Saturday, September 29, 2018

On the Fact that Even if the Supreme Court Does Strike Down Roe Versus Wade (Highly Unlikely In That Other Than Thomas...…), All that Will Happen Is that the Decision Goes Back to the States......and so Unless You're Planning On Moving Down to Mississippi and/or Having a Shitload of Partial Birth Abortions, Perhaps it Isn't the Healthiest Thing to Get so Damned Hysterical About this Shit

A little free advice, that's all.

On the Fact that I Had a Much Closer Near-Death Experience In High School than Ms. Ford (an Automobile Accident) and I Can Still Remember Vividly Being Driven to the Emergency Room by a Classmate and His Name Was Tim Ramsey

Yeah, this is the part of the lady's testimony that is most suspicious to me in that it's just too convenient (the fact that it wrecks the narrative by removing a potentially critical corroborating witness). Not that it bothers those leftist Democrats on the committee of course in that it really isn't about sexual abuse to them but rather this paranoiac notion about Roe versus Wade...……….and so, yeah, the soap-opera will continue for at least one more week.

On the Fact that While I Still Don't Think that There's Nearly Enough to Convict (Yep, Even In the Court of Public Opinion) Judge Kavanaugh On These Sexual Assault Charges from 36 Years Ago, I Have to Tell You that I'm Beginning to Think that the Dude Might Be Lying About the Drinking at Least (the Not-so-Veiled Reference to Him In His Friend's Novel, the Witness from Yale Who Claimed that Kavanaugh Was a Real Booze-Hound, etc.)

And if he's lying about one part of the narrative...….

Friday, September 28, 2018

The Most Disturbing Aspect of Ms. Ford's Testimony?

I'm not certain how many people picked this up but did you notice that when she stormed out of the dwelling where this alleged assault took place, she left her dearest friend behind in the presence of these two supposed rapists? Wouldn't you have thought that she'd at least try to get her friend out, too?......Yeah, that was perplexing to me.

On the Claim that Rape Is Such a Traumatic Event In One's Life (and I Have No Doubt that it Is) that it Is Not Uncommon for One's Memory to Be Faulty Regarding the Ancillary Details

Yes, this appears to be the case in some situations but what folks also have to realize is that in any sort of he-said/she-said court scenario, YOU NEED CORROBORATING EVIDENCE in order to make the case stick (otherwise you have a Stalinist system in which an accusation is the only prerequisite to destroy somebody). And I'm sorry but there just isn't any in this Kavanaugh situation. I mean, the woman can't even tell us who drove her home, for Christ (this though she remembers having one beer)……………………………………………………………………………..P.S. I actually experienced a traumatic event myself when I was a teenager (a car-crash at 18) and I vividly recall being driven to the emergency room by Tim Ramsey in the wee hours in the morning......but maybe that's just me. Who knows?

On the Fact that Even Though Joe Biden (In 1991 at the Clarence Thomas Hearings) Is On the Record as Proclaiming that the F.B.I. Does Not "Reach a Conclusion or Make Recommendations" and that it Is "Pointless to Bring it Up", Virtually Every Hard-Core Leftist Fool On that Senate Judiciary Committee Continued His or Her Clamoring for Some Magical F.B.I. Investigation

How anyone with a straight face can say that this is anything other than a delay tactic is beyond me. And what do they think that the F.B.I. will do, waterboard those supposed witnesses until they say that what Ms. Ford is alleging is true? It's ludicrous and yet this is how the Democrats roll these days. Damn, huh?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

On the Fact that Even if Ms. Ford Is telling the Truth and Kavanaugh Did this, There Is Not a Prosecutor Out There Who Would Have Filed Charges and Even if There Was it Would Have Been Sent to Juvenile Court with the Ultimate Findings Permanently Sealed

Having said that, I did witness some of the proceedings and the woman wasn't as insane as I had expected her to be BUT STILL, we're talking 36 year-old sketchy accusations with zero corroboration and, I'm sorry, that is not enough to destroy the career of a seemingly decent and well qualified man. I'm just trying to be fair here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

On the Fact that if it Is the Goal of the British Government to Break this Man, Trust Me, Unless They Plan to Murder Him, They'll Lose

It's a sad state of affairs when a working-class stiff is more concerned about the future of his country than all of the dirt-bags in Parliament combined but that unfortunately describes Great Britain in 2018. God save the Queen, indeed.

On the Fact that Tommy Robinson Resigned from the English Defense League (a Group that He Himself Had Created) Because They Refused to Allow One of Tommy's Black Buddies to Be a Member

And not only does the biased, idiotic, and corrupt English media keep ignoring this fact, they continue to paint Tommy as some sort of bigot simply because he doesn't appreciate how Islam (an ideology and not a race) has all but trashed his hometown of Luton and what it's doing to England in general. Disgraceful (and, yes, it's just the tip of the iceberg regarding how he's been persecuted), huh?

On the Fact that Even Though Slavery Still Exists In Numerous African Countries, it Continues to Be the American South that the PC Gestapo Excoriates as the Primary (and Worst - a Particularly Ludicrous Assertion) Perpetrator of the Institution (More than 150 Years After Emancipation, No Less)

Kind of makes you think that it isn't so much slavery that motivates demagogues like Marc LaMont Hill, Cornel West, and Michael Eric Dyson but rather something else $$$$$$$$$$$$, agree?

On the Fact that In Mao Tse-tung's Red-Guard Movement and Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, a Charge Was All that Was Necessary for a Trial and Conviction

So, yeah, the fascistic me-too movement is in very good company, indeed. Way to go, gals!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

On the Lineage of African Slaves Who Came to North America Versus the Lineage of Those Who Remained Slaves In Africa

First of all we have to recognize that the slaves in Africa were treated far more brutally and so a lot of them didn't even produce a lineage (compare this to North America where the slave population flourished) but let's put that aside for now and ask ourselves, is there any place on the African continent in which blacks are currently better off than they are in the U.S.? The right answer of course is, no, and so maybe instead of trying to shake down guilt-ridden white folks for "reparations", we all try working together to build a less contentious and identity-driven society? Plan B, we could even call it.

On the Fact that a Posse of Low IQ Bimbos at the "Guardian" Recently Did a Hit-Piece On Right-of-Center YouTube Channels In Which They Tried to Tie Them Together as Some Sort of Organized Cabal to Disseminate Fake News and Perpetrate European Superiority

The legacy media has done a lot of idiotic and paranoid stories over the past several years (trying to assert that Jordan Peterson is alt-right, for example) but this one just might take the cake in that they tried to assert that people as diverse as Michael Knowles, Ben Shapiro, and Candace Owens (your average Republicans), Sargon of Akkad and Tim Pool (moderate libertarians), Mike Cernovich, Gavin McInnes, Paul Joseph Watson, and Milo Yiannopoulos (alt-light figures and/or civic-nationalists, at worst), Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern (paleo libertarians), Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, and James Damore (apolitical types), Jordan Peterson and Steven Pinker (noteworthy public intellectuals) and Henrik Palmgren, Mark Collet, and Millennial Woes (full-blown ethno-nationalists) are somehow working together to create some sort of neo-Nazi apocalypse (and please keep in mind that a lot of these folks don't even like each other!). It is of course ridiculous and, yet, emblematic of the way that the left has been operating these days (labeling anyone to the right of Castro as an alt-right neo-Nazi white supremacist who wants to exterminate half the planet) and God only knows where it ends. Soon, hopefully.   

On the Fact that Even Though Physical Force Remains the Most Palpably Corrupt and Amoral Solution to the Problem of Limited Resources (and One that Can Only Be Excused Within the Milieu of Tiny Children), it Continues to Be the Guiding Principle and Modus Operandi of Virtually Every Government On the Planet

Maybe this is pie-in-the-sky but wouldn't it be nice for a change to live in a society that was based on volunteerism as opposed to one in which the government consistently wields the billy-club to get its way? I know for sure that I wouldn't object.

Monday, September 24, 2018

On the Fact that In the 1960s, You Needed Nearly Two Dollars In American Money to Purchase One South African Rand and Today You Need Nearly Fifteen South African Rands to Purchase One American Dollar -

Yeah, let's just say that Mandela, Mbeki, and Zuma weren't exactly geniuses when it came to economics (and in the case of Zuma, not even when it came to counting - seriously, the dude can't count) and leave it there.

On the Warped Notion that You Can Destroy the Presumption of Innocence if the Defendant Doesn't Share Your Political Views

And these same people have the unmitigated audacity to call Trump, a fascist. Unbelievable, huh (the fact that they're seemingly willing to trash due process simply to achieve a political result)?

On the Fact that the Second Woman's Complaint Against Judge Kavanaugh Is so Weak and Unsubstantiated that Even the Republican-Hating New York Times Passed On the Damned Story

Not the Senate Democrats, though. No-sir-ee, Bob, ALL OVER IT they were...….and how embarrassing is that, really, having less scruples than the New York Times???? It's certainly not a place that I ever want to be.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

On the Fact that 99.9% of the Great Classical Composers (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Chopin, Schubert, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Ravel, etc., etc.) Were Men and so All of These Idiotic SJWs Who Are Trying to Get Symphony Orchestras to Play Female Compositions, COULD THEY BE ANY SILLIER?

Nothing is apparently off limits to these boneheads and wouldn't it be refreshing to hear just one person tell these terrorist fiends to go pound sand? I'd certainly love to hear it.

On the Fact that the U.S. Military Industrial Complex Has Apparently Decided to Commemorate 9/11 In the Same Way that it Has for the Past Several Years, by Arming al Qaeda (In Syria), THE SAME PIECES OF FILTH WHO SUPPOSEDLY PERPETRATED THE ATROCITY!!!!!!

Ron Paul, Eva Bartlett, Scott Horton, Vanessa Beeley, and others have pointed this out and right on cue they all get slimed by the corporate media whose singular goal these days seems centered around pushing this idiotic militarism and making Mr. Netanyahu pleased as punch. A free and independent press, my ass.

On the Fact that the Left's Slogan, "Believe All Women", Is a Lie

Just ask Karen Monahan and Juanita Broaddrick. Seriously, ask 'em.

On the Fact that of All the Possible Choices On President Trump's Short List for the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh Is Probably the One Who Is LEAST LIKELY to Mess Around with Roe v. Wade (Yeah, He Might Nobble Around the Edges but Nothing More than that)…...and so if the Democrats Derail Him, Then What?

I mean, are they going to accuse Mrs. Coney Barrett of sexual misconduct......or something else?...… Yeah, I just don't think that they've thought this through.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 27

On the Fact that One of Christine Ford's Demands Before She Agrees to Testify Is that Judge Kavanaugh Speak First

Again, this is a total debasement of our 800 year English common law tradition of permitting the accused to not just confront his accuser BUT TO KNOW WHAT HE'S BEING ACCUSED OF, FOR CHRST!! I mean, what if Ms. Ford throws another twist into her story that Kavanaugh didn't address - then what? Start all over again?......Yeah, we are really getting into some Stalinist shit here, folks. Big time.  

On New York's Dimwitted Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, Prodding the Republicans to Give this Ford Lady a Hearing and When They Consent to Do that (Either Publicly or Behind Closed Doors), She Still Bitches and Moans Because as We All Know, Those Republicans Are Nothing but Mean, Old, Privileged White Men Who Will Try to Humiliate Ms. Ford In that They Just Can't Help Themselves

Can anybody out there tell the difference between Gillibrand and a weathervane? 'Cause I sure as hell can't (the fact that she's always putting her finger in the air, moving the damned goalposts, etc.).

Friday, September 21, 2018

On the Moronic Notion that the F.B.I. Would Ever Consent to Go Door to Door in Chevy Chase County Questioning the Inhabitants if They Had Ever Thrown a Pool Party in 1982 in Which a 17 year-old Brett Kavanaugh was a Participant

Only a mental defective would ever suggest such a thing and yet that is more or less what this Ford lady and the Democrats are putting forth here. Pretty sad, huh (the party of Jack and Bobby Kennedy, Grover Cleveland, Al Smith, William Jennings Bryan, Paul Tsongas, Mayors Koch and Daley, etc. falling to such a pitiful level)?

On What it Looks Like When an Asian Dude Delivers Some Straight Talk to an African Dude

 Something along these lines, would be my guess. Ba-BOOM!

On the Fact that Ruth Bader Ginsburg Molested Me Once When I Was In High School

Granted, I don't remember where or when but you gotta believe me, it happened!...……...You do believe me, right?

Thursday, September 20, 2018

On the Fact that Rome Has Gone from Being the Glorious Cynosure of the Most Powerful Empire In World History to a Shithole City that Is Littered by Migrant Slums and Skyrocketing Crime

Nothing that a good toga party couldn't rectify, I'm sure (that and a doubling-down on multiculturalism, mass migration, diversity training, etc.).

On the Fact that Even Though the Right of the Accused to Face/Confront One's Accuser Goes All the Way Back to the Magna Carta, the Democrats Seemingly Want to Junk this Principle and Allow Ms. Ford to Do What Is Tantamount to a Drive-By Shooting and Destroy Kavanaugh's Career In the Process

Again, this sets a nasty precedent and if those Washington D.C. Democrats don't think that this will someday boomerang back at them, THEY'RE NUTS!......Because as we all know, it will, no geniuses required.  

On the Fact that There Isn't Anything More Fundamental to a Free and Open Society than the Presumption of Innocence and Yet We Have These Idiotic Democrats Like that Low IQ Bimbo Senator from Hawaii Essentially Saying that a Woman Must Always Be Believed and that a Man Is Always a Fucking Liar, Guilty as Hell, etc.

Trust me, if this Kavanaugh fellow goes down because of this eleventh hour maneuver, the floodgates will open and the tactic will be used ad infinitum......and I ask you, is that any way to run a damned government (a non banana republic one, I'm saying)?......And, yes, that's a rhetorical question.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

On the Fact that Kavanaugh's Accuser, Ms. Ford, Is Now Saying that She Refuses to Testify Until the F.B.I. Does an Investigation

It's ludicrous. a) It isn't an F.B.I. matter but rather something for the local police to investigate. b) The accusation itself is moot in that it is well past the statute of limitations. c) The woman seemingly can't remember key aspects of the event (where it took place, the year, how she got there, how many dudes were there, etc.) and so that's a fucking dead-end right there. And d) even if this crime did take place, it happened when Kavanaugh was a juvenile and so if he did get prosecuted when it happened, the results would have been sealed FOREVER. Look, I get it, we have to take a woman's claims seriously, but this has all the markings of a stall tactic and I'm pretty sure that the Democrats want to stretch this baby out until after the mid-terms when they might have the majority to deep-six ANY Trump nominee (with the upshot of that being two years of one 4 to 4 verdict after another). Yes, it's sleazy......but it's how these politicians roll nowadays. Get used to it.

On Who that Anonymous New York Times Editorial Writer Could Possibly Be

Yes, the number of possible suspects is huge, but if we're only looking at folks who are close to Mr. Trump, this fellow, Bolton, has to be at the top of the list. a) He's a snake. b) He's a neocon who seemingly takes his marching-orders from Tel Aviv. And c) he's a fucking moron who easily could have penned that lowbrow piece of drivel. I'm telling you, if I was advising the President, I would tell him to fire this slant, the sooner the better (I would also have him choose between Israel and the U.S.A. for citizenship but that's just me - dual citizenship, not a big fan).

On the Left's Toxic Cocktail of Socialism, Anti-White Vitriol, and Nonstop Immigration from Third-World Countries

I obviously don't possess a crystal ball but, honestly, do you really need one (the harsh fact that even a sixth grader could tell you that while, yes, you can have a welfare state OR open borders you cannot have both, that multiculturalism has been an absolute failure, etc.)?

On the Fact that Some Socialist Scumbag Who Works for the DOJ by the Name of Allison Hrabar Has Apparently Been Using Her Workplace's Lexis Nexis Account to Dig Up Information On People Who She Disagrees with, a Fireable Offense Even by Government Standards -

I get it that Trump's battle-cry of "drain the swamp" is probably mostly posturing on his part but, yeah, when I see parasites like this not just abusing the system but attempting to subvert it (she was also one of the idiots who harassed Secretary Nielsen at a restaurant), I truly wish that it was more than that.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

On the Fact that Even Though the Left Controls the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and 90% of Academia, it Seemingly Isn't Enough in that They Now Want to Control What Two Conservatives Say to Each Other On the Internet

Yeah, these leftist propagandists (Maddow, Stelter, etc.) are rapidly approaching Goebbels/Molotov territory in that they seemingly want to control the flow of information completely. Hopefully it doesn't get any worse than this 'cause I strongly suspect that the feces will hit the fan majorly if it does. We'll see, I guess.

On the Fact that In New York City's Five Burroughs, a Resident Can Actually Be Fined Up to $250,000 for Refusing to Use Some Deranged Person's Preferred Gender Pronoun; Make-Believe Words Such as Ze, Tey, and Per (and Please Keep In Mind Here that the Morons Who Run that Freak-Show of a Town Currently Recognize Dozens and Dozens of Wholly Fabricated Genders, Each with Their Own Fucking Pronoun)

So compelled speech, in other words...….And how in the blazes is this even enforceable? I mean, I can't think of a court that would uphold this ludicrous law (its lack of Constitutionality something that even a seven year-old could determine, for Christ). Can you?

Monday, September 17, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Countless Historians Ranging from Firishta to Will Durant to Koenraad Elst) Even Though the Muslim Invasion of India Was Arguably the Bloodiest and Most Genocidal In All of Human History (as Many as 60,000,000 Hindus Slaughtered), Not Only Has No One Ever Asked the Islamic World to Pay Penance for These Atrocities, it Is Still Viewed by Many In the West as Some Sort of Victim

Yeah, this one-way, self-imposed guilt-trip of the West really needs to end, and quickly, 'cause once the Islamists do take over, it's frequently lights out (with Spain after 700 years being one of the few exceptions).

On the Fact that of All the Criticisms that the New York Times Could Have Levied Against Nikki Haley (Her Numerous Lies Pertaining to Syria Would Have Been My Focus), They Decided on Some Bogus Curtains Story (the Fact that it Was Samantha Powers Who Procured the Pricey Items and not Haley) and Peddled the Shit as if it Was Some Hard-Hitting Piece

The dishonesty of the legacy media can only be matched by its idiocy and damned if they didn't give us a twofer on this one, the schmucks.

On the Fact that the Parents of Judge Kavanaugh's Accuser, Christine Ford, Were Apparently Embroiled In a Hotly Contested Foreclosure Case In Which Kavanaugh's Mother Was the Judge and, so, No, No Conflict of Interest Whatsoever

  And don't you just love the way that Feinstein and the Dems sat on this for months and only came out with it when everything else failed to sufficiently smear the dude? Typical lowball politics, pretty much cover it for me.

On the Fact that Bill Maher Apparently Still Gets Triggered When Trump Supporters Belt Out, "Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up"

Yeah, 'cause as we all know, that is FAR more offensive than the destruction of Libya, the fleecing of Haiti, the arming of terrorist groups, the selling of advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia, LYING to the families of the Benghazi victims, the utilization of a private unencrypted server for classified material, etc.. An absolute no-brainer, no?

On the Fact that (According to Canadian Attorney, Jared Brown) Someone from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Actually Told a Laotian Woman Who Had Barely Escaped Persecution by the Communist Thugs When She Was Just a Youngster that She "Didn't Understand Human Rights" (I Guess that She Had Used the Wrong Gender Pronoun)

This is what happens when feelings become more important than facts and I pray to God that the U.S. never reaches this level of sheer insanity (or at least we're able to quarantine it at the college and university locations).

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Sunday Serving of Patty - Edition 13

On Bernie Sanders Yet Again Citing Denmark as a Country that He Wants the U.S. to Emulate

So Bernie wants to significantly reduce re-tape/regulations and slash the corporate tax rate. I can dig that...……………………………………………………………………………..P.S. The reality of course here is that Sanders is probably an ignoramus when it comes to the Danish economy and is either thinking of how they were many decades ago or has a boner over their high individual tax rate......and, so, yeah, I'm essentially just trolling the numbnuts.  

On the Fact that Even Though Is a Great Amount of Evidence to Support the Greater Male Variability Hypothesis (that There Is More Variability Among Men than Women On a Whole Host of Traits; Size, Intelligence, Athleticism, etc.) and its Explanatory Powers Relative to Why the Two Genders Differ In Their Aptitudes for Selective Endeavors, the SJWs and Various Other Social Constructivists Are Currently Being Triggered by this Data and Are Even Attempting to Suppress Certain Studies -

And morons like Bernie Sanders want to send even more people to college to learn such nonsense (i.e., that men and women are essentially the same and that any disparity in results between them can only be explained by bigotry), ill-prepare them for the real-word, misallocate their resources, etc.. Unbelievable, huh?

On the Fact that In 2016, a 15 Year-Old Black Kid Named Demetrius Griffin Was Tossed Into a 55 Gallon Drum and Burned to Death Simply Because He Refused to Join a Gang -

And not a peep from Michael Eric Dyson, Marc LaMont Hill, Cornel West, Black Lives Matter, etc.. Not that I'm shocked of course in that if the killer isn't white or a cop, the coverage just isn't there. EVER.

Friday, September 14, 2018

On the Fact that Miami U Backup Quarterback, Cade Weldon, Is the Son of Former Florida State All-American Quarterback, Casey Weldon

So the son of a Seminole is now a Hurricane. Man, would I ever love to be a fly on the wall during THAT Christmas dinner (the fact that the 'Canes and the 'Noles have been staunch rivals for decades).

On the Fact that 40% of the Violent Hate-Crimes In France Are Directed at Jewish People (this Despite the Fact that Jews Represent Just 1% of the Population) and the Overall Number of Such Crimes Has Risen by 20% -

France no longer keeps track of the ethnicity of the perpetrators (probably out of political correctness) and so we're left to speculate. My suspicion (and, yes, I'm really going out on a limb here) is that it just might have to do with the massive increase in the Muslim population. Just a wild guess.

On the Fact that Even the Dalai Lama Is Now Cautioning Europe On its Radical Migrant Policy

Yeah, I guess that when you witness your own country being destroyed by waves of migrants who don't share your beliefs and customs, it brings about a certain level of wisdom and expertise on the subject (as opposed to hypocrites like Bono who continue to live in the lily-white sections of England while waving in third-worlders to the rest of the country). Now if we could only get Europe to listen.

On the Fact that the Stubby and Aging Rock Star, Bono, Protested Vociferously When the Han Chinese Started Flooding Into Tibet and Majorly Altered Their Culture and Way of Life but Now that the Exact Same Event Is Happening In His Own Backyard with Africans Flooding Into Europe, Not Only Is He Not Opposing it, He's Championing it AND Calling Anyone Who Does Oppose it a Nazi (Recently Mocking the Nazi Salute In One of His Concerts)

I had always thought that that South Park episode in which they compared Bono to a literal piece of shit was a trifle harsh, but after this (he also engaged in some virulent racism directed at the Swedish people), I'm not so certain anymore in that they may have gotten it just......about......right.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

On Nikki Haley's Bald Propagandist Claim that the Iranians Are Supplying the Yemeni Houthis with Missiles (Which We're Led to Believe Is Worse than Us Supplying the Saudis with Infinitely Greater Firepower)

Yeah, this was debunked almost immediately by "Jane's Defense Weekly" and it doesn't even make sense in that Yemen has been under a strict blockade for the better part of three years. I mean, I get it that truth is the first casualty of war and all but this is off the charts even for Ms. Haley.

On the Fact that (According to's Scott Horton) the Saudis Are Using the Same Barbaric Double and Triple Tap Strategy In Yemen that Mad-Bomber Harris Used to Terrorize, Maim, and Murder German Civilians During WW2

Yeah, for those of you who don't know, this is when you bomb a specific area and later when the rescue team comes out and tends to the victims you bomb again...……...and you continue to do this until you kill them all. It's a vile strategy and what make it even worse is that the Saudis are using planes and weapons that we, the U.S., has sold to them (we're also helping in the refueling process to add insult to injury). Sickening, huh?...………………………………………………………………..P.S. And, yes, this has been a totally bipartisan operation in that Bush 2, Obama, and Trump have ALL OK'd these weapon sales...……….which is probably why nobody but the libertarians are talking about it. Thank God for them.

On Race-Hustlers, Marc LaMont Hill, Michael Eric Dyson, and Cornel West

Their primary strategy appears to be one of fanning insecurities, screaming at blacks that they are helpless victims who are owed something, and convincing them that they should be suspicious of their country. It's a horrid message and a strategy that is guaranteed to produce bad results in that as anybody who's ever analyzed the performance of minority groups across cultures can tell you, it is NOT though political agitation that a group progresses but rather it is something that comes about via skills, industriousness, family cohesion, thrift, etc.. Of course, being that this type of message would quickly dry up the demand for hucksters like the ones mentioned above, you will never hear it from them and, so, yeah, it's deja vu all......over......again (Courtesy of CNN, MSNBC, Salon, the New York Times, etc., etc.).

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

On the Fact that While Rags Like the New Republic and the Guardian Have Always Been Situated On the Left, Their Content In Large Part Was Smart and They Catered to Smart Readers (the Daniel Patrick Moynihans, Jeff Greenfields, and Gore Vidals of the World)

Yep, and now they punch out pabulum while their readers struggle to understand HBO and Netflix shows. Pretty sad, huh?

On #Walkaway Founder, Brandon Straka, Getting Suspended from Facebook for 30 Days Simply for Providing the Link to a Recent Interview that He Did with Alex Jones

What's next, suspending people who once shared an elevator with Alex? Suspending everybody on his Christmas card list? I mean, this is getting preposterous (not to mention, Kafkaesque AND Orwellian).

On Tucker Carlson Asking Whether Diversity Truly Is a Strength (as Opposed to Just a Bromide) and Media Matters Responding In Their Typical Uninquisitive and Slimy Manner by Bringing Up Nazis and Other Such Stupidity

Well being that there exists no tangible evidence to support this little fantasy of theirs, did you expect anything different? I certainly didn't...…………………………………………………………………………….P.S. Here are a few good summaries on the research and statistics and I would prefer to see Media Matters address this stuff instead of simply demonizing those who question their simplistic narrative - - - and, no, I'm not holding my breath.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

On the Fact that (According to a 1997 Dutch Study by Goldewijk and Battjes) the Population of the Congo Actually Increased by About 2.3% a Year from 1890 to 1910 (the Time of the Supposed King Leopold Genocide) -

So if there were killings by the Belgian forces (and I have no doubt that there were), they were significantly under the population replacement rate and this whole claim of 10,000,000 deaths seems especially dubious given that a) the entire population of the Congo was never that high during this time-frame and b) the Belgians only controlled half of the territory (something that the Belgian government pointed out in their rebuttal to an extremely slanted BBC documentary). Of course, being that the anti-white narrative has become so critical to the overall leftist mindset these days, lots 'a luck attempting to introduce some nuance to this little gem...….Ain't happenin'!

On the Fact that 19 Year-Old Males In America Have Gone from Storming the Beaches at Normandy to Sipping Hot Cocoa and Fondling Stuffed Animals In Safe Spaces at Brown, Cornell, and Dartmouth

Hopefully we never have to face an actual war (you know, one in which WE'RE attacked - as opposed to these Middle-East quagmires in which we have no legitimate interests - and then have to rely upon these sissy-fisted imbeciles) in that those I've been informed require at least some testosterone.

On the Concept of Dishing Out Over $100,000 On Your Kid's Education with the End-Result Being a Spoiled Brat Who Believes that Socialism Is Amazing, that There Are 72 Different Genders, that They Are Somehow a Victim (How Much of a One of Course Depends Upon Where They Fall On the Intersectionality Scale), and that Anybody Who Disagrees with These Buffoonish Paradigms Is a Bigot Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Free Speech

Yeah, I suspect that there might be just a smidge of buyer's remorse with some of the parents. I certainly know that I wouldn't be jumping for joy...….72 genders, my God. 

Monday, September 10, 2018

On Meghan McCain Using Her Father's Funeral Proceedings as a Pretext for Hammering President Trump

Periods of grief and anger are generally not a good time for wise decision-making and so I'm willing to cut the lady some slack......but if she keeps it up, I will have no other recourse but to remind her of her father's militarism and, yes, I can assure you that THAT won't be ceremonious, either.

On the Overwhelming Certainty that the Individual Who Penned that Anonymous Op-Ed In the New York Times Is a Neocon Slant

Yeah, if I was advising Trump, I would tell him to find out which of his staff subscribes to the Wall Street Journal and/or the Weekly Standard and once he does, have each and every one of these individuals marched out to Pennsylvania Avenue never to enter the White House again...……...and then have him start all over again - this time with zero neocons......'cause as we're all aware by now, THEY ARE POISON.   

On Bono's Plan to Display the E.U. Flag On U2's Upcoming Concert Tour, an Action that He Self-Describes as "Radical"

So championing an enormous and opaque federal super-state with an out of touch and unelected bureaucracy manned by mushy-brained metropolitan elites whose singular goal appears to be destroying local sovereignty is seen as radical these days. Boy, have times ever changed.

On Economic Freedom Fighters Head-Honcho, Julius Malema, Recently Reiterating His Desire to "Cut the Throat of Whiteness"

Yeah, this is the same asshole who said that he wasn't "calling for the slaughter of all whites, at least not yet" and who jumps around on stage like a total buffoon singing that disturbing song about machine-gunning Boers...……….so, yeah, do consider the source.

On All of Those European Feminists with Horn-Rimmed Glasses Who Ball Their Brains Out Whenever a Criminal Migrant (Some of Whom Have Committed Rape) Gets Deported

While the term, "Stockholm Syndrome", can sometimes be overused, a strong case can be made that it's at least part of the explanation in places such as Sweden, France, Germany, and England, with "pathological altruism" being an alternative way to describe it (the fact that they are quite literally cheering on the destruction of their own countries, etc.).

Sunday, September 9, 2018

On the Fact that France's Solution to the Problem of Public Pissing (and, Please, I Hope that You're Sitting for this) Has Been Open-Air Urinals, I Shit You Not -

I've heard that Paris isn't Paris anymore and so I probably shouldn't be shocked but, damn, could you at least give 'em a roof? A shade? SOMETHING? My God.

On the Fact that In the Demented Mind of Deep-State Apologist and Anti-White Huckster, Don Lemon, Those 15,000 Afrikaner Farm Families Aren't Moving to Russia Out of Fear that They Might Be Raped, Tortured, Murdered, and Dismembered Like the Thousands of Their Fellow Farmers but Rather Out of Bigotry

And this fellow is so blinded by racial hatred that he is willing to accept the word of South Africa's ANC government (one of the most corrupt on the planet) over that of Gregory Stanton and Genocide Watch. It doesn't get much worse than that...…………………………………………………………..P.S. And, no, neither does the schmuck understand the ramifications of the situation; namely, the strong likelihood that when these white farmers leave the land, it will quickly become fallow and the food supply will dry up resulting in famine. But, hey, as long as he has Apartheid (you know, that system which ended 24 years ago!!) to blame, it probably doesn't matter, I guess.

A Sunday Serving of Patty - Edition 12

On Concordia University Scholar, Gad Saad, Hammering Serena Williams for Her Petulant and Boorish Behavior During Yesterday's U.S. Open Tennis Finals and Immediately Getting Slammed for it by a Cadre of Low IQ SJWs Who Apparently Found it Sexist and Racist

Yeah, I guess that being a short and stocky Lebanese Jew who had to flee the Middle-East as a child simply isn't high enough on the oppression pecking-order to criticize a successful black woman who's worth close to $200,000,000, is married to another multi-millionaire, and who has a rabid and adoring fan-base. Not in the current climate anyway (where the softer bigotry of low expectations continues to dominate and people like Gad need to keep their yappers shut).

Saturday, September 8, 2018

On the Fact that Some Propagandist Leftist Stooge Actually Went On MSNBC a Few Nights Ago and Accused Mr. Trump of Politicizing the F.B.I. - I Shit You Not

I just love how these fascistic statists so cavalierly and without so much as a molecule of self-reflection or irony constantly go around accusing others of WHAT THEY THEMSELVES HAVE DONE (the Clintons laundering money to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steel, the F.B.I. using that preposterous piss dossier to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump and his team, Strzok and Page plotting to derail the Trump campaign and having an "insurance policy" just in case the reality star won, etc.). Of course it didn't become full-throttle Kafkaesque until the true conspiracy theorists in the legacy media (low-brow buffoons like Maddow and Lemon) started running with the bullshit as if it was an actual story! And they're serious, these morons. Frightening, huh?

On the Fact that I Actually Saw Ann Coulter the Other Day Railing Against the Military Industrial Complex, Endless Conflicts, and Even Batted Trump Upside the Head for His Having Fallen for that Bogus Syrian Chemical Attack Story (Citing Findings from the U.N.)

Yeah, it was like, who are you and what did you do to Ann Coulter?......Oh well, better late that never, I guess.

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 26

Friday, September 7, 2018

On How the Draft-Dodging and War-Mongering Torture Enthusiast, Dick Cheney, Would Try to Explain the Concrete from the Twin Towers Being Turned Into Dust In Mid-Air from Just an Aluminum Airplane Strike and an Oxygen-Starved and Relatively Contained Hydrocarbon Fire

Yeah, I'd love to hear the dude's take on that...….and you'd think that a reporter or two would as well, no?

Note to the Grandstanding, Drunk On Power, Lying Sack of Shit, and Mediocre to the Nines Senator, Cory Booker (In Reference to His Cockamamie Spartacus Comparison Yesterday)

I knew Spartacus (well, it was actually Kirk Douglas and, yeah, it was only on the boob-tube but close enough, I say), Senator. Spartacus was a friend of mine and you, Senator, are no Spartacus...….Not even close (the fact that Spartacus was a gladiator and far more selfless than you, you scumbag political hack).

On the Fact that at the Very Time that Brain-Diseased Leftists Like Walter Duranty, George Bernard Shaw, and W.E.B. Du Bois Were Praising Joseph Stalin as a "Reasonable and Conciliatory Man", that Very Same Stalin Through His Authoritarianism and Forced Collectivizing of Farms Was In the Process of Starving to Death Six Million Ukrainians

Yeah, I guess that if you're gonna be wrong, you might as well be spectacular about it. Well done, fellas'.

On the Distinct Likelihood that China (a Totalitarian Regime that Has Moved its Manpower from Agricultural to Industrial and Technological Functions) Will Eventually See its Economy Shit the Bed a la the Soviet Union

The key of course here is whether or not the Chinese government makes its political institutions more (small d) democratic and accessible with my assessment at this junction still being: DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH. ………………………………………………………………………………...P.S. And, yes, it is also imperative to point out that China is currently in the middle of one of the largest housing bubbles in human history which is yet another huge albatross.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Researcher, Shane O'Mara, from Trinity College In Dublin) We Now Know that Sleep Deprivation Is One of the Cruelest Forms Of Torture In that as Quickly as 48 to 72 Hours it Can Create a Psychotic State Replete with Hallucinations, Delusions, Delirium, Amnesia, Self-Injurious Behavior, etc. and AND the Information that You Derive from it Is Completely Unreliable

Yeah, this was the one thing that McCain was good on and shame on a-holes like Bill O'Reilly for thinking that this was a moral and effective way for the U.S. to go about its business. Hopefully we never go down this road again.

On Alex Jones Ambushing "Little" Marco Rubio and Rubio Pretending that He Didn't Know Who Alex Was

Yes, Jones is a train-wreck, no question about it. But if I had to choose between him and some slippery politician like Rubio, sorry, but I gotta go with Alex (the fact that the dude's anti-war, pro civil-liberties, and just flat-out entertaining - Rubio, not so much).

On the Fact that if Colin Kaepernick Was so Concerned About Police Brutality, He Would Move to Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, or Memphis, Go Back to School, Become a Cop Himself, and Bust His Butt to Try and Improve Things

You know, as opposed to grandstanding, virtue-signaling, spewing forth identity politics, making no effort to analyze the data, acting like a damned fool (even going as far as to wear a Castro t-shirt), etc.. Easier shit, in other words.

On the Fact that On at Least Two Separate Occasions (Crown Heights and Freddy's Fashion Mart), the Race-Mongering Scoundrel, Al Sharpton, Delivered Incendiary and Invective-Laced Speeches that Resulted In the Deaths of Innocent People

Trump has been asked over and over again to disavow David Duke (yeah, I guess that 999,999 times simply isn't sufficient). How 'bout we asked the Dems to disavow this piece of shit, Sharpton, just once? JUST ONCE (you know, as opposed to inviting him to the White House dozens of times, giving him his own TV show, letting him skate on his taxes, etc.).   

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

On the Fact that if Colin Kaepernick Was Truly Offended by Slavery, He Wouldn't Be Hammering Trump by Tying Him to American Slavery (Which Ended More than 150 Years Ago) but Instead Would Be Blasting Clinton and Obama for Destroying Libya to the Point Where They Actually Have Slavery There TODAY!!

The truth of course is that he probably doesn't give a fuck about slavery, doesn't know a single thing about it, and is either virtue-signaling and/or attempting to be a victim. In fact, it wasn't for the legacy media propping him up, would the dude even be on our radar? Doubt it.

On John Lennon's Imagination Pertaining to "No Countries"

While it's an interesting thought, I also can't resist pointing out that when it came to situating himself, Mr. Lennon chose the "non-country" of the U.S.A. and not the non-country of Sierra Leonne......or the non-country of Saudi Arabia......or the non-country of Guatemala......You get the drift.

On Colin Kaepernick Having Been Seen Walking Around with a Fidel Castro T-Shirt and Even Going as Far as to Praise the Bloody Dictator

Does not this idiot realize that if he lived in Cuba and tried to pull some of the stunts there that he's been pulling in our country, the repercussions would be severe and potentially lethal? Yeah, someone really needs to pull this kid aside, and soon (you know, before he makes an even bigger buffoon of himself; the fact that he doesn't know the crime stats, thinks that he's a victim when he's actually quite privileged, etc.).  

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Complete and Unabridged List of Ways In Which Islam Is Compatible with Modern, Open, and Free Societies

Remember how Ike responded when he was asked what Dick Nixon's greatest accomplishments as Vice President were? That, more or less.

On the Fact that Trump Has Actually Been Somewhat Tougher On Russia than Obama (Yes, Politifact Disputes this but They Did so Predominantly Through Obfuscation) -

And, believe me, I say this not as compliment to Trump but rather as a criticism. The truth of the matter is that Russia has done nothing to deserve these sanctions (it was the U.S. and N.A.T.O. that caused the crisis in Ukraine by toppling the government there and don't even get me going on Syria, the bogus collusion charges, etc.) and if Trump had any semblance of common sense and testicular fortitude he'd be standing up to this anti-Russian foolishness and educating the country that improving relations with Russia is a good thing......but being that the dude is apparently devoid of these attributes he's folded completely to the Clinton Democrats and the neocon Republicans. Hugely disappointing.

On the Koran Verse, "Fight Them Until There Is No Fitnah and Until the Religion, All of it, Is for Allah"

And this doesn't constitute an open-ended declaration of perpetual exactly?...…………………………………………………………………………….P.S. And, yes, I get it that not ALL Muslims take these verses literally, but enough of them do and even those that don't believe in a lot of other moronic shit such as honor killings, female genital mutilation, laws against homosexuality, "sexual emergencies"/an actual rape culture, polygamy, laws against free speech, death for apostasy, etc. - all of which are incompatible with modernity.

Monday, September 3, 2018

On if Only Somebody Had Pumped THIS Into the Funeral

 Can you even begin to imagine?......I kinda' can!

On Mr. Trump's Stated Willingness to Talk to Iran Without Preconditions

If the Democrats and Republicans Possessed Any Actual Principles, the former would be praising Trump and the latter would be lambasting him......but being that they don't have a damned one, there's noting but awkward silence...….Kinda' like it!

On the New York Times and Other Bullshit Outfits Trying to Defame the Thousands of Protestors In Chemnitz, Germany (People Who've Apparently Had it with the Mass Migration of Third-Worlders Into Their Country and the Resultant Crime, Expense, etc.) as "Far-Right" and Even "Neo-Nazis"

What these deranged shits fail to consider (either intentionally or from a lack of critical thought) is that the vast majority of these protesters aren't bigoted but rather pragmatic. They see that this multicultural experiment has been a total failure and from this have concluded that maybe their leaders needs to re-evaluate the policy. I mean, have we gone so far down this radical egalitarian path that anything short of a full acceptance of demographic suicide is somehow Hitleresque?

On the Fact that Even Though the C.I.A. Has One of the Most Odious and Inglorious Records In All of Modern History, the Democrats Continue to Back it as if it Was Some August Entity

Yeah, they must really despise Trump that they would take the side of an entity that gave us Operation Mockingbird, the Shah of Iran, Operation Chaos, the murder of Lumumba, the Gulf of Tonkin, the murder of Diem, the secret war in Cambodia, multiple coups in Laos, MK-Ultra, the surveillance of Martin Luther King, WMD, the murder of Gadhafi, the overthrow of countless other governments (Guatemala, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Brazil, Indonesia, Chile, etc.), the arming of terrorists in Syria, the coverup of the U.S.S. Liberty, Vault 7, waterboarding and other forms of torture, secret drone wars, etc.. Either that or they're operating out of abject political expediency and, honestly, I'm not entirely sure what's worse. You pick!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

On How Many of Those 535 Psychopaths and Whores (err, I Mean, Congressmen and Senators) In the D.C. Cesspool Would Have Been Able to Withstand the Same Level of Scrutiny that Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort Have Been Under Since that Deep-State Buffoon, Robert Mueller, Initiated His Witch-Hunt

Yeah, I'm gonna go low single digits on this one, folks (the likelihood that they're all pretty much filthy......and being that the average American commits three felonies a day, seems like a solid choice). If that.

On the Idiotic and Bowserly Comedian, Kathy Griffin, Bashing Trump for Not Being Respectful Enough to John McCain

'Cause Griffin herself NEVER bashed McCain...….Well, except of course for all of those 2008 tweets where she pretty much eviscerated the guy. THEY DO NOT COUNT!! Ha ha ha ha. 

On the Fact that Even Though the Last Thing that this Country of Ours Should Probably Ever Do In the Future Is to Arm Yet Another Young Rebel Group In Some God-Forsaken Land that In a Cogent World Wouldn't Even Be On Our Radar, Chances Are that We Ultimately Will

And, no, it doesn't matter whether the Democrats or the Republicans are in charge 'cause as we're all aware by now, there is only one real party; the war party (AKA, the Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Financial Complex).

On the Fact that Nobody During this John McCain Media Love-Fest Has Had the Courage to Bring Up the Harsh Truth that it Was None Other than Ole John Himself Who Stonewalled and Prevented the Pentagon from Providing Key Documents to the Families of MIAs and POWs, Probably Because it Would Have Brought to Light Mr. McCain's Confession During His Tenure as a POW and He Didn't Want to Face that Embarrassment

And the sad part is that most folks wouldn't have judged McCain harshly for this (the fact that the confession was obviously coerced and what sane person wouldn't cooperate under those circumstances?) and would have certainly hammered the dude more for the cover-up...…...….had the media done its job, that is.

A Sunday Serving of Patty - Edition 11

On the Fact that Iceland Has One of the Highest Rates of Gun Ownership in the Western Hemisphere and Yet They Haven't Had a Gun-Related Homicide In Over a Decade

And let me guess, the fact that they're a homogenous country that hasn't force-fed its population multiculturalism via massive waves of third-world immigration is purely coincidental. How did I know?

On the Fact that it Is Damn Near Impossible for a Person to Secure a Gun In South Africa

Well that'll certainly make the government's plan to steal those farms a hell of a lot easier. Way to go, ANC.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

On this Persistent Notion that John McCain Was a "Maverick"

Yeah, I'm sorry but occasionally fluctuating back and forth from one corrupt side of the establishment to the other isn't exactly bold and daring in my book (his Democratic opponents in 2008 referred to it as flip-flopping and, what, now that he's dead it's suddenly something more admirable? COME ON!). Ron Paul (a fellow who was the lone no vote more often than the rest of Congress combined), now there's a maverick, someone with the balls to stick it to the entire establishment - especially the war-hawks like McCain.

On if These Antifa Pieces of Shit Start to Bring Down Statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc.

That will be such an affront to the average citizen that not even CNN will be able to quell the rage and it will not end well for Antifa's communist shits, trust me.

On Judging People On "the Content of Their Character"

I'm game. Are you?

On the Fact that In the 1960s, Ghana and South Korea Had Approximately the Same GDP Numbers and Now South Korea Is a Top 15 World Economy While Ghana Continues to Struggle Mightily (this Despite Copious Amounts of Western Aid)

Again (and as articulated brilliantly by Nicholas Wade and Gregory Clark in their most recent works), it more than likely has to do with the fact that the evolutionary forces of Africa promoted a culture of tribalism in which a) trust beyond one's kinship spheres failed to take hold, b) corruption became the norm, and c) delayed gratification as a trait never spread amongst the population. I mean, I get it that this isn't the most politically correct or sexiest explanation but at least there is SOME logic to it (you know, as opposed to that ludicrous colonialism excuse; Hong Kong having been colonized while Ethiopia wasn't, yada yada).