Friday, May 29, 2015

On Patricia Arquette's Oscar-Winning Speech in Which She Dusted Off that Thoroughly Discredited Meme About Gender Pay Inequality (and of How Meryl Streep Jumped Up Like a Trained Seal with Silly and Embarrassing Affirmation) - Quick Addendum/Surface-Thinker Alert

And this of course isn't to imply that a) INDIVIDUAL women haven't been discriminated against or b) there aren't bigoted employers of every stripe out there (I've noticed, for example, that female OTs and PTs frequently do better than their male colleagues). OF COURSE THERE ARE!!!!!!!!! But that isn't how science operates. It operates via aggregates and when you look at the aggregates across the whole economy AND you control for the previously mentioned variables, THERE IS NO GENDER PAY INEQUALITY, period. Sorry, but no.

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