Monday, August 30, 2021

On Some Partisan Flunky for the Left Wing Miami Herald Shitting-Out this Provocative Little Headline; "Florida COVID Update: 901 Added Deaths, Largest Single-Day Increase In Pandemic History" -

Yeah, he was off by a wee-bit. The actual death toll that day was 8 with the 901 statistic being a cumulative tally from multiple weeks. He actually goes on to explain this in the text (mighty white of his, huh?) but being that a significant number of sheeple simply read the headlines (and the asshole knows this), the desired damage was achieved. Man, are these bogus journalists ever sneaky.

On the Fact that it Depends On What Your Definition of Stranded Is (this Intellect Believing that it Has Nothing to Do with Being Stuck Behind Enemy Lines Unable to Get Out)

And, yes, just like with Washington Square's Catherine Sloper, she has learned from masters.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

On Patricia Hearst's Daughter, Lydia

 Yeah, I do see the resemblance (though, yes, it would probably be much easier to discern if the younger was wearing battle fatigues and prancing around with a machine-gun - I'm just sayin).

On the Fact that Only 28% of Black People In New York Have Been Vaccinated and so Starting Next Month that Piece of Shit de Blasio Will Be Denying Service to 72% of Black Americans In His City

Yeah, this whole mindset that we need to make people suffer in order to protect them from a virus that is less likely to kill them than driving in their automobile is ludicrous and I know this because, a) no sane person has ever suggested it before (just like no sane person has ever suggested a 10 mile per hour speed-limit or that we should end air travel altogether) and b) as recently as four years ago the CDC came out with a new pandemic preparedness protocol and, guess what, no draconian bullshit (universal masking, quarantining healthy people, economic lockdowns, mandating medicine, etc.). And yet this is where we are in hard as that is to believe.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

On Some Mouth-Breathing Bim from the New York Slimes Going On CNN (or Maybe it Was MSLSD - Same Difference) Excusing Obama's Maskless and Zero Social-Distancing Birthday Shindig On the Grounds that the Participants There Were "Sophisticated"

And who exactly are we talking about here; Chrissy Teigen, Stephen Colbert, Dwyane Wade, Tom Hanks, Jay Z and Beyonce, and John Legend, people like that? Yeah, I'm sorry, while they may be oozing something, sophistication, that ain't it!................................................................................................P.S. She also stated that all of the guests had been vaccinated. How she knew that, not sure, but she apparently has some sources (either that or she's talking through her ass).

On Israel Reinstituting its Tyrannical Mask Mandate On June 24th with the COVID Cases Instantaneously Shooting Up In a Nearly Vertical Manner

The only face-coverings that work are the N-95 masks and even there, a) they need to be fitted properly, b) they need to be changed when moist and every few hours generally, and c) 95 isn't 100 and so if you work in the same building all day those pesky old law of averages. But that's not even what we're talking about here in that the face-masks being used by the general population are more than likely surgical masks and the cloth ones, coverings that even Biden's former COVID adviser admitted were woefully inadequate.

On a Recent Study Out of Israel Showing that Double Vaccinated Individuals Are Six Times More Likely to Experience a Breakthrough COVID Case than Previously Infected People with Natural Immunity and Seven Times More Likely to Contract a Symptomatic Infection -


This should not be even remotely surprising in that natural immunity tends to generate a broader level of protection (something to do with b-cells and t-cells) than vaccines do and we can plainly see this now with the avalanche of delta cases. Of course since the cronies have established a California or bust approach to this particular pathogen, vaccines it is, I guess.

Friday, August 27, 2021

On Senator Coons Hammering Zark Muckerberg, Not Because the Fellow's Been Censoring too Much but Because He's Censoring too Little (Gotta' Get Rid of that Misinformation After All)

There are many reasons why I left the Democratic party (their new found affinity for the F.B.I. and C.I.A., their pronounced lurch towards socialism, the constant identity politics bullshit, etc.) but this my friends is the biggie; a literal effort to squelch anything that even modestly questions the low IQ bureaucratic narrative and the fact that they're doing in concert with these autistic tech billionaires and the corporate press makes it even more disgusting. Please, to all of the cogent Democrats out there, try and rein some of this foolishness in (even if you can only get it done at the local level) because trust me, once they silence all of those dreaded right-wingers, they'll likely come for you next, the historical pattern being what it is.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

On the Fact that You Just Can't Go Wrong with Garbo


At least I haven't found a way.

On Vice President Harris Needing Only 8 of the 15 Cabinet Officials to Vote with Her In Order to Activate the 25th Amendment and Force Biden to Step Aside

And I'll bet that ole Kamala's trigger finger is getting a wee-bit itchy right about now.......How could it not?

On CNN and MSLSD Turning On President Biden (a Bit)

Probably because he ended a war in that, while the media loves the Democrats, THEY LOVE WAR MORE (Trump even getting some love after he launched a few missiles into Syria)!! Helps pay the bills, you know.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

On the Fact that (According to an Investigation by Science Magazine, Later Reported On by the Independent - Not by the New York Times or CNN, gee, What a Shock) the Majority of Physicians Who Oversaw the FDA Drug Approval Process from 2008 to 2014 Ended Up Taking Payments from the Same Drug Conglomerates Being Monitored -

And now they're force-feeding a dubious vaccine on us. Nothing suspicious here.

On the Claim by an Anonymous Group of Researchers Self-Named the Scientists Club that the COVID Vaccines Contain Numerous Components Not Mentioned In the Technical Data Sheets, These Include Chromium, Aluminum, Copper, Chlorine, Silicon, Lead, Sulfur, Bismuth, Titanium, Vanadium, Nickel, Ethylene Alcohol, Histidine, Stainless Steel, and Possibly Even Graphene Oxide -

Yeah, I wish that the researchers weren't anonymous but being that people's lives are being annihilated from making even boiler-plate criticisms of Fauci, it's kinda' understandable I'd say. As for the text itself, it certainly sounds like legitimate science (the part about microscopes in particular) but, please, read it for yourself and see what you think. Just be open-minded, that's all. 

On the Fact that When it Come to Security In this Country, Capacity Should Never Be Stumbling-Block............and yet it Was On January 6th (Worse than 9/11 We're Told), I Wonder Why

It's almost as if they wanted some mayhem to go down.......and why they aren't sharing any of those videos. I mean, we just want some evidence, right?

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Immune System Deniers?

Yeah, I'd say so. I mean, what else would you call a couple of rodeo clowns who think that individuals who already have the antibodies to COVID also need to have a brand new technology jammed into their systems and who haven't uttered one fucking word on prevention (i.e., strengthening one's immune system)? Sociopathic immune system deniers? 'Cause that works, too.

On People Who Still Believe that These Government Mandates, Lockdowns, Emergency Powers, and Attempts at Censorship Have Been Instituted In a Benevolent Manner to Protect Us from COVID

And they cannot be convinced otherwise (for the most part), an even more maddening element.

On the Fact that Under Normal Circumstances, a Mutation from a Virus Will Invariably Be Less Virulent than its Host in that, Believe it or Not, Not Even a Virus Wishes to Commit Suicide, and so if that Does Not Turn Out to be the Case this Time it Will Either Be Because These Ineffective and Toxic Vaccines Have Put Evolutionary Pressure On the Host to Manifest These More Virulent Strains or Because it's a Bio-Weapon that the Chinese Have Concocted In a Lab

 My assessment at least.

Compare this Woman to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman at Your Own Peril

Some free advice from WTNPH. Do with it what you will.

Monday, August 23, 2021

On Iceland's Chief Epidemiologist, Porolfur Guonason, Dismayed at the COVID Vaccine's Inability to Stop Infection and Transmission (Though, Yes, He Does Advocate Boosters for the Elderly and Those with Compromised Immune Systems - it's Worth a Shot, He Must Figure), Now Sensing that, "Herd Immunity Must Be Achieved by Spreading the Virus" -

So essentially the same intervention that's been implemented for every outbreak prior to this one (protect the vulnerable while you allow the virus to pass through the healthy population, don't obliterate the economy as that will lead to other health issues, etc.) and what the Great Barrington Declaration has been advocating for over a year, in other words. Sounds good to me (the Occam's-razor element especially).

How Many Canadian Goons with Face Diapers Does it Take to Screw In a Light Bulb?


Well, being that it took seven of 'em to prevent an 83 year-old gal and her 12 year-old granddaughter from entering a neighborhood grocer, in that general vicinity I would guess (ball-parking it of course).

On the Fact that Jack-Booted Miscreants Masquerading as Cops Reportedly Murdered a Bunch of Rescue Dogs Because They Didn't Want Kind-Hearted People to Leave Their Houses (and Thereby Violate the Country's Moronic and Barbarous Lockdown) In an Effort to Adopt Them

What would you have done had you witnessed that? Me, I prefer not to even think about some very dark places it might usher me. I'm just sayin'.

On the Fact that if Nelson Mandela Had Been Charged with Over 190 Counts of Terrorism In Any Other African Country He Would Have Been Summarily Executed but Only After Being Severely Tortured During His Interrogation and Incarceration

Fortunately for him it all happened in South Africa where he was treated respectfully and humanely (shit the guy even lived in a cottage for the latter part of his detainment) and where he could have gotten out of prison years earlier had he only renounced violence. Oh well, it all worked out for him, I guess.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

On Biden Considering Making Unvaccinated COVID Patients Pay for Their Own Medical Care (as Opposed to Big Pharma Not Being Made to Pony-Up for the Damage Caused by Their Experimental Biological Agent)

Ask him if he's willing to make AIDS patients pay for their care if they've had multiple sexual partners or unprotected sex............and then watch him run off (that's the fun part).

On the Delta Variant Running Wild In Hawaii and the Corporate Press Not Attacking THEIR Governor (as They Have Been with DeSantis) Because the Dude's a Democrat

Of course if they could get their collective heads out of their asses for a minute they might be able to figure out that the COVID upticks in these hot and humid regions are happening because people are spending more time in air-conditioned buildings where a) the viral load is higher, b) the ventilation may be questionable, and c) people are in closer proximity to each other. No it wouldn't be as much fun as defecating on DeSantis 24/7 but we are talking journalism here, not an amusement park.   

On Kary Mullis on Fauci

  And he dies just as the COVID nightmare begins. How convenient is that (Mullis being one of the inventors of the PCR test and having stated that it was never meant to diagnose diseases)?.................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, his untimely death was probably a coincidence but, come on, at what point do we finally put forth some questions about these coincidences?............And of how they only seem to help government, its narrative, etc.? 'Cause I'm game right now, peeps.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

On the Fact that While Dennis Kucinich Was Far to the Left of Me On Economic Matters, When it Came to Other Issues Like Civil Liberties and Foreign Policy We Were Almost Always On the Same Page and, so, Yeah, I Miss Him, a Lot


He was also a good and honest man (especially when you compare him to swine like Mitch McConnell, Adam Schiff, Mitt Romney, Eric Swalwell, Richard Burr, Adam Kinzinger, the current occupant of the White House, etc.). That I miss a lot, too...................................................................................................P.S. My favorite Dennis moment was when he was on the debate stage with the other Democratic candidates and when asked why he didn't support the Patriot Act he simply responded with, "because I read it." Perfect.

Hedy Lamarr, Anybody?

"Yes, yes, me, me!" The most common refrain.

On Nicole Kidman Being Allowed to Skip Hong Kong's Strict Quarantine Protocol so that She Can Continue Filming Some Douche-Bag Amazon TV Show -

Nicole's a babe and for that fact alone my forgiveness overruneth but, yeah, it isn't a good look for any country when you start granting privileges to the already highly privileged. And based on the responses up til now....... 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

On the Next Round of Antifa, Black Lives Matter Riots

It's quite clear that they're on their way but the next time can we also give them the maps to Ithaca, Cambridge, Princeton, Boulder, Austin, Beverly Hills, The Napa Valley, Sag Harbor, etc. in that those folks need to share in the fun, too, no? Only seems fair.

1984 Much, Asshole?


And, yes, it's a rhetorical question, OBVIOUSLY.

On the Fact that One of the First Things that the British Did After Winning Their Odious War of Aggression Against the Boer Republics Was to Get Those Gold-Mining Operations Back Up and Running

Well, being that this was, you know, ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS WHY THEY STARTED THE FUCKING WAR IN THE FIRST PLACE, surprised, no, not really.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

On the Fact that the Political Establishment Is Either Too Fucking Stupid to Understand that the Scapegoating of Individuals Has Almost Always Led to Pure Unadulterated Horror (the Kulaks In Ukraine, the Perceived Intellectual Class In Cambodia, the Jews In Nazi Germany, etc.) or They Do Possess this Knowledge and Don't Give a Rat's-Ass Because its All About Power with Them and so What if............You Can Fill In the Rest

I'm not sure which but if I had to choose, probably number two. Sadly.............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I'm of course referring to the political class's treatment of unvaccinated people, blaming them for the pandemic, etc.. In case you hadn't picked that up. 

On the Fact that Biden, Harris, and Cuomo All Expressed a Massive Amount of Vaccine Hesitancy In the Months Leading Up to the Emergency Use Authorization Release of the COVID Vaccine (Cuomo Actually Professing that He Didn't Trust the FDA) and Now They Have the Fucking Stones to Try and Demonize Individuals Who Have Actual Concerns and Not the Bullshit Political Ones from Slimy Statist Boobs

Clyburn tried to run interference for these shameless jackasses by saying that their unhinged statements came before the vaccine was approved and I was like, "dude, we're talking months here and it doesn't take a maestro to fathom that they were purely trying to stick it to President Trump in that it was the same fucking vaccine!" Paraphrasing but, yeah, something like that. 

On the Fact that Beginning Now this Parasitic Psychopath and Total Piece of Shit Needs an IQ Passport with a Reading of Over 85 On it Just to Enter Any Indoor Establishment, Not Only In New York City but Anywhere In the Entire United States

A variation on the slippery-slope argument. Only this time it's the ruling-elite and power-brokers who get it up the butt-crack. Pleasant for a change, huh?

On God Creating Neocons and Still Having a Hard Time Explaining Himself

He's also asking for a mulligan, I've heard. How's that for irony?

Monday, August 16, 2021

On Critical Douche Theory


I'm working on the curriculum now and just wait until you see it. Oh yeah.

On Cuomo Being Investigated (Supposedly) for Inappropriate Sexual Behavior but NOT for the Nursing Home Scandal Which Likely Killed a Whole Lot of Elderly People

The Democrats never do anything by accident (granted, they rarely look beyond step one but that initial thrust almost always has an ulterior motive) and my suspicion here is that if they went after Cuomo on the more serious transgression the public would respond, "Hey, what about those miscreants from Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey? Didn't they endanger elderly people, too?" You see what I'm saying? A distraction or smokescreen, if you will. Pretty damn sneaky, huh? 

On Telling Minority Students to, "Work Hard", Now Being Perceived as a Micro-Aggression

And so what would, "work your tail off as if your entire existence depended upon it because in many ways it does", be considered, a nuclear blast on a par with Hiroshima? I'm just asking.

On the Fact that Folks In England and the European Mainland Would Always Tell Themselves When Times Looked Bleak, "Well, There's Always America"

Not so much these days, huh?

Friday, August 13, 2021

Thursday, August 12, 2021

On Australia's Chief Health Officer, Kerry Chant, Instructing the Public, "Whenever You Leave Your House...Don't Start Up a Conversation" (Even When You're Wearing a Mask and Social Distancing, I'm Presuming)

Probably because she doesn't want people to learn that what's she's been feeding them is absolute bullshit (this notion that the best way to fight a respiratory infection is to frighten and isolate people, have them don contaminated face diapers, and destroy the economy). Either that or she's a sadist. You choose.

On the U.N.'s First Environmental Program Director, Maurice Strong, Predicting Back In 1972 that the Earth Had Only Ten Years to Avoid Catastrophe

So a smart guy like Strong misfires badly on his ten year apocalyptic prediction but the idiot former bartender will nail down hers with total perfection. This is what we're led to believe and unfortunately a lot of folks do believe it.

On Pelosi Establishing a Task Force Four Years Ago On Election Security that Put Forth as its First Finding, "Our Election Infrastructure Is Vulnerable (Citing a Lot of the Same Concerns that Trump Is Bringing Up Now)" -

I suppose that the government could have rectified the problems between 2017 and 2020 but being that their track-record is what it is, 50, 50 at best would be my guess.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

On the ADL's Very First Sentence On Nick Fuentes Describing the Guy as a "White Supremacist"

I don't know how many times that I need to go over this shit but here we go again. A white supremacist is someone who, a) believes that the white race is SUPERIOR and b) wishes to rule over the various other races - NEITHER OF WHICH MR. FUENTES IS GUILTY OF. And he isn't even a white nationalist in that while, yes, he's concerned about the demographic shift in America, his solution isn't ethnic cleansing or anything draconian like that but rather a reduction in third-world immigration (a topic that reasonable folks can probably debate without demonization). Of course, that not being vile enough for the ADL, they did what they perpetually do, manufacture evil. They're the Michael Jordan of it...............................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not a fan or follower of Nick. I'm just getting fucking tired of the left's constant changing of the language and their use of it to demonize people who they disagree with politically. That's it. 

Deja Vu All Over Again

 No evidence was presented which would justify compelling persons at large to wear masks during an epidemic. The mask is designed only to afford protection against a direct spray from the mouth of the carrier of pathogenic microorganisms … Masks of improper design, made of wide-mesh gauze, which rest against the mouth and nose, become wet with saliva, soiled with the fingers, and are changed infrequently, may lead to infection rather than prevent it, especially when worn by persons who have not even a rudimentary knowledge of the modes of transmission of the causative agents of communicable diseases.” Surgeon General of the U.S. Navy 1919 - And the description of mask wearers in 1919 coincides perfectly with the mask wearers of today, HAVE YOU NOTICED? I most certainly have.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

On the Belief by Gullible Boers that England, Long Familiar with the Word of Jesus and Having Touted Their Mother Country as the "Great Missionary Nation of the World", Was In Any Way Capable of Such Dastardly Deeds (and, Yes, I'm of of Course Referring to England's Scorched-Earth Mayhem During the Second Boer War)

British war crimes of course didn't stop there as their naval blockade of Germany during WW1 which starved hundreds of thousands of civilians, their withholding of food from India during WW2 which probably starved over a million Indians, and their carpet bombing of Germany also during WW2 which murdered another 500,000, carried this tradition and mantle another half century. Damn those Brits, huh? 


Monday, August 9, 2021

On this Unhinged Congressional Dullard Beefing-Up Her Own Security While Simultaneously Continuing Her Boneheaded Attempt to Defund the Police Because as We All Know Fewer Cops In the Hood Will Significantly Cut Down On Those Drive-by Slayings (Her Personal Security Likely Being Paid for by Leftover Campaign Contributions)

I strongly suspect that those 215 Democratic Congresspersons who DON'T call themselves, "the squad", will likely distance themselves from this foolishness because to embrace it will pretty-much guarantee a pasting next year. Or I would think.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

On the Government Stealing Our Freedoms, Offering Them Back to Us In the New Guise of Privileges but Only if We Submit to Their Tyranny, Caprice, Idiocy, etc.

Don't submit in the first place, problem solved (yeah, yeah, I know, easier said than done).

On the New Infrastructure Boondoggle (Which a Large Contingent of Republican Senators Voted for, too, but I Digress) Containing $175 Billion In Subsidies for Electric Vehicles Because as We All Know There Hasn't Been Enough Cronyism Marshaled In that Direction Already

And these sons of bitches aren't even that green in that the things, a) require a huge amount of rare earth minerals that are currently being strip-mined in third-world areas with the end result being environmental devastation, b) require an extraordinary amount of energy to make with 99% of that energy coming from, yep', you got it, fossil fuel, and c) eventually shit the bed and when they do there's a massive amount of hazardous waste to deal with.............Needless to say the imbeciles in Congress have likely considered none of this and so, yeah, bald-faced forms of crony capitalism like this......ain't going anywhere......anytime soon. Sadly.   

On Biden Saying that if the January 6th Rioters Were Black the Capitol Police Would Have Mowed Them All Down

Several points. a) He's full of bullshit in that I don't remember a single cop shooting one of those black rioters from last summer's endless idiocy. b) It probably isn't the smoothest move to throw your own protectorate under the bus as they're likely not to respond favorably. And c) he made this buffoonish (and clearly pandering) statement only a few days after he disingenuously called for the country to come together and, so, yeah, a massive disconnect there as well.

On the Fact that (According to a Recent Survey from Kaiser) of Those Showing "Vaccine Hesitancy", 39% Are Republican or Republican-Leaning, 41% Are Democrat or Democrat-Leaning, and 20% Are Fully Independent -

Wow, so this whole leftist corporate lackey narrative about the Republicans being the big problem here (to the extent that there is one) is simply more bullshit propaganda. If only we had some fact-checkers out there, huh (legit ones, I'm saying)?

Saturday, August 7, 2021

On Biden Adviser, Anita Dunn, Once Having Proclaimed that Mao Was One of Her Favorite "Political Philosophers"

A tyrant who murdered 15 times as many folks as Hitler. Yeah, that's an interesting choice for sure (kind of like saying that Jack the Ripper is your all-time favorite "ladies man").

On Biden's Justice Department Dropping its Investigation Regarding the "Must Admit" Orders that the Governors of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York Issued Early On In the Coronavirus Pandemic, an Initiative that Went Against the CDC's Prevention Guidelines and Most Likely Cost the Lives of Thousands of Elderly Patients

 The tyrants also went to great lengths to cover up the true death tally. Granted it isn't as horrible as busting a window at the capitol (and/or speaking politely to police officers while inside the place) but, still, human life, kinda' important, too, no?

Friday, August 6, 2021

On the Psychotic Mayor of New York Apparently Introducing a COVID Passport Policy (Somebody's Gotta' Go First, Right?)

It's obviously a tyrannical and unconstitutional move............but the idiot's got another problem here (and a particularly vexing one for a progressive Democrat). It seems as if only 31% of the black citizens in New York have been vaccinated (a rate significantly lower than that of the white, Asian, and even Hispanic communities) and so if you're gonna' discriminate against the unvaccinated, guess what, you've essentially created another apartheid system. Holy shit, huh?

On the Fact that (it's Been Rumored) a Jackal Would Sometimes Howl a Mournful Dirge as a Brave Boer Soldier Was Placed In the Ground, His Final Resting-Place

Wow, I guess that even jackals had it out for the Brits and their empire (a feather in their caps for sure). What does that say?

Thursday, August 5, 2021

On the Fact that Lockdowns Equal Murder (the Harsh Fact that They Cost Far More Lost Years of Life than They Protect) and Anything Short of These Politicians Being Brought Before a Tribunal and Being Charged with Crimes Against Humanity WILL NOT SUFFICE

We must never let these atrocities fade from our memory and if the tyrants ever dust them off again (as they're apparently contemplating) resistance must ensue or it's over (the point of no return being just around the corner). Full stop.

On the Australian Authorities Now Using Police and Military Helicopters to Kick People Off Beaches

Hopefully this type of totalitarian madness doesn't come to America. But to ensure that it doesn't, that's up to us.

On the Fact that We've Gone from Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve to Sending DMV-Caliber Bozos Door to Door In a Frantic and Fascistic Attempt to Push an Experimental Biological Agent On a Population that Apparently Doesn't Want it (with Vaccine Passports Waiting In the Batter's-Box)

And they've lied, too (on the effectiveness of masks, the origins of the virus, the death tally, therapeutics, the cycle threshold used in the PCR tests, the dangers of COVID for kids, etc.). Don't forget about that. Ever.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

On Biden's Creepy New Head of the CDC Unilaterally Extending the Eviction Moratorium (Not the Mortgage Moratorium, Though, that Stays In Place)

Even Biden admitted that this was likely unconstitutional. Just not enough to override the gal, that's all.

On One of Biden's Former COVID Advisers Now Admitting that "Many Cloth Face-Coverings Are Not Very Effective" (gee, Where Have You Heard that Before

Unless of course your name is Nazi Pelosi and your major focus is to propagandize, virtue-signal, etc., then they're the cat's meow. 

On the Fact that During Mr. Biden's Recent Town-Hall There Were at Least a Half-Dozen Painstaking Instances In Which the Fellow Made Literally (and, Yes, I Literally Mean, Literally, this Time) No Sense

And this was with douche-bag Lemon spotting him every step of the way. Thankfully we have a top-notch person backing him up in case ole Joe needs to step down, you know, to keep America percolating (he said, with all of the satirical oomph that he could muster).   

On Fauci Getting an Email from One of His Associates Suggesting that, "Some of the Features (of COVID) Potentially Look Engineered"

To be fair here, the email does posit, "potentially", and so maybe the ole doc has some wiggle room but the fact that he took such an adamant position in the opposite direction......could be problematic (though, yeah, he'll probably skate yet again). We'll see.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

On the Fact that Even Though the Boers Chalked-Up One Victory After Another (In the Second Anglo-Boer War), Their Primary Goal of Getting the Brits to Negotiate In Good Faith Proved Little More than a Pipe-Dream

Yeah, I guess that when you're outnumbered more than ten to one (with part of that advantage being oodles and oodles of working-class cannon-fodder), possess less effective artillery, and have as an adversary one that punishes civilians as part of an overall scorched-earth policy, the final result is more or less baked into the cake. Sadly (as the Boers were clearly the good guys here, desiring little more than to not be subjugated).

Monday, August 2, 2021

On the Fact that Human Freedoms Aren't Granted to Us by Parasitic Psychopaths Like this, WE'RE BORN WITH THEM, a Reality that if it Isn't Absorbed in Short Order Will Absolutely Make Things "Hard"......for Everybody


Hopefully they cut the shit soon as I do not wish to live my final chapter in a war zone. Hell no.

On the Fact that There Are Purportedly Thousands of Hours of Videotape Regarding the "Insurrection" of January 6th that the Authorities so Far Have Refused to Share with the Public......and Maybe this Is Why - And, no, this isn't to say that I have any affinity for these fellows. It was a boneheaded idea to get anywhere near that building and if it turns out that they perpetrated ANY violence they need to be prosecuted. Just show us the damned tape, OK (my faith in government - never robust to begin with - is at an all-time low right about now and, so, yeah, if they're leveling charges, they're going to have to prove it to me this time)?

On the Fact that Over 50 Secret Service Agents Were Injured Last Year When Black Lives Matter and Antifa Animals Started Rioting and Burning Shit In Front of the White House and I Don't Seem to Remember the Young Idiot Girl from CNN Insisting that We Call THIS an Insurrection -

More "whataboutism" (which only appears to flow in one direction, have you noticed?), I guess.

On CNN Conceding that a) the COVID Vaccines Alone Won't Stop the Spread of These New Variants and b) this Is Likely Due to the Evolutionary Pressure that the Vaccines Put On the Virus, Creating Strains Capable of Evading Protection

So essentially what Geert Vanden Bossche claimed months ago and was vilified for. Funny how that works out......over and over again, huh?.......................................................................................Oh, and the power structure's solution to this, yep, you got it, FACE DIAPERS! Again (as in, when the only tool that you have......).

Sunday, August 1, 2021

On the Fact that for a 50-Something Woman J.K. Rowling Sure Does Clean Up Nicely Wouldn't You Say?

And the fact that she's presently standing up to "cancel culture" (or as I prefer to call it, the bed-wetting) brigade) adds another attractive element. You go, J.K..

On the Fact that (According to a New Poll from Ipsos Mori) 40% of Britons Support Mask Mandates and 36% More Support Having to Check In to Pubs and Restaurants Using a Contact-Tracing App FOREVER, Regardless of the Risk from COVID

On those rare instances when I'm speechless, enter H.L. Mencken; "The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe." Pretty much sizes it up, huh (save for the part about about surrendering freedom for safety generally leading to neither)?