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Saturday, July 30, 2022

On the Fact that Natalie Wood Drowned In Late November of 1981 and by Mid February of 1982 Her Surviving Husband, Robert Wagner, Was Already Boinking Jill St. John

We all mourn in our own way and, yes, Robert's way seems like a pretty good one.

On Joan Bennett In the Looks Department

Always considered her somewhat of a tweener; decent enough looking but nowhere close to the Hedy Lamarr, Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardner, or Gene Tierney category. But I gotta' tell ya', after looking at these photos, I just might have to reassess.

On Germany Continuing with its Idiotic Plan to Shut Down Their Last Three Nuclear Power Plants and Because of this Having to Majorly Increase Their Use of Natural Gas and Coal as the Green Nonsense Simply Isn't Cutting it

So much stupidity going on here. a) If your main goal is to reduce carbon emissions the only two viable options are nuclear and hydroelectric (meeting the requirements of scale and cost) and so why would you want to eliminate one of them (safety being an overblown concern and, besides, nothing is completely safe)? b) Fear of CO2 levels rising is also irrational in that the earth has experienced much higher levels in the past and it obviously survived (CO2 being plant food which contributes to the greening of the planet). And c) the green energy options that these radicals tout are both woefully inadequate and not particularly green (strip mining in third world countries, massive amounts of waste, the clearing of land due to sprawl, etc.).............Of course if your main purpose is to destroy civilization (through poverty, an increase in climate related deaths, mass starvation, etc.) then, yeah, maybe not so dumb after all.

On the Fact that it's Looking More and More and More and More as if Joe Biden IS "the Big Guy" After All -

For those of you (with a functioning brain) still on the fence.

Channeling Facebook's "Fact-Checkers"

"Fauci remains an infallible human being who's never made a single mistake during this entire covid pandemic, the vaccines are 100% safe and effective (ditto, lockdowns and masks), and Biden is the greatest President since F.D.R. (a piece of garbage in my book but since the left continues to worship the guy I went with him) with Trump being worse than Nixon (Hitler, on a bad day)."......This would be their abstract at least.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

On Fauci Going On Some Lowbrow Morning Show and Saying that He Never Recommended that We Lockdown the Economy, Close Schools, etc.

Well, save of course for the countless times that he did ( And what's up with these bush-league journalists failing to ask one of the most obvious follow-up questions EVER. Surely they must do SOME preparation (granted, they may have been pressured by their bosses to go kid gloves on him but, still, retain your dignity and just fucking resign).

On Lone Justice Featuring Maria McKee from 1985

    I had a major crush on her back then (me and 852,633 other poor slobs). And here's an example of why.

Having Herman Munster Shoulders and Being Tall Enough to Play Small Forward On the UConn Men's Basketball Team

What would be my answer to the question, "So what would you consider as disqualifying factors when it comes to allowing trans-women to compete in female sports?"

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

On Adam Schiff Adding a Last Minute Amendment to the Defense Authorization Act Which Would Block Military Information from Congressional Oversight

Adam Schiff only does things that benefit Adam Schiff and so I strongly suspect that there's some hard dope in that documentation which at the bare minimum will very much embarrass him. In the mean time, let's all just enjoy watching him squirm for a spell.

On a New Paper by the British Medical Journal's Lead Editor, Peter Doshi, Suggesting that the Moderna and Pfizer Covid Vaccines Are More Likely to Put People In the Hospital than Keep Them Out of it -

 Yes, it's just one paper but when you combine it with the VAERS statistics and Pfizer's own data (which had to be pried out of them but I digress) you'd really have to be a moron at this point to not consider it. Sorry but, yeah.

On the New York Slimes Referring to Legitimate Curiosity About this Unsavory Ray Epps Character as, Drum Roll Please, a Conspiracy Theory

The asshole's on video exhorting people to storm the Capitol (incitement at the very least). And this whole notion that the dude's checkered past makes him an unlikely collaborator with the F.B.I. is total bullshit in that police and intelligence fucks work with unsavory piles of shit all the time (you've never heard of rendition?). Granted, the slimeballs have zero interest in any of this (their obvious goal being to continue the ludicrous "bloody insurrection" narrative) but for the casual reader this simple retort might suffice. I hope.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

On the Fact that the F.B.I. and Other Government Agencies Are Privy to a Treasure-Trove of Information On Trump and the Events of January 6th and so if They Had ANYTHING of Real Substance to Hoist the ex President On His Own Petard THEY WOULD HAVE LED WITH IT............and Because They Didn't, You Do the Math

Schiff of course claims to have some evidence but being that he's made similarly bold promises countless times already with jack to show for it, I ain't holdin' my breath.

On Meredith McRae from Her "Petticoat Junction" Years (as Billie Jo Bradley)

 Not exactly a dog, was she?......................................................................................................P.S. She was actually the third actress to play the part but as they always say, third time's a charm.

On the Accusation by Writer, Arthur L. Smith Jr., that the French Soldiers After WW2 Deliberately Starved Some of the German Prisoners In Order to Get Them to "Volunteer" for the French Foreign Legion (from Mr. Smith's Disturbing Book, "Heimkehr aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg")

Sadly for these blokes many ended up in Indochina where God only knows how many of 'em got smoked by the Communists, the real winners in WW2. So much irony, huh? 

Monday, July 25, 2022

On the Fact that You Could Point a Heritage Rough Rider Fully-Loaded 9-Shot Revolver to My Skull and I Still Wouldn't Spew Bullshit Lingo Such as "Nonbinary", "Preferred Pronouns", and "Cisgender"

Hopefully it'll never come to that but, I don't know, if we keep allowing mouth-breathing fascists like those shits in Canada, California, and Chicago to a place where they can confidently pilfer our dignity (as many of them did during covid), beyond the realm of possibility, I'm thinking not.

On the Woke Jerkoffs at Disney Replacing the Term, "Fairy Godmothers", with the Much More Gender Neutral, "Apprentices"

Don't these assholes realize that with every one of these bizarre maneuvers of theirs, more and more subscribers to their crap network will probably unsubscribe? It doesn't appear so, does it?

On the Fact that Catfish Hunter and Luis Tiant Have Both Called Tony Oliva the Greatest Batter Who They Ever Had to Go Up Against

With my response being, uh duh (Oliva being the American League's finest hitter from 1964 to 1971 and it was only a horrible knee injury that kept him from being one of the greatest ever).

Thank you, Leonard Nimoy

Oh yeah, still rockin' on this one.

Some Points On Trump

  a) He was the first President since Jimmy Carter to not start a war. b) He was the first President to accept gay marriage coming in to office (yeah, he kinda' got swept up in history on this one but the fellow could have pulled a Jerry Falwell and opted against it). c) The man's immigration stance is nearly identical to those of '60s and '70s liberals, Walter Mondale, Cesar Chavez, and Ralph Abernathy (their concerns being that mass immigration would likely bring down wages for native-born Americans - union workers, especially). d) He signed criminal justice reform (I was opposed to it but it should have made the leftists happy - on paper anyway). e) He increased funding for traditionally black colleges. f) He presided over a huge drop in black unemployment (I tend to not give Presidents credit or blame on economic shit but since other folks do I mentioned it). And g) he gave the middle class a pretty nice tax cut (a wealthy taxpayer obviously received a larger gross amount but percentage-wise a middle class person did better).
  Now are there downsides to the guy? OF COURSE THERE ARE! There are downsides to all of them. Trump for example was a horrible President on the deficit, spent way too much on the military, OKed those weapons sales to the Saudis, engaged in political assassinations, refused to pardon Julian Assange and Ed Snowden, and made some monumentally shitty hires (John Bolton being the kingpin, obviously). But to only focus on this and ignore everything else, sorry, I'll pass.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

On Men Identifying as Women Making About as Much Sense as Garnets Identifying as Aquamarines or Me Identifying as the Ralph Richardson Character from the 1949 Classic, "The Heiress"

I'm still a libertine on these issues (as long as we're dealing with consenting adults, knock yourself out, I say) but, no, I'm not going to placate people by rubber-stamping their delusions and I'm certainly not going to use made up words to satisfy a pressure group. I'm simply not and if it bothers you, fuck off, essentially.

On Recently Seeing a Corporate Press Story About How "Republicans Fabricate Biden Gaffes"

The lengths that these jerks will go to to run interference for Biden is astonishing. And do they really believe that Biden's critics need to manufacture shit to make him look bad? That he doesn't do a decent enough job on his own? Come on.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

On There Always Being More than One Way to Skin a Deviant - See What I Mean?


On Throwing Away a Shirt that You've Possessed for Decades (No Longer Fits, Getting a Bit Ratty, etc.)

Yeah, you'd think that it wouldn't be that hard......and yet it often is. Go figure, huh?.......................................................................................P.S. And, yes, this is 1,000% metaphorical. Have fun with it.

On the Fact that In 99% of American Communities Kingscote Would Be the Biggest Dwelling for Miles but In Newport it Is Frequently Referred to as a Cottage


Sounds weird but as you make your way down Bellevue past the Elms, the Marble House, and ending at Rough Point, there is, I shit you not, a certain degree of logic to it.

Friday, July 22, 2022

On the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Feeling that it's AOK for Her to Raise Her Fist In Solidarity but Whenever Anyone Else Does it Suggesting that it's a Signal of White Supremacy (a Concept that the Asshole Doesn't Even Understand but Continues to Shit Out Anyway)

I was gonna' say, if your only tool is a hammer, but decided not to because at least a hammer has SOME functions while the indiscriminate use of an inappropriately used slur that her Marxist adjunct at B.U. drilled into her pea-brain doesn't seem to have a plug one. Now if she had said, conspiracy theorist......

On the Pentagon's Plan to Defeat All Future Enemies by Misgendering Them Into Submission

Well it's certainly got ISIS shaking in fear (or maybe it's laughter - so hard to tell).

On the Fact that Kids Love Learning, They Just Hate the School Part

And the fact that we now have psychopaths teaching them Wiemar Republicesque caliber poison, that ain't helping matters, trust me.

On the Fact that When You Combine Panic and Confusion You Get Anxiety and When You Get Anxiety You're Bound to Do Anything to Get Rid of it and that Apparently Includes Allowing Someone to Puncture You with a Substance that Didn't Exist Until a Renegade Company Like Pfizer Cobbled it Together, Warp Speed

And what comes next? That's the real key.

On the People of this Country (a Certain Segment Anyway) Using the Term, "White Supremacist", 200,000% (an Approximation, of Course) More Frequently than They Did Just 10 Years Ago

So either America has gotten 200,000% more racist over the past decade or a certain part of the population has upped its use of the lingo 200,000% (more if you dis-aggregate the matter) as a shameless means to smear their political adversaries. Me, I'm goin' with the latter.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Lizabeth Scott - the Most Gorgeous Face In Film Noir?

It's what I'm told............and I tend to agree.

On Gagging Your Critics and Claiming that it's to Preserve Democracy

Scary. Of course what's scarier is that 30 to 40% of the American public finds logic in this deranged and tyrannical reasoning and timid about it they're not. Just look out your window.

On Prince Harry Recently Giving a Speech at the United Nations

Wow, so some dumb-fuck celebrity who's apparently down with the now world-wide statist agenda is permitted to mindlessly spew this crapola in front of one of the most corrosive, useless, and rump outfits in human history. Stop the presses, I say.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

On the Fact that There's Been a Massive Increase In the Use of Nitrogen Trifluoride In the Manufacture of Solar Panels (Up 1,057% Over the Past 25 Years), the Problem with this Being that NF3 Is 17,000 Times More Potent than CO2 as a Greenhouse Gas

 The solar cronies attempt to mitigate this by saying that the use of these solar panels more than offsets the use of NF3 in their manufacture (solar power putting out zero emissions and over time it's a decent tradeoff). The problem here is that a) the goal was supposed to be ZERO emissions by such and such (a ludicrous goal that the brilliant Roger Pielke has continuously shot holes in) and b) you're still going to need a fossil fuel backup as the solar option remains very unreliable and batteries as a means of storage still can't cut it. Of course there's also the ginormous amounts of solar waste at the other end, also requiring energy to contend with. Starting to pile up, isn't it?

On Traversing to Price Rite Recently and Hearing Nothing but Spanish Until I Got to the Cash Register and Even There the Chick Had an Accent

I have nothing against Hispanic individuals. Most of them seem like very nice and hard working people (better than the native population in many instances) but, I'm sorry, there is nothing, NOTHING, racist about an individual wishing to maintain his or her culture, language, etc. (you know, like every other country on the globe that isn't of European stock) and/or pointing out that multicultural societies can only function when there's either a) a common ethos (preferably) or b) a strongman like Tito or Hussein to keep everybody in line.......Of course in the brain-disordered mind of the SJW......

On the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Making Believe that She's Cuffed as a Police Officer Escorts Her Away from Some Dumb-Fuck Protest

So kind of like down in Florida when she was fake-emoting at a fence with nobody behind it just for a photo-op.......Starting to see a trend here, folks.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

On the House of Representatives Passing an $850 Billion Pentagon Spending Bill (Biden's Administration Was Only Pitching $813 Billion) -

The Senate of course asked for even more ($8 billion more, to be precise) and so they'll probably split the difference at $854 billion. And to think that the Dems used to be the party opposed to this level of defense largess (save of course when it involved THEIR district). Not anymore, I guess.

On the World Economic Forum's Intrepid Leader (and by, Intrepid, I of Course Mean, Creepy and Sociopathic), Klaus Schwab, Informing Us All that by 2030 We'll Own Zilch and Be Pleased as Punch About it

I've got a better idea. How 'bout we tell Mr. Schwab that by that very same date, HE'LL fall silent and be pleased that no one's taken him out behind the tool-shed yet (Joe Biden style, let's say). Seems a bit more apropos, no?

Sunday, July 17, 2022

On Every Democrat On the House Judiciary Committee Voting to Block a New Law that Would Have Increased Jail Time for Child Sex Traffickers

Do these politicians not have public relations specialists to assist them with stuff like this? I mean, first you had the postpartum abortion embarrassment, then the 73 genders nonsense, and now you have them wanting fellas' to play women's sports and sex traffickers to have their punishment checked. Surely there's gotta' be some grownups over there.

On Sociopath, John Bolton, Going On Some Moronic Cable Show (the Main Purpose of Course Being to Slander Trump) and Not Just Admitting to Engaging In Coup d'├ętats but Actually Bragging About it

Yet one more example of Trump having all the right enemies. This one, a perfect 10.

On Biden's Memory Test Consisting of the Doctor Saying, "Repeat After Me; City, Baby, Flower, Pasta, and House"and Joe Responding with, "Reindeer, Runway Model, Corn On the Cob, Menstrual Cycle, and Glazed Donuts"

And you know what, at my age, close enough, I say (though, yeah, the mother-effer is the President and so maybe not close enough).

Saturday, July 16, 2022

On the Strategy of the Left for the Next Couple Years Likely Being a Constant Assessment of One Particular Question, "Does it Hurt Trump or Does it Not Hurt Trump?"

Seems a bit myopic and, yet, do the schmucks really have a choice (the strong likelihood that a Republican takeover = a whole lot more declassifications pertaining to covid, the 2020 election, the Mueller probe, the Afghanistan withdrawal, the January 6 riots, Epstein and his little black book, etc.)? It sure doesn't seem so to me.

On Gavin Newsom's Derangement Reaching a Stage Now Where He Actually Believes that Oddball and Freakish Teachers Not Being Allowed to Tell First Graders Who They Poontang Every Night Is "an Attack On Free Speech"

 And the asshole apparently can't put two and two together and deduce that it's bullcrap like this that's probably causing the mass exodus from his own Dystopian creation. Too busy putting grease in his hair probably.

On Marjorie Taylor Green Coming Out and Saying that Edward Snowden and Julian Assange Should Be Pardoned

So this individual who we're all supposed to despise is the only politician in Washington who's making what should be one of the easiest political stands in recent memory. Pretty fucking depressing, isn't it?

Friday, July 15, 2022

On the Disturbing Report from Lieutenant Colonel Gobillard to the Military Governor at Koblenz (August 27, 1945) Asserting that Drunken French Army Officers at Andernach (Armed with Sten Guns) Drove Their Vehicle Through the Camp Murdering 47 German Prisoners and Wounding 55

A tip of the cap to "Other Losses" author James Baques for uncovering this document as it had clearly been hidden for decades. You know, that whole "history is written by the victors" concept.

On 50 Disgusting and Corrosive Surveillance State Stooges Lying Through Their Assholes About the Hunter Biden Laptop Being Russian Disinformation (a Moronic Assertion that Even a Grade-Schooler Could Have Seen Through), the Mainstream Press Unquestioningly Parroting the Foolishness, and Thus Far No One Paying Any Sort of Price for the Obvious Malfeasance............and All to Stop Trump from Winning Again

The Ends Justify the Means 101. What it looks like to me.

On Biden Informing the Oil Industry that Their Product Will Likely Be Phased Out In the Next Decade or so and Later Being Pissed-Off that These Companies Aren't Refining Enough Gas

Prototypical numb-nuts political lifer who's never run so much as a a hot dog stand (never mind a $20 trillion economy) believing that they can wave a magic-wand and make goods and services appear out of nowhere. Add to that this ludicrous notion that you can maintain modernity with wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries and the absurdity really starts to mushroom. Clown world? Oh yeah.

On Cringe Newsom Running a Campaign Ad In Florida, Bitch-Slapping that State's Governor and Bizarrely Championing California as the Legitimate State of Freedom

 The freedom to shit in public. Referencing that he must be, the idiot.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

On the Overwhelming Likelihood that the Majority of Books Credited to Idiot Politicians and Celebrities Are Actually Written by Ghostwriters

My evidence? How 'bout, I listen to them bullshit while simultaneously acting the fool and compare THAT to chapter one? More or less works for me.

On Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen (Who I Once Saw Behind the Counter at Hobby Lobby, I'm Pretty Sure), Once Having Proclaimed that Solar and Wind Energy Aren't Influenced by Political Whims

Yes, because as we're all aware, none of that shit gets mined mined and put together in China and none of the third-world African countries who also mine the shit are currently facing environmental devastation because of it. It's common knowledge, no?

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

On Joan Fontaine's Oscar Winning Performance In Alfred Hitchcock's 1941 Classic, "Suspicion"


The gal set a very high bar the year before in another Hitchcock film, "Rebecca", but damned if she didn't leap over it with this amazing performance. Of course as satisfying as winning the Oscar had to have been for the young actress, winning it a full five years before her sister, Olivia de Havilland, snagged hers probably made it a whole lot sweeter as they seemingly detested each other for their entire lives......and being that they both lived to be over 100, you do the math.

On Lunatic, err, I Mean, Senator, Warren Now Going After Crisis Pregnancy Centers............Because They Do Everything BUT Abortions

Her claim (with zero proof to back it up) is that these centers use deceptive practices and actually "torture" young women (a new spin on the silence is violence bullet-point, I guess)......and that because of this they need to be closed down EVERYWHERE (even in Massachusetts where everyone and his sister can get an abortion). Look, I get it, these hard leftists are butt-hurt that women in Louisiana and Mississippi can't hire somebody to rip apart their fetuses right up 'til birth but they have to be better at finding hills to die on (my big fear being that these radical groups will eventually torch the wrong facility and very much rue the day afterwards), seriously.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

On Fascist Prick, Gavin Newsom, Vacationing In Montana, One of the 22 States that California Currently Prohibits State-Sponsored Travel to (Something to Do with the Fact that These Places Don't Want Fellas' Playing On Women's Sports Team or Their First Graders Leaning About Sex, Being Exposed to Degeneracy, etc.)

The spokesperson tried to clarify matters by pointing out that ole Newsom was engaged in personal travel, not state-sponsored. A decent point but when asked if a security detail had been dispatched for the trip (on the taxpayer dime, of course) he had to alter his spin a wee-bit and simply refused to answer ("we don't comment on security protocol, blah blah"). Surprise, surprise.

On the Fact that Even Though Those Border Agents Falsely Accused of Whipping Haitian Migrants Have Been Fully Exonerated the Disgusting and Heavily Politicized Biden Justice Department Has Decided to Punish Them Anyway for Naughty Words and a Handful of Other Laughable Charges

And why, so that Biden, Harris, and Mayorkas (geniuses one and all) can save face by not having to apologize or admit that they were about as wrong as wrong can be? It kinda' seems so, huh? Oh well, at least they didn't blame Putin this time.

Monday, July 11, 2022

On Ty Cobb Leading the American League In Home Runs In 1909 with a Grand Total of 9

 Yeah, it wasn't unusual early on for a player to lead the league in dingers with 10 or so. Home Run Baker, for example, led the A.L. in dingers for four straight seasons never exceeding 12. Hell, even Babe Ruth only had 11 dingers leading the league in 1918 and it was only after he (along with Jimmie Fox, Mel Ott, and several others) started to eat his oatmeal that the ball started flying out of the park (following that 11 dinger season with 29, 54, and 59). Oatmeal being the steroids of their day, it seems.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

On the Fact that While Suzanne Somers Was Always Considered the Bombshell of that Moronic Show ("Three's Company", for Those of You Under 90), I Gotta' Say, that Brunette Could Clean Up Quite Nicely, too

And if you need some receipts, here -

On the Fact that if Seven Year-Olds Are Astute Enough to Select Their Gender (Looking Down at Your Private Parts Apparently Being soooooo Yesteryear) What Assurances Are There that These Psychopaths Won't Try and Extrapolate this Madness One Horrifying Step Further?

And being that their track record hasn't exactly been stellar THUS FAR, seems like a reasonable concern, no?

On Doctors "Assigning" Gender at Birth (You Know, as Opposed to Simply Looking Down to See if There's a Penis or Not)

Sometimes individuals overthink and sometimes they don't think at all. For example......

On Nostradamus Biden Now Predicting that America Could Have as Many as 100,000,000 New Covid Cases this Fall

Let's see, what else is happening this fall? Something is, right?

Newport's Most Underrated Mansion?

Not the biggest mansion for sure (only the Isaac Bell and Hunter Houses are smaller) but the unique gothic styling and unpretentious backdrop of Kingscote make it one of Newport's more interesting sites and an absolute favorite of mine (right up there with Rosecliff, Rough Point, the Chateau Sur Mer, Ochre Court, and the Chepstow).

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Donald Trump On Neo-Nazis

THEY SHOULD BE CONDEMNED TOTALLY!......Not emphatic enough, I guess (the harsh fact that leftist politicians and media jackasses continue to spit out easily refutable bullshit on this).

On 46 (at Least) Illegal Aliens Being Found Dead In the Back of a Truck (Heat Exhaustion, it Seems) After Being Smuggled Across the Mexican Border

 Yeah, this is why we want an orderly immigration system and not one that a) gives little attention to border security, b) provides an incentive for even more illegality by handing out all sorts of free shit to those who ignore our present laws, and c) has as its main focus the accrual of millions of additional Democratic voters.......Or one would think.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tacitus On the Proliferation of Laws

"The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the state." So true and thank God that this doesn't in any way describe our country (yuck yuck).

So Is that a Beautiful Smile or Is that a Beautiful Smile?


1940s Swedish Actress, Signe Hasso, and of course the answer is, yes............and yes.

On Hunter Biden Having Filmed a Bizarre Video of Him and Some Russian Chick Where He's Continuously Asking Her Leading Questions Such as, "I Never Have Hurt You, Did I?"

Can this guy get any more weird and pathetic? And the fact that he was asking questions like this, does that not wreak of someone trying to cover their tracks? Hopefully at some point we'll get to the bottom of this and a whole bunch of other Biden family questions but until then, enjoy the show, I guess. 

Monday, July 4, 2022

On the Prospect of My Home State of Connecticut Becoming an Abortion Tourism Hot-Spot Like California, New York, etc. (a Policy of Providing Abortions to Gals from States that Have Banned or Severely Restricted it)

At this point I really don't give a shit (we've crossed the Rubicon into absolute clown-world already and so let's get really nuts why don't we). Just don't force me to pay for the air-fare and fetal dismemberment, that's all. A deal?

On Recent Audio of Joe Biden Telling His Troubled Son, Hunter, "You're In the Clear"

"Mr. President, sir, what did you mean by that and does it in any way contradict what you had earlier said about not knowing anything about your son's business dealings?" Seems like a fair question and yet I haven't heard a single media asshat ask it. Oh well, maybe next year (you know, after the midterm elections and as a means to get the old guy from running again in 2024).

On the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Claiming that Mr. Trump Has Opened "Opportunities for Physical Harm"

How ironic (irony clearly being beyond the moron's pay-grade - more irony) in that this is one of the same piles of shit who's championed that reckless policy of letting violent criminals out of jail prematurely where they often, you know, DO PHYSICAL HARM!

Sunday, July 3, 2022

To All of the Opportunistic Pseudo Male Feminists Who Think that They Can Score Some Ladies at These Retarded Abortion Protests

Got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that, yes, you'll meet a ton of chicks at these shitfests. The bad news is that 96% of them bear an uncanny resemblance to Corporal Klinger from the 1970s Sitcom, MASH. It all depends on what you're looking for, I guess.

On January 6th Star-Chamber "Witness", Cassidy Hutchinson, Asserting that Mr. Trump Grabbed the Steering Wheel of His Limo and Started Choking One of His Secret Service Agents and Every One of the Nut Jobs at MSLSD Finding it Utterly Plausible

And of course there was no cross-examination as Pelosi only permitted Republicans who hated Trump's guts to take part in the fiasco (crybaby Adam Kingzinger and torture apologist Lynn Cheney). Jim Jordan, yeah, he didn't make the cut (fortunately for our gal, Cassidy).

On the California Attorney General Suggesting that an Applicant's Ideological Viewpoints Be Considered Before Approving Concealed-Carry Licenses

What a relief. For a while I thought that they were going to do something fascistic on the gun issue. Thank God.

On Ashley Biden Writing In Her Diary About Taking Showers with Her Father (AKA, the Current Leader of the Free World) and Putting In Parenthesis, "Probably Not Appropriate"

Yeah, this is disturbing but because this pervert's a Democrat and an individual whose name isn't Donald Trump, not a ton of coverage, huh?

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Friday, July 1, 2022

On the Incendiary Language Coming from the Left Recently On the Abortion Issue Being Exponentially Worse than Anything Ever Uttered by Trump and the Media of Course Voicing Outrage About it (that Latter Part Obviously a Test to Gauge Your Attention)

And so far none of these lunatics have been cited by Merrick Garland and company as, terrorists. Granted, the dude's got full plate with all of these pissed-off parents, imaginary white supremacists, January 6th trespassers, etc.. but, still, could he at least make believe that he's concerned about? Too much to ask?

On My First Red Flag Law Target Being the Entirety of Nancy Pelosi's Security Detail

 Ticking time-bombs they are and, yes, the thought of these rodeo clowns going around carrying "weapons of war" should concern everyone (satire alert).