Thursday, December 31, 2020

On the Fact that Wokesters Apparently Haven't Found Enough Actual Racists to Keep Their Business Running and so Now They're Finding Folks Who Aren't Sufficiently Anti-Racist Enough (Individuals Who Refrain from Self-Flagellating and Who Refuse to Blame White Racism for Every Damned Problem In the Black Population, I Guess) AND CALLING THEM, RACISTS!!

So unless you go around acting like an insufferable jackass while constantly putting otherwise decent human-beings on the defensive, that constitutes racism now? Wow, I guess that I'm a big racist then 'cause I ain't doing any of that foolishness. Sorry but, no.

On the Fact that Lebron James Is Apparently Unaware that There Are Thousands and Thousands of George Floyds In Communist China Every Year (Uighurs, Member of the Falun Gong Sect, and Political Dissidents Getting the Brunt of it These Days)......and Would He Even Care if I Told Him (the NBA Rakes In Big Bucks from Their Association with China and so He Probably Wouldn't Want to Gore that Piggly-Wiggly Any Time Soon)?

Everybody is entitled to express their opinion (even stupid athletes) but if you're going to do so and do so publicly as a famous person, don't be shocked if you get some blowback when you say something stupid. Got that, LeBron? We good? Awesome.

Most Memorable Sports Moment Ever?


There are obviously hundreds of possibilities (Michael Jordan's Jumper to Beat the Jazz in the 1998 NBA finals, Boise State's Statue-of-Liberty Play to Beat Oklahoma in 2007's Fiesta Bowl, Chamberlain's 100 point performance against the Knicks in 1962, Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile in 1954, Joe Namath guaranteeing a Jets victory over the Colts in the 1968 Super Bowl and making good on it, Bill Mazeroski's 10th inning homer to beat the Yankees in the 1960 World Series, Franco Harris's "immaculate reception" to beat the Raiders in a 1973 playoff game, Cassius Clay defeating a seemingly invincible Sonny Liston to win the Heavyweight championship in 1964, Joe Montana hitting Dwight Clark in the back of the end-zone to beat the Cowboys in the 1980 NFC championship game, etc., etc.)......but I'm gonna' go a little rogue here. For me it was the Dan Reeves halfback pass to Lance Rentzel in the 1967 NFL championship game (AKA, the Ice Bowl), a perfectly executed play that briefly put the Cowboys ahead 17-14 (literally every Packer defender thought that it was a run, including Hall of Fame cornerback, Willie Wood). Granted, it would have been a lot MORE memorable had the Cowboys won (instead we're left with that image of Bart Starr sneaking it in from the one and Green Bay winning 21-17) but, still, Rentzel having to negotiate sheer ice to not only catch the ball but run it in as well, it definitely gets my vote. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

On Alec Baldwin's Wife Faking Being Spanish......AND DOING IT FOR YEARS!!

We've seen a fair amount of this shit, haven't we (morons pretending to be a minority; Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal pretending to be black, Elizabeth Warren pretending to be a Native-American, etc.)? I mean, it's almost as if these people think that being a minority is beneficial and, you know what, it likely is in that a) it delivers them instant victim status and b) it insulates them from criticism, even when they say something retarded (which happens very frequently, let's be honest). Of course, there's also some mental health issues here OBVIOUSLY but, yeah, solely from a tactical perspective, there is a weird sort of logic to it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

On the Corporate Media Lowlifes Criticizing Parler Because the Site Doesn't Utilize Fact-Checkers - I Shit You Not

 First off, the specific fact checkers that these clowns are championing are partisan ramrods who almost without exception rule in favor of the Democrats, entrenched bureaucracy, rent-seeking corporate asshats, etc. and, so, no, they're not exactly reliable. But even more insidious than that is this warped notion that we're all a bunch of children who can't do our own research and who need some wise-assed overlord to guide us. It's insulting and we really need to push back on it.

On the Fact that 6th Century BC Greek City-States Flourished All Throughout the Mediterranean, Asia Minor (Ionia Ultimately Falling to the Persians and Later to Alexander), North Africa, and the Black Sea

Yeah, I knew about their presence in southern Italy and on the east coast of the Aegean but along the Iberian Peninsula, the coastline of Egypt and Libya, and pretty-much the entire coast of the Black Sea, I did not know any of that and, boy, am I ever impressed (not just for the expanse but also for the decentralized approach functioning so well).

Sunday, December 27, 2020

On the Latest Pork-Filled Omnibus Spending Bill Forking-Over $14,000,000 to the Woodrow Wilson Center

 Don't these bozos know that Wilson was a racist (stating it in a manner that might have some traction amongst them) and a war-monger who plunged us into the most idiotic conflict of the 20th century (not just for the carnage but because it helped sow the seeds for the emergence of Hitler, Stalin and all of that happy bullshit)? More importantly, do they even give a shit? Maybe not, huh?

On the Fact that if this Doesn't Wake People Up............


So they aren't going to mandate the vaccine. They're just going to make it impossible to do anything unless you can pony-up one of these bad-boys. A distinction without a difference, I say.

On Tulsi Gabbard Getting Slimed by Other Democrats for the Unpardonable Sin of Going On Fox News and Having Civil Discussions with People Like Tucker Carlson

Wow, so occasionally stepping out from one's echo-chamber and achieving common-ground with the other side (Gabbard and Carlson both being strident opponents of regime-change wars, for example) is considered a negative thing now. Can you say, yet one more reason why our society is likely fucked? I can, easy as pie. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

On Stacking Satoshis (the Tiniest Denomination of Bitcoin) from Free Faucets

 It's doable, it's fun, and they add up quickly. The only problem is that it takes 44 satoshis just to crack one cent (based on Bitcoin's current value of about $23,000 per coin) and so 10,000 satoshis, while it sounds impressive, is only worth about $2.25. But, hey, if  you've got your computer running anyway, might as well make a few bucks, right? Run those faucets!

On the Corporate Media Desperately Wanting Us to Be Impressed with this Individual (Failing to Notice that Hard-Core Leftist Identitarian Grievance-Mongers Seemingly Straight Out of Central-Casting Are Essentially a Dime a Dozen These Days and so Why In the Hell Would Anyone Find Something Unique and Inspiring Here?)

Well, being that socialism and identity politics are two of the surest ways to destroy a civilization and this gal seems all-in on both, let's just say that exceedingly unimpressed I remain, thank you.

On the Power-Mongering Sociopaths at the IMF Recently Coming Out with a White-Paper Which Calls for "Linking Your Search History to Your Financial Credit-Score, Which Would In Effect Lower Your Score if You Visit Web-Sites Marked as "Harmful' by Their Fact-Checkers (so Partisan Bullshit Sites Like Politifact and Snopes, In Other Words)"

So then it ISN'T a "conspiracy theory" that the U.S. is looking at establishing social credit scores, similar to those in China (demerits accrued here it seems simply for foregoing the propagandist crap from low-IQ corporate cesspools like the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, and MSLSD). Interesting (and by, interesting, I of course mean, fascism at a height unimaginable as recently as a decade ago).

Friday, December 25, 2020

On the Fact that England and France Were Unquestionably the Top Two Colonial Powers of the 19th Century and yet Today They Only Rank 14th and 15th Among European Counties In Their Per-Capita GDP (Both Well Behind Ireland, a Country that Itself Had Been Colonized by England In Prior Centuries) -

So either colonialism didn't make these countries affluent or it did and they frittered that wealth away with statist buffoonery. Either way someone's narrative gets gored......and I love it.

My All-Time Favorite Painting?

Yeah, it's likely between these three; "Dead Toreador" by Eduard Manet (from the height of his realism phase), "The Zapatistas" by Jose Clemente Orozco (for its striking sense of movement), and "Christ Mocked by Soldiers" by Georges Roualt (abstract and yet simultaneously moving). Still can't decide.

On Gay White Males Suddenly Becoming Straight White Males 2.0

Yeah, I guess that the woke slants have decided that since homosexuality has more or less been accepted by the public these gay white males are actually pretty damned "privileged" after all and so under the low-IQ microscope they must go as well (another example of the regressive-left eating itself essentially). So predictable, huh?

On Cyd Charisse's Smoldering Striptease Number at the Beginning of Dean Martin's Film, "The Silencers"

Let's just put it this way. If you're on a heart-med you might want to double the dose and if you're not on one, prayer, I guess.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

On the Former Head of Israel's Space Program, Haim Eshed, Recently Claiming that Space-Aliens Are Already On Earth but Have Requested World-Leaders to Refrain from Revealing Their Presence Until Humanity Is Sane and Understanding Enough to Comprehend it -

So not for the foreseeable future, in other words. Got it.

On the Recent Evidence Which Shows that Nutrients Such as Zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C Can Help Prevent COVID Infection or Make it Less Potent -

Of course the government doesn't have an interest in promoting such interventions because a) they aren't strategies that they can control and/or solidify power over, b) they really aren't all that interested in solving the problem because the longer that it continues the more shit that they can get away with (revamping the economy, etc.), and c) their emphasis on vaccines has been so myopic and borderline fanatical that everything else gets kicked to the curb (their cozy ties to big-pharma possibly being the motivation) and, so, no, emphasis on this from fellows like Fauci, probably not.

On the Fact that Whenever the Left Changes its Mind On Something (Gay Marriage, for Instance - Which I Supported Before Obama AND Hillary but I Digress), You Have to Change Yours, too, and it Must Be Done IMMEDIATELY!!

Have you seen their latest made-up concept (on the heels of, caucasity)? It's called, "dead-naming", where you use the previous name of a tranny and I guess that you can get some serious demerits for it (if you give a God damn, that is). Of course since most people will eventually start calling Ellen Page (for example), Elliot, on their own, without prompting from these assholes, it's kind of a strawman anyway, no?

On What Mindless and Total Submission Looks Like

Likely in the vicinity of this, I would argue.............And can you at least step out of the damned circle, for Christ? My God.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

On the Fact that Leftist Media Shits Are Seemingly More Exorcised by Somebody Not Wanting to Call Jill Biden, Doctor, than They Are at the Mass Starvation In Yemen Brought About In Part by U.S. Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia (Started by Obama and Continued by Trump)

Yeah, we're obviously dealing with some lowbrow and lacking perspective individuals here and when you combine that with an almost psychotic level of bias this is the steaming pile of vomit that you tend to get. Of course we as the audience should be demanding more from these buffoons and the fact that we're not doesn't say much for us, either, does it (my inner H.L. Mencken coming out)?

On the Fact that the COVID Survival-Rate for People Ages 20 to 49 Is Presently 99.98% and so a Vaccine Will Do What for Them, Increase that Statistic to 99.981%, Seriously?

And at what cost (in terms of side effects, etc.)? That question needs to be answered as well and until we get that answer we should probably tell these parasitic assholes to, go pound sand, no? It's certainly where I'm leaning.

Dr. Fauci On Asymptomatic Transmission of COVID

"Asymptomatic transmission is rare."......"Asymptomatic transmission is quite common."......"I have no evidence that asymptomatic transmission is common." - Way to clear things up, Clyde. Well done.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

On the Fact that Even Though There's Never Been a Successful Vaccine for a Coronavirus Before and this One Has All the Elements of an Experimental Agent, Those Autistic and Power-Hungry Shits In Social Media (Jorsey, Muckerberg, that Bim from YouTube, etc.) Have Decided to Censor Any and All Concerns that People On Their Platforms May Have About this Fast-Tracked to Market Substance

This is a level of narcissism and psychopathy that I've never seen before, and when these bastards work in concert with the entrenched parasitic class in Washington AND the bought-and-paid-for corporate press, that's fascism, plain and simple............and the fact that none of it registers with Antifa (a bunch of fascist shits themselves), I rest my case.

On Ghislaine Maxwell Being a Guest at Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

Not sure what to make of this one in that it could be incriminating but it could also be a gigantic nothing-burger............but what I am quite certain of is that if this skanky devil was ever seen at a Trump family wedding, the corporate press would have been all over it and everybody knows it. The honest folks, at least.

On the World Health Organization's Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom (a Fellow with a Checkered Past Himself), Once Having Appointed the Genocidal Madman, Robert Mugabe, to Be His Organization's "Goodwill Ambassador" (He Was Ultimately Forced to Rescind the Appointment Once the Shit Hit the Fan)

Well, being that Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, and Chairman Mao were already six feet under, not a bad choice, I'd say (and by, not a bad choice, I of course mean, you would literally have to be dead from the neck up to get within a country-mile of Mugabe and yet this jerk-off did so anyway). 

Monday, December 21, 2020

On the Fact that as Recently as May, the CDC In Their Own Journal, "Emerging Infectious Diseases", Asserted that There Was No Evidence a) of a Strong Effect of Hand-Hygiene On Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza, b) that Surgical Masks Are Effective, Either When Worn by the Infected Person or by Persons In the General Community, and c) that Cleaning Surfaces and Objects Could Significantly Reduce Influenza Transmission

Amazing how science works when the media and political hacks aren't directing it. Just a wee-bit different, huh?.................................................................................................P.S. And, yeah, I'm reasonably certain that the authors of this article weren't arguing against hand-washing and basic cleanliness, just that they didn't have a huge impact on influenza transmission (the more plausible culprit being tiny aerosols), that's all. 

On the Fact that the Abolitionist Movement In the West Was Revolutionary In that it Quite Literally Reversed Thousands of Years of History............but Instead of Feeling a Sense of Pride In Knowing that Our Forefathers Were Decades Ahead of the Curve On this Issue (Some Parts of the World Still Have Slavery Today) We've Gone Backwards In Time and Are Now Beating Ourselves Up Over an Institution that Virtually Every Other Culture On Earth Also Took Part In, Often More Brutally

So, yeah, the next time that one of these lowbrow race-baiters like Robin DiAngelo who wrote that embarrassingly bad tome, "White Fragility", tries to guilt-trip you for the color of YOUR skin, maybe respond with this little factoid, to start. 

Sunday, December 20, 2020

On the World Health Organization Finally Admitting that the PCR Tests Are a) Way too Sensitive and b) Creating a Plethora of False-Positives -

So essentially what a lot of people have been saying for months now and what the social media gate-keepers have been calling misinformation, in other words. Deja vu, anyone?

On the Rose Bowl Moving from California to Texas Because the Dictatorial and Truly Insane Political Hacks from that Dystopian California Have Decided to Not Allow the Families of the Players to Attend the Contest

The Rose Bowl seats close to 100,000 fans (so easy to social distance and outside where the viral load is small) and these fascistic jackasses won't allow less than 1,000 family members come and watch their kids perform in what what will probably be one of the greatest thrills of their lives. I mean, how sick is that? And good for the Rose Bowl people to say, screw you, and move the game. Finally, some blow-back.

On Press House Coffee Recently Coming Out with a Key Lime Pie Flavor

 I'm not a big fan of flavored coffee in general (pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon are good but other than that, yuck) but this sounds particularly awful. I mean, what's next, cotton candy and bubble gum flavors? Dear God.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

To All of Those Mask-Wearing Football Coaches Roaming the Sidelines These Days

Uh, yeah, it might not be the best idea to, you know, TOUCH THE MASK EVERY FIFTEEN SECONDS (mask up, mask down, mask up, mask down, etc., etc.)!!!!! Simply a suggestion (the fact that constantly touching the mask and your face greatly increases the risk of fomite infection, maybe not a big problem with COVID but certainly with other germs).

On the Fact that Even Though Tony Bobulinsky Has Served-Up Contemporaneous Documentation that Not Only Did Biden Sr. Know About His Son's Business Dealings, He Participated In Them, the Media Just Continues to Ignore the Story

Maybe that'll change after January 20th (once Trump's carcass is fully charred and Kamala can take the reins) but, yeah, as of now, zero coverage for sure.

On the Fact that the Hosts and Reporters at CNN Are Either too Moronic to Know that Sworn Affidavits Are Considered Evidence or They're Fully Aware of it and Are Simply Gaslighting Their Easily Led Viewers Again

 As stupid as Lemon, Cuomo, and the rest of them are, it's really hard to believe that they don't know what they're doing here and, so, yeah, the latter is probably the right answer, if forced to choose.

On the Baylor Women's Basketball Team Chalking-Up Consecutive 93 Point Victories (136-43 Over Northwestern State and 117-24 Over McNeese State)


Yeah, maybe not the best competition out there but, still, that's jaw-dropping, 93 fucking points. And to do it twice in a row! Man, I wouldn't want to play these youngsters (who also happen to be defending national champions).

On Iowa State's 6'7" 275 Pound Tight End, Dylan Soehner

When announcers say that one player ran over another one, it's generally said in jest or figuratively. Not so with this fellow. IT'S LITERAL!

Friday, December 18, 2020

On One of the Recently Uncovered Hunter Biden Emails Revealing that the Dude Had Been Offered a Three Year $30,000,000 Contract for "Introductions Alone" -

Hmm, I wonder who Chairman Ye and his buddies wanted to be "introduced" to. I gotta' think about this some more - NOT!! 

On Twitter's Lamebrained Rejoinder, "! This Claim About Election Fraud is Disputed"

Several points. a) Pretty-much everything in politics is disputed so the slantheaded disclaimer is redundant, at best. b) I don't seem to remember them handing out similar warnings when the shits at CNN, the New York Times, and MSLSD were tweeting out far more retarded foolishness about the pee-pee hoax (yet one more example of their double-standard). And c) we're not fucking children and so we can do our own fact-checking, thank you. My beefs, at least.

On Being Forced to Wear a Mask When You Saunter In to a Restaurant but Then Allowed to Take it Off When You Sit Down to Eat

Yes, because as we're all aware, those 23 seconds of mask-wearing are critical towards stopping the spread of the this brave new 1984ish reality of ours.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

On the Fact that (According to Recent Paper from the University of Chicago - from 1480 to 1913, European Queens Were 27% More Likely to Wage Wars than European Kings (Married Queens the Most Likely of All to Do so)

Granted, not all wars are the same and so perhaps the queens had more justification for their wars but, still, it does throw at least a mild monkey-wrench into that whole gentler sex argument, wouldn't you say?.......................................................................................................P.S. The authors also point of out that a fair number of contemporary female leaders (Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, etc.) have continued that tradition, adding even more fuel to the argument.

On the Likelihood that Any of Those Chowderheaded Anchors at CNN or MSLSD Truly Thought that Hunter Biden's Laptop Was "Russian Disinformation"

Save for maybe a few of the truly insane jackasses like Maddow and O'Donnell, I'm gonna' say, zero, 'cause not even they're that stupid (the far more likely causes of course being their hatred of Trump, incessant tendency to lie, etc.).

On Partisan Hack Media Outlets Like CNN and MSLSD Suddenly Realizing that Their Ratings Are About to Shit the Bed Now that Trump Is Apparently Finished as President -

I've been craving for a man-sized helping of irony for several weeks now and, boy, does this ever taste delicious. Excuse me while I savor it.

On the Fact that Now that Biden Has Safely Been Installed as President (Great Job, Media Shits, Big Tech Tyrants, etc.), the Media Is Finally Getting Around to Covering the Hunter Biden Corruption Scandal (No Longer Russian Disinformation, I Guess)

Shit, they might even go after Joe now in that if they can get him to step down Kamala gets the reins and she's a legitimate hard-core who likely won't need any coaxing to pursue the hard-left's insane laundry list of tyrannical statist bullshit. Should be quite interesting, huh, how this shakes out?

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

On the Media's Dishonest and/or Idiotic Fixation On COVID "Cases" (as Opposed to the More Relevant Indicators Like Hospitalizations and the Death Rate)

Yeah, it's about as informative as counting mosquito bites but because they (these fear-mongers) see it as a way to help the Democrat, this is what we'll be getting for a while (at least until Trump gets that final shovel-full of dirt on his coffin), sadly..................................................................................................P.S. It's also important to point out that a) half of the folks who test positive are asymptomatic, b) the PCR tests are so sensitive that they're picking up fragments of the virus so tiny that the folks testing positive will neither be sick nor contagious, and c) a rise in cases among the young and healthy can actually be viewed as a fortuitous thing in that it moves us towards herd (I can use that word now because our God, Fauci, has started using it) immunity.

On the Establishment Gas-Lighting Us Into Believing that Hydroxychloroquine, a Drug with a Safer Track Record than Ibuprofen, Is Dangerous and Can Kill Folks but that a Vaccine with No Track-Record and Which Has Been Fast-Tracked Is AOK

I'm not a follower of Q and continue to believe that it's most likely a larp but when he or she states that, THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK, THAT I do agree with (that people could be so filled with bile that they would try and withhold a drug from sick people just to crush a President who they differ with) and couldn't state it better if I tried.

And it Appears as if the Spaceship Has Landed, and How

"As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron." - H.L. Mencken..............................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not suggesting that Trump was the second-coming of Bertrand Russell, Richard Feynman, or Karl Popper, either, but, please, at least the guy could occasionally stitch some sentences together and didn't need Chinese, Ukrainian, or Iraqi largess to make his family wealthy. For perspective. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Perfect Christmas Gift?


Uh, this wouldn't be bad (Elizabeth Montgomery, circa the mid-'60s).

On the Fact that Western Civilization, In Spite of its Many Flaws, Has Delivered More Human Fulfillment than Anything Else In World History and, so, No, it Shouldn't Surprise Us at All that Hundreds of Millions of the Very Same Individuals Who We've Supposedly "Oppressed" for Millennia Are Doing Everything In Their Power to Come Here for Their OWN Fulfillment (or Maybe for the Free Healthcare - Who Knows)

It seems like an extremely rudimentary concept and yet there are individuals out there who for the life of them simply can't grasp it (miseducated buffoons who never compare the West to past and present crap societies but to some immature utopian idea that will never materialize)......and they're growing in number, too. Not exactly encouraging, is it?

On the Fact that We've Gone from Locking Down for Two Weeks to "Flatten the Curve" to Now Staring-Down at a Mandatory Vaccine Policy with a New Vaccine that May Not Even Stop Transmission (so, Yeah, We'll Still Have to Keep Wearing Those Retarded Masks and Social-Distancing 'til We Find Out)

Surely the public at this point will finally speak up and say, enough (he said, for the 10,000th time). I sure know that I will (enforced vaccinations being a bridge way too far for this guy).

On the Fact that While Taking a Zinc Supplement Can Likely Strengthen Your Immune System and Is Probably a Good Idea During COVID, Please Beware that Doses of Over 40 Milligrams a Day (the Daily Requirement Is About 10) Can Result In Some Nasty Side Effects (Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Flu-Like Symptoms, and Abdominal Pain, for Example) and that Doses In the 100 to 200 Range Can Actually Be Toxic

 Thankfully there are supplements in the 15 to 30 milligram range that you can purchase (some come in combination with magnesium and calcium and others with copper) and if you combine those with foods containing zinc (shellfish, dairy products, and meat for the regular dieters and beans, nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate for the vegetarians), the likelihood is that you'll probably stay healthy this winter, the Lord willing (this, form an agnostic). 

Monday, December 14, 2020

On the Idea of Having Some Smores-Roasting, Cheetos-Munching, Beer-Guzzling Fellow Who Cares so Little, Has No Skin In the Game, and Is as Uninformed as Possible Being Able to Cast His Vote for President In His Undies and While Kicking Back In His Recliner

I get it that people like Michelle Obama want to make voting "easier" but, I'm sorry, if an individual is unwilling to to sacrifice a bit of his time and make a small effort to vote, they probably shouldn't be voting at all....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I make a major distinction between those who are unable to vote (people with health problems, those overseas and/or in the military, etc.) versus those who are simply too lazy (the former group of course having the privilege of vote by mail). For the record.

On Snopes Trying to Brush Off Those Humongous Voter Dumps (All of Which Favored Biden by a Wide Margin) by Saying that it Was Due Largely to the Main-In Ballots Which She Seemed Quite Convinced Would Favor Biden

On the surface it sounds reasonable but when you look at some of those margins (141,258 to 5,968 and 143,379 to 25,163, for example), the history of voter fraud in some of those major cities, and the fact that there weren't Republican poll-watchers present during a lot of those late-night sessions, it probably needs to be flushed out a wee-bit more than these "fact checkers" (i.e., partisan hacks) have done so far. I would argue. 

On More People Voting Just for the Sake of More People Voting (Especially When it's Spearheaded by a Large Contingent of Activist Ramrods Whose Singular Goal Seems Centered On Rounding-Up as Many Have-Nots as Possible and Then Promising Them Tons of Goodies Courtesy of the Haves)

Yeah, this is why democracy generally ends in ruins; people tending to vote not for the benefit of their society but for their own self-interest. And we all know what happens after that; socialism, death, destruction, all the good stuff. Of course, we also now appear to have some voter fraud, so, yeah, feel free to add that to the toxic pile of shit. Why not?

Sunday, December 13, 2020

On Patricia Clarkson, Courteney Cox, Felicity Huffman, and Linda Fiorentino (Four of My All-Time Faves) Today

Let's just put it this way. Whenever I do an image search on any of them I preface it now with the key word, "young". Saves time that way.

Contra O'Reilly's Person of the Year

Maybe because it's still fresh in my mind but at this point I have to go ace journalist, Glenn Greenwald. The fellow is one of the few fair and balanced reporters out there who calls 'em like he see 'em and keeps his own politics out of it. He's also courageous and principled and that especially came out last month when he stood up to the brass at The Intercept after they tried to prevent him from publishing a story on the Biden family and said, so long, TO THE SITE THAT HE CREATED! I mean, I get it that this "honor" generally goes to a politician but after the abject buffoonery (and worse) from both parties this year, a real hard pass seemed in order and I took it, thank you.

On a Recent Study Out of Africa Which Shows a Marked Increase In Mortality Among Infants Who Received the DTP and Oral Polio Vaccines Over Those Who Stayed Unvaccinated -

Yeah, I guess that while it helped reduce deaths in the targeted diseases (diphtheria, etc.) it also plagued the immune systems of these kids and made them more vulnerable to other diseases (malaria, for example) with the end result being MORE overall fatalities. A cautionary tale, perhaps?.............................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not to suggesting that this would necessarily be the result of the new COVID vaccine. I don't know that...........but being that it's been rushed to market and constitutes the only vaccine for a corona-virus EVER, a wee-bit of caution does seem warranted, no?

Saturday, December 12, 2020

On Recently Expanding the Definition of, "Court-Packing", from the Simple Description of What FDR Tried to Do Over 80 Years Ago by Adding Justices to Now Also Meaning, "Changing the Composition"of the Court (so as to Accommodate the Latest Bullshit Attack On Trump After He Nominated Judge Barrett, In Other Words)

Hopefully some of these online dictionary websites fight back and and say, "no, we're not going to let you chowder-headed activist shits determine what the meaning of words are for the rest of society simply because you want to push some lamebrained political crap, sorry, but no." Kind of like what the folks at Goya did, in other words.  

On the Low-IQ Senator from Hawaii Informing Justice Barrett that the Term, "Sexual Preference" Was Offensive (Even Though a Day or Two Before it Wasn't) and Almost Immediately the Spineless Buffoons at Altering the Definition to Bolster the Caprice

They haven't altered the meaning of, "fuck you", yet, have they (these insidious fascist shits)? I'm just checkin'.

On the Fact that Whenever Some Soulless and Autistic Tech Tyrant Like Zark Muckerberg Utters, "Let Me Be Clear", I Tend to Notice that Whatever Follows this Pompous Bromide Is Almost Always Anything but Clear and In Fact Obfuscates the Matter Even More

Is it just me? Hope not.

Friday, December 11, 2020

On What We Collectively Need to Start Saying to These Troglodytic Assholes

Maybe something along these lines - "You don't know squat. You're 23 and have a fantastical view of the universe that you will learn soon enough is buffoonishly wrong and which will render you perpetually unemployable. You need to cut this bullshit now or we will put you under the jail and/or in a cell with the most hardened of criminals (victims, to use your lexicon). Do you understand me? Good, you're dismissed." Or words to that effect as I'm open to suggestions.

On the Fact that the Social-Distancing Requirements In Europe Range from Three Feet to Four and a Half Feet (I Did the Metric Translation for You), Significantly Less than Our Country's Six Feet

Wow, so this must mean that European Countries JUST WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!!......Either that or it simply underscores the arbitrariness of the sociopathic mind. More than likely the latter, huh?

On Stupid People Running with Masks On, Outside and with No One Around

A certain level of compliance is of course necessary for a society but when you reach a point of blind obedience and/or paranoia, maybe time for reassessment, no? 

Thursday, December 10, 2020

On the Comparison Between Cnut the Great and Charlemagne

Well there certainly are some similarities; the large expanse of their empires (Cnut ultimately ruling over all of England, Denmark, Norway, and a part of Sweden, Charlemagne most of Europe north of Muslim Spain and west of the Byzantines), their occasional ruthlessness (the Germans of Saxon descent still pretty pissed at Charlemagne, I hear), their infatuation with the Catholic Church (Charlemagne's likely more sincere), and most striking of all, the way that their empires collapsed after their deaths (the Frankish way of passing on the throne all but ensuring division). Of course there are also some differences between them (Cnut having spent a great deal more time on the water, for example) but, yeah, overall a pretty striking likeness, I'd say.  

The Most Gonzo Academy Award Winning Performance of All Time?

Yeah, I'm probably going to have to go with Dorothy Malone's performance as Robert Stack's nymphomaniacal sister in "Written On the Wind" in that over-the-top doesn't even begin to describe it. Not that I didn't enjoy it, mind you, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS!

On Dwight Yoakam

   Or as I sometimes call the guy, the country singer for folks who normally don't dig the genre (maybe because he rocks?).

On the Nonstop Pre-Election Droning from CNN, MSLSD, etc. that Hunter Biden's Laptop Was Russian Disinformation

Well, being that the F.B.I. has the laptop with a case-file number of 272D-BA-3065729 (money-laundering unknown SUA - specified unlawful activity - white collar crime) AND the receipt of property form with details from the Mac Shop, I'm probably gonna' go with, yeah, they lied through their teeth YET AGAIN, on this one - - a safe bet, no?

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

On the Fact that Liberals Are Free to Visit Parler, Rumble, and Other Free-Speech Sites and Pretty-Much Upload Anything that They Want (Save of Course for Specific Calls to Violence) - Conservatives, Libertarians, Moderates, and Intellectually Honest Liberals Like Glenn Greenwald at Corporate-Run Gulags like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., Yeah, Not so Much

And tell me again who the real fascist pricks are. Keep forgettin'. 

On Researchers Taking a Section of Mein Kampf, Putting a Pseudo-Intellectual Title On it, Forwarding it to The Journal of Woman and Social Work for Publication and Damned if the Thing Didn't Get Published (Never Knew that the Fuhrer Was a Feminist, Did You?) -

And this was just one of eight or nine nonsensical dirges that they were able to sneak past the editors of these buffoonish publications (one which actually tried to tie dog-humping to rape-culture).......So, ya' still want your kid to major in "Gender Studies"? Maybe not, huh?

To the Facebook Community

If you are a conservative, libertarian, moderate, or even a free-thinking liberal, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of these fascistic shit-posting sites HATE YOU............and if you don't believe me, just try going full-throttle against the establishment and attacking their low-IQ bullshit template (the latest being that there was zero fraud in the election - statistical and forensic analysis and sworn affidavits apparently not counting as evidence anymore). Trust me, you won't be feeling any love.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

On the Corporate Press Claiming to Have Debunked that Video of Election Officials Pulling Ballots Out from Under a Table After the Republican Observers Had Left (Whether They Were Instructed to Do so or Not, the Bottom-Line Is that They Weren't There)

Yeah, these debunkings have essentially become obfuscation sessions. In this specific one they're focused not so much on the Republicans not being there but on whether or not they were ordered to leave, as if that was the major point of contention (the Republican observers signed sworn affidavits asserting that they WERE told to leave because the counting for the night was done but whatever). Thankfully for them their half-witted audience is seemingly swayed by this slight-of-hand and so it'll probably continue til January 20th. ENJOY!!

On CNN and MSLSD Granting Significantly Less Credence to Hundreds of Sworn Affidavits Pertaining to Voter Fraud than They Did to an Anonymous Unsworn Swamp-Creature (Some Parasitic Buffoon Named Eric Ciaramella) Doing a Drive-by Hit-Job On President Trump

How hilarious would it be if Trump ended up procuring one of these loss-leader bullshit networks and tossing every one of their low-brow shills on to the street? I would certainly enjoy it and talk about irony, huh?

On the Fact that While it Was Certainly Inspiring In Many Ways When the United States Elected its First Black President, I Can't Help but Think that the People of the Middle East Weren't All that Relieved to a Have a Mulatto from Chicago Dropping Thousands of Bombs On Them as Opposed to Some Dry-Drunk White Guy from Texas Doing the Dirty Deed

Sometimes you have to look at things from multiple angles. Exhibit A, right here.

Monday, December 7, 2020

On the Head Honchos of Black Lives Matter Apparently Withholding Funds from the Regional BLM Affiliates............and Those Affiliates Ain't too Pleased About it -

Is anyone surprised? I mean, come on, a rag-tag crew of poorly educated Marxist shits falling into a ton of cash, OF COURSE THEY'RE GONNA' SCREW PEOPLE!! I'm just shocked that it didn't happen earlier, that's all.

On What I'll Miss Most if Trump Leaves Office

Several things; a) his daily face-planting of the partisan, idiotic, corrupt, and disgusting corporate press, b) his undermining and exposing of the deep-state (entrenched bureaucracy and/or shadow-government, if you prefer), and c) his authenticity (love him or hate him, he's always Donald). Plus he's funny, give him some credit for that, too................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, there are of course some items that I won't miss (the incessant drama, the "punching down" in many of his tweets, etc.) but being who we apparently have coming in as his replacement, staying positive on this one seemed like the better way to go.

My All-Time Favorite Hollywood Publicity Still?


I have tons of great pics of Eva Marie Saint, Susan Hayward, Ann Miller, Cyd Charisse, etc. but this one of Frances Dee from about 1940 is probably my favorite. Absolutely stunning (to the point where I actually commissioned a local artist to duplicate it).

Sunday, December 6, 2020

On Economist, Walter E. Williams, One of the Leading Black Intellectuals of the Past Half Century, Passing Away Last Week and Except for a Few Articles On Conservative Web-Sites Such as Townhall and The Daily Caller, Not a Whole Lot of Coverage On it

And yet career criminals like George Floyd (and, no, the guy didn't deserve to die - that isn't the point here) and Jacob Blake get the royal treatment (from media buffoons, politicians, etc.). Doesn't seem particularly Kosher, does it?

The World Health Organization On Face Mask Protocol......Before it Got Politicized -

Hear are just a few reminders. a) Don't touch the mask once it's on. b) Refrain from touching you mouth and nose. c) Don't touch a clean mask with unwashed hands. d) Always wash your hands after touching a dirty mask. e) Don't put a mask on that isn't new or clean (so, yeah, wearing the same cloth mask day after day, storing it in your pocket book, etc. - not good). f) Don't continue to wear a mask after it collects moisture. g) Never re-use a single-use mask. And h) always properly discard a single-use mask.............And how many people follow this protocol? Based upon my observation, not that many. And like the authors of this article point out, not only does improper mask use render the practice ineffective, it can also create health problems of it's own (the collecting of germs inside the mask, headaches from insufficient oxygen, etc.). Yeah, it's time to end this bullshit.

On "Journalists" Giving Each Other Pulitzer Prizes for Covering the Pee-Pee Tape

What's next, Pulitzers for covering 2 plus 2 is actually 5?......Don't rule it out, people.

On Some Fascist New Plan Called the "Great Reset" In Which a Bunch of Illiterate Psychopaths Are Seemingly Scheming to Add Even More Government Control Over the World Economy Because as We All Know There Simply Isn't Enough of it Now (He Kids, of Course)

Yahoo and other low-IQ shit-posting sites are calling it a conspiracy theory (what a shock, huh?) but being that the World Economic Forum has a fucking web-site on it and politicians like Al Gore, that idiot Clyburn from South Carolina, and John Kerry are talking about it, maybe not, huh?

Saturday, December 5, 2020

On the Fact that the Atmospheric CO2 Levels During the Cambrian Era Fluctuated Between 4,000 and 7,000 Parts per Million and Instead of it Being a Challenging Time for Life On Earth it Was a Time In Which More New Species Emerged than During Any Other Period In the Earth's History

This of course should not come as a surprise in that anyone who hasn't been indoctrinated by the court-scientists and bed-wetters knows that carbon is one of the essential building-blocks of life and that to have more of it in the atmosphere is generally a good thing (crops grow faster, the planet greens faster, etc.). But just in case, here are the facts.

On the American Cancer Society Now Fretting Over the Carbon Footprint of Cancer Care - I Shit You Not

So to all of you people out there trying to stay alive by battling cancer, you need to also feel guilty, I guess.......According to these psychopaths.

On Muckerberg Interviewing Fauci On the Former's Increasingly Orwellian Echo-Chamber

 Well, being that the only compelling aspect of it will be who sucks whose wiener first, I'll probably wait for the paperback. If that.

On Eminem

He's supposed to be a rebel but, I'm sorry, anyone who mindlessly submits to authority, virtue-signals like a wussy, and constantly pushes the increasingly disturbing mainstream template isn't all that rebellious in my book.......Probably scared of getting "cancelled", huh?

Friday, December 4, 2020

On the Fact that if Global Warming Was Such an Existential that We Only Had 12 Years Before We Hit Armageddon, (Assuming that We're Smart) We Would Be Constructing Dozens and Dozens of Nuclear and Hydroelectric Facilities and Utilizing Massive Amounts of Natural Gas In the Meantime in that These Are the Only Options that Can Measure-Up (Nuclear Having a Power Density 40 Times that of Wind and 1,000 Times that of Ethanol - and Keep Us Out of Poverty

Yeah, so either these folks (politicians and activists) are extremely ignorant when it comes to energy or they aren't and are using global warming as a means to usurp even more liberties and resources from the citizenry than they already have. Me, I'm suspecting that it's mostly the latter (though, no, betting the house on it, quite unlikely).

On Actress, Ellen Page, Deciding that She's Actually a Fella' and Going Full-Bore Into "Transition"

So will the forehead shrink or get bigger?......Seriously, I'm curious.

On the Absurdity of a Cloth Mask Protecting You from Viruses

Yeah, I think that this pic pretty-much covers it, thank you (the fact that the tiny aerosols either go through or around the mask, the mask becomes a breeding-ground for germs, fomite infection goes up from touching the mask, etc.).

Thursday, December 3, 2020

On America's Gradual Reduction In CO2 Emissions from 2005 'til Today

Environmentalists of course try to credit green-energy for the decline but being that these unreliable, diffuse, low power-density, and high resource intensity options continue to be a tiny fraction of our overall energy budget, kinda' doubtful, I'd say. A much more logical explanation would be two-fold; a) the country's increased use of natural gas (natural gas having a much better hydrogen to carbon ratio than coal or even oil) and b) the reality that a fair amount of the industrial sector has gone overseas to China and other low-cost areas (the upshot of that of course being that CO2 emissions world-wide aren't being reduced but simply moved).................................................................................................Of course the entire narrative hinges upon whether you believe that carbon dioxide is a pollutant or one of the critical building-blocks of life AND whether you think that this relatively small component of our atmosphere is the primary cause of climate change. Me, I'm not even remotely concerned about atmospheric carbon levels because I've seen no compelling evidence that they determine the earth's temperature but, hey, if they scare you, continue with natural gas and add additional nuclear and hydro-electric options as they're the only things (beside fossil fuels) that can scale-up and keep us out of poverty.     

On the Claim by Researcher, Robert Epstein, that for Three Days In Late October Only Liberals Were Receiving Vote Reminders from Google -

Epstein (who actually describes himself as left-of center) has been analyzing this big-tech election interference for over a year now and he seems to think that millions of votes may have been altered in both the 2016 and 2020 elections (through algorithms, differences in messaging, etc.) and that if we don't get a handle on this stacking-the-deck shit democracy (something that the left claims to love) as we know it is toast. Tend to agree.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

On the Fact that if You're Some Regular White Dude from Indiana Who Just Got Laid Off from Your Factory Job and Whose ex-Wife Will Only Let You See Your Kids for a Few Hours on the Weekend, You May Not Want to Be Lectured to About White Male Privilege and You Just Might Want to Vote for Donald Trump, too, I'm Just Sayin'

And, yes, being called a "smelly Walmart person", that probably sucks big-time, too. Can only imagine.

On the Fact that if the Jimmy Carter of 1976 Was Challenging Trump this Year, I Probably Would Have Voted for Him Because; a) He Was a Centrist and b) He Was a High Integrity Person (Neither of Which Joe Biden Is)

Needless to say, the Carter of 1976 wouldn't have stood a chance in hell of the getting the nomination this year because the present-day Democratic party (with its identity-politics mouth-breathers and democratic socialists) has drifted so far to the hard-left that there pretty-much aren't any moderates left. Depressing, isn't it?

On the Fact that Biden's OMB Pick, Neera Tanden, Championed Not Just the Steele Dossier (AKA, Pee Pee Hoax) but Also a Ridiculous Claim that Russian Operatives Hacked Into Our Voting Machines and Got Trump Elected

The corporate press is always making fun of Q supporters (and, yeah, on this one I kind of agree with 'em; Q having all the earmarks of larp and/or psy-op) but watch, this fucking wack-job they'll give a total pass to. Wanna' wager?

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

On Otto Preminger Criticizing Paul Newman's Kissing Technique During the Filming of "Exodus" (Even Going as Far as to Demonstrate the Proper Technique by Planting One On Eva Marie Saint)

What's next, Danny DeVito instructing Karl "the Mailman" Malone on how to dunk a basketball? Probably, huh (the world already having gone batshit crazy and so why not?)?

On the Labeling of Ben Shapiro as a Nazi

I detest Shapiro (anyone who claims that Jon Bolton was a good hire I automatically discount) and find his proclivities dangerous (his defense of regime-change wars, his genuflecting to Netanyahu, etc.) but not only is the fellow a Jew, he's a frequent target of the alt-right. So, yeah, a stretch.

On the Fact that Biden Carried 349 Fewer Counties than Obama In 2008 ( AND Under-Performed Mrs. Clinton In Most of America's Urban Centers............and yet He Still Somehow Managed to Haul-In 80,000,000 Votes?

Again, I'm not certain that this constitutes fraud or not (lesser still if it's enough to alter the election) but it's at least something worth looking into, no?

On Alexander the Great's Torching of Persepolis In 330 BC Being Revenge for Xerxes the Great's Razing of Athens In 480 BC

Alexander allegedly stated as much (this according to famed historians such as Plutarch, Quintus Rufus, et. al) but being that there was also an enormous amount of alcohol involved and an almost instantaneous regret by Alexander (after the booze wore off, I guess), I'm thinking that this was more of a major-league fuck-up than anything (plus he was probably pissed off at Darius for dragging the inevitable out and was looking for a huge exclamation point and boy did he ever get one).