Wednesday, July 31, 2019

On the $15 an Hour Minimum Wage (a Number that They Apparently Just Pulled Out of Their Asses - I Mean, Why Not 20 or 25 or 100, for Christ?)

You think that there are a shitload of self check-out aisles now? Wait 'til these economic illiterates put this lunacy into effect. To steal a phrase from BTO, you ain't seen nothing yet.

On the Fact that the Word Has Apparently Gotten Around Central America that the Easiest Way to Get Entry Into the U.S. Is to Show Up with a Youngster......and, Yes, Any Youngster Will Do (Rapid DNA Tests Currently Showing that 30% of the Kids Being Brought to the Border Are Unrelated to the Adult Who Brought Them)

People respond to incentives, even the perverse ones, and, boy, has the government ever given us a dandy with this one. Can you say, human trafficking? I can. 

On the Fact that I've Always Been Far More Impressed with Conservative Intellectuals (Thomas Sowell, Russell Kirk, Heather MacDonald, Walter Williams, Charles Murray, Shelby Steele, Jonathan Haidt, etc.) than with Conservative Politicians (Dirtbags Like McConnell, Ryan, etc.)

Probably because the former has never felt the dire need to pander, suck dick, grovel for cash, lie profusely, be the constant center of attention, etc...…..That and they're just so much smarter, let us never forget that.

On Maryland's (Relatively) Moderate Democratic Congressman, John Delaney, Attempting to Bring a Semblance of Sanity to the Clown-Show Democratic Debate Last Night and Largely Getting Ignored by the Media for it

Yeah, I could probably find fault with Mr. Delaney (on climate-change and the minimum wage, for example) but at least he's in the mainstream of where the Democratic party used to be......and wouldn't it be nice to maintain that before we become another, you know, VENEZUELA!!  

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

On the Fact that the Mexican Judge Who Trump Was Apparently Uneasy About Several Years Back Is Actually a "Conquistador American" (a Term Coined by Steve Sailer to Describe Hispanics of 100% European Stock) and so the Charge of Racism at Least In Regards to this Situation Seems a Tad Unfair

I also believe that the judge in question ruled in favor of Trump and so there's irony on top of irony with this story. It doesn't get any better than that.

On the Fact that if the Pursuit of Profit Is the Main Cause of Pollution In the World, Why Then Did We Ultimately Discover that Those Old Soviet-Bloc Countries (All of Which Possessed Command and Control Economies) Were Complete and Total Toxic Nightmares On a Level Unheard of In the West?

The obvious answer of course is that under communism secure property rights and a fair and impartial court system (where people can sue polluters and often win) are nowhere to be found...……...and, so, yeah, when you combine this brutal reality with communism's perennial tragedy of the commons of course you're going to get a horrid environment. Common sense, no? 

On Libertarians

Or as I prefer to call them, "anti-war leftists who've ultimately stumbled upon Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, Bastiat, Schmupeter, Sumner, Hazlitt, and other such economists (i.e., guys who could count)".

On the Never-Ending Feud Between Mr. Trump and the "Morning Joe" Duo of Joe Scarborough (AKA the Grown-Up Deliverance Youngster) and Mika Brzezinski

In a sane world none of this bullshit would be newsworthy but being that we are light-years from sanity these day, there was Yahoo putting it at the very top of their news-feed (with the slant as always virulently and cartoonishly anti-Trump). Unbelievable, huh (the abject foolishness and bias of these clowns)?

Monday, July 29, 2019

On the Fact that if I Was a Blogger In Germany, I Could Vigorously Question the Number of Deaths In the French Revolution, the Second Boer War, and the Guatemalan, Armenian, and Ukrainian Genocides but if I Wrote that There Were 5,999,999 Deaths In the Jewish Holocaust I Could Potentially Be Arrested for it

And very few individuals even question this, which is astonishing to me. I mean, surely we should be able to have an adult conversation about an historical event (and without a fear of prosecution), no? Seems like a no-brainer.

On the Fact that Seven New York City Police Officers Have Committed Suicide so Far this Year -

That seems like quite a few in that there were "only" 108 police suicides in the entire country in 2016 (12 months versus 7). Hopefully the brass can figure out what's going on over there before this thing gets truly out of hand. Tough job. I sure wouldn't want it.

On Trump Getting Eviscerated for Stating the Obvious About Baltimore Being a Rat-Infested City - Quick Addendum

Another important point here is that Trump's tweets on Baltimore were a response to the nonstop attacks by Elijah Cummings about the former's handling of the border fiasco (something that clowns like Cummings referred to as a manufactured crisis" until it became obvious that it wasn't) and so this is yet one more example of Trump not starting things......while the media acts as if ne did. For the record. 

On Trump Getting Eviscerated for Stating the Obvious About Baltimore Being a Rat-Infested City

Yes, he could have stated it much more gingerly (per usual with Trump) but being that Sanders is on the record comparing the place to a third-world country and the previous mayor was caught on tape stating that she actually smelled the damned rodents, yeah, I'm gonna  have to go with, huge overreaction yet again, on this one...….Solid try, though.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Holy Grail?

 For Uncle Tupelo fans, yeah, kinda'.

On the Fact that In the Deranged, Slantheaded, and Venal Psyche of CNN's Resident Race-Baiter, Angela Rye, There Really Isn't that Much of a Difference Between These Two Fellows and it All Pretty Much Boils Down to the Head-Gear

Needles to say, Ms. Rye should have been shit-canned long ago but because CNN has drifted so far towards the idiot fringe, she's essentially mainstream over there. Sadly, for a once proud network.

On When the Shit Is Most Likely to Hit the Fan

Yeah, I think that the big prime-mover will probably be when Texas and Florida turn permanently blue (due to liberalized immigration and the higher birth-rates of Hispanics) in that I just don't see those good old boys down there adjusting to things such as hate-speech laws, weapons confiscation measures, etc.. Granted, it may not result in an immediate all-out civil war but yeah, I do envision an increase in violence to the point where the National Guard needs to be called in and where we see some major population shifts, a few states seceding, etc.. Hopefully everything works out in the end but being that this is uncharted territory, I don't know, I just don't know.

On Lunatic Keynesian Economist, Paul Samuelson, Predicting In 1961 that the Soviet Economy Would Be Larger than the U.S. Economy by 1984 (Irony Over-Runneth, huh?) -

Well, being that the whole enchilada crashed and burned in 1990, yet another idiotic Keynesian prognostication probably sums it up the best...….Seriously, have these buffoons ever gotten ANYTHING right?

On Bernie Sanders and His Campaign Recently Getting Hit with a Federal Labor Complaint and the Mainstream Media Not Showing a Lot of Interest In it -

Yeah, it could ultimately be shown to be a frivolous claim but being that the entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative was obvious malarkey right from the get-go and the Media beat THAT to death anyway, a little curiosity wouldn't hurt 'em would be my guess.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

On the Fact that When a Society Spends an Inordinate Amount of Time On Politics the Less that it Seems to Produce In Terms of Goods and Services

Ditto for individuals, OBVIOUSLY.

On Lunatic Democratic Congressman, Adam Schiff, Forewarning the American Citizens that Russia May Ultimately Use Deep-Fake Videos In 2020 In an Effort to Sway the U.S. Election -

So if a video of Mr. Schiff having anal-sex with a transvestite orangutan comes out, don't believe it, I guess (as plausible as it may seem at first).

On the Fact that While the Republicans Did a Decent Job of Grilling Mueller the Other Day, Not a Single One of Those Congressmen Asked the Most Important Question of All; Namely, "Why Didn't the F.B.I. or Any of the Experts On Your Team Examine the DNC Server?"

I found that kinda' strange in that the entire Russian collusion and interference narrative gets blown to smithereens if it can be shown that it wasn't a hack after-all but rather a download. Hmm, I wonder, could it be that these Republicans are just as tied to the Russian nonsense as the Democrats...……...and that they're being coy about it due to their close ties to the Military Industrial Complex? Just a theory, folks.

Friday, July 26, 2019

On Rand Paul Saying that He Was Down with the First Responder's Bill but that He Wanted to Pay for it with Offsets Somewhere Else In this Gigantic Budget of Ours, a Seemingly Rational Position and Yet He Was Blasted for it by All the Usual Suspects; Idiot Celebrities, Media Douche-Bags, Jerkoff Politicians, etc.

We can't continue to print and borrow money like this. Yes, we need to care for these folks but to try and say that there is NOTHING in the budget which we could cut to pay for it IS LUDICROUS . How 'bout we all roll our sleeves up and find something...……...for the first responders...………………………………………………………..P.S. This is exactly why policy shouldn't be decided upon when emotions are running amok. It hinders critical thinking and we end up with costly and foolish results, kinda' like this. Think, people, think!

On the Fact that You Aren't Owed a Nickel for Your Work but Rather for the VALUE that You Bring and Because of the Contract that You Entered Into with an Employer

You see how that works, folks? It's really quite elementary, logical, etc. once you put the emotionalism of leftism aside. Unfortunately not a lot of people can get beyond that first step but 10%, maybe we can reach 10%. Let's shoot for that.

On the Fact that, as Infuriating as Trump Can Be, He Is the Only Thing Right Now that Is Standing Between Us and a Socialist Nightmare...……...and, Yeah, I Would Be Absolutely Astonished if a Fair Number of Moderate Democrats Didn't Eventually Come to that Conclusion, too, and Vote Accordingly

A lot of course depends upon who the Democrats nominate and whether that person is capable of moving back to the center (tough for those who've never been there). Right now I don't see anybody in the field with appeal beyond the very poor and the very rich and unless some legitimate moderate like Bloomberg gets in, it's gonna get very tough for the Dems, I think. We'll see.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

On the Fact that Black Kids In New York Are so Terrified of Police that They Douse Them with Water and Throw Objects at Them

   Can you imagine bullshit like this happening under Mayor Koch or Mayor Daley? I can't, not even a little, and yet it's happening more and more under De Blasio's reign. Hmm, I guess that coddling criminals isn't such a great idea after all.

On the Fact that Some Web-Site Called "Big Think" Recently Rated the Most Dangerous Countries In the World for Women and Had the U.S. Ranked at Number Ten (Ahead of Countries Such as South Africa, Honduras, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Chad, etc.) - https:/ /

Yeah, I'm strongly suspecting that some of these so-called experts were probably feminist academics whose bonnets gets a bee in 'em every time some poor bastard spreads his legs on a subway train, 'cause otherwise, yeah, this is retarded.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

On Pop Star, Ed Sheeran, Establishing Some Cred by Hanging Out with Guys Like Eric Clapton and Van Morrison Only to Fritter it Away by Subsequently Palling Around with Justin Bieber

I know, he's just a kid but, still, Justin Bieber? Yeah, I don't know.

On the Fact that I Was Wrong About Bob Mueller Testifying In that There He Was this Morning Getting Totally Eviscerated (Here's to Hoping that I Never Have to Answer to Jim Jordan - Youza!!) to the Point Where I Actually Started Feeling Sorry for the Old Fella'

I guess that I simply underestimated the idiocy of Nadler and company. I mean, this had the Titanic written all over it and yet they did it anyway. Oh well, win one for the Trumpster, I guess.

On Douche-Bag Sanders Constantly Railing Against Shitty Wages Only to Have Several of His Campaign Workers Resign Because of, Yep, You Got it, SHITTY WAGES!!!

And here's the thing. I would normally defend an employer for paying what the market will bear but, yeah, being that this clown is always shitting on other employers for doing the exact same thing, the only defense that I can think of is that the dude's simply a hypocrite and not a full-throated fraudster/cynic. Sorry but that's how I see it.

On Former Congressional Leader, Paul Ryan, Recently Joining Fox News On Their Board of Directors

Just what that networks needs; one more boneheaded establishment Republican who doesn't give a rat's-ass about the deficit and who despises the very ground that President Trump walks on. Well played, Murdoch offspring, well played.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

On the Fact that Female Models Make a Ton More Money than Male Models and I Don't Seem to Hear Much Outrage About it

It probably has to do with the harsh fact that a bunch of the top male models played a select group of 14 year-old females models AND GOT SMOKED 5 TO 2!!!!! Obvious, no?   

On Water-Boarding Dick Cheney

Yeah, part of me wants to but being that a) I wish not to lower myself to the creep's level and b) torture tends to yield unreliable results, I'd be more than satisfied to simply get the dude to testify under oath and without George Bush attached to his hip...….If only, huh?

On the Fact that I'm Still Waiting for Someone In the Media to Question One of These Politicians Like Chuck Schumer as to Why They've Done a Complete and Total 180 In Regards to Immigration

Seems like an obvious question to me and yet none of these corporate buffoons ever asks it. Hmm, could it be simple as, they already know the answer (that it's a naked attempt to garner more votes via bribing more poor people) and are loathe to embarrass their wise overlords? That would probably be my guess.

On Michelle Obama Recently Spitting Out the Tired Old "Diversity Is Our Strength" Bromide

And her evidence for this is what exactly; Iraq, Yugoslavia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, South Africa, Lebanon, Yemen, Thailand, etc.? Western Europe? California, Minnesota, and other parts of the U.S.? Seriously, I'd like to know...….If it isn't too much to ask.

On Facebook Once Having Polled its Users as to Whether Pedophilic Content Should Be Allowed On the Platform -

Yeah, that was either one of the dumbest marketing decision ever or an attempt by a cadre of powerful people to gauge the public's acceptance of their gross perversions. Either way, it is disturbing.    

Sunday, July 21, 2019

On the Fact that a Recent Lawsuit Filed by Attorney, Ty Clevenger, On Behalf of Texas Businessman, Ed Butowsky, Cites Former Fox News Analyst, Ellen Ratner, as the Latter's Source for Seth Rich Being the Leaker of the DNC Emails to Wikileaks -

And, gee, what a huge shock, the mainstream media (which has essentially become the propaganda wing of the Democratic party) is completely ignoring it. Whoda' thunk it?...……………………………………………………………………...P.S.And, yes, Butowsky has evidence of his communications with Ms. Ratner (whose brother a one juncture was the attorney for Julian Assange) which would make this an even more interesting narrative for the media if they only had some integrity.

On the Fact that No One with a Truly Hard Life Gives a Flying-Fuck About Micro-Aggressions (Self-Evident by the Fact that Most of the Nut-Jobs Who Claim to Be Offended by Them Tend to Be Privileged College Students)

Much bigger fish to fry, perhaps you could frame it (with the works of Maslow and Hoffer being exceedingly instructive on the topic, for sure)…….That and how fucking dour does your life have to be to conjure-up such a pathetic and bullshit concept. I mean, come on, people, get a damned life, for Christ!!

On the Claim by a Google Whistle-Blower that Big Tech (Through its Manipulation of Information and Various Other Tactics) Probably Swung at Least 2.6 Million Votes to Hillary Clinton In the 2016 Presidential Election

 Yeah, that's about 5,599,987 more than the Russians swung with those buffoonish Facebook ads (many of which ran after the election was over) and yet the disgusting corporate media continues to dwell on Russia and not the big tech companies. Way to go, guys. Great coverage!...………………………………………………………………………...Oh, and the whistle-blower was a Clinton supporter. If that makes any difference.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

On the Fact that the Term, Racist, Apparently Now Refers to Everyone from a Genocidal Madman to Someone Who a) Simply Opposes Open-Borders and Blanket-Amnesty and b) Advocates for His Country's Sovereignty to Remain Intact

It's become meaningless, in other words, completely fucking meaningless. Thank you, leftist buffoons. Great job!

On that Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Claiming that Trump's Rhetoric About the Anti-American Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota Could Ultimately Lead to Violence

So kind of like when the idiot socialist bimbo preposterously referred to those detention centers on the border as "concentration camps" and that lunatic Antifa honcho from Tacoma used THAT RHETORIC as inspiration for his recent attempt to fire-bomb an ICE detention facility. GOT IT!!  

On the Fact that What Was Once Considered the Left In American Politics Is Now the Middle-Ground ( - that and a Quick Glance at Those Presidential Candidates) and Unless the Rank-and-File Democrats Recognize this Sharp Turn to Collectivism and Speak Out Against it, this Country Could Morph Into Another Venezuela Possibly by Mid-Century

Trump keeps saying that the U.S. will never be a socialist country but, honestly, I'm not so sure how we can stop it at this point (the combination of third-world immigration and the reduced birth-rates of white Europeans). Yeah, there may be a few conservative states that ultimately secede and remain capitalistic but this whole notion of a unified country focused on free markets and liberty, I simply don't see it moving forward. Sorry to say.

On the Fact that Not All Jews Are Practicing Satanists

Sorry, I just wanted to see how hilarious that that statement looked in print and disappointed I AM NOT!!

Friday, July 19, 2019

On the ADL Chiming In and Hammering Trump for His Pointed Tweets at Those Four Idiotic Socialist Congresswomen

The ADL? The same ADL who thinks that it's AOK for Israel to have a border-wall but not the U.S.A., that ADL? Umm yeah, I'm probably gonna have to go with, thanks but no thanks, on this one, folks. Sorry but, yeah.

On the Fact that the Top 10% Wealthiest Families In America (and Please Keep In Mind that the Composition of that 10% Changes Every Year and that it Isn't a Static Category as Morons Like Bernie Sanders Apparently Believe) Are Worth About $60,000,000,000,000......and so, Yeah, if Kamala Harris Confiscated All of These Assets She Could Conceivably Fund Her Medicare-for-All Plan for 15 Years Without Taxing the Middle-Class - Quick Addendum

Another obvious problem is that this would be a one-off in that you can only impoverish a person once and no sane individuals would ever try to be wealthy again if the threat of government confiscation was hovering over them...……….And, no, I'm not suggesting that Ms. Harris has ever proposed this idea. I was just attempting to underscore the gravity of trying to fund this Medicare-for All plan of these leftists. That's it.

On the Fact that the Top 10% Wealthiest Families In America (and Please Keep In Mind that the Composition of that 10% Changes Every Year and that it Isn't a Static Category as Morons Like Bernie Sanders Apparently Believe) Are Worth About $60,000,000,000,000......and so, Yeah, if Kamala Harris Confiscated All of These Assets She Could Conceivably Fund Her Medicare-for-All Plan for 15 Years Without Taxing the Middle-Class

The obvious problem of course is that a lot of this wealth is probably tied up in businesses and to confiscate the property, capital, etc. of these businesses would undoubtedly result in a lot of folks losing their jobs, MIDDLE-CLASS FOLKS (ironic, huh?), and, so, no, not such a great idea.

On the Fact that Trump Denied Russian Collusion and Hush-Money Payments to that Bimbo and I Don't Seem to Recall Idiot Reporter, Jim Acosta, Being at All Accepting of These Denials While Today that Same Mr. Acosta Is Seemingly Totally Down with that Idiot Muslim Congresswoman's Denial About Being Married to Her Brother (this Ostensibly to Get Around U.S. Immigration Laws)

And, no, I'm not arguing that Acosta SHOULD have taken Trump's denials as gospel in that a good reporter must always be skeptical. My problem here is with the bald-faced inconsistency and the fact that this stupid fucking imbecile still has a job. I mean, this is unprecedented how this clown has been acting and in a saner world (and time) he would have been bounced long ago. Not at CNN, though, nope, not at CNN.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

On the Fact that (According to Data Derived from the 2014 Federal Budget - the Average Hispanic During Their Lifetime Will Receive Approximately $576,000 More from the Government than They Put In

I get it that this is a delicate subject and, no, not every Hispanic immigrant is a drain on the treasury......but a lot of them are and being that we have over $200,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities RIGHT NOW, maybe we need to be a little more prudent about who we allow in here moving forward. I mean, we can have this conversation now or later......and being that later might be a smidge too late, I'm just sayin'.

On Kamala Harris Going On CNN the Other Day and Stating that Her $4,000,000,000,000 a Year Medicare-for-All Boondoggle (and Please Keep In Mind that Our ENTIRE Federal Budget Is Only a Little Over that Now) Won't Require a Tax Increase On the Middle-Class, a Claim that Even the Leftist CNN Interviewer Had Trouble Buying

Yeah, she's either lying or such an abject imbecile that even rudimentary math escapes her. I mean, at least Bernie Sanders is up-front about the price-tag. Her, not so much.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

On the Fact that the Vast Majority of These Central American Migrants Are Coming form Communities that Probably Don't Have Running-Water or Electricity and Where They Don't Get Three Square-Meals a Day and, so, No, Being Housed In These Detention Facilities After They Have Flagrantly Violated Our Immigration Law Is More than Likely Not a Huge Imposition On Them and Certainly Not Something that We as Taxpayers Need to Feel Guilty About

Yet another example of these leftist morons failing to ask the most fundamental of questions, COMPARED TO WHAT (the fact that while, clearly, these facilities aren't exactly the Taj Mahal, they aren't exactly death-camps, either, and if anything they might be a modest upgrade to what they're used to)? I mean, I know that they love to create these utopian visions in their microscopic brains and all but at some point reality (not to mention, the concept of scarce resources) has to set in. Correct?

On the Fact that this Idiot Hard-Core Leftist Congresswoman Actually Told a Bunch Bobble-Headed Buffoons at the Net Roots Conference that She Had No Use for a Black, Hispanic, Muslim, or LGBT Person Who Refuses to Tow the Socialist and Identity-Politics Party-Lines

That's pretty fucking racist, no, this preposterous notion that everybody in a certain racial, religious, or sexual group has to think the same? And talk about dividing folks (the claim that the leftists always make about Trump), it doesn't get much more divisive than this shit. My God.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Democrats, We Have a Problem

    It's stunning, isn't it, what beating Hillary can do to a guy's reputation? That was then and this is now, I suppose.

On Ole Bernie "I Honeymooned In the Old Soviet Union at a Time When Everybody with a Pulse Knew that that Regime Had Murdered and Starved to Death Tens of Millions of its Own Civilians" Sanders Recently Referring to Trump as a Racist, Sexist, and Homophobe

Holy moly, the trifecta (of slurs and substitutions for cogent thinking)! Way to go, Bern. Good stuff (this as the country sinks further and further into insolvency, balkanization, etc.).

On the Fact that I Want Every Fucking Person Who Was Ever Involved with Jeffrey Epstein to Be Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent Conceivable and I Don't Give a Rat's-Ass if They Have a D (as In, Bubba) or an R (as In, Ken Starr) In Front of Their Name

Hopefully everybody can put aside their partisan differences and pursue the truth/justice here but, yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. The partisan buffoons.

On Trump's Recent Tweets Directed at the Four Idiot Freshman Congresswomen (Socialist Buffoons, One and All)

Yeah, it probably wasn't the smoothest move on his part. a) It made him look like the aggressor (Trump is at his finest when he's counterpunching), b) It allowed the cringeworthy slopes to play the victim-card YET AGAIN, and c) the Democrats were actually starting to bicker amongst themselves and so why would you want to disrupt that? Unfortunately Trump doesn't seem to have a filter and so you get these self-inflicted wounds. Oh well, take the bad with the good, I guess.

On Arrogant, Angry, and Holier-than-Thou Purple-Haired Douchebags Who (In Spite of Having Immense Privilege) See Themselves as Victims and Refuse to Get Out of Our Faces

Not a huge fan, and did you see how the chick signed that soccer ball for the little Hispanic kid? She didn't even look at him!! Oh yeah, she's a real great role-model - NOT!

On Joe Biden (In His Recent Cringe Interview with Chris Cuomo) Saying that Every Kid Can Make it if Given the Necessary Support (and by, Make it, He of Course Means, Graduating Near the Bottom at Syracuse Law School and Leeching Off the Taxpayer for Nearly Five Decades)

Yeah, the dude's completely wrong on this one. I've worked in human services and special education for my entire adult life and I can tell you as a hard fact fact that not every kid can make it. Yeah, he or she might be able to secure some menial job somewhere (and if their IQ dips below the low-80s, even that might be unattainable) but in terms of being able to get through college and land a decent paying job, it's not gonna happen. Sorry but, it isn't.

Monday, July 15, 2019

On Jackass Presidential Candidate, Beto O'Dork, Recently Referring to the U.S. as a "Racist Hellscape"

First off, if the POS truly believes that, shouldn't he be trying to convince all of these minorities from Latin America, the Middle-East, and Africa who are currently risking life and limb to come to the U.S. that perhaps America isn't for them? And a racist hellscape? Really, the first people (i.e., white Europeans) to eliminate slavery and who are presently allowing their countries to be overrun with poor, illiterate third-worlders (many of whom apparently hate white people, make zero effort to assimilate, etc.)? Oh yeah, that's totally fair - NOT!!……………………………………………………………………...P.S. And, yes, if this O'Dork buffoon truly wanted to witness a racist hellscape he would traipse his ass on over to Libya where they actually have slavery TODAY (courtesy of Hillary and Barack)…...but being that the slant doesn't, yeah, no.

On the Fact that if Jack and Bobby Kennedy (Two Admirable Democrats but I Digress) Were Still Alive, They Would Be Tarred as White Supremacists (the Fact They Were Opposed to Quotas, Welfare, etc.) and Guys Like Ralph Abernathy and Cesar Chavez Would Be Seen as Uncle Toms (the Fact that They Were Against Illegal Immigration, for One)

I think that Trump has a good chance to get 70% of the white vote in 2020, not out of racism but because the Democrats have drifted so far to the left that it's literally frightening. We'll of course have to see if the trend continues but, yeah, if the crazies keep pushing the party hard-left I definitely see a lot of moderates voting for orange man. Big time. Hell, I might even......ah, I don't know.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

On a Recent Internal Poll of Democratic Swing Voters Showing an Approval Rating of 9% for that Idiot Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota

Yeah, I think that even Pelosi is starting to see a need to rein these bimbos in (the fact that the election is just around the corner and what sane person would want to see these clowns as the face of his or her party?). Better late than never, I guess.

On the Fact that CNN Is Getting Pounded In the Ratings by Dudes Hammering Out Content from Their Kitchen Tables and Yet They Continue to Persevere In a State that Can Only Be Described as Mind-Numbingly Moronic, Embarrassing, Bonkers, and Deceitful

Now if we could only get Anderson Cooper to put HIMSELF on the "Ridiculist", we'd be cooking but, alas, he will not. Damn it!!

Worse than Osama bin Laden?

Probably not and, yet, being what I know now about 9/11 (the fact that concrete doesn't turn into dust in mid-air without some sort of explosive device......and so unless ole bin Laden was locked and loaded with nano-thermite, directed energy weapons, tactical nukes, etc., the fellow was probably a patsy at best) coupled with the fact that this buffoon hasn't met a war that doesn't give him a woody, yeah, the difference isn't as massive one might think. Sadly.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

On CNN's Lying Jack-Off/Faux-Journalist, Jim Acosta, Posting a Clip of Sebastian Gorka Yelling at Another CNN Idiot but Not Showing the Moments Which Preceded it In Which the CNN Idiot Antagonizes Gorka

How many more acts of deception does this miscreant have to engage in before the public (not to mention, the dude's own profession) says, enough already? I mean, it's gotta' end eventually, right?

On the Toxic Blend of Open Borders (with a Significant Portion of the People Pouring In Being Poor and Illiterate In Their Own Language), Free Healthcare and Other Entitlements to Illegals, and the Abolishment of I.C.E.

It's pure insanity (the fact that no sovereign nation could last more than a few decades under such an idiotic policy; fiscally, socially, etc.) and yet the Democratic party of today (cheered on by such drooling imbeciles as Michael Moore) is seemingly on board with it (at least until they seize power in perpetuity). Unbelievable, huh, these Democrats?   

On the Fact that if it Wasn't for Gonzo Journalist, Mike Cernovich, Pressing for the Release of These Epstein Court Documents, We Probably Wouldn't Have Had this Recent Epstein Indictment but Instead of Giving the Dude Credit for it, the Mainstream Media Is Completely Ignoring His Contribution and Dishing-Out Full Credit Instead to the Miami Herald (Who Also Filed a FOIA Request but Only After Cernovich Did)

And, yes, perhaps herein lies the real reason for the censorship; the pure and simple fact that these alternative outlets are giving us a much better product (in this instance, journalism), embarrassing the behemoths while doing so...….and instead of just competing harder, we get what we always get, CORRUPTION. Thanks but no thanks.

On the Fact that the Authorities Apparently Found a Dentist Chair (Replete with Dental Instruments) In One of Jeffrey Epstein's Numerous Bathrooms

Maybe he was preparing for a remake of "Marathon Man", with him in the Sir Laurence Olivier role, but instead of working on some short Jewish dude (i.e. Dustin Hoffman) he was all about the jail-bait. Just a quick thought.

Friday, July 12, 2019

On Kamala Harris Proposing a $100,000,000,000 Plan to Get More Black Folks Into Mortgages

I haven't examined it yet but if it's anything close to the Congressional plan of the 1990s and 2000s in which the goals for Fannie and Freddie relative to low and moderate income mortgages went from 30% of their total portfolio in the early '90s to 56% by 2007 (and I'm suspecting that it is - the fact that these idiots ran out of ideas years ago and so their only option is to recycle the old bullshit), yeah, you can probably expect another crash.

On the Fact that the Vast Percentage of People In this Country (and In the West In General) Live Their Personal Lives According to the Non-Aggression Principle (the Decision to Not Use Force Against Another Individual Either Out of Avarice or Vengeance) but When it Comes to Politics, They Apparently Don't Have a Problem Voting Into Office People Who Are More than Happy to Do Those Dirty Deeds for You

And a shortage of these scumbag, pandering POS politicians, NOT EXACTLY!!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

On the Fact that Communism Has Murdered 25,000 Times More People than the KKK Has (100,000,000 Versus 4,000) and Yet if You Listen to Race-Baiting Leftist Buffoons Like Van "Big Nothing Burger" Jones, You'd Think that the Latter (a Group that Hasn't Been Relevant FOR DECADES!) Is What We Really Need to Guard Against

Race trumps everything apparently (Communism's saving-grace being that it murdered people of every race and religion, I guess), literally (in the deranged mind of the SJW)……………………………………………………………………..P.S. Another inconvenient point is that 27% of the folks who got lynched in the old South were white (the problem not so much one of virulent racism but rather vigilante justice in places far removed from authorities)…...but, yeah, in the same way that nobody gives a shit when a white guy gets blown away by the police today, so, too, with this, it seems.

On the Fact that if You're a Migrant from Guatemala and Seeking Political Asylum, You Need to Seek it First FROM MEXICO, You Don't Go Barreling Hundreds of Miles Through Mexico Just Because You Heard that the Brain-Dead Democrats of the U.S. Are Willing to Give You Not Just On the Spot Amnesty but a Whole Bunch of Free Shit Courtesy of the U.S. Taxpayers and a Federal Reserve Bank that Simply Can't Stop Churning-Out Funny-Money

I'm probably being a little too hard on these folks in that they're simply responding to the incentives that our idiot politicians have been providing them (and all because the Dems want permanent political hegemony) but, still, enough is enough already...………………………………………………………………………….P.S. And, yes, it's also important to point out that the vast percentage of those who are seeking asylum aren't the victims of political persecution but are rather economic migrants AND THAT DOESN'T QUALIFY YOU. Sorry but it doesn't...….And, besides do we really want the entire country to look like Santa Anna and Anaheim (two places where you never heard gunshots but now...…)? Seriously.

On Mayor Pete Suggesting that We May Have Already Had a Gay President and Simply Don't Know Who it Was

Yeah, something tells me that ole Pete just might get a visit from Team Obama about this......and that we can probably expect a clarification soon. Real soon.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

In the Fact that if Terrorism Is "the Unlawful Use of Violence and Intimidation, Especially Against Civilians, In the Pursuit of Political Aims", as the Oxford Dictionary Proclaims, then How In the Blazes Is Antifa NOT a Terrorist Group In the Minds of Anyone with a God Damned Pulse?

I'd like to know. Any thoughts, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo? Please, share.

On the Passing of Ross Perot

Did he finish? DID HE FINISH? Did he finish, did he finish, did he finish?......Yeah, he's finished. Thank you, Dana Carvey!! 

On the Fact that Low-Brow Faux-Journalists Like Chris Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, and Don Lemon Have Gone from Calling the Chaotic Border Situation a "Manufactured Crisis" to Now Calling it a "Humanitarian Crisis" Caused Entirely by Trump

Every fucking story that these corrupt miscreants cover has to have an angle to it, and if the only way that they can accomplish this is by throwing honesty and nuance completely out the window they will gladly do so (in this instance completely absolving the Democrats of all possible blame - this despite their complete and total avoidance of all issues related to border security, the fact that they want to give these migrants not just amnesty but free shit up the ying-yang, etc.). I mean, just look at CNN for ten fucking minutes, for Christ. There's your damned proof, right there.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

On the Fact that There Are Now Many Solar and Astro Physicists Who Apparently Think that the Sun Is Heading Into a Cooling Phase Reminiscent of the Maunder Minimum and that this Could Potentially Have a Devastating Effect On World Food Production and Possibly Even Produce Famines (I Refer You to the Work of Valentina Zharkova and Sacha Dobler, for Example)...……...but Because Our Western Politicians and the Science Community that Is Bankrolled by and Beholding to These Individuals Is so God Damned Wedded to this Crazy CO2 Theory the Above-Mentioned Scientists Are Being Completely Ignored

The good news is that we won't have to wait long to see who's correct (the years 2020 to 2035 being the specified time-frame). The bad news, yeah, the same (stock up on food and ammo, people).

On Pat Buchanan's Recent Article, "Memo to Trump, Trade Bolton for Tulsi" -

While I certainly don't agree with Pat on every issue (trade, gay marriage, etc.), the fellow has definitely earned his stripes when it comes to being anti-war (starting with the downfall of the old Soviet Union) and I of course agree with ole Pat on this particular sentiment. Well said, old boy, well said.

On My Fervent Hope that Trump, if He Gets a Second Term, Shit-Cans Every One of Those Chicken-Hawks In His Cabinet and Replaces Them with Sane, Noninterventionists Like Tulsi Gabbard, Jon Huntsman, and Jim Webb

And I think that he might (the fact that he won't have to fret about reelection and hence the need to throw the neocon faction of his party any more bones), wishing and hoping anyway.

On Ben Shapiro Perseverating On the Bogus Syrian Chemical Attacks for Days but so Far Not Even Mentioning the Jeffrey Epstein Story

Probably because there isn't a war-angle to the Epstein story. Either that or he's...…......never mind. Use your own imagination.

On the Concept of Spending the Entirety of One's Adult Life On the Taxpayer's Dime

Can't say that I'd put it at the top of my resume but that's just me, I guess.

Monday, July 8, 2019

On the Fact that the Idiot, Sanders, Keeps Telling Us, "Look to Denmark, Look to Denmark", but if You Go to the Democratic Socialism Web-Site You'll Witness Precious Little that Reminds You of Denmark (Denmark Clearly Not Being a Socialist State as their Prime Minister Tried to Inform Douche-Bag Sanders) and a Whole Shitload that Reminds You of Venezuela and Numerous Other Failed-States

Yeah, there are only two possible explanations here. Either Sanders is a complete and total dimwit who knows jack-shit about the Danish economy or he does know something about Denmark and he's using subterfuge to soft-peddle the radical nature of his views. Either way it's exceedingly difficult to envision this buffoon more than a mile of two beyond the Burlington town-line.

On the Level of Derangement and Sheer Idiocy Necessary to Believe that After Two Full Decades of CO2 and Warming Not Correlating (i.e., "the Pause") We Are Somehow Going to Trigger an Armageddon In 12 Years if We Fail to Institute a Bunch of Crackpot Measures that a) Won't Move Global Temperatures More than Several Hundredths of a Degree and b) Will Decimate the Entire World Economy


On the Fact that the Men's World Cup Soccer Events Are Expected to Generate 46 Times More Revenue than the Female Events ($6,000,000,000 Versus $131,000,000) and it Is Because of this that the Pay Differential Exists, Not Sexism -

Yeah, this is so basic and yet the SJWs simply can't get over their hurt feelings and absorb it. Pathetic, huh?...……………………………………………………………….P.S. I also believe that you have to look at the respective competence of the two teams. Yes, the women performed admirably, but they were performing against other females and if you don't think that that makes a difference, I cite the fact that these same gals played a team of 14 year-old boys in Dallas AND GOT DESTROYED (5-2). For the record.

On the Fact that Even Though Bill Clinton's Ties to Jeffrey Epstein (Recently Indicted On Charges of Sex Trafficking) Are Far More Pronounced than Trump's Are (26 Junkets On the Lolita Express Versus Just One for Trump), it Is the Latter that the Corporate Media Is Focusing On with the Obvious Goal Being to Take the Fellow Out AGAIN!!

Yeah, you have to be an absolutely sick mother-fucker to politicize something like this. I mean, does it really matter if some perverted asshole has a D or an R in front of his name? It sure as hell doesn't to me (Mark Foley and Denny Hastert being two of the more vile creatures on the right).

Sunday, July 7, 2019

On U.S. Soccer Player, Megan Rapinoe, Refusing to Sing the National Anthem Before Games

Let me guess here, the bitch (one of the most privileged persons to have ever walked the globe, getting compensated handsomely for playing a child's game while simultaneously living in the most affluent and open society in human history) has a grievance...….How did I know?...…………………………………………………………………..Seriously, these people need to live for a while in Saudi Arabia, South Africa, China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. and see how that works out for 'em (especially if they're LGBT). I'm pretty certain that they'll be kissing the shore when they return...……………………………………………………………..P.S. And who cares what this narcissistic little whiner sings (if anything) during the national anthem? I mean, she could fucking sing, "Stairway to Heaven", and it would be OK to me. Just don't try and make a God damned news story out of it, that's all (with the angle of course always being to stick it to the President).

On the Fact that if Some Dude Truly Believed that He Was Burt Lancaster and His Sister Had Similarly Strong Ruminations About Being a Coyote, We Would Get These People Help, WOULD WE NOT?!

And yet when it comes to people thinking that they're the opposite gender, not only do we feed into this delusion, we encourage the daylights out of it. A strange world, isn't it?...…………………………………………………………………..P.S. And, no, I don't think that trans folks should be treated harshly or that they should be discriminated against. An adult should be free to do as they wish with their own body. My only point is that a) it isn't normal, b) perhaps we shouldn't be feeding into such delusional thinking, and c) nobody should be using coercive measures to try and convince us that it isn't delusional, THAT'S ALL.

On the Fact that There Are Actually Some Sick Fucks In England These Days Promoting Down-Syndrome Drag-Queen Events -

Wow, so England is even closer to 1933 Germany and 476 Rome than we are. That's comforting......I guess.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

On Some Imbecilic Florida Congresswoman Named Frederica Wilson Attempting to Convince Her Low-Information Audience that People Who Make Fun of Politicians Online Should Be Prosecuted (Though, Yes, I'm Quite Sure that She'd Be Willing to Carve Out an Exception for Those Who Ridicule Trump)

The sense of entitlement that these parasitic schmucks have is astonishing. I mean, to actually believe that you as a member of the political apparatus are somehow too privileged to be made fun of, satirized, etc. (never mind the fact that this idiot wants to sick the full power of the state on the perpetrator), it's sick and perhaps folks like this simply need to be removed from office.

On the Fact that if Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, and Vladimir Putin Each Told Me Something Different and Only One of Them Was Uttering the Truth, Yeah, I'd Probably Go with Vladimir

Sad, isn't it (the fact that I would trust a foreigner over our own political elites, many of whom are obviously psychopaths)?

On Muslim Parents In England Protesting the Teaching of Homosexuality and Transgenderism In Their Kids' Schools -

Don't you just adore these types of stories; the ones in which SJW miscreants are forced into a Sophie's choice? I do and cannot wait to see who they side with (the good money's on the Muslims, I hear). Stay tuned!!

On the Fact that (According to Outlets as Diverse as CNN, The Hill, and RT America) an Investigation Called Project Flicker Found an Extensive Network of Child Pornography On the Computers Housed In the Department of Defense

Well they definitely can't call this one a "conspiracy theory" (as much as they'd love to - CNN apparently having no choice but to cover it). No fucking way.

On the Fact that (According to Sir John Glubb's Classic Essay, "The Fate of Empires") the Average Lifespan of an Empire Is 250 Years, with the Last Stage Before the Ultimate Collapse Generally Being the "Age of Intellectuals" (Glubb Probably Should Have Called it, the Age of So-Called Intellectuals, but Whatever)

So, kind of what America is going through right now, in other words (the fact that we currently have all sorts of buffonish egg-heads trying to convince us of one ludicrous notion after another pertaining to gender, culture, etc. with the resultant aftermath clearly being one of less social cohesion). Just great...……………………………………………………………………….P.S. Just to flush it out a little more here, some of the signs of social collapse that Glubb articulates are civil dissension, political hatreds, an influx of foreigners, materialism, pessimism, frivolity, an expanding welfare state, and a weakening of religion...……...and, yes, they all sound pretty familiar, too, huh?

Friday, July 5, 2019

Greatest Song of All Time?

 Yeah, this one still gives me goose-bumps.

On Some Low-Brow Smear-Site Called the National Observer Recently Calling Canadian Free-Speech Advocate, Lindsey Shepard, "a Notorious White Supremacist", Her Responding by Threatening to Sue the Miscreants, and Them Backing Down with a Retraction Because They Knew that They Couldn't Substantiate Such a Scurrilous Claim

Yeah, this is exactly what moderates, conservatives, and libertarians need to do from now on. Every time that one of these vile leftists slanders somebody (like they also did to that poor baker near Oberlin College), sue 'em, and make it abundantly clear to the rest of the maggots out there that getting woke equals going broke. No exceptions. Zero.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

On the Disturbing Rumor that the Forensic Investigators In Charge of Assessing the Content of Anthony Weiner's Laptop Were Required to Wear Hazmat Suits

It's probably an exaggeration...……...but not by much (the fact that there is reportedly some very vile shit on that bad boy; child-porn, etc.)!!!! Ewe, huh?

On the Fact that Any Fair-Minded Person Who Goes to the Quillette Web-Site Would Probably Conclude that it's a Heterodox Platform Where if You Averaged All the Content it Would Probably Grade Out as, "Centrist", and yet You Have These Idiotic and Delusional Buffoons Like Antifa Attempting to Convince the Public that Not Only Is it a Far-Right Website but a Dangerous One In Which it Is AOK to Violently Attack Their Journalists

I truly believe that we've reached a tipping-point with these assholes (attacking a journalist for simply doing his job). I mean, do you really think that the American public is going to stand for this bullshit; an obvious criminal organization going around beating the shit out of everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders and justifying it by saying that they're fighting fascism? I don't think so. And, yeah, the media has to get this message loud and clear, too. No more defending this idiocy, not even a little......'cause the bear that they keep prodding, he's had enough.

On the Fact that Ann Coulter Has Finally Come to the Conclusion that Mitt Romney Is a POS (Something that Could Have Told Her Eight Years Ago; You Know, Back When He Referred to Himself as "Severely Conservative")

Better late than never, I guess...……………………………………………………………………...P.S. Ms. Coulter has apparently soured on foreign interventionism as well and wouldn't it have been great if she had known THAT back in 2012 and maybe supported somebody half-decent like, I don't know, RON PAUL!! Just a thought, folks.

On the Fact that Anybody with a Functioning Brain Knows What the Words, "Never Again", Are Meant to Conjure Up (Especially In Regards to People Being Detained) and so When These Idiotic and Agenda-Driven Freshman Congresswomen Coyly Try to Say that They Didn't Mean, Nazis, I Kinda' Think that They're Lying, Don't You?

Yeah, this is a clear pattern with these clowns; say something completely idiotic and than instead of walking it back and/or apologizing for it, either doubling-down on the foolishness or playing semantical games. It's pathetic and wouldn't it be nice if we had an honest media that would call this bullshit out (as opposed to covering it up, I'm saying)? Just once even!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

On the Fact that There Exists Clear Footage of President Obama's Homeland Security Secretary, Jay Johnson, Walking Through One of the Detention Facilities In Arizona and, I'll Be Damned, Barbed-Wire and Cages All Over the Place -

Yeah, it's probably fair to say at this point that none of the hand-wringing is about the migrants......and that all of it is about damaging Trump. I mean, I can't come up with a better explanation.

On the odds of the Jefferson Memorial and Mount Rushmore Still Being Around In 2060

Yeah, I'm thinking maybe 50-50 (the fact that we have so many brain-diseased neo-Marxists who obviously hate the country and would love to destroy all the vestiges of our history). Thankfully I'll be dead by then.

On the Fact that Net Private Domestic Investment During the Obama Years Was Only 2% of GDP, Approximately a Third of What it Had Been On Average from 1960 to 2008 -

Well that certainly explains why a) GDP growth hovered around 2% a year during Obama's reign (the low investment undoubtedly a function of Obama's crippling regulations, his high tax-rates, etc.) and b) the dude's recovery was the most anemic in U.S. history...….There, now if we could only get the Dems (and increasingly the Republicans as well - Mitch McConnell, a case in point) to learn from this (they won't, of course), we'd be all set.

On the Fact that if President Obama Had Been the First U.S. President to Step Foot Onto North Korean Soil, the Media Would Have Lauded the Dude for Weeks (Maybe Even Pushed Him for a Second Nobel Peace Prize) but Because it Was Trump Who Accomplished this Historic Milestone, Not Only Do They Not Give Him Credit, They Try and Portray it Negatively (that He's Cozying Up to Dictators Again or Whatever)

So even the prospect of a safer world can't slow the hatred from these degenerates (Lemon, Maddow, Cuomo, Wallace, etc.). Pathetic, isn't it (this and the fact that our society has devolved so quickly and to such a low level that its almost impossible to fathom; post-partum abortions, scores of genders, free-speech being destroyed, open borders, low IQ Congressional boobs, etc.)?

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

On MSNBC's Neoconservative Hot-Mess, Nicolle Wallace, Hammering Trump for Meeting with North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Un

This from a woman who a) worked in the Bush Jr. administration and b) was a main cog in the McCain campaign. Oh yeah, I SO want to listen to her foolishness - NOT!!

On the Fact that if You Go Around Hoisting a Hammer and Sickle Flag While Simultaneously Beating the Daylights Out of People for the Most Idiotic of Reasons, You Are Nothing More than a Violent Communist Who Must Be Dealt with by the Larger Society - Period, End of Discussion

And can you even begin to fathom if the roles were reversed and a bunch of Trump supporters had beat the shit out of a gay Vietnamese liberal reporter? My God, the idiots at CNN and MSNBC would have been on it 24/7 FOR DAYS and everybody knows it...….Everybody with a brain and a semblance of honesty, that is.

On the Fact that I Have Known Countless Dudes In My Life Who if You Ever, EVER, Threw a Milkshake at Them, Would Cold-Cock You In the Mouth so Hard that Your Teeth Would Go Flying, Throw You Head-First Into the Nearest Concrete Wall, and Take the Remainder of that Milkshake and Force-Feed it Up Your Poop-Shoot so Bodaciously that it Would Come Out Your Mouth

Advice to Antifa. Steer clear of these fellows 'cause, thrust me, they will annihilate you...….Now move along.

On the Fact that There Is ZERO Evidence that Any Border Control Agents Forced Any Detainees to Drink Toilet Water...……...and so, Yeah, if You Hear Such a Bullshit Accusation Coming from a Certain Low-IQ POS Congresswoman, Please, Feel Free to Flush it Into the Seepage of Her Other Idiotic Proclamations

And how fucking convenient that just as a reporter was asking whether she herself had witnessed such a thing, up went the window, just like magic! Amazin', huh?.......................................................................................….....P.S. The fact of the matter of course is that, while, yes, the sinks in the rooms down there are attached to the toilets, the water coming from these sinks is fully potable and, I'm sorry, but anybody who doesn't understand how elementary plumbing functions probably shouldn't be in the country (never mind, the Congress), I'm just sayin'.    

Monday, July 1, 2019

On Quillette's Superb Young Journalist, Andy Ngo (a Gay Vietnamese Fellow), Getting Brutalized by Steaming Piles of Shit Antifa Jack-Offs, the Media Largely Condoning it, the Portland Police Just Standing Around Allowing the Mayhem to Escalate, and the Mayor Hiding Under His Desk

I don't know if Portland gets any federal dollars but if they do it needs to come to an quick stop until they can start protecting their citizens 'cause this is absolute bullshit...….I mean, they gave the poor kid a fucking brain-bleed, for Christ (just for not being a brain-disordered leftist)!!

On the Fact that Only In the Half-Baked and Woefully Inadequate Psyches of Advocates Posing as Journalists Such as Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, and the Rest of Those Fools at CNN Would an Individual Who Was Pro-Communism, Pro-Violence and Intimidation, and Stridently Anti-Free-Speech Be Seen In Any Sort of Sympathetic Way

Seriously, have you seen these sick bastards, Cuomo and Lemon? They're actually defending these violent Communist Antifa hoodlums. It's sickening, and from my perspective these so-called newsmen should be pilloried for it, shit-canned, and whatever else can be done within the bounds of law (we, unlike Antifa, respect the law). Enough, for Christ.

On CNN's Mildly Retarded Anchor, Chris Cuomo, Actually Comparing the Hardy Young Americans, Brits, and Canadians Who Stormed the Beaches at Normandy (Many of Whom Knew that They Were Going to Die) to that Drooling and Cowardly Pack of Neo-Bolshevik Dullards, Antifa ( a Piece-of-Shit Outfit that Opposes Free-Speech, Violently Attacks People that They Don't Like, and Constantly Carries Around the Flag of an Ideology that Murdered and Starved to Death 100,000,000 Folks)

The idiot also (in that very same bullshit tweet) compared the people that these Antifa maggots "disrupt" (the vast percentage of whom aren't white supremacists, neo-Nazis, etc. but rather simply people to the right of Lenin and Trotsky) TO ACTUAL NAZIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shit you not...……….Seriously, we've got to get this asshole off the air. I'm not a big fan of boycotts generally but, please, turn the channel. Turn the channel, for Christ.

H.L. Mencken On Pandering Idiotic Politicians (the Caliber of Which We Saw Last Week)

"If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner."......Perfect. Just plain perfect.

On the Fact that if Some Dude On the Street Is Coherent Enough to Ask You for Money, He's Probably Also Coherent Enough to Utter, "so, Would You Like Some Cream with Your Espresso, Sir?"

You would think, no?