Thursday, January 30, 2020

On When Morons Like Michael Moore, Bernie Sanders, and Valerie Jarrett Wax Glowingly About Cuba's Education System

Yeah, I guess that it never dawns on these clowns that a country which crushes all aspects of free speech, political dissent, etc. might not be so much interested in education as it is in indoctrinating folks. Oh well, consider the source, as they say.

On the Fact In August, 2016, Peter Strzok Sent a (Now Heavily Redacted) Email to His Paramour, Lisa Page, with the Heading, "Seth Rich" In Which He Told Her that He Had "Squashed" a Press-Inquiry On the Young Man - ttps://

I'm not entirely certain what this means but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, NOT NOTHING.......And please keep in mind that Attorney, Ty Clevenger, had also tried to get documents from the F.B.I. pertaining to Rich and Wikileaks and was told that there were over a dozen of these documents, all of which were labeled classified and hence unavailable for release. I mean, I get it that no one really wants to go here but at some point don't you think that we'll probably have to?...........................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, kudos to Consortium News for uncovering this, 'cause if it was up to the mainstream media it would have been ignored. Full stop. 

On the Fact that Burisma Would Not Have Offered Hunter Biden, a Drug-Addled and Tax-Avoiding Degenerate Who Had No Skills In the Energy Sector and Who Couldn't Speak a Lick of Ukrainian, a Lucrative Position On Their Board of Directors if They Weren't Expecting Some Consideration In Return, the Only Question Here Is What that Was

Son of a bitch, what could it be?

On Holocaust Remembrance Day

I have a simple suggestion. Instead of "Holocaust Remembrance Day" we alter it to "HolocaustS Remembrance Day". You see, that we could honor all of the Kurds, Armenians, Cambodians, Guatemalans, Rwandans, Ukrainians, Chinese, Sudanese, etc., etc. who also died at the hands of virulent governments. I mean, that sounds fair, no?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

On the Fact that CNN's Don Lemon Is Fast Becoming One of the Biggest Jerk-Offs and Idiots In Broadcasting Annals and for this Clown to Stand In Judgement of, as Well as Ridicule, 60,000,000 People Simply Because They Didn't Vote for Hillary Clinton, a Person Who if Her Name Wasn't Hillary Clinton Would Probably Be In Prison Right Now, Is Truly About as Reprehensible as it Gets, from My Viewpoint

Yeah, back when news provided us with actual journalism and acted with integrity, this Lemon slant-head would have been bounced years ago but being that it's all about pushing a partisan narrative now, they'll probably give him a monstrous raise instead. Fuckin' A, huh?

On the Fact that this Country Is Swimming In Debt and Nobody, Not the Current Fellow In the White House and Certainly Not that Conga-Line of Lunatic Democratic Aspirants, Seems to Give a Shit About it

What's that old expression, if it can't go on forever, it won't? Well that's kinda' what we've got here; over $200,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities, no plans to address it, and politicians from both parties proposing that we spend even more. The whole thing is going to collapse at some point and unless we start electing some serious leaders, sooner rather than later, I'm thinking.

On the Fact that if President Trump's Biggest Enemies Right Now Are These Two Fucking Imbeciles, He Can Probably Live with that, I'm Sure

I sure know that I could. An Israel-first neocon and a California leftist, come on.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Then What?

I'll take, "Inquiries that Brain-Dead Politicians Ranging from Neocons to Democratic Socialists Never Put Forth Prior to Instituting One of Their Bound-to-Fail Policies with its Commensurate Lack of Foresight", for a thousand, Alex.

On the Fact that No Country Could Continue Very Long if it Allowed Every New Migrant Into its Midst the Immediate Opportunity to Be a Public Charge

And yet, virtually every one of those buffoonish Democratic Presidential candidates is proposing exactly that. Pretty frightening, huh?

On Yet Another Study Conclusively Showing that Diversity Is NOT a Strength - - but Rather an Idiotic Bromide Spewed from the Mouths of Buffoonish Politicians Such as Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, and Barack Obama

Politicians tell lots of lies but this one is particularly dangerous in that it invariably leads to a fracturing of your society in which the best result is balkanization and the worst one civil conflict and genocide. But, hey, at least the Democrats can get their votes. That's the main thing, I guess.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Onthe Fact that Legal Firearm Owners Have a Lower Crime-Rate than Police Officers -

And we all know where the lion's-share of weapons-related crimes take place. We're just not allowed to talk about it (the penalty of course being banned from the public-square), that's all.............Yet another crime against"noticing", I guess.

On Trump Constantly Getting Criticized for Only Disavowing David Duke 100 Times, 'Cause as We're All Aware by Now, the Requisite Number Has Always Been a Much More Robust 101

Of course being that the dude did sign that criminal justice reform bill, maybe some slack? A little slack? No, huh?

On the Fact that Whenever a Bunch of These Red, Black, and Green Back-to-Africa Buffoons Make One of Their Pilgrimages to Africa as Some Sort of Somber Tribute to American Slaves, They Never Seem to Want to Find Out How All of Those Slaves Got to the African Coast-Line to Be Sold Into Slavery In the First Place - Never

Yeah, they must either believe that a) they magically appeared (possibly by voodoo, keeping with the African theme) or b) the redcoats traipsed though the jungle rounding them up (something that would have been life-threatening to the point of suicidal) - both of which are pure fantasy. But, hey, as long as it soothes their inferiority complex, I suppose that it's fine. Whatever, right?

Saturday, January 25, 2020

On the Fact that While We'll Probably Never Know for Sure Just How Many German Soldiers Died In Those Horrid Rhine Meadows Death Camps Overseen by Eisenhower In 1946, Just the Fact that the General a) Didn't Let the Red Cross In to Oversee These Camps, b) Changed the Status of These Men from Prisoners of War to "Disarmed Enemy Forces" (an Act that Made the Geneva Convention Inapplicable In Their Cases), and c) Withheld Water and Food for Long Stretches of Time, Leads Me to Conclude that Eisenhower at the Bare Minimum Should Have Been Investigated

So, ya' still liking Ike? Me, I've kind of soured a little.......A lot, actually.

On the Fact that the Second Amendment Rally In Virginia this Week Went Off Without a Hitch

There are clearly times when it's better to be wrong (as I was in this case, predicting violence). Thank God.

On What "Q" Will Have to Say About Trump Hiring an Alleged Pedophile, Alan Dershowitz, to Be On His Legal Team (Along with Kenneth Starr, Another Absolute Sleazebag)

Absolutely nothing, would be my guess. What do you think?

On the Fact that if You're a Journalist (a Decent One) and Your Mother Says, "I Love You", YOU CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

Of course we don't really have journalists any longer (just leftist activists masquerading as journalists) so, NEVER MIND, I guess.

On Elizabeth Warren Claiming that Her Wealth Tax Will Only Effect the Wealthiest Americans (Those with a Net Worth of $30 Million and Up)

They said exactly the same shit about the income tax (Woodrow Wilson and company) and how did that work out? Yeah, huh?..........................................................................................................And does this Warren imbecile simply not fathom that much of a person's net-worth is often tied up in property and capital assets......and that if you hit them every year with a $300,000 tax burden (1% of $30 Million) on top of every other tax that they pay, they might have to start selling some of those assets and maybe even lay some workers off? I personally don't think that she has, if you ask me.

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Currently Has Folks on His Payroll Who Are Proud and Self-Admitted Stalinists and the Corporate Media Thus Far Doesn't Seem to Have a Dime's-Worth of Interest In it

Yes, I understand that these are lower-level operatives but, still, Sanders and the media-shits both need to address this, come on. I mean, we're talking Joseph fucking Stalin here, for Christ; one of the top two mass-murderers in world history. My God.

On the Fact that if a McDonald's Manager Constantly Went Around Bad-Mouthing the Owner, He'd Probably Be Fired and Nobody Would Think Twice About it......and, so, No, Trump Dusting that Lady Ambassador In Ukraine (Yovanovitch - a Holdover from the Obama Administration and Entrenched Bureaucrat for Sure) Is No Big-Deal and Certainly Not Something to Be Impeached Over

Yeah, this would have been a 0.0 on the political Richter Scale if Clinton or Obama had done it but because it was Trump bullshit outlets like MSNBC and Vox are going ballistic. Fuckin' A, huh?

Friday, January 24, 2020

On Gandhi Once Having Referred to Hitler as, "Dear Friend"

Yeah, I'll bet that he would have loved a big juicy "Mulligan" on that one. Yikes, huh?

On My Sneaking Suspicion that Trump Smoked that Solemani Chap Simply to Appease the War-Hawks In the Senate (Asshats Like Ole Lindsey) and to Ensure Their Votes On Impeachment

Yeah, but did he have the kill somebody? That's the part that bugs me (the fact that he could have blown up some shit instead and served the same purpose).

Thursday, January 23, 2020

On the Fact that Not Only Did President Polk Send Thousands of Soldiers Into the Disputed Territory Between the Rio Nueces and Rio Grande Rivers (and to Label it Disputed Territory Is Being Generous In that Most Fair-Minded People Considered it Mexican Land), He Had a Fucking Fort Constructed There!!

Needless to say, the Mexicans responded militarily to these two bald provocations and so was set in motion a long line of American Presidents tricking a perceived antagonist into firing the first shot (Lincoln, McKinley, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, the Bushes, etc.). You might even say that we've made a cottage-industry of it. Sadly.

On Alan Dershowitz and Kenneth Starr Recently Being Added to Trump's Legal Team

So two alleged pedos, in other words. Just great (and more 4D chess, I suppose).

On the Likelihood of Bernie Sanders Being Asked to Disavow Those Two Foaming-at-the-Mouth Lunatics In His Campaign Who Apparently Wish to Bring Back Reeducation Camps, Gulags, the Guillotine, etc. Specifically for Trump Supporters

Yeah, the only way that these media asshats would do something like that would be if Mrs. Clinton got into the race and they had to torpedo ole Bernie AGAIN. Otherwise, no, a Democrat can do whatever he or she wants to with zero scrutiny (the only exception being Tulsi Gabbard because of her anti-war agenda - the media loves war). It's how the media rolls these days.

On My Robust Suspicion that Mr. Laughton Probably Got Some Wood On this One, too

Oh yeah!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

On the Fact that While Sue Is Mostly Renowned for Her Blues, the Gal Can Certainly Rock-Out as Well

   Like this, for example.

On the Fact that Marc LaMont Hill, While Clearly Not a Rocket Scientist, Is Brainy Enough to Know that You Could Probably Count On One Hand the Number of Brothers Who Are Afraid of White Folks and Yet He Still Tries to Gaslight His Buffoonish Audience Into Thinking that White Citizens Are Roaming the Streets Out to Do Violence Upon Them

I was watching that video again and, I swear, the dude was almost laughing while he was spewing this bullshit. Leroy, Mookie, and Slim, afraid of white people - come on!!

On Tulsi Gabbard Filing a $50 Million Law Suit Against Mrs. Clinton (this In Response to Clinton Having Slandered Her as a Russian Puppet WITH ZERO EVIDENCE!!!)

Needless to say, I'm delighted (with my only beef being that the amount is too low). I just hope that my girl (and, yes, I do have quite the thing for her) doesn't get the Epstein treatment, that's all. Keep a good thought, I guess.

On the Fact that One of Those Sanders Staffers Who Wants to Imprison Trump Voters Is so Damned Stupid that He Actually Believes that There Were Riots Outside the 1978 Democratic Convention, Back When McGovern Was Running (the Riots Were In '68 and McGovern Ran In '72 - HELLO!!)

So Bernie's supporters are even more doltish than him. Fuckin' A, huh?

On Two Sanders Staffers (Both of Whom Appear to Have an IQ Under 90) Being Caught On Video Saying that Trump Supporters Should Be Carried Off to Reeducation Camps and/or Gulags -

So these two morons who espouse communism, are ardently anti-free-speech, and who apparently have no qualms about using violence against people who they disagree with, plan to go textbook fascism on individuals just because they voted for Trump over Mrs. Clinton (an individual about as corrupt as they come). Please, if there's anything even remotely sane about this shit, go ahead and shout it from the rooftops.............Just don't be surprised if somebody carries YOU away. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

On Who's Worse, David Duke or John McCain?

Consider this a thought-experiment. On the one hand you have this Duke fellow who's clearly bigoted but who hasn't physically harmed anyone (that I know of) while on the other hand you have this other fellow who seemingly isn't bigoted but whose policies have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands and suffering beyond belief. Yeah, to me, Senator McCain was worse......but maybe that's just me. Who knows.

Monday, January 20, 2020

On MSNBC's Insane Host, Lawrence O'Donnell, Hammering CNN for Occasionally Having Pro-Trump Guests On and Further Stating that He Would Never Have Such Liars On His Program

This coming from an asshat who's had heavyweight champion liar, John Brennan, on scores of times. Again, the lack of self-awarenes from these clowns is staggering. My God.

On Charles Laughton All but Creaming His Jeans (They Had Levis Back In the 1st Century, Right?) While Watching Rita Hayworth Dance as Salome In the 1953 Movie, "Salome"

And I doubt that he was alone (i.e., Stewart Granger, Cedric Hardwicke, etc.). Oh yeah.

On the Upcoming Second Amendment Rally In Richmond, Virginia

Yeah, it's a stupid that, you know, YOU KNOW, that the fascistic and parasitic political hacks down there are probably going to pull the same bullshit stunts that they did in Charlottesville a couple years ago, i.e., block out all of the exits to the place and funnel the protesters into the unwelcoming arms of counter-protesters such as Antifa, and then blame the Second Amendment folks for whatever violence that ensues. Unfortunately the protesters probably haven't thought that far ahead going into this......and being that they feel so strongly about the issue, it's throw-down time, I guess.

On Brian Stelter's Intials Being B.S.

Sounds about right (sad, though, in that the dude hosts a show called, "Reliable Sources", in which he does nothing but criticize the President and slam a certain competing network).

Sunday, January 19, 2020

On the Fact that Charles the 12th, Napoleon, and Hitler All Experienced Initial Success In Their Respective Wars Against Russia but Instead of Declaring Victory and Holding-Fort, They Went for the Entire Enchilada and Ended Up Getting Routed

Yes, I get it, when you have your enemy on the run the natural inclination is to go in for the finish............but we're talking Russia here, amigos. It's cold, it's big, and it has an unlimited number of bodies that it can throw into the grinder. Couple this with the harsh fact that Russia has an affinity for scorched-earth policies and you're looking at disaster, flat out. Just don't do it, I say (not that anyone would these days, mind you, them having a nuclear arsenal and all).

On the Fact that the Artillery Fire Coming from the U.S. Forces During the Battle of Palo Alto Was so Destructive that the Mexican Soldiers (Who Were Primarily Peasants and Indians at that Juncture) Literally Begged Their Commanders to Let Them Charge with Their Bayonets Drawn so that at Least They Could Die with Honor

Yeah, and I'll wager that those Iraqi irregulars probably had the exact same feeling when papa Bush and company were carpet-bombing them from 20,000 feet during that bullshit war.......Wouldn't you think?

Saturday, January 18, 2020

On Watching All of These Cowardly Reporters Slipping, Sliding, and Tying Themselves Into Knots Trying NOT to Inform Us that 95% of These Attacks On Jews In New York City Are at the Hands of Black People

And here's the thing. It would be bad enough if they were just bad reporters but they're much, much, MUCH worse than that. They're also dangerous people and isn't it about time that we called them out on that? My God.

On President Trump Questioning (Quite Correctly In My Estimation) the Deep State Parasites and Surveillance-State/Police-State Tyrants When it Came to Russian Hacking (Ray McGovern and Bill Binney Obliterating this Narrative Months Ago) but Buying Hook, Like, and Sinker Their Bullshit Regarding Soleimani (I Refer You to for more on this topic)

Yeah, this Trump fellow drives me nuts at times. On the one hand he talks a very reassuring non-interventionist game and then he does bullshit like this. And, please, enough already with the 4D chess nonsense......'cause I'm just not buying it anymore.

On the Wisdom (or Lack Thereof) of Not Just Importing Massive Amounts of Poverty, Hostility, Educational Failure, Socialist Leanings, etc., etc. Into a Modern Industrialized Country but Subsidizing the Process via Free Shit Through Taxpayer Largess and Debt

Does any cogent person actually believe that this fracturing and ensured insolvency of America is going to end well? I certainly hope not 'cause I'm tellin' ya' straight, it won't. It can't.

Friday, January 17, 2020

On the Fact that the Scumbags Over at YouTube Are Now Handing Strikes to Video-Clips that Have Already Been Deleted and When the Creator of These Clips Attempts to Challenge the Strike, YouTube Says, "No Can Do", Because the Material No Longer Exists I SHIT YOU NOT!!!

Yeah, these social-media companies are absolutely repugnant and I don't know about you folks but I've been scoping out some of the alternative sites; BitChute, D-Live, Minds, and others, 'cause this is just flat-out fucked-up and I don't want to be a part of it. Fuck 'em, I say.

On the Overwhelming Likelihood that James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas Were Not the Brothers of Jesus but Rather His Cousins

  Yeah, this fellow lays it out brilliantly by underscoring that a) the term, brother, was frequently used in a much more general sense during Jesus's time and b) it would have been extremely unlikely for Jesus to ever refer to his mother as, "the other Mary (Mary Magdalene being the other other)", as he often did to describe the parentage of James, etc.. I mean, I suppose that there's still an opening for the other scenario to be the case but after listening to this scholar, I'm thinking, no, at this juncture. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

On the Fact that (According to the Pharmaceutical Journal of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society) 8 of the 12 Members of that N.I.C.E. Expert Panel Which Lowered the Threshold for Acceptable Cholesterol Levels Had Financial Ties to the Statin Manufacturers

One humongous conflict of interest, wouldn't you say? I surely would..........................................................................................P.S. The article cited appears in the March, 2015 issue, in case you wanted to read more.

On the Fact that ( at the Time of Jesus's Death, it Was a Longstanding Jewish Tradition that Only Family Members Could Anoint a Dead Person's Body......and Being that Mary Magdalene Wasn't Jesus's Sister or Mother, You Make the Call

Yes, I understand that there are some scholars out there who question the historicity of Jesus Christ, but putting that aside for a moment, the fact that Magdalene claimed the body and the fact that most rabbis of that period had wives, it's at least a possibility that Jesus and Mary were husband and wife. That's how I see it anyway.  

On Nancy Pelosi Back In 2011 Arguing that President Obama Didn't Need Any Congressional Authorization to Destroy Libya but Now Arguing that President Trump Needed to Secure Authorization to Smoke Soleimani

And no one in the media is pressing her on this clear-cut double-standard. Pathetic, isn't it?

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

On Prince Harry and Hot Wife, Meghan Markle, Vacating Buckingham Palace and Moving to America and All of the SJW Miscreants In the Media Blaming it On, Yep, You Got it, RACISM (the Chick Is 3/8ths Black, at Most, but They Still Have to Go There Anyway)!!!

Yeah, my suspicion here is that the gal simply a) got homesick for the U.S., b) didn't care for the duties of being a royal (would you?), and c) missed the limelight of being an American celebrity......and nothing more than that.............And as for this whole racism bullshit, I seem to recall the British tabloids going pretty strong to the basket with Duchess Fergie as well (calling her the "Duchess of Pork") and she's about as white as rice as I recall. But, hey, what's a day without another racism charge, I guess.

On Chelsea Clinton Guesting On "The View" and I'm Quite Certain that She Got Grilled Just as Brutally as Donald Trump's Son Did When He Went On

What, did I say something funny?......I probably did, huh?

Saturday, January 11, 2020

On the Fact that While, Yes, Mr. Trump Has Clearly Changed the Metrics of Who Can Become President, I'm Sorry, Electing a Guy Whose Only Political Achievement Is Becoming the Mayor of a City the Size of Waterbury, Connecticut, Seems a Trifle Absurd to Me

He's also sort of a jerk-off like Trump and, so, yeah, anything is possible, I guess.

On When Bismarck Suckered France Into War In 1870 (the Franco-Prussian War)

Yeah, I guess that he took the cordial and conciliatory transcript between King William the Second and French Ambassador, Benedetti, in which William assured Count Benedetti that Prussia had no interest in the Spanish Crown, and changed it to make the meeting seem much more bellicose. Bismarck then of course published it and before the matter could be cleared up, what do you know, tens of thousands of coffins were being manufactured in both countries. Terrific job, Otto.......................................................................................................P.S. If you're looking for a really superb documentary on the Franco-Prussian War, I strongly recommend this one. It's short but includes pretty much everything -

On Jewish Folks Buying Homes from Black Folks, Often Giving Them Much More than the Homes Are Worth, and Other Black Folks Taking Huge Umbrage with it to the Point of Major Violence Being Directed at the Jewish Community

One of the complaints that you often hear from black agitators is that the Jews never share their success with blacks. Well how 'bout this; the black folks take those generous payments from the Jews and, I don't know, maybe create some of their own success? It's just a thought.  

On Kathie Lee Gifford Once Having Done a Cover of Van Morrison's "Moondance"

Part of me wants to check it out............but part of me doesn't, and being that I don't drink anymore, I'll probably keep it a marvelous night a wee-bit longer and go with option B. For now.

Friday, January 10, 2020

On Trump Having Essentially the Same Views On Illegal Immigration as Walter Mondale, Cesar Chavez, and Ralph Abernathy Had In the Early 1970s

Granted, he isn't always as polite, eloquent, etc. about it............but neither has the guy sent his goons down to the border to beat the living shit out of Mexican nationals as Chavez did on countless occasions. I'm just sayin'. Out of fairness.

On Charles the Fat's Deal with Viking Warlord, Siegfried, In Which In Exchange for Concluding the Siege of Paris, the Frankish King a) Handed Over Massive Amounts of Silver and b) Allowed the Viking Contingent Free-Reign Into Burgundy Where They Could Continue Their Plundering with Scant Resistance

Yes, it sounds a trifle sleazy and cowardly BUT being that it saved Paris from being sacked again (the Vikings had had their way there several times previously) and bought some time for further negotiations (Rollo ultimately acquiring Burgundy in exchange for his allegiance to the King of West Francia; Charles the Simple by then), it actually worked out pretty good, I'd say. See, you can negotiate with barbarians (some of 'em, anyway).   

Thursday, January 9, 2020

On the Fact that if Albinus Had Simply Opted for British Independence from Rome In 197, There Is Little Doubt that the Fellow Would Have Succeeded (Rome's Control of Britain Being Rather Shaky by the Late Second Century) but Being that His Lust for Power Was Immense (and Prototypical for that Era) He Went for the Entire Enchilada and Ultimately Offed Himself at the Battle of Lugdunum In Gaul

Yeah, I guess that his motivation was noble (he apparently wanted Rome to be a Republic again) but you have to know your limitations and he clearly didn't.......Taking over the whole Roman Empire, come on.

On Caligula Amassing Hundreds of Thousands of Roman Soldiers In the Region of Normandy (it Wasn't Called Normandy at the Time but for Geographical Clarity) and Instead of Having Them Traverse the English Channel to Attack Great Britain He Put Them to Work Collecting Seashells

Yeah, he must have concluded that if Julius Caesar and Augustus couldn't quell that untamed and mysterious land, what chance did a schmuck like he have (possible a miscue in that Claudius ultimately closed the deal with a significantly smaller force)?............Either that or the fellow was insane. Who knows.

On the Fact that While You Can Sometimes Rid a People of Their Religion, the Capacity for Fundamentalism and Fanaticism, In General, Has a Vexing Tendency to it Simply Travels Elsewhere

Regime-change wars, socialism, radical environmentalism, egalitarianism, the cult of personality, etc., etc., etc..

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

On the Fact that (According to Recently Discovered Archaeological Remains) One of the Primary Complaints Made by the Roman Sentries at Hadrian's Wall (an Edifice Constructed to Prevent Those Pesky Scottish Picts from Raiding the North of England) Was Quite a Legitimate One; NOT ENOUGH BEER!!! -

Yeah, I don't know about you folks but if somebody plopped my ass down in the middle of nowhere and my only task was to occasionally shoot an arrow through the chest of some foaming-at-the-mouth Scotsman, I would probably need a brewski from time to time, too.......Too much to ask?

On a Recent Study from Texas A&M and Arizona State Which Displays that Only 4.4% of FINANCIAL JOURNALISTS Are Politically Right-of-Center -

Wow, so even business reporters, who should know how central-planning has smashed one economy after another, have a leftist bent nowadays. Un-fucking-real.

On the Fact that Even Though We've Now Determined via Satellite that Over 85% of Those Fires In Australia Are Human-Caused (Arson and Recklessness), We Still Have Indoctrinated Hollywood Morons Like Reece Witherspoon Trying to Tell Us that it's Because of Man-Made Global Warming -

Yeah, these schmucks live in such a bubble that even if you gave them the hard data on this, they'd probably still fucking believe their nonsense. It's simply how they're wired, I fear.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

On the Fact that Ole Mayor Pete Now Apparently Wants to Dole Out Taxpayer Money (or Simply Put it On the Credit Card) to the Families that Were Separated by Border Authorities After Illegally Entering the Country

Yeah, 'cause as we all know, rewarding illegality has no effect on promulgating even more of it. That's just a racist, right-wing myth.......Or so we're told.

On Me Being On the Same Side as Those Four Idiot Socialist Freshman Congresswomen from Hard-Core Ethnic Enclaves (Regarding Mr. Trump's Targeted Assassination of that Iranian Honcho - All Five of Us Opposing the Action)

Yeah, it makes me a bit nervous......and may even prompt me to reassess my position, but the hard fact remains; American involvement in the Middle East has been poison and for Mr. Trump to think that this time it's magically gonna' work......leads me to wonder who he's listening to now......and I can only imagine.  

On Hunter Biden Apparently Owing the I.R.S. $112,000 and the City of Washington D.C. $48,000 More -

So even with all of that Burisma cash rolling in (at least $50,000 a month), he still couldn't pay his taxes. How pitiful is that?......Oh, and, yeah, if this was one of Trump's kids, we all know how that would play out (to the point where we could recite it in our sleep). For sure.

Monday, January 6, 2020

On a Blind Homeless White Fellow Getting Beaten to Death by a Black Sociopath In Nashville and Being that it's Just Another Dog-Bites-Man Story, Mainly Crickets from the SJW Media -

And, yes, if the roles were revered, every fucking stooge on MSNBC and CNN would be going full-bore on just how racist of a country America is (this despite the fact that interracial violence is predominantly black on white, black on Asian, and black on Hispanic). I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. It's simply how they roll.

On My Fervent Hope that this Young Fellow (Intrepid Reporter, Ronan Farrow) Has a Major Contingent of Armed Security Personnel 'Cause, Man, oh Man, Has He Ever Pissed Off a Lot of Rich and Powerful Folks Who Would Just as Soon See Him Cold and Clammy Right About Now

Doing God's work comes with a price, they say. Thankfully there are still some who are willing do do it. God speed, young man, God speed.

On the Fact that the Democrats Are so Desperate to Railroad Trump that They're Now Willing to Accept Testimony from this Psychopathic Pile of Filth (Neocon Schmuck, John Bolton)

Try wrapping your head around that, 'cause I'm informing you right now, I can't.

On Ricky Gervais Tearing Hollywood a Couple of New Ones

  Man, did I ever enjoy this (as I'm watching it for the umpteenth time). Bravo, Ricky, bravo.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

On Tucker Doing What Tucker Does Best; BLASTING THE NEOCONS!!

   Hopefully this is just more of Trump's 4-D chest, 'cause if it's not, we could be in major trouble.

On President Trump Proclaiming January, 2020 to Be "National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention" Month -

And the Rachel Maddows and Don Lemons of the planet will criticize the fellow on this exactly? That what, we shouldn't be fighting these things? Cannot wait to find out.

Friday, January 3, 2020

On Andrew Yang Concocting Some Dystopian Scenario 20 Years Into the Future In Which Roaming Bands of White Folks Will Be Going Around Beating the Shit Out of Asian-Americans Simply Because Their Mere Existence Will Somehow Remind These White Fiends of Just How Badly China Will Be Kicking Our Butts by Then

Of course in the mean time (i.e., today) we have black criminals beating the shit out of Asian-Americans in cities such as Rochester, Oakland, and Philadelphia and Mr. Yang never seems to address that shit, does he? Didn't think so.

On the Fact that Biden Apparently Wants to Get Rid of Natural Gas Now

So the technology (fracking - one of the most monumental advancements of the past half-century) that has a) permitted us to be energy independent and b) actually reduced our country's carbon emissions (the only advanced nation that can make this claim) this clown wants to deep-six and replace it with shit that doesn't work (solar and wind - both of which are low power density, costly inefficient, and high resource intensity). Wow, and he supposed to be the "moderate" of the bunch. Scary shit, huh?

On the Fact that Lief Ericson Apparently Wasn't the First European to Land In the Americas In that On His First Voyage to Vinland (What Is Currently Newfoundland and Labrador) He Allegedly Found the Remains of a Few European Men Who Had Arrived There Some Years Earlier -

Wow, so the discoverers of the new world were a couple of chaps who we'll never know the identities of. How cool is that?

Thursday, January 2, 2020

On 45 Year-Old Julie Andrews Going Topless In the 1981 Movie, "S.O.B."

Not too shabby and, yeah, can you imagine what they looked like in 1961? Oh yeah.

On the Fact that Trump Is Probably the Most Serious Threat to the Entrenched Bureaucracy that the U.S. Has Seen In Decades and so of Course the Establishment's Shills and Hatchet-Men Wish to Destroy the Guy

And here's the thing. I'm not entirely certain that the fellow IS an "outsider"......and that he WILL drain the damned swamp BUT being that he's probably our last chance to do so, if he does end up securing a second term, I'll be OK with it.......Especially considering the alternatives.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

On Biden Recently Threatening to Jail Oil Executives if They Didn't Adhere to His Heavy-Handed and Fascistic Edicts and the Audience Listening to this Madness Actually Applauding it

The fellow is insane (to the point of making Trump seem well-adjusted) and does he simply not realize that if it wasn't for fossil-fuel energy MODERNITY WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE? I mean, I get it that as a liberal Democrat you have to pander to a certain extent to the environmental nut-jobs but rolling out a bunch of Gestapo-like proposals when the damned film is still running, kinda' dumb, no?

On What Mitt Romney and a Clock Have In Common

They give you a different answer on every occasion (a hat-tip to Henny Youngman).

On the Fact that One of Mitt Romney's Former Advisers Currently Sits On the Board of Directors of that Same Ukrainian Oil and Gas Company, Burisma, that Biden's Crazy-Assed Son, Hunter, Sat On -

Well, that might explain some of Mitt's animosity towards Trump (that and POTUS telling him to go pound sand for Secretary of State). I'm just sayin'.

On the Fact that Black On Jewish Hostility and Violence Has Been a Major Problem In New York City for Decades Now and, so, Yeah, for These Degenerate Leftist Politicians Like Cuomo, de Blasio, etc. to Try and Lay this Current Wave of Episodes On Trump's Doorstep Is Just Plain Sickening, My God

Yeah, I can't even wrap my mind around it at this point. I mean, they're fucking blaming this guy for everything these days (save for the legitimate stuff of course; the deficit, aiding the Saudis in Yemen, extending civil-asset forfeiture, etc.) and it doesn't seem to be calming down, either (not surprising with an election coming up next year). Sanity, ANYONE?