Tuesday, February 27, 2018

On the Fact that Dick Cheney Still Maintains that He Had Nothing to Do with His Former Employer, Halliburton, Getting that Multi-Billion Dollar No-Bid Contract to Help Reconstruct Iraq (After Bush and Cheney Demolished it, of Course)

And he apparently has 36,000,000 reason for doing so (http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/crime/dick-cheney-36-million-man). Damn huh?

On the Fact that as Many as Four Deputies with Pistols Drawn Stood Outside that Florida School While a Crazed Murderer Was Gunning Down Children on the Inside - https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2018/02/24/Report-Other-deputies-waited-outside-during-Parkland-shooting/1571519484154/

And we're supposed to give up our guns and hope that cowards like this can protect us?......Man, is that ever going to be a hard sell...............................................................................................P.S. And did you see how that crazed asshole, Lawrence O'Donnell, tried to spin this situation in favor of the deputies in what was an obvious and brazen attempt to resuscitate the gun-control narrative? These people are shameless. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

On the Fact that Statist Tyrants Like John Brennan Apparently Thinks that it's OK for Al-Nusra to Have Guns (and Lots of 'Em) but Not Law-Abiding Americans (at Least Not Without Severe Restrictions)

And I just find it hilarious that one of the biggest killing machines in all of world history (the United States Government) is trying to amp down the violence and, gee, what a huge shock, their "solution" is for THEM to have a monopoly on force.......Yeah, no.

On if Paul Manafort or One of President Trump's Other Goons Had Authored an Email Which Claimed that He Was Willing to Make an Example Out of a Leaker Whether that Person Was Guilty or Not and then Within Several Weeks an RNC Staffer Who Julian Assange Later Implied WAS a Leaker Gets Mowed Down Under Very Suspicious Circumstances

Yeah, I'm thinking that a conspiratorial segment or two from Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Lawrence O'Donnell MIGHT have been forthcoming.............Just a wild hunch. 

On the Fact that I've Just Learned from Some Very Good Sources that Next Years Golden Globes Will Unveil a Brand New Category, "Best Virtue-Signaler"

Needless to say, the completion will be ferocious (with Meryl Streep an early favorite, of course).......and I cannot wait to miss it, the stupid shits.

On the Fact that Gun Violence (Including Homicide) Is Actually Down Precipitously In America - this While Gun Ownership and Right to Carry Statutes Are Both Proliferating - http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2013/05/07/gun-homicide-rate-down-49-since-1993-peak-public-unaware/

So there's an inverse correlation between gun ownership and gun violence. Granted, there could be a third intervening variable which is influencing both but being that we have no plausible explanation (other than more guns equaling more deterrence) as to what that might be, maybe this whole emphasis on the supply side isn't the most productive way to go, I'M JUST SAYING!! 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

On Bulbous Scumbags, Michael Moore and Rob Reiner, Proclaiming that We're In the Middle of a Civil War

Somebody should drop these melodramatic pieces of refuse into the middle of a true-blue civil war (there are certainly many to choose from; Somalia, Syria, Myanmar, Sudan, Thailand, Libya, Nigeria, Yemen, Ethiopia, etc., etc.) - a) for some perspective and b) to show them just how fucking foolish that they sound.............And all over what, for Christ sakes? Trump getting elected instead of Hillary? Really? You're going to start a civil war simply because some corrosive and war-mongering piece of shit didn't become President; a woman who destroyed Libya, armed terrorist groups, fucked over the Haitians, sold weapons to the demons in Saudi Arabia, threatened a no-fly-zone over Syria, exclusively used an unencrypted server, threatened Iran with a nuclear strike, helped get a convicted human trafficker off with just a slap on the wrist, etc.? Sounds a wee-bit hyperbolic to me.  

On the Fact that the Leftists In the Media and On Capitol Hill Have Not Only "Informed" Us that the Russians Hacked the DNC, They've Asserted that this Hack Is an Act of War

I'm sorry but the fact that our government has already lied us into numerous stupid and unnecessary conflicts (the Spanish-American War leading to the Philippine War, WW1, WW2, the Vietnam War, the two Iraq wars, the Afghan War, the Kosovo bombing campaign, etc.), I'm afraid that I'm going to have to ask for some solid evidence this time (you know, like JFK did with the missiles in Cuba and like Reagan did with that plane being shot down - neither man hiding behind some bogus "classified" argument).......You do have some, don't you?   

Saturday, February 24, 2018

On the Fact that Former Wall Street Journal and Jerusalem Post Editorial Writer, Bret Stephens (and, Yes, it Still Brutalizes My Fingers Just to Write this Fuckers Name), Is Now Spinning his Fables for the New York Times

So this is the Times's notion of intellectual diversity; adding a scumbag and cowardly neocon to their stable of equally brain-diseased progressives? Sorry but I'm probably gonna have to pass.

On Whether Convicted Human Trafficker, Laura Silsby (Rescued by Bubba Clinton with Just a Slap On the Wrist), Was Planning On Turning Any of Those Haitian Children that She Was Trying to Smuggle Into the Dominican Republic Into Some "Haitian Specials" for John Podesta and His Fellow Cretins

Don't know, but I'd like to and hopefully a few people in authority would as well.......I mean, they all can't be corrupt, can they?

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 1

On the Fact that When One of the CNN Panelists at Their Dopey Dog and Pony Show Gun-Control Town Hall Floated the Idea of Banning All Semi-Automatic Weapons, the Obviously Deck-Stacked Audience Erupted Into Wild Applause

These folks do realize, don't they, that 90 to 95% of the guns currently being manufactured are semi-automatic? And that in order to get rid of them, you would not only have to halt the sale of pretty much every form of firearm presently on the market, you'd also have to confiscate the 300,000,000 guns that are already held by American households?......And that if they ever did attempt such a brazen thing.......Let's just say that they probably haven't thought this thing though and leave it there.......For now. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

On the Proposed Ban On AK-47s

I don't plan on purchasing one so I guess that it's not a major deal for me.......I'm just trying to fathom the logic. I mean, do these gun-control folks actually think that some lunatic who's plotting out some killing-spree with an AK-47 is suddenly going to change his mind and not simply use another type of rifle instead? 'Cause if that's what they're hoping for, yeah, I just don't see it. Sorry.

On the Fact that (According to the Don Jordan and Michael Walsh Book, "White Cargo") Amongst Sir John Popham's Favorite Methods of Putting People to Death During His Tenure as Queen Elizabeth's and King James's Attorney General and Ultimately Lord Chief Justice Were Hanging (Obviously), Drawing and Quartering, Crushing, Strangling, Beheading, and that Old Medieval Gem, Burning at the Stake

And just like with his contemporary, Mr. Gilbert, very few were ever given a break......in that everyone from common thieves to Jesuits to Jesuit sympathizers to revolutionaries like Guy Fawkes to upper-crust nobles like Sir Walter Raleigh to nobility like Mary Stuart met their maker courtesy of this guy.....................................................................................................Of course this isn't to imply that Sir John wasn't averse to taking a bribe or two in exchange for sparing someone. IN FACT, there was this one incident in which he let some psychopath off who had thrown a new-born infant into a raging fire, with the upshot being Popham, sleeping like a baby himself THAT VERY EVENING!! Yikes, huh?    

Thursday, February 22, 2018

On the Fact that if the U.S. Had "Single-Payer" for Peanut Butter and Orange Juice, We Would Have Lines and/or Shortages for Peanut Butter and Orange Juice (the Fact that Demand Would Ultimately Outstrip Supply)

This is Econ 101 here and yet there are actually grown men in Washington who think that such a foolish notion would work with healthcare. Amazing, isn't it (the naiveté, sheer stupidity, etc.)?

On the Fact that In the Mind of the Regressive, a Carbon Tax Discourages the Use of Carbon, a Cigarette Tax Discourages the Use of Cigarettes, a Gas Tax Discourages the Use of Gas, a Booze Tax Discourages the Use of Booze, but an Income Tax Has Absolutely No Effect on Income Whatsoever

Income - the only thing on the globe that doesn't respond to incentives (at least in their warped universe). Amazing, isn't it?

On the Fact that Not Only Did Canada Refuse to Offer the South African Boers Refugee Status (Which Was Sought In Response to the Unspeakably Violent Farm Attacks by Roving Gangs of Blacks), They Belittled Their Claims and Accused the South Africans of Racism

Somebody should take that piece of garbage, Trudeau, and make him look at pictures like this all day long......or better yet, drop his ass into the middle of that carnage so all of us could witness how a true-blue SJW would handle it.......Not very well would be my guess.

On the Fact that the Left, Blinded by Their Hatred for Trump, Is Apparently Unaware that this Deep State Apparatus Which Has Pulled Every String Imaginable to Roll Back the Results of a Free and Fair Presidential Election (Fake Dossiers, Bogus Hacking Claims, Money Laundering, Foreign Interference from Mr. Steele, etc.) that They've Found Objectionable Could at Any Point In Time Turn On Them and So, Yeah, Maybe These Folks Need to Start Seeing the Bigger Picture Here

Or maybe not. Maybe these folks actually DO wish to live in a banana republic and, so, no, they can't be salvaged (that and the logic may escape them, too). Who knows.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

On the Fact that the Mythical Country of Wakanda In the Film "The Black Panther" Is a) Anti-Immigration, b) Isolationist, c) Pro-Wall, d) Anti-Free-Trade, e) Anti-Diversity, f) Ethno-Nationalistic, g) Anti-Refugee, h) Anti-Democracy, and i) Extremely Traditionalistic

So they're a bunch of black Richard Spencers, Michael Enochs, and David Dukes, in other words. How's THAT for irony?............................................................................................P.S. And, no, idiots like Mark Lamont Hill and Melissa Harris Perry can't say that these folks can't be racist because they don't have sufficient institutional power in that they clearly have every fucking speck of it!!......Try though they may.

On the Fact that the Hard-Core Left Is Simultaneously Lobbying for Gun Control and Violent Insurrection

Sling-shots at 25 paces? Knocking folks over with body odor (the fact that Antifa rarely showers it seems)? Who knows (the fact that these assholes haven't had a cogent and consistent thought yet and so why in the hell should we expect it now?).

My Suggestion for Gun Control?

Yeah, I think that we should make it illegal for the body guards of politicians and celebrities to carry guns......'cause as we're all aware, these guns to do not make us any safer and being that there are just so many of the damned things out there, this is as good a place as any to start getting rid of the 'em, I think.......That and it will also give these wonderful and principled folks a golden opportunity to show just how committed that they are to this issue and that they aren't in the least bit hypocritical. Win-win, in other words....................................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, please stop laughing. I'm serious!!......Sort of.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

On the Fact that that Pissant British Rag, "The Guardian", Recently Referred to Jordan Peterson as a "Right-Winger" (this, Right On the Heels of a Lowbrow American Web-Site, "Slate", Having Called the Dude an "Alt-Right Hero")

This is so exemplary of the left these days; taking an individual whose only sin is that they haven't purchased hook, line, and sinker their bullshit narrative and then attempting to label them in some sinister manner (alt-right being the latest boogie-man title). Granted, it isn't always as blatant as this (the fact that any sane individual who listens to Peterson can fathom immediately that this is a fellow who fully transcends the whole left-right paradigm and that if you had to label him it would be "classical liberal" and not any of these other idiotic markers) but when you examine the cumulative effects of this shit, yeah, it's nasty.

On the Fact that Denmark Is Allowing In Far Fewer Refugees than the Other Scandinavian Countries Currently Are

Yeah, I guess that when one of your prized cartoonists gets annihilated in conjunction with other venal and egregious acts of medieval stupidity, you tend to get a little bit cautious. CAN YOU BLAME THEM?

On the Dimwitted Actress, Jennifer Lawrence, Blaming President Trump (the Dude Apparently Doesn't Want to Tank the Economy Over Some Very Dubious Science) for a Hurricane Hitting the U.S. Mainland DURING THE HURRICANE SEASON!!!!!!

She is such a fucking moron and apparently ignorant of the fact that prior to Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas last year, we had gone 12 years without a hurricane hitting our mainland (the longest timeframe on record) and so unless this inarticulate piece of garbage is willing to say that global warming causes FEWER severe weather events............Yeah, huh?

On Laura Ingraham Slamming Lebron James as Ignorant and Later Being Called a Racist by the Usual Suspects

So calling an ignorant black man ignorant is enough to be called a racist now. Interesting (though, no, not at all surprising).....................................................................................................P.S. It also should be pointed out that Mr. James referred to President Trump as a bum, an insult that had it been hurled by some white celebrity at President Obama, would have been met with fury and brimstone by the shameless partisan idiots at CNN and MSNBC, but being that it was levied at Trump, crickets - that royally fucked up they are.

On the Fact that There Are a Huge Number of College Professors In this Country Who Still Profess to Be Avowed Marxists

So an ideology that fucked over numerous countries throughout the world and which was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of innocent citizens, they're still down with that shit apparently. That and their teaching it to our children which is even more frightening. Heaven help us.

Monday, February 19, 2018

On the Fact that if the Creators of this New Black Panther Flick Want Their Movie to Do Well In China, it Had Better Be a Fucking Good Romp 'Cause the Chinese Don't Give a Rat's Ass About Mu Diversity, White Guilt, or Any of Those Other Bullshit SJW Bromides - THEY JUST WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED

Some free advice and hopefully they digest it, if not for this movie, at least for the next one.  

On the Fact that (According to John Van der Zee's Book, "Bound Over: Indentured Servitude and the American Conscience") of the Thousands of Poor White Street Children Who Were Forcibly Deported by British Authorities to Work as Slaves and Servants In 17th Century Virginia and Maryland, Approximately Half of Them Were Worked to Death Within a Year

So much for only blacks suffering such indignities.......................................................................................P.S. And don't you just love the way that these Cultural Marxist historians have tried to gloss over this fact by implying that indentured servitude was this benign thing when in fact it was frequently worse than pure slavery (the fact that black slaves were more expensive and so the incentive was to take better care of them, the fact that the owner of the white servants knew that there was a specified time limit and so they tried to squeeze as much work out of them as possible, etc.)?......It's all about preserving the narrative, folks, ALL ABOUT PERSERVING THE NARRATIVE.

On the Fact that a Few White Nationalist Dudes Punked the Legacy Media by Floating a Meme that the Florida Shooter Was Some Sort of White Supremacist Tool and the Idiots Fell for it (Apparently Seeing it as Way to Tar the Right, President Trump, etc.) - https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/02/16/how-white-nationalists-fooled-the-media-about-florida-shooter/

Journalistic standards, anybody?......Didn't think so.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

On the Fact that In the "Old Days", if You Wanted to Silence Somebody, You Proved Them Wrong, You Didn't Shout Them Down, Advocate Censorship, Ban Them, etc.

And to think, this is considered "progress" by some....Frightening, huh?

On Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller Indicting 13 Russian Nationals (Ham Sandwiches, if You Prefer) Because They Said Some Nasty Things About Hillary Clinton On the Internet

So does this mean that the dude's also going to indict all of those dim bulbs on the BBC who trashed Trump every night and twice on Sunday? Probably ixnay, huh?.............................................................................................P.S. And what about Mueller himself? Who's going to investigate that schmuck for HIS role in that revolting Uranium One deal, running interference for Hillary? I'd like an answer to that, too.

On the Fact that the Concrete and Metal of the World Trade Center Towers Was Literally Turing to Dust In Mid-Air as Both of These Buildings Were Collapsing In On Themselves

I want people to put aside their preconceived notions and think about that for a spell. Is it even remotely possible for this to have occurred simply from an aluminum plane crash (the same type of plane that gets damaged from a damned bird-strike) and a localized, oxygen-starved hydrocarbon fire......without explosives of some nature also being used? I mean, I know that Dick Cheney believes this shit but, please......  

Saturday, February 17, 2018

On the Legendary British Soldier and Explorer, Humphrey Gilbert

Yeah, this guy was about as brutal as it gets......in that in both the French and Irish theaters the fellow displayed a take no prisoners policy in which the lucky opponents died instantly and the unlucky ones slowly and via hideous torture (it's been stated that the man had a thing for severed heads and proudly displayed them outside his tent).......Of course it was none other than this sadistic bastard who Queen Elizabeth first enlisted to establish a British colony in North America (a wretched choice in that Gilbert's major motivation was the accumulation of gold and silver and a messianic belief that he himself would be the ruler of said colony). Fortunately for the Native Americans his boat took water and he drowned, giving them at least a little reprieve.

Note to Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Elliot Abrams, Ken Adelman, Scooter Libby, Dov Zakheim, Michael Chertoff, and the Rest of Those Dual-Citizen Neocon Miscreants Who Proclaim an Allegiance to Both the U.S. and Israel

Pick a side, me-buckos (the fact that while, yes, the interests of the U.S. and Israel sometimes coincide, it is light-years from 100% and it is important - especially for those in government - to just have one horse in the race)......AND STICK WITH IT!!!   Comprehendo?

On Some Fire-Breathing Circus Clown Going On MSNBC and Referring to Mr. Trump as the "Rape-Culture Commander In Chief"

Yeah, as opposed to Bill Clinton who was proudly and clearly the "Always Treat Women with the Utmost Respect Commander In Chief". Thanks for the differentiation, Clyde.

Friday, February 16, 2018

On My Suspicion that the New Black Panther Film Is Little More than Just Another Attempt by the SJWs In Hollywood to Pander to Black Folks by Giving Them Wish-Fulfillment and by Reinforcing the Notion that the ONLY Thing that's Holding Them Back Is White Racism

And, no, you don't have to be an alt-right person or white nationalist to be offended by this shit. You simply have to someone who knows that a) there isn't a place on earth where black people are better off with white people not around and b) prior to white Europeans arriving there (and, yes, the whites did some bad things for sure), Africa was a continent in which the inhabitants lived short, violent, and brutish lives and where the primary signatures were slavery, genocide (Shaka and his equally vile brother, Dingane, all but depopulated the entire region west of the Drakensberg Mountains), cannibalism, and voodoo (that and they didn't possess the wheel, a written language, two story buildings, knowledge of crop rotation, etc.). I mean, I understand that this is some pretty strong medicine but at some juncture a group has to accept responsibility for itself. It's what Frederick Douglas and Booker T. Washington argued for and THAT should be good enough for anybody.             

On the Fact that There Are Literally Slave Auctions Taking Place In Libya These Days and Media Shits Like Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, and Chris Hayes Are Ignoring it Because They Know that if They Did Cover it They'd Have to Lay a Lion's Share of the Blame On Obama and Clinton (for Creating Such a Failed State) and They Will Never Consent to Do that, the Partisan Assholes

And then they wonder why their approval ratings are in the mid single digits and why you could fit their entire viewership into Lady Rothschild's London mansion. Sad, huh? - http://www.newsweek.com/slave-auctions-libya-smugglers-are-selling-migrants-400-dollars-710623

Thursday, February 15, 2018

On Why Governments Prefer to Finance Wars Through Monetary Inflation and the Direct Manipulation of Goods and Services Rather than Through Taxation and Non-Inflationary Borrowing Strategies

Very simply because a) the latter measures are more easily hidden from the citizens and b) the bureaucrats have ultimately realized that once a citizenry gets the full appraisal of the cost of a conflict, their enthusiasm for it dissipates rapidly and may even lead to protests and other forms of active resistance.......Because they're liars, weasels, and war-whores, in other words............................................................................................Sources - Joseph Schumpeter, Joseph Salerno, and Robert Higgs.  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

On the Fact that the Hard-Core Left Is Getting All Bent Out of Shape Over Jeff Sessions Using the Term, Anglo-American Law (that it's Some Sort of Dog-Whistle White Supremacist Term, I Guess)

I guess that these assholes are unaware of the fact that President Obama had used the same term three times during his tenure and that our entire legal system is based upon English common law............and that you'd have to be a lunatic to try and make hay over something so patently rudimentary as this but WHATEVER - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKTM84GDEp8

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

On MSNBC Mouthpiece and Shill, Joy Reid, Proclaiming On Her Low-Rent Show the Other Night that Most American Citizens Have Never Heard of MS 13

She may be right, but you know who has heard of them? Try the families of all the murdered victims (a great deal of them black) and the police forces of numerous U.S. cities who have to deal with these barbarians (folks outside the bubble, in other words). I mean, I understand that Ms. Reid's sole focus these days is to downplay literally everything that this President does and says......but to be this absurdly out of touch, quite sad.

On Dick Morris Recently Informing His YouTube Audience that Henry Kissinger Is One of His Heroes

It takes a great deal to make my jaw drop these days but for Morris to admit that the war criminal who bombed Vietnam and Cambodia Into the Stone Age, gave the green light to Indonesian gestapo types to commit mass genocide in East Timor, and sided with Pakistan over Bangladesh in the latter's war for independence, let's just say that it did. Big time. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

In the Fact that if Hitler Had Sincerely Wanted to Eradicate the Jews, the Dude Would Have Conscripted Them and Served Them Up as Cannon Fodder On His Army's Snowy March to Leningrad, He Wouldn't Have Interned Them In What Proved to Be Amongst the Safest Places In All of Germany and Poland (the Fact that the Royal Air Force Destroyed Countless Cities with Their Terror Bombing Campaigns)

And, no, I'm not saying that Hitler was any sort of great guy (as some are want to do) who was attempting to protect the Jews in that that would be ludicrous (interning citizens and forcing them to work is the very definition of slavery and no one in his proper mind would defend that). My only point is that the Holocaust narrative has been hugely exaggerated and that the folks who espouse it are fearful of even the most modest of counterpoints - a huge red flag. Boom, done.  

On Whether James Comey Needs a Lawyer or a Straightjacket First

Well, based upon some of those bizarre, pompous, and head-scratching tweets of his (at least Trump's missives are entertaining), possibly the latter (that and I'm relatively sure that he's gonna skate anyway - they always do).

On the Fact that We Haven't Heard a Lot About Russian Hacking These Days

Yeah, that's probably because guys like William Binney and Ray McGovern (neither of whom is a Trump partisan) have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the DNC emails could not have been attained via a hack in that the download speed was simply too rapid for it to have occurred that way and that the download had to have been acquired directly from the DNC computers (an inside job, in other words).......If I had to hazard a guess.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

On the Fact that There Are Hundreds of Millions of Potential Third-World Refugees and Economic Migrants In the World and a Significant Percentage of Them Would Like to Come to North America, Europe, or Australia

And so my question for the average SJW is, do we let them?......That and it we can't allow them all in, how do we determine who gets to be the lucky ones? A coin flip? Drawing straws? Seriously.

On What it's Like to Leave Islam - Even In Great Britain

    I want all of you SJWs to watch this carefully and not just see how your religion of peace treats its "apostates" but also how a pussy-whipped society simply lets it happen. LEARN, LEARN!!! 

On the Fact that While I Tend to Agree with the "Alt-Right" On Certain Things (the Need to Curb Third-World Immigration, a Realization that Multiculturalism Has Been an Abject Failure, and a Belief that Islam Is Total Bullshit and Fully Incompatible with Western Values Being the Main Ones), as Long as They Go Around Uttering Stupid Shit Like, "My Good Friend, David Duke" (as One of Their More Creepy-Assed Avatars, Mark Colette, Recently Did), it's a Movement that Will Likely Remain on the Idiot Fringe for Quite Some Time

Though, yes, if the hard-left with their idiotic and divisive compatriots (Black Lives Matter, Antifa, various campus crazies, etc.) keep on keeping on with this identity politics bullshit, anti-white rhetoric, etc., all bets will most assuredly be off, I fear.  

Saturday, February 10, 2018

On the Fact that Jay Z Apparently Doesn't Like President Trump's "Tone"

So some mildly retarded piece-of-shit rapper who shot his brother, stabbed his producer, dealt crack, and routinely uses such crass terms as nigger, bitch, ho, and fuck on his records has a problem with the President's tone.......Is this a great country or what?

On the Fact that a Lot of the Same Leftists Who Consistently Throw Cops Under the Bus Whenever There's an Incident with a Black Criminal Are Now Underscoring the Virtues of the F.B.I. Because of President Trump and the Problems that He's Been Having with the Bureau

And the odds that this staunch defense would still be happening if Trump was a black Democrat would be what exactly? My guess is that it would mirror precisely Sean Hannity's defense of that same black Democrat.......Zero, in other words (there, I hammered both sides - happy?).   

On the Fact that (According to Countless Historians; Robert Higgs, James Abrahamson, Calvin Hoover, Michael Linfield, etc.) Starting In the 1930s, Many American Businessmen Began Looking at Government Regulation Not as an Imposition or Hindrance but as an Opportunity to Game the System, Lobby for Advantages, etc.

Yeah, this is the one thing that I'd most like to deposit into the heads of progressives; namely, that it is THEIR policies and THEIR interventions that end up harming the little guy and helping the big guy (the fact that big corporations are better able to lobby and influence legislation, cost-effectively deal with compliance, etc.). If only they'd listen.

Friday, February 9, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Antiwar Writer, Paul Gottfried) Between March, 1793 and July, 1795, the French Revolutionaries Massacred Over 100,000 Peasants from the Vendee and Brittany Regions

The horrid crimes of these peasants? In most instances it was simply a reluctance to be conscripted and/or a support for priests who refused to swear unqualified allegiance to this new revolutionary regime.......No crimes at all, in other words.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

On the Fact that Europe Is Seemingly On the Precipice of Leaving to their Children and Grandchildren a Society that Bares but a Tiny Resemblance to the One that They Themselves Grew Up In

The only question is, will the U.S. follow? My suspicion is that we will (the fact that we have the same sort of pathological altruism, perplexing piety, etc. as our European cousins possess, the fact that WASP societies tend to wither in general, etc.). Sadly.

South Africa - the Canary In the Coal Mine?

   Well, at the bare minimum it's a cautionary tale.......Seriously, though, is this how YOU want to live (in a multicultural hell)?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

On the Fact that Dim-Witted Feminists Like Maureen "I Can Barely Stitch Two Cogent Sentences Together" Dowd Are Going Around the Country Attempting to Argue that Men Are Somehow "Obsolete"

Yeah, it's not like men build all the buildings, pave all the roads, grow all the food, transport all the food to market, mine all the minerals, extinguish all the fires, lay all the railroad tracks, etc., etc..............except of course for the fact that......THEY DO!!   

On the Fact that the Average Age of Millionaires In the U.S.A. Is 62 - https://www.investopedia.com/financial-edge/0411/why-many-millionaires-dont-feel-rich.aspx

Something for the Occupy morons to ponder; namely that wealth isn't something that's "distributed" to people but rather something that's accumulated over time through hard work, experience, thrift, education, etc. (this, as these schmucks drool so enviously over what other folks possess).............Oh, and the percentage of this country's millionaires who are under 35 - try 1% (a fact that would only surprise the brain-dead SJWs, I'm sure). That's it! 

On Denzel Washington Recognizing the Potential Nastiness of a Hillary Presidency and Having the Balls to Say Something About it

   It's nice to know that not everyone in Hollywood is brain-diseased. Well done, Denzel.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

On the Fact that I Just Informed Alex Jones that Qanon Is Some Dude In His Underwear Eating Hotpockets While Astutely Stating the Obvious

He took it surprisingly well (the fact that he only took out his BB-gun and not his revolver). Thank God.

On the Fact that if Were to Start Calling Things by Their True Names, Politicians Would Be "Whores", the American Media Would Be "Pravda 2.0", Public Schools Would Be "Indoctrination Gulags", the Federal Reserve Would Be "Shysters Anonymous" and/or "the War-Machine's Personal Credit Line", and the Pentagon Would Be "Frat-House Central for Psychopaths and Corporate War-Mongers"

But alas we do not and what a shame that is.

On the Fact that Even Though a Person Can Get a Far Better Liberal Arts Education at Thaddeus Russell's Renegade University Online than They Ever Could at Harvard, Yale, Cornell, or Columbia (at the Bare Minimum You're Encouraged to Think!!), Because of the Corruption and Cronyism that Continues to Permeate the Educational Establishment, Russell Can't Even Get Accredited

Yet another barrier to entry that does nothing but preserve the status quo, protect the deadwood, insulate the power-elite, indoctrinate the youth, etc.. Same old, same old, in other words.

On the Fact that (According to Economist and Historian, Robert Higgs) the U.S. Debt Mushroomed by an Incomprehensible 2,025% from 1916 to 1919

And please keep in mind, this is in spite of President Wilson raising the top tax rate from 7% to nearly 80% AND AND expanding the income tax to include pretty much every working American. More is never enough apparently.

Monday, February 5, 2018

On Chuck Schumer Going On Rachel Maddow's Propagandafest and Telling Her that the Intelligence Community Has "Six Ways from Sunday" of Getting Back at a Person (In this Case that Person of Course Being President Trump) and the Stupid Bitch Displaying No Disgust or Outrage In Response to Such a Horrifying Proposition

So not only does rank partisanship make you stupid, it also turns to spiritual rubble every last strand of decency ('cause as you know, if the target had been President Obama......). What a fucking shit-show.

On Trump Wanting a Better Relationship with Russia Versus Candidates Such as Hillary, Rubio, and Christie Proposing a No-Fly-Zone Over Syria, an Act that Could Have Potentially Trip-Wired WW3

Look, I get it. A lot of you folks don't like Trump. But if you can put that hatred aside simply for a moment or two AND THINK, maybe him being there isn't the worst thing that could have happened......at least for now.

On the Fact that There Have Been Nearly 34,000 FISA Requests for Surveillance Over the Years and Only 12 of Them Have Been Denied

Not rubber-stamp enough..................................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, one of those 12 denials pertained to Trump campaign staffer, Carter Page, a rejection that caused the Hillary cabal and their sycophants in the F.B.I. to dish out some serious cash to get a Trump-hating former British spy to dig up dirt on the dude (to which of course he couldn't find any and instead had to create some phony dossier about hookers peeing on a bed).......Talk about a fabricated scandal.

On the Fact that a Lot of the Same Drooling Leftists In the Media and In the Government Who Claimed that Releasing the FISA Memo Would Jeopardize National Security Are Now Saying (Now that the Thing Has Been Released) that it's Just Another Nothing Burger (to Steal a Van Jones Phrase)

Folks are looking for "collusion". How 'bout we start right here, the collusion between the DNC, the Clinton cabal, the deep state, and the corporate media? It's as good a place as any, I think.........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, if the roles were reversed where Obama was being spied on by Republican operatives in government, the Dems would be railing hard against the surveillance state and Sean Hannity would be defending the FBI, etc.. THAT SHAMELESS everyone is these days. Sadly.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

On the Fact that In the Years and Decades Prior to WW1, the U.S. Federal Government Was Exceedingly Limited In its Size and Scope, and it Was Only During and After this Hideous Conflict (Not to Mention Those that Followed) that the Central Leviathan Mushroomed Gradually and Inexorably to the Huge Behemoth Which We Currently Recognize

Yep, war is the health of the state (that axiomatic conclusion first proclaimed by the great Randolph Bourne), indeed (it's also pretty damned "healthy" for certain corporations like Raytheon, Exxon, and Boeing, but I digress).

On Muslim Scholar, Tariq Ramadan, Recently Being Charged with Raping Two Women In France - http://www.latimes.com/world/europe/la-fg-france-tariq-ramadan-20180202-story.html

Yet another moral dilemma for the SJWs.......in that on the one hand we're supposed to believe every accusation that a woman makes BUT being that a Muslim ranks extremely high on the oppression scale......and who are we to judge another culture anyway. Probably a coin-flip. What do you think?

Saturday, February 3, 2018

On Churchill's Never Implemented Mediterranean Strategy (the Attacking of Germany Via the Southern Route as Opposed to Going Through France - a Tactic that Was Ultimately Overruled by FDR) Being Viewed by the Court Historians as Proof of the Fellow's Anti-Communist Credentials (His Supposed Goal Being to Stop Stalin from Taking Eastern Europe)

Yeah, it's bullshit (and, yes, for a long time I had fallen prey to this propaganda, too; Burton Fulsom having made what I thought was a strong case in his compelling book, "FDR Goes to War") in that as Ralph Raico, John Keegan, and others have pointed out, Churchill only voiced this rationale many years after the war was over and if you go back in time you'll quickly discover that the strategy was purely a military one and had absolutely nothing to do with retarding Communism. But hey, who am I to piss upon a legend (and by, legend, I of course mean, legendary war criminal)?    

On British Journalist and SJW, Cathy Newman, Getting Absolutely Destroyed In a Debate with Jordan Peterson and Then In an Obvious Effort to Save Face Attempting to Play the Gender-Soaked Victim Card (Citing a Handful of Tweets and Comments Which Denigrate Her and Her Pitiful Showing)

Surprised? I'm not (the fact that the SJW, third-wave feminist, etc. will always pivot to the victim card when their ideas crash and burn......as they almost invariably do).

On the Fact that the Comic, Owen Benjamin, Recently Had a Series of $8,000 a Night Gigs Cancelled Simply Because the Dude Had the Audacity to Say that He Didn't Think that Three Year-Olds Could Be Transgender and that Any Parent Who Tries to Give Hormones to a Child this Young Is Engaging In Abuse

So folks have to pay a price for sanity and decency now. Oy Vey.  

On the Mainstream Media's Lack of Coverage of the War In Yemen In Which the Saudis Are Perpetrating a Slow-Burn Genocide

Yeah, it's because a significant percentage of the weapons that Saudi Arabia is using have come from the U.S. when Obama was President and Mrs. Clinton the Secretary of State, THAT'S WHY (the fact that it would force them to criticize two from their own team and they're simply unwilling to do that). Capish?

On the Fact that Female Empowerment Has Essentially Boiled Down to (at Least In the Minds of Many Third-Wave Feminists) a) Working On a Job, b) Not Needing a Man, c) Blaming Men for Everything Bad On the Planet, and d) Getting Free Abortions (Paid for by These Same Wretched Men, of Course)

Seems like a bumpy road to happiness but whatever..................................................................................................P.S. Of course they still want men to do all of the crappy and dangerous jobs (oil rigging, working in sewers, deep-sea fishing, high-rise window cleaning, etc.) so I guess that we're still of some limited use. Yippee!!  

Friday, February 2, 2018

On When the Language of a Society Turns into Rubble (the Labeling of Individuals Racist Simply for Opposing a Black Presidents Policies, the Labeling of Men Sexist Simply for Deconstructing the Bullshit Wage-Gap and Rape-Culture Bromides, etc.)

You think that we're divided now? Just wait and see how these fucking SJW snowflakes respond to some legitimate tyranny............'cause trust me, the way that these assholes are pushing, it ain't far off.

On America's Decades-Long Proclivity to Arm Virulent Young Rebel Groups In the Middle East, North Africa, Central America, etc.

And we're still waiting on the first successful outcome from this idiotic strategy (the only possible success might have come if we had backed the German resistance to Hitler - something that we didn't pursue because of the retarded Churchill, FDR strategy of unconditional surrender). Hopefully Mr. Trump doesn't decide to give it yet another try.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

On the Fact that Ten or so Years Ago, Countless Liberals In the Government and In the Media Were Expressing Sentiments On Immigration that Were Very Close to What President Trump Is Expressing Now

     And then the lightbulb went off that they could use these third-world immigrants as yet one more voting block/special interest group and the one eighty had its birth.......Sick of politics yet?

On the Media's Hard-Hitting and Intense Coverage of Those Numerous Anti-Clinton Haitian Protests In New York and Elsewhere this Past Year

You're laughing, why? Did I just say something funny?............Yeah, I did, huh?

On the Guatemalan Holocaust Museum In Washington D.C.

Oh yeah, THERE ISN'T ONE (or one in Houston......or one in Los Angeles......)!!!!! I plum forgot.