Saturday, May 23, 2015

On the NAACP

I'll take, "Special Interest Groups that Have Descended Into Irrelevancy and Have Sustained it for the Better Part of  a Half Century", for a Thousand, Alex.


dmarks said...

Not only that, but they are by the defintion of the term racist since they do specifically demand special rewards for those of favored skin color and punishment for those their skin color tells them to dislike.

They oppose equality, and always rose up to oppose efforts at equal rights in university admissions.

In recent months, the NAACP has embraceed the supremacist slogan that only lives of those of one race matter.

And, on top of that, when they strongly associated with Farrakhan, they were antisemitic as well. And also in 2000, a major leader of the NAACP chimed in to bash Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman not for his views, but simply because Joe was Jewish.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

And when are they going to change their name from "Colored People"? I mean, that's more offensive than "Redskins".

dmarks said...

Colored people is all in vogue now. just slightly twisted (semantic game) into "people of color".

...which means absolutely the same thing. Arguing they aren't is like trying to make a case that "people of Indonesia" means something than "Indonesians".

But aside from that, the NAACP is a venerable organization with a legacy of accomplishment (and even some non-racist things today). The name has historic weight, so it is hard to change that, and I fully understand. Just as I do with the "United Negro College Fund".

For the record, I detest racial epithets and am aware when things evolve. I don't call them coloreds, let alone use trendy semantic twists for the term. I don't use either N-word: not the outright racial slur, or the one from the UNCF which has gained bad connotations... the latter, I only use in quotations or antiquated references such as the UNCF's full name.

I know what you are trying to say about the R*skins. I have kept up on this issue extensively. There's no venerable organization containing that name. Nor is there any reason it can't be changed: many major franchise teams have changed their name for other reasons and the sky didnt fall (bullets - wizards, north stars - stars, etc etc etc). To Natives, the term is like sp**ks for blacks or sp*cs for Latinos. Pretty bad.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Racism" will be with us forever; even if it has to be invented out of whole cloth. Nobody in the race industry is willing to go down in history as they guy who turned the lights off at NAACP headquarters.

Racism is big business. Just ask Jesse Jackson.