Sunday, May 31, 2015

This Land is Your land, this Land is My Land

According to Dr. Wilmot James of the African Genome Project, the vast majority of blacks who presently reside in Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana) are not indigenous to the region. They (i.e., their ancestors) migrated there just like the Dutch did and at approximately the same time (the Dutch in fact didn't come face to face with the Bantus until 1770). This whole notion that the Dutch settlers uprooted an established country of black people who had been there for time immemorial is a myth and the claim by folks like Jacob Zuma that Africa is only for Africans is as racist as Apartheid was and maybe worse (as nasty as Apartheid was, black folks in South Africa were light years better off there than they were in virtually every other country on the continent).......Oh, and, yeah, please stop killing the farmers.

On Some Dude from Slate Referring to AR-15 Owners Collectively as "Paranoiac Survivalists"

Somebody's clinging to something.......and maybe it isn't the gun owners this time.

Note to President Obama

Please, in your own damned words (as opposed to spouting off those thoroughly discredited arguments about scientific consensus and/or genuflecting to authority), explain to me why you think that a) mankind/human CO2 is currently the predominant cause of climate change (as opposed to the usual suspects; oceanic oscillations, the sun, cosmic rays, clouds, planetary perturbations, volcanic activity, plate tectonics, etc.), b) the present level of warming (seven tenths of a degree centigrade over the past century and a half - none of which has occurred over the past 17 years) is something to be alarmed about, and c) prevention is a better way to deal with the problem (if in fact it is a problem) than adaptation when virtually every piece of analysis (including that of Yale's, Richard Nordhaus - ONE OF YOUR GUYS) has shown that adaptation would in fact be infinitely cheaper. I mean, I know that you're essentially a robot on this issue and your fallback position is always one of more parasitic statist control but until you can intellectually talk about this issue (citing the satellite data, locating the hot spot, examining global sea ice, etc.) without those moronic talking points, I will continue to think of you as little more than a nimrod and a tool on par with your predecessor.Thank you for your time, Mr. President.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

On America and Foreign Entanglements

Let's see, George Washington or the Wall Street Journal's resident neocon stooge, Bret Stephens? Gee, that's a tough one, NOT (Stephens's latest absurdity being that Iran and Iraq ended up stronger after their eight year war in which millions died and half their wealth was squandered)!!....................................................................................................P.S. And as far as Iraq being emboldened after their war with Iran and that was why the invaded Kuwait, bullshit to that as well. The reason that Iraq invaded Kuwait was because April Glaspie and others in the Bush senior administration all but flagged them in/assured them that we would stay the fuck out of it.......Of course, Mr. Stephens is probably too young to remember that.......or to have served up his backside.

On the Fact that Women Commit 10% of the Murders but Only Comprise 1.5% of Those on Death Row

Male privilege rearing its glorious head YET AGAIN!

Friday, May 29, 2015

On the History Channel's Theory that Since Nikola Tesla Was Light-Years Ahead of His Time the Dude Had to Have Been Controlled By Ancient Aliens

There a reason why they don't call it, The Logic Channel.

On Patricia Arquette's Oscar-Winning Speech in Which She Dusted Off that Thoroughly Discredited Meme About Gender Pay Inequality (and of How Meryl Streep Jumped Up Like a Trained Seal with Silly and Embarrassing Affirmation) - Quick Addendum/Surface-Thinker Alert

And this of course isn't to imply that a) INDIVIDUAL women haven't been discriminated against or b) there aren't bigoted employers of every stripe out there (I've noticed, for example, that female OTs and PTs frequently do better than their male colleagues). OF COURSE THERE ARE!!!!!!!!! But that isn't how science operates. It operates via aggregates and when you look at the aggregates across the whole economy AND you control for the previously mentioned variables, THERE IS NO GENDER PAY INEQUALITY, period. Sorry, but no.

On the Fact that the Mormon Faith (Which of Course Has its Own Checkered Past to Deal With) Gets Made Sport of Every Night on Broadway and There Has Yet to Be a Single Fatwa Issued Against its Creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker

I'm just sayin'.

On the Concept of Making Male Victims of Statutory Rape (14 and 15 year old boys) Pay Child Support to the Predators Who Got Pregnant from the Act

How disgusting is that, seriously? I mean, it isn't enough that the kid gets taken advantage of by an older and much more sophisticated and powerful individual (who evidently can't find a man her own fucking age)? He also has to get reamed monetarily for the next 18 to 22 years as well?......I'm sorry but this is not one the feminists' finer moments, folks.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

On the Fact that Nearly 40% of the Victims of Serious Domestic Violence Are Men (with Men Being Far More Likely the Victims of Attacks with a Deadly Weapon)

Yet another huge secret in this world of supposed male privilege, I guess.......And what makes this even more difficult to stomach is the fact that authorities rarely if ever take it seriously and sometimes even go as far as to threaten the fellow with arrest (I'm bleeding like a spigot from getting hit upside the head with a frying pan and I'M the aggressor - yeah, right)!......That, and where are the frigging support groups?......Oh, yeah, us guys get all the breaks.

On the Fact that Men are 13 Times More Likely to Die on the Job than Women (93% Versus Just 7%)

So much for male privilege again, huh? -

On the Fact that Women Fail to Pay Child Support at a Higher Rate than Men (32% versus 26%) and We've Never Once Heard the Term, Deadbeat Moms (Until, that is, Naomi Brunner's Book of the Same Name Last Year)

So much for male privilege, huh? -

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On Patricia Arquette's Oscar-Winning Speech in Which She Dusted Off that Thoroughly Discredited Meme About Gender Pay Inequality (and of How Meryl Streep Jumped Up Like a Trained Seal with Silly and Embarrassing Affirmation)

How many times do we have to deal with this shit? As nearly every study has shown, when you control for age, occupation, education, experience, years of continuous service, number of hours worked per week, etc., THERE IS NO WAGE DISPARITY. Yes, men overall make more money is the U.S.A. but as author, Warren Farrell, has pointed out, this is largely because men are far more prone to a) major in technology and the hard sciences, b) work in a career that is hazardous to your health, c) work in a field in which you are exposed to the elements, d) work in a field in which you cannot "check out" at the end of the day, e) work in a field that is far less fulfilling, f) work in a field that requires a financial and emotional risk, g) work the absolute worst hours and shifts, h) work in a field that requires constant "updating" of one's skills, i) work more than 40 hours a week, j) work more than 60 hours a week, k) have more than 20 years experience in their present field, l) have more than 10 years continuous experience with the same employer, m) take fewer vacation days, n) take fewer sick days, o) be willing to commute longer distances, p) live in a city that they'd prefer not to live in, q) travel on the job, r) be willing to work on commission, s) be willing to accept a bottom-line position which contributes to a companies profits and losses, and t) accept a position with nation-wide responsibilities.......and NOT because of anti-female discrimination.......Please, I'm begging you, can we finally put this sucker to bed?

On the Concept of Giving Arbitrary and Coercively Levied Wage Increases to Unskilled Laborers (Many of Them Young, Retirees, Not Bread-Winners, Etc.)

It is only advocated by those who fail to understand the text (the same with protectionism, anti-technology, anti-immigration, make-work advocacy, etc.).

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On the Fact that Ben Carson Will Probably Get Far More Criticism from the Black Liberal Establishment Simply for Having a Contrary Political Opinion than the Bloods and the Crips Will for Literally Killing Hundreds of Black People Every Fucking Year

Yeah, probably not the best strategy moving forward. 

On the Fact that Virtually Every Keynesian Economist, Liberal Politician (President Truman Included), and Left-Leaning Journalist (The Nation and The New Republic Were All Over it) Spoke Out in Favor of a Humongous Stimulus Package and Extensive Government Control of the Economy at the End of World War 2 - this to Ward Off Yet Another Great Depression (Their Prediction)

Yeah, they were wrong (a Keynesian prediction not materializing - how surprising!) in that not only did a second great depression not occur, the country (Congress prodding Truman and Truman ultimately capitulating) actually did the opposite of what the Keynesians were advocating and a) cut spending, b) cut taxes and c) eliminated price controls and the economy exploded in 1946 and on into 1947.......Please, explain to me again why we listen to the Keynesians.

Racing the Race Backwards

When Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams were young boys growing up in Harlem and Philadelphia respectively, there were no police officers patrolling the hallways of the schools there, and they both got a really good education (good enough for Sowell to get into Harvard and the University of Chicago and Williams UCLA). Compare that to today; murders, drug trafficking, etc. (they could also go out after dark and not have to worry about catching a bullet) and you really have to ask yourself if the last 50 years or so of pouring trillions and trillions of dollars into these inner city bureaucracies and into the coffers of a totally bankrupt and corrupt public school system has at the very minimum prompted this disintegration (oh, and if you're gonna hit me with the "lack of economic opportunity" argument, a) it hasn't stopped the Asians from progressing and b) most of those businesses that left the inner city left AFTER the riots and not before them). If you're intellectually honest, that is.

Monday, May 25, 2015

On the Russian Economy Only a Few Years After Lenin Took Over

a) One of the most obscene episodes of hyperinflation in all of human history (an 11,400% Increase in the Monetary Base, Per Historian Richard Pipes).............b) Large scale industrial production fell in 1920 to 18% of what it had been just prior to the war.............c) Coal and iron output dropped (during that same time frame) by 73 and 79%, respectively.............d) The standard of living fell by close to 70%.............e) Workers lost the capacity to elect union officials and to strike.............f) There were massive food shortages (by stealing food from the peasants, the peasants understandably responded by producing  less) and much starvation.............And g) Lenin responded to these epic failures not by rethinking his philosophy but by going on yet another full-bore killing spree that this time included the use of poison gas and a growth in the size of the secret police to levels that quite frankly would have made even the Czar blush.............Overall score here; F-- and a perpetual status in hell.............Tom Woods (using Pipes and others as his sources) gives an outstanding synopsis on this and I highly recommend it -

Top 10 Favorite Salt-Water Taffy Flavors (and, Yes, I Just Got Back from Provincetown, Hyannis, and Falmouth)

10) Coconut. 9) Pistachio. 8) Licorice/Anise. 7) Spearmint. 6) Molasses. 5) Cinnamon. 4) Root Beer/Sassafras. 3) Banana. 2) Wintergreen. 1) Cloves.......And, yes, wintergreen and cloves are of course the two hardest to find.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

On the Fact that (According to the World Health Organization) 70% of Equipment in Sub-Saharan Africa Lies Idle

It is a waste and a perfect example of why most foreign aid ultimately fails (the fact that it is bureaucrats who dictate how the money is spent and hence there is waste, graft, misallocation, etc.).

On the Claim by Some that the Industrial Revolution in England Made Life Worse for People

That is total bullshit. The standard of living went up consistently throughout this period and while it may not have ascended as fast as we would have liked in the earlier parts, I blame that much more on the fact that England was almost in a state of perpetual warfare and that they were financing this imperialism through a series of regressive taxes that disproportionately harmed the working folks.............................................................................................Of course, if these facts aren't enough of an argument for you, I ask you to compare what was happening in England at that time to places in which the Industrial Revolution WASN'T happening; Ireland (hundreds of thousands of people perishing from the potato famine), Calcutta, South America, etc., or even to England itself in prior centuries. I mean, I know that a lot of people get their history out of Charles Dickens novels and all but you really have to have some context and perspective or you start to look like a tool (get it - a tool, Industrial Revolution?).

On Vivien Leigh's Heartbreaking Performance in "Waterloo Bridge"

I put it right up there with her Oscar-winning performances in "Gone with the Wind" and "A Streetcar Named Desire". And how fucking beautiful, huh?

On the Political Mileage of Telling People that They Need to Change Their Ways

Yeah, there isn't any and that's why we never hear it.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

On the Fact that the Chinese Immigrants to Malaya (Ultimately Called Malaysia) Arrived There Destitute, Faced Significant Discrimination, and STILL Ultimately Surpassed the Native-Born Population in Terms of Education and Income

To those of you who still maintain that culture isn't important, let's just call this, Exhibit A.

On the Fact that Harvard Appears to Be Discriminating Against Asian Students by Demanding that Their SAT Scores Be Significantly Higher than Those of Blacks, Hispanics, and Even Those of Whites

Can we all at least agree that this is ridiculous, and an outrage?

On the Fact that Black Liberals Seem to be Far More Offended by the Opinions of Black Conservatives than They Do by the Destructive Behavior of Black Criminals and Blacks Who Act Buffoonish (the Lady Who Bathes in Milk and Fruit Loops, for Example)

Yeah, this is a huge problem in the black community; the fact they seem to possess a) a bevy of litmus tests, b) a strong propensity to group-think, and c) a burning desire to please their white liberal masters. These people always say that they want to have a conversation on race but if you're going to call every white person who you disagree with a racist and every black person who you disagree with (whether it be Charles Barkley, David Webb, Thomas Sowell, or Ben Carson) an Uncle Tom, you're probably not going to get a lot of takers.......and deep down that is probably kosher with them.

On the NAACP

I'll take, "Special Interest Groups that Have Descended Into Irrelevancy and Have Sustained it for the Better Part of  a Half Century", for a Thousand, Alex.

Friday, May 22, 2015

On the Fact that Nearly 40% of Families in the Bottom Quintile Have Zero Workers

Yeah, that'll get you inequality real fast (though it also must be stated that consumption inequality has actually lessened in that transfer payments have virtually exploded under the last two Presidents).

On the Fact that the Civil War in Sri Lanka Resulted in More Deaths (Approximately 65,000) than the U.S. Suffered During its Entire Stay in Vietnam

It was a tragedy (one that the media didn't cover nearly enough - no oil involved, I guess) and what made it even more of a tragedy was the fact that the two populations; the Sinhalese and the Tamils, had lived in virtual harmony for decades (during both the British occupation and the early years of statehood; initially referred to as Ceylon) and it was only after the demagogues in government started politicizing these ethnic differences and instituted preferential policies (in this instances on behalf of the majority Sinhalese) that the situation started to explode (race riots leading to terrorism leading to war)...............................................................................................Of course, what makes it even more difficult to stomach (and, yes, it is often difficult to alter the course of these conflicts) is the fact that if only the Tamils had gotten some small concessions in the mid-'70s (more autonomy in their own regions, allowing English to be used in the universities, etc.), it is entirely possible that the virulent bloodletting (not to mention the radicalization of the Tamil resistance) of the '80s and '90s could have been avoided (government once again showing that they are wholly incapable of controlling the "course of events").......Racial politics, folks - best to avoid them when you can.

On the Fact that 33 Citizens of Baltimore (Most of Them Black) Have Been Murdered (Mostly by Other Blacks) Since the Freddie Gray Incident

And Sharpton and Jackson are where?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On Steve Miller

I liked the dude better what he sang about cheeseburgers than when his music started to resemble one.

On Sidney Blumenthal

Not Clinton insider enough.

On the Claim by People Such as Pete Hegseth (CEO of Concerned Veterans of America and Fox News Talking-Head) that a 10,000 Man U.S. Residual Force Would Have Prevented the Chaos that's Presently Taking Place in Iraq and Syria

While I obviously respect this man's service, his logic leaves a lot to be desired. a) The Status of Forces Agreement that he seemingly has a huge issue with was authored by the Bush administration. b) It is highly unlikely that 10,000 troops could have held the country together. c) The Iraqis had cut a deal with Iran and one of the stipulations of that deal was that all U.S. troops would leave the country. And d) I would ask this guy the same question that I've been asking his fellow neocons; Krauthammer, Thiessen, McCain, North, etc - namely, HOW LONG? 10 years? 100 years? And what possible assurance could you give us that the same disintegration woudn't have happened then? I mean, I know that these guys despise Obama and all but to try and hang this exclusively around his neck is totally unfair.

On the Fact that When Frederick the Great (Great, I'm Assuming, Because He Killed Lots of Folks) of Prussia Was Asked Why He Had Plunged the World Into War in 1740 He Responded by Saying, "I Wanted to Be Talked of"

At least he was honest (not to mention, a product of his time). Some props for that at least.

On the Fact that There Are Still People Out There Who Don't Think that Saturn Rocks

I pity 'em.

Monday, May 18, 2015

On Vladimir Lenin's Claim that, "the State Has No Interest of its Own"

Mass murderers can also be naive and moronic apparently.

On Vladimir Lenin's Assertion that History Needs a "Push"

And by, push, the dude of course meant; killing and robbing the peasants, torturing and/or murdering striking workers, using poison gas on his enemies (the green and white armies), slaughtering the Cossacks, destroying the economy, eliminating laws and replacing them with arbitrary edicts, etc..

On the Fact that There Were Actually People in the 19th Century Who Opposed the Tractor on the Grounds that It Would Cause Massive Unemployment

And their disciples and offspring are obviously among us today................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the tractor did cause a lot of farming jobs to go away but it also created opportunities for these same folks to do something else and more often than not make MORE money. It's a little something called progress, folks.

One of These Fellows Blinked

One hint; it wasn't Mr. Majestyk (as opposed to Mr. Roberts).

On FDR and Progressivity in the Tax Code

Yes, he did make the income tax more progressive, much more (dude actually wanted a top rate of 100%). But it also should be pointed out here that a) prior to the late 1930s only a small fraction of American families paid any income tax at all, b) FDR had relied heavily upon excise taxes, a tax that disproportionately falls upon the poor and working class, and c) by the time that FDR had gotten done with the country pretty much everybody was paying income tax via withholding.......Loose translation, everybody eventually got pinched, not just the rich.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

On the Constant Droning on of Democrats and Republicans

Yeah, it's stultifying, nauseating, boring, etc. (Reid and McConnell can go eff themselves as far as I'm concerned) and I've totally tuned it out.

On the Fact that the Proportion of Blacks in Professional and Other High Level Occupations Rose Substantially in the Years Following Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

It's true, but what the statists refuse to mention (either through ignorance or deception) is that the proportion of blacks in these occupations rose even more rapidly in the years PRECEDING passage of the act (I cite specifically Daniel Patrick Moynihan's seminal piece, "Employment, Income, and the Ordeal of the Negro Family").......So typical of government. Jump to the head of the parade and then brag to everybody that they started it.................................................................................................P.S. And, no, this is not in any way an argument against the civil rights agenda. As I've stated before, I support 80% of the Civil Rights Act (only the part pertaining to private associations I've objected to) and the entirety of the Voting Rights Act. There are certain things that the government can and should do and this is one of them,.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

On the Stunningly Beautiful and Insanely Talented Actress and Ballerina, Moira Shearer

She did most of her work on stage and made very few films. But for "The Red Shoes" alone she will certainly go down in history.

On the Demonizing of Fossil Fuels

It's really gotta stop. If it wasn't for the discovery and utilization of fossil fuels, we would all still be residing on farms, riding around on horses and buggies (shoveling the shit all day long), cutting down trees like they were going out of style, choking on the smoke from wood stoves, killing whales en masse (possibly to the point of extinction) for use in lanterns, and croaking before the age of 40. Yes, there are down-sides to fossil fuels (coal more so than oil and natural gas) but to say that they're killing more people than they're saving is a full-bore absurdity and precisely why developing countries are intelligently (even Hillary Clinton has said that this is the proper course of action) using it going forward.........................................................................................................P.S. Here is the entire quote from Hillary (excerpted from a business round-table in Pakistan, 2009) - "So getting the resources to exploit your coal as opposed to being dependent upon imported energy is a choice for you to make, but it is certainly a choice that your neighbors have made. And that's something that should attract foreign investment and should attract capital investment within your own country. And we don't know how we're going to proceed on the climate change issue. We're working hard to come to some framework before Copenhagen, but coal will be, for the foreseeable future, part of the energy mix. And if you have these kinds of reserves, you should seek the best and cleanest technology for their extraction and their use going forward."

On the Fact that India's Affirmative Action Policy Was Only Supposed to Exist 20 Years But Still Exists Today and Has Actually Expanded to Include Groups ("Other Backward Classes") that it Was Never Intended to Help (the Category as Written Being Little More than an Incidental Afterthought)

This is unfortunately the standard trajectory of preferential policies; a) the fact that they have a tendency to go on and on because no society has ever achieved even representation across its ethnic groups and b) the fact that members of the non-preferred groups will invariably make concerted efforts to get themselves classified as members of the preferred group (white Americans with traces of Native-American ancestry, white Australians with traces of Aboriginal ancestry, etc.). Of course, the most tragic eventuality of all is the fact that affirmative action policies almost always lead to resentment by the non-preferred groups and unfortunately in India's case this has meant thousands and thousands of episodes of violence. Thank you yet again, dumb central planners.

Friday, May 15, 2015

On MSNBC's Pathetic Nightly Minstrel Show

If a white person in black face went on TV and acted like this horse's ass, the outrage would be harsh, unrelenting, and deservedly so. But because this fellow is black there is almost total silence from the left. I mean, I know that the white liberals won't touch it out of political correctness and the black community is no doubt hesitant to throw him under the bus (out of solidarity perhaps) but this guy is such an embarrassment (the fact that he's stupid, a rank opportunist, a hypocrite, etc.) that something really needs to happen here.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Up in Smoke and Gone Forever

I talked to somebody a while back who remembers the 1967 race riots in Newark. The mostly black rioters there ended up destroying movie theaters, night clubs, bowling alleys, restaurants, small factories, mom and pop stores, and even a couple of grocery stores (costing the area thousands of jobs and prompting the white populace to flee). It was an full-bore hell on earth and the city TO THIS DAY hasn't recovered. You'd think that the people of these urban areas would have learned from this that the answer to grievances (real AND perceived) is not to destroy your own damned neighborhood but to hold the politicians that you continue to vote for over 90% of the time accountable and ask them to maybe try a little something different for a change (like, I don't know, making it a lot easier for people to start a business, giving the poor families of the city some school choice, etc.). Maybe?

On the Black Vote in the 1944 Presidential Election

It went to FDR but it should have gone to Dewey. a) Dewey appointed a black man to the New York Supreme Court (when he was the Governor there). b) Dewey opposed the poll tax (Roosevelt refused to). c) Dewey favored and endorsed an anti-lynching bill (FDR never did). And d) Dewey called for a Congressional inquiry to investigate "segregation and discrimination (a practice that was started by another progressive and Roosevelt hero, Woodrow Wilson) against Negroes who are in our armed forces."..................................................................................................So, why did the black vote ultimately go to the incumbent? According to historians, Kirk Porter and Donald Johnson, it probably had to do with the fact that Hillman's pro-FDR PAC descended on the inner-cities of America and handed out thousands and thousands of pamphlets and exhorted the black folks to vote for Roosevelt (promising the sun, the moon, and the sky, no doubt). The typical FDR way, in other words.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On the Fact that African Chieftains Traded Black Slaves for Trinkets

Yeah, this part of the narrative tends to get glossed over (along with the part of Northern bankers and textile manufacturers being complicit, too - New York City even threatening to secede).

On Bill O'Reilly Constantly Telling Us that Marijuana Lowers IQ

Kind of like his program, eh folks?

On When White Folks Say Something Racially Insensitive, Apologize for it, and STILL Crawl on Their Hands and Knees to Minstrels Like Sharpton and Jackson for Absolution

I consider this an insult to black people times two; a) you have to hear some jerk-off fool insult you and b) you have to suffer the added indignity of some moronic white person thinking that these two buffoons speak for and represent you. It's disgusting and the fact that these two race hustlers have cashed in one episode after another makes it even harder to stomach.

On the Notion that Engaging in Crony Capitalism Through the Forcing of Inferior, Unreliable, Diffuse, and Antiquated Technology on the Public Constitutes "Thinking Outside the Box"

Yeah, we can add that to the list of totally dumbed-down concepts for sure.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On "I Can't Breathe", "You're Hurting Me", Etc.

I worked as a corrections officer for a brief time in my 20s (Litchfield Correctional Center - it's a rehab place now, I think), and in that time I witnessed a fair number of restraints. And I can assure you that almost without exception a) the inmate that was being restrained would yell out that we were injuring him somehow (impression management, I believe is what Goffman referred to it as) and b) the officers that were doing the restraint would NOT let the fellow up prior to having him cuffed and subdued (the reason of course being that to do otherwise would put the officers in danger). Yes, it was uncomfortable to watch at times but this is how they're taught, seriously.

On the Fact that Only 13% of American Foreign-Aid is Humanitarian Aid (the Rest of it Going to Bureaucrats, the Military, and Moronic Attempts at Nation-Building)

I'm not a major fan of foreign aid in general in that doesn't address the fundamental reasons as to WHY these countries are poor (a lack of economic liberty, government corruption, etc.) but if we are going to engage in such a policy can we at least do our damnedest to see that the help goes to the actual people who need it and not to the frigging rulers, military, etc.? I mean, is that too much to ask?................................................................................................Source - George Mason University economics professor, Christopher Coyne's exceptional book, "Doing Bad by Doing Good".

On the Fact that Baltimore (Over the Past Ten Years) Has Gotten $2.4 Billion in Federal Assistance, $1.8 Billion in State Aid, and $1.8 Billion in Stimulus Money (80% of Which Has Already Been Spent) and the Place is Still a Fucking Shit-Hole

Yeah, more Benjamins ought to do the trick.................................................................................................P.S. And, no, this doesn't even include all of millions and millions of dollars in food stamps and other entitlements that the city has been distributing to the population (cash that was supposed to stimulate the economy a la the Keynesian multiplier).

Question for the Baltimore Rioters

And the black senior citizens who relied on that CVS (yeah, the one that you assholes torched) are going to get their life-sustaining medications now and in the future how exactly?.............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the fact that I work with senior citizens on a daily basis is motivating me here. Guilty as charged.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Fact that Exclamation Points Always Seemed to Eclipse Commas and Periods

What would be my answer to the question, "So, what is your most lasting memory of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes?".............."The battle-lines are being drawn you understand what I'm saying!!!!!!!"

On Martin Luther King Being "Nonviolent"

I'm going to go with 75% true on this one. Yes, he marched and advocated for his positions in a peaceful manner and for that he should be commended. But it also must be pointed out that King insisted that there be laws, and whenever there are laws their is force, and whenever there is force this is at least the spectre of violence (do as I say or go to jail, etc.).

Crystal/Brass Balls

If you were to ask the average person what the next big technological gadget (i-phone, i-pad, tablet, pc, etc.) was going to be he wouldn't be able to tell you because nobody could. And, yet, we continue to have these dullards in government (along with their cronies in the private sector; Al Gore, Geoffrey Immelt, etc.) who seem to think that THEY can predict the future when it comes to energy technology. It's ludicrous (the chumps certainly didn't predict horizontal drilling, the fact that GM is losing tens of thousands of dollars per car on every electric car that they produce, the fact that ethanol and windmills are shit, etc., now did they?), and the fact that they continue to piss away our tax dollars on the least reliable and most antiquated forms of energy (we can split the atom and yet we're still trying to convince the public that 14th Century technology is superior) makes it even more so. What a bunch of crony assholes.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

On the Concept of Giving Rioters and Looters the "Space to Destroy"

I'm fine with it - just as long as they confine it to wd's neighborhood, Shaw's neighborhood, Flying Junior's neighborhood, Tao's neighborhood, Octopus's neighborhood, Jersey's neighborhood, Ducky's neighborhood, etc.. Hell, I might even encourage 'em some.

On Fresh Mangoes

They are the most delicious thing on the face of the earth....I just wish that you didn't need to take a shower or walk through a car-wash after eating one.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

On When Ray Ray Plugged Andre Who Had Just Got Done Offing Mookie

Do not these black lives matter, too?

On Pamela Geller

Like it or not, the Constitution was written to protect the speech of people exactly like Geller (and Eugene V. Debbs, the KKK, etc. before her) who don't go around saying, "I like kittens" or "gee, that rose is pretty". And if the Muslims don't like it, they can go fuck themselves......or at the very least turn the channel. Boom, done.

Note to Those Who Want the World to Stop Using Coal

You are losing BADLY. According to energy experts, Robert Bryce and Vaclav Smil, the increase in global coal consumption over the past 10 years has exceeded that of oil, natural gas, nuclear, and renewables COMBINED. And the reason for this is elementary. a) Coal is cheap and b) the importance of affordable electricity towards both modernity and prosperity is unimpeachable. And, besides, who in the hell are we to tell these poor people that they can't take the same path to prosperity that we did? I'm surely not going to attempt it.

On the Relationship Between Political Power and Economic Achievement in the U.S.

It is almost nonexistent. a) Japanese-Americans have had virtually no political power in this country and yet they've achieve economically at a higher rate than that of even whites and b) the Irish have had a tremendous amount of political power since the late 19th Century (especially at the local level) and yet they've advanced economically at amongst the lowest rates of all the immigrant groups to America..........................................................................................So, if it isn't political power that brings about economic advancement, what does? My suspicion is that it's probably cultural and familial related in that if you look at black immigrants from Africa and the West Indies (AKA, the Caribbean), for instance (neither of which posses political power in the U.S.), these two populations tend to do exceedingly well while a significant portion of native-born African-Americans struggle; the cultural variables of course being family cohesion, substance abuse, the ability to defer gratification, commitment to education, etc.. I mean, I know that this is a tough pill for the progressives to swallow but when you see in the data that the absence of marriage increases the frequency of child poverty by a whopping 700%, it is well past the time for a different playbook to emerge.

On Making Poverty Comfortable

It is the surest way known to man to guarantee its continuance.

On the Fact that the American People Seem to Think that it Is OK (a God-Given Right in the Minds of Some) to Facilitate Their Right to Live at the Expense of Another

The more pervasive that this becomes the quicker and more precipitous America's downfall will be.

Friday, May 8, 2015

On the Fact that Stalin Encouraged the Poles to Revolt Against the Nazis in Warsaw, Strongly Implied His Assistance, and Then Sat Back as the Poles Started Getting Their Clocks Cleaned

Yeah, mass-murderers tend also to be liars (the strategy of course being to weaken the Poles so that the Communists could overrun them at the end of the war).

On Orson Welles's Performance as the Fat, Disgusting, Candy-Addicted, and Dirtier than Shit Cop in the All-Time Classic, "Touch of Evil"

Welles at his most deliciously slimy and the fact that he wrote and directed the sucker (which I consider better than "Citizen Kane") makes it even more devastating.

On the Actress, Sofia Vergara

Sorry, but I find this chick more irritating than hot (though, yes, this is a solid pic).

On Sidney Hillman (Labor Leader and Chairman of a Pro-FDR PAC) Referring to Lenin and Trotsky as "Realistic, Practical, and Courageous"

Yeah, he obviously left out, bloodthirsty, fascistic, and sociopathic................................................................................................P.S. He also went on to call Lenin, "one of the few great men that the human race has produced, one of the greatest statesmen of our age and perhaps for all ages." He obviously didn't have any relatives who were peasants, Cossacks, striking workers, or of the bourgeois class at the time. Dumb shit.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

On the Fact that the Federal Income Tax (as Proposed in 1913) was Supposed to Be a Replacement for the Tariff (to the Point of Eliminating it)

Yeah, the cock-suckers lied. Big surprise, huh?

On the Origins of Affirmative Action in the U.S.

What most people fail to realize is that when affirmative action started under President Kennedy (I refer you to Executive Order 10,925) in the early '60s, there were NO PREFERENCES OR QUOTAS AT ALL, just a commitment to make certain that those group that had been discriminated in the past would no longer be discriminated against in the future. It was only years later under the administrations of Johnson (via a 1968 executive order) and Nixon (via executive orders in 1970 and 1971) that affirmative action started to be adorned with divisive lingo such as "goals and timetables", "results-oriented procedures", "quotas", etc..............................................................................................Look, I don't have a problem with certain elements of affirmative action such as outreach and giving people a chance if they're close (to being qualified), but based upon the fact that the policies have probably done more harm (the mismatching of kids with colleges and universities, the fact that middle-class blacks who don't necessarily need the help seem to getting it over poor black folks, etc.) than good, I'd probably have to say at this juncture that the Kennedy approach is probably the better one. 

On the Fact that Drawing a Satirical Image of Some Crazy-Assed (I'm Sorry, but Folks Who Think that God Is Talking to Them Are Lunatics), Illiterate, and Slantheaded 7th Century War-Monger Can Get You Decapitated these Days

This (our fucking lives) has got to be some video game or virtual reality in that no actual and sentient human being could possibly be that thin-skinned (and, yes, I'm including here Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly).

On War

Why don't we just call it what it truly is; yet another stupid government program and leave the flowery shit out?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Alarmist's Definition of "Climatologist"?

Try, anybody who agrees with them (which of course would leave out ACTUAL climatologists like Murry Salby, Roy Spencer, Judith Curry, John Christy, Tim Ball, Fred Singer, and Pat Micheals, not to mention astrophysicists and meteorologists like MIT's Richard Lindzen and Weather Action's Piers Corbyn and Princeton physicists Robert Austin, William Happer, and the retired but still active Freeman Dyson).

On the Fact that Three of the Six Indicted Cops in Baltimore Are African-American

If there was any way in hell that the media could have concealed this fact from the public they would have (the fact that it doesn't mesh with the narrative), trust me.

On the Fact that Louisville Got Verbal Commitments from Three Top 100 Wide Receivers (Seth Dawkins, Chris Taylor-Yamanoha, and Desmond Fitzpatrick) this Past Week

Coach Petrino may in fact be a dick. But this whole assertion that the fellow can't recruit is bullshit and this proves it.

On Racial Violence in the U.S.

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, there were 320,082 episodes of black on white violence in America in 2010 but only 62,593 episodes of white on black violence. This is a 5:1 ratio and when you factor in the population differential you end up with the fact that a black person is 25 times more likely to attack a white person than the other way around. I mean, I know that this probably a revelation to those of you who strictly get your news from the Huffington Post, MSNBC, liberal talk-radio, Media Matters, etc. but if you really and truly want to get to the heart of racial violence in the U.S. you have to go to the aggregates and not give so much credence to these inflammatory anecdotes. -

On the Blogger, Jersey McJones

There's something kinda fishy about this fellow. I mean, it's almost as if he's a little TOO textbook. My suspicion is that he's probably somebody's alter-ego/sock-puppet.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On the Fact that Frederick Douglass Thought Less About "White Privilege" in 1865 than Demagogues Like Mark LaMont Hill and Charles Blow Think (I Should Probably Say, Obsess) About it Today

I guess that racism and poverty weren't as brutal right after the Civil War.

On the Notion that by Altering a Trace Gas that Is a) a Miniscule Part of the Overall Energy Budget, b) One of the Fundamental Building-Blocks of Life Whose Increase Has More than Likely Led to a Further Greening of the Planet, and c) Logarithmically Related to Atmospheric Warming Will Somehow Lead to a Catastrophic Climatic Condition

It is breathtakingly absurd and the type of "reasoning" that in a saner epoch would have gotten people at the very least ridiculed and at the very most institutionalized (as opposed to today when they get lauded and wealthy).

On MSNBC's New Philippine Hottie/News Anchor, Frances Rivera

How did ole Rupert miss out on this one (please fell free to blow up the top photo)? The dude must be slipping.

On the Assertion that Employers Always have the Advantage Over Employees When it Comes to Negotiating Pay - Part 2

Yep, it's still pure bullshit and I can prove it simply by pointing to my own place of employment (a skilled nursing facility). a) CNAs make more than housekeepers. b) LPNs make more than CNAs. c) RNs make more that LPNs. d) BSNs make more than RNs. e) APRNs, OTs, PTs, and SLPs make make more than BSNs. f) Administrators make more than APRNs, OTs, PTs, and SLPs. And g) physicians make more that administrators. That is how it works, folks. You improve your human capital and you improve your earning capacity. Yes, it's a difficult message to impart but it's better than constantly telling people that they're powerless and that the only available recourse is to trust some fascist union slug and/or petition the government.............................................................................................P.S. And I ask you, how is it fair to the LPNs who worked their tails off and sacrificed to tell them that the CNAs are only going to make a buck or two less than them? I certainly wouldn't want to tell them.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

On the Fact that Patricia Clarkson Only Has One Oscar Nomination (for "Pieces of April")

I call it the Robert Mitchum Syndrome; the tendency to make it look easy (her performances in "High Art", "The Station Agent", "The Dying Gaul", and "Far From Heaven" all being Oscar-worthy, in my opinion).

On the Fact that the Swedish Economy Has Performed so Much Better Now that the Top Tax Rate Is 50-Something Percent than it Did When the Top Tax Rate Was 80-Something Percent

Yet another Festivus for the rest of us miracle, I suppose.

On the Fact that Families with Workers in Their 20s (a Trait of Families in the Bottom Quintile) Make a Lot Less than Families with Workers in Their 40s and 50s (Characteristic of Families in the Top Quintile)

Why is this so difficult for some folks to comprehend?

On the Fact that Families with One Part-Time Worker (a Trait of Families in the Bottom Quintile) Tend to Make Significantly Less than Families with Two Full-Time Workers Each Working at Least 40 Hours a Week (Characteristic of Families in the Top Quintile)

Why is this so difficult for some folks to comprehend?

On the Radical Islamic Concept of Bringing Justice, Peace, and Happiness to All of Humanity Through Conquest, Subjugation, Etc.

While I understand that Christianity has had a sordid, violent, and contradictory history as well, we're kind of in the 21st Century now and wouldn't it be awesome if some of these assholes eventually got the message?

On Middle-East Cease-Fires

Why don't we just call them for what they really are; opportunities for Hamas to replenish, reconstitute, reload, etc., and simply end it there?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Waging Wages

The minimum wage (its first application being Davis-Bacon) is a racist law with a racist history and a racist association with the labor unions. Yeah, that's right, folks. One of the main reasons that the minimum wage was created was to protect those lily-white union schmucks from competition with black labor (the fact that a lot of Southern construction firms were coming North and damned if those racist Southerners weren't employing a shit-load of black folks who were actually willing to work for what the market was paying). And if you happen not to believe me, get a load of this little gem from Samuel Gompers - "The Caucasians are not going to let their standard of living be destroyed by Negroes, Chinamen, Japs (Chinamen and Japs - nice), or any others." Or this little dandy from Congressman William Upshaw - "...the real problem...a superabundance or large aggregation of Negro labor." Those aught to convince you..............................................................................................................P.S. This kind of ties in neatly with that other big progressive idea of the early 20th Century; the eugenics movement. I mean, think about it. If a person can't get a job, they cannot eat, and if they cannot eat, they die. Win (more jobs for whites) - win (less inferior blacks on the planet).

The Truth About Hamas

They don't give a rat's ass about Palestinian lives (the fact that they station their missile launchers in schools, hospitals, etc.), Israeli lives, American and European lives, or even their own lives (the fact that they actually consider dying for their bullshit ideology as a form of worship). To even think that one could negotiate with such a bloodthirsty and depraved bunch of barbarians is total foolhardiness, in my opinion.

On the Fact that a Cop in New York Was Apparently Shot in the Head Tonight

So, anybody gonna riot over this?......Nah, I didn't think so.

On the Fact that the Roosevelt Administration Sent Agents to South America, Kidnapped Japanese Citizens of South American Countries, Brought Them Back to the U.S.A., Charged Them with "Illegal Entry" (I Shit You Not), and then Interned Them Indefinitely with Zero Charges

And the left makes a big stink now about Guantanamo Bay (and, no, I'm not a big supporter of that place by any stretch, either).......I mean, can you even begin to imagine if Bush had pulled a stunt like this after 9/11; rounding up Muslims and putting them into camps? The dude would have been crucified (instead of supported as the shameless media did with FDR - Walter Lippmann, for example)..............................................................................................Sources; "Infamy" by Richard Reeves and "The Train to Crystal City" by Jan Jarboe Russell....Check them out, my progressive friends. Learn about your hero.

On the Fact that the Black Family Survived 300 Years of Slavery, Lynchings, Jim Crow, Extreme Poverty (87% as Late as the Early '40s), Etc. but Couldn't Survive the 1960s

And the welfare state which subsidized illegitimacy was just an innocent bystander, I guess.

On Les's View that Lisa is Worse than wd

Yeah, I strongly disagree with that one in that as far as I know Lisa has never sent HUNDREDS of unwanted comments to people who she disagrees with, created multiple web-sites dedicated solely to "refuting" these individuals, etc..

On the Holding of Black People to a Lower Moral Standard

Yeah, that's pretty fucking racist itself (not to mention condescending, patronizing, and paternalistic).

On Pronouncing People Guilty Prior to Having All the Evidence

It is only something that a sick, idiotic, ineducable, and ill-informed asshole would do. Yes, those cops in Baltimore (three of whom are black, btw) quite possibly did something wrong but not everybody who gets indicted is guilty (just ask the ham sandwich) and that's why we have a trial and refrain from shooting people on a whim a la Lenin, Stalin, Hussein, al Qaeda, etc..

On Rioting

There is never an excuse for it - PERIOD!!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

A Modest Attempt to Ameliorate the Lisa Versus Shaw Donnybrook

Two things need to happen. a) Lisa needs to apologize for not taking the offensive comment down quicker and b) Shaw needs to accept the apology, realize that it wasn't Lisa who made the comment, and at least consider the possibility that Lisa didn't take the comment down earlier not because she agreed with the sentiments but because she doesn't like to sensor her blog. Yes, it's a simple strategy but one that could work, I believe.

So, Just How Far Up Stalin's Ass WAS FDR?

He was so far up it that not only did he not believe one of his most trusted advisers (George Earle) when the dude told him that it was unquestionably the Russians who had perpetrated the Katyn Forest Massacre, HE TRANSFERRED THE POOR BASTARD ALL THE WAY TO SAMOA!!!!!!!!!...Note to self, don't give Franklin information that he doesn't want to hear (a la Earle, and Richardson before him).

On Steven A. Smith Complaining that Floyd "Money" Mayweather Doesn't Get Enough Respect

The guy who beat up five of his girlfriends - that's the person who Mr. Smith (who's also admitted that he's rooting for Mayweather because "he's a 'brother'") thinks should get additional respect? Wow, huh?