Friday, August 31, 2018

On the Fact that Crowdstrike, the Security Firm that the DNC Hired to Investigate the Supposed Hacking of its Computers and Who Blamed the Russians for it, Apparently Has a History of Falsely Blaming the Russians for Hacking -

Thank God for sites like CounterPunch, the Intercept, Disobediant Media,, the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, Consortium News, RT, Zero Hedge, Wikileaks, etc., because if we didn't have them to rely on......and had to rely only on corporate shills like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the L.A. Times, the HuffPo, etc., holy moley, would we ever be in the dark.  

On the Fact that There Are Regular Joe Six Packs Tweeting from Their Dining Room Table Who Get More "Likes" than CNN's Pudgy and Punchable Media Critic, Brian Stelter, and Let's Just Say that He Doesn't Like it Even a Smidge

Which is probably why he summoned Twitter's Jack Dorsey to his sad and astonishingly low-rated Sunday broadcast and all but begged the guy to censor even more than he already has (you know, as opposed to competing for viewers, trying to put out a better product, etc.). Pathetic, huh?

On the Fact that There Hasn't Been a Single Prominent Member of the Democratic Party or the Leftist Mainstream Media that Has Come Out and Demanded Justice for Seth Rich - NOT ONE

Yeah, they must have figured that the bike-rack was sufficient. Way to go, Dems!

On the Fact that (According Thomas Sowell's Volume, "Migrations and Cultures") Even Though the Japanese Immigrants to Hawaii, the U.S.A. Mainland, Peru, and Brazil Had All Pretty Much Started Out as Day Laborers, Farm Hands, and Domestic Servants, by the Second and Third Generations These Families Had On Average Become Significantly More Affluent than the Native Populations

How anyone in light of such powerful evidence can continue to cling to these idiotic notions of radical egalitarianism and the paradigm that all cultures are essentially equal is beyond me (though, yes, this is the very shit that braindead Marxist professors continue to peddle in numerous universities across the country). Open your eyes, people!  

Thursday, August 30, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Documents from the Federal Election Commission) the DNC Dished Out $98,000 to Crowdstrike the Day After Seth Rich Was Killed and Another $113,000 to Them the Day After Shawn Lucas Dropped Dead from a Supposed Drug Overdose (Lucas, a Guy Who Never Had a Drug Problem His Entire Life) -

Yeah, I guess that both of these could be coincidences......but you have to know that if something like this took place and it involved Trump, Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon would be going full-bore and everybody knows it...….Everybody with a brain and a conscience, that is.

On the Fact that 92% of Interracial Children Where the Father Is Black Are Born Out of Wedlock and 82% of Them End Up On Public Assistance -

So all of those commercials that we've been bombarded with that show interracial families being such wonderful things are largely propaganda trying to get the public to accept multiculturalism, in other words. Hmm, I would have never thought that (and by, never, I of course mean, had a major inkling).

On the Fact that There Apparently Exists a Transcript of Steven Spielberg, Lawrence Kasdan, and George Lucas Toying Around with the Idea of Indiana Jones Having Had an Affair with the Karen Allen Character When She Was Just 11 -

Yeah, I guess that they ultimately decided to up the age a bit but not so much as to prevent the Allen character from lamenting that she was "just a child". Pretty fucking sick, huh?...…………………………………………………………………………….P.S. And, no, this doesn't prove that the recent allegations against Spielberg are true, just that there are a lot of sick pricks in Hollywood who are at the very least out of touch with the public, basic human decency, etc., that's all.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Historians, Robert W. Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman) American Blacks In 1871 Had a Higher Literacy Rate than the Average Russian During that Same Time Period

They also had a longer life expectancy and a higher employment rate in the more skilled occupations (carpentry, blacksmithing, etc.). So, yeah, not only were these blacks better off than their counterparts in Africa, they were better off than whites in Eastern Europe. Mind-blowing, huh?

On the Fact that (According to Biographer and Historian, Martin Meredith) In Spite of Massive Amounts of Aid from the West, Hundreds of Millions of Sub-Saharan Black Africans Continue to Live On Less than a Dollar a Day, Illiteracy Amongst the Population Remains Common, and Life Expectancy Rates Are Actually Falling

Yet another example of tribalism not translating well to the modern world (the fact that the governments in Africa are almost uniformly corrupt, kleptocratic, nepotistic, and unwilling to foster the institutions necessary for economic growth). In a nutshell.

The Last Time that John McCain Got Something Correct In Terms of Foreign Policy?

Probably when he opposed President Reagan's Boneheaded decision to send marines to Lebanon......IN 1982!!!!!! Yep, you gotta go back that far.

On the Fact that Nixon Wasn't Forced to Resign for His Secret Wars In Laos and Cambodia but Rather for Doling Out Some Hush Money to Cover Up a Two-Bit Break-In

Nice to see that our political establishment has its priorities straight, 'cause otherwise I'd be concerned. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

On the Claim that John Brennan Converted to Islam During His Time as Station Chief In Saudi Arabia

I could give a shit about it in that if a grown man wants to believe that God spoke to some illiterate warlord who proceeded to transcribe it perfectly and that this profoundly mediocre missive represents the most profound wisdom that ever will be, that's his crap-show. My problem with this guy (one of them anyway) is that he may have been the imbecile who stamped the visas for a significant chunk of those 15 Saudi hijackers on 9/11...….and the fact that he got promoted afterwards!! I mean, I understand the Peter Principle and all but, damn, that is majorly pushing it.

On the Fact that Dystopian San Francisco Is Now Paying Folks Over $70,000 a Year (Over $180,000 When You Throw In the Mandated Benjies) to Traverse Around the City Scooping Up the Shit from Homeless People -

I have a better idea. How 'bout we have the homeless folks scooping up there own shit and not pay them a dime for it? I mean, that way we can afford them their own moral agency AND not screw the taxpayers royally. Win, win!......What do you think?

On the Fact that Some Low-Brow, Insular, Racial Grievance-Mongering, and Surface-Thinking Piece of Garbage/Orthodox to the Nines Commentator On MSNBC Recently Referred to Mollie Tibbetts (the Girl Who Was Raped and Murdered by an Illegal Alien) as "Just a Girl from Iowa"

What's next, people celebrating when a white person gets slaughtered? 'Cause that seems like the trajectory, folks...……………………………………………………………………………...P.S. And can you imagine if she or anyone else had referred to Michael Brown as "just some thug from Missouri"? I'm pretty sure that an "apology" alone (especially one as contrived as this bitch's) wouldn't have been enough. Just ask Rosanne.

Monday, August 27, 2018

On CNN Planting Some Socialist Never-Trumper Into Their Focus Group of Trump Voters to See How Many of Them Have Soured On the Dude and Guess What the Idiotic Plant Had to Say -

So did CNN do this on purpose? Being familiar with their long record of staging shit and overall propensity to lie, I'm thinkin', yeah. What about you? 

On the Perplexing Notion that Access to White People (and ONLY White People) Is Now a Universal Human Right

And here's the part that I really don't get. They say that white people are these horrible oppressors and yet we still have MILLIONS of third-word migrants (ostensibly the victims of this virulent white oppression) flooding into Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand to get as close as humanly possible to these white monsters. Hmm, could it possibly be that a) white people aren't so much as monsters as they are suckers and b) these migrants are at least to some extent taking advantage of white guilt and piety? Some food for thought.   

On the Bullshit Fact-Check Site, Snopes, Uploading a Picture of Independent Journalist Matt Couch's Wife and Claiming it to Be the Recently Deceased Journalist, Jenny Moore

Yeah, it could have simply been a mistake (a meme had been floating around with an image of Couch's wife over Moore's name and maybe Snopes was fooled by that - as opposed to it being a threat, I'm saying). But if you're a fact-checking site and you can't even get the right picture on screen, yeah, you just might be in the wrong occupation.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Sunday Serving of Patty - Edition 10

On the Odds of Don Lemon or Any of These Other Corporate Media Slant-Heads Putting Ernst Roets On Their Program and Allowing Him to Speak Uninterrupted

  Well, being how effortlessly he dismantled this ANC mouthpiece, not very high would be my crazy guess.

On the Fact that When You Control for Duration and Population Size, a White South African Farmer Is Twice as Likely to Be Attacked and Killed as a U.S. Soldier In Afghanistan (3,000 of 45,000 White Farmers Having Been Killed Since 1994 Compared to Only 2,000 of 100,000 U.S. Soldiers Having Been Killed In Afghanistan Since 2002 - Data from 2014)

And yet we still have these morons from CNN and the New York Times trying to deny that there a problem in South Africa (this because if they did tell the public the truth, they'd also have to admit that they were wrong all along about the venal ANC, the Rainbow Nation narrative, and even multiculturalism in general and THAT they will not do). Un-fucking-real.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

On Alt-Right Ramrod, Sinead McCarthy (an Obnoxious but Not Altogether Unattractive Redhead), Blasting Her Fellow Alt-Righter, Richard Spencer, for Not Sufficiently Hating On Gays (Implying Also that Mr. Spencer Himself Is a Little Swishy)

Has there ever been a hard-core movement in which the members didn't eventually start eating each other (another example being the SJWs hammering Germaine Greer simply because she didn't completely buy into the trans lunacy)? I certainly can't think of one (one of the main reasons why I'm not a "joiner").

On CNN's Don Lemon Once Telling Sheriff David Clarke that it Wasn't His Job to Condemn (In this Instance, Black Lives Matter for Their Vitriolic Anti-Cop Rhetoric) but Rather to Report

Yeah, he was either lying his ass off when he said that, or he wasn't and the dude's job description has changed (the fact that he condemns Trump every damned night with some of his more bullish diatribes bordering on the pathological). Probably the former, would be my guess.

On the View's Joy Behar (Perhaps the Dumbest of an Extremely Dumb Ensemble) Pointing to Denmark as an Example of Socialism Succeeding (as Opposed to Venezuela and Zimbabwe, Which Even She Must See as Terminal Basket-Cases)

How many times does this Denmark example need to be debunked? AGAIN, a) Denmark doesn't have a socialist economy but rather a mixed one (comparable to ours). b) Denmark actually scores higher on the Fraser and Heritage rankings of economic freedom than the U.S. does (less regulation, lower corporate tax rates, and freer trade being just three of their advantages). And c) While, yes, Denmark did have an experimentation with socialism, it was only possible because of the wealth that had been built up under capitalism AND once it started to crater, they deep-sixed a significant portion of it. Leftists, please, FIND ANOTHER EXAMPLE!!      

On the Mainstream Media's Pathetic Attempt to Keep its Stranglehold On the Dissemination of Information to the Public so that They Can Continue to Indoctrinate the Citizens and Protect Their Fascistic Masters In the Government

I think that it will ultimately fail in that there are just too many burgeoning alternatives on the Web that at least claim to be free speech forums and if, IF these alternative content providers can somehow band together and tell the Facebooks, Spotifies, and YouTubes of the world to go pound sand, then maybe the rest of us can at least try and keep the legacy media's feet to the fire. That's the plan anyway.

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 25

 With Lionel Richie, of all people. It works!

Friday, August 24, 2018

On Ehud Barak Going On the BBC Right After the Twin Towers Fell and Almost Immediately Fingering bin Laden as the Likely Culprit

Yeah, those neocons and Zionists certainly had their talking-points well prepared. I'll give 'em that...……………………………………………………………………...P.S. And, yes, kudos to the BBC interviewer who interjected a little skepticism into the conversation which made Barak backtrack a bit. If we could only get our journalists to be so curious.

On the Left Consistently Referring to Illegal Aliens as "Undocumented Individuals"

Yeah, that's like calling a crack-whore an "unlicensed sex-therapist", a guy who punches your teeth out an "unlicensed oral surgeon", some douche-bag who rams your car from behind and gives you a whiplash an "unlicensed chiropractor", your average run-of-the-mill schmuck who sells horse and meth on the street-corner an "unlicensed pharmacist", etc.. You get the idea.

Albums Deserving of a Wider Audience - Edition

  "You Hold the Key" by Beth Nielsen Chapman (1993). Trisha Yearwood does a great job on this song, too, but, damn, I really enjoy the original. Bluesy!

On the Fact that Prior to the Industrial Revolution and Free-Enterprise Capitalism, the Only Times In Which Individuals Experienced a Hike In Their Standard of Living Was In the Wake of Plagues and Other Mass-Disasters that Caused a Sharp Reduction In the Population

Yeah, it was basic supply and demand (less workers causing a bidding up of wages by employers) and being that everybody essentially did the same farming job with zero division of labor, as long as you survived the disaster you ended up reaping a benefit from it. Scary but, yeah.

On the Fact that (According to Gregory Clark's Book, "A Farewell to Alms") the Murder Rate In England Dropped from 30 per 100,000 in 1200 to 1 per 100,000 in 1800

Yeah, that's a massive 97% reduction and probably (again, according to Clark's book) one of the main factors (along with an improved literacy rate, a burgeoning work ethic, etc.) as to why the Industrial Revolution took place in Great Britain as opposed to Africa, Central America, South Asia, or even the Mediterranean (locations where the improvements in these areas lagged to varying degrees). Interesting stuff, huh (not to mention, a pleasant change of pace from explaining EVERYTHING through the increasingly hackneyed lens of "white privilege")?

On Elizabeth Warren's Response to the Murder of Mollie Tibbetts by an Illegal Alien Essentially Being One of, "Oh, that's Awful, Now Can We All Go Back to Blasting Trump, Blaming Him for Everything, etc.?"

There's tone-deaf and the there's TONE DEAF.………...with Warren clearly in the latter camp, it seems.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

On the Likelihood of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen Being Indicted (On Charges that Have Zero Connection to Russian Collusion) if They Had Never Worked for Trump

I think that any fair-minded individual with a pulse and a brain-stem knows the answer to that question and so we probably don't need to perseverate on it very long, do we? NEXT! 

On Al "I Love to Stoke the Fires of Racial Resentment and Division Because it Keeps Me Relevant and the Money Flowing" Sharpton Paying Tribute to Aretha Franklin by Misspelling, Respect (R-E-S-P-I-C-T)

To be honest with you, I'm surprised that he even came that close. The idiot.

On the Claim by One of Matt Couch's Sources that the Murderers of Seth Rich Were Actually Two Government Agents (One from the A.T.F., the Other from the C.I.A.)

Well, if the authorities in D.C. finally agreed to release the ballistics report, that would certainly help (the fact that government agents use a special type of bullet and while they certainly could have used a different gun to hide their tracks, the presence of that bullet would clearly out the botched robbery theory), wouldn't you think?...………………………………………………………………………………….P.S. And, no, I don't have a strong sense either way on this one (government agents being the killers). I just want the facts to come out, that's all.

On the Distinct Likelihood that Major Companies Will View the Expropriation of Property from Afrikaner Farmers Without Compensation as a Problematic Indicator of Insecure Property Rights and Ultimately Choose to Avoid South Africa Like the Plague When it Comes to Investing There

One of the more illustrative points that Nicholas Wade makes in his politically incorrect book, "A Troublesome Inheritance" is that populations which have evolved in a more tribal setting tend to have a much higher time preference where the main tendencies are to a) pursue immediate gratification and b) not see long term consequences...….and while not meaning to sound overly harsh here, does not this moronic and unjust policy of government theft seem like a pitch-perfect example of this? It surely does to me.

On the Distinct Likelihood that Donna Brazile's Consumption of Bourbon, Coke, Hot Pockets, and Pizza Rolls Will Be Skyrocketing Precipitously In the Next Several Months (the Fact that the Gal Has Some Serious 'Splainin' to Do Pertaining to Her Whereabouts On a Certain July Morning In 2016 Probably Causing Her Usage to Ratchet Up a Bit)

Just a few of her crutches I've been told.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

On the Venal Deep-State Clown, John Brennan, Making One Vacuous and Self-Serving Appearance After Another On CNN and MSNBC and Never, EVER Getting a Challenging Question from the Posse of Corrupt and Mediocre Anchors Who Continue to Draw a Paycheck from Those Bullshit Outfits

Can you imagine if Mike Wallace and Tim Russert were alive today and witnessing this shit? They would be aghast and embarrassed, don't you think?......My God.

On the Fact that if the Government and Their Protectors In the Mainstream Media Really Wanted the Seth Rich "Conspiracy" to Go Away, All that They Would Have to Do Is Release the Autopsy Report, the Ballistics Report, the Toxicology Report, the Body-Cam Videos, the Street Videos, the Phone Records, etc...….and Being that They've Done None of These Things......

Yeah, they're either hiding something or they aren't and simply like beating their opponents over the head with one buffoonish bromide after another. I strongly suspect that it's the former.

On "Alt-Right", "White Supremacist", "White Nationalist", "Racist", "Neo-Nazi", "Conspiracy Theory", etc., etc.

I'll take, "Terms that Have Completely Lost Their Sting Due to Overuse, Sloppy Applications, Intellectual Bereftness, etc. and Which Have Essentially Morphed Into Conversation Stoppers When the Users Don't Have Anything More Enlightening to Say (Which Is Usually)", for a thousand, Alex.

Albums Deserving of a Wider Audience - Edition 9

 "Sunday Morning to Saturday Night" by Matraca Berg (1997). While being known more as a songwriter, Berg has proven on countless occasions that she can also sing pretty damned well - with this probably being her finest album.

On the Fact that if Foreign Aid and Natural Resources Were the Key to a Country's Prosperity, Places Like Africa and the Middle East Would Be Financial Powerhouses and Places Like Singapore and Hong Kong Would Be Forever Destitute

Yeah, like I've said before, prosperity has much more to do with a country having such things as secure property rights, enforceable contracts, the rule of law, a pronounced work ethic, modern medicine/science/technology, safeguards against corruption, etc. and the places listed in the title are just a couple examples of this. Good ones.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

On the Claim by Some that "Surely the Republicans Can Run a Better Candidate In 2020 than Trump"

Anything's possible but being that the last Republican President was a moronic war-mongering torturer who helped lay the groundwork for the most invasive surveillance state in world history, DON'T BE SO SURE!!           

On the Ludicrous New Conspiracy Theory Out There that this Q Handle Is Actually JFK Jr.

I try hard to be open-minded about new ideas but to imply that Kennedy faked him own death so that he could live incognito for damned close to two decades when in reality his corpse is undoubtedly still residing at the bottom of Long Island Sound is just a bit too much even for me. Sorry.

On the Press's Response to Trump Saying that SOME Mexican Illegal Immigrants Are Rapists Versus its Response to Mrs. Clinton Having Said that Black Gang-Bangers Are Super Predators

There appears to have been a lot more attention paid to one over the other, WOULDN'T YOU SAY? 

Monday, August 20, 2018

On Donna Brazile Threatening to Sue Matt Couch if He Doesn't Retract the Accusations Against Her

Does not this Brazile idiot realize that her phone records will be part of the discovery phase......and that if she's lying about any of this (and I strongly suspect that that's the case) the hole that she's dug for herself will get demonstrably bigger? Apparently not, huh (though, yeah, the slant could simply be bluffing - we'll see)?

On What Gary Johnson SHOULD Have Said When that Douche-Bag On "Morning Joe" Asked Him What He Would Do About Aleppo

"Nothing. I'm going to do nothing about Aleppo because doing 'something' about Aleppo would mean that we'd be getting involved in yet another idiotic foreign civil war and I ask you, when was the last time that that ever worked out well for the U.S.? Boom, next question." 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

On the Fact that There Were Only 3 Murders In Alabama In 2016 -

Must be because of the strict gun control laws there...….Oh wait (the plain truth of course being that Alabama consistently ranks in the top 20 of states when it comes to gun rights).

On the Claim by Independent Journalist, Matt Couch, that Within Minutes of Seth Rich Being Whisked Into Medstar Hospital In D.C., Not One but Two High Ranking Democratic Officials Showed Up to Observe What Was Going On - a Much Sooner than Expected Update

Yeah, I guess that they didn't want to wait 'til tomorrow in that they just announced earlier this evening that the two high ranking Democratic officials were Donna Brazile and Washington D.C. mayor, Muriel Bowser. Hmm, I wonder what their explanation will be (you know, for showing up at the very same hospital at the very same time - 4:31 AM - that Seth Rich did). Can't wait!  

On the Fact that Even Though Saudi Arabia Has Long Been (and Continues to Be) One of the Most Grotesque Countries In Modern History, Presidents Bush 2, Obama, and Trump Have Somehow Found it Prudent to Market Tens of Billions of Dollars In Advanced Aircraft and Weaponry to These Barbarians

And, yes, Trump is the biggest disappointment regarding this policy in that of the countless 2016 candidates he seemed the least inclined to engage in this shit. Oh well, at least he won't be stupid enough to lob missiles into Syria...….What's that? Oh, never mind.

A Sunday Serving of Patty - Edition 9

  P.S. I'm a little pissed off in that two of my favorite albums by Patty, "I'm Fine" and "Tango", aren't presently featured on YouTube but don't worry, there's still a lot of solid stuff that is.

On Pathetic Lunatics Who Are so Deranged and Who Live In Such a Dystopic Reality that They Actually Believe that a Middle-Class Person Could Get Two Modern-Day Dickensian Type Blokes to Fight for the Privilege of Mowing His or Her Lawn for $5

Don't think that such people exist? Trust me, they do...…………………………………………………………………………………………..P.S. And, yes, I am of course referring here to folks who are a) exceedingly insular (perhaps living in their mother's basement), b) totally lacking in human capital, c) heavily prone to blame others for their paltry existence, d) not particularly motivated to improve themselves, and e) insecure to an almost metallic level...….Just in case you couldn't figure it out.

On the Claim by Independent Journalist, Matt Couch, that Within Minutes of Seth Rich Being Whisked Into Medstar Hospital In D.C., Not One but Two High Ranking Democratic Officials Showed Up to Observe What Was Going On

Of course the truly scintillating part of this story is that Couch is giving these individuals 'til noon tomorrow to come forward and talk to his team (private investigators and former cops working pro-bono) OR he will call a press conference and name them. Man, is this ever becoming juicy.

On Why You Should Vote for Bernie Sanders and that Even More Brain-Disordered Bimbo from New York

Yeah, that's an easy one; because robbing your neighbor on your own could get you shot. VOTE ON IT FIRST!!!!!    

Saturday, August 18, 2018

On the Fact that if Alex Jones Is Such a Dangerous Fellow, Maybe We Ought to Take Away His Right to Vote as Well

Yeah, yeah, I know, don't give the feral, parasitic, surface-thinking, and tyrannical statists any more hairbrained ideas than they already have. Agreed.

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 24

On the Fact that Some Demagogic Egghead from the ADL Recently Came Out and Tried to Argue that the Word, "Globalist", Was an Anti-Semitic Slur

Yeah, it was like, "No, dolt, we're not talking anti-Semitism but rather a well-grounded concern about surrendering one's sovereignty to some parasitic and fascistic entity halfway around the world that could potentially embroil us in a bunch of idiotic conflicts that no sane Republic would want any part of but, hey, if you want to jet-set around the planet grievance-mongering, knock yourself out, asshole."......Or words to that effect.

On the Solution to Internet Censorship

Yeah, I'm really struggling with this. On the one hand, you have these companies that are privately owned and so my first inclination is to let them do as they please but then I also recognize that these platforms have become borderline monopolies and are essentially utilities and so maybe a few guidelines are in order. If I had to make a choice here I would probably say no to regulation (I'm thinking back to the Tobacco Bill in which Phillip Morris's share of the market actually INCREASED) and really try to encourage these "controversial" content providers to set up shop elsewhere; sites like Gab, Bitchute, Vimeo, etc. and to also just flood YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with as much hate-mail as humanely possible. No, it may not succeed but, hey, recall Myspace?

On the Fact that Even Though Virtually Any Homicide Detective Worth His Salt Would Agree that Looking at a Murder Victim's Place of Employment for Clues In an Unsolved Case Is Part of Detective Work 101, You Still Have Lowbrow and Idiotic Sites Like the New York Times and Snopes Trying to Assert that to Argue so Makes You a Conspiracy Theorist

And, yes, this is exactly why we need an alternative media and AND an eternal hope that the fascists don't destroy it completely...….Snopes and the New York Times - give me a fucking break!!

On the Fact that the Left Has Demonized Trump Beyond All Human Comprehension and Has Since Become Petrified by the Very Image that They Themselves Have Created

Look, I get it. The guy can be a real shit-show. But let us not forget that his adversary for the office, Mrs. Clinton, smashed Libya to the point where they now have slave auctions and human organ trafficking, either pilfered or misplaced $10,000,000,000 from the Haiti relief efforts, exclusively implemented a private, unsecured server to communicate top-secret material, proposed a no-fly-zone over Syria that could have potentially ignited a cataclysmic war with Russia, participated in an illegal coup in Ukraine that brought to the fore a group of neo-Nazis, threatened the Iranians with a nuclear strike, etc., etc. and, so, yeah, she was pretty scary, too - for the record.

Friday, August 17, 2018

On the Fact that 90% of the Legacy Media Outlets Are Saying the Exact Same Shit and Yet that Isn't Good Enough for Some of the Fascistic Pricks (Two of Whom Are Senators from My Home State of Connecticut) Out There

Yeah, they want 100% (meaning that they want everyone to sound like Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Scott Pelley,, and the editorial boards of the New York Times and Washington Post), and they won't rest until they achieve it, TRUST ME.

On Breakout Journalist, Caitlin Johnstone, Getting Temporarily Suspended from Twitter Recently Supposedly for Insulting a Dying John McCain

I personally believe that the McCain tweet was just an excuse to punish somebody who refuses to tow the mainstream narrative on Syria, Russia, and a variety of other subjects ('cause as you've probably noticed, it's only those people who take the incoming). I could be wrong but I doubt it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

On the Warped Notion that Those Feces-Flinging Somali Migrants Who Stormed Into Spain Recently Will Someday Be Paying for the Pensions of an Increasingly Aging Spanish Population

 Well, being that the migrant unemployment numbers in other European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands are still hovering around 85% (, does the word, "pipedream", ring a bell?

On What the Parasites and Henchmen of a Major Political Party Do When it Is Disclosed that Their Highly Corrupt Enterprise a) Colluded with Partisan Media Shits and b) Screwed Over One of Their Nominees by Rigging the Primaries to the Benefit of the Much More Establishment Candidate

Well if you're in the modern-day Democratic party, you engage in a sophisticated (albeit, comical) strategy of transference and misdirection by concocting some palpably ludicrous narrative that is was the the Republican nominee who did the real colluding...……...with the Russians, no less (with the only evidence being an examination of the server by partisan hacks and a bogus dossier that was bought and paid for by Democratic associates) and combine THAT with a two-year-long hissy-fit...….You act like a toddler, in other words.

Albums Deserving of a Wider Audience - Edition 8

 "Silver City" by Sarah Borges (2005). One of the better debut albums in year, Borges rocks out on a par with Lucinda Williams and Chrissie Hynde and even throws in a little rockabilly (a la, Carlene Carter). Good stuff!

On the Fact that Nearly 100 Autos Were Set On Fire and/or Vandalized In Gothenburg, Sweden the Other Day -

Yeah, those frisky, young Viking lads must be rabble-rousing again ('cause as we're all aware, it couldn't possibly be those perpetually well-behaved Afghan and Somali chaps doing it)…….When are they going to knock that shit off?  

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

On Why I Don't Feel Guilty Over Slavery

The harsh fact that: a) Slavery was a universal institution as late as the mid-19th Century and the slaves in North America were treated better than anywhere else on the planet (with African, Muslim, and Native American slavery being the worst). b) More Europeans were enslaved by Muslims than blacks by North Americans (380,000 to over a million) and yet this is completely glossed over. c) The slaves in the American South were frequently better off than the free blacks in the North and even the dirt-poor whites in the South. d) Blacks were sold into slavery by their fellow blacks and so if there is guilt to had it needs be shared. e) There were tens of thousands of black people who also owned slaves in North America and, so, again, the guilt needs to be shared. f) There isn't a single place on the globe where black people are better off with white people not around and so maybe getting on those boats wasn't the worst thing. g) Whatever wealth that was accrued due to slavery was wiped out numerous times over by the Civil War. h) Hundreds of thousands of poor Scotch, Irish, and English were also shipped over to not just North America but the Caribbean as well. i) Far more black Africans were enslaved by Arabs than by white Europeans and as far as I know no calls for reparations have ever been made. And j) the American taxpayer has already dished out TRILLIONS of dollars over the past half century to help black people (and, no, this doesn't even include the money that whites have lost due to affirmative action) and the sane reaction at some point would certainly have to be, "OK, enough"...……….There are probably more reasons (a weariness of identity politics, for example) but what do you say that we start with these?...…………………………………………………………………………………..Sources - "To Hell or Barbados" by Sean O'Callighan, "White Cargo" by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh, "Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery Is Wrong, Ask a Southerner" by Lochlainn Seabrook, "Slavery, Capitalism, and Politics In the Antebellum Republic" by John Ashworth, "White Servitude In the Colony of Virginia" by James Curtis Ballagh, "The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade" by William O. Blake, "The African Slave Trade" by Basil Davidson, "Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters" by Robert C. Davis, "Islam's Black Slaves" by Ronald Segal, many others.

On the Fact that if Iran Truly Was an Existential Threat to Israel (as Netanyahu Has Repeatedly Argued), the Missiles and the Jets Would Have Already Been Deployed to Destroy and Diminish Said Capacity

Yeah, this all about roping the West (the U.S.A. especially) into yet another idiotic conflict that shouldn't concern us one iota, and as pissed off as I am at Netanyahu, all of those Democrats and Republicans in Washington who continue to take donations from AIPAC and the ADL and then proceed to do Mr. Netanyahu's bidding, feel free to double it, thank you.

Monday, August 13, 2018

On the Fact that Even Though Numerous Imams Have Stated that Their Ultimate Goal Is to Overtake the West Through Immigration and Procreation, the Leaders of These Western Countries Are so Mired In the Discredited Philosophies of Multiculturalism and Diversity that They Seemingly Cannot Recognize that this Current Islamic Ideology Is Essentially the Same One that a) Charles Martel Beat Back at the Battle of Tours and b) Perpetrated the Siege of Vienna

Heaven help our grandkids, 'cause we sure ain't.

On that Feral and Degenerate Leftist Outfit, Antifa, Attacking Police Officers and Reporters In Charlottesville the Other Day and Damned if the Deep-State Apologists at CNN Didn't Report On it -

Yeah, this violent behavior by Antifa (a bunch of unemployed and uneducated basement-dwellers who only engage in combat when they have a huge numerical advantage and/or blunt-force-trauma weapons) was so atrocious that even Vox was forced to report on it. CNN, not so much!

On the Statist Claim that Minorities Fare Better with a Strong Centralized Government

Maybe in some cases but when you can point to the Ukrainians in the Soviet Union, the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, the Indians in Uganda, the Jews in Germany, countless minorities in the British Empire, the Mayans in Guatemala, etc., it is far from a guarantee.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

On Two Witnesses In the DNC Fraud Lawsuit Mysteriously Dying and the Mainstream Media Seemingly Not Finding this Even Remotely Suspicious

Now if this whole shit-show had involved the Republican party...….Yeah, huh?

On the Legacy Media Ridiculing Anybody Who Even Questions the "Botched Robbery (a Concept that's Never Been Properly Defined but Whatever)" Narrative of What Happened to Seth Rich

I'm sorry but when the authorities refuse to hand over the autopsy report, the ballistics report, the toxicology report, the body-cam footage, the phone records, etc. and when there still exists no record of a "lookout" having been posted after the incident, what do these assholes and protectorates of state power expect, no curiosity at all?......Some journalists.

On the Tendency of Hollywood Leftists to Believe Pretty Much Every Adult Woman Who Comes Forward with a Complaint of Sexual Harassment and/or Sexual Abuse but NOT to Believe Adult Men AND Women Who Come Forward and Claim that They Were Sexually Mistreated as a Child In Hollywood (Especially if the Person Being Accused Is a Much Loved Celebrity Like Steven Spielberg or Tom Hanks)

Seems a trifle inconsistent to me. I guess that they just don't think that pedophilia is a big problem in Hollywood (either that or they're covering for folks - who knows?).

On the Tendency of Recent College Graduates with Bullshit Majors, Limited Job Prospects, and Massive Debt to Embrace the Palpable Idiocy of "Democratic Socialism"

And American taxpayers are subsidizing this; yet another fucking bubble (which hopefully doesn't explode simultaneously with the others; the stock market, the overall debt bomb, the Chinese building craze, etc.). Great, huh?

Saturday, August 11, 2018

On the Binary World of Low-Brow Ideologues Such as Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity

I can't even begin to fathom what it's like going through life like that; believing that your "team" is always not just right but morally superior while the other team is not just always wrong but evil. I mean, it's almost identical to the way that toddlers act and yet there are folks out there who take what these assholes say seriously. It's a scary time, folks. Very scary.

On the Fact that When Chuck Schumer Told Rachel Maddow that President Trump Had Better Be Careful 'Cause the Intel Community "Has Six Ways from Sunday at Getting Back at You", She Just Sat There Like an Asshole, Said "Hmm", and called for a Commercial Break

I've often stated that partisanship is a mental illness (and, yes, it is also alive and kicking on the right with douche-bags like Sean Hannity - no argument on that) and if you still don't think that it is after witnessing this malignant horse-shit, I can't help you. I simply can't (the plain truth of course being that if Chucky had said this about a Democratic President the chick would have gone ballistic and everybody with even a semblance of honesty knows it).

On San Francisco Passing a Law Making it Illegal for Facebook and Other Tech Giants to Provide Their Employees a Free Lunch (the Reasoning Being that it Hurts Local Restaurants) -

Wow, Facebook getting a taste of its own fascistic medicine. How cool is that?...……………………………………………………………………………….But seriously, though, how is this shit even remotely Constitutional (not that that is ever much of a consideration these days)? I mean, what are they going to do next; make it a crime to pack a ham and cheese sandwich (on rye) and tote it to your job? Probably, huh?

On Portland, Oregon

I'll take, "Places Where Massive Numbers of Gen-X Meth-Heads Pray to the Gods of Socialism and Gender Fluidity and Pitch Their Tents Pretty Much Anywhere Without Any Consequences", for a thousand, Alex.

Friday, August 10, 2018

On the Fact that if this Partisan Shill Pseudo-Journalist Gig Continues to Go South for Mr. Acosta, I Hear that These Folks Are Looking for a News Spokesperson

So, what do you think, a perfect match, no?

On the Fact that In the Immediate Aftermath of Republican Senator Arthur Watkins's Decision to Vote In Favor of Censuring Senator McCarthy, it Was Soon Announced that the Eisenhower Administration (One of the Main Factions that Had Been Pushing for Censure) Would Be Supporting Full-Throttle an Expensive Water Project In the Senator's Home State of Utah

Nah, that doesn't look suspicious, not even a little (with Eisenhower's pure hatred of McCarthy and your average legislator's drooling addiction to pork spending completely coincidental, of course).

Albums Deserving of a Wider Audience - Edition 7

   "Famous Blue Raincoat" by Jennifer Warnes (1986). Critically acclaimed but not a big seller, this disc of all Leonard Cohen songs is a classic and I can't recommend it highly enough, with this number in particular melting me BIG TIME!

On Those 700 Kids On the Mexican Border Who Still Haven't Been Reunited with Their Families

The reason for this long delay (and piece of shit reporters/propagandists like Jim Acosta are fully cognizant of this - and if they're not, they're total idiots) is that there remains insufficient evidence in many cases that the adults who brought these kids to the border are in fact their real parents (they could be traffickers and wouldn't it be beyond irresponsible to surrender children to people such as this?) and AND there is significant evidence that these folks are either abusive or have a criminal record. I mean, I understand that the media wants to portray Mr. Trump in the most monstrous way conceivable (never minding that Obama had essentially the same policy) but when the facts are this contrary to their propagandist foolishness, they really do risk losing whatever tiny slice of credibility that they may have still possessed.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

On the Claim that Black People Are a Marginalized Group

If being a marginalized group means being one of the primary cynosures of American domestic policy FOR THE PAST 50 YEARS (the civil rights era, the Great Society, affirmative action, massive amounts of aid to the inner-city, the formation of the E.E.O.C., the fact that a great many big cities in this country are run by blacks, the fact that the prior President was a black man who infused literally every molecule of the Federal government with racial consciousness, the fact that the average black person gets hundreds of thousands of dollars more in benefits than they dish out in taxes during their lifetime, etc.), then, yeah, blacks are a marginalized group. Other than that, no, not so much.

On the Fact that In a 2005 Interview with Salon, George Clooney Plainly Fessed Up that One of the Main Femme Fatales of His Propagandist Movie, "Good Night and Good Luck", Annie Lee Moss, Indeed WAS a Practicing Communist (Whether He Also Mentioned the Numerous Times that Ms. Moss Had Been Identified by the Army as a Security Risk I'm Not Entirely Sure) and NOT the Victim of Mistaken Identity, Senator McCarthy's Bullying Tactics, etc. (i.e., the Narrative that the Movie Blatantly Attempts to Further)

Yeah, the more that I learn about ole George, the more convinced that I become of his scum-bag status and wish that he'd drag his backside back to England. The dishonest buffoon.

On the Bizarre and Patronizing Notion that it Is Racist to Criticize Individual Black People (Especially Those Such as Maxine Waters and Jacob Zuma Who Have Zero Integrity and Even Less Intelligence)

Yet another example of black privilege it seems to me (with the power to not be critiqued quite possibly being the most potent kryptonite of all).

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Most Important 2:16 of Our Time?

    I would strongly argue in the affirmative, and I'm really asking you to listen to this and then compare it to the vile and fascistic garbage that's been coming from these leftist tech companies who've apparently decided that they, and only they, are the true arbiters of acceptable speech. The left always says that it hates monopolies. Well here's there chance to shine and show some real integrity. Hopefully a few of them will show up.

On Connecticut's Dirt-Bag Boy Senator, Chris Murphy, Applauding the Banning of Alex Jones, Asserting that it's Just the Beginning, and Proclaiming that the Future of America's Democracy Depends Upon it

First off we're a republic and not a democracy so he's a moron on that point alone. But beyond that, can't you see what this clown and his boot-lickers in the legacy media are doing? They're trying to silence any and all dissenting opinions that push back on the establishment's narrative and, trust me here, these shits will not be satisfied until the only views that you do hear are those that come from MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, The Washington Post (a rump outfit that does business with the C.I.A. and who employs one of the sleaziest scum-bags in Washington, John Podesta), the Boston Globe, the L.A. Times, the Huffington Post, the Chicago Tribune, PBS, etc...………..'cause as we're all aware by now, that's the real collusion. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

On the Fact that While, Yes, Alex Jones Can Be a Total Nut-Job at Times, Let Us Not Forget that the Dude Has Also Been One of the Most Consistent Anti-War Voices Out There and that Maybe When You Compare Him to All of Those Establishment Shits On Cable News Who Champion Not Just this Interventionist Bullshit but the Surveillance State as Well, it Wouldn't Necessarily Be the Most Prudent Thing to Silence Him While Those Others Keep Popping Off

I'm just sayin'.

On Canadian Folk Music Legend, Gordon Lightfoot, Recently Saying that He Liked Justin Bieber

What's next, the ghosts of Richard Feynman, Albert Einstein, Hans Bethe, Niels Bohr, and Karl Popper admitting that they like Bill Nye, the Science Guy? Can't wait!

On the Fact that the Slur, Fascist, Continues to Deliver Much More Sting than the Bookend Slur, Communist

This despite the fact that a Cambodian in the 1970s or a Ukrainian in the 1930s would have given an arm and a leg to live under the regimes of Pinochet, Batista, or Mussolini. Go figure, huh?

Albums Deserving of a Wider Audience - Edition 6

 "Flesh and Bone" by Lucy Kaplansky (1996). While Lucy certainly has come out with some solid recordings in her career, this one continues to be her finest; a mixture of folk, rock, country, and pop, more crisp and exacting music you are most unlikely to hear (this number being a rousing remake of a Nick Lowe classic). Enjoy!

On the Fact that if Seth Rich Was Still Conscious When the Cops Arrived (and He Seemingly Was), the First Question that These Officers Would Have Had for Mr. Rich Would Have Surely Pertained to a Description of the Assailant and from that Information They Would Have Then Posted a "Lookout"

Where's the lookout? Has anybody ever seen and/or heard it? "Cause I haven't...….And we do want to solve this case, don't we? DON'T WE?    

On NBC's Chuck Todd Claiming that President Trump Only Questions the Intelligence of Black People

What a dirty, stinking liar in that as anybody who's followed Trump's career even a little can attest to, the guy is an equal opportunity offender (ole Chuck must have missed it when Trump belittled the intellect of Nancy Pelosi, Robert Deniro, and Rick Perry)…...and, yeah, if you ever wondered why the dude despises the media, you can't get a much better example than this. No sir.

Monday, August 6, 2018

On the Fact that "I May Not Agree with What You Say, but Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say it" Seemingly Doesn't Apply Any Longer (the Fact that Folks Who Don't Tow the MSM Line Are Constantly Getting Shit-Canned from Multiple Social Media Sites)

First they came for......

On Black Conservative, Candace Owens, Getting Accosted In a Diner by a Pack of Eight or Nine (All White) Antifa Mouth-Breathers and Later Being Aided by a Group of Police Officers, Every One of Which Was Black or Hispanic

Note to the Democrats - NOT GREAT OPTICS!! But seriously, though, can you imagine if this had been a group of alt-right bozos accosting a black liberal? Fucking Maddow would have run with the footage for multiple weeks, extrapolated it to tarnish all conservatives, and in her stock-phrased paranoid fashion tied the whole fucking thing to Trump...….And when are the Democrats going to be asked to "disavow" this foolishness (you know, like Trump was asked to disavow David Duke 80 zillion times)? Soon, I'm hoping. 

On Hollywood Slants Rushing to the Defense of James Gunn While Simultaneously Throwing Rosanne Barr Under the Bus

So I guess that in the minds of these miscreants, it is far worse to insult an affluent and powerful biracial woman who's more European than African (49% versus 46%) than it is to engage in vile and disgusting imagery pertaining to the most vulnerable people in our society (i.e., children, who they claim to be the champions of). Interesting (and sick, don't forget sick).

On the Fact that the Loathsome Neocons and Even More Disgusting Clinton Democrats Are Always Making a Huge Deal About Edward Snowden Having Received Temporary Asylum In Russia

The only reason that Mr. Snowden is still stuck in Russia is because President Obama revoked his passport and so the dude can't travel to his preferred destination in Latin America, NOT BECAUSE HE'S SOME BIG, BAD RUSSIAN SPY, HELLO!!…..My God, the stupidity and paranoia of some of these people.

On the Fact that the Obama/Clinton Policy of Deposing Gadhafi In Libya Hasn't Just Created a Failed State with Open Slave Markets and Rampant Terrorism but One In Which Human Organ Trafficking Runs Rampant as Well -

And the bleeding-hearts on this one are where (Rachel Maddow with her crocodile-tears, etc.)? Still hiding behind those kids in Texas would be my guess.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

On Don Lemon and LeBron James Putting Their Gigantic Brains Together and Claiming that Trump Is Dividing the Country

As opposed to the Democrats who would never in a million years do something like that, I guess (with John Dean proclaiming that this is a "struggle between good and evil", Hillary saying that the Republicans are "running things like a plantation" and then uttering that retarded Gandhi joke, Claire McCaskill saying that "Bush let people die on rooftops because they were poor and black", Charlie Rangel saying that tax cuts are the new N-word and then comparing Bush to Bull Connor, Joe Biden saying that the Republicans want to "put yawl back in chains", Obama turning the funeral of five murdered cops into a racial grievance mongering session, Eric Holder saying that when it comes to race relations, "America is a country of cowards", etc. simply being aberrations apparently).

A Sunday Serving of Patty - Edition 8

On the Fact that the Hollywood #MeToo Movement Has Yet to Include a Single Victim, Male OR Female, of Childhood Sexual Abuse (Which We Know by Now Is a Major Problem In that Industry)

So these schmucks are either in denial or all of this talk about caring for the kids (the ones on the border we're hearing about 24/7; crocodile tears, false bravado, the works) is pure bullshit. Please, you decide. 

On Serial Propagandist, Nikki Haley, Taking the Stage at "Christians United for Israel" and Claiming that "Israel's Fight Is Our Fight, too"

And as long as this remains the bipartisan foreign policy of America, peace in the near future, yeah, not so much...…………………………………………………………………………………...P.S. And, yes, I would love to ask Ms. Haley, what about when the Israelis KNOWINGLY attacked the U.S.S. Liberty, was THAT our fight as well?

Saturday, August 4, 2018

On the Fact that Countries Like Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic Still Have a Vivid Recollection of Soviet Tyranny and to These Folks Islam Is Little More than Soviet Tyranny with a God

This while at the same time, England, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and the rest of Western Europe continue to slit their own wrists by allowing into their countries hordes of people who clash with their civilization and who at some juncture will wish them dead. So unbelievable.

On the Fact that it Was These Dreaded White European Men Who Ultimately Gave the World Science, Modern Medicine, Liberal Democracy, the Rule of Law, Equality Before the Law, Freedom of Thought and Expression, the Universal Concept of Human Rights, the Separation of Church and State, Free Markets, Limited Government, Secure Property Rights, Enforceable Contracts, Cheap and Abundant Energy (Without Which Modernity Would Not Have Been Possible) and the Abolition of Slavery (Let's Not Forget that One)

Please don't say that "we" have to apologize for that, too. Please, PLEASE.

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 23

On the Fact that In Canada, a College Student with "Exam Anxiety" Is Considered to Have a Disability Deserving of Special Treatment -

Yeah, that would be like an attorney with courtroom anxiety, a phlebotomist with needle anxiety, a chiropractor with snapping and popping sound anxiety, a sanitation worker with garbage anxiety, etc...….in that it comes with the fucking territory, for Christ! Dear Lord.

Friday, August 3, 2018

On the Fact that There Are Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars In Reward Money for Information Leading to the Arrest of Seth Rich's Killer (and Make No Mistake About it, this Kid Was Offed) and if this Had Been a Common Street Crime by Gang-Bangers (for Example), Don't You Think that Somebody Would Have Come Forward by Now (the Fact that Your Typical Gang-Banger Would Sell His Sister if the Price Was Right)?

I do.

On the Fact that Downtown San Francisco Is Presently Littered with Hundreds of Piles of Human Feces, Thousands of Used Drug Syringes, and Scores of Homeless Folks Constantly Harassing Tourists and Local Citizens

Yeah, no straws, though (outlawed due to the high plastic content - as opposed to those syringes which have zero plastic, I guess).

On the Fact that the Ancient Romans Saw Only One Use for Anthracite Coal - Jewelry - and Because of that, Their Life-Expectany Was Under 40

Thankfully human ingenuity matured to the point where this once useless raw material was seen as potentially energy and millions of folks were brought out of poverty as the result of it...……….There, now if we could only get these hard-core and anti-human environmentalists to stop their noxious attempts to keep this technology from the third-world where over 1,000,000,000 people still don't have electricity and are forced to cook and heat their dwellings by burning animal-shit, garbage, palm-oil, and charcoal.

On the Fact that Hollywood Leftists Have Become Politically Correct About Pretty Much Everything...……...Except for Having Sex with Kids - They'll Joke (and Tweet) About that 'til the Cows Come Home

I'm a free-speech absolutist and so these low-brow degenerate morons can Tweet whatever they want, but for them to not expect any pushback from people when they've proceeded to publish some of the nastiest shit imaginable is sheer stupidity and I say let these creeps (Michael Ian Black, Sarah Silverman, James Gunn, etc.) marinate in their own stew for a while...…………………………………………………………………………………P.S. And, no, the fact they've tried to weasel out of this self-imposed predicament by calling these Tweets, "jokes", really doesn't help them in that a) raping children - not funny and b) an excessive paucity of punch-lines. But, hey, an A for effort, I guess.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Albums Deserving of a Wider Audience - Edition 5

  "Night In a Strange Town" by Lynn Miles (1998). A beautiful record that unfortunately fell through the cracks. Please, give it a listen.

On the Likelihood of Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Chris Hayes, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, or Any of These Other Mainstream Media Trump-Deranged Douche-Bags Ever Having Ray McGovern, Bill Binney, or Adam Carter On Their Programs and Allowing Them to Explain (via the Principle of Fluid Dynamics) Why the DNC Email Breech Wasn't a Hack but Rather an On-the-Site Download Onto a Thumb-Drive

The odds are better of a gibbon pulling into your driveway with the winning lottery ticket in one hand and a $2,000 bottle of Krug extra-dry in the other. Zero, in other words (the fact that it would obliterate their increasingly cartoonish Russia narrative).

On the Fact that (According to a 2012 Report from Genocide Watch) When President Mbeki's Government Shut Down the Commando System (a National Guard Type Defense Arrangement that the Afrikaners Had Used for Over 300 Years) and Took the Farmer's Guns, the Result was a 300% Increase In the Number of Farm Murders Annually

Yeah, this is why I'm always very leery of government attempts to disarm the populace. They tell the folks that the police can protect them but as we're all aware, when the cops get there it's usually too late...….And especially in South Africa where the cops can't even defend themselves (the fact they hire private security officers to guard police stations), it's even less reassuring.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

On the Fact that that Same Clown from the Last Post, Ben Collins, Claims that the Pedophilia Charges Against Tom Hanks Are Totally Groundless

Yeah, possibly, except for the fact that a young gal by the name of Sarah Ruth Ashcraft has been tweeting for months now that she was Mr. Hanks's sex-slave when she was just 13. Granted, it could be absolute bullshit but in this era #MeToo, women needing to be believed, etc., to add the addendum, "except when it involves a Hollywood icon", seems a trifle shitty to me.

On the Fact that Some Clown Over at NBC News Named Ben Collins Recently Came Out with an Elitist Hit-Piece In Which He Tried to Assert that Anybody Who's Concerned About the Possibility of Significant Pedophilia Taking Place In Hollywood and Washington D.C. Is a Right-Winger Who's Throwing Out Q-Anon Conspiracy Bullshit

Fine, then I'm a right-winger who's throwing out Q-Anon conspiracy bullshit (never mind the fact that I've long identified as a libertarian-leaning independent who hasn't voted Republican for President since 1988, who despises both parties for taking away our civil liberties and for getting us involved in one idiotic conflict after another, and who has said from day one that Q-anon is probably some twenty-something loser who lives in his mother's basement munching on Hot Pockets and astutely stating the obvious). Guilty as charged!!...………………………………………………………………………...And since when did this issue of pedophilia suddenly become a partisan issue? I mean, the last time that I checked Mark Foley and Denny Hastert were both Republicans......and tell me again why those two fucks got into trouble. Yeah, I thought so.

On the Fact that Back In 2010, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Donated $100,000,000 to the Newark Public School System and, Surprise, Surprise, it's Still a Damned Bureaucratic Shit-Hole -

And yet these stinking politicians continue to believe that throwing cash at a government program (in the case of Democrats domestic programs, in the case of Republicans the Pentagon)  makes it function better. UN-real.

On the Fact that In His Dopey and Hysterical 1992 Book, "Earth In the Balance", Western Civilization's Resident Genius, Al Gore, Claimed that the Internal Combustion Engine Needed to Be Outlawed by 2017 OR ELSE

Can you imagine if we had taken this idiot's advice and gotten rid of one of the greatest inventions in the history of man, a breakthrough that when you pair it with cheap and abundant fossil fuels has done more to advance modernity and prosperity than anything else - the hardship, suffering, etc.? Yeah, it's time for this fellow to pack it in.