Friday, July 12, 2024

On Eva Marie Saint Cracking the Century Mark Last Thursday

I was hoping that she'd make it and, yep, she did. Happy birthday, beautiful girl. Belatedly.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

On Why this Nummy Remained In Washington After His Presidency

 Oh, for the Smithsonian museums of course (what, you thought that I was going to say because the dude's addicted to power and wishes to keep a lid on whatever embarrassing info that exists on him - please, you know me better than that).

Monday, July 8, 2024

Greatest Cartoon Character of All Time?

Know who's getting my vote, this guy. "Enormous......GIGANTIC......BIG EVEN!!"

On Biden Telling George Stephanopoulos that He Did "the Goodest Job as I know I Can Do"

That's a relief. I was beginning to think that he was simply phoning it in, the old feller'. 

On Denmark Not Banning Bestiality Until 2015

One of the arguments for not having banned it earlier was a concern that it would simply go underground. To which I would answer, yeah, so (my feeling that we're at least making the lunatics work for it)?

On Biden Now Claiming to Be "the First Female Black Vice President Serving Under a Black President"

We all make verbal faux pas, I get it (in this case Biden was clearly conflating him serving under the first black President with him appointing the first black female Vice President - yes, a mouthful). But with Biden these gaffes are coming at such a fast and furious pace that pretty much everybody (well, save of course for Dr. Jill) wants the dude to step down (or a least get out of the race). Man have the Democrats royally fucked this up.

Sunday, July 7, 2024

On the New York Slimes Actually Crapping Out an Editorial with the Heading, "The First Amendment Is Out of Control" (i.e., Conservatives, Moderates, Libertarians, and Renegade Liberals Are Being Allowed to Speak and We Simply Cannot Have that)

Sane citizens definitely need to memory-hole this one so that we can show future generations the troubling ways that demagogic ramrods like today's institutional left have tried to stifle dissent............and then pray to God that they learn something from it.

On the Democrats Selecting Nancy Pelosi to Go On the Various News Programs and Vouch for President Biden's Mental Capability with the End-Result Being a Whole Host of Questions Pertaining to the Cognitive Capacity of Pelosi Herself

Not as bad as Biden picking Kamala to be his Vice President (or McCain picking Palin to be bipartisan about it)............but in the general vicinity.

Saturday, July 6, 2024

On the Unimpressive Psychopaths Over at the World Economic Forum Telling Us to Wash Our Jeans Only Once a Month (You Know, for Climate Change)

Notice how they didn't say, three piece suits? I did.

On the Biden Regime Having Removed DNA Testing at the Border for Adults and Accompanying Minors

Wow, so they apparently don't give a shit about human trafficking and are focusing exclusively on adding future Democratic voters. Oh well, at least they have their priorities straight.

Friday, July 5, 2024

On a Recent LGBTQ Pride Parade Showing Not Only the Moronic "Queers for Palestine" Banners but Also Some Truly Disgusting Ones Showing Stereotypical Images of Hook-Nosed Jews Counting Their Money

 A quick retort to these assholes. You keep calling yourselves a "marginalized group" (preposterous in that our society is catering to your every desire). Well, guess what, y'all keep pulling this nonsense and marginalization just might end up being the least of your maladies (every action having an equal and opposite reaction, as they say). 

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Greatest Cartoon Character of All Time?

I sure as hell didn't have to think long......EVENNNN!!!

On 17......or Is it 14......or Is it 15......or Is it 13......or Is it 7 (it Was a Different Number Every Day from the Old Fool) Nobel Prize Winning Economists Supposedly Stating that Biden's Economic Plan Is da' Bomb

Gonna' roll the dice here and suggest that (whatever that number may be,) they're all probably Paul Krugman caliber Keynesians in that who in the hell else would say something that stupid (well, save for maybe those 50-something former intelligence shits who claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian plant)? I'm at a loss.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

On the Propensity of Indigenous Peoples to Migrate Closer and Closer to the Areas Most Intensively Colonized and/or Settled

  It even happened in North America as the Indians moved closer to the forts and other populated areas (for trade, largely) to the point of sometimes even waging war with other tribes to gain this proximity. Granted, things went considerably sideways for the Native Americans as unending stream white Europeans overwhelmed them on the plains and sociopaths like Sherman and Sheridan started leading the cavalry but, let's be real, in any clash of civilizations in which one side still lives in the stone age and doesn't have the requisite immunity from novel diseases the results are fully predictable.

The Most Dangerous Team Since the '27 Yankees?

Yes, possibly, but I'm thinking more along the lines of the 1959 Go Go White Sox with Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio. You know, 'cuz of the speed!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

On the Fact that After Three Plus Years of Hiding Biden's Obvious Derangement, the Corporate Press IN UNISON Has Decided to Talk About it Constantly While Throwing the Poor Bastard Under the Bus

Desperate times calling for desperate measures? It's certainly part of it, one would think (and a key reason why they wanted to schedule the debate so early, time to drum up a replacement, yada yada). As for all of these slants being on the same page, WHEN AREN'T THEY? Seriously.

On the Fact that Atmospheric CO2 Levels Have Fluctuated Markedly for Hundreds of Millions of Years, with Most of Those Readings Occurring Well Before the Evolution of Man

So, to all of you entrenched dipwads who think that you can control the earth's climate, ya'll can't even control the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere (particularly not in the long term). Please, get over yourselves, alright?

Monday, July 1, 2024

On Most Israeli LIBERALS Now Being Against Disengagement from Sumeria and Judea (AKA, the West Bank)

It's often been said that waging war on terrorists just creates more terrorists (I probably said it myself a time or two; the death of civilians, etc.) but might it also be true that terrorism creates more people bound and determined to combat it? Seems so here, doesn't it?

On the 1936 Truce Brokered by Britain In What Is Now the Southeastern Portion of Yemen Requiring 1,300 Signatures

 And the rabid anti-colonialists would have preferred what, that these brutish factions continue to slaughter each other (so like today, in other words, only MORE chaotic)? Kinda' seems like it, no?

On Back When the Mouth-Breathing Wokesters Actually Believed that They Could Cancel Famous People Like Dave Chappelle, J.K. Rowling, and Joe Rogan

And just how satisfying it was to watch these slants crash and burn so magnificently. Granted, it's just a start but, man, what a good one.

Sunday, June 30, 2024

On the Fact that if Israel Really Wanted to Genocide the Palestinians, Telegraphing Pretty Much Every One of Their Military Moves Likely Isn't the Best Way to Do it

Well, unless that is you wish to look at it from the most illogical angle humanly possible, then, yeah, maybe.......but other than that, no.

"At Least I Ain't this Bloomin' Douche"

I'll take, "Things that You Should Tell Yourself Whenever You Feel Like a Total Zero and Need a Little Boost", for a thousand, Alex.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Wow, so They Did Steal it -

 I'm not sure what else to call it. You have C.I.A. contractors on the government payroll colluding with politicos to destroy the candidacy of a sitting President, knowing fully well that what they were peddling was total effing bullshit (their pals at the F.B.I had authenticated the Hunter Biden laptop as early as December 2019). And, yes, to characterize this nastiness as anything less than treason is a push, at best. I mean, we're running Gitmo for a reason, right?

On Batya Ungar-Sargon Unbridled

You want to know what it looks like? Maybe start here -

Friday, June 28, 2024

On Looking Up the Word, Icon, In the Dictionary and Finding this


And in this instance a picture truly does speak a thousand words.

Thursday, June 27, 2024

On the Fact that Biden Would Never Concede to a Fair Debate (i.e., One Not On CNN Moderated by Two Pro-Biden Slants......Along with All of the Other Stipulations) and so All that We're Left with Is Tonight's Likely Train-Wreck of Epic Proportions

Will I watch it? Eff no. I'd rather watch a Love Boat marathon.

On a 12 Year-Old Houston Girl Getting Murdered (and Probably Raped, too) by Two Troglodytic Illegal Aliens and the New York Slimes Responding with Yet Another "Republicans Pounce" Story

It's one thing for journalists to have an "angle" (all of us are biased to one degree or another) but it's another to be an absolutely soulless piece of shit about it. Ryan Lizza, Eugene Daniels, and Rachel Bade (it took three of them to pen this poison) sleep well, assholes, sleep well.

On Lizabeth Scott, the Queen of 1940s and 50s Film Noir


Yep, she was a stunner (a contemporary of Lauren Bacall who she was constantly compared to; the sultry voice and distinctive beauty), no doubt.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Monday, June 24, 2024

On the Fact that Snopes After Seven Damned Years Has Finally "Fact-Checked" that Trump DID NOT Call Neo-Nazis (or as I Prefer to Call Them, Aspiring Joe Bidens) and Other Hate Groups, "Fine People"

So why did Snopes do this? They've known for years now that the accusation was bullshit. My suspicion is that it was some sort of preemptive tactic prior to the debate. They know that the moderator, Fake Tapper, has already debunked this BS and that they needed to be on the page as Fake while also diffusing the situation. It certainly wasn't because they've suddenly decided to do some legitimate nonpartisan journalism, I assure you.

On the Likelihood that if You Knew an Individual's Position On Three Issues and Could Successfully Guess Their Position On a Fourth, You're Probably Dealing with an Ideologue

And the fact that you probably couldn't do that with me, I'll take it as a win, thank you.

Sunday, June 23, 2024

On Leftist Historians Still Believing that the Communist Insurgency In Malaysia During the Early 1950s Was Led by a Large Contingent of "Freedom Fighters", as Opposed to What They Truly Became, a Violent Bush-League Gang of Radical Chinese-Born Hoodlums and Miscreants

  And the love for these assholes is of course based on the usual; a) their opposition to the British colonialists while totally ignoring the overwhelming support that these same British received from the local population and b) their low-IQ and hard-core socialist doctrine. The two "must haves", in other words.

On this Crazy Idea that 5'3" Balding Fat Men Possess "Male Privilege"

It's ludicrous (well, save of course for Danny Devito) and puts on full display just how much of a crap-fest that this identity politics foolishness has become. Of course when you're dealing with pigeon-holing simpletons like these wokesters, seepage like this, not exactly surprising, now is it?

On Some MSLSD Bim Gaslighting Her 26 Viewers Into Thinking that the Expectations for Biden Going Into the Debate Are Much Higher than the Ones for Trump (He Just Has to Show Up, the Slant Opines)

The real expectations for Biden are of course in the toilet and this idiot is simply trying to influence the refs (as if she needed to, for Christ). But we know all about Biden. We've been watching the asshole for four years and to say that he's been degenerating at breakneck speed is about as polite as I can frame it, the gaslighting be damned.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

On the Democrats Deceptively Cropping a Video Where Biden Looks Uncomfortable On Stage AGAIN (by Pulling the View Back so that You Don't See Obama Helping the Old Dude Off the Stage) and the Media with as Much Chutzpah as Anyone Could Possibly Muster Turning the Tide and Accusing the Republicans of Faking the Tape

So, do you hate the media yet? You're getting close, I hope.

On James "Money Must Grow On Trees" Clyburn Asserting that Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Program (an Unconstitutional Action that Even the Oatmeal-Brained Biden Initially Said Wasn't Within His Powers) Wouldn't Be Taking Money from Anybody

So I guess that future generations don't count as legitimate people in the pea-brains of these fools. Pretty damned convenient, wouldn't you say? 

On Hunter Biden's Legal Team Planning to Base the Appeal of His Gun Conviction In Part by Citing the Second Amendment -

How ironic is this, a fascistic President hell-bent on disarming the citizenry and giving the government a total monopoly on force having a kid using the second amendment as a means to get off on a gun charge? Honestly, does it get any better than this?

On the 1950s B-Movie Queen, Jody Lawrance


Nice as a blonde but, man, as a brunette she really took it up a notch.......As you can plainly see.

Thursday, June 20, 2024

On Dinesh D'Souza's Illegal Campaign Contributions from 2014 Landing Him In Jail -

What D'Souza did was definitely against the law (the use of straw doners more so than the excess dollar amount because the former shows intent). But it's also an offense that rarely yields the type of penalty that the guy received. My suspicion is that it may have been political payback for having been such a relentless critic of President Obama. Makes the most sense to me.

On the Fact that There's Been 162 Homicides by Illegal Aliens Since 2017, Only 11 of Which Happened During the Trump Administration -

Can we at least chalk this one up as a Trump victory? I mean, I get it that a lot of you folks don't like the fella'......but this one's pretty hard to spin so maybe just rip the Band-Aid off, no? Much less painful that way. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

On Publicity Addict, Kim Kardashian, Flying from L.A. to Paris Just to Purchase a Particular Cheesecake from a Specific Hotel (Hotel Costes) and Then Flying Back Home Upon Being Satiated

Hopefully she purchased some carbon offsets to limit her environmental "footprint" (so having her cake and eating it, too, in other words - literally this time).

On Illegal Migrants Blocking Times Square Demanding that We Do Away with ICE

A similar situation happened to me last month. Some dude tried to break into my condo, got arrested, and when he got let out on bail took to picketing outside my dwelling with signs demanding that I abolish my ADT system. Total insanity, seriously.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

On Hamas Being the Only (as Far as I'm Aware) Entity In the Annals of Human Civilization that Has Put Forward a Human Sacrifice Strategy to Achieve a Military Victory

I mean, sure, there've been armies that served up troops as "cannon fodder" (from Rome to the Zulus to the French during WW1) but to intentionally get as many of your own civilians slaughtered as a public relations tactic, that I'm having trouble finding (hiding behind Godot, perhaps).

Monday, June 17, 2024

On Receiving a Flyer from a Local Pizzeria the Other Day that Featured Prices Like this;

  Fried mozzarella - 12 bucks, Greek salad - 13 bucks, onion rings - 9 bucks, linguine and clam sauce - 22 bucks, cheese ravioli - 20 bucks, chicken picatta - 23 bucks, veal Marsala - 27 bucks, salmon limone - 27 bucks, shrimp Katherina - 28 bucks, small veggie lover's pizza - 20 bucks, meat calzone - 19 bucks, filetto Gorgonzola - 33 bucks, -  and cheesecake - 7 bucks (probably the most reasonably priced item on the menu).
  Yes, I've been away from the restaurant scene for a while and, yes, there's been some inflation but to say that I experienced sticker-shock is putting it mildly. And it isn't even a classy looking place - even by working class town, pizza place standards (though, yes, looks can be deceiving). All that I can say is that it best be tasty (if and when I go there).

On the Claim by 9th Century Islamic Historian, Baladhuri, that Prior to the Muslim Conquest of Palestine There Were Still 200,000 Jews Living In Caesarea Alone

  So what happened to them? My suspicion is that these Jews either converted to Islam under duress, fled to a different Middle-Eastern or North African locale where they possibly made out better, or stayed and became an oppressed minority (kicking in the jizya, etc.), possibly murdered at some point.......But whatever was, it boldly highlights that the Jews DO have an ancient attachment to Palestine and that this whole effing mess should have been settled in 1937 (through the Peel Commission) when the Arabs were offered the lion's-share of Western Palestine.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

On America's Privileged and Dispossessed


It's a huge problem, I've been told. And you know what, maybe it is.

On Pro Hamas Demonstrators Marching Around Chanting, "Go Back to Europe, Go Back to Europe"

My suggestion to the counter protestors would be to gather and march around with your own signs reading, "Go Back to Egypt, Go Back to Saudi Arabia, Go Back to Syria, etc. (a taste of their own medicine, in other words)". You see, that way we can put those mother effers on the defensive for a change and educate the public while we're doing so (and if you don't believe what I'm saying, here, straight from the camel's own mouth - Win win.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

On Biden's Recent Speech Referencing a "Durable End to the War"

Finally, the asshole wants to put an end to the unspeakable carnage over in Ukraine.............Oh wait, he's talking about Israel removing its foot from the gas pedal and not grinding Hamas into a flinty powder, never mind.

Friday, June 14, 2024

On a Recent CBS News/YouGov Poll Showing that 53% of Hispanics Now Support a Wide-Scale Deportation of Illegal Aliens

The Democrats seriously miscalculated on this one, believing that Hispanics would be just fine with people illegally coming into this country simply because of a shared ethnicity (especially since a large segment of them came in legally and whose tax-dollars are paying for this dystopia). I mean, I get it that the Demons love putting people into boxes and all but maybe get some data first before you start cooking-up a policy that the average person would probably find ineffectual at best.

On the Fact that Kamala Harris Is One of the Most Opportunistic Politicians In the Country's History and Yet She Never Mentions the January 6th Pipe-Bomber In an Effort to Make Hay Over it (Even Though it Could Have Potentially Caused Great Harm to Her as She Was Supposedly Inside the DNC Building Very Near to Where the Investigators Found the Bomb)

And it isn't just this chick who shows zero interest in the subject (an event that could arguably be called the most dangerous one of the entire day). The media, law enforcement, and the entirety of the Democratic establishment don't seem to give a rat's-ass, either. And why is that? Could it possibly be staring me right in the kisser? Gotta' wonder.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

On the Aztecs, Zulus, Mongols, Arabs, and Turks Never Getting One Speck of Criticism for THEIR Extensive Imperialism

Two reasons probably. a) They're unable to monetize it and b) it's yet one more example of progressives removing agency from groups who they obviously consider inferior.......That pretty much covers it, no?

On Biden Smirking When Asked About Possible Involvement In the Trump Persecution (the Correct Spelling, Rest Assured)

 Trump is a lot of things (douche-bag, blowhard, crappy with chicks, etc.) but he isn't a psychopath and hopefully he garners some votes for this extremely low bar 'cause the current occupant of that office, he ain't clearin' that damned thing. Not even close.

On the Covid Injection Not Meeting the Definition of Vaccine and the Deep State Bureaucrats Getting Around that Inconvenient Fact by Simply Changing the Existing Definition

Yeah, it was one thing when those pesky little lowlifes started messing with the language (coming up with bullshit terms like "nonbinary", "preferred pronouns", and "whataboutism") but now with the ruling class not just doing it but doing it with abandon, it's time for us to boost our game, or at the bare minimum, not comply.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

On the Claim by Late 19th Century Missionary, Fanny Emma Fitzgerald Guinness, that Seven Out of Eight Black Africans Captured by Arab Slavers During that Period Died On Their Way to Being Sold (Mostly In Camps or On Boats Heading to the Indian Ocean)

This number is a little higher than other accounts (much depends on whether you include deaths from castration or not) but even if she's off by half that's still a shitload of dead black bodies at the hands of these cork-soakers, and save for Gaddafi, there hasn't been much in the way of contrition, either, has there?

On the Dean of Mean, Keith Jardine (Former MMA Combatant), Getting Knocked Out In 48 Seconds by Houston Alexander, 36 Seconds by Wanderlei Silva, 95 Seconds by Thiago Silva, and, Drum-Roll Please, 6 Seconds by Travis Wiuff

I gather that the dude's chin was a bit suspect (I know, I know, easy for me to say, not me taking the incoming - just roll with it, OK?).

Monday, June 10, 2024

On this Asshole Believing that He's the True Personification of Science

  And I fully agree............but only if you mean by the true personification of science, a psychotic little entrenched bureaucrat who's been way-off on everything and who's committed perjury multiple times. Other than that, yeah, not so much.

On Conducting a Poll On Who the 300 Greatest Actresses of All Time Were/Are and Here Are Some of the Results

 72) Greta Garbo, 75) Deborah Kerr, 77) Susan Hayward (and, yes, I blew my stack majorly on this one), 88) Jean Simmons, 109) Marlene Dietrich, 122) Greer Garson, 126) Claudette Colbert, 135) Loretta Young, 139) Anne Baxter, and 145) Joan Fontaine. And among the actresses ranked higher than this cavalcade of legends; Sandra Bullock, Emily Blunt, Jamie Lee Curtis, Scarlet Johansson, Rachel McAdams, and Octavia Spencer. Clearly there was a heavy influx of youngsters voting in that even though stars like Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, and Ingrid Bergmen were ranked high, the top 50 selections were mostly contemporary chicks. Can't wait to see what that list'll look like 10 years from now.

Sunday, June 9, 2024

On Attorney General Garland Refusing to Hand Over the Audio Tape of Biden Being Interviewed by Special Prosecutor, Robert Hur

  Only two feasible reasons for this. a) The manuscript was doctored to a much greater extent than the a-holes have thus far admitted to and b) the tapes fully chronicle just how brain-dead that Joe has become and legitimize Mr. Hur's characterization of the dude as a borderline vegetable. It's certainly not because of the stupid reason that the White House has given - related to the audio-tape being vulnerable to AI - in that they're the ones who've had the the sucker under lock and key for months. Hello!

Saturday, June 8, 2024

On the 1930s and '40s Actress, Sally Blane


Toiled at times in the shadow of her talented sister, (Oscar Winner) Loretta Young, but I gotta' tell ya', in the looks department, I might have to go with Sally. Close, though.

On Biden's Justice Department Deciding to Pursue Ole Hunter On the Gun Charge After All

Well, being that we've known for months now that the Demons would eventually pull some levers to get Joe off the ticket, shocked we probably shouldn't be (and, yes, this shit has Obama's paw-prints written all over it, I'm just sayin').

On the 1980s and '90s Boxer, Lenny LaPaglia, Starting His Career 19-0 with 19 Knockouts


  Certainly sounds impressive, doesn't it? Of course if you're consistently going up against human tomato cans with records such as 0-7-1, 0-6, 5-19-4, 2-10-1, 3-8, 1-5, 1-27-1, 0-7, 5-11, and 5-50-1, your KO ratio probably should be relatively high, one would think. 

Show Me the Man and I'll Show You the Crime (to Steal a Line from Uncle Joe, as FDR Used to Call Him)?

  Or as I prefer to call it, "show me the orange man and I'll show you a butt-kickin' opportunity to ruin him every which way you can".

Thursday, June 6, 2024

On the Partisan Hack Goon Prosecutors In New York (Reinforced by an Even More Partisan Judge) Taking a Misdemeanor Crime Well Past the Statute of Limitations, Sprinkling Some Pixie Dust On it, and Turning that Misdemeanor Into 34 Felonies (One of Which Is Felonious Mopery In the 58th Degree and Just Try and Bounce Back from that Bad Boy)

 And all because the Democrats want to be able to call Trump "a convicted felon" for the next five months (this while actual felons like Dr. Fauci and Hillary Clinton continue to skate free). Truly insane. And haven't they figured out that every one of these chump moves ends up helping Trump in the polls? The hefty price of not having an emergency brake, I guess.

On the Jerk-Off Corporate Media Knowing Early On that the Hunter Biden Laptop Was Legit but Because of Their Blind, Foaming at the Mouth Hatred of Trump Continuing to Spit Out the Bullshit Template that it Was Just "Russian Disinformation"

 If Trump was smart (and admittedly he isn't always) he'd be focusing mostly on this type of evidence (I would include also his banning from Twitter, the dishonest and biased algorithms from Google, states illegally changing election laws by fiat, etc.) and not so much on the weirdo shit coming from fellows like Mike Lindell. I'd also advise the dude to be as proactive as possible in fighting back against this nonsense (much easier said than done when you're being law-fared to an early grave) 'cause let's face it, it could easily be our final chance.

On Sienna College Having Placed FDR, LBJ, Polk, Wilson, Clinton, Truman, and Obama Into Their Top Quartile of U.S. Presidents

Interesting choices (though, yes, it does show a weird affinity for war-waging Democrats).