it's solely due to the radical arsenic that's being jammed down their children's throats by teachers creepy enough to make Dracula hide under the covers. I mean, I get it that they're panicking and all (mid-terms being just around the corner - yikes, huh?) but blaming the Republicans on this particular issue, just fuckin' dumb.

My Least Favorite Lesbians

 Those donning a mullet, I'd say (unless of course the Jane Fonda character from "Klute" was a lesbian, that I'd probably dig).

On Dealing with Backseat Drivers

I don't. Not anymore.

Friday, August 5, 2022

On the Fact that I Only Use a Pronoun When I'm Talking About an Individual Who's Not In the Room with Me and so I Could Call Somebody from Gender #77, Latefordinner, and They Wouldn't Fucking Know it, Would They?

Lots of different ways to look at this buffoonery and damned if they all don't propel me straight into a Kafka parable. This one, for example.

On Leonard Nimoy Being One of the Best Photographers of the Last Half Century and the Morons at Facebook Somehow Perceiving His Brilliance as Pornography

Imagine having this as a career (critiquing things well beyond your capacity - though, yes, much of it's probably automated by now). And what's up with this treating adults like children BS? Don't they understand that we're all extremely capable of creating our own "community guidelines"; unfriending individuals, blocking what we find offensive, etc.? Certainly it's crossed their minds, no?......Or maybe not, who knows (rhetorical question, no question mark needed).

Thursday, August 4, 2022

On a New Study Showing that Pathogenic Microbes Such as Bacteria and Fungi Can Be Detected On Several Types of Face-Masks (Even Those that Have Been Cleaned After Prior Use) -

And it doesn't help, either, that people constantly touch the mask, store it in their pocket, glove compartment, or pocketbook, and toss it on the restaurant table face down prior to eating lunch. Of course none of this even matters to the douche-bag politicians in hell-scapes like California who've apparently decided once more with feeling with these fucking face-diapers. The definition of insanity? Oh yeah.

On the Fact that the mRNA Vaccine Nanoparticles/Spike Protein Either Stray from the Injection Site and Circulate Throughout the Whole Body or They Don't, One or the Other

Of course the whole thing could be flushed out a lot better if the government, big tech, and media shits would ditch their cronyism and fascist impulses and encourage some open discussion on the matter. Granted, it would require them to get out of the sandbox for five fucking minutes but if enough of us demanded it of them, who knows.

On Vaginas for Trans-Women

You're possibly more familiar with them by their prior term, wounds.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

On the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Being an Outfit that Has More than 15% of its Assets Tied Up In Johnson and Johnson Stock -

I normally wouldn't give a rat's-ass but because the foundation is one of the sponsors for, a crap fact-checker that has given the mRNA vaccines a better win-loss percentage than the Harlem Globetrotters had when they played the Washington Generals, kind of a conflict of interest, no?

On Facebook Now Running a "Fact-Check" that Supports the Biden Administration's Sleazy Redefining of the Term, Recession, from its Universally Agreed-Upon Two Consecutive Quarters of Negative GDP Growth to a Caliber of Spin that Even Kafka In His Most Bizarre Moments Would Deem to Be Head-Scratching -

Of course the Facebook ramrods would also have to fact-check the very same fools who are spinning this yarn in that they're all over the place themselves (in print and video) having used the proper definition. Granted, they won't but, hey, if they shit out fairy tales......

On an F.B.I. Whistleblower Coming Forth and Alleging that the Brass from that Increasingly Corrupt and Disgusting Enterprise Had Been Pressuring Field Agents to Artificially Pad Domestic Terrorism Data (the Purpose of Course Being to Tar Trump Supporters by Any Means Necessary) -

Wish that they had come forward earlier but in this era of rank corruption, better late than never (and if it makes Adam Schiff crap himself, better indeed), I guess.

Monday, August 1, 2022

On the Congressional Joint Committee On Taxation Noticing that Taxes Would Jump by $16.7 Billion On People Making Less than $200,000 a Year

 I get it that in a time where the term, trillions, gets tossed around almost as frequently as billions does, this doesn't seem like a boatload of cash. I'm only mentioning it because the Dems have been making the rounds claiming that their legislation doesn't raise taxes AT ALL and, yes, even in these days of 2+2=9 idiot math, they were just a smidge off, I'd say.

On the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights, Article 6, Asserting that if a Person Withholds Medical Consent There Will Be NO NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES

It really doesn't get any clearer than that, does it? So, yeah, the next time that any of these deranged parasitic asshats attempts to force a medical intervention on us, resist and resist hard because the time after that we may not be able to.