Saturday, March 31, 2018

On the Concept of Adults Trotting Out Stupid, Immature Kids, Chock Full of Righteousness and Ever so Willing to Gorge at the Trough of Ego, and Encouraging Them to Engage In Rehearsed Political Activism to Which We Are Not Permitted to Criticize

Disgusting and shameless doesn't even begin to cover it and what about the fucking media, hiding behind these kids while hammering home their own fucking agenda?......Seriously, I can't even watch this shit any more.

On Robert Mugabe Once Stating, "Let Me Be Hitler Ten-Fold"

A fellow has to have goals, no?......Big ones!!

On the Claim that the Boers Stole the Land West of the Drakensberg Mountains from the Zulus

It is a bald-faced lie in that a) it was the Zulus who had stolen the land from the tribes to the South of them (perpetrating a genocide in the process) and b) the prairie was promised to the Boers if they were able to return a large herd of cattle that had been stolen by a neighboring tribe to the West; a deal that Pieter Retief and company clearly lived up to while Dingane and his men DID NOT (even going as far as to slaughter Retief and his cohorts). I mean, I know that the only history that a clown like Julius "We're Not Ready to Slaughter the Whites YET" Malema knows goes back to last Tuesday and all but the truth needs to come out so that the body-bags don't......................................................................................................P.S. And yes, there were countless witnesses to these Retief massacres in the form of British missionaries, most of whom despised the Boers and most of whom would have sided with the Zulus if possible. Here, for instance, are a few excerpts from William Wood's diary -

On the Fact that When Vera Brittain's Powerful Article, "Massacre by Bombing" (a Piece that Both Chronicled and Condemned the Churchill Policy of Carpet-Bombing Civilian Targets), Was First Released In the U.S. (it First Appeared In the British Magazine, "Fellowship"), it Was Met with Almost Universal Condemnation, Even Among Priests and Pastors (Mainly that it Was Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy)

So when Ms. Brittain had previously stated in "Seed of Chaos" that, "only a mental or moral lunatic could fail to draw the conclusion that modern war and modern civilization are utterly incompatible, and that one or the other must go", the woman was pretty spot-on it seems. Kinda' figured.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

On the Concept of Putting the Safety of You and Your Family Into the Hands of this Individual

Tough sell. Very tough sell and certainly not one that you'd be willing to exchange your firearms for.

On the Fact that if Trump Truly Had Cajones, He Would Land a Chopper Near the Ecuadoran Embassy In London, Rescue Mr. Assange, Wisk Him Off to America, Pardon His Ass, and then Immediately Grant the Dude Citizenship

But alas, he doesn't, and so he won't.

On Where "Creating Racial Harmony" Ranked On Robert Mugabe's To-Do List

Let's just put it this way. It didn't quite make the top ten (the fact that there were thousands of blacks working on those white-owned farms who were treated respectfully and who had tremendous loyalty to their employers and when Mugabe dispossessed those white farmers, guess what happened).

On the Fact that While Germany Is Still Doling Out Money to Israel for the So-Called Holocaust, the Zulus Have Never Paid Out a Single Cent for the Over 1,000,000 Wretched Souls that They Gutted (Yeah, the Death-Toll Really Began to Skyrocket When They Started Using the Spear as an Impaling Device Rather than as a Projectile One) Under the Bloodthirsty Leadership of Shaka Zulu

The SJWs must apparently still believe that black people are simply too inferior to have any degree of moral agency. How sad......and convenient.......................................................................................................P.S. Of course one more possible factor here is that the Zulu genocides were so complete that there simply isn't any lineage left to pay. Don't forget that.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

On this Hogg Kid

Please, tell me that this ramrod's 15 minutes of fame are almost over......'cause significantly more of his sanctimony, surface-thinking, impudence, and fascistic bullshit I cannot stand. LITERALLY.

On the Fact that South Africa Is On the Precipice of Pulling the Same Stupid and Fascistic Tactic that Mugabe Pulled In Rhodesia by Confiscating the White Farmers' Land with No Compensation

Well being that it worked so fucking well (and by, "so fucking well", I of course mean, transforming Rhodesia from the breadbasket of Africa to one of the most wretched economies in modern history) for Mugabe, why not?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

On the Fact that Whatever Jesus Christ May or May Not Have Been (Including Real), at the Very Minimum He Wasn't a Warlord and He Didn't Poontang 9 Year-Olds

My theological thought for the day, I'm just sayin'.

On the Washington Post (Once a Solid Paper but Now Little More than a Deep-State, DNC, and Globalist Mouthpiece) Recently Citing Polls Which Show that About 60% of Americans Would Support a Total Ban On Semi-Automatic Weapons

I really have to wonder here if the folks who answered these polls know that a) there are close to 300,000,000 of these weapons already in circulation, b) 90% of the guns currently being manufactured are semi-automatic, c) hundreds of thousands of crimes are averted every year simply when the targeted person brandishes a gun, and d) if they ever did in fact try and confiscate these guns, it wouldn't go down well? I suspect, not so much.

On the Fact that One of Those Speakers at the Anti-Gun Rally In Washington Actually Said, "Give an Inch and We'll Take a Mile" (Implying that After the Bump-Stock Ban, They'd Quickly Go After Something Else)

While I'll giver her some points for honesty (most gun-grabbers are a little more devious), it probably isn't the greatest strategy in that a lot of the Republicans who would normally stay home for a mid-year election will be far more motivated when they hear such proclamations. If I was advising the Dems, I'd probably tell them to make gun-control more of a tangential issue and focus on something else (possibly Trump's recent personnel picks; Bolton, Pompeo, and Haspel, especially). But hey, what the hell do I know?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

On the Fact that Lauren Southern Has Been Permanently Banned from England Because She Did Some Shtick About Muhammad Being Gay

So does this mean that they're also going to ban those miscreants from Vice for doing a piece about Jesus being gay? Probably ixnay, huh?

On the Fact that (According to Economist, Thomas Sowell) On the Eve of the 1997 Economic Crisis In Indonesia (Which Was Actually a Regional Crisis but I Digress), the Chinese Minority In that Country Was Only 5% of the Population and Yet They Owned 80% of the Capital - this, Despite the Fact that They Had Been Badly Treated by the Majority for Decades

Needless to say, the Chinese were blamed for the crisis and because of that the violence got even worse (a short-sighted tactic in that it prompted a lot of the Chinese to flee the country, causing the markets to tank even more).............Oh, and do you think that the Indonesians being predominantly Muslim and the Chinese predominantly Buddhist and Christian may have played a role here? I do.

On the Concept of Arbitrarily Setting a Wage-Rate Independent of a Person's Productivity and Expecting it to Have No Effect on the Probability of Them Getting Hired

It's pure insanity and yet the left in this country still maintains that this is an approach that can actually work (the astronomically high black teen unemployment numbers seemingly not a sufficiently strong enough disincentive). Unbelievable, huh?

Monday, March 26, 2018

On the Fact that We Actually Live In a Society In Which Weird Things Such as "Microaggression Mobile Apps" and "College Bias Response Teams" Have Become Common-Place

I hate to say it but I think I might be needing a "safe-space" pretty soon......from these damned SJWs!!

On the Fact that if Some Fellow Went to His Physician and Said that He "Identified" as a Paraplegic and Requested that One of His Arms Be Cut Off, He Would Be Seen as Mentally Ill and Provided with the Appropriate Care BUT if that Same Fellow Went In and Said that He Identified as a Woman and Wanted His Package Chopped off, it Would (Today) Be Seen as Sane and Natural

And AND if anybody questions this, they're a bigot. That far down the rabbit-hole we have gone.

On the Fact that (According to Economist, Walter Williams, and Historian, Thomas Woods) One of the Primary Motivations for Occupational Licensing In America Was to Keep Black Folks Out of Certain Professions (the Reasoning Apparently Being that Blacks Couldn't Afford the Fees or Pass the Examinations)

So there it is, one more example of government colluding with business to stick it to the little guy and the left being fully complicit with it (this while they drone on and on about income and wealth inequality). Just great........................................................................................................P.S. And if you think that this isn't a problem anymore, I refer you to that Institute for Justice case in which a black woman who braided black people's hair (a skill that she had perfected over decades) was forced to go to a hairdressing school (that she couldn't afford) THAT DIDN'T EVEN TEACH BRAIDING BLACK HAIR!!!!!......Yeah, it's still a problem alright (with the silence from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren quite deafening indeed).

Sunday, March 25, 2018

On Vin Diesel's Career

I'd have an easier time explaining Stonehenge.............I got nothin'!!

On the Fact that (According to Researcher, Scott Lilienfeld) Even Though There Exists a) No Coherent Definition of the Term, b) No Evidence that the Targeted Populations Are Actually Offended, and c) No Evidence to Justify the Claims Pointing to Negative Outcomes, Campus Leftists and Faculty Continue to Talk About "Microaggressions" as if They Were a Legitimate and Proven Phenomenon

What can I say, we live in a post-fact world with the modern-day academy being the cynosure......and, so, yeah, exhibit A-bazillion.

On the Fact that the Libertarian Legal Defense Fund, the Institute for Justice, Has Received a Four-Star Rating from Charity Navigator (the Highest that They Give - the American Cancer Society by Contrast was Only Awarded Two Stars) for the Last 17 Years Now

Even more impressive is the fact that 85% of their contributions come from individuals and only 7% of their budget goes to fund-raising (that and they're one of the few groups out there who are fighting the tyranny of civil asset forfeiture, eminent domain, ludicrous licensing laws, etc.). Well done, I'd say.

On Jared Beck's New Book, "What Happened to Bernie Sanders", In Which Mr. Beck Painstakingly Chronicles How the DNC Rigged the Primaries to Favor Hillary Clinton -

And isn't it embarrassing that the only two outlets to give Mr. Beck a fair hearing so far have been Info Wars and RT? Yeah, I'd say that the mainstream media is completely in bed with the Democratic establishment. No doubt.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

On Robert Mugabe Kicking All of the Whites Off of Their Farms, Handing Those Farms Over to Blacks Who Rapidly Drove Them Into the Ground, and Then Years Later Going to the U.N. and Asking the White Counties to Pull His Ass Out of the Fire

Can you imagine the mental gymnastics that an individual would have to engage in to justify something like this? I mean, we're talking Olga Korbut caliber stuff here.

On How the Egyptians Feel About Black People Pilfering Their Culture and History

    Well there's at least one fellow who doesn't like it.......Wow, boom!!

On the Hundreds of Young Female Victims of the Rotherham and Telford Muslim Rape Gangs

Yeah, I'm guessing that the #Me Too movement simply doesn't apply to them (the perpetrators having the wrong skin color and the victims the victims of a lunacy-riddled intersectionality paradigm).....and that that as well explains the extreme paucity of coverage from the Guardian, the BBC, etc..

On the Fact that In the Brain-Diseased Mind of the Average British SJW, William Shakespeare, John Milton, William Blake, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wide, D.H. Lawrence, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Gainsborough, John Constable, J.M.W. Turner, William Hogarth, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Benjamin Britten, Edward Elgar, John Locke, David Hume, Thomas Hobbes, John Stuart Mill, etc., etc. Are Really Nothing that Special and so Who Gives a Shit if They All Get Tossed Into the Scrapheap by an Invading Population Whose Main Cultural Contribution of Late Has Been the Tossing of Gays from Rooftops

That and they're simply way too busy persecuting Tommy Robinson......who, after all, is so much worse than the rapists and terrorists.

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Friday, March 23, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Esteemed Economist, Thomas Sowell) Laws Which Have Made it Illegal for Businesses to Run Criminal Background Checks On Prospective Employees Have Actually Resulted In Less Blacks Being Hired

Yeah, what these employers are doing here (prompted by the realization that blacks commit far more criminal acts than whites) is substituting race for the background check and passing on a lot of qualified black people. It's unfortunate that they're engaging in these tactics but maybe if the government had minded its own damned business for a change......

On President Trump Attempting to Make Peace with North Korea While Simultaneously Deep-Sixing the Iran Nuclear Deal

So this would make the Trump Doctrine what exactly - Overwhelming Schizophrenia?......'Cause that's what it seems like to me (sadly in that I had initially considered Trump's instincts to be a cut above those of Bush, Obama, Clinton, McCain, Graham, etc.).

On the Irish 9/11

Yeah, this 9/11 took place in 1649 and was highlighted by Oliver Cromwell's brutal attack on the city of Drogheda; an overwhelming storming that resulted in the murder of nearly 4,000 people including priests and friars and the deportation of untold others to Barbados. Of course, this was just the beginning as the British plan from day one was the total subjugation of Ireland (through starvation, banishment, murder, and "transportation") and, so, yeah, it got even nastier. Yay, huh?

On the Supposedly Enormous Intellect of Elon Musk

Well he's definitely a genius at rent-seeking and bilking the U.S. Taxpayer (the fact that purchasers of his autos get a fat, juicy tax write-off that the rest of us poor bastards have to pay for). That much is for damn sure.

On the Strange Notion that it Is the Task of Government to Force Upon its Citizens the Subjective Reality of Other Citizens and to Mandate (Through Laws) that Words Which Hurt the Sensibilities of These Mostly Delusional Creatures Never Be Used

Yeah, they should probably take the guns first (the fact that only through tyranny could such a policy ever be implemented......and if the citizenry remains armed......).

Thursday, March 22, 2018

On Trump Making John "the Bush Surge Worked" Bolton His New National Security Adviser

I didn't think that the dude could do worse after the Pompeo and Haspel selections.......Guess that I was wrong YET AGAIN (the fact that Bolton is one of the most virulent neocons of all and for a guy like Trump who said that he hated the neocons, this is most perplexing)!!

On Cheney's Daughter, Liz

Let's just put it this way. If war and torture apologetics had royalty, this snatch would be Princes Di on steroids. Less use for her I could not have. 

On the Mainstream Media's Refusal to Put Ray McGovern, William Binney, or Any of the Others from Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity On Their Telecasts

Because to do so would destroy their uproariously absurd Trump-Russia conspiracy theories (to their credit, the Nation Magazine and Jimmy Dore from the Young Turks have acknowledged the foolishness)......and being that they've invested so much into them already, they'd probably rather die at this point.

On the Fact that if the Present Birth and Immigration Rates Continue, by the Middle of the Next Century, Europe Will Be Majority Muslim and the U.S.A. Will Be Majority Mestizo

Well, being that I'll be dead by then and don't have any children, I guess that I don't really give a shit......and that it's up to the younger generation and those with offspring to decide what they want to do about it. Hopefully they make the right decisions (whatever those may be).

On the Fact that England's Slopeheaded and Completely Cucked Prime Minister, Theresa May, Is Seemingly More Concerned About Politically Incorrect Language On the Internet than She Is with Muslim Terrorism, Rape Gangs, and Other Such "Annoyances"

Yeah, I just don't see any sort of soft landing on this Muslim issue. It's either going to be a civil war or some sort of partitioning and/or repatriation.......'cuz this......just ain't working.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

On the Fact that Guys Like Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, Thaddeus Russell, Stefan Molyneux, and Sam Harris (All of Whom I Greatly Admire Save for Possibly Moyneux) Are Always Extolling the Virtues of Free Speech and Yet There Isn't a Single One of These Dudes Who Would Ever Even Consider Interviewing Holocaust Revisionist, Germar Rudolf, Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Pro-Confederate Historian, Lochlainn Seabrook, or Intelligent Design Proponent, Michael Behe

So I guess that we're going to have to refer to them as free-speech advocates/intellectual gate-keepers (the sad reality that even free thinkers like these fine men are capable of falling prey to what writer, James Everett Kibler, has astutely coined, "intellectual imperialism") moving forward. Such a pity.

On the Fact that Whenever AIPAC Has One of its Numerous Conferences, Dozens of Congressmen and Senators from Both Political Parties Always Show Up and Grovel Like Alcoholics Begging for a Nipper

Now to me, THAT is collusion (much more than this ludicrous Russia business).

On the Idiotic Tory MP, Tom Tugendhat (Think John McCain with a Cockney Accent), Going On the BBC Morning Show and Accusing the Russians of Everything Save for the Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley Assassinations (this While He Simultaneously Praised the Saudis for Making Positive Steps)

Of course what was just as shocking was the extreme paucity of pushback that those BBC "journalists" displayed throughout this softball interview (they even let him get away with that thoroughly discredited narrative about Assad, Putin, and those chemical attacks that we now know were perpetrated by the rebels - for more on this, I refer you to Seymour Hersh). I mean, it was almost as if I was watching U.S. television replete with its propaganda.......Almost, I said.

On the Fact that the Only Beneficiaries of Another Cold War with Russia Are the Military Industrial Complex (Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, DynCorp, Pratt and Whitney, Honeywell, General Electric, General Dynamics, United Technologies, etc., etc.), Power-Craving Big Brother Types In the Intelligence Community, and the Neoconservative and Pro-Clinton Politicians In D.C. Whose Solitary Purpose Is Seemingly to Please Israel and Saudi Arabia

Did you notice that I didn't include the American citizens? Let's just say that it wasn't a mistake and leave it there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

On the Fact that the Lion's Share of Twentieth Century Warming Wasn't Caused by Human Carbon Emissions but Rather by Human Temperature Manipulation Courtesy of NOAA and NASA

 This is without a doubt one of the most potent refutations of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming EVER and I challenge James Hanson and Michael Mann to debate this guy (not that they ever would, mind you).

On the Fact that Even Angela Merkel Now Acknowledges that "No-Go Zones" Exist

    So this dumb bitch admits that multiculturalism has been a failure AND that no-go zones exist......and she STILL wants to bring in to Germany hundreds of thousands of illiterate and largely unvetted third-world immigrants every year in perpetuity.......Yeah, I'd say that Germany is pretty much toast at this juncture (the fact that even if she halted the policy tomorrow, the higher birth rates of the migrants almost ensures a massive demographic shift within another generation or two).

On the Fact that the British Tendency to Target Civilians Didn't Start with the Terror Bombings of WW2, the Hunger Blockade of WW1, the Concentration Camps During the Boer War, the Mowing Down of Noncombatants In Sudan During the Mahdist War, or Even the Ethnic-Cleansing of the French Acadians In Canada During the French and Indian War

Nope, it all seemed to have started when the Brits colonized Ireland in the 17th century; starting with the slopeheaded thug, Humphrey Gilbert, and reaching its apex with the even more venal and bloodthirsty Oliver Cromwell.......And these are the good guys, we're told. Damn, huh?

Monday, March 19, 2018

On the Fact that We've Apparently Gotten to the Point Where a 5 Year-Old Boy Saying that He's a Girl Has Just as Much Merit as a 40 Year-Old Man Saying that He's a Woman

So never mind the fact that such gender confusion is relatively common and that the vast majority of kids grow out of it - FULL-STEAM AHEAD INSTEAD!! Yep, we are one insane species, that's for certain.

On President Trump Saying that Rex Tillerson Was Too Establishment

So a guy from the private sector with seemingly no deep-state tarnish on him is too establishment but this Pompeo character who's fucking dripping with the stuff isn't? Yeah, I gotta go with yet another unforced error on this one, folks. Sorry.

On the Fact that (According to the College Board) White Kids from Families Making Less than $20,000 a Year Score About the Same On the SATs as Black Kids from Families Making Over $200,000 a Year

So white privilege is so powerful and so ubiquitous that it allows for a poor white youngster from the Alleghenies to compete even-up with an upper-middle class black kid from Pacific Palisades. Wow, now that is some potent shit.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

On Senators Sanders, Lee, Murphy, and Paul Introducing a Resolution Which Will Significantly Curtail America's Involvement In the Disgusting and Borderline Genocidal Conflict In Yemen

Now this is the type of bipartisanship that we need to see a lot more of. Well done, fellas (though, yes, the war whores in both parties will unquestionably vote it down and maybe even filibuster it).

On the Fact that (According to Nichols Wade's Great Book, "A Troublesome Inheritance") In Order for the Mongols to Effectively Rule Over China Post Conquest, They Ultimately Had to Adopt China's More Sophisticated Institutions (Institutions that Had Proven Effective In Neutralizing Tribalism)

Contrast this to the Ottomans, who, whenever they took over a state, instituted a form of military slavery in which anyone who didn't measure up could at any moment be murdered per orders of the Sultan......and to essentially everywhere else that Islam has inflicted its ideology upon a conquered foe (Thailand is getting a man-sized dose of this treatment as we speak). Happy landing, Europe............................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not saying that the Mongols weren't capable of their own brand of brutality in that they clearly were but at least they showed SOME adaptability and for that they were Machiavellian even before Machiavelli.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

On the Fact that Even Though Singapore and Zimbabwe Had Both Been Colonized by the British, Only Singapore Has Adopted Significant Portions of Great Britain's Cultural Heritage Relative to Political and Economic Institutions (Zimbabwe on the Other Hand Jettisoning Western Institutions and Replacing Them with Autocracy, Communism, Tribalism, etc.)

And the fact that Singapore is doing great and Zimbabwe is shitting the bed is purely coincidental, I guess.......Yeah, huh?

On the Distinct Likelihood that Pope Gregory the 7th's Decision to Force His Priests Into Celibacy Had Little to Do with Spirituality and More to Do with the Fact that He Wanted All of Their Property Bequeathed to the Church

If you ever wanted proof that organized religion is certified big business, here I'd say is some solid early evidence of it.

On the Fact that No One Person (In this Instance, President Trump) Knows What's Best for the U.S.A. Economy Better than that Economy Itself

Yeah, here's the deal. Mr. Trump seems to have this strong affinity for the steel industry and wants to assist it (via taxing the American consumer) but how does he know that steel will continue to be as vital in the future as it's been in the past? Short answer, he doesn't (the fact that new raw materials and products may eclipse it and if we're still shoveling money over to a dying industry, the end-result would probably be deleterious to all involved except for a few steel magnets). Hopefully a smart fellow like Mr. Kudlow (if in fact he joins the Trump team) will steer the President away from such idiocy but we'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

On the Fact that What's Unique About White People Isn't so Much that They Had Slavery (Virtually Every Culture Has Engaged In the Practice) BUT THAT THEY ENDED IT!!

And not only did they end it in their countries, they ended it in pretty much every part of the world that they colonized. So, yeah, enough already with this moronic slavery guilt.

On the Fact that Vladimir Putin Recently Came Out and Blamed the Humanitarian Crisis In Europe On America's Middle Eastern Foreign Policy

So yet another world leader who's smarter than the Bushes, the Clintons, McCain, Obama, Graham, Liebermann, Cheney, etc.. Embarrassed yet? I am.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

On the Fact that I Will Never Rest Completely Until this Venal, Piece of Shit War-Whore Slithers All the Way Back to His Frayed Recliner and Shuts the Fuck Up FOREVER!!

Him and about two dozen other just like him..............................................................................................P.S. And yes, kudos to Tucker Carlson for rolling up a newspaper and smacking him on the nose with it the other night. Not a lot of the folks at Fox would have done that and so bully for him.

On Senator Rand Paul's Principled Opposition to President Trump's Atrocious Pick of Gina Haspel to Be the New Leader of the C.I.A. (the Fact that Haspel Strongly Supported Not Just the Idiotic Iraq War but Also the Vile Torture and Rendition Policies Which Accompanied it)

Must be extremely lonely being the only sane person inside the Beltway these days. I sure couldn't do it.

On the Bulbous Moron, Whoopi Goldberg, Once Saying that She Couldn't Think of a Single Example of White People Being Discriminated Against

Yeah, I guess that the bitch just isn't familiar with the fact that blacks get over 200 SAT points JUST FOR SHOWING UP and that black contractors (most of whom are already upper-middle class) get a significant number of set-aside jobs from the Feds.......And those are just two examples.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

On the Fact that There Are More Missing Children Per Capita BY A MILE In Virginia than Any Other State (with Most of Those Children Coming from Northern Virginia; Fairfax County, Richmond, etc.)

  And what makes this even more suspicious is the fact that less than half of the missing kids from Virginia have pictures posted on the NCMEC web-site (compared to 95 to 99% with the other 49 states). Look, I get it, this is considered a "conspiracy theory" by many of you but how is this not worth at least looking into (especially when we already have prominent people like Jeffrey Epstein, Dennis Hastert, Anthony Weiner, Jerry Sandusky, Jimmy Saville, Laura Silsby, Kevin Spacey, etc, etc. majorly compromised)?

On the Fact that All Four Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments Now Award Equal Prize Money to Men and Women - this, Despite the Fact that Men Bring In Nearly Twice the Viewership and Play Five Set Matches (the Women Only Play Three Set Matches)

So women don't really want equality but rather special treatment. That's good to know......moving forward.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

On the Idea of Denying Free Speech to Nazis

The problem here is that (and, yes, you'd have to be a total moron to not get this immediately) once something like this goes into effect, the political class and the dimwitted, state-educated population that supports them will immediately begin to widen the net and label pretty much anyone who disagrees with their idiotic views as a Nazi.......and before you know it, even the left will start eating itself.......Yeah, probably should just let the Nazis talk.

On Clinton Henchwoman, Jennifer Palmieri, Recently Tweeting that She Took a Cab-Ride with a Russian Driver and that She Feared for Her Life

Can you imagine if one of Trump's hammerheads had said something similar to this about a Muslim or Mexican driver? THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN TORN ASUNDER!! Not these Democrats, though...................................................................................................And how much longer are these clowns going to hammer away at this Russia foolishness? I mean, what do we have so far; a bogus dossier by some mentally deranged former British spy (bought and paid for by team Clinton and derived from Russian sources - but, no, no "collusion" here, folks), a nonexistent hack (per the Law of Fluid Dynamics it had to have been a leak and not a hack), and the arrest of 13 low-level Russian buffoons with zero connection to Trump? Time to move on, I say.

My Greatest Childhood Memory?

There were a great many but, yeah, those fingertip catches by Lance Alworth, RIGHT AT THE TOP!! 

Monday, March 12, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Psychologist and Researcher, Richard Haier) There Are Currently 50,000,000 Americans with an IQ of 85 and Under

And the sad fact is that a lot of the types of jobs that these folks used to do in the past are rapidly being automated......and which also begs the question, with so many potentially unemployable folks, why are we so hell-bent on bringing in a shitload more?......And, no, serving the function of making the Democrats a permanent majority isn't a good enough reason. Sorry.

On if Compelled Speech Ever Becomes the Law In America

I don't know about you people but me, I will die in prison before I ever let some drooling, ignorant, piece of shit, fascistic politician (a Sheldon Whitehouse, say) tell me what I can and cannot utter. And while, no, a scenario like this is unlikely to happen in the U.S.A. any time soon, I also have to say that when I see what's happening in Canada (with Senate Bill C-16 which literally makes it a crime to use the wrong gender pronoun and which introduces such fabricated words as zie, hir, eir, and ey because there aren't just two genders but dozens of them) and in Europe (where people are regularly arrested for "hate speech"), who the hell knows.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

On Vera-Ellen Putting the Smooth Moves On Danny Kaye In "White Christmas" and Danny Backpedaling Like a Scared Chipmunk

What can I say other than it was a much more innocent time (at least on screen)?

On the Fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center Just Did a Withering Hit-Piece On Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble

Yeah, I guess that the lodge that Fred and Barney hang out at doesn't allow in Neanderthals and Denisovans.......and so they therefore aren't inclusive enough. Wow, huh? Thank God for the Southern Poverty Law Center to point these atrocities out or how in the hell else would we ever manage?

On Ben Shapiro's Claim that the Allies Liberated Europe In WW2

I enjoy Ben and probably agree with him 60 to 80% of the time but this is a patently false statement in that not only did we NOT liberate Poland (that being the whole point of the fucking conflict), we also allowed virtually all of Eastern Europe to fall into the Soviet Sphere where those countries became little more than slave-states. Granted, the dude is probably talking about France, Norway, and the other Western European states that Hitler was occupying but even here there's some nuance that Ben is leaving out; namely, that it was England and France that first declared war on Germany and so Germany's invasion of France was purely a response measure (what, they were supposed to wait around for France to invade and then occupy them?) and that the German occupation of Norway was purely the result of them getting there before the British (they, too, had planned to take over Norway just like they had done in Iceland). Yeah, it was arguably a good thing to defeat the Nazis (though, yes, I would have much preferred that Germany remain strong to act as a counterweight to the much more dangerous Soviets - similar to Saddam Hussein being a counterweight to the Iranians) but I'm sorry, this whole glorifying of WW2 after the fact when it was the very definition of a pyrrhic victory really needs to stop.    

Saturday, March 10, 2018

On the Likelihood that "Safe Spaces" Make People Stupid

In the words of Cardinal John Henry Newman, "The human intellect does from opposition grow", and, so, yeah, the educators who advocate such a stultifyingly dumb concept as safe spaces are doing these students no good at all.

On the Fact that In 1999, NASA's James Hanson Uttered THIS -

"Empirical evidence does not lend such support to the notion that climate is headed precipitously toward more extreme heat and the U.S. there has been little temperature change in the past 50 years, the time of rapidly increasing greenhouse gasses - in fact, there was a slight cooling throughout much of the Century."............So was he lying then or is he lying now? My suspicion is that he's lying now and I base it upon the fact that he and his fellow criminals at NASA have continuously manipulated the data and that each and every time it has been to the advantage of their particular hypothesis (something that chance alone can't account for). That and there's just so much money and power at stake now - more that enough to keep this delusion running, Hanson leading the pack.  

On Why the Citizens of Crimea Voted Overwhelmingly to Rejoin Russia

Maybe because a) the region is largely composed of ethnic Russians who speak Russian and b) they didn't want to live under the thumb of N.A.T.O. and American influence 24/7. I mean, put yourself in their shoes. Would you want Russia or China to come in and mediate a possible secession of California or Texas? I certainly wouldn't (nor would I want a bellicose entity like N.A.T.O at our doorstep threatening war if we ever got out of line as N.A.T.O. has done to Russia by bringing in countries like Montenegro and Estonia).

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 3

Friday, March 9, 2018

On the Notion that the Planet Would Be Safer with Hillary as President

I have never been a big supporter of Trump (nor did I vote for him) but to say that we'd all be safer with Hillary in charge IS INSANE. I mean, this is a woman who a) destroyed Libya, b) helped funnel weapons to al Nusra in Syria, c) threatened Iran with a nuclear strike (her and her soul-sister, Theresa May, in Great Britain), d) exclusively used an unencrypted server while dealing with classified material, e) rubber-stamped the sale of advanced weaponry and aircraft to Saudi Arabia (and, yes, Trump is doing this, too, I'll grant you that), f) has threatened on numerous occasions a no-fly-zone over Syria (can you say, WW3?), and g) contributed to the instability in Ukraine by helping to install a neo-Nazi government.......In fact, if it wasn't for that damned vagina, you'd think that it was John McCain, for Christ!

On the Fact that (According to John Van der Zee's Volume, "Bound Over: Indentured Servitude and American Conscience") of the 5,000 English Indentured Servants (Most of Whom Were NOT Free-Willers but Rather Street Children, Prisoners, Vagrants, and Kidnapped Victims) Who Arrived In Maryland from 1670 to 1680, Less than 1,300 of Them Were Able to Prove Their Property Rights Post-Servitude and of Them Only 241 Ever Became Actual Landowners

Yeah, that white privilege was really ratcheting up, wasn't it?....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, of the 3,700 who failed to substantiate their property rights, approximately a third of them died while still in servitude and so bully for white privilege yet again, I guess.

On Discourse Versus Force

The hard-left seems to have hitched its wagon to the latter, sadly (the violence of slantheaded groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the fierce opposition to free speech, the glorification of Communism, etc.). 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

On the Fact that Even Though Slovakian President, Andrej Kiska, Is a Liberal and Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, Is a Conservative, Both of These Eastern European Heads of State Have Concluded that the Mass Migration of Third World People Into Their Countries is Not In Their Best Interests

Well, being the way that things have been playing out in England, Germany, Sweden, and France, good call, I say. 

On When Obama Told Mitt Romney that "the 1980s Are Calling and They Want Their Foreign Policy Back"

I'll take, "Statements that Have Come Home to Roost and In a Major Way", for a thousand, Alex (the fact that the Democrats didn't give a shit about Russia but because they lost an election and were fully humiliated by the WikiLeaks releases they had to blame someone and since the deep state and neocons had already blasted us full-throttle with propaganda about Putin, why not Russia, they must have thought). 

On the Fact that the Neocons Are Apparently More Upset by Obams's Nuclear Deal with Iran than They Are by the Fact that He and Hillary Destroyed Libya, Shipped Weapons to al Nusra In Syria, etc.

You want a definition for evil? Feel free to use this one. No charge...........................................................................................P.S. And, no, there still isn't a scintilla of evidence that the Iranian nuclear program was ever about building a weapon and if you continue to listen to Benjamin Netanyahu and the C.I.A. on this you're nuts. Flat out.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

On the Claim that White Counties Became Rich by Stealing the Natural Resources from Africa

Yeah, it's just another piece of bullshit that if you examine the Colonization Index from 1940, you'll see that England easily scored the highest in terms of colonization and yet they were only 16th when it came to per capita GDP among the modern industrial nations. IN FACT, a large percentage of the countries that scored higher than England NEVER COLONIZED PERIOD!!!!!...............................................................................................Of course the corollary accusation here is that the African counties were made poorer by colonization......and, yes, that, too, is absolute bullshit. I mean, just examine South Africa, the country on the continent that had the most contact with white Europeans. Their per capita GDP among the black population is three-fold that of the rest of the continent (Ethiopia by contrast, which only had to contend with Mussolini for a few years, remains dirt-poor) and, while, no, it wasn't always pretty, as long as we're comparing apples to apples, the point still stands.......................................................................................And finally (and, yes, this will trigger some folks), it's kind of hard to feel empathy for a group of people who complain about resources being expropriated when they themselves sat on these same resources for, you know, A HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS and didn't do a fucking thing with them. I mean, seriously, if you're gonna dwell on the past, maybe dwell on this fact for a while, I'M JUST SAYIN'...............................................................................................P.S. For a superb analysis of this subject I strongly recommend this clip in that the fellow totally nails it -  

On the Left's Emphasis on Equality of Outcome

I'll take, "Major-League Blueprints for the Worst Societies that the Human Spirit Has Ever Seen (i.e., Cuba, North Korea, the Soviet Union, Maoist China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, etc.)", for a thousand, Alex.

Monday, March 5, 2018

On the Fact that We Constantly Hear About the Supposed Six Million Jews Who Died During WW2 But Never About the Four Million Indians Who Died from Famine During that Same Period - Quick Addendum

What people have to realize is that much like the Irish consider Oliver Cromwell THEIR Hitler, the Indians have that same feeling about Lord Churchill and with ample reason, I would submit (his deliberate withholding of food - buttressed by his sheer bigotry - leading to one of the most devastating famines of modernity).

On the Fact that if the Desire to Retain a Country's Ethnic and Cultural Heritage and Makeup Is Bigoted Then the Entire Planet Is Bigoted

Well, except of course for the white countries. They're just suicidal (save for maybe Eastern Europe and Australia).

On the Fact that Some Moronic and Loathsome Swedish Feminist Recently Refused to Report an Afghan Refugee Who Had Sexually Molested Her Daughter Because She Was Afraid that that Individual Would Be Sent Back to Afghanistan -

I don't think that I've ever seen a country more on its knees than Sweden currently is, with a level of political correctness that is borderline pathological.......OF COURSE YOU WANT TO DEPORT THE STUPID FUCKING CRETIN, not just for the protection of your child but for the protection of all children. Come on, Sweden, wake up!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

On the Findings from a New Study Which Claim that 95.6% of All Violent Rapes In Sweden Are Being Perpetrated by Foreign-Born Men -

And gee, what a surprise, virtually none of these perps are from China, Japan, North Korea, the Philippines, or even India and virtually all of them are from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, and the rest of the Islamic countries. Talk about a societal death-wish (this combined with the fact that they want to bring in even more of these folks - with Swedish women being amongst the most vocal champions of this!!).

On N.A.T.O.'s Bombing of Albanian Refugees During the Kosovo Air-Campaign of 1999 -

> And the typical aftermath ensued, meaning a) initially lie that it ever took place, b) after that lie gets found out, lie again by blaming somebody else (in this case, Yugoslavia), and c) eventually own up to it but only by proclaiming that it was a mistake (they thought that it was a military target). I mean, a five year-old could write the damned script at this point....Jesus!

On the Fact that Every Single Prediction that These Population-Control and Resource-Depletion Crazies (from Tertullian to Thomas Malthus to Paul Ehrlich to Obama's Douche-Bag Science Adviser, John Holdren) Have Made Over the Years Haven't Just Been Wrong but Spectacularly Wrong (Predictions Ranging from Mass Starvation to Running Out of Oil, Water, Trees, and Pretty Much Everything Else)

Yeah, this is probably because they see humans as little more than these parasitic creatures whose only purpose is to wreak havoc on the planet and whose adaptation and innovation skills are so piss-poor that they'll eventually shit the bed. That and they're obviously brain-diseased and insular. Don't forget that. 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

On the Fact that We Constantly Hear About the Supposed Six Million Jews Who Died During WW2 But Never About the Four Million Indians Who Died from Famine During that Same Period

 Probably because these deaths were largely the by-product of Churchill's bigoted and callous policies and if we ever were to mention them, the glow of his greatness would probably shit the bed......and that can never happen. It seems.   

On the Fact that Trump Has Actually Gone so Far Now as to Claim that Trade Wars Are Good

So he's not just ignorant in terms of economics, he's ignorant about history, too (the role that tariffs played in bringing about both the Civil War and WW2 especially). Awesome.

Saturday Joni Break - Edition 2

On the Fact that the U.S. Went to War In 1917 for the Right of American Citizens to Travel in Fully Armed and Belligerent Merchant Ships that Were Carrying Thousands of Weapons and Millions of Rounds of Ammunition and Which Were Traveling Though Recognized War Zones

People talk about President Trump's fitness for office and while I more or less sympathize with that view (that he's a nut but not necessarily more of a nut than his four predecessors; Clinton, Obama, and the two Bushes), when you stack the dude up against Woodrow Wilson, a man who quite possibly made the biggest foreign policy blunder in human history (not just stupidly getting us involved in an unnecessary war but doing so in a manner that tilted the balance of power in Europe to such a degree that it sowed the seeds for Hitler's emergence and the Bolshevik revolution in Russia - neither of which would have likely happened had WW1 ended as a stalemate), he suddenly doesn't look so awful, does he? 

Friday, March 2, 2018

On Mr. Trump's Decision to Hitch His Presidency to the Economy

It's a massive mistake in that while things seem pretty decent now (especially the stock market), the fact of the matter is that the economy is largely being propped up by easy money, artificially low interest rates, and multiple bubbles (real estate, the stock market, student loan debt, the national debt, etc.) that simply cannot go on forever (though I did hear Dan Mitchell from Cato today proclaim that it could conceivably go on for decades in that the U.S. will probably be the final "domino" to fall; the fact that we're still the world's number one economy, possess the currency of choice, etc.). I mean, I understand that it is in the DNA of virtually every politician (even the nouveau ones like Trump) to try and take credit for the good things that take place during their tenure and all but damn, this whole thing could get ugly very fast and when it does guess who'll get blamed for it. Yeah, huh?

On the Fact that the Authorities In London Circa 1615 (As Well as Those from Virginia and the Bermuda Archipelago) Attempted to Redefine Their Illegal Detention and Ultimate Deportation of Street Children to the Colonies as Forced Laborers as this Grand Humanitarian Act

Yeah, I guess that their assertion was that these kids would learn a trade and ultimately be provided with some land after some set amount of time. Needless to say, this rarely if ever happened in that a) very few of these kids ever leaned a skill aside from back-breaking labor, b) most of them perished well before adulthood, and c) those that did get some land, it was generally in close proximity to Algonquin territory (where the welcome mat as a rule wasn't rolled out).............and, so, no, not a shitload of white privilege here anyway.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

On Trump Threatening Steel Tariffs Again

This guy went to the best business school on the planet at Penn and yet he still maintains that protectionism is sound economics. Unbelievable (the fact being that for every steel job that tariffs MIGHT save, you end up losing five or six in the steel-using industries - the same thing with sugar tariffs).

On the Fact that the Left of Yesteryear (People Like Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, etc.) Was Always Very Opposed to Institutions Like the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. but Now that These Agencies Have an Individual Like Trump In Their Crosshairs (this While Engaging In What Can Only Be Referred to as Shady Practices), Suddenly They've Become These Venerable, Trusted, Respected and Prized Institutions

With the biggest and most ham-handed apologists of all being in the media, which makes it even more tragic (the fact that the media should be holding these folks to account and they obviously aren't, acting instead as an accessory in this vile attempt to destroy a sitting President), I say.

On the Fact that the Charlie Hebdo Assassinations Were the Perfect Opportunity for the West to Have an "I Am Spartacus" Moment (with Every Print Publication Coming Together and Publishing that Damned Cartoon and Thereby Showing Islam that We Cannot Be Dictated to and that Our Tenet of Free Speech Is Not Negotiable) AND WE BLEW IT!!!!!

And you know what, we'll probably blow it again next time as well......and the time after that......and the...

On the West's Professed Love for Refugees

 Let's just say that it's a wee-bit inconsistent and other directed......and that the leftists will never admit that they were wrong about South Africa - EVER (this as we continue to take in massive numbers of Arabs and sub-Saharan Africans - very few of whom even attempt to assimilate).