Friday, September 30, 2016

On the Fact that Hillary Once Referred to Gennifer Flowers as "Trailer Trash" and Monica Lewinsky as a "Narcissistic Looney-Tune"

So, do these comments disqualify HER from being president?......Nah, I didn't think so.

On the Fact that Cecil John Rhodes, Founder of the Rhodes Scholarship, Was One of the Most Vile and Shameless Advocates of British Imperialism Ever and Had Even Called for Britain to Reclaim the United States as Late as 1877

He was also a fortune-hunter who through guile and cronyism was able to profiteer from the British annexation of the diamond-bearing region of the Orange Free State, a racist piece of shit who successfully got the British forces to pilfer a huge area of land to the north from the Matabele (later Called Rhodesia- get it?), and the individual who was most culpable for the second Boer War (the target of course here being the gold-ladened Transvaal) in which tens of thousands of civilians were starved to death in concentration camps.......So, ya' still feeling good about that scholarship, Rachel Maddow? 

On the Fact that the U.S. Ran Trade Surpluses All Throughout the Great Depression -

Please, somebody tell Trump (not that he'd admit that he was wrong about this, either; the fact that trade deficits are wholly unreliable indicator on the health of any economy).

On Trump, Birtherism, and the Debate

"I made a huge mistake and I apologize." That's all that the dude had to say.......and he couldn't do it. Speaks volumes, eh (the fact that he's a stubborn, egotistical, cynical, doltish, and buffoonish SOB who can't even admit the most glaring of miscues and who even tries to blame others for them; blaming Hillary for birtherism in this instance)?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

On the Fact that We Had Zero Qualms About Teaming Up with Stalin During WW2 but Today Find it Somehow Objectionable to Work with Putin to Destroy Radical Islam

A total head-scratcher, wouldn't you say?

On "Libertarians for Trump"

It makes no sense. a) He wants to radically increase military spending (which I differentiate from defense spending). b) He wants to radically increase infrastructure spending (can you say, boondoggles for as long as the eye can see?). c) He's a protectionist, a nativist, and a bloke who's probably never read so much as a page of Hayek, Say, or Bastiat. d) He wants to raise the minimum-wage (mustn't have taken Econ 101 at Penn). And e) he wants to create out of whole cloth a brand-new government entitlement involving childcare. You might as well just vote for that monkey-lover, Jill Stein, for Christ.

On the Fact that Rachel Maddow and the Rest of Those Slant-Headed Infra-Humans at MSNBC Actually Tried to Portray the Riots and Looting in Charlotte as "Largely Peaceful" (I Shit You Not)

None of those large rocks that were thrown from the bridge on to unsuspecting motorists below (not to mention their families) must have landed on their expensive vehicles apparently.......Unbelievable, huh? 

On the Fact that Oprah Winfrey Once Claimed that MILLIONS of Blacks Were Lynched in Amerca

Yeah, she's a wee-bit off. According to Tuskegee University, a total of 4,743 individuals (most of whom were accused of criminal activity and often in areas where law-enforcement was far away) were lynched from 1882 to 1968 and 27.3% of these folks were white. Yes, it was a dark period in American history (we're all opposed to vigilantism, I suspect) but nothing is ever gained from misinformation and hyperbole. Nothing.............And, no, Ms. Winfrey wasn't fact-checked by the mainstream media.

On George Soros of Late

Hasn't funded Black Lives Matter enough.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

On the Book that Keith Lamont Scott Was Supposedly Reading Prior to Being Shot by a Racist White, err, I Mean, Black, Cop in Charlotte the Other Day

Yeah, it's titled, "Nine Millimeter Handgun, Not a Book", and was written by William Makepeace Thuggery....Quite a page-turner, I've been told.

On the Fact that a Black Individual Is Almost 60 Times More Likely (When You Norm for Population) to Be Killed by Another Black Person than They Are by a White Person; .77 per Million Compared to 53.94 per Million -

And Black Lives Matter is worried about the .77. How fucking moronic. 

On the Brutal Cost of Losing to Teams that You Should Beat

North Carolina State has a murderous schedule this year and so it was imperative (if they wanted a winning record and a bowl invitation) that they win the games that they're supposed to.......and, so, yeah, losing to East Carolina represents a huge problem. But it also goes far beyond wins and losses in that within a few days of that game, N.C. State also lost two of their best verbal commitments for 2017; wide receiver, Emeka Emezie, and defensive back, Jacobe Clement (both of whom are currently rated in the Rivals top 30 of North Carolina high school seniors). Yeah, they could eventually get them back in the fold (not to mention, their ball-coach off of the hot-seat) but they had better start winning (starting this Saturday against a much improved Wake Forest squad). 

On the Fact that if Soldiers Can Get Shot at, Bombed, Tortured, etc. and Still Somehow Find a Way to Move on, I Kinda Think that These Gender-Studies and African-American-Studies Majors Can Handle an Occasional Differing Opinion or Two Without Being "Triggered"

Or maybe not (the fact that maybe we've created a permanently offended generation of buffoons who would much prefer to stay insular, shout people down, etc.). Who knows.  

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

On if a Bunch of White Thugs Had Attacked an Innocent Black Man, Tore His Clothes Off, and Then Dragged Him Across a Parking Garage Floor

  Well, we know how the guttersnipes at MSNBC would cover it (and, yes, in this instance, with ample justification), correct?  

On the Fact that Jimmy Fallon Got Excoriated Just for Being Civil to Donald Trump

There is so much bile on the left these days, and do they simply not realize how silly and idiotic that they look (they almost started a riot last week at Cal State Los Angeles when a small on-campus conservative group asked Ben Shapiro to speak there - yet another example of their lunacy)?

On the Fact that a Young Asian Student with a Perfect ACT Score, a 2230 Score on the SAT, and a Weighted Grade Point Average of 4.6 Was Rejected by Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Stanford -

Gee, it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that the dude's Asian, could it (the fact that only the elitist leftists would be so stupid as to discriminate against a minority that was essentially treated like garbage for over a century just to appease another minority that see as more deserving on the oppression rating-scale)? Didn't think so (and by, didn't think so, I actually mean, metaphysically think so and want to blow chow over it).

On CNN's Post Debate Coverage Last Night

Six people criticizing Trump (seven if you include the increasingly more and more difficult to stomach host, Anderson Cooper), two people defending the guy. So, no, not even remotely balanced (though, yes, it was better than MSNBC, where even the Republican pundits - Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace - fall all over themselves in a rank effort to virtue-signal, be liked, etc.).

Monday, September 26, 2016

On this Little Ann Miller Piece from 1954

  Three words; holy fucking moley.

On the Fact that Hillary Lambasted Trump for Prematurely Calling the Recent Explosions in New York, "Bombs"

Some problems here. a) Hillary herself had called them bombs several minutes prior to the Trump criticism. b) CNN proceeded to edit out the section where Hillary made this comment. And c) Anyone with as much as a 6th grade sensibility would have come to the same conclusion in that garbage cans have a strong tendency to NOT explode on their own. Yeah, Trump may have jumped the gun a little but to excoriate him for this AND provide cover for the pants-suited war monger is a wee-bit over the line, I think.

On Tonight's Trump, Clinton Debate

I'd rather watch a repeat of the Billie Jean King, Bobby Riggs tennis match from 1973.......and if there's nothing else on, I just might.

On that Chick at the Emmys Who Compared Trump to Hitler

It's generally best not to go there but if we're keeping score (the fact that Hitler and Hillary both favor high taxes, strong government control over the economy, gun control, invading other countries, etc.), it doesn't look all that peachy, does it?

On the Fact that Bill Clinton Once Referred to Milosevic as "a New Hitler" (an Obvious Attempt to Justify for His Barbaric Two and a Half Month Air Campaign in Serbia in Which Schools, TV Stations, Water Supplies, Public Housing Areas, Sewage Treatment Plants, Hospitals, Daycare Centers, etc. Were Bombed into Oblivion)

Total bullshit. a) The Hitler card has been played so much that it's become totally meaningless (everyone can't be the next Hitler). b) The vast majority of the accusations that were leveled by the U.S. and N.A.T.O. have shown to be little more than propaganda (there was no evidence of massacred civilians or mass graves, for example, and the forced deportation of ethnic Albanians from Kosovo by the Serbs didn't transpire until AFTER the bombing started). And c) it was pure hypocrisy on the part of the West to denigrate Milosevic while at the same time supporting dictatorial scum such as Bosnian President, Alija Izetbegovic, and Croatian President, Franjo Tudjman (the latter of whom actually wrote a book that praised Hitler and advocated genocide), and a terrorist outfit like the Kosovo Liberation Army. In fact, I might even go as far as to say that this was a little wagging of the puppy and that Bubba was simply trying to change the subject. Call me jaded but that's what it looks like to me.   

On the Fact that in Early 1999, U.S. and N.A.T.O. Forces Dropped 20,000 Tons of Bombs on the Former Yugoslavia, a Significant Amount of Which Landed on Schools, Power-Plants, Water Supplies, Public-Housing Units, Sewage Treatment Plants, Hospitals, Daycare Centers, etc. -

And Clinton got impeached for what; allowing some dumb snatch to give him a rim-job and fibbing about it to Kenneth Starr later? Wow, huh (off-the-charts irony, aside)?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Take it Away, Mr. Maddow"

Yeah, Jones is a little "out there", for sure. But at least he (unlike Maddow, who tries so hard to sound smart but comes off as a total moron) can be entertaining at times (his retort to her little diatribe, for example, was absolutely sidesplitting) and for that reason I'd pick him (if I had to pick one). 

On Hillary Asking Her Audience, "so, Why Aren't I 50 Points Ahead?"

Let's see, how 'bout, you're a liar, an incompetent buffoon, a war-monger, a race-baiter, an asshole, a surface-thinking idiot, an elitist, a condescending bitch, a demagogue, a career politician who's contemptuous of the voters, and a tyrannical statist? Those reasons sufficient enough?.................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, her opponent is a train-wreck, too, and that's why HE isn't 50 points ahead of HER.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

On the Fact that from 1991 to 1995, it Was Croatia that Committed the Most Substantial "Ethnic-Cleansing" During Yugoslavia's Civil War, Depopulating the Krajina of Over a Half Million Ethnic Serbs Through Forced-Emigration and Cold-Blooded Murder and Doing so Under the Direct Supervision of the U.S. Military and Other N.A.T.O. Forces

And yet we vilified the Serbs nonstop and blamed them for everything. Nice going U.S. government, you perpetual war-machine, disseminators of propaganda, etc..

On Alex Jones's Paranoiac Claim that Machines Are Going to Totally Replace Humans in the Work-Force and Make Us All Expendable

If the dude was as big a student of history as he claims to be he would know that this is hardly an original sentiment. The fact of the matter is that all throughout history people have thought that technology would create mass unemployment and it never has. Yes, certain jobs in certain sectors have been lost but they have always been replaced by other jobs (farm jobs replaced by factory jobs, factory jobs replaced by tech jobs, etc.) and for the most part people have been better off (what, you want to bring back those iron-lung manufacturing jobs?). If you're asking me, this fellow really needs to take a chill-pill.

On the Heroic British Defense of Rorke's Drift (Depicted in the Epic 1964 Movie, "Zulu") at the Beginning of the Anglo-Zulu War (Which the Brits Started, FYI) Circa 1879

It was actually one of the few valiant episodes in what was clearly a piece of shit imperial conflict (the fact that the British did virtually everything possible to provoke the Zulus in an effort to destroy their army permanently; the making of ridiculous ultimatums, for example)....And don't you just love the way that these Anglophiles try to focus primarily on this and all but ignore the absolutely crushing and humiliating defeat six days earlier at the Battle of Isandhlwana in which the British lost 1,400 men (most of whom were horribly mutilated after death)? I mean, talk about putting a good face on shit..........................................................................................................P.S. It also should be pointed out that the British tried desperately to get the Boers to join them in this war against the Zulus and that the Boers almost to a man refused (they considered it an "unrighteous war")....You know, just in case you wanted to put every white African in the same basket. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

On the Charlotte Police Shootings

Yeah, I'm gonna go with Milwaukee 2.0 on the one, folks (the fact that it was a black cop - reporting to a black police commissioner - killing a gun-wielding black criminal with white people getting blamed and attacked for it, black rioters burning down their own neighborhood, and the leftist media walking on eggshells/pushing the white racism agenda), pure and simple.

On the Fact that a 46 Year-Old Woman and Her Two Teenage Daughters Were Viciously Attacked by Black Lives Matter Protesters in Stockton, California the Other Day -

Gee, I wonder of Hillary is going to lecture black people collectively about this (you know, like she did to white folks the other day on the Steve Harvey Show in response to questionable police shootings; "come on, white people, we're better than this"). My guess is that she won't.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

On Mrs. Clinton's Claim that We Are "Stronger Together"

Just as long as it isn't forced on us at the point of a bayonet (the fact that there are clearly some degenerates out there who I wish not to be "together" with, the fact that I much prefer voluntary associations, etc.), I'm fine.

On the Fact that Radical Feminist, Anita Sarkeesian, Actually Went to the United Nations Bellyaching About Being Picked On Online (and, No, I'm Not Talking About Threats Here - Just People Calling Her Nuts and Explaining Why) and Tried to Get Them to Do Something to Stop it (to Squash Free Speech, in Other Words)

I don't know, folks. It looks like the stuff that we used to call "soft fascism" is finally beginning to congeal a bit. Frightening, huh?  

On Bono Saying that Donald Trump Is Potentially the Worst American "Idea" of All Time

Really? Worse than slavery, worse than the Trail of Tears, worse than Sherman's march through South Carolina and Georgia, worse than our occupation of the Philippines, worse than our involvement in WW1 (a war between European imperial powers), worse than the internment of Japanese-Americans in WW2 (the ghoulish FDR even sending thugs down to South America and kidnapping Japanese citizens of those nations), worse than Jim Crow, worse than sending 500,000 American troops to Vietnam, worse than the Iraq War, worse than the cancelling of Arrested Development (sorry, had to break the tension), etc.? Wow, this Trump guy must really be awful.........................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, this is coming from a guy who runs a charity that in 2008 only used about 1.3% of the millions that it received in donations to, you know, ACTUALLY HELP FOLKS - - so consider the source.

On Rick Perry Being a Contestant on Dancing with the Stars

Well, being that they don't have a clown competition yet, I guess that this'll have to hold us for a while.................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I'm having a hard time envisioning George Mason, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Nathaniel Macon, James Madison, etc. doing something like this. A real hard time. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

On the Fact that George H.W. Bush Is Reportedly Voting for Clinton

One war-monger and consolidator of state power voting for another war-monger and consolidator of state power is supposed to gob-smack us, I guess....What a strange world this is.

On the Fact that in the Early 1980s, Homeless Advocate, Mitch Snyder, Had Claimed that There Were 3,000,000 Homeless People in the U.S.

Yeah, the dude made it up out of whole cloth (the real number being closer to 300,000 - about a tenth of what he was claiming - you staring to see a trend here yet (special interest whores exaggerating like madmen in an effort to push their agendas)? I am.

On the Likelihood that the Banning of DDT Was the Greatest Man-Made Disaster Ever (the Fact that this Act Unquestionably Caused the Deaths of Millions of Poor People World-Wide - a Figure Based on the Number of Lives that the Substance Had Saved Prior to its Banning - with the Hard-Core Environmental Lobby and U.S. Federal Government with William Ruckelshaus as the EPA Director Leading the Way)

And not one single person paid a price for this EVER. Unbelievable.................................................................................................P.S. And as for the leftist line that some mosquitoes had developed a tolerance to DDT and so what's the big deal, they fail to mention that DDT is also a repellent and that a simple wall-spraying twice a year would have been sufficient to keep most mosquitoes away....Yeah, just a small omission. 

On the War Metaphor in Politics (the War on this, the War on that)

How 'bout a war on these moronic and hyperbolic war metaphors? Isn't it about time for one of those?

On the Fact that the Kosovo Liberation Army Was Considered by Many in Bill Clinton's State Department to Be a Terrorist Organization but Once We Started Raining Bombs All Over Serbia and Bosnia, Yeah, Not so Much (and in Fact Were Considered an Ally)

Don't you just love the situational ethics of our government when it comes to war and foreign policy? I mean, it's almost a thing of beauty (and, yes, by a thing of beauty I actually mean a thing of wretchedness, bullshit/deceit, idiocy, depravity, etc.). 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On the Concept of Paying Surly, Inexperienced, and Low-Skilled Teenagers $15 an Hour When Their Actual Marginal Revenue Product Is Closer to 6 to $8 an Hour

It's ludicrous on so many levels. a) It's a price control and price controls have always shown to be harmful to the economy (can you say, Hoover and Nixon?). b) By raising the minimum-wage that high you'd be making it significantly harder for young people to get that first entry-level job and probably raising teen unemployment. c) Being that the money isn't legitimately earned in the market place, we risk the possibility that these young people will develop a sense of entitlement and a something for nothing attitude. And d) teenagers for the most part don't need the money (one of the main problems of the minimum-wage is that it's a blunt instrument and never means-tested) and so why pray-tell should we hand it over to them? And it's just bad economics (as in not even understanding Econ 101) pure and simple.

On Obama Saying Today that "if You See Something, Say it"

So kind of like those teachers in Texas did with "clockboy", in other words. Got it!

On the Fact that in 1992, Gloria Steinem Claimed that 150,000 Girls and Women Die Every Year from Anorexia

Yeah, the gal was a wee-bit off, as in 277,860% off (the actual number according to the American Anorexia and Bulimia Association being less than 60). Oh yeah, the left is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scientific....Dumb shits.

On the Fact that for 16 YEARS, from 1854 When the Brits Finally Granted the Boers Their Own Independent States; the Orange Free State and the South African Republic to 1870, the British Had Absolutely Nothing to Do with These Territories but When Diamonds Were Discovered There, They Suddenly (and Through Subterfuge) Decided that this Region Which Added "No Lustre to the Crown" and Which Secured Zero "Genuine Interests" Was Worthy of One More Look After All

This is the whole history of South Africa in a nutshell; the Boers finding a place to live and the British ultimately showing up and taking it from them. It happened in 1795, 1806, 1839, 1840, and finally in 1871. You want to know why the British empire was so hated? Start here maybe.........................................................................................................P.S. It also should be stated here that this particular episode of British overreach was especially despicable in that they tried to justify their invasion by saying that the Boers were attempting to enslave the neighboring mixed-race Griqua people (the real reason of course being that they wanted the precious stones), an absolute and unmitigated piece of slander that no reputable historian (even the Anglophiles) accepts.

Monday, September 19, 2016

On the Fact that Hillary Has Wanted to Be President for Her Entire Adult Life and Now Faces at Least a 40 to 45% Chance that She Will Lose that Opportunity to a Big, Bloated Orange Man Whose Previous Claim to Fame Was Being a Construction Mogul and Reality TV Star, Who Almost Literally Got Involved in Politics an Hour and 45 Minutes Ago, and Who Under Any Other Circumstances Would Probably Be Defeated by a Diseased Farm Animal in a Mayoral Race for Petticoat Junction

Yeah, I'm not gonna need a laugh-track for this one. No sir.

On Kristen Bell's Mind-Numbingly Stupid and Aggressively Unfunny Wage-Gap Video Spoof in Which She Essentially Undermines Her Own Point in the First 20 Seconds

Yeah, she starts off by trying to get employers to start hiring more women at 77 cents on the dollar to men, failing to realize that if in fact the world actually did work this way, THERE WOULD BE NO INCENTIVE FOR BUSINESSES TO EVER HIRE ANOTHER MAN......FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!! HELLO!!!!! The fact of the matter is that when you control for all of the intervening variables, there is no wage gap and in some instances the women actually make more than men (see the previous post). I mean, I understand that an actor with an IQ in the mid-90s probably doesn't have the capacity to unpack the data like this but enough already (and, yes, this applies to brain-diseased sites like the Huff-Po as well)!!

On the Fact that (According to Time Magazine) When You Control for all the Different Variables (Age, Profession, Years of Continuous Experience, Education, Hours Worked, etc.), Women Actually Make About 8% MORE than Men in 147 of America's 150 Largest Cities

Choke on that, Kristen Bell, Patricia Arquette, Meryl Streep, Mark Ruffalo, and the rest of you slant-headed, below-the-mean IQ actors and actresses who continue to parrot this hugely discredited wage-gape BS. The jig is up (not that it wasn't already) and, please, take my advice and stick to performing (you know, before you start to look even more moronic).   

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hillary's New Web-Site?

Yeah, it's called Please, check it out some time and learn first hand how to overthrow governments, take money from vile dictators, funnel weapons into the hands of terrorists, and destabilize entire regions of the world.......Kind of a "how-to" site, in other words.

On the Fact that Even in the 21st Century, Zulu Leader, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Repeatedly Warned the Ba'Ntu (Not to Mention, Pinko) Dominated ANC Government (Led of Course by the Loathsome Mandela) Not to Constantly Humiliate the Afrikaner

Yeah, they should have listened (the fact that the country is currently one of the most corrupt, racist, and violent on the planet with the marginalization of the white population undoubtedly one of the major causes).

On the Fact that Donald Trump Wants to Spend Billions More on Defense, Billions More on Infrastructure, Institute Protectionism, Develop a Universal Healthcare System (Obamacare Lite I'm guessing), and Create Out of Whole Cloth a Brand New Entitlement (Pertaining to Childcare)

Maybe I'm missing something here but what part of this platform is conservative?...'Cause I'm not seeing it....................................................................................................P.S. And, please don't say the military part in that that little fetish of the right is a relatively recent phenomenon (beginning with Reagan) and has nothing to do with the original conservatism of Russell Kirk, Robert Taft, etc. (this, though I do give Trump some credit for not spouting neocon rubbish 24/7 and still think that the fellow is far less dangerous than say a Chris Christie or a Rudy Giuliani).

On the Fact that the Self-Described Feminist Prime-Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, Recently Attended a Gender Segregated Muslim Event in Ottawa

I've known Down Syndrome kids who were more enlightened than this asshole (the fact that he actually finds it conceivable to be a feminist and not call these medieval jerks out for their rank misogyny).    

Friday, September 16, 2016

On Democratic Miscreant, Ramrod, and Operative, Stephanie Cutter, Upping the Hillary Ante and Proclaiming that ALL of Donald Trump's Supporters Are Deplorable

Wow, she's even more of a piece of shit than she was in 2012 and that's saying a lot........................................................................................................P.S. And, while, yes, some of Trump's supporters are unsavory, at least none of these folks a) lied to the families of the Benghazi victims, b) lied to the American people (in both instances claiming that some cockamamie Youtube video was the reason for these attacks - this, after having messaged one's own family that it had been a planned terror attack), or c) exposed America's top secrets through the reckless use of a private Email server and then lying every which way but loose about it.......You know, like the POS candidate that she supports?   

On My Teens and 20s

Didn't get drunk, stoned, and make fun of Barry Manilow enough.

On the Fact that President Nixon Literally Did Everything that the Left Could Have Possibly Wanted and They Still Hated The Guy's Guts

He wasn't one of them and simply not elite enough. In a nutshell.

On Bogus Nude Pictures

Alright, the one of a ninety-something Kitty Carlisle was amusing.

On the Fact that (According to Historian, Philip J. Schwartz) 53% of the African-Americans Sent to Liberia Between 1820 and 1843 by the American Colonization Society Were Freed-Blacks

Says a shit-load about the motives of those abolitionists, wouldn't you say? I would.................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, it also should be pointed out that a fair percentage of these freed-blacks ended up getting wiped out by the indigenous Africans, something that if we had followed President Lincoln's plan of mass deportation would have no doubt ended in a epic catastrophe.  

On the Haitian Hatred of the Clintons

  It appears to be burgeoning and the CNN and MSNBC camera crews are where exactly? HIDING?

And Bernie Sanders Doesn't Have to Theorize as Why this Piece of Human Debris (the a Fore Mentioned Killer Mike) Is Supporting His Presidential Run

Why exactly? I mean, there couldn't possibly be a double-standard (Trump having to explain David Duke but Bernie and Hillary getting a free-pass when it comes to some of their more unsavory minions), could there?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

On the Fact that Killer Mike's Video in Which He Asks, "When You Niggas' Gon' Unite and Kill Those Police Mother-Fuckers?", Is Still Up on Youtube

I guess that it meets their "community standards".

On the Brain-Diseased Neocon Notion that Replacing Russian Hegemony (if You Can Call it that) Over Ukraine with U.S. and NATO Hegemony Over Ukraine Is a Good Thing for World Peace, Human-Rights, etc.

Yeah, it only makes sense if you think that putting neo-Nazis in command of a sovereign nation and then placing the entire planet on the precipice of WW3 is where you want to steer the ship. Otherwise, no.

On the Fact that I Entered a Room Recently in Which One Person Had $7 and Anther Person Had $1, Put a Gun to the Head of the Guy with $7 and Made Him Give 3 of Those Dollars to the Guy with only 1, and Then Just Mosied on Looking for Similar Good Deeds to Do

So, am I a progressive yet?

On the Fact that Sean Hannity Has Gone from Hating Julian Assange (the Fact that Assange Had Previously Uncovered Countless Documents Which Were Embarrassing to George W. Bush) to Lathering the Dude with Praise and Good Wishes

Hannity is a man with zero moral compunction and I have to be honest with you here. Prior to this 2016 election, I had really thought that the most sycophantic that a Presidential candidate's coverage could get was that Keith Olbermann hero-worshiping BS of Obama in 2008 but I was wrong in that not only is Hannity shilling for Donald (sometimes even planting words in his mouth) he has quite literally perverted his own ideology to fit Trump (nixing the neoconservatism, becoming a protectionist, and now even accepting Trump's massive new childcare entitlement proposal). The whole thing is embarrassing and if you still don't think that Hannity is a tool and a useful idiot then you're just not persuadable. Peace out, people.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Down Goes Frazier!! Down Goes Frazier!!

  Sorry, couldn't resist.

On Chris Hayes's Claim that "the View that Blacks Are More Violent than Whites Is a Racist View"

Again, it depends on what you mean here. If a person says that black people are genetically prone to be more violent than whites, yeah, that might be a racist view (or at the very minimum a view that presently can't be substantiated totally by the available research). BUT if he or she merely points to the available crime statistics (supplied by the FBI and most major city police departments) and states the obvious (namely, that black people commit far more violent crime and far more interracial crime than whites), then, no, that is most assuredly NOT a racist view and Chris Hayes is a fucking demagogue who intentionally kept it opaque because a) he knows that his audience is laced with nimrods who won't unpack the statement and b) it was the easiest way to demonize Trump.......Yeah, I'm on to these folks. 

On the Fact that Even Though the Official Death-Tallies at Auschwitz and Majdanek Were Reduced by 2.5 Million and 1.9 Million Respectively, the Overall Death-Toll of 6 Million (a Number that the Zionists Had Been Throwing Around for Years Even Prior to WW2) Remained Unchanged

It's ludicrous (not to mention, tyrannical) and the fact that even mentioning this can get you arrested in Germany, France, Canada, etc. makes it even more so. Hopefully the U.S. can continue to ward off these fascist attempts to squelch free-speech but with the likes of Trump and Hillary lurking the background, who the hell knows.    

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

On the Fact that Both of These Performers Are Considered Musical Geniuses but as Anybody with Even a Scintilla of Gray-Matter Can Tell You, Only One of Them Is and it Isn't the Pecker-Head on the Bottom

And what a sad trajectory it's been, hey, folks (the fact that black music has gone from Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk to the cavalcade of miscreant hip-hop stars that we're presently forced to listen to)? 

On the Fact that the News Media's Approval Rating Has Cratered All the Way to 6%

Yeah, that's what happens when you put degenerates like Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow, Eric Bolling, and Chris Hayes front and center. You become a joke the public looks elsewhere....6%, I'm surprised that it's that high.

On Hillary Saying that Half of Donald Trump's Supporter Are "Deplorable and Irredeemable"

Yeah, some of Trump's supporters are unsavory, no doubt. But half? And am I the only person who sees the irony in accusations of this magnitude being levied by a douche-bag who herself is about as "deplorable" as it gets (she lied to the families of the victims of the Benghazi attacks, for Christ!)? Hopefully, I am not.

On the Fact that Even Though it Was the U.S. and NATO that Started the Civil Unrest in Ukraine (Toppling the Legitimate Government and Instead Inserting a Bunch of Neo-Nazi Thugs), Everybody from the Most Slant-Headed Progressive to the Most Knuckle-Dragging Neocon Is Attempting to Pin this Shit on Putin and Russia

It is the same pattern over and over and over again; a) the U.S. starts to meddle in affairs that are none of our damned business, b) it then proceeds to demonize the opposition (whether it be the Kaiser, Pancho Villa, Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Saddam Hussein, Milosevic, or now Putin) to an almost cartoonish proportion, and c) a repeat of step a but this time with much more propaganda and gusto.............Oh and, yeah d) we, the public, continue to drink the Kool-Aid. Let us not forget d.

On the Claim Made by Seymour Hersh and Julian Assange that Hillary Clinton Used Libya as a Conduit to Funnel Weapons to Jihadis in Syria and that a Lot of These Weapons Are Now in the Hands of ISIS and al Qaeda

So how many more countries does this chick (in lock-step with her fellow war-mongers; John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Samantha Power, etc.) have to destroy before we finally get the message? Me, I'm already there.

Monday, September 12, 2016

On the Fact that George Soros Is Trying to Get Europe to Accept 1,000,000 North-African and Middle-Eastern Refugees a Year in Perpetuity

This, while he encourages Israel to accept not a one. How convenient!

On the Fact that Officially the Monstrous Zulu Leader, Diangane, Was Never Found After He Was Deposed

This, though there once was a rumor that the Swazi had ultimately captured him and that their High-Chief, Sobhuza, really made him suffer (a retribution for all of the vile Zulu atrocities and an action that I would plainly put into the "shit happens" category).

Or the Fact that that Epidemic of Black on Asian Violence in San Francisco Has Now Spread All the Way North and East to Sacramento with the Media Pretty Much Trying to Cover it Up There as Well

    Not all minorities are created equal, I guess..................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, my advice to all of these beleaguered West Coast Asians whose propensity is to NOT fight back would be to start fighting back by a) buying a weapon and b) not being afraid to use it.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

On the Fact that (According to John Bird's, "Annals of Natal, Volume 1") 93% of the Forces Who Attacked the Monstrous Dingane in January of 1840 (Deposing Him Permanently) Were Zulu Defectors and Swazi Warriors Led by the Honorable Chiefs, Sobhuza, Mpande, Matuwane, and Jobe

Proof positive that this wasn't a racial thing. The harsh reality is that Dingane was one of the greatest villains of the 19th Century and no one should shed even a single tear that he was ultimately destroyed. NO ONE...................................................................................................P.S. It should also be pointed out that once Dingane was deposed and Mpande became the new Zulu leader, the Zulu and the Afrikaner lived in peace (respecting each other's borders) for multiple decades and BOTH were hounded continuously by the Brits. More untold history.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

On the Fact that New York Mets Representatives Are Actually Saying that the Signing of Tim Tebow to a Minor League Contract Was a "Baseball Decision" and Had Absolutely Nothing to Do with Publicity

And did I mention that the representatives' names were Pinocchio, Trump, and Clinton? I shit you not.

On the Fact that in the Leftist's Mind (and, Yes, I'm Using the Term with a Certain Degree of Generosity Here), Every Economic Problem Is Always the Result of "Greedy Capitalists", "Crooked Banksters", and/or "Evil Corporations" and Has Absolutely Nothing to Do with Government Policy, Regulations, Taxation, the Unintended Consequences of These Things, etc.

When your only tool is a circular saw, everything looks like wood.

The Third Islamic Invasion?

"One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go as friends. Because they will go there to conquer. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory." Houari Boumediene, Algerian President, 1976 to 1978.............As a classical liberal, my proclivity has always been to support immigration. But as I watch what is transpiring in Europe today (a mass influx of individuals who seemingly don't share Western values and who also seem to be traversing to countries in which they can get free stuff) and combine it with statements like this one (in which they essentially telegraph their plan) and just a general glance at Islamic history in general (the first Muslim Empire, the Ottoman Turkish Empire, the multiple attacks on Vienna, the 700 year occupation of Spain, etc.), yeah, I have a little bit of pause now. I mean, don't you? 

Friday, September 9, 2016

On Rachel Maddow's Uncomfortable 15 Minute Polemic Against Alex Jones Last Night

Yeah, that was some low-hanging fruit (the fact that of course Alex Jones is a nut-job) and aren't we just so lucky to have a crack and unbiased journalist like Rachel Maddow to spoon-feed it to us (this, as I was watching the chick drone on and on, gesticulate like a damned lunatic, stutter and stammer as if she was on something, stringing together more and more polysyllabic gibberish, etc. and ultimately concluding that that sage old adage, "it takes one to know one", has never been truer)? I'm serious (as in, not even remotely).  

On the Fact that a Lot of Historians Have Tried to Assert that the Battle of Blood River in 1838 (Between the Trek Boers and the Zulus) Was an Unfair and Unequal Struggle and that the Result was Predictable

Total bullshit. a) The Boers were outnumbered by at least 22 to 1 (460 versus 10,000 to 15,000). b) The Zulu DID have firearms (taken from the Brits in various skirmishes and from the Boers after the Umgungundmovu Massacre). And c) (and as Harry Booyens has adroitly pointed out in "Ama Bhulu") under almost identical circumstances, the British were completely routed by the Zulu 41 years later at the Battle of Isandhlwana. I mean, I understand that these facts are difficult for some folks to hear but the truth of the matter is that the Boers achieved such a resounding victory not based solely upon some unfair advantage but much more because of the brilliant tactical planning of Andries Pretorius and the unbelievable bravery of those 460 men (dozens of whom were Khoe Khoe and dissident Zulu who hated Dingane even more than the Boers did). Sorry but yeah. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My All-Time Favorite Rosanne Cash Song?

   This one.

On the Fact that Youtube Suspended Colin Flaherty's Videos Which Expose the Harsh Reality that Black Mob Violence and Black on White Violence Are Ridiculously Out of Proportion but Continues to Allow Killer Mike's Violent and Threatening Cop-Despising Video to Run Unimpeded

Surprised? I'm not (the fact that Youtube is run by the same people who run Google and we all know how biased that those leftists are).

A Better Job of Listening, Mrs. Clinton?

  OK, how 'bout we start with this fellow? I'm game.

On the Fact that the Press's First Question for Hillary When They Finally Got a Chance to Talk to Her Recently Was, "How Was Your Labor Day Weekend?"

Yeah, the media is totally in the tank for this bitch and, boy, does it ever show (they were probably afraid that they'd get roped-off again)......."How was your Labor Day weekend?" Wow, what a grilling, huh?

On the Fact that the U.S. Women's Soccer Team Recently Lost a Scrimmage, 8 to 2, to the U.S. Men's 17 and Under Squad (to High School Kids, in Other Words) -

So not only do these chicks bring in infinitely less revenue, they also suck big time. Oh yeah, they deserve equal wages - NOT!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

On the Fact that 87 Year-Old Ursula Haverbeck Was Recently Sentenced to Eight Months in a German Prison Simply for Questioning Various Aspects of the Holocaust Narrative - this While the 90 Year-Old "Holocaust Survivor" and Serial Prevaricator, Gena Turgel, Continues to Be Lauded 24/7

Again, why is the Holocaust the only episode in all of human history that cannot be examined, debated, or even fucking talked about (the American Civil War, the French Revolution, Darwinism, the Great Depression, the Crusades, the reigns of Genghis Khan and Oliver Cromwell - all of these things are fair game but the Holocaust isn't - it makes no sense)? Yes, we need to be respectful but as many before me have stated, the truth needn't ever fear examination and speech must never be denied (threats excepted of course).


On the Fact that HLN Cancelled Dr. Drew's Program Only Several Days After He Questioned Not Just Mrs. Clinton's Health but Her Healthcare (the Fact that She's on Coumadin, for Example, an Old Drug that Is Rarely Used These Days) -

It could be a coincidence (I guess that they're also deep-sixing Nancy Grace - THANK GOD!). But how many more coincidences are the Clintons allowed before we start to get a wee-bit suspicious? I mean, they are beginning to stockpile (Bill Clinton's "chance" meeting with the AG, Seth Rich and four or five others  ending up dead, Bernie Sanders getting butt-fucked, etc.).  

Monday, September 5, 2016

On the Fact that Alt-Right Radio Host, Kyle Hunt, Constantly Makes a Massive Deal Over the Fact that Five of the Past Six Fed Chairpersons Have Been Jewish (G. William Miller Being the Only Christian)

Well, being that all of the Presidents who've nominated them and 99% of the Congresspersons who've approved them HAVEN'T been Jews, methinks that Hunt might be riding some paranoia here (not surprising in that these clowns are always serving up one conspiracy or another with the term, Jewish bankers, always peppered throughout).

On the Wholesale Rape of German Women by Russian Soldiers at the End of WW2

And it wasn't just a case of boys being boys, either. The fact of the matter is that these vile atrocities were sanctioned by the Russian government and if you don't happen to believe me, get a load of this diatribe from Soviet Commissar Ilya Ehrenburg in 1945; "Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army!"............Needless to say, none of this was prosecuted at Nuremberg (this, along with the terror bombing of German cities, the ethnic-cleansing of German people from Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, etc., the sinking of German ships that carried refugees and wounded German soldiers, the torture that the British employed to get "confessions", the Katyn Forest Massacre, Operation Keelhaul, the Bleiburg Repatriations, etc., etc.)  because as we all know, the winners call the shots.   

On Why a Woman this Fucking Bangin' (Karolina Kowalkiewicz) Would Ever Consent to Getting Her Facial Features Rearranged (Not to Mention, Her Brains Scrambled) in Such a Brutal Sport as MMA

I mean, don't get me wrong here. I enjoy a good cat-fight as much as the next fellow but, man, have you seen some of these matches? If I was this woman, I'd get out now or at least look at some other options (a personal trainer maybe).

Sunday, September 4, 2016

On the Fact that (According to the Diaries of Multiple Survivors; Daniel Bezuidenhout, Nicolaas Roets, Erasmus Smit, etc.), the Blaauwkranz Massacre in Which the Zulu Attacked the Afrikaners (Completely Unprovoked) Was Characterized by the Following War Crimes

a) Grabbing babies by the feet and dashing their heads against wagon wheels. b) Stabbing women, hacking their breasts off, and shredding them to bits. And c) cutting babies out of women's wombs and destroying them.............So do you understand now why the Afrikaners maybe thought that "separate development" was a good idea and that the blacks weren't these innocent victims? Please, tell me, yes.  

Saturday, September 3, 2016

On the Constant Demonization of an Industry (the Fossil Fuel Industry) that Has Literally Made Modern Life a Possibility

What these progressive morons like Tao, Octopus, Flying Junior, and Shaw fail to grasp here is that if it wasn't for the discovery and utilization of cheap and abundant fossil fuels, we would all still be destroying forests en masse, choking on the smoke from wood stoves, shoveling horse-shit 24/7/365, killing whales to the point of extinction, and perishing at age 40. I mean, I know that they think that mankind has been a scourge on the environment and that the idyllic life is the better life (this while they utilize every invention/convenience known to man - they apparently think that cell-phones and lap-tops just fall out of the sky) but I ain't goin' back and that, folks, I consider true progress...............................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not in favor of subsidizing the fossil fuel industry because, unlike the progressives, I'm opposed to ALL cronyism, favoritism, etc..

On the Fact that ABC News Anchor, Amy Robach, Has Gotten Into Some Hot Water Recently for Uttering the Words (by Accident, I'm Sure), Colored People, Instead of the More Politically Correct Ones, People of Color

So for saying the words out of sequence and jettisoning the preposition, this fine young woman and cancer survivor has to get brow-beaten by a bunch of tyrannical fiends and all but beg for forgiveness? Seriously?......Yeah, this country is royally fucked up (as I patiently wait for the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED PEOPLE to change their name!!!!!).

On Anthony Weiner Texting Pictures of His Junk to Some Douche-Bag Paramour and Doing it In Front of His 4 Year-Old Son


Friday, September 2, 2016

On the Fact that in May a 14 Year-Old Hispanic Boy in Houston Was Violently Attacked from Behind by a Mob of Black Teenagers but the School Officials Didn't Press Charges and Instead Referred to it as "Mutual Combat"

     More Black on Hispanic violence with the authorities covering it up again. What a surprise.

On the Fact that (According to John Bird's, "Annals of Natal, Volume 1") 19th Century Zulu Generals Would Routinely Use Their Lesser Experienced and Capable Troops as Cannon Fodder (as a Part of Their "Horns of the Bull" Strategy in Which They Flanked Their Opponents with These Poor Schucks While the Fiercer and More Competent Warriors Would Comprise the Central Head of the Bull)

So kind of like the French generals in WW1 (the film, "Paths of Glory", is a chilling cinematic counterpart to this harsh reality), in other words.......And isn't it nice to know that human life has such a minuscule value no matter where you gander? I mean, seriously?

On the Fact that if Kanye West Deep-Sixed the Words, "Like" and "You Know", the Dude Would Fall Perilously Close to Absolute Silence and Wouldn't that Be Heaven?

I'm just sayin'.

On the Fact that I Recently Saw a Million Dollar Home in Picturesque Lexington Massachusetts with About 25 Solar Panels On it

To each his own (it sure as hell looked ugly to my eyes but whatever). I just wish that my tax-dollars didn't pay for a lot of this cronyism and welfare for the affluent, that's all.

On the Fact that While Hillary Apparently Agrees with Colin Kaepernick that the U.S Is a Racist Country in Which Young Black Men Are Being Murdered by Cops for No Reason Whatsoever (Just Listen to Any of the Chick's Many Pandering Speeches to Black Audiences), She Simply Doesn't Have the Courage to Join Him (and, Yes, I'm Using the Term, Courage, Very Generously Here and Could Have Just as Easily Used the Term, Idiocy) and Sit During the National Anthem

Yeah, having your cake and eating it, too, can sometimes paint you into a corner. Just look at Mrs. Clinton here, the dolt.   

Thursday, September 1, 2016

On the Fact that the Average Poor Person in America Lives Better and More Comfortably than King Edward the Third of England, Conqueror of Scotland and Wales, Did in the 14th Century

It is a perspective that I find utterly lacking these days and I would also submit that a lot of these same poor people would be even better of if we only stopped fucking with them but, yeah, that's another story.

On Green Party Fruit-Loop, Jill Stein, Proclaiming that, "The Killing of Harambe (that Gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo Who Was Shot After Dragging Some Kid Around for Several Minutes) Three Months Ago Today Reminds Us to Be a Voice for the Voiceless"

Yeah, this is the same lunatic who thinks that it's AOK to abort a 38 week-old fetus and whose environmental policies (the forcing onto the public of expensive and unreliable sources of energy) if enacted would result in the deaths of millions of people world-wide, so consider the source.

On Al Sharpton Accusing Donald Trump of Using Black People as "Props"

Anybody want to take a whack at this succulent piece of hypocrisy?...Or is this one just too easy?

On Paolo Marzocchi's Outstanding Version of Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody Number 2

    The best since Tom's (of Tom and Jerry fame), circa 1947.

On the Fact that One of Donald Trump's Main Campaign Jocks in Colorado Is a 12 Year-Old Boy -

I guess that they wanted a person with a higher maturity level than the candidate himself. Dig it!!

On the Fact that Trump Has a Tendency to Constantly Strong-Arm His Positions

The perfect example of this was his ludicrous call for a total ban on Muslims entering the country. If he had simply said that we need to do a better job of vetting people and making certain that a) they don't have terrorist ties and b) their values are at least in the ballpark of ours (i.e., that they don't believe in such things honor killings, the death penalty for apostasy, homosexuality, and adultery, Sharia courts, etc.), he probably would have skated BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO he had to swing for the fences and now he's toast. Dumb shit.

On the Fact that Louisville Quarterback, Lamar Jackson, Has 104 Yards and 2 Touchdowns Rushing Tonight......IN THE FIRST QUARTER

Yeah, this kid is a freak and if Louisville can keep him from getting seriously injured (he does look a tad slender and that could be a problem), watch out future Louisville opponents, WATCH OUT!

On the Fact that Ann Coulter Just Came Out with a Book Entitled, "In Trump We Trust", Which Praises The Dude's Immigration Plan and Less than Two Minutes Later Trump Lays Out a Modified Plan that Is Largely Indistinguishable from Rubio's and Not All that Different from Bush's

All that I can think of is that classic scene from "Animal House", where John Belushi hands Stephen Furst a 6-pack of Bud cans and says, "I suggest that you drink....Heavily." Ditto to Ann.