Monday, May 11, 2015

Crystal/Brass Balls

If you were to ask the average person what the next big technological gadget (i-phone, i-pad, tablet, pc, etc.) was going to be he wouldn't be able to tell you because nobody could. And, yet, we continue to have these dullards in government (along with their cronies in the private sector; Al Gore, Geoffrey Immelt, etc.) who seem to think that THEY can predict the future when it comes to energy technology. It's ludicrous (the chumps certainly didn't predict horizontal drilling, the fact that GM is losing tens of thousands of dollars per car on every electric car that they produce, the fact that ethanol and windmills are shit, etc., now did they?), and the fact that they continue to piss away our tax dollars on the least reliable and most antiquated forms of energy (we can split the atom and yet we're still trying to convince the public that 14th Century technology is superior) makes it even more so. What a bunch of crony assholes.

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