Tuesday, February 28, 2017

On the Thought of Your Average SJW Radical from Yale, Cornell, Cal-Berkeley, NYU, etc. 30 Years from Now Being the U.S. Attorney General

Hopefully they will have grown up by then......but two words, folks; Eric Holder (four if you include Barack Obama).

On Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's Brilliant Destruction of Corporate Media War-Whore, Jake Tapper

   It's been a long time since I've seen one of these smarmy bastards check-mated like this and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. Peace out and aloha. 

On the Claim of Some in the Racial Grievance Industry that the Exceedingly High Black Crime Rates Are the Result of "Over-Policing" and that if You Put More Police in the Suburbs, You Would Find Similar Crime Rates

You would have to be a complete moron to believe this. a) The cops respond to calls and being that a disproportionate percent of those calls come from the black precincts (the assertion here, I guess, is that a white citizen won't report a crime if the perpetrator is also white), of course that's where the cops end up and b) what kind of a fool thinks that the presence of police officers causes a population to commit MORE CRIMES? It's ludicrous and yet outlets like CNN continue to put douche-bags like Mark Lamont Hill and Cornel West on the air to spout this horseshit. Unreal.

On One Man/One Vote in a Society Where the Average IQ Is 70 to 85

It will ultimately lead to socialism and eventually to either tyranny or chaos, and it you dispute that, just look around the globe (South Africa, the Gaza Strip, Venezuela, etc.). Sorry but, yeah.

Monday, February 27, 2017

On that Iranian-American Woman Going on the Stage at Last Night's Oscars and Reading the Acceptance Speech of Some Iranian Filmmaker Who Seemingly Felt the Need to Denigrate President Trump and to Label His Travel Ban Pertaining to Those Seven Muslim Countries, Inhumane

Really? Our President needs to be lectured to now by Iran; a country with with one the most abysmal human-rights records on the planet (and a country that actually has the death-penalty for several non-violent offenses; apostasy, for example - https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2016/country-chapters/iran)? Surely the leftists will draw the line here.......I mean, they do in fact have a line, right?

On Oscar-Winner, Viola Davis, Proclaiming Last Night that "I Became an Artist (Yeah, I Suppose that Acting Is an Art), and Thank God I Did, Because We Are the Only Profession to Celebrate What it Means to Live a Life."

Is it my imagination or do these Hollywood buffoons sound dumber and dumber, more self-congratulatory, and more out of touch with reality with every fucking statement? I mean, this is getting ridiculous (Dunkin Donuts counter-help forming more coherent thoughts than these slantheads). 

On the Fact that the Academy Awards Actually Bequeathed an Oscar to the Producer of Some Propagandist Documentary that Glorifies a Slime Group with Close Ties to al Nusra, ISIS, Nour al Din al-Zenki, and Other Terrorist Outfits

And they only seem to rescue people when the cameras are running (even staging some of the shit). How convenient...........................................................................................................P.S. And this claim that the Syrian dude couldn't be there because of Trump's travel ban - yeah, that's pure bullshit, too, in that it was the Syrian government that pulled his visa, not Trump. Oops. OOPS!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

On the Fact that a) There Was NEVER an Indigenous Pre-Colonial Emancipation Movement on the African Continent and b) it Wasn't Until the White Europeans Arrived There that Laws Against Slavery Stated to Be Enacted

More inconvenient facts that the court historians, cultural Marxists, and SJWs are either unaware of or are trying to sweep under the carpet because it doesn't fit their cartoonish narrative that Western Civilization and white people have been perpetually evil and that other societies and races have never been the victimizers.......So, have you lost track yet? I kinda have......................................................................................................Sources - "A Historical Guide to World Slavery" by Seymour Drescher and Stanley Engerman and "The Black Man's Burden" by Basil Davidson. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

On the Slandering of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard by that Cretinous, Piece of Shit Slime-Site, the Daily Kos JUST FOR TELLING THE TRUTH (i.e., that the U.S. Government Has Been Arming Terrorists in Syria, that There Aren't Any Moderate Rebels In that God Forsaken Land, that Most of the Atrocities There Have Been Perpetrated by the Terrorists and not the Government, etc.)

Yeah, I guess that anti-war and anti-propaganda Democrats are simply out of vogue these days on the left (they even tried to tie her to Putin and worse yet, Trump!!). What a shame, huh?

On the Fact that the Obama Administration Apparently Had $65,000 Worth of Pizza and Hot Dogs Flown in from Chicago for an In-House Party at the White House - https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/5b8xsx/wikileaks_obama_spent_65000_tax_payer_dollars_on/

Yeah, there are a number of problems with this one; a) the fact that no person in his right mind would order what is essentially junk food from halfway across the country when you can literally get it down the block, b) the fact that all White House food is prepared in-house and so this wouldn't have ever been allowed in the first place, c) the fact that $65,000 is a lot of money to spend on good food, never mind crap and d) the fact that they again appear to be talking in code.............I mean, I suppose that there could be an innocuous explanation for this nonsense but in lieu of no one even proffering one, what does your common sense tell you?

On the New Definition of Nazi

Anyone to the right of Jane Fonda bat-shit crazy is what it seems and so welcome aboard, I guess.

On the Fact that Even Though Pakistani Births in England Are Just 3% of the Total, They End Up Representing 33% of the Total Number of Birth Defects - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1394119/Its-time-confront-taboo-First-cousin-marriages-Muslim-communities-putting-hundreds-children-risk.html

Yeah, these folks are marrying their first cousins and so it doesn't take a rocket-scientist (this while the British-born taxpayers are fitting the bill of course). HELLO!!!  

On the Robust Correlation Between Fossil Fuel Use in China and India and the Rapid Increases There in Life-Expectancy and Per-capita GDP

Cheap, abundant, and reliable energy makes modernity possible, and if it can work for these two countries, it can also work for Africa and other impoverished areas (Mr. Obama's and Me. Gore's protestations from their fossil fueled powered mansions, notwithstanding). Turn on the lights, people!! 

Friday, February 24, 2017

On the Fact that Even Though the Modern Nation-State Was Largely Brought About by a Common Ethnicity, Language, and Culture and the Overwhelming Evidence Is that Ethnocentric Societies Tend to Perform Much Better In Terms of Social Cohesion, the Mainstream Narrative Continues to Be One of Pushing for Diversity and Multiculturalism with Diversity Invariably Being Seem as a Strength

Emotion trumping reason once again and, no, I'm not surprised.......Are you? 

On the Number of People Who've Ever Uttered the Words, "Hey Babe, Let's Move to Topeka"

Probably the same number who've ever witnessed a gorilla parachuting.......No offense (the violent crime rate being 60% higher than the national average and the property crime rate being 100% higher - two possible factors).

On Ben Shapiro's Notion that "the Government Is Good at War"

And his evidence is what exactly? When Napoleon marched into Russia and lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers? When the British threw 90% of their empire into South Africa to fight a bunch of farmers to a stalemate (losing countless battles along the way)? When the U.S. put a half a million troops into Vietnam and ten years later had to use a helicopter to get people out? When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and bled their country ultimately to its conclusion? When George Bush invaded Iraq? Come on!!!..............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, even in the wars that we won, the victories were extremely pyrrhic; the Civil War leading to the destruction of a society, Reconstruction, and the most divisive emancipation in human history, WW1 leading to the punitive Treaty of Versailles and the rise of Hitler and Stalin, WW2 leading to 60 million deaths and the loss of Eastern Europe to the Communists, etc........Oh yeah, the government is soooooooooooo awesome at war.   

The Greatest Day in Human History?

Oh, alright, maybe not, but it was still pretty damned good. Ha ha ha ha!!

On College Majors with the Word, Studies, Plopped at the End of Them

Yeah, they probably should be avoided and the government certainly shouldn't be subsidizing them. Major in something tangible, people (or better yet, think outside the damned box and maybe look at some alternative options).

On CNN Talking-Head, Chris Cuomo, Criticizing Trump for Not Condemning Putin

Oh, so the way that FDR condemned Stalin when the latter murdered millions of his own citizens, invaded numerous countries, and ensconced the entirety of Eastern Europe, in other words. I get it now. Yeah, that Trump really needs to step it up.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

On "Trump Is a Liar" Versus "the Media Is Biased and Corrupt"

In a saner time we could have entertained both notions. Not today, though. Not with the Fox Newses, MSNBCs, Salons, Breitbarts, and Huffington Posts of the world delivering what can only be called pure partisan pablum 24/7 and a public that is all-too willing to lap it up. No Sir.

On the Fact that Even Though Western Civilization Has Given the World Science, Liberal Democracy, the Rule of Law, Equality Before the Law, Freedom of Thought and Expression, the Universal Concept of Human Rights, the Separation of Church and State, Economic Liberalization, etc., etc., the Leftists Continue to Denigrate it While Simultaneously Giving Non-Western Cultures a Total Free-Pass

And we're the only culture that engages in this form of pathological altruism and self-criticism. Why is that, I wonder?..................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not saying that we haven't done some bad things, just that every other society has as well and that these folks never get criticized (African slavery, for example, having been infinitely worse than Southern Victorian slavery and yet zero criticism) it seems. 

On the North's Anti-Slavery Statutes

Yeah, they really didn't free all that many slaves in that a) slavery had already started to wither in the North due to climate, industrialization, bigotry (the fact that the North was a profoundly racist region that didn't want blacks to be around, period; black codes, the colonization movement, etc.), etc. and b) the Northern slaveholders once they had learned about the impending laws simply sold their slaves to Southern interests while making a tidy profit. Oh yeah, the North was soooooooooooooo damned virtuous. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Historian, Henry Bascom) the Founder of the Methodist Faith, John Wesley, Never Considered it a Sin to Own Slaves and Believed that Any Person Who Purchased and Owned Slaves Could Still Be a Good Christian

Yeah, slavery was one of those Catholic proclivities that the Protestants didn't feel the to "protest" evidently (ditto, Mormonism). 

On the Fact that Jesus and Saint Paul Both Mentioned Servitude and Slavery Numerous Times and Never Once Condemned it

If you ever needed proof-positive that ancient religious text and dogma are anachronistic, divisive, destructive, etc., maybe start here?

On the Major Uptick in Female Genital Mutilation Cases in Australia - in http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-01-13/report-on-female-genital-mutilation-shows-hidden-prevalence/8180340

And, gee, what a surprise, the radical feminists are mum about it with basic human rights and decency taking a back-seat to multiculturalism YET AGAIN!! 

On the Claim that Muhammad Is the Ethical and Spiritual Equal of Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tzu, etc.

Anyone with an IQ over that of eggplant knows that that's pure bullshit (the former being an illiterate warlord, the latter people not so much) and yet we aren't allowed to point this idiocy out for fear of being called a bigot. Thank you, SJW schmucks.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On the Fact that Whenever the Legacy Media Talks About the Russia Versus Ukraine Story, They ALWAYS Leave Out the Part Where NATO and the U.S. Helped to Overthrow the Democratically Elected Leader of Ukraine Simply Because that Individual Wanted to Align with Russia and Not NATO

And if it wasn't for the alternative media (Democracy Now, Ron Paul's Liberty Report, etc.), even fewer folks would know about it.......And the "fake news" is who again?

John McAfee on the Claim that it Was Russia Who Hacked Podesta and the DNC

    He surely doesn't seem convinced............................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the Libertarian Party would have been far better off if they had nominated this guy (or even Austin Peterson) rather than the stoner, Gary Johnson (a man who while I continue to have some fondness for, clearly wasn't up to the task this time).

On Rand Paul's Merciless Deconstruction of John McCain (that the Man Is a War-Mongering Tool Whose Policies Would Bust the Budget and Exponentially Increase the Demand for Body-Bags) the Other Night on CNN

I'm really beginning to think that Paul is the last sane man in D.C. and, yes, if this is the final kill-shot in the career of John McCain (a man who I once respected, a long, long time ago), extra kudos on top for that.

On the Concept of Living in Heaven for All Eternity While Simultaneously Knowing that There Are Perfectly Decent People Roasting in Hell for that Same Time Frame Simply Because They Wouldn't Acknowledge the Illogical Idea of a "Holy Spirit"

Sounds hellish, huh?

On My Fear that it Is the Goal of the Neocons and the Clintonites to Destroy the Russian Government and to Replace it with Something that's a Little More to Their Liking (You Know, Like They Did In Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine, and Like What They're Attempting to Do Now in Syria)

There are only so many ways that you can play with fire and I'm pretty damned certain that a nuclear-armed-to-the-teeth Russia isn't one of them. Hopefully President Trump knows better.

Monday, February 20, 2017

On the Fact that it's Seemingly Gotten to the Point Where Simply Not Hating Trump Sufficiently Enough Is Enough to Get You Tarred by the Rabid Left

The left has officially gone off the deep-end and I really implore the saner people on that side of the spectrum to start speaking up before this modern-day form of McCarthyism (and at least McCarthy went after some ACTUAL communists) rips the country even farther apart.

On the Fact that President Trump Is Apparently Getting on the "Vaccines Are Causing Autism" Bandwagon (Even Going as Far as to Team Up with Robert Kennedy Jr. on the Issue)

So, any non-idiots out there want to run for President?......Anybody?......ANYBODY?

On the Fact that Right After Haiti Secured its Independence from France, the Blacks of the Island Proceeded to Murder Every Single White Inhabitant, Even Those Who Stood Against Slavery and Supported Their Cause

Yet one more episode from history that tends to get put on the back-burner and, yes, to all of you sanctimonious white leftists out there who think that if in fact there ever is a race war in America you will be spared, you probably won't be (hell, you'll probably be amongst the first to die in that you'll be perceived as weak).

On (Former) President Obama's Claim that Climate Change Had Possibly Made Hurricane Katrina Worse, an Assertion that Not Even NOAA or the IPCC Have Made

And the media seemingly never felt the need to fact check the guy on this or any of his other specious arguments (i.e., that we already posses the technology to significantly decarbonize, that black people are being arrested disproportionately strictly because of racism, etc.), a factor that muddied the waters even more.   

On the Fact that Child-Slayer, Casey Anthony, Was Recently Scene at an Anti-Trump Rally

I have never seen a person (in Trump) who was so blessed by the caliber of his enemies (including also here; Hollywood idiots, media schmucks, hard-left academics, etc.). Whether it assists him in the long-run, who knows.

On the Fact that None of These Virtue-Signalling Leftist British Celebrities (Lily Allen, J.K. Rowling, etc.) Who Are Championing this Mass Muslim Migration Into Great Britain Reside Anywhere Near Where These Folks Are Settling

Surprised? You shouldn't be and it you are you're a moron.............I mean, my God, Rowling alone could have housed a couple hundred of 'em IF SHE HAD WANTED TO!!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

On the Fact that Greer Garson and Henry Winkler Actually Went on Stage Together to Present an Award at the 1978 Oscars

Yeah, I was told that Ms. Garson's first two choices, Barney Rubble and Bullwinkle, simply weren't available that night......and so Plan C, I guess.

On the Fact that I Now "Identify" as an Attack-Helicopter

So, am I catching on?..............................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, you can rest assure that we will be discussing restrooms (along with a few other accommodations) in the not-to distant future. Big time.

On the Fact that Anthropogenic Climate Change Has Officially Become an Unfalsifiable Hypothesis (the Fact that Whatever Happens; More Rain/Less Rain, More Clouds/Less Clouds, etc., the Cause Is Human Activity and if You Even Begin to Question this Shit, You Will Be Slandered and Potentially Destroyed)

Welcome to 21st Century science, folks; a world in which a) only one side gets funded, b) the peer-review process has been hijacked by scoundrels, c) contrary scientists get unmercifully vilified, and d) the data continuously gets tortured in an effort to meet preordained, state-sanctioned conclusions. Thank you, politicians!!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

On the Fact that One of the Elementary Principles of Science Is that When You Understand a System, You Can Predict its Behavior

We clearly don't understand the climate (replete with its uncertainty) and for dullards like Barbara Boxer, Sheldon Whitehouse, Al Gore, and Barack Obama to imply that we do and that the debate is over is a total embarrassment. THE DEBATE IS NEVER OVER (the fact that they're still debating quantum mechanics and gravity for Christ sakes)!!  

On the Highly Caffeinated Trump Aide, Stephen Miller, Going on the Sunday Talk-Shows and Claiming that Trump Has Done More in Just Three Weeks than Many Presidents Have Done in Their Entire Presidency

First off, it's pure bullshit, but what if it wasn't? Is that the type of Presidency that we want; one that does a bunch of stuff rapid-fire, unilaterally, and without regard for any unintended consequences? It's certainly not the type of Presidency that I desire (especially after Bush and Obama).

On the Fact that the Last Confederate General to Surrender in 1865 Was a a Cherokee Indian Chief Named Stand Watie

Yeah, I never learned that in high school or college and I'll wager that you didn't either (the fact that it didn't fit the template and so of course they wouldn't include it?).

On the Fact that by June of 2015, President Obama Had Already Accumulated 23 Nine to Zero Losses Before the Supreme Court (More than Bush and Clinton Had Racked Up During Their Entire Presidencies)

And, so, yeah, when Chuck Schumer starts complaining about Trump and executive overreach (with some degree of justification), a quick history lesson please.

On the Fact that the Female Contingent from the Self-Proclaimed Feminist Government of Sweden Walked Around with Fucking Hajibs During Their Recent Visit to Iran

More proof-positive that a large chunk of these third-wave feminists don't give a flying-fuck about women and that it's much more about accumulating political power and hating on the West.......Fucking hajibs, give me a break! 

Friday, February 17, 2017

On the Fact that (According to the U.S. Census from 1860) Just Prior to the Civil War, There Were Well Over a Thousand Native-American (Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek, and Chickasaw) Slave Owners in the South (with Virtually All of the Slaves - More than 7,000 - Being Black)

Not to worry as the black Buffalo Soldiers exacted revenge a decade later by helping to perpetrate the genocide of numerous Plains Indian tribes.......So much for minority groups sticking together, eh, folks?.................................................................................................Sources - "Myths and Realities of American Slavery" by John C. Perry and "A History of Negro Slavery in New York" by Edgar J. McManus.

On the Claim that Vladimir Putin Has Murdered Numerous Russian Journalists

Maybe but I gotta tell you, if this is coming from the same people who said that Iraqi soldiers were pulling Kuwaiti babies out of incubators, that the Serbs were perpetrating genocide on the Bosnian Muslims (please read Dianna Johnstone on this one), that Saddam possessed WMD, and that Assad was gassing his own citizens (the great Seymour Hersh put this one to bed a while ago), then, no, most assuredly not (it instead just being another excuse to demonize and saber-rattle).

On the Fact that the New York Times Has Just Reported Through Anonymous Sources that Flying Monkeys Have Been Spotted Over the Skies of Philadelphia and Camden

Well it must be true then.......I mean, why in the hell would these folks lie?

On the Number of Times that President Trump Uttered the Words, I and Me, During His Press Conference Yesterday

Yeah, I lost count but let's just say that it was an Obamaesque performance and leave it at that (narcissism evidently being a prerequisite for the job).

On the Number of Nobel Peace Prize Winners Who Have Also Dropped 100,000 Bombs on Seven Different Middle-Eastern Countries

Yeah, it's a pretty small list, isn't it?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

On the "We Wuz Kings" Narrative

Yeah, there were kings in Africa, for sure. But what these Afrocentric buffoons neglect to mention (probably out of ignorance in that these are the same morons who tried to tell us that the ancient Egyptians were actually sub-Saharan blacks - ditto, the Olmec Indians of ancient Mexico) is that a lot of these same "kings" would intentionally start wars in an effort to obtain slaves and then treat those individuals with abominable cruelty (torturing them, working them to death, serving them up as cannon-fodder, etc.). It doesn't fit the narrative (you know, the one that blames white Europeans and Americans for virtually every evil in the history of human civilization), I guess...........................................................................................Sources - "Tropical Africa" by Robert Coughlin, "The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade" by William O. Blake, and "The Slave Community" by John W. Blassingame.     

On the Fact that as Long as There Are People on the Right Who Continue to Think that it's OK to Mandate that a Woman Remain Pregnant for 9 Months and People on the Left Who Continue to Think that it's OK to Destroy an 8 1/2 Month-Old Fetus Because the Mother Is Experiencing Minor Depression, the Issue of Abortion Will Continue to Be an Intractable One FOREVER

Abortion is a difficult moral dilemma because it involves a balancing of rights; the rights of the child-bearing woman versus the rights of the unborn child, but if in fact you look at it logically and dispassionately, there does seem to be a sane middle-ground (i.e., ceding to the woman early in the pregnancy/the first trimester but gradually giving more and more rights to the fetus as it approaches and reaches viability) and I ask you, wouldn't that be a nice place to be after decades and decades of people like Phyllis Schlafly, Wendy Davis, Henry Hyde, Hillary Clinton, Randall Terry, Kate Michelman, Sarah Palin, etc.? I certainly wouldn't mind it.  

On the Fact that Even According to the Left of Center Urban Institute (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/05/09/the-17-trillion-problem-with-bernie-sanderss-health-care-plan-2/?utm_term=.ccc3eb4d0694), Bernie Sanders's Healthcare Plan Would End Up Costing $33,000,000,000,000 Over the Next Decade and Add $18,000,000,000,000 to the National Debt

And there's no guarantee whatsoever that the federal government would be able to consistently collect those $1.5 trillion dollars in taxes every year in that as anybody with a brain and even a modicum of economic knowledge could inform you, a) rational human beings tend to change their behavior over time in response to high taxation and b) when you tax something in general you tend to get less of it (it in this instance of course being income).......and, so, yeah, the Sanders plan would probably add even more to the debt.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Most Underrated Screen Beauty Ever?

 June Havoc would probably be my choice; killer face, killer body, smoky attitude. It's all there, folks.

On the Fact that (According to the Swedish Economics Association) from 1950 to 2005, There Was Zero Net Private Sector Job Growth in Sweden - ZERO (the Public Sector of Course Exploding During that Same Time Frame)

Keynesians of course attempt to quibble with the data but as Per Bylund clinically shows in this fine Mises piece (https://mises.org/library/stagnating-socialist-sweden), THEY'RE WRONG (the fact that the institute simply used an international standard that differentiates the public and private sectors via ownership rather than the different types of management or official statuses - HELLO!)!!

On the Type of People Who Would Attend Something as Idiotic and Disturbing as "Spirit Cookings" (a Form of Satanic Ritual that Involves Various Bodily Fluids and In Which the Participants Act Like Fucking Ingrates)

Yeah, I've been told that they closely resemble these two degenerate rent-seeking bastards.......In case you were interested.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

On the Fact that to My Knowledge None of These Dumb as a Petrified Stump CNN Analysts Have Ever Apologized for Slandering Officer Darren Wilson or for Perpetuating this Ludicrous "Hands up, Don't Shoot" Fairy Tale

In a saner profession and in a saner era, these assholes would have been carted to the edge of the city and dropped off but not today! Nope, they just keep on cashing those paychecks.

On the Fact that the Mainstream Media Is Largely Ignoring the Laura Silsby Case (Silsby, a Close Associate of the Clintons Who Was Busted for Trafficking Nearly Three Dozen Haitian Children Across the Border Into the Dominican Republic and Who Was Ultimately Given a Slap on the Wrist After Bubba Did Some Damage Control)

Yeah, just way too busy rounding up Trump supporters and labeling anybody to the right of Hugo Chavez an alt-right Nazi to give a shit, I guess.............And, besides, we're just talking about Haitian kids here, right (Haitian lives seemingly not mattering to the Clintons and so why in the hell would the Clinton-loving media give a God damn about them either?)?

On the Fact that One of the Main Burning Debates Inside the SJW Movement These Days Is Whether Kaitlin Jenner Is the Bravest Person In the World or the Bravest Person In the History of the World

Yeah, I'm leaning strenuously toward the latter view myself; bravest AND sexiest (tongue, cheek, insert, check, check, and check).

Monday, February 13, 2017

On the Disturbing New Video Game, Punch a Nazi, in Which the Three Main Nazi Antagonists Are Richard Spencer, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Adolf Hitler

  So the worst Nazi ever and two guys who've never once identified as such (and in the case of Mr. Yiannopoulos a person who the actual Nazis would have gone after on day one) - this is where the left is planting its flag these days. Unreal.......And since when has been OK to bash a gay fellow (even in a virtual sense)? What, 'cause he's a conservative? Yeah, huh?  

On the Fact that the Increasingly Virulent Southern Poverty Law Center Currently Has Maajid Nawaz (a Practicing Muslim Whose Only Sin Is Attempting to Reconcile Islam with Liberalism and Divorce it from its More Violent and Bigoted Aspects) and Ayaan Hirsi Ali (a Former Muslim Whose Only Sin Is Speaking Out Against Female Genital Mutilation, Honor Killings, etc. and Being a Strong Advocate for Women's Rights in the Islamic World) on its Cockamamie List of Anti-Muslim Extremists

So speaking out against egregious medieval stupidity makes you a bigot now apparently with the regressive left. That's good to know. 

On the Fact that Prior to Capitalism, the Only Way that a Person Could Acquire Wealth Was Through Inheritance, Theft, or Subjugation/Conquest

And leave it to government to bring back the latter two (dressing it up of course in the less menacing sounding term, "redistribution"). Way to go, guys.

On the Fact that I Just Ruined an Awesome Cup of Sumatran Dark Roast Coffee by Putting One of Those Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Miniatures In it

WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I THINKING?............And, yes, never again.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

On the Fact that Brain-Diseased Leftist, Robert Reich, Actually Went on CNN Last Week and Tried to Assert that Those Drooling Fellow Leftist Rioters at Berkeley Were In Reality Right-Wingers In Disguise Trying to Make the Left Look Bad

  And people continue to wonder why Trump won. Damn, huh?

On the Fact that (According to Rodriguez's, "The Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery") Only Four Southern States (Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina) Had Anti-Literacy Laws Which Prohibited Slaves from Learning How to Read and Even in Those States the Statutes Were Loosely Obeyed and Routinely Ignored by the Authorities

So we were lied to about that as well (this whole Yankee narrative about slaves leaning how to read late at night by candlelight because they didn't want their owners to know about it; the latter wanting the former to remain ignorant, illiterate, etc.). JUST GREAT.

On the Strong Likelihood that a Large Chunk of the Folks Who Voted for Trump Didn't Do so Because They Thought that the Fellow Was Great but More so Because They Thought that Hillary Was a Dishonest, Corrupt, and Cynical Piece of Shit Lawyer Who They Feared Would More than Likely Blow Up the Middle-East Even More than She Already Has (the Fact that She Helped Get Rid of Gaddafi, Funneled Weapons to Terrorists in Syria, OK'd the Sale of Advanced Weaponry to Saudi Arabia, etc.)

This is clearly foundational and yet partisan idiots like Stephanie Cutter continue in their inability to grasp such common sense (this of course while remaining enmeshed in what is inarguably a cartoonish paradigm of beneficence versus greed, rich versus poor, left versus right, righteousness versus malevolence, tolerance versus intolerance, etc., etc.). So unbelievable.   

Saturday, February 11, 2017

On the Percentage of My Neighbor's Take-Home-Pay that I'm Entitled to

The correct answer of course is zero......unless, UNLESS, that neighbor happens to be Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, and then I want it all, every bit.

On the Fact that There Exists No Historical Record Pertaining to Any of Jesus's Numerous Exploits and Accomplishments

This despite the fact that there were countless scribes chronicling the events of that period (Apollonius Persius, Arrian Phaedrus, Appian Petronius, Dio Pruseus Plutarch, Favorinus Ptolemy, Josephus Seneca, Lucian Tacitus, Florus Lucius Quintilian, etc.).............Kind of makes you wonder if the man himself isn't a legend.

On the Number of "Safe Spaces" that I've Ever Experienced In the Private Sector

0.......So far (this in that I'm strongly suspicious that the government will someday mandate them, a la every other burden that they've placed upon businesses).

On the Fact the We Even Have a Priest Now Informing Us that the Clinton, McCain, Obama, and Graham Narrative that Assad and Putin Are Real Villains In Syria Is TOTAL BULLSHIT (to Go Along with Independent Journalists, Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, and Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard) - http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-media-coverage-on-syria-is-the-biggest-media-lie-of-our-time-interview-with-flemish-priest-in-syria/5571199

Yeah, I'm probably gonna go with the priest over the mainstream media and the scoundrels in the government.......The odds, you know?

On the Fact that One of the Idiots (Her name Is Yvette Felcara) Who Organized Those Violent Protests at Cal-Berkeley Last Week Went on Local Televisions and Tried to Blame the Dean for the Fact that a Lot of PRIVATE Property Ended Up Being Torched, Destroyed, etc. (She Also Went on to Slander Milo as Some Sort of Fascist and White Supremacist but that's the Subject for Another Day)

That is the moral reasoning of a 7 year-old (blaming someone else for your transgressions). YOU are responsible for what YOU do, period, end of discussion. And what kind of a degenerate thinks that the appropriate response to speech IS VIOLENCE? Certainly not a non-fascist, eh, folks?...........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I saw enough of that interview to know that in an actual debate Milo would roast her.............Which is why she's throwing a temper-tantrum and "breaking a 'few' windows" instead. Dumb bitch.

Friday, February 10, 2017

On the Fact that There Are Millions of Folks in this Country Alone Who if They Turned on the TV and Saw a Mushroom Cloud Over Jerusalem, Damascus, Riyadh, or Baghdad Would Somehow Perceive a Silver-Lining In it (i.e., the Fact that They Would See it as a Sign of Christ's Return, etc.)

Scary and what's scarier still is the likelihood that more than a few of them are walking the halls of Congress. Rapture indeed.

Tony Podesta's Favorite Artist (a Miss Biljana Djurdjevic)?

While I'm all in favor of pushing the envelope when it comes to art, I am definitely not down with this and hopefully neither are you...........................................................................................................P.S. Just to be fair, I'm not entirely sure if Mr. Podesta has any of these specific pieces but being that they do seem fairly representative of the artist AND based upon the fact that the dude also possesses that Jeffrey Dahmeresque headless sculpture, you make the call. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

On the Movie, "12 Years a Slave"

While this story may have merit, to say that it is an accurate depiction of Southern slavery is full-bore slander and propaganda. a) Every Southern state had strict laws against the mistreatment of slaves and b) slaves actually had as much legal protection as many free black of that era (these included the right to own property, the right to marry, the right to sue and to give evidence in court, the right to have days off, the right to hire themselves out to others, the right to write up and sign their own work contracts, the right to practice religion, and the right to be supported by their owners from birth to death).........................................................................................................And, no, I'm not in any way implying that it was a just system, just that Southern slavery in America was probably the least virulent form of the institution in all of human history and that the court historians have gone out of their way to make it just the opposite. In the words of a male slave by the name of Francisco (extracted from "Harper's Weekly" circa 1860), "I was a slave in Africa, and do not wish to return there. I'd rather be a slave to the white man in this country than be a slave to the black man in my country (the fact that slaves in Africa were treated with unbelievable cruelty and so you'd have to be an absolute moron to want to go back there).".....................................................................................................Sources - "Without Consent or Contract" by Robert W. Fogel, "The Old South" by Mark M. Smith, and "The Afro-American Experience" by James H. Dormon and Robert R. Jones.  

On the Fact that Radical Islam Is a Much Bigger Threat to Russia than it Is to America (the Fact that it's Closer in Proximity to Muslim Countries, Has a Much Bigger Islamic Demographic, etc.) and, so, Yeah, Maybe it Isn't the Dumbest Idea on the Planet to Cooperate with Them at Least on this One Issue

Plus we worked with Stalin who was a bazillion times worse to get rid of Hitler and, so, yeah, there is in fact some precedence here as well.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

On Southern Victorian Slavery Versus African Slavery

The latter was infinitely worse in terms of a) duration (the fact that it lasted for thousands of years and actually continues to this day), b) prevalence, and c) cruelty and barbarism, and yet there has never been any condemnation, vitriol, or hand-ringing directed at the African people or self-flagellation amongst their ranks. Double-standard, anybody?...........................................................................................................Sources - "A Historical Guide to World Slavery" by Seymour Drescher and Stanley Engerman, "American Negro Slavery" by Ulrich Phillips, and "Africa Yesterday and Today" by Clark D. Moore and Ann Dunbar.

On the Fact that in the Warped Moral Universe/Historically Illiterate World (a Total Unawareness of the Tyrannical Rot of Previous Presidents Such as Polk, Lincoln, TR, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Nixon, etc.) of the Anti-Trump Protester, Madeleine Albright Saying that the 500,000 Deaths from the Iraqi Sanctions Was Worth it Is an Acceptable Sentiment but Pretty Much Everything that Donald Trump Has Said Is Not

And even the shit that Obama and Hillary did, for Christ; the destruction of Libya, the existence of a secret kill-list, the selling of weapons to Saudi Arabia and those weapons now being used to obliterate Yemen, the funneling of weapons into Syria, the expansion of the surveillance state, the deceit involving Benghazi, etc., etc. - none of that seemed to irk the left one iota (the exceptions of course being Jonathan Turley, Jeremy Scahill, Diana Johnstone, Gareth Porter, Glenn Greenwald, and several others).......Oh well, as long as they hold Trump's feet to the fire, I guess.  

On the Number of Times that Conservatives Have Rioted in Response to a Rachel Maddow or Markos Moulitsas Giving a Speech Somewhere

Oh, it's gotta be in the bazillions, right, those nasty conservatives?......What, no?

Monday, February 6, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Historians, William Johnston, Seymour Drescher, and Stanley Engerman) from the 17th to the 19th Century, There Were Tens of Thousands of Black Slave Owners in America

And they were purportedly very nasty in the role of master, too.......So much for whites having the monopoly on evil. 

On the Number of Plausible Alternative Explanations (i.e., Something Other than Pedophilia) as to What Those Creepy Podesta Brothers Were Discussing in the Wikileaks Emails

I still haven't heard one.......Drugs, possibly?......I mean, what in the hell else would these people be talking in code about, for Christ? Penny candy? Black-market hydrangeas? Come on!! 

On the Concept of Forming an Opinion About Somebody Based Solely on What a Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow Might Say About Them

Yeah, I just don't see that as an optimal strategy moving forward, for the individual or the society as a whole (the fact that it could lead to anything from brain-diseased partisanship to civil unrest to God only knows - Sri Lanka 2.0 perhaps?). Hopefully there are still enough people who know better and who can steer us back to some level of sanity.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

On that Alleged Text Conversation Between James Alefantis and Some Fellow Named Ryan A. O'Neal in Which Mr. Alefantis Apparently Threatens to Murder O'Neal and His Entire Family

     Well someone's in trouble; either Alefantis for making the threat or O'Neal for staging the thing and making a false accusation. I guess that we'll just have to wait and see.

On What it Means When People Speak in Code

Yeah, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that they're probably trying to hide what they truly mean from other folks, and that the only real question is what that might entail. So, instead of pizza meaning pizza, it could mean, oh, hm, I don't know......anybody want to take a wild guess?

On the Concept of Referring to a Gay Jew Who Strongly Prefers the Company of Black Dudes and Who While, Yes, He Favors Nationalism, Argues In Favor of a Civic Nationalism and Not an Ethnic Nationalism, as a Nazi (His Only Real Sin of Course Is that He's a Conservative Who Voted for Trump)

Only an insane and indoctrinated beyond comprehension leftist moron would ever make a statement like that......and to fucking riot on top of it.......Yeah, these people are royally fucked up for sure and can you even being to imagine how they'd react in the face of real evil? Damned scary, huh?

On Ingrid Carlqvist's Claim that a Significant Percentage of the Rapes Taking Place These Days in Sweden Are Being Perpetrated by Young Men from Afghanistan and Somalia

The ethnicity of rapists (and other criminals) is no longer being reported in Sweden but Ms. Carqvist was able to get the information by going through the court records and based upon the fact that Afghanistan and Somalia are the first and third most dangerous countries on the planet for women, I strongly suspect that she's right (http://news.trust.org/item/20110615000000-5d4ib/?source=spotlight).............But, yeah, let's bring more of them in, proclaims the government.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

On the Concept of Referring to Feral Jackals, Criminal Thugs, and Losers as Protesters

Yeah, I haven't seen anything stretched this far since Kathleen Turner tried on one of her "Body Heat" outfits from 1981 in 2007.

On the Claim that Trump Is "Dividing Us"

As opposed to President Obama (a Politician Who Infused Racial and Identity Consciousness Into Damn Near Every Molecule of the Federal Government; the EPA, Justice, etc. and Who Always Seemed to Give His Two Cents Worth on Every Controversial Legal Case that Involved Race), I gather is the point...........................................................................................P.S. And, no, this isn't to say that Trump hasn't said some stupid shit as well. He has. I'm just trying to provide some perspective here.

On the Fact that Trump Is Apparently Continuing the Bush and Obama Policy of Endless Drone Strikes in Which, While, Yes, We May Be Taking Out a Fair Number of Terrorists, We're Also Killing a Shitload of Innocent Civilians and Probably Creating Even More Terrorists

Honestly, does it even matter who we elect anymore (the fact that you apparently can't be President these days without filling your administration with CFR internationalist swine and so the war beat just goes on and on......and on)? Not really, huh?

Friday, February 3, 2017

On the Fact that People Are Putting Pressure on Amazon.com to Stop Selling Books by Holocaust Revisionists

What are they afraid of? And how is it that we can still debate the French Revolution, the American Civil War, the Theory of Evolution, and Communism but we can't investigate what is alleged as the greatest mass murder in human history? I mean, what happened to, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" (and, no, ludicrous testimonials by proven liars such as Irene Zisblatt and Elie Wiesel just won't cut it - sorry)?

On the Fact that Something as Small as Wearing a Trump Hat Can Get You Beat to Hell These Days

I dare these agitators to try this shit in Texas as opposed to California....Seriously.

On the Fact that Over 99% of Interracial Rape Is Black on White and Black on Asian

And right as rain, those same leftist agitators who constantly claim that there's this "war on women" (for having to dish out 8 bucks for birth control or maybe not being able to get an abortion at 37 weeks) will stick their noggins in the sand on this for fear of offending the usual suspects (a by-product of their lunatic inter-sectional feminism BS in which oppression points are tossed about by a small cadre of dimwitted academic gatekeepers). Talk about predictable, huh?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

On the Fact that Even Though the Fellow Is Gay, Jewish, Essentially a Troll, and an Individual Who the Real McCoys of the Alt Right Consider to Be a Joke, the Lunatic Left Went Totally Off the Deep-End Last Night in Berkeley Rioting in Response to a Scheduled Speech by Milo Yiannopoulos

And nobody in the media is asking liberal politicians to disavow this. What a fucking double standard ('cause as we're all aware, if those brain-diseased rioters were on the right......)...........................................................................................P.S. And how 'bout those idiotic celebrities like Judd "I'm Almost Single-Handedly Dumbing Down the Culture Via One Crappy and Formulated Film After Another" Apatow and Debra "the Human Ironing Board" Messing all but cheering this destruction on and all in response TO SPEECH? This has to end.

On Those Recent Unhinged and Incoherent Anti-Trump Rants by Actors, Ashley Judd and Shia Lebeouf

Again, where were these fucking slopeheads when Obama was dropping 100,000 bombs on seven different countries, funneling weapons into Syria that ended up into the hands of ISIS and al Qaeda, destabilizing Libya by toppling Gaddafi, selling massive amounts of aircraft and weaponry to some of the most loathsome regimes on the planet, not just maintaining George Bush's surveillance state but expanding on it, busting down the doors of legitimate state medical marijuana facilities, prosecuting more folks under the espionage act than all of the previous Presidents COMBINED, etc.? 'Cause I didn't hear 'em. I mean, was it simply the fact that their team was doing it and so it must have been just? That transparent? 

On Why We Demonize the Leaders of Other Countries (Often to a Ridiculous Degree)

So OUR leaders can take us into stupid wars over money, resources, and territory. That's why (and, yep, right on cue enter Assad and Putin). 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

On Ana Kasparian Saying that She Would "Rather Be a Social Justice Warrior than a Fucking Piece of Shit"

I guess that they no longer teach the concept of multiple properties at that Carnegie Mellon of the West; Cal State Northridge.......Or maybe they do but Miss Kasparian with her limited capacity, exaggerated sense of self-importance, condescension, ideological rigidity, etc. simply couldn't grasp it and so I will briefly inform her here, YOU CAN BE BOTH!!!  

On the Fact that one of the Key Pieces of Evidence that the Critics of Steve Bannon Are Using as Proof that He's an Anti-Semite Is that One of the Articles at Breitbart Has the Term, "Renegade Jew" in its Title

Yeah, that was a missive by David Horowitz, ONE OF THE MOST HARD-CORE ZIONISTS OF ALL TIME, and the object of the slur was William Kritol, not exactly a darling of the left. I mean, I get it that these leftist morons want to demonize everybody and anybody whose even tangentially related to Trump but maybe a quick Google search prior to the diarrhea flowing, I'm just saying.

On the Fact that the Dude at Pizzagate.com Is Offering a $25,000 Reward to Anybody Who Can Debunk Pizzagate (and by Debunk I'm Sure that He Means Addressing the Evidence, Coming Up with an Alternative Theory, etc. and Not Merely Bellowing Out "Fake News" Like Snopes and the New York Times Did) - https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@ausbitbank/usd25-000-usd-reward-for-anyone-who-can-debunk-pizzagate

So to all of you unemployable slantheads and guttersnipes out there who unquestionable need the money, knock yourselves out if it's such an obviously fake news story. I mean, it's a binding offer and so the dude would have to pay. Give it a shot!!

On What Alex Jones Will Do if Trump Follows Through and Sets Up a No-Fly Zone in Parts of Syria

He will either go full-throttle Peter Fynch in "Network" (maybe even offing himself) or try somehow to spin it into something positive (a hard task in that he roasted Hillary when she proposed such idiocy). Either way it should make for some must-see viewing.

On Madonna's Comment About Blowing Up the White House

Well, being that she's already done such a marvelous job at blowing up her career and her forehead, why the fuck not (plus I'm pretty sure that Obama and Clinton still have a few explosives squirreled away that they'd be willing to sell her)?...........................................................................................................P.S. And can you even begin to fathom if somebody like Ted Nugent or Clint Eastwood had said something so moronic? They'd be getting flailed!!