Saturday, November 30, 2019

Friday, November 29, 2019

On the Fact that I Routinely Breakdown at the Sight of an Empty Parking Lot While Wearing My Favorite Gucci Watch and Posing for the Cameras

What, you don't, you heartless bastard? Come on!!

On Some Idiot Democratic Congressman Trying to Convince Us During that Bogus Impeachment Inquiry that Any Criticism of George Soros is Equivalent to Antisemitism

As opposed to the withering full-frontals that the Dems leveled at Sheldon Aldelson which weren't antisemitic. Got it!........................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not suggesting that this Adelson fellow is any better than Soros (though it's hard to think that he's worse). I'm only pointing YET AGAIN to the left's total lack of moral clarity and their Machiavellian tactics. That's it.

On the Fact that the Mass Migration of People from Third-World to First World Countries Is Creating a Huge Carbon Footprint and You'd Think that the Leftist Who Are Consistently Worried About that Subject Would Take Note of this Fact............but, Alas, They Haven't

Yeah, part of it is sheer stupidity (the failure to see how all of these leftist ideas all-too-often contradict each other) but the other bigger aspect is the fact that they see all of these minority groups as sure-fire Democratic voters who favor shit like socialism, hate-speech laws, gun-control, etc. and that this is a priority that needs to be championed, at least for now.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

On the Fact that if These Leftists Truly Believed In Catastrophic Climate Change, Then Why Are the Municipalities In Which Their People Are In Charge Continuing to Build Numerous Structures Near the Waterfront............and Why Are They Not Including the Risks of Doing this When They Issue the Bonds?

My suspicion is that a lot of them know that it's mostly malarkey and are simply hoping and wishing that the public doesn't perceive this huge inconsistency. The other possibility of course is that they're all flaming morons and, yes, on that point I could easily be persuaded as well. CLEARLY!

On the Fact that ADD-Addled Neocon, Ben Shapiro, Actually Made an Appearance On Red Ice Radio Back In 2014

I tried to locate the interview on YouTube but it's apparently been scrubbed. I just want to find out if the topic of Israel came up in that that would have been quite contentious and train-wreck TV at its best. Maybe it's on BitChute. I'll let you know.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

On the Warped Notion that a 47-Story Skyscraper (i.e., Building 7) Can Be Completely Obliterated (Falling at Free-Fall Speed, In Perfect Symmetry, and with its Concrete Being Turned Into Dust In Mid-Air) by Fires On Just Two of its Floors

It's an absurdity (the harsh fact that some sort of explosive - nano-thermite, tactical nuke, directed energy weapon, etc. - had to have been implemented to achieve this result) and yet nobody in the media or in law enforcement ever seems to give a crap about it. Frustrating, huh?

On the Fact that I've Now Decided to "Identify" as an Individual Who Thinks that 2 Plus 2 Equals 9 and Who Will Call You a Bigot if You Refuse to Be "Inclusive" About it

And I would personally like to thank Oprah Winfrey for affording me the courage to come forward and share "my truth". Thank you, Oprah. Thank you, thank you.

On Idiot Sanders Now Claiming that We Only Have 8 or 9 Years Left if We Don't Act Immediately On Climate Change

Yeah, I guess that 12 years just wasn't frightening enough so he upped the ante. Typical, huh (the fact that these clowns are always trying to out-do each other with the buffoonery)? 

Monday, November 25, 2019

On Mayor Pete (In Response to His Shitty Poll Numbers Within the Black Precincts) Putting Out Some Pandering Plan to Help the Black Community (Supposedly) and Then Proclaiming that 400 Black South Carolinians Had Endorsed it

Two huge problems for Mayor Pete. a) Not all of the folks who signed were black and b) not all of the people who signed even knew what they were signing and so it's quite a stretch to call them supporters. Hopefully this fuck-up will serve as a valuable lesson for ole Pete......on the dangers of pandering but being that he's such an ideological twat it probably won't, huh?

On Kamala "I'm a Deranged Leftist Even by the West Coast's Increasingly Dystopian Standards" Harris Trying to Establish Her Tough Girl Cred by Bragging to Her Audience How She Took On Brett Kavanaugh, Bill Barr, and Jeff Sessions

She also took on Willie Brown but for some strange reason removed him from the list. Hm, I wonder.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Questions that the Impudent Jerk, Trevor Noah, Should Have Posed to Mrs. Clinton During His Sycophantic Interview with Her Rather than the Softball Ones that He Did Put Forth - Edition 4

  Donations to the Clinton Foundation Dropped by 90% from 2014 to 2018 ( What's your explanation for that? I mean, if it's a legitimate charity it shouldn't matter if you're in position of power, right? Please, flush this out for me.

On the Fact that You Could Confiscate Every Fucking Penny from the Top 1%, All $25 Trillion of it, and it Would Only Pay for About Five Years of Elizabeth Warren's Medicare-for-All Plan -

And it would be a one shot thing in that that no sane person would ever try to be rich again knowing that at any time the government could take it all away.......So much for the middle class not having to fit the bill for this monstrosity.

On Back When Jan Garbarek Was Young and Daring You Got this Masterpiece from 1969

Sit back and soak it in.

On the Fact that the Mainstream Media Has Gone from Simple Left-Leaning Bias to Actively Joining One Side In What Is Becoming an Increasingly Revolting Partisan the Point Where These Assholes Have Literally Abandoned All Journalistic Standards, Functions, etc.

And all because the armer of ISIS and destroyer of Libya lost the damned election. Go figure, huh?

Saturday, November 23, 2019

On the Fact that if Sub-Saharan Black Africans Had the Capacity and Wherewithal to Colonize North America, South America, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, etc., They Certainly Would Have Done so in that it Is a Hallmark of Every Civilization (Not to Mention, Every Animal Species) to Colonize

And, yes, the black tribes displayed this exact behavior within the smaller environment of Africa on countless occasions; the Xhosa tribes encroaching on the San Bushman, the Zulu under Shaka and Dingane wiping out countless tribes East of the Drakensberg Mountains, etc.. Granted, it wasn't on a level with Napoleon, Alexander, etc. but it certainly wasn't for a lack of trying is my argument, I guess. 

On the Fact that Tulsi Gabbard Would Be an Amazing Third-Party Candidate but Because that Loathsome and Paranoiac Pile of Horse Manure, Mrs. Clinton, Has so Adroitly Poisoned the Water with Her Bullshit Claims About Russian Collusion, it Probably Isn't Going to Happen Now

Is there anything that Hillary won't ruin if she sees it as an impediment? 'Cause there sure doesn't seem to be.

Friday, November 22, 2019

On the Fact that 75% of Hispanic-Americans Favor a Larger Government (81% Among Recent Immigrants), Significantly Higher than the 41% Registered by the General Population -

Yeah, that figure comes down somewhat in subsequent generations but it still stays close to 60% even into the third generation. Combine that with the mass immigration of Latinos into America, their much higher birth-rates, etc., and it's extremely hard to see how the country survives (some sort of balkanization and/or revolution being the likeliest scenario). We'll see, I guess.

On the Fact that the Micheal Dukakis of 1988 and the Walter Mondale of 1984 Were Probably Closer to President Reagan than They Are to Those Crazy Douche-Bags Who Are Presently Running for the Democratic Nomination

Yeah, the Dems have motored so far to the left that they would be totally unrecognizable to fellows like Grover Cleveland, Al Smith, JFK, RFK, Mayors Daley and Koch, etc..............and unless you're a deranged lunatic yourself, it's kinda' troubling, no? I'm certainly troubled by it.

On the Fact that After Years and Years of Predicting an End to Winters as We're Known Them, the Catastrophist Nut-Cases Have Finally Conceded that Winters In Fact Have Been Getting Colder but Instead of Altering Their Crazy-Assed Theories Based On this Evidence, These Blockheads Have Decided to Blame it All On, Yep, You Got it, MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING!!! -

Constantly having to explain inconvenient facts away is never a solid look but I guess that when you've so backed yourself into an intellectual corner like this and not particularly bright to begin with, yeah, it's probably inevitable. Stay warm, catastrophists. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

On Some Idiot Democratic Congressman (a Clown by the Name of Quigley) Actually Trying to Argue that Hearsay Testimony Can Sometimes Be Better than Direct Evidence

Yeah, this schmuck is either dumber than a shit-brick or so fucking desperate that he was willing to throw one of the most ludicrous hail-Marys in all of human history. Unfortunately for the Congressman the moment was captured on video and so, yeah, the humiliation is probably just getting revved-up. Enjoy!!

On the Fact that Joe Biden Is Apparently Going to Be a Grandfather Again (His Degenerate Son Having Knocked-Up Some Random Chick from Arkansas)

Maybe this is God's way of telling ole Joe that perhaps he should be calling it a as to avoid even more embarrassment. Hopefully he listens but knowing the fella', yeah, he probably won't.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

On Dr. Phil Sharply Criticizing Some Young Black Girl for Saying that She Identifies as a White Person While Simultaneously Placating Every Fucking Tranny that Comes Down the Pike

Not all delusions are created equal seemingly. A bummer, huh?

On the Fact In Present-Day New York You Can Actually Be Fined Up to a Quarter Million Dollars for Intentionally "Misgendering" Someone (You Apparently Catch a Break if You Do it by Accident)

Wow, so we've actually reached a juncture where the collective now believes that it's AOK to channel force and violence against a peaceful people whose singular sin is that they refuse to share in another person's delusion. DID YOU EVER?

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

On the Fact that President Trump Is Thoroughly Despised In the Neocon Sphere, a Feather In His Cap One Would Have Thought

But no, the left still hates him the point where they're actually siding with vermin like Bill Kristol, Max Boot, and David Frum (the asshat who came up with that idiotic axis of evil speech). Yep, it's come down to that.

Note to Dennis Prager - Topic, "Holocaust Denial"

Fella', you do realize, don't you, that 95% (at least) of the researchers who often get tarred with that label aren't Holocaust deniers but rather sane and sensible Holocaust revisionists who simply question certain aspects of the accepted narrative (guys like Germar Rudolf and Carlo Mattogno); stuff like that magical 6 million statistic (the Red Cross putting forth a much more plausible figure of 300,000), the fact that after we broke the German enigma code we found no mention in their correspondence of gassings, the fact for the Treblinka story (the outdoor cremation of 800,000 people) to be fact-based, it would have necessitated the largest consumption of wood in human history and there is zero evidence for that, etc.? 'Cause if you do, and you're still spewing forth this foolishness, then you aren't any better than those hard leftists who you quite correctly criticize for their dogmatism on issues such as climate change, immigration, etc.. Sorry to be so blunt but you really crossed a line on this one, me-buck..  

On Actress, Gina Rodriguez, Being Forced to Apologize (More than Once Now, it Seems) for Saying the "N-Word" While Singing a Song that......HAS THE N-WORD IN IT!!!!!

I have an idea. If these mildly-retarded black rappers continue to have such a huge issue with white, Asian, and Hispanic people uttering the n-word (and the word is nigger - let's try being adults for once), they stop putting that word in their trashy little ditties. Either that or stop marketing their foolishness to young idiot white kids who apparently think that being doltish and barbarous is cool these days (something that they obviously won't do because it's a strategy that's made them millions). So, what do you think here, a deal?......Kendrick Lamar?

On 70 Year-Old Tranny, Kaitlyn Jenner, Recently Being Photographed In a New Bikini............and I've Been Informed that She Looks Awesome

I am sooooooooooooo gonna take their word for it, thank you (opting instead to take yet another look at those topless Garbo pics). Yikes, huh?

Monday, November 18, 2019

On President Trump Repeatedly Being Asked to Disavow Douche-Bags Like David Duke (a Faction that He Never Had Much to Do with) but John McCain Never Being Asked About His Association with Ukrainian Neo-Nazis............and, Yes, I'm Speaking Poorly of the Dead - Sue Me!!

Wow, so McCain not only met with ISIS terrorists, he met with this trash, too. Some hero, huh?

On the Fact that, Say What You Wish About Ole Trump, at Least the Guy Made His Money Prior to Getting Into Politics and Not After; a la Biden, Pelosi, McConnell, and the Rest of Those Parasitic Psychopaths

That might be small thing to you but it isn't to me. Not even remotely.

On Adam Schiff Initially Wanting this Whistle-Blower Dude (AKA, Deep-State Partisan Asshat) to Testify but When it Came Out that Members of His Own Staff (and Possibly Even Ole Schiff Himself) Have Coordinated with Him, Mm, Yeah, Not so Much Anymore

I've seen a lot of dirt-bag politicians in my years but this piece of shit just might be in a class by himself. Hopefully he ends up paying for it (down in Gitmo, preferably) but until then, how 'bout we all just keep unloading on the shit? I'm certainly game if you are.

On Trump Using the Term, Lynching (In Reference to These Sham Impeachment Hearings), and Hence Triggering the SJW Crowd......'Cause as We're All Supposed to Know, Lynching Only Pertains to Black People

Yeah, this is just more leftist ignorance. a) 27% of the people lynched in the old South were white. b) These lynchings all took place in the very rural areas of the South where there was frequently no law enforcement, making this shit much more of a vigilante justice phenomenon than an anti-black one. And c) these lynchings were almost exclusively reserved for the most barbarous of acts (murder, child rape, etc.) and so, yeah, this whole image of white folks going around lynching blacks for fun is nothing but abject anti-southern bigotry. Sorry but, yeah......................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I get it that this whole "America is a racist country" template is critical to them maintaining the black vote and all but it has to come to a screeching halt eventually, no? Please, be reasonable, for Christ.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

On the Fact that the Last Great Rolling Stones Record, "Exile On Main Street", Came Out In 1972, Just One Year After the Beatles Broke Up

Yeah, it's almost as if the Stones needed the Beatles to rattle their cages and motivate them. Either that or they just aged-out (rock music often needing the rebelliousness of youth to spearhead it) and the timing was simply a coincidence. Who knows.

On the Fact that, While, Yes, the Top Tax Rate In the 1950s Was 91%, the Effective Rate Was Only 16.9% (the Fact that There Were Many More Loopholes Back Then) -

So, no, the rich WEREN'T shouldering a heavier load back then (at least not on the federal level). That is just one more bullshit leftist talking-point.......Back to the drawing-board, fellas'.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

On the Fact that When the Leftists and SJWs Say, "Believe All Women", What They Truly Mean to Say Is, "Believe All Women..................Except for Those Seven Who Have Accused Rodney Reed (the Bleeding-Hearts' Latest Dindu Project) of Violently Raping Them"

For those of you who haven't been following this, Reed was convicted 20 years ago of raping and murdering 19 year-old Stacey Stites. At first he told the police that he didn't know the gal and had never met her but when he was told that they had found his junk in her vagina, he switched his story to one of him and Stacey having a secret love affair, them having consensual sex one day prior to the murder, and so of course his junk would be found there. Unfortunately for ole Rod they also found his junk up her rectum and his saliva on her breasts and so unless Stacey was the type who didn't believe in showers and who enjoyed taking it up the poop-shoot from strange black drifters, yeah, I'm thinking, guilty. Sorry, Kardashians.

On the Fact that if Diversity Truly Was a Strength, the City of Malmo (Sweden) Would Be an Absolutely Wondrous Place to Live, but it Isn't, it's a Shithole, Go Figure, Huh?

Yeah, I guess that there are hundreds of autos torched every year, countless grenade attacks, and the schools are the worst in the country. Of course the saddest part is that most Swedes (who by 2040 will be a minority in their own country) are down with this troubling transition and apparently convinced that this whole experiment will ultimately work out in the end. Wow, I guess that they call it the "Stockholm Syndrome" for a reason.

Friday, November 15, 2019

On the Fact that I Voted for George Bush Sr. In 1988 and if I Could Take that Vote Back, I Would

Yes, I had some issues with Dukakis (on the economy, mostly) but at least the fellow wouldn't have waved Saddam Hussein into Kuwait only to use it as a pretext for mass-homicide on a scale rarely seen in human history. And, besides, I kinda' liked ole Mike in that tank. How could you not (comic relief, etc.)?

On My Fervent Hope that Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein Sue the Pants-Suit Off of that Scumbag Lunatic, Hillary Clinton, for Slandering Them as "Russian Assets"

I really don't see another option at this point (Mrs.Clinton continuing to believe that she can do or say anything with no consequences whatsoever......and short of offing her, hitting her in the pocketbook is probably the most effective way to go). I mean, do you?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

On the Fact that In All of this Hoopla About Ukraine, Biden, and Trump, We've Neglected to Ask the Most Pressing Question of All; Namely, Why Are Our Disgusting Politicians (of Both Parties) Giving Stolen (AKA Taxpayer) Money (Billions of it) to Some Bush-League Country Half-Way Around the World?

Yeah, we're so enmeshed in this partisan bullshit that we literally cannot puncture the surface of it. Sad, isn't it?.....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, it would help immensely if we didn't have such low-IQ media dick-weeds like Chris Cuomo enabling this nonsense. That's for certain. 

On the Fact that that Slanderous Bullshit Netflix Movie, "When They See Us", Makes it Appear as if the Confessions of the Central Park 5 Had Been Coerced............and, Guess What, THEY WEREN'T......and Here's the Proof, Every Minute of Each Interrogation - - Choke On it, SJWs

Of course the worst part of all is that the race-baiting pile of trash who produced this fairy-tale apparently tried to keep this footage of the actual interrogations from the as to conceal her own libelous actions. Thankfully the bitch failed and we can all judge for ourselves what took place at those police headquarters. Please, take the time to watch.

On the Fact that the World Poverty Rate Has Fallen from 95% In the Early 19th Century to About 10% Today, an Extraordinary and Unprecedented Level of Progress, and Yet We Still Have this Massive Army of Spoiled Morons Going Around Trying to Claim Victim-Status (from the Comforts of Their Parents' Basement, No Less) While Slamming Capitalism, the One Aspect Above All Others Which Has Brought About this Burgeoning Prosperity

If only we had a time-machine, huh? We could send these jerks back to the 19th Century where they would have to choke on wood stoves, shovel cow and horse shit all day, read at night with whale-oil lighting, and die at 45. Let's work on it, what do you say?

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

On the Fact that it is a Natural Inclination of Most Moral People to Protect Innocent Children and so When Those Vile Piles of Garbage at ABC News Decided to Put Their Business Interests (and Possibly Other Much More Sinister Ones) Ahead of this Rather Elementary Charge, What Does that Tell You About Them?

Nothing decent, I hope. Please. PLEASE.

On the Fact that We've Actually Reached a Juncture In Our Rapidly Devolving Culture Where "When You Niggas' Gunn' Unite and Kill Those Police Mutha'-Fuckers" Somehow Constitutes Poetry

In the mean time Shakespeare, Milton, etc. are being scrubbed from numerous college curriculums simply because they were white men. Unbelievable, huh (this almost psychotic level of self-flagellation, etc.)?

Livy On Political Fuckery (Yes, I'm Paraphrasing)

"There is nothing that is more often clothed in an attractive garb than a false creed."......Wow, so they actually had shit like the "Green New Deal" and "Medicare-for-All" back in Livy's time, too. Interesting.

On the Fact that After the Fall of Saigon In 1975, Opponents of Communism Were Either Shipped-Off to Re-Education Camps or Imprisoned......and Make No Mistake About it, if Antifa and Their Puppet-Masters Ever take the Reins of Power In this Country, that Same Type of Bald Tyranny Will Happen Here

Hopefully we all start to wake up before it happens but, yeah, based upon what I've been seeing on the West coast these day (the dystopia that is present-day San Francisco, Portland, etc.), it might already be too late. Damn, huh?

Monday, November 11, 2019

On this Warped Notion that the West Is Only About Oppression

It's absolute bullshit and I truly think that most people deep-down know that it's bullshit (the knowledge that, while, yes, the West has done some rotten things, it has also given the world science, modern medicine, the rule of law, equality before the law, freedom of thought and expression, the universal concept of human rights, the separation of church and state, free markets, limited government, secure property rights, enforceable contracts, the abolition of slavery, cheap and abundant energy, etc., etc.). But somehow it's gotten traction, this foolishness. Me, I mostly blame the academy but the hard truth is that this idiocy has permeated countless other institutions as well (the media, entertainment, the Democratic establishment, corporate America, etc.) and so, yeah, digging ourselves out won't be easy. Not even a little.

On the Fact that Elizabeth Warren's 50-Something TRILLION Dollar Medicare-for-All Plan Includes Reduced Reimbursements for Providers and Price Controls On Drugs

And we're led to think that none of this comes with any sort of perverse incentives (hospitals going belly-up, less people going into the medical field, fewer drugs coming to market, etc.), that price-controls will somehow work for the first time in human history, etc., etc.. Oh well, batten down the hatches (i.e., take much better care of yourself because a doctor might not be available), I guess.

On the Fact that Even Though No One with a Scintilla of Common Sense Still Thinks that Epstein Killed Himself (Both Guards Falling Asleep at the Same Time, the Cameras Malfunctioning at that Precise Moment, His Cell-Mate Being Transferred Days Before the Shit Went Down, the Fact that Numerous Powerful People Wanted Him Silenced, etc.), the Mainstream Media Continues to Try and Gaslight Us Into Thinking that He Did

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, EPSTEIN DIDN'T KILL HIMSELF - DUH!! In a roundabout way, that is.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

On the Fact that Every Member of "The View" (from Mildly Retarded Leftist Buffoons Like Joy Behar to Bulbous Neocon Schmucks Like Meghan McCain) Hates Trump

Well, being that roughly half the country either supports the guy or doesn't despise him (I place myself in that latter category), maybe that's not the most persuasive strategy moving forward, I'm just sayin'. But who knows, right (the fact that CNN is still on the air with only 13 viewers, etc.)?........................................................................................................P.S. And Epstein didn't kill himself.......Sorry, had to get in on it.

On Neocon Congressman/Buffoon, Dan Crenshaw (Think, John McCain with an Eye-Patch), Apparently Suggesting that Criticism of Israel Is Not Protected Speech

Wow, so it isn't just hard-leftists who are threatening free speech in this country. It's the neocons now as well. Just great.

On the Fact that the Left's Most Redeeming Quality to Me Has Always Been its Opposition to War and Damned if Obama and Hillary Didn't Show Up and Destroy that (to the Point Where These Leftists Can't Even Call Out Trump's Yemen Policy Because it Started Under Obama)

And, no, I'm not suggesting that ALL progressives have given Obama and Hillary a pass. To their credit, people like Glen Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill were really tough on Obama's Middle East policies but overall, yeah, it was slim-pickins. Sadly.

On the Fact that We're Now Supposed to Pretend that Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, and Bach Are Literally No Different from the Hip Hop Artists of Today In that a) All Cultures Are Equally Worthy and b) Those Former Individuals Were Privileged (Being White European Men) and so We Therefore Must Penalize Them

What is happening in the West these days is truly unprecedented. Aside from perhaps the cultural revolution in China, no society has turned against itself the way that we are and it seems to be accelerating. If I had to make a guess here, it would likely be that a) things will eventually come to a head and b) the best, least violent, outcome will be some sort of secession/separation. We'll see, I guess.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

On Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson Having Just 1 Interception In the First Nine Games this Season (293 Throws)

Wilson has long had a reputation for taking care of the pigskin (only 1.8% of his throws having been intercepted going in to this season) but this is off the charts even for him. Hopefully he can keep it up 'cause he's a great competitor and role-model and boy do we ever need that these days. Russell Wilson, everybody, give it up!

Questions that the Impudent Jerk, Trevor Noah, Should Have Posed to Mrs. Clinton During His Sycophantic Interview with Her Rather than the Softball Ones that He Did Put Forth - Edition 3

Why did you try and run to the left of an avowed socialist moron in 2016 after years of having referred to yourself as a moderate? Were you lying about being a moderate or were you simply changing your stripes yet again for political gain?

Friday, November 8, 2019

On Richard Gere Becoming a Dad Again at Age 70

I heard once that 70 is the new 60. The new 30, that I haven't heard yet.......Hopefully he makes it to the youngster's graduation. Wanna' lay odds, anybody?

On the Fact that if the Democrats Are Such Staunch Champions of Whistle-Blowers, Why Then Didn't They Lambaste Obama, a Fellow Who Prosecuted More Whistle-Blowers than All Prior Presidents COMBINED (

That's a fair question, no? If only we had a halfway honest media to ask it.

On Victoria's Secret Caving to the Regressives and Signing a Plus-Sized Model

Seriously? What's next, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar modeling lingerie? My God, do they have to ruin everything?

Thursday, November 7, 2019

On the Fact that For Slavery Reparations to Have Any Justifying Basis to it, You Would First Have to Substantiate that the Black Descendants of Former Slaves Are Financially Worse off than the Descendants of Those Who Were Not Enslaved......and Being that the per Capita GDP of Blacks In the U.S. Is Many Multiples Greater than Those of Blacks In Africa, Yeah, it's a Pretty Damned Hard Case to Prove, I'd Say

Though, yes, continuing to try, I'm certain that they will (idiots like Booker, Harris, etc.).......It's what they do!

On ABC News Refusing to Run a Story that Would Have Exposed Quite Possibly the Biggest Pedophile In U.S. History (Mr. Epstein) and Doing so Because They Were Afraid of Not Getting an Interview with Duchess Kate and Prince William (the Fact that that Inbred Piece-of-Shit Douche-Bag, Prince Andrew, Is Up to His Eyeballs In Epstein Slime and the Royals Clearly Want that Kept Under Wraps)

Mr. Trump is spot-on. These media fucks ARE the enemy of the people (putting access to the chowderheaded royals over protecting children as young as 13). And make no mistake about it. These bastards weren't just protecting Prince Andrew in that this Epstein miscreant had his claws into a whole fucking nest-egg of powerful men (including you-know-who). Hopefully the axe is gonna start dropping on these vile people and America can get back to being a halfway decent society but until then what do you think about not letting ABC News into our parlors ever again? I'm game. Are you?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Questions that the Impudent Jerk, Trevor Noah, Should Have Posed to Mrs. Clinton During His Sycophantic Interview with Her Rather than the Softball Ones that He Did Put Forth - Edition 2

Why did your husband fly down to Haiti to get a convicted child-trafficker, Laura Silsby, off with just a slap on the wrist? Surely you must think that human-trafficking is a serious crime, no?

Questions that the Impudent Jerk, Trevor Noah, Should Have Posed to Mrs. Clinton During His Sycophantic Interview with Her Rather than the Softball Ones that He Did Put Forth - Edition 1

Why did you tell the families of the Benghazi victims that the attack on the compound was due to some cockamamie video when you had already informed your own family that it was a planned terrorist attack (per the Wikileaks releases)? I mean, were you simply pushing a narrative or what?

On the Fact that if These Environmental Nut-Cases Truly Cared About the Environment, They Would Be Lambasting China and India In that These Countries Aren't Just Billowing Out More CO2 but Much More Pollution In General (CO2 Isn't an Actual Pollutant but for the Sake of Argument, I'll Continue) but They Aren't and Instead Are Trying to Ram Down the West's Throat the Same Type of Central-Planning Paradigm that Made East Germany an Environmental Basket-Case and Which Is Currently Plaguing China

Which leads me to think that this has precious little to do with climate change and a whole lot more to do with enhancing the power of an already behemoth central-authority. I mean, you have to determine who benefits the most, correct? And in this case, BINGO!!!!!

On Michelle Obama Recently Discussing "White Flight" and, Gee, What a Huge Shock, the Bim Blames it All On White Racism

I had always thought that she was a half-way decent first-lady (better than Hillary, for sure). Yeah, she had a few hiccups early on but overall her work on childhood nutrition and stuff like that was quite commendable. HOWEVER, however, since then she's become this racial grievance-monger along the lines of a female Michael Eric Dyson and it's really nauseating. Please, Mrs. Obama, stop with the identity politics and try bringing the country together again. Please, before it's too late.  

On the Fact that ABC News Squashed this Epstein Story at Precisely the Same Time that the Me-too Movement Was Starting to Gain Traction and so What Does that Tell You About Their True Commitment to Protecting Female Victims of Sexual Abuse?

It tells me that they don't give a shit about them and would much prefer to protect certain politicians, colleagues, etc.. Thankfully the truth seems to be finally coming out and maybe we can't start burying these loathsome media whores once and for all. Amen.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

On ABC News Reporter, Amy Robach, Being Caught On a Hot-Mike Saying that the Head-Honchos of the Network Squashed a Huge Story that She Had Been Working On About Jeffrey Epstein......and that They've Been Suppressing it for Three Years Now -

Needless to say, ABC is in full damage-control, spitting out the usual bullshit lines about needing more corroboration (something that the clearly didn't worry about when it came to Judge Kavanaugh, those Covington Catholic kids, and Officer Wilson, to name a few), etc.. But, yeah, being that the toothpaste is already out of the tube COMPLETELY, it's gonna be extremely hard for them to overcome this one, I pray.

Monday, November 4, 2019

On the Fact that Climate-Related Deaths Are Down by Over 95% Since the Early 20th Century and the Reason for this Is Probably Because Cheap and Abundant Fossil Fuel Energy Has Delivered Billions of People Out of Poverty and Provided These Newly Prosperous Societies the Capacity to Protect Their Citizens from the Dangers of Harsh Weather Events

And so, yeah, this whole notion that we should totally eliminate this technology in favor of more expensive and lesser reliable ones and because of some ludicrous theory that man can control the earth's temperature by tweaking our CO2 emissions probably isn't our best strategy moving forward (especially if both nuclear and hydro are also off the table), I'm just sayin'

On this New Tendency of Those On the Hard-Left to Use Not Just Children but Mentally Ill Ones as Human-Shields for Their Disturbing, Pugnacious, and Increasingly Anti-Freedom Agenda

Yeah, it really borders on child-abuse and might someone in the media call them out on it? Just once? Maybe?

Sunday, November 3, 2019

On the Fact that 90% of the Amerindians Who Perished Due to the European Colonization of the New World Died Due to Diseases that They Didn't Have the Necessary Immunity for and, so, Yeah, Being that Genocide Is an INTENTIONAL Action Towards a Population, this Whole Idea of a Native-American Genocide Is Seemingly Just One More Vehicle to Demonize White Folks and Extract Still More Collective Guilt Out of Them

Another factor here is that there was an extraordinary amount of interbreeding/marriage between the European and Native populations (according to historian and Columbus scholar, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, it was not uncommon for Columbus's men to assume as many as a half dozen native wives and you know how those Spanish fellows tend to get busy) and so a lot of that DNA still exists, it's simply watered-down, that's all....................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not implying that the native-Americans didn't get screwed in certain regards. They clearly did. But what happened was inevitable because whenever civilizations collide, the more advanced one generally wins. And that's what happened here (as it did when the Sioux pushed the Ojibwa from their land, for example). Time to move on.

On the Fact that if Climate Change (Previously Known as Global Warming Before the Slight-of-Hand) Truly Was this Existential Threat to the Earth, Wouldn't it Be Logical to Think that the Green New Deal Would Be 100% About that and NOT 70% About Social Justice Foolishness?

It's an elementary question that even a 6th-grader would probably think of and yet I haven't heard a damned one of these supposedly professional journalists ask it. Pathetic, huh (the absolute lack of professionalism, critical thinking, inquisitiveness, etc.)?

On David Stockman Going On Maria Bartiromo's Neocon-Laced Fox Business Show, Dropping One Truth-Bomb After Another On the Military-Industrial-Complex, Interventionism, Regime-Change Wars, etc., and Getting Ganged-Up On by a Bevy by Buffoonish War-Hawks (and, Yes, Fox Has Quite a Stable of Them)

Yeah, it was more than likely a one-off (the fact that another invitation is highly unlikely) but, boy, was it ever an awesome one. Well done, David Stockman! 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

On the Fact that if the Democrats Ever Nominated a Jack Kennedy, a Bobby Kennedy, a Jimmy Carter, a Jim Webb, a Mayor Koch, or Any of the Other too Numerous to Mention Sane and Decent Democrats from the Past (Webb, the Only One Still Living), I Would Be More than Willing to Consider Him (or Her) but this Current Crop of Asshats (Socialist Lunatics, Racial Grievance Mongers, Low IQ Jerks, etc.), There Ain't a Chance In Hell - Sorry but, No

Have I made myself clear? Yes? Good.

On the Fact that (per a 2017 Article from "Nature") Nearly 90% of the Plastic Waste that Ends Up In the Oceans Comes from a Handful of Asian Countries; China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and Several Others and, so, Yeah, When Places Like San Francisco Ban Plastic Straws that Probably Won't End Up In the Ocean, it Kinda' Misses the Mark, No? -

And now we even have retards suggesting that we do away with Halloween candy because of the plastic wrappers (yeah, just try enforcing that one). Unbelievable, huh (the fact that these assholes apparently wish to socially engineer every ounce of fun from our being and won't rest until they do so)?

On Boston College Tallying Up 486 Yards of Total Offense (Much of it On the Ground) at Syracuse Today......IN THE FIRST HALF!!!

Yeah, the Orange defense is pretty anemic (though they actually started the season pretty well shutting-out a decent Liberty team) and while Dino Babers is overall a pretty decent coach, he had better start recruiting some higher-ranked athletes on that side of the ball or he could be out of a job by the end of next year. Good luck to him.

Friday, November 1, 2019

On the Fact that There Have Been a Rash of Violent Attacks Against Jews In Brooklyn Recently and the Venal and Agenda-Driven Media Schmucks Aren't Covering Them Because the Perps are Almost Exclusively Black and Hispanic

Yeah, they don't give a shit about public safety (at least not when it comes to exposing the ridiculously high black crime rate). It's obvious and here's the proof - THIS SHIT (the fact that they would much prefer to push this bullshit narrative about black victimization and European villainy than accurately provide us with the basics - the fucks).

Remove a Chunk from His Forehead and Stitch it to His Neck

I'll take, "Ways to Make Adam Schiff Appear More Like an Actual Human Being and Less Like a Space-Alien", for a thousand, Alex.