Thursday, April 30, 2015

On the Fact that Obama Suspended Commercial Air-Travel to Israel (Ben Gurion Airport) Last Year (Citing Safety Concerns) but Didn't Suspend it to Ukraine, Syria, or Pakistan (All of Which Were Far More Dangerous at the Time)

Yeah, that was a pretty blatant dis at the Israelis for sure.

On Thomas Piketty's Hair-Brained/Wile E Coyote Notion that it's the Differential in Growth Between Capital and GDP Which Produces Income Inequality

This is surface-thinking that outstrips even that of Paul (Mr. phony alien invasion trillion dollar platinum coin) Krugman. Yes, capital has a record of consistently outperforming GDP. But it is hardly a guarantee for individual investors in that, while, yes, the potential rewards are higher, the potential risks are also higher and the fact of the matter here is that the real income of actual human beings in the top 1% has actually shown a DECREASE over time (earners in the top 1% - THE ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS - in 1996 saw a 26% decrease in their earnings by 2005). I mean, I know that it's probably too much to ask of these hot-wired leftists to think beyond the initial effects of an action and all but this is wholly embarrassing. Beep beep!

The Number of Points that Chamberlain Would Have Scored if He Had Only Shot Free-Throws Better


Note to these Two Fellows

Family is more important than politics. Please, learn this before it's too late.

On the Fact that Obama Uses a Teleprompter to Talk to Six Year-Olds

Yeah, he's not actually talking to the six year-olds.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Neither an Idiot nor a Lying Sack of Doo-Doo Be

 What these individuals either don't know (out of pure ignorance) or are concealing from the folks is that the main drivers of income inequality are a) age (the top wage earners tend to be in their 40s and 50s while the bottom wage earners are frequently in their 20s), b) level of education (the top wage earners tend to have at least one college degree while those at the bottom tend to have less than a high school diploma), c) number of workers per family (families at the top average 2 workers per family while those at the bottom average just .5), and d) family cohesion (broken families and out of wedlock births being much more likely at the lower socioeconomic levels) - NOT CAPITALISTIC REPRESSION, RACISM, ETC...........................................................................................................They also don't tell us that there is incredible movement within these categories (58% of the people in the bottom quintile in 1996 were out of it by 2005 and almost 50% of those in the top 1% were also out of that category during that same time frame) and that the categories largely reflect the same people at different stages of their lives....And as to why the gap between these static (static from the statist viewpoint) categories has widened so much, it's elementary. The world has gotten much more competitive and technologically driven and so OF COURSE the reward for success and experience has far outstripped that of youth, inexperience, sitting idly at home, etc..........................................................................................................Now, is there anything that the government do to ameliorate this and make it so that uneducated, idle, single parent, and youthful families can close the gap between them and the higher earning families? I suppose so. But if that means doubling down on policies that have already failed (minimum wage laws that have frozen black youngsters out of the job market, piling more money into a corrupt and antiquated public school system, regulating the shit out of small businesses, draconian top tax rates that have stifled economic growth, throwing more and more taxpayer money at healthcare, education, and entitlements, affirmative action policies that have severely harmed blacks, etc.), I'd probably have to say, not so fast, and that we as a nation can do so significantly better than listening to these demagogues.

On those Miscreants, Degenerates, and Lunatics Who Burnt Down the Senior Center in Baltimore

It really doesn't get much lower than that, now does it? I mean, what are these schmucks gonna start doing next; pistol-whipping foster-children? Beheading the developmentally-delayed?

The Greatest Backcourt in College Basketball History?

This is one of the easiest sports questions of all time. Gail Goodrich and Walt Hazzard (UCLA, the mid-'60s) are TO THIS DAY the greatest backcourt combo ever, in that not only were both of these guys consensus All-Americans who led UCLA to back to back titles, they also went on to star in the NBA (Goodrich ultimately making the Hall of Fame). I mean, I know that when most folks think of UCLA they tend to think of the bigger players (Bill Walton, Lew Alcindor, Sidney Wicks, etc.) that Wooden coached, but since it was these two fellows who started the whole dynasty, "big things come in small packages" certainly rings truer to me......................................................................................................P.S. And a lot of people tend to forget that when the Lakers won their championship in 1972, the leading scorer on that team wasn't Wilt Chamberlain or Jerry West. It was Goodrich; 25.9 points per game. Dude was unstoppable that year.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

On the Fact that the U.S. Has Supported Tyranny Over the Years (the Shah of Iran, Mubarak, the Saudi Royal Family, Even Gaddafi at the End) Supposedly Being One of the Beefs that al Qaeda and the Other Terrorist Groups Have Against Us

On the surface, it isn't an entirely unjustified assessment. But I always want to ask these assholes, what about you for Christ? You guys and your Sharia law which treats women like trash, murders homosexuals, and basically outlaws all other religions ISN'T tyrannical? Really? Refraining from joining the 20th Century much?

Monday, April 27, 2015

On "It Is What it Is"

Yeah, it's time to put that one to bed permanently, right next to the air quotes.

On the Riots Currently Taking Place in Baltimore

Sorry, but I'm having a hard time envisioning Ed Koch or the first Mayor Daley putting up with this crappola.

On the Upcoming Mayweather Versus Pacquiao Fight

While I suspect that Mayweather will probably dance his way to a win, I can think of at least six folks who will be rooting for Pacquiao; me, and the five women that he's allegedly beaten the shit out of.

On Liberal Democracy

It is almost always the by-product of a lengthy, organic, historical, and evolutionary process, and rarely has it ever been successfully imposed by external forces. Advocates of intervention are always quick to point to Germany and Japan (post WW2) as successful examples of nation-building but as economist, Chris Coyne, from George Mason and the Mercatus Center, has consistently pointed out a) Germany and Japan were already significantly industrialized and quite developed prior to WW2, b) they were both established nation-states (unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc.), c) they both unconditionally surrendered, and d) it is highly questionable that it was in fact the Marshall Plan that rehabilitated Europe (he cites instead the lessening of government regulation and the removing of price controls and basically says that recovery occurred in spite of the occupation and not because of it). I mean, I know that this is a devastating rebuke to the neocons (who pray to the god of intervention) and progressives (who pray to the goddess of foreign-aid) who seemingly cannot help themselves when it come to the staying out of other people's business and all but, EVEN IF JAPAN AND GERMANY WERE  EXAMPLES OF A SUCCESSFUL INTERVENTION, the fact that they have to go back 70 years and can only cite these two examples is an indictment enough, I would think.

On the Fact that (According to Researcher, Paul Gottlieb) Mussolini Allegedly Had Sympathy at One Juncture for the African, Latin-American, and Asian Victims of Anglo-French Imperialism

Bully for him. Too bad that he had to ruin it by bulldozing his own fascist knuckle-draggers/criminals into similarly vulnerable countries.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

On that Kiss in the Rain Between Montgomery Clift and Olivia de Havilland in "The Heiress"

Well, considering the fact that he was gay and they thoroughly despised each other from day one, I'd give it a strong A.

On Iraqi Democracy

Yeah, it's just another form of repression over there; one group lording over another and ergo we have what we currently have. Democracy is hard enough when the people like each other and the fact that the neocons thought that they could superimpose our form of government (absent the institutions of a free press, independent judiciary, etc.) on a population that's been at each other's jugulars for 13 centuries is right up there with Woodrow Wilson's "making the world safe for democracy" and maybe worse.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

On Mainstream Historians and Economics

Most of them are economically illiterate and fail to understand even the rudiments of the business cycle. I mean, just look at the way that they treat FDR and the Depression. If they criticize the fellow at all, it's almost always of the viewpoint that he didn't do (as in, misallocate) ENOUGH (they apparently buy into this cockamamie notion that government-centric approaches to debt consolidation and economic growth are preferable to those of the market) and they always, ALWAYS, ignore the part that the Federal Reserve Bank played in creating the whole mess. Yes, we do want an unbiased perspective, preferably, but to not have any theoretical framework (other than a statist one, I'm saying) and actually believe that history will somehow write itself is a wee-bit naive, in my opinion.

On the Idea Proposed by Some Leftist Morons that the Best Solution to a Home-Invasion is Running or Hiding from the Perpetrator

Probably stems from  the fact that a) they see the criminals as victims, too, and feel that we should take a much more compassionate approach with them, b) they don't respect private property and so why in the hell should anybody be shot over it, and c) they viscerally despise guns and gun owners.......If I were to hazard a guess.

Enabling the Beast

Fiat Currency + Income Taxation + Central Banking = Endless Warfare. Just ask the 20th Century, folks.

Friday, April 24, 2015

On Your Average O'Reilly Factor Immigration Segment (Yes, Even More So than Other Topics)

Not enough people talking over (and past) each other.

On the Fact that I Would Rather Watch "Herman's Head" and "My Mother the Car" Reruns than Listen to Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell Spout Their Hackneyed and Partisan Talking-Points on C-Span 1, 2, and 3

Yeah, I'm a little jaded, folks.

On My Future Wife (Circa 1987) Rejecting "Into the Mystic" as the Opening Number at Our Wedding Because it Has the Word, "Foghorn", in it


On those Philandering Idiots Who Go on the Maury Povich Show Thinking that They Can Fool the Polygraph

These fellows are either delusional beyond belief or they simply want to get their mugs on TV. I cannot think of another explanation. 

On the Odds of Me Voting for this Guy for President

I would rather vote for Rosanne Barr than this neocon bozo (a man who I at one point respected).

On the Fact that Means-Testing Social Security and Medicare Used to Be a Liberal Position (Jimmy Carter, to His Credit, Has Advocated it) but Because that Idiot, Thom Hartmann, Came Up with Some Paranoiac Theory that this Would Lead to the Program's Total Demise, it Isn't Any Longer

I put this right up there with that Republican "theory" which claims that Obama and Holder effed-up "Fast and Furious" intentionally in an effort to show the American citizens just how dangerous that guns can be and that we should probably ban them totally. It's nuts, in other words.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

On Christina Hoff Sommers Recently Being Targeted by Oberlin College as Some Sort of Threat to Their Students (When She Spoke on Campus)

Yeah, this is getting ludicrous. Not that I'm in favor of targeting and/or banning anybody, mind you (we cannot shelter our "children" forever and they absolutely need to learn that there are viewpoints other than their own/ their Marxist professors), but Hoff Sommers is a completely mainstream (the woman is pro-choice, in favor of marriage equality, and even received some award from Gloria Steinem) writer and thinker who is both interesting and difficult to categorize, and for anybody in academia to think that this woman is dangerous is so far off the charts in terms of paranoia and intolerance that it should offend everybody.

On Harry Reid Calling the Prospective Republican Presidential Candidates, "A Bunch of Losers"

While I can't say that I necessarily disagree with him (especially if clowns like Huckabee and Santorum enter the race), it would be nice if our so-called political leaders (and, no, that moron, Joe Wilson, who yelled out, "you lie", to Obama ISN'T a leader) occasionally showed some class, honor, discretion, civility, statesmanship, etc., and refrained from such rank partisanship. OCCASIONALLY, I'm saying.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thank the Lord for Freeman Dyson (All 91 Years of the Guy) - And, yes, I challenge anybody to watch this video and then with a straight face tell me that this guy (one of the most brilliant men of the past half century) doesn't make more sense than Michael Mann, James Hanson, Ben Santer, Keith Briffa, etc..

On the Fact that Navy Secretary, Frank Knox, and General John DeWitt Both Spread False Rumors Throughout Hawaii that Japanese-Americans Had Aided in the Attack on Pearl Harbor

You would be hard-pressed to overstate the anti-Japanese bigotry which had permeated America before, during, and after WW2, and of how it went all the way to the top of the United States government. Very hard-pressed..................................................................................................Sources - "FDR Goes to War" by Burton Folsom, "FDR's Secret War" by Joseph Persico, "American Inquisition" by Eric Muller, and "Justice at War" by Peter Irons.

On the Fact that FDR Knew (Through Multiple Investigations by J. Edgar Hoover, John F. Carter, and Francis Biddle) that the Vast, VAST Majority of Japanese-Americans Were Honest, Patriotic, and Law Abiding Citizens and STILL He Denied this Entire Ethnic Group the Most Basic of Civil Liberties (Most Were Charged with No Crimes and Delivered to Remote Compounds that Were Surrounded by Barbed Wire and Manned by Sentries with Machine Guns)

He did it for political reasons. He needed to carry California and other Western states, and what better way to do that than to appeal to the virulent anti-Asian bigotry which by then had permeated the whole region? Not that the dude necessarily needed any extra incentive, mind you (his seemingly ingrained hatred of anything Japan - the fact that he didn't persecute citizens of Italian and German extraction, the fact that he had wanted war with Japan as early as 1933, etc.).

Monday, April 20, 2015

On the Fact that FDR Actually Proposed a 100% Top Tax Rate (On Everything Over $25,000 a Year)

Did the man simply not realize that once you instituted something like this, nobody in his or her right mind would ever want to make beyond that amount in the future (because, HELLO, you'd be giving it all away) and the end result would be zero additional revenue? I mean, I know that politicians are greedy and stupid and all but for the country to have actually had one THIS stupid is frightening....A 100% top tax rate. Wow, huh?

On the Fact that the Standard of Living Was Essentially a Flat Line for 17 Centuries and Only Started to Ascend Sharply in the Early 19th Century

Why is that, folks? Is it because the state and the church started to assume even more control over the economy? Or was it because they started assuming less? I don't have to tell you what I think, right?

On Why Socialism Never Succeeds

'Cause if everybody owns something, nobody does (the Tragedy of the Commons - please, Google it).

On the Difference Between Governments and Private Entities

The former operates through force (AKA, violence) and the threat of force (AKA, intimidation). The latter operates through persuasion and mutual consent. That's the big difference.

A Disarming Situation

One of the first things that a dictatorship does is disarm its people.......Not that THIS country could ever be a dictatorship....

On the Claim that We Should "Trust Women and Their Doctors" Being an Argument Against Restrictions on Third Trimester Abortions

First of all, it isn't an argument. It's a talking-point and a rather ridiculous one at that. Yes, we absolutely should trust that most people will do the morally right thing (I trust that most folks won't rob me or assault me, for example). But that doesn't mean that there shouldn't be a law against the morally wrong thing in that a) not every person (in this instance, a woman and her doctor) is moral and so the honor system doesn't always work and b) society functions via a balancing of rights and incentives (yes, a woman has rights but a fetus in the third trimester is a viable human being who is also deserving of rights), and while, no, a law isn't always the most prudent way to go, in the case of life/death, there really isn't much of an alternative. "Trust me."

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Note to Judy Garland's Character in "Easter Parade"

Sorry, but, yeah, I'd have danced with Ann Miller, too.

On the Fact that the Most Peaceful Decades of 19th Century Europe Seemed to Coincide Perfectly with the Era of Free Trade and Economic Liberalization

It is not a coincidence in that (and as I mentioned in a previous blog-post) when countries trade goods, services, the arts, etc. they are far less likely to trade bullets and bombs.

On the Katyn Forest Massacre, Circa 1943

It was one of the most vile crimes in modern history and the fact that it involved Joseph Stalin really shouldn't surprise us. For those of you who haven't heard, Stalin and his goons rounded up over 10,000 Polish officers (the best and the brightest that that country had to offer), marched them into the Katyn Forest in Poland, shot them all point-blank in the head, trampled their bodies like so much garbage, and then buried them in one massive pit. It was barbarism on steroids and to make the whole episode even more outlandish was the fact that they tried to pin the blame for the crime on Germany (a slanderous accusation that Roosevelt was more than willing to accept - this, despite the fact that John F. Carter, Roosevelt's own personal spy, told him that the Russians were probably guilty) and those that they didn't slaughter were sent off to gulags. Do you understand NOW why I don't like Stalin......and America for siding with him?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Roosevelt on Stalin/Russia - Quick Addendum

And it isn't as if there weren't people trying to warn Roosevelt (on the foolhardiness and danger of so completely trusting Stalin). Ambassador William Bullitt, General Mark Clark (commander of the Italian campaign), and even Churchill repeatedly told FDR that, while, yes, we clearly had to deal with Stalin to win in Europe, it was vital that we not strengthen his hand too much for fear of additional countries going Communist....Needless to say, the President had a blind-spot for the Russian strongman.

On the Fact that the Bush Administration Failed to Step in and Grant Germar Rudolf (a Holocaust Revisionist and Researcher) Political Asylum (Back in 2006) and Because of that the Fellow Had to Spend 44 Long Months Rotting in a Miserable German Prison (and All for Simply Doing Research that Didn't Produce the Politically-Correct Answer)

Chuck Hagel took a shitload of heat for using the term, "Jewish lobby". Maybe the dude wasn't completely wet and this is an example of it in action....Maybe, just maybe, I'm saying. 

On Doris Day's Spicy Rendition of Irving Berlin's, "Shaking the Blues Away" (from "Love Me or Leave Me")

Sorry, but I still like the Ann Miller version ("Easter Parade") better.

Roosevelt on Stalin/Russia

"A deep love of peace is the common heritage of the people of both our countries, and I fully agree with you that the cooperation of our great nations will inevitably be of the highest importance in the preservation of world peace."............"You know, there may be something in that (Russia doing the 'Holy Will') . It would explain their almost mystical devotion to this idea which they have developed of the Communist society. They all seem really to want to do what is good for society instead of wanting to do for themselves."............"I think if I give him everything I possibly can, and ask nothing from him in return, noblesse oblige, he won't try to annex anything and will work with me for a world of peace and democracy."............"I think there is nothing more important than that Stalin feel that we mean to support him without qualification and at great sacrifice."............"Of one thing I am certain, Stalin is not an imperialist."............"I'm not sure that a fair plebiscite, if there was such a thing, wouldn't show that these eastern provinces (Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) would prefer to go back to Russia."............"I think that something entered into his nature of the way in which a Christian gentleman should behave."............A lot of people have called Bush junior naive, and Obama as well. But more naive than this fellow? Really?

On the Fact that President Hoover Used the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to Grease the Palms of Republican Senators Such as Phillips Goldsborough, Republican Party Officials Such as Joseph Nutt, and Even a Former Republican Vice-President, Charles Dawes

So much for Hoover having moral rectitude.

On the Fact that FDR Won Four Elections and this Being Submitted as Evidence of Him Being a Great President

Roosevelt bought those last three elections and anybody with even a scant knowledge of history knows it. The man pumped millions (back when a million was a lot of cash) of New Deal dollars into the purple states (this, while practically ignoring the red and even the blue states) and in almost every instance it was enough to push him over the finish-line. I mean, yeah, you gotta give some some credit (I guess) for political astuteness and being Machiavellian about it but that isn't the same as being a great President and Roosevelt plainly wasn't, in my estimation (my criteria being peace, prosperity, and liberty).......Oh, and, yeah, the war helped.

Friday, April 17, 2015

On the Fact that Debbie Wasserman Schultz Still Refuses to Give Her Opinion on Exactly When Life Begins

The reason that she doesn't do this is because even if she gives the moderate position that life begins at viability (my position - not so much derived from science or theology but from pragmatism and a balancing of rights), she would then have to concede that third-term abortions are at the very minimum morally dicey and and at the very maximum murder, and this would fully alienate one of the Democratic party's number one constituencies; radical feminists who advocate abortion on demand.......And we can't have that, now can we?

"FUCK YOU, THAT'S MY NAME......and You're Name is, 'You're Wanting'"

Great line from a great speech from a great film...............................................................................................P.S. Word about town is that David Mamet simply instructed Baldwin to, "be yourself, dude", and, boy, was he ever.

On the Fact that Most Coffee Shops Charge Customers More for Drinks with Soy Milk in Them

So, is this an example of virulent anti-lactose-intolerance bigotry? You gotta think so, no (based upon some of the logic that's currently on the landscape)?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

On the Fact that the Black Poverty Rate Went Down from 87% in 1940 to 47% in 1960 (a 44% Decrease)

That is an extraordinary achievement and the fact that it happened years before the Civil Rights Act, the Great Society, and affirmative action seems to me to be powerful evidence that the Frederick Douglass/Booker T. Washington approach to black empowerment significantly trumps that of the current team of Obama, Sharpton, and Jackson (and especially since the black illegitimacy rate has exploded under their approach).

On the Fact that a) as Late as 1940 Only 3% of American Families Were Paying Income Tax and b) by 1945 Pretty Much Every Family Was Forking Over Dough Through Withholding, Etc.

Yeah, war has a tendency to bleed dry pretty much everybody and so much for the progressives being champions of the middle-class....................................................................................................P.S. And, no, this is not to imply that the middle-class wasn't getting ripped-off prior to 1940. They were. It was simply in the form of excise taxes (a staple of FDR's Washington machine).

On the Wholesale Raping of German Women (as in the Thousands and Thousands) by Mongolian Regulars at the End of World War Two

Yeah, none of these war crimes ever seemed to make the docket at Nuremberg.

On Folks Who Have No Marketable Skills and Even Less Integrity

Yeah, they tend to end up quite frequently in academia, journalism, and politics.

On the Concept of Trying to Stave Off Fascism Through the Implementation of a Softer, Gentler, and More Benign Version of it

Yeah, I've never been a big fan of that approach. Sorry.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On Brooke Baldwin Subbing for Don Lemon the Last Two Nights

Nothing against Mr. Lemon (dude's a fine man and journalist) but I could most assuredly get used to this. Oh yeah.

Question for Dick Nixon

So, if the President of the United States rapes a bunch of youngsters, that wouldn't be against the law, either?......Man, you are one sick bastard, dude?

On that Gang-Rape that Took Place in Florida During Spring-Break and the Fact that Not a Single Witness (and there Were Actually Quite Few) Even Went as Far as to Dial 911

We are totally fucked as a society. I mean, we got quite inebriated in college, too, but if somebody had attempted a stunt even remotely along these lines, they would have gotten a significant beat-down and you had better believe that the cops would have been called....Yeah, this one really creeps me out.

On the Effectiveness of Government Intervention

One way to measure it would be to look at what happens when the government responds affirmatively to an economic downturn, and to compare that to what happens when the government doesn't respond. And, yes, I am citing specifically here the fact that for the first 150 years of the Republic, the government did virtually nothing to aid in the recovery from a recession (and, yes, there were dozens) and in every instance the economy recovered on its own and in most instances the sharper the downturn the sharper the recovery, and comparing it it to how the economy has stagnated for years when the government has tried to manage recessions and depressions in the 20th Century (more specifically during Great Depression and the current fiasco).......Not that any of these statistics constitutes a controlled experiment, mind you, but it's as close as you're going to get in the study of economics (the depression of 1920 versus the depression of 1929 is an especially compelling study).

On "Bake Me a Cake with a Statue of Two Little Dudes on it or You're Going to Jail"

Is this really where the left wants society to go in the future? And why would anybody want to engage in commerce with somebody who doesn't want to be with them and who only consents to it at gunpoint? I certainly wouldn't want to................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, if I was a gay dude, the very last thing that I would want to attempt would be to eat a cake that was baked by a homophobe (the fact that the individual probably spit in the batter and God only knows what else). That, and a much more civilized response (as opposed to the state holding gun to a person's head and coercing them) would be to boycott the business, take your business elsewhere, etc..

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Hard Lesson from Reminisce

One of the activities that we do at work is to look at the cost of items many years ago (1949, 1953, etc.) and, guess what, folks, the sectors of the economy that have risen BY FAR the most just happen to be those areas in which the government has most actively inserted itself; health-care/medicine, education (tuition at Harvard was about $800 a year back in the late '40s), and housing. Not this should be surprising to anybody who's ever opened an introductory economics textbook, mind you (the fact that whenever you subsidize anything you tend to increase the cost of it), and the progressives will probably continue to be clueless, but at the very least it's compelling.

On Harry Reid Going on the Floor of the U.S. Senate (Where He Unfortunately Had Impunity) and Lying Through His Teeth About Mitt Romney Not Paying Taxes for Ten Years and then When Confronted About it Three Years Later by CNN's Dana Bash Justifying the Vile Act by Simply Saying, "Romney Didn't Win, Now Did He?"

I have never had a problem going after fellows like Mitch "the bitch" McConnell and have done so frequently. But I cannot think of a single thing that he has said or done that is even in the ballpark of what this Reid schmuck said about Romney. Not one, and I am telling you here, folks, if the left wants to be taken seriously in the future, then they have to skewer this degenerate and disassociate themselves COMPLETELY. 'Cause if they don't, a pox on their house, too.

Monday, April 13, 2015

On the Fact that FDR Genuinely Thought that Newspaper Writers, Robert McCormick, Joseph Patterson, and Cissy Patterson, Were Either Nazis or Nazi Sympathizers

Yeah, we've had some majorly insane Presidents over the years; Lincoln, Wilson, LBJ, Nixon, Bush Jr. on a bad day - but this fellow may have been the most paranoiac and megalomaniacal of them all; the ill-fated court-packing scheme, the way that he and his thugs went after the poor Schecter brothers, the fact that he seemingly wanted war with Japan from day one, the fact that he once proposed a 100% top tax rate, the interning of Japanese-Americans, etc.. Of course, the fact that this dude is considered by many to be amongst our finest Presidents - that's the real scary part.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

On Al Gore Once Having Referred to the Legendary Scientist, Roger Revelle, as Senile (this, After Revelle Had Expressed Serious Second Thoughts About Man-Made Global Warming)

It was thoroughly disgraceful, and if you really want to know what kind of a human being that this guy is, you probably needn't go beyond this. Really...........................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, just for the record here, Professor Revelle remained as sharp as a razor right up to the very end; writing letters to Senators and Congressmen and composing an article for Cosmos entitled, "What to Do About Global Warming: Look Before You Leap" (or, in Gores case, "Look Before You Make a Boatload of Moolah on the Thing"). 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

FDR's Sons on Dear Old Dad

"Hell, my father just about invented bugging. He had them spread all over, and thought nothing of it." John Roosevelt............."My father may have been the originator of the concept of employing the IRS as a weapon of political retribution." Elliot Roosevelt.............So, ya' still think that George W. Bush was the worst U.S. President on civil liberties?

On the Fact that Burt Reynolds Apparently Turned Down the Harrison Ford Role in "Star Wars", the Jack Nicholson Role in "Terms of Endearment", and Even the Role of James Bond in that Franchise (Opting Instead for Such Piss-Poor Ventures as "Stroker Ace", "City Heat", and "The Man Who Loved Women")

Hopefully he fired whoever his agent was. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

On FDR and Wiretapping

Roosevelt repeatedly broke the law (the Supreme Court in Nardone versus the United States ruled that wiretapping by federal law enforcement was unconstitutional) by ordering wiretaps of not just political enemies (Herbert Hoover, Wendell Willkie, Robert McCormick, Joseph Patterson) but friends (Harry Hopkins, Henry Wallace, Arthur Krock, Thomas Corcoran) as well....And it wasn't just the FBI that Roosevelt cut loose on people. The IRS was another of his favorite weapons and, so, too, he used that with impunity (going after everybody from Moses Abnnenberg to Charles Lindbergh to John L. Lewis). The left just loves to beat up on Bush when it comes to civil liberties (and, yes, I've frequently joined them) and, yet, when it comes to a sober analysis of their own damned players (FDR, Wilson, Lincoln, LBJ, etc.), yeah, they seem to shrink from it......................................................................................Sources - Victor Lasky's "It Didn't Start with Watergate", Joseph Perisco's "Roosevelt's Secret War", R.J.C. Burow's "The FDR Tapes", Walter Trohan's "Political Animals", Richard Norton Smith's "The Colonel", and many, many more available upon request.

On Hillary Clinton Severing Ties with the Clinton Global Initiative

Good, now maybe she can start criticizing Saudi Arabia for their piss-poor treatment of women and gays.

On Montgomery Clift Making Out with Greta Garbo and Bitching Later that Her Lips Were Chapped

Yeah, he was definitely gay.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

On the IEA Predicting that by 2018 Global Coal Consumption Will Overtake Global Oil Consumption

This is a good thing, folks; the fact that there are over a billion people on the planet who don't have electricity and the only energy option that can match up in terms of scale and affordability is coal. Yes, it will probably add some pollution to the atmosphere (though it must be added that it probably won't be worse than the charcoal, palm oil, and dung that the third world is currently burning and it will actually mean less deforestation) but the only way that these countries will ever be able to achieve wealth and progress is to go through the same evolutionary process that we went through and unfortunately that means burning more fossil fuels. I'm sorry but that's the hard, honest truth.

Some Questions for the Coercers, Busy Bodies, Moralists, and Fascists

Businesses who refuse to cater and photograph a wedding because the couple also happen to be first cousins - do these businesses also need to be coerced? And what about the owner of a Jewish delicatessen who refuses to serve an admitted skinhead? Do we need to get the moral superiors on the case in this instance, too?............................................................................................Of course what I really want to know is what we're supposed to do with these restaurant owners and photographers who refuse to work at gay weddings. I mean, are we going to put them in fucking prison and/or levy a bunch of fines that put them out of business forever? Really? For not baking a fucking cake?......I'll bake the fucking cake!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

On the Best Supporting Actor Race at the 1956 Oscars

I love Anthony Quinn as an actor and consider his performances in "Viva Zapata", "La Strada", "Requiem for a Heavyweight", and "Zorba the Greek" amongst the very finest. But, I'm sorry, for him to have gotten an Oscar for "Lust for Life", in what was in essence a cameo, when Robert Stack not only excelled in "Written on the Wind" but quite literally stole the show from Rock Hudson and Lauren Bacall was a huge miscarriage of justice, in my opinion.

On Dianna Williams (Coach D) from the Wildly Popular Lifetime Reality Show, "Bring it"

Yeah, it's been quite a while since I've so desperately wanted to see somebody naked.

On those Idiots at Fox Who Continuously Imply that Going from Enriching Uranium at 3.5% to 90% Is as Easy as Flipping a Switch

It's ludicrous. And it isn't just Fox, either. CNN, MSNBC, and the networks are all trumping up this Iran threat and they never, EVER, get a person on (Scott Horton from, for instance) who will challenge this fucking paradigm, EVER!!! Can you say, American war machine?

On the Fact that President Obama No Longer References the Totally Failed Spanish Green Energy Initiatives

So, he is capable of SOME learning and that's a victory.

On Catholic Priests Who Refuse to Marry Gay Couples

Bigots who need to be coerced? Me, I would say arguably, yes, on the first part and, nada, on the second.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On the Fact that Muslim Bakeries Have Also Apparently Refused Gay Couples While the Media and Liberal Establishment Predictably, Shamelessly, and Moronically Ignore it

It's funny how political grandstanding can often backfire -  

On the Fact that the Chinese Have Constructed Thousands and Thousands of Wind Turbines and Their Air Quality is as Abysmal as Ever

Have you ever wondered about that, folks (better yet, has Al Gore?)? It's really quite simple in that wind energy is easily one of the least efficient forms of energy (for example, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas has admitted that their wind grid is only operating at an 8.7% capacity - natural gas, hydro, and nuclear are all well over 90%) and because of this you always need a backup - the kicker here of course being the fact that China's backup power source is, yeah, you got it, COAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....................................................................................P.S. And, yes, to make the matters worse, a) China's coal-fired plants are way, WAY, dirtier than ours (their scrubbers being much inferior) and b) the furnaces have to be kept on constantly because starting and stopping them prn (it's a nursing thing, folks) actually uses more energy than simply leaving the suckers on.......Are you beginning to see the madness here, folks?

Monday, April 6, 2015

Duke 68 Wisconsin 63

Yeah, it was probably too much to ask of the basketball gods to have Kentucky and Duke (those two cork-soakers) both lose at the Final Four this year.

The Greatest Double Entendre' Ever?

Oh, it's gotta be the South Park "Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet" episode (after being told by Stan that the guy who played in Napoleon Dynamite was a better actor than him, Mr. Cruise proceeded to lock himself in the closet LITERALLY - the other side of the equation being obvious). An absolute classic that sucker was.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

On Restaurant Owners, Photographers, Etc. Who Refuse to Provide Their Services to Gay Couples Getting Married

This is a complicated issue because it involves a balancing of rights; the rights of the gay customers to not be discriminated against versus the rights of the business owners to do as they please with their own private property, merchandise, and labor. My preference here (and, yes, I've struggled with this one) would probably be for the government to stay the hell out of it (government does enough coercing as it is) because if you really and truly think about it, the party that is being harmed the most here, by far, is the business that's doing the discriminating! I mean, they're the ones that are losing out on the money and, while, yes, there's clearly discrimination, one man's discrimination is another man's money-making opportunity. And do you think that in this day and age, you won't be able to find a florist willing to service gays? Come on.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

On the Great Lena Horne

Yeah, she was pretty fucking irresistible. No doubt.

Andrew Jackson Higgins - The Man Who Won the War?

According to Eisenhower, he was. You see, folks, if it wasn't for this guy, a ship-builder extraordinaire who perfected the landing craft, we probably wouldn't have been able to secure victory at Guadalcanal, successfully land our troops en masse at Normandy, etc. (the ships that the Navy itself had been building were pieces of shit and kudos to the Truman commission for veering the country away from them)......................................................................................And to say that it wasn't an easy road for the guy is an understatement in that, not only did he have to deal with the wretched Bureau of Ships, he also had to deal with the entrenched naval bureaucracy in general, the I.R.S. which was taxing the piss out of him, and a shitload of other government agencies. Thankfully, he was persistent......................................................................................P.S. Needless to say, the fact that a businessman was so instrumental in securing victory never quite fit the leftist historian's narrative and so all that we ever read about growing up was how great FDR, Ike, and Churchill (hard-core statists, for sure) were. Kind of a pity, huh?

On Governor Malloy Banning All Nonessential State Travel to Indiana While at the Same Time Being Totally Oblivious to the Fact that His State (and Mine), Connecticut, Has an Even More Restrictive Religious Freedom and Restoration Act

Yet another pitch-perfect example of hypocrisy, doltishness, sanctimony, and political opportunism. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

On Governor Cuomo Banning all Nonessential State Travel to Indiana While at the Same Time Planning a Visit of His Own to Cuba (a Country that Has Treated Gays Abysmally Over the Years)

Yea, I'm gonna go with, hypocritical asshole, on this one, people.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

On People Who Call Folks Who Oppose Gay Marriage Bigots but Who then Stay Strangely Silent When Islamic Societies Actually Go as Far as to Slaughter Gays and Lesbians (and Who Even Proceed to Brandish/Disparage the Critics of these Societies as Haters)

So much for the moral high-ground.

What Michael Mann Did and Ultimately Admitted to

He took 950 years of tree ring data and when the numbers started going in the opposite direction, he switched to another data set and hid this fact (refusing to share the data with the public who financed him). How anybody can say that this does not constitute hard-core scientific fraud is beyond me and I challenge anybody out there to defend it.

On Senator Menendez Getting Indicted this Week by the Obama Justice Department

And the fact that the guy has been criticizing Obama's foreign policy quite a bit of late is purely a coincidence, I suppose.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On the Fact that FATAH Denied for Years Any Association with the Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade

Yeah, that BBC piece which proved that FATAH was dishing out $50,000 a month to these degenerates totally blew that bitch out of the water (that, along with the copious amount of documents that the IDF itself was able to uncover).

On Bill O'Reilly Claiming that the Upcoming Miniseries, "Killing Jesus" (Based on His Book of the Same Name), Is the Best One Since "Lonesome Dove"

Ego - not twice the size of Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma combined enough.

On the John Garfield, Joan Crawford Combination in "Humoresque"

I'll take, "Pretty Fucking Far Outside the Box Onscreen Pairings that Surprisingly Satisfied the Viewer", for a thousand, Alex.

A Public Health Message - Fear Kills

According to the U.N.'s exhaustive report on Chernobyl, the immediate death-toll was less than 60 (contrast this to most of the media reports which had it somewhere in the 15,000 to 30,000 ballpark) and the long-term death toll was less than 4,000 (CNN initially speculated 500,000). They also stated that the greatest damage to health had absolutely nothing to do with radiation and everything to do with the bad information and scare-mongering that came from various governments, media outlets, and pressure groups; information that ultimately produced fear, anxiety, depression, and manifest physical ailments.......Yes, folks, Chernobyl was a terrible tragedy but it was hardly a Hiroshima or Nagasaki, and the fact that it was likely the worst case scenario possible in what was probably one of the worst facilities on the globe leads me to think that folks in positions of authority absolutely need to be more responsible in the future.