Thursday, June 30, 2022

On the Only Sane Path Moving Forward In the Abortion Fiasco Being a Scenario In Which Both Sides Cede Some Ground

 For example, the hardcore pro-life side needs to realize that a woman needs a certain amount of time to decide if she wishes to continue the pregnancy and the radical pro-choice side needs to realize that killing viable fetuses absent a legitimate reason is no way to maintain a decent society. My suggestion would be some sort of compromise between the Florida law that allows abortion up to 15 weeks and the Connecticut law that allows it up to viability, so 18 weeks maybe. No, it isn't a prefect solution but neither is looting and pillaging, for Christ.

On Media Shits Continuing to Gaslight the Public Into Thinking that the Overturning of Roe v Wade Is an Affront to Abortion Rights Everywhere as Opposed to it Merely Being a Returning of the Issue to the States

Yeah, I really thought that once the ruling came down the fear-mongering would at least somewhat subside........................and needless to say, I WAS WRONG!! Again.

On Morton Kondreacke and Freddie "the Beetle" Barnes Still Alive and Kicking

Remember them (Fox News and the McLaughlin Group being their two major hangouts), back when pundits weren't so incendiary? I do. Kinda' miss 'em, actually.

On the Overwhelming Likelihood that this Whole January 6th Kabuki Theater Is Simply a Pretext to Unleash Every Available Tool of the Deep State to Crush Trump Supporters

And, yes, the composition of the committee consisting only of hardcore douche-bag leftists and two war-mongering never-Trump Republicans could not me a bigger giveaway.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

On the Radical Feminist Group, Jane's Revenge, Literally Promising Acts of Terrorism In Retaliation for Fetus Mutilation No Longer Being Legal In the Country from Sea to Shining Sea

And to reiterate, I am NOT in favor of total bans. I believe that the woman deserves three to four months to make up her mind as to whether she wants to continue the pregnancy (Florida now has it at 15 weeks and that seems like a decent compromise - though, yes, I would probably extend it beyond 15 weeks for incest and rape). I'm simply responding here to a) the extremism of these assholes (advocating for abortions well beyond viability) and b) their threats to riddle the nation with yet another wave of mouth-breathing mayhem, that's all.

On this Pic of Laura Leighton (Probably Taken Sometime Between Her Melrose Place Days and Now)


Not sure if there's a redhead Hall of Fame or not, but if there is and this chick ain't in it, fuck 'em, I say.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

On the Fact that Knives Have Been Used Three Times More Often to Murder People than All Rifles Combined


And I've never heard a single political asshat ever utter the term, "knife violence". Funny 'bout that.

To All of the States that Have Now (In the Wake of Roe v Wade Being Overturned) Decided to Outlaw Abortion Completely (Even In the Case of Incest and Rape)

You see what you've done here, don't you? You've given the lunatics who apparently want 8 month abortions (and worse) ammunition here by approximating their extremism and thus giving the shits yet another pretext for knuckle-dragging violence. Please, consider moderating your laws as you don't need the whole enchilada (maybe a heartbeat bill instead, much more defensible). Not yet, at least (maybe down the road when society changes).

On Unemployed Actress, Alyssa Milano, Arguing that Laws Restricting Abortion Will Disproportionately Impact LGBTQ+

Not an expert on this demographic but it seems to me that the only people effected by this will be the female Bs. And even there we're talking what, half the plate-appearances being an issue? If I had to guess I'd say that Ole Milano's been indiscriminately spitting spitting out these substitutions for thought for such a long time she likely didn't think it through............cause if she did and said it anyway, oh boy. 

On a 2015 Study Showing that the Concealed-Carry Permit Holders In Texas Committed Felonies and Misdemeanors at 1/10th the Rate of Police Officers and Firearms Infractions at 1/7th the Rate -

So, yeah, taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will likely do little to reduce violent crime and may in fact create more of it as people will no longer be able to defend themselves (sometimes just brandishing the gun will work). My solution would simply be to keep violent felons in prison for their entire sentence and maybe keep the streets safer that way. I mean, I get it that this is an unfashionable approach these days but the elderly black people living in the inner city too fucking scared to get their fucking mail, they just might support it.

Monday, June 27, 2022

On Political Shits (Our President Unfortunately Being One) Believing that the First and Second Amendments Aren't Absolute While Simultaneously Asserting that the Right to an Abortion Is Rock-Solid Despite the Fact that it's Never Once Mentioned In the Constitution

And getting zero push-back from the mainstream media (you'll never hear, for example, "Mr. President, where exactly in the Constitution does it enumerate the butchering of human fetuses to be an immutable right?) doesn't exactly help, either, does it?

Sunday, June 26, 2022

On Amy Schumer Being the New Spokes-Gal for Tampax Tampons


Yeah, sometimes shit makes too much sense and when it happens, kinda' creeps me out. Above, for example.

On the Claim by Northwestern University Engineer, Mark Mills, that a) the Annual Output from Tesla's Gigafactory Could Store 3 Minutes Worth of Annual U.S. Electricity Demand and b) it Would Take 1,000 Years of Production at this Level to Make Enough Batteries for 2 Days Worth

No sure if he's completely accurate but being that similar findings have come from experts like Bjorn Lomborg, Alex Epsten, Michael Shellenberger, Roger Pielke Jr., Robert Bryce, Vaclav Smil, and Jesse Ausubel, he's probably in the ballpark and far more on the money than political shits like the idiot socialist bimbo from New York, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Ed Markey.

On Energy and Climate Realist, Michael Shellenberger (a Self-Described Centrist), Running for California Governor and, Believe Me, if this Guy Can Get Gavin Newsome On the Debate Stage with Him, it Will Not Go Well at All for the Current Place-Holder


I've rarely given money to a political candidate and even though I reside 3,000 miles from California and pretty much despise the place, Michael's a good person and, so, yeah, maybe I will send him some silver, who knows.

On Societies Which Feature a Radical Intolerance of Dissident Voices and a Bald Insensitivity to Rational Counter Argumentation - A Barack Obama Wet-Dream, In Other Words

Thankfully bullshit like this could never happen in a constitutional republic like ours........................or so I thought just a second ago.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

On YouTube's Demonetization of Trans-Woman, Blaire White, for the Unpardonable Sin of Being Right of Center and Not Completely On Board with Every Aspect of the Present-Day Trans Agenda - Quick Addendum

I also suspect that the left hates her because she actually looks like a woman (by undergoing the entire transitional process and not simply donning a wig) and not a shemale prototype the caliber of which threatened to do bodily harm to Ben Shapiro on Dr. Drew's show.......Let's just call it a working theory.

On YouTube's Demonetization of Trans-Woman, Blaire White, for the Unpardonable Sin of Being Right of Center and Not Completely On Board with Every Aspect of the Present-Day Trans Agenda

These big techsters are pure evil, screwing with a individual's livelihood simply for not being down-the-line with every minuscule element of the left's increasingly dystopian world-view. Thankfully SHE'S (I don't mind using the preferred pronoun as long as the person isn't a dick about to speak) adapted to the bald tyranny by getting sponsors and putting up a Patreon account but, still, some truly disgusting crap from the YouTube gods as I see it.

On England Having 300,000 New Cases of Heart-Related Illness (Including Cardiac Arrest) and the Physicians Over There Blaming it On "Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder"

Of course, what else could it possibly be? I mean, it's not as if there was anything else OUT OF THE ORDINARY the past few years. Shit no (and by, shit no, I of course mean, fuck yes).

Friday, June 24, 2022

On Mayra Flores, the First Mexican-Born Woman Ever Elected to the U.S. Congress - Quick Addendum


And the gal's not exactly a schnauzer, either, is she? 

On Recent Data Showing that Police Officers Are Murdered 37% of the Time by Blacks and 42% of the Time by Whites -

Two ways to look at this, a) the huge proportional difference based on population (blacks being roughly one fifth the population of whites yet their murder rate of cops is roughly the same) and b) by gauging the difference between police murders BY a certain race and police killings OF a certain race race (in this instance 37% of the police murders being perpetrated by blacks and only 24% of the victims of police shootings being black - the numbers for whites being 42% and 46%). And, gee, what a surprise, neither one of them supports the bullshit Black Lives Matter template of cops disproportionately gunning down young black men. Ouch, huh?

On NFL Defensive Coordinator, Jack Del Rio, Getting Severely Hammered for Describing January 6th as a, "Dust-Up", Because as We All Know, the Much More Accurate Term Would Have Been a, Brouhaha

Truthfully, yes, the guy screwed up but is what Jack said any more off-the-mark than what these dumb-fuck Washington scumbags have been saying about the event; i.e., that it was an insurrection (the first in human history without any weapons or  pre-planning and where the authorities can actually be seen letting these "insurrectionists" into the Capitol building) and worse than Pearl Harbor, 9/11, the American Civil War, etc.? I would say, no. Of course, the whole fucking thing could resolve itself if Pelosi would just release the videotape, would it not?

Thursday, June 23, 2022

On the Rapper, Lizzo, Getting Smacked Down for Using the Term, Spaz (an Up 'til Now Harmless Word that We've All Probably Used Dozens of Times In Our Lives to No Ill Effect), and Then Doing What Pretty Much Everyone Else Does These Days, Fold Like a Slice of Leftover Pizza

Of course the funniest aspect of all is the fact that in that same "song" she talks about chopping a guy's dick off like Elena Bobbit did to her dude and nobody seemed to have a problem with that. No sir, just the spaz thing.  

On the Trans Agenda

It's gone too far in that it's caused individuals like me who were generally on their side (treating them with respect, having some compassion for them, arguing for their rights, etc.) to start having some serious buyer's remorse. And, yes, I'm referring specifically to shit like, a) drag queen shows for first graders, b) pressuring people to use made-up bullshit words as pronouns, c) creating multiple new genders out of whole cloth, d) having children as young as 5 picking their gender, e) forcing individuals to not just accept their mental illness (the only delusion in society that we have to cater to like this) but to celebrate it as well, etc.. Hopefully a few level-headed individuals emerge from this "movement" 'cause we're likely looking at a course correction......and if history tells us anything, those can be quite the SOBs.

On Mayra Flores, the First Mexican-Born Woman Ever Elected to the U.S. Congress


An inspirational story for sure. If only she wasn't a Republican, huh (for people who don't know me, that was sarcasm)?

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

On JAMA Recently Featuring a Article that Clearly Showed Ivermectin to Be Superior to the Covid Vaccine for Reducing Death but Then Saying Something Entirely Different In the Abstract -

Two possibilities. Either the editors at JAMA are working with the entrenched bureaucracy and pharmaceutical companies hoping that the readers don't go beyond the abstract or they're actually white hats trying to get the information out with this being their best option. I'm hoping that it's the latter but my cynical side leans strongly in the other direction. Per usual.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

On the Fact that if Having Trans Athletes Competing In Sports Is Such a Fair/Natural Proposition Then Why Is it Only Happening (Successfully) In One Direction?

Have you noticed, not a shitload of trans-men kicking butt at MMA, swimming, and track events lately? Something to do with those pesky little X chromosomes (along of course with less testosterone, weaker bone density, inadequate musculature, etc.), I'm assuming.

On Naval Cadets Being Force-Fed Foolishness Like this (with Us of Course Paying for it) -

This crap is going to get people killed because every minute that they waste on woke fuckery is a minute that they're taking away from what a military jock is supposed to learn; a) how to kill the enemy and b) how to destroy their shit. And you do get it, don't you, that Russia, China, North Korea, Islamic terrorists, and the rest of our supposed enemies are laughing their asses off? I mean, I get it that the people who push this crap really don't care about America's standing in the world (and in a certain sense neither do I) but, come on, being a laughing-stock really isn't an option, either (I wouldn't think).

Monday, June 20, 2022

My New Favorite Boxing Commentator Line (and Surprisingly it Doesn't Come from Howard Cosell)?

 This one - "Wepner so far hasn't shown much other than a certain amount of ability to take punishment (this as Joe Bugner was busting him wide open during their 1970 bout in England)." Harry Carpenter, Sky Sports........................................................................................................P.S. In truth Chuck Wepner actually was a very tough hombre (and the inspiration for "Rocky", I've been told). He just wasn't a very skilled boxer (to say the least) and when you combine that with the fact that he bled like a fire-hose (60 stitches in his face before the age of 30), yeah, Mr. Carpenter's assessment is SPOT ON!

On What Is Worse; Destroying Libya to the Point Where it's Now a Terrorist-Laden Failed State or Allowing Citizens to Push Back On Government Bullshit via Exercising Their First Amendment Rights


This fellow clearly believes that it's the latter. Surprise, surprise.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

On a New Study from the Prestigious Journal, Medicine, Showing that Places with High Mask Usage Have a Significantly Higher Covid Case Fatality Rate than the Places with Lower Mask Usage (Reinforcing Two Previous Studies Showing the Same Result) -

It's called the Foegen Effect after its author, Zacharias Fogen, and its central thesis is that the deep inhalation of heavily-condensed droplets or pure virions trapped in the facemasks as droplets can ultimately worsen one's prognosis and potentially lead to negative long term effects of a covid infection. And he's got the data to make the case...................................................................................................Of course the likelihood of these facemasks having negative unintended consequences was known from day one (Fauci even admitted it) and while this wasn't exactly the issue that I had in mind (I was more concerned about excess CO2 inhalation, headaches, anxiety, language delays in kids, and contamination leading to secondary infections) it does make sense and is more than a sufficient reason to cut the crap on this mad-science experiment IMMEDIATELY. 

On the New Government Task Force Supposedly Aimed at Curtailing the Online Harassment of Women and LGBTQ++

These assholes don't give a fuck about online harassment. Their only goal here is to add yet another layer of government surveillance in an effort to root out as many people as possible who question their buffoonish narratives pertaining to climate change, covid, gender, the Ukraine War, etc. (I didn't mention election fraud because I'm still relatively agnostic on the issue but rest assured, they're monitoring that as well). Online harassment, yeah, it's just a pretty bow.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

On "Land Acknowledgements" Being the New Woke Ritual - Quick Addendum

 And why in the hell is it that only white Europeans are asked to grovel like this for doing something that literally every other race and ethnicity also did; conquer territory and build on it (what, because we did it better, that's the big rub?). I mean, you never see Zulus, Muslims, or Maori wringing their hands for previous misdeeds. At least I've never witnessed it.

On "Land Acknowledgements" Being the New Woke Ritual

The latest college to fall prey to this foolishness is Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, where prior to every big event on campus they first have to pay tribute to the Native Americans who lived on the land prior to the arrival of whites from Europe. The big problem of course is that the Native Americans were far from a monolith and actually pushed each other off of land well before the arrival of European settlers and explorers and so I ask, once we figure out which tribe that Europeans pushed off wouldn't it then be reasonable to request a similar level of contrition to honor THEIR predecessors? It's a fair question, no?

On the Fact that On January 20, 2017, Thousands of Violent Protesters Acting In a Coordinated Manner Attempted to Disrupt and Possibly Derail the Inauguration of Donald Trump and Not a Single Asshat from the Cathedral Ever Labeled it an "Insurrection" (this Despite the Fact that Far More Property Damage Happened On this Day than On January 6th of 2020) -

Another major difference is that many of the rioters from 2017 had their charges dropped almost immediately while the rioters of 2020 are still rotting in a Washington D.C. dungeon. In case you're keeping score.

Friday, June 17, 2022

On a Drugged-Up 16 Year-Old Kid In a Stolen Car, On Probation, and Driving While Intoxicated Intentionally Ramming His Vehicle Into a Young Mother and Her infant and the POS Bleeding Heart California DA Requesting and Securing a Sentence of 5 to 7 Months In a Juvenile Probation Camp, "a Bit Tougher than Summer Camp"

   As disturbing an act as you're likely to see and yet for some reason the mainstream whore media didn't seem to have much interest for it. Insufficient ammo maybe (ammo in a metaphorical sense, of course)? My guess.

On Whether to Put Trans-Women Into the Same Prisons as Biological Women

If they still have a penis, absolutely not (you're fucking begging for a rape in that scenario). Otherwise, possibly/a case by case basis perhaps.

On the Creators of the 1934 Movie, "Here Is My Heart", Using Camera Tricks to Make the 5'7" Bing Crosby Look Like a 6'5" NBA Small Forward

Yeah, Bing and his leading gal, Kitty Carlisle, were approximately the same height (as evidenced by a prior film that the two had made) but in this movie he towered over her. I mean, I get it that they want the leading man to be taller and all (ideally) but a wee-bit of subtlety might have served then better in this instance (lifts in Bing's shoes, for example).

On What President Biden Once Thought About Gun Control

 “During my 12 and a half years as a member of this body, I have never believed that additional gun control or federal registration of guns would reduce crime. I am convinced that a criminal who wants a firearm can get one through illegal, nontraceable, unregistered sources, with or without gun control.”............Joe Biden, 1985, in his support of the Firearm Owners Protection Act............Look, I get it, folks change their minds over the years. But with politicians those changes rarely seem to come about through principles and rationality but rather through caprice and opportunism and this I'd offer as a perfect example of that.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

On the Fact that Charles Boyer Had Two Stunning Leading Ladies In "Algiers", Hedy Lamarr and One of These Two Gals, Guess Which

Having trouble deciding, aren't you? Thought so. Here, I'll give you a clue. She was a multi-talented Norwegian-American beauty named Sigrid Gurie and not some slantheaded Karen plucked from a time-machine and inserted into multiple TikTok videos. If that helps you. 

On Carrie Newcomer Striking Again

  Truly Hypnotizing

On the Price of a Medium Tea at Starbucks Going Up 18.3% In the Past 9 Months (AKA, Tea Drinker's Lament)

Yeah, it's gotten to the point where their price is higher than a lot of the places serving premium tea (Essex Coffee and Tea In Essex, CT, Mocha Joe's In Brattleboro, VT, and Prime Roast In Keene, NH, to Name a Few In My Neck of the Woods). Granted, you may not have access to these places every day but Dunkin' Donuts has recently upped their game tea-wise so that's an option, too.......Gotta' send a message, people............................................................................................P.S. To be fair Starbucks still offers a 50 cent refill, so, yeah, if you're planning on consuming more than one cup, maybe still go there......grudgingly. I guess.

On June Now Being Cultural Appropriation Month

Damn it, it's half over. I better get busy. Sombrero, please.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Some Questions that I Have About the January 6th Riots (None of Which Will Likely Be Asked by the Political Slants Running that Shit-Show)

 1) Why can't the public see any of those thousands of hours of videotape? 2) Is there anything on those videos that's embarrassing to government people and/or which would be exculpatory to the Trump supporters? 3) Who was in charge of security that day and why was it exceedingly inadequate? 4) Why are there still people being held indefinitely and are they being abused by the guards? 5) Were there F.B.I. officers in the crowd inciting violence? And 6) was antifa in any way involved in the melee?............They seem like some really basic questions, don't they? And yet they won't be asked. For obvious reasons.

On Lesbians Being Called Trans-Phobic Simply Because They Refuse to Have Sexual Relations with Trans-Women Who Still Have a Dick

Hard to see how this woke idiocy doesn't implode at some juncture. There's simply way too many opportunities for cannibalizing and way too much cognitive dissonance for the bullshit to last. Like this, for example.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

On Biden's Narrative-Pushing Climate Czar, Gina McCarthy, Using Her Bureaucratic Perch to Try and Get Tech Companies to Censor Anybody Who Questions Her Preposterous Claims of Cataclysmic Climate Change and "Green" Energy Being a Feasible Alternative to Hydrocarbons, Nuclear, and Hydroelectric - Quick Addendum

I'd also like to ask madam parasite what her plans are for the millions of metric tonnes of solar waste that'll begin accumulating every year once these panels start shitting the bed 20 years from now. I mean, she does realize that these suckers don't endure forever, right (those massive wind turbines possibly being an even bigger problem in the future)?

On Biden's Narrative-Pushing Climate Czar, Gina McCarthy, Using Her Bureaucratic Perch to Try and Get Tech Companies to Censor Anybody Who Questions Her Preposterous Claims of Cataclysmic Climate Change and "Green" Energy Being a Feasible Alternative to Hydrocarbons, Nuclear, and Hydroelectric

Yeah, I guess that actually addressing the "disinformation" through debate, logic, and reasoning simply isn't in the wheelhouse of bureaucratic parasites like this.......As if it ever was. 

On POS Trudeau Recently Saying that Canadian Citizens Can Use Their Guns for Hunting and Sport but that They Do Not Possess the Right to Use Them for Self-Defense

Gee, I wonder, does that pertain to the asshole's secret service detail as well (you know, the people who DEFEND his sorry ass)? Probably not, would be my guess.......And what exactly is he saying here, that he'd rather have the victims die than their attackers? Because if that's the case he's even more of an evil shit than I thought.

On Hearings In Which Dissent Is Not Permitted

Yeah, they're called show-trials (even more absurd these days given that the country is experiencing a monumental decline). Better get used to 'em.

Monday, June 13, 2022

On the Lakota Sioux Ethnically Cleansing the Crow and Cheyenne from the Black Hills Circa the Late 18th Century -

Sooooooooooooo, if the U.S. was to give the Black Hills back to the Lakota Sioux would they then in turn have to give it back to the Cheyenne and Crow? It only follows, no? 

On Sarah Palin Running for the Congressional Seat In Alaska

Well, I guess that if the Democrats can feature the idiot socialist bimbo from New York the Republicans can go full-throttle cringe, too. Why not? 

Sunday, June 12, 2022

On the Distinct Likelihood that this Blog Has Been De-Ranked and Shadow-Banned

I suppose that there are alternative explanations but when you go from an average of 300 page-views a day over a long period of time to 10,000 or so for a few weeks (the monitoring phase) and then plummet to an average of 100 for multiple months and it happens at a time when the tyrants have essentially confessed their desire to lord over social media, it's really hard to back-burner one's suspicions.

On the Activist Pro-Abortion Crowd, Unable to Play the Race-Card Due to the Disproportionate Number of Black Fetuses Being Ripped to Shreds, Pivoting Instead to "Christian Nationalists" Being the Boogie Man

And don't you love it how they create these constructs out of whole cloth and then simultaneously start spewing the idiocy all over cable news? It's quite an art, I guess.

On Thinking that You Resided In a Constitutional Country Where Free, Unfettered, and Open Discourse Was Allowed and Questions Could Be Asked Only to Realize Down the Road that it Had Become Little More than a Mirage Where Parasitic Psychopaths Could Ruin Your Life (for the Heinous Crime of Wrong-Think) as Cavalierly as Basic Humanity Permits

It's a bitter pill to swallow. To say the least.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

On Biden Going On Jimmy Kimmel's Shit-Show the Other Night and Lamenting the Lack of Interracial Couples In Advertisements

Yeah, I guess that every other fucking one simply isn't sufficient for ole Joe (he either doesn't watch TV or is yet again showing signs). What a guy, huh?.................................................................................................................P.S. And just to show you how full-bore out of touch that this statement was, a 2018 Daily Beast article ran with this as its heading; "Inside the Biracial Advertising Boom". ......Biden, less keyed-in than the Daily Beast. Not exactly comforting, now is it?

On the Fat-Fuck Prosecutor In the Kyle Rittenhouse Case Castigating the Youngster for Not Laying His Firearm Down and Duking it Out with Two Adult Male Nut-Jobs, One of Which Himself Had a Rifle that He Probably Wouldn't Have Relinquished In Lieu of Fisticuffs

Yeah, this is what inevitably happens when you engage in political prosecutions. You end up having to throw a boatload of dumb-fuckery toward the jury and then pray that some of it sticks. And did you see this fat bespectacled booboo? The a-hole couldn't make a fist if his life depended on it and to hear him talk shit like this was fully nauseating.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

On the Fact that In 2015 the Reverend Louis Farrakhan Bellowed-Out this Little Gem In Front of a Jam-Packed Congregation of Put-Upon Racial-Grievance Mongers, Slantheads, and Lunatics

"I'm looking for 10,000 in the midst of a million. Ten thousand fearless men who say death is sweeter than continued life under tyranny.............The Quran teaches persecution is worse than slaughter. Then it says retaliation is prescribed in matters of the slain. Retaliation is a prescription from God to calm the breasts of those whose children have been slain. So if the federal government won't intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us; we stalk and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling."............Farrakhan is a very smart fellow and so of course he's aware that a) black citizens are predominantly killed by other blacks and b) the federal government has already dished out hundreds of billions of dollars to help the plight of black folks and so it may not be the best approach moving forward. And what kind of a sociopath would be willing to serve up 10,000 young black men as cannon-fodder while simultaneously asking them to go on a coast-to-coast murder rampage? A pretty damned virulent one, wouldn't you say?

Monday, June 6, 2022

Saturday, June 4, 2022

On Those Reports of the January 6th Prisoners Being Tortured

Julie Kelly from "American Greatness" has written on this but crickets so far from the mainstream press. Gee, it's almost as if they don't give a damn about torture after all and were only ballistic about it during the second Iraq War because they despised George W. Bush. Kinda' what it seems like............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, my conscience is very clean on this as I've opposed all forms of torture whether it's a Republican in office or a Democrat. Don't care and fuck 'em all, I say.

On the Seattle Police Force Apparently Not Having the Manpower These Days to Investigate New Rape Cases -

Wow, so all of those "believe-all-women" women aren't even getting the chance to be believed. Yeah, probably shouldn't have listened to all of those woke imbeciles who advised them to defund the police force. Massive mistake, I'd say.

On the Price of Gas These Days Being Damn Near Comical

Not laughing, though. Not yet (an acknowledgement that the absurdity might eventually tickle my laugh-track). 

Friday, June 3, 2022

On the CEO of a Huge Spanish Drug Manufacturer (Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa-Faro) Receiving a Bogus Covid Vaccine (Normal Saline) and Then Dishing-Out Thousands of Dollars to Get His Name Added to Spain's Immunization Registry -

So not even the wealthy assholes who run these companies want to roll the dice. Interesting. VERY.

On Connecticut's Fascistic Governor, Ned Lamont

 This asshole is going to hire a misinformation specialist to police the internet. I have a better idea. How 'bout we "police" the abject bullshit coming out of the mouths of leftist degenerate politicians who got literally everything wrong when it came to covid by crushing the economy, annihilating civil liberties, and causing far more lost years of life than they saved with their unconstitutional and barbaric lockdown just to get rid of Trump? A bit more appropriate, no?

On the Fact that You Can Place All the Black Lives Matter Signs On Your Lawn that Your Little Heart Desires, if You so Much as Look Askance at One of Those Inner-City Bangers, it Will Not End Even Remotely Well, Trust Me

And like I've said before, a large percentage of these retarded signs end up in places like Jamestown, RI, Essex, CT, Marblehead Neck, MA, and Sag Harbor, NY.; locations where the population is over 95% white. So, yeah, there's that as well.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

On 1950s and '60s Actress, Barbara Rush


Poised for stardom in the early '50s. Never worked out but holy fucking moly was she ever beautiful. Still alive, too (turned 95 this year).

Trevor Noah, Secretly Based?

 Probably not but at least the fellow occasionally goes off script and says something reasonable. I also appreciated his performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner in which he razzed both sides and even made Biden squirm a little. I'm tellin' ya', if I had to pick one late night comic, a process of elimination it appears.

On Paul Pelosi Getting Arrested for DUI and yet Another No-Name Newsweek Lackey Dusting Off the Tried-and-True "Republicans Pounce" Meme Instead of Focusing On the Actual Transgression

It's actually kind of humorous, the level of idiocy involved. Unfortunately there still exists a shitload of gaslit normies out there whose thoughts are easily swayed and so, yeah, that double-edged sword analogy totally applies here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

On the Possibility of Trans-Women Partaking In Lingerie Football

Why the hell not? I mean, we've traveled this far down the rabbit-hole of gender-bending foolishness, why stop now, right? Just be prepared for a ginormous trail of paralyzed slot-receivers, that's all.

On Florida's Law Allowing Abortions Up to 15 Weeks (Nearly 4 Months, In Other Words) and Virginia's Allowing it Up to 8 Months and 20-Something Days

So which one's more extreme? Possibly the latter, wouldn't you say?