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On the Fact that the De Beers Diamond Company Was Forced by the ANC Government to Create a Black-Controlled Diamond Mining Company

And the chairman of this new mining company? Yeah, it's an influential senior member of the ANC; a fellow by the name of Manne Dipico (personal advantage derived from political influence clearly the norm). In the now famous words of Gomer Pyle, "Surprise! Surprise!"

On Steph Curry

This kid (and, yes, 28 is still a kid in my mind) is the best combination of shooter, ball-handler, and passer that I have ever seen (and I've been watching basketball for over four decades); better than Jerry West, better than Oscar Robertson, better than Walt Frazier, better than Earl "the pearl" Monroe, better than Pete Maravich, better than Dave Bing - better than all of them. He's also a super person, teammate, and role-model who's only flaw is that he's maybe a little TOO unselfish (his teammates want him to shoot MORE). Talk about a breath of fresh air.

On the Fact that Syracuse Is Apparently Considering Recently Dismissed Miami Coach, Al Golden, as Their Next Football Coach

He couldn't win with the talent down there (yes, he was a good recruiter). How's he gonna win at the 'Cuse?...Bad idea.

Groucho on Politics

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies."......Now THIS is a Marx who I agree with............................................................................................P.S. The most obvious example of this is of course anthropogenic global warming; the fact that governments have tried to pin what has been a modest temperature increase (.7 degree Celsius) over the past 130 years on human-induced CO2 when we all know that that's patently ludicrous (the fact that a significant chunk of the warming took place in '20s and '30s - well before the massive increase in man-made carbon emissions, the fact that CO2 has a strong logarithmic relationship with atmospheric warming, the fact that feedbacks in natural systems are almost invariably negative, the fact that the increases in CO2 have only correlated with the thermally-induced CO2, the fact that global sea-ice has essentially been a flat line for 30 years, etc., etc.) and then tried to "fix" this nonexistent problem with moronic green energy solutions such as ethanol (.05 watts per square meter and wind turbines ( a watt per square meter) and a cap and trade scheme that has only benefited big bankers and other fat-cats.

Economist (and Former Adviser to Gorbachev), Yuri Maltzev, on His Experience Working for The Soviet Government

"Working is a serious overstatement of my activities there."......So, kind of like here but much worse, in other words.

Friday, November 27, 2015

On Healthcare in Cuba

Those aren't blood-spots on the sheets. They're flies.

On the Fact that (According to Writer and South African Exile, Ilana Mercer) Every Year Millions of Rands in Taxpayers' Money Are Paid Out to Private Security Companies to Protect South Africa's Police Stations

There is so much absurdity in this world that I sometimes get anesthetized by it. But THIS is so ridiculous that even I had to chuckle. THE COPS CAN'T EVEN DEFEND THEIR OWN DAMNED POLICE STATIONS!!!......Yet another ANC success story, folks.

On the Fact that (According to Economist, Brian Riedl) the Vast Majority of Farm Assistance Goes to Commercial Farmers with an Average Income of $200,000 and an Average Net Worth of $2,000,000 - Quick Addendum

Not that these farm subsidies are a huge part of the overall budget, but five billion here and five billion there it really does start to add up and if the two parties can't agree that this bullshit should be cut, heaven help us.

On the Odds Of Danny Kaye Scoring with Virginia Mayo in Real Life

No offense to old Danny boy, but I'm thinking mid single digits here. At best.

On the Fact that (According to Economist, Brian Riedl) the Vast Majority of Farm Assistance Goes to Commercial Farmers with an Average Income of $200,000 and an Average Net Worth of $2,000,000

And these are 2007 figures. Frightening, huh (though not all surprising in that as Public Choice Theory informs us, it is the small politically active class that tends to secure the large government favors - sugar tariffs, for example - while the rest of us pays for them)?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

And the President of the University of Missouri Could Have Prevented Some Idiot from Shouting a Racial Epithet (Allegedly) at a Black Dude on the Outskirts of the Campus

HOW......exactly (the poor bastard being forced to relinquish his livelihood as a response to this ridiculousness)? 

On Herbert Marcuse

A radical leftist buffoon who was a) anti-the scientific method ("the enemy"), b) anti-work, c) anti-free-speech/the free exchange of viewpoints (free-speech being only for the "oppressed"), d) pro-free-sex ("don't work, have sex"), e) anti-logic and debate (no need for such things in that Marxism provides all the answers), f) pro-utopia, and g) a writer of pure gobbledygook and BS. In a nutshell.  

On the Fact that the Chinese Minority in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam Have NEVER Possessed Significant Political Power and Have in Fact Been Officially Discriminated Against and They've Still Perpetually Outperformed (Ofttimes to a Major Extent) the Majorities Both Economically and Educationally in Each of These Nations

This one fact alone blows to smithereens the absolutely cartoonish notion of the left that discrimination is the most important (singular in the minds of some) variable determining group differences in achievement. And there are obviously other ones; the fact that Jews achieve at a higher rate than Hispanics do IN HISPANIC COUNTRIES, the fact that the Japanese were so discriminated in this country that they were put into internment camps during WW2 and totally dispossessed and by 1959 they were making as much as white Americans were, the fact that African and West-Indian black immigrants do significantly better (in school and in the market-place) than African-Americans born here do, etc., etc........................................................................................................Not that any of this evidence will ever be persuasive to the ruling-class in that it all but neuters the necessity of their existence (the fact that they need the unfairness argument to reign supreme so that they can gallop in on their white horses and rescue the oppressed). But the rest of us can appreciate these facts and hopefully arrive at a much more nuanced and empirical conclusion and at the very least not make the situation worse (as affirmative action - in Sri Lanka, India, Nigeria, Malaysia, as well as the United States - clearly has).

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Lesson from Sweden

If Sweden had been the 3rd wealthiest country on the planet under socialism, fell to 17th after 20 years of capitalism, and then soared once again when government spending went from 49% of GDP to 67% of GDP and the top marginal tax rate from 50-something percent to 80 something percent, the left would be championing this A-B-A scenario as a perfect example of successful government intervention/central planning (to which they'd have a decent amount of justification in that this is about as close as one can get to a controlled experiment in economics). Of course, being that the exact opposite was actually happened in Sweden, they're spinning like a bunch of drooling buffoons and circling the wagons YET AGAIN. Oh well, you've gotta at least admire their depravity, err, I mean, persistence.

On Norma Shearer (in 1938) Seducing a 24 Year-Old Tyrone Power in "Marie Antoinette"

Rob the cradle much, Ms. Shearer?......New category - LEADING BOY.

On the Fact that America's Colleges Have Gone From a Bastion of Vigorous Debate to a Pitiful Cesspool of "Trigger Warnings", "Safe Spaces", "Micro-Aggressions", and a Singularity and Systematizing of Thought that Borders on the Kafkaesque

And then we wonder why poor Johnny can't find his way home after "graduating".

On the Fact that Whenever a Woman (Andrea Yates, for Example) Goes on Killing-Spree it's Mental Illness but Whenever a Dude (Like Elliot Rodger) Goes on a Killing-Spree it's Misogyny

Feminist logic 101 (at least amongst the more radical sects).

Note to Islamic Extremists

You can't slaughter people for making sport of you. You simply can't (the fact that literally every schoolyard in America would be strewn with corpses if this was the case). And, so, yeah, you're either going to have to develop a tougher skin, a live and let live philosophical mindset, or get your asses handed to you by a bunch of pissed-off westerners (and, trust me, they'll do it). I report, you decide. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

On Donald Trump's Claim that He Saw THOUSANDS of Folks (Muslims, Ostensibly) in New Jersey Cheering When the Twin Towers Came Down on 9/11

He's confusing Jersey with the West Bank and, so, yeah, he probably flunked geography as well.

On the Fact the Jews Accepted the 1937 Peel Commission Offer of 6% of British Mandate Palestine (the Hashemite Kingdom Already Having Been Awarded 70% of it) - this, While the Palestinian Arabs Said, "Stuff it"

And the Jews were the unreasonable party toward the creation of Israel how exactly? 6% versus 94%.

On What Clearly Would Have Been an Illegal U.S. Military Occupation of a Sovereign Nation

Yes, Obama (who I am not a fan of FYI) could have left a residual military force behind in Iraq, but it WOULD NOT have been with the consent of the Iraqi government (you know, the one that we had essentially backed) OR the Iraqi citizens. And so, yes, not only would these actions have been a violation of international law, they would have also been immoral, fool-hardy, etc.. Look, I'm not saying that Obama has been good on foreign policy and his dithering half-way measures are probably the worst of both worlds but to try and lay the entire blame for ISIS on him is more than a little unfair, I think.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

On the Government's Despicable Antitrust Case Against Alcoa Aluminum

Yet another low point for sure. a) Alcoa was company that achieved market dominance through efficiency and technological innovation and not through funny business, cronyism, etc.. b) Even Judge Hand of the U.S. Court of Appeals had conceded that Alcoa was an honest company and had essentially invented the aluminum business, greatly expanded production, and significantly cut prices - its only sin being that it was successful (Hand practically chided them for expanding and introducing new technologies). And c) Judge Hand, in an effort to overstate Alcoa's market share, counted only primary ingot aluminum sales and disregarded the growing market for scrap aluminum. And all the while the customer got reamed AGAIN.............Sources - "Antitrust and Monopoly" by Dominick Armentano and "Bully Boy" by Jim Powell.

Coutesy of the Defense Intelligence Agency - October 5, 2012

"During the immediate aftermath of, and following the uncertainty caused by, the downfall of the (Qaddafi) regime in October 2011 and up until early September of 2012, weapons from the former Libya military stockpiles located in Benghazi, Libya were shipped from the port of Benghazi, Libya to the ports of Banias and the Port of Borj Islam, Syria. The Syrian ports were chosen due to the small amount of cargo traffic transiting these two ports. The ships used to transport the weapons were medium-sized and able to hold 10 or less shipping containers of cargo. The weapons shipped from Syria during late-August 2012 were Sniper rifles, RPG’s and 125mm and 155mm howitzers missiles.  The numbers for each weapon were estimated to be: 500 Sniper rifles, 100 RPG launchers with 300 total rounds, and approximately 400 howitzers missiles [200 ea – 125mm and 200ea – 155 mm.]."............So, the Obama administration KNEW that weapons were being shipped from the port of Benghazi to the Syrian rebels. Interesting. Of course, what makes this even more dubious is the fact that we also knew (per this same assessment) that a) al Qaeda was a big part of the opposition in Syria (yeah, that's right, we were arming al Qaeda) and b) a destabilization of Syria could easily lead to an Islamic insurgence....Damn, do I ever wish that these Presidents would listen to our first one and avoid these stupid foreign entanglements. 

A Plea to (Football) Coach Turned Broadcaster, Tom O'Brien

It's not golf, dude. YOU DON'T NEED TO WHISPER!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

On the Young Turks

Research - not hastily drawn and lazy enough. Arguments/positions - not poorly constructed enough.............P.S. Check this; one of the most devastating take-downs in Youtube history, directed at our friends, the Turks -

Cowboy Junkies LIve in Liverpool 1) I Don't Get It 2) Good Friday

One of the coolest bands ever. Just don't listen to 'em while your driving (heroine music and driving - not a good mix).

On the Fact that History Is Increasingly Being Taught Not as a Factual Enterprise but as a Palliative One

So, we're going from whitewashing to therapy (with a huge dose of dumbing down thrown in for good measure) - gotta love it!!

Benghazi, Arms for Rebels & Obama Lies About Syrian Chemical Weapons

I've always had a feeling that those Syrian chemical attacks were bogus, and now that Seymour Hersh (one of the country's best investigative reporters) has come out with this new information, I think it even more. Please, watch.

On Bantu Chief, Shaka Zulu

   He was a monster and psychopath on the same level as Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, and Mao. Especially brutal was his wholesale killing-spree and ethnic-cleansing of what today is the Orange Free State (circa 1820) in which the lunatic slaughtered up to 2,000,000 natives and chased out the rest - the end result being a hundred mile swath of desolation. I mean, I know that we love throwing the word, genocide, around a lot these days, to the point where it has largely lost its descriptive oomph, but if this isn't genocide, what is?............Sources - Donald Morris's "The Washing of the Spears" and Ilana Mercer's "Into the Cannibal's Pot"

On the Claim that Libertarians Are a Monolith/Proof-Positive that They Aren't

This is a great debate; civil, enlightening, thought-provoking, etc.. I strongly suggest that you check it out.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

On the Fact that the U.S Has Purportedly Dropped Some 2,500 Bombs on Syria (Essentially Destroying the Infrastructure)

Only in the warped, degenerative mind of the neocon (the Krauthammers, Boltons, McCains, and Grahams of the world) could something like this ever be described as weak (ineffectual maybe but weak, no) -

On Ann Baxter as Queen Nefertiti in "The Ten Commandments"


On the Fact that a Shitload of Black Activists Are Presently Burning Up Twitter with Beefs Pertaining to the Level of Press Coverage that the Paris Terror Attacks Have Been Receiving and Are Alleging this this Attention Is Somehow Taking Away Coverage from Their Grievances at the University of Missouri

So, a poop Swastika (that not one person thought to take a picture of) and some yahoo who may or may not have been affiliated with the University shouting out the n-word from a moving vehicle deserves the same level of coverage as 129 people being slaughtered (with hundreds more wounded)? Damn, huh?...........................................................................................................P.S. Whatever else that these spoiled brats (probably a lot of the same morons who booed Bernie Sanders) have learned at the "academy", perspective surely isn't one of them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On Black Lives Mattering

There's never been an argument from me. IN FACT, being that the black murder rate is fully 6 times that of whites (17.5 per 100,000 versus 2.6 per 100,000) with the perpetrators being 93% other black people, I'm actually quite insulted that this bullshit is being placed not just at my doorstep but the law enforcement community's, too.......STOP BLOWING YOUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT (much of it over foolishness; half-eaten Snickers bars, Air Jordan sneaks, some big-butted heifer, a slight, etc.), PEOPLE. BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!!

On the Fact that Skip Bayless Still Thinks that the 2-7 Cowboys Will Make the Playoffs

Note to ESPN - order more straitjackets.

On the Fact that Neocons Don't Want to Be Called Neocons Anymore

Like that's gonna stop me.

On the Fact that (According to Anti-War Radio and Israel's Own Atomic Energy Commission Has Endorsed the Iran Nuclear Agreement and Found that on a Technical Level it Will More than Likely Prevent the Iranians from Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon

And the American media is ignoring this......why exactly (and instead focusing on the rants of Netanyahu, McCain, Rubio, Trump, Cruz, the Odious Mark Levin, etc. - Folks Who Criticized the Bill Before They Even Read it)? I mean, are they THAT enmeshed in the U.S. war-machine to ignore THIS? How pitiful if that's the case.

On the Fact that Pro-Blacks Are Foaming at the Mouth Over CNN's Don Lemon Having an Errant View (and in Fact Wish to Destroy the Man's Livelihood) but Continue to Ignore the Vile, Homophobic, Violent, Buffoonish, Moronic, and Sexist Antics of Rappers Such as Kanye West and Mos Def

It's a huge problem, folks, and until the leaders of the black community come to grips with it that community will continue to traverse backwards.

Monday, November 16, 2015

On the Fact that Rudy Giuliani Actually Ventured on Fox News Tonight and Advocated that We Occupy (with 50,000 Troops) Iraq Indefinitely (Comparing it to Our Stay in South Korea)

That just might be the most moronic comment of the year (worse than even the BS from Trump and Sanders). They fucking hate us over there and even if they did consent to our presence (doubtful in that the Status of Forces Agreement mandated out departure - ditto, the Iraqi agreement with Iran) the terrorists would simply move to another country and damned if there wouldn't be more of these slugs due to the American occupation serving as a recruiting tool. Giuliani's a boob, flat out, and if he actually thinks that yet another illegal occupation is the answer to our prayers then he's never studied history OR logic. Occupy Iraq indefinitely - yeah, right.

On the Concept of God as Some Bloodthirsty SOB Whose Only Goal it Appears is To Convince People that Detonating Yourself in a Crowded Room of Civilians is Somehow a Purpose-Driven Existence

As an agnostic who finds all religion more or less silly, I must confess that do prefer the old-fashioned notion of some venerable bearded dude in the sky judging us askew for checking out married women, and it isn't even close at this point.

On President Obama Spouting that Thoroughly Discredited Claim that 1 out of Every 5 College-Aged Women Will Ultimately Be Raped

Do they simply not have a fact-checker at the White House? Yes, folks, there is a study from the CDC (and an older one by an activist named Mary Koss) which claims what the President is claiming, but it is seriously flawed (the main flaw being that they count all episodes of drunken sex in which the woman regrets it in the morning as "rape" and all episodes in which the man lies to the woman in an effort to get her in the sack as "sexual violence). A much more accurate number (one that is considered the gold standard) is the one which comes from the Justice Department Crime Survey; 1 in 50 (still a troubling number but not the type that produces hysteria)......................................................................................................Of course the $64,000 question is why in the hell did Obama use the bogus stat? Stupidity? More pandering? I'd kind of like to know.

On the Fact that Three Black Teenagers Busted Into a Las Vegas Home In February and Brutally Raped a Woman at Knife-Point (Her Husband Being Forced to Watch) and Crickets from the Radical Feminists, Leftist Media, Pro-Blacks, etc.

Yeah, this woman had two strikes against her. a) She was white and b) she was a porn actress. And, besides, the media is always way too busy covering ludicrous white on black rape stories (Tawana Brawley, Duke, and UVA) that more definitively fit their narrative (blacks as perpetual victims) to ever care about something like this -

Sunday, November 15, 2015

On a Rich Person Not Sharing His Money with a Poor Person Versus the Government Holding a Gun to that Rich Person's Head Forcing Him to Share it

So, what's more immoral?

On the FDA's Jihad Against Rare Diseases

Since 1962 (the year that the Kefauver Amendments were passed), the length of time that it takes to get a drug from the lab to the market has TRIPLED (from 5 to 15 years) and the cost is now approaching a BILLION dollars per drug. This has made it almost impossible for a new drug that addresses rare diseases to be brought to market because a company could never recoup its expense never mind make a damned profit - this while people are suffering....Government killing people, folks - it's what they do.

On the Necessity of Racism

The government needs it as a means to sustain itself (the "we can fix it" attitude) while certain elements of the black community need to explain away their mediocrity. ERGO, don't expect it to go away any time soon.

On the Corrupting Influence of Koch Brothers Money

Yeah, it's a tad unseemly, I agree. But as long as the Democratic Party continues to promise (and often deliver) everything under the sun (for "free") to the American public and bend over backwards to THEIR special interests (leftist environmentalists, unions, etc.), I think that they will continue to do just fine and, so, no, no need to worry. 

On the Claim that I've Changed

I've changed? I'VE CHANGED? Wow, huh?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Note to Senator Rubio

You are ignorant of history, son. The conservative movement in America has never been about foreign interventionism. From Robert Taft to Grover Cleveland (the last of the Jeffersonian Democrats), Herbert Hoover, Hamilton Fish the third, General Robert Wood, George Holden Tinkham, Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, Murray Rothbard, Felix Morely, James McClellan, Robert Nisbet, and Frank Kellogg - all of these guys and many more (conservatives in government, the military, academia, the press, etc.) were opposed to American involvement in foreign wars and they weren't even remotely the exception (this while the left was blowing shit up and intervening everywhere; Europe, Asia, Central America, etc.). My suggestion is that you open up a few history volumes and stop listening to Charles Krauthammer, reading the Wall Street Journal, etc..

On Why Mark Richt Is Seemingly Considering a Move from SEC Power, Georgia, to the Modestly Lesser Profile Virginia Tech Gig

Having to contend with fewer "Homers", would be my suspicion.

On People Who Go to Web-Sites that They Profess to Despise Simply to Fuss, Argue, and Trade Insults with Other Bloggers

That is so far from normal behavior that it's discomforting. Agree?

Friday, November 13, 2015

On the Fact that that Idiot Hunger-Striker from the University of Missouri Who Claims to Be Oppressed Is Actually the Son of a Rich Railroad Executive Who Made Over $8 Million Last Year (a Figure that Would Put the Dude and His Family in the Top .1%)

Spoiled brat, unsubstantiated allegations, and professional agitator had a kid, it seems.

On "Hate Crimes" at the University of Missouri

I can only count two; those two poor bastards who got bounced out of a job for no fucking reason other than a mob of whiners demanded it.

On the Fact that Black on White Crime Is Being Ignored at University of Missouri

Might we have at least a small dose of journalistic and academic integrity? I mean, is that too much to ask of these people?

On the Fact that 150 French Civilians Just Got Murdered in What Appears to Be a Terrorist Attack

A major blow to the "blowback" theory it seems (the fact that the French haven't invaded Iraq, sent boatloads of money and armaments to Israel, stationed troops in the Holy Land, etc.).

Relief (the Fact that She Wouldn't Have to Contend with STDs, Unwanted Pregnancies, Bozos, etc.)

What would be my answer to the question, "So, what would be your mental state if your daughter ever informed you that she was a lesbian?"

On Standing in Line at the Post Office While Having to Take a HUGE Leak

Wear a Depends, would be my suggestion (that and pray to God that one of the super efficient East-Asian women waits on you and not one of the slant-headed white asshole males).

On the Fact that the Cowardly Western Media Referred to the Murder of Afrikaner Separatist/Resistance Leader, Eugene Terre'Blanche (He Was Bludgeoned to an Unrecognizable Pulp and Left with His Pants Pulled Down to Underscore the Humiliation), as a "Labor Dispute"

Does anyone in his or her right mind think that if the races of the victim and perpetrators were reversed, the media would act the same? "Cause if there is, I would LOVE to do business with them. Ca-ching, ca-ching.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

On the Fact that (According to Medical Researcher, Mary Ruwart) Rats Won't (Except When it's Infused with Chocolate) Drink Alcohol

So they're smarter than humans but a lot less fun. Interesting.

On Trump's Stupid Comments Pertaining to Mexican Immigrants

If he had made those comments about any other group; blacks, Jews, Asians, gays, American Indians, even Muslims, the dude would have been eviscerated and his candidacy ended. But because they were levied against Mexicans, Guatemalans, etc., he continues to skate. Un-fucking-real.............................................................................................P.S. And now he wants to set up a bunch of deportation squads to rid the country of 12,000,000 illegals in less than a year, which is both draconian AND unfeasible. Wake me when it's over, would you?

On the Fact that and Various Other Leftist Sites Are Trying to Get CNN's Don Lemon Off the Air Simply Because He Refuses to Drink the Cyanide-Laced Purple Kool-Aid Which States that All Black People Must Think a Certain Way

These people are so fucking ignorant. There has NEVER been a unanimity of thought in the black community (and, yes, I hate that term); from Frederick Douglass confronting his critics, to Booker T. Washington debating with W.E.B. Dubois, to Martin Luther King disagreeing with Malcolm X, to Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Robert Woodson confronting liberal orthodoxy in the '70s and '80s. And, while, yes, the black vote has largely gone Democratic over the past four decades or so years, nowhere is it written that it must continue that way and I have to ask these assholes - so, who was it that died and made your opinion THE opinion of black people, and until they do answer it, flock 'em........................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I DO like Don Lemon. The fellow is fair, open-minded, and a role-model not just for African-Americans but gay folks (it's not easy being gay in the black community - just ask Lemon), too. 

On the Fact that Senators Elizabeth Warren and Tim Kaine and Former New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, Have All Spoken at the Cato Institute Recently and Have All Been Treated with the Utmost Respect

Gee, what a shock, libertarians behaving better than imbecilic university leftists when it comes to hearing views that they may (liberalizing our drug policies) or may not (banking regulation) agree with.......STOP THE PRESSES!!!

On that Doltish University of Missouri Professor Who Tried to Intimidate a Reporter into Leaving the Premises (Which Were, Yes, Public Property) so that He Couldn't Perform His Job

The bitch should be fired immediately in that there is no excuse for this type of behavior. We still have a free-press in this country and if she doesn't want a reporter to cover her antics then she needs to take them elsewhere.......That and lose the damned fascism. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On the Fact that Jeb Bush is Emphasizing His First Name Much More than His Last Name in Campaign Commercials - "Jeb".

Yeah, that's probably a smart move.

On the Fact that Lincoln, Churchill, and Mandela Are the Three Leaders from History Who We Are Seemingly Not Allowed to Criticize

Yes, I got the memo and, no, I will not follow it. The fact of the matter is that all three of these men were bloodthirsty statists whose ends (centralized power, taxation, empire, communism) were every bit as nasty as their means (targeting civilians, persecuting dissent, etc.) and the fact that we glorify them is as moronic as it is disturbing.

On Hyper-Racial Consciousness

It has delivered hell every single time; in Argentina when the government officially put Jews and Italians into the "undesirable" category, in Sri Lanka when the Tamils and Sinhalese ultimately decided to emphasize their ethnicity, in Nigeria when (after the British left) the Hausa-Fulani started expelling Ibos simply because they were out-competing them, in Malaysia when the Malays imposed affirmative action against the Chinese because the Chinese (despite starting off far behind) were kicking their butts educationally and economically, in America when the federal government (under Presidents Johnson and Nixon) instituted preferential policies which alienated whites and seriously harmed blacks, in Russia when the Communists ethnically cleansed the Volga Germans out of some paranoiac fear of Nazi collaboration, etc.. WE'RE ALL FUCKING HUMANS, PEOPLE, and the sooner that we get rid of these damned hyphens the better.

On the Modern Flat-Earth Society

The fact that one of its major proponents isn't an astronomer, a physicist, a mechanical engineer, or a meteorologist but a yogi and a wing-chun master probably says it all.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On the Fact that (According to the Institute for Justice's Robert McNamara) in Louisiana, a Larger Percentage of Applicants Pass the Bar Exam than Pass the Exam to Be a Licensed Floral Arranger

One more example of the government a) protecting existing businesses, b) destroying citizens' lives, and c) adding to the income inequality that they supposedly care so much about.

Best Performance Ever in a So-So Movie?

Yeah, I'm probably gonna go with Gregory Peck as Ambrose Bierce in the 1989 Flop, "Old Gringo". Peck's performance at least made it tolerable.

Question for Trump

And what if don't want to say, "Merry Christmas"? Are you going to force me to, Mr. Nine-Tenths Mussolini, One-Tenth Wendell Willkie?

On the Fact that Two Black Law Enforcement Officers Rained 18 Bullets Into a Six Year-Old White Kid and His Dad (Killing the Child and Seriously Wounding the Father) in Mississippi the Other Day

The left is turning itself into pretzels as we speak (what to do, what to do) - 

On the Concept of Paying Burger-Flippers the Same Wage as EMTs or Even CNA's and Teacher's Aides

As absurd (the fact that you would even consider paying people with zero skills - many of whom are teenagers - the same as people who've taken the time, money, and effort to develop marketable skills, improvements in their human capital, etc.) as it is economically illiterate (read some Bastiat or even some Schumpeter, for Christ).

On the Fact that in 1941, Time Magazine Actually Had a Cover Story Which Read, "How to Tell Your Friends from the Japs"

And that's from the "intelligentsia". Can you imagine what Joe Blow and Joe Sixpack thought?......................................................................................P.S. The truth of the matter is that anti-Asian bigotry was off the charts in this country and in Canada (starting off against the Chinese and extending to the Japanese - post Pearl Harbor, Koreans, etc.) for well over a century and if that Time Magazine hit-piece doesn't illustrate it to you nothing ever could.

"Gun Free Zone' Translated

 "No need to beware of canine, no need to beware of people, the door's unlocked, please feel free to enter, nobody will try to stop you, we don't even possess steak knives, we are such phenomenally stupid lemmings".

Monday, November 9, 2015

On the Concept of Giving the Government X Power

How dumb and naive to think that they would be satisfied with that, and only that. 

The World's Greatest Brunette?

No offense to Courteney, Demi, or Shania but I gotta go with BR.

On Angry Black Conservatives and Youtube Sensations, David Carroll and the Honorable Akwesi 100

I dare anybody to call these two, an "Uncle Tom", TO THEIR FACES (you know, as opposed to sitting anonymously behind some computer screen).

On the 29 Democratic Senators (the Vast Percentage of Whom Didn't Even Read the Summary Section of the National Intelligence Estimate) Who Shamelessly and Moronically Voted to Give George Bush (a Novice at Foreign Affairs) a Blank-Check When it Came to Dealing with Iraq

I'll take, "Me-tooism, Cowardice (Cannot Be Seen as Soft on Terror, Now Can We?), and Acts of Political Expedience Totally Off the Charts", for a thousand, Alex.

In Praise of Senator Wellstone

This guy was the only Senator who voted no on the Iraq War resolution who had to face an election three weeks later, THE ONLY ONE. It was an act that took major courage and God do we ever need more of that, eh, folks?

Sunday, November 8, 2015

On the Fact that (According to Author and Researcher, Caroline Wolf Harlow) "The Number of Black Hate-Crime Victims Was (Circa 2005) so Small, that is Statistically Insignificant, that it Precluded Analysis of the Race of Persons Who Victimized Them"

The numbers that Ms. Harlow used were taken from the Bureau of Justice Statistics' "National Crime Victimization Survey"; a study which clearly showed that white on black violent crime was exceedingly rare and that when it did happen only three in ten victims cited race as a motive.......Hey, Obama said that he wanted to have a "conversation" and I don't recall him saying that facts were optional.

On the Fact that (According to Constitutional Legal Scholar and WestConn History Professor, Kevin Gutzman) Over 90% of the Laws Passed Since 1937 (When FDR Was Able to Successfully Alter the Supreme Court) Are Unconstitutional

Why do we even have such a thing anymore? Seriously.

On the Fact that a Lot of Black Guys Refer to Black Women Who Prefer to Date White Guys as "Bed Wenches"

This while they're simultaneously trying to bag as many white chicks as possible.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

On Obama Making Fun of the Republican Candidates for Their Bitching and Moaning About the Recent (CNBC) Debate Moderators

So kind of like what he does regarding Fox News, in other words?

On the Fact that Melissa Harris-Perry Apparently Thinks that Only 18th and 19th Century Sub-Saharan African Slaves Toiling in North American Have Ever "Worked Hard"

On a network that is literally laced with crazy-assed lunatics (and far worse than Fox at this point), she be the queen for sure.............And, yes, I would ask the chick yet again; "Where is the image on your wall of those Irish slaves that Cromwell worked to oblivion in Barbados. Certainly THEY knew the meaning of hard work, too."

On Rape and Race in the U.S.

Here are the stats ( According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics' 2005 "Criminal Victimization Statistical Tables", of the 111,490 incidents of rape in this country in which the victims were white, in 34% of those instances the perpetrator was black (this despite the fact that blacks only make up 12% of the population), and of the 36,620 incidents of rape in which the victims were black, in less than 1% of those instances was the perpetrator white (this despite the fact that whites make up about 70% of the population). Yes, we have a huge racial violence problem in this country but it's predominantly black on white. Sorry but yes.

My Cat's Own Private Super Bowl?

Yeah, it would probably be Turkey and Giblets versus Salmon with Salmon being a slight 3-point favorite.

Florida 9 Vanderbilt 7

Yeah, I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rooting for Vanderbilt.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Battle of the Biracial Sports Hotties; Karyn Bryant Versus Sage Steele

It's a real scrum but if I had to pick I would probably pluck KB. Just a wee-bit sexier in my view.

On the Fact that (According to BBC News; December 12, 2006) in Present-Day South Africa, 65 People on Average Are Murdered Every Day (They Also Note Nearly 200 Rapes and 300 Violent Robberies per Day)

And the sad thing is that these figures are probably low-ball estimates (the fact that the government and police force play with the data). Interpol, for example has the murder-rate as nearly double this and even the South African Medical Research Council says that it's a third higher....Ain't gonna play Sun City for certain.

On '90s Actress, Penelope Ann Miller

Yeah, her career is currently in the toilet, but in her prime, RAJA!!!!!!

On the Fact that a Black Mother from Detroit Murdered Two of Her Children (the Other Two She Just Tortured) and Stuffed Their Carcasses in a Freezer

Yeah, I'm gonna go with, four black lives totally NOT mattering - 

On Obama Rejecting the Keystone Pipeline

Our country is being run by morons. I mean, does the President just not realize that the oil is going to be sold and shipped anyway, and that the alternative modes of transport (rail and tanker) are even more dangerous? And why is he so beholdin' to these radical environmentalists who actually think that windmills (with a power density of one watt per square meter and which cannot function absent a fossil fuel backup) and ethanol (with a power density of .05 watts per square meter and which is driving up the cost of food worldwide) are viable options not just for America but for an energy-starved third-word (a world that even Hillary Clinton has conceded will have to utilize more coal in order to achieve even a semblance of modernity)? It's inexplicable to me.

Note to Donald Rumsfeld

I hate to tell you, dude, but you're getting "a little up there in years", too, and so maybe not the best attack-line (responding to criticisms from Bush senior)................................................................................................P.S. Unless of course you were attempting to be ironic, in which case you totally succeeded.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

On the Fact that Bush Senior Purportedly Blasts Both Cheney and Rumsfeld in his Upcoming Book

Well, being that he couldn't lambaste his own prodigy (over the Iraq debacle), it was probably the best that he could muster.

On the Fact that Economist Bob Guest Has Recently Referred to South Africa's Affirmative Action Policy as the "Most Extreme in the World"

So more extreme than even that of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Nigeria. THAT is saying something.

On the Fact that Even the BBC's John Simpson Has Conceded that the "New" South Africa Now Contends with Iraq and Columbia as the World's Most Violent, Chaotic, and Lawless Country

And yet American politicians (from both parties) continue to stick their heads in the sand. How pathetic.

On the Most Recent Megyn Kelly - Jeb Bush Interview

One of them acted like a bitch. Guess which..........................................................................................................P.S. I'll give you a clue here. IT WASN'T MS. KELLY.

On State Power

It will either destroy you, corrupt you, negate/neuter you, or make you its pet.......Magical elves, my ass.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On All of Those '80s Rock Stars Who Proudly Belted Out, "I......I......I......I......I......I Ain't Gonna Play Sun City No......No......No"

I dare them to go to "Sun City" now and walk around without their bodyguards. Dumb shits.

On the Fact that (According to the "Child Abuse Review") Close to 10% of All Rapes in South Africa Are Perpetrated Against Children Under Three Years of Age

Where is the left's outrage on THIS? I mean, have we gotten to the point where race trumps even child brutality now? My Lord.............................................................................................P.S. One of the possible reasons for this barbarism is a ludicrous belief by some in South Africa that sex with a child will insulate you from AIDS - this despite the numerous efforts by Western relief agencies to educate the populous otherwise.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On Melissa Harris-Perry Lecturing Her Viewership (as Paltry as it Is) on "Relative Advantage" and Engaging in Such Condescending Bullshit from a Perch on Corporate High

These folks are so insulated (in Perry's case by both the media AND academia). And what really irritates me is the fact that they think that these ideas of theirs (their various social-conflict theories) are so brand-spanking new, unique, and revolutionary when they're little more than regurgitated and hackneyed crap from the '60s (yeah, I was a Sociology minor). News-flash, slant-heads, we all went through this phase - you know, back when we were 19. Bug duh.

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Can Go to Liberty University and Get Treated with Respect but a When a Conservative (or Even a Moderate Like Christina Hoff Sommers) Even Sets Foot on a Liberal Campus All Fucking Hell Breaks Loose

So even Bible-thumping morons are more open-minded and courteous than the left these days. How damned embarrassing is that?

On the Fact that Not One but Two Black Women Threw Their Babies Off of Balconies in the Fordham Heights Section of the Bronx in Just the Past Six Weeks

So these stories get completely ignored by pro-blacks and the white liberal media but that image of the school-safety officer strong-arming a disruptive 16 year-old black chick gets wall-to-wall coverage (one CNN segment showed the visual 20-something times)? Unreal.

Monday, November 2, 2015

On the Assertion by Demagogues Such as Melissa Harris-Perry (What a Colossal Waste of a Hyphen) that the Treatment of Blacks in North America Was Some Sort of Uniquely Evil Episode

Total bullshit. The fact of the matter is that slavery was practiced throughout the world (and still exists today) and if anything how it was administered here was mild when compared to what happened in South America, the Caribbean, Northern Africa, etc. (and, no, I'm not saying that slavery was a benign institution - just making a comparison). And neither was the institution confined just to Sub-Saharan Africans, either. Poor whites from the ghettos of London were also rounded up and in the 17th Century Cromwell sent tens of thousands of Irish people (as a part of his ruthless attempt at ethnic-cleansing) to Barbados where they were quite literally worked TO DEATH (have an image of that in your office, too, Melissa). Yes, slavery was a stain on our country's history but to try and create some mythos about it and to dwell on it 150 years after it was abolished is thoroughly getting lame, I think. If I was to counsel folks like Perry, it would be to get them to look at not just how well that the the East Asians (another group that was treated like garbage in the 19th and early 20th Centuries) have done but also how well that the black immigrants from Africa and the West Indies have done, and to try and get them to rally around that instead of this incessant victimization BS.......................................................................................................Recommended reading; "White Cargo" by Don Jordan and "To Hell or Barbados" by Sean O'Callaghan.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

On the Fact that the CEO of Walmart Could Work for NOTHING and Even if You Distributed His Entire Forfeited Salary to the Employees it Would Only Come Out to About $15 per Person PER YEAR

That's why I don't get too upset about this whole "CEO to worker ratio growing" talking point (the fact that it's an essentially symbolic issue, lacks perspective, etc.) and would much prefer a more substantive analysis.

On Radical Environmentalists Who Go Around Decrying Mining While at the Same Time Tinkering with Their Cell-Phones and Laptops

These people are so moronic. Do they think that this stuff just falls out of the heavens and into their fucking laps?......Seemingly, huh?

The Only Patients Who Don't Have to Wait for Care in CanaDUH?

Man's best friends for certain.