Thursday, September 30, 2021

On the Fact that BLM Is Apparently Protesting New York City's Vaccine Passport Tyranny (its "Disproportionate Impact" On Blacks)

I live for shit like this; seeing leftist dogma being turned into one giant pretzel, the hard-cores having to face down their own cognitive dissonance, the pleasure of watching their inability at reconciling wildly incompatible bullshit tenets (in this instance their moronic support for both Black Lives Matter AND COVID tyranny). It's just the best and, yes, for this one, extra popcorn, PLEASE!

On the Fact that this Power-Hungry Lunatic (New York's New Governor, Kathy Hochul) Is Ushering In the the National Guard to Replace Healthcare Workers Who She Just Fired Because They Didn't Wish to Undergo an Experimental Medical Procedure with Zero Long-Term Studies, Questionable Effectiveness, No Liability On the Part of the Manufacturer, No Ingredients Listed On the Packaging, and Which Is Also Lighting-Up the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (and Please Keep In Mind that Less than 10% of These Adverse Reactions Are Ever Reported - this According to a Recent Harvard Study)


What's next, public hangings and firing squads for the unvaxxed (with a disproportionate percentage of this population being black- OOPS)? Sure seems like the trajectory to me.

On Senators Warren, Wyden, and Klobuchar Expressing Serious Concerns In 2019 About the Security of the Dominion Voting Systems with Nary a Single Media Shit Calling Them Conspiracy Theorists for it

So either these politicians were full of shit in 2019 or Dominion really got its act together in twelve short months (just in time to stymie any Republican bitching - how convenient). Just can't decide.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Penultimate Susan Hayward Photograph?

I might have just found it. What do you think? 

On Biden Saying that Trillionaires and Billionaires Need to Start Paying Their Fair-Share of the Tax Burden

It was likely just another one of his gaffes derived from all of these multi-trillion dollar stimulus packages (if we're spending this much money surely there must be some individuals out there with this type of wealth - his reasoning perhaps)......because if it isn't that 25th might be just around the corner. What say you, Kamala?

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

On the Fact that Even Though Your Garden Variety Central-Planner Couldn't Figure Out How to Price an Iron Man Comic Book, We're Somehow Led to Believe that a Whole Slew of These Idiots Strewn Across the Planet Will Somehow Have the Wherewithal to "Build Back Better"

And of course the supreme irony here is that these are the same jerk-off fools who played a major role in destroying the economy to begin with. Build back better, oh yeah, these are definitely the right guys for the job (he said while choking back some of the biggest guffaws in recorded history).

On the Wisdom of Giving this Dude a Monopoly On Force


I'd advise against it. That's for certain (the combination of his impairment and what's been happening of late to Australia's unarmed citizenry).

On "Kate Beckinsale Bikini"


I'll take, "Internet Searches that Will Never, EVER, EVER Disappoint", for a thousand, Alex.

Monday, September 27, 2021

On the Designer Who Made that "Tax the Rich" Outfit for the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Apparently Owing Back-Taxes In Numerous States (Guess that She Simply Isn't Rich Enough, Partying at the Met Gala Notwithstanding) -

Yeah, I guess that she also failed to carry worker's comp at her business for an entire year (described by some of her workers as a sweat-shop), stuck her landlord with unpaid rent, and owned property that's already listed as delinquent by the L.A. County assessor's office. Of course when you can churn out high quality fashion like this lady does, you can always turn things around.

On When the Leader of a Country Tells His (or Her) Constituents that His Patience Is Beginning to Run Thin with Them, the Odds of that Ending In Any Way Other than with a Wholesale Curtailing of Individual Rights Is Probably Naught

Of course if the citizens were to push back a little that would certainly help. I just don't see that on the horizon (a significant percentage of the people seemingly enjoying their oppression), sadly.

On Race-Baiter Joy Reid Complaining that the Media Doesn't Cover Any Stories About Black Girls Going Missing (In Reference to the Gabby Petito Story Being Covered 24/7)

Wow, so sort of the same way that the media doesn't cover white fellows who get killed by cops under questionable circumstances (i.e., Tony Timpa, Brandon Stanley, Michael Parker, Daniel Shaver, Andrew Thomas, Dylan Noble, Loren Simpson, Kelly Thomas, James Boyd, Johnny Wheatcroft, etc. - the latter not dying, just brutalized beyond belief). Interesting....................................................................................................P.S. A few more additional points. a) Joy herself is now part of the media and so if she wanted to cover these stories nothing is stopping her. And b) young black females get slaughtered all the time by inner-city gang-bangers but because these perpetrators are also black there isn't angle for Joy and so she ignores it. Oh yeah, she's real concerned about young black girls - NOT!

Sunday, September 26, 2021

On Media Buffoons and Slantheaded Political Shits Like the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Asserting that Those U.S.A. Border Agents On Horseback Were Whipping the Haitian Illegals (as They Were Bum-Rushing Into America) When Anyone with a Scintilla of Common-Sense Could Plainly See that the Controversial Objects Weren't Whips but Rather Reins to the Horses

Of course once they sensed that their claims of whips being used was little more than bullshit they ordered-up Plan B and argued that the agents were using the reins LIKE whips. Slippery, huh? But even that doesn't hold much water as the man who took the pictures said that no one was whipped WITH ANYTHING! Oh well, as long as they can move the goal-posts again tomorrow, I guess.

On the Fact that Fauci Was One of the Most Strident Proponents of AZT During the Earliest Days of the AIDS Crisis and, I'll Be Damned, that Drug Ended Up Killing a Lot of People, Just Like Remdesivir Is Now

How does that go, "fool me once, shame on you (or in this case, Fauci), fool me twice, shame on me"? Kind of rings true here, doesn't it?

Saturday, September 25, 2021

On Peppermint Patty Recently Saying that a Person Shouldn't Be Banned from One Site and Not the Others, too

So the little ramrod wants to completely silence you if you dare to disagree with the state. Gee, nothing evil about that.

On the Fact that There Are Now 64 Trials Supporting the Use of Ivermectin for Prevention, Early Treatment, and Later Treatment of COVID-19 Patients; 45 of Them Peer-Reviewed and 32 More Randomized-Control -

And yet this highly effective and safe medicine is being withheld from sick people and in its place we're having them take extremely dangerous drugs like Tylenol and Remdesivir which are probably making them worse to the point where many are being hooked up to ventilators, an intervention with a horrid success rate of 10 to 12%. It's criminal and, gee, do you think that it might have something to do with the hard fact that Remdesivir (not to mention the various vaccines) makes the drug companies about a hundred times more than Ivermectin? Sure seems like the most logical explanation to me. $$$$$$$$$$$$

Friday, September 24, 2021

On the Writers at Rolling Stone Ranking Keith Richards Ahead of Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Duane Allman On Their List of the Top 100 Rock Guitarists of All Time

I admire Richards as a songwriter (the early years especially; '64 to '72) but the fourth best rock guitarist in history, yeah, I'm gonna' have to dissent on this one, folks. Just can't pull the trigger.

On the Fact that with Crack Civil Servants Like this Fellow, What Could Possibly Go Awry?

  Besides everything, you mean? 'Cause everything would be my answer.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

On the Indian Province of Uttar Pradesh Essentially Becoming COVID-Free Despite Having a Vaccination-Rate of Less than 6% -

And they did this purportedly through the prophylactic use of Ivermectin (horse-dewormer to the pieces of shit at CNN and MSLSD). Wow, I guess that the government and their media shills in that country aren't as beholdin' to big pharma as the shits in this country are (pushing for expensive vaccines over out-of-patent generic drugs - this in exchange for humongous advertising dollars). So much for us being the more advanced (and less corrupt) society.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

On Some TikTok Dude Claiming that Jesus Christ Was "Nonbinary"

Well of course he was, duh!! State the obvious much (this as I put the finishing touches on my Babylon Bee application)?

On Some Additional Pictures of Justin Trudeau In Blackface Recently Emerging

Is it my imagination or is there at least a modest inverse correlation between individuals who claim to be champions of minority groups, the downtrodden, etc. and the presence of bigotry in their own hearts (Biden, Trudeau, Clinton, Bloomberg, that bozo in a gorilla mask who pelted Larry Elder with projectiles, etc.)? I'm just askin'.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

A Pandemic of the Obese?

From a lot of the footage that I've seen, a case could probably be made.............................................................................................P.S. And, no, I don't think that we should be going around fat-shaming people. I'm only trying to underscore that obesity is one of top two or three comorbidities that make a person more susceptible to COVID and that maybe instead of "body positivity" we try and get these folks in better shape and work on their immune systems in general (suggestions that would have been seen as common sensical in a saner era but which today are perceived as hate-speech). That's all.........................As for whether a vaccine would have helped these folks, maybe, but being that the VAERS system has rung-up at least 15,000 vaccine-related fatalities and many multiples more urgent-care visits, hospitalizations, etc., I'm simply not convinced of it.   

On the Fact that Lincoln's Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation (Written In the Autumn of 1862) Contained the Following -

"it is my again recommend......that the effort to colonize (i.e., deport) persons of African descent with their consent upon this continent or elsewhere......will be continued."........................Thankfully Mr. Lincoln had enough cabinet members who were sober enough to talk him out of including this but it apparently wasn't easy as colonization was one of Mr. Lincoln's major objectives right up til death (Mr. Lincoln clearly wishing to never live amongst black folks). Talk about one's legacy dodging a bullet. Whoa, huh?

Monday, September 20, 2021

My Favorite Version of this Classic?

With apologies to Smokey and Ms. Ronstadt, this one works best for me.

On the Death of Legendary Comic, Norm MacDonald - Quick Addendum


I forgot to mention my favorite Norm joke. Here goes. "In his book O.J. said that he would have taken a bullet or stood in front of a train for Nicole.......Man, I'm gonna' tell you, that is some bad luck......when the one guy who would've died for you, kills you." Yeah, it sounds much better when you hear him deliver it but, still, pretty damned funny, huh?

On the Distinct Likelihood that YouTube Will Burn this Soon and so if You Want to Watch it, Pronto

  So disturbing.

On Israel Having One of the Highest Vaccination Rates On the Planet, Now Having the Second Most Daily Infections per Capita

And their government's solution, yep, you got it, a third, forth, and possibly fifth injection of the same fucking vaccine. Hmm, I guess that they aren't too worried about vaccine-resistant viruses, what a constant influx of this secret sauce into the human body can do to folks, etc.. Still more shit beyond their pay-grade apparently.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

On the Fact that Insults Like, "Hoax", Have a Tendency to to Turn People Off and Make Them Far Less Willing to Entertain Your Message but, Yeah, When You Come Across Shit Like this ( and Are at a Loss for Alternatives, Do What You Gotta' Do, I Guess

And this actually wasn't all that shocking in that Fauci himself wrote a journal article in early 2020 suggesting that the case fatality rate for COVID could potentially turn out to be that of the seasonal flu, 0.1% (the rate turned out to be 0.2% but close enough).......Ironic, huh, the one thing that the dude was right about.

On the CDC's Expected Number of Myocarditis Cases for Young Males 12 to 24 Being 2 to 19 and the Actual Cases Observed Being 451 (a Bare Minimum 24-Fold Underestimation)

And, yes, I get it that we're talking millions of injections here and so 451 is still a relatively small number of cases (small solace to the parents of these kids) but we're also talking about a population that has a near zero chance of dying from COVID and so maybe this is a bit more complicated than Biden and his acolytes in the media have been pushing. Simply a thought.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

On the Fact that (According to a Peer-Reviewed Randomized Clinical Trial from the Journal of the American Medical Association) Kids Who Wear Face-Masks Are Inhaling Six Times as Much Carbon Dioxide as the Mask-Less Kids Are And they're Doing it for Six Hours (at Least) per Day Every Day

It's hard to believe that we needed a fancy study to point out what a sixth-grader could have deduced with his sixth grade logic and reasoning but apparently we did, huh? How sad is that? 

On the FDA Conducting a Safety Surveillance of the COVID Vaccines, Listing All of of the Possible Adverse Event Outcomes In a Section of it, but Then Failing to List Any of These Serious Side Effects In the Vaccine's Insert

People have a right to make informed decisions and any government in this world that refuses to grant this informed consent and coerces its citizens into ingesting a medicine that continues to be highly experimental and in many instances dangerous deserves nothing less than a military tribunal (a Nuremberg 2.0, if you will).......Let's just call it, my "informed" opinion.

Friday, September 17, 2021

On the Fact that (According to a Recent VA Study Cited in The Atlantic - Almost 50% of the Recent VA Hospital Admissions for COVID Are Either People with No Symptoms or Very Mild Symptoms

This is because a) everyone who goes to the hospital gets tested for COVID and so even if they went there for an entirely different reason, if they tested positive for COVID, it gets documented as a COVID hospitalization (you know, the whole "with" COVID versus "from" COVID situation) and b) individuals who've tested positive for COVID have gotten so damned paranoid over the virus that even if they feel fine they run off to the hospital (thanks to the media and government functionaries for that) and that gets logged as a COVID hospitalization as well.......Things that a lot of us have been saying for over a year now, in other words, and, while, yeah, I do appreciate The Atlantic stepping up to the plate here (as opposed to New York Times, CNN, MSLSD, etc., all of whom are continuing to push the government-sanctioned fear-porn bullshit), just a wee-bit tardy, wouldn't you say? 

On the Huffington Post as Recently as 2014 Eviscerating Fauci for His Mishandling of the AIDS Crisis In the Late '80s ( but Apparently All Is Forgiven as He Now Gets Nothing but Glowing Reviews

You've heard of situational ethics. Well this is situational ethics on jet fuel. I'm just not certain who the useful idiot is on this one (hmm, likely the HuffPo, though, yeah, Fauci might be a tool to a cadre of higher-ups even more unsavory than he is, who knows).

Thursday, September 16, 2021

My All-Time Favorite Garbo Snapshot?


This one 'cause of the eyes (WHAT is she looking at?) and the one bare shoulder (I would have preferred to see both but with Garbo you take what you can get). Classic!

On the Fact that Fauci Hasn't Always Been the Left's Say the Least - Exhibit A

I tried to cut and paste this savage take-down of the good doctor but it wouldn't transfer. Here's a link to the thing (courtesy of the Village Voice) and, please, for your own sake, wear a helmet -

On Some White Racist Progressive (Female) In a Gorilla Mask Hurling Projectiles at Larry Elder and for Icing On the Cake Punching Somebody On His Security Detail

And, gee, what a surprise, the L.A. Times, CNN, MSLSD, etc. completely ignored it. Lying by omission, in other words. AGAIN.

On the Death of Legendary Comic, Norm MacDonald


I haven't had a punch to the gut this brutal in quite some time. And to make matters worse it also likely means the demise of unapologetic, non-PC comedy (AKA, actual humor). Thankfully there are still a lot of awesome videos of Norm on YouTube to keep us laughing (at least for now because let's be real here, if they can cancel Thomas Jefferson......). Just not today.......And maybe not even next week, who knows.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

On Biden Claiming that the Unvaccinated Are Putting the Vaccinated at Risk

So either the asshole has completely lost his marbles to the point where irrational shit just pours out of his pie-hole or the fucking vaccine (which isn't even a vaccine as we've come to know them but I digress) isn't working. Or both, that's a possibility, too, I guess.

On Yet Another Ignoramus Female from the Ghastly L.A. Times Sliming California's Black Gubernatorial Candidate, Larry Elder (this Time On Some CNN Program Where of Course She Received No Push-Back), Proclaiming that His Political Philosophy Had Been Shaped by White Supremacist, Jared Taylor

Her "evidence"? Apparently Elder cited Taylor a few times 20 YEARS AGO with one of those citations having to do with an environmental issue. The whole thing is absurd as anybody who's ever listened to Elder for more than a coffee-break can attest to, if his political philosophy has been shaped by anyone it's been by guys like Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams, not by Jared Taylor. Unfortunately being that the average IQ of L.A. Times readers approximates that a Vienna sausage, the lie will likely stick and, trust me, it won't be the last. I guarantee. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

On Generals Fremont, Hunter, and Cameron (Among Numerous Other Officers) Wanting to Emancipate the Slaves Under Their Jurisdiction In Union-Held Rebel Territory (In Parts of Louisiana and Virginia) and Mr. Lincoln Responding with a Resounding, NO! (Sources, Historians David H. Donald and Benjamin Quarles)

 Yeah, this whole idea of Abraham Lincoln as the great emancipator, can we finally stick a fork in it? a) His 1861 Inaugural Address was essentially a slavery-forever speech (his support of the Corwin Amendment and a law which would have made any and all nullifications of the Fugitive Slave Act illegal). b) The Emancipation Proclamation didn't free a single slave (all of the slaves that Lincoln could have freed in the Northern and border states and those in Union-held rebel territory he refused to) and was unarguably nothing more than a military ploy meant to cause slave-revolts in the South. c) He consistently said all throughout the conflict that if he could preserve the Union without freeing a single slave he would do it. And d) even if the slaves finally did become free, Lincoln's goal was always to send them out of the country as he did not wish to live among them (and he held this belief all the way to his final breath - documents recently uncovered by historian, Philip Magnes). I mean, I get it that Lincoln is one the untouchables (the other two of course being Churchill and Mandela) but, please, enough with this hero worship. 

Monday, September 13, 2021

On President Biden Going In Front of the American People and Uttering, "It's Not About Your Freedom, it's Not About Your Choice, and Our Patience Is Running Thin"

If those words don't send a chill down your spine (an American President coercing the entire nation to ingest a medicine that's experimental with serious side-effects, not needed by tens of millions of people who already have immunity, and which we don't have a fucking clue what's in it), just wait, the worst is yet to come, Australia style (or maybe even North Korea style, who knows).

On a New Study Which Shows that Vaccinated Teenage Boys Are Six Times More Likely to Suffer Cardiac Damage from the Vaccine than They Are to Be Hospitalized from the Virus -

Wow, a government policy replete with unintended consequences that are causing immense harm. Never saw that before (and by, never, I of course mean, it happens all the fucking time).

On Journalist, Matt Taibbi (One of the Few Honest People Left In that Cesspool of a Profession), Getting Slammed On Social Media Simply for ACCURATELY Pointing Out that Ivermectin Is a Drug Used for Both Humans (Scientists Were Actually Awarded the Nobel Prize In Medicine for Their Research Into the Drug - Pertaining to People, Not Animals - and Animals

And still not a speck of embarrassment from these ramrods (not that I was expecting it, mind you, but, damn). Must be nice, huh (going through life with no accountability and having a shitfaced establishment always having your back)?

Sunday, September 12, 2021

On the Fact that I Didn't Use the Phrase, "New World Order", this Asshole Did

The media of course is scrambling to try and defend the boob (like they did when a similarly repugnant fascist shitted out the other Orwellian bromide, "the Great Reset") and, while, yeah, perhaps she didn't mean it in exactly the same way that Alex Jones does, her and her fellow tyrants presiding over a regime that tells its citizens not to talk to each other, is advocating endless booster shots, has been arresting folks for wrong-think on Facebook, administers quarantine camps, outlaws and breaks up with disproportionate force peaceful demonstrations, and refuses to allow people to see their dying loved ones, sorry but no benefit of the doubt for her. Ever.

On the Fact that While, Yes, There Are Certainly Parts of the Bible, the Talmud, and Other Old Sacred Texts Which Are Utterly Preposterous, Are They Really Any More Silly than "Boys Can Be Girls", "Two Plus Two Equals Five", "Industriousness Is a Component of White Supremacy", "Concentrating Entirely On One Aspect of Human Health While Ignoring Every Other Aspect of Human Well-Being Makes for Good Public Policy", "Pitting Groups of People Against Each Other Is a Productive Way to Structure Society", "You Can Run a Modern Industrial Economy On Nothing but Windmills, Solar Panels, and Batteries", etc.?

 Yeah, I'm gonna' say, no, strongly (in that they're both religions replete with dogma and totally impervious to evidence, reality, their own tortured logic, etc.).

Saturday, September 11, 2021

On the American Medical Association's Stance On the Patient-Provider Relationship Seemingly Being that it's Sacrosanct When it Comes to Abortion Rights but Dead-On-Arrival When it Involves Ivermectin

Our institutions are crumbling before our eyes and it's largely happening because they have no principles anymore (just situational ethics, greed, corruption, and raw political calculations), this just being the latest piece of evidence.  

On Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, Wanting the Taliban to Be More "Inclusive"

I'd personally be happy if they simply stopped beheading people and bedding-down with prepubescent girls but whatever floats the guy's boat, I guess.

Potential Contemporaneous Lesbian Mates for Hedy Lamarr (In No Particular Order)

1) Gene Tierney, 2) Vivien Leigh, 3) Greta Garbo, 4) Ava Gardner, 5) Susan Hayward, 6) Rita Hayworth, 7) Carole Lombard, 8) Ann Sheridan. There are probably more but I'll stick with these eight for now.

Friday, September 10, 2021

On the Corporate Press Referring to Ivermectin as an "Alternative Treatment"

And the obvious question of course is, alternative to what; pounding Tylenol for a week, going the ER when I take a turn for the worse, getting force-fed Remdeivir (a medication that's far more dangerous than Budesonide, Ivermectin, and HCQ combined), and finally ending up on a ventilator where my survival-rate will be somewhere south of 12%? Because if that's the standard care, alternatives all day, I say. 

On CNN and MSLSD Derisively Referring to Ivermectin (a Medication that's Killed Fewer People In 40 Years than the COVID Jabs Have In 6 Months) as a "Horse Dewormer"

Despicable in that a) these big media conglomerates get billions of dollars every year from big pharma and so of course they're going to trash these pennies-on-the-dollar generic drugs and push instead the much more pricey options like vaccines (, b) there are numerous drugs that both animals and humans take and so to try and make hay over this aspect of Ivermectin is just more bald ignorance, and c) there is a plethora of strong evidence that Ivermectin works on COVID and so the haters don't even have a leg to stand on regarding that (Google Dr. Pierre Kory and learn something for Christ). In fact if anyone needs a horse dewormer......

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Twenty Third Question for President Biden

Mr. Biden, history is replete with examples of people being scapegoated with the end-result often being violence, subjugation, ethnic-cleansing and sometimes even genocide. Now knowing this, do you still believe that it's a good idea to constantly demonize unvaccinated people to the point where you're actually accusing them of murder? Seems a wee bit dangerous, no? 

On Standout Wide Receiver, Wesley Grimes (a Top 20 Player Overall from the Talent-Laden State of North Carolina), Saying, No, to His Hometown School, North Carolina State, and Instead Committing to Cross-State Rival, Wake Forest


But before you feel too sorry for NC State rest assured that they've plucked a kid or two from the Winston-Salem region (the latest being highly regarded linebacker, Drake Thomas, from the 2019 class). It's a part of the rivalry, I guess.

On the Fact that In the Psychopathic Mind of MSLSD's Resident Racial-Grievance-Monger, Joy Reid, One of the Central Elements of Modernity Is a Chick Being Able to Abort Her Baby from Conception All the Way to the Fetus Popping Out (and Sometimes Even Afterwards According to Virginia's Blackfaced Governor)

 She's of course apoplectic about Texas's recently passed heartbeat bill which outlaws all abortions occurring after this stage of development, a statute that while it may go a little too far is at bare minimum somewhat morally defensible. I mean, we still budget some morality in this "modern" world of ours, correct?

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

On an Australian Woman Getting Pulled Over by a Brown Shirt Simply for Going Past the 5 Kilometer Limit and Then Getting Busted Because She Was Filming it with Her Camera

In a saner period in world history the tyrannical bullshit that these goons are perpetrating on their citizens would have made Australia a rogue nation. Not anymore, I guess (the harsh fact that the vast majority of the planet is engaged similar mouth-breathing tactics and so very few even bat an eye these days).

On the Fact that Whenever a New Medication Comes On the Market and Gets Advertised On TV, They Praise it to High-Heaven for Most of the Ad but During the Final 15 Seconds They List About Two Dozen Side Effects (Including Death Sometimes)......and so Far that Hasn't Happened with These Vaccines, hmm, Wonder Why

Yeah, I wish that more people would clamor for this information. Unfortunately fear can be an extremely debilitating state if mind and when you have big government, big business, big media, big tech, big NGOs, and God only knows who else reinforcing it, it kinda' does make sense, I guess.

More Evidence Pointing to the Lies of Fauci -

And from the Intercept of all places (an outlet that has gone precipitously downhill since the departure of Glenn Greenwald). Pretty cool, huh?  

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

On Israel (and, Yes, the Irony of this Bullshit Always Floors Me, the Israelis, OF ALL PEOPLE) Reconfiguring its COVID Passports, Granting Them Now Only to the Triple-Vaccinated

So the double-vaccinated have suddenly become the unvaccinated and the folks who might have a little hesitation about jamming even more of this mystery-juice into their system are now the anti-vaxxers. Holy shit, huh? And what comes next, loading all of these people onto trains and sending them to camps like the Aussies, err, I mean, Nazis did? HOPE NOT.

Monday, September 6, 2021

On the Fact that Every Out of Patent Generic Drug that's Shown Some Significant Progress In Combating COVID Has Been Slandered by the Entrenched and Heavily Conflicted Bureaucratic State and Turned Into a Meme by the Equally Compromised Shills In the Mainstream Press (Ivermectin Just Being the Most Recent Example)

And you'd think that the left would be apoplectic about having one of their biggest boogiemen of all raking-in billions hand over fist while steering folks away from safer and less costly treatment options but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this time they're siding with the oligarchs at big pharma (not to mention the scores of politicians who also have their hands in the cookie-jar). Go figure, huh?

On Tanya Tucker Making the Cover of Rolling Stone at the Age of 15

That's a shitload of pressure for a teenager and maybe why she became a drug addict for a significant portion of her youth. Simply a thought...........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, as you can plainly see, they sexualized her as well. That didn't help, either.

On Lester Holt Interviewing the Killer of Ashli Babbitt with Most of the Questions Consisting of, "How Did You Feel When this Happened, How Did You Feel When that Happened, Can I Give You a Back Rub Sir, etc.?"

I'm trying to imagine Lester asking the cop who shot Rayshard Brooks, "so, how did you 'feel' when Mr. Brooks shot that taser at your head as he was trying to escape and not responding to even one of your instructions?" And, guess what, folks, I can't.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

On Some Mouth-Breathing Pile-of-Shit Writer from the LA Times Penning an Editorial with the Heading, "Larry Elder, the Black Face of White Supremacy"

Wow, so the left coast feral ramrods are just as racist, idiotic, and disgusting as their cousins on the right coast and less surprised I could not be. Seriously.

On Lester Holt Prefacing His Interview with Officer Byrd by Saying that Ashli Babbitt Was a Trump Supporter and Follower of Q

Very interesting in that I don't recall Lester or any of the other rancid shills at MSLSD prefacing any discussions about George Floyd with the fact that the dude once held a handgun at a pregnant woman's belly while his partner ransacked the apartment looking for anything of value. Must have missed it..................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not suggesting that George Floyd's prior malfeasance should have been brought up in discussions related to his death at the hands of an obviously shitty cop. Just pointing to (for the one billionth time) the legacy media's disgusting double-standard, that's it.

On One of Mr. Byrd's Excuses for Gunning Down Ashli Babbitt Being that She Wasn't Following His Instructions

 So kinda' like with Michael Brown, the feral young girl who was trying to stab another young girl, Jacob Blake, Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd, and a whole host of other not so cooperative black criminals. Starting to understand.

On the Taliban Claiming to Want to Fight Climate Change (as if Human Beings Could Alter Weather Patterns Hundreds of Years Into the Future by Trying to Control One of the Hundreds of Factors Determining the Climate Anyway......but When In Rome, I Guess)

Well, being that a large chunk of Afghan society is still living in the stone age with a carbon footprint mainly consisting of burning firewood, they're kinda' doing pretty good now, no?

Saturday, September 4, 2021

On the Fact that if Any Other Product On the Market Had Produced a Safety Profile Anywhere Near as Lethal as These COVID-19 Vaccines, it Would Have Been Pulled Months Ago, Not this One, Though

And now they want to give it to babies. Let that sink in.

On the Fact that (as of May, 2021) the Individuals with the Highest Level of "Vaccine Hesitancy" In the U.S. Are the Ones with PhDs

And, while, yes, the groups right behind them are the high schoolers and those with some college, it is also instructive to note that the hesitancy of those two group has gone DOWN over time while that of the PhDs has actually risen some. Kind of blows up the notion that those great unwashed Trump voters are only ones who don't trust government, wouldn't you say?

Thursday, September 2, 2021

On Fauci Telling Us to Wear a Mask and that it Matters Not What Kind of Long as its a Mask

Yes, because as we're all aware, an N-95 mask properly used and a bandana that's been baking on your car dashboard for a week are pretty much interchangeable.......Seriously, what would we do without this guy?

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

On a Recent Rasmussen Survey Showing that 40% of Democrats, 62% of Women, and 56% of Blacks Now Believe that Biden Deserves to Be Impeached -

Yeah, when a Democratic President starts to shit the bed with those three demographics, to suggest that he's in trouble is a major understatement. Fortunately for ole Joe there's a shovel-ready influx of new Democratic voters who aren't up to speed on this shit (illegal aliens and Afghan refugees) and so maybe that'll get him over the heap. We'll see.