Saturday, April 30, 2022

On the British Empire Abolishing Slavery Decades Before Africa, the Middle East, and South America and After that Policing the Atlantic Ocean to Crush What Was Left of the Slave Trade

So, yes, to all of the Brits out there who've been beating themselves to shreds for the misdeeds of their ancestors, you can stop now. It's good.

On the Fact that as Clownish as the Republicans Are at Times, at Least They Understand the Concept of, You Know, PAYING FOR SHIT!!!


Yes, the idiot socialist bimbo from New York has suggested that the thievery stems from hunger but being that I've never seen a person chow-down a boom-box or throw-pillow, she's probably wrong......yet again. 

Friday, April 29, 2022

On Fake Black Idiot, Sean King, Wanting the App Stores to Deep-Six Twitter if Elon Musk Refuses to Censor Hate Speech On the Platform

The dunce apparently doesn't realize that there's no such concept as hate speech (a fantasy created by fascist fucks like King who simply cannot handle dissent) and even if there was, "Fauci isn't science", "there are just two genders", "you can't run a modern industrial society on bullshit energy forms like windmills and solar farms", "the corporate media has lied through their teeth about literally everything", "a country isn't a country if it doesn't possess secure borders", "all racial groups have experienced/perpetrated slavery", "when you control for criminality and cop interactions blacks are no more likely to be shot by police than whites", "kindergartners shouldn't be bombarded with sexual matters", "80% of young people with gender dysphoria eventually grow out of it", "people shouldn't be allowed to riot (especially if it's based on bullshit)", "let me refer you to the VAERS data", etc., etc. AIN'T IT!! 

Low Energy?


Trump doesn't get everything correct, obviously. But on this one, hard to argue with the fellow, I'd say.

On Mamie Van Doren Prior to Her Implants

These weren't big enough? I mean, I get it that this was the 1950s where boobs ruled the day and all (Jayne Mansfield, Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, etc.) but, Jesus, when you have a body this friggin' smoldering right out of the gate, getting all funky with it seems a wee-bit mental, no?

Thursday, April 28, 2022

On Fauci Proclaiming On Tuesday that We Are Now "Out of the Pandemic Phase" Only to Assert on Wednesday that "We Certainly Cannot Say the Pandemic Is Over"

I suppose that one could be generous and posit that the fellow was talking in terms of gradations with the worst aspects of the pandemic being over but not the entirety of it. But I don't know, the ole doc's been so full of shit for so long now the much more logical explanation for me at least is that he was likely reprimanded for prematurely lifting his foot off the fear pedal and was coerced into scaling the message back.......Of course it's still only Thursday so the dude still has time to flip-flop back again. Stay tuned, I guess.

On the Fact that the Head of Biden's Dystopian New Agency for Fighting "Disinformation" Is a Russia-Collusion Nut Who Also Spread the Patently Bullshit Conspiracy Notion that Hunter Biden's Computer Was Also a Russian Job

That's like putting a wife-beater in charge of the Susan B. Anthony Project. Only weirder.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

On Recently Hearing a Segment On Public Radio Where a) the Lowbrow Host Asked Some French Journalist Why Candidate Le Pen Has Seen Her Popularity Surge and b) Neither One Had the Stones Bring Up the Fact that it Might Have Something to Do with Mr. Macron's Tyrannical and Unscientific Covid Edicts

Not as bad as the CNN douchebag standing in front of burning buildings while proclaiming that things were "largely peaceful" but close enough, I'd say.

On a Government so Lacking and Dysfunctional that it Cannot Guarantee its Citizens Their Core Freedoms (Most Notably, Freedom of Expression)

That's a government that needs to be stopped......and short of them having even more "mules" this time the prospects for it happening seem to be high. Fortunately.

On Reaching a Point In History Where Politicians, Rent-Seeking Companies, Media Shills, and Neo Marxists Have Apparently Convinced Large Segments of the Population that NOT Crushing Free Speech Is a Huge Threat to Democracy (We of Course Aren't a Democracy but Just to Play Along with the Cronies)

They're gaslighting and the real irony of course is that they're the fucking liars. CNN by themselves, a) lied profusely about Trump, Russia collusion for four years (the transcripts from Adam Schiff's underground star-chamber hearings bears this out as not a single witness when under oath claimed to posses evidence on the matter), b) smeared the Covington Catholic youngsters when just a tiny bit of actual journalism would have proven that the kids were the victims and not the opposite, c) tried to convince their audience that Hunter Biden's laptop was "Russian disinformation" (this despite not having a scintilla of evidence to back the claim), d) refused to even entertain the evidence that government lockdowns were producing far more death and destruction than they were preventing, e) made no attempt to explain the massive risk disparity between old sick people and young healthy ones when it came to covid infections and instead implied that everyone was equally vulnerable (one of their trickier strategies was to focus on the outlier cases and/or conceal the co-morbidity factors), f) completely and totally ignored the VAERS data and instead simply continued with their mantra of "safe and effective", f) never once revealed their long-standing ties to Pfizer, g) pushed the idiotic notion that covering one's nostrils and mouth with cloth will protect you from viruses, h) got literally every fact wrong in the Kyle Rittenhouse case and then of course proceeded to slander the kid, i) tried to convince their audience that the protests throughout 2020 were "mostly peaceful" and then when they could no longer ignore the obvious essentially condoned the violence, j) labeled the January 6th riots a "deadly insurrection" even though no one was charged with insurrection and the only person who died that day was an unarmed female shot by some trigger-happy cop, k) made no attempt to distinguish between people who died because of Covid and people who simply succumbed with it (probably because it would have damaged their fear-porn strategy), l) has shown zero interest in the Biden Family's questionable business dealings in foreign countries like China, Ukraine, etc., m) hasn't asked Fauci a single tough question all throughout this calamity, n) refuses to examine any of the antecedents involving the Russia, Ukraine conflict (the 2014 N.A.T.O.- instigated coup in Ukraine, the pushing of N.A.T.O right to the border of Russia breaking our promise that it would never happen), n) produced EASILY the most biased election coverage in television history, all because of their blind hatred for Trump, o) believed that Antifa was this noble anti-fascist group and based it solely on their name and not their criminal actions, p) tried to portray HCQ and Ivermectin as dangerous medications when they both have a better safety profile than Tylenol, and q) race-baited continuously for 5 fucking years while pushing this ludicrous narrative that cops are disproportionately gunning down young black kids.............Of course there's also Peppermint Patty (you could literally fill an entire bluebook with her bullshit) but I'm going to leave that for another screed. For now.

Monday, April 25, 2022

On Witnessing a Former President of the United States Appearing In Front of a Freshly Minted Cadre of SJWs at Stanford and Making a Series of Not so Veiled Requests for Additional Censorship

  I don't give a rat's ass what you politics are. If this image doesn't scare the crap out of it only applies to other folks (it is after all one of your peeps who's spewing the shit), you just might want to think again (the harsh fact that these radical movements invariably move inward). Do the words, "useful idiots", sound familiar?

On the Fact that President Nixon Will Probably Be Tarred Forever by Watergate and President Obama Will Probably Skate Forever On the Destruction of Libya, the IRS Scandal, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Hillary's Secret Server, His Spying On Journalists, etc. (and, No, this Isn't a Defense of Tricky Dick, I Detest the Fellow, it's Purely an Attempt to Show the Differential Treatment of the Two Parties by Journalists, Historians, etc.)

I suppose that things could change at some point but being how we seem to be devolving at an even faster clip to the radical left, nothing short of revolution will alter it, I fear.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

On "I'm Not Going to Let My Vaccinated Kids Play with Your Unvaccinated Kids"

Prior to the U.S.A. becoming an idiocracy, the illogic of such a buffoonish statement would have been obvious to pretty much everyone. And now with the genie totally out of the bottle, watch out! 

On this Weird Notion that Because Independent Journalist, Aaron Mate, Hasn't Thus Far Questioned the Government's Official Narrative On 9/11, it de Facto Signifies that the Fellow Is "Controlled Opposition" and/or a "Zionist Asset

I've been following Mate for quite a while now and I can pretty much assure you that he ain't controlled by shit (and, yes, this is coming from someone who also thinks that the government's explanation for 9/11 is bullshit). And why is 9/11 truth is such a litmus-test anyway? I mean, we should be looking at a person's entire body of work, no?

On the Fact that if the U.S.A. Was a Serious, Decent, and Sane Nation it Would Be Doing Everything Humanly Possible to Bring About a Peace Deal In the Russia-Ukraine Conflict but Because We're so Damned Wedded to the Military Industrial Congressional Complex and Seemingly Have this Need for Russia to Be a Boogieman for Disgusting and Retarded Political Reasons Not Only Are We Not Pushing for Peace We're Throwing Gasoline On the Fire to the Point of Risking Nuclear Annihilation

And to all of the big techsters, media shits, and dystopian globalist (yeah, I said the damned word, sue me) outfits like the World Economic Forum who've been enabling the war-mongers of the planet (as in, it ain't just the U.S.), yeah, I think that we can find a few spare cells down in Gitmo for you, too. You know, in case you're feeling neglected.    

Saturday, April 23, 2022

On the Fact that When I Was In Second Grade I Didn't Even Know My Teacher's First Name (Never Mind Her Boinking Partners) and, Believe it or Not, I Did OK (to the Point Where I Even Support Gay Marriage as an Adult)

Gotta' get back to basics, folks (reading, mathematics, civics, science, etc.), 'cause if we don't, we might as well just bend over to China now. Get it over with, right?

On the Odds of Individuals Working In High Radiation Rooms Taking Off Their Protective Garb to Slam Down a Grinder or Two

Yeah, it's zero......and yet this is exactly what you'll witness when rich New Yorkers saunter into a Berkshire coffee house with their stupid masks on (adjusting them ad nauseam, of course) only to take the suckers off for two hours while eating.............We have to decide, folks. Either covid is a lethal disease or it isn't......and if it isn't, enough already with the damned rituals. 

On Peppermint Patty Balling Her Eyes Out During a Podcast Because the Parents of Florida Apparently Don't Want Their First-Graders to Learn About Sexual Matters and the Claim that There Are 8,469 Distinct Genders

While I certainly didn't agree with the Moral Majority on everything (to say the least), their prediction about this shit (whatever you wish to call it, sexual deviations works for me) leading to a slippery-slope (with pederasty possibly next on the perverts' list?) seems rather prescient, wouldn't you say?

Friday, April 22, 2022

Only if Johnny Dresses Up Like Edward Scissorhands for it

What would be my answer to the question, "So, do you plan on watching any of the Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard divorce trial on TV this week?"

On L.A. Mayor, Eric Garcetti, Getting Caught Maskless at the Super Bowl and When Confronted On the Obvious Hypocrisy (the Asshole's a Huge Fan of Mask Mandates, it Seems) Making Up Some Ludicrous Lie About Holding His Breath

I was going to make an analogy pertaining to Bill Clinton's pot-smoking dodge but in this case it seems as if Mr. Garcetti's excuse had more to do with exhaling air than inhaling marijuana. Similar logic, though.

On Bill O'Reilly Recently Spewing His Patented Venom On Some Low-Level Jet Blue Employee

 Wow, Bill O'Reilly treating somebody like shit. Who could have possibly predicted that (you know, other than anybody who's ever bore witness to the guy)?

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Washington Monthly's Most Recent Rankings for the Eight Ivy League Colleges

1) Harvard - 5
2) Penn - 6
3) Cornell - 15
4) Princeton - 17
5) Yale - 18
6) Brown - 42
7) Columbia - 43
8) Dartmouth - 47

Two huge surprises here; a)Yale and Princeton shockingly being outside the top 15 and b) Dartmouth, Columbia, and Brown being outside the TOP 40 (please, feel free to insert a Casey Kasem zinger if you like, I won't stop you). Hmm, could it possibly be that the luster is gone from these once hallowed institutions? Keep a good thought.

On Jill St. John's Bond Girl Vixen (Tiffany Case) In "Diamonds Are Forever" Being an Absolute Bimbo


Please, ask me if I care. Va-voom!

On the Mounting Evidence that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Are Effective In Treating Covid, Particularly When Given Early (the Evidence for Prevention Is Also Strong) - -

Begs the question, so how many lives could have been saved if our corrosive politicians and media shits hadn't tried to squelch these safe and effective medications? Because if it's in the thousands, Nuremberg 2.0 might just be the appetizer. Evil bastards. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Note to Washington Post Ramrod, Taylor Lorenz (In Response to Her Evil Doxxing of a Person Whose Only Crime Was Having a Different Political Framework than Hers)

 What an absolute POS you are. All that those Libs of Tiktok folks did was post clips of slantheaded leftists (like you) making idiots of themselves. If you have a problem with it why not take it out on the idiot leftists and allow the rest of us to enjoy some humor at the expense of you schmucks? And what exactly did you accomplish by doxxing the person? Prove to the entire planet that you're a shithead? 'Cause if so, mission accomplished.  

On BlackRock Standing to Make Oodles of Cash from Biden's Idiotic Green Energy Initiatives, a Former BlackRock Official Now Working with the Biden Administration to Push this Foolishness (Some Snot-Nosed Jerk Named Brian Deese), and BlackRock Fortuitously Owning Over 50 Million Shares of Twitter In an Obvious Attempt to Squelch Any Discussion Related to Climate Hysteria and the Crony Capitalism Almost Always Associated with it

So these true-believers on the left are so wedded to the religion of global warming that they're willing to deep-six other supposedly bedrock principles like wealth inequality and an opposition to crony capitalism. Man, do I ever yearn for the old liberalism (you know, back when it was cogent, principled, coherent, etc.).

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

On Age Limits for the Presidency, Congress, and the Senate

Nothing against old folks (I'm one myself) but after the last couple years of watching Pelosi, Biden, and McConnell making one nonsensical comment after another, maybe it's time. Maybe it's time...............................................................................................P.S. This issue of course coincides with term limits in general and, yes, after many years of being against them, too, let's just say that I'm persuadable here as well.

Wayne Newton, a Trailblazer Ahead of His Time............or Something Different?


Based upon this picture and some of the other footage, might I suggest a bit of both?

Monday, April 18, 2022

On Cable Shill, Sean Hannity, and Lunatic Leftist Actor, Sean Penn, Putting Aside Their Political Differences While Simultaneously Promoting Aid and Comfort to D.C.'s Military Industrial Complex and Virtue-Signaling 'til the Cows Come Home On Ukraine

So now we have Sean Penn, Sean Hannity, Ben Shapiro, and George Soros all reading from the same stupid play-book (Russia bad, Ukraine good, blah, blah). Is that not sufficient to give you pause? It definitely makes me stop and think.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

On George Zimmerman Being 1/8 Black, 3/8 Native-American, and the Media Treating Him Like a Scandinavian Albino

And if Obama had a son, he'd look like George. Sort of.

On the Fact that We Now Have Gantries On the Mass Pike that Can Read Tens of Thousands of License Plates Every Day and Pfizer Wishes Us to Believe that They Need 75 Years to Properly Sift Through Their Data

Yeah, they're lying. And did you see how the "fact-checkers" are handling this foolishness? They can't deny reality for once and so they're pivoting to try and convince people that there's nothing unusual going on, that it always takes three-quarters of a century for companies to come clean. Granted they've never used this argument before but when backed into a corner like this, they had no choice, I guess (honesty never being a go-to, as we all know).

Friday, April 15, 2022

On Hollywood Asshats Scrubbing Gay Dialogue and Characters from the Movies Being Sent to China and the Hard-Core Identitarian Leftists In the U.S. Remaining Utterly Silent On the Matter

 Too busy slandering Floridians for their apparently not wanting first-graders to be indoctrinated into sexual deviance by activist teachers who make the riff-raff from Wiemar Germany seem like Anita Bryant at a church social, I guess (never claimed that the shits could multi-task, did I?).

On the Shelf-Life of These Two Assholes Had They Been Residing In Paris During the French Revolution

Yeah, I think that we're talking in terms of minutes and not years here.............From what I've read.

On the Medical Establishment Now Trying to Blame Covid for the Recent Uptick in Medical Issues Among Seemingly Healthy Young People

So young healthy individuals who experienced minor to nonexistent symptoms from covid infections are suddenly keeling over 12 to 24 months afterwards. This is what they want us to buy? Seemingly, huh?

Thursday, April 14, 2022

On the Brooklyn Subway Shooter, the Fellow Who Tried to Assassinate a Louisville Mayoral Candidate, The Waukesha Killer, and the Lunatic Who Offed a Capitol Police Officer All Apparently Being Black Supremacists

And the F.B.I. sayeth what? Crickets, I'm assuming (their template that white supremacists are the real domestic terrorists likely set in granite by now). 

On the Fact that I Went Online Today to Try and Determine Who Was In Charge of Capitol Security On January 6th and, gee, What a Surprise, All the Shit that I Found Fell 100% Along Partisan Lines

I mean, I get it that there was probably more than one person involved in the fuck-up (Pelosi, Trump, Bowser, various law enforcement officials, etc.)......and that complex issues tend to stymie the low IQ press-corp but even so it shouldn't be that hard just to get the basics.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

On the Fact that These Covid Vaccines Either Have Graphene Oxide In Them or it's Bullshit

My suspicion is that there might be some of the stuff present in the vials but that it's probably not sufficient to be potent (not an endorsement of the jab, simply trying to stay level-headed). Of course I could probably come up with a more definitive opinion if the media simply allowed a fair and honest debate between the two sides............but being that they have 4,600,000,000 reasons to not be fair, the speculation will continue to be furious, I fear.

On the Fact that if a Company Wishing to Hide Data for 75 Years Isn't Prima Facie Evidence of Fraud Then Nothing Is and We Might as Well Just Crawl Up Into a Ball and Let 'Em Fuck with Us Unabated for the Rest of Eternity

This is what $4.6 billion worth of influence can get you these days apparently. Not exactly a level playing-field, is it?

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

On Countless Public School Systems In this Country Eschewing the Teaching of Math, Reading, etc. (and Even When They Do Teach it 2+2=5 Apparently) and Replacing it with a Litany of Divisive and Incomprehensible Leftist Bile

A lot of people out there are trying to determine the elitists' (the Klaus Schwabs of the world/usual cavalcade of parasites) motivation for this. Me, I don't give a shit. I just want America to wake the fuck up and put a screaming halt to these civilizational destroying policies (socialism, degeneracy, identity politics, ethical relativism, etc.), that's all.  

On the Federal Election Commission Fining Hillary Clinton and the DNC Crew $113,000 for Concealing Expenditures Pertaining to the Now Fully Debunked Steele Dossier and Chuck "Mr. Democrat" Todd Failing to Ask Mrs. Clinton a Single Question About it During Their Recent Puff-Piece Interview

Auditioning to be her first press-secretary, I'm guessing.

Monday, April 11, 2022

On the Fact that Big Pharma Dished-Out $4.6 Billion for Ads On Network Television In 2020, a Staggering 75% of All the Advertising Money Spent that Year (All Industries Combined) -

And no one on the left (save for a few people like Russell Brand and Jimmy Dore - COMEDIANS!) sees a problem with this apparently. Boy have things ever changed (crony capitalism once being a big issue for liberals............back in the day).

Saturday, April 9, 2022

On America's Incursions Into Other Countries Being Called "Interventions" While Russia's Are Derisively Labeled "Invasions"

Yep, it's all about the framing (courtesy of the media, big tech, big government, big Hollywood, etc.) and damned if we don't fall for it every time.

On Louie CK Securing the Grammy for Best Comedy Album and Right On Cue the Loser Woke Brigade Citing it as an Example of White Privilege and Why Cancel Culture Doesn't Exist (Louie Did Some Gross Shit a Few Years Back and the Assholes Tried to Crush Him for it, Ultimately Failing)

 That's quite a rush because 'Lil Wayne, Puff Daddy, Dr. Dre, Chris Brown, and R. Kelly all engaged in behavior that was much worse than what Louie CK did and they all received tons of Grammy nominations afterwards. And this whole notion that just because Louie was "only" crushed for five years and not forever is somehow proof that cancel culture is a myth is absurd. I mean, they certainly tried to cancel him, did they not?

Thursday, April 7, 2022

On Robert "the Third" Reich Proclaiming Last Year that Twitter and the Rest of the Big Tech Conglomerates Could Do as They Pleased as They Were Private Companies and Censorship Doesn't Apply (a Fair Enough Point but Stay Tuned)

Of course now that Elon Musk has joined the board over at Twitter, Reich is shitting his pants, labeling Musk an oligarch (as opposed to Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and Wojcicki who are simply upper-middle class, I guess) and calling the whole thing an affront to free speech. Robert being Robert, in other words.

On Patty Loveless Singing Lucinda Williams

  How can it get any better (he queried rhetorically)?

On Trained Marxists


FINALLY, a Marxist capable of using a litter box. Never thought that I'd witness it.

Worse than the Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York?


I'm starting to think so in that you can almost always know what the idiot socialist bimbo from New York thinks about something even before she tells you because, let's face it here, the chick is little more than a cutout. Romney on the other hand has taken both sides of virtually every issue and his flip-flops are seemingly more based on political expediency than they are any sort of principled reassessment.......and that's troubling. Need I say more?

On the Dead Sea Having a Salt Content Ten Times Greater than that of the Planet's Oceans (Percentage-Wise, of Course - 35% Versus 3.5%)


There are actually a few bodies of water saltier than the Dead Sea (a small pond in Antarctica measures in at 40%) but what makes it special is that just 30% of its salt is sodium chloride, a factor which allows it to contain a plethora of other minerals like iodine, potassium chloride, magnesium, and calcium, all of which seemingly have healing qualities. And, yes, this is why people flock there from around the world. That and it's hard to drown in water that salty. Who could be against that?

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

On Former Congressman, Duncan Hunter, Claiming In 2002 that the "War On Terror" Has Plainly Shown that "Long Range and Precision-Strike Capabilities Are Going to Be Even More Valuable than Before"- Quick Addendum

While I wasn't able to find the money-trail on ole Duncan, I did find some dope on his son and successor, Duncan Jr.. It appears that in 2018 at least the younger Duncan's number one donor among industries was, yep, you got, the defense industry.......and being that a tree is generally identified by its fruit, go ahead, feel free to extrapolate.

On Former Congressman, Duncan Hunter, Claiming In 2002 that the "War On Terror" Has Plainly Shown that "Long Range and Precision-Strike Capabilities Are Going to Be Even More Valuable than Before"

So he wanted more Navy Trident 2 (D5) missiles and F-22 Air Force advanced tactical fighters to go to war with an "army" of Neanderthals whose most advanced weapon on 9/11 was box-cutters. OK, I guess (and by, OK, I of course mean, illogical beyond belief, human comprehension, etc.)...................................................................................................P.S. I tried to find out who financed this guy's 14 Congressional campaigns and wasn't able to......but being that there are dozens of defense contractors near his San Diego district (,25_ISEC10002_IL.36,45_IC1147311.htm) one could quite readily surmise.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

On the Fact that (Numbers from Becker's Hospital Review) Each State Paid Hospitals from Tens of Thousands to Hundreds of Dollars for Each Covid Patient

These stats seem astronomical and so I'll probably have to do some additional digging on this. But if these numbers are even remotely in the neighborhood, this is a scandal, folks. A monstrous one. 

Eva Marie Saint, Just Because

Beautiful, wasn't she?

Monday, April 4, 2022

On Fauci Back In 2004 Saying that if an Individual Has Already Had the Flu He or She Does Not Need to Get Vaccinated for it (There's Something Called Natural Immunity, it Appears) -

Granted, he was never perfect but the Fauci of yesteryear certainly made a lot more sense than the current version. Hopefully we'll someday get to the bottom of this troubling shift but in the meantime just steer clear.

On Some Deranged Sociopathic Med Student at Wake Forest Intentionally Jabbing a Patient More than Once While Drawing Blood Because the Person Joked About Her Pronouns (She's Since Been Put On Leave) -

I've always been a person who believed in redemption (still kinda' do) but being that the wokesters have morphed the playing-field to such an unrecognizable degree, you gotta' lay in your bed, man. Sorry but, yeah.

On the Washington Post and New York Times Both Coming Forward with Stories Admitting that the Hunter Biden Laptop Was Legit

So it took the assholes 18 months to figure out what 90% of 5th graders already knew. Rather embarrassing, wouldn't you say?..........................................................................................P.S. The truth of course is that they never truly believed that the laptop was a "Russian disinformation" campaign and were doing this Kabuki dance simply to protect "the big guy" prior to the election. Textbook interference, in other words.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

On the Fact that (According to England's Health Security Agency) 92.4% of England's 4,000 Covid Deaths from Week 8 to Week 11 of this Year Were Fully Vaccinated (Some of Them Triple-Jabbed) - Quick Addendum

And, yes, I am more than willing to accept the fact that a certain percentage of these covid deaths were deaths WITH covid and not deaths FROM covid. It's called intellectual honesty and wouldn't it be nice if some of those shills from the covid regime reciprocated (one of the fact-checkers desperately trying to keep the narrative alive recently found Jesus and started talking "from" and "them" as if had invented the concept himself)? I'd surely appreciate it.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

On Washington's Serial Nation-Destroyer, Victoria Nuland, Informing Senator Rubio that Were There to Be Chemical Attacks In Ukraine No Question that it Would Be the Work of Russia

This from one of the same idiots who blamed Assad for gassing Syrian noncombatants when anybody with half a brain knows that it was ISIS savages who perpetrated the venal act. And where else have we heard such certitude coming from the parasite class? Oh yeah, George Tenet claiming that it was a "slam dunk" that Saddam Hussein had WMD. Let us never forget that one.

On the Fact that (According to England's Health Security Agency) 92.4% of England's 4,000 Covid Deaths from Week 8 to Week 11 of this Year Were Fully Vaccinated (Some of Them Triple-Jabbed)

This is partly because a) the average age of the vaccinated group is higher and b) vaccinated people comprise a larger percentage of the population but that doesn't explain why the overall deaths in the vaccinated group have risen so dramatically since last autumn even though more individuals are vaccinated and the Omicron variant appears much less lethal than the Delta. And, besides, wasn't this supposed to be a pandemic of the UNvaccinated......regardless? It's what they were telling us, right?


On the Odds that Will Smith Would Have Struck the Teller of that Joke Had the Dude Been Jason Mamoa, the Rock, or Vin Diesel

My guess, 5% if hammered, 0% if straight. And that's if rounded up.

Friday, April 1, 2022

On the Incentives for Vast Government Bureaucracies Financed by Taxpayer Money and Held Accountable to Neither Customers nor Shareholders to Develop Responsible, Business-Oriented Policies

There doesn't seem to be all that many, does there?

On Witnessing Comedians Joining the Low-IQ Pitchfork-Mob While Going After Other Comedians for Telling Non-Woke Jokes

The leftists have destroyed so many things in society that it was only a matter of time when they'd get around to murdering comedy, too ('cause heaven forbid that we all start laughing at what we're not supposed to).